Are the 49ers actually close to signing Jimmy Garoppolo long term?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo talks during a news conference after an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

According to Ian Rapoport, the answer is yes.

Rapoport reported Sunday morning that contract negotiations between Garopplo’s agent Don Yee and the 49ers “have gained significant momentum, and a deal could get done in the near future.”

It’s possible this report is dead-on accurate, but I’m skeptical. This is the first information about the 49ers that has leaked to national media since John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan joined the organization. Why did this news get out all of a sudden?

I’m guessing Rapoport’s source was the 49ers front office. And I’m guessing the 49ers are putting pressure on Garoppolo and Yee to sign a long-term extension without first getting the franchise tag.

If I’m right, I highly doubt Garoppolo and Yee will cave into that pressure. They would be insane not to want the tag before signing a long-term extension. The tag is the baseline for a long-term deal. Doing the deal without getting the tag first only would take money off the table for Garoppolo and Yee.

I doubt a deal will happen any time soon.

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  1. Geez Grant. Garoppolo will get 25 to 30 million with or without the tag. At this point, getting tagged would be less money for Jimmy and no signing bonus.

    1. I’m saying he’d be crazy to sign a long-term extension without getting the tag first.

      1. Why? Getting tagged won’t make him any extra money. Unless you think the Niners want to lowball him.

        1. This report makes me think the 49ers may be trying to lowball Garoppolo. Remember the contract Marathe worked out for Kaepernick? That was not player friendly.


                “According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Kaepernick wanted to structure his contract in a way that would allow the Niners the ability to extend his other teammates. For example, tight end Vernon Davis is talking about holding out because he wants more money, and wide receiver Michael Crabtree is likely seeking a big-money deal from the team.”

                “When signing, Kaepernick specifically asked, ‘So this structure gives us room to try extensions with my teammates, right?’ Once Kaepernick was told yes, he signed away …”

              2. I’m not talking about the dollar figure. I’m talking about the team options at the end of every season. It was a series of one-year deals. I don’t think Kaepernick or his agent fully understood that when they signed the deal.

              3. That still doesn’t mean we are lowballing Garoppolo. Baalke was always a company guy. Lynch won’t go along with that stuff. Kyle would have a big Shanny like rage fit. Kyle would go right to York and Marathe’s offices and chew them out.

                Jimmy is a cash cow. York knows this. Jimmy is a perfect face of the franchise.

              4. And Marathe receives information as to what a player is worth to the team, and then negotiates with that premise in mind….

              5. lets not take Grant too seriously. He is a troll, craves attention by being a contrarian – grant’s clarion call is that Jimmy G isn’t interested in a long term deal because he hasn’t said anything publicly. its quite a stretch of imagination. Grant has a massive axe to grind – Jimmy G was not his pick to be our QB, so he will continue this trope.

                lets face it – jimmy G is in a different league than kaep, lynch and front office would look like fools if they dont get this right. if you ask Grant, he will say it is the kicker who was winning the games for us – such is Grant’s journalistic ability and football IQ – i mean did the kicker throw those passes in those comeback wins?

              6. Kaep wanted that deal because because he wanted Baalke to sign players like Iupati and Crabtree, which never happened.
                Balls renegged on that promise

              7. Grant,
                An old saying fits here. You better watch out what you ask for, you might just get it.

            1. Regardless of how people feel about Colin Kaepernick as a QB, it sickens me how he is portrayed as a bad person. I have yet to see one thing that points him in that light. He took a team friendly contract because he wanted the 49ers to be able to sign their other free agents. He donated a million dollars of his own money to various charities (which Jed York and the 49ers matched). He got on Instagram and he urged Turkish Airlines to send a plane of food and water to Somalia and South Sudan (which they did).

              He is far from a selfish person, although you won’t get that from most of the false narrative you hear or read about him. Whether or not you agree with his politics and no matter what you think of him as an NFL QB, he is a good person. I just had to vent, because I see and hear so much negativity about him that he doesn’t deserve. Whether you agree with him or not, he is standing by his convictions, regardless of the consequences. How many others can say that?

              1. Colin IS a selifish person because he puts his personal interests above team interests. That is the definition of selfish in sports. How does wearing police pig socks help the team? How does wearing Castro shirts at press conferences in Miami help the team? How does letting FOOTBALL interviews get dominated by his delusional personal interests help the team? How does personally driving NFL viewership into the ground, which will change the dynamics of how much money there is to share at the next collective bargaining agreement negotiations for the worse, help the team? He is not only selfish, he is also uninformed and delusional. Wonderful combination to be the face of any billion dollar franchise.

      2. Wanting the team to tag him first would be stupid. The tag is projected to be 23.5 million. Why would Yee and Jimmy want that to be their floor when they could have 25 million as their floor? They’d be short changing themselves. And all you have to do is listen to Lynch. He’s too honest and will tell you exactly what’s going on. He first said the team really wanted Jimmy with the team long term. On his last interview with Murph and Mac…(Guys who can get him on and don’t have to speculate wildly) he then said that the team AND JIMMY wanted to get this deal done and that it made too much sense to not get done. But since Yee had another client in the SB (Brady) that the deal would have to wait a second. I’d bet that numbers have been discussed and largely agreed on. The only thing left is the structure of the deal/payments. Don’t listen to Cohn. He’d like for the team to lose Jimmy or for their to be a problem with getting him signed. Anyone who says the team should trade him shouldn’t be taken seriously…ijs

          1. Yea I read that, but I doubt that guy gets paid nearly as much as Grant for his opinion, although I’m in complete agreement with him….

          2. Loved the rebuttal article. Grants continues time and time again that he is a click bait hack. Out of all his ridiculous predictions he finally picked the Eagles to win the SB and Foles would be MVP. I guess when you have a 50/50 chance it kinda makes sense…. not. I come here only for the comments and Cohn’s comedy show.

          3. Good effort on the rebuttal and here’s a rebuttal to your rebuttal:

            While the return Grant proposed for Garoppolo may be a little high, it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Teams often trade a bounty of picks to trade up for the chance at a Franchise QB. After what we all have witnessed in regards to performance by JG, I’m guessing there are teams out there that would be willing to give up a fair amount of compensation for him.

            There will be multiple teams lining up to break the bank for Cousins, so yes there are many out there who believe breaking the bank for a 30 year old is a good thing and they are correct. We have clearly seen that QB’s can play into their late 30’s at a high level, so any team signing Cousins is going to get him in his prime and on a 5 year deal he will only be 34 when it expires.

            Pulling out individual games to try and disparage a player is weak. Anybody can cherry pick partial stats to support their bias, but it fails to account for the majority of times when he played well. The Redskins weren’t losing games because the offense didn’t show up. Most of the time the offense was all the Redskins had. Their biggest problems are poor defensive play and an inconsistent running game with a revolving door of no name players. The biggest knock on Cousins is that he hasn’t led his team to enough wins, and yet the people who use that argument fail to acknowledge why. You singled out games against the Chargers and Packers to make a point, meanwhile you ignored the other side of the story. Read this preview of the Redskins vs. Chargers for some context on the state of the Redskins going into that game:


            Here’s a snippet in case you don’t feel like reading the whole thing:

            L.A.-bound this week to face the Los Angeles Chargers*, Washington isn’t the same powerful squad that whipped the L.A. Rams in Week 2 at the Coliseum.
            Not by a long shot.

            Injuries have reduced this club, especially in the offensive line, and helped to make the Redskins (5-7) a seven-point underdog against a Chargers* (6-6) team that’s tied for the lead in the charitable AFC West.
            Within its five-man line, Washington has used 23 different combinations. Injuries to linemates last week forced one reserve blocker to play three different positions during a 33-snap stretch.

            The other game you referenced was a Packer team that was far superior to the Redskins in every way and dominated the LOS. You’re right he wasn’t able to get them in the endzone after that first TD. It’s kind of hard when you are under constant duress every time you drop back as the 6 sacks would seem to attest. There’s also the fact they had one possession until the mid 4th quarter, after taking the lead in the 3rd quarter due to long TD drives by the Packers, but it’s easier to single out the QB right? Context is important.

            This point about interception ratio was your biggest oversight:

            Cohn also cites touchdown to interception ratio from this season, grasping at straws to make his point. Cousins posted 27 touchdowns and 13 picks, while Garoppolo finished with seven scores and five interceptions, or a “bad ratio” as he calls it.
            Once again he takes stats at face value, acting as if their gospel. I can count two of the five interceptions Jimmy G threw as being completely not his fault. If you watched those games you know which ones I am referring to.

            The problem here is you are focusing on Garoppolo without extending the same consideration to Cousins. Do you think every one of the Ints. Cousins threw were his fault? Have you gone through and analyzed them the same way you did for Garaoppolo?

            I don’t want to pile on too much, but you really slanted this article to one side in many places and gave your personal beliefs as evidence instead of actual data. If you truly want to give a well informed rebuttal you have to include the same standards for both sides.

            1. Imagine if the Niners traded Garoppolo and he went on to have a HOF career. And Cousin bombed. There would be so much egg on the Niners to have let it happen. So they will sign Jimmy G for nothing else but to CYA…. Never doubt the power of fear..

            2. Nice effort yourself. I’m not worried about what other teams are willing to trade in the way of picks for a potential franchise QB. The 49ers got theirs for a second rounder and they’re not going to trade him.

              I gave plenty of consideration to Cousins and was going to be fine with the 49ers breaking the bank to sign him. Of course that was before Jimmy arrived.

              Regardless of breaking down my piece and saying the Redskins weren’t as good going into the Chargers game, or that Green Bay was far superior (something I already knew, thanks) is irrelevant.

              The Niners found their guy, its not Cousins, it’s Garoppolo and he isn’t going anywhere.

