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  1. Hmm,

    Intresting comparison….Yeah, in the pantheon of NFL QB’s, even Jeff Garcia’s been to 4 ProBowls. Kap just isn’t one of their elite crowd. They study the playbook incessantly. ProBowlers do not pal around with unmotivated, under prepared pebbles.

      1. I think you should consider running for office. You have the trick of selective editing to take something out of context down pat.

        Bowman said the Kaepernick situation is not a distraction now but would be a distraction if it was still not resolved by the time the season started.

          1. Grant saying “will be” suggests he will be a distraction no matter what. Thats not what bowman said… “if it isn’t resolved by the start of the season”.

            That is a big if… its not a “will be”.

            Dishonest baiting is what that is.

            1. How could it possibly get resolved? The only resolution is a trade. Kaepernick doesn’t want to play for the 49ers.

              1. If he refuses to take a pay cut, and if Denver refuses to pay him more, and the niners refuse to pay part of his salary… the situation is resolved.

                If Kaepernick truly didn’t want to play for the niners no matter what he would take the paycut and move on. missing even part of the offseason program when transitioning to a new team would be extremely harmful to his development there.

                So yeah, he wanted to explore trade options but it seems pretty clear he is willing to play for the 9ers for an extra 7 million because that is the choice he is currently making.6

              2. His presence dominates the franchise on a daily basis. All the Kaepernick questions will wear down the team. He needs to go, and the Niners need to pay.

              3. Apparently, Colin would rather play for the 49ers in 2016, seeing that his based salary is FULLY guaranteed, and that he stands to make a lot more, if he doesn’t cause problems, than he would for Denver, who have made an insulting offer to Colin.

                As more and more information about how insulting Denver’s offer to Colin is, the more and more apparent it is that Colin would be better off making nice in Santa Clara, for the 2016 season. I’ll be writing a post later, shining a light on just how much of a “game changer” Denver’s LOWBALL offer was, and how big of winners the 49ers FO are as a result, regardless of where Colin eventually ends up in 2016 an beyond.

              4. Grant

                I believe that Kap is angry, but I also believe that as this process drags on, he will shift his anger away from the 49ers FO to the place it properly belongs, his agents.

                The contract they allowed him to sign is the source of all of his misery. It was too long and too cheap, and he knows it. Kap now realizes how much money he gave up by signing a contract that was only 11% guaranteed, which is why he refuses to take a restructuring with Denver that keeps him away from FA until 2020. There is a simple solution here, which is for the 49ers to restructure Kap at $7M per year for 2016 & 2017, guaranteeing him all of it, and allowing him the opportunity to hit FA in 2018, instead of 2020. That way, the 49ers could trade him in 2017 on a $7M salary, if he still wanted out, and he would not lose any guarantees. Concurrently, if I were Baalke, I would give Gabbert the exact same contract, and then let the two guys compete and cooperate on an even level. I drafted this exact scenario before FA started, and it remains the best option for the 49ers and for Kap. It would allow the team to assess its QB position without undue influence from an expensive, disgruntled employee, and it would provide Kap the early release go FA that he desires, while not foregoing any guarantees.

                For anything sensible to happen, Kap needs new representation, however, because no agent in his right mind would have allowed a guy in Kap’s position at the end of 2013 to take that deal, and no good advisor would have allowed Kap to become so despondent and toxic in 2015. The agent’s main job is to shepherd his client through the confusing maelstrom of issues and influences attendant to pro sports careers. His guys have let him down.

              5. I’m trying to figure out what exactly is insulting to Kaepernick: the fact that he would most likely be the starting QB in Denver despite taking a pay cut, the fact he will be playing in an offense more suited to his skill set, or the mere fact he’d have a better receiving corps with the Broncos. Exactly what part of any of that is insulting?

              6. MWD

                aka King of Obfuscation

                He’s not insulted by any of the good things you’ve mentioned, but he is surely insulted by the prospect of taking a $17M paycut in 2016 & 2017 and still being under contract until 2020, by which time Top-QBs will be making $30M, and he’ll be at $19M, and too old to cash in.

                I said it in the beginning, and I’m saying it again now: that is the worst contract ever signed by a pro athlete. End of discussion. (Although Okung’s deal is close)

                And finally, insults? If DEN is offering Kap such an insulting deal, what do you think it’s offering SF for Kap? I’d bet hard cash that these 2 sides are still WAY apart on compensation too.

              7. There is a simple solution here, which is for the 49ers to restructure Kap at $7M per year for 2016 & 2017, guaranteeing him all of it, and allowing him the opportunity to hit FA in 2018, instead of 2020

                That isn’t a solution. That is essentially asking Kap to make what he is guaranteed right now, over two seasons instead of 1. What incentive is there to agree to that for him? He knows he’ll likely be a FA after this season if he doesn’t agree to the trade terms anyway, so why not collect his 12+ mill this year and then become a FA in 2017?

              8. Rocket

                It’s in exchange for cutting the last two years off the deal. It has become clear over the last 2 days that Kap has more issue with being owned until 2020 than being paid a little less. If he wants something, he needs to give something.

                If the 49ers really do retain Kap and he plays very well this season, the team will likely want to keep him, and this whole scenario will be repeated next offseason. If he plays just ok, then yes, they’ll likely cut him, but they’ll still probably try to trade him.

                Also, if Kap and the 49ers redo the deal, the 49ers guarantee the same amount to Kap, while making his contract more attractive in any potential trade.

              9. It’s in exchange for cutting the last two years off the deal. It has become clear over the last 2 days that Kap has more issue with being owned until 2020 than being paid a little less. If he wants something, he needs to give something.

                If the 49ers really do retain Kap and he plays very well this season, the team will likely want to keep him, and this whole scenario will be repeated next offseason. If he plays just ok, then yes, they’ll likely cut him, but they’ll still probably try to trade him.

                Also, if Kap and the 49ers redo the deal, the 49ers guarantee the same amount to Kap, while making his contract more attractive in any potential trade.

                I don’t think it’s the length of the contract at all and it’s certainly not for a little less. It’s the fact Denver wants him to cut his guaranteed money this year and next by more than 40%. It makes no sense for him to take the same amount over two years that he is guaranteed already for this year alone. Offering him FA in two years is not an incentive either considering he knows he’ll be a FA next year or make more than 14 mill if they keep him.

                Kaepernick wants out but not enough to make a terrible financial decision in the process. There is no reason for Kap to take a pay cut or do anything else for that matter. Denver will either give in and accept his terms for renegotiation, or he’ll stay in SF for a year and increase his value by winning the starting job, or sit on the bench and collect 12 million for not taking a hit.

                He’ll find somebody to pay him 5 mill or more in 2017 whether he takes a snap or not this season.

              10. exactly if he truly does not want to play for the 49ers he would take the pay cut or not show up for offseason program….

              11. Rocket

                You’re missing the point. Maybe I was unclear. Kap thinks he is already underpaid in 2016, and for each of the years that follow until he is finally a FA in 2020, at age 32. He wants out of this contract as much as he wants off the 49ers, and somebody put out information today that it was the term of 5 more years that is stopping him from taking what DEN is offering. Yes, there’s the pay cut, but unless you’re taking into account the rapid and enormous increases in QB compensation that will be happening between now and 2020, you’re not seeing the big picture.

                Just look at Kirk Cousins. He is guaranteed to make $20M this year, and if he is good, another $24M guaranteed next year. Kap is at $14.3 and $16 over the same time period, which is good, as you say, but not what he wants. By the time his 2020 deal matures, he would be making $19M, while top QBs will be at $30M.

                It’s the contract.

              12. Rocket

                The other aspect is the 11% guaranteed number, which goes up each year he’s on the team, but if he signs a 2-year deal now and is terrible this year, he’ll still make his full guarantee of $14M in this year, and the Niners would just cut him next year, or trade him to a team that would be much more willing to acquire him on the cheap salary. But Kap isn’t planning on failing, so even if he leads the 49ers to a 6th ring this season, having already been owed his full salary, he would have ALL of the leverage going into 2017, not NONE as he does now. It would completely change the discussion. The 49ers, if they wanted to, could trade a SB winning QB for a high draft pick, and Kap could stop any trade by demanding a restructuring.

                If the 49ers want to make this work out best, both Gabbert and Kap should get identical 2-yr, $14M contracts. After 2016, they can either cut or trade the one they don’t want.

              13. Christo, IICRC, Kaep’s agents adamantly advised Kaep not to sign that contract. They were totally against it and warned him that he might get screwed by it.
                Kaep, feeling secure as the franchise QB, signed it with the mistaken belief that by signing such a team friendly deal, the Niners would use the savings to retain veteran talent and leadership. Too bad the Niners broke their promises.
                Dont blame his agents. Blame Kaep for being naive. Blame the Niners for not acting with class and in bad faith.

              14. We are reading two different stories Pork because I haven’t seen much focus on Kaps contract as a whole. The focus has been on this year and how much of a pay cut he is willing to take. It’s been reported that he is willing to take a cut but not to the extent the Broncos want. The fact they want him to do it for two years is a non starter. There is a story that was posted yesterday about the difference in tax rates between Cal and Col which I’m guessing is why Kap would be willing to take a bit of a cut. He could take a cut and not lose any of his net income depending on the number they agree on. That’s another story though.

                The biggest problem with what you are proposing is that it doesn’t benefit Kap at all. Think about it for a second here’s the bullet points:

                He is guaranteed 12.3 million right now without doing anything else.

                You are proposing he sign a new two year 14 mill deal which essentially means he is playing two years for what he is guaranteed right now.

                Your perceived benefit for Kap is that he could become a FA in two years as opposed to 5, but that doesn’t fly either. Kap will most likely become a FA next year as there is no way the Niners will hang onto him for a 14+ mill guarantee to sit on the bench for a second year.

                If something unexpected happens and he wins the starting job and plays well, then the worst that happens for him is being kept and making as much as 16 mill after bonus’ on his current deal.

                So to sum up here’s how things will work out for Kap if he does nothing with his current contract:

                He will collect 12.3 guaranteed and more if he is active on game day.

                Next year he will collect 14+ guaranteed and more if he is active on game day.

                He will get cut before the deadline in 2017 and immediately become a FA.

                He will be traded and play under his existing contract or a renegotiated one that is satisfactory to him.

                So what I’m saying is, there is absolutely no reason or benefit to sign a revised two year deal with the 49ers for 1.7 million more than he’s guaranteed to make right now. It would benefit the Niners but it would not benefit Kaepernick.

              15. Rocket

                It’s the years. Think about it.

                Kap believes he is a Top QB, certainly moreso than Kirk Cousins, who will make $44M the next two seasons, more than Brock, who just got $40M guaranteed. If he can’t hit FA until 2020, his losses will only continue to increase.

                Of course it would benefit Kap. He would be guaranteed the full amount whether he plays in SF or not in 2017, and if he’s only counting $7M against the 2017 cap, he will have ALL the leverage by that time, because his interests and those of the 49ers will be aligned. If he wants out, they will have NO trouble trading him at that salary, and if he wants more.

                Please, carefully consider this, because I am getting tired of trying to explain it to you. Kap’s contract is the problem. It doesn’t pay him enough, and it doesn’t release him to FA soon enough.

              16. Johnny The Mind Reader At Long Range:

                “Maybe I was unclear. Kap thinks he is already underpaid in 2016, and for each of the years that follow until he is finally a FA in 2020, at age 32.”

                You’re not unclear, but you are fantasizing to fit your own personal view of what is going on right now. What is even more clear is that you probably have no idea what any NFL player is thinking — let alone Kaepernick.

              17. Yoda

                It is clear from his behavior what is driving him. Yes, he feels burned by the 49ers, betrayed most likely.

                But it is telling that he is refusing the DEN offer because it carries him through 2020. If it was about anything other than getting out of the WORST CONTRACT EVER SIGNED, what possible reason would Kap have to turn down going to play for the defending SB champion team that is run by a legendary, HOF QB and has a play action offense that is tailored made to his strengths? Think about it.

