Chris Cook on Brandon Lloyd: “Everything he runs, it looks like he’s about to take off and go straight down the field.”

SANTA CLARA – Chris Cook was interviewed by Bay Area reporters Sunday afternoon outside of the 49ers’ locker room. Here is a transcript.

Q: How is this experience different that your experience on the Vikings?

COOK: I’m not a rookie. I started my career in Minnesota. There is a lot of talent here. There is talent throughout the whole NFL. There definitely is better weather here. It’s not really different. It’s a little bit different scheme, but it’s just football and I just came here to compete and win a job and doing everything I can do to contribute to the team.

Q: How is the scheme different?

COOK: It’s a little bit more man to man instead of an old school Tampa 2 style that we ran in Minnesota.

Q: You’re able to get your hands on guys now in training camp. Is that your strength?

COOK: I think it is. Yesterday was the first day we could go full pads and I could really get a feel for getting my hands on guys. I feel good right now. I feel like I’m on a good track and I’m rising right now.

Q: There are some very physical receivers on this team. Does facing them improve your skills as a press corner?

COOK: I think it does. We have three guys that could be legit No.1s. Going against them every day helps any DB’s confidence. It helps you work on your craft because when you have guys like Michael Crabtree and Stevie Johnson in front of you, you can’t go out there and take a play off.

Q: What about Brandon Lloyd?

COOK: I try to go against Crabtree, Stevie and Brandon as much as I can. Brandon Lloyd, his routes are so good. Everything he runs, it looks like he’s about to take off and go straight down the field. You can’t really get good reads on his routes. It makes you stay honest and play your techniques true.

Q: Vic Fangio said you need to work on finding the ball when it’s in the air. How do you work on that?

COOK: Repetition. It was something I worked on when I was at home during our little break in the spring. It’s just tracking the ball in the air. It’s something that you have to get reps in and just chip at it until it gets better.

Q: How did you do that when you were at home?

COOK: I had someone throw me the ball, and then I would run and play the ball in the air. I had a guy run down behind me so I could feel the body on me and play the ball in the air.

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    1. I dunno, bro. Before Fangio/Donatell Carlos Rogers went unwanted in Washington, Tarrell Brown couldn’t beat out Shawntae Spencer and Culliver was an unheralded college safety. If they came around why can’t Cook?

      1. Carlos had stone hands and rectified it once he arrived, however, not being able to turn and locate the football without slowing down is a bigger hurdle to overcome for a veteran in my opinion. It’s a skill that should be learned early in a young corners career, and it should then evolve into not only locating the football, but attacking it at its highest point….

        1. “Carlos had stone hands and rectified it once he arrived”

          Actually his 2011 was a classic outlier year. That being said, I think I agree with you about Cook.

  1. I also think that third eye which Cook had implanted into the back of his head this off season should also make quite a difference

  2. “Everything he runs, it looks like he’s about to take off and go straight down the field.”

    Yea but he’d say the same thing about AJ Jenkins.

  3. Brandon Lloyd is a sick receiver. His hips are so good as an athlete. He may be small, but he will cause fits for defenses. If it came down to between him and Stevie, I’d take Lloyd. Stevie, Patton and Crabs are all too similar. Lloyd brings something different to the table.

    1. With the ability of Ward to play the back up safety position, the 49ers will be able to free up another roster spot.

      Looks as though Brock tweaked an ankle……

    2. Yeah I’d keep Lloyd, Stevie, Anquan, Ellington, and either Crabs or Patton. Lloyd has intangibles, and Anquan is a gamer.

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