              The point is that Grant writes that the 49ers can take or leave Garoppolo which isn’t even close to true. And it has nothing to do with being a fan but all to do with the fact that JG is the best option at QB for this team.

              You say that plenty of teams will be willing to break the bank for Cousins and you’re right. Biggest reason why that means nothing now.

              Those teams don’t have Garoppolo.

  2. Before these reports came out, I felt a deal would get done this month. Why? No reason not to. Lynch has been quite clear about his intentions, and his belief that Jimmy wants the same thing. The money scale is pretty much set, and Marathe has the skill to make it work with Yee, who he’s quite familiar with. If you haven’t noticed, since this story was “leaked”, Jimmy or Yee, neither one has denied it or voiced their displeasure. It won’t be long, and Jimmy will be under contract for the next several years. Until then, relax and chuckle at all the wild speculations….

      1. If this report was erroneous or meant to exert pressure on Yee and his client, you can bet your sweet cheeks they’d leak a statement as to such….

            1. Doesn’t hurt to talk numbers, but I doubt they’ll agree to anything until they get the tag.

              1. The numbers are already set. Lynch has demonstrated too much love for Jimmy to attempt a low ball offer. The deal will be fair to both parties, and Jimmy will be signed before the month is gone. Book it!

              1. Precisely right! My read too. My guess is they want to move things along. The reasons may be murky however.

              2. Of course Jimmy wants to move things along as well. Why wouldn’t he? He’s learned much under Brady, and I imagine he’s picked up a few contract tips too. I wonder why he chose Yee as his agent? Perhaps he wanted an agent to represent his interests, and his alone….

              3. Assuming your theory is true, how does this benefit the 49ers?

                They risk alienating Jimmy.
                They lose the we could always sign Cousins leverage.

              4. “If the process drags out, fans and media probably will blame Garoppolo and Yee.” Do you really think Yee cares what the fans think at this point, or that he will let his client get stiff-armed into a bad deal because he doesn’t want the fans to be mad at Jimmy G? Not sure I buy that logic.

              5. “If the process drags out, fans and media probably will blame Garoppolo and Yee.”

                That’s bad business. That would probably bother Yee and Garoppolo. It wouldn’t look good for future FAs.

              6. “It wouldn’t look good for future FAs.” I obviously don’t know the inner workings of these types of relationships, but I honestly doubt fan opinions play a big role in players choosing an agent, or a team wanting to work with an agent. I would think having clients like Brady and Garoppolo have a much bigger impact on that kind of stuff. Like I said though, that’s just my guess.

          1. The assumption that this is a “leak” and not a truthful release agreed to by both parties goes against what we’ve seen the past year under Lynch….

              1. Rapoport’s report (which seems redundant) is really vague. The “near future” can be within 6 months. A year or two. I think Rapoport was bored, had no headline for Super Bowl morning and just went by the positive, generic things that John Lynch has been saying.

                “We want Jimmy to be a 49er for a long, long time and Jimmy seems to want the same thing.” Rapoport took that and ran with it. Nothing to see here.

  3. If the Niners are willing to pay more than the tag amount then there is no reason not to think about signing before the FT is eligible to be applied.

    1. True. But if the Niners really are willing to spend more than the tag would pay Garoppolo the next few seasons, I’m guessing this report wouldn’t have come out.

      1. Garoppolo is not a secret. Lynch and the whole league knows what he is and what he’s worth. I’m assuming Jimmy likes Shanny, and the 49ers were at the top of his wish list. All this speculation of low balling, or chicanery seems like Enquirer stuff to me. Makes little sense….

        1. Garoppolo has a smaller body of work than Kaepernick did when he got the “big extension.”

          1. Comparing all Kaepernick’s games to Jimmy’s shows who the real quarterback is. Everybody knows it.

              1. Why? Kaepernick has many more games to compare. His release never got any quicker. His mental processing never got any quicker. His accuracy was never a strength. He lacked the ability to throw with touch. He didn’t study under a Goat at the position for years. He never developed his game. He operated in a college style offense that was basic at it’s core. He had one of the top defenses in the league to lean on. Really an apples to oranges comparison….

              2. When you say “Compare Kaepernick’s first seven games to Garoppolo’s first seven games”, do you mean comparing wins and losses? Or do you mean just convenient metrics that make Kaepernick look NFL-worthy…

        1. Razor, add to that an offensive whiz as an OC and QB guru who knows how to evaluate talent, KS must be salivating over the idea of what he can do with Jimmy at the throttle. The sky seems to be the limit!

        2. Razor also please don’t forget Colin had a much better roster of players and an elite defense supporting him in his first 7 games. You can not even compare the Offenive line! Do not want to discredit Colin’s play but jimmy has a whole different feel about him with his cool under pressure.

      2. Or…

        it’s exactly the reason this report’s coming out.
        Look, I get why you’re saying JG should wait for the FT (if only to improve future negotiations), but my honest guess is that they will sign a ltd shortly. 5 years (same length as Shanny/Lynch), 130, 75/80 guaranteed. Fair deal both ways.

  4. Ahhh, the conspiracy theories start coming out.

    Until a deal happens I won’t believe anything about it being close.

  5. I think Yee and Lynch have the ability to extrapolate and begin negotiations as if the franchise tag was already applied. Why not?

    Jimmy wins because he can relax for the remainder of the offseason.
    Lynch wins because he can go into the combine (where parameters of many draft day trades are ironed out) and free agency with the quarterback position nailed down long term.

    1. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Jimmy instructed Yee to get a fair deal done so he can begin winning championships.

      1. Lynch said quite some time ago the franchise tag was an option. He clearly indicated there were two options. Franchise tag, or long term deal.

        It makes little sense for both sides not to proceed with negotiations as if the franchise tag was already in place.

        The only delays I can see are the usual marketplace things, like Cousins deal. But Cousins camp could very well be waiting on Garoppolo’s deal to set the market too.

        1. I think the only impediment to a deal getting done is if Jimmy does not like it here. Marathe has the skill to structure a deal that is more than fair to both parties….

        2. Most don’t agree with me, but I don’t think Cousins deal will be as big as expected.

  6. Still holding out hope for that tag and trade, eh Grant? And why not, you’d be known as the Oracle of Oakland in media land.

      1. Sure you do. Your recent “idea” was to assist them in making the correct decision, am I right? I don’t want to believe it was clickbait…;>)

              1. Ha! Here I was under the impression you were just a blog writer. I had no idea you were well educated, and experienced in the workings of a football franchise. My apologies. You know, if you worked in a front office, you could make much more money than what you’re being paid now. You’re wasting your talent….

              2. I have written two sports columns per week for since 2013, and I write articles every week for the Press Democrat’s paper on the 49ers and Warriors.

              3. But does your writing have substance? Not so much…

                Not being a jerk but you will never be considered a credible writer like the Matts in the Bay area as long as you keep writing about your feelings and opinions.

                Just report the damn news man, nobody cares what your negative opinion is.

              4. Cohn can write what he wants, if you think it’s negative or not doesn’t matter. Don’t like his opinion…well, don’t read or respond then. He’s a good beat writer, gives his opinion which are pretty good..and reports news. He has a good periscope too. He’s not a raw, raw writer and not a emotional “fan” of the team.

              5. If we made our living advising teams (or other entities) on what they should be doing and that advice was routinely ignored, how long do you suppose we’d still be making a living doing it? Nah, that is not what you do Grant, quit kidding yourself.

              6. ribico says:
                February 5, 2018 at 6:41 am
                If we made our living advising teams (or other entities) on what they should be doing and that advice was routinely ignored, how long do you suppose we’d still be making a living doing it? Nah, that is not what you do Grant, quit kidding yourself.

                Grant Cohn says:
                February 5, 2018 at 7:19 am
                I get paid for my opinions. You don’t.

                I’m sending you a dollar Ribico.
                That way the debating field is even when it comes to getting paid for your opionon. Because someone thinks that’s what makes your opinion more valuable.

              7. your vocation includes assistance to 9ers coaching staff- from Panthers game press conference fallout over KS’ run game expertise- 9/14/17, Grant says:

                “The issues were poor execution and poor play calling, not one or the other.
                I wasn’t trying to show up Shanny. But he mislead fans with his assessment, and I needed to correct him.”

              8. I get paid for my opinions. You don’t.

                Oh, I do. The difference is my opinions are given consideration by those I give them to.

        1. Grant can write whatever he wants, you are right. That’s kinda the problem. He is a hack working for a 2 bit news outlet like the democrat. Do you think the Chronicle would ever hire hm? No freaking way…

          Grant is a gimmick like Skip Bayless…. Problem is, he is to late to that party. Grant is a poor boy Bayless and Steven A. Smith.

          He tries to hard like those dbags!!

          1. More like your like your a hack, acting like a spoiled whiny jealous bully. That’s the problem and the haters here are dbags!!

      2. It’s obvious you haveno stake in the team or you would not suggest such a ridiculous move. Still it would be nice to read something from you with substance.

  7. Jimmy G is gonna sign real soon. And it will make him rich and it will be a team friendly deal.
    All the rest is smoke.

  8. I think the report is accurate. Look…business is business, but don’t think for a moment that emotions are not involved. The situation with Cousins has advantages and disadvantages for both parties, but I think there is interest in getting this item behind them.

  9. Jimmy is gona be niners long term qb and is gona sign long term contract soon people like grant are just scared when he does cause niners gona be a force for long time

  10. I’m guessing you care a lot about your journalistic reputation. I’m also guessing most media figures thought the tag and trade gambit was idiotic nonsense. Finally I’m also guessing you’d love a I told you so moment.

    1. Actually, what Grant suggested makes sense, at least as far as leverage goes. Unless the 49ers have no choice, going ahead and trading Jimmy and signing Cousins is a bridge too far. Until the Alex Smith trade, Jimmy G and Don Yee had ALL of the leverage.

