Colin Kaepernick says he’s “not huge” on mechanics

SANTA CLARA – Colin Kaepernick spoke in the 49ers’ auditorium Wednesday morning. Here are selected quotes.

Q: Do you see any different mindset this week in the offense?

KAEPERNICK: I think there’s more chemistry between us now. We saw some things that we can build off of and use moving forward. As far as the team, we’re trying to prepare to win. Everything we’re doing is to make sure we’re prepared for Sunday.

Q: How big of a character check was last week for you?

KAEPERNICK: I’m not going to lack in confidence. I have confidence in what I’m able to do on this field, what I can do to help this team win. For me, it was an opportunity to really show leadership and try to lead this team and make sure everyone has the right mindset. This week is another opportunity to make sure everyone is focused on the right things.

Q: What areas did you make your biggest improvements last week?

KAEPERNICK: I would say the biggest improvement was just chemistry, being able to let balls go and trust our receivers. And our receivers made big plays. It was a confidence-building thing for both sides – for the receivers, for us, for the offensive line. It was something we can build off of moving forward and improve on.

Q: You’ve played with Anquan Boldin for a few years now. When you say ‘chemistry’ in terms of getting to know a guy in a new scheme?

KAEPERNICK: Yea, there’s a lot of different things that play parts in what you’re trying to do offensively, and when you run plays over and over you get more comfortable with them. So, some of that was different plays, some of it was just different positions that we put people in.

ME: Your college coach, Chris Ault, recently said in a radio interview that you’ve been dropping your elbow when you throw. Is that something you’re aware of when you watch yourself play, and is it something you work on?

KAEPERNICK: It’s something that I constantly work on my mechanics and fundamentals to make sure I’m out there throwing the ball the best way I can. Ultimately, whether the receiver catches the ball and the ball is in the right position is the only thing that matters.

Q: When you’re in a pocket that’s constantly changing shape and you’re avoiding guys, can you have a uniform throwing motion, or do you sometimes have to drop your elbow and throw sidearm, things like that to adapt?

KAEPERNICK: Once again, mechanics are…I’m not huge on them. You can look at Philip Rivers throw, you can look at Tom Brady throws – looks completely different. They’re both great quarterbacks.

Q: But do you change it up just depending on what you have to do on a given play?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, you have to be able to change arm angles, especially on underneath throws to throw around linemen, to throw under windows.

ME: Is Chris Ault correct in his assessment?


ME: Your mechanics, that you’re dropping your elbow when you throw.

KAEPERNICK: I don’t look at film that closely about my mechanics of where my elbow is at.

Q: You’re not big on mechanics. In your view, you’re just getting the ball where it has to be no matter how you get it there?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, that’s the job of a quarterback – throw it to the receiver so he can catch it. It’s that simple.

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    1. Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch · 5h5 hours ago
      4 of 22 1st-4th round picks #49ers selected since ’12 have played more than 40 percent of snaps in ’15.

  1. “It’s something that I constantly work on my mechanics and fundamentals to make sure I’m out there throwing the ball the best way I can.”

  2. Another quote taken out of context.

    “Once again, mechanics are…I’m not huge on them. You can look at Philip Rivers throw, you can look at Tom Brady throws – looks completely different. They’re both great quarterbacks.”

  3. Well, once again a 49er (in this case Kap) gives us an ambiguous answer to work on.
    Kap answers one question by saying he’s not big on mechanics; in another question he admits that he’s constantly working on his mechanics…What are we to believe.

    This type of 2-sided answer has been a constant theme in the York ownership era, and I for one say it’s time to move on and hire proven coaches with successful track records, no more project QB’s, a GM not out of the “Roaring Twenties,” who’s heard of the forward pass and,offensive linemen capapble of pass blocking.

      1. Ha! Even Eric Branch is using the selecting stats strategy now.

        Considering just the first four rounds conveniently leave out Lynch, Acker and Dial.
        Also, Jimmie Ward must be considered a starter at Nickel CB too.

        And that’s not to mention the great value they got from UDFAs Alex Boone (not drafted by Baalke), Tramaine Brock and Ian Williams (maybe Tiller as well), and 7th round pick Bruce Miller.

        There’s no denying the first rounds from 2013 and 2014 have not produced great results so far, not to mention the whole 2012 draft.
        But to (un)conveniently fail to mention Baalke’s late round success is not being honest, in my opinion.

        1. Maybe Baalke should trade his first through fourth round picks for future fifth through seventh round picks if that’s his sweet spot.

  4. Lmao. I smiled when I read this headline. I believe he made this statement just to mess with people. Lol.

    1. That is a possibility. Or, perhaps because he did not want to discuss the subject. I watched the interview live, and the feeling I had is that he did not want to talk about mechanics, so he just said something to get people to drop the subject. He seemed even less willing to address the Coach Ault comment about his elbow.

