Jim Tomsula: “With all due respect to coach Ault, I don’t know him, but we’re not really paying attention to other people’s evaluations.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Opening comments:

“Good morning. Injury report; [LB NaVorro] Bowman will be off today. That’s just what we’ve been doing. [RB Reggie] Bush is still working on a calf and he’ll be out there on the side field. [G/T Alex] Boone and [T] Joe [Staley], we’re going to limit them today. I don’t even know if, right now they’ve got them limited. I don’t know if I even want them taking reps. We’ll do the walk-thrus and do all that stuff, but I want to make sure we’re, we came out of that game real good with those two. But, I want to make sure we treat that right. And then, [LB] Ahmad [Brooks], he’s not back yet. They were having services here, so we’ll update you as that goes. And then, the two guys that we added to the practice squad, [C Brian] Folkerts is the offensive center, the offensive lineman who was down in Carolina. And then, [WR Andrew] Turzilli is the wide receiver that was up in Tennessee out of Rutgers. So, those guys were practice squad additions yesterday.”


You didn’t mention TE Vernon Davis and I know he went through limited work last week and kind of unique situation. I’ve never seen a guy go through limited work and then be ruled out on a Friday. Did he experience a setback? What’s his situation?

“No, it just wasn’t there, when he went to explode with the running. [Vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Fergy was doing the testing and it didn’t, it just wasn’t, and I said, ‘Look, we don’t need it lingering.’ Now, yesterday’s walk-thru he looked good. Again, he wasn’t hitting top speed, but he was prancing around. You know how he’s got that bounce in his step and I felt really good about that. He had two good days of rehab. We were able to keep him back here. That was the whole decision on that, because then Friday he got work, Saturday he got work, Sunday he got work. So, we were able to get three good days of treatment and working out there. And, he did do some exploding on Sunday. Not full tilt, but felt good there. He’s in to practice today. We’re going to keep an eye on it, just to make sure. But, I think, we’re well ahead of that one, so feeling good there.”


The right guard situation, why were you rotating those guys?

“Again, we covered that last week, or the other day. Just talking about [G Andrew] Tiller is a guy that I’ve been watching for a while and just watching him go about his business. And, we had a couple of things that we needed him to work on and he had been doing that. Saw the improvement and was able to get him up and get him some reps on the field. So, he did a good a job. He did. And, [OL Jordan] Devey is getting better every week. He continues to get better. So, we’re feeling good with those two guys.”


Is that a situation where you would continue to rotate those guys in games or at some point do you want to say you’re the guy?

“I don’t really want to comment on it. They are both guys that can play.”


How come WR Bruce Ellington didn’t see any more snaps after that first series?

“Well, again coming off the other injury the last time and then getting him into practice we had a couple of select reps for him and some things there. But, then as the game plan went on we just kept moving forward. And, the other guys, just quite simply, practiced those things more and that was just how it went.”


NaVorro Bowman, would he benefit from a rotation at inside linebacker? He’s seemed to look a step slow in pass coverage, especially covering running backs.

“And again, we had other issues. And I know Bo is a guy that we all, his name leaves our lips all the time just because he’s just a terrific football player. But, no, we talked about it last week, two weeks ago and just in terms of the reps. You know I had seen that in the first couple of games. I think we talked about it in here. Those rep counts were getting a little high. So, that is something we’ve been taking a look at. But, Bo by no means was the reason for all of our, I mean, I don’t want that going there. We’ve got to get better, all of us. And we’ve got to get better in our coverage and we’ve got to do those things.”


I’m just asking, do you think he would benefit from a little more of a rotation, so his knee–?

“Yeah, well in the passing downs and things like that, but we don’t want him off the field. But, yeah we’re looking at those things. We’re looking at monitoring reps.”


You guys didn’t have any sacks on New York Giants QB Eli Manning.

“No. He was doing a nice job of getting that ball out on time.”


It seemed like LB Aaron Lynch was supplying some heat. The other guys, not so much. You guys have worked out free agent LB Parys Haralson. Where is that? Is there still any interest in bringing a pass rusher on board here?

