Chip Kelly: “I have not talked to anybody at Oregon except for Mark Helfrich.”

This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Week-13 Wednesday press conference from Orlando, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


What was your reaction when you heard of the move that Oregon made yesterday with former University of Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich?

“I just felt bad for Mark. I love him like a brother. He’s a tremendous person. He’s a hell-of-a football coach, but he’s an even better person. So, just felt for him and the rest of the guys on that staff. It’s an unfortunate thing that goes on in this profession. We all knew it when we signed up for it, but when it happens you’re still kind of taken aback by it.”


Have you had the opportunity to reach out to him yet?

“I talked to Helfy this morning.”


And of course the follow-up to that is your name is mentioned. Do you stand by what you said a couple of weeks ago that you’re where you are right now and you intend to remain here?

“Yup. So, we’re done with that, I hope.”


Did Oregon reach out and ask for any–?

“No. The only person I’ve talked to is Helf. So, we can talk about the Bears.”


They didn’t ask for any recommendations or anything like that?

“No. I have not talked to anybody at Oregon except for Mark Helfrich.”


There’s no chance you’ll be Oregon’s next head coach?



Because of where you stand on kind of helping build that program, would you expect to offer a recommendation if–?

“I have no idea. I love the people, everybody associated with the university. They were fantastic to me. So, if I can help them, I can help them, but my thoughts are with Helf right now.”


What have you gotten out of this experience so far? Only one day of practice, but how do you feel about packing up and coming to Orlando from–?

“I feel good. It’s not about packing up and coming to Orlando. It was about not going back. So, it saves you on travel and wear and tear. Traveling in this league is difficult when you’re going across country and to have to go back-to-back across country just didn’t make sense. A lot of teams have done it. I know I talked to [Miami Dolphins head coach] Adam Gase last week. Miami stayed in California when they did it. I know the Raiders stayed in Florida when they did it. So, it’s kind of common place in our league.”


How did you first connect with University of Central Florida head coach Scott Frost and obviously it seems like–?

“He coached with me at Oregon. He was on our staff at Oregon as a wide receiver coach for four years. So, I worked with him for four years.”


You inherited him on your staff or did you–?

“No. We hired him. I had been there two years previous before Scotty came out.”


How did you learn about him or how did he come across your–?

“He was a quarterback at Nebraska, won a national title.”



“Tall, blonde-headed guy. Watching him play quarterback at Nebraska.”


Watching him play quarterback, did you know he was going to be a good coach?

“I knew a lot of people that knew him. We got a chance to interview him, he did an unbelievable job in the interview and we were fortunate enough to hire him.”


He seems to be a young coach on the rise. I assume that doesn’t surprise you?

“No. I knew Scotty would be successful no matter what he chose to do. He just decided to get into coaching. He’s a very, very, very good football coach.”


With the way WR Rod Streater played the other day, whether WR Quinton Patton’s up or not, will Rod see more action?

“Yeah, he should. I think with Streat, all this is a meritocracy and he merits playing time. I thought what he did was really valuable for us, especially late in that fourth quarter there he made some really big plays for us. [WR] Chris Harper’s the same way. I thought he had a huge first down for us. So, it’s about trying to get the ball in playmaker’s hands and those guys did a really good job.”


I think the run game-wise, you guys are ranked in the top five. Passing is still down pretty low. How do you temper that? Do you want to see the passing game get a lot better?

“We’re equal opportunity. Doesn’t matter how we get our yards as long as we get our yards. More important than our yards is our points and that’s the biggest thing. As I said the other day, we had 475 yards of offense but we only scored 24 points out of it. We’ve got to do a better job scoring more points.”


Are you checking the weather reports to see how that might impact the game plan against the Bears?

“Yeah. We watch the weather no matter who we play every week. So, we keep a monitor on it and see what’s going to go on. I don’t expect anything. I was told when we played the Patriots, it wasn’t going to rain. So, that was a different story. Everybody’s weather’s different. No matter where you live, they’ll say if you don’t like the weather, wait a half hour, it’ll change. So, I’ve heard that everywhere traveling around the United States. We monitor it every week, keep an eye on it and we’ve got a better understanding of what it’s going to be like.”


WR Torrey Smith was saying yesterday he can’t remember a successful go route that he’s run this year. Is it something where defenses are specifically taking that away from him?

“Well, I think he’s faced some good corners and they’ve done a good job against him and we haven’t been able to connect with him. That would be nice if we could do that, but we haven’t been able to do that.”