                DEN’s offer is to cut Kap’s salary in each of the next two seasons to $7M, but to leave 2018 & 2019, at ~$19M each year, untouched. Kap is said to be okay with the pay reduction, but not without having the last two years of the deal wiped out.

                Stop being rude. You’re better than that.

              18. “What is even more clear is that you probably have no idea what any NFL player is thinking — let alone Kaepernick.” … htwaits

              19. Pork there is no way for you to explain this that makes any sense for Kap. As htwaits has explained to you your scenario is made up with assumptions you have made on what you feel Kap is thinking. Nothing that has been reported has suggested Kap is unhappy with or trying to renegotiate his contract. What has been reported is what I stated above.

                He wants out. He’s willing to take a cut but not the amount the Broncos have requested. He knows he will make a large chunk of change next year or become a FA

                Things we know OK. Not Pork 49ers fantasies that make no sense for the player.

              20. Rocket

                Cut out the snark, yeah? It’s boring and takes away from anything salient you might be offering.

                If you haven’t seen the reports that Kap is unhappy with the part of the DEN offer that keeps this contract intact through 2020, then you’re not playing with a full deck, meaning, you don’t have all the facts. If I can, I’ll link it here later.

                FWIW, I’m following this particular scenario very carefully because I happen to have skin in the game.

              21. Grant

                Place him at the end of the bench with a “For Sale or Trade” sign around his neck…Paarag Marathe is supposed to be such a ‘Hot Shot’ negotiator….THAT’S WHY YOU GET THE BIG BUCKS, PAARAG…..PERFORM !!

            2. The snark was uncalled for you’re right. You do tend to go off into your own reality at times though. You’ve created a scenario that is at odds with everything that’s been reported so far.

              1. Pork Chip Cristo,

                TK said the Broncos “presumably” want CK to play for about 50% of the salaries in each of the remaining four years on his contract. Presumably.

                Doesn’t that mean you’ve built your scenario on someone else’s speculation, as educated as that speculation might be? Of course, mike silver pretty much blew up TK’s narrative of the 49er / Jackson HC interview process, so maybe TK isn’t always so well informed.

              2. Anyone who has to rely on only TK should have his head examined. At least when I mentioned Marathe being the leaker, I cited 2 other sources.
                Kaep wants to rip that contract to pieces, burn it and scatter the ashes. The Broncos will do something similar with Kaep as the Raiders did with Crabtree. They will initially sign him for less, but with a promise to rewrite the contract if Kaep proves to them that last year was an anomaly. Like many other good teams laden with talent, the Broncos have little cap space. However, on the Mile High report, they said the Broncos could free up 18 mil if they wanted to.
                Elway is toying with the Niners, and when he invited Kaep to his home, the writing is on the wall. He probably told Kaep exactly what he was going to do, and explained his reasoning behind his actions.
                Notice how the Niners are being silent? If Kaep was back aboard, they would be parading him around, slapping him on the back and singing Kumbaya. Since the silence is deafening, there is at least one fan who will keep predicting that Kaep flees to Denver.

              3. You ignored a key point in there that kills your scenario Pork. Kaepernicks camp wants to keep his salaries the same or become a FA after the season. So as I said he’s resistant to taking cuts on his current deal; not the deal itself. If Denver agrees to take the deal as is Kap will be a Bronco.

          2. a very poor story, another example of Grant throwing salt on the franchise hes paid to cover.
            Its no doubt Kap has gotten a raw deal from Dork & Baalke. When he tookthe starting job from AS and took us to the SB after 12 starts…….everyone in niner land was wondering just how many SB’s he and JH would bring us. The combination of talented young Qb and head coach reminded us of Brady/Billichek.
            Kap, like all other 49er players and fans, felt betrayed by the organization!! that a little pipsqueak like jdork would chase off one of the greatest football coaches of a generation for no other reason than JH was WAAAYYYYYY more of a man than dork…….and Dork couldn’t handle the inferiority complex.
            Lots of players retired or left the team. Kap on the other hand…just singed an extension designed to give the team cap money, to sing players, could not just retire. He felt doubly betrayed when they didn’t even use that money to re-sign their own free agents.
            Kap did the only thing he could to try and get away from dork… a trade!
            He realized how much $$ it would cost him to go to a better organization.
            And like the rest of us who hate our jobs or the ppl we work for……he realized its I his best interest to just go to work and get aid and get over the fact he hates the loser dbag that writes his checks!!!! end of story!
            Personally, I was a huge kap fan! ive soured on him like everyone else. Although hes gotten a raw deal from Dork, hes failed to get better or do anything other than pout about it!
            I think it will be exciting to see him play for chip Kelly in that offense and I hope the rude awakening regarding his salary and his worth around the league is the first step In him finally stop pouting and get on with his career as a 49er

            1. I am with you. I am still a fan though and wish him the best no matter where he ends up.

              I hope he focuses on his football skills and becomes a better QB. Although I think part of his poor play was the result of being injured last year, due to the horrendous protection he got from one of the worst OL in the league

          3. The media is one that keeps it dominating 49ers news. Check out NN as see how many times they give opinions of what is going to happen. You just did the same thing regardingChip about a source that thinks they know what coach is thinking.

      2. Is that we he said Grant? Maybe show the entire sentiment rather than cherry picking the part that supports your narrative.

          1. Its not what he said Grant. He said “if its not resolved by the end of the season. That is an entirely different sentiment than “will be” a distraction. There is a variable there that you completely left out.

            The fact that you are arguing to defend this is pathetic. Its right there for all to see bud.

              1. Why Grant? Why can’t Colin get back into line, and tow the company line, for a big, fat string of paychecks in 2016?

                He’ can go into 2017 with a clean slate. His stock is likely only going to improve if he makes nice, and acts like a team player this season. And who knows, maybe injury strikes (knock on wood that it doesn’t), and Colin get’s an opportunity to step in and reset the narrative?

              2. Why Grant? Why can’t Colin get back into line, and tow the company line, for a big, fat string of paychecks in 2016?

                Would you want that if you’re part of the locker room that saw Kaepernick put his self on an island from the team during a disastrous season? When you knew Kaepernick wanted out because he requested a trade?

              3. Grant

                Do you forget what Baalke wisely said, that you grant permission to a guy who seeks a trade to let him see his value on the market? I don’t think it was posturing, entirely; there was a bit of truth in it. And I think it was very salient to this conversation now. The 49ers valued Kap enough to make him a starter and to pay him as such; in any trade, in return, they would like starter compensation. Their interests are aligned with Kap’s. Kap believes himself to be a starter and, in any trade or new contract, wants to be compensated as such.

                If he hasn’t already, Kap will soon understand this. And whatever Russini said about Chip, I would believe. However, as you point out above, it is not because of Kap the QB, but because of Colin the petulant child, whose toxicity was horrific last season.

                Chip wants winners, and Kap the QB has been a winner, but Colin the little boy has failed this far as a winning teammate.

                There is always room for evolution. It might be taking place as we speak.

              4. What if CK wins the starting job? That’s a resolution for one season.
                Would CK sulk on the bench? Maybe, maybe not. There’s a LOT of $$ on the line. For $12M he can answer “I’m just here to help my teammates.” 12 million times as a backup.
                With prompting, everybody else on the team could learn to answer every single QB question with: “Golly, I don’t know.”
                It’s like climate change; better to just prepare for what’s coming than wring your hands in worry.

      3. Key phrase here – “will be”.

        So I simply don’t buy that the 49ers are trying to get rid of him. $50 million under the cap so even if they paid part of his salary ($5 million) that’s peanuts and could easily carry this as dead money this year. Could it possibly ring hollow because the press keeps asking the same question(s)?

        Here’s how I see it – Baalke wants to give his pick another chance to be great. I think Kap has more than earned it at this stage. The question is can Kelly coach him and create an offense that can function well around him. Kap will never be a solo QB who can win a game with his arm alone, much like Phil Simms; Simms isn’t Joe, Dan, John or Steve but was he good enough? Yes. Kap not only needs a defense, he needs a running game – 49ers lost that the day Drevno left the team. OL regression, and you can research this, tracks when Solari and then Forester were left alone to coach. Remember when Staley said “dumb scheme”? That’s when Solari was the OL coach. Both coaches have been historically bad recently and the NFL has passed both of them by IMHO.

        No I’m not making excusing for his need to study, but Harbs never really believed in pushing his QBs – he wanted to build confidence and not ask them to get better. Kelly will ask Kap to get better and for the first time in his career, Kap can either get better or relinquish his starting role. And if Kap stays on the team the 49ers have no problems with carrying him for another season as a bench player while he helps tutor the next man up. As many have said, Kap has more value to the 49ers than any other team. They have no incentive currently to move him.

      4. Yes…IF it hasn’t been settled by the start of the season. That’s five months away. There’s plenty of time for Kap to rescind his trade request and express a desire to play for his current team. Peterson was a distraction last year until he got to TC and said that he and the FO hashed out their issues…

      5. He said if it carried ito training il would be a distraction. You left off part of his statement Grant. Typical reporting just report what you want fans to believe.

    1. He has started 3 seasons in the NFL… but he doesn’t have 4 pro bowls…. what a bum. Why even mention that Garcia’s 1st pro bowl came on his 7th pro season. That is irrelevant.

  2. I donot think anybody is that interested in Kap. He played this off season like his career. Choatic…… Let Blaine play and truly develope a QB.

  3. Looks like Kaep is staying to compete. Denver backing out according to Adam Schafter. You can forget about drafting a QB in rnd 1. Let the competition begin.

    1. RAW

      I don’t think I saw that on Adam Schefter’s TF. Do you have a source?

      1. It was on Sportscenter this morning.. There are too many obstacles to make the trade work. Makes sense for him to stay for this year. I think within the next week we will be hearing about him and kelly getting close. I felt like the Niners went through the motions for Kaeps agents but unless they were going to get what they felt he was worth they were not going to trade him. Just how I see it though.

    2. I saw the Schefter video and he really didn’t say anything other than right now it is about 75-25 that Kap remains in SF. He followed this up by saying anything is possible when the draft rolls around though. In other words he said nothing we don’t already know.

      1. Actually 75 percent is a lot different then everyone suggested there Rocket. People thought it was a done deal.

        1. All the stories and comments lately have centered around the fact nothing is going to happen anytime soon. The percentage thing is new, but again it’s speculation and the underlying point is that nothing has really changed. Kap doesn’t want to take the size of cut Denver wants him too and the Niners don’t want to pay the difference. That could change, but it may not. It’s in a holding pattern as it has been for quite some time now.

          1. Elway is playing possum. Anything could happen on Day#2. Kubiak will have a chance to evaluate Sanchez before the draft. Sanchez has invited some receivers to work out with him in SoCal to develop some timing. Maybe Elway doesn’t budge, but Sanchez looks like a backup or me. Shrug.

  4. You did not address the two things holding up the potential trade to the Broncos.

    a) Kaepernick will not take a paycut.
    b) 49ers will not pay 5 million dollars to have Kaepernick play for another team.

    Denver offered Ossweiler 16 million a year which he turned down when he signed with Houston. Obviously they would have made cap room if Ossweiler had signed. They can easily make Cap room to give Cap more money if they really want to. They just don’t think Kaepernick is worth 13 million a year.

    And if they don’t think Kap is worth 13 million a year, they also don’t think he is worth giving up a second round pick.

    I believe Elway plans to draft his QB of the future and use Sanchez as a bridge until the new guy is ready. He just won a super bowl with a broken down Peyton Manning. He probably believes he can go deep in the playoffs with Mark Sanchez.

    Case closed. The trade with Denver is not happening.

  5. This subject is so tired. There’s really no angle that isn’t more than regurgitation.

    1. The best situation for the Niners is to avoid drafting a QB in rnd 1.. Let Gabbert and Kaep compete. I believe both are a nice fit in that system. Draft a QB latter like someone who coffee has mentioned in Prescott in rnd 3.. Go Defense early and often.

      1. +1000.

        I’d like to see then take Deforest Buckner with the 7th pick, either Joe Haeg or Josh Garnett (or both) in the second and third rounds, either Charone Peake or Michael Thomas in the fourth round, and Nick Kwaitloski in the fifth.

