Super Bowl winner: “The 49ers struck oil with Brock Purdy”

The San Francisco 49ers got lucky with Brock Purdy.

While they certainly liked Purdy as a prospect, they waited until the final pick of the 2022 draft to select the quarterback. Even then, the move was more about not taking the risk of losing out to another team to sign Purdy as an undrafted free agent.

During an appearance on Colin Cowherd’s The Herd Show, former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was asked if he’s surprised by the play of Purdy.

“You have to be, they struck oil,” responded Edelman. “With the late-round pick, ‘Mr. Irrelevant.’ When you watch Brock Purdy play, he processes the game. You never see him double-pump on something, double-clutch. He knows where he’s going with the ball and that’s a testament to Kyle Shanahan knowing what he likes as a play-caller, what makes Brock comfortable and also Brock going out and executing.

“Like I went out and watched these guys in preseason, and I was a little concerned with his arm strength because he just had the UCL, he was barely getting it out there. And what does Kyle Shanahan do? He gives him plays and throws that he knows he can make. And right now, because of the talent that they have, he doesn’t have to play outside of his game. He just has to deliver the football.”


Edleman is very familiar what striking oil looks like. Afterall, he won three Super Bowls as a member of the Patriots who struck oil when they selected Tom Brady with the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft.


Brady took over at quarterback for New England in week two of his second season when starter Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury. He would go on to lead the Patriots to six Super Bowl wins in nine trips to the big game.


Record breaking


When the 49ers defeated the Giants 30-12 on Thursday night, they set a record for most consecutive regular season games scoring at least 30 points.


Under the guidance of Kyle Shanahan and with Brock Purdy at quarterback San Francisco has now scored 30 or more points in six consecutive regular season games dating back to last season. This broke the previous record of five set in 1984 by Bill Walsh and Joe Montana along with 1992 by George Seifert and Steve Young.

Finally has his guy


One of the arguments made by critics of Kyle Shanahan has been his handling of the quarterback position. In particular, he couldn’t find “his guy.”


In Brock Purdy, Shanahan seems to have found the one. The two have put the NFL on notice with a high scoring attack. Since taking over against Miami, Purdy and the 49ers have averaged 29.6 points per game.


What makes this more impressive is just like how Joe Montana wasn’t the first choice for Bill Walsh, Purdy wasn’t Kyle Shanahan’s first choice.


The 49ers 3-0 start to the season is their first since 2019. That year the team ended up reaching the Super Bowl. If San Francisco can get back and win with Purdy at quarterback, the franchise will have struck oil for a second time.

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  1. Purdy has looked good through his 11 NFL starts but how bout we don’t crown him as the next Brady, Montana or even Rodgers until the end of the season. I hope you are correct and he wins a SB or even multiple SBs but I will hold my final evaluation of him for just a little longer. imho

    1. Jack,
      I now realize I did not read your final paragraph. So we agree wait till the end of the season before we crown him

      1. We don’t necessarily need to win a SB, getting to a NFC championship 2nd time is enough to know Purdy is the future SF franchise QB. Say a little prayer he stays up right till the end.

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  2. Good drop, Jack.
    Not only may have the 49ers struck gold, but they may also be the luckiest team in sports to wait until the last pick of the draft to pick Purdy.

    Being the last draft pick infers that Purdy would have been an UDFA if not for the 49ers.
    That said, while there are some similarities with the Walsh/Montana era, I can’t crown this current regime until they put at least 2 SB Trophies on the mantle.
    Coach, I just read your above comment, glad we think alike.

  3. “I went out and watched these guys in preseason, and I was a little concerned with his arm strength because he just had the UCL, he was barely getting it out there.”

    I wonder if Purdy’s arm strength has improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse since Edelman saw him in camp.

    1. Pat,
      “I wonder if Purdy’s arm strength has improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse since Edelman saw him in camp.”

      Good point. I think that Purdy is still in the process of healing, imho. He is well enough to make intermediate passes, but as we saw against the Rams, he showed good arm strength, but missed his targets. Those long passes will get better as the season progresses.

      My concern with Purdy is this. If the 49ers find themselves behind by a couple of scores late in the 4th Qtr, can Purdy make the accurate long and strong sideline passes to put the team in position to win?

      Luckily, the 49ers/Purdy has not had to face this situation, but at some point he will.

      1. He threw three dimes as TDs in the Giants game, one of which was dropped. They were lasers and I don’t think they were from a very close distance, but my memory could be off. I think he’s doing just fine.

