Breaking: 49ers sign John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan to multi-year extensions

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan will be sticking around Santa Clara for a while.

The 49ers announced Friday afternoon they have signed the two men to multi-year contract extensions. No specifics were given with regards to the length of the contracts. Lynch had been signed through the 2024 season and Kyle Shanahan through 2025.

Since the two took over in 2017 the 49ers have posted a 55-46 regular season and gone 6-3 in the playoffs. Together they have won two NFC West division titles claimed two NFC West division titles and advanced to the NFC Championship game three times. They also advanced to Super Bowl LIV.

In 2019, Lynch was named Executive of the Year by the Pro Football Writers of America. He has been instrumental in acquiring players who meet the vision of Shanahan. Through the draft he has added All-Pros such as Nick Bosa, George Kittle, Talanoa Hufanga, Deebo Samuel and Fred Warner, along with other standouts such as Brock Purdy and Dre Greenlaw. Lynch has also acquired All-Pros Christian McCaffrey and Trent Willams through trade and signed Pro Bowlers Kyle Juszczyk and Javon Hargrave in free agency.

Shanahan was named the 20th head coach in franchise history on February 6, 2017. He was named Coach of the Year by Sporting News and NFC Coach of the Year by the Committee of 101 after leading the 49ers to a 13-3 regular season record, the NFC West Division Title and an appearance in Super Bowl LIV in 2019. The 49ers nine-win improvement from 2018 to 2019 was the largest win improvement from one season to the next in franchise history. During his time as head coach, San Francisco has averaged 367.3 net yards per game, the fifth-most in the NFL since 2017.

This move provides the 49ers with long term stability at the top of their football operation. Lynch has long been the focus of rumors about a potential return to the broadcast booth. Shanahan has built a strong locker room and in Brock Purdy appears to have finally found his answer at quarterback. One of the top play callers in the NFL today, Kyle Shanahan has his team to at least 30 points for the six consecutive regular season game with their 30-12 win over the New York Giants on Thursday night. This breaks the franchise record of five set by Bill Walsh in 1984.

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  1. If KS lasts until the end of this new extension he will become the longest tenured HC in 49er history. I am a little disappointed in the Lynch move. I was hoping that they would make him President of football operations and make Adam Peters GM. They are going to lose Peters soon and it will be a big loss.

    1. Agree with the Peters assessment. He would be a big loss for sure, and likely will happen end of this season.

  2. You really have to question Lynch’s dedication. He’s gained a lot of weight. Seems like he’s getting lazy.

  3. BUT, and it’s a huge BUT Jack, the Niners haven’t won a Super Bowl. because KS has continued to muff at critical moments in key playoff games. But — there’s that word again — what the heck. Why wait until he wins one. Throw the cart before the horse. Extend the contract of the hapless, dour KS anyway. Let him blow a couple of more SB chances. So what! The Yorks got Luke Combs and all those other concerts PLUS Super Bowl LX to keep them going, and snooty Jed and his smug family know it.

      1. Felix
        FYI, Everyone on this blog knows 49ersUnderKSraBust is 49Reasons. (one of several screen names). And anyone who’s spent time on this blog knows he’s OCD when it comes to KS! Like Pavov’s dog, you ring a bell. With 49Reasons you mention KS and you get the reaction…..HE CAN’T HELP IT, HE HAS NO CONTROL OVER IT.
        All you do when you respond to him, is enable his CONDITIONED RESPONSE!

  4. Jack
    While I agree 100% with both JL and KS’s multi year extensions, I also have to wonder about some of their 1st Rd draft picks!
    2017: Pick # 3, DL Solomon Thomas and Pick # 31, LB Reuben Foster?
    2020: Pick # Pick 14, DL Javon Kinlaw….If he finally stays healthy and continues to play well, this one may change.
    2021: Pick # 3, QB Trey Lance. By far, the worst mistake they’ve made….But lucked out drafting Purdy! KARMA?

    1. You can highlight the good picks or the bad picks. You choose the bad ones.
      If ALL the picks were bad, the nines wouldn’t win a single game….
      Thee draft is crap shoot, like buying a lottery ticket. Some you win, some you lose.
      The Lance pick was not bad luck though, it was instant insanity!

