Grant’s Periscope report from Week 1 of 49ers OTAs

San Francisco 49ers rookie Nick Bosa warms up during the NFL football team’s rookie minicamp in Santa Clara, Calif., Friday, May 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Check out my Periscope report from Week 1 of 49ers OTAs:

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  1. It was a disaster, Grant!

    Lights out, lights out in Grantdom. Did the girlfriend turn on her hair dryer?

    I seem to remember Hershel Walker being pretty bulked up. For a guy coming off injury, it’s the muscle memory that takes time to rebuild….

    1. Just mad cause you were wrong….again… least your consistent…???
      Your like the Homer Simpson of this blog,…Yeah I like it Homer formally known as Razor…

        1. I wouldn’t get too down. His over exuberance tweaked his hammy which has not yet had time to rebuild its muscle memory calluses….

            1. Your irrepressible jouissance is showing. This is an example of the Scorpions’ Savage Amusement, and how appropo is track 4, Media Overkill?

            2. Would you prefer to see him lost for the season, just so that Razor nor anyone else will have any need to bring him up in conversation? If so, just say so.

              1. B, yeah it’s weird. Suppose our top pick does lose considerable time? Certain “fans” take that as a great opportunity to crow about how right they were, other fans are doofuses yada yada. Yay, me.

                All the while it sucks for the team.

          1. Muscles don’t care about feelings. We need to get that dude in a yoga room or something… getting injured right off the bat is a scary sign for him considering his history. I am guessing that was a major reason the scouting department was divided over Bosa vs Q.

    1. too late… all the Homer’s think he is god or something..shhhh…..another bad pick…..Frisco does well on the third round on ….Round one an two picks have been boneheaded and abysmal….*minus Buckner

          1. I only do it when some San Francisco Resident gets all pushed out of shape when someone uses the term Frisco. It goes back to when I had friends who just worshiped the City and were highly offended that anyone would refer to it as Frisco. Many who live in the City used to have this feeling of condescension to everyone who didn’t. I seem to have also gotten into the habit of using the term ” The City” which also seems to reflect a similar attitude. As if Frisco has exclusive “trademark” privileges So for the sake of principle. How are things in Frisco. Hope the Frisco 49ers do really well this year. Oh wait! Even the Niners moved out. Oh my! How dare I use that term. I can just imagine all those offended stares. Visions of outraged ladys with up turned noses, looking through lorgnettes exclaiming ” We are not amused”. Get over it. you presently reside in a sh!t-hole inhabited and run by lunatics.

            1. I grew up 27 miles South of SF, been there thousands of times, 3 gay power parades just to check it out. Aesthetically, it has to rank top 5 in the world for physical beauty and climate.
              Having said that, willtalk is right–it has become a sh!t-hole inhabited and run by whack-jobs and lunatics..they are the loudest. Thats all it takes in “The City”.

        1. That’s only if you’re from the bay, fan’s from everywhere else could care less.
          I could also care less about Empire vs Nation.

      1. Hmmm, so someone please help me here.
        Has Bosa missed a regular season game?

        Once he begins to miss real games, you can take your best shots at him, and me too for that matter. I’m an old man who doesn’t give a dang.
        For now, this story is only appealing to Bosa’ detractors and the “I told you so’s.”

        1. No season hasn’t started yet AES….
          But Bosa has continued his pattern of injuries without being in a game.
          Hmmmmmmmm indeed!

  2. Yep should have picked Josh Allen,instead of Bosa Wood..never liked the pick,John Lynch you begin to show you like Eye Candy waasay to much

  3. Can’t wait for Sebbie’s deep insight on the Bosa matter.

    We stand in the plaza, shoulder-to-shoulder, waiting patiently for His Eminence to appear on the balcony above, and grace us with his wisdom.

