49ers 13, Raiders 24: Grades

OAKLAND – Before we get to the grades, let’s have a moment of silence for the Jim Harbaugh Era.




That’s enough.

KAEPERNICK: Ω. He gets an omega, the last letter in the Greek alphabet, because English just won’t do. An ‘F’ isn’t low enough. A ‘Z’ isn’t low enough. This was the worst performance of Kaepernick’s career, the kind of performance that gets a quarterback benched and cut – three-for-11 third-down conversions, five sacks, three delay-of-game penalties and two picks against a team that lost 52-0 to the Rams last week. But the Niners can’t cut Kaepernick yet – they have no one to replace him. They’re stuck with him for a while.

RUNNING BACKS: B-. Carlos Hyde did nothing – two carries, four yards. He has had a poor rookie season. Frank Gore played well against a bad Raiders’ defense, even looked like the go-to guy he used to be, but he carried the ball only 12 times. He carried the ball 10 times last week against the Seahawks and 13 times the week before against the Redskins. We’re watching the end of his career.

WIDE RECEIVERS: F. Kaepernick forced the ball to Crabtree all afternoon as if Crabtree is a go-to guy. He ain’t. Crabtree caught 9 passes and averaged 6.2 yards per catch, proving he is one of the least-explosive receivers in the league. Anquan Boldin, the only go-to guy the Niners have left, caught just four passes and he dropped one – his eighth drop of the season. He’s declining.

TIGHT ENDS: D. Vernon Davis actually seemed to be trying. He even caught a 23-yard pass. And Garrett Celek caught a 22-yard pass. And both of them blocked pretty well. Still, they caught just three passes between the two of them. Pitiful. The Niners absolutely must draft a tight end in May.

OFFENSIVE LINE: C-. Give them credit for blocking well in the run game. Anthony Davis didn’t play, and Mike Iupati and Marcus Martin left early with injuries, but Gore still had holes to run through. In the passing game, the line wasn’t that bad. Kaepernick ran into a few of those sacks.

DEFENSIVE LINE: D. Negated the Raiders’ running game – they averaged just 2.7 yards per carry. But the Niners’ pass rush was non-existent. Derek Carr had hours to find open receivers, and there were lots of them. The Raiders’ backup right tackle, Khalif Barnes, shut out Aldon Smith, who has only two sacks since returning from suspension, and both sacks came against the Redskins’ rookie backup left tackle, Morgan Moses. Is Smith still a dominant pass rusher? He doesn’t seem to be.

LINEBACKERS: D. Chris Borland racked up a bunch of tackles like he usually does, but he struggled big-time in pass coverage and so did Michael Wilhoite. Aaron Lynch played but did nothing, and Ahmad Brooks didn’t play.

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Ω. Exposed by a bunch of below-average receivers. Gave up a 140.2 passer rating to Derek Carr, a rookie. Trent Baalke’s decision to take safeties over corners in the first round of the past two drafts hurt the defense today.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B. Phil Dawson made two 50-plus-yard field goals, but he missed a 47-yarder and that sealed the loss. On a positive note, Bruce Ellington was fantastic, averaging more than 30 yards per kick return.

COACHES: Ω. A week and a half to prepare for this and they still got outcoached by a lame-duck coaching staff. Goodbye, Jim Harbaugh.

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    1. You know as Grant has progressed from taking over, he has really gotten much better…and funnier…Omega…great call.

  1. I just don’t understand why we are throwing the ball on 2nd and 1…

    I mean I thought Roman was a genius, but he outsmarting himself and hurting this team. Harbaugh needs to make a change, unless he thinks Roman is still a quality OC.

    1. hopefully he isn’t given a chance, I hope he is gone also. He has had some mid to late round picks work out but has missed on the 3 straight 1st rounders( Reid is solid but wasn’t the right pick at the time we needed a WR or a CB when he was picked.

      1. Bobby Bethard was so petrified of first round draft picks and making a decision that could turn to a bust that he always would attempt or successfully negotiate a trade out of the first round.

    2. I can see the Yorks destroying this franchise once again. The 49ers will not win a Super Bowl under the ownership of these bozos. Jed has been undermining Harbaugh since the offseason. Now, he gets his wish to can Harbaugh. I wonder who’s in his ear? Paraag Marathe? Trent Baalke? Dumb and dumber …

  2. It is times like this that it would have been nice if Kaepernick was a decent human being…. but because he acts like a jerk regularly- he won’t get much leeway from the fanbase when he flat out sucks.

    Now that the niners are out of the playoffs at least the team can start making a good head coach search. The niners need a quality offensive mind… It might be interesting to have Shanahan coach the niners if the team could retain Fangio as a defensive coord/associate head coach.

    1. He is a great person he just doesn’t like talking to the media. Especially writers like the cohns who ask stupid questions and don’t report just write opinions

      1. Don’t be fooled Neal. Kaepernick’s the most unlikable 49ers QB of at least the last 35 years.

        He may be a fine guy at home, but his football persona is a dud.

        1. I find this team very unlike able. I don’t like Kaep,Brooks, Aldon Smith, Brooks , McDonald, Culiver and Crabtree . Kaep won’t be with the team after next season if he flops again.

      2. Kaepernick bullies writers who are obligated by their job to engage him. It is no different than being a jerk to a waiter. And let’s not forget the trash talking he does and the passive aggressive interactions with random people on twitter.

        The guy is no leader and he isnt a nice guy. The sooner the niners get rid of him the better. I am sick of seeing him.

        That said- the warriors are doing things that I never imagined I would see in my lifetime. And all the players are good guys and easy to root for. Give them a watch- you are going to be able to brag to your children and grandchildren that you were able to witness this team in real time.

        1. Greg Pappa loves the Warriors and thinks they can win 70 games! It sound crazy when he said it but if they keep winning, who knows! Also, they have a great coach in Steve Kerr, who is also a honorable gentlemen.

          I’ve never made any comments about Kaep’s persona, i.e, the beats headphones etc. But he sure lacks poise and composure. He was jawing at a player today. Why do that? Let your play do the talking for you.

  3. Don’t think Boldin declining , maybe not as good as he once was and I believe they should sign Gore for another yr, unless he can’ get a better deal elsewhere . Unfortunately the off season will be more stimulating then the next three games.

    1. “Don’t think Boldin declining , maybe not as good as he once was”

      LOL! That’s the second funniest thing I’ve read all day.

        1. I had to laugh at your Yogi comment. Reminds me of the time when the Yanks were on the road, and Yogi called for room service. The guy on the other end asked, “Mr. Berra, what would you like this evening.” Yogi said that he would like a large pepperoni pizza. The guy says, “would you like me to slice it into 8 pieces.” Yogi says I am not that hungry so just cut it into 4.

    2. Harbaugh. Roman, crabtree, Kaepernick and Gore and Vernon Davis might be gone next season they’re both on a decline. Boldin is going to loose a step. We might have see a lot of changes in the 49ers next season. The window has closed and the last 3 years was a waste.

  4. 15. I predict our draft position will be 15 next year: WR, TE, CB, Oline

    We have a couple of CBs on ice who may be decent, otherwise it would have been more of a priority.

    Draft some speed for a change. Ill bet we are the slowest team in the league on both sides of the ball.

    Let’s get ellington and Patton in the game for the rest of the season so we know what we have to work with.

    1. Not so fast. If the Niners have a need and these past couple of seasons have made that more than evident, the need is at QB. Marcus Mariotta here we come…

      1. Marcus Mariotta will likely be taken in the top 5. But if the niners can get him- that would be amazing…. I think he is going to be a good QB.

  5. “Trent Baalke’s decision to take safeties over corners in the first round of the past two drafts hurt the defense today.”

    Not really. Having the #6 CB to start the season starting in the nickel and then shifting to RCB when Culliver went down, and having a guy that wasn’t even on the roster in pre-season take over the nickel the remainder of the game, hurt the defense today. Injuries are taking their toll.

    1. Many people fail to realize those deeps runs into the playoffs haven’t not helped us this year. I think many of our injuries, especially older guys, can be attributed to those deep runs. Not as much healing time as others.

      1. KY:

        You may very well be right. But all the more reason to put the old guys out to pasture and get some speed on this team.

        1. I agree with you there. “You either getting better or worse….” That’s one of the niners motto’s. We are getting bad. And Martavious Bryant caught a 90+ yard bomb today. SMH

          1. KY
            Dont burn up about it. I know ur thinking “we could have had this guy”, but take comfort (sort of) in knowing that Kaep would have airmailed that throw to him and hit the guy with the boom mike 10 yards deep on the sideline

  6. Part of this steep decline is how Baalke crapped the bed with the 2012 draft. We are now seeing the result of blowing an ENTIRE draft. That gets people fired, period. Hell he could have traded the entire 2012 draft for a superstar like the Cowboys/Vikings or Saints/Redskins blockbusters and we’d be better off.

    1. To be fair- the 2012 draft was really really really bad i think it only produced 12 probowlers- and 5 of them were QBs. I remember I was hoping for Stephen Hill in the first round (he was on many mocks going to the niners) and he was a major bust. You could claim Balke should have taken Alshon Jeffery- but there wasnt too much buzz on him from the niners fans, he wasnt a speed (sub 4.4) guy.

      No one did great on that draft- to hang that on Balke is silly.

      1. In addition to Hill and Jeffery, here are other WRs that Baalke passed up in 2012:

        Rueben Randle
        Mohamed Sanu
        TY Hilton
        Marvin Jones

        Baalke cannot evaluate skill position offensive talent. His offensive busts include AJ Jenkins, LaMichael James, Vance McDonald, and possibly C.Kap.

        1. Baalke drafts guys that fit a specific mold for a position, i.e. OLBs should be 6’3-6’5 with large wingspans, 250-275 lbs.

          Look at our WRs, they’re all 61-6’2, 200-220 (with the exception of slot guy Ellington and Lloyd, who wasn’t expected to make the team). I wouldn’t be shocked if part of that is the idea that these guys need to be good run blockers. I think he’s got the wrong mold, here. We clearly lack speed, and Roman/Harbaugh are definitely not run-first this season.

          Side-bar: how does it make sense to get 5.3 yards per carry, but only get 12 carries? Gore wants to know.

  7. Can somebody tell me where Aldo was today and remind me of what his contract status is?


    1. He was on the field and had next years option picked up. 9 million I believe for next year but he had to pay to play this year from reports I heard.

      1. Thanks, Michael. My question regarding where he was was facetious, but thanks for letting me know what the cap hit is.

        1. I think you’ll find most positions in the 2015 draft won’t be very good. Pass rushers may be the best group. It isn’t looking like a good draft all round.

