Grant Cohn discusses the 49ers’ potential playoff matchups on 95.7 The Game

San Francisco 49ers’ George Kittle waves as he leaves the field after an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

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  1. Dee looks like he’s ready to go. Should be no more than 20 judicious snaps per game on 3rd downs until they get to the Super Bowl.

      1. His legs look like they’ve got some explosion in them, and he’s just being overly cautious. I expect him to be a big factor in next week’s divisional playoff game, along with Tartt’s return to the secondary. Gonna be a nice one, two punch for the defense….

    1. Grant really mispredicted the Vikings game. They ran all over the saints. Vikes have a good DL and potent running game. We need to be ready. Cousins vs Jimmy!

    2. Hey Grant, I’m just curious … how are you feeling about our DK Metcalf debate right about now? All he did was set a rookie postseason single game record today, in his first ever postseason game. Didn’t I argue till I was blue in the face that, a guy with his physical skill set, can run a limited route tree and still be a force in the NFL? As I tried to tell everyone prior to the draft, Megatron sat out the 3 Cone Drill during his Combine because he knew he would fail, and he also ran a limited route tree throughout his entire career ….. how did that turn out for Calvin?

      My fear was that Metcalf would fall to the Patriots …. and now I wish he had!


        1. I am not 100% sure I would rather have DK over Deebo, strictly because of the way Kyle schemes his offense, but I absolutely hate that he landed with Seattle. And my goodness, how in the world did DK fall all the way out of the first round, and how badly do TB12 and the Cheating-Belichick’s wish they had drafted DK Metcalf over N’Keal Harry, right about now? Wow!

          1. Honestly I think Metcalf fell a bit because he really only fits with a few qb’s/offenses. He wouldn’t have done nearly as well in NE or here.
            He fits well in Seattle because Russ is great at extending the play and throwing the deep ball (and comeback). This is perfect for his skill set.
            I think he would have fit well in Tampa, GB, Pitt (with Big Ben), and perhaps Tenn.

            1. Interesting take Shoup. TB12 doesn’t extend plays like Russ, but one of his strengths is his accuracy throwing outside the numbers. How many times over the years did we watch Tom toss a deep ball down the perimeter and let Moss or Gronk go up and get it?

              1. Shoup makes a great point here.
                The other knock on DK is injury history. He broke his neck in college. That’s an injury I’d really stay away from when drafting.
                I said the same about Leighton Vander Esch, and year one I looked wrong, but how many games did he miss with neck problems this year?
                Injuries happen to everyone, but certain ones I’d just stay away from. A broken neck being one of them.

              2. Fair enough Bebsie, but not all neck injuries are the same. DK Metcalf did not suffer a catastrophic neck fracture. He has a fusion at only one level to treat disc herniation and/or ligamentous instability. If he had needed a second level fused, that indeed would have jeopardize his career, but lucky for him and the Seahawks’, that wasn’t the case. Many players have continued their career’s from a single level fusion surgery, which is why his injury was not of a major concern for teams prior to the draft. Most draft experts believe he slipped in the draft due to his raw route running and poor 3-Cone drill.

              3. Just so we are clear, I am not upset with the route the 49ers took. Deebo is a perfect fit for Kyle’s offense, and as you guys have stated, fit matters. That said, I am upset that 31 other teams passed on him, and many passed on him more than once. DK should have been drafted no later than the 25th pick of the first round of the draft, and I suspect my feelings about that will be proven correct in the coming years. The notion that his limited ability to run an entire route tree is akin to not seeing the forest through the trees.Players of his physical skill set don’t need an entire route tree in order to become a dominant WR force. Look no further than Randy Moss, and Calvin Johnson, to name but a few. Now that we will likely have to face that beast at least twice a season, we’ll know for certain in due time.

                We’ll see. So far, DK is who I thought he was!

              4. 49,
                I completely agree regarding the 3 cone drill. Bigger, faster guys will always struggle at this as it’s harder to change directions for them. But who cares? Their size should make them hard to jam, their speed makes them hard play off of without bailing early. This means the should still have a lot routes available to them. The go, post, drag and comeback to start with… then if the db has to lay off them the comeback, bubble screen, even the out and dig become available.
                It’s really only the quick hitters and double move routes that they might struggle with.

              5. You’re spot on Shoup! I’d be interested for Grant to chime in, as he and I debated DK’s NFL potential prior to the draft.