      1. AES, I think the Niners have made their choices, and we all must live with their decisions.
        I will agree with Razor, and think that Bosa was rated as the best player in the draft for a reason. I acknowledge his draft acumen for being right on the Thomas and Bosa calls. I fervently hope that Bosa will become fully healthy, and help the Niners win games. I sure liked Solomon Thomas’s interview, and will cut him a ton of slack because of his family tragedy. Hopefully, he will be done with his grieving, and will play with joy again. He loves to play football, and with Coach K, he will be put in his best position to succeed, in the optimal scheme to utilize his talents.
        That said, I will also mention that my biggest concern with Bosa was his injury history, and lament that I was proven right, although I wished I was wrong in this matter. Although, if Bosa can be ready for TC, and play all season, this hamstring pull be be long forgotten.
        This latest news also bolsters my position that the best strategy would have been for the Niners to have traded back, even if it meant missing out on Bosa and Q Williams. If JL had accepted a fair deal, and not wanted a deal too good to be true, the Niners may have managed to trade back, and get additional draft picks, that would have addressed other areas of need.
        I will second guess this draft, because I believe that the Niners could have done so much better. If you may recall, I wanted them to trade back with the Giants. I do not need to be a GM or a draft pundit to know that Jones was a horrible reach. Gettleman lied like a rug, and it has come back to bite him in the rear end. He, and the Giants, have been ridiculed over Jones, and he may never play a down all season, according to Gettleman.
        I proposed the Niners offering the precious number 2 pick for the Giants first, second, 4th and 5th round picks, along with a 2020 second round pick to balance it out in the TVC. Now, I would have forgone the 2020 second round pick, to sweeten the deal. The Giants had 2 fourth and fifth round picks, so they could easily have given them up, and they still would have retained that 17th overall pick. The Giants would have been hailed as crushing the draft if they had managed to get Bosa, and they still might have traded back from 17, and still could have gotten Jones in the second round, since he was ranked 39 on the CBS Big Board.
        In hindsight, the Niners could have selected Josh Allen. They also could have traded back with their 36th pick, and still could have selected Deebo Samuel. Then, with their additional second and third round picks, they could have selected Juanhunglo Thornhill or JoeJuan Wiliams, and an interior O lineman.
        Sure, this is idle speculation, but I will keep track of the players the Niners missed out on, and make revised assessments at the end of the season. Trading back is smart, and reaching is desperation.
        Trading back is already a wise strategy, and many teams proved that it is not an impossible fantastic delusion, but a shrewd practical way to help rebuild their rosters. Both the Seahawks and Colts traded back, and made it to the playoffs. The Colts went from 4-12 to the playoffs by trading back. Too bad the Niners did not emulate that strategy.
        We have had 2 OTA practices, and TC is months away. Razor may be pilloried, but in the end, he may have the last laugh. I come here to read what die hard Niner fans write, who are not timid and diffident. I appreciate how Razor stuck to his guns, and was proven right about Bosa being the Niner selection. I also hope that Thomas has a break out year, so he will be proven right again. I hope Razor is proven right, because that would mean the Niners are winning.
        I have predicted an 8-8 season, because I have been optimistic before, yet had my hopes dashed way too many times.
        However, if the Niners do win more than 8 games, there will not be a happier Niner fan, who will be ecstatic to be proven wrong. If they manage to make it to the playoffs, I will jump for joy.

        1. The Giants had no reason to trade up for the player they ended up picking. They could have traded down and still gotten him. I agree the Niners should have traded down, but we do not know if they were even given that option. You have to have a trade partner. Someone has to want a player bad enough. I don’t know if they were that sold on Bosa, but felt under the circumstances they had to take him.

          1. Consider this. Would you like Bosa and Deebo, or Josh Allen, Deebo, Juan Thornhill and Erik McCoy?

            1. Considering they took a qb where they did, I dont think a trade would have been on the table.
              If you are taking a qb that high I think you are married to taking a qb.

              Second, would you have been willing to drop back to the Giants pick if they would have only offered a 2nd or a 3rd round pick and not both?

