Grant’s 49ers season preview with NFL Exporter

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo throws a pass during a combined NFL training camp with the Denver Broncos Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019, at the Broncos’ headquarters in Englewood, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Lance Goodman, CEO of, recently invited me on his show to preview the 49ers 2019 season. During the segment, we talked about Jimmy Garoppolo, Dante Pettis, Jerick McKinnon and more. You can listen to the audio below.

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    1. Hard to tell which of these two is the less articulate. Wrong names, factual errors, two non experts massaging each other’s egos. Still, Grant is on target. Things have to break exactly right for the 49ers to have a playoff season. Injuries and bounce back are unpredictable but the realm of possibility does exist for an incredibly high ceiling. This happens in business forecasting a lot. Usual solution is hedge your bets. It’s where all the regrets in life lie. I know I passed on a chance to get in on the ground floor of Starbucks. Go Jimmy let it rip

      1. LMAO! I’ll give Lance props in that he’s trying to get his own thing off the ground. Grant gets no pass in that he’s a beat writer and still comes off like a clown every time he opens his mouth.

    2. Grant has confirmed that Mullens is about as good as Jimmy G. Mullens knows the playbook better and may have a better following on the team. CJ should be traded for a 6th rounder. Maybe a 5th rounder if we are lucky.

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      1. Kyle likes consistency. Maybe Sebbie can be hired as a media guru/scout/coach. Need to think outside the box if you want to win!

        1. You may be on to something…Sebbie as Broadcast Media Quality Control Assistant. He could adopt a new moniker so people wouldn’t connect him with the legendary Sebbie. Maybe Brock Jackson, Dax Harvey, or Stu Dickinson.

        1. Yeah but it’s not something Grant can control as he is subject to the technologies available to him by the host of the program. It would be similar to saying that Neil Armstrong should have brought better audio equipment on his lunar expedition.

          1. Yup. Sansui component stereo, Dual turntable with Shure cartridge, a Sony reel-to-reel deck, a pair of Shure mics… The LEM would be rockin’, and the recordings would be dynamite.

            Too bad Armstrong left his GoPro in the Command Module.

              1. Agreed about the SM57 and SM58. Great microphones! There’s a reason they’ve been industry standards for so long. Sure, others have worked their way in, but for live sound if all I had were 57’s and 58’s I’d be okay.

                Looking forward to this year’s pick ’em league!

              2. Funny thing about those SM57/58s. List price was around $100 40 years ago, list price $100 today, list price will probably be $100 in 2100. lol

          2. Easy, when on KNBR, and I hear a bad connection, they take time to correct the problem. Grant is holding in his hand a device that has more computer power than the entire Apollo Space Program.
            It can be done very easily, and any competent host would make sure the connection is clear and audible.
            But I guess having competent and thorough preparations is a foreign concept to you. I knew you never criticized the Niners last season for their lack of preparation.

            1. Seb, would you rather be a guy who calls people’s BS out with the odd profanity or would you rather be a guy who gets piñata’d every day and who people make continual jokes at?

              1. Primo Welcher, I would much rather be the person that SAYS something, and have people react to my ideas, than getting angry at an opinion and spewing drivel and screeds.
                Pinata? They blindfold the guy with the stick and make him look like a fool, swinging and missing. Just like you do.
                People like pinatas, because they are full of goodies. Good analogy.

              2. People don’t react to your posts. They make fun of them.
                Yeah you make some good points every so often, but overall, you are truly the piñata of the blog.

                It’s amazing how you think reactions to your posts are some form of flattery.

            2. So, when I say the Niners should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half, you are rolling on the floor, laughing like a hyena? guess you want them to waste time outs like a drunken sailor, because losing is such a hoot.
              When I say the Niners should be bold, and not settle for field goals. You think that is hysterical, because losing is a way of life for you?
              You are laughing so hard, because you are easily amused.

              1. Sebbie,

                Drunken sailors don’t waste time outs. We laugh at all the stupid things you say. And they are legion.

                Classic Seb, construct a false dichotomy and use it as if it were true! Keep at Seb! Even a broken clock is right every once in a while…

              2. Easy. LIKE a drunken sailor. On most ships, they are dry, so sailors get on shore and drink like fish. I did not invent that phenomenon, the sailors did.
                Easy, you seem kinda desperate. I have not heard that one said in a while, but you really should not parrot me if you want your zinger to hit home.
                Try being original, for once in your life.