              1. I didn’t want to give the impression I don’t think DK is a special player with unique abilities.
                49 I agree with you wholeheartedly about the fact that he never should have dropped to the Seahawks and I hate that he did.
                I was just echoing what Shoup said about scheme fit and being happy with Deebo, and adding my real concerns with DK. Although it seems I had some misconceptions about his neck injury.
                It would still worry me drafting him though.
                Then again, there’s concerns about every single player in the draft.
                I think we’re all pretty much on the same page.

  2. :15 …..Looks like the end of the NE dynasty….

    Lol…its over… good it was at home …all those fans finally get to feel what it feels like losing…

    1. Bit premature. People seem to hold them to impossible standards. To me, Brady still looks like he can play. Just needs a bit more help from the rest of the team now. That’s on Bill.

    1. Dude I guess you’re back to being the old oneniner (circa 2011?)……..

      Yeah, the one……. that uses a dozen ellipses………… in every sentence of your post…………

  3. Vrabel would have made a great DC, but it wouldn’t have lasted. Looks like he’s gonna have a long and successful career as a head coach.

  4. I’ve been saying it since last years super bowl.
    Brady is done!
    His defense didn’t save his a** this year in the playoffs.
    Dynasty DONE!
    Baltimore better not sleep on the titans team.
    They come out rusty and they could find themselves down quick and tired by the 3rd with Henry hanging 200 on them

  5. Grant how do you figure bringing him back against the saints more than likely will be better?
    If he’s going to Re-injure this injury it could happen after play 1.
    It could happen after play 60.
    Why would you want him on the field bs New Orleans rusty and not in game shape?
    Makes no sense.
    Totally disagree.
    If he’s not really needed for the next game then why play him at all?
    One week isn’t going to make a big difference

  6. Looking at the possible matchups, the Seahawks have lost 3 out of their last 4 games. The Eagles won the East by winning their last 4 games.
    I think that the Seahawks are backing into these playoffs, so they are vulnerable. Eagles will have home field advantage, and they do have a defense.
    Like the Patriots this last game, the Seahawks are riding for a fall.

  7. grant, you were wrong about EVERYTHING!! Must be nice to work in a field were theres zero accountability!! you been bashing Lynch, Shanny, Saleh, JG……. you wanted them to draft QW over Bosa……you poopooed the Kwon singing …..Trashed the Sherman singing ……crapped on the entire secondary……man the list goes on! deny it! please, any of it!!

    To top it all off….you consider yourself i titan, who can chase ppl out of town with the stroke of your pen….or keyboard ( cohn zohn #2) lmao!!!!……and that was 7-8 years ago!!!! lolololololol….during the Harbaugh era! Maaaaannnnnn! Mr big head.
    I remember when i first found this blog………….you kept telling everyone we would draft a cb first round……not only did it never happen…..but cb’s are the biggest draft bust , as a group, when taken in the first round…….
    Tavon Austin was gonna kill us for a decade…..
    Not drafting Coby Fleener was gonna haunt us for a decade……

    dude, have you been right about anything?? i mean, for someone who opines for a living……you must have gotten something right!!!???? Even a broken clock is right twice a day!!

    on a lighter note… have grown a lot as a journalist over the last 8 years. I do like the podcast…..assuming you learn to speak into the mic ASAP!
    it just rubs me the wrong way that youve crapped on every move for so long……….and now act as if it never happened cuz the team is good!!

      1. This draft class is suppose to WR heavy with the most talent coming out in years.
        Do you think Pettis is on the team next year?

        1. I doubt he’ll be on the team next year. Here’s the depth chart:
          1. Samuel
          2. Sanders (if he re-signs).
          3. Bourne
          4. James Jr.
          5. Taylor
          6. Hurd

            1. Taylor, No.
              He gets injured by a stiff breeze and he takes up a roster spot that could be better used on someone else. Yes, he and Jimmy have chemistry, but in that regard, he’s just a less explosive version of Sanders.

              1. Taylor had bad luck with his broken foot, and even more bad luck with the surgery complications.
                Still, he performed well in TC, and if Sanders does not re-sign, Taylor would be a good, inexpensive replacement.
                Taylor just seems to have a knack to get open in the slot. JG likes him.

              2. If it was only a foot injury I could agree with that.
                My problem is that he has suffered concussions, rib, back and foot injuries… two of which required surgeries. The back and foot injuries are especially concerning to me… so he is not a guy I would gamble on.

              1. Agreed. The offense isn’t the same without him. Deebo is having a great season but look at his splits before and after Sanders came in.
                Also, when Jimmy needs a first down he’s looking for kittle or Sanders because they are better at getting open.

          1. It’s a decent group but I don’t think Sanders resigns. Only because they need some size and Bourne, Samuel and Taylor can do what Sanders does.