“Yeah, I mean, first of all with Lynch, we had Lynch, you saw what we were doing with Lynch game plan wise. And then you saw with the two times we didn’t do it correctly, in terms of getting the, Eli scooted out of that pocket there. He’s not known to run all over the place, but he did make two throws when he was able to step up and slide to the side. And he’s such a good timing passer. So, that was, a lot of that stuff there we were trying to press those insides. But, [LB] Eli Harold, I like him, a young guy. And [LB] Corey Lemonier’s got a lot of talent. We’ve just got to keep growing, keep growing.”


How would, your new linebacker LB Gerald Hodges, how was his week of practice last week?

“Thought it was good. Thought it was good. Bright guy. He’s got some energy to him. Again, we’ve known each other for a week. But, all those, all signs last week, I mean, you like the way a guy handles himself when he comes in and moving around and doing those things. I like the way he was into the linebacker coaches and the defensive stuff. He was into the special teams. And really his first impression here with us was a really good one.”


Could he be active on Sunday?

“Yeah. I don’t want to say that now. We’ve got to go through that through the week.”


What did you like most about what QB Colin Kaepernick did last week? Is there one area or areas in which he made a noticeable improvement in your mind?

“I just liked the way he played. I don’t think anybody saw anything new out of him there. But, just like the way he played. Go get it, man. It’s good. That’s all I’d have to say on that.”


After the game, some guys seemed to be optimistic that there were positive signs coming out of the game. Is that still lingering a few days later or is it now people are realizing, well, we’re still on a four-game losing streak?

“No. I mean, again, the record’s the record. We play this game to win. Are there positives? Yeah. There’s positives in every game that you lose and there’s negatives in every game that you win. And to me, it’s always to address it the way it needs to be addressed. And, you know I want to hurry up and get to addressing negatives after a win. Spend more time there.”


Regarding Bowman and potentially monitoring his reps more. I guess an obvious question, but does Hodges potentially make you guys feel more comfortable about being able to monitor his reps?

“Yeah. Hodges was a guy that was, I went through that. I mean, he was a guy that we identified coming out of the draft. That guy’s been on our board since the draft. We’re happy we got him. We got a football player. We went and got a good football player. So, that’s where that was. In terms of Bowman, I’m a Bo fan. I’m a Bo guy. Bo plays a lot of good football and you know, I’m excited about Bo.”


Is there anything that you can kind of put your finger on? Last year statistically your defense, top handful in the league. Through five games, bottom handful in the league. Obviously, a lot of change, new coordinator, new personnel. But, is there something that you can really put your finger on why this has occurred so rapidly?

“No. We’ve just got to play better. We’ve just got to do a better job in all areas. Starting with me. I mean, I’m the guy that, there’s nothing happening out there that doesn’t, I keep telling you, that doesn’t go across my desk. So, I’ve got to get that better.”


Colin Kaepernick’s college coach, Chris Ault, says that Kaepernick at times has been dropping his elbow when he throws since about the end of last season. Is that something your coaching staff has spotted and is that something you are working to correct or is it not an issue?

“I won’t get into anything that the coaches are coaching up and things like that. And I really, with all due respect to coach Ault, I don’t know him but we’re not really paying attention to other people’s evaluations. We’re watching our film and we’re evaluating and we’re correcting and working on things that we feel like we need to work on.”

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  1. I thought Jimmy Tom said earlier in the week that he has people outside the organization that he consults with. Ault must not be on his speed dial….

  2. Let’s start looking for possible landing spots for Kaepernick. If teams use Dallas as an example, they will grab him ahead of their bye week. Cleveland seems possible. Bye week is in Nov. Their system resembles SF. They have A Deep threat in Benjamin. A solid reliable TE. Keeping fingers crossed…

        1. Ok, you trade Kaepernick for a Canadian Malt and Gabbert lives up to his reputation, with Thompson as the back up. Now you’re forced to take a quarterback early, and you still need an OT, ILB, OL, and WR. I don’t think Jeep has shown any ability to develop a quarterback at this juncture….

      1. Elevate Thompson, start Gabbert, draft Connor Cook, trade #7 to the Eagles and be terrible for another year while Cook develops.

        1. I don’t mean to be redundant, but exactly who within this organization is going to develop him?

          1. Why are you so down on QB coach Logan and OC Chryst? I mean they’ve done such a good job with Kaepernick.

            1. You can’t just hire someone if they want no part of your franchise, and someones are in high demand. Sure you could go out and discover one, but I don’t believe the current GM/Owner has that wherewithal….

