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  1. sebnynah says:
    October 12, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    His (Hyde’s) pass blocking needs improvement, but being 225 lbs, he should be a more effective blocker than 190 lbs Breida.


    “Perhaps it’s better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, rather than to open it and remove all doubt.”—-Mark Twain.

    49ers notes: How Matt Breida ate into Carlos Hyde’s playing time—MB

    “Matt Breida grew up studying how Frank Gore and Brian Westbrook operated in pass protection.

    The common denominators for both running backs: Neither is very big but both were — and in Gore’s case, still is — excellent blockers.
    “I would say it comes down to your heart and how bad do you want to block the guy in front of you,” said Breida, a 49ers rookie tailback, on the art of pass protecting. “You can be my size and block the guy who’s 250, 260. It’s about how bad you want it.”

    But the strides he’s made in picking up blitzing linebackers and safeties has led to a bigger role in the 49ers’ offense as the season’s progressed, one that likely will evolve into a rotation of sorts with starter Carlos Hyde.”

    M. Barrows

    1. *Breida, who went undrafted out of Georgia Southern in April, outplayed Hyde in the most recent game against the Indianapolis Colts and also out-snapped him; he was on the field for 35 snaps Sunday, Hyde for 33.

    2. Common physics would say that a player who is 30 lbs lighter than the pass rusher, will be more effective than a player who is 60 lbs lighter than a pass rusher.
      It does matter how much you want it, but I have seen too many players like Breida get crushed like a soda can taking on pass rushers, so his heart may be in the right place, but his body will not withstand the beating he will get.

      1. Seb,

        Perhaps you would like to drive to 4949 Centennial and debate the Head Coach on the matter, he’s the basis of the quote and article, not me.

        “He’s been very good in protections for a guy who’s not very big,” Shanahan said. “He does not flinch. He puts his feet in the ground. He puts his face in people. You have to have that, especially at his size, to have a chance to protect. He’s also a smart guy who works at it, so he’s got his eyes in the right spot.”

  2. But according to’s Daniel Jeremiah, (Josh) Allen, Wyo., has a higher ceiling than top-ranked prospects like USC’s Sam Darnold or UCLA’s Josh Rosen:

    “College football is loaded with talented signal-callers, but Allen has the highest ceiling of the entire group. I struggle to come up with a good player comparison for him. He’s way ahead of Chiefs first-round pick Patrick Mahomes from a development standpoint and I think he has a much higher upside.”

  3. I just want the Niners to win a damn game and not put a tank in the abrams of societies oppression against minorities

  4. Seb,

    Really, are we going down this road on the virtual eve of a great 49er upset this weekend ?….We could be 4-1, and remember, reading is fundamental.

  5. Then the LORD said unto Cousins, go in unto the Pharaoh of Redskins, Danses, and tell him, Thus saith the LORD God of the Hebrews, let me go, that I might play for the 49ers, and lead them back to the promise land….

    1. Didn’t Mike Holmgren pull that on Reggie White (Pretending he was the Lord and to sign with Green Bay) and White did ?….Funny Stuff.

  6. Adam Schefter reporting NaVorro Bowman is back on the trading block with Foster expected to return. According to Schefter, multiple teams have shown interest.

  7. There is a very clear and simple reason the 49ers are 0-5 and it has nothing to do with the reasons GC comes up with like Coaching, not having an OC etc. It’s pretty simple and anyone with an ounce of knowledge about what needs to be in place to achieve success in this league would not have expected much more than what is happening.

    The first thing is both sides of the ball are learning completely new systems. That is not easy especially when the offense is so complicated in regards to pre snap movement, alignment and route combinations. It takes a long time to master and the Falcons with far more talent than the 49ers possess, also took time to get comfortable with it.

    More than half the team is made up of players who were not here last year. Football is a game of reliance on knowing what the players around you are doing at all times. It takes many many hours of repetition and game speed experience to get to the point of being consistently able to produce at a high level. This offense is still in its infancy and will get better as they go along but it doesn’t happen quickly.

    The third and most relevant issue that will be facing this team for at least another year if not two: They don’t have elite talent at the skill positions and the overall roster is devoid of players who can alter a game. They don’t have any of the following:

    A true number 1 QB
    A top level pass rusher
    A strong OL
    Coverage players at the Corners
    Dominant receiver that takes coverage away from others

    You can’t win in this league consistently without a QB. You sure as heck can’t do it without the other areas they are missing. Combine the lack of playmakers with the other issues they have listed above and you get 0-5 and a season of trying to figure out who will be a factor going forward and who will be shown the door.

    I know many of you believed GC when he was talking about how this team was trying to win now and would go 9-7, but as you can see that simply isn’t the case and never was. They are in a complete and total rebuild from top to bottom and are at least competitive while doing it. Criticizing the Coaching, game plans, staff etc. is just missing the point and nothing but venting because they aren’t playing the way you thought they would. I would suggest those of you who thought this team would magically become better overnight, start to look at it as a process and try to be patient because it’s going to take time.

    1. Niner realist, you’ve certainly wrapped it up beautifully, and in a tight little nutshell. There’s not much more to it than that. Well done!

      Here’s to hoping the 49ers hit on a true franchise QB this offseason. It all starts with that position.

      Cheers! Go Niners!

    2. As our senior statesman on the board, htwaits, pointed out recently, of the 71 plus 49er seasons us faithful have endured, there have been 66 plus “Wait until next year” seasons. I do believe however, that this is the earliest call of “Wait until next year” we have had so far. Please correct me if you think I’m wrong on this.

      1. 1978. O’Connor and McCulley did not inspire confidence.
        2005. Niners were last ranked in almost every category.

  8. Nice Realist. Your making way to much sense. Stop it!! ;>)

    Sorry to see Bowman go but it was time. He probably shouldn’t have made the roster. I don’t think Walsh would have kept him. Bow’s a great Forty Niner and will be missed. I wish him and his family nothing but the best.

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