Greg Roman: “Had a very productive morning today in meetings and looking forward to getting a bunch of work done today. Any questions?”

This is the transcript of Greg Roman’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ p.r. department.

Opening statement:

“Morning. Getting ready for a very good Seattle defense. I think these guys have gotten healthy the past couple weeks and are playing at a very impressive level. Very impressed at their Philly game and they certainly did a good job against us a couple weeks ago. I think we helped them out a little bit there, but can’t take away the production they put out there on the field. They’ve got a very cohesive unit here and it really starts across the board with this defense. If you look at their secondary, I think [CB Byron] Maxwell has really upped his game. [CB Richard] Sherman is doing what he does over there to our right. And then [S Kam] Chancellor and [S Earl] Thomas, very good football players. Very good football players. Linebackers [Bruce] Irvin, [Bobby] Wagner and [K.J.] Wright are doing a phenomenal job there as always, and their front, I think there was a lot of questions about their front this year. They lost [DE] Red [Bryant] and they lost 91 [DE Cassius Marsh]. Very good players. They got some guys in there doing a heck of a job. So, excited about the challenge and guys are working hard. Had a very productive morning today in meetings and looking forward to getting a bunch of work done today. Any questions?”


What do you have to build on for these final three games? What can you really sink your teeth into and what have you seen that gives you hope that you guys can start being more productive?

“Yeah, the last two games, the last game in particular, there were a lot of positive things that happened really at every position. There just weren’t enough of them and we know that. We can’t turn the ball over. We can’t have penalties, etcetera. These are things that I think we have a true grasp of. That really doesn’t fit what we’re trying to do. But, in and of the football itself, there were a lot of very positive things and there were some real improvement at certain positions throughout the game. I highlight our center Marcus Martin. Think he continues to improve every week. I thought our fullback Bruce Miller, who is getting to be a little bit of a gray beard in the sense that he’s got a lot of snaps and experience, played in a lot of big games. I thought he did some things better than he’s done up to this point. I thought there were some really good catches out there. There are a lot of positive things, but to your point, man, I’m excited. Last week didn’t go the way we certainly wanted it to, but last week, last month, last year, it’s in the past. We’re excited about this game and really focused more so on this week than, I know we’ve got three games in the regular season and anything can happen. You never know.”


You mentioned Marcus Martin. He went out of that game and he didn’t practice yesterday. Do you believe he will play?




“Hopeful, yeah. He’s very engaged in his preparation, as always, and we’ve just got to work with our medical staff on that and make the appropriate decision.”


G Joe Looney would be the guy if not?

“There’s a good chance of that. We’re working a couple guys at that spot.”


You also just mentioned Miller, who played in, I think, 16 percent of the offensive snaps. Why not have him more incorporated in the offense more than he has been some of these games?

“A lot of it comes down to not only the plan going in, but where you’re at in the game. We’ve been in some very limited possession games recently, where unfortunately we’ve been behind the 8-ball a little bit as the game goes on, so that’s going to limit Bruce Miller’s snaps. If you have a lead in the game, you’re probably going to have the fullback on the field, we will, late in the game pretty much every play. And when you’re in a two-score situation, then pretty much time becomes a factor and that eliminates his snaps. So, it’s which came first, the chicken or the egg.”


TE Vernon Davis said yesterday, ‘I’d like to be more of a playmaker, but that’s ultimately your call.’ Do you need to talk to him at all?

“Oh yeah. Vernon and I have a great relationship, starting from the day I walked in this building. We’ve had a very, very strong relationship. And sure we want him to get involved and there have been opportunities for that, but it’s just something we’ve got to work through. He’s done a tremendous job, though, of dealing with that fact, the certain circumstances and really, really applying himself. Like he’s blocked. He’s blocking right now as good as he’s ever done. What does that tell me about him as a professional? What does that tell me about him as a teammate? Man, it tells me everything I need to know because he’s had some really tough duty as far as blocking goes. Like there are some blocks that are easy, some blocks that we say, ‘You have the sombrero on this block.’ One guy usually has the toughest down and he has had a lot of those downs the past five, six games. And he’s blocked as good as he’s ever done. So, what does that tell you about Vernon Davis? It tells me everything I need to know.”


