Harbaugh: “Colin’s our quarterback.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Has there been any decision on LB NaVorro Bowman?

“We’re going to discuss that this afternoon. Let all the medical weigh in today and then make decisions.”


The window closes tomorrow or today?

“Correct. Tomorrow, I believe.”


You figure Seattle would love nothing more than to effectively end your season. With that said, how would you gauge this team’s competitive spirit right now? Your team.

“Well, you take great love and pride in being a professional. That’s every day, that’s every week, that’s every game, that’s every play until the whistle blows, that you take pride in snapping on the film the next day and showing that you play with every ounce of effort that you have and because of the love of the game and the pride you have in being an NFL football professional.”


When you were looking at film, last night or today, what’d you see from yesterday? Did you see guys who took pride in their jobs?

“I did. And there’s many, and you have love and pride for them. The effort is there. You look at the way we played the run game, defensively. There’s examples – special teams, offensively. The guys are doing that, absolutely.”


You mentioned that you thought QB Colin Kaepernick was playing great a couple weeks ago. Clearly, the statistics don’t show that the last few weeks. Can you just say, generally, what has happened to the passing game and Colin’s performance the last few weeks?

“It’s had a rough patch the last couple games and definitely things to improve and correct.”


Is it possible he’s trying too hard? Do you believe a guy can try too hard?

“When you talk about professional, he is that. Giving it every ounce of energy that he has.”


But can you try too hard? Is that a possible thing?

“I think it’s a combination of being loose and focused, yes.”


When you talk about correcting things, from a coaching standpoint it seems a lot of his passes have been overthrown. How do you correct that and have you noticed any flaws in the fundamentals and why those passes are sailing?

“No, haven’t noticed fundamental flaws. You just keep working at it. As a professional coach, that’s what you do as well. Use every ounce of energy that you have.”


Have you considered QB Blaine Gabbert at all over the last few weeks or into the future. Could he get some playing time?

“Colin’s our quarterback.”


I think there were 33 passes versus 18 runs in the game, and RB Frank Gore’s averaging 5.3 yards per carry. Why not more running, overall, and specifically in this game, this season?

“This game?”


Yeah, this game.

“I thought it was brought up yesterday, ‘why’d we go away from the running game,’ but when I looked at the film I didn’t feel like we went away from the running game even into the third and fourth quarter.”


But the stats suggest that you did. Almost two to one ratio, pass to run.

“We got down by two scores. That was necessitated.”


Can that make things easier on Colin if you did more running? Could that take some of the burden off of him? Do you think there’s too much on his shoulders right now?

“I think he can handle it, yes. And again, there’s things to correct from an offensive standpoint and we’ll continue to attack that.”


Saw you had a chat with Oakland owner Mark Davis before the game. How was that? How did that go?

“Fine. Just said hello.”


Do you know him very well?

“Little bit, yeah, from when I coached at the Raiders.”


You’re not making any changes to your coaching staff or anything to shake this up offensively?



On LB Ahmad Brooks, was that a one-game thing where maybe he didn’t play? Do you expect to use him this week? He said he kind of got mixed up on the off days on Tuesday and owned up to his mistake. What’s his status?

“He was in a backup role this past game and we’ll address that this week.”


Did you make that decision? Does defensive coordinator Vic Fangio make that decision? Who makes that call, what his discipline is going to be?

“Playing time and rotation is made by Vic.”


But when he misses or is late to a meeting, who decides what is going to take place with him?

“Vic and I talked about that and it was (determined) that he would be in a backup role based on the week that he had and the week that other guys had. That was the decision that was made.”


You mentioned that other guys had a better week. Is Ahmad, essentially, a backup linebacker right now?

“We don’t have the controversy at that position. We don’t ever go into controversies at other positions.”


When you kicked that field goal in the third quarter, was there any thought about going for it from the two yard line and maybe springboard the offense that had been struggling to score recently?

“Yeah. I thought about it and made the decision to get the points on the board and get the go-ahead three at that point.”


You mentioned that your priority is to win a game. I assume you would think everybody in the organization’s priority is to win a game. Do you think the players, that’s where they’re all at or do you think some of this might of, some of the outside discussion about your status or other people’s status might have gotten in there and caused some of the trouble right now?

“Well, besides anything, it’s being a professional. You signed up to be a professional whether it’s a coach or a player. And you take great pride in being a NFL professional football player. You pull your car into the space and the day is about giving it every ounce of energy that you have. Whether it’s the day, the week, the play – from snap to whistle. And, you emulate the guys that are doing that and you have great love and pride for the guys that are doing it that way. And you want to emulate that for yourself because you’ll have love and pride for how you go about your job and your professionalism.”


Do you find this season humbling for you?

“I can’t remember when I found humility. It was a very long time ago though [Santa Rosa Press Democrat columnist] Lowell [Cohn]. But, I know I found it. That doesn’t take away any true pride or love that I have for the game and the job that I do. But, as far as being humbled, it’s been many times and I can’t even remember when it’s been so long ago.”


Yesterday the NFL Network reported that the University of Michigan had reached out to you and you had expressed either directly or indirectly a desire to remain as an NFL coach. Did that occur?

“As I’ve said, as a principle I don’t talk about any other job other than the one that I have. And I’ve answered this question many times, even recently, so you’d know exactly what my priorities are. I get this from the Marines, ‘leaders eat last.’ My number one priority is winning football games. Second priority is the welfare of our players, our coaches, all our staff, for the welfare of our team. And lastly is my own personal professional future.”


Speaking of eating last, did you chip a tooth?

“I did.”



Saturday night, yes. Bit into a piece of meat. There’s not much of that tooth left. It’s mainly bonding. I got that tooth knocked out in a football game.”


What was the meat?

“A two dollar steak.”


How did you get it knocked out?

“Who did it?”


How did it happen?

“It happened against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game. One of the first three plays of the game. Stepped up and I think Mr. [former Steelers LB Greg] Lloyd hit me right in the mouth.”


When helmet-to-helmet was legal?

“Yeah, went helmet-to-helmet was legal.”


You weren’t wearing a mouth guard?

“I was, yeah. Went right through it.”


Was that the close one you had against them with the Hail Mary at the end or the other one?

“That was the other one.”


You mentioned the team has gone through a rough patch. You know the pickle the team’s in as far as the playoffs go. You coached a while now. Your family obviously has a lot of coaching background. Anything specific you can draw on to move ahead here in terms of facing this stuff, but something’s happened in the past you can draw on? Either you or your dad or your brother has had to do that you can use here?

“Yeah, as my father-in-law Merle Feuerborn says, ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn.’ So, this could be the first minutes of our finest hour. That’s the way we approach it.”


Obviously you still want to win out, but does some of the situation practically play into maybe a decision like for NaVorro or maybe some of the other injury that, OK, you can’t push it in this situation? Is that all a factor in this?

“Could you be (more specific)?”


Yeah, the fact that it looks very difficult for you to make the playoffs. Would that play in the decision whether you’re going to activate NaVorro Bowman with an injury that could be a borderline play or not play situation?

“I think it’ll be based medically on where his status is and what’s best for his football career, now and in the future.”


Have you got preliminary reports on C Marcus Martin and the extent of that injury?

“Yes, some. I’m waiting for all the medical (information) to come in, but it’s been positive on Marcus, so far.”


Both he and CB Chris Culliver?



Why the decision to go with WR Quinton Patton instead of WR Brandon Lloyd in that game?

“I felt based on the week that he had, and has been having, that was the move. A gut decision. Based on the way he’d been playing.”


One of your themes seems to be about being a professional and all that. Is that a message that you already have shared or will share with the team this week?

“I think it’s just what I’m feeling. That’s a message that is a daily, weekly message. What a player should strive for, yeah. Or coach. Or a media professional. All of us.”


Do you think that relates to the team’s mental toughness? Maybe you have to dial that back up? That used to be this team’s calling card it seems. Maybe you lost your way there?



The team is just as tough as it’s always been?



There is a belief out there that all the reports about locker room dysfunction, your future, how you get along with this person and that person the organization is coming from someone or some people in the front office. Do you share that belief?

“I don’t know that.”


Do you think those reports have impeded the way you’ve been able to do your job or just the team this year?

“No. And we’ve talked about the reports before and I’ve answered them. I tell you what my mindset is and how I’m going to coach and what our team is going to strive for.”


You’re satisfied with professional behavior throughout the organization then?

“We’re a team.”

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    1. And? This coaching staff mismanages wide receivers and there’s no way a rookie would see time over Crabtree, Boldin, Stevie, or Lloyd. The fact that Stevie Johnson sees the field so little is a testament to that. He has 2.12 yards per route run which is 20th among qualified wide receivers. Ahead of Kelvin Benjamin, Jordan Mathews, Davante, Adams, Alshon Jeffery, and right below Randall Cobb. Ellington was/is a better prospect than most of those rookie wrs with more catches, just not seeing the snaps.

          1. At least a dozen rookie receivers are better than Crabtree right now and Ellington is not one of them. Baalke whiffed. Can’t blame the coaches for that one.

            1. If I follow your premise that Crabtree is horrible them I can blame the coaching staff. If they won’t give Stevie, who has played great, more snaps over Crabtree, what makes you think they’d play a rookie over him? Baalke didn’t whiff, Ellington still has a bright future.

              1. Yep, we don’t know what we have in Ellington yet. Too many guys with a reputation in the way. I’d love to see Patton and Ellington given a proper go at WR the next few games, though it won’t happen.

              2. Johnson has 4 catches in 10 targets the past 4 games. He has not played great. Crabtree and Johnson will be gone next season.

              3. Johnson has a PFF grade of +5.9, 19th highest in the league with far fewer snaps than most. He has played great.

              4. Cool, my whole point is that the 49ers coaches don’t use him enough. Which the stats and film support.

              5. They don’t, but that doesn’t mean Johnson fits better next to Boldin than at least a dozen rookie receivers.

              6. Mike Williams time at Buffalo has come to an end He’s on the waived/injured list with a calf injury. Is he the FA of which Grant speaks?

              7. I imagine if the Ravens don’t strike a deal with Torrey Smith or franchise him, the 49ers will try hard to team him with Boldin again. Jeremy Maclin will likely interest them too.

                If not one of those guys, they’ll likely wait for one of the second/ third tier guys.

                As for draft, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rashad Greene given a long look as a potential 2nd/ 3rd round prospect. I haven’t spent a lot of time looking at potential prospects, but Davante Parker might be a guy they look at for round 1.

              8. I believe I posted before training camp that I thought Ellington was going to be a good receiver. I thought he was going to be better than Patton. However, he is just a slot receiver and doesn’t have much break away speed. Very quick, get open, and catch the ball type of receiver. If you watched his college hi-lights you could see db catching him from behind. His advantage is his initial burst. The Niners needed a faster receiver who would engage the safeties and pull them out of the box. Ellington was a safe pick. Good receiver but still not the one that the team needed.

            2. As tkamb said, how many of the rookie WRs would be playing much this year for the 49ers?

              Not many, I’d estimate.

              1. Who?

                Keep in mind if they drafted one of Watkins, Evans, Beckham, Cooks or Benjamin they wouldn’t have traded for Stevie Johnson, so obviously those guys would be playing.

                Of the 2nd round guys, Matthews and maybe Allen Robinson might have cracked it as the #3 over Johnson, though neither guy has shown they can consistently stretch the field. I doubt any of the other guys would be getting any more of a go than Ellington is.

              2. Marqise Lee, Davante Adams, Donte Moncrief, Martavis Bryant and Taylor Gabriel would play and help the offense more than Crabtree or Johnson or Lloyd or Ellington or Patton.

              3. I liked Donte Moncrief in the run up to the draft, but wouldn’t give up Chris Borland for him.

              4. Based on their body of work so far I can’t disagree with you Grant, but I don’t think that Bryant would be putting up anywhere near those numbers on this team and with this coaching staff.

              5. He wouldn’t, but he would be a deep threat the defense had to account for and a potential starter next to Boldin next season.

              6. I reviewed Hayne footage when he announced his intentions to play NFL.
                Good – He’s agile, has great combination of power and speed.
                Concerns – Runs extremely upright. Has tweener size. Knows zip about football.

              7. How can someone be a deep threat that the defense would have to account for if he is targeted only 3-4 times per game max?

              8. He’s averaging just 5 targets per game right now and he’s one heck of a deep threat.

              9. I disagree Grant, I don’t think any of those guys would be beating out Johnson or Lloyd for playing time. Not because they can’t play, but because the coaching staff likes to go with the guys that show well in practices, and not surprisingly the experienced guys tend to look better than inexperienced guys in practice.

              10. The coaching staff just benched Lloyd for Patton. The coaches are desperate for an explosive receiver but they don’t have one.

              11. Yep, in week 13 they finally decided to go with another option. I don’t think having Martavis Bryant on the roster, for example, would have accelerated that decision much if any.

              12. Cubus, I’m very interested to see how Hayne goes in his transition, but realistically he’s a huge long shot to ever make a 53-man roster, let alone become a good player.

              13. It comes down to the QB. If the QB is remedial, he’s going to make all the WRs look bad. An example is Golden Tate. He’s going to have a great season because he has a QB who knows how to throw from the pocket.

              14. Scooter –they could and should have still traded for Johnson. He didn’t cost them that much. They couldn’t get a quality receiver for what they gave for him. They will need another receiver next year anyway.

