Colin Kaepernick says Vernon Davis “looks faster than ever. Been running really clean routes.”

Here is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. staff.

What are your impressions of the Baltimore Ravens defense? What kind of defense do they have this year?

“They have a lot of great players over there. Obviously, their front is always very good. Great disguise team, a lot of different blitzes, a lot of different looks. I think they’re going to be a very successful team.

Over these past three days, what do you think has been the greatest takeaway that you’ve had from these practices?

“I think just the opportunity to get better. The competition level is higher. You’re going against people that you’re not going to be playing with on Sunday, so you get different looks, you get different players, you get different techniques from them. So, you have to pick up all those things in practice like you would in a game.”

Can you expand on the disguise element of their defense at times, just at times with, maybe some examples of, ‘Oh, I didn’t see that coming, or’?

“Well they have, similar to our defense, they’ll give you a lot of different looks, they’ll show you a lot of different things to try and make you think one thing and then bring another thing.  Whether they’re showing something coming off the weak side and then bring it strong or vice versa, they do a lot of different things to try to mess with your mind as a quarterback and as an offense.”

Do your opponents that you’re going to face this year, do they, do the Seattle Seahawks for example, do similar things and were you able to kind of grow from this session to kind of help you in the regular season?

“I think the Seahawks are a little more straightforward defense. They play what they play and they do it well. The Ravens have a lot of great players and they utilize them in a lot of different ways. It’s really apples and oranges the styles of the two defenses.”

Other teams that are on your schedule this year, do they do similar things to what the Ravens do?

“It changes year-to-year what defense do and how they try to play you. Last year, we got a lot of looks from defenses that they hadn’t even shown on film. You really have to prepare with what you know and then be ready for anything during the game.”

How was it to work with Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco? You did a commercial with him. Did you get a chance to catch up with him a little bit today, this week? And just overall impressions of him as a player?

“Yeah. Got to talk to him a little bit. Real calm. He’s always just calm, mellow. Good dude. I like him as a quarterback. He just sits back there and he picks people apart. Throws a great deep ball, which I’m a fan of homerun balls. Just happy to see him again. It was good catching up.”

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh said that it was very productive, there were no complaints from any of the players. That being said, some anxiousness to get back home from being away for six days after a game?

“Yeah, you’re always more comfortable being at home, being around things that you’re used to seeing. But I think this was good for us to come out here and get this competition and get this work in.”

Was there a part of you that kind of dreaded coming out here considering the Super Bowl and having that kind of being reminded on a three-day basis?

“No. You have to move on from that. At this point, that’s two years ago. We’re focused on this season and getting better and trying to win a Super Bowl this year. This is the best way for us to get better, so we came out here, we practiced and tried to get ourselves better and the Ravens better.”

How dramatic was it to look over across the line of scrimmage? You don’t see former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. They’ve changed a lot since that game.

“They have changed a lot. Different players, different faces but they still have a lot of the core guys that they had from [Baltimore Ravens NT] Haloti [Ngata] to [Baltimore Ravens LB Terrell] Suggs. They have a very solid front seven, which, in football you’re going to go pretty far if you have that.”

You and Joe both have really big arms. After seeing him up close and personally, who throws harder?

“I’m always going to vote for myself on that one. But, I think he has the most relaxed throw that comes out hot. He just looks effortless when’s he throwing the ball and he might drop it 70 yards.”

Do you guys talk about football tips or anything like that? Or is it more just casual conversation?

“Well, we were split most of the week back-and-forth. So, it was hard to talk during practice. When we saw each other around it was more just casual talk, catching up. Even being around [Baltimore Ravens QB] Tyrod [Taylor], who I’ve worked out with for three years in the offseason. It’s just catching up, seeing how they’ve been.”

Did you leave here thinking that you took a major step with one of your targets during this period? It seemed like WR Stevie Johnson and you hooked up a lot that first day. Do you feel better about the chemistry with anybody in particular that you’ve developed?

