Cohn Zohn Episode 7: Super Bowl post mortem

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  1. I agree about the panic in Shanny. I disagree with the trust issue between Shanny and Jimmy G.
    My take is Shanny tries to set up every play call with the next 3-4 play calls in mind. Problem with that is first predictability. You now have given coordinators across the league a blue print of what might be next on the play list.
    Secondly by trying to set up the next play, you try to dictate the game instead of letting the game come to you. When your suppose to pass he runs, and when he is suppose to run he passes. Panic, predictability, over thinking, pick any of those.
    He has to stop trying to dictate the terms of the game and let the game unfold in that moment. What’s needed then not what was scripted 3 plays or a series ago. Get in the moment. Stab the dagger or play for another series. He’s doesn’t know how to differentiate between the two.

    He gave away our 6th Lombardi trophy!

    1. If Shanahan doesn’t trust Garoppolo why are 9 of his 14 play calls passes when the 49ers are in the lead?

      1. Yeah I don’t get the trust analogy. If anything Shanny doesn’t trust himself it seems.
        Either he is too rigid in his game plans or tries to outsmart the moment when the moment is just take what the defense gives you.

        If I’m John Lynch, I’m having a very heated year end exit interview, beginning with, Kyle, WTF man?

          1. But he’s right. John knows well how rare opportunities like this year are. We all want to think it’ll be the same next year but the truth is it rarely is. There is every possibility we don’t see another chance this decade, or in two decades, and the appearances would still be above average. Lynch also understands that if they don’t win the Super Bowl the regime will be defined with failure. The pressure is on, and now they need to deliver. You can’t just roll over and tell yourself “it’s good enough”. It has to be made clear that it’s super bowl or bust time, and anything less will not be good enough.

            1. Oh bollocks. There’s zero need for a heated conversation to dissect what went wrong in the 4th quarter.

              Heated conversations over stuff like this between GM & Coach is part of why this team sucked from 2014-2018. This ain’t the movies.

              1. “Heated conversations over stuff like this between GM & Coach is part of why this team sucked from 2014-2018. This ain’t the movies”

                No that was because the guy you adore was a jerk off and couldn’t handle a higher authority maybe telling him to do it a different way.
                Its John Lynch’s job to hold his HC accountable. Just like Jed York has to hold Lynch accountable. Chain of command works in sports if everyone just does their job!

              2. Heated conversations over stuff like this between GM & Coach is part of why this team sucked from 2014-2018. This ain’t the movies.


              3. No, the heated conversation is to stress that reaching but losing a super bowl is not the apex of their ambitions. They are here to win a super bowl. It needs to be made clear that while it was a very successful season, they came up short of their ultimate goal, and that all efforts need to be made to ensure they don’t do so next year.

                The whole organisation should be feeling pressure. You can take positives but unless the team wins a title it has come up short. Right now, I’ve no idea how they’re going to respond to that pressure. It won’t be easy, and history is very much against them. They’ve got to overcome that. This includes the QB, who like many pieces let the team down in the big game when he needed to lift them up.

              4. Still a bunch of bollocks. Shanahan and Lynch already understand that they fell short. They know they need to improve. A heated conversation isn’t the magic bullet.

                These guys are ahead of schedule. They just finished the most successful season in the last 6 years of the franchise. They just won more games than the organization had in the previous 3 years combined. They will be returning just about every major player from this years team. They had rookie studs on both side of the ball. They have one of the best QB’s in the conference.

                They now have a chance to retool the roster a bit, unfortunately they currently have only 1 pick in the first 4 rounds, but we’ll see what they can do.

                Here’s what I take from this year. I’m in my 40’s and have now seen the 49ers play in the Super Bowl before I turned 10, in my teens, in my 20’s, in my 30’s and now my 40’s.

                This year was a great ride. One that you said they threw away way back after the home loss to Seattle in the middle of the season.

                Get some perspective.

              5. Jack, there is no “schedule”. There is no guarantee you make it back to the big game. When you get there, that becomes the time to win one. They failed to do so. Now they have to deal with it. Who knows if they will. Every fanbase says the same thing after losing, but the last team from the NFC to do it did it nearly 50 years ago. Did an NFC team over that span lose and still get most of its team back? Almost certainly. These chances just don’t happen often.

                Nice for you having seen wins. I’ve followed them for a decade, and it has been mostly terrible teams with two awful losses in the big game. At least you have fond memories to fall back on. It might be “good enough” for you for them just showing up to a super bowl. For me, they need to start winning them. Choking away like this isn’t conducive to that.

                This year was a great ride. One that you said they threw away way back after the home loss to Seattle in the middle of the season.

                Get some perspective.

                Can you find a single post where I said the season was thrown away vs Seattle? Genuine question. I’m fairly sure there was some extra nuance there, nuance which you have elected to omit to make my position look more absolute in its defeatistism, as you are typically want to do.

                Also disagree on “they have one of the best QB’s in the conference”. Maybe he becomes that next year. As of right now, nope.

              6. You’re right. It wasn’t thrown away. It was that Seattle was in the drivers seat. My bad.

                What NFC QB other than Garoppolo has won 72% of his starts over the last 3 years?

              7. I don’t agree with wins being a QB stat. Of course, the QB plays a big role in it. But Garoppolo has a very, very long way to go. He let the team down too on Sunday. Not good enough. You also say Garoppolo is better than Rodgers, which I honestly think is laughable. If you ask me to swap the two I would do it in a heartbeat. That’s in large part because Rodgers is more proven. Maybe Garoppolo puts himself above Rodgers next year. But right now, hell no.

              8. “I don’t agree with wins being a QB stat.”

                When the team is 4-20 in games not started by Garoppolo over the last 3 years and 21-6 in the games he does start there’s not much more to say.

                The dude is damn good and the 49ers are lucky to be in the position they are at that spot.

              9. Jack everything you just said was exactly what the Rams said after their SB loss last year.
                When you have the game in hand with 6 minutes left and piss it away, you might never recover from that.
                The players start to doubt, management and coaches begin to squabble, free agency, cap issues. This is why and how its so hard to get back there.

                Now Im not saying its all doom and gloom, but an opportunity was lost and questions will arise now and until they get back to the big dance. Wait, if they get back to the big dance.

              10. That 2018 Rams team wasn’t as good as the 2019 49ers team to start with.

                The Rams lost 2 starters along the offensive line after 2018 and their replacements weren’t good.

                The 49ers will return all of theirs unless Staley retires. Even if he does, they’ve shown they can still win with the guys that will fight to replace him. They just went to the Super Bowl with their backup center playing at the end of the regular season and throughout the playoffs.

                The Rams had no answer when Gurley was slowed down this year due to injuries.

                The 49ers have 3 guys who can all do the same job pretty seamlessly.

                Throw in aging high priced vets that were already on the backend of their careers in 2018 for LA.

                Now compare that to a 49ers defense that is pretty young throughout. The only guy up there is Old Man Sherm.

                You’re comparing apples to oranges here.

                Will they be back to the Super Bowl? I think that all depends on if they can win their division again.

              11. Hammer is right, I agree 100%. Let’s skip the whining. Shanny and Lynch are good at their jobs. We Niner fans are lucky to have these guys. Our team lost, that’s it…a play or two going our way and we would have won…no big deal…
                Great season!!!

              12. You could have made this a lot shorter by just saying you were going to blame Shanahan for everything based on hindsight and saved a lot of time and space. You guys are going on and on about Shanahan’s decision making when the main reason they lost was giving up 44 yards on a 3rd and 15. That’s what lost them the game. Not the failure to call running plays on a couple of second and longs and not calling a TO before the punt at the end of the first half. The defense gave up a couple of big plays that completely turned the game against the best offense in football. Sh!t happens. Sometimes it’s in your favor and sometimes it’s not.

        1. You want the 49er GM to have a “heated year end exit interview” with the coach that got your team to the Super Bowl? Seriously? I would call that an Imbecilic statement but that would be an insult to imbeciles. JFC, sometimes I wonder how some of you people can figure out how to turn on a computer or operate a phone.

          1. Well of course you would think that. Grant is right, there is a pattern of failure there so if I am the GM, I am getting heated because this is about winning! Why should he not question the play calls or approach to 2 critical moments in the game where you make it a 2 or 3 possession game? Especially with an offense like the Chiefs have.

            Ill give Shanny credit where credit is due. He had a great regular season and playoff games against GB and Minny. But when it counts and when it matters, he failed.
            No one can deny that. You guys seem happy and content that they got there and its okay. We lost not to a better team but because our HC forgot to press the gas and stick his foot on their throat. That’s how you win championships!

            1. He had a 10 point lead and called passes on 9 of the next 14 plays. What game were you watching?

              1. I was watching the SB. 6 minutes to go and you have a 2 possession lead and you then give up 21 points. I don’t care how many passes or runs you called. You have the game in your hands and you choked it away because the plays you did call were too predictable and you went away from giving the ball to guys who would have grinded it out and made plays.

              2. The plays were so predictable that the receiver was open on 3 of them. 1 sailed high and the other 2 were knocked down at the LOS.

                Agree that there should have been more running, but saying he wasn’t going for it is wrong.

              3. He didn’t go for it early enough at the end of the half with 1:52 left, and he should have ran it more to milk the clock and give his defense a chance to rest. So yes, he was playing to lose and not to win.

              4. He played the end of the first half just like he had all year. The same way that got them into this game in the first place. He made the call for the shot to Kittle. If not for a penalty they get points.

              5. Anyone who thinks that regular season games are similar to a championship game doesn’t get that every possession in a championship game is 10 times that more critical.

                The fact he played it safe at the end of the half was costly. Yeah they made the throw to Kittle but before that, with a timeout they would have had 1:52 left to work their way down the field without having to take one big shot. With 1:52 left you can work the edges, run the ball and get out of bounds. Just like they did in New Orleons and Arizona.

                Then with 6:40 left in the 4th, he went away from Coleman, Mostert and Kittle. Why? The high slant pass to Samuel was dumb when the pass rush was getting there the previous 2 plays. That was also on Jimmy G. He has to make that throw but I hate the entire play calls that series.

                Fact is we can debate the play calls all we want. Bottom line is when you are up 10, 2 scores with 6 minutes left in the game. You find a way to seal the deal. Its an epic fail and debating it otherwise just shows that when it came down to doing what they do all year, which is play complimentary football, he went away from all of it.