            3. Grant, cannot believe you actually said that. Roman won’t scheme for Ellington. But what does it matter these days? Kaep can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Mystifying to say the least.

              1. I don’t know, George. The way he throws the football, he could split wood with it literally> CK throws the ball way too fast.

            4. Can you tell me how the 49ers can have 4 Wrs, capable of 1000 yards each year, and we find a way to NOT use all of them effectively and we pass more times to ME BOLDIN then to anybody else? It seems to me the 49ers want to be like the Raiders in passing more, running less.

              1. When you have an offensive line that is just plain offensive, it doesn’t matter how good or bad the QB is. He is going to suffer. That seems to be one of the major issues the team is having this year. Martin IMO is a weak minded player. He got rocked and decided he didn’t want to play anymore. Boone and Staley have looked poor to say the least. I know everyone wants a burner receiver, but I suspect the team will go after OLs and a pass rusher before they address the receiver problem. I do like U of A receiver in the 4th round.

              2. Matt – PFF has the 49ers OL at 15th in pass protection out of 32 teams. Accepting that at face value means there are at least 17 QB’s that have to deal with worse OL’s.

                40 QB’s are ranked in PFF, Kaep is 31st.

                They haven’t carried the offense as they have in years past, but average pass protection shouldn’t result in the worst passing game in the NFL.

            5. I’m afraid the 49ers missed the 2014 draft WR boat.

              I’m not mad about Ellington. I think he’s an experiment… a thick bodied slot WR. A kind of draft capital cheap, blue collar version of Harvin/Austin. Not as fast or shifty, but stronger and (hopefully) more durable.

              I totally expected Baalke to draft another WR. I like the draft, but lack of edge WR speed is a killer. Power run teams that rely on play action are totally dependent on speed over the top. With Vernon now a mystery ghost, the Niner WR corps is snail slow.

              1. Yes, and they never worked Ellington in, preferring to go with Captain Torpedo. Talk about a dysfunctional offense.

            6. Not sur on that GC. Remember that the team misused Moss (as a decoy mainly) and he gave up on plays in the SB season which seems eerily familiar now that we see dropsies by Crabtree (normally sure handed), Boldin and VD. Could be the system does not allow receivers to flourish. A case could be made that the team underutilized D. Walker too.

      1. Yes, it is. In my opinion (and its just that, an opinion) the love of sticking with older players that know the system holds back the development of young guys on this team. This year injuries and suspension have forced their hand in some positions, and the young guys have gotten some valuable experience as a result, while showing some promise.

    2. “21 rookie wide receivers have more catches than Bruce Ellington this season.”

      And 25 rookie wide receivers have run more pass routes than Bruce Ellington this season.

  1. For those hating on Aldon Smith, he had 5 hurries yesterday. More than the rest of the 49ers defense combined(3).

  2. I was thinking about how the 49ers and Seahawks are similar. Front offices, how they conduct drafts, power offenses, deep defenses, mobile QBs, HCs that motivate using tough but positive reinforcement…

    Last but not least, both clubs cultivate an us-vs-them siege mentality. They as a tool for motivation. The big difference?

    – The Seahawks view their fans and local reporters as if they were inside the besieged castle.

    – The 49ers view their fans and local reporters as across the moat, outside the besieged castle.

    When Harbaugh and Kaepernick view routine questions as attacks by outsiders, they put themselves at a big psychological disadvantage.

    US vs THEM works well, as long as the organization knows fans and (mildly) critical insiders are in the US camp.

    [I posted this in the other article, but it works better here. Sorry for the duplicate]

      1. No. I think they should have been using the RB’s more often to keep the load light on Kaepernick.

        1. Jack:

          Is it possible that GRo has called more running plays and Kaep is “killing” them in favor of passing plays?

          1. It’s possible but unlikely. If it was happening and not working I think we’d hear about it from someone.

            1. “from someone”

              Like who. Not Harbaugh or any of the coaching staff. Would it be a player? Someone from outside the organization who analyzes film – but how would they know what the play calls were?

              1. Kaepernick will do what he is taught as much as possible. There’s no way that he would override the called play unless the defense made it the right thing to do. If he had a high rate of switching to pass from run in the wrong situations, that would be controlled in film sessions that they do after every game. There is no reason to suppose that Colin is rebelling against Harbaugh and Roman.

              2. Him and Gore did that game up in san Francisco against Seattle last yr..To set up that long Gore run

        2. You would think, especially against a team like the Raiders, that their plan would be just to mostly run and have him manage the plays. A game they had to win. Ball control. Defense off the field. Steadily build up a lead. When they started the game with a pass, I thought someone had a screw loose. What’s the definition of insanity?

            1. Thanks, Jack. I didn’t see that. But my thinking was if the guy was having such a bad stretch of games, especially with how poorly he did the game before, shouldn’t your plan be a ground game, especially if your opponent was having trouble with the run?

            2. yup. exactly right. but he held onto the ball because he didn’t read the coverage fast enough or didn’t want to settle for the 2 yard gain (unless he broke a tackle).

              We have an offense designed to pick up 1st downs in 2-3 plays… which is fine if you execute, but fails if your QB is hesitant or you pick up bad penalties/sacks to put you in 3rd and long.

              I miss the 21, 12, and 22 personnel. We were good at that. It paired will with our D. Kap can make simple reads and big runs, but he can’t make complex or quick reads or move subtly in the pocket.

          1. George
            Not just that but 6 out of the first 7 plays were passes including 3 times on first down that all resulted in negative plays (1 int, sack-7, pass to crab -1) but hey they did finally throw a WR bubble screen (that went nowhere). I thought after that nightmare performance by kaep on thxgiving they would pound the rock and only have CK throw when necesarry. Also that JH “we threw because we were down 2 scores” is a load of crap they didnt go “down 2 scores” until late in the 4th

            1. Bos,

              The 7 yard loss on the second first down wasn’t a sack, it was a designed run by Kaepernick. The -1 yard throw on the next first down throw to Crabtree is basically an extension of the run game.

              1. JH
                I was going by the drive chart but i’l take your word for it. and I guess I shouldn’t complain about the pass to crab, we have been clamoring for a WR screen (or any screen for that matter) all year and cant be mad when we dont get the desired result. It’s just that good things seemed to happen when they ran and inexplicably they kept going away from it.

  3. Can somebody tell me why the NFL is fining Lynch for not talking to the media, and they choose to ignore what CK is doing when he’s interviewed? I know his tones and way he answers questions can’t quality for a fine, but what about the ‘beats’ head phones, hoodie hats, bling bling attitude, the unprofessional look, whatever happened to team leadership? My gosh, there was some article about P Willis want CK to be a leader and so far, CK is leading the ship into an iceberg and a volcano at the same time!

    RG 3 was benched. Can’t believe Harbaugh doesn’t want to hurt his boy’s feelings. CK has done nothing out there, and we gave him a raise for this performance?

    KNBR said that CK should have been franchised BEFORE given the contract. WE did the same thing Chi and Bal has done and neither one might be going to the playoffs.

      1. Right. They didn’t fine Lynch for his stream of “Yeah” replys. I wonder what he will have to say this week.

        1. I liked Lynch’s stream of “yeah” replies. I think NFL reporters are trying pretty hard to turn the NFL into a soap opera. Reading some of the articles, (Marvin Lewis calling Manzel a Midget) is like listening to 14 year old girls gossip.
          I think the only way to change that is for all NFL players to follow suit with Lynch.

  4. Looking forward to lazy Sundays spending time with my 1 year old from here on out. Thanks Harbaugh!

    1. I look forward to baseball. Way to kill our CHristmas cheer, Harbaugh. You and CK must be really proud of what you’ve done. You have disgraced our 49ers worse then the last inept coaching, OC, and Qb, and may the football GODS have mercy on your souls!

      1. I hope this clown gets shamed enough that other NFL executives take notice and not give him a chance to coach again in the league until he’s gone back to college and proven himself to be able to communicate and work well with others. Unfortunately with perennially lame organizations like the Raiders and Jets out there I’m guessing he’ll get a chance sooner than he deserves.

        1. His career is starting to parallel Steve Jobs. Total dikchead with early success, then gets run out of town and comes back much more focused and understanding of how to manage. Eventually he’ll return better than ever and hugely successful, unfortunately not for the 49ers.

          1. Except you forget your history. Jobs was still very much a tool after coming back the second time too.

        2. I said the first year Harbaugh coached at the 49ers that he was just a Raider. Wearing a black hat, black shirt with a convenient 49er logo was just a formality. The strange persona and WWF vernacular and anecdotes belonged with the Raiders, along with the false bravado and a bunch of Autumn Wind. The desire for shortcut football and smash mouth football… not the “whimpy” “finesse” football the 49ers won five Super Bowls with. The entire formula, including the sort of QB, belongs to Raiders’ brand of football. To be frank, the Seahawks are closer than the current 49ers are to the type of team I remember. Russell Wilson is closer to Montana, Carroll is closer to Walsh. It’s sad, really.

          1. Among other things, Harbaugh came directly from Stanford where one of their color combinations includes black. This is a major major factor in picking out head coaches for NFL teams.

            1. Your sarcasm merely means you don’t care. Harbaugh has always been a Raider coach. Through and through, his entire demeanor and style belonged on the Raiders. He’s not a bad person or a bad coach, he’s just not the 49er brand. He restored some greatness, but the brand of football, from the off the field attitude and crimes of the players, to the overall persona on the field, felt like I was watching the Raiders. Like I said, the worst part of it all is that watching the Seahawks reminds me of the old 49er teams. Wilson’s skill set is different from Joe (not to mention Joe was a lot better) and therefore the team is different, but it’s way closer to what I remember. The main difference is that the Seahawks have ability, but little class. Sherman would have been silenced by other teammates by now. Carroll is not Walsh either. However, you silence Sherman and take out the shady streak in Carroll, then put 49er uniforms on this Seahawk team, and you have a team that resembles 49er football more than the current 49ers do. This is not the players fault. It’s Harbaugh’s fault. He turned them into this strange, go-with-your-gut, itchy-trigger-finger, trying-to-be-sloppy, get the guy who can throw the long bomb in there, big talk, big swagger, wear all black, we’re not elite but we outwork everyone else, and we know we don’t have it easy, but who’s got it better than us team. Just like most Raider teams, Harbaugh has put self destructive, highly entertaining people in positions of power instead of effective, level headed and calm, elite people. Kaepernick has always belonged in a Raider uniform. He’s a Raider QB. He’s wildly inconsistent, chokes in the biggest moments, pouts, has all the swag a factory worker could possibly handle, and generally appears almost elite or almost horrible. He’s what every Raider fan dreams of. If the fantasy of the common Raider fan, where a lack of planning, skill and overall quality as a means to success, was a fractal and compounded on itself, it might turn into Harbaugh and Kaepernick in the flesh. None of that is 49er football. Harbaugh created the Raiders II across the bay, and the original Raiders turned into a big mush because their swag was stolen. By all means, Raiders, take back your stink.

              1. There doesn’t seem to be a way to untangle your rhetoric. Buck Shaw, Frankie Albert, and even Joe Arenas must have just turned over in their graves.

    2. Hey me too. Actually 11 months. It might be a blessing in disguise. Although a deep Super Bowl run would make me feel much better about spending 1-2 less hours stacking blocks and pulling tissue, cardboard and plastic out of his mouth.

  5. Hey Grant, that’s the worse uneducated poll you got up there. Why would people want another year of Harbaugh?

  6. Grant

    Your pass/fail article on Baalke was about as hot as ketchup.

    Could you go back to your kitchen and whip up something along the same lines but throw in some habañeros, please?

    You’re still tacitly making a case that Baalke should be the one getting fired, but you could really get some serious cred if you just went full zinger on it with your own caustic voice instead of relying on Sam Wyche.

    We’re waiting …

  7. I called on the Niners openly to draft Martavis Bryant. He was the only guy I saw out of the 1st round as being a sure bet. HE was the highlight reel guy on the Clemson Tigers, not Sammy Watkins.

    Open question: Is it Harbaugh and Roman who don’t know dick about developing and using WRs or is it John Morton?

    1. Remember Ronald Johnson? He was our 6th round pick in 2011. A Morton selection and of course a bust from the get-go.

    2. I remember something to that effect. I thought he would be a good pick up too, but Ellington is solid too.

  8. Who can Baalke get to help him draft offensive players? They need help not just at WR, but OL, TE, and it appears, QB. It’s clear he has an eye for defensive players, but how about Jed Dork hiring someone like Holmgren or Shanahan for front office, offensive expertise? Finding faster, more agile o lineman who can pass block is step #1.

  9. How an about trade cris borland for a wr that can take the top off the def? When kap look good he had randy moss. Randy didnt do to much but teams where so scared of him going deep.

    1. Didn’t Donahue preside over the drafts that netted first round busts Reggie McGrew, Mike Rumph, Rashaun Woods and Kwame Harris?

      1. Yep Scooter, he sure was. I think it’s relevant to note that when folks try to use what happened after Mariucci was fired to show why Harbaugh needs to stay.

        1. Yeah, I mentioned somewhere else that the years following the Mariucci firing have instilled an unreasonable fear in fans regarding the 49ers ability to find a suitable replacement. Donahue was a big reason for that. He hired Erickson, and presided over some very poor drafts.

          While I don’t think Nolan was good HC material, I don’t think he was terrible either, but the shambles that was the 49ers roster that Nolan inherited in 2005 gave him no chance to turn things around quickly, and constantly losing his OCs didn’t help.