Are you talking about blocking defensive ends?

“Yeah, and the angles you’ve got to block them at. A lot of times, he’s been left with the toughest angle. He’s got to make up ground based on alignment, if that makes any sense. He’s had some really, really tough angles and that’s important stuff. That’s really important stuff when you get down to it.”


You don’t sense more frustration with Vernon than anybody else with the way things have gone in recent weeks? Maybe it’s just?

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of Vernon since the moment I met him. Just what a professional he’s grown into, and if anything, he’s really being a great leader with how he is handling positives and negatives that come along. So, like I said, he has spoken volumes to me with how he conducts himself.”


Without getting into the whole schemes of how you attack Richard Sherman, how do you, with what he’s done the last couple of meetings, how do you approach his side of the field and what’s made him who he is against you these last couple of meetings?

“Yeah, we’ve definitely helped out his stat sheet the past couple games, but he’s a very good corner. He’s one of the better corners you go against in the National Football League. I think they do a great job with how they use him and I think he does a great job doing his job. He’s physical. He’s long. He’s very smart. He understands what the offense is trying to get done. Week in, week out, he’s produced pretty darn well. So, I think you’ve got to be precise. You’ve got to be precise when you work anywhere against this Seattle defense. The scheme is very similar to what [former 49ers head coach] George [Seifert] used to run here with the Niners back in the day. George Seifert. They do a very nice job of taking their players and giving them a little freedom to do what they do well within that scheme. They might let one defensive lineman do this and somebody else comes in and plays the same position and he kind of does that and the DBs the same. So, it’s a pretty basic scheme, but it’s really played cohesively. And Rich on the right most of the time is a guy you’ve got to be extremely mindful of, but you’ve got to be mindful of the whole defense. They play that free safety, Thomas, a little bit [former NFL S] Ed Reed-ish in the sense that he’s got some freedom to watch the quarterback and straight-line it and come downhill on runs, etcetera. So, they do a very nice job to a man.”


When you say that Richard’s pretty smart and can sense out what the offense, do you have to just try to disguise things more than you usually would against any other corner?

“I just think it comes down to competing. You’re pretty much locked in to one or two coverages you’re going to get and you’ve got to be precise. Everybody involved has got to be precise.”


A couple of history questions here, did you ever have him as an offensive player?

“Yeah, a little bit. He played a little bit of offense. Yeah, he was a little bit of a two-way player there at Stanford.”


What kind of receiver was he?

“Pretty good. Pretty good. I remember one spring game he was on the other team and caught a big play against the team I was with. But, yeah he was good. He was a versatile guy.”


And then the other question is when you first got here was he flipping sides a little bit? I know the last couple years he’s only been on your right, his left. What makes him better fit on that side?

“You’d have to ask them.”


What do you think though? Why would a guy be a better fit on one side than the other?

“Well, when you get time invested on a side of the field, especially to the offensive right, you’d have to ask them specifically, but I know that some people will try to put the corner they feel best about to the offensive right and let him settle in there. But, he’ll matchup team to team. He’ll move around. He’ll go inside some. He’s done that against us in the past.”


And that’s because a right-handed quarterback is mostly looking to his right?

“Yeah, in a nutshell. But, I don’t know why they’re doing what they do. You’ll need to ask them.”


You said the word precise a couple of times. We saw Colin hit WR Anquan Boldin on that play against the Redskins. Just a really precise, perfect throw. But then against the Seahawks, he had the two picks. There seems to be some wavering in his precision. What’s behind that? Is it footwork? Is it him being rushed? What causes him to be really precise sometimes and not so other times?