              6. You seal the deal, especially when the defence gives itself a nickname and claims it isn’t getting respect and is championship level. If it was just some dumb misplays by one guy then you can address that easily, but I agree sadly that the whole team stunk when it counted. It has been 25 years since the team last won a title. For a franchise that’s supposed to be one of the premium ones that’s not good enough. Of course, that’s not the current regime’s fault entirely, but it does mean there is extra pressure. If they can’t handle that now, they’re going to have to learn to do so, and quickly. No excuses next year.

              7. “Just like they did in New Orleons”

                Different game situations. They were trailing at that point against the Saints.

                Earlier today you made a comment about my takes on Harbaugh. Funny thing is, I now feel the same about Shanahan.

              8. “Different game situations. They were trailing at that point against the Saints”

                Not really. Better play calling, methodical use of his weapons and time management.

              9. Not really?

                Uh yeah, really. When you are behind you approach these situations differently than you do when you’re tied or ahead.

                He played it just right. Bled the clock so KC wouldn’t get the ball back. Took his shot. Hit it. OPI nullifies it. Now instead of kicking the ball to KC you go in tied.

                They came out after the half went up 10. Being stuck on this point is, as Houston would say, imbecilic.

              10. That’s maybe where we are different. Up or down, I’m attacking to win. I limit the risk through certain play calls and use of my personnel and I try to get up by 2-3 possessions.
                Taking a chance of what if by bleeding the clock is playing not to lose.
                And F you with that imbecile comment!

              11. Then make it 3. The entire planet knew what the Chiefs were capable of doing. They came back from 24 or whatever it was two weeks ago against Tennessee.
                Like come on Jack. He blew it.

              12. Jack Hammer is 100% correct.

                If I have one beef with Shanahan’s approach to the Super Bowl, it would be starting Tevin Coleman – 2 weeks removed from a dislocated shoulder, ahead of the hottest RB in the league – Raheem Mostert. That’s a decision I simply will never understand. If I’m the head coach, I am riding the hot hand (Mostert) starting with the first possession, not the RB who was in so much pain he could barely get himself off the field only two weeks ago. Other than that, I thought Kyle called a pretty darn good game, but the Chiefs got hot late, both offensively and defensively, came up with a couple key pass knock downs at the LOS, and Mahomes made a couple big plays, one on a huge pickup on a critical 3rd & 15, and that was the difference, IMO.

        2. I don’t think there is any need for a heated conversation.
          I understand those who want Shanahan to be more aggressive in certain situations. However there is no one moment you can argue lost the game. You can argue things factored in but there were a multitude of plays that added to this loss.

          Ranked in no particular order
          1. Kyle, not going for it before the half or not running the ball later in the game.
          2. Jimmy not seeing Kittle wide open (this happened 2x), Missing the bomb to Sanders, and heaving a ball up to be intercepted.
          3. George’s opi
          4. Kwon missing a tackle leading to a first down, losing outside contain on the TD run, dropping an int.
          5. Sherman biting and getting beat deep.
          6. Eman not sinking into his deep 3rd.
          7. The Ref’s missing an offside on the D and PI or defensive holding on Sanders.

          And these are just the things I can think of off the top of my head.

          1. You forgot #8. The mugging of the Bosa Constrictor when Mahomes completed his 44 yarder that wasn’t called….

    2. PT a lot of it was just poor play by JimmyG….he doesn’t read the whole field….he locks on to a primary or whatever the flock he sees and misses wide open plays….I can honestly say Kyle and especially Kittle were miffed with his play..check out the 7 minute mark..Kittle slams his fist in the ground he is so frustrated with JimmyG….sad but JimmyG is who I thought he was….a backup getting paid top 10 money..sorry guys its reality…he missed or did not see a lot of wide open recievers….its sad but true

      1. STFU already. You are clueless and whined forever about how bad this team would be and then pretty much shut up while they were winning except for your rubber meets the road BS. You are a joke of a fan who does nothing but whine and complain and call for the backup. Not sad but very true. Moron.

  2. 3 things that infuriated me in this game. 1) Mostert not starting , 12 carries. 2) Dee Ford being a total non factor . Bosa was flushing Mohames out all night and Ford kept letting him out the right side 3)Garropolo not seeing wide open receivers, especially in that last drive. On that 3rd and ten play the Chiefs covered NO ONE !!

    1. Dee Ford drew the tougher matchup with Mitchell Schwartz. He is someone they will cut in 2021. Not worth the money.

    2. NY NINER yes abosolutely…also Shanny playcalling…the style of play that worked for 3 quarters he threw away in the 4th and the malpractice before the half…

  3. He did the same bull rush move all night with no success , which actually did the chiefs a favor , cause Mohames got outside and converted a lot of plays using his legs to pick up first downs

    1. It’s also Mahomes favorite side to roll out to. Armstead didn’t hold the edge either when he was out there.

  4. There is a theory out there that Jimmy G shouldnt have even come back in the after the helmet to helmet hit as he might have been concussed.

    Jimmy before the hit: 18/23, 195 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 98.37 passer rating.
    Jimmy after the hit: 2/8 24 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT, 0 passer rating.”

    Those stats dont lie.Trotting out Nick Mullens might have been the right thing to do.

    1. No flag , which was a crime … first down there changes the game , not a surprise the refs suck .

  5. Now, will KS finally hire an OC?
    Why do I want the Niners to hire an OC? It could not hurt, and an OC might have helped them win the game.
    KS wants to play OC, and forgets he is the HC. He wants to call plays, but needs to concentrate on the clock and game management. A HC needs not to be distracted by the play calling, and focus on closing out games.
    Sean McVay finally wised up, and hired an OC, He hired Kevin O’Connell, former OC for Washington.
    KS is full of hubris, and refuses to hire an OC. After losing twice in the SB, maybe he should also wise up.

          1. I still think he is getting blackballed and hopes he will be allowed to play, but I am happy with JG, even with his last performance.
            I think JG took a concussive blow to his head by a defender hitting him with the crown of his helmet. Concussive symptoms vary with the severity, but even a small injury can slow down one’s response time, and throw off timing. JG got clocked, and the refs stood by and did nothing.
            With better protection, JG can lead the Niners to another ring.
            Kaep is a mobile QB who is a dual threat. Mahomes, Lamar Jackson , Watson, Murray and others are the wave of the future. I think that JG is mobile enough, and can now trust his knee enough to run, and looks totally recovered from his ACL. If JG is mobile enough to avoid the pass rush, he is accurate, and can get the ball in the hands of his playmakers.
            Too bad KS was out coached by Reid. He forced JG to stand in the pocket, so Jones could time his jump and bat down passes. Giving Mostert 12 total carries and Deebo 2 passes in the second half was almost criminal. Saleh also allowed a wide open , uncovered player because of lack of preparations.
            Yes, if JG had connected with Sanders, everything may be different, but I think he was knocked woozy, and was not sharp and on top of his game. Still, I like JG as the franchise QB of the 49ers, so your assertion that I still want Kaep is ludicrous.
            You, on the other hand, admitted Kaep took the league by storm. Are you now asserting you do not have good assessment skills? This is like you wanting to play twice in the Clink, making twice as hard to win. I want to make it easier to win, like hiring an OC, so he can help with clock and game management.

              1. You want JL to yell at KS? Sounds like you want another Baalke/JH. That is what they did after the 2012 loss.
                Guess you really want to make it twice as hard to win.

              2. You’ve never had a boss yell at you? Never been held accountable for your mistakes?
                That’s right your the kinda guy that wants football players to fall down and not get touched.
                You’re a joke!

              3. Oh, look, Sanders went to the ground after catching the ball in the SB. Kittle dove and secured the catch before hitting the turf. They were past the sticks, and did not need to get up.
                Who was I specifically talking about when I mentioned falling down? Stone hands Vance MacDonald. It would have been much better if he had concentrated on catching the ball, even if it meant to fall down, instead of trying to run before catching it, and dropping the ball. In the 2011 NFCC Game, the Giants WRs caught the ball and hit the ground, so they would not be lit up by Whitner or Golden. Your false bravado wanted the Niners to play twice in the Clink, and now you do not care if a WR gets injured. I want them to play smart, and not get injured, so they can continue to play and help the team win.
                A boss that yells at his employees is a poor boss. It shows he can’t control his emotions, and blames others, when it is really his fault, since he is in charge. A true leader does not need to yell. You yell a lot.

            1. Sebs-A fairweather fan if there ever was one! Kap cant throw like any of those guys-your saying that he can does not make it so.
              You told us Bosa was a huge mistake in the draft. Lets talk about their draft that you put down from the very beginning……………..

              1. Saw, Kaep and Joe Montana are the only QBs to pass for over 300 yards and run for over 50 yards in a Super Bowl. Kaep could throw just fine with good receivers.
                I said Bosa was a huge risk. Once he was drafted, I hoped he would play well, stay healthy and rooted for his success.
                Fair weather fan? If I were that, I would not be here. I am a die hard faithful 49er fan, and you cannot do anything about that.

    1. Neither did he.
      On at least two of those pass plays he got perfect looks and had wide open receivers for first downs. He couldn’t have asked for better looks… Jimmy just didn’t see them. It sucks but coaches aren’t using joysticks to control players.
      Maybe you’re in the run the ball crowd hoping to clock the game away with a 3 pt lead and Mahomes on the other side.

      1. The most egregious miss by Garropolo happened on the opening drive of the 2nd half . 3&5 at the 30 he checks down to Coleman when he had Kittle wide open in the middle , and he was looking at him but didn’t throw ???? Kittle barrels his way in pumps the team up and it’s 7 not 3

    2. Seb-he already has two people working in that capacity……………this thing you have for titles……….you’d be slurping all over me if I was titled “Duke of Earl”.
      Shanny has forgotten more about this game than you will ever know, Seb. Implying they lost because he doesn’t have a titled “OC” is beyond ludicrous…………

      1. KS has also lost 2 Super Bowls. According to that criteria, I am much better than him, because i have never lost a SB.

  6. i feel like we chocked as a team, O, D and coaching. Before i detail my issues….i want to point out that we arrived far ahead of schedule and were basically trying to “steal” the SB trophy (KC prolly shoulda won LAST year….a D.Ford penalty away from facing the hapless rams) KC was due, we had a better team….but they had the best player on the field , and the entire NFL.
    Theres nothing to be ashamed of!!!! KS and JL are basically pups still as far as NFL careers are concerned! Those guys arent going anywhere…..the system is in place, were respected around the league….coaches and players will WANT to come here once again…….York has grown as an owner……we have $$, we have a new stadium……life is good!
    We should all be proud!!!!
    id rather lose the SB…….THAN LOSE ALL YEAR!