  5. Geep. You have a point. But no body’s perfect. The best GM’s will blow it on picks sometimes. Even the legendary Bill Walsh and Ron Wolf missed on picks at times. Overall KS and Jl did a great job. Our record and accomplishments speak for itself.

    1. Capt. K
      THAT’S TRUE! And why I said, “I agree 100% with both JL and KS’s multi year extensions.

      * But what if in the 2017 draft, the 9ers traded down from the #2 spot with the Bears and drafted QB Patrick Mahomes? Do you think they would have won a couple of additional Super Bowls?
      * OR, what if in the 2021 draft, the 9ers passed on trading 3 first round picks for Lance and drafted TE Kyle Pitts and kept their 2022 and 2023 first round draft picks. Who would you have drafted in 2022 and 2023?
      It’s always fun to dream “WHAT IF!”

    2. Here are some of Bill Walsh’s first round picks. Jim Stuckey, Terrence Flagler, Keith DeLong, Dexter Carter. Awful players all except perhaps Stuckey who was average at best

      Or..look at first round picks every year. I looked at 2021 for kicks. Only about 9 to 11 of them are any good at all

      The draft is a crap shoot, even for the best

  6. The way I see it, KC didn’t win a SB until Reid picked Mahomes.
    Let’s see if KS can do the same turnaround with Brock!

    1. Dee Phiant
      If KS wins a SB with BP, that would be even more impressive than Reid and KC winning a SB with Mahomes!
      It would also suggest KS is a better HC than Reid as well as 9er QB coach, Brian Griese.

      1. Geep, I think Reid is still a better coach with a very long track record.
        3 SB in 4 years with 2 wins is like the nines of OLD!

        1. Dee Phiant
          If not for Reids 14 years as the Eagles head coach and never winning a SB, I might have to agree with you. But Reid was fired after finishing the 2012 season 4-12! The Eagles’ second consecutive season missing the playoffs.
          Question: Do you believe Reid could win 2 SB without Mahomes, when he couldn’t win one, in 14 years with the Eagles?

  7. If either Kyle or Lynch do not work out, they can easily be replaced. The owners are worth billions. Having stability at the top now makes sense. Yes, they blew the Trey pick terribly. But all coaches have made mistakes. If Purdy is for real and lasts, it makes up, mainly, for the horrible Trey pick. We have done very well with low-round picks and undrafted players.

    1. “They can easily be replaced”. It’s not that simple. The reason they are so successful is that they are in agreement on how to run things and they get along very well. That’s not easy to find. It’s probably as hard as finding a franchise QB.

      1. agree. But my point only works if the Niners stop winning and the duo breaks up. Nor is it easy to change otherwise.

    2. How’s this for not so good news from Thursday…the interior OL is gonna get Purdy put on IR

      LT Trent Williams – 76.4 overall grade, 90.6 pass blocking (no pressures)
      LG Aaron Banks – 47.5 overall grade, 19.9 pass blocking (two hits, one hurry)
      C Jake Brendel – 46.4 overall grade, 20.3 pass blocking (three hurries)
      RG Spencer Burford – 69.3 overall grade, 39.3 pass blocking (one sack, three hurries)
      RT Colton McKivitz – 66.1 overall grade, 78.6 pass blocking (no pressures)

      1. Meanwhile, the DL did quite well, especially Kinlaw….comparitively, that is…

        Javon Hargrave – 93.0 overall grade, 92.3 pass rush (one sack, one hit, one hurry)
        Nick Bosa – 92.8 overall grade, 91.5 pass rush (one sack, one hit, four hurries)
        Arik Armstead – 91.5 overall grade, 91.3 pass rush (one hit, one hurry)
        Javon Kinlaw – 78.1 overall grade, 81.8 (four hurries in only 15 pass-rush snaps)
        Clelin Ferrell – 71.2 overall score, 68.9 pass rush (one hurry)
        Drake Jackson – 69.2 overall grade, 66.1 pass rush (one hurry)

        1. Yeah I guess, but those Interior OL grades, jeez…

          You take bright sides where you can get ’em… Buuuut…I suspect we’re gonna see Darnold playing soon!