              1. You would be surprised how much money can influence people’s decisions. Never underestimate the power of the almighty dollar!

          2. Hire someone? Why can’t a new coaching staff do that? People make it sound like we are stuck with Tomsula and co. even if they go 1-15. Does nobody else see this staff and current roster as not NFL competitive?

          3. How long do you think this coaching staff will last if they suck the rest of this year and early on next year?

            1. The important question for me is; when the next coach is hired will it be done by a new GM? At some point Trent has to be held accountable.

            2. I want to get out of this mess too, but I don’t want to waste another high pick on a quarterback if there’s no proven offensive mind to develop him….

              1. The upcoming draft is a terrible draft to have a high pick and need a QB. I’ve watched Goff and Cook and neither excite me as NFL QB’s. No matter how great your coaches are they aren’t going to have enough lipstick to slap on those pigs.

              1. This is Jed Yorks year to fill his pockets after the stadium deal and paying one of the most expensive coaching staffs for 4 years.
                If the team tanks the fan base will revolt and Jed will be forced to bring in a better evaluator of talent and coaching staff.
                Even though he has his stadium, he needs to keep it filled.

            3. The end of the year if they keep coming up short and the players quit and if there is clear evidence they get out coached like they did in Pitt and AZ.

              1. Prime…

                Pitt and AZ didn’t out-coach us, they kicked our ass…their QB’s didn’t play as badly as ours.

            4. I think Tomsula will be back next year even with a 2-14 record this season. Next year is also Baalke’s final year of his 3-year contract extension he signed in 2012.

      2. If they move on from Kaep, I would hope they trade for a guy like Glennon or Mettenberger to compete with Gabbert, and draft a QB early to develop.

        1. Exactly Scooter. That is the normal progression when the current QB is not the corner stone.
          There is no fool proof plan that even if they draft a Goff that he will be a franchise QB. But the point is you keep trying till you find one or one that can make the other guys around him better.
          Torrey Smith was a legit threat in Baltimore. Now he looks like an average Ted Ginn Jr.

          1. The plan is foolhardy when you don’t have a proven offensive mind to develop him, and history bears this out….

            1. True, but I think we have to hope that proven offensive minds will be brought on board during the off season. How else would you expect that to be accomplished? Do you see someone available now that you would like to bring in? Seems like the best candidates (say Hue Jackson, maybe Sean Payton) won’t be available until the offseason.

              1. The easiest way out of this mess is to trade for Payton and implement the plan making it very close to fool proof….

              2. OK. But again, it’s an offseason move, I believe. Or do you think they could accomplish that during the season?

              3. BTW: Sean Payton is tied with Pete Carrol as the highest paid HCs in the NFL. Jim Tomsula is tied with several others as the lowest paid HCs in the NFL.

              4. I’d make preparatory trades like the Bears did this season and then get a trade agreement towards the end of the season for Payton, provided he consents….

      3. Razor,
        C’mon Razor, for some here they don’t need an AK plan. Their only objective is getting rid of Kap – thought I even saw a couple of posters wanting Dylan Thompson taking over for CK not long ago.
        Go figure.

        1. I have said from the beginning that for the next 10 years, as long as Kaep is the 49er QB, the Niners have a good chance to compete for a SB. I am sick and tired of all the past QBs since Montana and Young, who have been the limiting factor in winning consistently. Then Kaep comes along and is playing in a SB after only 10 games. Kaep has the potential to be a winning SB QB. The major question mark is- Are the players surrounding him good enough? No Cowboy, Aldon, Willis, Gore, Iupati, Davis, and the team struggles. Kaep does things that other QBs can only dream of. 181 yards rushing in a playoff game? No QB had ever done that.
          The only plan I want them to concentrate on is how to maximize Kaep’s potential. The coaches need to figure out how to accentuate his strengths, and put him in positions to succeed. The coaches better figure out how to play defense again, or all of Kaep’s offense will be negated.
          Let me be the lone voice in the wilderness to declare that Kaep is and should be the 49er QB until he retires. Hopefully after winning a couple more rings.
          There is no guarantee that another QB will do better, especially if the defense gives up 525 yards per game. The history of first round college QB busts should caution posters from declaring that so n so is the second coming.