          Baalke is far better than Donahue, and the 49ers roster is far more talented than it was when Nolan took over.

          1. @Scooter

            That is the best post I have seen on here describing what Nolan had to deal with. Norv Turner was a quality coach who was working well with the scraps he was left with; and Mike McCartyhy last night won his 98th game at Green Bay…tying him with Vince Lombardi for the most wins as a Packers HC. Blame that on Nolan for choosing TOO GOOD OC’s ?…… Not hardly

          2. Scooter-
            Don’t you think Ericson was the sacrificial lamb for the Recovery From Cap Hell & Dead Money Years? I do. And I think as soon as Dennis figured it out he began just going through the motions.

            1. Maybe. End of the day Donahue did a poor job of getting quality players for Erickson to work with as well, so Erickson didn’t have much of a chance either.

            2. Bro Tuna

              Dennis was (is) one hell of a coach, but he got scapegoated just like Smith, Nolan, and anyone else who couldn’t provide an instant answer to our malaise.

        2. Another consideration for the Baalke lynch mob:
          Bill Walsh hand-picked Terry Donahue for the job. I always felt like Donahue was a car salesman, so I wasn’t that impressed with the signing, but it was BW, so I figured I was wrong. Not that time.
          But Walsh had some bad picks too to go with his good ones. Some were underachievers and some just didn’t work out at all. James Owens, Terrence Flagler, Todd Shell, and Tommy Kelly come to mind.
          Should they have canned Bill for those misses back then? No.
          Now, with the plethora of experts available on-line? Definitely Yes! There’s 4 or 5 dozen guys on this blog who are sure they know better than Trent and Jim; and every single member of Bay Area Media is also self-annoited.

          1. Everyone whiffs players. It’s the nature of the draft. I would focus on the rational for picking a player that doesn’t work out. If the rational is the same then the problem is the GM. Especially if it develops into a repeating pattern.

        3. How about what happened during Eddie’s first two years. Or after Tony Morabito traded Y. A. Tittle to the Giants for less than zip.

    2. Donahue was the one who completed the final demolition of the Niners reputation — turning the 2005 team into an expansion team. He undertook the demolition work mainly from his home in Newport Beach where he managed his financial investments and was the Niners GM in his spare time. Ironically, it was Bill Walsh who recommended his hire as GM.

  10. MNF just ended with Green Bay winning. Gruden said something that I thought was hilarious. He was talking about the Carolina Panthers still being in the hunt for the division.

    He said: “They might win the division and get a top ten pick”.


  11. So I was feeling delusional today and playing around with ESPN’s playoff machine and it’s theoretically possible for the 49ers to make the playoffs and knock the Seahawks out. If 49ers win out while Seahawks lose to the 49ers, obviously, and Cards when either the Lions or Cowboys are 10-6 then 49ers are in and Hawks are out. Something to hold onto for the hopelessly hopeful of you out there.

  12. Jesus….Chryst must not be getting through to #7……Many QB’s over the years have said they’ve learned a lot from Geep Chryst….#7 must be ignoring him.

  13. Is it to early for New Years resolutions?
    Mine will be not reading, commenting, or arguing with morons who blame the qb who has one of the worst o-lines in the league and a coach who refuses to run the ball. If you can’t clearly see the qb, OC, I-line and TE suck this season and are the cause of this whole debacle. Then you aren’t worth the time.

    On another note. IF the 49ers come out and run the ball and let ck run at will or even move the pocket on Sunday an they win. I will absolutely lose it and will (for the first time in my 49ers fan career) not watch a SINGLE second of another game this season. I doubt it will happen but if it does….. IJS. Lol

    1. It’s clearly Kaepernick’s fault for missing receivers, being a meager NFL pocket passer and being inefficient with clock management during the game. This is a team effort, but he’s been largely responsible for the failure’s this year. If they were on this team, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and even Alex Smith would more than likely perform better, if not a lot better, than Kaepernick has this year. He is regressing. It happens in sports all the time. I think Kaepernick could end up like Favre, but without the records and SB win. He got his chance and lost the SB. He just lacks the ability to throw the catchable ball with consistency.

      1. Do you really know whose fault it is that the plays get in late? Alex Smith had the same issues. This is nothing new, so that goes back to coaching. This has been an issue since Harbaugh and Co. Took over.

        Obviously Peyton Manning saw issues when he met with Harbaugh.

        1. That one is easy. Both guys are “My way or the Highway” alpha males. As is turned out, Kaepernick had a better Superbowl game than Manning, but that was just the bad luck of the draw for Payton.

    2. Yeah it sure looks like the O-Line was the reason Kaep didn’t see a wide open Fuller on the FIRST PLAY OF THE GAME!
      Don’t they script that stuff?
      Seems like the moron is you buddy if you can’t admit that Kaep is the main reason the offense has been atrocious this year. Guess you’ll have to stop talking to yourself.
      They should have never signed Kaep to that big contract. My guess it created resentment with a lot of other players who feel they have proven their value to the team. A guy like — I dunno — Vernon Davis?

      1. Fan don’t worry. Whoever the Niners draft and or trade for will be an upgrade. We can then go back to having CK come in and run some wildcat, read option type stuff when we are winning by 30 or up by 40. This season is over. Need to find the next great QB cause #7 just ain’t it.

        1. PT,
          Sucks to be right on this one for this season, but what can you do?
          Colin is a weapon and not a QB. He’s the cold hand now.
          I think the team can compete next year with a new RB, a deep threat WR, and a solid and efficient QB. Maybe Foles. It just won’t be a sexy way to compete for the SB in our stadium.

      2. @77
        Yeah it sure looks like the O-Line was the reason Kaep didn’t see a wide open Fuller on the FIRST PLAY OF THE GAME!
        Don’t they script that stuff?
        Seems like the moron is you buddy …

        The last Fuller that I remember playing for the 49ers was Jeff Fuller who suffered a career-ending spinal injury in October, 1989 against the New England Patriots at Stanford Stadium. The game was played at Stanford because of the
        Loma Prieta earthquake. I don’t recall any Fullers on this years team, morons aside.

        1. Meant Miller. You’re the Moron if you fail to continue to believe that Kaep is the answer. How many more bad games do you need to sit through before you see what everyone else sees? Kaep sucks. He’s definitely a bottom tier QB.

          1. Fan777– I have read a lot of other posts from fans on other sites and newspapers who also believe that the major problem is the offense itself. One I recently read quantified their opinions with actual details as to why this is so. One being that the routes the receivers run make it very easy for cb to cover them. I posted before on how you try to use Kaep to cover up for the short comings of Players who don’t give a shiit like Davis. The guy gave up a long time ago. You blame Kaep and his contract for Davis not giving a shiit. The guy pretty much defined himself with his own words during his hold out. I agree with NinerMD and Bayareafan on some of the posters on this site with you being the perfect example.

            Notice I put in an extra seven in your moniker so your Fan777
            Much like 666 represents the anti-Christ. You seem to think # 7 is the anti-christ of the 49ers. So Fanatic 777 would suits you better.

    3. ugh. first smithers, now kaepernickers. unlike you CK fanboys, an objective perspective like PFF has 9ers OL ranked 15th in pass protection.

      yeah, not great, but hardly one of the worst OL’s in the league.

  14. Kaep takes some blame. With that being said its up to the coaches to put the team in the best position to win.

    1. Statistics prove the more we run, the better we are.

    2. Many small WR’s have proven they can dominate the Seahawks, Johnson, Ellington, and Patton saw little to no action.

    3. Kaep is better rolling out, I have yet to see design rollouts.

    4. Defenses fear Kaeps legs, he obviously being told not to run. Over thinking becoming a sitting duck.

    5. We have good WR’s. A lack of deep threat cause a ton of traffic in the box.

    Kaep takes a lot of blame. It’s obvious on a number of levels that the coaches are not putting this team in the best position to win. Throw Baalke in there as well.

    1. Agreed with the exception that we have good WRs. We have mediocre WRs at best. Boldin is amazing at running slants and taking hits, but he doesn’t get great separation. Stevie can get open on short routes because he has some great moves getting off the line, but he doesn’t have speed to get open deep. His best games came when VD was out and GRo designed plays for him. Crabs can’t get open on deep routes. His receptions to targets is low and his avg reception is the lowest of his career. Lloyd is done and given QPs lack of playing time, he is unlikely to contribute materially.

      Kaep’s struggles are congruent with the O-line struggles. That’s not to say that some of it isn’t his fault. The guy looks like he’s on the mound when he throws the football. Think about all the complaints about his lack of going thru progressions. He has less time because of his mechanics and the fact that J Martin can’t block.

      I would love to see a cap assessment from Grant or someone on this thread. Crabs should be gone. Possibly Gore, though it’s sad to say. Does Brooks get traded? Does Vernon have too much dead money to get rid of? Do we pay Cully or can Dontae fill in? Is Tank too stupid to be a viable DE for us down the line?

      Assuming we get a nose tackle healthy for next year, I think the need areas of the defense are limited to DE heir apparent and a OLB if Brooks is gone to backup Aldon/Lynch.

      Offense is clearly the bigger need, with WR, TE, QB, backup O-line, and possibly a RB. On paper, our Oline is still good when healthy if we resign Iupati and assuming whoever doesn’t win the Center position can be a viable guard backup (Kilgore or Marcus).

      I believe D Thomas, Dez Bryant, Maclin, Kenny Britt, and T Smith are all free agents. Can we make a splash with one of them given the draft isn’t deep at WR?

      1. Agree with you. Kaeps throwing motion is his baseball form. Which is a behavior we discussed last year. To me that means he’s trying to throw the ball too hard.

        We won’t spend money on a big time receiver. I hope I’m wrong but Baalke doesn’t do it. Florida States WR Greene and UofL’s Devante Parker are both receivers we should be checking for.

      2. My thoughts exactly. But can I add that Boone and Iupoti and the rookie Martin can’t block either. If staley wasn’t such a mainstay and good end of throw him in there this season also.

        It’s easy to pick 5 plays a game and blame the whole debacle on those 5 plays. Never for Alex smith in the past though. Smh pure comedy to see this 180.
        Well writer Eddie D.

  15. the o-line is good.,…..I noticed a couple of times #7 rushed throwing the ball in a clean pocket….

    ….its easy to blame the O-line when the QB always only throws to his first read

    I watched Raider Carr take his time, also watched Ryan and Rodgers last night – their o-line is not better than us but those QB’s make their o-line better…..they have patience and poise……

    I saw Rodgers cleverly break out of the pocket when he gets the pass rush…..#7 is totally confused back there….

    so shut up Ninermd, you never know what you are yapping about …….any average QB will put up big numbers behind this offense…

    but then again your stupidity and ignorance is something you cant fake….

    1. Jed can clean out his football staff and pick up some amazing replacements from this blog. Grant can fill the new “football guy in charge of everybody” position. Someone like “77” can take over quarterback development. Think of the piles of Lombardy trophies we will have.

    1. Does Kaepernick’s? We already know the league has figured him out and your #7 hero bubble has burst. The question now is, what type of backup will CK be?

        1. Possibly but what 27 yearold QB in the NFL can revamp his game in an offseason? The problem with Kaepernick is that he lacks the fundamentals of the game. The long wind up, the inability to scan, read and react. Now if a former NFL QB cannot help him make these adjustments, who out there can?

          The 49ers face a tough decision with him. Do you remake the offense and customize it to his strengths which are running, rolling out, and improvising? Or do you draft a QB and let them compete in an offense that is better suited to your entire personnel.
          To me the strength of this offense without all the injuries is the offensive line. Staley and Anthony Davis are still quality tackles. Boone had a very down year and Iupati was inconsistent all year. I believe you continue to build around them and add some new weapons in the backfield and at the WR position.

          In the overall scheme of things I still believe the strength of the team is the defense. Having a methodical ball control offense aids this defense. Quick three and outs as we have seen the last couple years has worn down the defense late in the season. get back to running, play action type offense with a QB who can make accurate throws and be a leader. Too many times this year it looked like the game was too fast for Kaepernick. If that is a result of maturity or regression, the 49ers need to have someone who can take over and be the future.

          1. What works-Letting Kaepernick improvise. What doesn’t-Confining him to the pocket. Why? He’s learning how to find the open receiver while at the same time not using his legs. For me, Harbaugh and Kaepernick deserve another shot next year unless they don’t win another game. I would wait until round 4 or 5 before selecting a pocket quarterback, and look for a tall, fast wide receiver as well….

            1. “What works-Letting Kaepernick improvise.”

              Yep. It worked out tremendously on the opening play.

            2. How many times a game does improvising work? Its not like you can have designed plays for this or develop an offense around it. I think this is why Roman struggled all year. They didn’t know what to do or what direction to go in with Kaepernick. They even scaled down the offense this offseason to make it easier on him. At some point the QB has to stand in the pocket and deliver it. That’s the NFL game. Otherwise it would be playground football?
              I am a big Harbaugh fan but its clear now that he put too much on #7 and built him up as something he is not. The daily praise of how good Kaepernick was only created more pressure on him to perform and it looks like the weight of the world is now on his shoulders. The other part is trying to make him into something he is not. He is a gifted athlete that has not been able to master an essential skill all NFL QB’s most possess, accuracy under pressure.