            I think they either draft another WR or look at Robbie Anderson.

            But it’s true, Pettis is a bust. He clearly has a passion for photography and not football.

          2. It’s not a deep FA WR group, so there may be a decent market for Sanders if there are teams looking for an experienced WR. May not be easy to keep him.

            Even if they don’t re-sign Sanders I doubt Pettis makes the 53-man roster next year. Heck, he might not even make it to camp – wouldn’t be surprised at all if they try and trade him.

          3. I agree with Grant’s opening day WR depth chart, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Hurd will quickly make his way up the depth chart during the season, thanks to his versatility and mismatch potential. Hurd is a physical player who not only isn’t afraid of contact, he actually seeks it. Something tells me he’s going to earn Kyle’s confidence in very short order.

            1. Hurd and Samuel are the future in Shanny’s offensive vision. Positionless and interchangeable skill positions that get wide open due to the defensive confusion in assignments. I like to call it, Communication Breakdown, giving the opposing DC’s a nervous breakdown!

              That’s one of the reasons I think Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU would be the perfect compliment to those two physical freaks. Speed kills, and Goodwin is no longer a wanted man….

            2. agree..Hurd is an impressive wr. we need big, tough WR’s. Pettis and Goodman are gone. We need some more talent in our WR crew.

      2. pettis has talent, he lacks heart……’cuz he’s always had money……his dad played MLB…….id say being benched is a wake up call……i wouldnt be surprised if the light gets turned on and we see major strides this off season! with that said, i think the jury still out.
        I think allen was too similar to Ford ( but younger, healthier, more reliable)……. Bosa more of a true D end, he can defend the run. Allen and Ford are more like OLB’s…….in the wide 9…….thats fine. They get wide enough to evade OT’s instead of going nose to nose….

        you were right about AJ Jenkins though weren’t you???

    1. Grant also touted Zach Cunningham, ILB, who had a pretty good game yesterday.
      Instead,they moved up to grab Reuben Foster.

      1. Speaking of Foster, Grant noted this in May of ’18…

        I predict the 49ers will release Foster or a week or two after the draft, probably on a Friday, just to bury the news. And I predict Foster will go to prison.

          1. Just stay in your lane and you won’t get the backlash you always cry about.
            You said you’ve changed but once again, all talk!

            1. All talk? Like you declaring you prefer the Niners to beat the Seahawks in the Clink, during the playoffs?
              Stay in a lane? Sounds like you veered off into the weeds. with your bombast and bravado.

              1. I told you they could go into Seattle and win and could do it again if they had to. There was never a doubt!
                Winning championships is never easy. You would know that if you played any type of sport!

              2. You WANTED to go to the Clink and play again. That would make it twice as hard to win. I want them to win out, and have that bye. You disparage my sports participation, but do not tout your own experience. Your grasp of game strategy is sorely lacking, if you think that making it twice as hard to win is smart.
                J, Fooled again.

              3. I told you they could go into Seattle and win and could do it again if they had to.
                It didn’t matter where they play, Seattle 10 times or not, they are built to win anywhere.
                I played football, you haven’t. It’s evident every time you try to give your weak a$$ 2 cents about it!

              4. Prime Cuck, you said it wasn’t likely to happen (that the Niners would get the Bye) so be a good sport and eat your crow!

              5. I had no doubt they could go into Seattle, twice if needed and win. Where I said they wouldn’t and that it would be too hard is what’s is being debated Rookie Rena!
                Facts! Something you Brits always leave out.

              6. Are you really at the stage where you’re trying to deny what you said in a desperate effort to save face, Prime Cuck? My God man, take a break. Even Jack called you out on it.

              7. Renas, I recall someone – you perhaps? – taking back something said in haste. And that someone – you perhaps? – whining and getting all bent out of shape when being reminded of it. Consider that in your hypocritical efforts of getting someone to eat crow.

        1. I will disagree with Grant. The Browns should not hire Saleh. They need to hire a person with HC experience, who can handle Baker and OBJ.
          Saleh should stay far away from the Browns. Haslam is toxic. He can find a better landing spot. Even the Cowboys, who have a potent offense, but needs lots of help on defense.

      2. Dont start complaining, Sebstrom………….their draft was highly productive. You could not have done as well. They have built a pretty special team from the ashes of Bulky and they’re not done yet.
        The future looks extremely bright. Bringing up mis-steps from the past………why would someone do that, instead of focusing on their future in front of them?

        We all know why your fixated on the past…………….