“That’s a discussion really you could have about any player. In Colin’s case, I think he’s had a couple plays he’d like to have back. We all know that thankfully over the course of time, the majority of the time he’s playing at a really high level. If he has a couple plays or a couple at bats where he doesn’t get on base, you just got to get back, get back to fundamentals and precision. And it’s not just about the quarterback, guys. It’s about everybody on offense. It’s about everybody doing their job. It doesn’t work when people break down. And that goes for everybody.”


When you move indoors for practice, is there a to-do list? You probably can’t do everything that you would have done. What are sort of the priorities for you of what to get done?

“There’s definitely, it’s a little bit of a situational day for us, Thursday is. So, there are definitely some situations that we need to get covered and we’d probably just do it at a different tempo. There’ll be a lot of mental involved, there’ll be a lot of mental, a lot of communication. And when you play on the road there’s a lot of nonverbal or visual communication that needs to take place. So, there’ll be great opportunity there to practice those things.”


With the sound, with the noise there, are there ever any problems just you and head coach Jim Harbaugh communicating from booth to sideline?

“Not really. Every once in a while, but not really, no. I think we’ve played up there enough our guys are getting a little bit more adjusted every time we play.”


You said it’s about not just the quarterback. Your offensive line, I think in 2012 for example, the offensive line missed less than 100 snaps. You had pretty good continuity last year. Obviously that’s not the case this year. Guys have combined to miss 1,200 snaps. How big a deal is that and just fit in a different guy here and maybe a different guy there each week?

“Firstly, I did not say that. I said it takes all 11 guys. I did not specifically say the offensive line. But, to try to answer that question, how important is it? It’s pretty important. Those guys, cohesiveness on the offensive line is very important. And that’s something we’ve had to work through all season. That comes with the territory. It’s just something that the question was asked earlier as far as what are you looking forward to these last three games? Well, that’s one of those things that I’m looking forward to is seeing that cohesive play. We’ve definitely had that at times, but anytime you’re missing guys, a bunch of guys missed training camp and you’re trying to get them back into the flow and then they’re in and out, in and out, it gets a little disjointed. But, it’s definitely not ideal.”


It sounds like you could have your third different center there. When Marcus Martin came in, was he doing the same things as C Daniel Kilgore?

“Yes. Yeah, I think Marcus, gosh I don’t want to make this statement and I don’t want to jinx him either, not that I’m superstitious or anything, but I don’t know if he’s had a mental error.”


He’s making the same calls?

“Oh yeah, sure. He’s playing the center position just like everybody else, yeah.”


Colin yesterday said that he’s been thinking about how he deals with every part of his job including after frustrating moments and how he expresses himself. Do you notice him making those adjustments week to week? Even something like how he responds publicly when scrutinized?

“Yes I do. And I definitely think he’s trying to get better and be the best he can be really as a player, as a teammate, dealing with the media, understanding what you guys have to do. There are some common threads that define the quarterback position in this league. There’s a lot of responsibility on that player. And Colin, he’s outdueled a lot of great quarterbacks, right? Do I need to list it? Do I need to make that list? He’s had a great career in his short span that he has been a starter. And I think when you look at some weeks we’ve had this year and whatnot, it’s great opportunity for him to take another step forward professionally and just grow even more as a quarterback and as a leader. I think he’s definitely in tune to that. And it’s a very important part of playing that position. I think there is some real common threads that bind some of the elite quarterbacks in this league. I think he works very hard every day. I’m really proud of how he is working through it.”


A few of the guys have said it this week that when they look back at the NFC title game last year, they view it as one of the best games they’ve been a part of, including head coach Jim Harbaugh. When you look back at that game, do you think that and what stands out to you about it?

“Yeah, I mean it was a great football game if you were a fan. There were some things in that game that linger with me. But, it was definitely a knockdown, drag-out, all the chips on the table, everybody letting it rip, everybody letting it fly. I was really proud of how our guys, we put a very specific game plan together for that game, came up with some stuff really never seen before. Thought it would work and they made it work. It was one heck-of-a football game on both team’s parts. Very cleanly played for the most part. Just a credit to the two teams involved.”


