Jim Tomsula on Jed York: “We just talk about the week and where we’re going and our conversations haven’t changed a bit.”


This is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“The injury report: [LB NaVorro] Bowman will be off and then [DT Quinton] Dial, [LB Michael] Wilhoite, [RB Shaun] Draughn and [C Marcus] Martin will all be out today. [T Joe] Staley, we just have to keep checking. He was sick. He got that bug yesterday. He’s here. He’s in meetings and everything, but we’ll just see where he’s at. [S Jaquiski] Tartt’s going to be limited. I can’t tell you how much he’s going to do. It’s that knee he’s been managing for a while, so it’s a little sore. We’ll just see where he’s at. That’s it.”


Did Marcus Martin, is this part of a, sort of a bigger change in how concussions are being handled versus the last couple of years? It just seems like a concussion now has become a two or three week injury, whereas last year it was a one week injury.

“Well, I’ve seen it both ways. I’ve seen guys come back in a week. What I know is there’s a protocol and it’s across the board. So, once somebody says you have a concussion or they’re concern about a concussion you go into a protocol and there’s nothing you can do, anybody can do. That protocol is set and until you take all those steps and achieve the levels that you need in all those steps, you don’t play. That’s the protocol, which I know has been, I don’t know the specifics, but I know that the doctors and the league from the league level down, that’s something they’ve been working on over the past few years.”


Is there any sense of giving a younger player like a OL Ian Silberman or a G Brandon Thomas any reps in this final game?

“Yeah, well if they’re ready. You earn those things in practice. You’ve got to show that you’ve got it. And again, those guys are coming along. We feel good about the improvement that’s been made. Right now with where Marcus is and with [G/T Eric] Pears and [OL] Trent Brown, we’ve had some things moving around. We want to go out and compete to win a football game.”


How do you think Brown did upon reviewing the game tape in his first ever start?

“At the beginning he did really well. First half, I thought was really good. Second half, there’s a few things there that we’ve got to get the duration of it just like any young player that would be in that situation. But, overall I thought he represented himself well.”


He thought that he did better in the run-blocking aspect of it than the pass blocking. Is that what the coaches saw as well?

“No. I wouldn’t, personally? No. And from our staff-meetings, in terms of the one-on-one pass protections and things like that, he did very well. But, now things start to move and you’ve got to pick things up and you’re moving with it and things like that. Just natural-progression stuff that I think he’s getting and he’s getting well.”


You mention that when the picture changes. How did he respond? How did he adjust?

“You mean during the game?”


Yeah, during the game.

“There were some things that the picture started changing and he’s getting over there on the sidelines. I know Pears is, we’ve got a vet there that’s trying to help him through it. And again, I don’t want to act like it was catastrophic, it wasn’t. But, there’s just things there that it’s a natural progression that you’ve got to keep going through and the next time you see it, you’ll have it again. In every game there’s going to be stuff that they prepare for you. So, pictures that you haven’t seen yet, they’re going to show up. So, getting through those things. But, overall I thought he did well.”


At this stage in his career, is Pears better suited to play guard?

“I don’t know that. He did a nice job for us the other day. Our intentions when he came here was for him to play guard, think he’d be a good guard. But, we needed him to go out to tackle and I thought he went out there and busted his tail for us. Pears is a guy that has busted his tail for this team. He came in under one idea that we all had and then had to move and never blinked, never said a word, just said, ‘Yeah, got it. That’s where you need me, that’s where I go.’ So, now we’re moving him back to guard and once again, ‘Yeah, sure. Wherever you need me. Whatever we’ve got to do.’ That’s the kind of guy he is.”


On Monday, correct me if I’ve got this wrong, but I think you said in the Browns game you guys really wanted to come out and attack and I think the first four or five plays were passes. You said in retrospect, maybe that wasn’t the way to go, that’s just not kind of where the offense is. If I’ve got that right, what do you mean by that as far as just that wasn’t kind of the offense’s personality?

“Well, no. I guess what I meant by that was that was one where I came in and said, ‘Look, I want to throw the ball down the field. I want to hit those middle range throws.’ I kind of forced that, which in retrospect I shouldn’t have forced it. That’s what I was trying, that’s what I mean. That’s the conversation I had with the offensive staff. That was me in there forcing that, ‘Look, let’s get out here, let’s hit those 14 to 19-yard throws. Let’s go after a couple of those.’”


I think in looking at the offense, people would say, “Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Be a little bit more aggressive.”

“You put a check with me. You put a check with me, if they’re sitting down in there, you don’t force that. You know what I mean? That was what I meant.”


I’ll ask a Jarryd Hayne question. How did he do? And part of that question is, it seemed like you guys had trouble on third down just because you had so many new guys that they didn’t know the pass protections very well. Will that be less of an issue going into this game?

“Well I mean, obviously we’re continuing, working to get better every day, especially in that area there. That’s assignment stuff. But, that’s the nature of it when you’ve got guys, particularly with [running backs coach] Tom [Rathman] and what the offensive coaches, particularly Tom Rathman, have done in those scenarios with guys coming in. And a credit to the guys that have come in. And learning all that in a week, that’s a hefty task. And then pictures start changing in games and people making adjustments at halftime and now the pictures are completely different and you’ve got to pick this up. So, we’ll continue to work on that. In terms of Jarryd, you saw some of the inside zone runs that he ran in that game. You can see what we’re talking about with how he’s gotten better at feeling that and seeing that and the way he’s worked at that. So, he continues to work his tail off and get better.”


How is he in the pass-protection aspect of it?

“Good. Knows the assignments. Knows the assignments. And would I tell you that it’s absolutely natural to him yet? No. But, he knows the assignments and all that stuff is there. It’s just a matter of playing and practice and seeing the different looks. You bring a backer up here and you bring a backer up here. Well, you’re responsible for one of them. Now, if both come, you’ve got one, the quarterback’s got the other and we’ve got a hot. If one comes, you’ve got to feel which one is coming and there’s a feel to that. And then there’s where’s the safety, who are they topping? That kind of stuff. But, he knows it. You put him on a board and put him in a walk-thru, he knows it.”


Is RB Mike Davis going to get more reps with the ones in practice this week?

“Yeah. I mean, yeah he’ll be in there. Mike’s going to be working through, yeah.”


Is the expectation then that he’s going to be available Sunday?

“I’d like him to be. But, we’ll find out exactly where we’re at. But, yeah I’d like him to be.”


I have a job security question. And I know you covered some of this Monday. But, just to be clear, has CEO Jed York said to you you’re coming back next season?

“I mean, I see Jed. I saw him yesterday. I see him every week. We just talk about the week and where we’re going and our conversations haven’t changed a bit.”


So, those conversations are just week-to-week, not 2016?

“Yeah. It’s been the same all year.”

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  1. We are all expecting and hoping for changes. I for one would like an entire house cleaning from the GM on down. But it ain’t gonna happen. For a variety of reasons, the two most important are 1) the Yorks are cheap, 2) Jed does not want to own his own horrendous mistake. We can add one additional reason, 3) Baalke likes things the way they are, there is no one to fight for control over everything.

    Prediction: Tomsula and his entire staff, including Chyrst, will be back in 2016. I would like to be wrong, but I am not. Book it.

    1. I beg to differ. Chryst, with his historically bad offense must go or they may not win another game.
      I would start a clean sweep at the top. Jed said to hold him accountable, and he had his fingerprints all over this catastrophe.

