Colin Kaepernick feels “tightness” in throwing shoulder

SANTA CLARA — Here is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Can you speak to your condition and how you’re feeling right now?

“Good. Taking it day-by-day. Made a lot of throws, especially coming back from three surgeries, so want to make sure that we’re staying ahead of things.”


We saw you getting stretched out on Tuesday I think it was. Was that when it started to bother you or has it been sort of building up to this point?

“I think it’s been a buildup. It’s something that, you don’t really get the reps of live action and that violent motion when you’re practicing in the offseason. So, I think it’s just building my endurance in that area.”


As a former pitcher, is this something that you might experience if you log too many innings?

“Yeah, I’ve experienced that a couple times in my baseball career. My arm’s always snapped back quick, so not too concerned about it.”


Do you think you’ll be able to play in Sunday’s game?

“Yeah, I think so.”


ME: Did you feel a twinge or a slight pain on Tuesday? Did you feel a twinge at all?

“Just tightness.”


That’s what you think it is, just tightness? Have you been icing it, do you need an MRI, anything like that?

“Once again, taking it day-by-day, icing, making sure I’m doing everything I can so it’s ready to roll.”


Is the timing of this disappointing, just you didn’t get the live reps against the Texans?

“Yeah, I would have loved to have gotten those reps. But, it’s also something that, we’re in preseason practice. We don’t play a game for about another month, so we want to make sure we stay ahead of this before we get to the season.”


Head coach Chip Kelly had said today that, I believe, it was 86-102 throws a day that you guys have been getting. Is that a pretty hefty workload in your mind?

“In the past, I would say no, but I think the fact that I haven’t been in live action in probably almost nine months now, it was just rebuilding that endurance and getting my body used to that again.”


As you ramped up to come to training camp, how much were you throwing?

“I threw quite a bit. You can’t reproduce that live action though and kind of the intensity and quick twitch that you need when you’re going against the defense.”


How do the other parts of your body, the parts that had the surgery a few months ago, how does all that feel now?

“It feels great. That’s kind of the funny thing about it. I never thought I’d be dealing with this.”


You’re wearing a tinted visor this year, is that correct?



Is that something that has been approved? Do you have a prescription for it that you can use it in games as well?

“I’m going through that process currently.”


And what’s the, why do you need that?

“I’m not going to get too much into my medical, but something that was recommended for me.”


By whom?

“A doctor.”


Was it a team doctor, or–?

“I’m not going too much into my medical.”


I saw you back there on your toes going through mental reps. Can you talk to us a little bit about what you get out of those?

“Yeah, you get a chance to look at the defense live. Even though you’re a little bit further back, not quite right in the action, you still get to see the defense moving and their reaction and walk through plays mentally as far as where you want to go with the ball and adjustments you’re going to have to make.”


You did that in the spring too, correct?



How is that, when you have been on the field, how do you think that’s translated? Do you find it helpful or have you found it helpful?

“It’s been very beneficial, especially in the spring. I think it’s what allowed me to step in and be comfortable in this offense pretty quickly. It was getting those mental reps and getting used to seeing patterns and defenses and how they react.”


Do you expect to start one of these preseason games? It may not be Sunday, but do you expect to start one of them coming up?

“Yeah, most definitely.”


Has Chip told you that, that all the quarterbacks will get a fair shot at running with the ones during preseason games?

“He hasn’t spoken to us specifically about preseason games. From everything he’s told me, we’re both getting a fair shot.”

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  1. I figured it was arm fatigue, and I wish him God speed in his recovery. A tinted visor for a quarterback is an advantage over other positions, especially if the quarterback has a proclivity for staring down receivers….

    1. The old tint in the visor trick, lol, masking a deficiency, it’s one way to go about it.

      1. After the league approves the visor, Paraag will get his Techie buddies to install a Head up Display projection on the inside of the visor to put a lighted icon on the secondary and tertiary receivers in his view. Brilliant!

      1. Grant, after a lengthy vacation from throwing, overuse can lead to tissue buildup around the posterior capsule called Hypertrophy. The next stage is tightness, which is called Posterior Capsular Contracture….

        1. It’s not like he’s doing 2-a-days. He’s throwing roughly 20 passes a day in team drills.

          1. They’ve probably already measured his ROM(range of motion) of his IR(internal rotation) and HA(horizontal adduction) to access the level of tightness….

          2. Grant where to the reporter get 86-100 throws per day from in the transcript? You’re right fatigue is different from tightness, it’s not uncommon to experience tightness when you’ve overused a muscle group. Weren’t you the one just saying how getting back into lifting weights felt. Unless it’s beyond muscle fatigue or soreness it’s much to do about nothing save for it put BG clearly in starting role.

        1. “If we’ve got to take a day off in between, it’s not a real big deal.”

          Kaepernick has had to take two days off and counting.

          1. No reason that a professional QB at that age and in that physical shape should even have a sore arm and if so definitely shouldn’t need that long to recover from fatigue.

              1. CFC, I did some research to provide a medical perspective on what Kaepernick may be experiencing, which I might add is pretty common. You respond with an attack as usual, and I thought you changed. You’d think you would be appreciative. Your response above, “No reason that a professional QB at that age and in that physical shape should even have a sore arm and if so definitely shouldn’t need that long to recover from fatigue”, is not only wrong, it’s lazy. We have a legal expert on here, but no medical expert. Until then, do some research before making statements that give false information. Thanks!

            1. CFC, I beg to differ. “Tightness” or Gleno-humeral Capsular Laxity, is a medical condition and it can alter the normal translation of the humeral head during the throwing motion. If it’s pushing anteriorly, it might cause what is known as “impingement”. If the tightness stems from the posterior capsule, that would indicate the humeral head is moving superiorly. Like I said, I would be very surprised if they haven’t done a Gleno-humeral Capsule assessment. If Grant were to ask Kaepernick if he had that assessment, he probably would decline to answer….

              1. Oh ffs. Copying and pasting what you read on wiki doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about nor does it mean that that is what he’s experiencing nor is it even the point.

  2. ME: Colin, did you know a storm was coming?

    Colin: Storm? dude what are you talking about? That was so 3 years ago!

    1. Our conspiracy mind colleague will certainly keep bringing this up for at least three seasons after CK has left the 49ers and add it to his long list of ways the FO is responsible.

      I was hoping for a straight competition, no injuries to settle this thing so we can move forward. I guess that’s a silly expectation. A Smith has been gone along time and people still bring him up. And Grant’s right, Blaine’s likely to get hurt or yanked at some point only stoking the fire.

        1. W73,
          I wouldn’t count CK7 out just yet. But even if Kap can get healthy, he still faces an uphill climb because of his faulty QB habits.

          Like some posters here, I too, would like to see a Kaepernick resurrection based on the excitement he brought the team 4 years ago. But the demise of CK began in 2013 and has only escalated since.

          If Gabbert fails, we may still see Kap this season but let’s face it, his days as a 49er and possibly an NFL QB are numbered unless he has a miraculous epiphany and channels the art of quarterbacking.

          Driskel may be the answer in the future but my thinking is that Chip will be looking at Watson or Kaaya in the 2017 draft.

          If Kap has some lingering health issues and Gabbert fizzles out after taking a few hard hits (reviving bad memories of his early NFL days) than the urgency for Watson or Kaaya accelerates.