          1. As long as Kaep is at QB, the only SB we’ll see is one that the team has to buy tickets for…TV’s a good alternative….

            1. Kaep has made it to the SB and was 1 pass from returning. Go ahead and believe your narrative, I will stick to mine.

      4. I think this season is a wash and you have to protect your future interest. By trading Kaep you get a second round pick from Cleveland. Fill one of your many needs there. No matter how you slice it SF must draft a QB. I would trade down my top 5 first round pick for two picks possibly 3. 1st 2nd and 4th. Again filling needs. I still take a QB in onefirst two rounds . With 3 seconds and a first rounder you can fill 4 starting needs.

    1. Matt,
      Then what? Stupid comment. How about they hire a competent coaching staff after the season and then let them make the decision on the QB position. If they hired Kyle Shanahan (or a similar offensive mind) and he wanted to go in another direction, so be it. You’re about as qualified as the current coaching staff to assess the QB position.

      New coach+Kaep+Talented rookie QB competition=common sense.

      Same coach+1st round QB=The Mike Nolan era.

        1. Htwaits,
          I agree with you. That was my point. As long as Jed is in charge, these problems will continue. These b.s. scenarios that some people come up with are ignoring the bigger issues. Matt’s comments are typical of the fair weather fan in that he likes to throw a bunch of crap against the wall. Nothing he said will stick. The Yorks have fired the only two successful coaches the franchise has had during the last twenty years. John York fired Mariucci after a playoff run because he wasn’t “on the same page” as the front office. Jed York fired Harbaugh for the same thing after three NFCCG’s and a SB in four seasons. Like father, like son. Expect the same results until Jed realizes he is the problem and gets out of the way. You get it. You’ve been here for quite some time. I think Matt became a fan after Harbaugh’s first playoff run. It sure sounds like it, judging by his comments.

            1. Exgolfer Mariucci came from Cal, it was Notre Dame he was talking to that year. I don’t think thats what got him fired though Dr. York felt the 9ers should have done better in the playoffs. The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree both father and son have fired winning coaches and as we are finding out once again coaches with the ability to win in the NFL are very few.

      1. The only thing stupid is your lack of vocabulary. I read more in depth opinions from my 5 year old nephew that use better adjectives to describe his dislike for an opinion. The organization is not making a coaching change next year. That idea shows little depth or comprehension. Please list an NFL coach who lasted 1 year before being fired for ineptness. Even Dennis Erickson was given 2 seasons of ineptness.

        1. Matt,
          You are right. They probably aren’t making a coaching change, despite having a horrible staff. Tomsula is a bad HC and he has a bad staff. Kaep was productive under Harbaugh, as was the team. He has regressed along with the rest of the team. He may very well not be the answer, but a competent QB evaluator and coach should make that decision. Your comment is lacking in rational thought. You seem to acknowledge Tomsula’s ineptness, yet you are drumming up unrealistic trade and draft scenarios solely because you think he will be here another year.
          – Kaep doesn’t have 2nd round trade value right now.
          – You don’t even mention a prospect, you just say that they must take a QB.
          – There isn’t a staff to develop a rookie QB.
          – There is no clear cut franchise QB in this draft, yet you would pick one in the first two rounds just because the team needs one. That’s the Terry Donahue approach. Yikes.
          – Your three second round and one first round draft pick wet dream is not only unrealistic, it also ignores Baalke’s problem in finding productive players. It’s not draft, plug and play.

          There was nothing in your comment that made sense. It was a hot mess and your second comment was even worse. You should ask your nephew for some in depth opinions about football, he could help you out.

  3. Now, yesterday’s walk-thru he looked good. Again, he wasn’t hitting top speed, but he was prancing around.

    I can’t, I just…

    1. I’d just like to know who made the assessment that the strength of this team was the TE’s, and designed an offense based on that premise….

            1. I don’t ask this to suggest I think counter or that it’s improbable; do you think Baalke inserts himself into personnel and scheme decisions in that way? If so then the conflict with Harbaugh would make even more sense.

            2. @grant, do you get a sense from talking to other beat writers, in and around 9ers complex, that vernon has just given up the season? my friends and i have been talking about it all through last season and this season. he…has…just…disappeared.