  5. I keep hearing that the Niners need Goff. I saw Goff play against Utah and he isn’t that good. Just because Rodgers went to Cal doesn’t mean that this guy is going to be great. Just like every QB out of Notre Dame isn’t Joe Montana. Goff throw 5 picks, and had quite a few passes knocked down.

    1. Goff has the tools to develop into a quintessential pocket passer, quick release, accuracy and anticipation. The question is, do you have anyone in the organization that’s capable of developing him. If not, there’s no sense in drafting him, because he’s going to need a year to develop and get stronger in a NFL strength program, not to mention a year to rebuild your offensive line….

      1. Actually, I prefer Conner Cook or Cardale Jones, but the Niners really need to select a stud Offensive Lineman with their first pick IMO.

    2. So you watched Goff play one game in three years and your assessment is he is not that good. Good thing you don’t pick for teams. You do know hat every top QB in the NFL had one, or more bad games in college, right. Elway, Big Ben, Luck, every single one. Goff has had one bad game in 3 years against great competition with essentially no offensive line. He has a career 70+ completion percentage and had a rediculous TD to int ratio (until last game). You also know that the Utes, at home, had 11 days to prepare for Goff. Do a little research before you text. Thanks!

    3. Let me add, only two of those throws were poor decisions. The others, perfect pass threw Lawlor hands, Lawlor not positioning himself on slant ( you should never let a corner get a ball playing behind you on a slant), and a tipped ball at line where a player makes awesome interception (every qb has tipped balls, but they usually aren’t intercepted…just ask kaep).

      1. We don’t grab Goff if there, this team will regret that decision for ten years…just like we do Rodgers.

        1. Be honest, do you really believe Nolan/Simpletary had a clue on how to develop a NFL quarterback? I have extreme doubt that Rodgers would be where he is today, if drafted by the 49ers. I think he counts his lucky stars every night before bed….

          1. Yes, he would have been very good regardless. He was on same level as Luck coming out. He just suffered from playing at cal and being a generous 6’2. His numbers were off the charts.

            1. No he wouldn’t have Daniners. He would have started while having a crappy supporting cast, a putrid OL, and a coaching staff that made dingle berries look like Einstein.

              1. Worst case, Harbaugh made Alice a game manager, he’d have made Rodgers a pro bowler. We would be in a far different situation than now with krappersnatch

              2. You’re delusional. Rodgers would have dealt with the same crap that Smith had to when he was here with the only difference being that Rodgers probably would have left even if Harbaugh had petitioned him to stay.
                And stop with the Alice crap. That shows nothing but the level of your intelligence.

              3. Yea, after Nolan asked Rodgers to throw while on his knees and refused, that tells me he wouldn’t suffer ineptitude for long. Besides, he may not have physically survived until the supposed quarterback whisperer got within hearing distance….

  6. Tim Booth ✔ @ByTimBooth
    Carroll says Nick Moody – promoted from practice squad – will backup at linebacker and help on special teams. #Seahawks

    1. Instead of Terzilli, the Niners should sign BJ Daniels who was cut by the Seahawks, just to get intel from the opposing side. I am sure Moody has spilled his guts, just like Shareece Wright did with the Ravens.

  7. I’d feel so awesome hearing my qb say one week that he doesn’t worry about his job security and the next, that he doesn’t care about his mechanics. Let’s give’em an extension.

    1. “It’s something that I constantly work on my mechanics and fundamentals to make sure I’m out there throwing the ball the best way I can.”

      1. Your best isn’t good enough buddy. You’re horribly inaccurate, slow to make your reads, have sloppy footwork, Your inconsistency is reflected on the team that you lead.

        Meanwhile let’s talk about Bowman!

  8. Maybe he should be a mechanics guy. Maybe he should have taken qb classes 3 years ago. Maybe he should learn to read defenses better instead of pumping his biceps. Maybe he should act like a professional qb like Payton Brady etc… who look over plays film etc.. On the sidelines . Oops my bad, Jed going to ask him to play for minimum wage next year, so he Vernon and bowman are gone anyway.

    1. #7 is who is. We cannot expect better from him because one he has hit his potential and two, he missed the window of developing mechanics, touch, accuracy and the cerebral aspect of the game.
      His athleticism got him to the dance but the music changed and he is now in a state of confusion.

  9. Kaepernick is slowly pushing me over to the ‘I hope he’s gone after this season’ category.

    1. Pretty sure that’s the plan going forward, although any alternative with the current Owner/Gm/Coaching staff would have me more than a little trepidacious….

  10. Oppositional Defiant Disorder: DSM-5 organizes symptoms of ODD into three separate, yet interrelated, dimensions: angry/irritable mood, argumentative/defiant behavior, and vindictiveness.

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