Curtis Modkins on the 49ers’ offense: “We’re making good progress.”

This is the transcript of Curtis Modkins’ Week-13 press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Opening comments:

“Wow, this is a great setup, isn’t it? It’s unbelievable. I’ve been here before. This is a really great campus. If you guys get a chance, you should walk around and check it out. But, awful kind of them to let us use it. So, you guys got anything?”


What was your reason for being here before?

“When my son was in high school we took a visit here. Just a college visit and looked around and all that.”


Where’d he end up going?

“He’s at Kent State.”


So, he didn’t like it here?

“I think he did like it.”


We’ve seen the offense get better and better. Why do you think things seem to be getting to that stage now where you guys are moving the ball up and down the field?

“Yeah, I think we’re learning them and they’re learning our system. Guys are making some plays and I just think it’s an overall better understanding of what we’re doing and they’re executing it better in a lot of areas. We’re trying to do our best to make sure guys are in the right positions and I think our players have done a good job for the most part. Now, we still have to do enough to win the game and we didn’t do enough to win the game. So, moving the ball up and down the field doesn’t do you a lot of good unless you move it up and down the field and score when you have to. So, we’ve got to improve on that, but I think we’re making good progress.”


QB Colin Kaepernick’s averaging something like eight yards a carry. Have you seen him, is he making all the right decisions in terms of when to take off because a lot of those yards are coming scrambling-wise and are there things you can draw up that can open things up for, ‘Hey, if maybe a guy’s not open, this is a good play for him to do that?’

“Well, I think he’s doing a good job of making that decision. He’s the quarterback. He’s out there, he’s in control and when he sees an opportunity he’s taken advantage of it. So, whether you can draw it up for him to see, I think we don’t have to. I think he’s doing a good job of taking advantage of those opportunities. I think he’s throwing it well, he’s doing some good things and when the opportunity presents itself he uses his legs. So, that helps tremendously and that’s part of the game and that’s part of his game.”


Have you seen defenses react to that at all, playing more zone, in order to kind of take away his running ability at all?

“You know, there’s some teams that will try to take that away and when they’ve done that, I mean he’s done a good job of kind of taking advantage of what presents itself defensively. But, from week-to-week, things will change in that aspect and they’ve also got to have somebody that has the ability to take that away. They’ve got to have a pretty good athlete to take him away if they do decide to do something like that. But, he’s just got to continue to get better, keep doing what he’s doing, keep on the trajectory that he’s on and offensively we’ve got to get better. But, yeah, he’s good with that.”


When you think back to his first start in Buffalo and then to Sunday against the Dolphins, it seems like a pretty stark contrast. What are the biggest differences do you think besides just getting more comfortable?

“Well, he missed a lot of football. Kap missed a lot of ball. He had some injuries that he was dealing with. He missed the offseason. It was his first game back. I think what’s important though is that he’s steadily improved from that point on and I don’t see why that won’t continue the way he works.”


What has TE Vance McDonald meant to the offense? It seems like he offers an element of explosion that maybe you don’t have in a lot of other spots?

“Yeah, I think Vance is a tough matchup athletically for guys that are covering him. I think he’s a tough matchup for zones when they play zones because of his athleticism. But, he can run. For that position, I think Vance can really run and he’s proven that with some of the explosive plays that he’s made. So, we look for that to continue. We need it to.”


I know you can’t really put your finger on what exactly the reason for the fumbles are, but you have 11 of them and 10 different guys have coughed them up. Is there anything that you can say what’s been the issue there?

“Well, you can’t specifically say that, because it has spread itself around. What’s important is that guys have to realize that prevents us from winning. So, whoever it is, we’ve got to do a better job of taking care of the football. Whether it’s tipped balls or whether it’s strip fumbles, we’ve got to do a better job of that.”


Will you guys have any sort of team-building exercises, going bowling or are you guys anything like that this week?

“Not to my knowledge. No. That’s probably a better question for somebody else.”