            1. Disagree with you on WR. I think there is one very good prospect in Amari Cooper, then daylight to second.

              1. I’ll have to disagree there. Devante Parker, Jaelen Strong, and Sammie Coates have the makings of being sound prospects. And there are some good diamonds in the rough after the second round such as Lockett and Bell.

              2. I try to because you never know what what tomorrow will bring. In the case of our team, it’s an unexpected thunderstorm.

              3. Ty Montgomery (Stanford) and Kevin White (West Virginia) are interesting WR prospects in the 2015 draft.

  8. Two stories of the game

    – Carr played way better then CK. (Not to worry. CK’s “just” a “kid” at a mere 27 years old. It’s “only” his 4th year in the NFL)

    – Missing at CB are Brock, Cully, Ward and Cook. The 49ers simply ran out of healthy CBs. They had to move Cox outside. Naturally Cox and the 3rd string slot corner (McFadden?) got scorched.

    The defensive lapses are understandable. The offense? They have no excuse!

  9. Total collapse of the 49ers. Just embarrassing!
    Totally agree with your assessment. Funny how you gave Kap the omega sign (Ω). The guy has regressed so much, Kap is beyond awful…

    I should switch my attention to the NBA now.

  10. Tim Ryan says ( the post game comments on KNBR) “something is just not right with the 49ers, there is something going on” As obvious as that sounded, he’s right, the players are not playing, Aldon just went through the motions and played very upright without much effort or urgency. Wholesale changes are a coming soon, some may shock the fan base.

    1. they’ve lost faith in their QB. it’s similar to what happened in Indy when Peyton went down for the season. that 1st play pick was probably a huge blow to the entire team’s psyche. it’s demoralizing for a football team having to watch a bad QB. it’s clear they’ve lost belief in their QB. does anyone feel like Kaep is going to bring the team back once they fall down by two scores?

      i had hoped i was wrong, but Kaep may be just another Vince Young, RG3 type.

      1. I don’t think it was one moment when the team lost faith in Kaep. It was a gradual decline starting with the Rams fumble at the one yard line.
        A couple of cheapie wins and they the smack down against the Seahawks. Leadership is intangible. Some people just have it and the way Kaep conducts himself in all phases, he clearly does not.
        He’s Kordell Stewart, RG3, Vince Young, Michael Vick etc.

        1. Mike Vick was a leader… He lost his prime years. He would have had a far different career if it werent for the dog thing. I dont think it is fair to lump him in with poor players.

          1. But he DID the dog thing. He is an evil sociopath and nobody, NOBODY is enjoying witnessing his decline more than I did. When he came back, I yearned for a quick, painful and permanent, career-ending injury for Vick but I think the humiliation of watching his career circle the drain may be even more enjoyable than watching a Theismann-style injury. Mark my words, Vick will kill a human being and he’ll be permanently incarcerated, or execute. Think Rae Carruth.

            And Vick has never accomplished anything worth nothing in his career.

            1. Vick is an “evil sociopath”!? Good grief…..good thing you’ve never made any mistakes in your life.

              Vick made a terrible mistake, paid for it dearly, and has clearly moved on a better person.

          2. BIG Suede – Vick played 6 years before he was busted for butchering K9’s. He served less than 2 years for slaughtering those poor pups. Vick was no leader, ring leader maybe. This OJ wannabe was over rated from the beginning. Fido says “paws up don’t shoot.”

  11. This is now a very bad offense. Harbaugh has fielded consistently mediocre offenses save for the 2012 team, which got a boost from unleashing the read-option on an unprepared league. This edition puts Jim into Jimmy Rae territory. Each game, the scheme fails to put the critical elements of doubt and confusion into the minds of the defensive players. Each game, the opposition seems better and better prepared to stop what we do. 2014 is not an aberration. It is the culmination of a trend that has been developing over the past four years. Jim is the one responsible for this offense. The time is near when he will be called to account for this clear failure to build a consistent and balanced approach to the offense. I say this with sadness because I am so grartful for the winning years he has brought to the franchise. I say it with trepidation because I know it will be difficult to find an adequate replacement. But, watching those players on offense simply go through the motions, obviously discouraged and without any belief in the possibility of success, I know that Jim has to leave.

  12. Defensive Backs: C+

    They are decimated. The following starting corners were out
    – Brock
    – Culliver (post first qtr)
    – Ward

    The following training camp backups were not available….
    – Eric Wright
    – Cook

    That forced Cox from slot to edge, left the rookie Johnson on the other side, and put someone I never heard of (McFadden?) in the slot. They simply ran out of players.

    For CBs 4, 6 and NA on the preseason depth chart, they didn’t play that bad.

    The offense? Now that’s a whole different story.

  13. Speed at Wr and rb. A converted basketball player at TE. A cb, guard and olb.
    We need an offensive coach with a sustainable system, not this two play calling, let it roll or kill. Fire baalke.

  14. If Washington dumps Jay Gruden, should we be interested? I like the fact that he didn’t coddle RGIII.

        1. I still think Harbaugh is the best option at HC Cubus. I’m not exactly enthralled with how this season has gone, but what he has accomplished since he came here can’t be denied. He made this team a winner again. However, I do believe that the team should go with someone different at OC because even though Harbaugh is the one that the plays go through, Roman is the one who calls them.

          1. Yeah, but I don’t see how that solves the Kaepernick problem. I’ve defended him to my friends when we watch the games up until the Seattle game. That game and today’s game have made me do a 180. Kaep may yet thrive but not under Harbaugh. If Harbaugh stays there won’t be any significant changes for Kaep; I wouldn’t be surprised if JH calls Kaep great again this week. IMO, Colin’s growth will continue to be stunted if Harbaugh continues on.

            Harbaugh’s too stubborn. He wants to stay with his neanderthal offense come hell or high water. I’m sure Roman is a goner no matter what, but I just don’t see Harbaugh loosening his grip on the offensive plan despite what’s happened this year.

            I need to go write a letter to the NFL asking them to institute the “mercy rule” for next week’s game.

            1. I don’t think Harbaugh is the one who is stunting Kaep’s growth. That is Kaep himself. Getting rid of Harbaugh isn’t going to fix Kaep’s inaccuracy or his habit of determining who to throw to before knowing what the defense will give him. That’s up to Kaep to fix those flaws.

              1. Agree that Kaep has to fix flaws, but he needs a coach to push him and make him face up to reality (like Gruden is doing to RGIII). Kaep needs to work with a quarterback specialist during the offseason. I suspect Harbaugh’s irrational praise has effectively provided Kaep with “rose colored glasses” regarding his own talent and abilities. And just as likely, Kaep thinks he only needs Harbaugh to coach him up.

                The contrast between the rookie Carr and the 4-year Colin was stark today.

              2. CK’s best moments came at the start of his career when teams hadn’t figured him out. Defensive coordinators know how to plan for him.

                With each game he plays, he looks more lost and out of his depth…and he gives the team no chance to win…as evident.

              3. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors though Cubus. He could be telling Kaep what he’s doing wrong and Kaep isn’t listening, or he could be telling Kaep that he is the greatest ever. But in my opinion it doesn’t matter who the coach is. Kaep has the type of limitations that only he can fix, and as long as he doesn’t make a solid effort, then this team won’t win a Super Bowl with him at the helm, no matter if the coach is Harbaugh, Dungy, Cowher, Gruden, Fangio, Tomsula, etc.

              4. Mid:

                Have to disagree with you somewhat on this. While we don’t know what is said behind closed doors, we do now what he says to the press about all of his players. Do you really think he could say something completely opposite behind closed doors about his players. Surely, the hypocrisy would grate on some if not most of the players; and, if not that, something about this type of “coaching” would have leaked out by now.

                You’re okay with Harbaugh staying, what about Kaep?

              5. For another year yes. I’d like to see Kaep in a different system and if that can help him and the offense out any. Also there’s the fact that there is no legitimate replacement for him currently on the team or in the upcoming draft.

            2. The Harbaugh everyone applauded as having the guts to go with the hot hand and making the decision not too many coaches would make in mid season at 6 wins and 1 loss needs to show up and put in Gabbert. Unfortunately, that Harbaugh has sailed. He doesn’t care and his ego is hurt over Jed’s tweet. He is coaching like a lame duck coach and not the guy willing to make the needed change at QB.It surprises me that he has quit on his TEAM and has let his personal issues drive him out of Santa Clara. Bo would not be proud of this Harbaugh we are seeing now.

              1. The Harbaugh everyone applauded as having the guts to go with the hot hand and making the decision not too many coaches would make in mid season at 6 wins and 1 loss needs to show up and put in Gabbert

                As I said, there is no legitimate replacement for Kaep currently on the team.

  15. I can’t tell you how upset I was after this game. It was worse than last week. At least last week we could claim to have been beaten by a very good football team. This week was a disaster.

    Lots of changes coming and that makes me sad because we may go back to being a basement team. Sigh. What happened to this team?

    1. Just the opposite for me… I’m a huge fan, but this needed to happen. We’re not a playoff team with so many defensive and OL injuries, the predictable offense, lack of speed, and sub-par QB play. Losing to the Raiders like this makes it obvious even to the deniers. We are not good, and the OC and QB are at the center of our poor play. We’ll probably go one more year with CK, but Roman is gone (Harbaugh too, I suppose). Harbaugh has been successful at Stanford and with the 49ers when he had the ability to overpower teams with a physically-superior OL, but that advantage is gone, partly due to the success and resulting low draft picks. We need to be able to win with a gameplan every once in a while.

  16. I guess after 3 straight NFC championship games plus one Super Bowl, this was bound to happen.

    I am disappointed in Kap. I have stuck up for him on these pages ever since he replaced Smith, but I am ready to take off the rose colored glasses. He has some skills, and on a loaded team with a great defense and a first class offensive line he can win you a lot of games. However, to be a great QB you need to have the ability to put the team on your shoulders and win games when everything else is falling apart. Kap has shown little or no ability to do that.

    BTW, for the Smithers out there, Alex has not shown that ability either in KC. So, keeping Alex over Kap would not have made any difference.

    This team needs a shut down corner, a playmaking wide receiver, an inside linebacker who can cover the pass over the middle, and a stud center and tackle (we are ok at guards with Iuapati and Boone although neither has had a good year).

    I guess Kap has earned at least one more year as the QB. the team has so many needs that a QB change is probably out of the question near term.

    If Harbaugh is gone, I hope they go out and get an offensive head coach who calls his own plays. Hopefuly Jed has learned his lesson from the Nolan and Dingleberry fiasco to avoid hiring a defensive head coach.

