Can the 49ers match the Eagles’ rapid rise?

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, left, and San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, right, meet after an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

The 49ers are coming of a 6-10 season.

The Eagles were coming off a 7-9 season before they won the Super Bowl. Then, they made 12 key additions to their roster during the offseason and throughout 2017.

They signed wide receivers Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith, running backs LeGarrette Blount and Corey Clement, defensive end Chris Long, nickel back Patrick Robinson, kicker Jake Elliott and quarterback Nick Foles. The Eagles traded for defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan, cornerback Ronald Darby and running back Jay Ajayi. And the Eagles drafted defensive end Derek Barnett.

All 12 of those players were essential to the Eagles Championship run.

What additions do the 49ers have to make to their roster to match the Eagles’ rapid rise and win the Super Bowl next season?

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  1. If we could get a good FA wideout and corner we would be ok. If we do that we could get a quality interior O lineman and good playmakers on either side of the ball in the draft. If we get Allen Robinson that would be great even though he’s coming off an injury. I’d also take my chances on Malcom Butler or even Trumaine Johnson.

  2. 1st it was the raiders abd the, look across the bay to see how u really build a team. Then it was the chiefs as in how the Niners could look like Alex Smith’s team. Then it was the rams and how Kyle could learn a thing or 2 about how to build his team so the Niners can be like the rams. Now it’s can they match Philly’s rise. Give it up Grant. They are on a decent path now. They no longer have balkee the great. Their front office is actually working in unison to get the job done of being champions. They have a model, it’s not the rams it’s not the chiefs it’s not the Packers, it’s not the raiders, it’s not Philly. By Jesus their model is in house. The San Francisco 49er model. And as of now I don’t see a problem with what they have.

    1. Amen to that. Grant is always trying to pick the in team as a 49ers model. Lynch and Shanny have a plan….pretty soon Grant will be saying teams should follow the 49ers blueprint to rebuilding.

    2. To be fair he’s not saying the niners need to follow the eagles blueprint, just how can they rise as fast as they did. But I get your point.

  3. Continue to draft well on defense. Let the young boys play and stay hungry. Continue to supplement the offense to Kyle’s strengths. Protect your biggest investment. Get oline help. Don’t end up like the new colts, never gave luck legitimate olinemen. Now his shoulder is hurt badly. Be like the old colts with peyt. Protect him and let him make careers out of no name wideouts and tight ends. Jimmy proved last year he doesn’t need superstars to move the chains.

  4. F/A signings:

    Trumaine Johnson CB
    Weston Richburg C
    Ezekiel Ansah Edge
    Cameron Brate TE
    Isaiah Crowell RB
    Taylor Gabriel, WR, Falcons


    9/10. Quenton Nelson, LG, ND, A.K.A. The Dominator
    2nd Round. Hercules Mata’afa, Edge, WSU
    3rd Round. Equanimeous S. Brown, WR, ND
    3rd Round. Isaac Yiadom, CB, BC (He can turn and locate ball while covering)
    4th Round. Alex Cappa, OT, Humbolt St.
    5th Round. Fred Warner, LB, BYU
    6th Round. Darrell Williams, RB, LSU

    1. Sadly, without a trade, I don’t believe Nelson will be there at 9 or 10, but if he is…oh boy.

      I wouldn’t mind Mike McGlinchey, I’m not 100% sold on Trent Brown, and some rumors are neither are the Niners. McGlinchey would step in and start at RT, and might be able to transition to LT. And he’s a guy who will get picked near the end of the 1st, so possible JL makes some draft day moves to slide down a few spots (if Nelson is gone), maybe someone is high on one of the 4 qbs who are still on the board, and he can get some more draft stock at the end of the 1st or 2nd & 3rd rounds.

      And if they can get ESB in the 3rd, thats a steal. Dude should have gone back for his Sr Season at ND, he’d be 1st round talent if he put up a year like he did 2 years ago with Kiser.

        1. The price tag for Trumaine Johnson and Justin Pugh will be quite high. I know the 49ers have cap space, but will they be willing to pay superstar $$ to these guys?

          1. Nick

            I’m with you on this one…I would rather go with Justin Pugh and Kyle Fuller from Chicago….Johnson will cost too much for too little return…

    2. Razor:
      *With Ezekiel Ansah’s health history, is he worth $13 Million? (per spotrac market value)
      * Hate to rain on your parade, but really, do you think Nelson will still be on the boar when the 9er draft? If not, would you trade down for more picks?
      * I’m not sold on Hercules Mata’afa, at least not in the 2nd Rd. He was a DT at WSU and as to the best of my
      knowledge, has never played DE. So where would you play him, DE, OLB, DT?

      1. While you’re correct at how WSU used Mata’afa, he has 2 prime traits for the Leo position. 1st step explosion, and flexibility. With his 1st step explosion, he can get even with the opponent’s hips. At that point, it’s pretty much a wrap. When he’s engaged, he has the functional flexibility to keep his feet anchored to the ground, while opening his shoulders. That’s a lot to work with.

        With respect to Ansah, I think it’s all about rotation and keeping him fresh to close out games. They’ve got the cash if they want him without having to worry about the pricetag….

  5. SF seems to be on a good trajectory, but I doubt they’ll rise as fast. One key to Beagles’ success was the OL which had continuity and more talent. Any OL additions in FA will need until about Game-5 to gain cohesion; Rookie OLs until maybe #8/9. The RBs will have to grow with the OL.
    Assuming JG at helm, QB and HC/OffCoOrd look good, near Philly level.
    Saleh will have some new folks he’ll need to work in to a cohesive unit as well; at least he’d better! They need help ladies and gents in coverages and pass pressure.

  6. Do Eagles win Coach of the Year and Executive of the Year?
    I think they probably should, but with a shout-out to the Dolphins for the Ajayi gift.

  7. Justin pugh
    Kyle fuller
    Allen robinson
    Jensen center from baltimore
    Then go best players available in draft

  8. This explanation of the Eagles’ success on the draft and FA is a rather myopic view, IMO. The Eagles won with these players because they embarked on a roster turnover at key positions. They definitely won with these player but it does not necessarily mean they won because of these players. Draft will always be a toss-up with more misses than hits on average, and because of the high price tag, FA allows only a few key additions.

    IMO, the turnaround of the Eagles is due to the combination of their FO (1) putting together a group of young players who are coachable and motivated and with solid (but not necessarily spectacular) skills, and (2) finding a HC who has turned out to be a superior offensive mind (both strategically and tactically), but also is in tune with the younger players that is needed to motivate them. The result is that team “tightness” that Shanalynch speak about trying to inculcate in the Niners. Barrows has a good column on it.