    1. I feel like losing the super bowl makes us all want one that much more.

      Can you imagine how Levis will be next year week 1!?!?

      1. Depends how the game goes. If they come out confident and ready to win then they should light it up. If they come out sloppy, unfocused and nervous then I expect the crowd to get very irritable very quickly.

        1. . If they come out sloppy, unfocused and nervous then I expect the crowd to get very irritable very quickly

          Don’t expect a stadium full of Renases. The only thing that matters is win/loose And if it’s win, that irritable crowd will look like a bunch of @sses.

              1. Right. Though they could lose a game and even *gasp* look bad doing it. There’s only been one single undefeated championship season.

  7. D- giving up 21 points in 5 minutes to lose a SB will always be classified as a “choke”, but the D actually played well! They weathered the early storm and even held KC to 3 points off the turnover. Had KC gone up 14-3… could have been over early! We were kinda weak against the run….no doubt losing are top 3 DT’s for the season is part of the reason. Those guys also provided a strong pass rush early on…..and that was also sorely missed in a game like this. One thing i liked- they hit PM hard! he wasnt just gonna run around on us….and he found out the hard way early on!
    D.Ford was a major disappointment in this game! I thought his speed would flush PM to Bosa….or the guys in the middle…..instead, Bosa flushed PM to Ford…..who lost contain and made no plays!!! If DF had a better game…..we win!
    I defended DF earlier, it was to early to judge him…..we were crushing ppl on the way to the SB…….but after its all said and done….im firmly in the group that wants to see more from DF in 2020, especially with that salary!!!! He needs to get better and get healthy. If he was more reliable ( not hurt as often) or stepped up in the biggest games… wouldnt be an issue for me. 2020 is a big year for him…otherwise we should cut ties and use that $$ to go after the other Bosa or someone whos more reliable and better against the run come 2021.
    I think trying to keep this D together will be off season priority. Getting healthy on the D line will be = to an upgrade in itself…..and offset the possible loss of AA. I wouldnt ignore an opportunity to add another pass rusher or an upgrade at S or CB. The secondary is the only group concerns me…..and its more of a long term concern.

  8. O-The offense choked when the game got close!!! most of it im going to put on the HC in another post. They needed to sustain a drive at the very least, maybe score some points and they didnt….they couldnt! The pressure got to em! One thing that stings is that this team as well as the 2013 version’s identity was a running team!!!!!!! And they both abandoned the run with a SB on the line!!!!!!! More on this in the coaching post later!
    The right side of the line seemed to get shoved around. MM is young and will get better. MP at RG might be a candidate for an upgrade. Wr is an intriguing position. We have Hurd and Taylor on deck… MG will probably be gone in order to save $$…..ES might price himself out of the equation…so how do we improve??
    First of all, JG aint gong anywhere! hes young, barely started 30 games….will get better….and his salary is quickly becoming a bargain for a starting qb. A big, tall, strong fast #1 wr might be the answer….a guy like DK Metcalf. Another TE might be the answer….a guy like the 6’8 Kyle Rudolph or the veteran Greg olsen.
    Does Staley retire this year? Do we invest on a top tier LT?? Does staley play another year or 2? Does Skule or Brunskill get the job??
    Last but not least- the Saquon Barkley conundrum- a couple years ago when he was entering the draft ….my buddies and i tossed around the idea of possibly drafting him. The consensus was ” no, it would be a waste. Shany’s system gets production from 6th rounders like Terrel Davis and Alfred Morris…..dont waste an early first round pick! But the more i thought about it……the question i asked was- ” if an average joe can put up big numbers in this system…..would a good/great player put of hall of fame numbers”??!!
    well SB went early and the point was moot……but im asking the question again…..what about a guy like D.Henry???
    If RM, whos been cut 6 times looks great……what would a superstar look like???? I bet he’d look like the type of guy you could ride to few SB trophys!!!

  9. The end of the first half was frustrating. Yes, it would have been smart to run the ball in the first Seahawk game, because that would have guaranteed a tie. However, this is the Super Bowl. and teams should be striving to win, not tie.
    John Lynch showed his frustration, vigorously signalling for a time out. JL was the one who emphasized that they need to take advantage of every opportunity. The stakes are so high, and the end result was devastating for the Niners, and their fans.
    KS went conservative. He should have been bold, like Reid. Reid went for it on 4th down, and the Chiefs scored a TD, instead of kicking a field goal. KS went timid, and had them settle for field goals, instead of being bold and going for it.
    The Super Bowl is a pressure cooker, and some do not rise to the occasion. The Niner players did not execute, but the coaches did not put them in their best positions to succeed.

  10. I’m seeing on twitter that in Alex Rollins’ review of the game he thinks Bourne messed up routes a few times late in the game. Bourne played a lot better this year than I expected from him, but this is still something that really frustrates me about him (plus the occasional concentration drop). I would like to see the 49ers find a better 3rd WR option. And they might already have that person on the roster – maybe that person is either Taylor or Hurd (or a combo of the two).

    1. Hmm interesting. I love Bourne, I want to see Pettis make this roster. I just watched his highlights from 2018 and was like woah totally forgot how good he could be.

      Not sure what the deal was with him and Shanny?

      1. He’s soft, gets bullied out of routes and struggles to make contested catches.

        It’s tough because he is a slick route runner.

  11. I still think the defence is most to blame. I don’t really see why fans just want them to trot out the same thing next year without at least trying to upgrade it because they lost this game. Doesn’t matter what they did for three quarters, they gave up 21 in the fourth. You are never going to win with that. Even if Garoppolo hit Sanders I’m pretty surer the defence would have given KC the touchdown right back again. Of course we’ll never know that but based on how they were playing it seems likely to me. Part of the reason I wouldn’t mind losing Armstead.

    1. What area do you think needs upgrading the most?

      I think CB is probably the main area they can and should look to upgrade. If they let Ward walk they should also look to add a vet safety to compete with Moore, and if they let Armstead go then should look to replace him with a decent DT/DE type as well. Other than that, I think the starters are mostly fine. Would also like some extra depth at edge rusher. One of the understated issues with the pass rush in the back half of the season was that along with Ford being out, their depth was out of action too when Blair then Moore got hurt. Re-signing Blair and Moore would be good and maybe adding another edge rusher on day 3 of the draft.

      1. I would agree CB is a high priority. I really want Jalen Tabor to magically become great but that’s not gunna happen.

        I am interested to see if we resign Armstead or go Blair/Thomas route

      2. Yeah, Corner I think, provided the Niners can retain Ward for a fair price. The D-Line I think is mostly fine, though perhaps not as monstrous as it ought to be? I don’t know, I think the injuries in the depth there took its toll. I don’t see it as a weak area. Linebackers should be fine too, Warner and Greenlaw should only get better. Not sold on Kwon, but no need to replace him either.

        An elite secondary prevents what happened in the Super Bowl. But despite saying all this, the most important thing is that the guys in there are more hungry than deflated.

        Next season is going to be extremely rough. Even as fans, we’re just going to have to be patient, and take it week by week. Massive pressure on the team now though, and there will be until they either win the Super Bowl or the window closes. They’re going to have to deal with that.

      3. UPgrade???? QB followed by OC followed by CB ….. sadly this won’t happen in all reality

      4. What would you think about adding an aged vet for rotation purposes, similar to a Suggs? I still think we need to add in the draft, but seems like its much more difficult to hit on a late round edge player.

        1. As an edge rusher? Can do. I would rather keep Blair though as the 3rd guy, and Moore was good in his brief stint and would make a nice 4th option. But if they can’t keep Blair, a vet rusher makes sense. I think the vet is better off being the guy to replace Armstead if he leaves though.

  12. On another note, the changing expectations are interesting. Next year is Super Bowl or bust in my opinion, that has to be the aiming point. It’s going to come down to whether the players can mentally handle that. Big off-season for a lot of them, where they’re going to have to accept that they let themselves down, but realize that they have plenty of opportunities left.

  13. With a SB performance, both Armstead and Ward may go for a big payday that the Niners just cannot match.
    They need to re-sign Blair and Day. Also, Julian Taylor and Streets will be coming back from IR, so Armstead is not irreplaceable.
    Sherman proved that he has lost a step, so he should be moved to safety, which will extend his career. He can take Ward’s spot.
    If they can coach up Witherspoon to turn his head and track the ball, the Niners would be set at CB.
    Possibly, their biggest weakness is at O line. Fortunately, 13 out of the top 50 prospects are O linemen.
    Hopefully, they can gain more picks, because 9 out of the top 50 prospects are WRs.

  14. The PI on Moore is just as big as the blown coverage in turning the game. Just played that terrible.

    1. Yes during the offseason everybody was saying bolster the CB and Safety position…..well how did that work out?

      1. It worked out good enough that they won 15 games and made the Super Bowl. Over the last 5 years the 49ers have won a total of 32 games. 15 of those came this year. Think about that and let it sink in before stupid comments like the one I’m responding to here or the heated conversation one further up the board.

  15. When does the crushing feeling go away? Haven’t felt like this since the Giants lost the World Series in 2002. ?

  16. So i’m going back in my time machine to Sun. night and warning Sherman about the deep ball or Moseley not to make that coverage error. Just one play and the niners win the SB. Are all of these people criticizing Jimmy G. , Shanahan and every other aspect of the team still complaining? One play, one play for gods sake. We were one play away from winning the SB and people are posting here as if we just finished a 3 -13 season. Breathe people breathe.

    1. I am with you, Old Coach, and I suspect most reasonable fans are as well. As always, the knee-jerk reaction and confirmation bias posts proliferate after a loss, a trend that is exacerbated by this being a Super Bowl loss.

    2. I’m not accustomed to losing SB’s…yet. We were 5-0 until Tonto. Losing another one and now you have to wonder if this may become a trend. Everytime you make it there and do not cash in, the bill for the next one just keeps getting bigger and bigger. They had an opportunity to establish a new dynasty against an inferior opponent, and they blew it. That’s just a fact and there’s no brown bag to breathe in that’s gonna change that. I’m over the heartbreak, but not the disappointment. I’m ready to attack the offseason but the elephant will be in every meeting room….

