Frank Gore: “Whatever the coaches feel can help us win, I’m with it. As long as we get the ‘W.'”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Frank Gore said to Bay Area reporters in the 49ers’ locker room Wednesday afternoon.

Q: How are you feeling? Sunday was so frustrating. Where are you at right now?

GORE: I’m good. We’ve got the Eagles this week. We looked at our mistakes last week. Now we move on. We know we’ve got a good team, we’ve just got to put everything together, start fast and also finish.

Q: Is the offensive identity of this team changing? Are you guys becoming more of a spread offense?

GORE: No, I wouldn’t say that. I would just say we felt like (the Cardinals’) DBs, watching film, weren’t as good so we felt we could throw the ball on them. It was working, so that’s the key thing. It was working. It’s just that we didn’t finish.

Q: How do you balance in your mind the game plan and what might be working and your own desire to help the team with the ball in your hands?

GORE: For me, I just feel like whatever works, I’m with it. If it’s passing, we pass the ball. If it’s running, we run. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win. If we’ve got to go out there and do the spread again, I’m with it. That’s the type of player I am. I just want to win.

Q: What was the most frustrating thing about the loss to the Cardinals?

GORE: If we would have gotten the win, I’m happy.

Q: Has this running game been affected with changes on the offensive line?

GORE: No, we’re pretty good with the guys who were in. Jonathan Martin, I think he’s been doing a pretty good job. You win some, you lose some. So I think it’s good that he did get an opportunity to play. Now we’ve got Anthony Davis back. Now we know if something happens up front again, we know he can step in, so that’s a plus.

Q: What has been happening to the offense in the second half? You’ve seen the film.

GORE: We just didn’t finish. They made more plays than us. We’ve just got to finish.

ME: You said the matchups in the passing game were good. Did you feel the matchups in the running game were not good?

GORE: I wouldn’t say that. We felt that we could beat them that way, and that’s what we did.

ME: In retrospect should there have been more balance in the play calling?

GORE: Whatever the coaches feel can help us win, I’m with it. As long as we get the ‘W.’

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  1. So does this mean Anthony Davis is finally getting off his ass and playing this week? Now if we only had a good DL, secondary, and some good coaching maybe we could win a game. This is a real big game, 1-3 is hard to climb out of to make the playoffs.

  2. Davis’ waiting on his surgery and Boone’s holding out may have really hurt our line play. Apologies if this has already been discussed.

    1. I believe it was USA Today which recently ran a list of season ending injuries, many of which occurred in spring OTAs and mini-camps, and it is amazing that the numbers are so high in an era when NFL and NFLPA administrators have clamped down and significantly reduced workouts and intensity of workouts. Teams cannot claim that it is too much contact and too much practice time contributing to these injuries.

      1. It’s probably the exact opposite. The easing off in training camps might well be the reason for the increase in injuries. They used to use training camp to get in game shape and now they are supposed to do that before they come to camp. Lifting weights and running is not going to do the trick.

  3. Frank is either too much of a gentleman to complain or smart enough to realize that it would not be in his best interests to waste his energy running into a line with not holes to run through.

  4. Running Back carries through week 3 2013: 54
    Running Back carries through week 3 2014: 52

    QB carries through week 3 2013: 23
    QB carries through week 3 2014: 26

    Total run plays through week 3 2013: 77
    Total run plays through week 3 2014: 80

    Pass attempts through week 3 2013: 92
    Pass attempts through week 3 2014: 94

    Sacks through week 3 2013: 8
    Sacks through week 3 2014: 6

    Is Jim Harbaugh a fan of Groundhog Day?

    1. That is interesting. Does that mean we should expect a heavy dose of pounding the rock against the Eagles?

        1. With Alex Smith at QB. Guessing there weren’t 26 QB carries through the first 3 games of 2012.

  5. Thanks Jack.
    Funny as I was really pleased that Kap has been running so much, but now it is evident that that isn’t unusual- albeit, not so much that he has been running for his life at times. I thought that there were more designed runs this year which illustrated that the coaches are more willing to set him free and do what is necessary to win games, but I guess I was wrong.

    31-17 49ers…….. please.

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