          It’s not sustainble over the next 14 games, unless Foerster gets them sorted out right away — this is the outcome of not prioritizing the OL and putting enough draft capital into the OL over the last 4 seasons…

          And this is also the result of requiring your OL to be fast and agile enough for the Outside Zone scheme run blocking

          1. tjf,
            I am hoping that a big part of the problem was the short week and not enough time to game plan for a team that blitzed on around 80% of the drop backs. Banks was good last year and in his first 2 games this year but he was horrible Thurs night. Brendel was a little over Avg last year and in his first 2 games but he was horrible Thurs night. Foerster has shown in the past that his O lines get better as the year goes a long. I said this earlier but its worth repeating, the worst thing the 9ers did this off season was let D. Brunskill go for a relatively cheap price. By the way I don’t recognize your screen name are you new to the blog or did you just change your screen name. You have a good and creative take and we can always use more posters like you

            1. OC,
              I’ve been here posting very infrequently since I had a back-and-forth with Jack after the JG/2017 5 game streak: we were debating — wait for it — the importance of the OL to keep Jimmy upright and functional in 2018.

              The OL is absolutely the least glamourous position group in Football, yet it’s a critical part of any offense’s ability to keep their D off the field and win T.O.P. – hence winning the game.
              And yes, letting Brunskill go, IMO, is the one of the worst moves made this season, and a prime example of why I said this regime does not prioritize the OL — Trent Williams being the only exception I can think of over the past few seasons.

          2. The 80 % blitz rate means there were more attackers than defenders so I wouldn’t look at those grades too seriously. The purpose of that blitz rate was to rattle a young QB. After the first quarter he handled it pretty well. I doubt they will see that level of blitzing again.

            1. Can always count on Felix to defend the indefensible. And, yes, Felix, they will see that level of pressure and blitzing again. Two weeks from now, in fact. Against the Dallas D. That game will surely bring some reality to this blog. Can’t come soon enough.

              1. The season will play out, the Niners will be very successful and at the end you’ll still be a hater without any rational for your hatred.

              2. 49ersunder.
                I seriously doubt that Dallas will blitz more than 10% of the time. They don’t need to rush more than 4 to get great pressure. Kind of like the 49ers used to.

              3. Those Cowboys that just lost to the Cardinals? Who start Josh Dobbs at QB of all people?

                It will be a good game, and not a sure thing for 49ers, but Cowboys sure don’t look at good as they did before yesterday

  8. Good business move by the Org.
    Even if this regime has yet to win a Superbowl, they have created a winning team with SB aspirations.
    The business part comes into play at the gate. Let’s face it, winning produces big money.

    There’s no way Tomsula and Chip could fill Levi’s Stadium.

    1. AES
      * “There’s no way Tomsula and Chip could fill Levi’s Stadium……..
      True! But you have to admit they did a hell of a job filling the OUT HOUSE!

      1. Hahaha! You’re right, GEEP. And at one point during a presser Tomsula almost didn’t make to the out-house.

      2. Hahaha! You’re right, GEEP. And at one point during a presser, Tomsula almost didn’t make to the out-house.

  9. Mike McDaniels has put together a very viable Miami team. Tua is looking more like what Russell Wilson USED to look like. Mostert is running like he did when he was the 49ers.
    Vic Fangio has the defense playing well.

    I’m about ready to call Miami the 49ers East Coast.

    1. AES,
      All looks good in Miami and they are making me money. They are the last team in a 4 team parlay SF, Oregon, Duke and Miami for $200.00

      1. Miami is looking like the best team in football. They definitely are the fastest team in the NFL.
        Miami could be the biggest obstacle for Kansas City to reach another SB.

        Wonder what is going through Sean Payton’s mind right now. Also, why is Wilson still in the game?

      2. Jeez…Miami putting up seventy (thats 70) pts on Denver, over 720 yards, wow…

        Another KS coaching tree offense putting on a show, 350 yds rushing!

  10. Hot take on the Miami game. We should have kept McDaniel and let KS go to Miami.

    Seriously though, I never really thought about McDaniel because KS was the supposed offensive “genius”. But now I’m wondering somewhat. Plus, the running game did seem to change when McDaniel left. Also, frankly, I miss those big runs in the early years that were made by Mostert and Breida. They were as exciting as any deep TD throw in my opinion.