    I am a Niner fan for life, through good times and bad. We will be back.

    Go Niners.

  17. 3 delay of games? seriously. That says it all about the complete and utter collapse of this team.

  18. It’s time to bench CK. Turn the page over and get the other 2 QB’s some playing time. It can’t be worse than it already is….

  19. This game convinces me QB is a much bigger concern then HC/OC. Colin was terrible. He’s not showing any progress…

    – Reading defenses
    – Seeing open WRs
    – Going through progressions
    – Touch passes to backs
    – Spotting underneath coverage
    – Developing a quick enough delivery to pass in the red zone.
    – Quickening pre-snap reads and adjustments

    Here’s the delima… the 49ers need to draft and develop a QB. Even if they draft well, any new QB will stink for a few years unless its someone like Luck.

    We are looking at 2017 at best before we get a competent passing game. The 49ers have had good to great defense since 2009. That will be 8 years of good to great defense wasted on a team with below average passing game, even if they draft well.

    That’s the stark reality. No competent QB until 2017 at best.

    1. B2W:

      I’ve come to the same realization. I mentioned this yesterday, but what about Bryce Petty. He might fall to a position where we can draft him. While I haven’t really followed him, the announcers in yesterday’s game stated that he has uncanny accuracy even with deep balls. I witnessed that yesterday.

      I wish I had a way to review all of this games so I could formulate a more informed opinion.

      1. I’m not familiar with Perry. I don’t have TV here so I can’t scout enough college games. Pre-draft is when I do my research on youtube and other footage.

        I like Keller Chryst’s high school tape, but he’s 3-4 years away if he develops.

        The 49ers won’t have a high draft choice and still need RB and WRs, to the QB will have to be a mid-late round project. I loved Faulkner’s tape but I guess the 49ers didn’t think he had the velocity.

        What I look for before anything in a QB is quick delivery (like Carr today) to negate pass rushes, and a nice dropback from center. Nice nimble feet.

        What the 49ers have now is Drukenmiller with straight line track speed.

        1. Brodie:

          Yes, Carr’s quick delivery was impressive. Great Drunkenmiller analogy (yeah, I know I misspelled it).

    2. B2W,
      I agree with 90% of your evaluation. The sad and frustrating regression of CK has been on display for a few weeks now.

      The 10% disagreement is on the progressions. While his progressions and reads are bad some of the blame has to be on the O-line.
      Ð. Carr was the most polished QB on the field yesterday but that also had much to do with his O-line allowing him ample time to scan the field for an open receiver.

      Let’s face it, Kap’ mechanics as well as his confidence is broken and worse, his teammates may have lost faith in him.
      Kap needs to be benched (never thought I would say that) in order to take the pressure off him that comes with being the “chosen one” and work on recapturing his confidence and apply himself more to the intricacies of his craft.

      1. I agree the 49ers pass blocking is not what it used to be. The O-line has never had any continuity this year. Boone’s holdout, Davis’s injury, Kilgore injury, people shuffling. What a mess.

        However… if you put Colin behind yesterday’s Raider O-line, he would have been sacked several times yesterday. He takes forever to get rid of the ball, and instead of adjusting in the pocket to but time, he flees, looking for escape routes.

        Carr’s speed at getting the ball away reminded me (a little) of the Denver game. Lynch was beating his man all day, but Manning got rid of the ball so quickly it didn’t matter. Not saying Carr=Manning. Only saying getting the ball out quickly helps pass protection bigtime.

        If teams switched QBs yesterday, Colin would have easily been the most sacked QB.

  20. RIP 49ers….

    the 3 world series titles make up for the losing that is coming the 49er way

    the Warriors will make up the rest…..GO DUBS

  21. I can’t believe what I’m reading….you guys seem to want to give CK ANOTHER year or two to screw us even further into the ground. There are at least 6 or 8 QB’s on various practice squads who can outperform what we witnessed today and Thanksgiving. Get rid or Harbaugh, and we get rid of CK. Baalke IS NOT THE PROBLEM! We have a good D, we have quality olinemen, we have decent RB’s, and at least 4-5 servicable WR’s. Our TE’s are good, but you can’t catch what doesn’t make it to you. Harbaugh’s time is done…accept it…he has….

    1. It was ok for Alex to get 5 though huh? Every alexcuse” you gave #11 is happening now. And it’s not good enough now?
      Agenda is the only thing keeping you here isn’t it?

      1. It’s called learning from ones mistakes. You never let the second kid get away with half the crap that the first one did and that’s because you’re wiser. As a team and fan base Alex Smith made us wiser to the fact that if someone hasn’t gotten it by year 3 or 4 at the latest it isn’t going to happen.

        1. How convient. But let’s look at it this way. Compare thir first years and tell me who had played better.
          I’m for one more year as long as it’s making him a pocket passer. If they try and make this a pistol offense he will never make it. Get an offensive mind in here that will use his talents and actually run the damn ball to take some pressure off.

      2. Alex was hurt for two years, had a revolving door for OCs, he took it upon himself to learn Harbaugh’s offense during the lock out and held Camp Alex. He had a lot to do with the first year success.
        Kaep is going down hill fast before out eyes. We shouldn’t even compare Kaep to Alex but to RG3. That dude got BENCHED!!!! For Colt McCoy! What does that tell you?
        If you hear what they are saying about RG3, think the same for KAP. And you know what they say about RG#? He’s remediall. He has to start over.
        Did Kaep do anything in these late run of games that gives you inkling he’s starting to get it?
        He looks more and more lost every game and here comes Seattle in Seattle.
        There’s going to be an over/under on the number of 3 and outs. The may not even cross midfield the entire game.

        1. Fan he also had a young gore an a coach who wanted to run the ball. Revolving door?
          How do you think it is with ck LEARNING new things also? It’s just fair for one but not the other. One more year to tap his potential isn’t going to hurt. Especially with no pro bowl qb’s on the horizon.

  22. Its time for everyone to blame Jed York, after the Super Bowl he had a chance to lock down Harbaugh with an extension, instead he played hardball, that stupidity, has ruined the 49ers from the inside out. The players sense it, now with the Superbowl in Santa Clara in 2016 we will miss our chance….thanks Jed ….oh and Balke sucks his drafts have been horrible . Fire Jed Fire Balke ….

    1. Couldn’t agree more.Jed hung Harbaugh out to dry too many times. Good leadership would have tried to deflect all this garbage away from the team, take some of the heat off them. Why the hell does he have stand up there and talk about the bloody grass at one point this season? Ray Macdonald? All on the coach. Balke or York could’ve gotten out infront things like this but instead just let it eat at the team. Who would want to work for these two?

  23. Its worse then you think.

    The 49ers starting offense has scored a total of one 4th quarter TD in the last 15 games. One stinkin 4th qtr TD in almost a season of 4th qtrs.

    There was a defensive TD vs the Rams. The subs scored a junk time TD vs Denver.

    The only 4th qtr TD by the starters in the last 15 games? vs pathetic Washington.

    The last 4th qtr TD by the starters vs a team that didn’t stink? Last years wildcard vs Green Bay.

    Avg 4th qtr scoring by the starting offense since the Green Bay wildcard game: 1.5 points.

    Yup… a sizzling 1.5 average points in the 4th qtr.


    1. Kap was never a good practice player. He caught lightning in a bottle when he took over, he played well above his ability. He also had Alex Smith who thought of the team first when he took a step back.
      This is who Kap is — inaccurate, lacks poise, horrible game manager. He can make an occasional amazing play, which doesn’t make up for all the other ones he leaves on the field.
      How do you throw a pick on the first pass of the game? Why are you even passing at all?

      1. Fan,

        Smith didn’t take a step back. He got his bell rung and when the cobwebs cleared, he didn’t have a job anymore. Kap has certainly regressed and we certainly need to be looking for a better QB. However, he is going to be here for at least another year. So you get to continue your rants for a while. Try taking a good look at the horrible offensive line. That’s what happens when you get a heavy rush most of the game. You hear footsteps. Just like Alex did.

        1. No Smith stepped aside and didn’t make a fuss about being a back-up. He even helped with reading the defenses.
          It’s not ranting when all the things I’ve been complaining about are now a clear as day to everyone except for Bay Area Knucklehead.
          It’s not the O-line, the RBs, the CBS, or anything, it’s the 120 million dollar QB who flat out sucks. He’s a coach killer.

          1. This proves Alex is who we thought he was (losing his job to a QB as bad as #7)
            So in the end, they both sucked…..Alex is a below average QB but he is a class act as a person though……..If only Peyton had said yes, we’d all be happy.

            1. Crab:

              Peyton knew what he was doing. He knew he could never work within the prehistoric/neanderthal restrictions of a Harbaugh offense.

              I hold out a slim glimmer of hope that one day we can get Peyton as an OC or possibly HC.

              1. cubus – Harbs aint that dumb….He probably would’ve gave Peyton the authority to call his own plays or at least run his style of offense and call audible’s… No way in hell Harbs would’ve let that halfwit Roman get in the way of Peytons demands.

              1. Sully – I always thought you were one of the most intelligent contributors in here. Now I know for sure you are bro. :-)

          2. The team had back to back Hall of Fame quarterbacks in the past. And now we have had back to back “Coach Killers”.

  24. I’m different then most niner fans hear , I’ve been very unhappy with them for three straight years they have the same trophy as 31 other teams , Grant is right they are stuck with this Want to be quarterback for a while I won’t watch no more Niner games until they get a real quarterback

  25. They have not had a real quarterback since Steve Young left it’s very difficult to find one

  26. Maybe we could get Shaun Hill back, he seems to be doing ok for the L.A. Rams (according to Glazer). Have Hill start next year while we groom a QB that isn’t a top prospect (top 10 pick). At best a short term semi-solution, but at least he isn’t a guy that has a personality of a cockroach.

    1. It seems like the Niners are done because the offense is just atrocious. But they’re not. Look at what Shaun Hill has done since he took over for an inept Austin Davis. Now the whole team plays with a swagger and their defense has two shut-outs, albeit against bad teams.
      AZ goes to STL the SEA, the Niners at home. They could definitely lose all 3 games.
      SF has to win out. They won’t right the way the offense is playing so the team has to switch QBs if they want to sneak into the post season.
      KAEP is not going to figure out being a pocket QB anytime soon. Gabbert may not be the answer, but it’s worth a shot putting him in, then coming up with a completely innovative game plan to keep teams off balance. Right now they know what the niners are going to do because Kap is remedial.
      They don’t know what Gabbert will do. Worth a try!