              1. Might help them with clock management. How long does it take to just say “Busted Play on 2”?

            3. FDM asked a good question – this offseason do you bring in a HC/OC that will tailor the offense to Kaep’s strengths?

              Its a big call, because by doing so you are limiting the suitable options for a backup QB, and if it doesn’t work out for Kaep again next year do you still want to run the same type of offense?

              1. The more I think about Sean Payton the more I excited I get. With his pedigree and play calling ability, he could draft a QB and have them ready to compete week 1.
                The 49ers offensive line struggled this year because they had to become players in an offense that does not play to their strengths. With a renewed emphasis to the run game, in a pro-style offense, Payton could be a great fit for the 49ers.

              2. Sean Payton is a proven high quality NFL coach. If he is available the 49ers would be silly not to make a play for him.

              3. Payton is a SB winner and a proven offensive mind but there is no guarantee that he will be available. Sure they missed the playoffs and seemed to implode at home after the 9ers game (not to mention their road struggles) but they were in it last year and the whole “there is no better candidate available” factor still exists. If he gets fired id hire him the next day but so would a bunch of other teams. Would he want to come here with CK as a QB or pick a potentially better situation elsewhere (Chi or Pit perhaps)?

        2. What else do you need to see Razor? More interceptions? Or how about running into sacks?
          My favourite part is when he looks like a deer in headlights when the pressure is on and he has to lead. No probably better to keep him around and let him develop right?
          What a joke when the rest of the league is saying what we’ve said all along about him but people on here still holding out hope he can be something he is not. Talk about square peg in a round hole.
          Next game Sunday in SEATTLE, maybe he can reincarnate himself into a pocket passer with vision and accuracy. It is however the magical season!

          1. Some people still believe that world is flat. Those people are NinerMD, Bay Area. HTwaits, Willitalk.

            They need more proof. Depsite an offense that averages less that 18 points a game, can barely beat bad teams when the Defense holds them to 10-13 points.
            Nope. It’s everyone else but Kaep. It’s the O-Line, it’s coaching, it’s Gore, it’s the WRs, it’s TE.
            Well the O-Line has a pro-bowler in Staley, 1st round picks in Davis and Iapti, Boldin is a future HOF, Gore is a warrior, so is Miller. We have one of the top TEs in the league even if he’s working through injuries.
            At every position we have players that can play.
            And then we have a QB who is a turnover machine, can’t lead, gets in shouting matches with defensive players, can’t audible, can’t go to his 2nd read, hears footsteps and abandons the plays — oh yeah it’s not his fault.

            Time to buy a Gabbert jersey!

            1. No one says that Kaep isn’t a part of the poor play of the Niner’s this season. It is you who wants to put the entire blame on him, including blaming him for players who have mailed it in and are obviously not trying. You are so focused on being right about your preconceived perception of Kaep that you refuse to see all the obvious mitigating circumstances that influence his play. I would venture to say that most of the posters who have your perspective also had the agenda in place to want Kaep to fail for their own reasons. Just so they can be right. Schadenfruede in respect to the team so they can be justified in blaming Kaep.

  16. Coach Harbaw: “a rough patch”…
    speaking of rough patches…
    Before you clean out your locker here,
    tell us something concrete about rehab
    and substance abuse. Nuts and bolts.
    Describe your recovery program following
    that DUI down in San Diego, please.
    Call it your Christmas present to those who
    are still “in the mix”. Thank you.

  17. We have had the worst production in the league from our TE. this season combined numbers
    VD has 25 rec on 47 targets for 236 yrds and 2 td
    Carrier is 9 rec on 14 targt for 105 yds
    Vance has just 2 rec on 7 targts for 30 yds
    and Celek 1 rec on 1 tgt for 22 yds.
    for a grand total of 37 rec on 69 targets for 393 yds and 2 td. If All our TE was a single player they would rank 18th in catches and 19th in yards

    I think we can find a serviceable TE in FA no problem, we are not looking for a world beater just someone to take the pressure off and move the chains.

    Also this should be a fairly deep WR FA class, with jerry having to pay for demarco murray am i delusional for thinking that Dez could be a possibility if we pay enough?

  18. Opening play of the game. This should be a quick easy opener for the QB with Davis running a corner, Boldin a short curl and Miller going into the flat.

    One problem, the QB hangs too long with the TE and never looks to the flat where he has an easy pitch and catch even if only for a short gain.


    1. Thanks for this, Jack. Gore didn’t handle Tuck and the rest is history. “Three things can happen when you pass, and two of them are bad.” Thanks, Woody. At this point in his career, maybe because he’s shell-shocked and/or thinks a victory rests on his shoulders, Kaep is a turnover waiting to happen. I put the loss more on the people who scripted and approved the game plan than I do Kaep.

    2. …77 disagrees in that he saw Jeff Fuller (one arm and all) out there in the flat. That might be what distracted Kaepernick.

  19. Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is for you to send Greg Roman back to Holy Spirit High School in New Jersey, where he was the OC in 2008 and they won 7 games…….No wait Mr. Claus, they don’t want him back since they won more games in 2009 after he left and won their section championship in 2010 by going undefeated 12-0.
    So Santa, please just send the blob Roman back to Jersey to live with his mommy and daddy.

    1. Where does the Niners stand among NFL teams on screens as a fraction of their total offensive pass play calls?

      1. Mood,

        It’s going to be near the bottom because they don’t run many “traditional” screen concepts.

        1. IMO, that’s been one of the Romanbaugh offense’s shortcomings from their Stanford days: inability to incorporate screen passes as needed to relieve pass rush pressure. Still, there maybe be a good reason for that. Screen passes should need a lot of coordination and very clean execution. Son the offense has to practice those plays a lot. Conversely, if its way down in the list of plays, they probably practice it less which in turn means lower probability of success.

        2. I agree with Mood.They need to run more traditional screens. That’s part of the problem. They incorporated a number of short passes against the Raiders which was effective.

  20. Another question for the people who can think past Kaep. Since Harbaugh took over our team won because of our defense. Even this year we have won, with a depleted defense. I am assuming, Fangio leaves with Harbaugh. Who takes over, and can they do what he has done?

    That should be something discussed. We lose Fangio, s–t could potentially get bad, quick.

    1. This is the same chicken little type of quote we keep hearing about what would happen if Harbaugh leaves.

      In the two seasons before Harbaugh and Fangio arrived the 49ers defense gave up 21.6 and 17.6 points per game. This season and last they have given up 20.6 and 17.

          1. On offense, the Niners are now averaging fewer points than the 2010 team under Singletary.

      1. I agree that Niners will continue to have relative success on defense with any reasonably competent coaching staff because the F.O. scouts and drafts (and hires FAs) quite well on defense.

      2. Maybe that surge in defensive performance was as much Donatell as it was Fangio. The secondary play improved dramaticly. Improved pass rush helped that too.
        But Fangio was running his trademark D scheme with roots back to the Saints. Manusky was running Sing/Nolan/Ravens scheme which is quite similar. So what’s the difference? Maybe Donatell’s hands on style; idk. Maybe also Manusky was under Sing’s bridle, as he seems more innovative and adaptable these days with the Colts.

    2. Fangio has done an excellent job, but I don’t see him as irreplaceable. There are a number of smart defensive Coaches who could come in and do a nice job with this defense.

    1. Looks a lot like what we’ve seen from the Oline at times this season. Ignoring the guy right in front of you and looking for somebody further down field. I’ve lost count of how many times a defensive player has been handed off to no one or completely ignored and made an easy tackle.

      1. yup. it’s like we didn’t study the basics each week, or perhaps they’re not identifying the Mike correctly (or in enough time for everyone to process their assignment). So many runs die 4 yards too soon because the wrong guy gets blocked.

        How many zone-read runs have we run this year? Would love to see that mixed in with our pull-trap-counter plays.

      1. I don’t know ex, but I don’t like having Crabtree motioning in and then having him go back out.

        I get their thought process, but having Boldin run a true bubble route makes more sense here. It also would give them better leverage on 38.

        This is the type of play where using a quick guy like Ellington would also make sense.

  21. Did you folks see the “midget” comment from Marvin Lewis? He referred to Johnny Beiber as a midget. I wonder if it occurred to him that the QB of the defending SB Champs is a midget. Maybe he should draft a midget, or maybe he should stfu. Same guy who doesn’t seem to get it about long term effects of concussions.

  22. How ironic that ninermd and bayareafanatic are the two who will defend CK to the end and blame everyone else before him, when they were the first two clowns to blame Smith for everything and anything. Quit crying and making Colinscuses, nobody takes you hypocrites seriously.

  23. Peter King is reporting that Sean Payton may have run his course in New Orleans. If they fire him, is he a coach we might look at.

    1. For sure the 49ers should hire him, he would be great and then hire Rex Ryan as our defensive coordinator.

      1. I believe Payton’s mentor was Parcells so he should be on Baalke’s radar. Are you assuming that Fangio will leave or do you want Ryan to replace Fangio regardless?

        1. Fangio I think leaves with Harbaugh. Why would he stay really? I mean Oakland is right there, probably could live in the same house.

          1. Was SF built to run or was it built to take advantage of Gore. Remove Gore from the equation and how well would another back do behind this line. Gore was a special back who could take advantage of every tiny crease in the line. How much better did Gore make this line look than they really were?

      1. Even if Sean Payton at the helm, DOES Baalke draft a deep threat? It is needed in his offense as well.

    2. Hmm, coincidentally, I was thinking of a Payton hire on Sunday after the Niners and Saints lost. As noted, both Baalke and Payton are from the Parcells tree. But can Payton work with Kap successfully while they acquire/draft Payton’s QB?

    3. Rex Ryan apparently has a multimillion dollar TV job waiting for him as soon as he’s fired.

      Payton would be interesting, but he’s another hard headed guy who Baalke may not want to work with.

      1. Payton would be a great choice for the simple reason he is maybe the best play caller in the NFL. Maybe that is what Kaepernick needs is for someone to make sure he knows exactly what to do on every play, every coverage, and every formation.
        I think Rex Ryan would rather coach than be on TV/radio. I cannot envision him not being a coach as he seems to really enjoy coaching the game. The two of those guys would do great things for the 49ers remaining competitive and eliminating a long transition period of coaching staffs.

        As for Baalke and York, they better bring in some proven coaches because this fan base is relentless and if they think they can keep hiding behind their head coaches after this season, well thye have another thing coming. A new coach with no head coaching experience will be grilled every presser throughout the year. They need someone who can handle this pressure and Payton just might be the right guy,

    4. There’s absolutely no question that they should. The only caveat is if Fangio is willing to stay on the the DC.

  24. Kaepernick is sticking with his first read too long, too often. Here is an example: Kaepernick sticks with his first read, Vernon Davis, for about 2 seconds. The linebacker is running with Davis which should signal to the QB that the dig is open behind him. The QB comes off the first read too late and when he does his feet are not in position to make an accurate throw.


      1. But but but… The o-line is gonna get my qb killed. Lol rememeber those Alexuses onelame? I do!

    1. It has been very disappointing that Kap’s reading of defenses has not improved over the last season. If Kap does not have the patience or enthusiasm to spend time watching film in the off-season, he’s no chance at long-term NFL success.

    2. JH
      It looked like brown was all over AB on that dig, i know NFL windows are tight but even then unless he stuck it in there right when boldin broke the play looked well covered

      1. He should have been throwing the ball to Boldin right after the break when he was wide open, that’s why Boldin’s route is deeper on that play. It should be TE, covered, dig, throw. Instead it was TE …….. covered, dig.

    3. It’s a Safety on Davis which was the best matchup on the play. I do agree he needs to find Boldin sooner though.

      1. There in lies one of the roots of the problem, rocket. Kaep is all about ID’ing the favourable matchup pre-snap, and he then trusts the individual to win the matchup. As a result he locks on them too long and as in this example is too late on opportunities for other open guys, or in other examples ends up throwing the ball to the covered player regardless (see Crabtree, NFCCG last season), or misses other opportunities altogether and takes off running.

        1. Yeah Scooter,CK is a one trick pony because his tricks have been deciphered by the league. Show one coverage and play another. It’s the old Amoeba defense concept.
          There is not a coach on earth or on another planet than can teach decision making. This is why he is not a good QB.

          1. That’s not what happened in the gif Jack put up Prime. There was no confusion; Kap read the defense and found the right matchup before the snap. The mistake was in his failure to come off the Davis route once he had trouble getting off the line and going to Boldin instead. That has nothing to do with the league deciphering tricks. It’s the refusal of Kap to move to the next option when the first one isn’t there. He does that and it’s a problem but it’s something that can improve with work on and off the field. It’s up to Kap to do that.

      2. Not clear to me why he gave up on Davis. A good QB should be able to make that throw. I think Kaep is snakebit.

  25. Not using Hyde more. Not utilizing V-Mac more especially with Vernon stinking it up. Not utilizing Ellington more as a receiver stinks of lazy.

    If we lose in Seattle, I expect Harbaugh and Roman to be fired the following day. Whether they are fired or not, I would hope that with the playoffs officially being OUT, that we give significant playing time to Ellington, V-Mac and Hyde and Patton. Truly see what you have in them.

    1. Add Gabbert to the 2nd half of the SEATTLE game. By then CK will have thrown at least one back breaking INT.
      Gabbert won’t try and be a hero and attack Shermann. He is smart,he will take the check down.

    2. Bay:

      Assuming we are mathematically out of the playoffs, agree that we absolutely should see what we have in the young (not yet expensive) guys.