          1. I never understood the fallacy of expecting a player to perform the way he did 4 years ago?
            The players change, the scheme changes, other teams game plan to the strengths and weaknesses of that player.
            It’s almost like some of you are hoping for it to happen when the NFL has always adapted to players who come in, surprise everyone then they adapt accordingly.
            This is the same situation.
            I’m not saying he’s done, I’m saying he hasn’t adapted to the changes presented to him.

            1. Weren’t people saying the same things Prime about Gabbert when he arrived? He’s adapted and will be functional and still lose a lot of games. I think with CK there are a lot more issues than just the league catching up. He needs to grow, sometimes that’s a change of scenery.

              AES, you’re right, there’s a lot of preseason left. Anything could happen between now and week one. His injury time is hurting him in many ways. The day before he got injured he threw 3-4 TD’s depending on the writer. He was making strides, I just don’t think there’s enough time for him to catch up and he’s still making some mistakes that he’s always made.

            2. I think it’s how successful Kap was that is hard to forget. He was the QB of a team that went to a SB and NFCCG in back to back seasons and then about half way through the following season things started falling apart. It’s hard to accept that all of a sudden the guy couldn’t play anymore or people figured him out. Maybe that is what happened, but it’s hard to fathom a player having that much success and then it’s just over. There is usually reasons beyond the simple explanation.

              1. Rocket CK stepped into a gifted team full of vets, playmakers and superb coaching. You want to talk about a supporting cast, CK had all that.
                Then when the league had an offseason to study him and his skill set what happened?
                He never adapted. He continued to rely on his athleticism to stay competitive. Unfortunately in the NFL defensive players are equal in that category. Then add the fact that NFL coaches are relentless in studying, game planning and scheming against their competition, CK gets labelled as one of those guys that never did enough to stay at a competitive level.
                You find it hard to believe that he had all that success and now it’s over? Yes because he never worked at his craft in the right way and he never had the essential fundamentals at the QB position to stay successful.

                Tom Brady has been able to play in this league for a long time because he is accurate, good leader, precise and makes quality decisions year after year. Not just 2 years. He’s been able to stay successful because of those traits and having the ability to make his supporting cast better, not the other way around like CK.

              2. In Kap’s case it’s that other “people figured him out”. T. Mathieu laid it before us very clearly. Kap has not taken countermeasures ergo he now does not reap what he has not sown. It’s like a chess player using the same opening time and time again after some initial success. He doesn’t take into account that there are countermeasures that can be taken and eventually are taken by opponents to thwart almost any opening, yet the player persists on.

              3. Rocket,

                Agreed, CK’s steep and sudden fall is hard to figure out.

                It’s very rare that a QB attains such heights, only to be seen as maybe being done a couple of seasons later (Warner?).

                It could be that he can do a limited number of things about as well as anybody, but when those are taken away, he doesn’t have other ways of successfully attacking a defense.

                It could be that once the line fell apart two seasons ago (right about the time Kilgore was injured, I believe), the insta-pressure CK was under on most plays, got to him to the point where he’s developed a case of the “yips”.

                Or, it could be something else or a combination of things. One thing is for sure, It’s hard to explain.

              4. The sports world is littered with players who took their sport by storm for a season or two and then flamed out.

                Kaepernick is just the latest example.

              5. Prime,

                Maybe he didn’t work at it enough, but going to EXOS in 2015 showed a willingness to try and get better. There also weren’t any reports of Kap’s work ethic being a problem until he was benched last year. Losing games tends to bring out a lot of whispers from people trying to find reasons or shift blame, and I think that is what happened last year. The main difference I see between Kap 3 years ago and now, is confidence.


                In Kap’s case it’s that other “people figured him out”. T. Mathieu laid it before us very clearly. Kap has not taken countermeasures ergo he now does not reap what he has not sown. It’s like a chess player using the same opening time and time again after some initial success. He doesn’t take into account that there are countermeasures that can be taken and eventually are taken by opponents to thwart almost any opening, yet the player persists on.

                Yeah I read this at the time and it’s an indictment for sure, but my question is: why did Kap have a lot of success against them every year before then? Last year’s game was a disaster, but Kap had a good record both statistically and in the win column every season before then. Did what he learn at EXOS make him easy to read? Chryst’s system? I don’t know, but the Cards sure didn’t have his number before last season’s game.


                That is true, but to have a sustained run of success like Kap had for a couple of seasons, doesn’t usually lead to the type of drop he has experienced. I think what it comes down to is trying to do things he is not comfortable with. It’s apparent he only fits a certain type of offense and will never be a traditional pocket passer. That really limits his options for success in the NFL no doubt about it.

              6. ex,

                I think the lack of pass protection started the problems and going to EXOS actually hurt more than it helped. He was really playing like a guy who was thinking instead of just trusting his ability.

              7. Rocket if he’s only suited for one type of offense and his work ethic is not in question, that means he is limited as a QB and, no matter how hard he works at his craft, he will never be able to excel in the areas he lacks. As seen in his stint in AZ.
                Now is that the kind of player worth paying 11 million a year for and continuing to wait and see if he can return to form? That would require drafting players to suite his skills set. Is he worth building a franchise around? NO WAY!

              8. Prime,

                Rocket if he’s only suited for one type of offense and his work ethic is not in question, that means he is limited as a QB and, no matter how hard he works at his craft, he will never be able to excel in the areas he lacks. As seen in his stint in AZ.

                I agree. I know you felt that I was Kap apologist, but my expectations were always predicated on whether he could learn to play from the pocket, and it looks like that just isn’t going to happen.

                Now is that the kind of player worth paying 11 million a year for and continuing to wait and see if he can return to form? That would require drafting players to suite his skills set. Is he worth building a franchise around? NO WAY!

                No I agree with you here as well. The only way this had a chance of working out was if Harbaugh stayed. Now it’s time to move on if Kap can’t regain his form in this system.

              9. Prime,

                Driskel has the physical ability, the problem is he really struggled at a big time program in College and didn’t have much success until moving to a lesser team with lower expectations. I’m hoping the talent is developed and he becomes at the very least a good backup for us. Expecting anything more from a 6th round pick is probably wishful thinking, but I guess we don’t know until the kid gets out there and plays.

            3. Prime,
              I know that you were given a lot of crow around here 4 years ago when you said CK would wet the bed against the Bears. Well, he didn’t. In fact he actually had perhaps his best game as a pro. But then you followed that by saying that teams would catch up to Kap game and he would struggle when this would happen.
              You were right.

              Teams have caught up to CK. But Kap has only himself to blame because he has yet to conquer the nuances of an NFL QB. Although he tried with his pit-stop at EXOS it has yet to translate to the playing field. Kap is starting to take on the athleticism similar to an NBA slam-dunk contestant who can electrify the audience with his jumping prowess but spends a good deal of time on the bench during real games because they are only good at basically one thing.

              I’m pretty much resigned to the mindset that even a healthy CK7 will never fully grasp all the vital aspects of the QB position.
              I hope he can because CK is from my neighborhood and he is my image of a hometown boy making it big, but if he fails no one will be able to say that he was not given a fair opportunity.

              1. AES I appreciate the sentimental value he has on you and your hometown.
                The NFL is a relentless business where windows of opportunity close fast.
                The reason I’m not optimistic about his career in the NFL is because he spent an entire offseason working on his craft and never improved.
                In fact he was worse.
                My idea of a good QB is a guy who makes less talent around him into productive talent. He hasn’t done that!