      1. Fan,

        I like your Gabbert idea! NOT!!! The whole league knows who Gabbert is. How the hell does he keep anyone off balance. He’s been atrocious his entire career. I’d rather see Josh if we’re going to bench Kap. We are not going to bench Kap anyway. Gabbert is horrible and he wouldn’t do any better.

      2. Still shaking my head. I had an ugly feeling we might lose today, but I thought we’d at least be competitive.

        Both teams came in today off of embarrassing, humiliating losses. There the similarities ended. One team stepped up and made something of a statement. The other team- our team- watched almost passively as their slightest of playoff hopes vanished, leaving the field thoroughly beaten and demoralized.
        What bothered me most of all about this loss was the total lack of both poise and any sense of urgency on the part of our offense. No team spirit, no pride.
        The post game interviews had an eerily consistent theme however: neither player nor coach could offer the slightest clue of how things had gone so terribly wrong. It was as if the team had just been run over by a freight train that no one saw coming.

        Our season ended today. To Seattle and Arizona, we are but a fading image in their rear view mirrors.
        Next week we go up north to face our nemesis; a team who really needs the victory and would love nothing more than to humiliate us twice in three weeks.
        Will we manage to rise up and at least compete?

        These are dark days, my brothers.

        1. This will be Carroll’s last game against Harbaugh for awhile. He will want to crush us to atone for “What’s you’re deal” game.

          1. The 49ers aren’t that important to Carrol. His main objective will be to get out of the game with a win, and a healthy squad.

        2. Forever Faithful,
          Very well formulated take.
          I actually feel that the game against Seattle will be very competitive because it is a rivalry game and even if our team is facing the spector of many changes in the near future, they will still be motivated to stick it to the hawks because of their act of disrespect of feasting on our logo.

  27. Revamp the whole o/line except staley.
    New coach.
    Fresh rb. Love ya gore but you’re done. Just hang them up OG.
    Bring in a qb who can compete for the starting job.
    Davis has got to go
    Crabtree can hit the road
    And of Brooks plays another down this season I will not watch. Misses a meeting and is mad because he was benched? Harbaugh lost this lockeroom.
    Trust me this will be a mini rebuilding offseason. Good chance they will suck next season too.

    Last week slammed the door so I’m not even mad this week. Just seeing the future of the horrible OC and O/line and qb clearly now.

  28. If Jim Tomsula, as reported widely today, is the next 49er head coach, then Jed, through Baalke, should fire Jim Harbaugh tomorrow so that Jim Tomsula can start putting together an assistant coach prospect list. Otherwise he has to do it behind his current boss’s back.

    If this current reshaping of the organization doesn’t result in a Superbowl, expect the next change to wipe out the entire coaching staff and the general manager. If it’s mostly Jed’s fault, that minor fact will not be part of the analysis. The fact that there is no football person between the GM and Jed won’t matter either, except that the best GM candidates won’t apply.

    1. “If Jim Tomsula, as reported widely today, is the next 49er head coach”

      Who reported that today?

      1. The same national reporters who claimed to have inside information that Harbaugh was on his way out if they didn’t win the Superbowl this year. Please notice that my post began with the word “If”. Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that the inside source is Jed so you could say that I agree with Kawakami about the leaks. My prediction is based on a hypothetical situation that may come up tomorrow. If I’m wrong, then I’m sure to be correct when I assume that there will be more inside leaks.

          1. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer is one national source and there are others. You’re right it is BS and Jed is the inside source. Jed started laying the justification to fire Harbaugh early in 2014 and has probably been thinking about it since the 2013 Superbowl loss.

            I don’t follow Glazer or anyone outside the bay area, but you can Google “glazer harbaugh 49ers” if you’re interested. Gleeful locals never fail to report his BS.

  29. Nobody loses their job until the 49ers are officially eliminated from the playoffs. Even then if you’re the 49ers it makes more sense to not fire him in the hopes of putting together a trade that Harbaugh approves of and allows the team to at least get something with his departure rather then simply firing him and getting nothing.

      1. ?? He’ll keep doing what he’s been doing, coaching the DL. What’s changed?

        1. What’s changed is that if Tomsula is Jed’s choice, he has to start building his staff as fast as possible. The past two games have given Jed all he needs to move before the season is over next Sunday. They will quickly do the usual fake search, and then tie up the people that Tomsula wants.

          If they don’t really want Tomsula or anyone else on the staff then that’s a completely different drama. In Baalke’s shoes I would want to hit a home rum with Harbaugh’s replacement or I might (would) be the next head on the block.

    1. I’m expecting something to happen. I thought at first tomorrow. But now I’m thinking they wait until the team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

  30. GC “This was the worst performance of Kaepernick’s career”

    How many times have you said that this season?

      1. 3 is the count I had in my head. Pretty sad.

        If Baalkes has failed the team it was in not securing a better back up. He hasn’t given Harbaugh the option of benching Kaepernick because we all know as bad as Kaep is right now he’s still somehow better then Gabbert.

  31. Grant, I disagree with your assertion that we have no one to replace Kaep. He’s a terrible NFL QB playing for $13 mil a year. Almost ANY option is preferable.

    Number 1 option is to trade the house for Mariota and sign Shaun Hill for 1 year/$2 mil. as a bridge. But there are plenty of other directions to go that are better than Kaep–especially at his current price.

      1. The only reason you guys would bring up the notion of an “RGIII” trade is if you feel Mariota is the next RGIII. I see no similarities between the two except that they both CAN run. Mariota is a tough, hardworking, coachable guy who has made tremendous strides in the development of his footwork, accuracy and ability to progress through his reads. That sounds nothing like RGIII to me.

        Last year around this time I suggested Carr would be a great pro prospect (which, let’s be honest, he’s still a prospect, he hasn’t really won anything yet) and this board roasted me over it. I guess I’m in for another roasting. There isn’t another QB in this draft–Cook or Petty included–who can hold Mariota’s jock. Petty is the highly-productive Fales (Fails) of this draft. Please don’t campaign for him.

        VOTE MARIOTA for Quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers.*

        *Paid for by the Sullyball Party Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

          1. Why is that, Jack? Mariota’s a humble, hardworking, film-studying, accurate, coachable talent. Which of those traits would you say Kaep possesses?

              1. BTW not a proponent of the player, I like Grayson at this point but I just don’t think you can look at the player and assume he’s as inaccurate and as bad of a decision maker as Kaepernick is.

              2. Haha. Jack, it’s funny. You and I obviously watch a lot of tape. And yet we always seem to disagree about what we’re seeing. Just goes to show how difficult and varying evaluations are.

              3. @ Jack

                I’m usually in agreement with you, but just in case you hadn’t noticed, Marcus Marriota is in the final four of NCAA Div ! football. It didn’t happen by accident. Kaepernick just dropped in out of a lesser program that played lesser opponents, and didn’t require him to learn the basics of what he would need to know to successfully play QB in the NFL. Marriota learned under Chip Kelly and Mark Helfrich, and has a 12-1 record this year. He is an accurate strong passer, and a dynamic runner. CK on the other hand was picked by an arrogant ‘flim-flam’ man for a coach who sacrificed his team for his own ego by starting him ahead of a more deserving and better QB. On the same page….? Hell, they’re not even in the same book.

              4. I have to agree with Jack here simply because Mariota plays in an offense that one team in the NFL employs and unless drafted by that team, will have to learn a whole new way to play much like Kap has had to. If you draft Mariota, I think you need to run an offense that matches his skill set. I’m starting to think that may be the case with Kap as well.

              5. Mariota is a slightly more refined, slightly more developed Kaep, with a little bit better accuracy and mechanics.

                I think he’s got a better shot at succeeding than Kaep, but I wouldn’t take him. Or I should say, I wouldn’t take him where he’s expected to be taken.

              6. And when I say slightly more refined and more developed, etc, I mean coming out of college.

          2. I’d hedge my bets that Mariota is in better position to succeed in the NFL then Kaepernick. Mariota has as nearly as many attempts in 3 years that Kaepernick had in 4 and the completion % between the two isn’t even comparable, Mariota avg 66.7% compared to Kaep’s 58.2% even though Mariota attempted far more passes. Mariota through 1 INT for every 83 attempts compared to Kaepernicks 1 INT for every 53 attempts.

            You may have put in some film time on the players but on paper Mariota looks like the better QB.

            1. Mariota’s passer rating is 186.10…#1 in the FBS. And I’d say arguably against the deepest conference in college football, as the bottom teams were all pretty good. Mariota had to consistently bring it EVERY week. And he did.

            2. “Mariota avg 66.7%”

              Impressive, Brett Hundley completed 67.9% of his passes in 3 seasons down at UCLA.

              “You may have put in some film time on the players but on paper Mariota looks like the better QB.”

              Which is why I am basing my take on what I have seen from him on the field.

              1. My point was in contention of calling him Kaepernick 2.0. I was making the point that in college Mariota’s stat would indicate that he’s a better passer to begin with then Kaepernick was. The same could be said about Hundley as well with your last post. We know how Kaepernick has turned out but given the better start the other two have had I still think it’s fair to give them the benefit of the doubt and not just assign them Kaepernick status before taking an NFL snap.

              2. Will do. Although my lack of enthusiasm for him in general will probably not make it a top priority ;)

                If the 49ers hire Pep who does he draft?

              3. Gonna make me work for it eh? Alright, if the 49ers hire Pep who does Baalke draft for him?

              4. Mariota is a better passer than Kap coming out of College imo, but he also benefits from the scheme he plays in which includes a lot of short passes and bubble screens, along with QB designed running plays which everyone is starting to think won’t fly in the NFL.

              5. “f the 49ers hire Pep who does Baalke draft for him?”

                I have no idea at this point. What are you’re thoughts.

              6. I thought Pep was your boy and might have some thoughts on who would be a good fit for him.

              7. Coffee,

                He is, but I don’t know who they would go after.

                I don’t think this team is that far off offensively, but they need to stop forcing Kaepernick to try to play QB at a high level.

                Look at their best drive yesterday. Easy PA throw to Davis. Gore Run. Gore Run. Boldin Run. Hyde Run. Easy PA throw to Boldin. Easy PA throw to Miller for a TD.

                Hamilton brings with him an offensive philosophy that is similar to Harbaugh, but gives them a fresh angle. Sure he has Andrew Luck now, but he also helped Stanford win a Rose Bowl with Kevin Hogan so he knows how to work around a limited QB.

        1. Mariota is what Jack and Grant say he is until someone proves differently. The difference between him and Kaepernick is he has competed in a more powerful football program.

          To get Mariota from the 49ers possible positions in the draft would cost like the RG-III trade — their future for a genie in a bottle. You know what happens when you wish for something from a genie — you get fooled.