“I don’t think there’s anyone in particular. I think we’ve had pretty good chemistry throughout. I think he just had more opportunities as far as play-calling and what the defense was giving us to get him the ball. A lot of times our defense had been taking them away. I think part of that was just the scheme we were getting, but at the same time he’s a great receiver and we got a few more balls his way.”

LB Aldon Smith said he never came to training camp in better shape and people seem to be impressed with the way he’s playing. Does it look like he’s gotten better to you?

“He’s a freak of nature out there. When you have [T] Joe Staley come back to the huddle during training camp and is like, ‘I’m really not sure how to try to attack him. I just have to try to slow him down’. So you really can’t block him. That’s a good thing to know when you’re on offense and he’s on defense for you. But he’s looked great. He’s done a lot of good things, he’s in great shape and he’s been playing well.”


What have you seen from TE Vernon Davis this camp?

“A lot of speed. He looks faster than ever. Been running really clean routes. Been mentally on top of everything and I think everyone’s happy with what he’s doing right now.”


There was a botched exchange between you and C Daniel Kilgore today, which was the first one I’ve seen in training camp. How has that chemistry going with you and your new center?

“Well, that one got tipped by a running back in the gun. He’s been great. We haven’t had any missed exchanges. I worked my whole first rookie year with him. It’s something that we just had to get back in the routine. I don’t think we’ve had any problems. I think he’s been doing well. He’s been mentally on top of things. We just have to keep getting better.”

What’s it like to practice against Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs?

“I just like talking to him. I like messing with him. He’s a high-energy guy. He’s always working. He’s always going to be talking a little bit. I like that. You have to have that on a football field.”


Did you give it right back to him?

“Of course.”

Were you surprised by how friendly these practices were? Or at least how friendly they appeared?

“Yeah, I think once we got the first walkthrough out of the way and everybody kind of got their feet wet, we knew we were here to try to get better and it wasn’t, ‘We’re going to try to fight you guys,’ or anything like that. We’re both trying to get better as a team and make sure we’re prepared for this season. Hopefully, we see them during the season because if we do, it’s in the Super Bowl.”

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  1. Too bad Unstoppable won’t be playing for the 49ers for an extended period Joe……

    1. Speculation is that Tampa Bay is interested in trading for Alex Boone. I don’t know how much truth there is to that rumor. It appears to be the next step in speculation as their line played poorly and they benched a starter as a result.
      I think a real trade partner would be Miami, Baltimore, or KC. However, I think the front office is willing to hijack all offers as a result of the hold out and is taking a hardline stance.
      Trading later in the season would generate greater value to the 49er organization as teams try to solidify their playoff chances. It reiterates to other potential holdouts that the team is unwilling to negotiate with holdouts with little consequence. The compensation is coming as a draft pick which can’t be used until May 2015 regardless of when it is received.
      That is how I would approach the negotiations, but time will tell.

      1. I could see Baalke playing hardball with Boone and your scenario coming to fruition. The 49ers owe this extortionist nothing. They picked him up off the street and gave him a chance when no one else was willing to. Ungrateful bastard…..

        1. I can see this too, in order to avoid a bad precedent. I can also see Boone’s teammates turning on him after a while and siding with the FO. I disagree with you though about what they owe him. He deserves to be paid more, IMO. The best outcome, of course, would be the two sides agreeing on an extension. If they can’t, second best outcome for the team, I think, would be his playing out this year in exchange for a high draft pick conditional on his health. Does anyone know if this has ever been done? Maybe it’s not allowed under the CBA.

          1. I’m interested to understand how an employee warrants a raise when he regressed at the position and refuses to show up for work?

            1. I suppose he regressed last year at guard, but in his one stint backing up Staley, he did very well. That’s quite important. As for warranting a raise, his current contract was signed before he took over from Snyder at right guard. Now he may be the second best lineman. IMO, his skill and versatility make him special. I hate the fact he’s a no-show, but as others have pointed out, teams cut players during their contract periods, so why shouldn’t players in a sense cut teams by not showing up. As a fan, I don’t like it, but I have to admit that it’s fair.

