Colin Kaepernick: “I think we’re multiple in what we do.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s a transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Wednesday interview, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

How tough does the Eagles defense look to you?

“Very good defense. Do a lot of different things and do a lot of things well.”


Do you think that the offense right now is grappling in any way with an identity issue? Are you guys a power-running team? Are you a spread-it-out team?

“I think we’re multiple in what we do.”


Do you think you guys can do both equally well?



What determines from week-to-week what kind of team you are?

“What we feel our best matchups are.”


Feel that you have a stronger passing attack though to put out there this season now that you’ve unleashed it in the past week?

“We have a lot of great receivers. Like I said, it’s going to depend on the mismatches.”


Head coach Jim Harbaugh was talking about WR Stevie Johnson and his ability to run after the catch and secure the ball. What have you seen from Stevie these few months and does he just seem a lot more comfortable in the offense now?

“He’s comfortable. He’s making plays. He’s doing everything right at this point.”


Bears DE Lamaar Houston came out and said that you did use an ‘N’ word against him on the field and I’m just curious you at first denied it, do you wish you handled it differently? What’s your thinking about it now?

“I’ve addressed that and we’re on to the Eagles.”


Why the struggles in the second half to put points up do you think?

“Execution. We have to do the little things.”


Knowing you’re playing a team that’s going to score a lot of points especially in the second half, what does that mean for your mindset going into this game?

“We know we have to score a lot of points.”


Just to be clear, you’ve addressed the Lamaar Houston incident several times, are you saying the final word you gave on Sunday as far as you didn’t say anything racially derogatory is, I guess, your final word?

“Yes, I’ve said that multiple times.”


What do you like about LB Patrick Willis’ pregame speeches?

“They’re passionate. They come from his heart and when he gives a speech, you know he’s going to give everything he has on the field.”


What’s the number?

“Real high today. About 95.”


Do the Eagles do anything unique defensively that you’ve seen?

“They do a lot of things, very multiple with what they do. Very good.”


Do you have to talk to RB Frank Gore after he has a game like he did last week where he wasn’t getting to play much? As the quarterback, do you talk to him about what the game plan might be and keep his spirits up?

“Frank’s not someone that needs his spirits to be kept up. I always talk to him regardless of what’s going on, but he’s going to come and give his best effort every week and he’s shown that.”


He’s been such a focal point of this offense as long as you’ve been here. Was it weird that he had so few carries last week, just look in the huddle and not have him there?

“A little bit, but that was the game plan we had going in. He’s going to do whatever it takes to help this team win.”


How much input do you have on a weekly basis in what the plan of attack is for the opposition?

“Depends week-to-week.”


Generally, do you express that or are you asked for your recommendations?


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  1. There was a question asked all week about whether the 49er” have lost their identity. So Kaep answers claiming that the 49er’s have “mulitiple personalities” lol.

  2. What an utter waste of time. Why would the media even want to talk to Kaepernick? Such a boring font of utter nothingness. Also, the idiots need to move on from the Kaep cuss, the media embarrasses itself on a daily basis bringing stuff like that up endlessly.

    1. So which is it? Dumb questions or blah answers? How would you answer idiots? I’d probably answer with anything to get through the sharade Presser.
      ‘The media embarrasses itself daily…’
      Oh, ok, so it was a rhetorical question.

  3. He is getting better and better at saying less and less, but this time it extended into insult to intelligence territory

  4. I just watch the games, I could care less what ego maniac , narcastic coaches or players think or say anymore.

  5. Kaepernick answers questions like he’s being charged a dollar a word for each answer.

    Forget interviewing him. BOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRINGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!

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