              3. As I have stated before drunken sailors drink like fish but they don’t pilfer time in the manner you illustrated. Learn to write and use metaphors and similes.

                The night was black, like a cat in the shadows; the rain draped the city like a curtain. All those make sense. Yours, sadly does not!

                The blog is stalled by a resident fool like a car that has run out of gas!

  2. I’m sorry, but why doesn’t Grant cover a team that he likes? Like, say, the Cardinals? He occasionally has some good insights, but really ( to me ) seems to spend a lot of time bashing on the team, perticularly the ownership..where were his “hard hitting” questions to John Lynch? It felt like ( again, to me ) that he was sucking up to him to get his “scoop”. I really want to like Grant, but it feels like he’s reporting on a team that he doesn’t really like..kinda like a poor man’s Tim K.

    1. Maybe you did not notice this, but Kyle Posey moved from the LA Chargers, to running the Niners Nation Blog. So far, he has handled that in a competent and professional manner.
      Grant’s job is not to be a pom-pom waving homer. We already have plenty of those.
      Grant did not do an ambush interview, but instead, he asked thoughtful, insightful questions, and brought out the best in JL. I was jumping for joy, because even though I had been advocating JL to give an opportunity to Grant, some were saying that it would never happen in a million years.

  3. Antonio Brown is a perfect example of why free agency doesn’t work at the WR position.
    I’ve always been a believer, that you draft and develop at that position.

  4. Well Antonio Brown was traded to the Raiders. He wasn’t a free agent. There for your theory is a little flawed. But overall I agree you need to draft WRs if you can identify them.

  5. Grant would rather say something inflammatory, and be wrong, than say something positive, and be right. His hapless father was the same way.

    1. I respectfully disagree. At times, Grant is spot on. He was the first to describe Bowman as losing a step. He was not a big advocate for Solomon Thomas. He has been on top of the injury conundrum. Pettis is not impressing me, either, and maybe his constructive criticism will give Pettis more incentive to prove him wrong. Dwelley has impressed me, too.
      With Lowell, I also was gnashing my teeth at some of the criticism at Walsh, pointing out possible pitfalls and daring Walsh to prove him wrong. In retrospect, I saw that it was a masterful motivational tool, and BW carefully avoided the pitfalls, and achieved greatness.
      Speaking of Lowell, he just printed a tweet about who cares about Beede. Guess he is up to his old tricks, trying to light a fire under Beede. Actually, I do care about Beede, because he may be the reason they do not win that last Wild Card spot. Beede may be shunted aside, because he has good stuff, but just cant seem to put it together. Maybe a demotion to the bull pen will motivate him into pitching a complete game.

      1. Grant also had Foster in prison…

        Grant quote from 15 April, 2018…

        I predict the 49ers will release Foster or a week or two after the [’18] draft, probably on a Friday, just to bury the news. And I predict Foster will go to prison.

      2. Sebbie….

        What would Bill W’s Super Bowl record have been if Lowell C. had been a dentist in Minot, North Dakota (vs a sports media guy)? Hmmmmmmm?

      3. Lowell had sh@t all to do with Walsh’s success. Sports journalism, including today’s bloggers who pass for journalists, if they can’t be used for PR are just so much noise to be shut out by the teams.

        1. Edward J Debartolo Jr would disagree. Sure, at the time, he he said he did not read the paper, but in Grant’s interview, he admitted he read every word.
          I fondly remember those times. We would covet the green section, and writers like Lowell, Ira Miller, Bruce Jenkins, Bob Padecky had much more power than the present day writers. Newspapers were so much more influential back then.

            1. I do not know, but Bill Walsh himself knew of the pitfalls when dealing with sports writers. He said they were very smart, so one should be very careful when interacting with them.
              BW may have not liked the Media, but he also knew they were an integral part of the game. Sports writers are like the announcers to the general public, and sports in general would not be so prominent and important today without those past sports writers making the games relevant.
              I was very entertained with the clashes Lowell had with BW. I eagerly read the Sporting Green daily, especially during those Glory Years. It was a battle of wits, unlike here, where I feel like I am dealing with an unarmed foe.

            1. It is just my opinion, and we will never know how much influence Lowell had. I just know that he was a must read for me. Even back then, I appreciated good writing.
              I just know that I will never change your opinion. I will not try. However, I do know you are crazy, because you pay 200 dollars an hour on a shrink, who makes your wallet and brain, smaller.