    Cohesion leads to a feeling of brotherhood among players, mutual support and better communication. As a result, locker room leaders emerge naturally and set the tone and raise the expectations. This happened with Walsh’s Niners. Player police themselves, they work on improving their game consistently in the off-season, they focus better on practice, etc. Good players like Zach Ertz become great players, Since the coaches and the QBs have full confidence in each other, a rookie like Wentz matures rapidly into a Pro Bowl caliber starter and a backup QB like Foles rapidly gains confidence in his game once he’s thrust into the limelight. Players are less likely to spend their off time cruising Alabama with pot in their car, or hang out at clubs where shooting erupts. This is “culture change” that Shanalynch is trying to achieve, IMO..

    In other words, in this good environment the Eagles appear to have created, a different group of players with simialr mindset and skills (or even slightly inferior skills) would do very well.

    1. That’s a great post and a very astute way of thinking.

      It’s about culture, not individuals. Too much talk about they MUST draft this and they MUST sign that.

      If you build it, they will come.

      I get the feeling the niners see this too.

      1. Thanks.

        I got interested in this team-building thing after Joe Lacob and his son bought the Warriors and brought in Pete Carroll for some advice. I was surprised because I thought that they would bring someone from the Pats for advice since they are the most successful American sports franchise. Then the Lacobs went on to hire an ex-agent as a GM and an ex-player as the coach — with spectacular success. The Lacobs are not dumb and there is some overriding philosophy behind their approach.

        Now I think I understand what is behind the thinking. The militaristic/standard corporate top-down style of franchise management may be on its way out, both in front office management and coach-player relationships. The star players make too much money to be treated as just interchangeable pieces in a cold, calculating manner that Walsh’s Niners and Bellichick’s Patriots (mitigated in Walsh’s case by Eddie splurging on the players).

        The “new age/school” seems to about all franchise employees checking their egos at the door and working as a team. Its about hiring younger coaches and GM who can smarter about handling players. It’s where the McVays and Pedersons will be successful from season to season, and hopefully, Shanalynch, too. I can see why the Niners front office did the right thing by hiring an ex-NFL All Pro with little ego and a lot of positive attitude as a GM. Shanahan, to my mind, has the right mix of old school (from his Dad) and identifying with the young players.

        On a related note, the Warriors are not playing well at this time. I really like to see how Kerr and the Warriors deal with stumbles in a team that is so loaded with stars. Listening to Tolbert and Kerr chatting on KNBR weekly (as friends and ex-teammates they are) gives some insight into how successful coaches motivate players and tackle losses.

    2. There is some truth to culture , discipline etc. Harbaugh turned things around pretty quick , but he also was working with a pool of talented players – Gore, Vernon, Crabtree, 3 first rounders on Oline, and top 5 Defense.

      Pederson also inherited a pretty good situation to build upon.

      1. I have been a huge fan of Harbaugh, especially as a college coach of programs that are perennially disadvantaged like Stanford due to strict academic requirements and USD as a small non-scholarship program. In this situations, he is at his best as “us against the world” MO. However, I think that the NFL coaching game has passed Harbaugh by. I think Pederson is likely to see sustained success while they shed expensive players and build around Wentz, assuming that their FO will not all Baalke in future drafts……

        1. Mood_Indigo

          When Jim Harbaugh came to the 49ers, I was ecstatic ! I had followed his playing career and liked his “…in yo’ face” attitude to even Big Mike Ditka. Imagine hoping for him to be hired by the niners. That’s when the wheels came off, and he became a dictator with no ‘unauthorized Press releases’ by anyone but him. Then he began breaking up the team that previous coaches put together…Arrogance, insolance, and finally total ignorance, when he traded out Alex Smith for Zip, and kicked the niners back to the dark ages with Kaep.

          At this juncture, I am confidant in Kyle Shannahan…and becoming more confidant in John Lynch as our company ‘Face’, Anymore, I just cheer any team playing U of Michigan….

          1. Alex Smith wasn’t traded for “zip” … They got TWO second round picks for a guy they didn’t want anymore. Actually a TREMENDOUS trade. Of course the idiot Baalke couldn’t draft . Harbaugh? Well, what would you call a coach who takes over a mediocre team and IMMEDIATELY turns them into a contender and a SB team by his second year? A football miracle worker? How would his 49er career have gone forward if Baalke had been fired in 2013? We’ll never know , will we?

  9. Whether its through the draft or free agency, I believe that they must add a very good CB and a very good pass rusher. Yes it would be nice to add O line or WR but I believe if they did not add a single offensive player the O would be well better than average but they won’t win without better coverage and pass rush.

    1. So what you are saying Old Coach that if the offense stands pat and with the addition of Garcon the offense will do well? If so I share the same thought, fix/finish the defense then worry about the offense.

      1. Undercenter, Yeah that is pretty much what i’m saying. Build the D first but a little help on the O side of the ball wouldn’t hurt.

        1. OldCoach:
          Who? (names)
          Free Agents:
          CB: Malcolm Butler, E.J. Gaines, or someone else?
          DE: DeMarcus Lawrence, Ezekiel Ansah, Trent Murphy, Alex Okafor, or someone else?

          CB: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Joshua Jackson, Isaiah Oliver, or someone else
          DE: Arden Keys, Marcus Davenport, Harold Landry, or someone else?

    2. TOTALLY DISAGREE. The 49ers can not win a Superbowl with the current o-line. No way, no how. Here’s exactly what they need to do either through the, draft or FA…

      Defense: CB, Edge Rusher, LB
      Offense: Center, RG, LG, TE

      Shore up those positions and the 49ers can win a Superbowl.


  10. the Eagles will have 49 players under contract for 2018 but will be about $16,366,953 over the cap………..

    not sure that is an example to follow…….

  11. Mood
    Once again I think you nailed it. Vrabel said the other day it is not important to get the best 53 players, it’s important to get the right 53 players.
    The Niners are working in that direction.

    1. Thanks.

      I think the Titans hope that Vrabel brings some of that Patriots’ roster management style with him. You may like this article from 2011 on this topic.

      While there is much to learn from Bellichick’s and Patriots ways of winning, I think his style of handling players has played itself out, so to speak. I think his benching of Malcolm Butler in a critical game has divided the locker room and will have repercussions on the remaining years of his coaching career.