    2. The Yorks are cheap but when fans start leaving before games are over and stop going all together, flying banners above the stadium calling for change, they will have to clean house.
      No way they can continue to keep this same staff in place.
      I just can’t see this staying the same. I guess we will see Black Monday if Jed cares or not!

      1. Yeah its the only way to make it hurt, plus stop buying merchandise, but when you really don’t have any star players people don’t buy many jerseys.

      2. Changes got to be made when people are sick of what the 49ers do, what and how stupid Tomsula is in coaching and interviews, protests, people not wanting to show up. Sooner or later, investors are going to be going from York to helping Donald Trump and the Yorks will lose millions. Remember, don’t go to the rams game.

    3. Listening to the company men Matt Ryan and Ted Robinson and reading between the lines, methinks Geepus is gone (maybe McGauhey, too) but the rest of the troupe of clowns will be back for a second act.

      1. I listened as well and you may be right. However, if Chryst is gone who will take his place? Who can Tomsula possibly hire? The most exciting possibility I have heard mentioned is the Eagles wide receivers Bob Bicknell. I am not excited about that potential hire, one of vast network of Tomsula’s NFL Europe network. At best it would be Geep2.

        I would prefer for everything to stay in place and there be no choice after next year but the nuclear option.

        1. > I am not excited about that potential hire
          We Niners fans are at the gates of 2016 season hell. Abandon all hopes of excitement, all ye who enter….

      2. It’s clear that the company line is “look at all the transition on the roster, blah blah”

        That’s such a load of horse dung. The only guy they lost unexpectedly on offense was Anthony Davis and the offense has been putrid. The olinemen that Baalke has drafted haven’t panned out with the exception of Kilgore. The wide receivers he’s drafted are 3rd/4th options. McDonald at TE is terrible and he traded his best pass catcher at that position to Washington. Running back has been a disaster. They pretty much wasted Hayne all year, and he couldn’t get anyone decent in there.

        This thing is a mess, but you all know that already.

        1. We talk a lot about the roster impact and loss of players but have we considered who actually played JH’s last season? Williams, Kilgore, Bowman, Chris Culliver, Brock, A Davis, V Davis, Hyde, Celek, Willis and Aldon Smith missed a bunch of time due to injuries. I think last season Carrier was playing TE along with some other no names because MacDonald was injured too. I don’t think there are as many excuses as people would like to make for this JT coaching staff. We got Brock, Williams, Kilgore and Bowman back this season. V Davis was healthy but ineffective just like he is in Denver. Celek played well. When JH’s team was in its prime and those guys were healthy there’s no comparison but when they were all injured/suspended its a different team and similar in talent to this squad. I didn’t say equal.

          So is the roster really that different save for Gore and J Smith this year? Iupati was much maligned but he was missed. Crabtree was redundant with Anquan on the roster, he’s a good player. That JH coaching staff was much better with really similar talent considering all the veterans who were injured the year before. With this staff we’ll be another 4 to 6 win team next year too. There are some talent issues on the offensive side of the ball but its primarily a coaching and FO issue.

          1. I like this point Wilson and wish it had been brought up sooner to combat the arguments that Tomsula is a victim of circumstance.

            1. I just thought of it this morning as I was reflecting on why we were 8-8 last year and I started to remember how many of those starters were out last season.

          2. I beg to differ. Niners lost 6 starters on offense and 7 on defense, but they also lost pro bowl players who were the team leaders.
            Not too many coaches can recover from those losses.

            1. But most NFL coaches can keep their team competitive. Of the 11 loses how many were blow outs? How many games did the team look ill prepared and lethargic?
              Every team loses players and yes the roster had its limitations but from a coaching perspective, they were out classed and out schemed every week. One exception, week 1.

            2. Seb but how many of those guys were out due to injury during JH’s last season? I listed most of them for you. Those starters weren’t helping on IR, but keep defending JT.

              1. Seb aside from J Smith, Gore and Iupati the talent’s about the same as JH had his last season due to those injuries. The O line was better with Boone at RG and Iupati at LG. Jonathan Martin was RT and he was bad. Martin and Looney played for the injured Kilgore. Borland and Wilhoite played for the injured Willis and Bowman till Borland was put on IR. The secondary had 2-3 rookies starting with Ward, Johnson and other guys of team’s PS’s to fill in for Culliver and Brock. Ward went down with a re-injury to his foot. Williams was out so Dial, Eddie filled in. Aldon was suspended, Lynch spent a bunch of time hurt. Davis was hurt, Celek was hurt, MacDonald hurt, Hyde was hurt for a few games, Crabtree was recovering from an Achilles injury. Ray McDonald was cut from the team for his issues. Facts are facts, pro bowl or not, if they’re on the bench they’re not talent that’s helping. Fangio did wonders plugging guys in. This teams issues started long before this season.

              2. The loss of Cowboy, Willis and Gore cannot be overstated. Those were huge team leaders.
                The O line was totally different from last year, and their ineptitude made everyone else worse.

              3. The O line isn’t that different except for Iupati’s loss. M Martin and Looney are the same and Jonathan Martin is as bad a Pears.

                Yes those guys leadership is lost, but that’s not the issue. The issue is the coaching. Leadership from players helps when your coaching is good. When the coaching’s not good, you can fire guys up all you want and if the coaches haven’t put them in position to win it doesn’t matter.

              4. Seb, Cowboy was hurt most of last season and barely contributed when he was on the field. His locker room presence can be questioned by the “leaks” from the locker room about Harbaugh by players to Deon Sanders and Ann Killion and every other beat writer who would listen. A real leader in the locker room was absent beyond this season. They were absent last season as well.
                Every NFL team loses talent every year. The great ones replace that talent and adjust. You can say teams like Green Bay have a great system in place with an amazing QB. He doesn’t have receivers, he doesn’t have a quality TE, but outside of this season, they’ve owned the division.
                KC this year is another example of a good system more than it is of good players. A good coach wins games in spite of the talent deficiencies. I do not pardon Tomsula for one player leaving.

              5. Gee, Matt, little harsh, doncha think? The only 3 offensive players left this year are Staley, Boldin and Torrey, and the only defensive players left from the SB are Bow and Brooks. That is a sight drop off in talent.
                I dont count Pears because he is a detriment to the team.

              6. Matt, then you should mostly blame Baalke because he assembled the team and Tomsula had to play the hand dealt him. He cant bluff with a small pair, especially against a full house.
                Granted, there is around 20% turnover every year, but the Niners were decimated with both quality and leadership. Even though the coaching was putrid, I mostly blame the coordinators, and will cut Tomsula a little slack.
                I actually want Tomsula to stay, because once he got rid of the leaker and analytics maven, he became bold and went for it 3 times on 4th down. Jed likes JT because he is a lightning rod for criticism so the anger is directed at Tomsula and not him. He does have the support of the locker room and the continuity factor is important.
                Finally I wish to ask- Who would replace him? What coach in his right mind would want to come here to destroy his career? Jed better think this through before acting hastily like last year.

              7. Seb,
                I do not mean to defer any blame from Baalke. I think Baalke is part of the cancer that should be removed. However, Tomsula was the back stabbing disloyal minion of 2014. His failure is a direct result of his forked tongue during Harbaugh’s last season. The players left do not respect him or his leadership.
                As for Tomsula’s replacement, the choice has to be a college coach ready to make the leap to the NFL.

                Todd Graham from ASU would be a fair choice. Bob Davie out of New Mexico could be a poor man’s Urban Meyer. He developed Urban Meyer and has developed many competent coordinators.