          1. This is a mistake made in many valuations. Because one guy LOOKS like another guy, people assume he is that guy.

            Look at how many people dissed Derek Carr because of his brother’s failures.

            I’m telling you, Mariota has all the things we liked (and still like, I guess) about Kaep–and very few of the things we dislike. He’s a great kid and a great talent who I actually see as having the potential of

            Aaron Rodgers 2.0

            1. Aaron Rodgers played in a semi-pro offense and made throws into tight windows at Cal, and he still needed a few years to develop in the pros.

              When does Mariota ever make a throw when there’s a corner in the same zip code as the receiver?

              It’s easier to get a higher percentage of completions when the defense is worried about the read-option 60 percent of the time.

              1. Then Kaepernicks % should have been higher in Nevada based on that reasoning.

              2. If you were to go back in time and have your choice between Mariota and Kaepernick, which would you choose? If you had to choose one.

              3. So every QB that runs a read option and throws bubble screens is inaccurate and a bad decision maker or they just happen to run the same type of offense as Kaepernick?

              4. Grant, Mariota throws to the open WR because he goes through his progressions. That’s what turns a great talent into a great QB–finding the open guy. You can’t fault him for that.

              5. His receivers are wide open most of the time because defenses are playing very loose zone coverage because they want an eighth man in the box to stop the read option. That won’t be the case in the pros. He’ll have more of a learning curve than Luck did.

              6. I like Mariota, but he isn’t the next Andrew Luck.
                I’m not even sure I like him but I do think he has a better skill set then Kaepernick and to call him Kaep 2.0 is unfair.

              7. Acknowledged but I also didn’t say you did. My original response was to Jack calling him Kaep 2.0.

                What do you think of Grayson btw? You haven’t said anything so Im’ guessing he’s not in your top 3.

              8. Grant, I agree that Mariota isn’t Luck. I compare him moreso to Aaron Rodgers because they’re both humble leaders, have similar throwing styles, are fast scramblers, and possess a quiet toughness.

                And you have to admit, Mariota put up a 186 passer rating against some excellent pass defenses in the Pac 12 behind a TERRIBLE offensive line. Oregon was literally rolling out 3rd stringers for half the year due to injuries.

              9. Yes, Mariota will definitely have a bigger learning curve than Luck. But then again… thinking back to Elway and Steve Young and even Rodgers… there aren’t many folks who can come in and dominate both mentally and physically the way Luck did from the opening bell.

              10. Exactly. How far do you want to trade for a guy who needs a few years to develop and learn a pro-style system?

              11. Grayson is anywhere to 4th or 7th on peoples list but by the time Spring comes around unless something comes out about him to spoil his stock he’ll be in the conversation as the #3 QB to come off the board.

              12. I think Mariota starts and plays well in season 2. I think he blows up in season 3. And that’s going to be the case for almost any franchise QB who plays for you for the next 12 years.

            2. Grayson I see in the same group as Petty and Fales… not talented enough to be a franchise QB. When you watch his film, check out how many times he weakly throws it up for grabs. Also, his escapability from the pocket is really limited. That’s fine if you’re Brady/Manning. But not if you’re Grayson, in my humble opinion.

              1. Sully please link any film you’ve found of him weakly throwing up the ball for grabs and I’ll watch it and get back to you.

              2. Coffee, would have to be tomorrow. What’s the protocol for posting film on this blog? Anything from Youtube is allowed, I suppose?

              3. You can’t go crazy with the links. If you try and post more then one link or so at a time it either doesn’t or gets sent for approval.

            3. Sullyball,

              You are the king of pie in the sky suggestions that have no chance of coming to fruition. Knowing the Niners under Baalke do you seriously believe there is even the slightest chance they trade the farm to move up for a QB in the same mold as the one they have? Even if you think he’s a better version of Kap which I could agree with, he’s not a generational talent like Luck which is about the only time you consider giving up a boatload of picks to move up to get him.

    1. The reason the 49ers lost the game is simple and Barrows nailed it:

      Gore had a solid game, rushing for 63 yards and averaging 5.3 yards a carry. But as has been the case in each 49ers loss this season, the team seemed mildly interested in running the ball. Gore ran only seven times in the second half even though San Francisco had a 13-10 lead midway through the third quarter.

  32. I still believe in Harbs…..The thing with Harbs is, he is an overly loyal person when it comes to his players and coaching staff….He won’t throw them under a bus no matter how pathetic they are performing. I’m sure Harbs knows NOW that Roman is not suited for the NFL. Harbs probably is hoping York will fire Roman because he would never put the blame on his buddy Greg Roman….Harbs stubborn loyalty is delaying the inevitable firing of Greg Roman. IMO

      1. Bob… Take a hike with that Alex smith crap. That dude is losing in KC. And in the watered down AFC. Get real

        1. The “dude” has the same record as us on a team that has much less talent. The reality is, people like you are delusional and you earned this. The rest of the fans against you really don’t appreciate you gloating for the utter disaster you yearned for and earned. Thanks a lot. Yay Kaep. Yay Harb. Just yay for you. Keep kissing that bicep doc.

          1. Lol less talent. How’s that? Since when did Alex smith thrive without a top 5 running game and defense?
            Delusional is someone who wants something back that didn’t workout. How many superbowls does smith have? In fact how many wins vs playoff teams does he have? Alex smith with an offense like this has always failed and will always fail. I really don’t think you rookies know how bad this offense is. Come with some knowledge next time. Smh

            1. You and Bay just have to eat crow for a whole year. Smith was in the SB dummy. He was 6-2 in 2012. Harbaugh made the choice to stay with the hot hand but the hot hand did not get it done. And two years later all his shortcomings are preventing this team from going to the playoffs.
              Blame all you want, he’s the leader of the offense but doesn’t act like it. People didn’t give up on Harbs, they gave up Kaep and the guy who is one of the highest paid players on the team but doesn’t deserve it.

              It sucks that Kaep sucks. There’s no way around it.
              Smith went to KC and has no wr and O-line at all. His defense gave up 100 yards to a RB that got promoted from the practice squad. Their defense is missing way more starters but Smith, despite all his flaws, is tough and doesn’t quit. He’s not a great QB by any means. It’s just that KAP turned out to be alot worse.
              What else you got?

        2. Watered down AFC ? On what basis would you reach that conclusion? The two conferences have played .500 ball against each other this year. The Broncos and patriots appear to be as strong as any team in the NFC. Watered down? Please explain that comment.

          1. Yes watered down AFC.
            You have only TWO potential Super Bowl winners. Like it’s been for the past 4 years.
            Seattle again. Uhg
            We’ve played one team in the NFC south. The only reason the AFC is close to being near the NFC.
            I shouldn’t h e to explain this.

            1. You shouldn’t need to explain? Would that you could. Only two potential winners as it has been for the last four years? Really? Two years ago Baltimore won the Super Bowl after beating both New England and Denver on the road. Both the Patriots and the Broncos were considered to be stronger by the pundits. I am sure people such as yourself thought the only viable Super Bowl candidates that year were the Broncos and Patriots. The NFC is weak this year relative to prior years. Green Bay and perhaps Seattle are the only two likely Super Bowl winners. Philly and Dallas are a clear cut below. They are only comparable to Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and San Diego. The reality is that you are not capable of explaining anything to anyone.

    1. If that’s the case then I really want harbaugh gone. If he can’t cut the cancer out due to “old friends” status. Then he doesn’t want to win. It’s that simple. He had the last say on these calls and had more than a week to ok or change the game plan.
      There is no excuse for this kind of offensive calling and execution. I’d bet a dollar that’s why there is friction. You can’t succeed in life with the buddy system. I think he was great coming in, fresh and new. We saw what his philosophy and playbook looks like. I’ve read dr suess books with more knowledge. He’s a goner and it’s obvious.

    2. Crab,

      Harbaugh may have a clause in his contract that gives him decision authority regarding his coaching staff. So, Jed may not be able to fire Roman only. He may have to fire both. I have a feeling that Jed has been preparing to can Harbaugh since the ground breaking of Levi’s Stadium. Let chaos reign if that happens.

  33. LOL @ ninermd the clown……What happened to #7 being a top QB……..now you have him in the Alex category…..what a moron you are ninermd

    1. The same thing that happened with smith when I thought he was going to be one. To much faith in a predictable offense. The bad part for smith is. He lost his job when it was still somewhat new. How’s your boy fairing over there Patna? Kap sucks, Alex sucks, roman sucks, and harbaugh sucks for letting roman continue to stay here sucking.

  34. I wonder how the Niners would have done without all of the injuries? If Bowman and Willis were on the field, if the OL had been healthy from the start? If the secondary had not been riddled with injuries? It’s hard to be great when you are playing second and third string players.

    Don’t worry though, the Niners are heading straight back to the pre-Harbaugh era only they will be much, much worse. Their new stadium is a disaster, ownership is pitiful and no one is going to want to be a Niner for a generation. The fans in that over-priced hothouse of a digital dump are a bunch of thugs, the city has lost all interest in the team and so have I. It’s not the Niners I grew up with and there is zero chance they ever will be again. 7-9 this year folks, over and o-u-t…

    1. Plenty of teams have to deal with injuries. Look at AZ. Defense stepped up nicely without bowman and Willis and others Offensive problems obviously are not due to the oline.

      1. The people we were missing were all-pro players. The O-line sucked all year. They couldn’t open holes, pass protect or transition. That is a whole bunch of why the offense blew…

  35. Note to Coach Harbaw: …changed my mind.
    If you are headed for Oakland, then go ahead
    and keep the can of dip in your pocket, okay?
    Stick with the khaki pants & sweatshirt too.

    You will be right in sync with the black hole.
    You may own a home in Atherton, but your
    style is straight up Oakland… loser.

  36. Roman screwed up this game big time. The power running game was working and – without any apparent reason – Roman would go to a 3WRs, 1RB shotgun formation and kill a promising drive. This happened on several occasions at key moments in the game. Roman is one of the main problems. He gets cute and outsmarts himself. His arse needs to get fired.

    I’m not sure if anybody else noticed this when they showed Roman in the booth. Along side him was Offensive Assistant Ronald Curry. He was just sitting there, uninterested, and disengaged. What a shame …

    1. Happens every game. We abandon the run and put Kaepernick in a terrible position. He should be throwing 15 – 20 times a game and not 30 – 40. Incapable of doing that. Hell, Wilson is better and probably incapable of doing that.