              2. “AES I appreciate the sentimental value he has on you and your hometown” Prime

                Thanks Prime.
                But in the final analysis it’s about the team and not one a or few players.
                I want what’s best for my team – and that means using the best players that will help us win.

              3. Prime Time is starting to shine!!!!!!!! (Or something like that). The league adapted, Kap has remained static. With respect to his trade i.e. no growth.

                Never heard it put better.

              4. AES

                I believe that a lot of Kaeps difficulties stem from either ADD or some form of ADHD. He has to learn to concentrate on what he is doing and maintain focus….his best plays (IMHO) are sandlot plays where he’s just looking for any port in a storm….when he has already lost the called play…he’s just making something happen out of thin air….difficult in High school…impossible in the NFL….

  3. Smelter has apparently gone from being predicted to being a starter to being predicted to being on IR for the season. I can’t figure out why I don’t pay attention to pre-season reports.

    1. Validity of pre season predictions aside, it is disappointing to hear Smelter hasn’t looked good. I had higher hopes for him than what he is apparently showing.

    2. I was the only one the mocked him to us last year and was calling him Boldin’s replacement. So, yea. It’s been disappointing.

      I also thought Harold was going to have a killer rookie season so here’s hoping to just being a year early last season.

      1. Re Smelter, I mocked him too. In fact, I was a big proponent.

        Harold’s a different case. Last year, though quick, he was too small for the job. Now that he’s bigger, he has a chance.

        1. I remember you being the first to mention Smelter on the blog, George. You provided breakdowns and analyses. If I recall correctly, he was kind of your dark horse favorite, so to speak. Don’t recall if you actually had him in your mocks, though.

          1. cubus, I can’t swear I mocked him. But I at least voiced he’d be a good later round pick. Like CfC said, disappointing.

            1. IICRC, I think most wanted Kevin White in the first, then Devin Smith, Jaylen Strong and the red flagged Dorial- Green Beckham. I think Sammie Coates and Tyler lockett were some poster’s favorites.

              Smelter was not on my radar because of his injury.

      2. It’s early. Smelter still has some time to turn things around. He came from a system that rarely threw the ball so it was going to be a tough transition even without the knee injury.

        1. rocket, I just found the following from a doctor in sports medicine, so, yes, it’s early. The article suggests either he is having a slow recovery or he’s just not coming back to pre-injury level:

          “A study of NFL players who underwent ACL reconstruction showed that only 63% returned to play in a regular-season game within two seasons after surgery. A study of high school and college football players showed similar results. 63% of high school football players and 69% of college players made it back two years after surgery. Only 43% of them had returned to preinjury levels.
          Finally, a 2011 study of competitive athletes in a variety of sports showed that only 33% of athletes had returned to their sports at their preinjury levels 12 months after surgery.”

          1. Why are you guys worried about the 3rd string QB? I mean even Driskel looks to have better command than maybe both guys!

          2. George–

            Very interesting stuff. You have to believe Baalke has access to these statistics. He clearly takes a huge gamble with his ACL picks, the return on investment is/has been bankrupt, yet he’s still enamored with athletes who are seriously damaged……hoping for that one diamond to show Jed, “see-we got a huge bargain for you!”
            On the other hand, it looks like we might have a modern offense-given what we have done to the Texans in practice. We’ll know more later……………

          3. cubus,
            If these reports are validated by sports medicine in general than Baalke should pay close attention.

            On a rare occasion you get athletes that not only come back from major knee injuries but actually exceed expectations like Frank Gore, Jerry Rice and Adrian Peterson just to name a few.
            But the risk is still greater than the rewards which does not bode well for a team lacking in talent throwing the dice in hopes of striking it rich by drafting an injured ACL player.

              1. AES, no worries to be mistaken for cubus! You might want to apologize to cubus for mistaking me for him. :)

                Anyway, if what the doctor wrote is true, then according to the probability theory I learned in high school:

                1. If 60% who undergo ACL reconstruction make it back on the field two years after surgery, and
                2. If, of those 60%, only 40% return to pre-injury levels, 3. Then it follows that of all athletes who undergo ACL reconstruction, only 24% (about 1 in 4) return to pre-injury levels within two years. (.60 X .40 = .24)

                I never realized the odds were so low.

              2. George,

                Those number are surprising. They’re also significantly lower than in other articles I’ve read.

                I wonder if all of the athletes in reports you cite rehabilitated their knees optimally, or even attempted to return to their chosen sport, in the first place.

                Maybe that’s where the difference in the numbers lies.

          4. Good info George thinks for posting it. We will get a good idea of exactly what it is over the next few days. If it’s strictly arm fatigue he’ll be back practicing next week. If he doesn’t practice next week then chances are there is something more going on.

    3. CFC,

      It’s like day trading vs long term investing. Which is better? Well, all you need to know is Warren Buffett is a long term investor.

      Day trading is more fun and exciting, though, so I’ll keep on reading the daily training camp reports. I do have a giant size grain of salt on my desk next to my computer, though.

  4. What a waste not pulling the trigger on the Denver trade. A 4th for Kaepernick would be better then the nothing we’ll get when we cut him next February. Now he’s going to spend the season either injured and/or on the bench and his salary goes up next year. Nobody’s trading for him now.

    1. Blame Chip. He wanted him so badly, he promised a fair competition and full salary. Baalke wanted one of the last vestiges of JH exorcised.

      1. Absolutely Chip insisted on keeping Kap for a thorough evaluation. He wanted to see what CK has and he still wants that as it has not been determined as yet. It wasn’t Balkey tho Balkey makes an excellent target for mockery.

    2. I don’t think this one is all on Baalke. Denver wasn’t making the trade without Kap taking a cut and he obviously wasn’t going to accept that. The Niners could have picked up the difference in salary but that could have been vetoed from the top.

  5. kaps shoulder, next up kaps leg and thumb. Picks, fumbles and wont be able to turn the corner.

  6. Kaep/Gabbs has analogy to a current national story. Neither of them is desired, but yer gonna be stuck with 1. What is the least risk option? Or is it what is the highest potential? Chip has a tough call here. Maybe injury will make his decision for him. I bet Baalke is hoping for that, cuz he’s looking bad either choice.

    1. Max, I would not compare Kaep or Gabbert in any way to Trumpty Dumpty who sat on a wall, and is having a fall.

    1. Chip’s QB’s got hurt in even with one of the best lines in the NFL at the time. You heard him say he’s had to play 2 QB’s every season in the NFL. It’s not far fetched.

      1. + 1 Wilson.

        Also, who cares about the money when the Niners have such an excess this season? Also, it has made for a tougher competition for Blaine, which I think is healthy, and perhaps the 49ers won’t have to rush Driskel into action sooner than then the ideal timeline.

  7. Well I am glad it was not in his left shoulder, so fatigue and undergoing a rehabilitation process while practicing and participating, is not so dire. Glad Kaep will be fine.

    I will be pleasantly surprised if he plays, but will be happy if he does not. Maybe the best thing is to take it slow and careful. Gabbert is fine as the starter, and since he is getting the first reps, he should be ahead of Kaep at this moment. The worst thing would be to rush it, and have him hurt the shoulder more before it has recovered fully.

    Chip says that during the season, both QBs will see action, so if Gabbert is competent, takes what the defense gives him, and gets the ball into the receiver’s hands, he will help them win.

    Also glad to hear that the WRs were open in the last practice.

    1. Seb Chip never says both QB’s would see action. He said he’s had to use 2 QB’s due to injury.

          1. That’s beside the point, you said he said both QB’s would play this season. He didn’t say that. Your misrepresenting. Yes one QB is hurt but the season hasn’t started yet.