              8. Matt, I beg to differ. Marathe was the rat who leaked. Tomsula got so much grief and accusations, that he felt very uncomfortable, even though during games, he and JH stood next to each other coaching.
                Brooks, acting on JH’s feelings, felt comfortable enough to cuss out JT on the field. JT forgave Brooks so that showed character on JT’s part.
                Tomsula is not devious enough to be a backstabber. He will lay his cards on the table. He was so direct, when he found out Marathe was the leaker, he left and would not come back until Marathe was mutually parted. Bet he was a little peeved at Marathe for all the grief he had to endure for something that just is not in his demeanor.

              9. I could certainly be wrong Seb, I took my information from an article about Harbaugh from Feb 2015 and drew my own conclusions. I will leave the door open to amend those accusations and fully apologize if they are misplaced.

                Here is the article and the quote about Tomsula:

                ‘I asked Harbaugh if he thought new coach Jim Tomsula, the defensive line coach under Harbaugh, was campaigning for the top job while Harbaugh was still employed by the 49ers.

                “That’s a good question for him, better than to me,” Harbaugh said coolly.

                “There was definitely a point where you walk down the halls–I wasn’t reading anything that was on the Internet, I was really focused on doing my job–but definitely walk down the halls and people look away or they look at you and you know something’s going on,” Harbaugh said.’


              10. I would counter the leaks ended with the agenda. The FO had to get a successful coach out while attempting to look as if they had no choice in the matter but to save the franchise.
                Harbaugh was brought in to build a stadium. He has an abrasive and demanding personality. The leaks made it possible to part ways with Harbaugh.
                Once Tomsula is named the coach next season, the FO will have a few select players come out in their support of Tomsula. Boldin will not be one of them.

              11. The leaks continued and Kaep was smeared by the revelation that Gabbert studied 5 times more than Kaep. Tomsula really likes Kaep and did not want to drive him away, which is what those leaks were doing.
                Kawakami was the one who reported that there was chaos in the FO. Bob Lange told Grant that the wed. PC with Tomsula was cancelled. Posters found out Tomsula had left that morning. Marathe was dispatched, and Tomsula was back for practices. Then all of a sudden, TK changes his tune because he was not going to have anymore access, and declared it was a lateral move along with it being only a tempest in a teapot.Read whatever you want with the timeline of events, but my impression was that Tomsula spit, and Marathe disappeared.

              12. Seb hitting the drinks early last night I see.

                “Gee, Matt, little harsh, doncha think? The only 3 offensive players left this year are Staley, Boldin and Torrey, and the only defensive players left from the SB are Bow and Brooks. That is a sight drop off in talent.”

                Sec my original post which you don’t get was about the talent JH had his last year of coaching not in the Super Bowl. JH did not have his SB roster last year he nearly had this roster. You need to stop comparing the SB roster to this one. And if JT deserves some slack so does JH for going 8-8 with all the injuries and losses he had last year. By the way Boldin and Smith were on the Raven’s offense that year.

              13. Wilson, JH had that team with SB aspirations and expectations, and could not get a play off in time. Wasted time outs also cost them games when they needed them to stop the clock, but could not, because they burned them on unwise challenges and to prevent more DOG penalties.
                I thought this year’s team could go 10-6 with playoff hopes, but did not think they would win the SB.

              14. Seb you love to go down with your sinking ship. Again you’ve got nothing to counter so rely on anecdotes rather than deal with the facts. The JH team “had” aspirations before all the injuries and suspensions. After the injuries and suspensions they were average with the loss of all that talent and experience but they didn’t go 0-6 likes this team did. That’s simply the point.

                You showed your knowledge of football believing in this team to go 10-6 this year and thinking JH was the problem. Its not working out very well for you is it?

              15. Hey, I was not predicting 19-0 like some were. I also predicted 10-6, then Aldon imploded. 10-6 was optimistic with a pass rush, but lack of the teams best pass rusher, and the season was doomed.
                I also could not predict that the defense would jump offsides 7 times a game or that the O line turned into turnstiles that caused the starting QB to be injured and his backup to be sacked 9 times.
                I think I showed pretty good knowledge when I said that if Devey and Pears start, the Niners might not win a game. Last game, they ran the no huddle with quick snaps and scored a couple TDs. They finally put in Hayne and he made some first downs. I also said to spread them out and gash them up the middle. In the Bears game, Gabbert gashed them up the middle for a 44 yard TD. When I mentioned attacking the edges, and be unpredictable, that game winner to Torrey caught them flat footed. Diss me all you want, but my football knowledge is just as good as yours. You may try hard to counter my posts, but many times, i feel like you have not touched me. If you want our discourse to devolve into petty insults, I will be happy to oblige.

    4. Tomsula says about Brown: “Second half, there’s a few things there that we’ve got to get the duration of it just like any young player that would be in that situation.” This is a key point. Management knows that both players and head coaches need time to durate. So Leo, unfortunately we’re stuck with Tomsula until he completes the duration process.

    5. Leo,
      If reports that Chryst was elevated to O-cord to appease CK are true, I see no reason to keep Chryst if the team has plans to move on without Kap in April.

      Ultimately, I have to agree with you that the coaching staff will likely stay intact for next season. When Jed makes his end of season state of the team address, I believe that he will point to injuries, loss or retirement of key players that made for an unfair advantage for his first year headcoach.

      Jed will give Tomsula and his staff another year to develop their young players and add some free agent signing help along with some rookie hopefuls.

    1. It seems so incoherent. Its like he never finishes a thought or actually answers a question. Lots of cliche’s and it always feels like he trying to convince people when he answers that things are ok even if they never questioned that.

      1. It might work well with meetings with defensive linemen but with an entire group, media and fans, it sounds unprofessional. Almost like a nervous mannerism.

  2. Leo

    I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a complete clean-out…Baalke and all. At this time of year, “know-it-all” owners tend to get frisky and figure that with all of the upcoming firings, that they can rebuild staff out of ‘the leftovers’…like Jeff Lurie just did in Philly with Chip. It won’t win more games, but the fans won’t effigy him thinking that he’s at least trying.

    Monday’s going to be bloody….many coaches and mid level’s will be strewn all over the map. ‘Hope we get a handful of good ones…….

  3. What a disaster fantasy football season I had. I don’t think I had a RB last more then two weeks before ending up on IR.

  4. I agree with Leo that the Yorks will not clean house. The current coaching staff is the lowest paid in the NFL (Tomsula makes less than the avg bowl conference college coach) and it would make York look foolish for firing Harbaugh. The most important reason is that it doesnt matter that fans dont show up because the York’s money from the new stadium is guaranteed for the next decade because they sold all of the personal seat licenses.

  5. One of my greatest regrets is going for the PSLs, two seats. On today’s market they are essentially worthless. I’m not a fan of boycotts but, to send the Yorks a message, it would be very illustrative to see an empty stadium. I still owe a little on my PSLs and I’m reviewing my contract to see the consequences of defaulting on the remainder. Over forty years of loyalty washed away in one season. Incredible. Haven’t attended a game since Minnesota. What a waste of money.

    1. I have a friend up here in Canada who bought seats and now is screaming bloody murder to get rid of them! It’s not just you. The Yorks will have to listen when they see people begging to get out of these ridiculous contracts and prices for a terrible on field product!
      I advise you to scream at the top of your lungs to ownership!

    2. Oldtimer,

      If PSL-holding fans like you would band together, e.g., in Facebook and put pressure on Denise York, there may be some effect.