        I think they need tall receivers. Peake (6’2″) or Thomas (6’3″) both fit the bill. I hope they stay away from sub 6′ guys like Corey Coleman or Pharoh Cooper.

        1. People forget but what helped bring the best out of Alex Smith was the competition he was in with Kaep.. If Gabbert is the guy then let him beat out Kaep in the summer then trade Kaep after camp. This season means nothing in terms of a playoff run. It’s not happening. If Kaep is a distraction who cares.. It’s for 1 year.. If Kaep gets his mojo back he suddenly has massive value in return. Or you keep him.. He is not worth getting rid of for a mid rnd pick.

          1. Baloney. What brought the best out in Alex Smith was Jim Harbaugh and Vic Fangio.

            Smith was the same guy in 2011 that he was in 2010 except Harbaugh was a good coach and Fangio’s D made it so Smith didn’t have to try and win games by himself. He knew the D would back him up.

            1. Actually competition brings out the best out of everyone. That was Jims Moto. Your full of crap if you say he was the same guy in 2011 as he was before. He was pushed by a guy that everyone knew was going to replace him at one point. Of course jim had something to do with it and the great D no Sh*t.. But he was being pushed.

              1. No he wasn’t. 2011 was all Smith. At that point Kaepernick was in sit and learn mode. It was 2012 when the pushing began, then came the concussion.

              2. The only time there ever could have been a competition is when Alex was cleared to play after his injury. Harbaugh did not allow competition for the position and, to my mind, that was one of his biggest failures as-a HC. What happened in TC and pre-season was a joke.

      2. best situation is to draft a 2nd rd QB…place #7 on injured reserve and trade him before the trade deadline……or next offseason…..

      3. Why would anyone even consider working him out ? Compete…? sure, and when Gabbert kicks his butt in the competition, Kaepernick announces that he’s injured and that the competion doesn’t count and he needs four new surgeries. I wouldn’t even let him on the field….Sell him, cut him, trade him, or put him on waivers….just GET HIM OFF THE ROSTER ! He is already creating distraction and as Grant wrote yesterday, it’s gonna’ get worse before it gets better….

    2. True, enough, Jack .. but ..
      what else is there to talk about, this time of the year?

      Some draft-prospect’s stats ?


      1. MWN,

        This whole thing isn’t about Kelly or Baalke. It’s all about Jed York trying to save face.

        Other topics?

        1) Is Baalke strong with anything on offense? Which olinemen has he drafted that have been good since taking over full time?
        2) How’s the turf doing at Levi’s? Last I saw it was all dirt with motor bikes on it.
        3) The greatness that is Phil Dawson
        4) The signing of Jordan Devey to a new deal
        5) A complete breakdown of all 5 wins from 2015, and how that will catapult the 49ers into the playoff race in 2016.
        6) Blaine Gabbert’s favorite eateries while on the road

        1. Jack (3) said!

        2. Sorry Hammer, but those are snoozers. The Kap saga and the draft are rife for the picking.

        3. Jack, where you been when we needed you? Everyday it’s “outta the mouths of babes”.

    3. We’re all experiencing trade fatigue for sure. We need the draft to come along to give these bored journalists something else to talk about.

  6. Your 3rd reason is the most likely scenario. It was reported multiple times that Kelly liked Kap when he was the HC in Philly. What’s changed now is the fact that Kap isn’t buying in which for Kelly is the ultimate sin.

    When you refer to “removing the pebble” what is it you are suggesting?

      1. He is not toxic.. You have no evidence of that.. Your logic of drafting lynch at 7 is closing very quickly. Niners go D with the first two picks. Book it!

      2. Get rid of him. How?

        Nobody else wants him and the Niners are stuck with his salary for 2016.

          1. Sorry. the Broncos do not want him unless he agrees to take a pay-cut not just for this year but for 2017 as well. Are you suggesting the 49ers eat another 5 million for 2017? Not happening.

            If Baalke agreed to pay out ~ 5 million for him to play on another team, Jed will fire him on the spot. In the entire recent history of the NFL, I cannot recall another instance where something like this has happened.

            1. It’s not my money. Jed York should ante up and rid the team of one huge distraction. At least he’ll get a draft pick in return. That’s something.

              1. Show me one instance in NFL history where a team has paid such a large sum for a player to go play for another team.

              2. They always can suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team if they don’t like his attitude, but York should just pay the money, get the draft pick and be rid of him as soon as possible.

              3. Actually, there are no grounds to suspend Kaepernick now, and it’s very unlikely that there will be going forward.

                The 49ers can cut him and pay the guaranteed money or they can keep him off the game day roster and pay him the guaranteed money plus the $400,000 work out bonus, or they can have competition and let the best QB on their roster play and Colin earns the extra $2M.

                In any other scenario they need a trading partner and Colin on board. If a trading partner agreed to take on Colin’s 2016 contract then there would be no need to get Colin’s approval.

                Your line of argument is like trying to dig your way out of a hole in dry sand.

              4. No grounds yet, but there could be in the future if the teams decides Kaepernick is committing acts “conduct detrimental to the organization.”

              5. Grant – The problem is, as Jack has so astutely point out, Genius Jed must save face. You make a good point that Kaep is now toxic and should be cut loose. The truth is it would have cost very little to get rid of him before April 1. (My understanding is that his contract provided for him to obtain insurance for it’s termination due to injury and even if it was not for 100 percent, it is inconceivable that Kaep would never be able to play in the NFL again. Consequently, the 49ers could not be on the hook for much, if anything, had they just waived him.) So it is not about money. This is solely about making it not look like we have to poorest management in the NFL (maybe except Cleveland). IMHO, all of the 49ers woes can be attributed to Jed, Trent and Paraag. Just focus on Rocket’s avatar whenever you are in doubt. When Jed fires Larry and Curly and brings in real NFL qualified talent to replace them, hope will return. Until then, everything else is noisel Jed needs to focus on what Mark Twain said long ago: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

          1. Speaking of that, they aren’t letting you guys watch workouts or have availability yet?

          2. I thought that is what you were suggesting. I don’t think the option of eating part of his salary is on the table either considering Denver wants him at $7 mill for the next two years. Can you see York agreeing to pay 10 mill so Kap can possibly make him look bad in Denver?

              1. The only way Jed doesn’t look bad is if he has a QB playing well this year, including if one of them goes down. It’s a short list of possibilities.

        1. I don’t cover the 49ers for a living but I do know that they can release Colin along with $11.9M any time before he earns his workout bonus.

              1. Actually I thought that was intentional on your part; a grumpy day, perhaps? LOL

      3. The FO is toxic, and the fact that no decent FA wanted to come here is proof of that.

        1. Kelly is starting a new program from scratch. He can’t have the highest-paid player/quarterback be a malcontent. Would undermine everything.

            1. His mere presence is a distraction. The highest-paid player on the team has a scarlet “T” on his head for “TRADE ME.”

          1. I agree. I think that is why Bowman spelled it out. Everyone is focused on the new program. Closer to the season, Kaep will be a distraction. Quite frankly, I get the vibe players really don’t want him there. Also, I think, worst case, Niners pull a Redskins move and just tell Kaep stay home once it gets closer to the season. If that is the case, Kaep loses all the way around. Grant, where are we going to get O-Lineman?!?

            1. Where do you get that vibe, Sly? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but Bowman and Miller are the only specific comments I’ve heard, and Bow just hinted that there might be a problem later and Miller was supportive of both. I’d rather hear it from the source’s mouth than from a media gossip monger quoting an anonymous source in the locker room.

              1. Jack,

                I’m waiting for someone to say it:) plainly until then, “vibe.” Bowman didn’t have to address the question. He could have flat out said that’s between management and Kaep. But he made it known, I think to us the fans, and management, make a decision. Bowman’s the type guy, if you aren’t rowing boat in his same direction, he’d just as well see you jump overboard.

                Oh, but did you see Trent Brown’s tweet. He’s blocking for Gabbert, not Kaep…subtle message?

  7. Let Blaine gabbert develop! Enough said.

    That’s what our posts have come down to.

    Will Montana win another super bowl.

    Will Steve young win another super bowl?

    Let’s let Blaine gabbert develop.

    1. I’m not crazy about Gabbert, but he is better than Osweiler. So that’s something.

      1. He might be ok in Kelly’s system. But we have fallen so far away from our glory days. Not even our glory days but even a couple years ago some people questioned if gabbert was a even a good enough back-up.

        Brock was paid out of potential. He didn’t play qb for 3 years and demonstrate how bad he is like Blaine did.

        I also think Blaine will be fine in Kelly’s system. Worst case scenario he holds the seat warm for a year for a rookie. Or he does really well and holds on to job.

        His absolute best case a scenario ceiling is Alex smith to me.

          1. There’s a still a chance for improvement. Some quarterbacks take longer.

            But he has a good body of evidence out there and Brock doesn’t.

            Playing for Denver I wonder how many qbs in the league would’ve performed worse or better than Brock.

            He basically got paid on limited tape, and potential.

            Doesn’t mean he will be any good and also doesn’t mean that Blaine is worth as much as him because their numbers were similar.

            Brocks sample is limited.

            It was a reach to pay him that much.

            His value is still undetermined.

            From Blaine’s standpoint. His numbers where similar to brock’s but watching the games they were padded signifificanltly. I think grant you wrote articles about it. How he would pad his stats in garbage time. Also complete passes to elevate his passing percentage but which were basically 4 yard passes on 3rd and 20.

            1. That’s all true about Blaine, but Brock is a check-down machine as well. I really believe Blaine is better.

              1. Grant, you called Blaine the worst QB in football last year before he played. Do you remember? Suddenly he is better then Osiwellier… Come on man

      2. I see Brock as more of a vertical passer. He should be in more of a Air Coryell flavored offense as opposed the boot roll out, play action, half field West Coast Offense that Kubiak runs. I think O’Brien probably runs some version of the Eahardt-Perkins system which can incorporate either offensive philosophy.

        so Osweiler’s success with the Texans is going to depend on how O’brien adapts his offense for Osweiler. the degree he can adapt it…I don’t know since I’m not familiar with his Texan’s offense.

  8. I think there’s a decent chance Kelly believes Gabbert will excel in his system and that all they need in this draft is a later round QB he can develop. If they deal Kap to Denver, maybe part of the deal would be getting Sanchez. I think someone has mentioned this before and it makes some sense.

    1. There not trading Kaep. It’s not happening.. He is there to compete for 1 year.

      1. If the idea is that Kelly forecasts Gabbert will excel, it follows he needs someone experienced who can step in, in case Gabbert gets hurt. This would be a mediocre QB with no future as a starter, like Sanchez, who also knows Kelly’s system, btw. The guy they draft, in whatever round, is not going to see the field at all next year. You can question my football acumen all you want.

          1. If I am Kelly and I think Lewis can be QB2, sure. Pretty interesting pre-season, wouldn’t you say? The team has a lot of under- and never-utilized talent on offense, including Dylan Thompson, and precious little time before the draft to evaluate them. If I am Baalke, I guess I fill obvious holes on defense with my first three picks — pass rush and ILB.

            1. In the last preseason game, DT looked good, had command of the playbook and made accurate throws.
              In TC last year, they said that DT made White look like an all pro, and consistently threw TDs.

            2. George

              Thanks for the backing for Dylan Thompson…the guy was schooled by a Heisman award winner, (Spurrier) and the worst thing anyone can say about him is that Tomsula and Harbaugh didn’t put him on the field….look who they DID put on the field…Perhaps Baalke could escape from his typecast D-ONLY draft status if Dylan Thompson gets some playing time…

              1. Oregon, I like Thompson and think he was a smart UDFA signing. He’s mobile and accurate. His release is quick, and he pulls the trigger. Bit of a gunslinger. And as you say, he was schooled by Spurrier. I hope Kelly strongly considers him. It would be unfortunate if Thompson just got lost in the mix.