    1. Cubus
      Like you, I too wanted to keep McDaniels. I also miss the big runs by Mostert and Breida, but what I don’t miss are their injuries, games they missed and time they spent on IR.
      BTW: I also think that had something to do with why JL and KS let JG go?

  11. DAMN……Ya gotta love it…..The mighty cowgirls are trailing the Cardinals 21 to 13. UNFORTUNATELY, there is still 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter….
    .Come on Arizona, lets score some more points!

    1. The Cowboys were definitely overrated. Their 2 victories were against weak teams and now they get beat by another weak team.

      Dallas 16 VS Arizona 28
      From contender to pretender…….The cowgirls got bucked off their stick horse…….LMAO

      1. Geep,
        I don’t think I would be so quick to dismiss the Cowboys. I think the 49ers O line will struggle with a team that can bring great pressure with just their front 4.

  12. Ariz. is a much better team than any of us thought they would be. 9ers better be sharp this Sun this looks like a trap game. They can not be looking forward to the Cowboys game

  13. I think the Niners will take AZ seriously but I don’t think AZ is that good. It was a trap game for Dallas who didn’t play well.

  14. Will Dak Prescott ever stop making bone-head decisions with the ball in his hands in a close game?
    He is the consumate “hit and miss” QB in the league, with the “misses” coming at the end of games.

  15. I don’t get Cohn. He repeatedly calls for the firing of Lynch and Shanahan. Then when their contracts are renewed, he congratulates them! What’s with the guy?

  16. NFL 2023 week 3 Monday night football games:
    1) Rams VS Bengals at Cincinnati: The Rams should win, but if they do lose to the winless bengals at Cincinnati, they will join Arizona as the NFC West cellar dwellers with 1W VS 2L.

    The Eagles VS TB @ TB: Both teams lead their divisions with 2W – 0L records.
    If the Eagles win they will be 3W – 0L! After Dallas lost to Arizona, the Eagles will be the team the 9ers must beat to get to the SB……GO TB, BEAT THE EAGLES!

  17. GEEP,
    The cowboys will either prove their mettle or fade out of the picture after the their game against the 49ers.
    After the 49ers, they play the Chargers, Rams, Phil (twice), Seahawks, Bill’s, Miami, Lions. Of course there are some what should be “gimme games” against the Giants, Carolina and Washington (twice).

    If Dallas comes through this schedule successfully, they will be the biggest threat against the Eagles for champions of the east.

    1. AES……Jack……Anyone:
      “The cowboys will either prove their mettle or fade out of the picture after the their game against the 49ers.”

      I don’t disagree with this assessment, BUT….least we forget that 3 Dallas starters were out against Arizona.
      * Pro Bowl CB Trevon Diggs tore his ACL in practice on Thursday.
      * 8-time Pro Bowler and 6 time First-Team All-Pro right guard Zack Martin was out.
      * Pro Bowl center Tyler Biadasz was also out
      Diggs will Obviously be on IR for the rest of the season and unavailable for the 9er game.
      * We don’t know if Brock Hoffman will replace C Biadasz and we also don’t know if rookie T.J. Bass will replace RG Martin next week against the 9ers?
      * Have you, or anyone, heard if Martin or Biadasz will be active for the 9er game?

      1. Geep,
        Dallas has a game with NE before they play the 9ers. The Dallas 9ers game isn’t until Oct. 8

      2. I haven’t heard/read anything re these players, GEEP.
        As Coach said, it might be too early to know if they will be available against the 49ers, but if they are, it’s going to be a must watch game.

  18. This is fantastic news for the San Francisco 49ers and their fans! Keeping General Manager John Lynch and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on board with multi-year contract extensions ensures long-term stability for the team’s football operations. Their impressive track record, including multiple playoff appearances and a Super Bowl appearance, speaks to their ability to lead the franchise to success. I have also been posting similar content at my website: It’s clear that Lynch’s talent acquisition and Shanahan’s coaching prowess have been instrumental in the team’s achievements. With their continued leadership, the future looks promising for the 49ers.

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