LaMichael James carted off practice field

SANTA CLARA — LaMichael James dislocated his left elbow Sunday afternoon in a blitz pickup drill. Michael Wilhoite hit him. James stayed down for a few minutes and then was carted off the field.

He will be out  at least for the next month.




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  1. From Google:

    Jewel Hampton
    Football player
    Jewel Hampton is an American football running back currently on the practice squad of the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. Wikipedia
    Born: December 23, 1989 (age 24), Indianapolis, IN
    Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
    Number: 33
    Weight: 463 lbs (210 kg)
    Education: Southern Illinois University Carbondale
    Position: Running back

    I’ll tell ya what, you get Jewel going and he’s gonna be hard to stop…

      1. OH no you guys don’t. Ive been saying Hampton makes the team for over a month and you’ve all been lining up to tell me the 20 different ways that it would never happen and now all the Hampton fans are going to come out of the wood works?


        1. You’ll note I’ve not been one of those CfC, and the year he was drafted he was one of the guys I said the team should look at in the late rounds. Been a fan of his from the start.

          In saying that, I thought the numbers game would be too big a hill to climb for him this year.

          1. I think I’ll start signing the majority of my posts with so people know that I’m saying something with a s**t eating grin on my face.

            Besides you’re one of the good ones Scooter, I’d never pick on you.

              1. Darn again ok let’s try this:


                tried to use a “<" but the blog keeps thinking I'm typing html

            1. All good CfC, I know you were joking! Just getting it out there that I’m not bandwagon jumping :-)

        2. Hampton is a good player but it was always gonna take 2 injuries for him to get his chance.

          1. This is true. I thought it would take an injury and a release. However we seem to be assuming that James is lost for the year and he could be back out there tomorrow. Although I kinda doubt it given the cart.

        3. Whoa, take it easy there C4C!
          It would be nice if Hampton made the team, but I would feel much more comfortable knowing that he made the team because he was better than the guys that just got hurt.

          Let’s see who is still standing at the end TC before getting too excited.

    1. Jewell Hampton 463 lbs? He was recently listed at 210. The 49ers have a heck of a strength and conditioning program.

  2. Well guys wanted him to get an opportunity to show what he could do…hopefully they’ll stop asking why he doesn’t get more chances in games.

    1. CFC,

      You’re joking again right? Surely you aren’t using an injury as an example of why LMJ didn’t deserve more chances in games?

      Hopefully it’s not serious, but if it is this not only further depletes the depth at RB, but leaves the team without a Punt returner. Ellington may be able to do it, but he’s hardly a sure thing.

      1. Grant said Elli looked good catching punts in practice but catching pop flies in practice with no one coming for your head is a little different then game action.

        1. I am betting that Ellington has both the mentality and the innate double tasking ability to face the challenge and be successful as a returner.

      1. You keep dissing on Mr. Hyde, but he’ll shut you up quick with his first opportunity to see live action…..

        1. Agreed, Razor. I think it’ll take Hyde a minute to get up to speed. But I’m rarely in alignment with Jack’s analysis. If Hyde stays healthy he’ll be a plus starter by next season.

          1. Is that why you jumped on the “he had the drops” bandwagon day one at camp with the “Mr. Hyde was more like Dr. Jeckyl” smart@ss remark?

            1. That’s what happened. Sorry if you can’t handle your guy having a bad day and it being reported as such.

              1. Puh-leeze, you couldn’t wait to exploit first day jitters. Everybody who watched him play for the Buckeyes knows he has receiver like hands. Soft like jugs, yet firm. What did he do the next day? Caught everything thrown his way. I’m looking forward to seeing how you handle Kaepernick’s success in this offense, and your left with nothing but Blaine Gabberts’ dry jock strap to sniff before Mark Sanchez tucks you in at night…..

              2. Stating that a guy had a tough day catching the ball is exploiting it? Gotcha.

                Fact is, I like Hyde and have stated that repeatedly.

                Almost every player that gets drafted was a stud in college yet most will not pan out. It’s the nature of the beast.

                My question on Hyde was only meant to check our “fan boy” tendencies.

                And by the way, it’s “you’re” not your.

              3. I stand grammatically corrected. Thank you. I still say you enjoy checking fanboys a little too much in my opinion……

    1. Razor it’s common courtesy to quote your sources when you copy others work.

      “…I tend to write them off as just good college backs that didn’t have that extra something special for the next level. This is where I see LMJ.”

      1. Your assumptions would have disqualified you in Marine boot camp CFC. I assure you it was my own evaluation, and I affirm I have no knowledge of your quote. Leave a link, I’d like to read it….

        1. Thanks for always being good for a laugh. Marine boot camp, like you’re a tough guy or something.

          1. You’d know that’s the first thing they teach you once you arrive. Don’t assume anything. Has nothing to do with being a tough guy over the internet CFC. You still have yet to produce said link…..

            1. For the typical guy who joins up that’s probably good advice too. The less you guys think for yourselves the safer the rest of us will be.

              1. I didn’t know it was your comment you were quoting. Apologies. Chuck Norris has done a lot for the Wounded Warriors progam. CFC, you must be a frightened man if you believe the defenders of your freedom are a bunch of mindless ignoramuses…..

    2. He suffered an injury Razor. Just a little bit of a stretch to decide he can’t play in the league.

        1. I don’t dispute that. He does have to prove himself, but it’s hard to do if you aren’t on the field. His YPA was good so it’s not like he didn’t do something with the few opportunities he had. The issue now is injuries. He’s had something keep him out for a few weeks every season, and then finds himself on the bottom of the depth chart. He’s going to have to climb his way up from the bottom again if he misses TC which appears likely.

          1. I understand all that, but what I don’t like is all the talk and no walk……

  3. You guys certainly didn’t look at the Hampton blurb. Has him weighing more than 400lbs.

    1. Well at least itll keep from getting any more injured until the season opener. I hope its only a month.

  4. LMJ will back and ready to play by the start of the season.
    But the fact that he was hurt while picking up a blitz might be a good indication as to why he did not play that much last year.

    1. That’s a good news, AES. BTW, who is the back-up punt and kick returner in case James cannot play?

  5. My experiences with dislocated elbows are that if they can get LMJ’s arm back in the socket w\o surgery he will be out 4 to 6 weeks if surgery is needed it could be a whole hell of a lot longer. These injuries are beginning to add up its a bit worrisome because everyone here knows there is nothing more important than health, nothing not talent or coaching.

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