    2. J-you make good points about the dubious record but remember that it is entertainment with nothing really at stake. Just enjoy!

  8. AFC east showed us what we already knew. Weakest division in the league year after year. First 2 teams out of the tourney. The Bills put something together this year but looking back at the NE dynasty, year after year they always had those 6 patsy games to pad the schedule. Good riddance.

  9. Was hoping you would have done a play by play on the An’ts vs. Min. I’m sure your comments would be far more interesting than Joe the dumb f*** Buck and My A**is akeing.
    Even Sebbie would more interesting that these 2 bozo’s

    1. As a 49er fan I actually like Buck and Aikman. In fact I don’t think there’s a better duo calling games in the league right now. Buck has that certain drama in his voice that reminds you of Summerall. I also like Buck in the World Series.

      Tony Romo also has some good insights. Other than that the rest suck. Michaels is overwhelmed by that cawksucking Collinsworth.

        1. Cousins can, and will be dealt with accordingly. With extra time for Kyle to put together his game game plan, and prepare his team, a fresh, rested, relatively healthy 49ers team will not only turn Cousins into the deer-in-headlights that he usually is under the bright lights…. but also take advantage of the Vikings’ secondary. The Niners will be facing a fatigued Vikings’ team who is now forced to travel on a short turnaround, thus limited time to prepare for the 49ers team speed, and diverse multifaceted attack.

          Take the Niners and lay the points in this one, as the Niners are not only primed and poised to host the NFC Championship game, they are also well positioned to put an absolute beat-down on Minnesota!

          You can take that to the bank Jack …. and you’re welcome!

        2. Skill position talent, defense, Mike Zimmer, and Gary Kubiak. Zimmer is a great DC and Kubiak is the guy who really taught Kyle Shanahan the offense. Kubiak learned from Mike Shanahan but he adapted the offense and is the one who really taught Kyle. Vikings are a scary team.

      1. Yeah. We kept hearing that prior to games against New Orleans and LA. Difference is that Minnesota has a better defense than either of those two.

        1. Well the Saints beat the rush by getting the ball out super quick and the D was also tired and missing Ford.

          They’ll be coming off a bye week and have Ford for this one. That’s the difference.

          1. 1987, Vikings lowest seed, win Wildcard at New Orleans, then come to SF, play on Saturday and win.

            That defense is tough, and Minnesota showed today they can negate the pass rush with Cook.

            Careful what you wish for.

            1. I don’t think anyone is wishing anything really. Whatever team the Niners had to play was going to be difficult.
              The only positive is getting a healthy defense next week that dominated the NFL the first 9 weeks of the season.

              1. Yep, nothing such as an easy game in the playoffs. But I would prefer facing the Vikings over the Seahawks.

              2. At this point, no team presents any fear because everyone is beatable, including us.
                Matchups go out the window as it comes down to which coaching staff has the ability to adjust from play to play.

              3. its a catch 22 prime….. i would rather play the eagles or hawks next week for sure……
                but im also happy the saints are gone!!!! The saints are the only team that really scared me in the NFC!

              4. The fear is real with that Vikings offense, because they look like they play scared. I don’t think Zimmer trusts Cousins. That will be the difference in the game….

              5. Like any QB, knock him down early and often and you take away the big explosive plays down field.
                With Thielen and Diggs, getting to Cousins early will be critical.
                Cook doesn’t scare me as we have the best run defense in the NFL.

            2. I love how morons take one game and say “well this one thing is different next time around so the result is obvious.”

              As if the other team also doesn’t adjust to what happened last time out.

            3. 1987, Vikings lowest seed, win Wildcard at New Orleans, then come to SF, play on Saturday and win.

              Sure, let’s fixate on that one game, ignoring Vikings 1-9 record against the Niners in CA since, including Niners demolishing them in the playoffs the next year.

              But it really has no relevance unless we resurrect the players and coaches from 30 odd years ago, does it?

              1. 1987 49ers vs Vikings has no relevance to this game. None of these players were even born yet. BUT, that game was probably the most crushing feeling I’ve ever had as a 49er fan. Even worse than losing to the Seahawks in the NFCCG. Chris Doleman dominated Bubba Paris and pretty much single handedly wrecked the 49er offense. Anthony Carter had 10 receptions for 227 yards. 49ers were dominant that year but ran into a team playing great defense and had no answers.

              2. Yeah, right up there with the Lott PI against the Redskins and the Craig fumble against the Giants. Actually, emotionally I’d rather see the team blown out as in the Vikings game than lose a game we were going to win due to a fluke. Makes it somewhat more palatable.