      I know you’re a big Kaep fan, but I think the we should also see what we really have in Gabbert/Johnson again assuming that we are mathematically out of the playoffs. They wouldn’t have to play the whole game, but I think they should play in the event we are mathematically out.

      1. Cubus bayareafanatic will never relent on Kaepernick but the real fans see we have a fundamentally flawed QB. Forget about the skill set for a moment, when other teams can get inside your head and taunt you and take you out of your focus, that’s basically surrendering.
        We lost to the Raiders on a poor performance by the supposedly franchise QB. Lets call it as it is, Kaepernick is not an elite, franchise QB you build around.

    3. “Not utilizing V-Mac more especially with Vernon stinking it up.”

      He’s only been active for 8 games, and just went on IR.

  26. wow……I don’t recall any other 49er QB ever getting this treatment…………the faithful’s are pissed!!!!

    “CBSSports.com and SB Nation have compiled a smattering of social-media anecdotal evidence indicating that some 49ers fans have taken to burning the jersey of quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

    It’s an extreme gesture, usually reserved for complete betrayal and/or dog fighting. Rarely (if ever) does a player’s jersey get burning because he has to play better and he’s not playing better because he hasn’t been playing well.”

    1. CBSSports.com and SB Nation …

      compiled a smattering …

      anecdotal evidence …

      some 49ers fans …

      More on this story in the 10 o’clock news hour.

          1. He’s stubborn and angry. Two qualities that don’t lend themselves to assisting the situation….

            1. Agree. Those qualities are sucking up some of his attention at the expense, I’m guessing, of his awareness and processing speed.

            2. Good point, Razor. He is stubborn, and I am getting the feeling he’s very stubborn. For example, at the press conferences he insists on wearing his headphones; thank God he seems to have ditched the stupid hat, although I think Boldin might have stolen it from him (a joke). To succeed you’ve got to be able to adapt, especially the field general. Obviously, players unwilling to change continue to make the same mistakes, and he continues to make doosies.

  27. It’s funny that when Alex was here it drove us crazy that he
    ignored the middle and deeper routes. Remember, Alex was also inaccurate, Alex also took unnecessary sacks. Alex too quickly went to the checkdown. Unfortunately for us, the checkdown and the underneath is what Colin has to get good at to grow. And so far he’s failing at that.

    Whereas Alex never looked at the deeper route, Colin stays with it too long and then the play blows up. Colin has got to know that the deeper route more times than not is not going to be there especially with a team void of speed.

    Don’t know from a coaching standpoint what is easier to fix. They chose Colin though so for at least this year and next, he’s the one they are going to have to fix. Either way, if they don’t fix this offensive line, it won’t matter.

    1. Hey sleeping beauty, you ever hear about something called free agency or the draft?
      There is a reason why the 49ers signed your hero to a contract that they can cut him at anytime. Money talks and inaccuracy and sulking walks. CK will be playing up here in the CFL. He is pretty good in cold weather, I’ll give him that and the best part is,the field is extra wide so he can run for days!

      1. Please name a qb who’s coming out in free agency or the draft next year that’s going to take this offense to the next level…. And GO…

        1. Anyone with half a brain that can read a defense and be accurate. Right now Mark Sanchez would get the Niners in the playoffs.
          Face it man, your boy fizzled out!

          1. Kaepernick will get 2015 to atone for his sins, but feel free to continue disparaging him every day, all year long. You’ve been harping about how we’ll see in two weeks. Well, this is your week. Let’s see how it unfolds….

            1. Razor never mind this week, it’s going to be a nightmare. If the Raiders game wasn’t enough, you need surgery on those eyes my friend. Wake up, bottom has hit!

              1. Prime
                How you, I or anyone on here feels is irrelevant. CK will get another year to prove his worth (not much in ur eyes we get it) but we will probably draft a qb to compete with/possibly take over in the future. Because of the way his contract is structured and the dearth of better options CK will be here next year whether u like it or not.
                A better question was raised in this thread with regards to our system going forward. Do we hire someone to tailor our O to kaep’s strengths or do we get an entirely new system and wait for a competent qb to run it?

              2. The offensive system they have in place is fine, but they need to get away from trying to have #7 be “THE MAN” because it takes away from the strength of the team.

              3. Bos you have no idea wether CK will be back next year or not.
                York could decide to bring in a new regime and with that trade or release CK. So smart guy, don’t pretend to know that he will back cause you have no clue!
                And if he is back, it should be as a back up.

              4. Jack, the offensive system from 2011 to 2013 is fine if they are willing to go back to that style of offense. It is a little simplistic, but run well it can be effective. If they bring in a coach from the Harbaugh coaching tree, or in the unlikely event Harbaugh returns in 2015, they should go back to more of that. But is this type of system best run by a QB with Kaep’s skill set, or is it better run by a QB more adept in the pocket?

                The 2014 system has put more pressure on the QB to read the action and make plays, and we’ve seen Kaep is not up to it, at least not yet anyway. If they move towards a system that requires more from the QB, then Kaep may struggle.

                The question is, do they move towards more of a zone-read offense to make use of Kaep’s talents in that arena? It may be the type of offense that gets the best out of Kaep, but is it a good long term strategy?

              5. Scooter,

                When I watch them I’m not seeing anything different than in 2011-2013. The only difference is that they are asking the quarterback to throw the ball more often.

                “do they move towards more of a zone-read offense to make use of Kaep’s talents in that arena?”

                I think that ship has sailed. On his designed runs Kaepernick has averaged 3.6 yards per carry. Teams have figured it out.

              6. Prime
                As surely as you believe that CK sucks, I am that sure that CK will be back with the team next year. After that who knows but if Jed fires Harbaugh it would be implying that JH was to blame for our failed season and not the QB. Is that accurate? who knows but he will not jettison them both in the same year because then he will never know who was the problem. Also THERE IS NO BETTER OPTION at this point. The FA market is barren as is the draft. Like I said he will probably draft a qb to compete but why would he outright cut him without a plan B?
                Settle down, Im not trying to troll you, and i hate to be the one to break the bad news to you but just brace yourself for more of CK next year. And if its as a backup that means a better option revealed itself which would be great if not very likely.
                And no one knows anything for sure regardless of how smart I am

              7. Jack
                In terms of the read option being figured out. Is it that they figured CK out? I see Wilson continue to be sucessfull running it this year. Is RW just a better runner of the RO that Kaep?

              8. If they go to a new coach, Id think it unlikely they go to that HarbRo Attack. They don’t have to in order to leverage the skills on that offense; there are other Parcels-approved styles. Any new coach is going to recognize Colin’s strengths and weaknesses and try to get the best out of him, but without committing all their cards for the future; Kaep’s not ‘their guy’; especially if he struggles.
                I do remember Drew Brees’ early sputters. The Chargers drafted Señor Bolo (short version) because Brees wasn’t progressing satisfactorily. Then Rivers’ rookie year the light came on for Brees. He excelled, got a FA offer and flourished. Id hate to see SF give up on CK and have him flourish elsewhere, but he’s got to make some hay.

              9. “Is RW just a better runner of the RO that Kaep?”

                Wilson is averaging 9.2 yards per attempt compared to 3.6 for Kaepernick so I would say yes.

              10. I think your over analyzing. Any new coach will want his own guy because if he goes down, he goes down his way. You know the same way the 49ers situation is unfolding.
                Best case scenario JH leaves and takes Mr. Pouty Pants with him.
                I can’t see CK mending any fences with the way he’s villified himself this year.

              11. Jack, the change to considerably more 3+ WR sets and more pass plays is what I mean when I say the 2014 system is different, but my use of the word “system” is inaccurate. As you say, they are still using the same system, just different formations and run-pass ratio.

                Regarding the zone-read, an argument could be made the team has never fully committed to it, and the coaches in place do not have a history running it. Teams may have figured it out because the coaching staff aren’t strong running that type of offense. They could go in search of someone with a strong history running zone-read and see if that gets the best out of Kaep. Personally I hope they don’t, I’d prefer to see a more traditional pro-style offensive system.

    2. Well Heeellllooooooooooo Bay Area Kaeper lover. Still blaming everyone else eh?
      Tell me –are you going to root for Kaep when he plays in the the CFL? Don’t you hate Canadians?

  28. When Alex was our QB, I remember how the term “game manager” became a dirty word (phrase). Now, I would give anything to see Colin incorporate some game managing into his play.

    1. I was never an Alex Smith fan. When Harbaugh came and built an offense around him it was the greatest thing ever. I never liked him, as a QB, but we were winning. When they drafted Kaep, my only thought was WTF is going on.

      When they started bring in Kaep for plays here and there I thought it was the stupidest thing ever. Not that i disn’t like seeing Kaep run the read option but because I know it messed with Smith’s psyche. Eventually Kaep would go on to take Smith’s spot the same way Tom Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe.

      If ever QB that comes into this league only has 3 years to develop into an ELITE there would be some teams in trouble. Alex Smith put in 6 years in the NFL before playing at or above an average level. Kaep needs time to learn. If we get rid of him, someone will take him and develope. The hardest thing to do in any aspect of life is to change your mindset. He’s exercising his demons. I believe he will come out on the other side of that battle. He needs time

    2. While that game manager sits with the same record with a weaker schedule. Atta boy Alex. Gather up those YAC stats and clean qbr’s. Lol

      1. Considering that he’s playing on a worse offense than ours, that’s actually an accomplishment that he and the Chiefs have a winning record right now.

      2. @MD

        you won’t accuse Kaepernick of YAC yards, because he can’t throw a catchable pass…no one catches CK’s passes

  29. Here’s some stats regarding regular season QB sacks for the niners:

    2011: 44 sacks in 16 games for Alex
    2012: 24 sacks in 10 games for Alex (a pace of 38 sacks for 16 games)
    2013: 39 sacks in 16 games for Colin
    2014: 43 sacks in 13 games for Colin

    In 2012 Colin is listed as having 16 sacks in 13 games. I’m going to assume that it’s more likely 16 sacks in 7 games (the other games he was just in for a play or two). If that’s right, then the pace in 2012 is 36 to 37 sacks over 16 games.

    For some perspective, the least amount of sacks taken by a QB that played in all 16 regular season games is 19 in 2011 (Hasselbeck), 19 in 2012 (E. Manning) and 18 in 2013 (P. Manning). The most sacks taken were 44 in 2011 (Alex Smith), 51 in 2012 (Rodgers) and 58 in 2013 (Tannehill).

    To me I don’t see a lot of difference between Alex and Colin over the time periods listed. I know the Oline has major regressed this year, so throw out 2014. I still don’t see a significant difference.

    1. Mis-placed energy. Colin should look to A. Rogers for tips on how to intimidate or show up defensive players.

  30. @JeffGarciaJGFA 3 minutes ago

    Let’s go @LorenzoNeal I’ll go in and help Kaep out, let me be the QB coach next year. He needs my drive, knowledge & fire fueling his desire

    1. I love it. Kaep does need the help. Now if Garcia does offer and Kaep passes, then I will be pissed.

    2. Yep. If anyone is going to teach Kaepernick how to set his feet and throw, it’s Jeff “Jump Pass” Garcia…

  31. @RichEisenShow: Charles Woodson just said if given choice of having Jim Harbaugh coach @Raiders or @umichfootball next year he’d choose Michigan.

    1. Read the whole interview to get the context of what Woodson’s saying. Its not what you think.

    1. Boy that Super Bowl and NFC title game appearances are bad karma. I’ll take a double of that karma. Smh.

  32. During the Barrows chat session today someone asked about a Harbaugh trade. Below is Matt Barrows’ interesting reply:

    “Someone is going to have to convince me how the 49ers walk away with even a modest draft pick. I can’t for the life of me think of a realistic scenario. The best one: The 49ers deal both Harbaugh and Vernon Davis to a team for a good pick.”

  33. I was a fan of the Carlos Hyde pick, but watching him run is tough. He seems to lack the feel and vision for the 49ers running back tracks.

    1. Yes! He is far too literal in going where the play call says he should, and he goes there at 100 miles an hour without waiting for a hole to open.

      If he doesn’t learn some patience and vision of where to go with the ball I don’t think he’s going to make it in the NFL without a consistently excellent OL in front of him.

      1. Gore always made this line look better than it was. They are only good at misdirection plays but the other teams have caught on and it doesn’t fool them anymore.

  34. oneniner December 9, 2014 at 9:16 am
    O-line play makes no difference if the QB can’t go through his progression….

    This is why I can’t argue with madden playing arm chair qb’s.
    Read his comments in 2012 when #11 was getting pressured all the time. Lol

    1. You cannot argue period because your hero #7’s bubble has burst all over you and Bayarea. The guy you fools labelled as big arm, dynamic, stretch the field, more entertaining has been exposed.
      What does it say when the organization signs you to basically one year deals so that they can cut you at anytime? It means they knew he could be a flash in the pan and would be on his way out with JH if they could not get it done. Eat your crow and be happy about it!

    2. Man Kaep needs so much for him to play at an above average ability. 4 perfect WRs, a TE, A Pro bowl RB. An O-Line. And top 10 Defense. You sure sound like the Madden fan who is building a custom team for Kaep where every player has a 90+ rating.

      You can give Kaep 10 seconds and it doesn’t matter because he’s going to take off running when the first read is not there!