      1. Hang in there Razor. I always read rather than comment. I count on you for positive thoughts re: the Niners!

    3. OLD C nah…..the offense has to come up with more plays…you win when you score more points which is what KC did….the offense kept giving the ball back to KC late in the game….stop fkn blaming the D they were on the field too long at the end…JimmyG was 3-12 in the last quarter horrible..the offense didn’t close it out…that is why people are so pissed off…..

      Yes in all of reality it was a great year= its just we fans are so bothered the O didn’t close it out that’s what winners do

      1. At that point SF was winning in time of possession.
        But of course the defense was tired because they were on the field sooo much. SMH

        1. Endurance over time is not a linear decline but an exponential one. Further, reactive athleticism is more strenuous than proactive athleticism. The reactive athlete must perform at or near peak at all times, whereas the proactive athlete knows when a given activity can be done at reduced performance levels. Defense by its nature is reactive, whereas offense is largely proactive (with the exception of the OL and RBs, who often have to be reactive to the pass rush).

          Thus, time of possession in the closing minutes of a game–specifically if it results in the defense being on the field with only very short periods of rest in between series–is more problematic to the players with reactive roles. This is especially true for the defensive backfield, which is reactive on both pass and run plays. That is why it is often pass plays that kill a defense at the end of the game. The DBs are frequently not able to perform at peak levels late in the game, especially as the opposing offense’s drive extends well beyond the rest the DBs received during the prior series by their own offense.

          1. Totally disagree. Playing the run versus the pass presents a greater challenge physiologically.
            Static contractions produce more lactic acid in muscles causing greater fatigue.
            Holding and carrying the weight of another human pushing forward or leaning or landing on you, is more exhaustive than jogging or sprinting in open field.

            1. I played middle linebacker and I played safety. Playing safety was the most physically exhausting thing I have ever done. No one who plays DB right ever jogs until the whistle blows.

              1. Physiologically you incorporate short sprints and men leaning on you and pulling you to the ground, I’d say that playing the run is more exhausting than playing in pass coverage. Scientifically it’s a fact. Simple reason is the weight of other men at line of scrimmage on you as you run laterally and back and forward.

        2. The Niner defense had been on the field for less than 10 minutes of the half when the first KC TD drive in the 4th quarter began. They were not tired or exhausted as GC hilariously tried to suggest. The defense blew a coverage which let the Chiefs back in the game and they couldn’t recover. That’s the main reason they lost.

    4. The personal affront to the loss, lack of perspective and kneejerk reactions some fans are displaying are beyond ridiculous.

      It was a great season – remarkable even given where they came from the previous years. It is an excellent team. They have a very good head coach. Fans should be excited for the future of this team.

      1. I generally agree with all you say here Scooter, though getting so close and not finishing the job is deeply frustrating (and somewhat concerning).

        Nothing is known about next year. Injuries and player dynamics will affect the team going forward.

        A good nucleus and while I generally agree that one or two plays changes the game, it is true for all wins and losses and doesn’t really give good insight as to what went wrong when the team seemed destined to a 6th.

        Haven’t rewatched the game, but I will, to see what I get from a second viewing.

        I will say that one of more frustrating things about the team was a lack of killer instinct, which seemed to have dissipated at the end of the year and some of the playoffs. It almost seemed like during the SB they reverted.

        1. Yes, losing the Super Bowl sucks. It is frustrating as a fan to see your team get so close and lose it at the end – especially when they seemed to be in control of the game in the middle of the 4th quarter. Completely agree with all of that. What I don’t agree with is the people that then take it to the next level as if the loss was an affront to the fans, that the team and players should be deeply ashamed for what they have done to the fans by not winning it, and that chairs need to be kicked and heads roll due to the loss.

          They almost won it this year. It was a great season. Most of the team is still young and under contract. Yes, they will lose some players, and some new ones will come in next season. Yes, it will be difficult to get to the SB again next year (or any year) – it always is and always will require just a little bit of luck to go your way. But great teams/ organisations keep putting themselves in position to compete and you do that often enough you will get your chances to win it. The 49ers have what looks like a very good head coach and front office dynamic going on. I feel very hopeful that the 49ers are starting what will be a stretch of years competing for the title.

          1. Yeah, the wailing is unwarranted. KS is a good coach (just like a predecessor of his). JG is still a very good QB and developing. Very good young core.

            A part of me thinks that Mahomes is a transformative player that can destroy you very quickly. Hats off to him and Reid. Heck of a game. Heck of a season.

            1. Can’t help but think that the game will catch up with Mahomes before too long. We got him rattled a couple of times. Remember NFL stands for Not For Long.

          2. Couldn’t agree more Scooter_McG. You are one of the few I’ve read on here the past two days who has retained his sanity.

        2. I will say that one of more frustrating things about the team was a lack of killer instinct, which seemed to have dissipated at the end of the year and some of the playoffs. It almost seemed like during the SB they reverted.

          Most on here are complaining that Shanahan was too aggressive in calling passes on 2nd down with a 10 point lead instead of runs. Others are mad that he let the clock run at the end of the first half even though it would have worked out perfectly with the PI call on Kittle. Where do you think they lacked Killer instinct?

          1. Too often during the season they seamed to get cute at the end of games and let the other team hang on more than it should have.

            My guess is that Shanahan was trying out various scenarios.

            With Green Bay and the second Seattle game it seemed to me that the team was simply destroying the will of the other team to compete. I thought that was a good thing.

            While I understand the logic of what happened at the end of the first half, it gave the impression that the team wasn’t going for the jugular (I think that Lynch’s reaction was some evidence of this). Not sure however if this had anything to do with the collapse in the 4th.

            I thought that the game was won at the 2nd interception. I even told this to a KC buddy of mine. Then Mahones happened. I think he makes plays that others cannot and it made a difference in this game. When the game was on the line, it was the KC defense that made the plays rather than ours.

            I believe everything needs to be analyzed and dissected (and it will). The team was exceptional this year, yet came up short. That needs to be fixed so they can take advantage of the next opportunity.

            I don’t believe in excuse making (as I have often stated it is what losing teams do). I have high hopes for the team while realizing the challenges that face a team that goes to the SB in returning (the one that loses especially). The NFC West is no cake walk so it will have be earned on the field.

  17. Hey 9er nation,
    I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO and I have been a Niner fan since 1976. I have never wavered in my choice. So believe me when I tell you that I can’t wait to put this behind me. I am in hell right now……LOL.
    I had to take a few days off to calm down. The parade is today so I have sequester myself to my man cave to hibernate.

    This is the first day that I was even willing to talk about it. To be totally honest I expected the niners to go 9-7 or 8-8 this year. Reaching the Super bowl i feel was ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, they have set the bar high for next year.
    With that said I can think of at least four players they should part ways with:

    Matt Breida: He is a situational player option at best plus he’s soft.

    Marquise Goodwin: A track star trying to pretend to be a receiver. Either draft a receiver or get one from free agency. Anyone would be better than him.

    Emmanuel Sanders: He is a question mark considering he came to the team midway through the season. I guess it depends on his price tag in free agency.

    Dante Pettis: Man I want badly for him to figure it out but time is running out for him. If Trent Taylor and Jalen Hurd can come back healthy next year we have options.

    Lastly, anyone that is upset about the turnout of the game always remember it could be worst. You could live in the opposing city of the team who won.

    Let the Legendary Revenge Tour begin ……………………….GO 9ERS!!!

    1. I share your pain 9erFaninKC. I was at the game. Surrounded by jubilant Chiefs fans for the 36 hours from the last 10 minutes of the game until I escaped from Miami, was the longest time of my life. ?

  18. ‘If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same….’ RK
    There is always next season, and the Niners have a good foundation. It was never meant to be easy. Reid and the Chiefs really wanted this game, too. Kyle is young, and may be slowly learning from his mistakes.
    I trust in JL’s assessment skills, and hope he finds more diamonds in the rough.
    Yes this hurt, but it will just make the next one, all the more sweeter.

    1. I hope you’re right about Kyle learning from his mistakes cause this loss has similarities to the ATL loss.

  19. Those who have played sports already know this, but for those who haven’t. Sports teaches “sportsmanship.”
    Everyone loses at some point in their career, Sportsmanship teaches you how to conduct yourself when you do.! You congratulate the other team and use the loss to either whine and quit, or motivate yourself to get better!
    * Trade pick # 31 for additional draft picks:
    * Players at positions the 9er should look at in the 2020, draft to improve. (Draft positions from
    # 40: EDGE Terrell Lewis, DE, Alabama, Height: 6-5. Weight: 254. Projected 40 Time: 4.71.
    Lewis may not be a position of need, but he’s the BPA
    # 48: WR Justin Jefferson*, WR, LSU Height: 6-3. Weight: 192. Projected 40 Time: 4.50.
    # 52: CB Damon Arnette, Ohio St. Height: 6-0. Weight: 195. Projected 40 Time: 4.40.
    # 116: OG Hakeem Adeniji, OG Kansas Height: 6-4. Weight: 310. Projected 40 Time: 5.10.
    # 119: OG Calvin Throckmorton, OG Oregon. Height: 6-5. Weight: 318. Projected 40 Time: 5.12.

    1. I like Throckmorton, who can play tackle and guard, as well as Jefferson. I agree the Niners should trade back. The interior lineman I like the most is Tyler Biadasz from Wisconsin, who can play Guard or Center. Senior Bowl standouts whose tapes should be revisited given the Niners’ needs include:

      1. Jeremy Chinn, S Southern Illinois
      2. Van Jefferson WR Florida (may be one of those receivers who will do better in the NFL than college, given the shaky Quarterbacks that have played at Florida recently).
      3. Jason Strowbridge, DL North Carolina (at 285 lbs., can he be an Armstead replacement (end on running downs, pass rushing interior presence on passing downs?).

      One to stay away from: Darnay Holmes, CB UCLA. Supposedly showed well at the Senior Bowl practices, but being a UCLA grad, I’ve watched him the last 4 years; gambles a lot, disappears from games, doesn’t take over a game.