            1. Well, he said that he had to use 2 QBs, due to injury, not at the same time. He also promised a fair competition. Cant have that if only one plays.

              1. How is it unfair that one player is injured? That’s not an issue of fairness, that’s life. Chip has nothing to do with CK’s injury. Read the ninernation article on Kelly using a 2 QB system and their conclusion.

  8. kelly was a bad hire. our roster is still best suited to run. shannahan would have made hyde look like a premier rb and could have worked well with the qbs too.

    1. Chip’s offense is run-first. Assuming a better OL, Hyde should gain a lot of yards and catch a lot of passes. 1500 in total yards might be in reach.

  9. ok, could be a breakout year for patton, and d line is better which will help the secondary

  10. I was talking about running to slow down the game. with bruce miller at fb you have two viable targets to make up for poor wrs

    1. Point taken, 80. It’s true the no-huddle, faster pace might stress our defense. Then again, it might result in longer drives. Also, we might have a better pass rush and better secondary, resulting in more four-and-outs. IMO, it’s too early to tell.

  11. Hope Kaep is not playing the Niners and going to come up with a “camp injury” to get his money for this year without playing

    1. I’m don’t think Jed and Baalke would be too unhappy about that. As long as he can pass a physical at the end of the year.

  12. Heard Grant yesterday on Sports 1140 KHTK in Sacramento. He was really good, he brought a lot of energy and insight that most people don’t. He was actually pretty witty and had a lot of puns and metaphors to describe this year’s Niners. I do not know if he announced it anywhere, but it was good.

      1. Grant,

        I listen to 1140 everyday on my way to work and home from work. Will you be making more appearances? You and Grant Naper would have some great conversations if you do. Not sure how much you know about the station, they usually have Matt Barrows on.

        1. I was on with Napier a couple weeks ago. I’ll make an announcement if I’m on again.

  13. Jed ,

    Cut your losses, cut Kap and cut Baalke for losing your 12 million dollars on a QB, who under Baalke’s watch, never learned progressions, looking off a DB, Touch, etc, etc,. But what do fans expect with an owner such as you.?

    Jed, I hate to say this. You are a horrible President. You could go to Golden Gate Park and tip over garbage cans, check dumpster or fresh dig spots to find your lost 12 million dollars. But if I were you, I’d question the man who builds your roster for the answer.

    You are so out-of-touch with football history, that you probably don’t realize Jeff Driskel already has the skills of a vetran NFL QB, lightyears ahead of Kap in reading progressions, looking off DB’s, throwing receivers open and through small window, has touch, and knows when to tuck the ball and run…..Do you know why Jed? I doubt it, but I’ll give you the answer. Because he learned under the master, Bill Walsh–GM and Vice President 1999-2001 and Steve Marriucci (also taught by Holmgren).

    Guess what Jed. These were all fundamentals a West Coast QB MUST HAVE TO QB A WC TEAM!!!

    And guess who his college coach was a Louisiana Tech U…..That’s right, a blast from the Dynasty past who know all of the tricks of the trade—Tim Rattay. Those who do not study history Jed are doomed to repeat it, and all of this you stumbled upon and actually hired a WCO/spread offense quarterback in Driskel, w/o even Dr. York even aware of this.
    Why is this important. Because Dr. York avoids ex-49er dynasty connections like the plague, fearing it would interfere with his own legacy he currently constructing…This takes EGO, but that’s a Dr. No one is smarter than they are, so here’s hoping Chip works out.

    If the backup QB is the favorite on any roster than the rookie, backup QB is really popular. Driskel already has admirers. He’s tall athletic, has a good arm and has gotten better every practice.

    “Treggs could be the fastest 49er, although Smith and Reaser might disagree. TReggs has come on in the 2nd week.”

    1. Agreed–the good doctor will avoid a Walsh protoge like the bubonic plague. Used to try and lecture Bill on football matters.

      One went to the Hall of Fame, the other will remain infamous……….

  14. Jed if your watching videos, I advise you to check out this one.

    Watch Driskel’s pass at 6:08 in Quarter 2 to Cammeron McKnight, # 80. He looks off the DB’s to the left and fires the ball (takes a little off so the receiver can make a catch–not a fastball so it would clang off the WR’s hands into the DB’s) on a square out in tight coverage and by tight coverage.

      1. Jed York isn’t making the decision when it comes to Driskel’s play time.

        I’ve noticed a pattern with you TomD. When you actually post your own material, it’s always confusingly incoherent.

        My advice ……. stick to your old cut & paste technique. You sound smarter when your not writing your own material!

        1. 49 reasons,


          August 13, 2016 at 12:30 pm

          Jed York isn’t making the decision when it comes to Driskel’s play time.

          I never said, or intimated Jed was, 49–only that Jed is responsible for Baalke.

          And you sound like Seb, lazy, illogical not– trained in logic. Please go on line and get logic help at SRJC or you’ll forever be labeled the dunce that you are.

          Also, reading comprehension by you would be much appreciated. Check adult education centers for help here.

          1. It sure sounds like you are suggesting that Jed York ought to be smart enough to advocate Driskel be considered ahead of Kap on the depth chart?

            Maybe I am wrong. Quite honestly it’s hard to decipher what kind of point you are trying to make because you don’t articulate your thoughts very well. I suspect that’s one reason you spend so much time copying what other people write.

    1. Challenge to everyone; tell me of a worse ownership in all of professional sports–the operative word here being “worse”.

      1. Daniel Snyder, David Jones, Vivek Ranadivé, Lewis Wolff, to name a few off of the top of my head.

  15. TomD, you are right about york and baalke. they ignore the Walsh coaching tree which has a track record of success. bring back the banners at home games. But this time direct them at Denise, Shes the only one that can oust Jed

  16. Wow, just saw that Carson Wentz has broken ribs. That’s a big setback. Preseason was probably his only chance to get game reps this year.

          1. I apologize in advance for this super long flashback, but it’s kinda fun rehashing the Goff/Wentz debate.


            Grant Cohn April 21, 2016 at 12:50 pm
            Goff isn’t built to take a beating in the NFL. He needs to be protected in the pocket. He won’t turn plays into backyard football like Wentz will. When your only good receiver is Tavon Austin, you need a QB who can turn the play into backyard football.

            GrimeTime April 21, 2016 at 12:55 pm
            Wentz is the one who’s missed time due to injury.

            Grant Cohn April 21, 2016 at 12:57 pm
            A 235-pound quarterback is built to take a beating in the NFL. A 215-pound quarterback is not.

            GrimeTime April 21, 2016 at 1:08 pm
            I already killed your durability argument Grant. Wentz couldn’t stay healthy in high school or college, but all the sudden he’s more durable because he weighs 20 more pounds?

            You’re gonna have to bring something more compelling to the table if you want to keep me interested in this.

            Grant Cohn April 21, 2016 at 1:27 pm
            Wentz is a physical runner. Goff is frail. You know this. Everyone knows this.

            Razoreater April 21, 2016 at 1:22 pm
            Stand Wentz side by side with Goff, and you’ll see a big difference. Wentz is well put together….

            GrimeTime April 21, 2016 at 1:57 pm
            That “physical runner” broke his wrist against FCS competition. What’s gonna happen when he takes on NFL linebackers?

            Goff is gonna stay in the pocket and get the ball out. My money’s on Goff lasting longer.

