Colin Kaepernick: “Once again, I’m not going to talk about the details of what we do in our huddle.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


We had CB Shareece Wright in today and he said after yesterday’s play that he came up and thanked you and was appreciative of you throwing the ball. He was kind of joking around. Do you guys talk much about what you’re seeing and how you’re progressing and that kind of thing?

“We’re always talking about different things. What the offense is trying to do. What the defense is trying to do. Different situations.”


Do you see a lot of differences with the defense as far as the amount of pressures, where they’re coming from as opposed to last year?

“We’re only four days into camp, so it’s hard to say what their identity is right now. But, yesterday we did see a lot of pressure, a lot of different blitzes. Something we have to get comfortable with.”


Are you seeing the field differently? One of the things Shareece was talking about was when he studied you guys last year he said you would be handing the ball off to former 49ers RB Frank Gore or throwing it to WR Anquan Boldin whereas this year you have more options and are not focused on one side of the field. Are you surveying the field more?

“The design of our plays is different. We’re trying to get different things accomplished than we were last year. So, that changes our abilities and the way we can attack a defense.”


How does the fixit portion of practice help you and how does a play get brought up again at the end of the practice?

“If it’s not the way we think it should have been run in practice we’ll go back, review it, make sure everyone’s on the same page. Whether it’s a protection-route combination, whatever it may be, we want to make sure we get those things right.”


Do you find that beneficial to just the way things are going, progressing each day?

“Very much so.”


Can you say, “Hey I want to do this over?” Can you go to the coach and say, “Can we put this in and fix it?”

“Yeah. Most definitely.”


What does a guy like WR Torrey Smith do for your offense?

“Opens up a lot of possibilities, a lot of opportunities. He’s a great player. He’s shown he can make plays in big-time situations. That’s something we want to take advantage of.”


We saw you playing table tennis with RB Jarryd Hayne. He’s pretty good at that by the look of it. But, how do you feel about him, has he shown you much out on the field with the pads and the helmet? What’s your assessment there?

“Yeah. Very talented. Very gifted naturally. Someone that he’s progressed a great deal since the spring. And I think yesterday in pads was a little more comfortable for him because he knew he could just go. Looking forward to see how this preseason plays out for him.”


And table tennis?

“We had some good competitions in the spring. It’s football time now though.”


How has it helped you to being able to get the play radioed into you in the huddle so you’re the one this year calling plays as opposed to a coach?

“It allows the players to have confidence in hearing your voice and you’re the one that’s going to be giving them direction on the field. It’s something that I think every quarterback should have the ability to do.”


Along those lines, yesterday Frank Gore made some comments about Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck, saying that he runs the huddle and he hasn’t had that before. Do you take offense to that or do you see where Frank’s coming from?

“It’s not something I’m worried about. We’re moving forward. It’s a new season, new coaching staff, new players. That’s all we’re worried about right now.”


Along those lines, do you feel like that’s an area of your game where you have improved or you could improve, just the command of the huddle and being really able to run the show, from breaking the huddle, 22-seconds and everything that goes along with that?

“I feel like the opportunity has been put in front of me to do that.”


Will they tell you in the ear? You have until what 15-seconds where you can have a coach talking to you, is that right?



Do you guys practice that also still on the field? Just once you get up there, will they give you any tips or anything like that?

“No. Just the play call.”


Given your offseason training, what do you think has been your biggest improvement coming into training camp?

“It’s hard to say one thing. I’m constantly trying to improve every aspect of my game. It’s something that I really can’t signify one thing.”


Can you just explain to us either the differences between how you are calling the plays in the huddle last year as opposed to how it will be this year?

“We don’t talk about our scheme. We don’t talk about what we do in the huddle, things like that. We keep that internal.”


I think it would be really interesting.

“There’s a lot of things we do that would be interesting that we don’t talk about.”


But, you referenced the fact that it will be different and that you will actually be the guy calling the plays. Is that what you’re saying? I don’t know how much detail you could offer, you’re saying evidently nothing. But, can you offer anything as far as how it might be different just from the mechanics of you calling a play?