              3. The craig fumble was the worst memory for me…..i was laying on the couch with the flu, 11 yrs old, thinking…”at least were going to the superbowl” then boom! i curled up in the fetal position and thought i was gonna die!

                The end of the SB against the ravens is 2nd…..

                the tip to Sherman for the pick in the following years NFCCG was 3rd :(

      2. Scooter, I think the type of drop back qb, is very important.

        Drop back qb’s like Rogers are not as frightening to SF because they want the big play and will wait for it to develop… which leads to sacks vs SF. Brees on the other hand can make quick reads vs our zone and is willing to take the quick check downs all day and march down the field. (*Note* these quick reads are available to qb’s because we don’t enough have press man corners to make the qb hold the ball for a beat longer.)
        So, he was able to torch our defense, because a great rush doesn’t matter is rendered void, if the opposing qb can get rid of the ball quickly and accurately.

        I have not watched enough of Cousins to know 1. If he can make those reads against our zone quickly enough and 2. If he is willing to consistently take those those throws without ever forcing it down the field. Although from the small amount I remember about him… I believe he is willing to take the check downs… but I do not know if he can consistently make the correct read quickly enough.

      3. Scooter, how many snaps do you think Mitchell will be able to give us given we’ll be in our base defense most of the game?

    1. Yup, I remember the last time Minnesota came to play in a playoff game in SF as a big underdog. Some guy named Keith Millard was a one man-army causing the Vikings to shock the football world with a huge upset win.
      That said, I don’t see that happening next week.

  10. Maybe a dumb question, but isn’t it so loud in the Dome that the visiting team sometimes has to use a silent snap count? I hear Cousins, and presumably so can his teammates.

  11. The Vikings, with the running of Cook, could knock off the Saints. It would make the road to the NFCC Game easier, but I almost would rather the Niners meet the beat up Seahawks or Eagles.

          1. My point is that you associate with losers. They must be kindred spirits with you. Brady just lost, and his last pass was a pick six. Foles underwhelmed and under performed, while JG claimed the top seed in the NFC.
            I am rooting for a winner. JG is superior to Cousins, and the Niners should prevail, because they are well rested, and have players returning from injury.
            Cousins did not win the game, Dalvin Cook was the winning factor. I am confident that the Niners can shut down the Viking running game, and make the Vikings one dimensional.

              1. Dalvin Cook’s running won the game. Unlike the Viking -Packer game when Cousins was harassed and sacked all game, the Vikings lost because Cook did not play, and the Vikings were forced to being one dimensional.
                The passing game worked because the Saints were concentrating on stopping the running game.
                One could also say that Adam Theilen won the game, with his 7 catches for 129 yards.

              2. Last time I checked the score was tied in OT after Cook did all of his damage in the first half (then finished at a measly 3.x yards per carry). Cousins blew the doors off the barn with the clutch throw in double coverage to Thielen, then when backed up from the goal line, another clutch throw to the tight end to win it.

                Are you also arguing that Greenlaw’s play did not win it for the 49ers in week 17?

                Yes, you are a moron and now that you’re caught between a rock and a hard place you’re going to keep trying to wriggle your way out of it with a bunch of nonsensical arguments.

              3. Cousins has not consistently won games all by himself. This is a team sport. Sure, he did make some good throws, but Cook was so critical, and you are downplaying his importance by blithely stating that Cousins won the game, when he only helped win. Cook played a critical role in the second half by running the ball, keeping the clock moving, even though they were selling out to stop the run.
                If the Vikings were one dimensional, then Cousins would be throwing the ball, which has led to bad outcomes, like in the Packers game.
                One could also claim that the fierce Viking pass rush won the game, because they neutralized Brees, and did not give him time to throw.
                Calling some one a moron does not make you right, and there are many opinions that totally disagree with your assertions. Your intolerance to other’s opinions, skews your objectivity.
                I do not think that Cousins single handedly won the game with no other input from any other player. I do not think he will single handedly win against the Niners. Guess you think Cousins is capable of defeating the Niners. I do not.

  12. Cousins scares no one….but M Zimmer is a top notch D coach…..

    Saleh should learn from him….

    Having the smaller faster DE’s play inside against the Guards on 3rd down was a brilliant idea…

      1. That dumb easy stuff is not happening in SF……..

        We can run against Min easily……and our pass rush will totally destroy their oline

    1. Wow, wonder what the NO excuse will be this year? Whine more about having to play a wild card game because of no DPI call on the 49ers against the Seahawks?