    3. You may not win, but you could potentially file a lawsuit for fraud, that you bought the PSL under the assumption that the Niners were going to field a competitive team, and make an effort be competitive. During the first year at Levi’s, while they went 8-8. then fired the coach.

      They can say mutual parting of the ways but Harbaugh has stated publicly that he would have returned. And then the Niners hired a coach who was not qualified, very little experience, for cheap.

      And then they are way under the salary cap, which means they are not paying fair market value for players, which are needed to be competitive. You can basically make a really good claim of bait and switch. You thought you were buying XX type car, and what shows up in your driveway is a piece of crap.

      I bet you can get enough disgruntled PSL owners, and a determined attorney and then file a class action suit against the team.

      As I said, you may not win, but you will make some noise, maybe get news, which is far more threatening that a plane flying a banner.

      1. I’m all in favor of organizing
        a {peaceful, of course)
        picket line … outside the stadium
        right in time for broadcast !

    4. I would be regretful too! You were duped! If I were you, I would default on paying the money! What’s Jed going to do if you and thousands of other PSL holders defaulted at the same time? Send the police? Pshhhh! This would hurt the Yorks in the worst way – a way they need to be hurt. I would also seriously consider this an unfair “bait and switch” sale and consider talking to an attorney about the ramifications of default and look into different consumer protection laws to prevent Yorkie from coming after your credit rating!

  6. …and then one day you find, 10 years has passed you by,
    no one told you when to run you missed the starting gun…

    –Pink Floyd

    Philly fired there coach today. Others have followed suit, showing consideration to their fans by at least appearing that they want to win….Where is Jed and why doesn’t he send the fans the same winning message?
    By missing the starting gun yet again for the best coaching talent, those other teams are in position to hire the best once the season ends

    1. Gurley and Bernard are on two different levels with Gurley being on the higher one. Gurley is going to chew up our run defense.
      Is Elington even playing at the right position? He seems like he’d get more opportunities to make some noise as a hybrid RB rather than a WR.
      Finally, Gabbert will play conservatively because that is the only way he knows how to play. His OC doesn’t help matters, but I doubt Gabbert would do anything else even if Sean Payton was calling the plays on offense.

      1. I agree. If Payton was calling the plays he’d exasperate him as coach and end up on the bench. Have you noticed the past few weeks how livid Anquan has been on the sidelines? Can’t tell if its QB play or play calling.

          1. Not sure that’s the case. If we’re 3rd and long and the play is for Anquan and BG continually throws to the check down instead, that’s on the QB.

              1. It wouldn’t matter what calls he made if the QB throws to the check down when he’s supposed to be throwing to the receiver beyond the sticks.

              2. Bill would not include the checkdowns because they would be self defeating. He would draw up plays that are effective and efficient.

              3. Bill Walsh had that curl route to Brent Jones. He would run past the sticks, curl in and receive the pass only to get hammered by the safety. It was unstoppable. Brent would throw the ball over his shoulder and go back to the huddle.

              4. Seb do you remember Roger Craig was one of the first backs to have a 1000yds receiving and rushing in the same season? How is it that they accomplished that without throwing screens or check downs? This is just rubbish to say Walsh didn’t use check downs.

              5. Of course he used check downs, but if you watched the video, he talked about getting past the sticks. In that scenario, a checkdown would be useless, so he would draw up plays that did not include the checkdown because he wanted to go better than 2 for 14 on third down plays.

              6. Seb its pointless for you to speculate on what you think Walsh would do. Nearly every play he drew up had 3-4 receiving options, one of which is a check down. You’re blaming the coaches for having a check down option, but they’re not playing. Its the QB’s job to figure out which of the 3-4 options is open and gets the first down. If the QB always hits the check down instead of the down field receiver that’s an issue with the QB not the play calling. I guess you could take the check down away and he’d run out of bounds for a sack instead. In the end the QB has to throw the ball to the right receivers.

              7. Wilson, declaring that Bill Walsh would draw up a play that had a checkdown that would prevent them from moving the chains is just not historically accurate. Walsh had a pretty good third down average, not like the 2-14 success rate we see now.
                There is a time and place for checkdowns. He did not include them in running plays, either. On third and 8, he did not draw up too many 5 yard plays.

              8. For instance, on the SB winning play that he diagrammed, he targeted Taylor and all the other receivers were used to set him up. Walsh went for the jugular, he did not stress the checkdown at all.

              9. Not exactly. Walsh had Rice, Taylor, and Montana. Throwing short of the sticks was in no way a give up pass for Walsh’s offense at the time he was running it. There is no such talent available to the 49er OC now.

              10. Seb you’re contradicting yourself:

                “Of course he used check downs, but if you watched the video (what video you didn’t post one), he talked about getting past the sticks.”

                “Wilson, declaring that Bill Walsh would draw up a play that had a checkdown that would prevent them from moving the chains is just not historically accurate.”

                Either he include plays with check downs or he didn’t. This is so pointless as you mythologize Walsh with your pretend knowledge of what he would do.

                First you’re assuming check downs prevent 1st downs. Second you’re also assuming all throws short of the sticks don’t go for first downs. Third you’re assuming Walsh never called a play with a check down on 3rd down which is just false as usual. Again I point you to another stat, Rice and Taylor lead the league for years in YAC. Meaning short throws and great running after the catch. Same principle applies to Craig out of the back field on those check down screens. Walsh also used plenty of throws beyond the markers too. Using never and always just shows what you don’t know about Walsh’s play calling. The point is QB play right now not play calling.

                The thing is Walsh used the right plays at the right time and his QB made the right throws to the right players. You still are trying to blame all the third down failures on the play calling when the QB isn’t even looking down field at times but goes right to his hot read/check down. That’s not on the play caller, its on the QB.

                I will say the kinds of throws Walsh made behind the markers hit receivers in stride giving them the best opportunity to gain yardage. Chryst’s routes on 3rd seem to have come backs or sitting in the soft spot in a zone without hitting the receiver in stride at times. Chryst stinks, not arguing that, my point is Gabbert isn’t finding the right receiver and that’s his fault.

                Just because a play has a check down doesn’t mean its doomed to fail. We’re not making any head way because you continue to believe your self made mythology about Walsh.

              11. Wilson, I was referring to the Video Leo had posted about Walsh discoursing about plays and strategies during his time at Stanford, about the Niners with plays from the SB wins. I really do not know why you cannot accept the fact that Walsh was smart enough to direct his QB to make passes past the sticks instead of throwing checkdowns that fail to make a first down. Granted, he had Joe and Jerry, so he had better players.
                Of course, he was astute enough to take advantage of the defense and do a checkdown pass if the receiver has a good opportunity to make enough YAC to make a first down, but he would just shake his head over the fact that the present Niners have a 2-14 conversion rate. His historic success rate just proves me right. Walsh would shape the opponent and attack the defense’s weaknesses. he would draw up plays that would make sure the receiver would take enough steps to get past the sticks, and he would instruct Joe to take a certain number of steps then plant and throw with rhythm and timing.

              12. Seb,

                Any time (and it happened fairly frequently) that a 49er receiver caught the ball and was tackled short of the line to gain for a first down, John Madden would always comment that he didn’t understand why anyone would design a play like that. Of course, the many times that a first down was made from a catch short of the sticks and a RAC, no one said too much about the “poor” play design.

                Sometimes the best option is to throw the ball short of the sticks and see what happens. It’s better than forcing the ball downfield into a bad spot. This in no way is an endorsement of what’s going on with the 49ers offense this season.