            Grant Cohn April 21, 2016 at 2:08 pm
            Wentz will fare much better against NFL linebackers than Goff will.

            GrimeTime April 21, 2016 at 2:18 pm
            I’m gonna assume you purposely missed my point, because it would be really sad if you didn’t.

            BigP April 21, 2016 at 2:43 pm
            Forecasting Wentz to be more durable is nonsense. He couldn’t stay healthy in H.S. or College, against inferior competition. According to you, he is built to take a beating because of his size. The problem with that is he hasn’t proven that he can take a beating, even against lower level competition. According to you, he will bring value to the Rams because of his ability to make backyard football plays. The problem with that is those backyard football plays get you hurt, just like they got Steve McNair constantly hurt. Forecasting Wentz to stay healthy in the NFL doesn’t make sense, regardless of his size.

            Goff has stayed healthy against better competition, while running a pass heavy offense. He could easily put on 15-20 pounds over the next couple of years. I don’t think either of them are worthy of the trades, but Wentz seems likely to get banged up quickly. 6’6″ of running around QB provides a large strike zone for NFL defenders. I’d rather have a Russell Wilson type of QB as a scrambler because his COG is lower. Thats where the durability comes from.

            49reasons April 21, 2016 at 1:17 pm
            I got your back on this one Grant. The Rams select Carson Wentz. He’s absolutely a Jeff Fisher QB. I just cannot see Jeff Fisher trading for Goff. Fisher is a “3 yards and a cloud of dust” HC. Has been his entire coaching career. And I think the idea of having a big, strong, physical kid like Wentz is very appealing to Jeff after coaching the fragile, always injured Sam Bradford.

            Seriously, if the Rams draft Goff, they will ruin him. That’s good for the 49ers I suppose.

            49reasons April 21, 2016 at 1:21 pm
            Plus, I was almost certain, as were my sources, and the NFL media, that the Browns much preferred Wentz over Goff. I can’t say with 100% certainty, but I’m pretty sure the Browns felt like Wentz was going to be a much better cold weather QB.

            Grant Cohn April 21, 2016 at 1:26 pm

            sebnynah April 21, 2016 at 2:00 pm
            49, glad this is archived so I can recall your statements. However, you may be right about Cook. with this trading back, the Browns may select Cook in the second round.

            JAllen April 21, 2016 at 3:45 pm
            Wentz got hurt, once in baseball and once in football, because he plays hard, ran like a running back/didn’t slide down. Although he is allusive on the run, his style is bruising, and when he sees the end of his run coming, he puts his shoulders down and bangs ahead, runs over people. I doubt his coaches will allow him to do that in the NFL.

            Grant Cohn April 21, 2016 at 3:47 pm
            He is a bruising runner like McNair.

              1. Maybe. Or maybe, with that last post, I just guaranteed that Goff will get decapitated tonight.

              2. Goff showed his toughness and resiliency (& luck? maybe) behind Cal’s mediocre OL. I wasn’t one of the doubters in that regard.

              3. I was hopeful, for a time, that Goff would land here via pick #7, to satisfy Chip’s repetitive accuracy fetish.

              4. Goff may not start, but I am sure he will play. Better for the Rams to bring him on slowly because Keenum is adequate and his main job will be handing the ball to Gurley.

                Did not think that either Goff or Wentz were worth 5 and 6 picks. Way overpaid.If the Rams are desperate, they will start Goff, but I think they will be judicious and bring him on slowly, like AR.

              5. It appears Goff injured his non throwing shoulder, and I’m wondering if that was the same shoulder he had surgery on after Skov sidelined him….

            1. Actually Grimey, the laws of physics are Grant and my side on this subject.

              Size isn’t the only factor effecting a players durability, but it certainly is one factor. Some players are simply better at protecting themselves, whether it’s anticipating contact, or technique.

              However, size is ABSOLUTELY a factor. And that’s determined by the rules of physics. And physics isn’t a matter of opinion Grimey.

              “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force”. When 2 bodies are in motion, and 1 is considerably smaller than the other, the smaller body in motion, has to absorb a larger amount of force (or energy). As a matter of fact, there is formula for determining the amount of force involved. So, if you have a 250 lb man in motion, and a 220 lb man in motion, a 220 lb man has to absorb a greater percentage of force upon impact, compaered to a 235 lb man. It’s really that simple.

              So, yes, physics tells us a smaller man is more likely to be injured than a larger man, IF they are equal when it comes to using techniques which are aimed at protecting themselves (sliding, keeping their limbs closer to their bodies, ect). The best example would be a stuntman. A trained stuntman will usually sustain fewer injuries, based on his or her understanding the techniques of protecting themselves from injury, than an untrained person. .

              1. And Carson Wentz knows that theoretically he should be more durable, but in reality he has fractured ribs.

              2. Oh, he’s one of “those”? That explains it, being that this subject is comon sense. It’s the same principle as a small RB, not being a workhorse, 3 down back. It’s got nothing to do with stamina. It’s got everything to do with physics.

              3. And reality is Grime, he’ll be back to full health in 3 weeks. It might be wise to give it a few years, don’t you think? Seeing that it will take a few years before we know which QB is more durable. Even then, sometimes it comes down to circumstance and bad luck. I thought we were talking about Which guy is more likely to get hurt?

              4. That’s a gold nugget Prime just gave you 49. Maybe he can be one of your “sources”.

              5. One break is unlucky. Two gets into your head. Three and you begin to wonder if he’ll end up rivaling Evil Knievel’s medical history….

              6. Precisely Razor. People keep trying to tell me about “reality and facts”, while completely ignoring things that have actually happened.

              7. Well, one brain fart isn’t enough to convince me that you have an issue with reality or facts, as a general rule Grimey.

                Now, if you were to tell us that global warming is one big hoax being perpetrated by the entire global scientific community as a whole. Meaning that nearly every credible scientist around the globe has decided to conspire to defraud the public on this subject, regardless of scientific methods, peer reviews and language barriers, because ……. well, because scientist are apparently inherently dishonest and generally unethical (which is the exact opposite of every scientist I have ever known).

                So, if you’re a climate change denier, then I have every reason to believe what prime is saying.

              8. Let me clarify:

                You(49) are using climate change to flip the subject(red herring) because you know you are wrong.

              9. Not into you guys’ squabble, 49, but your analysis of the physics completely leaves out the role that leverage and CoG play at point of impact of the collision, a crucial determinant of results. There’s a lot more to it than Mass and Velocity, and technique training (lower your pads!) you mentioned speaks to that. Guys like Gore or Emmitt Smith won confrontations with leverage. Christian Okoye won with mass.

              10. If I’m wrong then physics is wrong. You can take that up with Stephen Hawking.

                Personally, I don’t really care much about either QB. I don’t think either one of them is a worth the price. And, as far as I am concerned, I consider a bad QB just as big of a liability as an often injured QB.

              11. C’mon man, you’re copping out. You brought up physics, but you know very well that all the elements have to be factored in. BTW, nice name dropping, but Dr Hawkings is a theoretical astrophysicist and we are after all talking about mechanical physics. Not that he doesn’t know, but for him it’s all like….say, arithmetic. All I’m doing is trying to keep the conversation honest, not a,personal attack.

              12. Low man wins. That’s how I broke my collar bone. Running too upright. That’s what made Gore so great. One of the lowest runners with power, and outstanding feet….