          2. I don’t think anyone would dispute Boone is underpaid. That is obvious, but the problem is he signed a long term contract that he didn’t have to sign. He signed it because at the time he was a bubble player that the team had hopes for and wanted to keep around. As it turned out he became the starter at RG and played very well his first year. Now after a second year that wasn’t nearly as good, Boone wants a new deal and is holding out. The problem with that is a team doesn’t want to rip up a deal with two years remaining. It’s bad business and messes up your cap management. The second problem is Boone refuses to come to camp which is a non starter for the team. If he shows up they will listen and possibly negotiate an extension, but it’s not a certainty.

            This is a battle of wills that may not be resolved this season because the player is intent on not reporting until he gets more money and the team will not give him anything until he reports and even then may not due to his demands and contract status.

            You can’t really fault either side for the tact they’ve taken. It’s business and neither side appears willing to give in. That likely means Boone is going to report for the final 6 games to get his accrued season toward UFA, but no resolution will happen until next year when they either trade him or extend him. The only way that changes is if Boone decides he actually wants to make some money this year which he won’t if he follows through with this strategy.

              1. If he gets injured working out on his own, no. If he reports to camp and gets injured, then yes.

            1. I thought someone on here posted the pertinent clauses of the new CBA which says, if I recall correctly, that a player has to report to the team 30 days prior to the first regular season game to get an accrued season; much different than how it used to be.

              1. That was me BT, and as it turns out it doesn’t apply to players with at least 4 years in the league.

            2. Ah, OK. 2 Things:
              – At least I remembered correctly what was written
              – but as you see, I’m dangerous with just a little bit of information

            3. I agree with everything you say. You said it very well, btw. I don’t fault the Niners for what they are doing, and I don’t fault Boone. Against Boone I would say that — if the story is correct — the Niners did offer him a contract more befitting his contribution but within their parameters, of course, which appears to be the crux of the issue with Boone. Something got into him, or someone, and so we have what we have.

      2. Some writer at said he heard from unnamed sources with the Bucs that they would be interested in Boone at the right price, but no conversations yet with the 49ers. According to the article they were hoping to give up a mid-round pick.
        I would think his value might be best right now so that a team could integrate him into their offense, but who knows…….
        One thing that occurs to me is that if a rumor of the Niners being interested in another player got out there’d be a firestorm of ‘Tampering!’ charges and a Congressional Inquisition,…er… Investigation into it. Remember the Lance Briggs dust-up?
        In fairness to the Bucs, they haven’t said Diddley; its just what some say they are thinking.

  2. Whoa. I can’t believe Robin Williams committed suicide. We’ve lost an incredible comic genius. :'(

  3. Great comic, actor, and Bay Area sports fan.
    Thanks for the laughter throughout the years.
    Rest in Peace

  4. wow i was just in marin yesterday and we were talking about him since he lived in tiburon. RIP Robin Williams

      1. Neal,
        Yeah, but at the time many just wanted someone/anyone better than a broken Alex Smith.

        Thank God for Jim Harbaugh – His belief in AS paid off for him and for Alex.
        A resurrected Alex Smith is going to put KC in the playoffs again in 2014.

        Troy Smith? Well, it looks like the end of the line for him.

    1. I’m not so sure that Troy Smith will ever be described as being “mighty” but he did come into the NFL with a good college pedigree and hopes of becoming a good QB.

      Looks like Mr. Jeff Garcia is already making some tough decisions in Canada.

  5. Real bummer about Robin Williams. The only one that is happy that Williams took the spotlight today was Tony Stewart.

    1. Well, we know of one team that is definitely waiting to see which CBs the 49ers release or place on the practice squad.

      1. 2 teams at least. The Jets are scrambling with their backfield due to injuries. One of their starting CBs is a safety.