What lingers with you?

“I really don’t want to get into that.”


Colin says that he throws that same pass again. In that situation today or yesterday, he would same call same play, if it were a little further you guys are going to the Super Bowl. Do you feel the same way?

“You could look at a bunch of plays from that game. The things that linger for me really happened earlier in the game quite frank. Opportunities lost, missed, etcetera. But, that’s a tough competitive game and it’s going to come down to a couple of plays and it’s not necessarily just the last play. It’s what happened in the first quarter, you know, it’s a lot of different plays you could go back and find. Alright, thanks have a great day.”

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  1. A bit off topic, but for those of us who were holding out some hope that Sean Payton might be available – from PFT:

    “Asked at his press conference today about the possibility that he might step down following this season, Payton said, “Absolutely no way.””

    Of course it could just be posturing.

      1. Good point. These guys often choose their language very carefully. I may have assumed to much in his statement.

    1. Speaking of the Saints, Barnwell has a good description of the salary cap time bomb that Messrs Loomis, Payton and others have set to explode in 2 years when Brees’ contract expires. But meanwhile, they made some subprime mortgage-like bets on Byrd, Evans, Grubbs, etc (i.e., they will not be injured but will play to their potential, sort of like home prices will go up monotonically). It hasn’t, and the chances are very high that Saints will be condemned to play out the next two seasons with less talent they have this season. Yeah, Brees will continue to rack up good numbers for cementing HoF creds, but not much chance of Payton going deep into the play-offs.

      Marathe and his cohorts continue to do a great job managing contracts and cap for the Niners.

      1. No, he talked about the verbal genius of Marshawn Lynch (see my post below), the new found congeniality of Colin Kaepernick and Harbaugh (past, present and future). I may have missed a few minutes at the beginning.

          1. You probably heard the part where he said he was wrong about wanting to run Alex out of town. He also agreed with the interviewer (a closet Raiders fan) that San Francisco will suffer a beat down at the hands of Seattle this weekend.

            1. Did you hear what the announcer said after the interview – something to the effect “talking about kicking a guy when he is down”. Made me laugh.

  2. Grant:

    Really, Marshawn Lynch is “a verbal genius”. I live in Seattle and I’ve seen the one or two commercials he does. They are abysmal; it’s incredibly obvious that he is reading a card.

    Now if you meant that he is able to put a catchy phrase together, like the one you mentioned (which I don’t remember), then I don’t know. But most people would consider the phrase “verbal genius” to include the ability to speak well and with wit.

    1. Lynch is creative. He invented beast mode. “I’m just bout that action” is trochaic tretameter. Everything Lynch says becomes a catch phrase. He’s like a modern-day Yogi Berra.

          1. There is an older Germanic definition of the word ‘smith’ that says “a person skilled in creating something with a specified material.” It doesn’t always have to allude to metal or metal working.

      1. lol he did not invent beast mode. It is an old school sega genesis game. Watch a YouTube video of it and see when the characters go beast mode. Very popular game if you were born in the early to mid eighties like lynch

        1. lol! I’m older than born in mid 80’s and early 90’s but I remember when “Altered Beast” was an arcade game.

            1. Damn gsixty..
              I didn’t see your post about altered beast.
              Glad someone else knows the origin of that phrase.

            2. Altered Beast did come out for the Sega Genesis later in the 90’s.

              the late 80’s and early 90’s was the time of the screen scrolling action arcade game. Double Dragon, Final Fight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Golden Ax, X-Men…etc…

      2. He did not invent beast mode.
        It’s been around for years and got popular from a video game in the late 80’s. Called altered beast.
        He brought the term back and made it popular again.

        1. “Lynch is creative. He invented beast mode. “I’m just bout that action” is trochaic tretameter. Everything Lynch says becomes a catch phrase. He’s like a modern-day Yogi Berra.”

          One of the most idiotic and uniformed comments I’ve read of yours Grant. A simple google search good save you from looking so dumb.