What strikes you about Chicago’s defense, their scheme, personnel?

“I think that their two outside players, [Chicago Bears LB] Pernell McPhee and [Chicago Bears OLB] Willie Young are real tall, long, athletic and big. Willie played defensive end when he was at Detroit and did a really nice job there, but they’re two of the biggest outside linebackers we’ll face. And then they stay in the game when they go to nickel. So, they come to defensive end. I think their front is very stout. Their two defensive linemen are very big inside, all three defensive linemen if they stay in base is big inside. They’ve lost a couple linebackers just like we’ve lost a couple linebackers. So, I think it starts with their front and I think their front’s really kind of done a really good job of controlling the line of scrimmage in the games that they’ve played.”


What did you like about Chicago Bears QB Matt Barkley when he was coming out of school?

“Matt was one of the most prolific quarterbacks to ever play in the Pac-10/Pac-12. I think he holds a lot of the records still, played a lot of big games in college. I coached against him in a lot of big games and he was always poised, never really got rattled. I think he’s got a really good arm. I think he’s got a real sharp mind. He’s getting his opportunity now, but I thought when you watched him play last Sunday, I thought he played really well against the Titans. So, we expect the same thing coming in and we better be prepared against him.”

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  1. This game might end in a tie, because they both will probably play not to win the game. I saw the Bears do that magnificantly last week….

      1. First chance I’ve had to look with my PC and it was just my phone and tablet that had the problem with them.

      2. Hey Grant! At the beginning of the year you did a piece about how to evaluate Chip at the end of the year. You mentioned improving one element of the offense dramatically. He has done that in the run game which I believe was the phase you called out. Do you think he has earned the right to another season based on that?

              1. Yup, at Lake Tahoe, My uncle owned this old Rolls Royce and my cousins were quite a bit younger then me. He gave me the keys to the Rolls, money and cousins and we went to watch Star Wars. Last Movie.

              2. I used to live in Tahoe in the ’80’s. I lived in an apartment with a Marine Corps buddy underneath his English Parents home, which they purchased from John Frank. In their dining room, one wall of windows overlooked Heavenly Valley, while the other overlooked the lake. If my rememberberries are accurate, I think you went up Keller Road. We used to have a place where we’d hang out, called Party Rock. It overlooked the city below. I still remember when they were filming Godfather 2 down by the lake, and I used to watch them….

              3. Been mid 80’s since the last time I was there. I water skied in that lake when I was a kid, that water was too cold for me.

              4. It’s all snow water, UC. Crystal clear. I heard Jacques Cousteau explored the depths and found something he feared to report. My hunch is they were bodies. The lake is famous for being the 2nd deepest in the USA, but it also was known locally for not giving up it’s dead. An unspoken fact was the Mafia used it anytime they needed to make someone disappear….

            1. Haven’t been to a movie since 77/78.

              Did you get kidnapped by a cult or move into a bomb shelter?

              1. Nah, was a busy man, chasing the ladies, scuba diving, backpacking, working. I had a great time back then

              2. Rocket – Not big on TV either. I didn’t even know Trump had his own TV show till the elections.

    1. Oh, great, the signing of Taylor is just what the Seahawks need to finally get over the hump against the 49ers…

      1. Seahawks needed some fresh intel. Pete Carrol wants to win. It would be deliciously ironic if Pete activates him for the Niner game, and he runs for 100 yards.

        Niners had a chance to ninja a DT, but let the Pats steal him away.

        Seahawks waived Tukuafu Sept 3, and signed him to the PS Sept 13. Baalke missed on that chance to grab him. He was signed Oct 26, so the Niners could have poached him up to that point.

        Niners could still poach a player like Kenny Lawler, but Baalke is clueless.

        1. seb,

          I’ve wanted to see Taylor get some carries for weeks, especially when Hyde didn’t play. Now that he is in Seattle I think he will play if he is good enough. If not, he will be used for info. At least we will finally know if Taylor can play. Seattle has a competent coaching staff. We have Kelly, O’Neil, and Modkins.

            1. That’s the thing though. They may not need or get any info, but they are always looking for an advantage. That is how a competent gm and coach operate.

              1. I can guarantee you their signing of Taylor has nothing to do with gaining info. They are short on healthy RB’s and are taking a look at Taylor. A guy on the practice squad wouldn’t have much info to give them anyway.

              2. Rocket, Taylor could give all sorts of intel. He could talk about strategy, play calling, locker room dynamics and personnel assessments.