              1. Tahoelogical,

                I said on this board at the beginning of last season that Vernon Davis was a fraud and he was faking injuries last year to get paid. Everything about his game has always said he was scared to get hit, scared to get hurt. He’s always played like it. He’s faking injuries again this year. It’s his contract year on a horrible team. He’s going to protect what little brand he has left. Trade him for a conditional 5th rounder and move on. He’s a fraud and he’s washed up anyway. He will go somewhere else and all of a sudden he’ll heal up and play better. He quit on this team last year and he’s done as a Niner! Ship him out!!!

              2. I saw this in Maiocco’s chat post last year and he said: “I spoke to a coach who said to me, ‘Vernon looked disinterested this season.'”

        1. Is it because they were trying to make the offense so simplistic for #7 so that he didn’t have to throw it so much outside the numbers? Or read as many coverages from deep to underneath?

  4. Baltimore is not having a good year. If John Harbaugh is fired, should we consider him for the 49er’s HC opening? Personally, I think we should go with someone more offensively minded: Hue Jackson for example or Sean Payton, if he is available.

    But the DC position is also important. So far, Mangenious is looking more like Mandoofus.

    1. I don’t think John Harbaugh would want anything to do with this franchise after its ownership and their whipped puppy GM pulled what they did with his brother.

    2. I seriously doubt they fire John, and I would kiss Grant’s buttocks on the corner of Haight and Ashbury if York ever hired another Harbaugh….

    3. I wouldn’t mind bringing Hue Jackson in. He was in the mix for the job when Harbaugh got it, if memory serves correctly?

      1. Hue Jackson tried to do a take over with the Raiders. Sure, he would fit the Baalke/York comfort zone like a glove.

          1. Hmmm, has the Bears offense impressed enough to make you think Gase was not at least partially a product of Manning?

            I’d like to see how the Bears offense goes through 16 games before deciding whether he’s worth making another play for.

              1. 1) Sean Payton
                2) Kyle Shanahan
                3) Vic Fangio
                4) Bill Cowher
                5) Hue Jackson

            1. Gase was really close to being hired. Why it fell through I’d say control over the roster and staff.
              Is he a product of Manning being so good? For sure. But he understands offense and with a really good D coordinator and GM he could be the right guy.
              I’m not a propent of defensive guys as head coaches. Case in point Sunday night when CK calls TO before the end of the quarter. That’s on Tomsula as much as CK.
              Total stereotype but offensive guys seem to be sharper and more in tune with time and situation.
              With a potential new QB, who better than a former QB coach and offensive coordinator. If even take a look at Norv Turner.

    4. Lol, why would John Harbaugh ever work for this team? No way in hell that ever happens. The Ravens would be stupid to fire him, he’s an excellent coach.

      1. Yea, like if there was even a scintilla of a chance of that happening, there’s no way I’d risk an act of that nature….

      2. After looking at what Payton currently makes ($8 million per year) versus Tomsula ($3.5 million), I find it highly unlikely that York/Baalke would make a play for Payton if he is available. If they make a HC change, I think they’ll go after an NFL coordinator (Jackson for example) or college coach – mostly because they can start them at a lower salary. For comparison, Dan Quinn is making $4.5 million per year.

  5. Staley is selling his home in San Jose. A sign of things to come?

    1. I’ve been saying for over a month something might be up and that’s why they are insisting that Boone stay at LG. However, I wasn’t expecting anything until the offseason (barring injury of course).

    2. Couldn’t it be Staley just buying a bigger and better home? Or is it just too boring an explanation?

        1. It could also be that he has no intention of living here after he is done with the NFL or the 49ers. The market is in a bubble, and it might be a good time to take a profit for after football. That’s just one more way to think about houses and money.

    1. Looking at the FA options at LT right now. Anyone think signing Okung or Glenn and shifting Staley over to RT would help solidify the OL once again?

      1. That wouldn’t be a bad idea, but if it’s a total rebuild, not sure it’s the most prudent. You think Joe would be alright moving to RT?

        1. The thing is that I don’t see the team needing to do a complete rebuild Razor. Some positions need to be addressed, but it’s mainly the fact that we need a coaching staff that can teach and lead this team.
          There’s the possibility that Staley might balk, but he’s more of a team player than most others at his position.