  37. Whew. I had to stand off for a while to let the stench lift.
    Where to begin is a big question, but there are lots of choices. Where to end? Ahh, now THAT’S the real conundrum.
    Many accusatorial comments and inane suggestions have been offered here, but I haven’t got the energy to defend anything about the team right now or throw out the “Jed should do this…” assertions. Disappointment (understatement!) is heightened by unfulfilled expectations. As a fan I’m just along for the ride; watching to see what happens without any influence; but it does feel like riding a train that has left the tracks and wondering how the wreck will play out. Sigh.
    >Harbaugh. He’s too good a coach to have this stint end this way, …..but its going to. Not just the braying by fans and press makes me think he’s hit a tipping point with Jed. I think Jed should wait until season’s end to make a move, but I have no real expectations on how it plays out; just a spectator.
    >Trent. I think Jed needs him for continuity. He’s safe for now.
    > Colin.The best I’ve got is wild speculation, but he seems so TIGHT mentally and emotionally. He’s got some kind of vapor lock in his field awareness. He’s entitled to have his feelings as they are and to react as he does, but its not helping him. Jawing with a LB does squat. Letting the LB into your head hurts you. CK has the skills to play, he needs to relax more somehow. IMO he needs to reflect on that in the off-season to free up some attention on the field, but I can think of no one less likely to take that advice. Arguing with anonymous antagonists on Twitter? Child please!
    But we have Gabbert to fall back on. Oh jeez.
    > OL. Not making excuses for anyone else, but this group has to play better.
    > DL. I think our own Mary Palin could have completed passes against the Niners with the amount of time Carr had to find receivers. (That’s not to diminish a fine performance by Carr and the RayDuhs). Where’s the Pass Rush? No, really, where’s the Pass Rush?!?
    >Jed. Well, if we think Colin isn’t going anywhere, Jed really isn’t going anywhere. Now Jed was of course wrong to put out his “unacceptable” tweet (speaking of childish), but in reality he was absolutely correct; he definitely should feel that way. He just should have kept his remarks in the Owner’s Box.
    So far this season has been awkward at best and frequently painful. Prospects for the finish look about the same. Although I remain a 49er Faithful, I’m putting on my life jacket, because the 2014 ship is taking on water with a heavy list to starboard.

    1. Brotha,
      I think we’ve hit ‘event horizon’ or the point of no return for Harbaugh coaching the 49ers next year. Jed’s tweat and Harbaugh’s “no excuses, no apologies” comment sealed the deal.

      1. The ironic part about your point and example is that the event horizon is in fact the brightest part of a black hole. Yea if you go beyond it you’re toast but the EH is where everything gets ripped apart and shines in the process.

        1. Coffee’s for Closers,

          You have a warped understanding of physics. The term ‘even horizon’ refers to a point in space/time beyond which nothing escapes the gravitation pull of a black hole. According to classical physics, an object does not get “ripped apart” but rather passes through unharmed and stretches like a spaghetti until it’s eventual doom at the core of the black hole :)

          1. The event horizon is the precipice at which point the gravitational pull exceeds the speed of light. As particles swirl into the abys they are ripped apart meaning their electrons are shed and their nucleus is no longer held together by the strong nuclear forces. As these quantum particles are ripped apart in the torrent that is swirling around the event horizon they release photons and other energetic particles which is why the ring around the black hole glows the brightest.

            Please don’t bother because your google searches aren’t going to compete with my years of particle physics classes.

            1. Coffee,
              Years of particle physics classes? That’s impressive, but you’re still wrong. The emission spectrum is not indicative of nuclear events which you describe. Rather the accretion disc emits photons at x-ray frequencies for typical black holes. That’s indicative of electronic transitions not nuclear ones. Go ahead, Google search that.

  38. Another thing we haven’t discussed… Because the RGIII trade backfired on the Skins, it’s possible Mariota can be had for less.

    1. How many first round picks, or equivalent value would you give to get Mariota? How many will it take? That’s the ante, then you have to deal with what it will take before he will be worth the price.

  39. Harbaugh can’t adapt to the nfl catching up with his offense. He has used all of his options (no pun intended) to be creative and new. This “huge” playbook in his world is apparently 5 pages long.
    The reasons we must move on.
    1.. The riff in the front office
    2.. His buddy system with a bad coach.
    3.. Can’t create offense after his scheme has been exposed.
    Has lost the lockeroom
    4.. Stubborn as all hell
    5.. Has already checked out of SF.

    It’s been a great 3 years. But after thanksgiving and yesterday it’s a cancer and I think it’s time to let him go.
    This should show us what kind of front office we have. Were they lucky in getting harbaugh or are they sound enough to know good coaching.
    On top of that can they cut the cancers in the lockeroom.
    V Davis
    A Brooks
    And whoever mailed it in or causes problems.
    They need to match a coaches philosophy with this o-line also. We NEED pass blockers badly.

  40. Kaep is done for this year. The way he let the Raiders get into his head yesterday (and the tweeters all year long) shows that he is mentally incapable of finishing the year. Perhaps with an offseason of reflection and working with a sports psychologist….

    For the rest of the year, I’m all for trying our other options and that includes Gabbert. We all know that Seattle is Kaep’s kryptonite, so do you really think there is a chance things will go better next week. Seattle will have little to no current film on Gabbert/Johnson and that might give us a slight advantage. Plus, there is a strong likelihood that, with Gabbert or Johnson taking snaps, Roman will actually get back to running the ball. We might have trouble running against Seattle, but if they game plan all week……

    In the end I’m not sure I see any harm in doing this; if we lose the remaining three games, we get a higher draft pick. Benching Kaep might even spur him during the offseason to get serious about improving the mental and technical aspects of his game.

    1. I watched that Seahawks game yesterday. Wilson has a higher football IQ than Kaep. Watching him yesterday makes me realize that whoever or whatever has put a ball and chain on Kaep is killing him. He needs to run. That’s his most dangerous weapon. Locking him down in a pocket is killing the team. Wilson is better at improvising but when TRams know Kaep is not going to run, it makes our offense 10X worse.

      1. Others have said it, but that first pass interception once again proves that Kaep always feels like he has to make a big play. It doesn’t seem to be in his DNA to throw the ball away. He needs to accept that in the NFL you have to fight to live another day. He has no “game manager” in him but every quarterback needs to be able to manage a game. While Alex may have been too much, Kaep certainly isn’t enough.

      2. Okay there lies the problem Mr KY49er — Wilson has a higher iQ than Kaep. He’s elusive and knows exactly where to look when he scrambles. Kaep is lost back there. He does not want to get hit. Wilson is willing to take a big pop to make a throw, We’ve seen it his whole career. Kurt Warner used to do that too.

        Kaep set the franchise back. Cut your losses. Save the 16 million he’ll get next year, bring in a QB, figure out a system that can score just enough points and lean on that defense.

    2. Kap has as much chance of playing quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers next year as I do. As soon as it’s cap-friendly, Kap, and his team/cap friendly contract will be cut. I will never watch Kap or Harbaugh again. My time on Sunday became a lot less precious.

    3. Are you going to bench Colin and this pick up his contract in April for around $16 million? It seems to me that doing both things lacks foresight.

  41. I didn’t get to watch the game. Gore averaged over 5 yards per carry but only had 12 carries. Were those carries in garbage time?

    1. Nope once again we have a running game going and we decide to pass pass and then there is a sack so we have to then pass.

      1. True but what happens to that running game if you don’t pass?

        What they don’t have is balance because there are too many plays that put them behind the chains as the talking heads like to point out.

  42. How about team attitude? Both the Raiders and Niners got their lunch handed to them the previous week. The Raiders played like they were mad about it. The Niners, not so much.
    Some would blame the HC for not getting his team ‘Up’ and ready to compete; not me. These are grown men and highly paid professionals; they shouldn’t need cheerleaders or “Mood Coaches” to show up ready to work.

    1. Hmmm, well the Westboro Baptist Church page has over 2600 likes so I’ll let you decide what that means about FB likes. :)

  43. I won’t watch another season of 49ers football with G Roman as OC. A gameplan on offense HAS to have a variety of things.
    1. A screen pass game. RB screen, WR screen, TE screen
    2. Has to have a quick pass or hot read for the inevitable blitz that comes on 3rd down and sacks Kap
    3. You have to continue what works in that particular game until it doesn’t. If your running back is averaging over 5 yards per carry then if he has less than 20-25 touches you have FAILED as a play caller. If you have a hot wide receiver burning his cover man ala Stevie Johnson in a particular game you throw it to him until the defense brings safety help.
    4. You need to run a hurry up offense at any random time just to throw the defense off balance just speed up no huddle JUST because.
    5. Play with some urgency. Over the past few years being the #1 team for delay of game penalties is a Red Flag that your offensive coordinator and message relaying system is crap. Break out the Chip Kelly poster boards if need be.
    6. Gimmick plays even when they don’t result in a completion put the defense on alert. Run a fly sweep with Bruce Ellington and actually hand it off and not fake it to Gore up the middle.
    7. A back shoulder pass. (Richard Sherman gives up these catches)
    8. A speed WR to catch slants (Richard sherman can’t cover these either)
    9. In the red zone if you have someone that is 6ft 4 or taller or 6 ft 2 with a great vertical jump. Throw a jump ball to that person for a TD i.e Tall TE versus shorter stocky physical safety.

    I was there when we were winning Super Bowls. I was there when we were missing the playoffs for 10 years. I was there for the inept Singletary years. I would fire Greg Roman. I would keep Vic Fangio. And if Jim Harbaugh can’t accept losing his OC or accept reasonable contract then I would trade him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick and make the Team better. Hire someone that can see where Kapernick’s weakness is (pocket awareness) and fix it. we would have 2 more wins this season if we had stuck to th erunning game when it was working. At least 2 games where the rushing average was > 5 yards per carry and less than 20 carries. Those games you use a running system and a game manager. You must have an identity. You must have a decent plan. You should not have a job as an OC if you are inept at these things. I’ve watched and I have waited and looked for these components in our offense game plan and occasionally if not rarely I see these things put to use. I’ll always be niner faithful but I can’t watch a G. Roman run niners offense beyond this year.

  44. I refuse to say it’s over until we are mathematically eliminated. I am a fan what can I say.
    I was at the game yesterday. Oh boy. Where do I begin. Always with the coaches. Harbaugh looked checked out. Lacked passion. Jim’s been great for our organization he really has. But it’s time to go. I’ve watched us play several games now where we could have easily won playing our “brand” of ball. Running the ball. And we for whatever reason go away from it. Gore averaging over 5 yards a pop and we reward him with 12 carries….. This coaching staff has checked out.