  12. Aren’t you supposed to tell us?

    Yes, they’re going to win the next Super Bowl. Everyone should have placed their bets after Garoppolo’s second game.

    Butler, a rising Edge, a Guard and a big Receiver.

    Draft surmise follows Free Agency.


  13. No. A more realistic expectation is squeaking into the post season. Even if the 49ers draft well and add free agents, depth will be an issue. The road schedule is tougher this season. The better teams will force the 49ers to “beat you left handed” by crowding short and middle routers.

    My long term outlook on the 49ers is very optimistic. Good team in 2018. A scary good team in 2019.

  14. Let’s keep in mind the Eagles were able to acquire FAs and trade for other players because their primary qb is getting paid a rookie salary and the the Superbowl MVP QB is receiving a backup QB salary. This gives them plenty of cap space to wheel and deal. Assuming JG contract is in the 25M /year range, we will not have the same luxury.


      Well, you knew this was coming, so here goes….Make no mistake, the Eagles are the SB champions in’18. One of the reasons that they had so much cap space, was that their previous coach…Yes, ‘Chip’ Kelly…after two successful seasons (10-6 each) following Andy Reid’s ( 2-14 which got him fired) cleaned out the “Rat’s Nest” clique by all means possible…(trade, outright release, etc….). By getting rid of the top 5 of his malcontents, ‘Chip’ cut some real talent LaShaun, DeShawn. etc. which showed in ’15 when the team went 6-10…costing ‘Chip’ his job. My point is that aside from getting rid of the malcontents, Kelly also got rid of their contracts which were HUGE.

  15. Speculation is New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman will looks to sign Panthers interior lineman Andrew Norwell, a favorite of his in Carolina, during free agency rather than re-sign Richburg.

  16. For the 49ers to do well in 2018 they will need…
    – A far lower injury rate than 2014-2017
    – Edge, Corner, Offensive Line (2), Receiver
    – A productive shadow free agency from Garçon, Malcolm Smith, Ward, Tartt
    – Emergence of developing or question mark players like Garnett, Williams, Armstead
    – A committed, healthy Trent Brown

    Would also like Hyde and Ward extended with a contract light on guaranteed money, heavier on roster and performance bonuses.

    1. B2W

      Look, I understand that Ward is a very talented CB/S…but we all know that he’s going to get hurt and onto the IR before the season’s half over….I think that we need someone with ‘thicker hide’…trade him to someone who needs a part-time D-back…let’s get some value for him while we can…this is an extremely deep Dback year. I like him too…but we need full-time…

      1. I am of the opinion that the Niners should approach Ward about an extension that reduces his salary. He is scheduled for $8.25 million next year, and if he is willing to agree to a 3 year contract that averages $3 million a year (reducing next year by $5.25 million), then he would be worth it. Otherwise, my understanding is the Niners can cut him with no cap penalty.

          1. Raz

            I don’t think that we (niners) can lose in taking any of Fitzpatric, (The other Ward), or James in the draft…I really like James

  17. Question for all: Regardless of whether you think Armstrong was a good draft choice, do you think it was a mistake to have him drop 20lbs, moving him outside?

    I do. He has his flaws, but could forklift guards into the backfield. I’d rather have quality depth than messing up the development of a player by putting him in the wrong position. Buckner played less snaps now that Kelly’s gone, but he still played more than Saleh wanted him to.

    1. I was skeptical at the time, square peg etc. but Saleh was trying to build a boat out of driftwood found on the beach

      1. Rotational interior pass rusher was my thinking. Or trade to team needing 4-tech?

      2. They need to cut his sorry butt. He’s trash. Still ticked we passed up Marcus peters for armstead and corner at that time was a pressing need.

    2. B2W

      THAT is an excellent questiion….I watched him (Armstead) closely while he was playing for Oregon, and was excited that the Niners took him in the draft. In all the time I’ve seen him, I’ve never heard his teammates refer to him as lazy or unmotivated…au contraire, I’ve heard from players and coaches that he tries TOO HARD and makes himself more prone to injury. I also wondered who came up with the idea that coming down 20 lbs from 292 was going to change that ? He was drafted to play the ‘big end’ position, but they have dicked around at different positions. We don’t need another Garnet

      1. Several players raved about Armstead in his 2nd year camp before he hurt his shoulder. Arik was bigger, stronger than his new 49er rookie teammate Buckner. But that injury really killed the season.

        I was b!own away when they had him slim down last season.

        I’d much rather have him back at 293lbs. Better a rotational inside pass rusher than in the wrong position at the wrong weight.

  18. IMO, I think we just need to fortify the interior of the OL and invest heavily on defense (draft and FA). The one thing that’s obvious to me is that Jimmy and Kyle will get production out of our offense, no matter what. Even without a good line or playmakers, we still have a top 10 offense during the last 5 games of the season. If you can build a top 5 defense, and pair that with what Jimmy can do for our offense, I think we can be really really good.

    I think Jimmy has proven that he doesn’t need elite talent in order to play at a very very high level. Build a defense that is going to get 3-and-outs and turnovers, so Jimmy can get more opportunities to do his thing.

  19. “They signed wide receivers Alshon Jeffery.”

    I advocated signing Alshon last year. And this year before the Eagles locked him up long term. Some people scoffed and said he wouldn’t fit or that they didn’t want to spend FA money on the WR position. SMH.

    “And the Eagles drafted defensive end Derek Barnett.”

    In hindsight, I bet most of you would take Barnett over Thomas, I sure would.

  20. The scuttlebutt among NFL agents is that the 49ers will go after a cornerback in free agency.

      1. Johnson has got to be the odds on favorite. As for the draft, I don’t think Ward is a fit and might just be a NC.

        1. I hope not. The team needs a solid QB, not one that only benefitted from a solid front seven.

          1. Trumaine Johnson finished #1 in press-man effectiveness with an 84% “in position” rate. He allowed just 43 yards all season in press.

            1. Yeah, Johnson is my preference for CB. He’ll cost a pretty penny, but I think he would fit the system well.

              1. Scooter:
                Jonson signed a 1 year $16,742,400 Mil. contract with the Rams for the 2017 season. What do you think it will take for the 9ers, or anyone else, to sign him?

            2. Not buying into that stat. Every time I watch him, he seems like he is coasting at times and benefiting from the Rams DL.

              1. The only hesitation I have is based on Grant’s comment that he has a reputation as a loafer. If that’s the case I would look elsewhere. Otherwise bring him in.