          1. I agree about the coaching staff but it sure feels like a rebuild….

            Good point about Joe….

            1. Inept coaching can make any team appear like it needs to be blown up and built back up from scratch.
              However, I think these areas need to be addressed via free agency and the draft: OT and OL depth, C, #1 WR and #1 CB, QB, and LOLB.

              1. I don’t think Staley will be changing to RT any time soon.

                I think off-season needs will be (aside from QB if they move on from Kaep):
                – RT (Maybe Anthony Davis?)
                – ROLB (Lynch still plays mostly LOLB, and I think I’d leave him there)
                – OG (I’m assuming Boone will leave – why would he want to stay?)
                – Pass rushing DL (though I’m hoping Armstead develops into this role)
                – ILB (even if Hodges is good)
                – WR

              2. Even if Hodges pans out, I still think they need to add an instinctual tackling machine next to him….

              3. Top offseason priorities:
                Head Coach
                Centre: unless Kilgore can reinvent himself

              4. I also left off TE and ILB because both positions look weak in next year’s free agency and draft. There are a couple of good choices in free agency, but each one will probably be out of our price range.

            2. No way is it a rebuild this year. Baalke told me that. He also told be he was going to “run” the ball. Jed told me that he is going to win with class so I’ve already bought my Superbowl ticket with included celebrity parties.

              I won’t be coming to work next week because I just won the lottery.

  6. At the beginning of the new coaching regime, Jimmy T talked about building a new offense for the players strengths and that is what is on the field, a new offense. Zone blocking, a hugh departure from years past, the three tight end stuff. It seemed to work against the Giants and of course some stuff has not worked, the free form running of Kaep. in the first few games.
    Look ,for me , this team is not going to the SB. I want to see what this team looks like in Dec.
    If it is junk,then by all means throw it all away and start the ten year plan.
    Maybe I’m just feeling hopefull but I watched the Gaint game a couple of times and I think there is a there for these guys.

    1. Ever since Bush has been sidelined, I haven’t understood this staff’s reluctance to utilize Hayne in his role as a third down receiving back….

  7. Who would be surprised if Baalke drafts …

    West Virginia Safety Karl Joseph, who has played lights out this season, is out for the year with a knee injury.

  8. The problem with the niners is not the coaching staff but Baalke’s drafting. Baalke seems too have a weakness in drafting WR’s, offensive linemen excepting first round choices and Kilgore, and QB’s. When a team changes as many starters as the niners have it a can take a year to gain the coordination needed to become a play-off team.. Teams that bring on all-stars fail and everyone coaches and GM’s get the axe. Patience with this team is needed because these seem to want go threw a wall for Tomsula. With Tiller’s addition to the OL the offense looked better and the performance was greater than the previous three games.

    1. I beg to differ. The coaching schemes are incoherent and the players are not executing them at all. Mangini is a huge regression from Fangio. NY, with all its injuries, still pasted 525 yards on the Niner defense.
      The offense may have improved, but I still saw them snap the ball with less than 2 seconds on the play clock. There were still wasted time outs. They still settled for FGs instead of going for it. They still ran the ball when confronted with second and short, instead of trying an explosion play. The Cards players admitted they knew where Kaep was going throw to, so they anticipated and jumped the routes for 2 pick sixes. That does not sound unpredictable to me.
      Coaching could be a lot better.

      1. As B2W points out below, players matter.

        I agree Mangini is a downgrade from Fangio, but lets face it, the players are also a downgrade. Not being able to cover the middle of the field was as much about poor play by the players themselves as it was about the scheme. And only having one player capable of applying pass rush pressure without blitzing is a massive burden for this team. Mangini called two terrible games in weeks 2 and 3. Since then he’s been ok – nothing amazing, but ok. He hasn’t found the trick yet for masking the weaknesses of the D, but I think most DCs would struggle to make this D look good in coverage at the moment.

        1. If Mangini dials up a bunch of blitzes, but QBs like Big Ben, Palmer Rogers and Eli takes advantage of the blitz by targeting the area the blitzer left, is that on the player or the coach?

          1. If Mangini doesn’t blitz, and the QB has all day to throw and picks the team apart, is that on the players or the coach?

            1. If Mangini dials up blitzes and does not touch the QB, but leaves the DB out on an island where he gets torched, is that on Mangini or the players?

