George Kittle on “disrespectful” comments about Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy takes more shots off the field than he does on it.

The latest coming Monday morning from Dan Orlovsky of ESPN, “If Mac Jones was in San Francisco, he would be playing like Brock Purdy,” said the former NFL quarterback on Monday’s show.

George Kittle was asked about Orlovsky’s comment during an interview with the Murph and Mac show on KNBR Tuesday morning.

“I saw that this morning,” responded the 49ers tight end. “That’s disrespectful to Brock Purdy.

“I think Mac Jones is a fine quarterback. Currently what Brock’s doing, you look at his stats, just watch the tape. Just watch him move in the pocket, watch some of the throws he’s making. It’s phenomenal.”

Comments like the one made by Orlovsky are becoming all too common these days.

Almost every conversation around Purdy’s performance is tempered with, “you can drop any decent quarterback into that 49ers offense, and they’d be putting up those numbers.”

Every successful quarterback has done so with help from the players around them. Look no further than the supporting casts of Joe Montana and Steve Young.

While winning NFL MVP honors and five Super Bowls, the two had players such as Dwight Clark, Freddie Solomon, Fred Dean, Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Ricky Watters and many more to work with.

One of the many traits Purdy shares with the former 49ers greats is his approach to the game. Kittle touched on this.

“I feel like I am with a lethal killer in my huddle,” said Kittle. “It’s really impressive, just his dedication to it, how he works.

“When he gets in the huddle he is like a different person. In the locker room he’s got this cheerfulness to him. But the second he gets on the field it’s all business.”


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  1. It seems like most of the commentary regarding BP is on the extreme. Its either disrespectful or over the top. Today alone I have heard at least 4 talking heads or ex players/coaches compare BP to Montana and the 49ers to some of the all time great teams. Can we please slow the roll, enjoy each win on its own and crown BP and the team after the season if appropriate. Remember Mike Tomczak started his career 10-0. Thats right Mike who?

    1. But this is sports entertainment which by definition is aimed at stirring emotions through exaggeration and purposeful antagonism. It’s considered fun. Save solemnity for courts and funerals.

    2. I echo your comments. Let’s just get the next first down, the next score, game etc..
      I’ll add that I felt a sense of calm the first time I saw Brock on the field and his calm in the pocket, his movement, running one way and throwing the other. Finally a Niner QB. He will become Brock. If he continues doing what he’s done, The way he moves and throws, his quick assessment, and good decision making, he has the makings of a Montana /Young hybrid in my opinion.

      1. Excellent analysis Ann. Sometimes the thing Brock does best is throw the ball away because there’s nothing there. He has the confidence in his own ability and that of his teammates and coaching staff to know that a better option will soon present itself. Processing the play, decision making, calm, confidence: all those intangibles that are tough to measure. But if you saw his downfield throws against Dallas, you’d have to admit he’s got the ability, too.
        Brock Steady Baby!

    3. Football is a game. Everybody plays his/her piece differently. Everyone wants to be part of the action and they achieve that as best they can.

      Downplaying BP because of good protection is bull. On each play Purdy is all business and remains calm & controlled no matter what. This boy is going places & I hope he takes his 49er team with him!

    4. Get over yourself. He’s doing it right now and trying to take away from him shows what a small, simple person you are.

    5. I Think Brock Purdy is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. There’s always gonna be haters. He’s not the fastest, he doesn’t have the strongest arm, but what he does have is one of the most strategic minds and the ability to make it happen. He has groomed himself to be one of the greatest to ever do it, and mark my words, he will reach that plateau. Check the film! This is not temporary! He’s not a fluke! The return from Injury of that magnitude as early as he did should speak volumes! His college film should speak volumes! His speedy decision making skills in the pocket are phenomenal. He’s the perfect example of a QB maximizing his best attributes. He will join the rankings of other past elites of 49ers such as Joe Montana and Steve Young before he’s done. I stand by that statement. Mark my words, “Hall of Fame”. Brock purdy’s haters, are fuel to his fire! Keep it up B.P.

  2. I’m sorry but Dan Orlovsky is just an idiot. I used to like him but it’s become obvious he spews nonsense just to create content. If I see him talking I’m reaching for the remote. The reality is that Brock Purdy’s knack for reading defenses, delivering the ball with absolutely incredible anticipation and play making ability are next level. There are a few young very promising QBs that have come into the league recently that make the future of the NFL look very bright. Tua, CJ Stroud, and Brock Purdy are showing out like 10 year vets. Brock might be the best QB in the NFL in a year or two. He’s the highest rated passer and he hasn’t even played a full season’s worth of games. Purdy is special and it’s fun to watch. If you really want to see how special Brock Purdy is then watch this breakdown from JT O’Sullivan. Oh – and I do share that bewilderment as to why Shanahan is lining CMC up 5 yards off the ball when he motions out of the backfield. That seems stupid to me.