          1. Jeez, sorry I didn’t play Altered Beast as a kid. No one was saying Beast Mode until Lynch made it a catch phrase. Same with “I’m just bout that action.” Everything he says becomes a catch phrase. He’s like Confucius.

            1. Actually bodybuilders have been using that phrase for a long time. In fact I believe one of them or a company have a trademark on it.

            2. Grant:

              I read his attorney filed a federal trademark on the phrase “Beast Mode.”

              At the Clink they serve a berger & fries with a side order of skittles called “guess what.” He gets a cut of that. Besides marketing that phrase on clothes.

  3. Hammer,

    remember the discussion from the last post about who’s making the line calls? You said it was Boone. But…

    It sounds like you could have your third different center there. When Marcus Martin came in, was he doing the same things as C Daniel Kilgore?

    “Yes. Yeah, I think Marcus, gosh I don’t want to make this statement and I don’t want to jinx him either, not that I’m superstitious or anything, but I don’t know if he’s had a mental error.”

    He’s making the same calls?

    “Oh yeah, sure. He’s playing the center position just like everybody else, yeah.”

    1. From Harbaugh after the Saints game.

      “Yeah, that particular one, I believe that was the back who didn’t get a hand signal from the guard. The protection was changing based on the look. You’ve got to get a hand signal and if you don’t get the signal you’ve got to site it on the move, on the run.

      1. Hammer, I heard something to the same effect from Boone so I’m confused. Does the center make the line calls and Boone the adjustments?

      2. that’s not a line call, that’s a signal to the back. it would be hard for the Center to signal to a running back (he’s got the ball and often has the QB right behind him), so Boone is probably relaying the change in the protection to the back.

  4. So at 7-9 we’ll be picking, what…somewhere in the teens?
    Two words and two words only should apply; Wide and Receiver.

      1. Prime:

        Maybe you’ve mentioned it in another thread, but who do you like coming out of college at the QB position?

            1. Razor:

              You seem to follow the college players, what do you think of Bryce Petty?

              I was impressed with his game against Kansas State, but I haven’t followed him. At the beginning of the game (and throughout as well) the announcers kept commenting on his accuracy, which I witnessed first hand.

              1. 3rd rounder perhaps, along with Hogan. To be honest, I haven’t scouted the quarterbacks too much. Just getting started with the wide receivers….

  5. Before the chicken or the egg, came Greg Roman, to make sure FGs were all the Niners would ever score.

  6. Question:

    What makes a QB special? We know Andrew Luck is special but so many other 1st rounders don’t have “it”. Brady has it but His team And All the others passed on him multiple times. So did Montana. What is “it”? And how do you spot it from a scouting perspective.

    1. Jameis Winston has “it”. The ability to perform at your best when it matters most. There is a reason his team is undefeated in all his starts.

      1. I’m a FSU fan. Jameis Winston is hands down the best QB coming out this year. He’s played against some of the best talent in college football the past two years. He still has one year of eligibility. While I believe the the University, Jimbo Fisher, and the town of Tallahassee may be happy to see him go, he’s lead his team to a record of 29-0 while going through all kinds of crazy things off the field. Although I feel he’s a Grade A Idiot, it says a lot about how he prepares for ballgames.

        1. He plays in the ACC not SEC so he has notvplqyed the toughest competition that’s why they are ranked 3rd in the country if they had a loss they wouldn’t be in the top 10. 24 TDs and 17 ints this year I would hardly call elite. The guy can not stay out of the media, I live in Jacksonville and he is in trouble for something all the time, did you know his conduct hearing for the University was pushed back to were a decision could be made at the earliest the day after the National Championship game?

          1. He beat the best team in the SEC in the national championship game. Game winning drive. Game winning pass. Something many get upset because Kaep has not done that. He did it on the biggest stage.

            Yes I do know they pushed the hearing back. That’s not his fault. Your state of Florida says he’s an innocent man. That’s all I can go by. That’s our justice system. Don’t be mad at him.