  21. “What additions do the 49ers have to make to their roster to match the Eagles’ rapid rise and win the Super Bowl next season?”

    G and or C in the draft and or free agency.

    1. #80

      My answer to that question would be: MAKE SURE THAT WE KNOW WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE ON THE ROSTER….Good trades…not Cleveland trades

      IMHO…all of your chosen ones would be wasted money….No more give-aways like Blake Bell and keeping Celek at TE

    1. Razor,
      I’d love to see Lynch work a trade with the Bills.
      The Bills have two 1st rd picks (21, 22) and two picks in the 2nd rd (53, 56).
      How would you feel about us trading our 9 or 10 to the Bills for their 22 and 56.

      If Nelson is still sitting when we select at 9 or 10 then we stay pat and take him with our 1st pick. If QN is off the table when our turn comes up then we make a deal with the Bills.

      Selecting at 22 could possibly get us anyone of these players; Billy Price, Isaiah Wynn, Harold Landry, and perhaps a Denzel Ward.
      Selecting at 56 can possibly bring in; Chad Thomas or Marcell Frazier.
      Of course, we pick again at 59.

      The Bills have good weight going into the draft but may like the idea of picking in the top 10 of the 1st rd.

      We can also fill some gaps with FA’s to round out our 2018 signings.
      Sammy Watkins, Jarvis Landry, Andrew Norwell, Trumaine Johnson, Kyle Fuller are some players who could help us as well.

  22. If the 49ers want to make a rapid rise to the SB like the Eagles they need to:
    – Fix the interior OL
    – Add a good edge rusher (or two)
    – Add a good starting CB (and some quality depth)
    – Find a starting RB that fits the scheme
    – Add some quality depth (at a minimum) to the WR group
    – Add some more quality to the LB group
    – Add some more talent at TE

    I think it is unlikely they get all of those things in one offseason, but not impossible. It would mean they have to hit on all the top end FAs and draft picks they bring in though.

    1. Even if they hit on 3/4 of your talking points, they still could do some damage in the playoffs barring significant injuries. I’ll take that, and look to finish the rebuild next year where we make a solid push for the 6th Lombardi….

      1. Yeah, that’s what I see as the more likely scenario. Fix a lot of the weaknesses and be a team that at worst competes for the playoffs, and if they get there can be a nuisance. But being SB ready is probably two good offseasons away.

  23. If the 49ers want to be quick risers and champions like the Eagles, they need to address:

    CB (needs to be a #1)
    Edge Rusher/LEO
    Complementary TE to Kittle
    Backup OT
    A tall red zone target

    …and finally, depth in the secondary, front seven, and OL.

      1. No one honestly. I would much prefer the 49ers add depth to the secondary in free agency and address the starting CB position during the draft, especially if Saleh still needs someone 6’0 or taller.

        1. Expecting a rookie corner to come in and start is almost an unrealistic expectation. Big gamble. Are you thinking about the one year wonder, Jackson as your rook? Maybe bring in the Colts F/A, Rashaan Melvin as depth?

          1. For depth and to compete for the starting position in regards to Melvin Razor. Maybe bring in Browner if Melvin signs elsewhere since he can play in Saleh’s defense.
            I think Jackson is more than a one-year wonder, but I also do not see the 49ers drafting him. Davis (like Scooter mentioned) and Oliver are two prospects that I can see starting, with J.C. being a potential late Day Two to Day Three option if he can show that he can stay out of trouble. Another late round sleeper is Meeks.

              1. Not so sure ’bout that. I see Amerson as more of a camp corner that comes into compete for a roster spot. Not someone that you’d expect to make the 53, but could surprise….

        2. One CB I quite like in 2nd/ 3rd round territory that for some reason appears to be a bit under the radar is Carlton Davis. Good size and speed, physical, plenty of experience in press coverage against top competition, and a part of the reason Auburn’s D was very good.

          1. I like him too, Big Scootie. He also is able to turn and look for the ball. My prime prerequisite at the position. Seems to be a rare trait in the NFL anymore….

          2. Scooter:
            Your not on the Minkah Fitzpatrick bandwagon, or you don’t think he’ll be on the board when the
            9ers pick?

        1. Do you think Saleh values the Sam position that highly though? I know Edmunds projection as an Edge rusher is sound due to his traits, so maybe he’s seen as a twofor….

          1. That’s why I see him as something of a luxury pick.

            The SAM is the least important position on D in this system. Can easily get by with only an average player there. Having a top end talent there that you can do lots of interesting things with would be gravy.

            Edmunds though would also provide an additional pass rushing presence in nickel.

            1. Yep, therein lies the conundrum with respect to predicting how the 49ers view him. If it is as a luxury pick, I don’t see them pulling the trigger. Especially with the quality of depth at LB….

          2. I don’t know how much Saleh values SAM. My interest in Edmunds is if he can grow physically into a dominant edge rusher.

            He’s listed at 6’5″, 250 at only 19 years old. If his measurements are accurate and he truly played last year as a 19 year old, he has massive room for growth. Bodes well for become a scary edge rusher with enough closing speed to affect plays designed to go away from him.

            I also like the idea of easing rookies into a defense by having them specialize in pass rush the first year. Simplify his role, make him play faster. Increase his role year two.

            1. I’m just a wee bit leery about taking a guy like that so high due to the fact, albeit his athletic traits, his football instincts are not there yet. His athletic ability has been able to compensate for that deficiency, however you’d be banking on him developing them throughout the season. I’d understand the pick, but I agree with Scooter that he would be a luxury selection for this team right now. Does that make sense?

              1. Makes total sense. How many times have we seen height+weight+speed edge rushers flop because they never developed hand technique. Once the OT counters the speed rush, they are useless.

              2. Razor,
                Perhaps Edmunds would qualify as a luxury pick in his first year, but after a year of acclimating himself to the position and NFL speed he could become a perennial all-pro for years to come.

                N.Bowman didn’t start his first year (possibly a luxury pick?) but he became a household name by his second season. Whether Edmunds starts his first year or not (for any team) it’s one luxury that any team would love to have, and so would I!

              3. Razor,
                Smith is good, but he was surrounded by a very good supporting cast.

                Edmunds virtually carried the defense and not only lead by his physical talent but by his sharp football acumen. I wouldn’t be mad if the team went with Smith, but I believe that Edmunds has more tools and greater upside.

              4. Fair enough, and I can understand why you like Edmunds better. Smith is more of a read & react defender in the middle, whereas Edmunds is a space eater, and is best reading from the box as a rat defender. In my humble opinion, Smith has the higher floor and Edmunds the higher ceiling….