              1. Hey Sebbie…. Noted this one for the archives. Thanks for the material, you’re a golden goose if there ever was one!

                Say, what does one do with a drunken goose? We know all about drunken sailors…

  6. Excellent analysis Grant. Time for Shanny to put up or move along. Plenty of Ammunition on both sides of the ball. Now let’s see if he can lead and win..

  7. Well, well… Check this. Penalties from preseason week 2. McVay’s disciplined and well-coached Rams committed 18 penalties vs Cowboys. Dallas had 11.

    1. I watched a little of the Panthers, Bills game and had to change channels because yellow flags were flying everywhere.
      Point; there seems to be an excessive amount of flags being thrown by the ref’s during preseason games this year.

      Are the ref’s and league in contract negotiations or something, because it almost looks like the ref’s are purposely slowing down games.
      Hard to believe that most teams are really that bad, but then again…

      1. It is just second and third string players, so the level of play is lowered. Many players on the bubble are playing for their jobs, so they are a little more intense.
        Refs are also calling them as they see them, so the players are beginning to realize that they cannot get away with things.
        I expect a blizzard of flags, but when the regular season comes around, the flag level will drop.
        Hard to believe most teams are really that bad? Have you seen the empty stadiums? I hope they eliminate 2 preseason games. Add one regular season game in an experimental manner to the season and pay the players more. Add one game, then see if the injuries go up. If they do, go back to a 16 game season. Then use the second eliminated preseason game to add another Bye week. Maybe expand the 2 team practice format.

        1. Seb,
          I definitely agree with the low attendance at preseason games. If I had to pay full price to see the starters play a few series then give way to scubs I’d feel uneasy about that.

          But with the NFL cash cow empire it’s about the bottom line.
          As soon as the Pro Bowl game in Honolulu started losing fan interest they moved it back to the mainland.

          The NFL plays on our weakness of being addicted football fanatics and uses poor performing preseason games to feed that addiction.

          I’d rather see the league go with more TC practices with visiting teams. But of course, there’s no money with that scenario.
          Let’s face it, we’re hooked 😏

          1. The NFL gives us an inferior product, they tolerate child beaters and drunk drivers, and they have been dragged kicking and screaming into actually believing in CTE, and ways to study and counter that.
            They call into question the integrity of the game, with putrid officiating, then respond with a blizzard of flags.
            However, you are right. I bleed red and gold, and hunger for that sixth ring. They got me, hook, line and sinker. ;p

      2. AES,
        This happens almost every preseason. The NFL has points of emphasis and the refs call those extra close in the preseason. Then come the regular season, the stop calling it the same way.

  8. The injuries are a curse, so there is a curse, which is what Cohn thinks. I think everything depends on the Yorks – if the Niners don’t make 8-8 will they fire Shanahan? If they do it’s more of the same. If Lynch has another year to draft and he can fix the offensive line the Niners will be competitive next year.

  9. Holy moly – I’m new here and noticed that half the blog is wasted on Sebnynah. What kind of board is this? Are you people obsessed, depressed, or just bored?

    1. The weak minded individuals are drawn to me like a moth to a flame. They try to tear me down because it some how makes their miserable existence seem better. I keep telling them to scroll past, but maybe they think I am trolling them. They have nothing better to do.
      Just wait. Once the regular season starts, we will have lots more to talk about. If the Niners lose, only the die hard faithful will be here. If the Niners start winning, and I fervently hope JG can lead them to victory, there will be a lot more posts.

    2. I’m in agreement. Seb is the un-official scapegoat for a lot of buried misery and bottled up frustration. I don’t agree with his stance on Kaep, but other than that, I have no problem with him. I’ve been on a number of forums and it’s rare to see so much vitriol directed at one person (and for that person to stick around).

        1. Heck, Seb is the toughest guy on here. The guy takes shots every day and still keeps going.
          I believe Seb should adopt the T. O. (Owens) motto: “they love to hate me.”

      1. I love the Niners more than I hate them. They are just like yapping little lap dogs.
        They do not bother me, because I have a lot less respect for their intelligence, than they do for mine.

        1. Just love our Sebbie…

          Jack Hammer says:
          February 5, 2016 at 9:05 pm

          “So many posters called me [Seb] a homer and delusional…”
          They definitely got the second half right

          sebnynah says:
          February 5, 2016 at 9:12 pm

          “Hey Jack, ready to rumble?”