      1. If you read his column, leverage is a very distant afterthought, it wasn’t his takeaway at all. Grant is using the leverage angle now as a face saving measure after his trade and tag gambit was pilloried, not only among the faithful, but in the media nationally. Coming on top of his Belichick as Satan column, I think Grant is seeing his eascape from the Bay Area backwaters into the the national stage grow dimmer. One good thing going for him, he’s photogenic, that may be his calling card to bigger things, certainly not his sporting insights.

        1. I never said leverage was suggested in the article although that is an obvious effect. If you notice, I didn’t agree with his idea to trade Jimmy unless the 49ers had no choice. Grant posted an article based mostly on the fact that the Alex Smith trade changes things, and it does. He says they should trade Jimmy because his value is so high right now. That is also true. I disagree with Grant about whether they should trade Jimmy. I’m not really into personal attacks on people who have different opinions and takes on things than I do. That’s what makes it interesting!

  11. The 49ers know Jimmy is a franchise QB and will pay him accordingly. Id guess in thr 25 million dollar range per season with 80-90 in guaranteed money.

    Waiting for others to sign is pointless. Cousins, Brees, Rogers etc, all have no bearing on negotiations.

    They are in a different position because they have started more than 7 NFL games. Jimmies situation is unique and honestly has zero ties to those contracts. You are making it sound like all things are equal.

    Well guess what? They are not!

  12. I’d be shocked if the 49ers were trying to “low ball” Jimmy. He’s going be paid a handsome amount of money. However, there is room to negotiate. Jimmy has only started 7 NFL games. That’s a fact. He’s looked fantastic in those 7 games, also a fact. He was a 2nd round draft pick …. fact. He’s eligible for a first-time tag …. fact. He’s a handsome devil …. fact. We don’t yet know how he handles adversity …. fact. He’s neither the biggest guy, nor does he have the strongest arm …. fact. His release is lightning fast …. fact. He seems to be able to process what is happening on the field around him at an elite level …. that’s up for debate, but it seems to be a fact. He’s durable ….. also up for debate. He has fantastic pocket awareness ….. this appears to be the case. His teammates like and respect him …. all indications are that this is a fact. Is Kirk Cousins well liked and respected? …. again, all indications are yes.

    Kirk Cousins, a QB with 6 years in the NFL and 3 years experience, a 93.7 Passer rating, is likely scheduled to be a free agent in 40 days …. fact. Cousins would almost certainly be interested in reuniting with Kyle …. fact. Kirk Cousins not only has experience in, and understands Kyle’s system, but also seems to be a good fit for it …. fact. Kirk Cousins would likely thrive under Kyle Shanahan …. up for debate, but likely to be true.

    In other words, Kirk Cousins becoming available in free agency changes the dynamics of the contract negotiations, and strengthens the 49ers position. Would a deal have been struck this offseason regardless? I am not sure. Does Kirk’s presumed availability mean the 49ers are bound and determined to leverage this fact in order to undercut Jimmy? No way in hell. Like I said, the 49ers are likely going to pay Jimmy whatever the market dictates, but the market has now changed with Kirk Cousins in the mix …. fact!

    1. It’s funny how u had to break his yrs experience into 2……if he was better than mediocre you wouldn’t need to….

    2. The whole low ball idea is ridiculous. Niners believe in jimmy GQ and will be fair without breaking the bank. Jimmy will sign

    1. Yes GEEP, he has ….. fact. Do I ever call him out when I think he’s wrong? Yes …. fact.

      Does Grant know his football? Yes …. fact.

      Does he come up with some outlandish ideas? Probably …. fact.

      Did he call the Eagles win? Yes …. fact.

      1. Sadly, the 9ers had him as an undrafted free agent years ago…for a few hours until he changed his mind and went elsewhere.

        Wikip… “Blount was undrafted in the 2010 NFL Draft but agreed in principle to a free agent contract with the San Francisco 49ers following the draft. However, after a meeting with Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, Blount decided to sign as an undrafted free agent with the Titans instead. In August 2010.”

        1. I remember, Cassie. I was excited when they signed him and disappointed when he left. Fisher promised him playing time, something the 49ers couldn’t do. Then the Titans cut him and he was picked up by the Buccaneers. That’s when he had a chance to play and prove himself. Blount was shied away from during the draft because he punched an opposing player at the end of the first game of the season. He was suspended for the rest of the year.

  13. Could it be the emperor has no clothes?
    • LeGarrette Blount’s 21-yard touchdown run gives the Eagles a 15-3 lead over the Patriots

  14. Eagles running up and down the field. Think the Lions are having 2nd thoughts about Patty? ??

    1. Going for 2 at 15-3 was dumb. It was way too early to be chasing that point. It almost bit them in the ass later. In fact, it did because they kept chasing it the rest of the game and it dictated what they had to do. By missing that 1 extra point it wound up costing them 3 points because they went for 2 and failed both times later.

        1. The Eagles did, despite that. Bill Parcells used to have someone standing next to him with a chart that chart showed score and game situation and when you should go for 1 or 2 points.

          Lead by Trail by

          1 Point Go For 2 1 Point Go For 1
          2 Points Go For 1 2 Points Go For 2
          3 Points Go For 1 3 Points Go For 1
          4 Points Go For 2 4 Points Go For 1
          5 Points Go For 2 5 Points Go For 2
          6 Points Go For 1 6 Points Go For 1
          7 Points Go For 1 7 Points Go For 1
          8 Points Go For 1 8 Points Go For 1
          9 Points Go For 1 9 Points Go For 2
          10 Points Go For 1 10 Points Go For 2
          11 Points Go For 1 11 Points Go For 1
          12 Points Go For 2 12 Points Go For 2
          13 Points Go For 1 13 Points Go For 1
          14 Points Go For 1 14 Points Go For 1
          15 Points Go For 2 15 Points Go For 1
          16 Points Go For 1 16 Points Go For 2
          17 Points Go For 1 17 Points Go For 1
          18 Points Go For 1 18 Points Go For 1
          19 Points Go For 2 19 Points Go For 2
          20 Points Go For 1 20 Points Go For 1

  15. The statement in the press does not give the Niners any more leverage.
    They will have to pay Jimmy G a ton of money regardless.
    They will have to pay him around $28M a year for 5/6 years with around $65-$75M guaranteed.
    The real questions are the length of the contract and the amount paid to count against this years cap.

      1. 49er42–never mind, I’m seeing those numbers elsewhere. I think it will be for less. After only 7 games, I don’t think Jimmy deserves to get paid what other QBs with more proven experience in the league are getting. Then again, he’ll get whatever he negotiates.

  16. Someone needs to market a sedative that lasts precisely as long as the super bowl halftime.

    1. “Someone needs to market a sedative that lasts precisely as long as the super bowl halftime.”
      They did, Brodie. It’s called “Super Bowl Halftime.”

  17. What’s your infatuation with Kirk Cousins? He’s trash. He had more talent than we had in Washington and he was weak. Cousins already reached his peak. He’s not going to get any better. Garoppolos ceiling is a lot higher. He hasn’t shown us what he can do yet. Cousins sucks. Get over it grant. And your talking is he actually going to get signed long term? Why wouldn’t they? Seems your butt hurt they are signing garoppolo and not your weak qb lover cousins. You’re surprised he wouldn’t get tagged first lol. Kick rocks grant.

    1. Not only that but the Redskins signed a guy we got rid of over Cousins. Lol

      That says everything…

  18. Refs got it right. Congrats to them. It was a TD as soon as his second foot hit, which was before the mini bobbie.

    1. Old rules that is a catch. New rules definitely not. That hasnt been a catch all year. Why now?

      The NFL is as inconsistent as Grants reporting.

        1. The ball was never fully secured. It moved quite a bit throughout the process of the catch.

          I agree it should be a catch but that isnt the way the current rule reads.

          Just saying…

          1. He got both feet down before the bobbie in my opinion. I’m not alone on this, just saying.


            “While Collinsworth thought it should’ve been incomplete, former NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino disagreed:”

            “Issue is control. Looks like he has it initially and gets both feet down in bounds. There is some movement of the ball, but don’t think enough to say loss of control. Call should stand.
            — Dean Blandino (@DeanBlandino) February 5, 2018

            “What was key on the play is that it was originally ruled a touchdown, meaning referee Gene Steratore and the league office needed to see indisputable evidence to justify an overturn of the call on the field. On such a close play, it’s not surprising that the call was left as is.”

            1. I dont want to play he said she said. Im just saying what I see with my own eyes.

              That has not been a catch all year. Actually the past couple years.

              Im going to go out on a limb and say you are rooting for Philly to win…

  19. I really didn’t think this would be a shoot out. Thought the defenses were better.
    Could be the last team with the ball will win.

    1. Actually Blandino was never the head of officiating. He was Vice President .

      Maybe thats why!!!

      Its not what you constitute as a catch. Its how the rule reads…

            1. Lol, when you and Blandino are all alone tomorrow we will talk again…

              Enjoy the game brother…

              1. I’ll invite Pereira too.


                “I agree with the stands. It was close but the initial ruling dictated. Good for Riveron/Yurk to stay with the standard that it not obvious that the call was wrong. Slight movement of the ball and slight bobble but slight is not enough to overturn.”

                — Mike Pereira (@MikePereira) February 5, 2018

    1. The rule book doesnt read slight movement. It reads movement…

      I think they are trying to say they think it should be a catch. Not what the rule reads. The rule obviously reads if the ball moves its not a catch.

        1. Its not how the rule reads and its not open for debate. Its black and white.

          The rule should be clear cut and it is not…

          Btw, you are obviously cheering for the igles so your opinion is biased.

          I dont care who wins!!!