            2. I really like the kid and think he would be a great addition to the team. But I think his best role is as an off ball LB. Not a pass rush specialist.

              I think he would make the 49ers LBs one of the best and most athletic groups in the NFL.

              But the 49ers would still need to find an edge rusher. And I think there are more pressing needs than a LB.

              1. Edmunds is a sideline to sideline type player that is also very adept at sifting his way through traffic to make the backfield tackle. His ability to make the occasional sack is a bonus.

                At 20 (when he comes to TC) he can learn the nuances of his position and become a perennial all pro throughout his career.
                The idea of Edmunds and Foster on the field can have a huge impact on defense.
                If Nelson is gone when our turn comes up Edmunds would make a nice pick.

  24. All of this will become much clearer after free agency begins. The draft is always the best way to build the team. I don’t think Nelson fits KS zone scheme because of the pulling but I would take him anyway because we need some nastiness on the line. Our guys are too soft. If he’s not there we should trade down and get josh Jackson from Iowa. I think he’s the best corner and playmaker in the draft and that’s what we need on defense is playmakers or people that can get turnovers. I honestly would consider trading down and getting Mo Hurst. What our defense is lacking is a big space eater up the middle of our defense. He’s a good run defender and he has great aggression in pass rush. It would be nice to have someone that would instantly command a double team.

    1. I don’t think Nelson fits KS zone scheme because of the pulling but I would take him anyway because we need some nastiness on the line.

      Not sure how you people come to that conclusion after watching his tape.

      1. I watched his tape believe me that’s why I said I would take him anyway. He’s slow around the edge when he pulls and has missed some blocks because of it. That doesn’t matter to me though because when he puts his hands on you it’s all over.

        1. He’s far from slow. I’ve seen him recognize a blitz on the opposite side of the line around the RT, and he jetted over there to pick him up….

  25. Hoping to get info on Tremaine Edmunds. If he’s truly 6’5″, 250, the fact that he moves like someone much smaller bodes very well for him. If he actually was only 19 years old last season even better. Means he’s a growing puppy.

    Having a hard time finding Edmunds birth date. Anyone know this?

    1. Edmunds certainly looks big on film. And every report I have seen seems to confirm his age.

      I see Edmunds as something of a luxury pick, but he could well be the most physically talented player in the draft.

      1. Also agree from a base down position standpoint. My interest is if he can grow physically into an edge rush specialist.

    2. Allegedly, his birthday is May 8, 1998, which will make him two weeks shy of 20 at the time of the draft. However, lists his birthdate as January 20, 1997, though they do note he skipped a grade when younger (which supports the idea he was only 19 last year).

      Everything else I’ve seen merely lists the year of his birth (1998).

      I would be very happy with Edmunds if the Niners chose to go that direction over guard, LEO, or cornerback, given that Malcolm Smith and Eli Harold are hardly world-beaters at linebacker.

      1. Edmunds? Yikes! Hope you’re right. If that happens, along with the projected QB’s flying off the board, Nelson will be sitting there for the taking….

          1. I’m confident there’s going to be at least 2, and maybe more like 3 quarterbacks in the top 5. There’s also a strong chance someone moves up into the top ten for a 4th. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Nelson come off the board that high, but it’d be highly irregular considering he’s a guard….

            1. I think there may be a drop in quarterbacks, given the availability of some starter-quality quarterbacks in free agency. For example, I can see the Jets or Broncos signing Cousins (that’s one less quarterback), Browns or the loser between the Jets and Broncos signing Keenum (that’s another quarterback need gone). Maybe someone trades for Foles by offering a second round pick, or decides Sam Bradford is good enough. If that happens, it is more likely Nelson and Edmunds are gone, and the Niners trade back so the Cardinals, Bills, or someone else takes one of the falling quarterbacks.

              I think the only “for sure” quarterback pick before Pick 9 are the NY Giants (assuming they go forward with their plan of picking a heir apparent for Manning, but maybe Davis Webb is that successor?). Depends on free agency after that as to whether the Browns, Jets, or Broncos take a quarterback.

              1. Welp, Cousins served the Vikings notice that they’re his first choice, so the balls in their court. As for the Broncos, they’re up against the cap and signing a quarterback like Keenum would not preclude them from drafting a quarterback with their first pick, in my opinion. One of those teams, whether it’s the Bills, Chargers, or Cardinals could very well make a jump for one. The Broncos definitely are interested in the top quarterbacks because they specifically requested to work with them. Tbh, I don’t see any scenario where Darnold, Mayfield or Allen are still on the board when we pick….

            2. If the perfect positive storm happens (Edmunds+4 QBs go top eight), nice BPA will drop. 49ers can pounce or use as trade bait.

          2. I am leaning more towards the QBs sliding unless a team trades up into the top five picks. The Giants and the Broncos could very well pass on drafting a QB, especially if the former is comfortable with the position and the latter addresses their need in free agency.

          3. I can’t see that. A guard and Lb going in the top 5? That’s high for both positions.
            It also likely means that Barkley or Chubb is falling… that would surprise me a lot.

        1. My first thought as well. If Edmunds is taken high, it will bump down some great BPA.

        2. If Edmunds goes top five, Cousins goes to a team outside top ten, 4 quarterbacks go top 8… one of Barkley, Nelson, Chubb, Fitzpatrick will fall to pick nine.

          That’s alot of pieces that have to fall into place, but not out of the question.

    3. Tahir Whitehead would be a cheap SAM option in free agency. He’s not a sack guy, but he’s good against the run. Not great against the pass, but not a liability. He could also play MIKE and WILL for a play or two when Foster makes his weekly trip to the tent. And he’s a STs ace. Mayhew may be interested, for depth if nothing else.

      1. Thanks. The reason why I’m so interested in his age is his possible conversation to pass rush specialist. Off the ball linebacker is a luxury pick that high, but he can grow into an edge rusher… say at 265lbs…

      2. GEEP I’m hoping the Niners draft a key need position like CB, Edge, OL.

        But what I like about Edmund’s is if he doesn’t develop into an Edge Rusher, he can still play high level off ball linebacker. So it’s not a wasted pick. Disappointing, but he’d still have alot of value.

        Contrast to drafting a DE in hopes he becomes an edge rusher. If he doesn’t get the sacks it’s a totally wasted pick.