              Most early trades were going well below chart… Seattle moved back 9 spots in the first round and only received a 4th and a 5th rounder in return.

              1. The Niners should have jumped at the chance to get 3 additional picks, and the Giants had tons of picks to trade with.
                The TVC would only have had been somewhat balanced if they had added a 2020 second round pick, so I would have gone for a lesser deal in order to move back. Some were insisting on both of their first round picks. However, they still ended up trading away their second, 4th and 5th round picks, after panicking and moving up 7 spots to get Baker, when they should have been patient, and still could have possibly selected him 7 spots later. Even if they missed out on Baker, there were 7 CBs taken in the second round.
                Seattle got SECOND, 4th and 5th round picks from the Giants, not only a 4th and 5th round pick, to move back 7 spots. They then moved back a second time to garner more picks. Seahawks ended up with 11 picks, with 3 in the 4th round, but were smart enough not to waste one of those to select a punter. If Seattle can move back in the first and second round, why can’t the Niners?
                Giants with Gettleman at the helm, may have obtained 3 first round picks, but Jones was a reach, and now they have to face a ticked off Haskins twice a year. Sure sounds like many Giants fans were apoplectic about their draft. Their Youtube reactions were priceless.

              2. Cassie, I will continue to emphasize the trade back strategy, because several teams showed how effective it could be, and how it is not impossible to accomplish.
                There were 47 trade backs, and conversely, 47 trade ups.
                Niners had a golden opportunity to leverage that precious number 2 pick into a boatload of picks, but chose not to. They seem to employ the ‘Good Value’ injury strategy, and the reach and they do not care what others think- strategy.
                Shoup addressed my concerns, so I am just being polite, answering back. I also wanted to set the record straight about the Seahawk deal.That Giants deal should have been on the table with the Niners, because the Giants did trade away their second, 4th and 5th round picks.
                Niners still insist on drafting red flagged players, so I hope they treat Hurd with kid gloves, and do not force him to play RB, even with 3 RBs down due to injury. He might suffer another concussion, and retire like Borland.
                You know so little about me. How can you think that after I expressed Bosa’s injury concerns, I would refrain from mentioning that when he became injured? I still want Bosa to succeed, because the Niners are all in on him, but he might turn out to be another Todd Shell.
                Talk about beating a dead horse, your continual snark is like GroundHog Day.

              3. Seb I was referring to the first trade down…
                They did not get a second rounder in the initial trade back.

                Seattle’s pick number 21 was traded to Green Bay for a first (30) and two 4th round picks (No. 114 and No. 118).
                They then traded Pick number 30 for a 2nd round pick a 4th and 5th.

                So once again would you have been willing to trade back 2 to 6 if only a 2nd or 3rd was offered in order to make such a drop back?

              4. Shoup, so noted.
                As long as the Niners got additional second or third round picks, I am fine with that. Seattle used those GB picks to move up in the draft to select players they coveted.
                This draft was deep in talent, and there were many needs that were not addressed. Both Skule and Harris are longshots to make the team. Greenlaw may make the team because both Kwon and Warner are out.
                There were 4 safeties and 7 CBs taken in the second round. Sure wished the Niners could have tapped into that talent. There were 7 WRs taken, so missing out on Deebo in order to trade back would not have been a catastrophe. I also touted Cody Ford, Elgton Jenkins and Erik McCoy, and wished to Niners could have selected one of those 3 interior O linemen.
                The Niners did trade back, and bundled a player and pick to move up, but it was too little, too late.

              5. The Seahawk -GB deal was only off by 36 points.
                They probably figured getting a 3 for 1 deal was worth it.

        2. Seven hundred sixty+ words…

          Your Grace, we welcome your wisdom–cliches and overwrought use of the English language notwithstanding.

          Hail Sebbie!

  4. No games missed yet so it’s no big deal, yet. But is this what Bosa wanted to show on day one of an easy OTA?

    At least it wasn’t the first play, as I heard Reuben Foster’s injury was….