    Fangio is our best coach. Even he cannot make up for the loss of Willis and Bowman. Yesterday Romanowski said that Willhoite and Borland tackle, but Willis and Bowman bring violence. Very well put. I was sick to my stomach yesterday to watch our inability to pressure the rookie Carr. Our three worst defensive games this year were against Chicago, Denver and Oakland. In all three we couldn’t touch the QB.

    As a team boy did we look “slow”. One step slow. Playing a team with terrible DB’s and we couldn’t get any separation. At all. We have no speed. This falls squarely on Baalke. We have no usage of TE’s in our offense. The NFL has adjusted to Harbaugh’s offense and he has no counter. There is plenty of blame to spread. Starting with Roman and Harbaugh.
    Our down fall this year was our offensive line in pass protection. Good coaches would have recognized that and leaned more heavily on the run. To not do that stunk of stubbornness. And yes Harbaugh is stubborn. The offensive line is purely responsible for the entire regression of the offense.

    As far as Kaep, I blame his regression on the offensive line, the coaches for playing away from our strengths and for loading our offensive up with three WR’s that all did the same thing. You can’t blame him for escaping the pocket on the rare occasion that there is a pocket to escape. What you can blame him for is not knowing when a play is over and not throwing the ball away. Not doing those things has cost this team sacks and turnovers. For a veteran QB that is inexcusable. Regardless, he’s regressed to a point that he’s one of the worst QB’s in all of football. Can a revamped offensive line, a more modern passing game and added speed save his career? Only next year will tell. Like it or not, Kaep gets one more year. They will not change QB’s the year that the Superbowl is at Levi stadium.

    I think next week will be a blood bath. To go into Seattle you have to be focused and inspired. You have to have a plan and stick with it. All things that this coaching staff has not been able to do with this team this year.

    I think if we lose this next week, we fire Harbaugh and Roman immediately. However, we can only do that if Morton or Rathman can run the offense. Whoever the next coach is, we need to get him in early….

    1. As far as Kaep, I blame his regression on the offensive line, the coaches for playing away from our strengths and for loading our offensive up with three WR’s that all did the same thing.
      Of course you do. I just have one question. Do you buy keyboards in bulk or did you have a plastic cover made to protect it from all the kool-aid splashing out of your mouth as you chug it down.

    2. I would have more respect for you if you just admit Kaep’s regression is on Kaep.

      Your guy SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I think York’s next head coach will be someone who draws less negative attention to the 49ers franchise….Kinder and gentler.

    Are you with me on that Sully? :-)

    1. Like Dennis Erickson, bro? Pete McCulley? ; >)
      Just playing, cuz I do get your point. But ‘Loveable” or PC or Smooth Talking Salesman (Donahue) isn’t what I’m hoping for. Stylistically, I’m hoping for a John Fox type guy; tough, determined, direct, adaptable, motivator.
      Harbs tried so hard to make it about “Us” (him and the players) that he inadvertently made it about himself. Trying to take on everything he became the Lightning Rod taking multiple hits when they were winning; it was only going to get worse when he hit a bump in the road. I also think his attitude was different somehow this year, I could see it on the sidelines. Maybe he knew he’d pushed his limits a bit too far within the organization?
      Idle guesses.

      1. Bro T – York should put the feelers out for Josh McDaniels. If his people secretly say he’s interested then York should be patient and go after him. Meet with him immediately after Patriots final playoff game. McDaniel’s has matured now and I think he’s the perfect fit for Niners.

  46. Face it people the Niners are just not very good this year. Oh and Mariota is not CK II, he is smarter then CK will ever be. There is a difference between intelligence and being smart. Mariota would not be a good QB for the Niners under its current leadership.

    1. @undercenter

      Good points; also remember that Marcus is still only a junior….he still has another year of eligibility. I wouldn’t want him on the niners with this system in place. Aside from the fact that about 10 other teams want him, and they draft before us.

  47. Now to the York family.

    Jed pushed really hard to get us this stadium. I like to call it a cement box. I’ve traveled around the country and attended NFL games in almost 1/3 of the stadiums. Levi and Met Life are by far the worst “fan experience” stadiums that I’ve had the chance to visit.

    Yesterday I was at the O.com in Oakland. Say what we will about the Raiders and their fan base. They are passionate about their team. Supportive. One win all season and they were more into that game than any home game that I’ve attended at Levi.

    Jed this is what happens when you do your season ticket holders a disservice by not giving them an incentive to buy season tickets. You drove your fan base out. Our stadium is filled with too many corporate first time football game attendees that are more interested in tasting the “sushi” or “curry”. They sit and watch the game with a lack of comprehension regarding the play on the field. Not knowing that their team needs them to being some passion and noise in attempts of giving them a home field advantage.

    Who ever is in charge of the Raiders P.A. system did a kick ass job yesterday. Running AC DC up until the QB gets in the huddle. They train their people to make noise. Jed needs to invest in “fan experience” personnel to get the crowd into games until it culturally kicks in.

    Jed building a “Santana Row” style complex across the street will get people to spend money before and after games, however it will not teach fans how to be passionate at games. Figure this part out or you will forever have a loser at home.

    1. Bay,
      Mark Davis will do the same thing to the new raider fanbase at their new stadium when he finally finds a city that can accommodate him.
      It’s the ugly side of the multi-billion dollar business that has become the NFL.

      But I agree 100% regarding Levi’s Stadium. At the moment (maybe sometime down the road?) it has no Spirit/Soul.
      If modern and major renovations would have been made at the Stick it would have still been a good place to play and the fanbase would have probably been satisfied with the results because the Ol’ Stick would have kept it’s historical vibe and spirit and most importantly, it’s best asset: Their ardent fans.

      1. Levi”s ….has no spirit/soul.

        While I agree, I think Chi is imparted into inanimate objects, not born into them. The team and the players have to sweat and bleed and work it into the new place. They have to give something of themselves for there to be a residual energy or spirit.

  48. C of C and Fan troll77,
    I’m glad you guys have posted more of the same. See real Niner fans are hurting right now. This is hard for some of us. Yet you two are basking in glory. You guys are not fans. I’ve always recognized it, but now the whole room does.

    1. Sorry dude — you have been rude and disrespectful to far too many on this blog. You get no sympathy from me.

      As for Wilson, Willtalk, Rocket, I wish Kaep could have risen to the occasion, I’m sorry he’s not working out. We all lose. There’s no joy in watching him and the team implode.

      Back to Bay Area Douchey Douche Face — I want Gabbert to get a chance. He’s a Niner too right?

      KAEP SUCKS! Be a man and stop blaming everyone else for his inability to improve!

    2. “This is hard for some of us”

      Bay, all joking aside for a moment; I’m really not trying to rub our failures into the faces of smarting fans. I understand your disappointment and I’m truly not trying to make you feel worse about it. It’s hard for all of us, except you know Mary and the other trolls. We all have our own ways of dealing with it and those ways come from many means. Differences in personalities, length of time being exposed to the NFL and it’s many many ups and downs as well as the amount of time you’ve personally spent with this team and it’s many recent and past ups an downs. Sometimes some of us get to the point where we realize it’s not worth taking all that seriously anymore. Doesn’t mean we don’t get hot under the collar at times doesn’t mean we don’t have a deep burning passion for the team but instead that we’ve learned to channel the disappointment into a more entertaining or manageable form. If you find a way of not taking all of it so personally you’ll find you can enjoy the game even more. There’s a fine but meaningful line between passion and zealotry.

        1. C4C,
          She’s growing up fast bud (I remember a picture of her a few months ago), and she is a real beauty.

          I’ll be retiring in a couple of years and considering a Dobe or a Lab breed for some early morning walking exercise.

        2. CfC. That’ Gary Plummer for your Avatar, correct? What gives? Nothing against GP just wondering the back story? Also wish whoever had Hacksaw would bring him back, think it wasn’t Razoreater? I’m debating using J Taylor or Lott or Haley.

            1. Gotcha. Kind of looked like GP to me though. Chuck much tougher. He would eat the Raiders for breakfast hand have roast Seagull on Thanksgiving!! ;-)

      1. I have no sympathy for Bay. He’s been a first class jerk and he can wallow in his own misery. He didn’t have any sympathy for Alex supporters.

        It’s amazing how fast it all came tumbling down.

  49. Well I forced myself to watch it again and it’s the same things killing this team game after game.

    First off, the offense was actually moving the ball for most of this game. The problem is they missed two FG’s – 1 due to a holding call – and on the drives they were forced to punt, they got into 3rd and long yardage situations. They had 3 different drives where they faced 3rd and 11, 10, and 14 respectively. Obviously they put themselves in those situations, but it’s just par for the course of this season.

    Kap did not play a good game for the second week in a row, but this game was not as bad as they previous one against Seattle. He actually got into a rhythm a couple of times and they used the short passing game effectively. He misfired on some downfield throws and had the two horrible ints, but he also had the offense moving on multiple possessions. The delay of game penalties hurt, and it’s been an ongoing saga with this offense from day one and never seems to get better. You can’t break the huddle with 10-11 seconds and then shift after looking at the defense and that is what happened on every delay of game penalty in this game.

    The offense hasn’t been able to put together a full 60 minutes at any point this season and they’ve gotten progressively worse as the season’s gone on. It’s easy to point the finger at the QB, and he is responsible for a lot of it, but there’s also the breakdowns in pass protection that occur, the dumb penalties, the drops, the lack of production on early downs that force them into 3rd and long. It’s a lot of things which is why they haven’t been able to correct it.

    What really puzzled me was the lack of urgency on offense down two scores and less than half the 4th quarter remaining. No up tempo, just the same running the play clock right down and then huddling again after the play. They moved the ball with the two minute offense at the end of the first half, and yet didn’t even attempt to use it late in the game when they needed two TD’s to win.

    We are now seeing the defense start to breakdown as well which is pretty much the nail in the coffin for the teams playoff chances. Seattle kept finding breakdowns in coverage and that continued yesterday. The pass rush was pretty much non existent and receivers were breaking open. I don’t blame the DB’s, as much as I blame the pass rush for giving Carr far too much time. Wilhoite and Borland took turns getting beaten in coverage and once McFadden was starting at right corner it was just about hanging on.

    The game really turned in the 3rd quarter. The Niners went up 13-10, and then the defense gave up two consecutive drives for TD’s with one Niner possession in between. With the way this offense has performed that was pretty much it.

    What really stands out to me is the lack of urgency this team has played with the last few weeks. There just doesn’t seem to be much energy and a lot of going through the motions. They may just be resigned to their fate and all the crap about Harbaugh may have finally worn everybody out.