              1. That is the same question you asked previously. My point is its a circular argument. Mangini is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. He doesn’t have the players to make his system work.

                You can argue a better or different DC would mask the weaknesses of the D better, but point out a D to me that performs well against good QBs with only one decent pass rusher and LBs that can’t cover?

              2. My point is dialing up blitzes that are ineffective is a recipe for disaster.
                Since we both agree that the pass rush is anemic, wouldnt it be better to keep as many DBs back in coverage to prevent the big plays and make them work their way down the field, instead of gambling and getting beat deep?
                Ultimately, the players do need to make plays, but the coaches need to put the players in their best position to succeed. Both have been lacking.

              3. The 3-man rush has gotten decimated whenever they’ve used it too. No defense without a pass rush will do well against the pass against a good QB. Eventually players get open.

                The best position to succeed when you don’t have a good pass rush is to mix it up with some blitzes. But they need the guys in coverage over the middle of the field that can prevent the quick throws to beat the blitz.

              4. I do not want a 3 man rush. I want the 4 man rush with the 2 outside rushers containing the QB and not letting him escape the pocket.
                Kinda like Fangio’s scheme. Blitzes are more effective when they are unexpected.

              5. Even with a 4-man rush they were getting picked apart by Manning. No matter which way you look at it, without a pass rush you are unlikely to be successful on D.

                I am not suggesting they go blitz crazy, but then Mangini hasn’t been blitzing as much the past two weeks anyway. Don’t blame the blitz for giving up 441 passing yards to the Giants.

          2. Mangini and the rest are second tier coaches at best. Not every coach has the intangibles that Harbaugh and Fangio had to inspire their players to play at 110% and to play to win.

            These players are playing for jobs, not to win games. The HC and the rest don’t have the skills to get them to the next level.

  9. Warning – The following is woulda-coulda-shoulda speculation of the worst kind, with little basis of fact, and no demonstrable fact at all:

    If Anthony Davis, Aldon Smith and Daniel Kilgore were suited up for the 49ers so far this season, they would probably be 2-3 at worse, possibly 3-2, feeling much better about themselves, with a reeling Ravens and a shaky Seahawks coming up four days after.

    So why post this?

    I’m not happy about all aspects of coaching. Mangini looks like a major downgrade from Fangio. But players matter.

  10. Considering Ault, I would just say that he was a big proponent of the Pistol, but Kaep did not run the pistol all game. The college game is a lot different than the pros.
    The arm angle analysis is just his evaluation, but Kaep has worked on his throwing motion, and arm angle did not affect those picks. Throwing late off his back foot was more of a factor.

    1. Before the season started I would have expected one of the starting interior defensive linemen to be one of the top five.

      They’re not playing badly, but I wonder if Fangio’s under fronts suited them better that Mangini’s straight 3-4?

    2. Similar to my list, though I excluded STs players so Dawson was replaced by Boldin in my top 5.

    3. 5 biggest disappointments still on the team and in no particular order

      1. Ward, 2. Tank, 3 Brandon thomas, 4. Reggie bush 5 vance mac

        1. I keep wondering why people had such high expectations for Bush. He’s had the same MO every place he’s gone. He had a few good years in Miami and in NO’s. The rest of his career is plagued by these kinds of injuries. I saw several things last year while he played for Detroit where they were saying he just wasn’t that effective.

          1. So do unrealistic expectations and an injury play into that evaluation at all. He’s so much more effective this year. The injury and inexperience held him back last year. They probably could have taken him in round 2.

          2. How is he “grossly” underperforming his first round (#30 pick, keep in mind) status?

            He’s been a starter from day 1. He’s been getting better pretty much each week since his second game. He performed better last year than Gilbert and Fuller – top 15 picks – according to PFF, while Dennard (taken #24) barely played on D at all. All 3 of those guys aren’t doing much this year either. The only CB taken ahead of Ward that you can say is out-playing him is Verrett. Bradley Roby was taken just after Ward and he has had his ups and downs (overall grade of -2.5 by PFF last season was similar to Ward’s rating).

            The rhetoric that Ward has been no good is quite frankly bollocks, and is based primarily on one bad game early in his career and a belief of many that he could have been had in the 2nd round.