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  1. He’s definitely growing in the offense, and like I said yesterday, I thought his movement within the pocket was some of the best I’ve seen in his career. If Chip Kelly is retained, I think it is a no brainer to bring him back rather than waste a high pick on a spread quarterback. It makes more sense to take Garrett first and Allen if he’s gone. That way, if the results next year are similar and Kelly/Kaepernick are released, you don’t have that vested capital wasted when you return to a Pro Style Offensive Head Coach.

    Edge/DE/DT Garrett/Allen Round 1
    ILB Raekwon McMillan Round 2
    WR Courtland Sutton Round 3

    That’s probably how I’d approach it barring trades….

    1. Retain Kap and we will be here again next year under .500 again or worse.
      Stop pretending, Kap has peaked, there is no more growth or potential.
      Throwing off your back foot and relying on running instead of going through progression and reading the field is not suddenly going to change in year 6. Kelly has done nothin to improve his game. Its easy to play care free football when nothing is on the line and all your playing for is your job.

      1. At least they’re not putting lipstick on Gabbert.

        What a mess Prime. From Grant’s take we could see Baalke, Kelly and your favorite QB back next year. Its sort of hopeless with Jed figuring it out.

        1. A leader and experienced football guy would know you only mask certain flaws to a point. Im not sure Jed is capable of recognizing that.

          With the QB position its hard to do. I know a lot of people want Kap back because lately he has put up good numbers. I don’t see any improvements in his fundamentals, accuracy, or ability to make others around him better. If the organization wants to give it another year, like I said, next year at this time, we will be below .500 once again.

          1. I am not arguing for CK to come back but if you think Jed can figure this out I think you’re as blind about him as you say others are to CK. Do you really think Jed and Baalke can pick the next QB to help us get above .500?

            This whole roster stinks, we getting 31 put up on a per game. The QB is just the beginning of our problems. You can’t win in the NFL if that happens to your defense every week. There are only so many Brady’s and Manning’s to go around.

            CK has been improving but I think he’s auditioning for another team. Somebody will take him just like some here were clamoring for RGIII.

            1. Empty stadiums wise up owners real quick. That’s the only way Jed will make a change.
              Yes this roster is awful but if you have any hope in a rebuild, it starts at the most important position in sports-QB.
              Bringing back Kap and getting a pass rush and WR wont change much in Kaepernicks game. The usual suspects keep saying he is improving, where, how? I still see the same flaws and the loses piling up. If anything has improved, its the run defense.

              1. Again I am not pining for CK to be our QB but your hatred blinds you. He made some touch throws, he threw outside the numbers, he got through his progressions, his pocket awareness was better. He made many of the same mistakes too. He’s improved since he started for Kelly, I am not saying he’s improved overall.

                At the same time we lost again so it doesn’t matter in the end. I think Jack is right, he’s good enough to break our hearts each week and without a top 5 defense he can’t carry the team. Put Newton or Wilson with this offense and defense and they’d look similar, especially Newton.

                You avoided the question, do you really think Jed and Baalke can find a winning QB? Just because fans aren’t going to the games doesn’t mean Jed knows how to do anything about it. If Baalke’s still around after the season you know for sure Jed has no idea how to fix things even if he’s losing money.

          2. “I don’t see any improvements in his fundamentals, accuracy, or ability to make others around him better. ”

            And you won’t see any improvement. Kap said he is not going to work on fundamentals; he’s just going to play football. It’s starting to look like the training he did with Kurt Warner last year caused him to think too much on the field about movements that need to be instinctual at the NFL level. He’s at his ceiling, imo. Is that good enough? What Jed decides to do is anybody’s guess at this point.

              1. Yeah, when I was referencing Jed I was including GM. It seems like most of the blog is resigned to Baalke, Kelly and Kap being back. I’m still holding out some hope that changes will be made.

              2. I can’t speak for the rest of the blog but it certainly looks like we’ll get these guys back. I don’t want them back, Jed just hasn’t proved the ability to hire a winner other than Harbaugh. His track record looks like a one coach wonder hire and a lot of failure.