              3. I can guarantee they will pick his brain for any iota or scrap of actionable intelligence.

            2. This is why I think you have no clue about strategy. Pete Carrol will leave no stone unturned to try and get an advantage. He is smart. He really wants to win.

              You are like Singletary, who had a bludgeoned look on his face, wondering what happened.

    2. Guess I should not be too hard on Baalke. He did take my advice getting Mostert since he was a former Bear, and the Niners will play the Bears next game. Hope they get good intel from Mostert.

            1. Why? When I post something, and they do exactly what I advised, I will crow all about it, since everyone else will just discount it as an amazing coincidence.

              1. Seb-

                Why would they peruse this blog looking for pearls of wisdom from you? What have you done in the NFL to make them listen to you?
                You point out something that is obvious, they do it, and you think YOU influenced them?


                Then it really wasn’t Walsh-it was you! You clever son-of-a -gun, you!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. While I am happy that they have stopped sheathing their most dangerous weapon, they are totally ignoring my advice that they roll out Kaep more….

  2. D’Onta Foreman just declared for the draft. If he’s there at the top of the 2nd Round, would anyone else be tempted to take him?

    1. If we trade down to get more picks I would be tempted by Freeman and McCaffrey. If they are available.

        1. Yep, Samuel could well be the best/ most dynamic of the receving type RBs available. But I’d take McCaffrey over him for Chip’s offense – I think McCaffrey is a better/ more refined receiver that can be used as a legitimate slot WR. Gives Chip more options on how to use him effectively. Samuel is more a guy you need to create ways to get him the ball.

          1. My gut says Samuel is more durable, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be a cheaper draft pick. Another position group with great depth, RB, S, Edge….

            1. Yeah, Samuel will probably go after McCaffrey, and on a value basis may be a better pick if he can be had later. Was just saying if I had a choice between the two, I think Caff is a better fit for Kelly’s offense.

              I’d add CB to those deep groups. Edge, S, RB and CB. It’s a shame that of those groups, I think only edge is a position of dire need. A S, CB or RB would all be nice, and they will no doubt add a RB at some point, but other positions need more urgent attention in my opinion (QB, WR, ILB, TE).

              1. Scooter,

                What do you think of Njuko as a late 2nd early 3rd round pick? He’s really athletic and fights for the ball like a WR. I would take him if we have extra picks. Man, I’m starting to lean toward trading down.

              2. I like Njoku. Superb athlete. Provides a real mismatch in coverage for LBs or safeties. Not sure at this point where he would be taken (as in round), but I’m guessing that late 2nd to 3rd round is probably about right. He’s definitely on my radar if he declares.

              3. I agree. He’s often the best receiving option I see on Miami’s offense whenever I watch them.

              4. Njoku was seen grabbing Miami turf and putting it in a pouch for safe keeping. That means he’s declaring for the NFL….

              1. Freeman, Perine and Connor are all big bodied guys who can run. There will be some good RB’s available into day 3.

      1. Foreman not Freeman. Get it together #80. I agree with scooter about McCaffrey over Samuel. I would add that McCaffrey would fix our return game. There has been a void there since we let Ginn go.

      1. If for some terrible reason Baalke is still around next spring you can all but bet that Chubb will be his pick and even if Baalke isn’t around it should still be our pick. TB hasn’t met a knee injury he couldn’t pass up. I think Chubb is being projected much higher then he’s likely to go. I would use a 5th rounder, maybe a mid 4th on him and just roll people over until he’s injured again. A team will probably only get one contract out of him before he’s relegated to back up role because of injuries, or out of the league entirely but up until that point he’s going to knock some people backwards.

    2. Foreman is very very good. He has a twin brother who is a decent WR but doesn’t get nearly the publicity (rightfully so) as D’Onta. Both are great kids. Would be neat to get D’onta but I think RB needs to be categorized a bit differently. For my money, the best 2 players in this draft are Myles Garrett and John Ross. I think Ross will be every bit as good as Antonio Brown.

            1. …unique combination of size, arm talent, and intelligence. It’s hard to find 6-foot-4, 230-pound signal-callers capable of executing zone-reads or designed quarterback runs while also displaying the poise, composure and skill to dissect defenses from the pocket.

              Something else you’re looking for in a quarterback that projects to the next level?

              1. Nothing in the article would lead anyone to believe scouts view him as a star and it’s really Bucky Brooks speculating on what they may think anyway. All the positives about Kizer are related to physical ability and what people hope he can become. He’s had a very inconsistent season and his accuracy has been very poor at times. He also has made some bad decisions like the pick 6 he threw last Saturday.