        1. Brodie:
          * I’ve played with that idea about Edmunds myself, but I want to watch him in the combine and see his times, see him move and change directions and confirm what my lying eyes think they see in him.
          * CB: I’m conflicted and can’t decide! Should the 9ers sign a F/A…Butler, E.J. Gains, Melvin, Johnson……or sign a F/A CB and then draft the best CB available, say Joshua Jackson or Carlton Davis,?
          Then there’s J.C. Jackson, who comes with off field problems, but may have better skills and be a better athlete? Maybe someone will blow away the combine? Otherwise, I’ll trust ins Lynch and Shanny.
          * DE: I liked UTSA’s Marcus Davenport, but wasn’t sure how he’d do in the Senior Bowl against better talent. He play well, received a lot attention and turned a lot of heads. If his combine results are as good, he’s a prospect I’d like the 9ers to take a good hard look at.
          OL: Sign F/A’s Justin Pugh and Weston Richburg. If Nelson’s still on the board take him….unless they get a trade offer they can’t refuse. The 9ers can still draft Price if they want someone that can be a starting center by mid season / next year.

            1. Nay on Mark Walton in the 3rd round. He’s not a cut and go guy. He likes to dance like Hyde. Pretty much a smaller version of Hyde. Plus he’s coming off of an injury.

            2. I agree with #80 about Mark Walton. Also, do not like the WR Keke Coutee pick, given we already have Taylor and Goodwin with similar size; I think the WR need is for a big body, red zone threat.

          1. GEEP – Yes. I also want to see if he’s a genuine 6’5″, 260 as described in the bleacher report mock.

            All 4 mocks on NFL website have Niners taking Edmunds

            Price would be a nice option of the 49ers trade back.

            As for corner, I wonder how obsessed the 49ers are on “long, rangy” traits. The mocks are crazy about the not so tall Denzel Ward.

  26. GEEP says:
    February 6, 2018 at 9:37 am
    Do you believe Harold Laundry, DE, Boston College, is a first round pick?
    SCOUTING REPORT: Multiple teams believe Landry belongs on the second day of the 2018 NFL Draft.


    Not enough film to analyze. Not one swim move, bull rush, rip inside, spin move or counter is visible. All I’ve seen from his film is the speed rush and at 250 lbs I need more to place him in t he top 10….For me it’s Chubb or bust, then find your pass rusher in free agency.

    1. That’s the same conclusion I came to as well with respect to Landry. Once he gets to the top of his arc, and gets stonewalled, he’s got nothing. No plan B, no secondary move and more importantly, no methodical plan of setting up his opponent for a secondary move….

    2. I wouldn’t take him in the top 10 but he is certainly a first rounder.
      In fact I would argue he fits the LEO roll better than any other prospect I have seen.
      I base this off of his 2016 tape, as he was playing with an injured ankle all of last season. He is extremely quick with his first step and has elite bend, even when injured. He has also shown the ability to drop in coverage and isn’t lost when doing so.
      I would like to see him develop a spin move to the inside to counter tackles who get caught cheating to far to the edge. However, I don’t think that is out of the question with his athleticism. With all of that said his medical check and combine will be extremely important to confirm the traits he displayed in 2016. In my opinion his traits are almost identical to Vic Beasley.

      Here is a breakdown with some clips showing his game this year.

  27. Yeah,

    At 9 or 10, if I’m GM of the 49ers and really want to scare the sh-t out of opponents, D-Line speaking, I draft Vita Vea, Wash Huskies, and slide Buckner over to the Leo….That is, if you’re drafting DL.

      1. Forgot to mention,

        If the definition of a pass rush is to get to the QB, there’s more than one way to do it.
        1. By edge
        2. By collapsing the pocket, etc.

        If you don’t have edge in this year’s draft because you’re drafting 9 or 10 you get to the QB by collapsing the pocket. (Don’t sleep on Dumervil or Pita off the edge to tide us over until 2019)

    1. TomD:
      lol: For a silverback Vita Vea moves well. He reportedly ran a 4.8 x 40 and boasts a 33-inch Vertical Jump! It will be interesting to see how many BP reps he puts up at the combine.

    2. What? Buckner at Leo? Why don’t you just move him to MLB?
      He is one of the best in the league at his position and you want to move him to the edge… where he will no longer be considered sudden. That’s the same issue Thomas had outside, only Buckner is not as quick as Thomas.


    “Yo yo @Mac_BZ come to The Bay. @49ers we got CAP SPACE, a QB and the best receivers in the division are on your team. You won’t have to worry about the head coach being all up in the videos. All in the way and stuff. One goal in mind over here. #SB53 Let’s Get It #49erFaithful”
    — Pierre Garçon (@PierreGarcon) February 7, 2018

    Nice job Pierre! I prefer Johnson, but I love the enthusiasm.


      1. If the reports are true and the Butler did it in the motel room with the weed, then I’d advise against having two known stoners in the locker room. Que the Bob Dylan song….

          1. Agreed it is a big if. ‘Specially if it’s true. As you say, I’m sure they’ve got their Inspector Clouseau to investigate the incident thoroughly, but if there are any doubts, I don’t think it’s worth the risk. We got enough problems keeping Foster clean….

          2. To elaborate, there is also a report that he was sick leading up to the Super Bowl and had a bad week of practice.

            1. Right, a “perfect storm” so to speak. A series of unfortunate events. A …oh, you know what I mean;>)

              1. Razor:
                * Interesting comments from Butlers team mates, especially T. Brady.
                * “Love you Malcolm! You are and incredible teammate and player and friend. Always!”
                Doesn’t add anything to why BB didn’t play him, but his team mates are supporting him.

              2. Geep, yea just because a family member screws up doesn’t mean you don’t support them. That’s when they need you the most, and you’re supposed to be there for them….

    1. Lmao, so obvious that McDaniels was promised the Patriots HC’ing job once BB finally hangs up the hoodie. So glad we got Shanny. Not only a top offensive mind, but roots in our storied franchise. Poor Colts got neutered. Indianapolis Geldings, ha!

      1. Razor
        That “promise,” may turn out to be fools gold. 1) When BB retires, NE will be in a rebuild mode and
        2) McDaniels chance of being offered another HC job, other than NE, isn’t likely. He’s burned too many

  29. Seems like he took a lil jab at Bill B.

    There will be some surprise cap casualties after the draft as well, we might be able to find a component that fits the system.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. It’s more than just free agency and the draft. Golden and Garoppolo were acquired on the cheap from cap desperate teams.