        1. I think Dylan Thompson is way better than Sanchez, and if they draft Cardale Jones, Kevin Hogan or even Paxton Lynch, they will all be better than Sanchez.
          Sanchez is a bargaining ship for the Broncos, and I expect him to be cut. Niners would really have to be desperate to sign Sanchez.

          1. Speculation. Dylan looked bad in preseason last year and hasn’t played a single down in the NFL. Sanchez went to USC. Sanchez isn’t great but until Dylan wins a starting job he’s clearly not as good.

            1. Wilson

              Look at the coaches that Dylan had who didn’t put him on the field….Tomsula…?…Harbaugh…. who still thinks Kaep is a superstar…I don’t recall Thompson looking bad in preseason…do you have a clip?

              1. Oregon, seriously? He had a QBR of 27 in one game. I know you hate JH but he was already gone when Dylan signed with the 49ers in May of 2015. So all of your assessment of his coaches is totally off. JT stinks, we know that. He played well in the last preseason game but everyone knows that’s all the guys playing who are playing for practice squad time and NFL players aren’t on the field. He took 8 sacks in 3 quarters.


                You saw our QB play last year, if he was any good he would have been on the field. You really think he’s better than Sanchez who won a national title at USC and took an NFL team to the AFC championship at least twice?

              2. Wilson,

                There’s no rational explanation for some of the views about QB’s we read on here. It’s simply a preference for whatever guy is not playing in the hopes he will magically be the answer to their prayers. Thompson may not even be on the roster after the draft never mind be an option to compete for a starting job. The guy was an UDFA for a reason, but to the eternal optimists he is somehow a better option than the guy who led the team to a SB and two straight NFCCG’s. Don’t even try to use common sense to assess these views. It’s impossible.

              3. Thanks Rocket, I guessed he dangled the bait and I bit.

                I am no expert by any means but there seems to be more of what you are pointing out these days and less actual discussion of fact based analysis. I learn a ton from you, CFC, Scooter, Jack, and others.

                Certain members dismiss all use of stats and just “know” who’s good and who’s not and berates people who look up facts as “pretending to know something that can’t be known.” All the while they make definitive predictions up and down about certain players or coaches based on their presumptions.

                Oregon, not generally speaking of you here. But Dylan has exactly 2 clips on youtube from his 49er preseason games. Should tell you something.

              4. No problem Wilson, you are a valued contributor around here. I think it’s simply the way in which the individual deals with frustration. Some look for scapegoats, overrate players who have done nothing, and have unrealistic optimism in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Others are disappointed but don’t delude themselves into thinking everything is great when it isn’t. Welcome to life on a message board.

  9. It would not be smart to throw away a QB who led the Niners to the SB and has a 4-2 road playoff record. Last year was slated for futility with the wholesale retirements and defections which gutted the team, even with a healthy QB.
    Kaep presents the best chance to return to relevance, and letting him go to draft a QB in the first round is just admitting that they expect to be rewarded by losing, so they can target McCaffrey next year.
    Chip is smart, and he sees that Kaep did not have the proper support from his team mates, the coaching and especially the FO. If he can resurrect Kaep, he will be hailed as a genius. If he abandons Kaep, it will just fit the narrative of his lack peoples skills.
    If they lose Kaep and are forced to draft a QB in the first round, they will miss out on selecting an elite defender, and doom the team to another losing season.
    If Kaep stays, The Niners could go hard on defense with their first few picks, and get a decent pass rush which will make the DBs more effective. Kaep is a perfect QB for the Chip Kelly offense, and with him, they may actually not have a losing season.
    Niners should trade Gabbert to the Broncos for Clady and a third round pick. That way, Broncos will get a decent QB that will help them stay under the salary cap, and Kaep will have no place to go, so he will be forced to stay as a Niner.

      1. If that is the case, the Niners should just cut him and let him go to the Rams.
        Oh, wait. The Niners are terrified that Kaep would lay the smackdown on them twice a year. If they really thought he sucks, they would invite Kaep to play for the Rams.

  10. Wow! Monumental moment for me..
    I finally agree with a Grant
    He’s right..Kap will be in the way and a big distraction..Best to move on..They wouldn’t cut Kap..but the injury clause and NFLPA prevents that..
    Denver dont wanna give us what we want..Otherwise he would’ve been gone…Word is..He’s still a month away from even practice or even participating..I believe every headcoach should pick their guy as Qb..So I think Chip will take a Qb in the first three rounds..Kaps not the future,Gabbert is on a one yr deal..Thad is on a one yr deal..Dylan Thompson is on the practice squad….
    Uncertainty at qb on the roster..

  11. I was interested in that one reporter’s take that Kelly was never big on CK. The notion, very often expressed by national media types, local talent, and commenters here that Kelly wanted to come to SF because of Colin always struck me as incorrect. It misses what Kelly is trying to do.
    A rumor passed through here a few weeks ago that the interview dance between Shanahan and the SF FO ended in 2015 with Shanny’s candid insistence that they move on from Colin if he took the job. One unverified rumor, but…
    The relative flatness of the market for trade partners for CK might suggest that the league has seen his reading and release deficiencies. It isn’t about being smart, Joey Harrington is smart as heck, but not a good QB.
    There are other false premises still being put forth:
    CK is toxic- Hmm, Bruce Miller’s recent comments reflect an opposite view.
    CK won’t take a pay cut- He apparently would take a pay cut to facilitate a Denver trade, but not the cut that Elway proposes.
    CK hasn’t bought in- True, he’s hoping to get out, so he’s going through the motions, but if he sees he’s going to be in SF in 2016, he’ll buy in in the hopes of putting out a good resume this year for his future. He also knows he could win the starting job in SF for 2016, helping his case.
    If no trade, the Niners don’t take a QB in Rds1/2-That’s not clear to me. They could still pull the trigger on a QB to sit and learn. A guy like Lynch will need time, even Wentz and Goff would be well served to apprentice.
    Goff is too skinny and frail- This is so over-stated. Remember that skinny runt from Notre Dame who looked like Barry Manilow? Google his rookie height and weight. Besides, Goff faced a lot of adversity with a porous OL at Cal.
    We,in the blogosphere are locked in an infinity loop; as usual this time of year.

    1. Couple of thoughts Teagarden.

      “CK is toxic- Hmm, Bruce Miller’s recent comments reflect an opposite view.” As does Hyde’s comments from yesterday. I think there’s a difference between malcontent and toxic. Neither is good in the long run. Toxic reflects a active corruption of the team ethos. He’s not Jacobs or LMJ tweeting about playing time. People here keep quoting what Kaep feels or thinks. Nobody knows because he hasn’t said a word since he got benched. Its all speculation. His malcontent is passive.

      “CK hasn’t bought in- True, he’s hoping to get out, so he’s going through the motions, but if he sees he’s going to be in SF in 2016” What if he sees how Baalke is drafting and how they operate in FA and doesn’t buy into the way the organization is run. Seems like the organizations reputation and strategy hurts the leagues perspective on it being a desirable location. As a fan I am not sure I buy into them either.

  12. I agree with Rocket that your third reason is the most likely scenario. The team can’t afford to have a guy on the team that has requested a trade and thus thus shown he has zero interest in the plan going forward.
    My guess is the team will keep Kaepernick until they draft a QB in the first or second round and then trade him for a 2017 second or third round pick.

    1. I agree with the writer that a trade will happen during the draft.

    1. From your link:

      “Say Kaepernick had been a superstar the past two seasons and helped the 49ers win a Super Bowl. What would San Francisco officials have said or done then if he had wanted a more lucrative contract? Nothing.

      Until Colin passes his physical there is no hurry.

      Until Denver stops asking for a long term contract at backup pay there is no hurry.

      Until Denver can start coaching their players (two weeks past the start of their camp on April 18th) there is no hurry.

      Until the draft is over there is no hurry.

      Until Jed stops hiding from reality there is no hurry.

      1. Shhh!!! You’re not supposed to notice such scenarios.

  13. This is so tired,if CK doesn’t want to play with the 49ers one way or another he will be gone most likely as a trade on draft day (I agree MWD).Time to move on.

  14. Hey Grant I believe I have a solution that the 49ers, Colin and Denver could live with! Let me know what you think! And of course I hope pride doesn’t tank it! 49ers get Denver’s 31st pick for their 37th pick. The 49ers get Denver’s 3rd pick next year and 4th or 5th in 2018. The 49ers offer to pay 6 million a year toward Colin’s salary over the next 2 years. 6 this year and 6 next year. Colin will get his money! Denver gets Colin Kapernick, and if he succeeds can redo his contract for 2018 and beyond. Sounds reasonable to me and it should suffice all 3 parties involved. Let me know what you think? If you like it please pass it on to Balke and Jed! Thanks!

    1. Grant will first have to pass it on to Paraag so it can be run through his analytics program. If it passes there it will then go to the PR department for an analysis of it’s impact on Genius Jed’s sterling reputation. Then Baalke will have to contact Bill Parcells in Florida for his OK. This could be possible by the day before the draft, depending on each department’s other commitments.

  15. Some thoughts on Kelly and Kaepernick

    – Head coach job interviews are long. It’s likely Kelly and Baalke frankly discussed their views on both 49er quarterbacks prior to the hiring. Maybe draft prospects too.

    – To contradict myself a wee bit, though Kelly has a pretty clear idea how CK fits I think he’d be curious to see how Colin runs his plays and absorbs his system.

    Colin and Chip are both members of the much maligned running quarterback club. Nothing mends fences like a shared siege mentality.

    – Coaches will almost always praise players other teams are interested in to increase trade value. Its a small part of the usual “Praise in Public, Criticize in Private” ethic that makes coaches sometimes look deceptive. Remember Harbaugh’s praise of AJ Jenkins?

    – Gabbert has one year left on his contract.

      1. If Fitzpatrick stays with the Jets, then I think the CK trade hinges on how the draft unfolds.

        There could be a frenzy of teams that skipped a quarterback in the high first round, trying to trade back into the bottom of round one. If Denver misses out on Lynch and Cook I can see them trading for CK with little salary modification.

    1. “– Gabbert has one year left on his contract.”

      That fact seems very strange to me. It seems like it could mean that if they can’t trade Colin, Colin will have a good chance to play for them in 2016. Do they wait until Colin is gone to give Gabbert an extension?

      1. I wrote “Gabbert has one year left on his contract” because its a rarely discussed component of the conversation. Its just strange people are overlooking that fact that Gabbert’s a one year rental (for now).

        I’m not really sure how this affects the CK situation. Giving Gabbert an extension now could alienate CK and/or reduce his trade value.

        I’m thinking he remains a one year rental for now. If he gets an extension its after the draft and CK situation is clarified, after the season, or never.

      2. why give Gabbert an extension now? At this point he’s considered at best a Journeyman QB. Maybe a good back up. I don’t think there would be a huge demand for him if he were on the open market. The Niners aren’t sure what they have in Gabbert. It’s simply that he’s the incumbent starter. Aside from possibly Kaeprnick, Gabbert is the best they have. But that doesn’t warrant locking him up right now. Better to see what you have in him and then lock him up further if they still want him.

        1. They need to get him under contract for 2017, in case he’s a breakout star in 2016 and suddenly demands $18M in FA. He has all the tools, and if he excels, everyone will regret not extending him for another year now, while he’s cheap.

          1. I honestly think that the Niners would be fine paying Gabbert $18M if his play this season warranted it. It’s not like they’re hard pressed for cap space. and if they signed Gabbert to a contract that size…the first thing they’d do before offering Gabs the contract is cut Kaepernick…there by minimizing the impact of such a signing.

        2. “why give Gabbert an extension now?”

          I broached he subject because alot of commentary assumed Gabbert will be around in 2017 or longer… even as a “bridge quarterback.”

          I would hold off an extension until I saw how…
          – The draft unfolds
          – The CK situation develops
          – How Gabbert does in the Kelly system

          It was the same risk-reward with all extensions. Earlier contracts are cheaper, but the risk of a player stinking out the joint and becoming dead cap. Later contracts carry less risk, but cost alot more.