  2. Bringing back Kaep is a no brainer if Kelly is retained. He will not opt out of the deal cause no one will give him 14.9 mil for 1 year. Plus Kaep has a system where he is feeling more comfortable in. The key in improving the team is to actually bring in some free agents to help supliment draft picks. We need 4-5 key free agent picks. Timmons, B Williams, Jeffrey or Floyd, Plus a big ticket item like a Chandler Jones if he hits the open Market. If Berry hits the market trade Reid and sign Berry.. They will have a ton of money.. Will they spend it is the question.

    1. Rebuild, you, Seb and Razor can put all the lip stick you want on that pig, its still a pig!

      1. Prime

        WHERE’S THE BEEF ?

        I believe that Kaepernick will leave…Baalke will get moved elsewhere in the orgaanization….and Kelly will have a 10-6 season

        1. Where is he going? Who wants the drama, the bad mechanics and what is he worth in free agency?

          1. Prime

            WHERE’S THE BEEF ?

            I believe that Kaepernick will leave…Baalke will get moved elsewhere in the orgaanization….and Kelly will have a 10-6 season

          2. Prime

            He’s already got more money than he’ll EVER be worth;…He’s already rubbed Jed’s nose in it ($), Free agency should be a throw-in…back up some QB for a couple years, buy an island, and laugh all the way to the bank….on Jed’s money….

  3. Kaepernick, Kelly and Baalke will all be back next year. There are a few games left that have good potential for wins and York will use that to maintain the status quo.

    You can almost draft his speech right now.

    New system
    Kapernick got a late start
    A lot of adversity due to injuries, starting young guys
    Improved as the season went on
    Can build around the late success

    1. Yep, agree 100%. Disappointing as it is to say.

      In saying that, I do think the team will perform better next year. This is not a big call – it will be very difficult for them to perform worse!

      1. Many said it would be difficult for the team to perform worse this year than last. Admittedly the odds are better……..

      2. That will depend on how the team finishes the season out. There are at least three in winnable games left on the schedule in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

        1. True. Let me rephrase – I think they will perform better than they did over the first half of this season. :-)

        2. They lose to a depleted Chicago team on these 3rd string QB things can change dramatically on what Jed is going to do.

          1. It looks like Chicago really only has one winnable game and that’s against us. They play SF, Det, GB, Wash, and Minn.

            Jax has Denver, Minn, Hous, Tenn and Ind.

            But hey, any given Sunday…..

        3. I was really irritated that Chicago lost this past weekend. Last drive of the game, Chicago receivers dropped two balls thrown to them in the end zone. The first one was really aggravating because the receiver was wide open and the ball hit it him in the bread basket. Had they won, that would give the niners a more comfortable cushion to finish with the #2 pick. The Jags would still be challenging though.

  4. From day one of the York debacle, they have done everything in their power to not be a viable NFL Pro offense.
    They refused to run B. Walsh’s offense, instead embraced the old style B.Parcell grid it out offense.
    Now they have screwing around with a college offense.
    If they stay with Kelly ,whom ever the GM may be, this franchise well be set back at least another seven years.
    Just move on. Start fresh and clean. We have seen this movie!

    1. It is quite possible the 49ers could be drafting seventh again if they win at least three out of the final five games.

      1. I dont see 3 more wins. I see this weekend but I see loses to the jets with there D and I see the Rams winning in LA against us… 2-14 is what I see

        1. I hope they get at least 3 wins this season, which still might land them the number 2 spot.

          The Niners should trade down to a team who needs a QB, and get at least an additional second round pick.

          Peppers is a game changer, and Bethea takes bad angles. This draft is deep in defensive linemen, so they can wait and use their second round picks to get a DT and ILB. Niners need bodies, so they should trade away players and bundle picks to get as many players as possible in the first 3 rounds.

          1. I hope they get at least 3 wins this season, which still might land them the number 2 spot.

            Not likely Seb. That would put the 49ers with four wins and draft at best with the fourth pick and at worst with the seventh pick.

      1. The weight numbers seem off. I think he was around 220-225. He was playing receiver, returning kicks, in addition to linebacker.

          1. That’s kinda why I was asking. The draft stuff I see has him listed as a SS/LB.

            The 49ers could really use an athletic guy inside.

            Think he’d probably need to get around 230 though.