  13. Crazy. So much for the Saints. 49ers vs Vikings next weekend. Outside of the Eagles that was the best matchup the 49ers could ask for.

    1. I agree, Scooter. With Ford and Tartt back, I expect our defensive front to have a big game against that Vikings offensive line. Offensively, Kittle will have his work cut out for him but I expect Sanders, Samuel and Mostert to pick up the slack….

  14. Vikes’ OC’s run play calls don’t seem to utilize their talent particularly effectively.

    Shanny-Cousins second meeting next Saturday.

  15. Saints lose, Pats lose. The favorites are not doing well this weekend. Home teams are 1-2 so far.
    Vikings will be tough, but having a non -mobile QB is an advantage for the Niners. Not playing against Wilson is also a good thing. Defense has been dominate so far which gives the Niners an advantage as their defense is so strong, particularly if Ford can play.
    If the Niners are healthy and avoid turnovers they should win.

  16. Clowney dirty helmet hit on Wentz, looks like he is questionable to return due to concussion protocol. Seahawks should win.

      1. I agree! Russel Wilson scares me, and as much as the rest of the NFL thought our team was a pretender or paper tiger, I feel that way about the packers as their schedule was not overly difficult. Still the Vikings will be tough on their own! Hope the Niners will keep their eyes on the prize as they say!

      1. I agree, I wonder how long we can keep Nick Mullens before we have to trade him so he does not leave as a free agent.

  17. GO 49ERS!! But don’t take the Vikings lightly! Long time fans should remember that back in 1987, the Vikings went on the road, back-to-back, to defeat both the Saints and a Joe Montana led 49ers (two of the best defenses at the time), in the playoffs.

    1. Great, another anonymous troll on the blog.
      Good thing KS is going to have the Niners prepared for the Purple People Eaters.
      GO NINERS!!

      1. Why is Abe Froman a troll? What he said is true.
        Minn came in as an underdog and spanked us all game. I still remember the empty feeling I had after that game that lasted for weeks.

  18. Gonna be a black and blue game against the Vikes. Shanahan will have something for them no doubt and hopefully the rumor is true with Kwon coming back… Saleh needs all of the help he can get.

  19. I was at that game in 1987. Wade Wilson! Montana was horrid. I think he got benched in that game. Steve Young came in and played better but it was too little too late. Defense couldn’t stop Minn and their defensive line manhandled the Niners OL. Big fkn disappointment! We were all quite shocked! I was more than confident the Niners were going to demolish them! Not!!! I agree with hammer. Do not take them lightly or they’ll get their a$$ handed to them. Niners are better. They should win that one along the lines of 28-17, something like that. Likely CG vs GB or Sea! Wow! But take care of Minn first! That’s going to be a hard hitting game for sure!

  20. Mullen’s is the greatest 3-5, 14 TD’s and 10 INT’s backup QB in the history of the NFL! It’s mind boggling that he’s not a star in the league. (Eye roll) They’d be up by 28 in Philly based on what exactly? Lol

    1. Based on the fact it makes us feel better, thinking our backup is so good he could be winning a playoff game, but he’s forced to sit on the bench because we have an even better QB as a starter!

    2. Juan,
      Ha! Maybe this guy is Mullens’ agent.
      Agents have been known to “reach high” for their clients. Won’t be long before we start hearing calls for Mullens to start in the playoffs.

  21. Man — I had to watch the Seahawks game at a Seahawks bar. God their fans are annoying. Seahawks barely beat a 40 yr old 2nd string QB, and they wanna talk abut how the Niners got lucky.
    I really don’t care who the Niners play, although it was a surprise to now game plan for the Vikings.

    The Seahawks are always a tough out with Russell, but this Niner team is so much better at key positions then the Harbaugh Niners. It really is a new era. If Seahawks get by the Packers, and the Niners beat the Vikings, i hope they just whup them so bad just to end that dynasty too.

    1. Annoying is selling them short. They are generally as$ holes when you get more than 2 of them together. I live in the northwest and deal with it all the time.

  22. Sunday Jan 12: 9ers 27 – Vikings 17

    Green Bay Wi. weather forecast.
    * Mostly Cloudy. 31° high – 28° low, 10% Precip, wind SE 8 mph, 67% humidity
    * Freezing with some ice on the hobbits wings, but no ice bowl….Advantage Aaron Rodgers and GB

  23. Grant / Anyone
    * What will the 9ers do with their 1st Rd. pick in 2020 draft?
    A) Pick the best player available
    B) Pick best DB available
    C) Pick best WR available
    D) Trade down for a 2nd and 3rd round pick

      1. Razor
        * I like him, but will he play DE or OLB? If DE, then do we keep Ford and play him on obvious passing downs and save him until the end of the season and playoffs?
        I want to see more of Taylor playing in the Sr Bowl and E/W Shrine bowl, with NFL coaching

        * You indicated in a previous post that you liked TCU WR Jalen Reagor….A burner, but a couple of scouting reports have questioned his route running. (Walters; Charlie Campbell).
        Same with Reagor. I want to see more of him.