          Jack Hammer says:
          February 5, 2016 at 9:27 pm

          “ready to rumble?”
          What is this, Jr. High? Get a life

            1. Again with the lessons?? Sebs, I would almost pay you to teach me some of these vaunted lessons I’m always hearing about-you are that funny to me………..I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, some people are just funny……..whether they mean to be or not.

        1. As long as he is past the first down marker, so they get a new set of downs, falling down so he does not get held up and stripped of the ball, is a wise tactic. Sure, it would be nice to run untouched for a TD every time, but in the NFL, getting hammered is usually the outcome.
          I see WRs employ that tactic many times, because they do not want to get blown up and injured by the safety.

          1. Crazy as can be…………… you know how many of Rice’s td’s, T.O. tds, John Taylor TD’s would be gone if they didnt break tackles and go on to score?

          1. They do that. Makes the defense have to defend against the run or pass.
            Another proposal I had since JH is- Establish the running game, then utilize play action passes for long strikes down field. I said that 3 years before KS got here.
            Another was- Employ a mobile pocket, so the pass rushers cannot tee off, and rush to a spot. Glad to see those roll outs in the practices, and in last game.

            1. Establish the running game, then utilize play action passes for long strikes down field. I said that 3 years before KS got here.

              Brilliant. Seb, how are you not coaching, in the pros especially?

              1. Did JH use play action as much as KS? No, he was more of a smash mouth, run it down their throats, 3 yards and a cloud of dust, kind of guy.

            2. News flash Mr. Innovator: EVERY formation can be run or passed from since the advent of the Forward Pass. I don’t believe you can (but you might) claim credit for dreaming up that one.

              1. Yes, although things change and evolve. Niners ran the pistol with Kaep. Aaron Rodgers dissed the concept as a gimmick, but I saw the Packers run the pistol last season.
                Niners ran bunch formations, but they were harder to pass out of. Spreading them wide hurts the OZ runs.
                KS runs the OZ. That was first developed in the ’50’s, but he added new wrinkles
                With the changing of the rules, 11 formations are now in vogue. Fly sweeps are getting more commonplace, and halfback options may become a staple in the league.

    3. The weak minded individuals are drawn to me like a moth to a flame

      See Mixed Review? Our Seb, he’s this mix of pablum, banal observation and massive massive ego. The most commonplace front office (trade back in the draft!) and coaching strategies (screen plays!) he will claim as his and his alone. He somehow expects the team will follow his recommendations and when they predictably don’t he gets petulant, throwing shade on ownership, front office and coaches alike. He “fervently” hopes the current coach will guide the team to victory, but in reality he’s furious at him for ignoring his sign Colin Kaepernick pleas. It’s hard ignoring such banality in your midst. Other forums have solved the Seb problem by permabanning him. Welcome and don’t worry, when the season picks up posters will find much more interesting topics to comment on.

      1. Donald, ban me for what? I am always respectful when treated civilly, and never swear.
        Bannable offenses include foul language, personal attacks, sexual innuendo, bullying, threats of violence and bringing family into the attacks. You and many others should be banned, because you violated almost every blog protocol.
        Grant does not want to ban anyone, but I am heartened to see many of the worst offenses being stricken from the postings.

        1. So what were you banned for? Oh that’s right nothing you ever did. Not at all.

          Mixed Review, another charming characteristic of our Seb. Nothing is ever his fault.

          1. Seb seems to think that posting a clip from one of the 5 greatest movies of all time is somehow a threat of “violence” against him. And “bringing family into the attacks”? Geez, if only Seb hadn’t brought in this wife and blamed her for his self-doxxing. Nope, nothing is ever his fault.

              1. It’s a movie Seb. A movie. Are you threatened by a movie? Lucky I didn’t post anything from Peckinpah.

              2. Donald, this is like calling Mexicans rapists, then decrying the senseless mass murder in El Paso, by a shooter parroting your words.

              3. According to you, every viewer of the The Godfather took the cannoli, left the gun. And if that didn’t turn enough people into senseless murderers, Coppola had to release Part II and finish the job.

                Got it.

              4. Just stop with the victim card, Seb. NOBODY on this blog hates Mexicans-nobody. Your saying that they do does not make it so.
                Or need I remind you that, in fact, you only do that for certain people-NOT the whole human race.