              13. Look up Leo Dec 31 at 12:42. It is an hour well spent to watch Walsh outline everything the Niners needs to learn.
                I am not a huge fan of Cosell, but he does present some good points.

              14. Ex, when the result is a 2-14 third down conversion rate, maybe they should try something different.

              15. Seb let me give you a lesson in straw man fallacy. This is classic straw man where you are making up something I am against which I have never stated or even supported. Walsh would shake his head and walk away from you and your foolishness.

                “I really do not know why you cannot accept the fact that Walsh was smart enough to direct his QB to make passes past the sticks instead of throwing checkdowns that fail to make a first down.”

                No one is instructing BG to take check downs, if they are they’re idiots. He can’t make the play and doesn’t wait for it to develop and the line is terrible so he doesn’t have much time.

                You’re avoiding the point and shift you’re attack to me because you have nothing but mythology. You don’t even answer the valid questions I raise because you can’t answer them. So Walsh never used a play on 3rd down that had a check down? Of course he did. Move Seb you’ve got nothing here.

              16. I will use your own words.-‘Nearly every play he drew up had 3-4 receiving options, one of which was a checkdown. You are blaming the coach for having a checkdown option.’..
                Wrong. Walsh would not waste an option that had a low probability for success. He would devise plays that had the good possibility of making the third down. He also had a good conversion rate, way better than 2-14.

              17. Seb here we are again with you insisting something fantastical that isn’t supported by life’s facts. I disagree as do the facts, I am moving on but keep up the good work.

    2. I’ve reluctantly come to conclusion that Ellington won’t blossom into a #3 receiver, not just because of his lack of durability but also lack of consistency. Patton, OTOH, has promise as a #3 receiver but seems to be an incurable numbskull who will draw flags at critical moments in the game. Cannot win with such players.
      Both will eventually end up in the scrap heap of receivers drafted by Baalke.

    3. It’s the offensive coordinators job to call plays where all receiving routes are past the line to gain on 3rd down conversions. Anything over 3rd and 7 should be a 5 step drop and routes by quarterback and receivers….

      1. “Anything over 3rd and 7 should be a 5 step drop and routes by quarterback and receivers….”

        True. Unfortunately the offensive line in SF has proven for a few years now that it struggles in pass protection, especially with the drop back variety.

      1. I wasn’t sure if you could make changes to your SB articles but it doesn’t look like it so I won’t point those out anymore.

  7. Paxton Lynch sure looked like garbage against big time competition…………Everyone thinking Goff now?

  8. For you PSL holders. The Yorks are raking in the cash, don’t expect them to make any changes. If they do make changes it will be to the worst. 0-16 in ’16 is a distinct possibility

        1. Cleveland should not take Goff. Goff should declare he wants to go to the 49ers like Eli Manning wouldn’t go to san Diego. Can’t Goff do that?

          1. That’s note exactly how that situation went down. To avoid a nasty situation involving Manning refusing to sign a contract once selected the Chargers agreed prior to the draft with NY to select him and then trade him to them. However, the Giants besides giving up their #4 spot that year also gave up a 3rd rounder in the same draft PLUS a first and fifth the next year.

            You can point to the two SB victories that Manning has earned in NY as justification for the pick but when you look at the players that the Chargers selected with the picks given to them: Nate Kaeding, Shawn Merriman the Giants would have been better off selecting Ben Roethlisberger and keeping the draft picks and taking those players themselves.

            1. CFC,

              The NYG’s would’ve been way better off with Roethlisburger, if they didn’t get a single productive player out of the the draft picks they would’ve kept. Eli Manning is an OK QB who made a few plays at the right time (some were very lucky plays that couldn’t be repeated if he had 100 tries).

          2. Now why in “God’s Little Acre” would Goff hold out to be traded to the 49ers where quarterbacks have gone to die under the York’s desire to find gold in their Santa Clara “Acre”.

      1. I wonder what it would take to trade from pick 5 to pick 1.

        Many have Tennessee taking Laremy Tunsil at 1. But at 5 they could get their pass pro man in Ronnie Stanley, or another stud player plus what ever the 49ers offer.

        Tunsil vs Stanley+3rd+4th+6th? Its way below trade value chart, but most trade charts become fiction in the top 10 picks because the talent at the top varies greatly year to year. The top of the 2016 draft could look alot like the top of the 2013 draft, but that could work in the 49ers favor.

        1. The trade chart works as a place to start the discussion. There’s 1300 point difference between #5 and #1. It takes a lot of picks to equal 1300 points. Also remember that the Skins gave up three 1’s and a 2 to go from #6 to #2. That was ultimately considerably more then 1000 point difference between those two trade spots. You can say that’s because the Skins made a bad deal but the bottom line is that’s the closest thing to a recent precedent that exists regrading this type of trade.

          The #1 spot on the trade chart is worth 3000 points. Let’s say the Titans agree to sell at face value of 3000 points. Keeping in mind the team can’t trade compensatory picks the entire 49ers tradeable draft picks will be approximately worth 2650 points which means even if they agreed to that low price every pick we have in 2016 wouldn’t be enough to cover the cost. I’m not saying that is the kind of deal they would make I’m just putting into perspective how much it’s going to take to go from #5 to #1. When the Titans know that we are making the move to select a future franchise QB, that makes me think they wont be taking face value for the #1 pick.

          1. You are absolutely on the money. I use the standard Jimmy Johnson style chart, the one walter football and others use.

            If the Titans wanted face value (or more), that’s just too dang much. No way.

            It depends on the year. I remember the 2005. Everyone knew that between Rogers and Smith, the player not chosen would slide. Rumor had it the 49er were shopping pick 1 because they would still wind up with Rogers or Smith… but there were no serious takers.

            Some years the phones ring off the hooks with offers to trade to the top of the draft (2012, 2014, 2015). Other years, crickets (2005, 2013).

            For example: 2013 – Oakland traded pick 3 in exchange for Miami’s 12+42. Oakland lost 520 chart points. Oakland didn’t think much of the to of 2013, so they got what they could.

            Will the top of this draft be like 2013 or 2012? If the Titans think there’s a bidding war among quarterback needy teams, it will cost too much to trade up.

        2. At the very least you have to assume that it will take two #1 picks to even start the conversation.

          It’s a bloody shame that Boone is an UFA next season because he would have made a perfect trade item for them. Boone and two #1’s would probably have worked. As it is they need a FS and CB more then SS otherwise I’d throw Bethea in there as well. Since they can still pick up Stanley at #5 Staley doesn’t offer them much.

          Without a player to offer I think it would take two #1’s and two #2’s to move from the fifth to the first spot overall. It won’t take as much as the silly deal the Redskins offered but it’s still gonna hurt.

          I don’t care how hot in the trousers that Air Force game made you, he isn’t worth it.

          1. Some years low-ball offers work. Most years they don’t.

            Can’t hurt to try. Which has the greater value to the Titans:
            Tunsil or pick 5 + 3rd+4th+6th, understanding these will be near the tops of he rounds.

            The more I think about it, the more I think the Titans will trade the first pick to a quarterback hungry team. I don’t think it will be to the 49ers. That’s fine. It will bump a bad-ass player down closer to pick 5.

            Then the 49ers accidentally beat the Rams.

            1. The best scenario for the 49ers to get Goff is for both the Titans and Browns to pass on him and they make a trade with the Chargers. That deal in theory could be done by swapping their first rounders and the 49ers giving up their #2 either this year or next.