        1. I’d hold onto Ford, maybe restructure his contract. I’d assume the plan is to have offseason procedures to minimize his knee issues. I’d groom Taylor to take over for Ford when the time was right.

          Yea, Reagor has no trouble running routes, but he doesn’t have the full route tree down just because TCU uses him mostly on screens, jet sweeps, slants, crossing routes and verticals. Speed and versatility are his calling cards, and that’s why I think Shanny might consider him.

            1. i think the need…..and the value point to Oline 1st round…..there are some good C’s, and one in particular that can plat G too ( name sounds like badazz, dont want to butcher it, so i wont even make an attempt)
              Staley is getting up there in age too, maybe they get a guy instead of handing Brunskill the job….

              this team is so stacked…..i think we have the luxury of adding depth now……with the eye towards grooming guys to take over for high priced vets in the future

              1. Disagree on badazz, J. Not athletic enough, and I don’t believe Shanny is looking to replace Richburg. He’s pretty good when healthy. I think Brunskill is the starting RG next year. I’d rather grab a kid like Matt Hennessy, C, Temple in round 6. Give him a year in the strength and conditioning program, and see what you might have. He’s intelligent, but I think he’s one of those players that might be a center only at the next level….

  24. Doug Pederson almost tied, with less than 2 minutes to play, but lost. I think he could have had better game management.
    He might have lost anyways, but he should have saved time, and gotten a play off before the 2 minute warning. That 2 minute warning could have been used to stop the clock, if their 4th down play failed, which it did. He could have saved a time out.
    That 4th down play may have failed because McCown was not told to at least throw the ball into the end zone, instead of getting sacked. Getting sacked almost guaranteed losing. Throwing it into the end zone, could have been caught, or draw a pass interference penalty.
    Seahawks still cheated to win. That defensive holding call deserved an Oscar, and replays show the Seahawk not only holding, but also tackling the pass rushers.

  25. When was the last time all home teams lost in a wild card or opening weekend in the playoffs. Very strange weekend. Home field advantage isn’t what it used to be.

  26. 49ers favored by more than a touchdown vs. Vikings
    By David Bonilla
    12 hrs ago • 4

    Reply: Last time we were favored by this much we faced AtL.

    Niner’s will be up for this one baby!

  27. *FOOLS GOLD, 49ERS.

    The Vikes opened as 11 pt. dogs vs. Saints….Keep working, Niners, don’t believe it—Vikes will be tough!

    1. John Lynch

      Hey #Faithful… ready? Great opponent coming our way in the Vikings. I’ve gotta feeling @LevisStadium is going to be rocking Saturday at 1:35. 🔥🔥🔥 What say you? #brickbybrick

  28. It would be nice if someone on here will be at the game Saturday. I wonder if Brotha Tuna and the Duchess will be in attendance?

    1. If the game was in Tokyo (Ajinomoto Stadium), I could stand in the NE parking lot and see the game for free…

    2. md will probably be there? I’m skipping the trip out. I was at the Monday night Seahawks game, and before that the NFCC against the Giants. No way am I jinxing this run.

  29. I got someone who will be there for you…”I’m your huckleberry.”—-Per adam Schefter:

    B/R Gridiron

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @brgridiron
    Kwon Alexander tore his pec on Halloween.

    Niners now believe he has a “good chance” of playing next week, per @AdamSchefter.

    It was initially believed to be a season-ending injury. Wow.

    I;m your huckleberry:

  30. Bret Rumbeck has a fantastic breakdown of Shanny’s latest run concepts over on 49ers webzone. Highly recommended!

    1. Rumbeck knows football, but he’s a bad writer.
      He gets too cute with his writing style and it comes off like a high school kid trying to sound more clever than he is.

  31. Vikings are going to be a dangerous team. I think they have the talent to go blow for blow especially if Cook and Thielen are full strength. Their defense will also be a good matchup against our Run.

    Only fools will take this game lightly.

    Does anyone else feel that there is a certain inevitability in how the chips are falling…… that we will face the Seahawks again this season?