“Once again, I’m not going to talk about the details of what we do in our huddle.”


But, for the most part former 49ers head coach and current University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh would be the one, over the last few years, he would be the one relaying the plays to the guys?

“You can ask the same question any way you want to. You’re going to get the same answer.”


There’s been a lot of talk about how you’re throwing and your base and where your left arm is. Anquan seems to be of the belief of like you’ve just got to go play, you’re a good quarterback and just block out all the outside noise or wherever it’s coming from and just go play. Have you talked to him, had any conversations about that?

“Not too much. It’s something that every player in the offseason tries to improve their game. It’s different once you step on the field. You go out there, you play, you don’t think about those things. But, you try to create good habits by what you do in the offseason.”


You’ve got more skill around you at tight end, running back and wide receiver probably since you’ve been here. You’ve got to be excited about that, take a little pressure off of you and it’ll be a lot of fun to distribute the ball around?

“Yeah. Very excited with the weapons we have, the opportunities we have when we’re on the field. It’s not, never felt like there was pressure on me to do things. I just think it’s a great opportunity for us to get the ball into a playmaker’s hands and allow them to make plays.”

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      1. +1, why don’t the media just ask him for the playbook next,he was right in answering the way he did

        1. Michael…..

          I agree with your post….some of the journalists just can’t come up with an intelligent question “give ’em an inch….”

          1. The first question in that series of four questions was fine. The followup was okay too, as was Kap’s response:

            “There’s a lot of things we do that would be interesting that we don’t talk about.”

            The third question was petulant and antagonistic. The fourth was a better question, but at that point it was clear that no information on the topic was forthcoming, so it was a wasted question.

    1. Sick of the 49ers whole attitude toward the fans…We pay good money for PSL’s and ammenities. What do we get back??? A QB with an attitude acting like reporters are breaking into Niner Fort Knox (by not answering questions). I notice this attitue starts at the top with the rumors of Harbaugh losing the locker room, etc. etc., but hasn’t resulted in improving their passing yards per game…30th in 2014, with no 4th quarter TD’s thrown into the mix…Is it so hard to accommodate the press??? Joe Montana wasn’t a great interviewee, in fact he was boring, but always came off as answering every reporter’s questions graciously.

        1. I guess 4 Superbowls wasn’t enough, but losing Superbowls and forcing interceptions (like the choker that Kap is) to Richard Sherman is your measuring stick…Good luck with that.

          1. And don’t forget your favorite Championship game vs. Seattle with the Sherman interception while staring down Crabtree…What a loser.

  1. Kaep should sit down with Logan and run some mock interviews with him. Logan would be able to explain how to give an answer without saying anything.
    Kaep should have said that the Niners are being more flexible, with calls coming in from the side lines but that he has authority to call audibles when he reads the defense. He should list as many different plays as possible, but then say that they might use one of those, but he wont say when or how many.
    Kaep really needs to mellow out a bit. He is not doing himself any favors answering questions with that attitude. He is going to be interviewed many times this season, and I expect a dramatic improvement in his style and demeanor. It is not an inquisition. Do not let them see you sweat. Keep cool. Use self deprecating humor. Drag Logan to the podium and let him answer any difficult questions. Kaep needs to improve, and Bob Lange needs a spanking.

  2. eh, within the context of the entire interview, his “once again” answer isn’t that bad. It sounds like he was doing his best to answer questions and just made it clear there was a limit to what he could or would say about scheme and what goes on in the huddle. I’ve been critical of Kaep’s attitude towards the media (as possible reflection of his own confidence as a QB). But this time doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

  3. Doesn’t surprise me to see how the badgering questions posed to CK in turn elicit these type of comments here.

    It would be interesting to know who the person asking these badgering questions is. Btw, kudos to Kap on his responses.

  4. So, if Colin had joked and smiled and ‘Aw shucks’ his way through his evasiveness it would have been better?
    The Press will dig for every tidbit of info because they know we fans want it and they want to be first to give it. That doesn’t mean they or we are entitled to it.
    JimT and his staff and players are always walking a line on that stuff.