        1. Of course he’s doing just fine, that’s obvious but of course there are people who will continue to question him.

        2. The accuracy was the issue not the arm strength. The timing will come with more practice and playing time.

          The other part is a pertinent question, about Purdy having to play from behind late in the game. With the 49ers averaging 30pts a game we’ve yet to see this.
          That has nothing to do with questioning his ability, it’s a fact.

      2. AES, That’s pretty much exactly my point. Purdy’s anticipation masks arm strength issues and when you’re ahead that works just fine. You can’t hide a weak arm when you’re trying to work the clock in a 2 minute drill with those long sideline throws. To me, Purdy’s arm strength is noticeably weaker than pre-injury. He never had a big arm but now he floats a lot of passes. It’s not a big deal if his arm strength eventually returns but what if his arm strength continues to deteriorate which has happened with many, many, many QBs throughout NFL history. Bill Walsh said Greg Cook was the most talented QB he ever coached but a shoulder injury destroyed his arm strength and ended his career. I’m basically hoping Purdy re-discovers his fast ball. I haven’t seen it yet.

        1. Purdy is averaging 8.1 yards per throw with is the same as last year and is the second best in the league. He also has 0 interceptions thru 3 games and can make all the throws. Obviously his arm strength is fine. What is it you want to see?

        2. Pat,
          Purdy’s accuracy will improve. As I’ve said before, his strength is throwing the intermediate passes where he relies on Kittle, Deebo and Aiyuk to pick up YAC.
          Shanahan’s O-scheme is a perfect fit for Purdy. And so far, so good.

  4. Agree with OC that it is too soon to make definitive judgments and appraisals. That said, remember that Purdy missed much of the summer training including OTA’s due to injuries. He lacked much game time in the full camp. But he is coming back having that camp now.
    I like the person-the man-first before I admire his QB play. That was true in the case of Purdy who represents the best of the Niner standard of decorum, intellect, manners, and speech.

  5. Arguably, the three greatest QBs of all-time, Brady, Montana and Manning, were all successful because accuracy and their ability to process, not arm strength. There have been a lot of successful “strong-armed QBs”, including Elway, Marino, Kelly, Staubach, Rodgers, but outside of Elway, none as successful as the previously mentioned three. I would also say that another trait that Purdy shows, taking care of the football, is something that Brady and Montana did better than anyone. Neither threw interceptions in the biggest moments. I can’t count the amount of times that Favre, Rodgers, Kelly, Allen, etc., toss INTs in critical moments. Call it the Jimmy G effect :). Purdy has a long way to go, but he does show some of the traits that some of the greatest QBs show. He also seems to hav that “it” factor. Now, I kept Mahomes off this list because he is just a different cat. I have never seen a a combination like him before. It’s like combining Montana and Brady with Elway. Next level. See how he finishes but on track to perhaps become the greatest of all-time (wins + records). We’ll see.

    1. DaNiners,
      Purdy is playing on a team with incredible talent, which is only possible under his rookie contract. Montana played on loaded teams because it was the pre cap era. Brady and Manning played on teams with loaded rosters because they put winning first and took cap friendly contracts. Todays crop of QBs (players in general) don’t seem willing to take less money. So Purdy’s long term success depends heavily on whether he is unselfish and will sign future contracts that are favorable to the team.

  6. Hey, guys! SF got a steal in another way. Purdy is playing on an affordable rookie contract because of his draft status. But when the time comes-when that contract is up- and if, and likely will he keeps playing well, Brock and his agent are going to command a well deserved big contract.

    1. Good point. I’m kind of wondering if all the cap space the 49ers freed up is in anticipation of huge contracts for Purdy and Aiyuk.

  7. I guarantee they will extend Aiyuk. They’re not stupid. Aiyuk and Deebo are the best tandem we’ve had since Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens. And now Ronnie Bell will soon be joining them.

  8. Jack you took the words right out of my mouth….

    Dee Phiant says:
    September 22, 2023 at 8:00 pm

    The way I see it, KC didn’t win a SB until Reid picked Mahomes.
    Let’s see if KS can do the same turnaround with Brock!

  9. Arm strength is trumped by the it factor in the moment, between the ears. You can’t teach instinct. We will go as far as Purdy is healthy. I believe that will be #6. I have seen nothing in 3 games to make me think he doesn’t have this. It’s not all on his shoulders, the health, and luck of good health, plays a part with all the other components of a well coached and talented team. But I have not been this optimistic about our QB for a long, long time. I really think he’s the real deal.