          1. @ brodie,

            that’s kind of my point. the cost isn’t that great relatively speaking if they wait to sign Gabbert (assuming they want to).

            say they signed him now. 3 years $18M $4M signing bonus ($7 total guaranteed…weekly roster bonuses…etc..). Not huge money.

            the alternative is to sign him after a good year. say…4 years $75M with $12M signing bonus ($25M total guaranteed).

            if the extend him now and he sucks in Kelly’s offense their stuck paying $4M for nothing.

            but if they wait and he does well they get a guy for about $19M per year which is reasonable for an above average QB (I know that sounds weird).

            so the question is what are the chances that Gabbert is what he is and plays much like he did last year or that he dramatically improves?

            I think he’d probably put up better numbers in Kelly’s offense. But not enough to warrant being considered an above average QB (ie. worth $19M)

    1. Off the sauce onto the Rocky Mountain green bud? Also, Johnny would commute to work in Denver from Vegas I’d bet.

  16. When I consider
    – Number of quarterback uncertain teams
    – Number of quarterbacks available, especially game ready quarterbacks

    hanging on to Kaepernick (for the time being) makes sense.

    The situation reminds me of free agency… where the first player signed at sets the market for others at his position. At first its a clog. Nobody makes a move. Once the top guy is signed, the rest quickly follow.

    I can see nothing happening with Kaepernick or Fitzpatrick until the draft is underway, then trades suddenly start happening after the Rams or Eagles make their picks.

  17. I think your #4 reason….I think it was #4…is probably closest.

    Initially Kelly was all for Kaepenrick. I think from a purely skills set, I think Kelly probably thinks he can make his offense work pretty well (yeah, he isn’t the most accurate of QBs but the best NFL offense Kelly had was with the less than accurate Michael Vick).

    But Kelly has a history of wanting to work with players that want to work with him and for him. To buy into what he does. He’s kind of that college coach my way or the highway kind of guy.

    I don’t think Kaepernick is going to dog it in practice or the classroom. I think he’ll make an honest effort to compete and be a good teammate…(remember, Gabbert claims that Kaepernick was a good supportive back up). Sure Kaepernick doesn’t have the rosiest and most jovial of personalities that light up the locker room. and his wanting to be traded can’t sit well with his team mates. But then again, at some point it’s back to business. And if you do your job well…that’s the bottom line which most players care about. I’d expect some significant improvement from the QB position under Kelly (though the bar isn’t that high compared to last year).

    Put simply the situation is:

    Kapernick doesn’t want to be here with the Niners but business decisions force him to stay

    Kelly doesn’t probably doesn’t want a guy that doesn’t want to be there.

    Should Kaepernick end up staying with the Niners it will be up to Kaepernick and Kelly to make it work. and I think Kelly making it work with a player he doesn’t want is a huge test of his ability to coach in the NFL….and is as significant to the future of the 49ers as the development of the Niner’s next QB.

    1. affp…

      Yep ! … and..
      winning games usually causes <i
      distractions .. to
      disappear …

    2. “ some point it’s back to business.”
      If it comes to that, it comes to that. Big boy pants.

    3. “I don’t think Kaepernick is going to dog it in practice or the classroom. I think he’ll make an honest effort to compete and be a good teammate…” … allforfunnplay

      If a trade can’t be worked out that’s exactly what I think Colin will do.

      I think it’s funny that all these blogging couch potato NFL general managers, coaches and players think that a player who asks for permission to seek a trade will be, by default, a cancer in the locker room.

      1. AFFP,
        Good point. The last thing CK needs on his resume are the two career destroying words; “bad attitude.”

        What is taking place with CK right now is solely about business. A close to a potential $5mil alteration in his contract deserves complete due diligence on his part. Attitude has nothing to do with this equation.

        If Kap stays on the team he will not present a problem. And if he isn’t the starter on day one, I firmly believe that he will not sulk but rather gain the respect of his teammates by preparing himself to play if anything goes wrong with the starter.

        And yes, there may be some lingering bad feelings with some teammates over the Aldon Smith situation, but in the next couple of years many of those players will likely be off the roster making it a non issue.

        Kaepernick and his agent are mired in a money conflict with the FO and the Broncos. All the other adjectives and fluff being added to the situation by bystanders fail to see it as it truly is: Business.

      2. It’s not a criticism of Kaep, but just an observation: I doubt very much he has ever competed for a position in any sport during his life. One would have expected once he reached the NFL but as some have said, and I agree, he never competed while with the 49ers. One of the difficult transitions in sports is for young superstars, who have been pampered, coddled and automatically penciled into the starting lineup for all of their lives, have to compete to break into the lineup. I say that Kaep has precisely zero experience with that concept.

        1. Kaepernick was on his way to baseball because no college had offered him a scholarship when Reno came along at the last moment. Colin has not been treated like a star his entire life.

          1. I see your point HT, but in terms of where he actually played and “competed” he was always top dog. Aaron Rogers had to do some time at Butte Junior College for the same reason as Kaep, but I doubt very much that he had any real competition. Back in prehistoric times when I did time in JC, OJ Simpson had to spend two years in the minors at CCSF. I guarantee he did not have to compete at all. (Our coaches at CSM told us that he was a superstar in the making and made the unheard of decision to invite him, one of our opponents, to be the speaker at our team dinner.) I think OJ finally learned to compete in prison.

            1. OJ shouldn’t be in this conversation, but he is a poster boy for athletic privilege.

              Rogers and Kaepernick had to deal with the fact that no major college program was interested in them. As far as I know Rogers was academically qualified but didn’t get an offer. Kaepernick was also academically qualified but no one wanted him but Reno.

              My point is that your observation is simplified, but at the same time it is vastly superior to the crap that is posted about players who disappoint the “fans”.

              1. There aren’t that many notable NFL players, especially QBs, that are left wondering if they would make the team or start before they reached the NFL. Steve Young may be the most outstanding example of someone who wasn’t prized when he started college and then wasn’t prized when he came to the NFL. Montana was deep down the depth chart at Notre Dame at first, and seemed to bounce around a lot the rest of his time there.

                I agree that Colin was put into the NFL spot light too soon, and then he probably knew some time in advance that his coach was on his way out. It’s an interesting life story that I will follow.

  18. Johnny Christo, fantastic post!

    From what I am hearing from multiple sources, the Bronco’s insulting, lowball offer has really opened Colin’s eyes.

    The actual details of the deal the Bronco’s are offering Colin, separate from the compensation offered to the 49ers, are starting to come to light. And let’s just say, if Colin were to take the Bronco’s offer, he’s be an absolute fool. And from what I know about Colin, he’s not going to make the same mistake twice.

    Bleacher Report’s JASON COLE is breaking some of the story today. However, more of details will be coming out later.

    Apparently, the Bronco’s want to leave the basic structure of Colin’s contract in tact. In other words, they want him to take a massive pay cut over the next 2 seasons, and they also want to control Colin’s rights over the final 3 years, with the same kind of “escape clause” that his current contract entails. One source told me that Colin is “waking up” to the realities of the NFL. I think Colin’s realizing that, not only is the grass not always greener, but that the 49ers FO is no different than the Bronco’s FO, or any other NFL FO for that matter.

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting today, that there is a 75% chance that Colin plays for the 49ers in 2016. If I had to put a number on it I would put it closer to 85%.

    And regardless of exactly how this all ends up, I can’t help but ask myself one important question:

    How silly does all of this talk of “leaks”, hurt feelings, and “tender sensibilities” sound now?

    Because at the end of the day, the NFL is a business. And for all of Colin’s immature actions, even Colin realizes this fact. Trent Baalke, and the 49ers FO are going to make business decisions based on what they feel is best for the 49ers, first and foremost. The NFL, just like every other professional sport, is a tough business. And being a GM of a professional sports team is a tough job, and requires hard nosed decision making.

    Colin just got a hard dose of reality. And when push comes to shove, Colin is doing the exact same thing. Colin is making a decision based on what was best for Colin Kaepernick. He seems to have decided it is in his best interest to keep his guaranteed contract for the 2016 season. Just as thought it was in his best interest to have season ending surgery last season, even if it wasn’t in the best interest of the team.

    Whatever you think about Trent Baalke, there’s no denying he’s one tough negotiator. In fact, he’s a shark. Carman Policy was a shark. John Elway is a shark. Bill Belichick is a shark. And if you’re going to be a professional football player, you better be able to swim with sharks!

    Like it or not, that’s the way the world turns folks! Money talks, Bul#sh_t walks.

    Here’s to hoping Colin has learned this valuable lesson and is better for it. And here’s hoping Colin realizes he is the master of his own destiny.

    I hope he keeps his head up, keeps his mouth shut, keeps his headphones in his locker, and fully commits to Chip Kelly’s offense for 2016. And I hope 49ers fans get the EPIC training camp QB battle that Chip has to have been hoping would unfold. And that doesn’t mean the 49ers shouldn’t draft one of this year’s promising young QB prospects either. After all, competition brings out the best in professional athletes. Jim Harbaugh knew it when he was here, and Chip Kelly knows it.

    1. I’m not going to grip about this post 49reasons. The approach that Colin seems to be taking is also the best financial tactic barring Colin suddenly becoming an All Star Quarterback. He should be able to get a long term backup/maybe starter later on even if the 49ers choose not to play him (Jed), or he just can’t win the competition.

  19. Assuming they do get rid of Kaep, which I still think will happen, what are the chances the 49ers draft two QBs? I could definitely see it happening. One early and one mid to late. The Redskins are glad they did in 2012.

      1. They could draft a QB with every compensation pick. I agree.

        I would put off a first rounder for QB until next year at the earliest.

    1. Scooter,

      It’s a good idea and they definitely have enough picks to do it with.

      1. I would be pretty happy getting one of the top QBs in the draft as well as say Hogan or Adams later on. With the QB position in disarray it makes sense to back more than one horse.

        1. Scooter,Goff is the only top round QB I would love on our roster, in lieu of that pick I’d be ok with both Hogan and Adams later.

          1. Hightop-
            You wouldn’t take Wentz if he fell to#7 instead of Goff? (It won’t happen)

      2. Good idea. The only thing missing is a GM who is better a shooting craps.

  20. Elway probably told Kaep ahead of time exactly what he was going to do, and explained that he just wants to get Kaep for as little as possible. Once Kaep becomes a Bronco, they will tear up the old contract, and present a fair and equitable deal with a low price, but tons of incentives. Kaep will have to earn his bonuses, but that is all he wants to do. Kaep, with him achieving his goals, would theoretically make more than Osweiler. If Kaep achieves his goals, the Broncos would be back into the SB hunt, so they would be happy to pay him. If not, then the lower salary will be justified.
    At least, that is how I think they will structure the deal, because it would protect both sides.
    If Kaep flees this dysfunctional dumpster fire, the Niners will be forced to take either Goff or Wentz, and miss out on Jack, Bosa, Buckner, Lee, Stanley or Lawson. They should also select Cardale Jones, Hogan, or even Braxton Miller. If Adams or Driskel are available in the 6th round, the Niners should select one of those QBs. If Kaep is gone, the Niners better find a new starter quick. Gabbert may be the bridge, but any QB who has a 5-27 record should not instantly claim the franchise tag.

    1. “Elway probably told Kaep ahead of time exactly what he was going to do, and explained that he just wants to get Kaep for as little as possible. Once Kaep becomes a Bronco, they will tear up the old contract, and present a fair and equitable deal with a low price, but tons of incentives.”

      Wow, just WOW! I am not sure I have ever read anything as nonsensical as this.
      Absolute proof that some people simply have zero idea how trade/contract negotiations work in the NFL. ZERO!

        1. Rather than bother with lengthy, complicated contracts, let’s save trees by making all NFL player transactions with a wink and a handshake.

          1. Oakland made promises, but unlike the Niners, they kept their word and gave Crabtree a new deal for more years and millions more.
            Niners broke their promises, and tried to drive Kaep away with leaks and smears.

            1. Seb, you can’t be serious. Crabtree got a cheap one year deal with the raiders. He played well and got a better deal.

              The Rsiders waited to see what MC could do, before giving him a contract.