    1. Yesss. I think he decided to back out on Niners because he thought he was going to get the pats job sooner rather than later

  30. I wonder if Grant will right a Blog about how the colts suck and nobody wants to g there to play for a suck a$$ owner and beloved gm that knows what he’s doing. His man crush Chris Ballard. The title should read…. McDaniels turns down colts, who wants to play for Chris Ballard anyway?

    1. Nah, he’ll write an article stating that the 49ers should trade for Andrew Luck and send Jimmy G to the Browns or another team, then trade Andrew Luck to the Bills and sign Kurt Cousins.

      1. Watch it, MWD. Grant has been writing two sports columns per week for since 2013, and he writes articles every week for the Press Democrat’s paper on the 49ers and Warriors. People pay him good money for his opinion and expertise on how to run a franchise…for dummies…;>) *

        *Just messing with you, Grant. Nothing personal, just comedy.

            1. I’m pretty sure those fake accounts that respond that way to Razor belong to the person who sometimes posts as Diesel.

  31. Liddle cohn is paid to have an opinion. He is not paid by the quality of that opinion. Or more precisely, the lack of quality.

    Just like Bayliss, Cowherd, Florio, and the rest of the shock jockstrap sniffers.

    The only thing that counts is the clicks. Pathetic.

    1. Unless the PD is paying Grant in excess of $5 mil a year, it’s not just like Bayless, et al.

  32. Surprised by McDaniels’ yo-yo move with the Colts. He may have gotten some 11th hour commitment from Pats, but not so sure of that either. I do recall that he was advertising himself last post-season as well, but dropped out a little late in the process, but not nearly this late.
    Looking from afar, this seems like a strange career move for him. His first HC stint didn’t go well. He’s since been a real good OC, but working with B.B. and TB is a help!
    But there’s the perceived (exaggerated?) lack of performance by B.B. assistants who have moved on to HC, the fact that HC is different than CoOrdinator, the wariness that teams should have in future negotiations with his vacillations, and the questions of how many opportunities he may or may not get in the future to re-prove himself as a HC.
    Curious. Good luck with that.

    1. He has committed himself to the NEP for the rest of his professional career. But good luck with that, like you said, once BB and TB exit the building. And just think, that weasel could have been our coach.

      1. Tony Dungy

        Haven’t read the article but I can tell you there is NO excuse big enough to justify this. It’s one thing to go back on your word to an organization. But having assistant coaches leave jobs to go with you then leave them out to dry is indefensible. For COMFORT??

        7:19 AM – Feb 7, 2018

          1. I cant imagine anyone wanting to hire him now. Offensive genius or not, the guy just made himself look really bad. The league should fine him.

            1. Lol. There are at least 20 teams in this league that will still hire this man. It will be at least 5 years before he leaves New England. They will forget all about this. I’m just glad it didn’t happen to Jed last year. People would have had a field day, but since it’s Chris Ballard everyone is up in arms. I don’t feel sorry for Indy because along with every other fan base they talked so much $h$$ about us when people kept backing out of our job. Which was never offered to anyone but Kyle by the way, but we ended up with a good coach, now a great coach since he has a QB that can run his complex offense. But who give a crap about Indy. Let em suffer, no love loss here

              1. Lol, no one is up in arms but they are practical. Shannon Sharpe: Josh McDaniels not taking Colts job will negatively impact his career. Tony Dungy: I can tell you there is NO excuse big enough to justify this. It’s one thing to go back on your word to an organization. But having assistant coaches leave jobs to go with you then leave them out to dry is indefensible. LaMonte: He’s just committed professional suicide.

                One thing we know for sure; no one is immune to being ostracized by the NFL community.

              2. Razor you are correct. Nobody is immune. But those statements you just quoted, is categorized as up in arms. Someone saying you committed career suicide is up in arms. But like I said I don’t have love loss for either one. The fan base $hi$$$$ on us, now I’m not giving a crap if their feelings are hurt for being spurned.

              3. It took McDaniels many years to even get HC’ing interviews after his debacle in Denver. It’s not just his latest act of impropriety that has people questioning his character, but when it’s taken in its totality, it gives people pause throughout the NFL to ever give this guy a position of leadership among men ever again….

        1. Wow, I hasn’t even considered that part with assistants committing and then left hanging. Some tv talkers were pointing out that McD actively pursued that Indy job, won it and then bailed. I heard that Kraft, Kraft Jr and B.B. put a full court press on him yesterday evening and all, but yikes. Casserly saying (and Dungy reinforces) that McD has no idea how many bridges he just burned around the league.

          1. McDaniels’ agent just fired him, in what I can only surmise as an effort to reestablish his own credibility.

          2. McDaniels has a job in New England. He doesn’t need bridges around the league. Even if he doesn’t make a good hc someone will always hire him as a OC. And at top dollar.

            1. I wouldn’t be too sure about someone in the NFL always hiring him as an OC, especially at top dollar. Might just be a case of a bridge too far….

              1. I’m definitely sure. As soon as he leaves New England,I’d bet anything someone will offer this man an OC job. There are to many bad OC’s, not to hire a good one.

              2. As a fellow hack, I believe you are sure, however the people that know a little bit more of how the inner workings of the NFL operate aren’t….

              3. Well razor, aside from God wanting us to come home in a couple of years, me and u both will be here, I’ll bet you a Starbucks coffee when and if he leaves New England, he will not be out of a job longer than 1 football season. Unless he decides to retire

              4. Steel, I was rummaging through an old closet and found a crystal ball I used to play with as a kid. As I gazed into it’s depths, I saw McDaniels taking over for BB without Tom Brady, whereupon he struggled to find a competent quarterback, and lost his locker room within 2 years of taking the job. I then saw him in a hazy opium den somewhere in China, watching the sun rise and fall….

              5. TJF, it’s 11 degrees here without wind chill. I just shoveled my driveway. That’s about all the “out” I need this time of year around here….

              6. I have one of those magic 8 balls which produces answers for any question… Not crystal, but it works.

          1. Saw it. Seeing BB getting choked up, that’s when I realized he’s not a robot sent from Satan to destroy the NFL, moms and apple pies.

    1. Razor,
      It’s got nothing to do with her country. Remember she blamed Brady’ WR’s for dropping passes in the 2012 Superbowl loss to the NYGiants.
      My best description is a person who is simply a sore loser.

      1. Fair point, because Brady left the field without congratulating any Eagle players. Not sure why she didn’t just tell the truth. Your dad dropped a ball, and he fumbled the ball, which contributed to the loss. The best team won. The end….