                The NFL’s worst nightmare would have been their controversial catch rules becoming a major story on the Super Bowl stage. While the two plays in question weren’t as controversial as they could have been, it’s certainly a story now. Did Corey Clement maintain possession while completing the process of the catch? Was Zach Ertz a runner before crossing the plane? The NFL’s replay review said yes both times. They were, frankly, right to.

    1. #80

      I wonder why so many people are so surprised that Nick Foles did so well in the SB ….? When Chip Kelly was the Eagles head coach, he started Foles and was rewarded with several 300+ passing games…No…he’s not Norm Snead…he’s better….

    1. Undercenter

      Three years ago, the niners could have had Foles for a beer and a ham sandwich….and might have swapped out Kaepernick at the same time….smh

    1. Joe Montana would have pointed out Jimmy Fallon in the crowd, and then led them to victory. No doubt about it.

      1. Razor,
        Does this mean that the Brady, Montana debate is back on?
        Superbowl record :
        Brady 5-3
        Montana 4-0.
        I know I’m unequivocally bias here but my vote is still for Joe Cool.

        1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If it’s a game I have to win to save my life, I’m picking Joe Montana as my quarterback!

          1. And imagine if Joe got to play in the same uber-protective era for QBs, uber-WR friendly penalties and nerfing of defense that Tom has gotten to the last +10 years. The game today, and the last 15 years, has changed so much from what the game was like in the 80s and 70s, and the game in the 80s was a lot more like the game of the 70s/60s than the game of the 00s/10s was to the game of the 80s/90s.

            Great players could play in any era, but I truly believe Brady would be a shadow of what he is now if he played in the 80s and no way he’d have played to 40 (he’d be broken down).

  20. ” if Foles has a great game 300/3 Eagles win and if Foles has a decent game 250/2 Eagles have a shot ”

    I wrote the above this morning. Final stats Foles 370/3. I was right. Eagles win. I am happy

    ** FINAL SCORE: EAGLES: 44 VS NE: 33

  22. Grant:
    ** Hats off to Grant for calling it! ** ** “Patriots have the history, but Eagles have the talent.”
    ** “The Philadelphia Eagles will beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.” PRESSDEMOCRAT.COM |
    February 3, 2018, 12:51PM

  23. Nick Foles – Super Bowl MVP! It’s official …. Jeff Fisher is the worst Heach Coach of all time! Lol.

    Good for Phili, bringing it back home to the NFC where it belongs.

    Brady can su8ck ba8ls! His string of postseason luck ran out tonight! (even though he continued to throw should-be INT passes that miraculously avoided being picked)

    Good call Grant Cohn!

    1. Grant could easily be wrong if the refs didnt give the igles a non td…

      Agree that the igles have more talent though.

      Yay Grant, you won a coin flip. Great for you, lol…

      1. That was a TD. He has two feet down and possession, the ball then shifted but he never lost control of it/ e was re-adjusting the ball against his body as that THIRD foot hit the backline, and when he went to the ground and came up, he still had the ball, never hit the ground.

        The rule should be, much like it is with the runners, you pass the goal line with possession, its a score and the play is dead. He had possession in the endzone, play is dead, TD. If a ball carrier can enter the endzone with possession and then lose it (ground causing it or not) when they dive in, dive for the pylon, do a rolling dive, etc, and still score than a player catching the ball IN the endzone should abide by those same rules, once you have possession and are in the endzone thats a score.

        Saying that wasn’t a TD would be like saying this isn’t a catch :

  24. Doesn’t matter. Six of one …. Prized QBs in the NFL now command a certain amount of money and that’s the going rate. While I personally think JG is gonna be great, it might not be a bad move for the 49ers to franchise him for a year to see how he does before committing themselves to giving him three times that in guaranteed money. My GUESS is that he and his agent will want a five year deal done NOW with lots of guaranteed money for a very simple reason … does the name DeMarcus Cousins mean anything to you? (and the risk is much greater in football).

  25. Tom Brady is a great qb. But who would the Patriots like to going forward, Tome Brady or Jimmy Garopplo?
    Sign the man.

  26. Just heard that an NFC East team won the SB.

    So … How about them Cowboys?

    (What? It wasn’t them?)

    1. The Eagles were the only NFC East team that hadn’t won a Super Bowl. That changed today. In fact, the NFC East is now the only division where all of its teams have won a Super Bowl.

      1. Pre-reorganization NFC West would be two teams short (Atlanta and Carolina slacking / SF, NO, and StL/LA having won).

        Post-reorganization NFC West only one team short (Arizona slacking / SF, Sea, and StL/LA having won).

        I’m sure we all can agree we want ring 6 before Arizona gets one.

  27. Cowboy fans all over the place are crying like little b_tch8s! Bow down to the Philadelphia Eagles, who just won the Super Bowl with their backup QB!

    The Eagles just parlayed Foles into a hefty asset. The final three years of Foles’ deal is voided if he’s on the Eagles’ roster 23 days before the start of the 2019 league year, i.e. mid-February. He’ll be traded sometime between now and then, for a nice haul.

  28. What is the over under for drunken and disorderly arrests tonight in Philly. I say 25. I’ll take the over.

  29. Heck of a game……Great win for Philly! The city deserves it….good call Grant!

    Funny, how Doug Pederson was not even in the conversation for Coach of the Year.
    Also, 2 years removed from Chip Kelly and Eagles win Superbowl. Guess who is going to be 2 years removed from Chip Kelly next year! :p

    Can’t wait for the offseason!

  30. Trumaine Johnson finished #1 in press-man effectiveness with an 84% “in position” rate. He allowed just 43 yards all season in press.

    1. Razor,
      I’ve been on Edmunds wagon for a while and I’m hoping that Lynch can work his magic like last year to get two picks in the 1st round.
      Now, If we stay pat with our 9 or 10 pick and had a choice of either Nelson or Edmunds who would you draft?

        1. Nelson… Let’s see… Last year is was King Solomon. So, this year we (may) have Lord Nelson?

          1. Over his career as a three-year starter (2,336 snaps), Nelson has surrendered two sacks, none in the last two years, and two quarterback hits. That’s why here in South Bend we refer to him as the, Dominator.

            1. Razor,
              Nelson would be my first pick as well. But there are some very good Olineman in this draft well into the 3rd round.

              Something to consider perhaps; Jimmy G made our current Olineman look good because of his quick-draw release. With JGQ able to make the quick throws, would the FO possibly look at a top-flight WR to give him another weapon vs an Olineman?
              Also, if Jimmy signs long term he would no doubt like to see the Org give him the tools he needs to ensure long term success as well.
              Hey, I’m just spouting out some post-SB thoughts (lol).

              1. I’d be very surprised to see them take a WR that high. Not sure there’s one worth that kind of capital. Yea, this draft has some depth at pivot, and guard, but I think Nelson is a generational talent. Getting him wouldn’t preclude them from drafting another one late, and you’ve got to figure out what player/position represents value with that late 2nd round pick. Maybe a wide receiver like St. Brown, Tate or maybe edge like, Mata’afa or Turay. I’m not sure either AES, just that Nelson is my draft crush this year, and chances are he’ll be gone anyways. In that case I could see them going for a player like Edmunds, or trading down if the opportunity presented itself, and targeting Price….

              2. Razor,
                I like Price as well. But here’s a list of very good Olineman that would likely be on the board into the 3rd rd.
                Chukwuma Okorafor – Western Michigan
                Frank Ragnow – Arkansas
                Will Hernandez – UTEP
                Brendan Mahon – Penn St.
                Braden Smith – Auburn
                Bradley Bozeman – Alabama
                Maea Teuhema – SE Louisiana (one of favorites).
                Will Clapp – LSU
                There is a good chance that these players will be on the board when we pick on day 2.
                But if as you say, QN is a generational talent then he could be our 1st pick.

              3. AES, I don’t think Hernandez will still be on the board in round 3, and Ragnow is iffy as well. I think either of these guys in the 3rd round would be excellent value….

  31. The Patriot’s era ended tonight. It will be years before they get back. Bill and Tom will be long gone when they do return…

  32. Well, the NFL got what they wanted. Arena football. Where were the defenses today? Pathetic. The 80’s Niners would have smoked either one of these teams. Either team couldn’t stop my mother from gaining yards. I seriously think that the Niners of today, the team we saw the last five weeks of the season, could have won today. Not impressed at all. The future looks bright for the Niners after watching that display today. I guarantee JL and KS are thinking the same.

    1. There’s an old adage – defense wins superbowls. Was today the exception or a harbinger of things to come.

      1. Under pressure from their Golden Goose partners (TV) the NFL has been relentlessly tweaking the rules of the game to limit defense and enhance scoring and “excitement” since at least the 80s. It all comes to roost.
        Interestingly, during the SB and PlayOffs it seemed to me that the zebras were reluctant to throw flags for P.I. or Illegal Contact. A ‘let them play’ mentality I assume, which is ok when equally applied.
        But the idea that only Offense is entertaining is not one I share. One of the best games I ever enjoyed was a MNF Giants @ The Stick that ended up something like 10-7 (not exact.) The Niners teams that won rings all had good defenses, but the last one was 24 years ago!

          1. Yeah, that’s the one, I couldn’t quite remember the correct score but that was a terrific game. Heavyweight slugfest.

  33. NINERS are back on everyone’s radar!

    Just minutes after Super Bowl 52 , Super Bowl 53 odds are posted and the San Francisco 49ERS have made a bold move up the boards!

    At the Las Vegas Super Book, they are installed at 20/1, which is even with the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams. At BetDSI Sportsbook, the 49ers are installed at 25/1. The Seahawks are 24/1 and the Rams are 19/1. The lowest odds for the 49ers? 5Dimes has them at 18/1, which is actually ahead of the Seahawks, who are listed at 25/1. The Rams are just ahead of the 49ers at +1750 (between 18/1 and 17/1)

    A year ago, the 49ers were near the bottom of the Super Bowl 52 odds. They were 200/1 at one sportsbook, and 300/1 at another. It was them and the Cleveland Browns at the bottom, and then everybody else ahead of them. Things have certainly changed in a big way!