              If CK agrees to a cheap contract with Broncos, you can bet that that’s what he’ll play under.

              There’s no way the Broncos will rip up CK’s contract, before they see what he’d an do If he had a great first year, they MIGHT redo his contract at that point.

              1. If the Broncos don’t rip up Colin’s contract they will either pay the full amount or wait for the 49ers to make their minds up. I think Colin would take a “show me” new contract, but probably for one year.

                Standing pat is where Colin gets a voice in what’s going on.

      1. 49, I guess you do not know about the Crabtree deal. He took less to go to Oakland, and was promised that if he worked out, they would renegotiate his contract. In fact, they tore up the old contract, and wrote a brand new one that paid him lots more. They did that in mid season, so changing contracts does happen, and the compensation was revised upwards.
        Maybe you are the one who has zero idea how contracts work in the NFL.

        1. The Raiders didn’t renegotiate anything with MC. He sighed a one year deal. In essence, the Raiders said, “show us what you can do, and then we’ll talk about a new deal.” Wow, groundbreaking.

          1. Signed, not sighed.

            CT signed his EXTENSION in December. It was NOT a renegotiated contract.

            The Rsiders didn’t “rip up his old contract” in the “middle of the season”.

            No, the Raiders waited to see if MC was a good fit opposite Cooper, based on almost an entire season of play, they decided he was, and signed him to an extension.

            They didn’t live up to any “promise”. MC proved his value, then, and only then, was rewarded with an extension.

            If MC had sucked, do you think the Raiders would’ve lived up to their “promise”?

            Come on, man.

            1. Ex, it was a ‘Show Me’ contract, and even though it was not technically a brand new contract and only an extension, it was for more years and a lot more money. With that amount of an increase, I am positive that they did some negotiating.
              It definitely did show that the Raiders kept their promise, no matter how much you dispute that.

              1. What “promise”? Come here for a very low one year contract, and if you perform well enough we’ll pay you market rate?

                Wow, the Raiders went way out in a limb with that “promise”.

                It’s not like the Raiders paid him extra money in the extension to make up for what he didn’t earn last year, so exactly what promise did the Raiders make to Crabtree?

              2. Just go back to the archives and read all about it. I recollect that Baalke wanted to pay Crabtree less than what he made the previous year, but also did not promise playing time. Raiders gave him a show me contract, and promised him a starting job. Crabtree became the go to guy because with Cooper taking the double teams, Crabtree usually had single coverage. In fact, Crabtree had 85 catches for 922 yards for a 10+ ave. He made a bunch of third downs and 9 TDs. He earned that extension.
                Of course, if he had AJ Jenkins-like production, he would have been cut.
                However, no matter how much you want to disavow the significance, the Raiders made a promise, and midseason made good on their word. They could have waited until the end of the year, but they probably told him that they were so pleased, they accelerated the time table.

              3. Another fun fact is that Crabtree had more than twice as many TDs as any of the Niner WRs. Guess the Niners missed his production.

              4. Seb,

                The 49ers offered more money to MC than the Raiders, but MC wanted to get away from your boy CK so badly, MC was willing to take less money to do so. Look that up in the archives.

                As for the 49ers missing MC’s production, a WR needs s QB to get the ball to them to be productive. MC tweeted that he was going to the Raiders so he could play with a QB that could get him the ball. The only conclusion that can drawn from that, is MC doesn’t hold CK in much regard as a QB.

                BTW, negotiating isn’t renegotiating, and an extension isn’t ripping up a contract. Furthermore, those aren’t technicalities. Those claims are central to your argument (which would be pretty weak, if the Raiders had ripped up MC’s contract during the season. With those claims being false, you have no argument).

              5. Ex, it is a question of semantics. I did say that Oakland signed MC to a 1 year prove it contract, which usually means less money initially. They did not negotiate a future 4 year contract extension then and insert it as a clause into the existing contract because they did not know if MC could prove that he is worth a 4 year deal. They just made promises that if he worked out, they would offer a new contract. It was a renegotiation because the old negotiation was for only one year, and the new deal included 4 years. They did rip up the old deal because he signed a new contract during week 12 of the season, so the old contract was allowed to lapse with a new one in its place. It is a new contract because it is paying him a lot more money with a big guarantee of 18 mil. The initial contract was for 3 mil.
                I never said that MC went to Oakland for more. You and I both know he went there for less, but he was also promised more playing time. Kaep had nothing to do with how MC played in Oakland, so I do not know why you bring him up except to throw dirt at Kaep when the real culprit was Baalke. MC was another example of Baalke letting veteran leadership walk away instead of being retained. MC with Carr and a decent O line that gave him enough time to throw, still only had a 7-9 season, so they did not even make the playoffs. MC had good enough stats to warrant a 4 year deal, but if you think that MC with no Kaep will propel them into the SB, you may be sadly mistaken. MC did make it to a SB with Kaep, but his me first attitude by crying for the ball near the goal line may have cost them the ring, especially when other players were open.

              6. Seb,

                So, the Raiders made the same “promise” that every NFL team makes to each of its players: “Show your worth, and we’ll pay you accordingly”.

                Wow, some “promise”.

          2. “The Oakland Raiders and Michael Crabtree agreed on a contract extension Wednesday, according to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport. The deal is reportedly worth $35 million over four years with $19 million guaranteed.” This was reported on December 10, 2015, which last time I checked was DURING THE 2015 SEASON. While Seb does like to introduce his own version of background drama sometimes, he is more often right than wrong. I agree with his theory that Elway is trying to do a Michael Crabtree type deal with Kaep but unfortunately, afterthis experience with 49er management, Kaep (and/or his agent’s are a little low in the trust me department. I believe the old saying is: “Once bitten, twice shy”.

            1. Also in the come on man department: A contract extension is not a renegotiated contract. Where is JPN when you need him? Come on man.

              1. Whine,

                If you’re responding to me, I have no idea where you’re coming from.

                Seb said MC’s contract was ripped up and renegotiated in the middle of the season.

                Neither thing is true.

                As I said in my posts above, the extension MC signed was in December, near the END of the season (not the middle), and since he was on a one year contract, it was an extension, not a renegotiation.

                And, no, the Raiders didn’t fulfill a “promise” to MC. He played well enough to get an extension, and that’s what he got, nothing more and nothing less.

              2. Whine,

                I really am confounded by your posts. It seems you think I said the exact opposite of what I said.

              3. Wouldn’t be the first time I mistakenly started to argue with someone who was agreeing with me EX so I hope you understand. Age is certainly a factor and…well…that post was way before the cocktail hour so it must be just age this time. :-)

              4. No prob, Whine.

                I mistakenly ripped Grant a couple of days ago after misreading “carries per game” as “yards per carry”. It happens.

            2. Elway wants the benefit of Colin’s current five year contract for half the price. Good luck with that. It’s possible that Colin could agree to a “new” one year prove it contract for around $8M to $9M. At least I could be talked into that kind of a deal. Unfortunately no one has ever tried to talk me into any kind of “deal.”

    2. “Once Kaep becomes a Bronco, they will tear up the old contract, and present a fair and equitable deal with a low price, but tons of incentives.”

      Oh sure. That happens a lot in the NFL.

      1. Sir, Kaep wants to get out of that old contract. He wants to burn it and scatter the ashes. Moving to a new team usually entails financial negotiations, and a new contract is not out of the realm of possibilities. Maybe it will be a ‘Prove it’ deal.

  21. Football Outsiders’ 2016 SackSEER ratings, thanks to NN:

    Apologies if previously posted.

    FO’s top five based on SackSEER projection are:
    1. Leonard Floyd, Georgia – 26.9
    2. Joey Bosa, Ohio State – 26.8
    3. Emmanuel Ogbah, Oklahoma State – 25.6
    4. Shaq Lawson, Clemson – 22.9
    5. Noah Spence, Eastern Kentucky – 208

    FO’s top five based on SackSEER rating:
    1. Emmanuel Ogbah, Oklahoma State – 97.3%
    2. Bronson Kaufusi, BYU – 90.8%
    3. Dean Lowry, Northwestern – 90.8%
    4. Joey Bosa, Ohio State – 87.8%
    5. James Cowser, Southern Utah – 84.2%

    1. Mid:

      This is an interesting point. The difference in the amount of cash in Colin’s pocket is closer to $2 million when accounting for the differences in state taxes. Still, I don’t believe it would be this difference if the 49ers pay the gross dollars needed to cover the $2 million disposable income. If he gets a check from the 49ers it will probably be taxed at CA rates and not CO rates. There’s a lot of clever accountants out there that could probably figure out the absolute minimum the 49ers would need to cough up in order to make up for the $2 million in cash in pocket.

      Then throw in the draft pick(s) and a deal should be readily doable.

      1. Just another CPA piping in to get some free print. Colin’s agent has a masters degree in taxation and I’m sure he has already shown Kaep the tricks of the trade to minimize California taxation. I spoke to my old partner recently and he told me something that astounded me. When I practiced (back when Fred Flinstone was working) almost no lawyer would specialize in taxes and they were kind of the black sheep of the profession. Today in the Bay Area, tax lawyers routinely bill $900 to $1,000 per hour. Must be due to all of those real rich youngsters who quickly find out that, especially in California, it’s one thing to make a lot of money but quite another one to keep it.

        1. After working with a tax attorney to set up a living trust and realizing the tax advantages I felt kind of weird since in my income bracket I always felt like a member of the class that didn’t qualify for any special considerations. But Sshhhhhsh! If Congress finds out a “Little Guy” is doing ok they’ll change the tax code to fix that problem!

        2. Thanks. I’d agree that they are well versed on how to minimize CA taxes while Colin is a CA resident. But I wonder if they’ve discussed the advantages of Colin being a CO resident for the $7 million he could make with the Broncos and what the real gross amount he needs to move to the Broncos in order to get an equivalent disposal income from the compensation he would make if he stayed with the 49ers. Of course, it’s not quite that simple because as I understand it, some states tax professional sports players just for playing a game in their states. Still, a savings of a million dollars or so might be a compromise the 49ers could live with in a “pay out” to move CK to the Broncos especially if CK is also willing to take a small haircut.

          1. Matt Maiocco
            ✔ ‎‎@MaioccoCSN California-Colorado tax info: Broncos can cut Kaepernick’s scheduled $11.9M base to $10.8M and he’d net the same amount, via @SportsTaxMan.

          2. Colin may very well be a “resident” of another state already. There is no way for us to know. The two key factors are: Which state you consider your domicile (your state of residence) and how many days your team plays in a high tax state. (All of your income is taxed in your domicile state but only income earned while “on duty” in other states is taxed by those states. Generally you then get a credit in your domicile state for income which is taxed twice.) All of the time he has spent in CO rehabbing should be income earned outside of CA unless his agent’s are asleep at the wheel. Don’t get me wrong, high CA taxes are a factor. But the reason that tax lawyers get $900-$1,000 per hour in the Bay Area is that they are very clever at finding out ways to work the system to limit the damage.

  22. I don’t see an issue with Kap if he is with the team this year. The players aren’t going to say much because at the moment they don’t know if they can trust the new regime if they speak frankly about the fluid situation. Kap and his agent are saying things to gain leverage and the 49ers FO is doing the same. It’s the nature of the NFL beast.

    Also, if Kap wins or loses the QB race in TC the players will respect the fairness of the process. Players understand the business side of the NFL which can get prickly at times. After the soap opera is over and if CK remains on the team I believe that all the players will be fine with him and visa-versa.
    It’s just the game within the game at the moment.

    1. I doubt that…#7 is already toxic……..feelings from last year just don’t change or go away …..even if you are winning games…..#askcrabtree…..

      also the whole A. Smith girlfriend story adds fuel to the negative feelings

      there is just too much negative stuff about #7

      he definitely won’t be shouting at the young WR’s anymore…….and I see more players on offense standing up to him…..

      bottomline once he asked for a trade he lost the respect a leader deserves

      1. if he plays well…none of that stuff will matter. ultimately players want to win. do your job and do it well.

        if he doesn’t play well it won’t matter either…he won’t have to hold the team together if things aren’t going well… the’ll just yank him for Gabbert.