  10. You know what amazes me the most is if Purdy were 6’5” and drafted out of the first two rounds many would not be questioning his abilities. But because he was drafted last and is 6’1” then he is considered a lemon. I have seen many people who don’t fit the so called mold who succeed. Why can’t people see the success verses waiting for someone to fail. I have seen even this year so called great quarterbacks have really bad games and it’s like it is no big deal but boy Purdy gets the microscope.

    1. Who called Purdy a lemon? And who is questioning his abilities?
      My question speaks of an unknown that we’ve yet to see re Brock – can he bring the team back if the team is down by a couple scores late in the game? That’s not questioning his ability, at the moment it’s simply something we haven’t seen yet. For all we know Purdy could be very successful in the type of situation. But we don’t know, until it happens.
      Show me, where the criticism is in this?

      1. Sure sounds like criticism. If not, what’s the point of the post. There’s lots of things we’ll learn about Purdy as time goes on.

        1. “There’s lots of things we’ll learn about Purdy as time goes on.”

          This sure sounds like criticism. Also, why would you follow a pointless post, with one of your own.
          Sheesh, lol

          1. AES,
            Most of us here understand the difference between not wanting to crown a player as one of the greatest of all time when they haven’t even completed their first year in the league. Video Of Denny Green to be placed here.

            1. Left out the end of the sentence in the above post. Following “first year in the league” was supposed to read and a criticism.

              1. Coach,
                What I find interesting is that Steve Young faced incredible criticism after becoming the 49ers starter. Even Jerry Rice said that he had to adjust to SYs passes which had an different rotation. But, that wasn’t criticism, it was a fact. Rice eventually adjusted to SY and the rest is history.

                We don’t know all there is to know about Purdy at this early stage in his career. Offering questions about some areas such as “can Purdy bring the team back from a two score deficit late in the game” doesn’t qualify as criticism. But some here like to twist the context to fit their narrative and ego.
                I guess chirping happens, lol

  11. Under the guidance of Kyle Shanahan and with Brock Purdy at quarterback San Francisco has now scored 30 or more points in six consecutive regular season games dating back to last season. This broke the previous record of five set in 1984 by Bill Walsh and Joe Montana along with 1992 by George Seifert and Steve Young.

  12. On Brock’s recovery from surgery;

    Date of surgery was March 10, 2023, according to what I just googled.

    From what I just googled about recovery: “Patients typically take these steps with their surgeon’s approval:
    About 4 or 5 months after surgery, athletes may toss a ball without a wind-up motion.
    After 6 months, athletes may start to use an easy wind-up when throwing.
    After 7 months, baseball pitchers may return to the mound.
    After 9 months, pitchers may throw in competition if they are pain-free and have regained their normal strength and range of motion.”

    So this is largely in reference to baseball pitchers. But for the sake of speculating: Oct. 10 will be seven months out, when a pitcher may return to the mound. Brock’s obviously ahead of that. Assuming he’s, what, a month ahead, Nov. 10 is maybe what we should realistically be shooting for?

  13. AES,
    Chirping is one way to handle the situation. On to other subjects, what do you think of this weeks game. I think it could be a trap game going against Dall the following week. Ariz is a 14 point underdog I think I might stay away from that game.

    1. So did Dallas have a bad off game? or are the AZ cards new and improving under new coach Jon Gannon; did he bring some Philly special sauce to the game with him. Dallas would have to play really bad to get beat like that by an 0 and 2 team. Maybe the cardinals are going to be a whole lot better than what the early record suggests.

    2. Arizona is Jackell and Hyde.
      They could lose badly one week and then beat Dallas.
      They have also been competitive against the 49ers even with a mediocre team.

      I think that the Jackell & Hyde team personality makes Arizona a formidable opponent. I’m looking for a close score with the 49ers coming out on top, not because the Cards are a great team, but because I don’t know which team will show up.

  14. Just judging from the eye test, Purdy passed with flying colors. I get a sense of optimism when I see Purdy play. I’m not nervous and no longer in doubt.

    He’s not perfect, but I strongly feel he will improve and get better under the guidance of Shanahan. Being only 23 years old, there’s going to be awesome Niner football in the coming years, starting with this one!

    1. It only stands to reason that with more experience and coaching he’ll get better. I think we are in very good shape with Purdy as QB.

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