        1. Jack, FWIW, Polamalu spent a large part of his career at the Steelers playing as basically another LB. Which is what I see Peppers doing.

            1. He tried to make Eric Reid that type of player at times this season. Peppers would be a better fit for it.

              1. I’m with Cubus in that I’d take Garrett over Peppers, but I like the idea of Peppers. I just doubt the 49ers will go that route.

              2. Yeah, but those guys can be found in FA and later in the draft. Virtually everybody believes that Garrett is a can’t miss elite prospect. If he is there we have to take him, imo.

              3. Garrett wouldn’t be an edge rusher in the 49ers scheme and they’ve gone DE #1 in back to back drafts.

              4. Jack, what do you mean Garrett wouldn’t be an edge rusher for the 49ers? Of course he would.

                He doesn’t play the same position as Armstead or Buckner.

                Razor, I wouldn’t be taking Peppers to play as a traditional safety. I’d take him and play him as a LB/SS.

              5. That would be my expectation, Jack. Or more accurately, an OLB in 3-4 looks and DE in nickel looks with 4 down linemen.

                Not for me, razor. Peppers is a better athlete than Adams.

              6. Adams brings a little snap, crackle and pop. Reminds me of Chancellor, plus I think his football intincts are superior….

              7. I like Adams. But I think he is a safety, pure and simple. Not a hybrid LB/S. Definitely has good instincts, and hits hard. If the 49ers were after a true safety, he’d be the one to target.

              8. If I had my choice, I’d take Adams. But then again, I wouldn’t take either one number two….

    1. I wonder if Grant still thinks Chip Kelly is in the mix. A lot of misinformation out there, from Schiano to Brian Kelly to Fleck to McElwain. I’d go with McElwain if I were them….

      1. Can’t talk publicly about changing a job when you have an employment contract. It has to be done with winks and nods in order to avoid potential litigation. Not saying he will go but don’t believe anything you read or hear publicly.

  5. I wanted the Canes to bring back Butch Davis instead of hiring Richt. They went with someone new though. Oregon might do the same. But hey, a fan can dream right?

    1. Oregon has stayed with the same family of coaches since the ’70s and is proud of that. From Rich Brooks to Mike Bellotti to Chip Kelly to Mark Helfrich. Some assistant coaches have been on that staff a long time. I don’t know if the school wants to completely clean house. That’s why Kelly fits.

      1. That makes sense. It would probably take all of the 10 million Knight is willing to spend. If Chip leaves Baalke might be safe.

          1. Yes, that is why I said it would take 10 million. I wasn’t being sarcastic when I said “That makes sense.”


            Tuesday night-Oregon fires HC.
            Saturday afternoon or night-Dilfer reports that Kelly is taking the Oregon job.
            Sunday afternoon-Awkward press conference. Chip gives a Sabanesqe denial.
            Monday- It’s official. Bye Bye Chipper, don’t let the door hit you…

            1. Not saying you’re wrong but I think it will take at least one more week. I agree with your scenario that there will be leaks and denials until kaboom – it’s a deal.

          2. I beg to differ. Chip will see his Niner head coaching gig as the last chance he has to make it in the NFL. He will never get another chance if he bails on this team so easily.

            Also, he will not like to have to build up another program from scratch. It would be very difficult to out compete the Alabamas and Floridas, so the program will take several years to rebuild.

            Just do not think that Chip wants to deal with recruiting and personnel problems. Chip just wants to coach, and not deal with those headaches.

            Money cant buy happiness.

            1. seb,

              Your first paragraph may very well be true. I disagree about Kelly only wanting to coach. He has always wanted more power. Money can’t buy happiness but he can’t be happy working for Jed and Trent.

              Kelly has always been a big believer in his system. He thought it would work without Shady and Desean. He even thought he could succeed with our roster. This year has been a rude awakening for Chippy. It will take 2 to 8 years to turn things around here. It would take 1 to 4 years to turn around Oregon.

              1. 80, Chip stated clearly that he did not want to deal with personnel matters, and was content to just coach the players he was given.

                Of course, now he is wanting better players, so maybe he does want more say.