        1. Seems like Brady has taught his family to win – losing is not in his vocabulary which explains his poor actions after a loss.

          1. That has been the Patriots way. Win at all costs, no matter how those actions are perceived.

        2. “Brady left the field without congratulating any Eagle players.”

          Oh no! Why hasn’t Mid trashed Brady for his lack of class like he did with TO?

          1. Comparing Brady to Owens is like comparing a Super Bowl win to a conference championship win.

              1. And the other was suspended for a good portion of the season by his team. Sorry, but the comparison doesn’t hold water.

  33. Charlie Weiss:

    “In 31 cities, I’d say the odds of them hiring him [as head coach] would be slim to none,” Weis said. “But in one city, he’s endeared himself. Let me be the first to lay a wager in Las Vegas that when Belichick leaves, Josh McDaniels is the next head coach in New England. It’s like Secretariat running right now. I’d say the odds of that happening are almost a hundred percent.”

    1. McDaniels is a weasel and nothing more than Brady’ whipping-boy.
      If the NE Org has made a promise to McDaniels that he is the heir-apparent after Belichick retires, I hope he understands that his huge ego will never be enough to even sniff BB’ shoes, let alone walk in them.

      Brady may only have a few years left and if the Pats become a shadow of themselves he may look for an out much sooner. Not only did the SB loss sting but the incident with Malcolm Butler could leave a bad feel in the locker room.
      Butler will likely leave via FA, but some of the players left in NE may begin to do something that hasn’t happened before: Question their head coach.

      I don’t believe that the Pats have another SB left in the tank. If fact, they may start trending down next season by missing the playoffs.
      After what McDaniels did to the Colts, I can’t see a better person who deserves to go down with the patriots ship.

  34. The 49ers Are In the Best Offseason Position Possible

    Vice President of Player Personnel Adam Peters
    Lynch might be the public face of the Niners front office, but Peters already came with a strong ability to identify talent.

    Peters has spent the last eight years in Denver and another six seasons with the New England Patriots. He has three Super Bowl rings, five conference championships and 10 division titles to his name. “When it comes to stars in this industry, Adam Peters is certainly one of them,” Lynch said in the press release announcing the hire.

    No. 9 or No. 10 overall pick in Round 1 …John Lynch still has a plethora of picks, including four in the first three rounds.

    On top of that, Lynch’s $113,574,832 in available cap space, per Over the Cap, is most in the NFL. Simply put, the 49ers can go on a spending spree.

    Winning the final five games of 2017, including three victories over playoff teams, is a strong indicator pending free agents will want to play for teams like the Niners.

    Via &

  35. Peters grew up in Cupertino during the 49ers’ dynasty days. Peters was a 7-year-old die-hard who was overwhelmed when Joe Montana, sidelined after back surgery, shared an elevator ride with him and his mom at Candlestick Park in 1986. Peters frantically fumbled with the pages, trying to find Montana’s picture, before thrusting a random page at the legend. Peters, now the 49ers’ vice president of player personnel, recalled his reaction to the unexpected sight of Montana, whose poster hung in his bedroom in Cupertino. “I said, ‘Holy,’” Peters said, before pausing to edit his memory. “I didn’t say, ‘Holy s—,’ because I didn’t swear then, I don’t think. But I was so nervous and scared that I couldn’t find (the page), so my mom was just like, ‘Just give him the sheet.’”

    “Will Adam be a general manager one day? Yeah, that’s a no-brainer,” said Cowboys director of college scouting Lionel Vital, 53, who spent two seasons with Peters in New England. “He’s smart, he works as hard as anyone in the building. He can read people, including players, has a great understating of the game and is an independent thinker. Right there, those are a bunch of traits that the top GMs have.”
    Why Peters?

    In 2013, Lynch, then a Fox broadcaster gauging his interest in front-office work, spent a month sitting next to Peters, then a national scout, in the Broncos’ draft meetings. Lynch was struck by how general manager John Elway and director of player personnel Matt Russell valued Peters’ input.

    “In certain rooms, you can tell when certain people are allowed to speak and Adam was one of those guys they wanted to hear from,” Lynch said. “I remember saying to John, ‘Hey, this guy’s good, huh?’ And he said, ‘Oh, yeah, very good.’”


    1. Mock Draft

      9 TRADE — Pittsburgh Steelers (from 49ers): Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
      28 TRADE — San Francisco 49ers (from Steelers): Ronald Jones, RB, USC

      The 49ers will likely look to move down in the draft, taking advantage of their lack of major needs and capitalizing once again on teams looking to move up. Jones fits Kyle Shanahan’s offense, and the team likely isn’t going to bring back Carlos Hyde.

      1. The little fly in the ointment is the Steelers are working on extending Ben Roethlisberger, 35, who has expressed to the team that he wants to play beyond his current contract, which features two more years….

        1. Guess they shouldn’t draft a QB, 2 yrs. could take forever…
          Oh, those halcyon days when Bill Walsh traded for Steve Young who sat behind Joe, for how long ?

      2. taking advantage of their lack of major needs and

        What? Needs across the board dude

        Linemen, OLB, Corner, WR, RB. You niner smokers think because you have a QB that all the sudden you have a team…get real

        1. He was quoting from a national publication. I don’t know where that author was coming from, there isn’t a Niners fan alive that doesn’t recognize this team has needs, major and minor.

  36. Here is my second attempt at predicting what the 49ers will do in free agency and the draft.

    DE/OLB Robert Quinn: six years $69.5 million (several reports indicating Quinn may be let go)
    C Daniel Kilgore: 3 year $6.7 million
    Byron Maxwell: 2 year $5.2 million (potential camp fodder)
    QB Jimmy Garoppolo: 6 year $138.6 million ($80 million guaranteed)
    Trade 2nd pick to Redskins for TE Jordan Reed (likely not to happen, but would give the 49ers a red zone target)
    WR Taylor Gabriel: 4 year $12 million
    WR John Brown: 2 year $2.2 million


    Trade pick and pick #70 to Bills for picks #21 and #22

    PICK 21: OG Will Hernandez
    PICK 22: DT Harrison Phillips

    No pick if able to acquire Jordan Reed
    PICK 59: OLB Dorance Armstrong

    PICK 74: DB Kameron Kelly

    PICK 124: RB John Kelly

    PICK 134: WR Byron Pringle

    PICK 170: CB Quenton Meeks

    PICK 201: OT Brett Toth
    PICK 224: TE Caleb Wilson

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