Grant Cohn talking Bay Area football on KRON

Check out this video of me talking Bay Area football Sunday on KRON.

The San Francisco 49ers have hired Chip Kelly as their new head coach. CEO Jed York announced the move on Twitter and so did the team. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone, File)
The San Francisco 49ers hired Chip Kelly as their new head coach. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone, File)

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  1. Grant,
    No button down collars. Shave and comb your hair. Be all you can be, man. Your too good for the Clark Kent bang dingleberry.

      1. That goes for most of the reporters on ESPN. Studio’s love baby faces. They want to put clean cut faces on their channels.

      2. I’m curious as to how you figure that Kelly flopped as a HC in Philly? He won 20 of his first 32 games as a HC. He took over a 4-12 team, and won the division in his first year. It wasn’t until he became the GM that he fell off. And Kap made it to the SB and he wasn’t running the ball 10 times a game. Kap can have 4 designed runs in Kelly’s system and pass the test of the way. Kelly’s offense is simple in that all of his reads are generally going to be all on one side of the field. The pre-snap motion is to let him know if they’re in man or zone which would further help with his progressions. Kelly has said that HIMSELF when teaching his system. When all is covered, Kap will be able to take off or buy time outside of the pocket. You want to bash Kap, but won’t mention how he had the worst offensive line in all of football. At least Gabbert got Tiller and Brown to block for him for a few games.

        1. I gotta agree with you Antoine, have you taken notice in these playoff games how much time these quarterbacks have? If Kaep had that he’d be right up there with the best. It wasn’t that long ago that he owned Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees 2 future hall of famers

      3. Lol,
        I hear you on that. Shaving takes 10-15 years off of my age, easy. It’s pretty funny. It’s constructive criticism, I assure you. You want to be your best at all times. You have a great platform and you should maximize your opportunities. Nobody notices immaculate grooming standards and straight collars because they are focused on your message, which is, as a journalist/future tv personality what you want. Trust me on that. You know I wouldn’t waste my time if I didn’t think it was relevant.

    1. His current look is a big upgrade over that Barry Melrose look though. Don’t ever do that one again Grant.

      1. I referred to it as the Ukrainian pimp look, but Melrose is an excellent analogy as well. It was like a Soul Glo commercial for white people.

        1. Is Grant the hipster of Santa Rosa? Where doe he hang out? What kind of girls is impressed by his game when walk and says, “Yo, I got your Gabbert right there baby.”

          What you got against Ukrainian pimps?? You racist Big P! I knew it!

  2. :) “Older, has-been coaches.” Don’t pull any punches.

    Constructive criticism:

    When the camera is on both of you it looks best if you direct your answers at the partner next to you rather then looking at the desk or camera when answering. If the camera is just on you then go ahead and answer to the audience. I don’t know how you are able to tell when you are filming but it’s probably something that just comes with more experience. You’re also still a bid fidgety when listening or even answering, that takes time also but you need to try and be aware of when you’re doing it.

    You’re wardrobe looks fine but if you’re going to wear a tie make sure it’s all the way up, I know they’re uncomfortable but the partially pulled down tie look is just sloppy. I can tell you this from direct experience, if you have a baby face it either needs to be fully bearded(grown in) or shaved. In between just makes our face look dirty.

    I don’t know if you have any time before hand but it would go miles to improving how smooth you answer the questions if you have time to go over them before hand. Maybe you can have some questions emailed to you before hand, or maybe you have to just get there really early.

    Anyway, great stuff. I love it when you get to be on-air. It’s cool and it’s great for your career. The fact that they continue to give you opportunities to do so means they see you as someone they want to give air-time too and if you can capitalize on it it can really open new avenues in your career.

    1. CFC,

      “I don’t know how you are able to tell when you are filming but it’s probably something that just comes with more experience.”

      There are tally lights on the cameras that indicate which is live and usually a stage manager to communicate to the talent.