                You know I like Kizer Razor, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes a stud in the NFL, but his College resume is not at the level of the top QB’s taken over the past few years. If you take him it’s based on what you hope he can become along with overlooking some clear flaws that have shown up, and that is a dangerous way to draft. There are some big time holes in his game and I hope for his sake he returns for another year of seasoning at ND.

              2. it wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes a stud in the NFL

                That’s why you draft him if you’re looking for a franchise quarterback, especially when you have an Alma Mater in Joe Montana to take him under his wing….

              3. The problem is you are risking a top 5 pick to do it. If you told me Kizer would be there at the bottom of round one I’d be all over that, but taking a huge gamble at the top of the draft while passing on some elite pass rushers is something I wouldn’t be willing to do.

              4. Definitely worse if you give up a lot of prime picks and fail, but both scenarios can set you back if they don’t work out.

    1. If nothing else, it will remove one potential stumbling block for Kizer’s desire to return. Though Kelly seems to love a QB competition, so no doubt someone else would just become the guy Kelly turns to when Kizer struggles a bit.

  3. NFL Retweet
    49ers fans praying for Chip Kelly to go back to Oregon like

    11:11 AM – 30 Nov 2016

    Ricky Dragoni ‏@RickyDragoni · 2h2 hours ago

    @DaddyDeyo @NFLRT hahaha him and Balkee

    GCS_Felix ‏@Raymo_knows · 4h4 hours ago

    @NFLRT and we (Oregon fans) are praying he stay away. We need to get over the hump, not get there everytime and stall out.

  4. The flagging 49ers swooped in with a four-year contract after just one year of Jim Tomsula, but Kelly has been much worse than his predecessor. GM Trent Baalke and Kelly claimed they were both on the same page from Day 1, but any evidence of that is almost invisible. With 49ers fans already bailing on Levi Stadium PSLs after quick freefall from a Super Bowl appearance and two NFC title games, it would seem in the Niners’ best interests to turn things around.

    Thing is, they’d be taking a huge financial hit if they send Kelly toward the door. They’re already paying the full $15 million value on Tomsula’s four-year contract and Kelly has three years on his deal after this one. San Francisco will be well served if Kelly decides on his own that his style simply doesn’t translate to the pros and voluntarily heads back to the college ranks where it’s just a bit easier to do everything.

    We all know money is no object when it comes to Oregon benefactor and Nike founder Phil Knight.

    So might we see Kelly return to the place where he went 46-7 from 2009-12?

    Only time will tell.

  5. I’ve been asking for Bill Walsh coaching tree hires for years. Maybe this is the Year:

    GM Mike Shanahan and head coach Kyle Shanahan sounds like it has potential in reviving the 49ers.

    My argument is that Mike drafted or signed nearly every building block on Washington’s roster: quarterback Kirk Cousins, tight end Jordan Reed, left tackle Trent Williams, pass rusher Ryan Kerrigan, signing wide receiver Pierre Garcon. The moves Shanahan made toward the end of his tenure with the Redskins has set up this franchise to be a perennial playoff contender. He knows how to evaluate talent.

    And my argument for Kyle? There isn’t a hotter head coaching prospect on the market. Matt Ryan is in the midst of a career resurgence with Shanahan calling plays in Atlanta — the Falcons have been the No. 1 offense

    1. Sounds good to me TomD. This is a very important draft. I would trust the Shanahans over Baalke, Gamble, and Kelly any day. Whatever we do the GM and coach have to have a similar vision on team building and scheme.

    2. ONLY–if Baalke is gone. He will never hire someone affiliated with the Walsh coaching tree. I strongly suspect John York despises Walsh, too.

      With this ownership, there really is no hope. Im hoping they run it into bankruptcy, somehow, and they are forced to sell.

            1. Schick,

              Correct. I said his passing numbers were equivalent to those of Kaepernick. Thanks for remembering.

  6. West Coast coaches make good draft choices when it comes to QB’s.

    No one here can argue with Mike Shannahan’s choice of Kirk Cousings.

        1. And then drafted Cousins in round 4. He knows the QB is the most important position to get right, and so he invested heavily in it. Perhaps something the 49ers should think about (not trading the farm for a QB, but investing a high and mid round pick at the position).

          1. Couldn’t have been two more opposite quarterbacks. Makes you wonder if Snyder forced RGTurd on him and he went CYA with Cousins….