              I can’t see any scenario that involves us getting Tunsil. If the Titans make their pick it’s Tunsil. If someone else trades with them to take Goff the Chargers take Tunsil. It’s not worth the trade to #2 to take Tunsil.

              1. – It’s not worth the trade to #2 to take Tunsil. Agree
                – I can’t see any scenario that involves us getting Tunsil. Agree

                The 49ers have too many holes to fill to sell out the store trading up. Tunsil will not fall.

      1. Jack:

        Why don’t you think that Goff is a top 5 draft pick? To me he seems to have important traits that are hard to teach: cool as a cucumber, very good pocket awareness, sets his feet well, is generally very accurate. He does make poor decisions at times, but that is teachable. I’m not saying he should start, but agree he should sit at least one year behind Gabbert.

        Admittedly, I’m on the fence with regards to drafting him with our 1st round pick (if he is available). I saw the best QB in the league (Aaron Rodgers) get pummeled behind his bad offensive line, which only reinforced the need for a very good OL. Still, it seems to me that in the grand scheme of things it is easier to find good OL (although you have to pay for them) than it is to find a very good pocket QB.

        Also, I would submit that the fact that we have a poor CS is not a reason to not draft Goff. A competent GM should be able to readily fix this problem. Now if the will isn’t there, then there is little to no hope.

        1. Cubus,

          He’s not going to be a Day 1 starter like Winston/Mariota, but the main point of my comment was the cost to move up isn’t worth it.

          1. OK. I misunderstood. I absolutely agree that the team should not spend a lot of our draft capital moving up, especially in the top half of the first round where it is most expensive. The niners have too many holes to fill.

        2. It will cost too much to move up and this team can’t afford to part with that many premium picks. The only chance the Niners have of getting him is if the Browns pass on taking him. I don’t see Dallas or SD taking a QB with Dallas looking to win now and wanting an immediate starter most likely, and SD only in year two of a 4 year extension they gave Rivers last year. There is always the chance somebody moves up ahead of us, but it will be expensive and I doubt anyone wants to part with the picks needed after the RGIII aftermath.

  9. Glad to hear that Goff has declared. Not for the reason that many think. I would draft him and love for him to be our qb of the future. But there is no way that Baalke will draft a qb in the first round. I don’t think he has the balls to do it.

    I’m glad that Goff is in the draft because he will be drafted early and will make our pick (5 or 6) much better when Baalke drafts a position he is more comfortable with. My bet is linebacker.

    1. You have to remember that Baalke is making the picks.
      That would usually eliminate Goff from any chance of becoming a 49er, but he is so bad of a choice, that we could argue Baalke must surely pick him. However, there are a few more attractive bad choices ahead of Goff.
      All you have to do is look to bowl game performers to see where Baalke ranks his draft players. Throw out any mock drafts. Baalke has no football sense.
      He’ll be interested in DT Nile Lawrence-Stample to replace the Nose tackle he won’t pay this off season. DE DeForest Buckner could be Aldon Smith 2.0 in Baalke’s heart.
      If he goes offense, you can expect someone like Michael Thomas the Jr. from Ohio St. RT Taylor Decker would be too perfect a fit for this team, so scratch any chance of Baalke making that choice.
      I don’t see Goff going any sooner than 15-24 in the first round. Paxton is rated higher but neither deserves first round consideration unless they can sit behind a Rodgers, a Roethlisberger, or a Brady.
      I would hope that SF trades out of the 5th pick. With Baalke picking you need as many swings at the piñata as you can get.

      1. I don’t see Goff going any sooner than 15-24 in the first round. Paxton is rated higher but neither deserves first round consideration unless they can sit behind a Rodgers, a Roethlisberger, or a Brady.

        What is your reasoning Matt?

        1. Goff quite simply is Kaepernick without the speed.
          Goff Struggled against USC. His team lost to Utah, USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Stanford. So, I am left wondering just who he beat. Grambling State, Washington, Texas, San Diego St., Oregon St., and Az st.
          Cal’s Air it out offence helped Goff run up his stats against subpar teams. He certainly has some great qualities that NFL clubs are looking for. A great pocket presence. Strong arm. Down field vision.
          Yet, he has many Kaepernickisms. He rockets the ball at his receivers without touch. He locks in and stares down his receivers. He does not anticipate throws, but instead waits for his receivers to get separation. His 5 INT game should have been 6 but on 4th and 2 the defender opted to just knock the ball down rather than intercept it. The defender easily stepped in front of the receiver reading Goff’s eyes.

          That 5 int game was when he played Utah. He threw another 2 against USC. Against Oregan he completed 18 of 41 attempts and an INT. He is holds the ball too long in the pocket. His lack of touch has driven his INT numbers up as well.

          1. Matt,

            I’m a Pac 12 guy, and have watched pretty near every game Goff has played since he started as a freshman, and that is a terrible comparison. He is nothing and I repeat nothing like Kaepernick. There is no comparison to be made there as Kap was a runner who passed and Goff is a passer who doesn’t run unless he has to. No similarities in throwing motion or accuracy either. He had one poor game this year and it came against Utah where he threw the 5 picks but 2 were not his fault. He is a true pocket passer who is already adept at looking off defenders and moving within the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield. Kap didn’t do that at all at Nevada.

            I’m really not sure who you are talking about here but it sure isn’t Goff.

            1. Agree 100%. Perhaps it was the Memphis game where they showed a comparison of Paxton Lynch and CK.

            2. Here is the scouting report on Goff.


              I do not mean to imply he is not a first round selection, I just don’t think he is worth anything higher than pick 15. He will not be a day 1 starter. He is very talented, but he is a project.
              I also wasn’t implying his style was like Kaepernick, I was referring what he would be if SF drafted him.
              He delivers fast balls without touch.
              He locks onto a receiver and waits for them to get separation.
              Ball placement does not allow for YAC.

              All criticisms of Kaepernick. The initial post was poorly written and did not clarify the distinction.

      2. After that 6 TD game, I think his stock rose a wee bit, unlike Lynch who probably dropped out of the first round.

        1. The Bowl games are where a number of fans first see some of these players, but scouts have been watching them going back years. The performances by Goff and Lynch in the bowl games will have little to do with their ratings in the draft. Their body of work combined with individual workouts and interviews will decide their draft value.

          1. Bill Walsh saw Joe Montana win the Cotton Bowl for Notre Dame, and saw that intangible winning quality he possessed. Joe impressed Walsh so in the third round, he took a chance on a QB who was not physically impressive like Elway was. The rest is history.

            1. You must not have watched Goff critically this season or any season. He is Kaepernick 2.0 without the athletic speed (4.8 40 time) He doesn’t have the strength to run through tackles like Cam Newton, and he plays in a system that simply airs the ball out. 6 TDs against a mediocre Air Force team that was 8-5.
              These bowl games are reminiscent of the Pro Bowl. They are about as competitive. Teams have started using them to showcase their offenses for recruiting purposes.

              1. While I think he improved his draft position, I do not want the Niners to draft Goff, if Tunsil or Stanley are available. Even Bosa or Smith would be the better choice, IMO.

              1. Simms went number 7. He was long gone before the Niners could draft him. Niners traded their first pick to the Bills for OJ.
                Niners first pick was the first pick of the second round and chose James Owens. Niners used the last pick of the third round for their second selection and chose Montana with the 82nd pick of the draft.
                Walsh was pretty astute since Simms did win a SB.