    1. Thanks 49reasons, good info. I bet those books will take a big hit if the Niners take Grants and rockets advice in swapping JG for Cousins. Let’s hope we don’t have to find out.

        1. What’s not accurate? Did or did you not support Grant’s theory – we’d have a QB in Cousins just a capable as JG, and oh my just look at that draft bonanza. Or are you arguing the Niners odds for SB52 would be the same, JG or Cousins? I’m doubting that.

          1. I didn’t advise a swap of JG for Cousins and neither did Grant for that matter. Grant came up with a theory, that if possible, would be better for the Niners and I agreed. The proposal was not a swap of JG and Cousins. It was trading JG for a hefty return of high draft picks, and then signing Cousins as a FA. If it were just Cousins for JG, I wouldn’t do it and Grant wouldn’t have proposed it. It was the combination of extra first, second and third round picks, along with a veteran QB who has performed at a high level in a system similar to Shanahan’s. The scenario proposed was unlikely and to me anyway, was more of a what if piece. Many on here took it way too seriously and are totally in love with the first QB to play competently in a few years to the point they believe bringing in a top ten QB along with multiple first and second round picks is a ludicrous suggestion. Who is really thinking irrationally here?

            1. The proposal was not a swap of JG and Cousins.

              In essence it was exactly that, along with a haul of fanciful draft picks.

              1. Not remotely the same thing. The picks were a key part of the proposal. It was not a straight swap of QB’s and neither one of us suggested that as an option.

              2. Ridiculous reply rocket, you are better than this. Just answer: Who is the Niners QB on the roster now? Who would be the Niners QB on the roster after this machination?

  34. Seb is spending some time at “Trembling Hills Rehabilitation Center”. Please pray for his well being and quick recovery. ;>)

    1. My sources indicate that Seb–an obscure National Security Agency (NSA) analyst–is now working the North Korea desk where he trolls North Korean leadership.

  35. Don’t Panic 49er fans. Jimmy G is our franchise QB and the deal will get done. There is no chance of a low ball offer, Jimmy will be offered high tier money and he will be signed – You can take this to the bank. Now, lets look forward to the draft and free agency.

  36. <i think the 9ers should sign and trade Garrapalo to the Packers for Aaron Rogers. Rogers is increasingly unhappy there and would love to finish his career with his "home team"

  37. Here’s my Cohn-esque bold prediction for 2019:

    Beathard to win Super Bowl LIII after being traded to the patriots following Brady’s retirement.

    Pats win 73-71 in a no holds barred shootout with the 49ers.

    (Garoppolo still wins MVP because, you know, he has a great smile and all that…)

      1. A promise that Brian Hoyer would be taken out to the woodshed and never darken the doorsteps of any NFL team ever again.

        All the other 30 teams are so grateful they all chip in $1 million each to a Shanahan rainy day fund to compensate for Beathard’s transfer.

  38. Did Marathe pull a MIF and enter the building disguised as Lynch? Why even bring that old hash up? It makes zero sense based on the current staff running the show.

    As far as Yee leaking the info, it makes sense to put Lynch in the spotlight to get a bearing on which way the wind is blowing at 9er HQ. If Lynch is going to use the tag then he would do so as a tactic(if he was in a weak position anyway) and if Lynch is lowballing them they will simply wait for that to happen. It’s Win/Win for Touchdown Jesus. Because in the end he’s a Starter and next season he would hit the FA market unless he’s under a brand new deal.

    Oh and trying to trade him is a stupid move. Counsins is a Free Agent who could go to anyone willing to pay him. Yes the 9ers have over $100 million in Cap space, but it’s stupid for the very reason Coach Walsh returned to the 9ers and cut overpaid talent to get the books Cap healthy. Leveraging the future for one player is the dumbest thing Lynch could do. Yes Cousins is a proven commodity but those don’t come cheap. Especially after Foles and the Eagles won the Super Bowl. That guy may end up trade bait himself.

      1. Not saying he won’t, but there are no guarantees in Free Agency. In a perfect world the 9ers get everyone they are targeting. But we’ve been here too many times to play games in an attempt to get a top notch player in the FA market. Until the FA period starts we have a solid player and can either tag him or get him signed and nobody can touch him before then. So Lynch is concentrating on what he has before he has to go after positions of need. Trading away the Starting QB is two steps backward.

  39. Trick play on 4th and goal was pretty gutsy. But not nearly as gutsy as Eli, OBJ, NFL and everyone else involved in that, you have to admit, pretty gay commercial spot.

  40. This entire post is based on guessing who said what to whom. It’s like a couple of high school girls gossiping over a froyo. There are so many different possibilities here, the conjecture could go anywhere. Could be as simple as Rapaport has a friend in Yee’s office who said they are close to a deal. Or it could be Rapaport made something up so he could meet his word count requirement for his article. A local sports guy in Houston calls him Ian Rapa-doesnt confirm any story-paport. Grant, not sure of your experience with the guy but I have the impression Rapaport is not the most reliable source.

    And for the life of me I can’t figure out why you think Yee wants Jimmy G to get tagged prior to making a deal. Yee knows the amount of the tag. If the 49ers are willing to meet Garoppolo’s contract request it makes no sense to force the 49ers to burn the franchise tag on a player who is getting what he wants. I just don’t see the 49ers lowballing Garoppolo since they obviously want him to be the QB of the future. The entire premise of this article just seems off to me. It’s based on conjecture of who leaked to Rapaport and that the leak being a tactic to force Yee’s hand in a negotiation. That seems highly unlikely to me.

    1. Marathe makes team-friendly deals. Garoppolo better get that franchise tag before he agrees to a long-term contract.

      1. Don Yee is a professional agent who negotiates contracts all the time. It’s not like he’s going to be tricked into signing something bad for his client by Paraag Marathe. If Yee can’t recognize a bad deal then he will cease to have clients. Marathe put together the Kaepernick deal under the direction of an entirely different front office and coaching staff. I also think the 49ers may want to change the perception of the organization. They need to attract top free agents and they aren’t going to be able to do that by lowballing a guy like Jimmy Garoppolo who everyone around the league sees as a future superstar. Teams in California already have a hard enough time attracting players due to the high cost of living and the high taxes, especially after the federal income tax cuts. A player making $1M in Houston needs to make almost $2M in the Bay Area to maintain the same standard of living. The 49ers are already at a competitive disadvantage to teams like the Cowboys and Texans when it comes to signing free agents. IMO the franchise tag is not in play in this negotiation. The 49ers want/need to make a splash with this signing.

        1. This is Jimmy’s first big deal. He wants to get paid and the 49ers have the cap space. Brady has extended a few times after getting his big payday. Jimmy might make a team-friendly deal further on down the road, but not right now.

  41. Eagles win the Super Bowl 2 years after moving on from Chip Kelly (and a pretty drastic roster overhaul). Next season what team is 2 years moved on from Chip Kelly (and a pretty drastic roster overhaul)?

    1. On the Super Bowl matter…. I called the Philly win and the key turnover (didn’t specify what kind of turnover…), but missed rather badly on the score.

      On to the combine, draft, and FA shopping. The 2018 season can’t get here soon enough!

    1. Hmm, could be. Jimmy is taller too. Grant only covers athletes, Jimmy is an athlete. And Jimmy dresses better.

  42. Tim says:
    February 4, 2018 at 10:16 pm
    You are a troll who pretends to be a journalist Grant.

  43. Best post ever
    Tim says:
    February 4, 2018 at 10:16 pm
    You are a troll who pretends to be a journalist Grant.

  44. Grant, this conflicts with your last season In madden in which you franchised and traded Jimmy G to Cleveland. I guess Lynch and shanahan aren’t on board with your master plan if they are “putting pressure” on Jimmy G s camp to sign.

  45. Grant:
    Enough conjecture about JG’s contract. Lets assume Lynch and Yee will get it done.
    * 1) Lets have an article on the 2018 F/A’s Lynch should / will sign. It would start a good debate. (click bait)
    * 2) How the 2018 F/A’s Lynch signs will affect the players the 9ers draft.
    * 3) For example: The 9ers sign 2018 F/A OG’s Andrew Norwell & Justin Pugh, Center Weston Richburg and
    CB Malcolm Butler.
    * 4) Who would / should they draft now?

    1. I wrote those blogs last week.

      FAs I think the 49ers will target:

      1. Justin Pugh
      2. Aqib Talib
      3. Isaiah Crowell
      4. Taylor Gabriel
      5. Bruce Irvin

      Players I think the 49ers will draft

      1. Billy Price
      2. Tarvarus McFadden
      3. Ogbonnia Okoronkwo
      4. Ronald Jones II
      5. Equanimeous St. Brown

      1. Gonna need two late 1st round picks, and three 2nd round picks to get all your draft candidates.

          1. Looking forward to it. One of the things I really like about Price is he’s said to have an attitude, and that’s a component we’ve lacked at Center since Newberry….

      2. Grant:
        Thanks for reposting…I missed your blog last week.
        * I Like your F/A’s except for Aquib Talib. Over priced, old and problems.
        * The combine times may change my mind on Billy Price, IMO he’ll be available in late 2nd or 3rd round.
        * I’d Rather the 9ers picked Georgia’s Sony Michael than Ronald Jones, but I want to see the combine
        results before deciding. San Diego St. RB Rashaad Penny’s results also could change my mind.
        * I like Equanimeous St. Brown, but his combine results could move him up the draft boards.

          1. Razor:
            I’m not too concerned with the Number of his BP rep, that’s his reputed strength. I expect them to be good. I’m interested in his 10, 20, 40 yard times, 20 yard shuttle, 3 cone times and Wonderlic results (if the 9ers are drafting him to pay center).