      1. I’m aware of the lights but I wasn’t sure if they were using a dedicated camera for individual head shots or not.

  3. Nicely done, Grant. Looks like you’re really enjoying yourself. Keep up the good work.


    (1) What do you think about the possibility of Manziel coming to the 49ers?

    (2) Where do you think Baalke will spend FA $$$?

    (3) How do you see Chip evolving, given his (a) propensity to evolve, given challenges and (b) clear need to evolve, given his rocky first NFL stint?

    1. Thank you.

      1. I think the Niners probably will want to avoid Manziel’s substance abuse issues. Griffin probably would be more appealing.
      2. OLB, OL and RB.
      3. I think Kelly will use the system he used at Oregon and go full read option with Kaepernick.

      1. Okay, cool.

        There’s some speculation out there based on Chip recruiting Manziel to Oregon. And he’s cheap, and might be even cheaper if he’s cut by Hue.

        What FA RB/OL do you like? What about WR? Along this line of thinking, do you think Baalke is/has become aware of his failings drafting offensive players, and if so, what do you think he/Jed/Chip plan to do to address it?

        Speaking of evolution, do you see Chip’s strange interpersonal behavior as an issue or a non-factor?

        1. Wouldn’t Robert Griffin be just as cheap?

          Chris Ivory and Alfred Morris at RB, Mitchell Schwartz at OL. Who do you like?

          A big issue.

          1. I haven’t started FA research yet, but Ivory and Morris have been pretty productive. I don’t see them as huge upgrades over Droughn, however, who was surprisingly effective in all 3 aspects of his job, running, catching, and blocking. I have an unusual perception that the OL is in good shape with the emergence of Tiller and Trent, and the return of Bam, who is a top-5 RT in the NFL, when motivated. Hopefully, with more time in the system and to get stronger, Martin and Thomas can be effective backups along the line. I see no reason to sign Boone to any kind of top-market contract. I am concerned about the TE and WR positions however, as Baalke seems completely inept at evaluating both. While hoping that Busta and Smelter emerge, it would be a good idea to draft or acquire reinforcements at both.

            Good thing is, the team is now young, but experienced, following a year of veteran exits and the resulting play by young guys (another reason Harbaugh was bounced, reluctance to play youth, making Baalke look bad, as in, not getting talent).

            All I know after yesterday’s games is that the Niners could absolutely stand to bring in guys like Martavis Bryant and Sammie Coates, both of whom a bunch of us on here wanted the last 2 years. The combination of speed and size always wins. Guys like Antonio Brown are way too hard to evaluate.

            Im a rambling man

            1. You are not rambling, but speak the truth. Niners picked Marcus Martin when Donte Moncreif, John Brown and Richard Rogers were available. They finally picked Ellington, and Martavis Bryant was selected 12 picks later. Jeff Janis was selected with the 236th pick.
              Many posters were wanting those players, but Ward and Ellington were head scratchers. Ward especially, when Roby was the next pick.

          2. Don’t sleep on Kelvin Beachum as a FA target. Top notch pass protector on the left side, and can allow them to move Staley to RT.

      2. Grant, I will remind you that Kaepernick can play ok when he’s not pressured but self-destructs when there is. The good teams exert pressure. Furthermore, Kaepernick has touch and accuracy issues, plus he does not see the whole field. Remember the play at the goal line against the Rams this season that finally led to his being benched? He is not a starting qb, no matter what system he’s in. And with his salary, he’s too expensive for a backup. He’s a goner. It’s as simple as that.

    1. Seb

      If you’re telling Grant to bottom the lowest button on his jacket, you are not only an epic blowhard, but also a self-proclaimed sartorial ignoramus.

      1. Its OK. I just think that long tie that sticks out does not look polished. Maybe you know better. Maybe he needs a better fitting jacket.