            1. Seb is defiantly different, and you know what – really its a good thing. For me he is so off the wall he makes me laugh and I do not take his football acumen seriously. He knows football but he doesn’t think anyone else in the entire NFL knows what he knows. Its like pulling down your zipper to pee, we all know that, but he doesn’t think we know that, he constantly states the obvious.

              1. Yup, it is all been thought of before. KS may have claimed to have developed a brand new system, but it is a copycat league. Bill Walsh was influenced by Sid Gilliam, and copied his ideas.
                KS may claim his system is revolutionary, but I see a lot of the WCO in it, but with a modern tweak.

    4. Cassie Freaking Balke is the one who’s most obsessed with Seb. HShe’s super fricking annoying, and seemed to believe hshe has all the thoughts and opinions that are sound.

      1. Hey Stacks…. Take some time and read through all the dialog this last hour (up to ~11:55AM Pacific). See above.

        1. I don’t freakin care Cassie Freaking Balke. Read up above?? What? The post where you bag on Seb for criticizing HORRENDOUS audio quality?? And then backpedal? lol Fool.

          You’re S U P E R annoying. Period. End. You seem hold yourself in very high regard,

          1. Hardly. Like Sebbie, I’m just a die hard 9er fan…

            PS… Why can’t you stick with one user name? A few days ago you used multiple names across a few hours.

            Like Ken and Mark… Remember these?

            Ken Theelranchosnakestabler says:
            August 14, 2019 at 6:22 pm

            Not fair to compare EITHER the 9ers or Grant to the Hindenburg. Period. End.

            Mark Van3yardspercarryeeghen says:
            August 14, 2019 at 6:25 pm

            They’re going to totally suck. Second to the O-Line this year. You heard it here… HEAR it now!

        1. There is nothing interesting or revealing about Seb and his existence on this blog.
          Like I told him. He came on here with the wrong attitude and bravado. Thinking he knew more than some very knowledgeable and long time posters.

          Add the fact, he still hasn’t figured out that no one likes a know it all or who cannot admit he’s wrong.

          So Sebnnoying the fact you still have not figured out why you get the insults and back lash you do is purely your ignorance.

          1. If it wasn’t for your bitching about Seb, Grant or me, your comments on this blog would be pretty much nonexistent.

            1. Like I said I tell it like it is. So have many others about Seb, yourself and Grants BS. Deal with it cause it’s the truth!

  10. 49ers vs. Broncos, Preseason Week 2: All you need to know

    We are back for another week of preseason football as the San Francisco 49ers get ready to take on the Denver Broncos at Broncos Stadium at Mile High. This will be the finale of some joint practices between the two teams. The game will start at 5:00 PM PT and air on ESPN.

    1. Tonight’s game will (probably?) be the return of Jimmy Garoppolo who Kyle Shanahan has indicated will get some playing time.

    2. The big thing to keep an eye on besides punter Mitch Wishnowsky will be the 49ers wide receivers.

    Reply: I will be reviewing the O-Line and RB battles, also.

  11. Another Reason for 49eer success, a healthy Thomas:

    “Two weeks after his rookie season ended, Thomas thought Ella was in a good place. He had helped her get an internship in Dallas, and on the night of Jan. 22, 2018, she sounded calm while asking her brother if they could grab lunch the next day.

    The next morning, she was dead.

    Anger mounted, guilt mounted and the storm raged within Thomas, who was overwhelmed by “How is this not on me?” dread. By August, the anger was replaced by something much worse: sadness.

    An emptiness. Depression.

    Thomas never suffered depression before. Once he slipped into his own darkness, it felt like quicksand. Nothing at work mattered. Not games, not practice. A self-described “energizer bunny” in the weight room his entire life, a man “built of passion,” Thomas now aimlessly glided through life.

    Everything felt pointless.

    “I just had nothing there,” Thomas says. “I was like, ‘I really don’t care about this. I really don’t care about life anymore.'”

    And Lynch knew. Lynch, the one who took that class with Thomas, who drafted Thomas, who knew Thomas the person, could tell he had transformed into somebody else when no one else could. So that week in the cafeteria, the 49ers GM pulled Thomas aside to ask if he wanted help, if he wanted to see a therapist, and that’s when it hit him. He couldn’t do this alone….”

  12. TomD predicted both O-Lineman to impress duing TC. Now’s there chance to do it on PRIME TIME baby!!!

    “Ben Garland has been playing center but was brought in to be a top backup. Najee Toran would be the favorite to start for Person as long as Garnett is out, though Daniel Brunskill also saw time with the first team in practice. Sam Young was signed off the street to replace Coleman.