                Sure hopes he stays. Otherwise, if Chip leaves, Kaep will also leave.

              2. seb,

                I understand where you are coming from. Kap won’t return without Chip. In hindsight you were right when you said Chip shouldn’t sheathe his most powerful weapon.

                Kap has exceded my expectations on a weekly basis. I thought he would try to force things and throw a lot of picks. He only has two. I thought he would fumble more because of his thumb. I think he has one fumble. He wasn’t as good in the second half. Chip gets some of the blame for that, but Kap improved his second half accuracy Sunday. On the final play he had nobody to throw to and nowhere to run. Kap haters don’t mention that he tied the game against AZ.

                I see the improvements in his game but I just don’t see him as a franchise QB. I think he would have to have an all star team around him to win it all. That is hard to assemble in todays NFL.

                Since I don’t want to bring back Kap I have no reason to want Kelly to stay. Chip is a college coach.

              3. The problem with Kaep as you say #80 is that he needs too much talent to support him and there is not enough in the budget to afford them with him taking the first $14+ million. Is it just a coincidence that there was a ton of talent when Kaep was making rookie contract pay and then the talent level fell off a cliff when he signed for the big bucks? Denver paid a ton to Manning in his last year but it was Von Miller who was the difference in the Super Bowl. The numbers got to add up and they don’t unless Kaep can carry the team and that will never happen.

              4. 80, Joe Montana will be the first to say that he never could have won all those SBs without Ronnie Lott.

                It takes a whole team, with no weak links. It is very rare that one side can dominate so much that the other side is irrelevant. Look at Miami. They had Marino, who was all world, but without a defense, he never won it all. Dilfer, even though he was remedial, did not turn over the ball and let his defense win it.

                I am giddy with delight that Kaep has kicked his detractors in the teeth with his play. I notice that they are not questioning his accuracy, especially after passing for 400 yards, and his running ability scares the bejeebers out of the opposing defense.

                I am saddened that he could not get those last two yards, but he will keep improving. This team , with the defense actually not being putrid, can win games. Kaep just needs to outscore his opponents.

                I do not beg to differ, I strongly disagree, Chip will have a very hard time recruiting, and elite players are decommitting from the program. Players will look at Chip and wonder if he will stay, or quit again. Saban, Meyers and JH will continue to get the cream of the crop, and Chip would be hard pressed to have a better recruiting class than Cal or Stanford. With a few ‘tweaks’, Chip can turn it around. It will take at least 3 years of solid recruiting to turn around that Oregon program.

                Walsh had a hard time turning things around, but even while he was losing, he gave me hope, because I could see how he was assembling all the pieces. Chip is the same way. It was unfortunate that he lost Armstead, Bow and Ray Ray, but with a GM that will actually sign decent FAs, and a lights out draft, he can get over the hump and start winning.

              5. WC, the 14 mil salary hit argument is specious when the Niners may have 100 mil in cap space. They can easily afford him, and actually, compared to players like Cutler, Dawson and Osweiler, Kaep’s deal is a good bargain.

              6. Sure Seb lets just spend because we have the money. That’s a great business model to follow!
                The other thing is Kap is limited, he would need a pro bowl team around him on both sides of the ball to be good again. That means you are spending the entire 100 million in cap space and you better hit on every single draft pick. He is not worth building around.
                Please just stick to watching and no more weak a$$ suggestions. The game has passed you by!

              7. Prime, this team has 43 mil in cap space, and has 43 mil less talent than other teams.

                Reduce my suggestions? I am just getting started.

                Too bad you are butt hurt over being so wrong about Kaep.

              8. Prime, you sound like a toady for Jed, who declared he would not spend money just to spend money.

                How about this- They should spend money to try to WIN, instead of hoarding money and being content to LOSE.

              9. Seb it sounds like you think this is 1989 and Eddie D is in charge and they can spend for the sake of spending.
                But the reality is you will never win building a team through free agency. Its has everything to do with winning but this is the new NFL where every team has to draft and develop. Like I said, the game has passed you by, you are stuck in ideologies from 20 years ago. Time to freshen up old man!