        1. Sen

          You have crocodile skin, good for you. Just remember, as for buttons on jackets: top always, middle sometimes, bottom never

  4. Not bad Grant, although I think you place way too much relevance on the fans as to why Kelly was hired. I don’t think excitement is the reason to hire a HC and I doubt Baalke is placing his future on a HC who’s greatest attribute will be filling seats. I think they hired Kelly for his offensive innovation in a desperate attempt to repair one of the worst offenses the league has ever seen. Problem is there are a number of red flags they have overlooked in doing so.

    If any of you haven’t listened to Heath Evans rant on KNBR, I suggest doing so. I don’t think much of Evans, but he makes some solid points while ripping into Kelly.

    1. Rocket I just got back from a 2 month vacation that was much too short, I haven’t read past comments, what is your opinion on the hire?

      1. Welcome back undercenter!

        I’m torn really. I’m optimistic in the sense Kelly will get the offense playing much better which is the key to improvement in the win column, but I’m also concerned with how his time in Philly ended. Kelly is a football junkie who from all accounts is one of the brightest minds in the game; he’s also a tough guy to get along with and wears on his players according to what I’ve read. While his offenses were consistently rated highly in most statistical analysis, they struggled in the red zone and were held in check by the better defenses they faced far too often.

        I don’t know what to think quite honestly other than I’m glad Tomsula is gone and anybody is an improvement on what we saw last year.

        1. Gotcha – I figured Tomsula would be gone was very surprised the Eagle fired Kelly and even more surprised the Niners signed him. This could be very good or very bad. I know the system from college if the players don’t buy in, it will fail. I surly hope people realize that this system depends entirely on the run. If the Niners can not run, it will fail.

        2. rocket,
          There were reports that some players didn’t care much for Bill Walsh. Head coaches like Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry and Chuck Noll were not liked by every player on their teams.
          But they were winners.

          The last player revolt against a HC came against Tom Coughlin. His demanding and almost military style of coaching almost cost him his job. But he made some changes and in the process not only won the respect of his team but won a couple of SB’ as well.

          I wasn’t excited about our hiring of Kelly, but like everyone, he deserves a second chance and we’ll have to see how it works out.
          My guess is that Kelly’ coaching style will need to find a median somewhere between Jim Harbaugh and Tomsula.
          But players will get on his wagon with some early wins and hopefully all the other ‘stuff’ is will be forgotten.

          1. AES,

            While I do have concerns and keep seeing more negative material as the days go by, I am determined to keep an open mind on this hire. I hated the hiring of Tomsula and was the negative voice in here constantly last offseason, but even with the questions about is character, I see Kelly as a big improvement over JT. Kelly while a questionable personality, is also a very skilled offensive football Coach. I have little doubt the offense will be much improved as early as next season, but the question I have is: how far can he take a team?

    2. Always fun to rip. I recall Mr. Walsh wasn’t accepted 100% by fans and pundits. He and the 9ers took some lumps before training camp began.

  5. Grant,

    Nice video, you should get out there more. I am curious if you think Kap will be able to do well in Kelly’s offense since his decision making skills are not very good, his accuracy is average at best, and he apparently divided the locker room. Gabbert appeared to make the routine plays appear a lot easier then Kap and it might be better to draft a potential successor. If he remains on the roster after 1 April do you think they cut or trade him or ride it out with both QB’s?

  6. The 49ers have not really had a good offense since Jeff Garcia left.

    So taking a chance on Chip Kelly is not really a risk at all.

    It can’t get much worse than what it’s been.

    I just hope they go with new players and coaches.

    Nothing about the past 15 years of offense need to be repeated.

  7. “Still Oakland’s Trash”

    Haha love the face after that. I do not envy your inbox, but it must be entertaining to read hate mail every once in a while.

    Serious question, does anyone think it’s a realistic goal for the Niners to land 2 top FA prospects on the O-line? Whether it’s Boone + external, or both external?

  8. Some of the Philly beat writers think Kelly may push to sign Bradford. If so that is likely it for Kap.

    1. That is according to Kawakami who has a couple of friends who are involved with covering the Eagles or have a link to them.

    2. That’s what I was thinking the team might do. Kelly traded for Bradford for a reason, and he might want to continue that with the 49ers.