              13. No problem tuna. I did say there are other factors involved. It isn’t as simple as big guys don’t get hurt as often as little guys. However, if were being honest, unless player A) who weighs 220 lbs. plays with different technique than player B), who weighs 236 lbs., player A) is more likely to get hurt. That’s because when 2 men collide, energy, in this case in the form of high force or shock, as a product of the impact, is not transferred equal if one man is considerably larger in mass than the other. The smaller man absorbs a greater portion of the impact force or shock.

                All I am saying is that when you apply physics to the equation, it stands to reason that bigger guys are able to handle the force of impact better than small players, because of the difference in energy = mass/force, or something to that effect (it’s been years since I graduated from college).

                It’s the same logic, to a lesser degree, as what we know about RB’s. Is anyone really going to argue logically that, if your looking to draft a bell-cow running back to carry the load, given a choice, that you might draft 5’5″ 169 lbs Trindon Holliday, over 6’1′ 253 lbs Christian Okoye a.k.a. “The Nigerian Nightmare”, who carried the ball 370 times in 1989, and punished defenders on nearly every run?

              14. 49-
                Just to wrap up…..but Okoye wasn’t good at punt returns! Kidding. This convo raged pre-draft too and I wasn’t buying it in terms of Goff primarily due to his position. Goff is about the same size as Dwight Clark was when he came out, 6-4 212. IMO that’s big enough for QB. Joe was 6-2 205. There’s Brees and RWilson.
                (PS- Goff looked a little shell shocked last night. Welcome to the NFL rook!)

              15. 49, if you took only physical traits, the bigger body will overpower the smaller body.

                If that were the only factor, most football teams would be comprised of Mountain men.Huge behemoths that play smash mouth 3 yards and a cloud of dust football style.

                However, there are other factors like speed, quickness, agility, maneuverability, leverage, escapability and technique. So what if the other player is gargantuan, if he cannot run fast, they will run circles around him.

                Football players need to be big, but also nimble. Physics is about size, but also force and inertia.

    1. On Rotoworld:

      Former NFL trainer Mike Ryan reports Carson Wentz (ribs) will not be able to throw “hard” for two-to-three weeks.

      Wentz suffered a hairline fracture to his ribs in the preseason opener, an injury which will prevent him from taking contact for around a month. He was never going to take the No. 1 job from Sam Bradford, but he could have used the preseason reps. Wentz will likely open the season as a gameday inactive.

      1. Well that was a costly pre season bummer. All those draft picks and money momentarily down the drain. Sammy, you can stop your whinning and make the best of the Bison’s bum luck. You should a figured that hurt happens in the NFL because it happened and happened and happened to you.

    2. Not sure if anyone caught the Cardell Jones (Bills) 4 yrd TD pass yesterday. The guy stood strong (like a statue) in the pocket, stared at one receiver then suddenly threw a tight pass to another one for the touchdown.
      Very nice.

  17. chip kelly, please don’t risk driskells health on punts/fake punts. If they still punt can driskell block? Can he tackie? A potential franchise qb should never be on special teams. risk reward

  18. I know its not a 49er thing, but the Bosa situation blows me away.

    If I’m reading it right, the Chargers are the only team requiring a high first rounder to have BOTH…
    – A portion of the the signing bonus deferred future seasons
    – Offset language should Bosa (for whatever reason) winds up on another team down the road.

    The Bosa camp seems agreeable to one of the conditions, but not both. No other player taken in his slot range has had to agree to both.

    Basically, if any of the other 31 teams draft Bosa, he’d be suiting up this weekend.

    I also heard that there’s a rule limiting the amount of salary cap teams can spend on rookies, so he can’t be traded. (is this true?)

    Bosa’s options seem to be
    A) Knuckle under and take a contract no other team would have required
    B) Skip a year of football and re-enter the NFL draft

    A) Hurts.
    – Holdouts with shorter time to train are injury risks.
    – Joining a team with bad blood in the air

    B Would be painful.
    – There are some edge pass rushers in the 2017 draft. Bosa could drop well past the 3 pick, making his rookie contract smaller.
    – He would lose a full year of pay
    – He would get to his lucrative 2nd contract a full year later.

    Its really stupid. The options are
    Win/Win – The Chargers sign Bosa with one of the two contractual conditions, just like the other teams drafting in their range
    Win/Lose – The Chargers make Bosa knuckle under.
    Lose/Lose – Bosa enters the 2017 draft.

    1. I just hope Bosa stands his ground. The Chargers are completely wrong here and I’ll forever laugh at them if they lose the 3rd pick of the draft because they were pinching pennies.

      1. Same here. The Chargers are total power tripping cheapskates. It would be funny to see them lose a #3 overall pick. Their fan base would be livid.

        1. In the twilight of Rivers’ and Gates’ careers no less. 3-13 and nothing to show for it.

    2. “I also heard that there’s a rule limiting the amount of salary cap teams can spend on rookies, so he can’t be traded. (is this true?)”

      Yes, it’s known as the Year One Rookie Allocation (formerly, rookie pool). I actually had a post on this a couple of days ago. It’s basically a cap within a cap because it limits the amount that teams can allocate to their rookies in the year in which they were drafted.

      1. Cubus, thanks! That pretty much rules out a trade, unless it’s a rookie for rookie trade… Or in the extremely unlikely event Bosa is willing to be traded to a team with almost all his rookie salary deferred to future seasons.

    1. Mine’s ok here in NorCal Direct tv.
      It looks like Randy Moss will be outspoken and entertaining on camera.
      TJax- you’ll be missed.

      1. In the words of Jeff Fisher, “That was some worse than 7-9 bu||$h!t right there”

        1. Jack fisher is doing 7-9 bullsh** every season in St. Louis. Good thing they are going to extend him. 27-36-1 and you get an extension…….

  19. The Titans auction off their first two plays and generated $ 20,000 for a fund. Both plays worked. First one went for a rushing first down and second was a completed pass for about 25, 30 yards.

    1. Wish the NFL did more of this, because it’s really cool and helps the community….

      1. Prescott looks great so far.

        On the Rams side: It must be frustrating to give up a 12 yard screen pass on 3rd and 11.

    1. Yes he is Grime. Dez is a stud. It’s a matter of physics.

      Bazinga! I’m kidding of course.

      1. I heard a lot of buzz about Prescott having the “IT” factor, pre-draft. It’s one preseason game, but I am starting to buy in. And that sucks because I loath everything Dallas!

  20. Right now the fans in LA are like, “now I remember why I stopped going to games the last time these guys were here.”

  21. Seems like a lot of fly sweeps by the Rams for P#1; it may be a staple of their game. Threaten the fly sweep and pound the big man up the middle, then take some shots. O’Neil better be prepared to protect those edges.

  22. Prescott showing why I said he was the 2nd best QB prospect in this draft.

    Flash to next week when he’s terrible and I’m struggling to find a way to delete this comment.

      1. Thx bud. I’m still waiting for my new ‘pat myself on the back’ machine after wearing out the third one. With that said I’ll wait to see how he does after a few more appearances before I break that baby out.

          1. Prescott and Brissett were 2 of my initial favorites, until I got on the Hogan bandwagon.

            However, Prescott’s performance may be making a better statement about how well ANY QB will play with a stout O line.

  23. Well, a bit of fun for the folks in LA. Good party. Goff didn’t do squat, but it’s his first outing, no biggie. Dak and the Cowpukes starters did well. Dak got some pretty decent protection, and took good advantage. Dak looked far more advanced than I expected.
    1 or 2 more decent showings and the ‘pukes won’t have to sign a sketchy (all available now) vet.