      1. Fan,true story. Last year I was in Vegas and my wife and I were at a outlet mall in a sports shop. Teller comes up to me and says you a 49ers fan because he sees me wearing a T-shirt. I say yes. He says we have Kaepernick jerseys on sale for $85, regular $110. My wife says get one. I scratch my head and think I’m not sure about this guy.
        Well the moral of the story is never go with your gut, always go with your brain and heart. CK has neither!

      2. I haven’t given up on Kaepernick quite yet.

        But to your point, I don’t think it’s the fact that he needs all those factors to be perfect, but I think those factors were just so bad this year that to expect Kaepernick to flourish in that type of environment would be foolish. No one (mostly) here recognized Kaepernick as an elite QB, he has his faults and quite a bit of them but the guy has talent. And if the receivers weren’t dropping half of everything that came their way, and Vernon was playing to his normal level, the o-line wasn’t one of the worse pass-blocking lines in the league, and our OC/HC would establish some sort of identity and stick to it then this team would be in an entirely different situation.

        It’s not about asking all those factor to be perfect, its about expecting those factors to do their job, and do it well.

        1. Leo that a boy. Lotta good positive energy. That’s how real fans act. Only two real D bags on here trying to poison the blog. Fantroll77 and a Canadian trying to tell us about American football.
          Life throws us bumps on the road. How you deal with it tells a lot about you.

  35. I’ll say this. I can’t wait to hear why harbaugh really left this team.
    My guess is… Baalke wanted roman gone and Harbs being the “stand up guy” won’t do it.
    Now that’s putting the team first over your ego me Harbs. If that’s the case of course.

    Jack quick question. Are you still convinced roman isn’t a huge part of this debacle? I noticed some defense for him a couple of weeks back.

      1. Soooo my thick skulls seems to realize that the o-line is the worst it’s been in years as far as blocking for the pass, and gore still sits on the sidelines and watches 30-40 passes a game. And yet you see nothing in those facts that might have helped ck regress this season?
        If my skull is thick, you’re has to be Fort Knox.

        You said earlier it sucks to be right about ck…
        Well any normal person tries to avoid talking or repeating over and over again about something that truly “sucks” to them. And yet in this “sucky” world you live in. That’s all you talk about.
        Just let this sink in for a minute. The small minority that agrees with you consist of onelame, prime monkey, and a Seattle fan. The others like myself put some blame on the other players on the offense and coaches instead of just one. You place no blame on the defense. Not a hint of pressure on Carr making him look like a star. He’s not pressure makes him look like a bust also. I’ve seen all of their games this season.
        And st.
        It must be a tiny window on that short bus you look out of everyday. Who said simple minds are easy to change? Pfft

        1. Niner MD — See Real Neal below. On this blog every time Kaep throws up another stinker, and believe me there will be others, more people jump off your bandwagon. National media is having a field day on Kaep too.

          All the problems for the offense point right at #7. The coaches can’t devise game plans when he bails out on plays. He did that last year, and I wrote about it then too. Coaches give up on the run too early, I agree, but you’re paying Kaep as a starting QB, you can’t win it all if he can’t make any throws. At least Alex could make the check downs, you can at least game plan around that.

          It’s a sad sad day that this era is going out with a whimper — at least you and Bay and keep screaming for your man Kaep to keep things interesting.

          1. Like I told onelame. Who can’t comprehend.
            I do not own a ck jersey, I call out players when they suck. And for some reason in the past I was a “hater” lol
            And nowhere on this blog have I ever backed ck when he sucked.
            He’s sucked for 5 weeks now. But I will NOT blame this horrible offense on him alone.
            You can call me a ck lover all you want. If my tv could talk it would tell you it thinks I’m abusuve for yelling at it on Sundays.
            Your agenda is ck only. That’s it. You even skipped the o-line problems on this post.
            You may have had a point in game planning around him when he bails out. The problem is he doesn’t alwYs bail out and takes a sack for standing there to long you say. So which is it? Damned if he does damned if he doesn’t. It’s clear he’s been told to stay in there. His instinct is to run. And the reason I’ll blow your excuse for the play callin is. Again gore doesn’t get the touches he needs.
            If you hate the guy that’s fine. But in no way am I backin his horrible play. Like I’m not backing the REST of the buster offense.

            Onelame you and prime have your agenda. To do whatever it takes to rub bad play into the face of the guys who wanted smith gone. In fact I. Allied this last year. And here it is. Having a field day with the failure of your “favorite” team.
            You couldn’t DARE blame Alex smith for a bad offense but you can now. And you really believe he would do better. Smh!
            How’s he lookin over in KC? Like I told onelame get over there and get those Alexuses out for him. Team Alex is on the wrong board.

      2. Fan,

        I don’t post much anymore, however you have been a one trick pony on bashing Kaep since day 1. I was a big Kaep supporter, and I am reluctantly now agreeing with you. The guy has no QB smarts. Even though we have worm burner receivers, they still get open, he is just not a intelligent QB, all of the physical skills in the world, and just a numskull on and off the field.

        1. Although we still need a better O line,faster receivers and better call playing before we throw the guy to the curb.

          1. Real Neal,
            I’m sorry if my tone was as tough or unsupportive of Kaep. Bay Area Fanatic was asking just asking for it every time he called me a troll and defended Kaep to no end.

            While I may have disapproved of Kaep’s performance, I always hoped he would prove me wrong. It was until the Seattle game that i was officially done with him.

            The team has other flaws but we cannot address them until we sort out what to do with Kaep.

            1. Fan, no apology needed. I am not quite ready to throw Kaep to the curb, we need to find a replacement or a reliable second stringer, let’s see if he does better next season under the new coaching staff. Let’s hope he goes to a QB whisperer camp, and have his skills improve, and that includes acting a like a human being to the press.

              1. I really think Kaep needs a year or two away from being a starter. He has to sit and watch again. There’s hope for him but for now the team just needs a solid QB so the team can be balanced.

              2. I for one do not buy Fan777 BS about wanting and hoping Kaep would do well. He only comes up with that line everynow and then. Most of the time he reveals himself for the hater that he really is. He is only sucking up to you because he believes he has found another ally. It is not just what he posts but his rational for what he posts. The blames Kaep not only for his play when it is indeed subpar, but also he used to cheery pick earlier in the season to support his agenda before Kaep did indeed have poor games. He also attempts to blame Kaep for Smith’s attitude and hold out. Guy is just delusional.

              3. Willtalk –
                Come here and kiss my ring buddy! I called it way back in the 2nd game. Had to put up with all you and others calling me all sorts of things. Turns out what I said about Kaep had a lot more truth to it, and now that the cat is out of the bag. until Kaep turns it around, which could be next year, the year after, you should just admit — not that I was right — BUT YOU WERE WRONG.
                C’mon — don’t be like Kaep at a press conference — smile and admit your failures. You’ll fee better!

      3. What was the problem in 2011? Lol…what led to the previous qb’s benching? By his third head coach

    1. “Are you still convinced roman isn’t a huge part of this debacle?”

      Roman is no bigger a part of it than Harbaugh, and it’s tough to call plays when you have no idea what the QB is going to do.

      1. Sounds fair. So you’re putting most of the blame on the qb? I can’t wrap my mind around only 12 touches last Sunday. It seems to be a trend this season. Didn’t want to say it before, but I think harbaughs time is done. Gotta move on.

        1. “So you’re putting most of the blame on the qb?”

          Yes, I’m putting a fair share. I also put the blame on the coaches for not sticking with the run to minimize the QB’s impact on the game.

          You should have checked out my piece from yesterday.

          1. I’ll check it out.
            I agree. For the last 5 games I also put a lot of the blame on the qb.
            His throws can’t be argued. But still being green in the pocket I don’t think the coaches or the o-line have helped him at all. And are also a big reason for his regression.
            And I’m glad to say regress instead of not proving he can be a good qb. That’s already been shown.

              1. Excuse me.. The garbage you write! What’s the Diffence anyways you talk through your a** anyways.

            1. look at your pathetic life….first you claim we have worst o-line …now with a lil jack sauce ….you put alot of blame on the qb….ha ha ha…welcome to the minority dummy

              this #7 discussion has really got you un-balanced……lol

              1. Do yourself a favor and prove the garbage you right. Go back and tell me where I EVER said it was the o-lines fault or coaches for this debacle. And where I said it’s not and I didn’t put blame on the qb also. Until you can do that. You stay talkin out of your a** with zero facts. Like when I was booted off of the webzone. Again onelame just because you say it, doesn’t make it true. I have disagreed with Jack before and I’m not looking for his guidance, just opinion on his defense of a horrible OC. Now get back to the KC blog and keep those Alexuses going.

              2. Md you need his guidance because the game you’ve been watching does not exsist.
                You keep blaming Roman. What’s Roman suppose to do with a QB who cannot throw an accurate pass in tight windows?
                What’s he suppose to do when he already has scaled back the offense to make it more simple for CK?
                Then he tries to come up with this ridiculous spread formation to utilize CK’s arm strength but what happens, the QB turns it over because he’s overwhelmed with too much on his plate.
                Like cmon man, if you can’t see a below average QB this year then you are watching a different game!

              3. Prime… You’re right I blame roman. I also blame the o/line, I blame a cancerous wife receiver, a sellout tight end, and a qb who as of late couldn’t hit the ocean if he was 10 miles off shore. The difference with me and you Alex smith fans still hanging on for some kind of redemption is….
                I blame them all.
                The reason it sucks I can’t just blame the qb is. That’s multiple problems for my team instead of one. The window isn’t wide open anymore. My pointing these facts out is for stress on where they’re going next season with the problemS.

                And to think I’m a one player fan. A smither or Kaeper if you will. Lmao.
                V Davis has been my favorite player for years. I can’t say that anymore.
                I also got crap for saying this is my “make or break” year for CK after the Bears game.
                A hater? Lmao. No prime. I see things just fine. I let Alex smith go sucks you guys can’t. More problems than #7 and that sucks!

              4. It all starts and ends with the QB. The games we’ve lost this year,who has stood out the most with bone headed plays?

              5. Prime… It doesnt start and end with the QB. Not always at least. Its funny now all of a sudden its all on the qb. But before it wasnt. The 180 Ive been talking about. But oh well. The agenda is set and facts wont stop you guys trying to get your chance to laugh at me, like Im some Kaep lover. Whatever you guys want to make up and feel good about thats fine. But my point stands. Its going to be a mess. I WISHED I could blame one player. For not calling run plays enough, for dropped balls, for not being able to get 1 Fing yard on 3rd and 4th running the ball, on the sacks and pressure, on the injuries. That would be nice. CK isnt going anywhere next year. And if he continues to suck like he has lately will suck for me next season too. So you guys better get that through your heads and HOPE he improves next year along with the coaching receivers and Oline. Because like I said this offense has multiple problems this season.

                Ive seen posts all year blaming Calls, QB, TE’s, Receivers. I never disagreed with any of them overall. So lets get this straight and on the record….


                There now that thats out of the way. You kids have fun with your “hero” “lover” “blind fan” talk all you want.

      2. JH
        What if u call plays where the QB hands off to the RB and gets the F out of the way? Yeah it would be Jimmy Raeish and I never thought that I would be clammoring for the run the ball 3 times and punt scheme but its literally not fair to CK and us as fans to expect CK to convert a 3rd and 6 or more. Granted on a 3rd and short CK could still fling it 30 yards downfield (as he often does for some reason)

        1. Bos,

          I wouldn’t mind seeing them go into the same mode that the Jets did against the Dolphins a few weeks ago.

    2. Doctor, I don’t think Harbaugh has ever left the team. I think what’s happened is that the QB and oline have stopped executing the game plans, and Harbaugh won’t fire Roman for that, especially since he, Harbaugh, signed off on them. And that he won’t bench Kaep because he doubts Gabbert would do any better. Complain as much as we do about Roman, receivers are getting open and Kaep is not making the throws. Whether Roman should have Kaep throw as much as he is doing, is another issue. I believe that against the Raiders the game plan should have emphasized the run.

      1. Good points…
        And for the record md are my initials not in the name as a doctor.

        I haven’t been to the last three games. Where I can watch receivers on their routes. But I think it’s a thin line as to receivers being open at times and the pressure being out on. It seems like almost every play they throw there is pressure coming, and of not a penalty, if not that a dropped ball. And so on. My outlook is this. He’s hit receivers before and the o-line has been ok at pass blocking before. Is it that much of a stretch to say this kid is rattled due to hearing footsteps? These two blunders started at the same time. It’s. It like the o-line is playing well and ck has regressed. IMO he’s shot this season. He has played horrible, but hasn’t had the team effort around him to help. He’s made some plays that help out the bad o-line and made some bad plays to try and help. Whatever he and the coaches have done last offseason need to change. ASAP. I wished it was just as cut and clear as it being the qb, because that’s one problem, but it’s the whole offense struggling. That could be a huge problem this offseason.

          1. Kaep now is beginning to remind me of Jim Plunkett when he was with the NE and had to run for his life ( Niner’s early season Oline woes). When he was traded to the Niners he was still reacting to the pressure he had seen at NE and was making bad throws with no one close to him. He was so bad the Niners released him outright. He was picked up by the Raiders and sat for one year. Then he came of the bench and took them to a Superbowl win.

            I don’t think Kaep needs to sit for one year. He just needs to be able to find his comfort level. He isn’t Plunkett who was not mobile. They just need to allow him to play outside the pocket for a while. The offensive line is playing better now than it did earlier but Kaep is still reacting to it’s earlier play. He has no confidence that they can give him a pocket. Let him play outside the pocket. Once they get the line playing better than they can work on his pocket presence.