  5. Bosa is a concern when it comes to injuries and that is an undeniable FACT
    I felt they should have drafted Williams.
    I think when the rumors surfaced right before the draft that Thomas was on the trade block that they were checking if they could get a 2nd or 3rd for him and if that manifested that they would take Quinnen.
    When they did not get a bite it was Bosa.
    No way to be sure but that is how it looks. They nabbed D Ford and I feel Q or J Allen were better picks.
    Time will tell-but Nick could end up an injury prone bust while the other 2 end up all pro.

    1. Nice story Fly, however you’re stuck in the ointment because they were sold on Bosa weeks before the draft.

  6. The OTA period is a waste of time. 3 out of 4 running backs not practicing. The top 3 ILb’s not practicing.

    The most exciting video of the day is Garoppolo throwing a pass high to a standing target. Looked like me out front throwing to one of my boys.

    Bosa has a baby ram take a dump in his leg. If you can’t see the irony in that you’re blind. Daddy played a full season only once in 3 years and that was a strike shortened 12 games. Big bro has played a full season only once in 3 seasons. The leader of the Bosa apologists keeps blaming it on muscle memory like a parrot. Let’s just hope the Bosa pick doesn’t end up like the Foster pick. Hailed on draft day, panned later when the player can’t stay on the field.

    This falls perfectly in line with an organization that, despite a high number of injuries the last two years, continues to invest in rookies and FA’s that are injured.

    It’s genius on the part of Lynch and Shanahan. If they fail it’s a built in excuse from a fan base that drools over the ex-player and the coaches son who’s claim to fame is blowing a Super Bowl and teams that look fancy while losing.

    The best part of all this is we still have over 2 months before the real camp starts.

      1. This coming from a guy who projected how many sacks for Solomon and is now saying that Pettis will have 1100 yards and how many TDS?

        If you don’t like premature negative news don’t project high expectations that are from the jump unrealistic.

        ST has yet to amass the number you projected for his first year.

        1. If you can’t distinguish between tripe and predictions, don’t come crying to me about it.

          So what if Solomon hasn’t gotten 6 sacks? Why does it bother you so much, or better yet, why does it make your cheeks rosy?

              1. I recognize when is see poop on the wall. You seem to be a great slinger of it.

                Take a break and smoke some weed. Apparently that’s the only thing you may be good at.

              2. You seem to fancy yourself as a great advisor, but nobody seeks it from you. Take a break and go have a talk with yourself, because that’s the only person that cares what you think….

              3. Interesting…

                “You seem to fancy yourself as a great advisor, but nobody seeks it from you.”

                Question… Does ANYONE on this blog (seriously) seek advice from ANYONE else on this blog?

                I’m quite confident no one seeks mine, speaking only for myself.

              4. Seek? No, but it doesn’t stop those like Dr. Yeast from vouchsafing it either.

    1. I think you mean, fans paying attention to OTA’s is a waste of time. In terms of learning playbooks, coverages, scheme, and building relationships with teammates, OTA’s are extremely valuable. As a fan, it probably is a waste of time. For players and coaches, it’s the very first step to shaping the ball club.

      1. I was referring to the on-field activities. When you have multiple guys who are expected to have key roles on the team sitting out it’s a waste.

        Even the players are nonchalant about it.

        I do agree about the ability to get everyone in a meeting room, but some of these guys are already spending time together training, lifting and building rapport.

        1. Even the players are nonchalant about it.

          The Sherman and JG pressers sounded anything but nonchalant. They were totally jazzed about getting back to work on the field again.

    1. He is removing mine also but the person I quoted still has it up – typical liberal BS they don’t like what you say so they don’t let you speak.

      1. No kidding. He allows these drive by trolls to catfish, little Jackie Hammer to call you a dumbass, but if I use the term Jackass or Jackarse or Jack*ss, he deletes it. He used personal information to ostracize Rocket. I’ve lost any respect I had for Grant Cohn. I believe it’s time for a new blog steward….