              2. Walsh was impressed with Joe watching a near miraculous comeback against Southern Cal, and read intently about his comeback in the Cotton Bowl. Walsh liked his mobility and his footwork, and when he sent Sam Wyche to try out James Owens in Southern California, he had Joe Montana throw him the football. Sam gave glowing praise to Walsh about the accuracy of Joe.

          2. rocket,
            I agree with your take in part. Yes, scouts already have a well documented report of emerging college players before they play in post season bowl games – but I also believe that they want to see how these players react and if they excel on a big stage such as a bowl game.

            I believe scouts may have made some minor tweaks on their reports after seeing Goff and Lynch featured in their recent bowl games. Their recent reports may or may not change the players overall history of college performance but if scouts were honest in doing their due diligence, I believe that certain criteria would be documented for bowl games.

  10. “you put a check with me. you put a check with me, if they’re sitting down in there….” WTF was Jimmy trying to say there? I seriously have no idea

    1. I’m not convinced that he knows what he is saying. It probably served him well as a defensive line coach when all he did was yell “bludgeon” at the players in his unit. I don’t think his verbal dysfunction serves him well at all in dealing with the public or with communicating and teaching complex schemes to his players. OK?

      1. And when you think that 49ers PR staff sits and discusses the coaches responses with the coaches prior to their interview with the media, it is further condemnation of Tomsula and his ineptitude for learning.

    2. My take on that is that he’s saying that rather then walk in and ask the offense to be a certain way he’s asking the play caller to “check with me” in certain situations and maybe Tomsula will insist on one of those medium passes. Rather then have it be a general philosophy for the entire game.

  11. Coffee thanks that could be what he was *trying* to say. At least he dropped that “run fits” tirade he was on for awhile. I think Jimbo is just a 1-trchnique guy in a 2-technique world…

  12. From the NN page;

    “…with such weak QB in draft he could be top 3 or QB, still can’t believe our GM didn’t bother to draft Grayson Garrett last year..

    I like the way that guy thinks.

    1. Notice that he shaped the defense, put Rice in motion, and called plays ahead of time with contingencies over down and distance? He even described how he would use laterals.
      All that I have been talking about is just things that Bill Walsh so eloquently presented. I derive most of my inspiration from Bill Walsh.
      I hope Jed puts this on a loop and has it played continually so any player or coach can watch it in both the meeting room and the locker room.
      I hope Tomsula will watch this 10 times.

        1. Well, I also said to play it on a continuous loop in the meeting room and locker room.
          Maybe it should be played in the HC’s office, too.

          1. No need to hire Seb… He says he’s not interested in compensation. Seb’s brain is in the public domain.

  13. What our FO needs to do is get a new HC some sort of concensus figure beween the personalities of Harbaugh and Tomsula and than everybody is happy again, if they dont do anything they will lose more and more credibility and more and more anti Jed banners will come till the pressure is to high for him They should admit there failures and act to bring us back at the highest level that means either Baalke or Tomsula gone and for the benefit and proudness of our franchise they should clean house this is business and no need for softness with keeping guys who they love but who dont produce.

  14. Or are they really so blind that they think they can build a dynasty with Tomsula if thats the reason than this franchise is in danger and ruined.

    Any decent HC or coordinator would have got this team very close to a playoff ticket even with retirements,injuries etc…

  15. Holmgren’s comeback vehicle? He is 67 years old. But here are four other current NFL head coaches in their 60’s: Tom Coughlin, Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick and Bruce Arians. Three of the four have won Super Bowls. The fourth may win the next one. Plus, if Holmgren is interested in the gig, others surely would be under the right conditions.

  16. Fans,
    I never believed the NFLstandings that show a few worse teams than the 49ers because it’s the Niners who have scored the fewest point in all of the NFL. Here is another sharing the same viewpoint.

    Exit Interview: 2015 San Francisco 49ers

    The fact that the team will not end up with the No. 1 pick in May’s NFL Draft is a miracle, and speaks to how much Tomsula, Eric Mangini, Tony Sparano and Geep Chryst put into their game plan week in and week out.


  17. it will not be healthy for someone like Tomsula to run a staff full of former NFL head coaches. That could get ugly fast. However, does a new coach want to walk into an atmosphere where the general manager feels comfortable hopping in during practice to coach up his young talent?

    Quote from above article.

  18. NFL’s “Black Monday” Holmgren has essentially told the 49ers that if they part ways with 5-11 lifetime record holder Jim Tomsula, the absolute worst they could do is hiring a 67 year old head coach with a career winning percentage of .592, that has been to the Superbowl three times, winning once, and losing two very close games, one of which should have gone his way.

    So there it is. Cut bait with Tomsula, and the worst you can do is to get an excellent head coach. That is a ton of suddenly added pressure for Jed York to consider a week ahead of having to make a decision that (if it goes Tomsula’s way) would be historically panned by the fans even without this Holmgren news.

      1. And for those who forget the Pittsburgh vs. Seattle SuperBowl, Seattle got jobbed by the officiating all game long–including a few touchdown reversals.

  19. The Browns are sitting Manziel so he doesn’t get hurt in his final game and hurt his trade value.

  20. TomD’s week 17 prediction:

    The St. Louis Rams will be motivated vs. the 49ers with their chance to post a 500 win % for the 1st time in nine years.
    1st round pick, Aaron Donald–11 sacks –will show why the 49ers OL choices by GM , Trent Baalke , have no business on the same field as him.
    Ram’s Head Coach, Jeff Fischer wants no part of being mentioned in the same sentence as Jim Tomsula when the phrase, “motivation factor,” comes up…
    Fisher would also like to embarrass the York’s. As an ex-member of the 49ers dynasty year defensive coaching staff, he remembers when they appreciated breaking good records…Meanwhile, The current York 49ers have won the battle for the most embarrassing records, and here’s one more: If the Niners lose Sunday it would be 1st time since before Bill Walsh coached–pre 1977 that they will have won ZERO games in their own division!!!

      1. The other side of Fisher being .500 is we could be winless in the division for the first time since before Walsh. That’s embarrassing.

        1. Wilson,

          Very true and that is as damning as anything Tomsula has done this year. Hard to pass off being winless in the division. It would be par for the course if the Niners win this game though. Nothing remotely positive can come out of it and so much negative which means there is a good chance they will do it.

          1. 0-6 in the division means you are a long ways away from being competitive and probably a long way from being a playoff contender.
            I can’t wait to hear Jed speak to the media and fans tomorrow and explain what happened and what they will do.

            1. You’ve seen this already I presume?

              Jed will do a press conference after the season ends. He will come armed with several talking points, including these five.

              1.The 49ers “defections” (wow, what a word; take that, Chris Borland and Anthony Davis) had more to do with their 4-12/5-11/6-10 finish than anything else. Well, other than a disappointing performance by the man they signed to be their “franchise quarterback,” of course.
              2.Tomsula did a fantastic, borderline heroic job keeping this team together under trying circumstances. He deserves a chance to see his vision take shape with the locker room leaders who’ll surely step forward in 2016.
              3.We understand that the offense was unacceptable, and we will be making changes to ensure that the team has an offense that the FAITHFUL can be proud of. (This press conference may either follow, or contain the announcement, that Geep Chryst has been relieved of his duties.)
              4.We have absolute faith that Trent Baalke and the rest of the staff can take advantage of their abundant cap space and high draft picks and remake this team in a jiffy.
              5.Every team out there has “leaks.” That’s just the media climate we live in today. The 49ers don’t have any more than any other team. When you run a huge business, sometimes stuff gets out there. But there is not a concerted, systematic effort by this front office to leak information to hurt individuals

              1. I know you are not defending Jed Wilson but all those talking points were self inflicted and the organization had ample picks and cap space to rectify the defections. They believed Tomsula was a good coach, comparable to Harbaugh. Didn’t happen, in fact not even close.
                Secondly, Baalke thought he had stocked the cupboards with good young talent that could step in. Again, not even close.
                The only acceptable explanation from York is we need to reevaluate our entire organization and make the necessary changes to restore the 49er tradition.