  9. Hmm, the Eagles are not granting permission to 3 coaches for interviews with the Niners.
    Dang, I wanted Fipp.

  10. Anybody else listen to Mac and murph this morning and heard Heath Evans destroy chip Kelly and his coaching? My goodness I walked away feeling more depressed about this hire.

    1. Just listened to it. Yikes! I’m not a big fan of the hire but I have no illusion that I know better. But listening to Heath’s opinion of Kelly is a little scary.

      1. Heath Evans is a gas bag from NFL Network who has strong opinions on the hiring of Kelly. You can hear the podcast on KNBR.

        1. Wasn’t he a TE for Pittsburgh? I vaguely remember having him on a fantasy team…when I was desperate for a TE.

          1. I thought he was a fullback, but my memory isn’t always razor sharp when it comes to inconsequential players on a team I pay little attention to….

            1. Fullback. Played for Pats, Squawks, and Saints. He’s hated the 49ers since they benched Alex Smith, and maybe before that.

  11. Check out this article re Sam Bradford and the Kelly offensive system. If this article is accurate, Blaine Gabbert may be perfect for the system due to his quick release and mobility:

    The article states, “Remember, Bradford became the No. 1 pick in 2010 by thriving in an Oklahoma spread system that, just like Kelly’s, asked the quarterback to get the ball out quickly. Getting the ball out quickly stems from either diagnosing the defense before the snap, or from running plays in which the quarterback’s read is defined by the play design (bubble screens, quick slants, etc.). In Philly, where the fast tempo leaves little time for pre-snap diagnostics, it’s all about defined reads. The system, especially in the aerial department, is the most simplistic in pro football. (How do you think all 11 Eagles are always able to play so fast?) Kelly’s playbook has essentially seven or eight total plays. But there’s an illusion of complexity because those plays are run out of many different formations. Any quarterback, particularly one with Bradford’s quick release, has a chance to prosper just by going through the correct motions.”

    1. Gabbert may be too conservative but I wish him luck in the competition with Kaepernick, Bradford or whomever is involved….

    2. If you look at who Chip had at Philly as his QB, with the exception of Vick, none of theme were uber mobile. Certainly not Bradford or Foles. Sanchez is somewhat mobile, but nothing special.

      1. Chip is dancing a jig. He now has TWO mobile QBs. They are perfect for his system.
        I hope it is a rousing competition, and may the best man win.

        1. Mobile is great, athleticism too but if you have a guy who is not accurate and another gun shy, it won’t help in any system.
          But let’s just cross our fingers that Kelly can turn straw into gold with either CK or Gabbert.
          I don’t have a solution to the QB position but I do know it’s not either guy.

          1. That is why I think they will draft a QB. Just not the first 2 picks because the Niners need a pass rusher and O lineman or OLB.

      2. Mobile is great, athleticism too but if you have a guy who is not accurate and another gun shy, it won’t help in any system.
        But let’s just cross our fingers that Kelly can turn straw into gold with either CK or Gabbert.
        I don’t have a solution to the QB position but I do know it’s not either guy.

  12. Why does anyone care about this product of nepotism’s opinion about football? Grant doesn’t know anything about football, something he made abundantly clear when he practically campaigned for Harbaugh’s firing and stated repeatedly that the monumental failure Tomsula would do “just as good a job as Harbaugh”. There is no bigger idiot in the bay area sports media than the moron that runs this blog.

    1. I beg to differ. Grant does have that unique talent to be able to- Turn a Phrase. I am delighted with this blog, and the depth of football knowledge combined with wisdom, make this a must read. Grant had provided us such insightful poignant descriptions, I felt like I was standing on the sidelines. His self deprecating humor is refreshing. He also has a sharp tongue to match his wit. He gets to the crux of the matter, and when this whole fluster cluck unfolded, he kept it light unlike another blog that went nuclear.
      Please leave. You bring nothing to the discussion. Spewing hate is unseemly, and a huge waste of time. You cannot inveigh invective and venomously cast aspersions without feedback.