              1. Yeah, he gave up a high passer rating last year too.

                But he doesn’t give up a lot of yards in general. He gave up a few catches to the Giants slot WR this past game, including some 3rd down conversions, but generally they targeted other players. Also, one of those 3rd down conversions that will go down against Ward’s coverage was Bowman’s fault for not closing the inside passing lane when Ward was playing off coverage, outside shoulder. He never had a chance due to Bowman’s inability to cover the passing lane.

                Ward isn’t a great player at this stage of his career, but he’s decent, young, and is improving with experience. Exactly what you want from a young player that is yet to have played a full season’s worth of games. Saying he’s grossly underperforming makes no sense to me.

  11. Yea, I agree with McGaughey that it’s just a matter of time before Hayne takes one to the house. It’s just I thought he’d do it earlier, but I noticed they’re already starting to kick away from him….

    1. It seems like kicking the ball a bit short works as well. It caused him to fumble his first punt and otherwise pretty much leads to a fair catch.

      1. I hope they coach Hayne to stay back on the ball, let a gunner get in his face,then while looking up, run into the defender for a free play. If he catches the ball in traffic like he did in rugby, he may make a play, but the touching of the punt returner automatically will give the Niners possession of the ball because its a foul.

    2. I would like to see more Ellington in the pass game, and let Hayne take over the kick off duties.

      1. After the reports of Kap’s mechanics leaking oil by Grant, I wouldn’t let this coaching staff my do mechanical work on my AMC Gremlin, let alone Blaine Gabbert

          1. Ryan Sakamoto

            Earlier this year, I broke news that ILB Nick Moody would sign with the Seattle Seahawks, who coincidentally played at Florida State while also being part of the 2013 draft class. If Carradine is either released or traded, he would become the sixth 2013 draft pick to no longer be with the team, as others such as RB Marcus Lattimore (retirement), QB B.J. Daniels, T Carter Bykowski, and CB Marcus Cooper have all left before him.

            1. First Willis, Justin Smith, now Tank…Maybe there’s more to this mass exodus of players than fan’s know.
              Is it possible Tank has friends–do any of you fan’s have friends?…The only difference is Tanks friends were the talented ones who rebelled against the rotten hull on the good ship 49ers, saw this disaster we now see in the making, and jumped ship.

  12. Anybody heard from Brotha? Haven’t seen him around lately. Anyhoo, headed to Westland, MI at the Token Lounge to catch Loudness this evening, and then again Friday evening in Glendale Heights, IL at the Q-Bar. Hope y’all keep it real and stay thirsty my friends!

    Rocket-I was able to procure 3 GA tickets on the floor for Iron Maiden at the United Center with an early code. Looks as though it’s a sell out….

    1. Young CB’s miss a tackle or play wrong coverage, could result in a TD.
      Inexperienced OLineman misses a block, the starting QB may end up with a serious injury.

        1. That the coaches may err on the side of caution.

          I am not suggesting that they should not try Brown or Thomas. There is a difference though a TD given up versus an injured starting QB.

          1. “There is a difference though a TD given up versus an injured starting QB.”

            Thank you for the most painfully obvious statement of the season, so far.

        1. Inept QB negatively impacts the general well being and health of coaches, teammates and fans.
          An inept QB also greatly reduces the chance of his team winning.

          1. Inept coaching is also a factor. Glad that Kaep’s passer rating went over 100 last game. That shows to me that he is not as inept as many think.

            1. But Kaep’s success against the Giants doesn’t show you the coaches are not as inept as you think? Or that the OL isn’t as inept as you think?

              You’ve been extremely quick to defend Kaep after his two disasterous games, yet throw everyone else under the bus.

              FWIW, the OL has been pretty good in pass pro the past two weeks. A lot of the sacks allowed have been on Kaep, not the OL.

              1. Considering lots of posters were calling for Kaep to be cut or traded, my criticisms may seem mild. There are definite lapses on many players and coaches parts, Kaep included. All could improve.
                I suppose you want to defend the defense allowing 525 yards. To me, that is the main reason for the losing streak.

    2. So….

      …Newsome and Schneider wanted the CB that nobody but Baalke would sign?


      1. They are not getting him for his skills, but the intel they will obtain from him.
        Could be a factor between winning and losing if the Niner coaches do not think it is important.

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