    1. Dan Orlovsky? His job is to be an idiot, on that note while we are at it; why does GC suddenly have so many postings. Every other thing i am seeing today is SI it seems. So either he likes BP or not; confusion

      Another question; i saw GC write a piece yesterday, pretty much the same drivel as the one referenced in the above by JH, something like any good QB can do what BP is doing with KS Really? OK. I think there could be more to what is going on with BP but i guess if your a writer its a good way to get attention to your name and your crummy little piece, even if you have no clue about what you are writing about —> Dan Orlovsly or whatever

      1. Correction the Dan Orlovsky was a comment on a show with Rex Ryan. Also he clarifies later in a tweet that he does think that Brock Purdy is pretty good. FTR

    2. Purdys performance is enhanced because he was so poorly assessed before (aka Mr irrelevant in the pick.) showing an awful lot of pundits/talking heads are worthless. Even if Purdy turns out to be just an average QB .. he will embarrass those pundits. Go Niners!

  3. I don’t believe Dan was saying that Purdy wasn’t a good QB, I think he was pointing out that the 49ers offensive line was so good, that any QB in the league (Wilson, both Jones etc) would be much better than we’re they currently are…

  4. Some of the commentary on Purdy is ridiculous. Yes, Mac Jones would be a better QB if he played for the Niners. There is no question that having great players around you, is a big help to a QB but just watch him play and you rarely see that kind of decision making, poise and accuracy. The person who is most qualified to evaluate his play is Kyle and he can hardly contain himself with praise for Purdy.
    It’s not about a win loss record as QB is only one person on a team, albeit the most important. Its about quality of play. I don’t think its too soon to be thinking about how he compares to Montana. Stats wise, he is just blowing away every other QB in the league. For those people who were concerned about his almost interceptions in practice or his noodle arm, look at the stats. No interceptions in 5 games and 2nd in yards per throw.
    Comparing him to Montana or anyone else is an opinion but its hard to deny that he is a very very good QB and he’s only started a handful of games. There is no reason not to expect that he will get even better.

    1. The Montana comparisons need to wait. Montana 4 SBs Purdy 0. A more realistic comparison would be at this point in his career ( 10 starts) Brock Purdy has surpassed Joe Montana at the same point. Purdy may some day reach Montana’s level but not yet.

        1. Agree. Even how he drops back- watch his footwork and as he releases the football. He looks like a dead ringer for Montana out there.

          History will likely show he’s not Montana, but he’s a damn great QB. And he sure looks the part.

        2. Agree. There are many similarities, and that gives hope and confidence going forward. But, until a 49ers QB can put a few SB trophies on the shelf, that’s where the similarities end, imo.

          Montana is in rarified air space. After 30yrs he is still held in the highest regard not just in San Francisco, but throughout the football world. Brock Purdy could possibly be the next great QB, but he’s not there yet, and that’s a fact.

            1. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve described Purdy as Montana-esq and great. How does that equate to me saying a 2nd year QB can’t be great?
              So, show me where I said Purdy wasn’t great?

              1. Are you kidding? Read your last sentence above. “he’s not there yet, and that’s a fact. ”
                I was actually questioning “that’s a fact”. I think its all opinion.

              2. Felix,
                Can you actually offer anything on here of substance beside squawking at posters that have a different view than yours?

            2. “Brock Purdy could possibly be the next great QB, but he’s not there yet, and that’s a fact.”

              Are kidding! He isn’t great yet. If you had reading comprehension, you would have noticed that I don’t attribute greatness for him or any 49ers QB until they win a SB. That may not be your standard, but it is mine.
              Jeff Garcia could fall under the “great” category, but he never won a SB. Where’s your love for him?

              1. I read it the way you wrote it and here’s what you’ve written on todays blog. “Over the past couple of weeks I’ve described Purdy as Montana-esq and great” and just now “I don’t attribute greatness for him or any 49ers QB until they win a SB”. No need to try and insult me with the reading comprehension line because you can’t remember what you wrote.

          1. AES,
            Along with SBs I want to see BP lead the 9ers on some big come backs before I put him on Montana’s level. Montana led some incredible come backs starting in 1980 when trailing 35-7 at half time versus the Saints he led the 9ers to a 38-35 victory. Now to be fair BP might not get the chance to lead this team on any big come backs but his chances will eventually come around.

            1. Coach,
              Purdy is on a great trajectory to greatness. And I agree with Jack, that there are some similarities with Montana.
              But, it’s important to acknowledge that if any QB is put in a Montana conversation, Superbowl wins cannot be excluded.