      1. Pot…Kettle
        I picked Throckmorton over Tyler Biadasz from Wisconsin because he’s a Jr. and to the best of my knowledge, he’s never played anything but OC (2017, 18 and 19)! And his estimated 40 time is 5.20s VS Throckmorton’s 5.12s. (The Combine will give us exact times)! Not to say Biadasz can’t play OG, just that he hasn’t.
        * Jeremy Chin, S. Illinois: I Have to admit I’m not familiar with him. Looked at S Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne, Who also had a great Senior Bowl and has a lot of scouts interested. He’s a small school LB – S twiner, with an estimated 4.48s 40!
        * NC DE Jason Strowbridge: I’m curious why you would draft him over Alabama DE Terrell Lewis, maybe I’ve missed something about him?

        1. Lewis is great, but I don’t think he makes it to where we would trade back to. Also, if we were to lose Armstead, I mention Strowbridge just because he would be a better fit to replace Armstead (Lewis being a 250 pound OLB/DE type, more like a Dee Ford).

      2. I like the idea of obtaining a center. Richburg while very good when healthy has been injured multiple years in a row. I’m not sure he’s a guy you can trust to stay on the field.
        One thing that must be kept in mind is that our centers have to be able to reach block… and hopefully anchor.

  20. This article from John Middlekauff in The Athletic seems apropos for some of the naysayers on this Board: Because The Athletic is a paid subscription, I copied the entire article below. For those advocating about whole sale changes, Kyle Shanahan is a bad coach, etc.: walk back from the ledge people. One note: He does note Jimmy G’s misses at the end of the game, but does a good job noting Garoppolo should be fine (from no less an endorsement than Bill Belichick):

    “I am going to try and avoid overreactions from the 49ers’ loss in Super Bowl 54. Social media has acted like Kyle Shanahan forgot how to coach mid-game. It’s hard for me to comprehend that, to be honest, mainly because I can’t shake the 15 wins that led to the 49ers reaching the Super Bowl. Winning two playoff games by a combined 34 points means something to me. But I guess that point and how the 49ers had a commanding lead against the NFL’s top quarterback just doesn’t mean much to some.

    I’m not telling fans the loss shouldn’t sting. It should. I completely understand that. Losing big games sucks. But this notion that the coach can’t or won’t get it done while choking away big games is just wrong.

    Let’s get a couple of things straight. Shanahan didn’t choke away the 28-3 lead in Super Bowl 51. He was not the head coach, as it’s consistently discussed as if he was. We might as well pretend Dan Quinn isn’t a real person. Or even a defensive guy. Since, according to my research, Shanahan was not in charge of a defensive unit that gave up 31 straight points. Did he screw up a couple of calls? Yes, and he has admitted this over time. But Quinn, the actual head coach, deserves the majority of the heat. Those are just facts.

    Sunday’s Super Bowl is somewhat similar, though not quite as polarizing of a situation for the young coach. Shanahan led a team that had a 20-10 lead into the fourth quarter. His team was in full control of the game, despite his quarterback being very — how should I put this? — shaky. Shanahan did not blow the coverage on third-and-long. That was Emmanuel Moseley, who had coverage responsibility for the deep third of the field and left to follow Sammy Watkins on inward breaking route, leaving Tyreek Hill wide open.

    It was the 49ers defense, which dominated all year long, giving up back-to-back scoring drives in the most inopportune time. A unit Shanahan gives Robert Saleh full autonomy to run, as he should. So why doesn’t Saleh get the blame like Shanahan did in 2017? Are we being consistent? Or just picking and choosing whom to blame?

    Can we say the Chiefs just took the game from the 49ers? Sometimes you just get beat fair and square.

    Now, Shanahan could have called some more runs instead of passes. I will concede that. The 49ers were second in the NFL in rushing, while also scoring more ground touchdowns than any team in the NFL. That includes the record-breaking Ravens. But isn’t Shanahan the same guy who consistently calls plays that work? Doesn’t he have one of the best feels for play calling we’ve seen in years? Is it his fault Jimmy Garoppolo went 3 for 11 in the fourth quarter when guys were open? And even after 14 unanswered points by the Chiefs, wasn’t it Shanahan who dialed up a deep pass to Emmanuel Sanders? Shanahan didn’t airmail Sanders, Garoppolo did.

    Is that Shanahan choking? Or blowing the game? If you dial up open pass plays, it’s on the quarterback to complete the football. It simply didn’t happen. But the call, the scheme, in a desperate situation, were all there — the execution just failed.

    The last time the 49ers lost in the Super Bowl, it had crippling effects inside the organization. While they made it to the NFC Championship Game the following year, the Jim Harbaugh era was never the same and he was fired a year later. We all remember how ugly that got. This feels much different. Here is why:

    John Lynch
    Trent Baalke, who ironically just got back into the league Tuesday when Jacksonville hired him as director of player personnel, was constantly at odds with Harbaugh. Their relationship fractured early on and was never the same. It was the elephant in the room with the 49ers for 18-plus months. It’s hard to operate when your two most important non-players don’t really like each other.

    Baalke was also not known as Mr. Personality, or as being some unifying presence. He was more of a recluse, wanting to be in his dark office, watching film. Despite being the general manager, he was much closer to your typical scout. He just wanted to watch film and talk prospects. But the reality is there is way more to the job, especially nowadays. That is why Lynch is such a breath of fresh air.

    While he definitely watches film, playing a big role in player evolution with vice president of player personnel Adam Peters and company, Lynch’s main job is leadership. He is a unifying individual. He can speak for the team during tough times and bring instant credibility regardless of the situation. His playing career, combined with his level of character, speaks for itself. He’s really the type of guy you want for this type of offseason. Anyone can lead after a Super Bowl victory when times are great. Not everyone can handle the rough times. I’d argue this is where Lynch earns his money. He’s made for the rocky times. Shanahan can lean on him during these long couple of months.

    You can’t go to a 49ers practice without feeling Lynch’s presence. Whether it’s roaming the sidelines, talking to coaches and players or constantly standing next to Shanahan when he is not in play-caller mode. I’d expect him to bring levity to the staff and players. Lynch has lost gut-wrenching games on great teams. He can speak publicly in a manner most GMs might not be able to. It’s really a luxury to have a guy like him during these dark times.

    The coaching staff
    The 49ers are expected to lose defensive backs coach Joe Woods to the Browns, where he will become defensive coordinator. As of right now, that looks to be the only coach they’ll lose.

    But the 49ers have a unique player in their defensive backs room in Richard Sherman. He knows the defense like the back of his hand, so the transition, regardless of whom they hire, will be smooth. Plus, the coordinator is not changing. Losing a defensive backs coach, on this team, isn’t that big of a deal.

    The entire offensive staff is expected to return. They have one of the best play callers in all of football. Shanahan’s two right-hand men — Mike LaFleur and Mike McDaniels — aren’t going anywhere, so arguably the most dynamic offensive staff in all of football will see no turnover. This means no new terminology, no new schemes, just adding plays to a well-established offense. While it will hard to be better on defense than they were in 2019, the 49ers’ passing game can really improve. This staff can work with Garoppolo to eliminate some weaknesses in his game without having to start from scratch.

    Plus, the last two times Shanahan has failed, he came back stronger. That’s usually what high achievers do. They learn from their mistakes. Shanahan had a rough stretch in Washington and Cleveland before he got to settle into Atlanta, where by Year 2 he orchestrated one of the great offenses ever. Then after two rough seasons, he led the 49ers to their seventh Super Bowl. This guy knows what he is doing. His coaching staff all understands what he is looking for. They all speak his language. The continuity on the staff is there. It’s hard not to have big-time faith in the 49ers coaches. Most NFL owners would sell their soul for this group.

    Core players
    The 49ers have two things going for them in this category. First, they have a really talented core group. And we all know you can’t win without talent. But all these guys are really high-level people. Think about the core players on this team. You think Sherman can handle this? Joe Staley? DeForest Buckner is one of the more consistent humans, let alone players, in the entire NFL. Think he’ll come back stronger? He has in every year of his career.

    Even Garoppolo. His foundation and work ethic were molded in New England. It’s why you feel good about paying him. You don’t become loved by Bill Belichick without being a football grinder. So while Garoppolo will be tasked with a massive offseason of improvement, I think he’s built for the challenge. His consistent personality should really help given the added pressure that will surely follow in 2020.

    Even George Kittle. Last year after his breakout, I interviewed him for my podcast and his love of football was evident. He didn’t get into this for the fame or money. He loves to play. Everyone around the 49ers speaks of his mindset to constantly improve. About his passion for football and desire to be great. He’ll probably be compensated this offseason, at a historic rate. And I’d expect it to change his mindset in zero ways. If anything, Kittle will just be out to prove he’s worth the money. He’s that type of player. The one you feel good about paying.

    The 49ers have accumulated the right kinds of players. They have consistent personalities. Just like their coach and general manager. I really do believe the core guys on this team would have come back with an edge even if they had won Sunday. But after the loss, I have no doubts this group of players will be out for blood in 2020. If anything, it will help motivate them for an entire offseason.”

    1. Way too much logic in that article for the Grant Cohn rage gang but thank you for posting it.

    2. Nice. Short and succinct, but I totally disagree with the take on KS. As HC, he is responsible, and he did not put them into positions to succeed, so they did not. Reid out coached KS, and KS did not learn from his first SB.

        1. I sure wish KS had learned from his mistakes. Guess he is a slow learner.
          Guess you think KS walks on water. I think he is all wet.
          KS is not a god, and above reproach. He deserves criticism for his poor clock and game management.
          If I truly hated KS, I would be calling for him to be fired. I am content with KS coaching this team. I merely want him to have all the help that he needs, like hiring an OC.

          1. Translation: I don’t think Kyle is a very good offense coach and any joe schmoe would be an upgrade Calling the plays.

            1. Failure in the big game TWICE may define him.
              KS is the HC, and should not be distracted from his Head Coaching duties by also being the OC. He needs to focus on the defense and special teams, too, and not exclusively be just an offensive coach.
              Believe it or not, KS does not invent new plays. Most every play has been thought of and run before. It is a copycat league. Reid even used a play from the 1948 Rose Bowl.
              Having a Passing Game Coordinator and a Running Game Coordinator may be divisive. Each wants to run their own plays. Too many cooks spoil the broth. KS needs an Offensive Coordinator, who can call both pass and run plays. An OC may also help with clock and game management. Any Joe Shmoe can see that KS did not excel at those aspects, hence the loss. Too many times, I saw KS staring at his play sheet, being the OC, and ignoring his Head Coaching duties.
              Sean McVay finally wised up and hired Kevin O’Connell as his OC. KS should just promote Mike LaFleur. LaFleur can call the plays, and KS can relay them into the huddle, or override the call if he thinks another one will be more successful. KS can be the the final arbiter on the play calls, but neglecting game management in order to make calls, is self defeating.
              To all who say it is solely the players’ fault for not executing plays properly, I counter with the question of why have coaches at all, if they are not important? Actually, the coaches need to put the players in their best positions to succeed, and their task is to prepare the players thoroughly, so they can flawlessly execute the plays.