            1. Yes, I’m sure there was some of that involved too. Though I doubt the trade for RGIII would have been done without the blessing of Shanahan, at least to some degree.

              1. I should scroll through the thread more before replying – #80 provided the context below.

        2. Shanahan traded everything for RG3.

          Was that because of Dan Snyder though?

        3. That was a draft pick demanded by Six Flags and dot com billionaire Daniel Snyder, and we all know how much of a failure he has been as a personnel guru. His twin, separated at birth, is Jed in Santa Clara. Look at how long it has taken the ‘Skins to overcome the meddling of Snyder, and that should give you a good approximation as to how long it will take the Niners to overcome the mediocrity of Sgt. York!!!

  7. Chip should have just talked about the Bears and the matchups he is worried about.

    Glad that my prediction may come true. Does not sound like Chip is wanting to leave, and Knight was at the Mich-OSU game, standing next to Schiano…….

    1. Interesting read. “My experience has been they’re all (HCs) going to come in with a staff, and I’ve seen staffs with coaches on it that I could trust commitments from. I’ve also seen coaches with commitments that didn’t make any sense, so I questioned them on it.”

      The staff that the 49ers have assembled the last two years looks like someone threw some,…stuff…up against the wall to see if anything would stick. I doubt we’d be worse if you hired random posters from this blog.

  8. I’ve been away for a while but I believe that my preseason predictions are coming true. The O line is slowly improving {although i was disappointed in T. Brown this week} and the D line is slowly improving even with Armstead on IR. If CK can continue to improve each week and we have decent O and D line talent in place it could make for a very interesting off season.

      1. Seb,
        If he can improve as much this year as he did last year I believe he has a shot as a situational pass rusher.

    1. Improving in the last quarter of the season is a mirage for ownership and fair weather fans.
      They’ve won 1 game! It’s a bad roster with a bad QB, GM and coaching staff. At your age coach you can appreciate, an enema is needed!
      A lousy team knowing they have nothing to play for except a job with no pressure is easy to do.

  9. Unless he’s a lying snake, like Saban, I believe we can take Kelly’s word in that he’s not planning on taking the Oregon job. Not to be seen as a endorsement but thank God that’s over. Was nothing more then an annoying distraction. The last thing this team needs to do is spend energy this off season worrying about who the next coach is. It’ll already have it’s hands full pretending it’s searching for a new GM.

    1. Imagine in another 5 years or so after a successful campaign him coming home. What a great story. He never gets the credit he deserves.

    2. Hmmm, JG never was a HC, never was a coordinator, knows squat about defense. Brilliant, a perfect fit.

  10. Miller had Allen to the Browns because, “as an edge-rusher [Garrett]’s more in line with the players the Browns drafted last year (Emmanuel Ogbah and Carl Nassib), whereas Allen is more of a natural rusher from the 5-technique in a 3-4 defense with the versatility to play defensive end or defensive tackle in a 4-3 scheme.”

    I think that pretty much sums up what we’ve said about Allen. Can’t argue a guy with that range of versatility going #1, how many d-lineman can be seriously considered a top choice for so many spots along the line in different schemes?

    With that scenario Garrett becomes available at #2. If somebody wants to swap firsts this year and give up their first next I’d take that offer.

    1. Yeah I think Allen is a big time player and his versatility is a big reason why, along with the fact he is a force in the middle on 3rd down. It would be tough to pass on Garrett but if somebody offers a kings ransom you pretty much have to do it with all the needs this team has.

      1. Pretty much. I wouldn’t consider passing unless they were offering a future first. Although the caveat would be if the only offer was coming from a team within a few spots of ours. Then I suppose swapping spots and taking their 2nd and third this year and their 3rd next would be worth considering. The trade chart has #2 to #3 as 400 points which is only a mid round 2nd but given the potential of the player I think the extra picks would be justified for that move. Anything after pick #5 or #6 is going to take a first.

        1. Having two 2nd round picks would allow us to take a QB and two defenders. Trading down would insure us getting the second tier QB of our choice. Falk, Kaaya, Mahomes, and Webb will all be taken in the 2nd or 3rd round.

          But if Baalke is in charge it will be bust in the 1st, ACL pick in the 2nd, CB in the 3rd, K in the 4th, WR in the 5th, QB in the 6th. The QB and WR won’t make the final cut. The ACL pick won’t be ready to play in the opening game.

      2. I don’t see a team making a move like that this year. The teams needing a quarterback are already in the top ten, and edge rusher is deep….