      1. But it’s okay for you Seb to say that the front office and coaching staff does and or should listen to your advice? Like you have the qualifications to make such decisions? Yes an opinion is warranted but pretending to be in the same class as professional football coaches is as equally annoying!

        1. Chill. This is a blog site. If I was really serious, I would bombard the offices with E mails. Sheesh, people need to lighten up.
          I am just a fan. I did not know that posters needed to produce their bona fides before being allowed to post. The funny thing is a lot of the posters that are not associated in any way to the Niners can produce salient and insightful analysis and anecdotes. I just wish the FO was half as smart as they are.
          I am not pretending to be anything but a Faithful Die hard Niner fan. I have opinions. I cannot force you to think that I have power over you unless you give it to me. I cannot force them to listen to me or make them do things. I said they SHOULD do things. However, when I say they should do things like run the no huddle hurry up so they can catch the defense with 12 men on the field, and then the next game see them do it, I get to crow. Just like when posters can point out when I am wrong. When I say I feel like they are reading my posts, I do not flatly state they are.
          Becoming annoyed is a state of mind. My advice- Don’t go there. Think it through.

          1. So basically verbal diarrhea is your game but when you throw some at the wall and it sticks, you self pat! Well done Seb!

            1. I always try to keep it civil and respectful, just like my post to Z.
              Maybe you do not realize it, but I never start the Guttersniping, but I definitely try to finish it.

              1. As many can attest. I can respond in kind until they throw their hands up in despair and declare that they wish they had never started it in the first place. Sometimes I can get them to argue against themselves. In the end, it usually devolves from threats and insults to profane screeds. Then I can just declare victory, and really tick them off.
                In the end, I win by destabilizing the opposition. Its an old debating trick.

              2. Are you bored? Lack direction in your life? Will taking me on turn you on?
                I would much rather discuss the Niners and the coaching search.

              3. OK, since you insist, I will go first. One thing Sun Tzu advocates is to shape the opposition. How do you think the Niners did that on that game winning drive in the Super Bowl when Joe Montana threw the TD pass to John Taylor?

              4. Montana probably consulted you during SB week? Or was it Taylor asking you how to run routes? In any event I’m sure you were the cause and affect no?

              5. The Niners wanted to keep them from going into a nickle defense. What strategic value did that pose?

              6. As you can tell Seb it’s hard to engage in football conversation with someone who doesn’t know about football. All you are is a distraction on here from real insightful 49er discussion.

              7. Gosh, I am trying to talk about a football play and the strategy involved with the tactics employed, yet you say I have absolutely no knowledge about football. You refuse to answer any of my questions by hurling insults. Guess I win by default.

              8. Since you seem to have no clue about what happened on that play, I will at least tell you so you might become better informed. Walsh put Jerry Rice in motion. Hmm that is something that I have been advocating for many months, even years.
                Jerry went in motion to overload that side, then they targeted a player by running at him to draw his attention. They keyed on Jerry, which is logical since he is the greatest of all time, and that left John Taylor one on one with the targeted player.Taylor made one move, he bit on it, Taylor ran past him, and Joe threw a pass that was perfect, hit him in stride, so he ran untouched for a Super Bowl winning TD.

  13. Grant, I have to chime in too on your dresscode. The reason people here on the board are criticizing your attire is because it distracts from your message. . You look like someone who knows what they are talking about but was dressed by their mother, or like someone who’s wearing their older brother’s suit.
    Dress the way you normally dress, or wear a polo, maybe with a jacket over it. No distracting patterns either like your tie! And shave so we can listen to what you have to say.
    Good luck, your upbeat style could be a regular on TV and beyond……..