              1. He takes worst team in the NFL to the superbowl in 3 years and when they lose suddenly you want to change up everything?
                This is typical, prisoner of moment thinking.

                Having a Passing Game Coordinator and a Running Game Coordinator may be divisive.

                Rubber Bouncy ball may cause cancer… because something is possible doesn’t make it true. And yes, having a lesser mind calling the plays could make the team worse.

                Sean McVay finally wised up and hired Kevin O’Connell as his OC.

                Brilliant, Shanahan should look to a team that didn’t make the playoffs, that he beat twice for guidance. Hmmm are you a rams fan?

                To all who say it is solely the players’ fault for not executing plays properly
                I counter with the question of why have coaches at all, if they are not important?

                No one has said that and the counter to that is the equally stupid question…
                if players don’t matter why not field a roster full of league minimum players? And how did great coaches like Walsh and Belichick not make it to the superbowl for so many years even while having the greatest Qb’s to ever play the game?

                Coaches are very important but players are even more important.

              2. Players can do only so much, and there is a reason why they have so many coaches, coaching every position. JL, with the help of KS, rebuilt a team from scratch. Only Joe Staley was left over from the 2012 team. Yes, JL built a talented and deep team, but KS failed to coach them to a SB victory.
                Defend KS all you want. We have had 2 teams without an OC, and both teams lost, playing in the SB these past 2 years. Both Head coaches were out coached by superior coaching.
                You still have not given me a good reason why having an OC would hurt the team. A lesser mind calling plays? KS went brain dead in the 4th quarter, and if he had been bold and decisive earlier in the game, the Niners may have made the 4th quarter irrelevant. I hope this has put to rest, the notion that KS is a genius. Maybe if you think that only a genius can implode at the worst time, twice. Yes, KS is very smart, and can be clever devising plays, but he was concentrating on calling plays during that critical time, while he should have been concentrating on figuring out the clock and game management. I am saying that an OC might have helped them have better clock and game management, by letting KS concentrate on being the HC, not OC.
                I will support and agree with JL, when he was frantically calling for a time out in the booth. I will fault KS for going timid, and settling for a tie. Settling for a tie in the first Seahawk game would have been fine, because ties count. In the Super Bowl, they play until a team wins. Wasting time outs by not using them in the critical last 2 minutes of the half was obtuse.
                You cannot dispute the fact that McVay hired an OC, after losing a SB, then failing to make the playoffs. Maybe KS will continue to intone he does not need an OC, and the Niners fail to make the playoffs next season.
                Next you will be accusing me of being a Raider fan. It is a dire insult to infer a die hard faithful Niner fan is a fan of a hated rival.
                Believe it or not, every team has players who can run fast and hit hard. The talent discrepancy is slight among playoff teams. What separates many teams from the others is their coaching. Good coaching is prerequisite to winning. Great coaching will allow a lesser talented team to beat a more talented team. The Chiefs had 6 players awarded Pro Bowl nods. The Niners had 4 players awarded Pro Bowl nods. The Niners did not have great coaching in the SB.
                Bill Walsh was a great coach. He took that 1981 team, which had less talent than the Cowboys, and won, because of superior coaching.
                There is a reason why KS is being excoriated by all the pundits and many posters on this site. We all watched his performance in the SB.

              3. We have had 2 teams without an OC, and both teams lost, playing in the SB these past 2 years.

                Yes, the Rams had Matt Lefleur as the OC in 2017, they went 11 and 5, averaged 361 ypg, and 29.88 ppg and lost their first game in the playoffs… the next year without an OC they went 13 and 3, averaged 421 ypg and and 32.94 ppg and lost in the superbowl.

                I’m not sure is 11 & 5 better than 13 & 3? Is 361 ypg better 421ypg? is better to score 30 ppg or 33 ppg? Is it better to lose your opening playoff game or the superbowl?

                Yes, a lesser mind calling the plays is a valid reason. For example, I would rather have Kyle Shanahan calling the plays than Jimmy Raye. There were 30 teams looking up at SF… wait… how is that possible almost all of them had OC’s? They clearly make you better and raise lesser talent above greater talent?

                1st I never called Kyle a genius but he is one of the best offensive minds in the game and one of the main reasons he was hired is because of his offensive mind. Even experienced Coaches with OC’s and DC’s make strange decisions. Bill Belichick not calling a timeout when Seattle completed a pass inside their 5 yard line (This would have given Brady more time to get them in Field Goal Range if Seattle Scored ). Pete Carroll Bailing him out by curiously not running the ball with Lynch. Later Belichick elected not to play Butler in a SB at all.

                These were both coaches with Coordinators that made Costly in game mistakes.

                As to Walsh, he’s great but it could be easily be argued the 49ers were the most talented team in the NFL from 83 to 90 and that they should have had at least 2 if not 3 more superbowls in that period.

  21. I’m actually excited to see Jimmy’s progression next season. Seems like QB’s have continued to grow each year in Shanny’s system, just looking at Matt Ryan’s growth. Seems like we’ve only scratched the surface with Jimmy. Definitely need some more consistent weapons around him.

    It’ll be nice to see him just hit the ground running versus this season coming off a big injury.

    1. There has been criticism that maybe Kyle doesn’t like Jimmy when maybe Jimmy’s not ready. This was only his first full season. I hope he gets better. I hope Kyle learns from his mistakes. It took Andy 20 years to finally grow a pair!

  22. As fans of the team that lost the SB, it can be hard to be objective especially this close after the loss. Here’s an exchange between Pete Prisco and Mike Florio for some perspective.

    Pete Prisco

    First season as a starter and he goes to the Super Bowl? My God, Mike. You need help.


    He had an opportunity to make a Championship Throw, and he missed it. That’s a pretty big litmus test as to whether he’s a Championship QB.

    2:20 PM – Feb 4, 2020

  23. Chris Simm’s film review on the SF run game in the SB. Basically, he says that the “bread and butter” running plays weren’t getting the job done by the end of the 3rd quarter. The “gadget” run plays involving Deebo did work, but you can only run so many of those types of plays. He feels the narrative about not running is simply wrong. The Chiefs were stacking the box to stop the run. Up to around the middle of the 4th Q, Jimmy was like 18 for 22. From a playcalling point of view it made sense to pass in this situation and based on how the game had gone up until that point.

    It’s an embedded video that’s not the first one shown. If interested, type in the following in a browser:

    Super Bowl 2020: 49ers’ run game had hard time getting started vs. Chiefs

    1. He’s wrong. Chris will always defend his buddy KS. He’s blaming Saleh’s scheme.

      JT O’Sullivan, remember that guy? He broke down all the plays in the 4th quarter.

      Everyone made mistakes. That’s all there is. What is surprising is how some of the WRs were running the wrong routes. That’s tough on Jimmy to get into a rhythm.

      Jimmy miss throws, for sure, OL missed blocking assignments. Juice missed a block. Deebo ran the wrong route.

      The whole offense was in disarray, which is even more reason to just run the ball IMHO.

      The really does stem back to the NFC Championship by only throwing it 8 times. They lost the balance and now in the biggest game they are now passing more then running is silly.

      It was the drive before the 3rd and 15 which is where they could have sealed the win, but KS got cute.

      It just shows how the Niners didn’t execute. They’re young.

      I still like him as our coach. It happens.
      I do know the guy that would have though — and that’s Mostert and they didn’t give him a chance.

  24. “Edge rusher Arik Armstead said that he doesn’t mind if the 49ers placed the franchise tag on him. To give you an idea of how much that would cost, the average cost to franchise tag an edge rusher was $17.1 million. Here was Armstead on the topic:

    “I would love being here. Trying to go back to the Super Bowl, so however, that is seen or has to get done, it’s not really my decision what they want to do with me.”

    1. It is nice to hear some of the key pending FA’s on the team talk about how they want to be back, but I do feel a little concerned that Armstead would be happy getting tagged. That’s a lot of money for one year. Makes me wonder if that is the type of annual salary he is hoping to get out of FA.

      Keeping Armstead on that type of money, even if it is just one year under the tag, would also be pretty difficult for the 49ers given where they are in terms of cap. Maybe I am wrong, but I suspect Armstead won’t be playing for the 49ers next year. Razor may be right about the 49ers potentially exploring tag and trade options – even if the trade only nets them a relatively low level of draft capital in return.

    2. Is he considered an edge rusher??? Doesn’t he play inside on passing downs or nickel situations. What’s the number for an interior guy?

      1. He’s a defensive end because that is where he is listed by the Niners, and where he starts. He pushes down during passing downs, but is still considered a Defensive End.

        Regardless, Defensive Tackle’s franchise number isn’t much better (estimated to be about $16.2 million for this year, so a difference of about $900,000.

  25. Which is more likely to happen first: The 49ers win their 6th ring or they solve the Zodiac Killer case?

      1. So at least 5 years then ;)

        Aww, just kidding. I think they make it back to the SB within 1-3 years.

  26. OUTLANDISH PREDICTION #1: Jerick McKinnon will be on the 49ers roster next season after re-negotiating his salary to save the Niners salary cap room:

    “Although McKinnon said he’s getting better and progressing in his recovery, he knows he’s unlikely to return at his current cap number of $8.55 million for next season. He said he’s open to figuring out a way to return.

    “I’m willing to do whatever,” McKinnon said. “My teammates know I want to be a part of this team. The organization knows I want to be a part of this team. So when that time comes, there will be a talk between both parties.”

    1. I would really love to see McKinnon get a chance in this offense. If he can renegotiate a deal to stay that would nice.

      1. Does it come down to McKinnnon or Breida? The Niners have to decide in my opinion which one to roll with.
        Mostert and Coleman are pretty much locks. Breida fell out of favour late in the year and I believe he is a RFA.

        1. I think they offer Breida the lowest tender and will let Breida walk if they can restructure McKinnon. Mostert has taken Breida’s role.