  23. The only part about this #7 issue is:

    The Broncos have accepted the 49ers trade offer……….I suspect it is a 2nd rd pick

      1. I am saying it’s obvious whatever the Broncos are offering In the trade, the 49ers are ok with because:

        1. They allowed #7 to sit with elway and kubiak
        2. The whole drama is focused on what Denver is offering #7

        And I suspect it’s Denver 2nd Rd pick.

        1. I beg to differ. Broncos say he is worth a 4th round pick. Too bad they do not have a 4th round pick. However, they have a 3rd round pick. Sources say that the trade is agreed upon for a mid level pick, which to me entails a 3rd round pick. The sticking point now is money.

  24. you just don’t fix a marriage after asking for a divorce and dating new people

      1. true….typical of marriages it started off great but now both sleep sideways backs turned towards each other……

    1. The Vikings patched things up with their star RB, didn’t they?

      As late as May 25th, 2015, BLEACHER REPORT was reporting- “Adrian Peterson isn’t planning on attending the organized team activities (OTAs) of the Minnesota Vikings when they begin on Tuesday, according to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press, which can only mean one thing: HE STILL WANTS TO BE TRADED”

      I’m not saying you in particular oneniner, but so many people miss the most important aspect of these situations. Not every situation is the same, however ….. If it’s in the best interest of both parties involved, things can always be worked out!

      So you have to ask yourself, is it the best interest of both the 49ers and Kaepernick, to make this thing work in 2016? It’s really starting to look the answer is yes, and yes!

      1. A trade could still very well happen, but it sounds like Colin is pretty intent on cashing in his guaranteed money for 2016. Denver made an insulting offer, and I think Colin’s starting understand that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the field.

        1. 49, why are you harping on Denver trying to lowball the Niners? They are not insulting Kaep. The Niners insulted Kaep when they sent the leaker to the negotiations, but obviously, you have amnesia over that incident.

      2. You make a good point 49r. Things can be worked out if all parties want it too happen. Not sure if Kaep or the front office want that. We still have not heard directly from either side so……conjecture is all we got.

        1. If Colin and his advisors come to the conclusion that making it work out is best for him, what can the front office (Jed) do about it without eating his $11.9M payout?

          If that happens, the 49ers would get back an amount equal to whatever another team pays Colin in 2016, but they won’t get any other compensation.

  25. 49ers exhibition schedule
    Week 1, vs. Houston
    Week 2, at Denver
    Week 3, vs. Green Bay
    Week 4, at San Diego

  26. Pretty satisfying opening game at McCovey Cove today.
    Go Giants. Go Dubs. C’mon Niners.

    1. Glad to see Pence get on track with a grand salami. Thought he would be the first to hit a home run, but it looks like the whole team has got into the swing of things.
      Nice to see the Warriors lock up the top seed..

    2. Teagarden,
      Yes, go Giants! Especially satisfying when ever they beat the hated dodgers.
      Love Hunter “Psycho” Pence… the man is a ball’r!

  27. Supposedly the Eagles are smitten with Wentz and want to move up to get him. It may be that Disinformation Season is in full swing.

    1. They have a QB and signed a strong backup. The Eagles are coveting Ezekiel Elliot since they traded Murray away.
      Maybe the Niners should trade back with the Bears, because they also want a RB to replace Forte.

    1. It makes me wonder if Kelly will try to get Agholor in a trade.

      1. Kelly won’t be making any trades. That’s Balke’s call. Just like the draft. Kelly is here to coach. Balke makes final call on personal. Just like in free agency. Kelly was super aggressive with philly when he had control. Here they have done close to nothing. That’s why I don’t see a QB in rnd 1

      2. Interesting thought. But there’s bad blood. Will Philly be willing to trade him to us?

  28. Ok, I’ve got it.

    Jared Goff = Derek Carr
    Carson Wentz = Joe Flacco
    Paxton Lynch = Blake Bortles
    Kevin Hogan = Ryan Tannehill
    Jeff Driskel = Jake Locker
    Connor Cook = Mark Sanchez

          1. Does your guy Bortles go to Denver breaking both our hearts -(in my case thwarting a CK trade)?

            1. I think the Browns will trade back up into the first round if they bypass taking a QB with the second pick.

  29. On RotoWorld:

    “DraftInsider’s Tony Pauline reports the Jets have “inquired” about trading up to No. 1 overall in the draft and labels them a “dark horse” to pull off the move.

    The Jets are currently scheduled to pick 20th overall later this month, so it would take a haul of picks and/or players to get up to No. 1. They’re very likely dangling franchise-tagged RE Muhammad Wilkerson as part of any package. Who the Jets would be targeting at No. 1 is anybody’s guess, but Ole Miss LT Laremy Tunsil makes a ton of sense following LT D’Brickashaw’s retirement Friday. But a quarterback like Cal’s Jared Goff or North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz is also in play. ”

    To me it seems likely that the Jets will hold out Wilkerson as bait to make a bold move up the draft board in the first round. Although 7th might not be high enough, I wonder if Baalke would consider swapping first round picks and getting Wilkerson in the deal.

    Also, with Ferguson retiring that frees up money to sign Fitz, which would remove one more landing spot for Kap (albeit the Jets weren’t considered as seriously pursuing him), leaving really only Denver.

    1. Cubus,
      If Baalke could score Wilkerson and the 20th pick it would be the steal of the century.

  30. Is there anything more useless than player comparisons? I’m not even going to start to break down why your comparisons aren’t really accurate. Let’s just say that, even with 10’s of thousands of players to compare guys to, no two players are ever alike Grant. And comparing college QB’s with professional QB’s is simply pure speculation.

    1. 49r,
      I agree with you in principle, but at least the comparisons give us a small gauge of the players.

  31. Oregoniner, in reference to your comment this morning about Thompson, I like Thompson and think he was a smart UDFA signing. He’s mobile and accurate. Quick release and pulls the trigger. Bit of a gunslinger. And as you say, he was schooled by Spurrier. I hope Kelly strongly considers him. It would be unfortunate if Thompson just got lost in the mix. Sometimes we lose sight of the talent drafted the year before, even if we have them under contract.

    1. Right on, George…it’s a shame when we don’t see a guy who’s already on our roster….

  32. @JohnnyChristo

    I don’t think Kaep’s issue is the amount of compensation over the course of his contract. He’s in theory getting $15-$20M a year over the life of his contract. That puts him inline with some of the signed this year by Bradford and Sanchez. I’m also not sure the issue is with the duration of the contract. I think the issues are: 1. keeping the amount of money in the contract. 2. keeping the guaranteed money in the contract. 3. and this is the most important part I think…the lack of security and commitment in the structure of his current contract. essentially after this year; he’s on a year to year contract with minimal security (only about $5M over the next 2 years and none in the remaining 2 years).

    1. IMO Kaepernick is a back-up QB. That’s what Elway is saying in offering him $7 million. This could get ugly for us if Denver signs McCown. (In news out today, the Browns might release him.) No crystal ball here, but Baalke better not be too cute about it. Ship him out while we can get something in return. A late 4th rounder looks good to me, even if they have to eat part of his contract. Your thoughts?

      1. I don’t think you offer $7M for a back up QB. You offer $7M for a probable (but borderline) starter QB that has a lot question marks around him. The $7M is basically a comp from the RGIII contract. And I don’t think Baalke is being cute about anything. I think he’s fine with Kaepenrick sticking around and competing for the starting spot with Gabbert. it’s not like Kaep is going anywhere. they can always trade him in August when some team’s starter gets injured and are desperate. heck…Baalke has 4 years to trade him…it’s not as if they’re hurting for cap space so they can bide their time.

        1. Aren’t the Eagles paying Chase Daniels an average of $7 million per year to be a backup? But as you say probable. It looks like $7 million is on the borderline.

      2. That’s why your not a GM. You don’t trade a talent like Kaep for just a mid rnd pick. Especially when all you have is B Gabbert. There is zero rush in getting rid of him. Let him compete for the job and see if he can regain his form of 3 years ago. Or if you draft Goff early and Denver offers a third then fine move on. The draft will tell us a lot. I believe he stays to compete. They draft one of Prescott, Adams, Hogan latter..

        1. Rebuild, all I’m doing is starting with the premise that Kaep has become a miserable starter and trying to apply common sense. I don’t believe the Kaep of the last two years is much of a talent. He has huge trouble with pressure, poor field vision, sometimes refuses to throw designed passes, releases too slowly, doesn’t throw open receivers, ignores (or is blind to) wide-open receivers, sails his passes, throws balls into the ground, runs the ball out of bounds and loses yardage . . . is there anything I’ve left out? If he stays around TC long enough, he will lose to Gabbert (because Gabbert exhibits fewer faults), in which case Kelly will have to decide whether Kaep suits up as a backup or not. Suiting him up IMO would be a distraction, so that’s why I say trade him for whatever and move on.

          1. George – Your thoughts on the Kaep are very similar to mine. My sense is that Elway is playing poker though and he has two conflicting issues to deal with. On the one hand, the 49ers want a high draft pick as compensation. On the other hand, Kaep has a large contract that he wants to maintain. The more money that Denver has to pay Kaep, the more the value of the draft pick must be as compensation. (What’s a $7 mil. QB worth as opposed to a $13 mil. QB?) So, consequently, Elway must low ball Kaep and get him signed somehow in order to keep the draft pick as low as possible. I don’t think that either side is going to move on the two inter-dependent issues, so Kaep will stay. That said, strange things happen in the real world of poker. We are all human beings, after al,so who knows what may end up happening. My bet is that we get stuck with a very expensive backup QB who is, like Grant says, probably someone a competent 49er management team should have gotten rid of one way or another. Smart people like to say, let’s not throw good money after bad. But the 49ers FO…..well – we’ll see.

            1. WC, I like your analysis. Baalke needs to respect Elway’s valuation of Kaep and move on.

  33. JON GRUDEN had a lot to say to Michigan State QB CONNOR COOK during his sit down with Connor at Gruden’s QB camp on Tuesday for ESPN. I was looking forward to this episode, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Connor is one of my favorite QB’s in this class, so to be honest, most of what Jon said really didn’t surprise me one bit:

    “My old boss in Oakland (late Raiders owner Al Davis), he would say ‘let’s take that kid Cook at Michigan State,” Gruden said. Then he asked Cook, “How the hell are you not the first pick in this draft?

    “I’m a senior, graduated, have over 30 wins, have started for three years, have played in big-time games, have operated in a pro-style system, have been consistent, it’s not like I just had one good year,” Cook said. “And I’m not a fan of tooting my own horn …”

    “I’M TOOTING IT,” Gruden interjected.

    As much as Gruden appeared to enjoy the way Cook met his challenging questions, he was even more impressed with how the Michigan State quarterback handled his time drawing up plays and walking him through his progressions, and then Gruden want on to say something that frankly, had me smiling!

    “You started making plays that really weren’t there — not just making system plays … making plays that I’ve never seen before.”


    “You’re an aggressive quarterback…..this throw against Ohio State in the Big Ten championship (2013), it’s a deep out route, it’s Cover 2 (defense), look at you look to the flat, you manipulate that corner, and you drive this ball on a dime, for one of the great throws in college football.” said Gruden, coincidentally, referring to the very throw that first made me stand up and think to myself, this kid’s going to be special.

    Gruden continued, “But you’re a gunslinger, aren’t you?” Cook replied, “yes sir,” and explained how the Michigan State quarterbacks call their group gunslingers, often spending Monday nights together during football season to watch Gruden break down the game on Monday Night Football.

    “This is awesome man, this is great stuff, you see the whole field,” Gruden said, marveling at Cook’s ability to handle a pro-style offense. “My pass offense got better by meeting you, Connor Cook.”

    OK, I’ve been on the Connor Cook train for a few years now, so none of what transpired on Tuesday really surprised me. Connor has the intangibles that have me convinced he’s going to have a very good NFL career. He’s a gunslinger with the heart of a lion, and he has an uncanny ability to create things on the fly, like all the best QB’s can do.