    3. ” If’ and I think it is a big if, Harbaugh leaves the team this year it is because his hand picked QB exploded in his face. Harbaugh bet the farm when he put Kaepernick in as the starting QB. Most football people would rather have an experienced QB waiting in the wings as a backup when putting an inexpereinced QB to drive a complete team toward the championship. Harbaugh decided to work without a net because he, Harbaugh did not want his hand picked guy to have competition and it has come back to bite him in the ass. Lets be clear , an athlete is defined by how they perform in high pressure situtions , Kaepernick has failed not just once but over and over.
      The other QB had experience with the NFL for over 6 years and he knew how to read defenses . Having some one on the side lines is invaluable ,as demenstrated by Kaepernick’s first year as a starter. The man is now lost and so is Harbaugh.

      1. Pity that qb with experience couldn’t execute a third down conversion against the Giants in the nfc championship game..missed plenty of wide open receivers in that game too..

        1. That is true. The difference is Kaep can make the throw but he does not know what he is looking at, (defenses) . The other QB may not be able to make the throw but he knows what defense is being played and how to attack it.

          1. Attack? Uhhh noo.Retreat more like it..as in not making a play or eating a sack.. a checkdown that’s not gonna move the chains…when Akers is your leading scorer..u know u have problems on offense….

            1. U gotta make plays..bein smart is one thing..but u gotta make plays hack..They didn’t get rid of him because he made plays…quite the opposite..

              1. This is the problem with some posters on this and other sites. They are still arguing the replacement of Smith with Kaep. After this length of time it reflects an obsession. Thats why the lack of objectivity in truly evaluating the present QB. The ones that are anti Kaep are acting like women scorned in respect to the women that they were replaced with. An we have all heard the saying “Hell have no fury like a woman scorned.”

    4. The real story behind the story is that Jim dissed Jed’s new stadium. For Jed, it’s not the team, it’s the potential money stream represented by his new baby stadium which is being disrespected by almost everyone. Jim is the stadium scape goat for showing up for the ribbon cutting in his work clothes and for pulling his team off the field for safety reasons.

      John was into the cost of bottled water and Jed is into money streams.

      1. So Jed has went full Vernon?
        “Protect the product”
        Of course he has. But firing a coach and not replacing him with another winner is a gamble he better have high odds with. Otherwise that stadium will be empty.
        Like kap needs help from young, Jed needs help from uncle Eddie.

        1. The termination began when Jed had his trade talks with Cleveland. Everything in between has been an attempt to protect the stadium cash flow.

    5. My guess is… Baalke wanted roman gone and Harbs being the “stand up guy” won’t do it.

      That’s what I think will happen MD.

    1. Saw that on Sunday. Chip Kelly was going nuts. No idea how the officials could have missed that.

      1. I saw this game. He did go nuts. Seattle gets away with murder. There are so many phantom PI calls when Wilson just throws it up for grabs, and then there’s a PI call.

  36. For a ‘fact’ can anyone tell me if Harbaugh has quit on the locker room? I don’t want observations or rumors, does someone have facts?

    1. They were busy looking for illegal contact or defensive holding before the pass. It’s like missing 12 players in the offensive huddle.

  37. thanks to #7

    first the seahawks qb eats turkey on our logo
    then a nobody raiders lb calls #7 a “bitch-ass mutherf–ker.”, while he responds tamely “I’m coming for you,”
    Now fans are burning his jersey……

    ninermd – you mad bro!!!

    1. Lol for what? My team sucking? Yep. Am I and at idiot fans who 180 on a guy that took their hero’s job and can’t get over it? Naaa. It ain’t eazy bein greezy is it onelame? Burn your finger at anytime last Sunday?

      1. They identified with Smith. So when he got replaced by Kaep they hated him much like the old wife or girl friend hates her replacement. They would take great joy if he then dumps her as well. They are acting like emotionally obsessed women.

        1. Willtalk
          Ah no that’s not it sigmund but nice guess. Its that when people hated on/picked apart our previous Qb and people tried to reason with them they were accosted with homophobic remarks and terms like “alexcuse” were born. Now those same people that slammed AS are defending CK to no end and fail to see the hypocrisy in their actions. No one hates Kaep. Its just that we were promised Pam anderson and we got John goodman in drag instead

  38. If the 9ers get officially eliminated from the playoffs, I want them to tank the last game vs Arizona to keep the seahawks out of the playoffs. Does that make me less of a fan or a bad person? I just hate Sea soooooo much and a small consolation to our awfull season would be the idea that SEA is also sitting at home.

    Im really struggling with this

    1. You shouldn’t be struggling BOS. Finishing this season without another win could be just what the doctor ordered to get things turned around a bit.

      1. JH
        I know hit rock bottom before you can climb up and all. The better draft pick is also nice, Its just that wanting them to lose just feels wrong even though my brain tells me its the right thing to do

      2. A long time ago Green Bay came to Kezar for the last game of the season with nothing to play for. The 49ers were having a very bad year and in line to get a some wonderful pick in the draft. Not only that, the 39ers didn’t have a healthy quarterback who could suit up. They brought someone in off the street, put him in a used uniform, and he went out and beat the Packers something like 10-7.

        I haven’t made one of those “just what the doctor ordered” observation since. Of course, it wasn’t the Lombardi Packers playing that day.

        1. 39ers was a typo but in the spirit of that gray day long ago, maybe they really were the 49ers.

        2. I think you are referring to 1974 when 13th round draft pick Tom Owen took over down the stretch after a 7 game losing streak. Back in those days they actually considered bringing in another quarterback when the starter played badly. Not truly of the stands, but a 13th round pick is pretty close. Owen kind of turned around the season by winning 4 of the last five games.

    2. BOS49er:

      I hear you because I live in Seattle and a number of my neighbors are flying the 12th man flag. IF WE ARE OFFICIALLY ELIMINATED, my number one priority is that Seattle doesn’t make the playoffs, even if that means AZ beats us. I admit to feeling a bit guilty, but I also take solace in knowing that we’ll get a better draft position :)

    3. Bos there is not another team I hate more than SEATTLE but one thing is certain, they are right now the scariest team in the NFL.
      It’s the model franchise to winning a championship. Great running game. A QB who just wins and with class and their defense. And the part that stings the most, they have a great head coach.

        1. BOS49er: Wouldn’t that be a duel sweet repeat and break Brady’s record at the same time! It’s unlikely, we all know that even though the Hawks are playing really well right now.

          I don’t mind beating the 49ers but do hate to see all this controversy and uncertainty you guys are having to deal with.

  39. Colin Kaepernick has a QB rating of 0.694 on throws of 10+ yards the last 2 weeks. 4-24, 76 yards, 0 TD’s, 4 Int’s.
    Yet people are making their list of “deep threat” draft receivers. Makes sense.

      1. We have the best deep threat a team can ask for and they don’t use Vernon as it is so why should we go use a draft pick on another deep threat the team wont use?


        Why use a draft pick on a player who’s strength is our QB’s weakness?

        I agree the team lacks the ability to strike down field but it isn’t because we don’t have the or a player that can do it, we simply lack the QB or a system that has faith in the QB to make those passes.

        1. I think the most important element a true deep threat WR would provide is the need for defenses to account for such a player with safety help over the top. Open things up. If they continually keep trying to cover a real deep threat on the outside 1-on-1 then he will get open deep, and as much as everyone is bashing on Kaep, if a player was consistently getting open deep the coaches would design plays for him.

          1. Or the coaches don’t design the plays because they know he can’t hit the. Know way of knowing which is the answer unless you are inside the coaches heads. All I know is that no one on this blog is coming up with ideas that our coaches can’t or haven’t thought of. If going deep was the answer they’d be trying to do it and they aren’t.

            1. Hmmm, guess I didn’t finish that sentence. ….they know he can’t hit the deep pass consistently. “

            2. With who? None of the WRs are really threats to get deep – not guys you fear torching your CBs. Defenses know they can keep relatively tight coverage on them if they are running a deep route.

              Vernon is the only deep threat on the team, and he has never been that good a route runner or sudden a player, which makes it easier for defenses to read and cover him deep. He also plays primarily from the middle, which is easier for the safety to defend without having to cheat to a side of the field.

              1. I’m a clumsy dancer Scooter and rather then circle the dance floor with you on this one I think I’ll bow out with the thought that we’re both biased by our different beliefs of what the core problem is. You lean more towards a scheme/personal issue and I lean more towards a QB issue. Because of that we’ll never be able to agree on this particular subject.

              2. Hahaha, that is a great line CfC, love it!

                I should say I agree Kaep the way he is playing would struggle to consistently hit a deep pass. But I do think the WR personnel are a key factor in whether teams respect/ fear the deep ball. If Odell Beckham was on this team, and he was getting 1-on-1s on the outside without much of a cushion, even Kaep would occasionally hit a deep pass.

              3. Coffie–Until this year Kaep had one of the better completion and efficiency rating for the deep ball in the league. Do most of you people have no memories. I am agast at your lack of being able to put related concept together. Duhh! Is it possible that his regression this year has less to do with his ability to actually throw the deep pass than other factors related to this season alone. Some of you obviously know individual aspects of the game of football but when it comes to reasoning outside of those area’s— well to be kind I just won’t comment farther.

              4. Please do enlighten us as to which specific factors exist that are directly affecting his ability on the field to successfully complete deep passes. The stats Jack posted are what happens when he drops back and lets the ball loose so please, what factors exist in that very moment that are causing him to not complete that pass?

              5. Scooter here’s a quote from Cosell you might consider;

                “They’re essentially playing with the same receivers they played with a year ago, and now all of a sudden those receivers seem to be a big problem.

                And certainly they don’t have the dimension of speed or explosiveness on the perimeter. I’m not sure how that would change things dramatically, because I don’t know that they think that Kaepernick would drop back, heave it 50 yards, and they’d have long touchdowns every week. I don’t know, maybe they’d have one or two more. Certainly there’s concern throughout the offense.”

              6. Yeah, I’m not debating your or Cosell’s point on that CfC. Kaep is struggling with accuracy on deeper balls, no doubt. But that isn’t the point I am trying to make.

                The threat of a player that can beat coverage deep forces teams to respect the deep pass. Even Kaep playing the way he is would occasionally hit a deep pass if the WR was getting open deep. They are not. It is almost always contested catches on the deep passes that are thrown.

              7. @scooter

                With any of our 4 1000 yard receivers….what C4C is saying is that as long as CK can’t consistently get the ball to them accurately, they’re not going to double-team them….they don’t respect him.

              8. I’m watching some of the all-22 from the Raiders game. On 1st and 2nd down they played mostly a single high safety with 8 in a box. Sometimes they have the safeties much closer to the LOS. When it’s 3rd and an obvious passing down, the two safeties play back. LBs played a mix of zone and man.
                The big issue for Kaep is when he completely his drop and he either doesn’t throw the ball, or he senses a rush and instead of stepping up, he looks to run. He drops his eyes and now it’s a busted play and he’s running around.
                There was one play were he had an easy 10 yard dig to Patton, and a farther 15 yard out by either Boldin or Crab. He had time to throw but he doesn’t and then there’s lineman closing in and the play is broken.
                That’s why the offense is out of synch.

                There was a report where some DCs thought it was harder to game plan for Kaep then Manning. Well those DCs should be fired!

              9. I get what CfC is saying, Oregon. But which of our WRs do teams believe their CBs can’t run with down the field?

                Even with an inaccurate QB, if you have a guy that is consistently beating 1-on-1 coverage downfield, the coaches will dial up plays for him, and the QB will hit some of those plays. Eventually teams have to respect it, and it opens things up for everyone.

                At the moment none of our WRs consistently get open downfield. They are better operating between 0 and 15 yards.

                Don’t take this to mean I think this is the team’s biggest problem on offense. It certainly is not. But I strongly disagree the team is not in need of a deep threat WR simply because “Kaep can’t hit a deep pass”.

              10. But I strongly disagree the team is not in need of a deep threat WR simply because “Kaep can’t hit a deep pass”.
                To go back to Jack’s numbers for a second to maybe make a different point Scooter; Kaepernick is 4/24 for passes thrown 10+ yards with 0 TD’s and 4 INT’s. If he was 18/24 and 4 TD’s and 0 INT’s would you still be making the point that we need a deep threat WR?

              11. if you have a guy that is consistently beating 1-on-1 coverage downfield,
                How many teams in the entire league have that guy? They’re called true X receivers and they are few and far between. We haven’t had one since T.O. Outside of CJ and a Fitzgerald in his prime the league has been bereft of the type of receivers you think we can easily just go get.

              12. Ok, you didn’t say it would be easy, that was hyperbole but my point remains that the type of player people are saying we need to go add is in fact a rare commodity.

              13. CfC, all I’ll say is I agree that a QB playing better than Kaep is would definitely hit more deep balls even with the current WRs, and would help open things up on offense. But such a QB would do an even better job of it with at least one WR that DBs are worried will get behind them. And as bad as Kaep is playing, he too would benefit from such a WR.

                And while I agree finding a good quality WR that can provide that deep threat isn’t exactly easy, it isn’t as rare as you make it out to be either. They don’t need to be Calvin Johnson. Many of the top WRs in the NFL today provide that deep threat element.