            1. You’re not one of those football nerds that sits and watches every combine participant, everyday of the combine like myself are you?

              1. Razor:
                Shhhh! Don’t tell on me!
                * But like my old man always told me….when you buy a bull, be damn sure it can produce.

              2. Yea, I love this time of year. Looking forward to the combine days, and then draftmas. Then we wait, which is the time of the year I hate….

  46. The franchise tag does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to his long term deal. That would be a last ditch effort…and usually when guys get tagged they still sign for less than they asked.

    What are you going to do when this gets signed in the next 60 days, no franchise tag, nothing? Your thick-headedness is not a good trait.

  47. Ian Rapoport was on KNBR this morning and said the following:
    1. The deal is close to getting done
    2. Jimmy G is about to become one of the top paid QBs in the league

    If so, that means a salary of ~$25 million/year vs. getting tagged at ~$23 million. There is also risk of JG getting injured or poor play that could lower his stock. So, why would JG risk losing money that’s on the table?

    1. I remember Colin Kaepernick’s deal technically made him the highest-paid player in the league.

        1. More evidence that stats can at times be very misleading. Jimmy enabled the 49ers offense to score on over 60% of their possessions. Baseline performance….

          1. that ’17 baseline performance won’t hold up in ’18 unless KS improves the run game…the OL, run blocking, and pass protection are still the main issues holding a potential offensive monster back from realization…

            1. When I refer to his baseline performance, I’m taking into account the situation he was thrown into. It goes without saying that the issues you cite need addressed, but Jimmy will grow exponentially in this offense with a whole offseason, OTA’s, training camp and learning the nuances with personnel….

        2. “more stats”

          “Nick Wright compares Garoppolo’s last 6 games with Kaepernick’s”

          What a load of crap. Jimmy didn’t start the first of those last 6 games. Now let’s look at the stats over their last 5 (not 6) starts.

          Kaep: At Bears: 1 for 5 (20%), 4 YDs, 39.6 rating, got benched for Gabbert.
          1-4. 81 points (16.2 average).

          Garoppolo: 5-0. 144 points (28.8 average).

          Serious question, are you trolling us Dee?

      1. one of the things that came out of the Kaepernick deal was that he reportedly wanted to leave some on the table so the team could resign some of their players (or get new ones). At the time the Niners had little salary cap space.

        If I’m Jimmy Garoppolo, I’d think that with $115M in salary cap space, the Niners have the money to pay me as well as sign anybody they want. So worrying about a team friendly deal hindering Jimmy’s negotiations isn’t as relevant as Kaepernick’s deal negotiations.

      2. Grant

        I also remember that…$14 Mil wasn’t it ? As much as the niner FO gloried in it at first, but then Marathe was seen trying to leave town at night….What has he done that makes him such a valued commodity…?

        1. that $14M was close to the franchise tag at the time so it served as a baseline for Kaepernick’s contract.

          What made the deal so team friendly was that only committed to him for essentially 3 years which is what the Niners could have tagged him with anyway and the signing bonuses was a measly $12M. Such a low signing bonus made cutting Kaepernick fairly painless and in fact the Niners only ended up paying him $39M of his “record setting” $126M contract.

          at the time Kapernick was still considered one of the hot up and coming QBs and most NFL teams would have loved the opportunity to build around him. So getting a contract done that required so little future commitment and ultimately even relatively little money made the Marathe structured for the 49ers look extremely team friendly.

    2. the av/y isn’t as important as the guaranteed money. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a front loaded contract with a high early pay out in the form of a roster bonus to reduce the salary cap hits in the future (as wells the team’s long term commitment).

  48. Why must Garoppolo force the Franchise Tag before a deal can get done? Any negotiations at this point would assume that the Franchise Tag guarantee money was a starting point for a long term deal anyway.

  49. A contract in any business need not be a set of shackles. It’s an agreement. It should be mutually beneficial. If you want to start a business with a friend, the very best thing you can do is put everything in writing to preserve the business and the friendship.
    While Yee is representing his client’s interests in a necessarily adversarial negotiation, there’s no reason the negotiation can’t be cordial and cooperative while each side preserves its own interests. The process is also a recruitment for a long term relationship with the most important position on any team. Good listening and candor can grease those wheels.
    My guess is Lynch felt them out about what would work for them. How do you feel about a non-hostile Tag if time is needed to strike a deal? What are your ballpark numbers you have in mind? Do we need to bother with unrealistic high and low starting points to then tediously negotiate down?
    This is how to negotiate with a HC candidate to make them like the contract, why not a QB? Lynch has been on the other side of this game and knows it. That’s why he came to the decision to release Bowman; he remembered end of career negotiations and feelings. Lynch seems to be a guy who values directness.
    If accounts are true, they’re somewhere close and Paraag takes over to finalize the details to make it happen.
    Finally, a thought on the small sample size. Shanny liked JG originally in the draft. The NFL games played just demonstrated that he can perform at the next level. He did it with BB’s Cadillac and then with SF’s previously unproductive offense.
    I don’t pretend to know if the deal will get done in a week or two. I don’t see a good reason that it couldn’t. If and when done, signing other free agent prospects might be made easier.

    1. EC9,
      Ha, good stuff! Staying with the media topic.
      My review of the outliers from yesterdays game.
      1. Commercials: D-. The MLK speech used for Ram truck was classless. But overall, commercials were weak for this SB. Tall dancing girl – what the hell was that about!?
      2. Justin Timberlake: C+. Good, but lacked energy and pop.
      3. Pre-game shows: F. If see one more pre-game show with their host(s) doing ice fishing i’m going to slit my wrest!
      The game itself was great, but it looked like something out of a Madden Football video.

      Let the Combine games begin!

  50. I know right! the niners could sign him to a 200million dollar contract and I’d be ok with it.Pay the man, that’s what I say.Cousins who?Jimmy is already better with 7 starts, he makes players around him better.If that was the case with Cousins he would have taken the Redskins deep in the playoffs every year ,hasnt happened.Injuries are not an excuse just low hanging fruit.

  51. Just some musings after an entertaining SB:

    More evidence that you need more than a great QB to win. Brady was fantastic yesterday and it still wasn’t enough because Philly had the better team.

    It appears the offenses have overtaken the defenses in the war of creativity and execution. There are ebbs and flows with both sides getting the edge at different points in time and defenses will have to work overtime against the RPO craze and pick plays that are now being run anywhere and every where on the field.

    This SB was the kind of game the marketing dept. of the NFL craves. Caters to the young audience with a lot of points and fast paced action. Can’t say I fully appreciate a game with no defense, but it was entertaining.

    The officiating was excellent, meaning they didn’t play a factor in the outcome. I saw some arguing about the Clement catch above, but it was a TD and the call and non reversal was correct. He never lost control of the ball to the point you take the catch away and that is how it should be called every time from now on. The Ertz TD also should not even have been in question and the only reason it was is because Collinsworth seemed clueless (he also was on the Clement TD) about the fact a player is deemed a runner at the point Ertz broke the plane of the goal line. He didn’t go to the ground making the catch. He made the catch, turned up field and took 3 steps before diving into the end zone. No controversy at all and CC made it more confusing by his inability to understand basic football.

    Nick Foles was fantastic. Looked calm and collected, delivered the ball well and led his team to a SB. He is also a backup caliber QB. Any team possibly trading for him to be their starter should consider the entire resume; not just the past 3 games.

    Good for Philly. Rabid fan base that has had to endure endless amounts of chiding from fans of other teams in the division for being the only one not to win a SB. Now they can dish it out for awhile.

    Two years ago the Eagles were in shambles after a disastrous year with Chip Kelly running personnel. Howie Roseman fixed it with good FA signings and drafting. The Niners can look at that as a reference point for how quickly things can turn in this league when you add talent to your roster no matter what method you use. They should be players in FA and try to accumulate more picks in the first two days of the draft if possible. With Garoppolo answering the QB question, it’s now about amassing talent to fill the rest of the roster.

    1. More evidence that you need more than a great QB to win more than 5 superbowls.

      Fixed that for you, rocket

    2. It was a good advertisement for how important a good OL and ground game is, combined with a smart play caller, to open things up for the QB. Also showed that even average QBs can have hot streaks. Something 49ers fans do need to be wary of re: JG, though I don’t think it will be an issue.

      On the two “controversial” TDs, completely agree the Ertz one shouldn’t even have been debated. He was clearly a runner by that point. The Clement one however could easily have gone either way. Glad sanity prevailed as he never actually lost the ball, but there was movement right throughout the catch.

      1. Philly’s oline made Foles look like Brady. I think the 49ers should invest in Billy Price at number 9 or 10 and sign a couple free agent guards.

        1. Chris,
          Is the Price choice at 9 or 10 based on the pretense that Q.Nelson is off the board when we have our 1st pick?

            1. AES
              * If I may play Devil’s advocate: What if Georgia’s Roquan Smith, Alabama’s Minkah Fitzpatrick, or Penn St. Saquon Barkley is still on the board?
              *Is the O-line more important than say an edge rusher or shut down CB?
              *What if the 9ers sign F/A OG Andrew Norwell?
              What I’m really asking, is what position(s) are the 9ers greatest needs? Should they fill the
              O-line needs with F/A’s ( Pugh and Weston Richburg), then use the draft to fill other needs? 
              * I would like to hear some opinions.

              1. GEEP,
                Actually, this is my line of thinking. I’m not really hot on Nelson because Garoppolo proved that he could win with our current group.

                Signing a FA O-lineman and drafting O-lineman in the 2 to 3 round could provide all the improvement the O-line needs.
                After watching every game last season, especially the games that we lost with close scores – it was apparent to me that if we could have put more pressure on opposing QB’s we likely could have won those games.
                So a top Edge would really help. Watching D. Johnson getting beat like a peniata could certainly justify a Fitzgerald pick.
                But there could be another Carlos Rodgers in FA that could fill the need at CB.