    2. Scandrick On Field
      Total QBR 61.2
      3rd down conversion 38.8%
      Yds per attempt 7.2

      Scandrick On Field
      Total QBR 66.1
      3rd down conversion 50.5%
      Yds per attempt 7.6

      1. ooops… 2nd part should be

        Scandrick OFF Field
        Total QBR 66.1
        3rd down conversion 50.5%
        Yds per attempt 7.6

  6. Robin Williams always appeared to be a bit unbalanced. That’s probably what made him a great comedian. On the edge so to speak. People often deflect depression through humor.

  7. Cmon season. Im tired of hearing all these praises from practice. Proof will be on Thanksgiving and two weeks after that.
    RIP RW………..Alchohol can be a wreck. Mixed with depression, is just brutal. Sad

    1. He was obviously in a terrible place and could see no way out. Loved the guy. Recently my wife and I have been watching the old HBO series In Treatment. Amazing show. Helps you understand this to some extent.

      1. That’s why they still have the scouts in the field. It’s a process of marrying the two.

        1. Jack:

          It’s a process of marrying the two.

          Yep, and the article does a good job of explaining that idea. I recommend it to all of the resident Arithmophobes, but I doubt they’ll take my recommendation.

          1. Claude
            “Arithmophobes” is excellent.
            Would the opposites be “Numeratti”?
            Maybe “Digitatti”?
            Or perhaps “Quantipudlians”?

    1. It makes sense to incorporate anything that improves your odds of finding the right players.

    2. Good read. Thanks for the link Jack. I think the Jaguars are a team with the arrow pointing straight up. They’re the team that I have picked as this year’s sleeper in the AFC.

        1. I think the Titans still have too many holes on the roster, especially at the QB position.

            1. No, but I can see them making some noise this season, enough to potentially grab a wildcard spot.

    3. Sounds like Jax took one of the pages out of Baalke’s book.
      Baalke likes to draft players based on their best college season, not necessarily their most recent. Aldon Smith and Eric Reid are examples. That’s one reason I had Marqise Lee going to the 49ers.

      The difference… Baalke is a film first, stats second kind of guy. Jax seems to have it the other way. As long as both are considerations it should work.

    4. Interesting read, thanks Jack. Metrics are an important part of the scouting process, but as with any stats that don’t tell the whole story, and can be misleading if interpreted out of context.

      Personally I believe watching the tape tells you more about the player’s ability, and the metrics can then be used to confirm what you see, or raise question marks for some more digging. Which appears to be what the Jags are doing, based on that article.

      1. “Personally I believe watching the tape tells you more about the player’s ability, and the metrics can then be used to confirm what you see, or raise question marks for some more digging.”

        Exactly. That’s the way I try to use them with my writing.

      1. Sounds as though he’s fine, but my concern would be the training wheels have been on up to this point….

    1. hahahaha……yes!

      On another note, when is Goodell planning to make a decision on Aldon. This is getting ridiculous.

      1. Remember how he stretched out the Draft? He’s trying to build excitement
        (in Seattle, St. Louis, and Phoenix.)

        1. Hahaha…. he should have a whole revealing show on the suspension time….similar to Lebron’s show on which team he was signing with.

          It would just be nice to know that’s all.

        2. Remember how he stretched out the Draft? He’s trying to build excitement

          More like the profit.

  8. There is a lot in a name. If you expect your son to play football you name him Bronco, Butch or Spike but not Percy. Name him Percy and you should expect him to be fragile or running around in tights, using a snuff box and extending his little finger while drinking tea from fine china. LOL.

  9. In respect to Aldon I sure hope he isn’t going to come down extra hard in order to compensate for the criticism he received for being to soft on Rice.

    1. Jack:

      Thanks for the good news. Four weeks is enough time to get ready for the season, right?

        1. No joke. This makes me feel a lot better, as opposed to being activated later down the line, or starting out on the PUP list.

          I’m sure his upper body is up to par strength-wise, but we’ll see about the rest of him.

          Let’s put this guy in bubble-wrap until the season.

    2. Fantastic! This frees Dail to be the monster super-sub in (what seems to be) his more natural spot behind Justin and RayMac.