            3. I’ve got an idea the coaches haven’t thought of cfc. Give the ball to gore ATLEAST. 20 times. Look up those stats and see how they do when that happens.

          2. Scooter going deep is a low percentage play. Occasionally it’s fine but how many times can you go deep in any particular drive or series.
            Defenses are always going to give you an outlet underneath or wide.CK tries to be a hero and forces things. That’s a lack of maturity and decision making. Things you cannot teach.

            1. I’m not saying they need to go bombs away. Simply that the threat of going deep makes defenses play you more honestly on the back end. Its not a new concept.

              1. Its not about the number of deep passes they are attempting. It is about having the personnel to make teams respect the deep ball.

                I get you don’t think Kaep is capable, that is fine, but the WRs on this team do not strike fear in defenses deep.

            2. Those aren’t things you can’t teach?
              Who has had the worst TD to INT ratio since young? In their young career? That’s right your boy Alex smith. Harbaugh sure did teach the *hit out of those mistakes didn’t he?
              This is why you get zero respect when it comes to football knowledge. You really believe because you say it, it’s true. There is a onelame somewhere smiling at the job you’re doing with that.

            3. CK tries to be a hero and forces things.

              Yep. At this point, I think this is his biggest problem. He needs a new mindset, and I do not see him ever obtaining one with Harbaugh as his HC.

          1. Easy Bay… You can’t teach qb’s to not make mistakes. Lol where does he come up with these things? Lmao

            1. MD that’s not me….. Impostor 77. I’m more positive than that. See I’m not some punk that hates Kaep like troll77, I’m not some loser in Canada poisoning the room with nonsense. I’m a Niner fan that lives in the Bay. And I’m invested. Spent $21K on my seats. Spent countless more traveling to other stadiums. So trust me I’m invested. That’s why it’s difficult to listen to garbage negativity that is void of a well thought out solution. Only children and trolls do that.

              1. Bay Area Double talking Hypocrite Fanatic Loser,

                You’re not a troll — just an idiot. I root for my team. I saw a flaw. I talked about the flaw begin #7. Guys like you didn’t want to see it. I am very positive about the team because now everyone can see the flaw is a fraud. And now we can move on.

                INTs, horrible game management. One read, no read. Jawing at players.
                Kaep is the most unlikable QB in 35 years but nuts like you admire him and try to bully others that don’t.

                Being a fan is not a price point. Just because you spent 21K on seats and another 50K on Kaep paraphernalia does not make you more of a fans who listens to the game on their AM radio.

                If you were a real man you would man up and admit that I had something to say about Kaep’s game, and a lot of it was on the money. 71K’s worth!

                But you won’t, because all you’re just like idol — dumb with no class — no sportsmanship at all. #kaepersucking.

      2. Have you seen that wind up of CK’s? Your asking the oline to block for an eternity before he gets his hand back.

        1. Primetime– now you are just being a silly twit. As a pseudo Englishman you should appreciate that term.

    1. The biggest loss off that 2012 team is Delanie Walker. They haven’t been able to replace the productivity from that spot.

      1. I agree Jack. He was a true X factor that had to be accounted for by the defense. great guy too. Met him a couple of times since we lived in the same area.

      2. Afraid you are right here, Hammer. Delanie’s departure has taken a dimension of attack away too – Red Zone efficiency . The team has had real trouble this year in the TE dept. With McDonald’s slow progression that has allowed defenses to shut down the running game and making the 49ers one dimensional and easy to shutdown.

        1. I may be wrong, but I believe that McDonald was graded in the top-five for blocking TEs before his injury. He did not progress much as a receiver, but he had made considerable progress as a blocker. I do not think it is coincidental that the running game dropped off significantly after he and Anthony Davis were injured.

          1. You’re right JPN, he was. Perhaps McDonald will take the next step as a receiver next season.

          2. JPN
            How could he have progressed as a receiver if he was only targeted 7 times all year? You cant catch what’s not thrown to you

            1. Good point. And I was not trying to knock Vance – I like him as a player and hope to see him improve.

    2. CFC
      Thats because he is throwing those deep passes to slow azz receivers and a TE who just plain doesnt care. (even if he did the ball has to hit him squarely in the chest to even have a shot at catching it you can forget about over the shoulder catches with that guy)

  40. The team is falling apart right in time to watch someone else play in the Superbowl on our home field. Yay!

  41. From someone who watches way more football then all of us put together;

    “And the most important thing in my opinion based on film study is Colin Kaepernick has played very poorly. And when your quarterback plays poorly it’s like starting pitching in baseball. When your down 6 to 0 every night in the 4th inning, it makes your team look really bad.”

    1. “But let me give you an example – the first play of the game he threw an interception. That play is a microcosm of what’s wrong. The play was called to get him an easy completion in the flat to Miller. That’s why the play was called. I’m not going to describe the entire play to you. Take my word for it, I’ve seen a lot of football as you guys know. And Kaepernick seemed to have no sense of the play. He waited in the pocket for something that was really not part of the play. It was designed to throw it to Miller in the flat, gain six yards, boom – you’re 2nd and 4. He doesn’t do that; then he starts running around, and he tries to make a random play and it results in an interception.”

      1. This goes all the way back to the SB, then the NFCCG against Seattle. You can see it in Harbaugh’s eyes when Kaep walks back after the INT. He has this look of, “What was that all about?”
        Every team has flaws but seriously, do you think the Niners have issues at the O-Line, WR, RB, TE, basically at every position? These are essentially the same players as last year. What happened was teams figured out Kaep, and take away everything he wants to do. This happens in every game at the pro level, the defenses force you to do things, and then the offense counters. But because Kaep is so limited in his passing and his reads, everything breaks down, and then there’s no consistency, players play sloppy, coaches get frustrated and so it goes.
        There’s nothing here that we don’t already know. This goes all the way back to the Bears opener.
        Kaep blew the SB, blew the NFCCG, blew the home opener. He had a couple of great games in his rookie season, like the Packers game, but that’s pretty much it.

          1. Best game? Well since he’s never thrown a TD pass in the 4th quarter, and the team has only on TD in that quarter all year,
            It’s hard to pick a game. He was good for a half against the rams. A quarter against Dallas and a half against Denver.
            At the same time- let’s look at the games where he was god awful, awful and then just average
            God Awful– bears, rams (fumble), Denver (gotta play the whole game)”
            Seattle and oakland
            Awful- giants, redskins, saints – took a prayer pass to win the pass that’s not good.
            Average- the rest.
            I’m sure Bay Area will dispute this and say ck was just the witches brew all season.
            What is his biggest issue? Accuracy, QB iQ, or poise? I saw poise.
            That’s all about character. If he was a leader we would have seen it by now.

            1. I never would have guessed that it would be the character and leadership areas where Kap would be lacking as a pro. He was a team leader here (Reno), made the whole team better, and showed a lot of character both on the field and off. In many ways, he reflected Chris Ault’s mindset and philosophy. That all seems to be eroded away.

              1. Outside of football I’m sure he’s a nice guy. But the pressure is probably getting to him. Either way, I don’t think he behavior is acceptable.

              2. Maybe he wants out of San Fran. I mean he has basically formed a bad relationship now with the Bayarea media and now the scrutiny gets worse from game to game.
                It definitely looks like the pressure is getting to him and it is affecting his game. Either way he needs to play a lot better. No better chance than against the Seahawks this weekend.

    1. Who said ck was a leader?
      That’s my BIGGEST issue with him. It shows when he “has” to go up and face the questions. No fire, just pouting with a straight face. If he was Kobe Bryant he’d be showing teeth, except Kobe has the drive and heart to be a leader. I really hope this season is a fat humble pie for him to eat on this offseason.

      1. Forever. He is terrible. If the Raider defense shut him down, what’s Seattle going to do?

      2. A QB will always be the face of a franchise and has to be a leader. They have to do so much.

  42. Problems – Some are talking about speed at the WR position, others have stated the O-line, some have mention the RB, others have mention the QB, others have stated execution, Harbaugh and Roman certainly have been scrutinized as well as Baalke. Some have pointed out injuries and others inopportune penalties and dropped balls.

    Quite frankly your all correct and that’s why the offense is horrible. Its not one thing its a collection of problems that manifest itself into an offense that is actually hard to watch.

    There are other problems too, special teams and a general lack of team speed. I also don’t see that killer instinct that I saw in years past. I would also like to state that five starters had one problem or another.
    1. Aldon Smith
    2. Chris Culliver
    3. Ray McDonald
    4. Vernon Davis
    5. Alex Boone

    Its just one of those seasons where everything that could go wrong did. I am not going to rag on the defense it has problems but with a reasonable offense they would actually look much better.

      1. You know George what is really hard is our expectations were so high and when reality set in I think we went into a state of shock and disbelief. There just not very good this year.

    1. WRONG!!!!
      Under center you’re a smart guy, but I was told the minority thinks like you do, and it’s CLEAR the only problem is the qb. Hate to put you out there like that, but this blog doesn’t like common sense. Stop at once!

      1. MD – Its was just going over the top once again and what people weren’t realizing is that everyone’s argument holds water. Its just that kind of a season. It sucks but it is what it is.

        1. Yep. Doomed from the start. Just weird compared to the last 3 years. My biggest concern was the injuries. I thought we’d see bowman by now, and Willis, I thought our Offense would be a dangerous one. I thought gore would have 1000 yards by now, and I thought harbaugh would be back next season.
          What a cold shower this season has been. Brrrr

        2. There were plenty of warning signs last summer about the offense, but enjoying an enthusiastic Faithfulness I chose to dismiss them and convince myself that the fellas would round into shape, Lattimore would burst on the scene with fresh legs, and that the D would improve late in the season. An optimism unknown to mankind, LOL.
          In black humor hindsight I’d say that we would have been more realistic if Parcells had been the Coach, and instead of defending and praising his guys he would’ve been ripping guys and calling them out. You always know what that curmudgeon is thinking…. IF he wants you to.

  43. Check out Brent Jones’s rant on KNBR this afternoon. He has a clear and very strong opinion about what Kaepernick need. He just doesn’t know who can do the job.

    He is also very clear about what he thinks of the teams effort, and what to watch the team for on Sunday.

    He was on for twenty eight minutes.

  44. Niner fans are pathetic. You blow. Raiders kick your azz. Deal. Problem with your fans is that you don’t support your team. you guys been to three ships and a superbowl. Three. And the first time shizz gets tough you turn your back. Your fans are week. Turn your back on your coach. He’s a good coach. Turn your back on your quarterback too. He gave you Lotta good games. Rough patch hell pull it out. But the Niner fans. They suck.

    1. Eazy Super Bowl bound raider fan…. Not all think that way. And by the looks of it, there were half niner fans at your park. Quiet on the “real fan” talk. You’re fans watch more home games on stolen TV’s than going to that dump. It’s hard to hear raider fans whine now a days. They’re like beaten dogs. Expecting punishment to come.
      Congrats on your Super Bowl win last Sunday. You beat a superior team in a major funk.
      Now go sit next to bears fans and compare your Super Bowl titles from week 2 and 14

  45. If Tomsula gets the job as the niners next head coach, how many coaches is going to be able to retain?

    1. Donatell probably will stay,linebackers coach,Fangio will probably leave..Since Tomsula was on the sidelines with the offensive line a few weeks ago trying to rally them..Mike Solari mite be gone too..The offensive staff will see more changes than the defensive staff..

      1. The only way fangio stays..If he’s assistant head coach to Tomsula which is currently Brad Seely’s title..Oh yeah Brad will probably leave too..Special teams hasnt been special this yr..

    2. Matt Barrows said something yesterday regarding retained coaches which I’d forgotten about. He said:

      “Remember, when Singletary was ushered out the door, the directive from ownership was that the new coach retain two assistants: Tomsula and Tom Rathman.”

      1. Cubus thats what scares the hell out of me. I believe York wants a crony in the HC spot. Someone who will drink beers with him. Someone who will welcome his spoiled rich buddies into the locker room and Tomsula fill that bill.

        1. OC:

          There was a discussion yesterday regarding a possibility that Sean Payton might be fired and should the niners pick him up as HC. I think Payton would be a great pickup. What do you think?

  46. I have to agree with Dilfer that the 9ers problems on offense are the O coaches going away from a system that CK was good at to a system that he has failed at. I also believe that explains some of the Oline problems also. I’m begining to wonder if this offensive change was instigated by Harbaugh or Baalke\York. If it was Baalke\York that even explains more of the overall problems we have experienced this year. Cosel said this morn on Murph and Mac that like CK Wilson also leaves lots of plays on the field, the difference is the Seahawks put Wilson in a system he can succeed in while the 9ers have forced CK this year into a system he fails in

  47. Some good comments here, though I do want to caution on too much Group Think. It seems a foregone conclusion that the team will lose this week (I confess I have toyed with avoiding the game do to week constitution at this point), that Harbaugh is a goner, that CK is a failed project and that Bowman will not play this year. All of these are still speculative (except Vagas view of the 9ers chances). No one knows what will happen yet. There was speculation that a change would come sometime this week. The only one is activating Bowman and losing a Tackle prospect to Minnesota.

    Who knows what can happen, the 9ers could go on a tear, stranger things have happened. We have good pieces and Kap still is a talented player. We did not dream the last 3 years. Who knows, a couple of olives shake loose and the rest of the jar may come pouring out. Granted, it is unlikely but who knows. That’s why we watch the games, after all.

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