                My thinking is that a top WR could fill a need given the fact that Garcon may not be able to recapture his physical style of play because he is coming back from a neck injury.
                Unless we can sign a very good WR through FA (I don’t see any great WR in FA) I would trade out of 9 or 10 to find a WR late in the 1st Rd and garner another 2nd round pick to get our Edge.

      2. Ugh, the NFL must get a handle on what is a “catch” this offseason.

        Scooter, there was movement through the Clement catch, but I don’t think it amounted to loss of control. Even though the ball did move, he still appeared to have “control” of the ball, through the catch. Does that matter? I’ve lost track of the rule(s) regarding maintaining control throughout the process. Maybe you know the answer (not that it matters anymore)?

        As for my man Billy Price, 9 or 10 might be a little high, but I think his versatility adds value. And I think Kyle puts a higher value on Centers than some HC’s. I’m hoping the 49ers can make a move back to the mid to late teens, and still draft Price. That’s my ideal round 1 selection right now.

        1. Peter Panacy (Sports Illustrated) makes the case for Price, but not as a top 10 selection: “Centers are of extreme importance for 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. It’s why the Atlanta Falcons made the move for veteran center Alex Mack amid their run up to Super Bowl LI when Shanahan was the team’s offensive coordinator. We have no clue whether or not Price will ever become a player like Mack. But looking back at the film, you can see the same kind of zone-style blocks that are inherent to Shanahan’s offense.”

          Personally, I think Price has the goods to develop into an All-Pro NFL Center. His versatility would be a boon for Jimmy G. and the 49ERS offense, IMO. I’m not sure I’m pulling the trigger on him at 9 or 10 though. Then again, I’m not sold on the fit for an OL the size of Quenton Nelson in Kyle’s scheme. Nelson is a BEAST, but probably better suited for a power scheme.

          1. That’s because you haven’t watched any film on Nelson. Btw, the 49ers met with Hernandez who tops the scales at over 340 lbs….

            1. There’s a few reports that 49ers brass has met with Bozeman (Alabama) as well.
              Now, the meeting with Hernandez has me thinking that the 49ers are looking at day 2 for their Olineman and going with either a WR or Edge/LB with their 1st pick.

            2. Hernandez had a great week at the Senior Bowl. My comment on Nelson wasn’t meant to be a knock on him. He’s was a man among boys in college. He’s going to be a dominant pro. Yes he’s nimble for a man his size, but Kyle typically prefers smaller, more nimble OL’s, and OG’s in particular. Maybe Nelson is athletic enough to excel in Kyle’s zone scheme. We’ll see how nimble he looks at the combine. But I have watched plenty of his game film, and I came away thinking he’s probably better suited for a down-blocking power scheme. He’s nimble for his size, but his best attribute is his ability to maul his opponents, and simply over power them.

            3. Hopefully the meeting with Hernandez was for showing other teams the 49ers are very interested in him. He has short strides and short arms, he’s not too tall either. Nelson would be perfect, he has good active feet, gets to the second level with long strides and he has long arms with good hand work he’s learned from martial arts. He stays on the block until the whistle or knocks one defender down and gets to blocking another. He has good eyes, he’s smart and a great teammate. He sees safety’s blitzing and blocks them well too. His film highlights are something else.

            4. Razor:
              Hernandez is another player that I want to see his combine results. Several scouting reports on him say, “The one small area of concern is Hernandez lateral movement ability. He doesn’t have a quick shuffle which will cause issues when Hernandez is in space.” Is he a good fit in Shanahan’s OZB scheme, or can good coaching fix it?

      3. The problem with the catch rule is they have made it way too hard to call because of how concise replays are now. There was a time when you couldn’t see subtle movement like there was in the Clement catch and now everything is called so tightly because they can see things they couldn’t before. Goodell said they are going to start from scratch on it this offseason and that’s good but hopefully they come to an agreement that A) breaking the plane of the goal line with possession is a TD regardless of what happens when you hit the ground and B) unless the receiver loses control completely (ball pops up in the air, slides down his leg etc) it’s a catch. A tiny bobble for a split second does not warrant ruling a pass incomplete and it never was ruled that rigidly before hi def replay.

        1. Those are already the rules. As a runner, the ball has always had to kiss the front of the goal line, and the catch rule specifically states that a “slight” bobble does not disqualify a reception….

          1. The problem is it isn’t officiated that way. The same standards don’t apply for runners and receivers breaking the plane. If you catch it and dive without establishing yourself as a runner, you have to maintain control when you hit the ground. A runner can dive over a pile and lose control when he hits the ground and it’s ruled a TD. That is what they need to get out of the game. If the ball is in the players possession when he breaks the plane, it’s a TD and the play stops right there. Doesn’t matter if he was running, diving or dancing the hula. If it’s in his hands it’s a TD and what happens when he hits the ground is irrelevant.

            I’ve seen catches reversed on a slight bobble in the past, and other times it’s been allowed to stand. That’s the problem. There is no consistency with how it’s officiated. We should be trying to make it as simple as possible, but they make it more complicated. Unless the guy flat out drops it or clearly is juggling it as he goes out of bounds, it should be a catch imo. Stop officiating based on what the High Def cameras see in slow motion and look at it from game speed.

    3. “Collinsworth seemed clueles”

      Yeah, he was awful. Wouldn’t surprise me if NBC let him go. He created an unnecessary controversy in the biggest game of the year because of his ignorance.

  52. I’m guessing


    I doubt it

    I don’t think

    All comments from the editor, in defense of his article. If you’re looking for substance, you’re probably in the wrong spot.

  53. Rapoport on KNBR this morning:

    “Yea, I think it’s getting pretty close to getting done. You know, barring some sort of negotiating snag, I would expect this in a couple days, pretty close. I don’t think they’re at a point where they’ve reached an agreement, but it sounds like it’s getting there. A multi-year deal, lucrative, big money, top quarterback money. I’m not sure it’s gonna be Derek Carr, but I would imagine it’s gonna be right around there.

    ”From what it sounds like, too — negotiations are hard — this does not seem like it was a hard one. And I think part of that is because everybody wants the same thing in this case.

    Grant will take the position that this is more diabolical leaking, but I maintain that both parties agreed to let this out for the benefit of the Faithful….

    1. Why bother leaking this for the sake of a few days? Makes no sense. Just get the deal done and 49ers fans will be plenty happy.

      The most likely scenario is someone on one side of the fence or the other is a gossip and can’t keep their trap shut for wanting to be seen as someone “in the know”.

      1. Why doesn’t make sense? His jerseys are going to sell out after the deal is done, and Lynch is just trying to give fans a heads up…;>)

        1. All for the sake of a couple of days? Makes no sense. Just get it done then everyone is elated.

      2. The most likely scenario is someone on one side of the fence or the other is a gossip and can’t keep their trap shut for wanting to be seen as someone “in the know”.


    2. Grant just can’t handle it when he’s wrong which is pretty often. He’s a good journalist tho just stubborn as hell like his daddy lol

    1. Jbrack,
      Does the Pats losing the superbowl have a possible effect on the 49ers wanting to make this deal as quickly as possible?

      What if (just musing with a scenario here) Brady decides to retire. Bilichick would love nothing more than to make a push for JG in 2019. With that possible scenario, Yee could convince JGQ to take the one year “tag” contract and garner a huge deal from the Pats when JG becomes a free agent?
      Like my earlier question to Razor, i’m just spouting out post-SB musings.

      1. AES,

        The ability to tag Garoppolo multiple times makes that option unlikely. I doubt Garoppolo is loyal enough to risk up to 3 seasons on one year deals just so he can go back to NE.

        My guess is Belichick and Brady will go out at the same time.

        1. rocket,
          Thanks, that makes sense. Plus, Polo has a chance to put his lasting signature on 49ers folklore if he can be responsible for the teams renaissance in 2018 and beyond.
          Signing him long term would put a stop on my scenarios as well (lol).

          1. No problem. There really is no reason they can’t come to a long term agreement, and with all the smoke emanating around the web in regards to the two sides being close to an agreement, it’s just a matter of time before it’s done imo.

              1. Of course Grant won’t take it hard….it’s just his opinion and he’s not emotionally tied to the team. Still a chance he gets tagged.

              2. You must have missed it when he cited his credentials, and reminded us the value of his opinion due to the amount of money he receives for voicing it. Btw, you’re not his nephew are you?

              3. No, if I was related to him, I’d be defending him on every post that questions his credentials.

              4. Uncle salty told me when she was just a baby
                That she’d get by and maybe someday she’d see
                But soon she found her mother’s love for all the others
                The pushers and the shovers was the life to lead

              5. Now she’s doing any for money and a penny
                A sailor with a penny or two or three
                Hers is the cunning for men who come a-running
                They all come for fun and it seems to me.

        2. Rocket,
          That’s the part everyone seems to forget when talking about the Tag. It’s only great if you don’t get injured, or suffer a down year.
          I understand being confident in yourself but if a player suffers a major injury. 100 mil in the bank is a lot nicer than 25.

  54. Just a rumor, but another Buffalo chip on the fire:
    Marcellus Wiley sez humongous JG news coming this week. High finance.
    Not sure how he would have inside info, but I hope he’s freakin’ right

    1. Boy, there is going to be some really disappointed and anxious 49er fans if JG doesn’t sign in the next week.

      1. Not me. My limb was the entire month, but I admit it doesn’t seem as precarious as it looked before I climbed on.

  55. I am just happy we don’t need to hire (J. McDaniel or M. Patricia) or sign a mediocre K. Cousins……

  56. 49ers go after Butler ?

    No secret what we need most in FA and draft. OL OL OL CB CB PASS RUSH (not necessarily in that order). The ND guard will go before our pick. Only a team that is already loaded big time should even consider taking a WR in the first rd round (like the 49ers and Rice in the 85 draft). Probably same for RB.