          1. Sweeping under the rug. Did you know he shot a bb gun at people on campus? I dare you to do that because not only would you be kicked out of college but you would be in jail.

            1. I know all of the trouble he’s been in since he’s arrived at FSU. Many people benefit from a faulty justice system. You can pick and choose which cases are right and wrong( in reality you can). If the system says he’s innocent that’s all I can go be. Accept that he still have a clean record and move on.

              1. Lol. Based on the facts of the United States justice system he’s a good man. It is okay to be bitter. Don’t let stress you out. Lol

      2. Winston has not played very well this year. He’s turned the ball over way too much and often his team is barely scraping by teams they should be dominating. He was great last year; this year not so much, and I have no interest in the Niners taking on an underachiever with character issues.

        1. I wouldn’t want to draft him, too many red flags.

          But if he didn’t have the off-field issues he’d be the best QB prospect available. I’ve seen people compare him to Ben Roethlisberger, and I think it is a good comparison. Keep in mind this is a guy that has never fully committed to football – he plays baseball for FSU as well.

          1. He’s committed to football. He’s not playing baseball. In reality I see the Rams drafting him.

    2. Brady was drafted 199 overall (I’ve never forgotten that). Isn’t that something? Don’t remember the year.

  7. Shaun Hill is garbage……Just awful!…….Disgustingly dreadful!! Side arm throwing white stiff!!….Hang em up Shaun!!
    Grotesque performance Shaun!!!!

    1. That was nightmarish Shaun….Completely appalling! ….I still like you as a person though Mr. Hill…..Good luck in your next line of work…..Wish you the best

        1. He’s not garbage, he’s hot garbage. And he still beat out Alex smith… Remover that? Onelame. Ha ha haaa. That move got you banned one of the three times. Thanks for the memories. Classic

          1. Md/one – I was a little rough on Shaun last night…Got in a duel with the wife last night and took it out on Shaun Hill lol…..$hit man, I had game 7 of SF/KC world series taped and saved on Directv. I even had the blue keep symbol on there and she allegedly deleted it by accident…..I was fuming man….. Payback time.

            1. Ouch… If it’s direct. I know you don’t erase things in accident. Bein it takes 3 steps to do with a warning before hitting the nuclear button.

  8. For doG’s sake, will someone ask this guy, “Why does you offense f*cking SUCK?”

    “Greg, everyone on the planet aside from Harbs says you suck as an OC. Why are they wrong?”

    That’s the operative question.

  9. lol when Roman mentioned how they lost Red and 91, he was referring to Chris Clemons, not cassius friggin marsh lulz

  10. Next year in the draft the 49ers should draft in this order, O-line, CB, RB,WR, QB, D-line , and TE. We are losing alot of big names on our offensive line, our defensive line needs to be shored up. Whether you agree or not Colin Kaepernick is a useable quarterback if we have a great run game. We do not, our Wide reciever corps would be great on another team they are not the issue, our run game and O-line is decimated and underperforming. This is a team that lives and dies on its O-line run game and defense.

  11. Hope everyone on the west coast is safe. Looks bad on television but not seeing people go back and forth on here is makes me more aware.

    1. “It’s hard to imagine the 49ers receiving a draft choice comparable to the second-round pick (36th overall) used to select him even though he still has upside as a quarterback.”

      The Niners received two second-round picks for Alex Smith in 2013.

      1. The Niners received two second-round picks for Alex Smith in 2013.

        yeah, but Alex was a winning QB and is/was a recent solid (if not spectacular) passer. Kaepernick is not solid and more recently has been a complete mess. He’s still talented but I don’t think any other team would want to give up that much for just Kaep’s potential and no solid recent success.

      2. Alex Smith was a #1 overall, now maybe not every GM follows the Jimmy Johnson trade chart but it isn’t so far off that you can compare two second round picks to the first overall. Based on the original chart the best value you can earn from two second round picks is 1160 and the #1 pick is worth 3000. The 36th overall pick is worth 540 points. Realistic trade offers would be a 3rd and a 4th or a 3rd and a 5th. The best we can hope for is two 3 third round picks for Kaep.