    1. Dee and I almost never agree, but on this topic, I concur. I pointed out the tie hanging out not to personally insult Grant, but as constructive criticism so he can improve and look better next time.
      Dee is right. The dressed by his mother/ older brother’s suit comment was spot on. I, too, thought the tie was too loud.
      The shaving and combing comments were also good advice.
      Finally, if Grant wears more informal attire, he can slouch a bit, but when wearing a suit, he should sit up straight, have erect posture, and not fidget.
      Hope to see more of him on camera. The good thing is- he has poignant and salient ideas and can articulate them.

      1. I’m not a professional critic by any means, but I thought that Grant acquitted himself quite well.
        I was hoping to see curt answers and an awkward stare ala Jim Harbaugh (lol).

        Good job Grant.

  14. I wish to bring up another subject. I hope Chip studies these past playoff games and uses them to etch lessons into their player’s psyches. The end of the Steelers- Bengals game starkly shows how a couple undisciplined players can cost a team a playoff victory. Chip should also show every single mistake and foul committed By the Niners over the whole season. The Niners may have won a couple more games just by reducing the unforced errors. Chip should explain how by being more disciplined, it will help win games. He should also describe the logical consequences for counter productive behavior, which is reduced playing time. There should be no doubt that if a player commits a bonehead play, it will result in less playing time. Chip should just say that the player is hurting the team, and they cannot afford to allow him to give the game away.

  15. Another lesson to be learned from the playoffs is time management and play calling. Wasting time outs is a good way to lose a game. Time outs should be considered precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half.
    KC wasted way too much time. I just shook my head when I saw AS huddling up while trying to run the hurry up offense. A lot of that had to do with the play calling.
    Bill Walsh had contingency plays. He devised plays to be called when confronted with certain situations. These plays were installed way before the game, so if they were confronted with a 3rd and 4, the team automatically knew which play to run. When confronted with time running out, there should be a whole series of plays called so a play can get run within 12 seconds. There should not be any reason to spike the ball. If they have time to line up, a predetermined play should be executed, so there is little waste of time. Sometimes, they should fake spiking the ball, and just run the play.

  16. I am still up in the air about the hire. My biggest concern is his style of offense in the NFC West. We have arguably the best running backs/teams in the NFL in this division. His high tempo offense is great until he goes 3 & out in less than 90 seconds. That leaves our defense trying to stop Lynch/Rawls/Wilson, Gurley/Mason, and Ellington/C. Johnson/D.Johnson. Having out defense out there as much as the Eagles defense was will not be good for what is considered out strength.

    Also drafting a QB with the top pick is over rated. We have two decent QB’s. I am a fan of Kaep, however winning is more important than him playing. I believe Gabbert can play just as well as Bradford. We do need to reevaluate our receiving core. It’s time for baalke to listen to someone when it comes to drafting offensive skill players. Chip may be the guy to get that to happen.

    The first pick in the draft needs to be used an OL, DL, or LB. Our defense needs to be loaded with players due to chips style offense. We also need to sure up our offensive line. I think getting more explosive wider receivers may also be needed. Lamichael James????

    1. Dont laugh. LMJ is superior to that cadre of cut practice squad couch potatoes. Chip coached LMJ, and made him a very productive player. LMJ will come cheap, will fit the system and still is young enough to warrant investing in at least a training camp invite.

      1. He’s never been a DC before. He’s coached LBs and dlinemen. Nevertheless, I like the idea of interviewing him.

      1. Razor

        Be careful of what you wish for…remember, Singletary was a pro bowl LB…no repeats PLEASE !!

        1. I hate when people discount applicants based on other employees production. Makes no sense. Vrabel is smart and has done very well. He’s an ascending coach and I believe he’s up for the challenge….

    1. I’m not a big Mangini fan, but continuity on defense may make more sense with the type of offense Kelly is bringing in. The overall performance was poor, but the D did show some signs of improvement over the second half of the season. Having said that Vrabel was the type of player you want on your team and I have no doubt he’ll be successful as a DC when he gets the chance.

      1. rocket – My thoughts exactly. Mangini = continuity. Also, Mangini’s risk taking scheme might be a good fit for for an offense that won’t be chewing much clock.