        1. Yup Cohn is not to be trusted, I lost respect for him quite a few months ago. I called him out for his Brown BS not that he was wrong but it was day after day and like he was/is trying to get some people fired. He got all personal on me and that was that. And yes what he did with Rocket was over the top. He was entrusted with personal info and he violated that trust – maybe he is running for a political position, violating trust is paramount to political success.

          1. Maybe another employer will recognize his genius that he keeps telling us about, and he takes a promotion!

      2. typical liberal BS

        Dude, it’s not your politics. I’m as liberal as they come and the site has “monitored” and at times removed my postings as well.

  7. Little Jackie can get away with calling me a dumbass, but if I refer to him as a jackass you remove my comment? That’s awfully rich for a guy who didn’t pay his electric bill, don’t ya think?

    1. I can 99.9% guarantee the site has a dictionary of words that automatically triggers post flagging. You hit the jackpot, Razor. Or jack something or other.

  8. Vagas? If you want to be taken seriously as some great advisor, you should learn to pride yourself on accuracy. LOL!

  9. I’ll be concerned if these things prevent him from playing. Missing some OTA’s means nothing to me.

  10. Bosa strains a hamstring on day 2 of OTAs – big deal. Much ado about nothing.

    If he tears his hammy or gets some other significant soft tissue injury that keeps him out of the regular season, that will be a problem given his history with a significant soft muscle injury last year. A hamstring strain at this time of year is not a big issue. Minor soft tissue injuries happen all the time around this time of year.

    1. Troll fodder for those with an agenda. I wanted Josh Allen, I wanted Quinton Williams. Waaaa! Boo hoo!

      Scooter, good news on the Solomon Thomas front. Sounds like he’s compartmentalized his grief, and is ready to take no prisoners!

      1. Dang, I thought you would not attack me for all the kind words I said about you. ;p
        I have accepted Bosa, and will not diss him for his past social media comments, but still think the trade back strategy would have been the best way to rebuild the team, even if it meant losing out on Bosa and Q Williams. Right now, I am not concerned about a hammy. I only had about a couple dozen of them during my playing days, but you set yourself up by insisting he was totally healthy. Just keeping it real.
        I agree, and think the loss of Zgonina will help. Sounds like Kocurek will have him firing upfield, so he should be able to get more sacks.

        1. Diss him for what, Seb? The other side of the coin could do the same thing. Big deal………….

          1. He apologized for his past youthful media comments, and I will accept his apology, and move on, because it sounds like he is growing up and becoming a mature adult.

  11. Hey Grant! Why did you cut your periscope short? Did they also cut the power to your computer?. If not, you didn’t really need the lights. Perhaps you were afraid of the Ghosts of Niners Past? lol. We could still see you if only in black and white.

      1. Grant,
        I mostly access your blog at work and many times don’t have the time to watch a 30 min video. Is there anyway along with your periscopes that you also do a short written synopsis like you used to do?

        1. Absolutely. I was snowed under yesterday. I also will do written breakdowns of practices from now on.

      2. My favorite Grant moment from a Periscope is when he is talking and then his girl walks in. It’s like he looked over and went, dayum – gotta go guys.

  12. Waiting for someone to blame the 9ers new health and performance staff staff (created and positions filled three months ago). Just gotta be their fault!

  13. Grant…

    More often than not, your blog seems to trigger less-than-civil behavior. Of course, social media tends to do that across the board–I get that. Sports being sports, and the personalities romping about on your blog , it’s bound to happen.

    With the Press Democrat (PD) being a progressive, responsible entity, would it be possible for the PD to provide us with access to counseling? Think of the many benefits–anger levels would be reduced, people would be more accepting of divergent opinions, PD liability would be reduced, etc.

    Posters (registered with the PD) would have access to the best counseling services available to industry–the first 10 sessions annually would be free, anything beyond would require a $40 copay per 50 minute session.