              2. Jed will blame the losses on all the roster turmoil and lack of coaching skills, but the person who he should blame the most is himself.
                Baalke does not get a pass, either.

              3. I don’t think Jed points a finger at the “coaching skills” as Tomsula was selected by him.
                I think it’s more of a we need to reevaluate, refocus, restock and regroup.

              4. I was just referring to Wilson’s prediction that the offensive woes were the fault of Chryst and he would be let go.

              5. Guys I don’t think any one person is to blame. The 49ers demise is a sum of all its parts.
                If it was indeed a rebuild, the owner never should have said to hold him accountable if they aren’t playing for SB’s.
                The roster is weak. The coaching staff has no teach ability to it or creativeness to put players in positions to be competitive.
                Overall it’s a mess and the 49ers are the worst team in football. It’s going to take a complete overhaul to get it right. The owner we know stays but everything else is expendable. The next question is does Jed have the knowledge to get it back to respectability.

              6. Prime those points are all sarcasm from bay area sports fan. Its the lame excuses we’ll hear regardless of the truth sadly. Lets see if York has what it takes to make the changes needed. He hasn’t done much to secure our trust in him.

              7. Seb that’s not my prediction, its bay area sports fan speculating on what Jeb will say at the end of the season.

              8. Prime,
                I do think there is one guy to blame and he is York. I know what you’re saying and I agree with your general take, but he is directly responsible for the failures of this team since he took over. He hired Singletary, which was an emotional decision. He got rid of Harbaugh. He hired Tomsula and his J.C. staff. Even the Harbaugh hiring was a red flag when looked at with hindsight. Harbaugh interviewed and everybody thought it was a done deal before he tapped the brakes and met with Steven Ross. That was a red flag for me at the time because it told me just how much leverage Jim had and that there was something not ideal about the Niners HC vacancy. He ultimately accepted the job, was successful and was fired four years later after a chicken sh#% leak campaign against him.

                The York’s are about the bottom line. They are business people, not football people. The Niners are a revenue stream for them, not a passion. They didn’t buy them, they acquired them in a settlement. They manipulate the world around them to fit their business goals and that generally works in business. That is not a sustainable business practice in the NFL becaus it’s a public driven business. Fans aren’t stupid. You can spend a ton of money on players and coaches and still make a ton of money as an owner. Jed is now realizing that he was more profitable under Harbaugh because he had a packed house and a winning team. Harbaugh was the reason for the stadium getting built in the first place. Jed is a spoiled kid that has been handed everything in life. He wants respect that he hasn’t earned. That doesn’t work in the NFL and he should have learned that a long time ago.

              9. No you’re right I didn’t this time. I posted it before with the link last time and you thought the same thing in another thread even when I did credit him.

              10. To be more precise, I should have written that you POSTED that some thought Chryst failed, and not that you predicted.

              11. You are forgetting that Jim Harbaugh, and Colin Kaepernick are also defectors” in Jed York’s mind, along with all greedy free agent departures for the past three years.

              12. HT there’s a ton of stuff we’re forgetting about York’s interpretation of how things went down. This is clever though.

    1. I am content having Smelter compete for playing time. Niners have so many other needs, MT would be a luxury pick. He was rated #31 on a draft report, so the Niners should pick Smith and Spriggs and a developmental QBwith their first 3 picks.

      1. Being content with what is one the roster is one of the reasons the team is tied for the second worst record. We do have other needs, but some of them can be filled via free agency.
        I don’t think the team is willing to draft Smith what with the drafting of Harold last season and Carradine switching to OLB. The same goes with Spriggs due to the recent emergence of Brown at RT along with how Staley and Tiller have done on the left side of the the OL.

        1. Not sure if I agree on Smith, Mid. A 3-4 relies more heavily on the LBs to make the tackles and mount a pass rush than a 4-3. The loss of Willis and to a lesser extent Aldon, IMO, has had a major impact on the front seven. Also, I thought the consensus thinking is that in a 3-4, Smith, if drafted, would move to ILB. He’s currently 6’3″ and 229 lbs and that’s not nearly heavy enough for an OLB in a 3-4.

          1. That’s also pencil thin when it comes to ILB Cubus. I also think you’re not utilizing his skill set properly if you move him to ILB.

            1. He could probably put on ten pounds or so, if needed, to play ILB. Where would you put him or are you saying you wouldn’t consider drafting him?

              1. Jaylon Smith is 235-240 lbs. Plenty big enough for an ILB these days. And he should play ILB not OLB in a 3-4. He’s a sideline to sideline player that can do everything well for that position, but as an edge rusher he is only ok.

              2. If they don’t take one in the first round, I think the 49ers should consider drafting 2 QBs this year.

              3. At OLB? Yes. At ILB? Not a chance. If I’m drafting an ILB with the fifth pick, he needs to be strong against the run and the pass. Jaylon Smith is great against the latter but average against the former.

              4. Smith isn’t “average” against the run. He’s good. His only weakness is he can sometimes struggle to disengage. Lots of college players are the same. So was Bowman coming out. But like Bowman, Smith usually does a good job avoiding blocks to stop the run.

              5. Good is not something you want associated with a top 5 pick. Great yes, but not good.

              6. Top 15 maybe, but there five prospects easily better and can offer more to this team than him.

              7. Though I agree you can argue there are players that are of greater need at other positions.

              8. When the 49ers pick Goff & Tunsil and probably Stanley will be off the board. Jaylon Smith will be the BPA plus he will fill a vital need.

              9. I still prefer Smith but I could completely understand it and be fine with it if they took Goff.

              10. Bosa

                All five better prospects, all five fill need or BPA.

              11. Disagree with your list Mid, but each to their own. Cowboys might take Smith, but LB probably won’t be their top need.

              12. No, but he could fill in for Hardy if the Cowboys decide to let him leave in free agency.

  21. In regards to who we should draft for our next QB January 30th will be an important day. The rub is, if he does too well it might take a trade back into the first to get him and then I wouldn’t want him anymore.

  22. How the Rams can lose next game.
    Since they are taking it easy up in Napa, I hope the the wine flows freely and the Niners will be opposed by besotted revelers.

  23. As a former season ticket holder for 28 years this team offense is unwatchable and boring. If Jed insists on keep coach T he has to get an offensive corrdinator that will makes us exciting again. I would hire Chip Kelly as the O-corrdinator we need a cutting edge coach, I think Kelly for enough money would take the job and then he can help decide if Kap is salvageable and how good Goff can be. Our defense has some potential to improve but our offense is terrible. If I were Kelly and the money is right he volume look like a genius turning around the worst offense in the league plus if he does a good job Jed will be forced to hire him as the head coach. Otherwise if we get rid of entire staff I do not have faith the Yorks will spend the money to hire the best people. Making Kelly the highest paid O-corrdinator in the league is still cheaper than hiring a new coach and GM.

    1. Why would Chip Kelly work under Dumbsula.? He will get another head coach job. Being the Offensive coordinator under Dumbsula and Baalke is probably the worse job in footballi

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