          Another big question is what they do with Coleman.

          1. McKinnon isn’t guaranteed anything so for him to beat out Coleman, he will have to have the offseason and preseason of a lifetime.
            I can’t see the Niners cutting Coleman who is a Shanny favourite.

          2. that’s a shame, i loved watching Breida bust out those big runs. I wonder if there was any lingering injury issues with him. I would love to see him stay. Besides, Shanny changes his RB rotation like we change socks.

          3. Just to clarify, when I say let him walk, I mean if after tendering him on the lowest tender as a RFA another team comes in and offers a long term deal I don’t think the 49ers will try and match it (unless it is a crazy low deal). If no team tries to sign him, he will probably stick around at laeast through camp.

            It is also possible the team just lets him go. I think the lowest tender is around $1.8M, so maybe they think that is more than is worth paying a backup RB.

  27. I was dead wrong about the 2019 Niners: sure, they were getting Jimmy G back from injury and would have a weak schedule, but i figured 6-8 wins was the right expectation.

    Even when they got off to the fast start, my thoughts were: ok i like it, but lets see how they do against the good teams in the 2nd half of the season. That we went to the SB and almost won it, and that the entire season was therefore full of hope, well I’m grateful to the team and the community surrounding it – Grant, and all of you who post as fans.

    I had 2-3 real fears about this team even as we beat some good teams. First, Jimmy G was usually good for 1-2 passes a game which made you say “WTF” But he cleaned some of that up and when he had to win a shootout against the Saints, he did. He made mistakes but showed far more resilience than I thought he would. But cleary he aint the second coming of Joe, and that just is what it is. I do recall seeing Joe make some passes like that – but those were in 82, when the team was coming off the SB high and as we know now from later reports, some key players like Joe might have enjoyed the fruits and substances of the era. Hey, we’re all human. But that was about the last time Joe made passes that made you say “WTF”, even after shoulder, elbow, knee, and back surgeries.

    The second fear was that we could never definitively slam the door on mobile QBs – Russell Wilson & Lamar Jackson in particular. So we watched helplessly as Wilson lead comebacks against us, and as one announcer said “Saleh has run out of ideas” as the Seahawks marched down the field in the 4th quarter. Personally, I think Saleh is overrated – how many DCs have so many high #1-2 picks to work with, and by the way, the D wasnt exactly shutdown before Bosa and Ford got here. And the indictment after the game: a Chiefs OL said “they made no second half adjustments”. Frankly, as much as Saleh has garnered attention, i see him run those stairs before the game and think, hold on, do you think Seifert and Walsh were running stairs before the game? No, in an NFL week every few minutes are precious. They were thinking and scheming and questioning and coaching and prodding players. If you need to run the stairs to get your mind right, you need to find a more efficient way to get your mind right. Ok, that’s a cheap shot. It’s just a few minutes. But you know how to shut up the fans? Make a second half adjustment that works.

    Shanahan i think is the 2nd coming of Walsh – he’s the Walsh of the running game, because what playoff team rips off 9-17 yard runs repeatedly against a playoff defense? We do. A young Frank Gore would be a golden god running in this system. But i’ll take one-cut Mostert – for you old timers, he’s what Bill Ring always fantasized about being. But this doesnt mean Shanahan doesnt have his problems – his clock management has been questionable at best since he’s been here, and infuriating when combined with whatever it is that causes him to tuck in his tail and fall on the ball at the end of the first half. Can you imagine Walsh doing that? Can you imagine Montana or Young *allowing* it? You’re playing Mahomes in the SB, he of the 24 point comebacks in a single quarter. You dont have to be reckless, but this is for glory, so let ’em hang out and go for it. Tucking it in is just…well, they dont sing songs about you when you play it safe. They sing songs about you if you go out and slay the monster.

    So, though i dont bet on sports, i came damn close to betting the over, assuming we wouldnt shut down Mahomes. Mahomes creates huge comebacks and Saleh is the guy who lets comebacks occur (the league rules aid in this, which have become like the the Marquess of Queensberry rules as opposed to the MMA-like rules of the Niner glory years). So sadly while i was dead wrong on how far we’d go, I wasnt terribly surprised when we let this one go.

    Can we get back to the SB? Hey this team has some great talent, and i think we have a great offensive (run) scheme that amazingly no one has really figured out despite it being around for many years now. But the NFL stands for Not For Long. Players age in dog years, and thats barring catastrophic injuries. Sure Jimmy G is good enough to get us to a SB and he almost won one, but we will need better play at the QB and WR positions if we’re going to do this. I thought we missed a chance to get Julio Jones, but who knows whether he was available to us and what the price would have been. So the question is, who do we continue to build around? That 81 team had a HOF QB, CB/future S and a few others we could continue to build around. So who are the future HOFers on this team who will be that core that allows us to seriously contend next year and after that? Maybe Bosa and Kittle. The D-line is very, very good. Warner is a young star. Is that a sufficient core to contend year after year? Its a great start, but i think we need more if we have those aspirations. Maybe a lot more.

    hey, look at me: aspirations. I was dead wrong about this team. I’m likely dead wrong about some of these things. Like 2012, getting within a few yards of winning another SB is going to feel like a lost opportunity forever. But in 2012 we knew we had a great team – a true SB quality defense, Frank Gore and a guy who threw lasers downfield. So not winning the SB, in the way we didnt win, was disappointing. This year was much better. It stings to lose, but it was great seeing a 4 win team turn it around and believe in itself. Maybe next year they will go out and slay dragons.

    As always: one man’s opinion, and reasonable minds may disagree. Go Niners!

  28. OK Lowell, you asked for it. I disagree.
    I don’t think it is panic, i think it’s arrogance.
    Against GB I thought he was brilliant by mainly running the ball and setting up expectations that he didn’t trust JG. So for the SB he prepares the team to have JG throw. His arrogance is that he feels he’s outsmarting others by not doing what (KS thinks) they expect. So KS thinks that KC expects him to run most of the time, and he passes instead.
    His arrogance makes him think that he doesn’t have to adjust to the situation on the field since he got to the 4th Q with a 10 point lead.
    It’s ego not panic that rules KS.

    1. I have to agree with this. If KS can stop trying to impress everyone with his “beautiful mind” and realize he has gaps in understanding when it comes to situational football, he may turn into a hell of a HC one day. Hopefully, this epiphany can come sooner than later.

        1. Kyle needs to write “Never leave points on the field” 100 times on a blackboard. Maybe pops can talk some sense to him.

  29. I have always liked Jimmy Ward. He is a smart and good player. I thought he played a superlative SB and kept saving many plays in the game. He has been blamed for some of the big plays but it looks like perhaps there is more to the story.

  30. Off subject but I’ve been following the Niners about 30 years now and man I’ll tell you what I have never realized how hated we are as a team…Seams like everyone was wishing us to lose and reveling in our loss..No big deal I just never knew so many people hate the 49ers…Crazy

    1. They are just jealous. People also hate the Pats.
      It is lonely at the top. Many teams are just dreaming about being a 5 time Lombardi winner. Some have never won.

  31. The salary cap will dictate who stays, and who is let go. In this business, cutting players will free up more cap space, so high salary players like Sanders and Ford may be cut, but not because they do not value their services. They are victims of the cap.
    Players who are on the bubble may have concerns. Sanders’ age, Ford’s degenerative knee and McKinnon’s ACL.
    Players like Coleman may have good trade value. He may be moved because Breida costs a lot less, and the emergence of Mostert and Wilson may not allow any room to find another diamond in the rough.
    If 5 players are waived- Dee Ford, Solomon Thomas, Jerrick McKinnon, Tevin Coleman and Marquise Goodwin, the Niners could save 33 mil on the cap. One sixth of the total cap. Some of those players will be retained, but their salaries factor into the cap considerations. Having more cap room will allow for Buckner and Kittle’s extensions, and maybe even Armstead, if he gives a home discount.
    I do not know how it will shake out, but I hope they retain as many players as possible, and spend most of their cap. Finding the last pieces to the puzzle through free agency, and hitting another home run in the draft, may allow the Niners to return to fight for the next Lombardi.

    1. Don’t know why people keep throwing Dee Ford’s name out there as if he’ll be cut or traded. There is almost no chance of that happening. I would argue that when he’s on the field he’s a bigger contributor than Armstead. AA was great this season, but he had the advantage of facing a lot of 1-on-1 situations while Buckner took the double teams. I believe he can and will be replaced. Its way tougher to find a good edge rusher than a good interior DL, and when Dee and Bosa are out there together they create a lot of issues for the QB.

      Plus i just don’t see Lynch and Shanny parting ways after one season.

      1. Yeah, it makes no sense.
        Even if you wanted to he isn’t really movable given his contract and injury history.
        Let’s just hope he can get right this offseason and provide the pass rush he’s shown in the past.

      2. I like Ford and want him to play and succeed, but it may come down to cap space.
        The Niners may be confronted with the hard decision- Keep Ford or keep Armstead.
        Ford, with his balky knee, may not get on the field enough to justify 17 mil.
        Rest assured, JL did not yell at KS. The rumor of friction is the same as the rumor during the draft. Nothing there. JL and KS are a good tandem, and will fulfill their contracts.

        1. Why does yelling have to lead to conflict? Sometimes heated discussions can lead to getting everything on the table.
          You are such a sensitive bioch!

          1. If you’re unable to disagree with someone without yelling at them, that says a lot about you. I would like to think Shanahan and Lynch are grown ups enough they don’t need to resort to yelling when they disagree on something.

            There is a time and place for yelling at people in the NFL workplace. It is almost entirely reserved for leading people through drills. Leaders that yell during a disagreement when there is no need are just bad leaders that aren’t in control of themselves, their emotions or the situation.

            1. Maybe it’s the Italian in me where yelling is looked at as passionate and very forthcoming and direct.
              You softies look at it like abuse. Grow up. These are all grown men and Shanny has publicly stated he’s laid into Saleh many times.
              Maybe you guys should stick to non contact sports like cricket and tennis. Where soft tones are more acceptable!

              1. I am sure cultural differences do play a part. In Australia, generally people that yell at others are looked at as f wits with the emotional control of a child. It isn’t about being soft, it is about understanding that someone yelling is just trying to physically and emotionally intimidate someone and that it is a d*ck move. I can appreciate though that other cultures look at it differently. not sure what the culture in America is towards it.