    I don’t buy the narrative that Cook isn’t a leader. It’s been my experience that teammates don’t, to a man, flock to your defense, if there is truth to certain narrative, and you aren’t highly respected. Connor is one of these uber-confident athletes. He’s an outspoken individual, who isn’t afraid to speak up and hold his teammates accountable. And I am just fine with that from my QB.


    1. Gotta consider the source. Gruden doesn’t know the first thing about developing young quarterbacks.

      1. Yep. He won a Super Bowl by riding on Dungy’s formula. The Buccaneers went downhill after he started implementing his own ideas.

      2. Different mentality than ANY QB Gruden has grilled on the whiteboard in 3 years Grant.

        Why? BECAUSE CONNOR UNDERSTANDS THE QB POSITION! He is a play maker. A “gunslinger” who doesn’t turn the ball over. There are some guys who just understand the position better than everyone else. Their brains work differently. And I’ not just talking about the ability to compute, and make quicker decisions the most guys. Guys like Cook see things that others don’t see.

        Jon Gruden says he thinks Connor is “the best QB in this draft class!” But, it’s not just Gruden though. The list of scouts, and analysts who like Connor Cook, is a very long list.

        You can stick to your stats all you want Grant. For me, statistic are trumped by what I see on film. And I’ve watched a lot of film!

        Connor’s got the type of confidence you want from a QB. He’ll make a bad play, perhaps a poor throw, and instead of letting that effect him negatively, he’ll turn around and attempt an even tougher throw. And he’s athletic. He has a prototypical QB build. He has escapability. He has one of the quickest releases in this draft class, even quicker that Goff, IMO. His footwork is impeccable. He’s tough as nails. If he can stand on 2 legs, he’s going to play through injuries.

        And in a draft where there are serious question marks about every QB on the board, Connor just might give you the most value of any QB in the draft.

        1. He’s very innaccurate on short passes. Terrible under pressure. He’ll win some games against bad NFL teams and get blown out by the good ones. A boom or bust player like Sanchez. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  34. Trades and contracts are by and large gambles. Since all that’s on the table is the equivelnt of a 4th rounder, I have no problem hanging on to CK till the draft is underway.

    There are more quarterback uncertain teams than there are quarterbacks. One will be lost in the shuffle. Failing that, hang on to CK for a season works fine too.

    1. I’m not going to start this debate again Grant. lol. I just had to point out what happened with Gruden.

      You don’t really like him. I do. I’ll stick to my own opinion on this and we’ll re-asses things in 2018, unless he ends up on the 49ers. Then we’ll get to know him very well in short order.

        1. He’ll be a Cowboy. He’ll have good pass protection and the pieces needed to prop him up.

    2. what basis do you have to compare Cook to Sanchez?

      Cook was a 4 year starter
      Sanchez was a part time starter in 07 and a starter in 08.

      Sanchez’s passer rating in college was better. He’s a slightly more accurate QB than Cook.

      Cook has a better TD to INT ratio by about 1 TD to INT.

      if anything it appears that Sanchez and Cook have the opposite problems in terms of on field play processing. Sanchez is said to be a cerebral QB a good thing but a bad thing because he’ll over analyze and freeze up. Cook on the other hand is said to get flustered if his first read isn’t open. Sanchez ran a fairly traditional pro system at USC. Cook ran a pro stylish type of offense with lots of spread concepts mixed in.

      I think your point is that both QBs played for good teams that may have made them look good is a valid possibility. But I do not think they are the same QB by any other measure.

      1. They posted similar production their junior years. They both have quick releases. Both are mobile. Both throw the ball up for grabs. Both look the part, but are fools’ gold.

        1. Sanchez never learned how to manipulate defenses, nor does he have the confidence in his arm and ability to take on defenders. He’s always been a ‘take what the defense gives me’ type of QB. I really do not agree with this comparison.

          1. Sanchez had a ton of confidence in his arm coming out of USC. He was a much higher-graded prospect than Cook.

    3. He’s more like Eli Manning than Sanchez. Has the same mentality. If his leadership issues are non issues then he’s right up there in the mix for top QB in this draft.

      1. Manning is a playmaker who can throw with velocity off his back foot. Cook can’t do that. All of his traits are average, just like Sanchez.

  35. Completion percentage under pressure, according to Pro Football Focus:

    Lynch: 55.2
    Driskel: 52.2
    Adams Jr.: 51.9
    Goff: 50.0
    Hogan: 50.0
    Prescott: 49.6
    C. Jones: 43.1
    Wentz: 42.2
    Cook: 40.2

    1. That’s an interesting stat. Is there a stat that states the percentage of dropbacks the qb’s were pressured on?

        1. Those are interesting numbers. I was under the impression that Cook and Hogan had better lines than Lynch and Goff but these stats indicate otherwise. Unless maybe the bubble screens, which are a bigger part of Memphis and Cal’s office, skew these slightly.

            1. Maybe look for completion % of 10 yards or more on dropbacks under pressure (to remove the screen passes)?

      1. Why would he if it were true? Why not just keep quiet?

        I’ll compile a list of all of his teammates who have defended him.

        You compile a list of guys who are on record questioning his leadership.

        And then we’ll compare.

        1. Why would he not pump up his player? The same applies to his teammates. It’s nothing but normal fluff coming fellow team members.
          Honestly, I don’t care who (credible or not) pumps up Cook’s stock as long as the 49ers don’t draft him.

  36. Don’t make me use the DAVID FALES card Grant. It’s been sitting in my back pocket for a while now! lol

    1. LOL! You can use it — I deserve it. I’m focused on the present, though, haha.

      1. I honestly haven’t heard many people who are questioning his talent. But I do respect your opinion Grant, so I’ll take it into account.

        I wish I knew how Chip felt about Cook. I know Baalke likes him.

      1. I still don’t understand what happened to him. He just gave up. He was clearly the most talented QB in that dreadful draft class.

        1. You are the only one that doesnt understand what happened. The redt of us know he just wasnt that good.

  37. And I’ve already explained his accuracy issue.

    A) he’s a gunslinger who will attempt passes others won’t. The good news there is that he understands how to put it where, if the WR can’t get it, nobody will.

    B) he’ll let his shoulder fly open prematurally, one of the easiest mechanical flaws to fix.

    One reason (b) doesn’t bother me is because mechanically, everything else is flawless. His footwork is impeccable. His release is natural, and very quick. And the ball comes out of his hand in a very natural way.

    1. The gunslinger defense doesn’t apply on short throws, where Cook is extremely inaccurate.

      1. Straight from Dave Warner’s mouth Grant. Comparing Cook to Hoyer, Cousins and other college QB’s.

        “With Connor, he fell more into the gunslinger mode. If you look at it statistically, our running backs didn’t have a lot of catches. We don’t throw the bubbles, chokes or quick high-percentage passes as spread offenses do”.

        “The majority of his throws were down the field. He didn’t drop the ball to the running backs. He threw down the seams, where he needed to throw receivers open and anticipate windows. He was very confident in his arm and being able to do so. It showed for three years.”

        “Those other guys were a little bit more meticulous and not as risky with the throws and decisions they made.”

        “That’s the main thing when differentiating between them. Connor will take some chances. More often than not, they paid off.”

        1. Now, does this strike you as “game manager” material? No! Statistics don’t always tell the whole story. And when I hear people label Cook as a game manager, I laugh. Not that game manager is the worst thing to call a QB.
          But the difference in mindset between Kirk Cousins and Connor Cook is significant.

          Cousins is a game manager. Cook is a guy who likes to let it fly.

          1. Sanchez likes to let it fly, too. Unfortunately, he was only good at letting it fly in college.

            1. Sanchez? Lol. Come on Grant. Everyone who’s been around Sanchez knows he HESITATES. Mark Sanchez is any BUT a confident passer who let’s its fly. Sanchez hesitates, and makes idiotic decisions because of it.

              Now you’re starting to reach for straws Grant.

              1. Sanchez and Cook are careless with the football. Both make idiotic decisions. Cook had 10 picks dropped in 2015.

          2. And one of the reasons trying to compare players is such a waste of time, especially at the QB position is, a lot of these guys have the physical attributes to accell at the NFL level. Joe Montana proved, you don’t need to be the biggest, the fastest, or have the strongest arm.

            It’s what’s between the ears that differentiates the best from the rest! And you can’t measure that with statistics, or radar guns Grant.

      2. I have to say Grant, since you said yesterday that you didn’t see the gunslinger mentality from Cook I am finding it difficult to take your assessment of him too seriously. I think you simply don’t like him as a prospect, for whatever reason something about him turned you off on your first take, and that is clouding your assessment of him. It happens.

        1. I give him a third-round grade. Pro Football Focus gives him a fourth-round grade. There is nothing special about him. He throws the ball into coverage just like Sanchez. Both are awful once forced off their spot, and both are products of dominant college teams.

            1. Cook’s quarterback rating improved by an astounding 35 points when blitzed. from 83 when not blitzed and 128.6 when blitzed. Also, Cook threw 16 touchdowns and only one interception when blitzed.

              1. Yeah, but his accuracy percentage under pressure is 53.4. That’s Sanchez-esque.

    2. Goff is more of a gunslinger than Cook. *insert sarcasm

  38. When Grant’s topics attract more than about fifty posts, I have no realistic way to keep track of continuation posts that are part of one of several exchanges going on under a given topic or tittle. What am I missing?

    1. The best I can come up with is to keep a text file of time stamp information with a topic associated.

      1. Is our stuff worth indexing? Anything missed will come back around soon enough.

        1. I just like to read posts more than one time each day. There is no way to easily do that in the big threads other than use string searches.

        2. Jack, every syllable is archived, and can be brought back to the present.
          I remember when Grant predicted the Vikings would stomp the Niners and when the Niners won, he seemed to have amnesia. Hind sight is 100 %. I remember when Scooter derided my suggestion of Shaq Lawson, but once Grant picked him, he decided that Lawson could play in a 3-4 system. 49 goes crazy, and writes not only pages, but tomes about Cook. Too bad he tends to repeat himself, and even Joe Montana did not receive such fluffery.
          Now Grant has poached one of my writing methods, and wrote an open letter to Kaep. After Kaep had his terse, surly interview in the beginning of the season, I critiqued his presser and said I would like to see him ditch the headphones and wear a suit. In his last presser, he wore a suit, but still had those dumb headphones, so there is still room for improvement. I also said that Bob Lange should be fired if that was his way to prepare a player to address the media. Afterwards, they were a lot better. Kaep may not have been loquacious, but at least he answered the questions and appeared like he did not have a chip on his shoulder.
          So, to answer your question, No, posters do not usually scroll back to read posts, and once they are done with, they usually never see the light of day again. However, since they are archived, it is a good tool to use to point out past mis-statements. Especially if another poster has a long memory, and can retrieve the past posts.
          I like to peruse past posts just before the draft, just to see how far off some posters were. 49 may be disappointed when he sees Cook drop to the third round, when he has been touting Cook as a sure fire starter and franchise QB.

          1. Seb,

            While scrolling past the above post, the sentence “49 goes crazy, and writes not only pages, but tomes, on Cook.”

            This, in a War and Peace length post. Funny.

            1. Ex, I have never said that I am not prone to writing long posts. In fact, I claim to be verbose.

              1. Seb,

                True enough, you do admit that you’re verbose. My point is, you calling another poster out for posting a “tome” smacks of pot and kettle…

              2. Well, I may write long posts about the last QB to lead the Niners to a SB, but he writes lengthy posts over a QB that has question marks and many think will not be the next coming of Joe Montana.

  39. Will Smith an ex Saints player, was shot to death over an apparent road rage incident. Shocking and sad.

    1. Seb,
      Details are sketchy, but I found it interesting that the shooter stayed at the scene and waited for police to arrive.
      Whatever the details, it is a tragic event.

  40. (sigh) I’m an unabashed Kaepernick basher. I wanted him gone and now I am resigned to having to cut him and pay him his full salary for the year, minus whatever Denver pays him when they pick him up. At least it’s not my money.

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