        1. Yep, I think anyone wanting the 49ers to trade back will have to accept what they’ll likely get for such a move won’t be the bonanza teams received last year. Expect a loss on the trade value chart.

          Despite that, I would still strongly consider a trade back. Even if all they got was a first round swap with another team in the top 10 + their 2nd, I’d be fine with that.

          1. I am not at all opposed to trading back. The needs are numerous, one additional high pick is suffice.

          2. Not me. I’d rather draft Garrett than trade down for a second. He’s too good to pass on for that little of a return.

            1. As long as we maintain the 2nd pick then there is a chance to get him. I see the Niners winning Sunday and maybe again against the Jets.

              1. UC,

                You could be right, I hope not, but it’s definitely possible they win one or both games.

            2. Plenty of excellent pass rush options for the top 10.

              If it was me, I’d actually be trying to add a pass rusher through FA though. The D has received an influx of young talent over the past four drafts, but very little veteran leadership. Not sure adding another young talent is best way to go to solve the D issues. Look to FA for a NT, edge player and ILB. Also add some players through the draft, but not necessarily a first rounder.

              If they had a top 10 pick and two 2nd rounders in the top 40, Corey Davis, Jake Butt and a QB would seem a smart strategy with those picks to me.

              1. Allen and Garrett are the clear cut top two players in the draft for me. There are some decent pass rush options after them but Garrett is a step above which is why I wouldn’t trade the chance of taking him for so little in return.

                By picking the players you listed, you ignore the strength of this draft in the top half of the first round as well.

                I’m not against signing a pass rusher either. I’d be all for it, but I’d pair him with Garrett and benefit from a great pass rushing tandem for the next few years.

              2. Same, and yes. He is really good. Mike Williams is good too, but Davis is better. The only reason he is currently overshadowed is because he’s from Western Michigan.

              3. I agree. Also, they should target a solid FA WR that has played in the league so he is a proven durable commodity, instead of taking a big chance on a high drafted WR who could easily be a bust like AJ Jenkins.

              4. Davis is a very good prospect, but not a top ten prospect imo. I’d put him second on the WR list after Williams and a little ahead of Ross.

                TE crop is likely to be good I agree.

              5. Yeah, I think most people will have Williams ahead of Davis. I understand why, Williams is a big, physical WR with good speed and hands. I prefer Davis though because he is a superior route runner, very savvy player, and also has great size, physicality and hands with pretty good speed. I’m always a fan of WRs that know how to get open.

  11. Uh oh. Kaeptain Flash put his house on the market. Like sands through the hour glass, so are the day of 49ers lives.

    1. Kaep should move up to Sebastopol. He could get a mansion on 10 acres with a vineyard for 3 mil……

      1. seb,

        Do you still think Kap is very happy here? I think Kap and his woman want to move to NY and have Kap play for the Jets. Nessa wants more fame. Similar to Carmello and La La Anthony.

        1. I call her Delilah. She is not helping him and his career with all the bad advice. She is the one pushing for all his social activism.

      2. And live next to you! He could teach you what a real storm is, out there at the end of the RR.

    1. Naw, Chip has gotten his ego under control. Sounds like he has stopped being such a motor mouth, and his answers are no longer dissertations.

      Heck, he even has stopped refusing to answer Grant’s questions, so I see him working hard on his people skills.

      With a 1-10 record, Chip has eaten a big slice of humble pie.

      1. It looks like he has eaten the whole pie and some chocolate “chip” cookie dough. All that and a bag of “chip”

        I think that article was spot on. He has always been a firm believer in himself and his system and he acts like he is the smartest guy in the room. He needs to go back to Oregon if he wants to keep up that charade.

  12. I just wished we had a different QB. He wanted to be traded…..Hard for me to get behind him.

    1. Putting his house up for sale is a clear indication he will no longer be on the team. As the end draws near, we should thank him for his service and wish him luck….

      1. Good post Razor. I remember freaking out when he threw that early pick against GB in the playoffs. We all know how that game turned out.

        We were screwed throughout the SB. Harbaugh should have let Gore finish that final drive. If he had done so Jim and Frank might still be here.

        But back to Kap. He drew a lot of cheers from me. Running around Clay Matthews, mocking Cams superman celebration. All the playoff wins.

        Thanks for everything Kap,

      2. Kaep has put up so much money for his charitable endeavors, he needs to tighten up his budget. He should ditch the wasteful mansion and buy a condo near Levi’s. Smart move to sell now, because if he does play elsewhere, he will be selling at a disadvantage.

        Hope he stays, but can understand if he wants to leave.

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