  24. Both Mannion and Showers impressed, along with Prescott. Goff not so much, but now he knows the pro game is so much faster than college.

    Rams look vulnerable on defense, and Cowboys gave up big runs.
    Both teams look beatable, but the Niners cannot make mistakes.

    The long wait is over. Niners will get on the field tomorrow. Hope Kaep can play since he downplayed the tightness. The Texans, with their third ranked defense, will be a daunting challenge.

  25. Don’t know if anyone watched the Seahawks preseason game. I really enjoyed watching Marcus Peters intercept Wilson at the goal line.

  26. Occasional threads in this room about tv shows. My fave has to be Austin City Limits.
    Carry on.

  27. Now they are saying that Goff got injured.

    Ouch, both QBs who went 1-2 in the draft and cost 11 draft picks are now injured.

  28. With Chip’s hurry-up, and 9er QB’s propensity for 3&outs (in worst performing 3rd tier last year-22nd out of 32 teams) and abysmal 3rd down conversion efficiency (31st out of 32) Gabbs or Kaep…we know what we’re going to get, and 9er D is going to be out there A LOT. My point..all this discussion about Gabb or Kaep is not all that productive, it’s about how the D is gonna survive.

    Mad dash substituting should be interesting by texans on D during niner no huddles also. Hope play by play radio can keep up…a

    1. With Chip fixing the Niner offense, it does not matter if they run the up tempo offense, because they should be more successful with the third down conversion rate.

      I wanted Grant to ask Chip whether he thought that the defense would be on the field more if they ran the hurry up, or if they went 1-13 in third down conversions. That would have brought a little levity to the presser. Of course, Grant asked about the read option, and was corrected by Chip who said it was the zone read.

      I remember Kaep was criticized because they thought he scored too quickly, which also led to the defense being on the field more. Ideally, the Niners should have 15 play drives that eat up the clock while ahead, and keep the other team’e offense off the field. But if they are behind, that strategy is obtuse because it wastes time.

      With Chip as the HC, the defense tends to play more because he wants to make big plays that score quickly. However, the defense’s job is to stop the other team on third down. That should be the focus. Sure, it would be nice to be ahead and let Kaep wind the play clock down to the last second, but last season, they were behind most of the time, so they could not use that strategy.

      The defense will play, and probably play a lot. If the Niners cannot convert third downs, they may be screwed, but they did not have Chip Kelly last year. Now they do, so the offense will improve. That will help the defense more, in my opinion.

      If the Texans employ a mad dash substituting system, that will be playing into Chip’s hands.There is more possibility of them making mistakes, and Chip will be able to create mismatches.

      One positive effect of running the no huddle offense is that it will prevent substituting. If the Texans try to mad dash substitute, the Niners may catch them with 12 men on the field, for a free play that should be switched into throwing a strike down field.

    2. MAX

      As you pointed out, That WAS LAST year…join the positive squad at least for the preseason before declaring us dead….

    3. Max,
      Good call.
      When it comes to the 49ers QB – you can b sure it will be a hot topic.
      We have been blessed and subsequently spoiled by having the all-time best QB in Montana and followed by Steve Young who was very good in his own right.

      Here is a list of QB’s since Steve Young.
      1. Jeff Garcia – good QB.
      2. Steve Stenstrom – yup, who?
      3. Tim Rattay – serviceable
      4. Ken Dorsey – was not an NFL QB.
      5. Cody Pickett – a leaf in the wind.
      6. Alex Smith – #1 pick, we know the story.
      7. Trent Dilfer – never was really that good.
      8. Shaun Hill – Tim Rattay 2.0
      9. Chris Weinke – yeah, that guy.
      10. J.T. O’Sullivan – all heart, no game.
      11. Troy Smith – just never had what it took to be an NFL QB.
      12. Colin Kaepernick – is now a big question mark.
      13. Blaine Gabbert – also, a big question mark and likely a ‘bridge’ QB to hold the fort until our next QB arrives.

      As you can see, except for Alex Smith, the Org has never really placed a great deal of priority on drafting a top tier QB. Looking at these former and current QB’s it’s no surprise to me that we are in the dire situation we currently find ourselves in.

      Not sure if that pattern will change with Baalke at the helm because as a Bill Parcells disciple the offensive philosophy is built around a strong running game with the QB dinking and dunking passes with the occasional long one.

      This season will be Baalke’ ‘make or break’ year and if the team record resembles what we got from Tomsula, Baalke will be out.
      Gamble will not waste anytime in drafting Watson or Kaaya.

      1. AES,

        That list is a big reason the 9ers have had so many losing seasons in the past two decades. You have to have a QB to contend regularly. That’s why they need to take a first round QB in the next couple of years. It’s nice to think failed vets and late round draft picks are going to be the answer, but drafting a QB high in the draft is the best way to find one.

        1. “You have to have a QB to contend regularly.”

          Probably need to extend that to GM, HC and QB. Oh yeah, and an owner that really wants to win but knows he should stay the hell out of the way.

      2. Tom Gamble is like the backup QB. Nobody really knows much about him, but he’s everyone’s favorite.

        1. Hammer,
          If Baalke’ 2016 record looks like Tomsula’ of 2015 don’t you think he will be out?
          Jed already has a backup plan in place with Tom Gamble.

          Gamble will dump the Bill Parcells philosophy and get the QB this team has needed for the last 20 yrs.

          1. No.

            As for Gamble drafting a QB, go take a look at the QB’s the teams he’s been associated with have drafted from 2005 on.

            1. If Baalke is out and Gamble is in – he may not have any other choice than to draft a QB.

              The present QB drafting philosophy sure hasn’t worked. Whether it’s Baalke, Gamble or someone else, QB will need to be a high priority unless Gabbert or CK can find their groove – but that is a huge ?

              1. Since Gamble joined the 49ers they have drafted two QB’s early in the draft. One with #1 overall and one with #36.

  29. One play I would like Kaep or Gabbert use entails using deception. He should pump fake, and even point to the left side while looking left, then quickly pivot and throw a deep sideline pass to Torrey or Simpson who will be streaking downfield down the right side line.

    Won’t guarantee it will work, but if they draw attention to the left, maybe they can draw the safety left and out of position. Then it will be a one on one matchup.

  30. Pretty good opening weekend for the QB class of 2016. Will be interesting to see how they progress through the preseason. We should see a lot of Driskel tonight and just how much progress he’s made so far.

    1. “When I think about using the first exhibition game as any indicator for the future, I remember how Ryan Leaf carved up 49ers as a rookie.”

      Matt Maiocco tweet from this morning

      1. Very true. Good example was Prescott last night. Looked great and then you watch all his plays and he had little pressure, running game eating up huge yards and Dez Bryant making great catches. It was funny because after Dallas blitzed Goff and got that hit that resulted in the int., the Rams immediately started bringing more pressure on the next drive and Prescott looked very different. Not a knock on Prescott just an observation and an example of what Maiocco was saying.

      2. And look at the #1, and #2 draft choices Wentzel is probably out for the year as well as is Roth…so much for the ‘draft QB’s high’ theory….between them, they cost their teams 11 draft choices….

          1. Has to be a law firm because there sure aren’t any QB’s with those names.

            There are a couple of rookie QB’s named Wentz and Goff however and neither is out for the season.