              Purdy might able to win a SB and that would be great. Montana set the bar high, and any Montana comparisons show follow that standard, imho.

            2. OC, BP will not be on Montana’s accomplishment level for a long time!
              But I and others are comparing him to Joe qua playing style, nothing wrong with that.
              Two different things all together

  5. Some people get confused between skill level and accomplishments. Purdy has a long way to go before his accomplishments can be compared to Montana or Young. Skill level, however, is a different story.

  6. What really stands out to me: an Iowa Hawkeye (Kittle) sticking up for an Iowa State Cyclone (Purdy). What’s the world coming to?

  7. I agree to not comparing him to the greats yet. Let’s see how the rest of his career goes especially during his second full year when defenses have had time to figure him out in the off season, but I will say this, if it’s the weapons and the scheming by Shanahan then why didn’t Trey Lance or Jimmy succeed. Yes Jimmy had success and being injury prone didn’t help but he still made a lot of mistakes Brock isn’t. BP was genuinely under drafted but I think he has a chance to be great. Let’s wait and see. I support him and the 49ets always though.

  8. If you have not already, go watch BPs college tapes. It’s all there. The same throws he is making in the pros, he is making there. Same accuracy, anticipation AND elusiveness. Fact is, the scouts just missed him for all the reasons scouts do, because they cannot measure the intangibles and are too focused on arm strength and athleticism. Maybe, two of the best comparisons in terms of both ability and being overlooked are Russell Wilson and Drew Brees. Both were drafted higher, but neither as high as they should have been based on their tape and college success. Purdy received almost no attention because he played for the Cyclones. Brees was a heisman candidate his final year, and Wilson played at Wisconsin on a very good team (won Big 10). Both of them still fell because of athletic limitations. Based on his tape, career, Purdy was just as effective. In other words, he probably would have been similarly drafted had he played at a bigger football school (3rd or 4th rd).

    1. Born and raised in the SWC/SEC and a Cyclone alum, I have been saying this since November 2019. Everybody is all gaga over Hurts. I get it. But Brock held his own. His college career stats were better than Hurts’, but then we get into the whole SEC v Big 12 debate. Lol

      Whatever good comes Brock’s way, I’m here for it and proud for him, even if my Chiefs lose a game or 2 to them along the way.

    2. DaNiners,
      BP was predicted to go in the early 5th round after his junior year before he decided to return to school. Something happened during his senior year to knock him down to a predraft prediction of a low 7th or UDFA. Maybe his combine performance?

    3. The issue is that the scouts are not looking for the right things. If, as you say, it’s all there, then they should have been able to accurately predict Purdy’s success. I say that, but at the same time, I’m very happy as we got a great steal; esp. when you consider that the Lance fiasco could have set this team back several years. Kudos to Griese for being able to correctly evaluate QB talent. Although in the background, Griese has been a big addition to the coaching staff.

  9. Hate to bring up GC. But somebody must be pushing Cohn to produce or else. Just has to be. What else can explain the unusually high number of articles he’s been turning out lately. Never done that before. Certainly not with this blog. He was often MIA. Something’s got to be going on. SI saying produce or else???

  10. Read Marcus Thompson in today’s Athletic. He masterfully shows Purdys throws in last Sundays game. If this doesn’t make you a believer then nothing will

  11. Read Marcus Thomson’s article in today’s Athletic. He breaks down Purdys throws in detail. If this doesn’t make you a believer then nothing will

  12. Brock’s ‘problem’ is that he isn’t spectacular or flashy (even though, he has been improving on that too). He’s very efficient and sees the field.
    Like I said before very similar to Joe.
    If any QB would do in this offense, we would have kept Lance or even Johnson….

    1. I wouldn’t call it a problem unless the only goal is media coverage. Always leave them underestimating your abilities in my opinion.

      1. Agreed, that’s why ‘problem ‘ is in quotation marks.
        I hope all opponents underestimate BP!

  13. Garappolo was in the same offense. So was Trey. Brock is special. He reminds me of Montana’s poise under pressure.

  14. Brock has the heart of a champion. You can try to explain him away because of his amazing teammmates, but the truth is that he seems to have the champion gene. He will continue to grow into a great quarterback no matter who his teammates are. He just seems to have the “it” factor, as did Joe Montana, Steve Young and all the other winning quarterbacks. It doesn’t mean that he is on their same level of greatness, but you can tell his trajectory will probably get him there.

  15. Some are saying they need to see more from Purdy. For instance he hasn’t won a Super Bowl and others say they need to see him come from behind in the closing minutes of a game. I do agree with both of those takes however there is a lot of things Purdy hasn’t done yet, another one is he hasn’t learned how to lose!!

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