        1. Continuity is fine when there isn’t anyone better out there. Vrabel reminds me of a Fangio. No nonsense, hard nosed and tells it like it is….

    2. There appears to be a theme with the assistants Kelly is interested in. They are mostly young coaches.

      Vrabel was known as a smart player and hard worker. He’ll get a shot at DC soon somewhere, so not against it being with the 49ers. But with no track record, there is no way to know whether this would be a good move or not.

      1. There appears to be a theme with the assistants Kelly is interested in. They are mostly young coaches.

        I would add, young coaches with promising futures….

    1. I think Wrathman has demonstrated that he’s more than capable of coaching the running back position. It’s wise to retain him….

  17. I think Mangini deserves a chance with a better offense. With Harbaugh around the offense kept the ball for an average of 31:33 a game, that number dropped to 26:42 this past season. I expect we’ll see more sustained drives on offense tipping the ToP factor back towards the 30+ minute mark and that should help out the defense considerably.

      1. Yea but he didn’t have Gabbert the check down king or Kaepernick the wonder gazelle…Crap. Oh well so much for that hope then.

      2. Seriously though, I expect the offensive production to improve under Kelly and if they can manage 26 minutes a game with Tomsula it can only get better.

        1. No doubt offensive production will improve, but the defense is going to spend a lot of time on the field. It’s one of the negatives you have to accept with Kelly’s style of offense..

          1. Well if it’s because we’re scoring right away I’ll take it. If Harbaugh and Roman can get 31 minutes of possession I think Kelly can do at least as well.

          2. Rocket

            If the defense is what I expect, Their time on the field will be interupted by interceptions, forced fumbles, sacks, and other such turnovers…..Aggresive D has always been a hallmark of Kelly’s teams….FA and the draft will change the entire 49er team….

    1. I think Vrabel brings a tougher mentality, plus I’d like to purge as much of the losing toxins as possible. I think he’ll be a HC one day….

  18. Jeff Deeney ‏PFF – Kelly’s Eagles only had RB stay into pass block 7.6% in 2015.

    Could be good news for Hayne. Also means rookies could get more reps.

  19. All this talk the last couple days about Chip wanting Bradford, Foles, Manziel, RGIII, etc. makes me glad Baalke still has full control of the roster. That’s a scary statement.

    I sincerely hope it’s just the media doing it’s talking head/hype thing and there’s nothing to these rumors. IMO, Kap and Gabbert are both better than all of those guys – why would he want to swap for a lesser QB?

    1. Agreed, although Manziel if I remember correctly, turned down admission to Stanford. So, even though his recent off field behavior suggests otherwise, he’s pretty smart….

      1. How smart can you really be if you’re turning down Stanford for Texas A&M? Maybe I just have a West Coast bias, lol.

    2. I thought Foles was going to be pretty good but he’s proven to be nothing but pretty inconsistent. Bradford is a china doll and I can’t understand why teams keep investing in him. He’s never, never going to play two full seasons without missing a game or more. Not a QB you can rely on as a starter.

      Neither Manziel nor RGIII belong in the NFL.

      Besides QB isn’t where you need to be worried about Kelly having control. If Kelly was in charge the RB’s would be looking for moving boxes.

      1. Kelly made a terrible error in trading a 2nd Round pick for Bradford. Just terrible. I have a speculative idea as to what he was thinking. He was trying to leverage a trade for Mariota. Bold plan but it didn’t work and probably had little chance of success at the genesis….

    1. The officiating overall has been pretty good. I wish they called games like this during the regular season too. No reason to throw 20+ flags ever, and the playoffs have been a reminder of how great the game can be when the Refs are not a big part of it.

  20. I can’t believe how much energy Kawakami puts into responding to critics on Twitter. It’s like he doesn’t have anything else to report or type so he just fills his time responding to haters.

    1. Maybe the better question is why would someone waste their own time tweeting to TK? Haven’t they wasted enough time/energy reading something he has written?

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