        1. Not sure about starting. TJE and Dial have played nose and DE (3-4 terminology). Fangio/Tomsula likes players with flexibility. They are both tall and better suited to 3-4 DE 4-3 Under Tackle. I could see Dial wrecking havoc from those spots.

          I think Ian is the more typical bowling ball shaped NT.

    3. Great to hear, although I still believe that we won’t see him playing in a game until Week One.

    4. Good to hear. Will be interesting to see if he goes straight into full practice, and if not, how long before he is.

      1. I’m interested to see how he responds mentally when around those big bodies down in the trenches. Is he going forget the injury, or will it be in the back of his mind, slowing down his reactionary assignments?

        1. Sounds odd, but getting over a severe ankle injury seems to be easier mentally than a severe knee injury. I think it is because it doesn’t tend to have the same strain placed on it when changing directions, taping it up is more effective without losing much mobility, and as a result there are less mental strength and stability question marks.

          For Williams though, I believe he had both a broken bone and ligament damage to his ankle. Add in four surgeries and there are bound to be some mental hurdles to overcome.

          Fingers crossed it won’t take him too long to get over.

          1. Scooter
            A problem for Ian is his position. As you pointed out the slightest twist on a knee over a planted foot causes strain on a recovering joint. For the NG though, his job is to fire off with low pads and explode forward and upwards. This puts significant strain on the ankles for drive and for fine muscle adjustments within the feet and ankles to push or twist the upper body laterally for advantage as the play develops. Also, over-compensating for something you don’t have confidence in causes undue stress to other muscles and leads to faulty technique.
            Trent, Jim and the trainers know all this, that’s probably why they held him out this long.

  10. I was just wondering about Dontae Johnson’s progress at DB, I liked how he plays the ball. Any chance of him being the 3rd corner? I’m just worried if Culliver doesnt improve that aspect of the game, the coaches will still leave him in there.

    1. Seems like Dontae has only upped his stock since he’s arrived. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him starting week 1 next to Brock, especially with a solid vet behind him. I’m just not too sure about Culliver or Cooks at this point.

      Should be interesting.

      1. No way Johnson starts over Culliver. He’s probably behind Cooks on the depth chart, but I agree, all reports are encouraging and his stock is ascending. I thought he was practicing as the personal protector on the punt team, possibly making Ventrone obsolete….

        1. I don’t think he will start, but I wouldn’t be surprised. We hear nothing but praises for this guy. He could be a legitimate steal in the 4th. Even at the Ravens practice the guy was all over Smith and batted down a few. Again if I had to guess I would say Culliver, but Dontae is making a case for himself.

    2. The draft “book” on Johnson… he was great at jumping routes, but sometimes got burned deep while peaking towards the backfield.

      I expected him to make pics in camp. If we don’t hear about him giving up TDs then he’ll porbably stick.

    3. As Mike Mayock said when we drafted him, he’s got all the physical tools, he just needs to be trained up. I think this year is too soon for him to be thrown into the fire, but I think we’ll have a pretty good CB with size and speed in 2015.

      1. Scooter:

        As long as Johnson plays well enough this preseason to make people shut up about Marcus Cooper, I’ll be happy.

    4. Looks like Baalke picked up another gem at CB later in the draft. I don’t think they’ll try to get this one on the PS.

      1. With all the DB injuries around the League this summer, nobody will be able to sneak one through waivers.

  11. How do you think Darryl Morris is coming along? Is he strickly a slot corner? We kept him over Cooper. What do you guys think of him?

    1. They didn’t actually keep him over Cooper. Both of them were released at the cutdown and Cooper was claimed while Morris wasn’t.

      Most of the reports I’ve read have been positive on Morris, but he struggled in the first Raven practice this week.

  12. in the wake of Robin Williams’ passing…
    has anyone considered suggesting that
    Coach Harbaw see a therapist to “unwind”
    a little bit, given his ultra-intense mood..?

    ” I thought about that immediately. ”
    – the Super Bowl monkey

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