  5. I thought CK was good early in the interview. then in the end when the reporter\reporters got obnoxious I wish he had just laughed them off.

  6. This is the second time he has done that. Bob Lange may not have to endure corporal punishment, but he should receive a severe reprimand for his obvious failure.
    If Kaep wants to be the leader of the San Francisco 49ers, he should act like like a leader.I want a leader who is not flustered easily. If a few innocuous questions can make him lose his composure, what about when he is in the pressure cooker of an NFL game? He will crumble.
    This is a PR disaster, and Bob Lange better fix it quick. I would tell Kaep he is the face of the franchise, and he has obligations to act respectfully and respectably. So far, he has done neither. I would tell him that he can wear whatever he wants, but just before he walks to the podium, he should don appropriate attire to show he has pride in appearance and not be egotistical to wear whatever he likes.I would like for him to wear a suit. Maybe he should put on a Joe Montana jersey. Then he could say in a self deprecating way that he is not as good as Joe, but hopes that he might gain a little Joe Cool mojo by wearing his jersey, and he want to someday become as great as Joe. Kaep should ditch the headphones. He does not need to be a walking advertisement.
    The next time they meet, Kaep should poise every question from the interview to Logan, and carefully listen to his responses. He might learn something. Logan has all that media savvy, and I bet he cringed when he saw that interview.
    It is not that hard to do. Kaep should be pleasant and loquacious, and never ever ever give such snarky answers ever again. I hope he becomes a leader I can be proud of. Right now, I am appalled and ashamed of his juvenile behavior.

    1. Oh shut up!!!!! Since when is it a polite way to say” I’m not going to awnser that question”. He was asked the same dumb a** question a couple of different ways. He could have thrown a fit, he didn’t lose his composure he flat out said I’m not awnsering questions about what goes on in our huddle. Period… Get off your high horse, buy your own foofball team and hire your own qb an or director. Then I guess we will see you in I told you so alley, the teacher of how to awnser or questions…

  7. #7 either needs to let his play do the talking and tell the reporters that or just grow up and embrace the scrutiny and use it as motivation!

    1. I believe he is trying to let his play do the talking. That’s why he never brags about himself, that’s why he is hard on himself, the man is trying to get better and be better than he is. He knows he’s not there. I don’t know what the rest of the world is swing but I see a man busting his @** to get better and let his play do the talking. He will never be Joe but ill bet my bottom dollar he will never stop trying to be the best 49er qb he possibly can. Now he already might be the best he will ever be. But in the end nobody will be able to say he didn’t put in the time and work and effort… Just my opinion

      1. I agree Steel but are we at the point in his career where he just doesn’t have it? I’m not saying he doesn’t, but he is going into the season with a microscope on him as big as the moon!

      2. He is not on the field when he is standing in front of the media. It is part of life, which is an aspect that Tomsula stresses. Kaep is going to give at least 16 more, so he better wise up and improve his elocution skills.
        Acting petulant and snarky are not strong leadership skills.There are fans who see through the bombast and yearn for true leadership.

      3. Why would he brag? he sucks! He’s a running QB with a cannon arm that doesn’t know how to throw touch passes. he can’t read defense and so far doesn’t look any better then he was last year.

            1. Just funny how your boys pulled a disappearing act altogether. Niner fans for life I guess!

              1. Was Bay banned? I think I remember something about that. He (or someone with the same screen name) posts on NinersNation now.

              2. Yes, Bay was banned. He sneaked back on with different isp now and then but probably got tired of the hassle.

              3. I thought that was the case with Bay.

                Same with Claude, I think, as far as hassle of trying to circumvent the ban.

              4. Or maybe they got tired of your racist comments and would rather read someone with class. Not someone who puts down a mans wife suffering from cancer. I think you’re the last person who should be calling anyone’s integrity out prime.

  8. Steele you are annoying. Please re-read your posts and think through your thought processes. Then all of us can have conversation. Thanks.