              10. Prime, Denver acquired some key free agents and won it all. GB, who has a draft only strategy, has not won for a while.

                You are such a dinosaur. The era of the pocket passer is over. Nowadays, QBs like Wilson,Mariota, Winston and Cam are the face of the new prototypical QB. Ones who can throw, but also use their legs to give their game a new dimension and threat.

                With the new era of the salary cap, winning teams need to use every means at their disposal to succeed. When a team whiffs on an entire draft class, you blustering about developing talent is clueless.

              11. Seb when you compare Kap to guys like Russell, Mariota, Newton, you forget one small detail. All those guys have developed from running QB’s to be very effective in the pocket. Maybe you only watch 49er games and don’t see what the rest of the league is doing.

                Denver won with a pocket passer last year, the year before,Tom Brady, the year before that Russell Wilson, the year before that Joe Flacco. The year before that Eli Manning, the year before that Aaron Rodgers. See the trend here Seb. All QB’s who don’t rely on the roll out and stand in the pocket and deliver the ball. The game is not changing towards this prototypical QB you hope for. That’s your wish because that’s all Kaepernick can do well. Sorry but the game is not changing based on your agenda or the fact you cheer for a guy who is limited in making certain NFL throws.
                Maybe it is time to take your head out of the sand!

              12. Prime, Wilson is a scrambling QB, who is most effective on the run. Cam is very similar to Kaep. Both those QBs were in the last 3 SBs.

                Putting up Manning is not a good example. He was a shell of his past self, and pulled a Dilfer by reducing the turnovers and letting the defense win it all.

                Sounds great to intone that a QB must be able to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball, but teams are finding out ways to negate those strengths, and the slow pocket passer will just get buried. Just ask Brady last AFCCG. Aaron Rodgers may deliver from the pocket, but he is also very mobile.

                Yes those QBs did win, but they also had great supporting casts. Soon, the immobile pocket passer will be extinct as your ideas. The dual threat QB who threatens to both pass and run will be the wave of the future. Just look at Lamar Jackson, and even Dak Prescott.

              13. Seb, how many years has Brady been winning without his legs? Wilson still a threat to run is getting it done in the pocket. He is not like Kap, he has evolved. Again, you have not watched many Dallas Cowboy games because Dak is getting it done yes with a supporting cast, but not relying on his legs. He is able to stand in and make every NFL throw.
                All these guys nowadays are mobile, they all can run, even Rodgers but the fact you ignore is that they make their living and are successful because they have the ability to stand in and deliver from the pocket. That will never change, look at the past SB winning QB’s. There is no denying that.

                You say “Soon, the immobile pocket passer will be extinct as your ideas”
                Well until you can show me a running QB making it to the SB and winning it, I’m going with what is currently winning in todays NFL son!

              14. RGIII: running QB-injury prone
                Old wind up QB-Flash in the pan
                EJ Manuel: running QB-limited passer.

                Now look at every other team in the NFL. Who else has a running QB and is successful?

            2. Kelly needs to go back to college for a long time and evolve, like Pete Carroll did. This season has been one big double-down for him. He has changed nothing since his days in Philly.

              1. Sorry to disagree, but if Chip quits to go back to college, no NFL team will ever give him another chance. Pete Carrol is an anomaly.

              2. Nick Saban quit on his team, and he’ll be back in the NFL shortly.

                Disagree all you like. :) That’s the fun of it.

              3. Sorry to disagree again. Saban wants more records, and is treated like a God at Bama. He got kicked around in the NFL.

                He has a cush deal and an unfair advantage at Bama, so why jump ship when he has smooth sailing?

              4. Because he already has a Hall-of-Fame resume in college. He needs the next challenge. Plus, he no longer is the highest-paid football coach in the world — Harbaugh is. Saban would love to take back that title. Every coach wants a raise.

              5. And Saban has won everything he can at the college level. Guys like him need the next challenge. They are not content on just money, he has plenty. The NFL will give him that next challenge, full control, and of course money!

              6. Saban is treated well, and the Bama boosters will be throwing wheelbarrows of money at him to stay.

                Chip is making 6 mil. JH is making 10 mil. Saban, if he is thinking about going to the pros, may make more than if he stays.