        1. I should also point out that we didn’t actually get two #1 selections in the second round for Alex so we didn’t even achieve 1160 points in the trade. So we traded a player that was picked at a 3000 point spot for less then 1000 points in picks. I doubt that Colin’s 540 point slot will garner nearly as much.

  12. Grant…..Thats what you and most of us here said about A. Smith before his trade. It really shows how little you and the rest of us really know.

  13. What are y’alls thoughts on Nurv Turner coming back to SF to coach? The only way I see Harbaugh returning is of the organization fires Baalke and allows Harbaugh to have both titles

  14. Grant I have a real question for you is a pump fake or to look off a safety or to move up in the pocket are those difficult things for quarterback to do ? Because Colin does none of them.

  15. Open Note to Jed…..
    Jed pushed really hard to get us this stadium. I like to call it a cement box. I’ve traveled around the country and attended NFL games in almost 1/3 of the stadiums. Levi and Met Life are by far the worst “fan experience” stadiums that I’ve had the chance to visit.

    Last weekend I was at the in Oakland. Say what we will about the Raiders and their fan base. They are passionate about their team. Supportive. One win all season and they were more into that game than any home game that I’ve attended at Levi.

    Jed this is what happens when you do your season ticket holders a disservice by not giving them an incentive to buy season tickets. You drove your fan base out. Our stadium is filled with too many corporate first time football game attendees that are more interested in tasting the “sushi” or “curry”. They sit and watch the game with a lack of comprehension regarding the play on the field. Not knowing that their team needs them to being some passion and noise in attempts of giving them a home field advantage. I am a season ticket holder. I sit in section 109. I am tired of trying to inspire those sitting around me. They all sit quietly watching the game. I am annoying to them I am sure, but they are annoyingly disappointing to me as well.

    Who ever is in charge of the Raiders P.A. system did a kick ass job. Running AC DC up until the QB gets in the huddle. They train their people to make noise. Jed needs to invest in “fan experience” personnel to get the crowd into games until it culturally kicks in.

    Jed building a “Santana Row” style complex across the street will get people to spend money before and after games, however it will not teach fans how to be passionate at games. Figure this part out or you will forever have a loser at home.

    1. Open note to Jed,

      Kaepernick sucks. I have some ideas. Please implement Taco Kaepernicks at Levi’s Stadiums.

      Every time Kaepernick gets a play off without a delay of game: Free Tacos!!!!
      Every time he throws a pass within 10 yards of a receiver — Free Tacos. (And soda if that receiver is Vernon Davis.)

      Every time Kaepernick scores on a sneak without fumbling — Free Tacos!!!!!

      Every time Kaepernick throws a pass at Richard Sherman — Free Beer! (We need to drown our sorrows.)


      Bay Area Fanatic.

      p.s. They do this as Staples Center when the Lakers were winning. It works for them, why not us?

      Bay Area Fanatic.

  16. Anyone else read the Wickersham piece on Scot McCloughan ? Good stuff. Still think hes better than Baalke.

    1. “McCloughan admits he misses on players more often than he hits.”

      Like most people I think McCloughan is an excellent personnel man. I don’t highlight this sentence to try and diminish him. But this is an important fact for any personnel man – they will get it wrong more often than they get it right. Yet so many fans expect every draft pick to be a success, and when they aren’t start calling out the guy making the picks as not good enough.

      1. Scooter:

        Yet so many fans expect every draft pick to be a success, and when they aren’t start calling out the guy making the picks as not good enough.

        So many fans are simple-minded.

      2. I think it matters where and when you miss than if you miss. missing on a 5th rounder isn’t as big a deal as missing on a 1st rounder (see: Balmer, Kentwan).

        I think McCloughan was in a tough spot, he was stuck with an under performing coach. In fact it was Nolan who served as both Coach and GM (Nice One Dr. York!) who brought in McCloughan. Then Nolan was stripped of his GM duties and title which were then given to McCloughan which made McCloughan Nolan’s boss. McCloughan couldn’t immediately get rid of Nolan.

