Grant Cohn talks 49ers on KRON

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle catches a pass against the Los Angeles Rams during the first half in an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Check out my latest appearance on KRON with sports director Mark Carpenter.

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  1. I’m on a plane about to take off and couldn’t watch the video. Did you talk about Antonio brown?
    Think it could get done for the 2nd round this draft and Dante Pettis and a 3 or 4th in 2020?

  2. Nice interview. Strong presentation of your ideas, and good lighting.
    Pretty brutal on your honest assessments, and probably are not endearing you to the FO and coaches.
    Like your demand for Kyle to hire an OC, so he can spend more time being the HC. It was sage advice to advocate calling JH for ideas how to improve the road record. Needed more talk on red zone issues and finishing games.
    Talking about McVay, there should also be pointed out that many successful young OCs turned head coaches, have good DCs to help. Phillips, Schwartz, Williams, Bradley, now Joseph. KS has Saleh, but just hired a DC as the DB Coach.
    JL may not like what you said, but his response should not be to turtle, but grant an interview, so it will show he is not afraid of criticism, and is open to new ideas. You should ask the posters on this site to give an idea on how to improve the team, and present the 10 best to JL.
    Of course, I will give a little constructive criticism. Next time, it is OK to talk with your hands, but try to refrain from touching your face. It is distracting. Rewind and watch with the sound off, and you will see what I mean.

    1. Yes Seb. Because that’s what a GM wants to do. Take the advice of a journalist who never played or coached this game and rack up thoughts from a bunch of armchair QB’s on a blog.

      1. He avoided good advice and went 4-12. Even excluding me, I think this site has some astute posters with good football acumen.
        Refusing good advice is refusing to admit they need help.
        This is the off season, so there is little to do.Hope they are at least evaluating the draft class, and getting ready to coach in the Senior Bowl

        1. If we have a GM that fishes for answers or ideas on blog full of what I mentioned before and journalist.
          Then as a big fan I’ll say WE ARE SCREWED

    2. I agree, good interview. But I doubt JL will do an interview with him but still a good idea talking about different things and Grant being honest with his views, nothing wrong there. I also don’t think Grant will be invited soon to any social gatherings at the office or anywhere else. As far a him touching his face, I didn’t pick that up, he talks and moves his hands around which is fine, as long as he doesn’t pick his nose; )

  3. Good interview Grant. I know it is hard for people to understand that just because you are good at one job doesn’t mean you’ll be any good at another.

  4. Great 10 minutes… I think Grant is at ground zero on why the 49ers are not winning more. The ability to teach and motivate players is lacking. The fact that this team this last season, continued to make repetitive mistakes on both sides of the ball indicates a coaching problem. Grant believes an OC should be hired and I agree.

    Shanahan shows snippets of scheming brilliance but rarely sustains it for four quarters or the fourth quarter.. His Head Coaching falls woefully short of overall performance standards required to win in the NFL. So it’s obvious, IMO, he cannot do both.. His primary focus needs to be leadership and ensuring his coaches are getting players prepared to compete on Sundays.

    IMO, they have a bunch of young, athletic quick players now with a wealth of experience, thrown to the wolves last season due to injury. With some prudent acquisitions in Free Agency and the Draft they should contend,,, if leadership/coaching/game management are there..

  5. Seb,
    Watched the video and I believe I saw 13 hand to the face movements with 9 appearing to go to his nose. Not sure what it means but I’m sure you will find the meaning of these gestures for all of us.
    Content of the interview was nothing new that Grant hasn’t all ready written about. It would be nice if Shanny would implemented the game management and training comments.

    1. Ever watch- The Sting, with Paul Neuman and Robert Redford? That will tell you what a finger to the nose means.
      Stroking under the chin usually signifies pensive thoughts.
      Touching the forehead usually means wiping off the sweat.

      1. Hey Grant you ever play basketball. Garden Bell should not be in the NBA ..let alone on a championship team. Do you watch the Warriors…look how he quits on defense…can’t shoot . Can’t believe your article in P D. I loved your Dad…you shoot from the hip. Just watch this guy play..then get back to me.

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