              7. Saban seems like the kind of coach who wants to be known as the best coach in the world, not just the best in college football. I could be wrong. Turning around the 49ers would be his ticket to the NFL Hall of Fame.

              8. Money does not motivate guys like Harbaugh and Saban. Its the challenge of winning that drives these guys. Eventually Harbaugh will return because he will have won everything at the NCAA level.
                No greater reward than competing and winning at the highest level and that’s the NFL.
                I am actually surprised Urban Meyer has not made the jump.

              9. Meyer knows he’d fail in the NFL. That strictly-spread-shotgun stuff doesn’t work in the NFL. Gotta have more than that.

              10. There’s no doubt Harbaugh will go back to the NFL at some point imo, but I still can’t see Saban doing it at his age unless it’s a team ready made to challenge for a SB. Agree on Meyer, he’s strictly a College Coach.

              11. Maybe Saban would prefer the Packers. But would they give him the money and control he wants?

              12. Meyer will try the NFL after his kids finish school. If Saban could be to the 49ers what Carroll has been to the Seahawks, then I’m all in!

              13. I agree Grant. Ive been watching the game a long time but one thing that’s always worked in the NFL in my opinion, is you have to be able to run the ball, play good defense and have a QB that can make all the throws. All this other stuff coming out of the college game works for half a season.

                Trying to implement a different scheme like rolling QB’s out, wish bone, read option, spread formation is all gimmicky. Yes there is a few plays where every offense should have these type of plays, but in the end its about running the ball, having a QB make all throws, and playing not to lose defense.

              14. I also don’t think Meyer would be successful in the NFL but it would interesting to see him make the jump. I’m sure he would want full control and a boat load of dough. He is set for life at OSU but again, is it not more rewarding winning and competing against the best?

              15. If Saban was to make a jump back to the NFL, the Packers would be a much better option than SF for sure. All the elements in place to win a Championship in a short period of time would be there.

                I don’t think Meyer has any interest in the NFL. He’s had some health issues that forced him to walk away previously and only came back because OSU was his dream job. I think this will be the last Coaching job for him.

      2. I don’t know if they feel he’s got enough experience, but Scott Frost could be on Oregon’s short list.

          1. In system sure, but they’ll be looking at his temperament and recruiting skills beyond that. Frost fits the criteria you mentioned earlier. Only question is whether they feel he needs more experience as a HC.

              1. On the other hand, if Phil Knight intends to spend $10 million a season on a coach, he probably would want someone with more clout than Frost.

              2. That’s certainly possible, but as you said previously they tend to keep things within their circle of Coaches. Other than Chip, there really isn’t the big name out there that they can throw that kind of money at imo.

            1. Frost is another offensive wizard, but Oregon needs a balanced coach who is solid in all phases.

              At Oregon, they have learned that it is very hard to out score the opponents. Their defense was non existent.

              1. For the sake of my prediction, I’m nervous they’ll hire Greg Schiano. He’d be a flop, though. And he sure ain’t worth $10 million per.

              2. If you think Meyer will jump to the NFL, wouldn’t Schiano want to hang around Ohio State and be Meyer’s successor?

  6. PJ Fleck may be the best man for the Oregon job, because of his recruiting skills. Knight will be intrigued by the possibilities.

    Still think Chip will not quit, but may if they retain Baalke.

      1. Grant how much do you think Modgkins has contributed to this offense? I mean is he just a puppet or what exactly is his role, run game?

  7. With Baalke’s enabling, Jed has securely built a team in his image. Will Jed consider pushing the reset button or continue plowing ahead into mediocrity?

  8. Grant, Meyer won’t make the jump until his kids are done with school, and I don’t think Nate will be done until 2018….

  9. Bill Musgrave may be a solid candidate, but he may want to finish out the season, and Oregon needs to start recruiting right away.

    Schiano may be the most needed candidate, because they need defensive help, but PJ Fleck may be the one Phill Knight likes the most. Other than Kelly, of course, but kelly may be a recruiting liability.

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