    The 49ers might have to find options outside the organization during final cuts if these players don’t distinguish themselves.”

    –M. Barrows

  13. Denver weather…

    The Denver altitude isn’t the only thing 49ers players will have to deal with on Monday night. The game is expected to be in the low-to-mid 90s at kickoff, which could make it the hottest in Broncos history, according to the Denver Post.

    I’ve been in Denver when it’s hot–really hot. Not all that pleasant. Anyway, let it rip!

    1. CFB,
      The 49ers have been in Denver for a few days, hopefully they’ve become a little acclimated.
      I want to see two things tonight.
      1. No major injuries.
      2. Seeing unknown players rise to the top (finding that needle in a haystack).

  14. What I am most interested in seeing this upcoming game with the Broncos?
    JG. I hope he leads the Niners down the field to score a TD. Then let the others play.
    I wonder how the makeshift O line will handle the Denver pass rush.
    I wonder if the Niner pass rush can get to the Denver QB.
    It sure would be nice to see a pick six for the Niner DBs.

  15. The guy doesn’t even bring up Fred Warner in the linebacker group… Dre Greenlaw is BALLING out.

    And Grant is fun to laugh at. That’s why I love him so much. I hope he never changes!!!

  16. Matt Maiocco

    As I understand it, if it were regular season, George Kittle could play. But he did not practice last week and will not suit up this evening.

  17. *My bad, meant rookie G, Ross Reynolds at backup G/C, not Garland, the former ATL vet.

    Here’s what they say:

    Ross Reynolds
    Former Iowa offensive guard Ross Reynolds went undrafted in 2018, yet he’s one of the UDFA players the 49ers selected who has a great chance to make the cut for the 53-man roster in 2019.

    Reynolds fits the bill, too. He’s a run-blocking mauler, which was his strength coming out of college. Sure, there are some issues with pass protection. But being able to serve well in run support should increase his chances as an immediate guard backup for San Francisco.

    Former Iowa Guard Brings ‘Nasty Streak’ to 49ers

  18. Reynolds Wrap was a player I had keen interest in, and when I asked Grant about him the 1st week of training camp he said he was the best OG behind the starters. Hadn’t heard a peep about him since, but if he’s passed Garland; Moore lady luck is shining down on 4949 Centennial Blvd. Let’s hope she keeps it up throughout the season, especially with the health of the team….

  19. I think the addition of Joe Woods, the former Bronco DC, may have a big impact on the game. His intel will be valuable.
    Of course, Scangarello will be a good source for the Broncos, so I hope KS does something totally different, and unexpected.

    1. Seb,

      I tried subtly to get you to mend the error in your ways regarding what you derogatorily referred to as “shrinks,” being a waste of time and money, so posted the Solomon Thomas case.

      Obviously ‘THAT’ had no effect…I should have guessed, since all on this site have mentioned your narcissistic malady, that no matter how heartbreaking the story, your need to be right, supersedes your recognition of the medical mistake you just made above with that statement.

      I’ve chosen to leave the link above to this sorrowful story and where John Lynch fits in with his humanitarian recognition that Thomas needed help, then secured it for him….

      I hope in the future, your mind evolves to the more liberal interpretation of the psychological field and you need not see one in a wheel chair, or wielding a crutch to realize help is needed.

      Sometimes the most injurious cases are one’s that are invisible… Witness the recent mass shootings stirred by the race- baiters in the Executive Branch for more in-depth studies of mental health if needed…., They seem to know more about it than you

      So sad that one who champions himself as the blog humanitarian, constitutional warrior, leader of civil rights and social injustice gladiator, is a no-show when it comes to one of the more multifarious alilments of our modern age.

      Maybe this will help Seb—3 Dog Night:

  20. The only thing I’m hoping for is every player who sees action tonight doesn’t leave it all, or anything, on the field. No injuries please!

  21. Jennifer Lee Chan

    Richard Sherman is in uniform indicating he will play.

    Joe Staley & Mike McGlinchey were out on the field just chatting and walking around but not dressed yet.

    If they return to the field dressed, that would be a sign that Jimmy Garoppolo will play. If not, no.

    Jennifer Lee Chan

    So far, Nick Mullens and C.J. Beathard are on the filed warming up, no sign of Jimmy Garoppolo yet.
    DeForest Buckner is in red game tights – maybe he plays a series?

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