    1. I re read my posts. The only conversation you are having is with yourself. Good luck with that prime

  9. Just watched 35 minutes of “practice” on 49ers Live. Whenever they were about run a drill, the camera cut away to players that were just milling around (or to the scintillating commentary of Joe Fan and Taylor Price).

    Has there ever been a more secretive management since Al Davis?

    I respect the teams prerogative to be as close to the vest as possible if they think it helps them win. But please don’t tell fans the practice will be webcast if the camera only shows players standing with hands on hips or stretching.

    1. Just saw this tweet:

      Chris Biderman @ChrisBiderman
      #49ers DB Jimmie Ward, who has yet to participate in team drills, just walked off the field with member of the training staff.

      Hopefully that isn’t anything serious either.

  10. Some positive news:

    Chris Biderman @ChrisBiderman
    #49ers offense looks much better at the start of tonight’s practice. Colin Kaepernick completed 4 of his first 5 throws.

    1. I wonder if they dialed down the blitzes so the offense can find rhythm and get reps.

  11. Is there amy value to a CK7 presser? let’s just stop reporting his comments and simply report post the real games. I mean really FFSake

  12. Is there any value to a CK7 presser? let’s just stop reporting his comments and simply report post the real games. I mean really FFSake

  13. Cam Inman ✔ @CamInman
    Bethea is watching on sideline with other starters. Don’t think he got seriously hurt #exhale

  14. Colin said pretty much nothing, but this time in a thoughtful way. I liked his presser. I see a level of connection maybe possible if he is comfortable with this approach. Many small steps I guess.

  15. It would be interesting if they team could get lined up with enough time to get the D to tip its hand while the coach could still advise (15 seconds on play clock). Run motions at 22 seconds snap ball at 11-13 seconds.
    That would generally take reading the defense out of Kaep’s hands.
    Does the NFL kill the feed when the team lines up?

    1. Your idea probably isn’t possible unless you have a Payton Manning at QB because he is the OC and he’s very experienced. His offense has a lot of alternative plays he can call at the line.

      The one way helmet transmission is turned off 15 seconds before the 40 second clock expires. That last 15 seconds is when the defense might tip their hand.

      In the Superbowl the Patriots knew when Gronkowski was going to be in man-to-man coverage because the Seahawks tipped their hand by having a linebacker play off and inside on Gronkowski. Brady wouldn’t need a coach to point that out.

  16. Kaep ran the pistol at Nevada so he can think quickly on his feet and make those reads while on the run.
    I like your idea of putting a man in motion so he can read how the defense reacts.

  17. This is an open letter to Bob Lange.
    Dear Bob, I am wondering what you are doing as the head of the PR department. Are you doing your job? Are you prepping the coaches and players on how to give interviews. One poster said that it is naive to assume you are not doing any prep work, but from where I sit, I assume you are on some beach on Maui sipping a pina colada, because i see a total absence of any prep work.
    Since you seem unconcerned and diffident, I will give you a couple pointers that might help you do your job. Go to the 49er store and pick up 16 hats. Send them to 16 participants of the Camp Taylor. In fact, send a hat to every camper.Tell them to adorn them with a personal item or decoration and have them sign it. Give them a post marked box to send it back in, and get Kaep to wear a hat at each press conference. Kaep should tip his cap and give a shout out to the camper while at the podium. I bet the camper will recognize the hat and be thrilled to see it on his head. Prep Kaep by giving him a cute anecdote about the camper. and maybe have Kaep relate a story of their interaction at the camp.
    It would be pure gold. Kaep would keep talking about Camp Taylor, it would make him look good, and it would brighten the day of a camper.
    I would go a step further, and ask each camper who his or her favorite 49er is who is not Kaep, then have Kaep wear that jersey at the interview. Then get the team to sign it and send to him or her. If they insist it is only Kaep, get him to wear his game jersey, grass stains and all and sign that one.
    Kaep could deflect questions away from himself and say things like- She is so brave, she inspires me with her attitude, and I hope my play on the field made her proud of me.
    well, this is a small bit of advice. Hope you will at least consider it. If not, I still expect you to prep Kaep better, or find some one who can if you are incapable or unwilling to do it.
    Yours truly, a fan

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