            1. ….Begging your pardon….I confuse Goff with Roth…both QB’s from Cal, and Wentzel is Wentz FOR SURE…. Good catch rocket and Grimey

              1. Wentz has a hairline fracture and is expected back by the end of preseason. Who has a broken wrist?

    2. I hope that I get to see a lot of Driskel at the game today. Heck, I want to see him in pre-game warm-ups and obviously on the field playing. Who knows, he may be our starting QB at seasons end.

      Hope Gab or Kap can do well, but it’s a long season.

  31. Forgive me for a reposte to current. I have been slowly catching up reading my way to current. Too many distractions today what with pre see foot ball and Olympics.


    Don’t get me wrong, I love the nuts and bolts of Niner football that this blog provides. That is why I spend most of my rare Niner moments here.

    But every once in a while a well seasoned journalist steps back and offers a broad perspective that only a long enduring experience could provide. Such is the case with Lowell Cohn’s article titled “The Bay Area Team Everyone is Talking About”.

    It caught my eye, then enlightened, I carried it with me; like crazy glue, I could not shake it; I would bring it up; to see similar surprise registered on other’s faces (especially among warrior fans); it was a conversation and sometimes debate starter.

    I found it particularly poignant at this time with Eddie D headed into the Hall of Fame. My personal take away is that I, like many other long time fans, are still carrying that Camelot moment with us through these less deserving days. So much so that we troll blogs on the Niners for every last little detail – and all the while that the Warriors are doing amazing things on that much smaller court of local pro sports.

    Yes Eddie D, you gave us that mythical moment, of a wizard, a knight and a king, that has left some of us addicted well beyond those past glorious years. We still need our Niner fix even through these leanest of years. And believe me I and others have tried and continue trying to shift that undivided attention more fully and completely to the more deserving Warriors.

    If you haven’t read Mr Cohn’s article here at the PD, I recommend it and especially to those of you who like me were left with this addiction affliction. Would like to hear other takes on Mr. Cohn’s perspective which for me has a ring of CRAZY truth to it.

      1. Grimey,
        Some one figured out that the Warriors play a version of ball closer to International ball than any of the other NBA teams these all stars migrated from. That familiarity of similarity is important for a group that only had six days of practice going into these games. I expect we will see more of Klay and any other Warrior not named Kevin Durant (rookie to Warrior methods).

    1. Bruce,

      The difference, at least for me, is that basketball is a diversion; Football is a passion. Like basketball; love football. No comparison.

      1. I’d second that opinion. I almost never know who the draft prospects are in any sport other than football. It’s a whole different level of interest. MLB playoffs vs NFL reg season game, I’ll go football every time. I’m happy for the dubs and Giants’ success, but I don’t give them much thought.

        1. My interest is sliding towards basketball more and more. I like the culture of the NBA more than the NFL. Although I still enjoy the complex nature of football, which draws me to talking football.

          And I’m pretty much done with MLB.

          1. Love the complexity and particularly the battle field strategy, of football; hate the conconsions, blown out knees and shortened careers.

        2. I’ll 3rd it, football only for me. No interest in either B balls. NFL and College, can’t do Arena or Canadian….

          1. Razor,
            As I stream Olympic air rifle, a “sport” I do out of necessity to deal with crows and roof rats and something I have to do a whole lot faster than these guys in their pre target set up, I find myself dozing off and dreaming of pre-season football.

      2. I used to enjoy watching an NBA game, but I can no longer stand the sound of the player’s sneakers squeaking across the hardwood floor.

  32. Barrows’ comments about rookies were interesting.
    -NG Lake impressing the DL Coach
    -In comments about Cooper, Matt has Silberman ahead of Thomas & Cooper on depth
    -Smelter’s failure to launch may aid Cajuste
    among other observations
    We’ll have a busy homework assignment watching the team this evening as every single position group is in flux. Also tv directors are so enthralled with zooming in on the QB that it’s hard to evaluate route running and outboard coverages. Beer helps.

  33. “Since Gamble joined the 49ers they have drafted two QB’s early in the draft. One with #1 overall and one with #36.” Hammer

    Not sure how much Gamble had input in those picks Jack. But if this year’s QB crop crumbles we will need to look at taking a QB with our top pick even if Joan from Accounting is drafting!

  34. I, I, I, I can paint a picture with a pen
    But a song will only scratch the skin
    And there are still places I haven’t been
    Because I know what’s in there
    Is already in the air
    Oh yeah
    There’s a storm on the way
    There’s a storm on the way

    There’s a storm on the way, yeah

    And it’s coming no matter what I say

    Hey, hey, hey
    There’s truth in the thunder
    Love in the lightning
    The feeling is frightening
    But isn’t it exciting
    I’m something like stormy weather
    If I weren’t we’d never
    Huddle together
    Do I have to tell ya
    That I’m also the sunlight
    That shines shortly after
    I just rain ’cause I have to
    On to other chapter
    I wish you lots of laughter
    Till the next time you see me
    Just remember you need me
    I’m the storm coming, coming, coming

    So here I come, I come, I come, I come
    Well come on!
    Here I come, I come, I come, I come
    Ah come on!

    Run towards the hills
    To avoid the high floods
    I can do a dance that’ll make the sky cry blood
    Skills provoking
    Seals to be broken open
    All that’s left to do is try my love

    An I’m singing in the cyclone
    I’m writing a raging sea
    searching for a sign of the times
    Is it safe to say it’s me
    Listen to our lives
    The wind will whisper the way it is
    I’m going to happen
    what a lovely day it is

    Don’t ask why
    Just live

          1. It’s tremendous. The combination of him and Danger Mouse is really unique.

            I have a deep appreciation for all things Cee Lo though. So it’s hard for me to pick a favorite between Soul Machine, Perfect Imperfections or even Goodie Mob. All different sounds for different moods.

    1. Also, Kap is still on this team, and he is very polarizing. Regardless of who wins the job, storms comin. Get ready for a bumpy season. Should be fun.

  35. 49ers jerseys are out and ready in the locker room
    Yep, that’s Colin Kaepernick’s jersey. No word yet on if he’ll play vs. Houston.

    By David Fucillo  @davidfucillo on Aug 14, 2016, 12:42p 6

  36. Not That I’m Complaining,
    Thursday, December 24th, 2015

    I’m not writing a climate-change screed,
    But I’d wager most folks would concede
    This is crazy as heck:
    Icy drinks on our deck,
    Late December, New York. Coat? No need!

    1. NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming

      Climate Change

      Causes – Sea Level – Global Ice Viewer – Quiz: Sea level – …


      … Causes · Effects · Scientific Consensus · Vital Signs …

      Carbon Dioxide

      Graphs and an animated time series showing atmospheric …


      The potential future effects of global climate change include …


      Vital Signs of the Planet: Global Climate Change and Global …

    2. Thanks, but I already went through several climate change discussions during my Intro to Meteorology course at the beginning of the year; I would like to avoid such discussions on a sports blog if possible.

      1. My intent was not discussion but to offer up Nasa’s cliamate change education website to the above posters and helping them in their decision as to whether “climate change is real.”

        1. I understand, but climate change is an example of a volatile discussion point which should probably be avoided on a sports blog.

    1. One positive… Redmond was not scratched. They will evaluate during warm ups if he’s ready to play. A really good sign long term it won’t be a “red shirt” season.

  37. MWD

    I sure wish that he was still playing for the niners, but Chris Borland has a much bigger message and I for one respect what he’s doing. Go Chris !!

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