    1. Easier solution. Ability for users to block other users. Philosophical question: does a Seb post on a blog if no one sees his posts?

      1. Donald, I have you so well trained, you probably can recite me verbatim. You even diss me for things I wrote years ago.
        Nice try, but at least you are starting to learn your lesson.

              1. Stop mentioning me, and I will leave you alone.
                Mention me and I will feel perfectly justified in jumping all over your post.
                You like to dish it, but you sure cannot take it.
                Buzz off? Get a clue.

      2. He posts to read his own posts. So yeah, even if every other site visitor blocked him and couldn’t see his comments, and he knew it, he’d still post so he could see them and pretend that the only people reading them was him, Shanny, Lynch, Jed, Paraag, Kaep, and Bill Walsh and Fidel Castro’s ghosts. Draw your own conclusions about him from that.
        In the meantime the “hiding” of unwanted commenters would make the reading more pleasant for some readers while leaving others the opportunity to view and react as sport.

        1. FYI, I am on several different sites, and have not been blocked on any of them. I commented many times on the Big Blue View, trying to propose a trade back with the Giants. Mile High Report had me proposing Mullens trades, and even bundling Thomas with Mullens to facilitate the deal.
          Eventually. the Giants did trade away their second, 4th and 5th round picks to move up, and the Broncos accepted a deal that bundled a player(Dekota) and a pick.
          I even went on the Raiders site to propose a trade back. Mayock actually followed my trade back proposal, but with other teams. Schneider in Seattle followed my trade back strategy to a tee, although he most likely got the inspiration from Bill Walsh’s 1986 draft.
          Please quit obsessing about me. I would be happy as a clam to be able to blog in peace, without all the static.

        1. Not pointless at all. Some posters have interesting opinions and comments, others just take up bandwidth with predictive crap. There have been longtime great posters who got fed up with dealing with that bandwidth and have departed. (cough)Brotha(cough)

      3. And he just walked along alone
        With his guilt so well concealed
        And muttered underneath his breath
        Nothing is revealed

  14. Grant,
    ” I’m a big fan of Mullens” ” i’m not a big fan of Beathard” You have repeatedly written here that you are not a fan, you are a journalist.?????

  15. Thanks for the periscope Grant….I for one do appreciate the insight … seems like more of the same for the team..injuries, no franchise QB, some top picks not doing well Boso Pettis etc etc…rinse and repeat of last year? Somehow with this Oline I just don’t see JimmyG playing all season. there I said it Can’t wait for the next periscope

  16. wa wa wa the sky is falling.Bosa has a hammy strain.there calling my city frisco. the end is coming, geeeze

      1. Quit whining…about failing to trade back (enough) in ’19.

        Quit whining…about no OC (by title) on the 9ers coaching staff.

        Yeah Sebbie, instruct others to quit whining.

        1. That reminds me. I am so glad Baalke was fired. He was an empty suit who whiffed on an entire draft class.
          His specialty was not only back stabbing, he liked to twist the knife.
          Baalke’s biggest regret is not being on Hard Knocks. Then he could have cut a player on the team bus, on TV.

  17. Seb,

    You haven’t leveled with us, right? That tree branch removed from the backyard during the winter storms
    obviously caused brain trauma.

    Continuing to tout your numerous trade back scenarios in a draft– over since April 27th–is nothing more than the ravings of a cackling, cluster of cacophonous cockatiels….People have tuned you out, Sebraidah, get over yourself.

    Sebraidah video:

    1. TrollD, several teams did trade back. That strategy was used 47 times last draft.
      The Niners even traded back, and even bundled a player and a pick, so your screed is just more bloviating.
      They say one symptom of CTE is expressed as forgetfulness. All those blows to your head are manifesting in your diatribes.

      1. Oh please, I consider this a battle of wits against my unarmed foe. TrollD cannot even get his facts straight.

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