        I think it was Jed that hired Singletary. Maybe McCloughan had drank himself out of the decision making/hiring process by then?

        1. Sure. But reality is every personnel guy will have their share of early round mistakes as well. The good personnel guys just have less early round misses, and are better at finding good quality players in the lower rounds.

          1. i’m mostly happy with the Niner’s personnel selection staff. They seem to do a good job at identifying talent in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

            the only glaring hole to me seems to be at evaluating and developing Wide Receivers. This goes back to McCloughan and includes Baalke. Crabtree was a no brainer in 2009. But other than him, whom have they drafted and developed as a viable WR?. The next most successful guy was Josh Morgan! Part of this is also on the Coaching staff(s) with philosophies that did not emphasize the passing game (except maybe for year Martz was the OC….and even then it was a retread Isaac Bruce who was the primary receiver that year).

            1. Yeah, I sometimes wonder how much of finding WR talent is on the scouting, and how much is on the coaching. Jenkins is on the scouting, no doubt. Other than that, the 49ers haven’t really drafted any WRs in the early rounds in recent past aside from Crabtree, but none of the later round guys have stepped up as yet.

              I’m still hopeful with Patton, who I thought was a good prospect leading up to last year’s draft, and Ellington. Maybe a different coaching staff with a different philosophy in the passing game will see those two develop next year.

      3. Scooter, I agree with you. Isn’t it funny, my brother lives in Bellingham just 10 miles from Ferndale and rides his bike there often. McCloughan sure was responsible for bringing in a lot of talent for the 49ers though.

        1. Mary.. you goin’ to Vegas ? …

          Let’s see if you got the huevos to lay down
          a “C”-note on the Niners this week …

          I dunno what the line is … but if the Niners win..
          you’ll walk out with a smile !

            1. Ok everyone …
              a show of hands, please …

              How many Niner fans, here are interested
              enough to click on a SeaChicken link featuring
              Cheatin’ Pete ?

              (H-mmmm … I thought so .. )

              1. I don’t even see why ANYONE talks to this clown.
                I know prime and 77 love her but why on earth would anyone talk to an idiot who posts Seahak crap on here?

                Here’s some news worthy Seahak crap to know.

                1…Lynch did NOT make up beast mode.

                2.. Their bandwagon fans did NOT make up the 12th man.

                3… They are such bandwagon fans their owner moved them to LA in the 90’s but screwed it up by not letting the commish know about it.

                4… Before 2012 they were outsold by their soccer team.

                Seattle 12th man garbage is the biggest hoax under Americas team slogan in sports.

            2. MW: No, I’m not going to Vegas and I’m not a gambler — penny ante stuff just to make a card game interesting. On the other hand I could see my brother making a bet like you suggest.

              But nothings for sure. Who would of thought the Niners would lose against the Raiders. Also I think NFL teams play better against high caliber teams.

              It will come down to a couple of significant plays as usual.

  17. I was watching Kam Chancellor being interviewed last week on The Turning Point. I was surprised to hear how much film he studies. The trio of Sherman, Chancellor and Thomas are not just great athletes but also very smart football minds. They coordinate very well in the backfield in their zone coverage. The Seattle D is now hitting its stride, now that Bobby Wagner is back fully healthy. Moving the ball against this D, let alone scoring a TD, is going to be very difficult for this abysmal offense. I have no faith in Roman at this point in the season to be able to come up with a game plan that the offense can execute without stumbling and bumbling. I wait to be proven wrong.

    Carroll is now what, 4-1 vs. Harbaugh in the last 5 meetings?

  18. Roman could start by not letting CK single-handedly lose the game for them again, and tell Ck there is 10 other players to go after leave Sherman alone face it he has your number

  19. That sounds like a great plan it’s 1000 times better than the game plan two weeks ago , you are not a offense of Cordinator and yours is more creative than Romans

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