  32. No. 3: Getting the Pass Rush Back on Track

    “”A big part of this was the defense missing EDGE Dee Ford, who has been absent with both quad and hamstring injuries. The lack of a complementary pass-rusher off the outside allowed opposing blockers to double team Ford’s linemate, rookie EDGE Nick Bosa, much more frequently, while also holding San Francisco’s leading sack specialist, defensive tackle Arik Armstead, to zero quarterback takedowns during that five-game period.”

    No. 2: Clamping Down on Opponents’ Run Game

    Like the pass rush, the 49ers could receive a boost when and if linebacker Kwon Alexander returns from what was initially ruled a season-ending pectoral injury. Signs are looking good he’ll be able to do so, which will add to the defense’s playmaking abilities and help reassure depth.

    1. Tignten up Red Zone Def:
    Getting strong safety Jaquiski Tartt back from a ribs injury should help here, as the Niners were forced to simplify things in the red zone with him out, as Niners Nation’s Kyle Posey pointed out:

  33. How can the Niners defeat the Vikings?
    They should realize that 3 out of 4 home teams lost last weekend, so the Niners should not assume any home field advantage.
    They call the Viking HC- Zim Tzu, so he knows the Art of War intimately. The Niner coaches need to out think their opponent, and prepare the team so well, all of Zim Tzu’s plans will be thwarted. Zimmer is a very good coach, and his team is playing at a high level, so the Niners cannot be complacent, and must expect a dogfight.
    The Niners should concentrate on scoring TDs, instead of settling for field goals. These past few games are a good lesson why the team that scores TDs, wins. The Seahawks scored 3 times and won. The eagles settled for 3 field goals and lost. If inside the Viking 40 and confronted with 4th and one, the Niners should be bold, and go for it. When confronted with a 4th down inside the Viking 10 yard line, the Niners should go for it. Even if it fails, the Vikings will have to drive over 90 yards to score. However, if it will put up the Niners by 2 or more scores, a field goal may be the best strategy.
    With Dalvin Cook, the Vikings are a force to be reckoned with, so they need to neutralize Cook, and force Cousins to try to beat them with his arm. Sacking Cousins early will make him hear footsteps, and possibly rattle him.
    The Niners should not look at contracts, or play favorites. Coleman should be used as a pass catcher down field, blocker, or for swing and screen passes. Let Mostert, who has earned the right to start, the opportunity to play first. Let Breida be the Change of pace back. They should deactivate Pettis, and promote Jeff wilson Jr. for his inside run capabilities. Wilson has also done well catching the ball.
    Witherspoon just has not fully recovered from his ankle sprain. He also refuses to turn his head and track the ball. Moseley, right now, is the superior option, so the Niner coaches need to make a brutally honest assessment, and a shrewd adjustment.
    Keep Thomas inside, and coach him to shoot the gap. That would be playing to his strength. Play Dee Ford sparingly, and if the Niners build up a 2 score lead, sit him down. Same thing with Tartt.
    Coach JG to concentrate on scoring TDs every opportunity he has, and tell him not to worry about the score. If he scores enough TDs, the score will take care of itself.
    Above all, make the Niners read all about the 1987 season, and how the Vikings upset the Niners in the playoffs. Make sure the Niners know that they need to play their A game, and should not expect an easy victory. The Niners need to play focused, disciplined and in control. They need to minimize the unforced errors, and force the Vikings to make mistakes.
    Niners 24-23.
    GO NINERS!!!!!!

    1. Witherspoon has a great body for being a CB but he lacks the brains, confidence or motivation. Start Mosely and in the offseason go get at least an average CB. Witherspoon is a below-average CB.

      1. I would say with perhaps 90% confidence that the above post is one of the knockoffs, not the original model. The post is rife with unnecessary commas, the paragraphs are longer than typical, and the predicted score is the ‘joke’ prediction. These all point to a knockoff, but I believe that the real give away is the “GO NINERS!!!!!!” in all caps.

        1. Wrong.
          I have written GO NINERS !!!!!! many times in the past. Why do you think my catfish ends his posts with that?
          I will stick with my 24-23 prediction, because all I want is for the Niners to win, even by a single point. Last game, I missed the exact score by 4 points.
          Instead of risking a fumble on the one yard line, I thought that the Niners should have had JG run to the back of the end zone, and stall until the last second, then step out of bounds for a safety. Then my prediction would have been better than Juan’s, and would have missed the exact score by 2 points.
          Well, at least you are 10% correct. ;p

          1. Maybe, but most lawyers like to hedge things a bit. That way, it is a rare occurrnace that we are completely wrong. ;-)

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