    1. That falls in line with the overall drop in TV ratings as a whole. With the number of house holds cutting Cable/Sat and the numerous ways available to pirate the game, I think they’ll be happy with what they got.

      1. Some of those pirates and cord cutters don’t even realize that they could watch the SB legally and for free with an antenna. In HD since analog signals ended in 2009.

  57. Should have posted in response to AES:

    If they decide on a WR in the first round, it won’t be with the 9th or 10th pick. It’ll be with a trade down. I don’t think they’d spend that pick on a LB like Smith, but I do think they’d consider Edmunds due to his edge potential. Hernandez will be drafted late round 1 or early round 2….

    1. Razor,
      I would love a move like that especially if Nelson is off the table before our pick. The 49ers may have a plan B and C already in tow in the event Nelson is gone. But that though is predicated on whether the Org is hot on QN.

      I still see the team going with a top WR for a couple of reasons.
      1. We don’t know how effective Garcon will be coming back from a neck injury.
      2. Polo has shown that he can make a sub efficient O-line look good because of his quick throwing release.
      Trading into mid to late 1st round could make good sense especially if we can garner a 2nd Rd pick in the deal.

  58. More from Rapoport:

    “It’s also smart because as good as he was, he’s only going to be even better. So, he’s one of those players — like, it’s not a fluke. He’s just great, and lock him up as early as you can. That’s my thought.”

  59. Lets hypothesize and assume Grant’s correct, that JG becomes trade bait for the draft, jettisoning the 49er rebuild into warp speed with multiple picks for JG.

    Well, if Shanahan is the Genius, Bill Walsh incarnate, he possesses the confidence to draft a QB in the 3rd round, mentor him for 3 years, then win a SuperBowl.

    Problem is, Shanny’s under a 6 year K, meaning he’d have to be super confident to swing that deal, and draft someone like Kyle Lauletta—University of Richmond.

    This would be clever, and a show of confidence to the fans, but does Kyle have the Bill Walsh swagger/confidence ?

    1. Worth a look, yes, but only as a fallback option, and only to compete with a rookie and/or other FA pickups. He is rocks or diamonds. Too many bad days for me to feel comfortable going with Amerson as the answer to the 49ers CB problem.

  60. Bettors are jumping on 49ers to win Super Bowl LIII

    So far, the 49ers are the darlings of the betting public with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback to make a run at next year’s title.

    Here’s a list of the odds from Oddsshark:

    New England Patriots +350
    Green Bay Packers +800
    Philadelphia Eagles +850
    Pittsburgh Steelers +1000
    Minnesota Vikings +1200
    Los Angeles Rams +1750
    San Francisco 49ers +1800

    1. 1. Harold Laundry, DE, Boston College
      2. Deion Cain, WR, Clemson
      3. Frank Ragnow, OG/C, Arkansas
      3. Quentin Meeks, CB, Stanford
      4. Whether or not Hyde returns will have a profound impact on the team’s approach the position in the offseason. Ballage amassed 450 carries for 1,984 yards and 27 touchdowns in four seasons. The Arizona State alum also caught 82 passes for 684 yards and two touchdowns. At 6-foot-3 and 230 pounds, Ballage is a massive back that would make for an interesting pairing along with the smaller, more shirty Matt Breida. Ballage has the one-cut style that fits well with Shanahan’s outside zone scheme, with the speed and physicality to wear down opposing defenses.

      1. TomD
        Do you believe Harold Laundry, DE, Boston College, is a first round pick?
        SCOUTING REPORT: Multiple teams believe Landry belongs on the second day of the 2018 NFL Draft. They labeled his senior year tape was not impressive. Landry had a big drop in his pass-rush production year over year and put together some ugly games in run defense. Sources say that Landry is smaller than his listed numbers of 6-foot-3, 250 pounds, too. They believe he is an inch or two shorter and weighs in the 240s, which makes him more of a linebacker’s body type for the NFL. Teams that run a 4-3 defense have concerns about Landry holding up on the edge as he is very undersized to be a base end. More than one NFL source sees Landry as a second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft

        1. GEEP,
          I like that draft scenario. It’s very close to my line of thinking.
          Landry is the missing link for our pass rushing woes and Cain can be a nice weapon at WR for Jimmy G.

          1. Landry has a lot going for him except for the fact he lacks any plan once he’s stymied at the top of his arc. He has no plan, or secondary move or methodical blocking traps. I wouldn’t touch him early….

    2. I disagree… If you can get Bell for our 2nd rounder, that would be an act of NFL God’s. We would have a young franchise QB and a young franchise RB for our 2018 2nd round. Come on man. No 2 players that we could have drafted would have more impact than those 2. But this is just a scenario, it will never happen.

    3. I completely disagree. If we can get Bell for our 2nd rounder, that would be an back of NFL gods. We would have our young franchise QB and our young franchise RB for our 2018 2nd round. No 2 players we could have drafted would have more impact than those 2. But this will never happen. Pitt isn’t that crazy.

  61. Required reading for the TO bashers.

    “Garcia, who is a frequent guest on Maiocco’s podcast, sent NBC a excerpt of the statement that he provided to the Hall of Fame selection committee, who looked at 30 testimonials from former teammates and coaches with quotes supporting Owens’ candidacy. It’s unclear how much effect Garcia’s and others’ statements had, but Owens was elected to the Hall of Fame on Saturday.”


      Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Bryant Young, Garrison Hearst, Derrick Deese and Gary Plummer were among Owens’ former 49ers teammates who voiced support of him.

      “He was a teammate,” Garcia said upon learning Saturday night that Owens was elected into the Hall of Fame. “I can look at a lot of things we did together as positive.

      “I’m excited and thrilled for a former teammate to be acknowledged and recognized for his great contributions to his teams, as well as the game of football, on the field. It’s about time. Congratulations to Terrell Owens.”

  62. Man I liked Landry last year, but he’s got a lot of rushes where he’s dead in the water at the top of his arc. He doesn’t seem to have any plan B….

  63. Rapaport: My understanding is the benching of #Patriots CB Malcolm Butler happened because of a perfect storm of issues: Sickness, a rough week of practice, and a minor rule violation believed to be related to curfew. A complicated matter.

    Butler did not fly with the Patriots to Minneapolis, and he told reporters that the team had to send a private plane to get him back in Boston because he was ill. Belichick hinted on Monday that one of the reasons Butler didn’t play was that he didn’t practice enough.

    It will be interesting to see how this affects his F/A stock, and I’d be interested to know what Jimmy’s take is on the player….

    1. He was my 3rd choice for a FA CB, might have to reconsider, I see a player playing next year with a big chip on his shoulder.

      1. I can visualize the next Super Bowl in the Mercedes Benz stadium in Hotlanta. One one side it’s the aging dynasty of B&B, on the other, the upstart Niners led by Jimmy G. along with Malcolm Butler with a massive axe to grind. Jimmy G, who learned of the Art of the QB from the Master… and Shanny who went to the Dark One with humility to learn of his mistakes …the old order changeth yielding place to new…

        1. Frame all this in the Spaghetti Western style……or the 1993 version of Tombstone. Garoppolo comes to the line, looks the Patriot defense in the eye and says “I’m your huckleberry…”

          1. the electric guitar riff from the classic Morricone soundtrack to “once upon a time in the west” with Bronson (JG) facing down Fonda (Brady) while playing his harmonica….

  64. I don’t think people here understand. Grant Cohn is a troll. He wants the 9ers to suck and not resign Garappolo. If the team becomes good and atleast becomes a playoff contender, he won’t have much chaos or as much clickbait crap to post. That’s how idiots like him and Ann Killion have jobs.

    1. Lance, I guess you missed his posts during the Harbaugh years. A good muckraker can find plenty of muck to rake no matter what.

  65. If the deal is close to getting done it means the niners are going to give him big bucks.
    Ian reported that he thought the deal will be in the D. Carr range which is about 125 with 75 guaranteed.

    If the Niners are talking those numbers, then holding out for the tag really doesn’t make much sense. In fact in Jimmy’s case, “If” that is the offer then I would imagine he would sign fairly quickly. It would allow SF to go after free agents with solid numbers in play and it would allow Jimmy to be a draw for SF in free agency.

    If the niners are offering much less, then I would expect this to last much longer.

  66. “and it would allow Jimmy to be a draw for SF in free agency.”

    I mentioned this about a week ago and both Scooter and Matt Barrows didn’t think having JG under a long-term contract would significantly affect the ability of the 49ers to bring in/lure free agents (but JG receiving at least the FT is a must).

    To me what you say seems reasonable and I was surprised that Matt Barrows didn’t think it would make that much of a difference. Here’s Barrows response:

    “But I don’t think the franchise tag would dissuade other free agents from signing. The safe money is on Garoppolo being here for the long term one way or another. Joining a team in free agency always is a bit of a gamble. Gore, for example, signed with the Colts because he thought Andrew Luck gave them a good shot at a Super Bowl. Then Luck got hurt. The agents and players know that risk is inherent. That’s why money is a more important factor. A fat guarantee tends to soften the risk.”

  67. Talk about beating a dead horse. You are a fool if you think JG is going somewhere else, and that ShanaLynch would let that happen.

  68. Contract extension done. Richest deal in NFL History. Didn’t take long and was nowhere near a low-balling. Grant Cohn, wrong as usual……..

  69. I think what Grant has been saying makes perfect sense that the smart move would have been for Jimmy and his agent to acquire the tag before signing the deal, but all Niner fans have to be rejoicing to get this done. Shows commitment on both sides and now allow Lynch & Co to focus on building a wall in front on him and then adding some weapons.

    Go Lynch! We could not have asked for more than what has transpired over the last 52 weeks.

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