                In terms of Shanny “laying into” Saleh, he has never said he yells at him. And don’t mistake what happens on the field in the heat of the moment with what goes on behind closed doors.

              2. I played football. The culture of yelling at each other is as normal as anything. Whether it’s coaches to players, players to coaches,
                management to coaches, players to management.
                This isn’t about feelings or emotions.
                Pretty sure all those guys in the front office during their meetings for the draft, scouting, pro scouting or game planning, have raised their voices and got after one another. Like come on, it’s football. This isn’t corporate business.

                And Shanny did “freak out” at Saleh.

              3. Yelling on the field and sidelines is accepted, expected, and effective. Yelling in the office… not so much. On that, I agree with Scooter.

              4. During the time that I was coaching, as both an assistant and later as a head coach, I never saw an instance of yelling during a meeting between coaches or with an administrator.

                Yes there was yelling and things of that nature on the field from time to time, but not elsewhere.

                This whole idea that Lynch needs to carry on with Shanahan to make sure he knows the gravity of the loss is just odd.

              5. “ During the time that I was coaching, as both an assistant and later as a head coach, I never saw an instance of yelling during a meeting between coaches or with an administrator.”

                That’s remarkable. You must be undefeated as a coach. Harmony everyday!

              6. Prime, as I said, don’t mistake what happens on the field in the heat of the moment with what goes on behind closed doors. You are suggesting Lynch should go into a meeting with Shanahan with intent to lay into him. That is planned. Very different to something happening in the heat of the moment in a stressful environment.

              7. I’m suggesting that Shanahan is held accountable. The fact that yelling may or may not be involved in their year end meeting is very possible.
                To rule that out as not possible, is unrealistic.
                All I’m sayin is yelling amongst colleagues in sports is more common that people believe. It’s emotional, and it’s high stakes. Disagreements can lead to raised voices. Let’s not be ignorant about this happening in moments like this.

              8. Undefeated? No.

                We all understood what the expectations were, and when they weren’t met there would be a discussion about it.

                If I was unhappy with how a unit was performing I’d go over the expectations with the position coach or defensive coordinator.

                Believe it or not, it’s quite easy to express displeasure of certain outcomes with another adult without needing to yell at them.

                Treat others like grown men. Treat them the way you want to be treated. Be straightforward about expectations. It’s amazing how it works.

                Once again, this is off the field away from the competition stuff that I’m referring to.

              9. I get it, Prime. Nothing wrong with “passionate” discussions. As you said, these are grown a$$ men and this is football, not NPR!

              10. Old school Italians raised their sons to be men. We would not have one WW2 without men of Italian decent.

  32. Man, Mike Florio will not let up on criticizing Jimmy G. He’s also really pushing the narrative of Tom Brady to the 49ers. He also thinks there’s a reasonable possibility that Cousins comes to the 49ers after the 2020 season if Jimmy doesn’t perform at an elite level next year. Simms sees this as a more reasonable possibility than Brady to the 49ers.

    1. Florio is a joke. Brady to the 49ers is dumb. Cousins to the 49ers if Jimmy doesn’t perform at a higher level next year is a distinct possibility just because we know how much Shanny likes him.

    2. Florio is irrelevant. Brady to the 49ers is just dumb. Cousins to the 49ers if Jimmy doesn’t perform at a higher level next year is a distinct possibility just because we know how much Shanny likes him.

      1. Cousins makes zero sense to me…..he is the antithesis of Jimmy….not a leader and crumbles in big moments….sure throws a prettier ball but if Jimmy doesn’t work I’d rather go through the draft than pick up Cousins….which will be interesting to see if Kyle drafts a QB this year and in what round.

        1. I’m leaning towards the draft over Cousins too if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly.

          1. I can’t see the team drafting a QB this year. They have 3 on the roster now. Mullens has proven to be an adequate QB and with more experience could be better if that’s what needs to happen. But I’m betting Jimmy will come back better next year. Ultimately, I’d like to see the relationship between Kyle and Jimmy get to the point where they are more equal like pretty much the relationship between all top QBs and the guy who calls the plays.

            1. No not this year, but if Jimmy doesn’t improve like he should this year I think they will in 2021.

      2. Razor
        * “just because we know how much Shanny likes him.” (Cousins)
        Or, just because we know how much USED TO LIKE HIM, before seeing him get destroyed in the playoffs?

        1. Yea, I think Shanny will look to the draft before Cousins if Jimmy doesn’t improve this year.

  33. Grant- ‘ I asked KS if there was one play call from the SB he would like back. He said no.’
    Hubris in action.

    1. I don’t think it’s hubris. He has to believe in what he’s doing. They plays for most part worked the players just didn’t execute. It’s more about philosophy of game management which would have meant running the ball more in the 4th quarter. When they had the 10 point lead. After the 2nd interception, they could have dialed up some really creative run plays.
      Looking back, Jimmy G was making completions but missing reads. That should have been the clue that at some point he was going to miss and that’s what happened.
      But hey — it’s just sports not life. It was a fun season and hopefully next year they defy the odds and a win it all.

      1. Actually KS did regret a call. He said he should have called a time out, so his receivers could rest, before the 4th down play near the end of the game.
        Glad he admitted he could have done better.
        Yes, I agree. KS should have dialed up some creative run plays to Deebo, like jet sweeps, reverses and misdirections. Instead, Deebo touched the ball 2 times in the second half.
        Yes, I am not agonizing over this loss. The Niners had a chance to win, but JG over threw Sanders. Andy Reid exploited weaknesses in the defense, and Mahomes made clutch throws.
        The Niners made a gallant effort. They went from 4-12 to 6 minutes before winning the SB. They have provided me much joy, with my friends and family. Fortunately, JG will improve because he will be able to practice with his receivers during the off season, instead of rehabbing a knee. JL will continue to build on his solid foundation, and hopefully, KS will learn from his mistakes.

  34. Arik Armstead did not appreciate Grant’s tweet regarding signing Clowney instead of him if they both cost the same…

    1. Arik Armstead
      If you knew football and how to build a team you’d work in the front office of a NFL team instead of whatever you call yourself. Imagine that
      Quote Tweet

      · 22h
      If Arik Armstead and Jadeveon Clowney cost the same, the 49ers should sign Clowney. Imagine him next to Bosa, Buckner and Ford.

  35. Finally watched the video….I mean its same ol’ negative nit-picky over-exaggerated Grant….

    B grade for Kyle lol…..that might be the most laughable thing he’s said in a while….the guy took a 4-12 team to the superbowl….are you kidding me….. A- at the very least….wow Grant

    The other laughable moment “Phillip Rivers would have won that game”…..hahahahhahahahah

    Grant I’m really losing faith in you man…..i got respect for you bro, but you need to do some self-scouting before next season

  36. So I was curious what kind of plays Kyle was calling in the ATL game. In a way you kinda want him to pass more then run in the season, and there’s a chance Jimmy G can turn into Matt Ryan. Keep in mind Matty Ice had Julio Jones and Jimmy G doesn’t.

    Anyways what struck me is that in a game where refs don’t wanna call penalties like holding, the Falcons got called for a bunch, and that’s how they got behind the down and distance.

    For SB54, It really is a team loss in the 4th quarter. I don’t think the moment was too big so much that they had such control of the game and then the 3rd and 15 happened and they didn’t have time to catch their breath and adjust.
    The players are smart. If Mahomes was lighting it up in the first half the team would have time to counterpunch but they didn’t.

    I saw the breakdowns of the last drives and hey Kyle knows more then me, you, and Grant.

    But I probably would have ran the ball and just drain the clock and do that Vrabel false sh*t to drain the clock when the team was up 10.

    It happens. They lost. That’s life. I still love the season and this version of the team. It beats the Tomsula/Kelly/Singletary/Nolan years by far.

    1. Fan! I feel like i haven’t seen you around here for a while….maybe i’m just crazy….how’s it going?

      1. There wasn’t much to discuss since the Kaepernick days! What happened to Bay Area Fanatic? I think they should bring back Kaep in some degree like how they use Tatum Hill or something!

        i was also traveling a bunch.
        This was such a charmed season for me. I was back working in the Bay Area at the beginning of the season, when the team started 2-0. Then I was in NYC for 2 months and it was so much fun to watch every game in various bars. I still remember where I was during the NO game!

        1. Very nice…same here this was a special season. My family and I moved to Tennessee a few months ago and this really helped with the homesickness….haven’t seen bayareafan in a long while…Rocket’s a goner too….I think him and Grant got into it at some point

  37. Andy Reid and Bill Belichcek understand the old adage “the game is won or lost in the trenchs”. To my way of thinking, that is where we lost the Super Bowl. I agree withe ‘the D was on the field too long’ …I would add to that The OLINE annd DLINE’s were on the field too long. I respect Kyle’s knowledge, but We have two sophomore Olinemen; Brunskill and Skulle who stood in for Joe and McGlinchey when they were hurt during the season….Why didn’t we spot them in through the early part of the game to where our starters wouldn’t be so “gassed” in the 4th quarter ?….I believe that it happened to him in the Atlanta SB also. Why did we not also spot Pettis and Jordan Matthews to wear down their Dbacks a little ? In our last two possessions, both lines were barely moving off the snap. Also, we need some fresh Guards…really. I’ll be happy to see what Shon Coleman has to offer. I think it would also be good to have our receivers and RB’s tone it down a bit on the celebrations after scores….just to be sure that they were concentrating on the game rather than what they would be doing after the scores Good season, guys…. Next season we get one more W…

    1. Because the NFL doesn’t allow you to dress as many players as college dies.

      And btw this time of possession thing is strange… SF’s players were exhausted but the Chiefs were fresh? There was a 2 second difference in time of possession.

      Exhaustion is not why Eman was beat. He jumped an underneath route thinking hill running a crosser and didn’t stay his deep 3rd. That’s not exhaustion it was just a blown coverage. And Sherman getting beat deep wasn’t him being exhausted either, he’s just much slower than Watkins.

  38. Question:

    Who was the better coach in the Super Bowl and why?

    Who had the better units? And players?

    Going into the game, I believed that on most units, the 49ers had the edge (not WR or QB). I thought both coaches where very good but gave the edge to Shanahan because he was not as conservative as Reid. Do not believe that in the end that was the case however. I think KC played a heck of a game.

    Going into next year there will be changes (already has with losing Woods – big loss). How they will impact the team remains to be seen.

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