    Whatever the case, it’s a real shame to watch the Harbaugh era likely end this way. It’s been a gong show since the start of the season with all the off field stuff and the rumors regarding Harbaugh’s future, to all the injuries and the offense’s season long funk.

    Now it’s on to the unknown in both who Coaches this team, who they bring back and what direction they go. I think we all may look back at the first 3 years of the Harbaugh regime and wonder what went wrong at some point down the line.

    1. Rocket:

      Appreciate the analysis as painful as it must have been.

      But in almost every game we’ve continually discussed breakdowns in one area or another. Is it realistic to expect all aspects to come together game after game? Or do we need a focal point that is able to overcome inevitable breakdowns (i.e. Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady) and someone that just makes everyone play better (Harbaugh was able to do that for a while, but apparently no longer).

      I suppose you could argue that if everyone just does their job, all aspects should be able to come together. Then maybe you lose because of the unexpected – bad refs, an inadvertent fumble. But players are human beings and they can sense that their leaders (HC/OC and even DC) are losing a grip on the situation. Add to that all of the outside chatter, speculation, negative events (Aldon, MacDonald) and you just start to think that it isn’t going to be your year.

      I haven’t watched many NO’s games, but weren’t they expected to be very strong Super Bowl contenders. And what about Atlanta? They were strong two years ago, but now they suck.

      It seems to me that it is a complex web with many moving and interactive parts from ownership down to the players. When it starts to go very wrong it can really be hard to just put your finger on one or even two things. That’s why I wonder if the best solution is to just clean house, especially when it’s not just the players contributing to the problems but the coaches as well. But I really don’t know; just trying to make sense of it all.

      1. Cubus,

        The best teams are the ones that play consistently from week to week. Sure Rodgers, Manning, Brady etc. give you more of a safety net if that isn’t the case, but when was the last time any of these guys won a SB? Rodgers has won 1 time, and it was 3 years ago. It’s a team game and if the team isn’t playing together consistently that it really doesn’t matter what an individual is doing.

        The offense has been a problem since TC. They didn’t look good in preseason, and have been sporadic throughout the season. Kap is an easy target when he misses a throw, or runs before he has to, but in analyzing why it happens, you also have look at how poorly the Oline has played at times this season. The inconsistency with the running game both in production and forgetting about it when it’s working. You have look at the fact the play calls are still coming in very late and it’s forcing delay of game penalties or rushed snaps without knowing exactly what it is they are seeing.

        In other words the offense as a whole has lacked consistency the entire year. I don’t know if a housecleaning is what is needed, and I doubt that happens, but there needs to be a clear identity instilled in the players and more urgency in the play calling.

        Defensively, there appears to be a fair bit of talent, but some of it is unproven. If JS retires who replaces him? Do they bring back Willis considering his high cap number and the fact a rookie has done a pretty good job in his absence? Who plays CB next year with their starters for most of the season becoming FA’s?

        A lot of things to sort through and much of it will depend on who they decide to hire as HC.

        As far as making sense of it all, I don’t think it’s possible. In one year this franchise has gone from one of the best run organizations with 3 successive deep playoff runs to a laughing stock off the field, amid player conduct, Coaching rumors and owner Tweets along with a poor product on the field.

        It’s a pretty remarkable fall in the span of less than a year.

        1. No doubt the Oline has played relatively poorly this year. I was impressed by how quickly Carr threw the ball yesterday. The Niners, OTOH, seem to get rid of the ball relatively slowly – in part due to play design and in part due to Kaep’s long windup and perhaps slow response time.

          I wonder if we’re not unrealistically expecting the Oline to block for longer than is reasonable (given today’s NFL defenses). There are probably statistics that could help assess whether we are asking the Oline to pass block for a much longer period than other team’s Olines. I wonder if Jack has any handy statistics.

        2. Some one in the front office came to the conclusion that the first three years amounted to overall failure, and then started a campaign to prove their point.

        3. “In one year this franchise has gone from one of the best run organizations with 3 successive deep playoff runs to a laughing stock off the field, amid player conduct, Coaching rumors and owner Tweets along with a poor product on the field.”

          This is probably the most difficult to analyze and find out why it even happened. It is truly shocking to see this organization falter this way :(

    2. There is no getting around it, the offense was awful again yesterday. And Kaep was a large part of the reason. But the coaches once again should take significant blame.

      The running game was actually effective, but for some reason nobody can fathom they didn’t lean on it. As Jack pointed out, the best drive of the day, the TD drive, involved a heavy dose of running and play-action. The same stuff that was effective in 2011, 2012 and 2013. But they didn’t stick with it.

      They keep on trying to put the game in Kaep’s hands, and each week he is getting worse at handling it. I don’t understand the strategy. So while Kaep is a big reason for the team’s offensive performance, the coaches are exacerbating it.

  50. As bad as this all is I doubt any staff or QB is changed until after next season. All three phases of the game are out of whack, with the offense leading the way in wackiness. CK is suppose to make others better. He doesn’t. The offensive line is suppose to run and pass block, they don’t. The receivers are suppose to catch the ball they don’t. The running backs are suppose to run the ball they don’t. Harbaugh suppose to make adjustments he doesn’t. Who has it better then us? 31 other teams at the moment.

  51. I personally believe that the recent descent of the team is a product of deep seeded issues that have worked against the team since last summer and finally come to roost.

    The Culliver, McDonald, Aldon issues and the specter of the Harbaugh trade to Cleveland and the continued burning tire between JH and the FO are behind the scene events that have had a negative effect this season. For this team to decline a fast as it has only bears proof to me that something is broken internally.

    Sadly, the only fix is for Harbaugh is to leave and for a Holmgren (my only favorite for the next headcoach) type to come in and take over.
    Holmgren is the only person in my opinion that can right the ship. In one fell-swoop he could add creativity to the offense, could help CK, revive the belief and faith of the players, and could provide experience and stability to the entire Org from top to bottom.
    I could see this team get their swag back with Holmgren as coach.

    The only hurdle for Holmgren would likely be that he would want more from the Org for him to leave the comforts of home and be the team’s handyman. This probably means that Baalke would be out because Holmgren would want to be GM as well.

    1. As much as I respect Holmgren, I think his Coaching days are over. He is too far removed from it and he’s well into his 60’s. I honestly think they need to look for an up and comer as they did with Harbaugh.

      1. I agree. Holmgren’s coaching days are long over. Maybe as a consultant. But the current F.O. is a product of Parcells school, not Walsh WCO, and I don’t see that changing with Baalke in charge.

        I’d forget the 55+ crowd of ex-coaches, Gruden included. Reminds me of that old Bill SImmons article of how NFL coaching success generally dips once HC reaches age of 55 (with a few exceptions such as Bellichick, Carroll, and Coughlin).

        1. Mood
          Would that really hold up to scrutiny?
          Bud Grant, Dick Vermeil, Vince Lombardi (not counting Washington), Marv Levy Bill Walsh, George Seifert, Pete Carroll. It seems like a lot of guys….

            1. Mood:

              Interesting article and now that I’m getting older, one that I agree with. It’s hard to keep the passion and fire going. This is why I don’t think Holmgren will be interested.

              Did you post the article with only the age limit in mind or is there a subtle hint about Mangini?

              1. Yeah, noticed Mangini there (and Nolan :) — but no, the posting was just for the age barrier thing. Yeah, I’m aging and I can see the energy difference from my younger days over long periods of intense work.

      2. rocket,
        Holmgren is a proven winner. He made Seattle relevant and help set up the building blocks for Green Bay’s offensive scheme to the effect that they still remain a playoff contender over the years since his departure.

        I think CK and the offense could blossom under MH’ guidance and he could be more of a coaching figure rather than an all-hands-on type. Holmgren also has the ability to surround himself with very capable assistant coaches.
        I would just feel much more confident having a known commodity like Holmgren that in proven and has an affinity with the 49ers.

      1. htwaits,
        Didn’t Holmgren bring the WCO to Green Bay and is still being used (although modified) to this day?

        As I said earlier, he brought relevancy to a beleaguered Seattle franchise as well. Holmgren could bring stability to a 49ers team that is broken from op to bottom.

        When a coach that has taken your team to a Superbowl and playoffs 3 straight years can’t find peace with the front office something is broken at the top. When the 49ers CEO makes an apology to the fanbase for a poor outing when the team is still in a playoff run, something is broken at the top.

        Before this team can move forward on the field it will need to fix issues at the top. Holmgren is the only coach who imo can help repair the obvious dissent.

        1. What makes you think that relevancy means anything in the 49ers headquarters. The last time Holmgren did anything that Jed York is interested in was in Green Bay. He’s probably not even the smart football guy you put between the GM/Coach and Jed.

          1. htwaits,
            Do you have any potential coaches with the resume in the NFL with that of Holmgren’s?

            The only ones that come close are Cowher, Gruden, Jimmy Johnson, Parcels and maybe Shanahan. Yes, they all have been long retired and in Shanahan’ case he bungled RGIII’ injury.

    2. I really like Holmgren, but I don’t see Baalke hiring a WCO-ish head coach. The next 49er HC (and or OC) will remain a power oriented “win the middle” type.

  52. Aww, Zach’s done for the year. Getting harder to find things to watch on Sunday.

  53. Seems like a few different directions this team can go.

    – Fire Harbs and his entire coaching staff, along with the defensive side which will likely be gone by default, but keep Kaep and let another coaching staff do their best at molding him into an NFL QB

    – Fire Harbs (coaching staff) and cut/trade Kaep, and find a viable starting option in a decent vet ( such as a Kyle Orton, or similar) and draft another rookie to groom. The defense will mainly stay intact (aside from coaching staff) and would likely still be a top 5 defense.

    – Fire Roman and give the Harbs/Kaep duo one more year to figure this out, along with bringing in a viable back-up option just in case. Give Harbaugh a very short leash to work with.

    This will be interesting to watch. I would say if it were more of a isolated issue that was hindering us, Harbaugh would likely be safe for at least one more year, but Roman would be on the oust. But it’s just not that simple. This team looks to have lost all heart and have simply given up. All the rumors of the locker room quarrels and mutinies throughout the season are appearing to be more factual and plausible. If we keep Harbaugh this would likely only continue.

    I think Harbs is done, Kaepernick I’m not so sure, depends on the new staff I suppose. The good news is that this defense will continue to make this team competitive but with Gore likely done after this season we will need a rebuilding, in a sense, of the offense. Should be interesting to say the least.

    It really sucks for it to end this way. I know he took a lot of criticism but I really appreciate what Harbaugh was able to do with this team. It was a helluva run.

    1. Leo:
      It was a helluva a run.

      I know the FO has until April with regards to Kaep, but that contract sure does complicate things. Although the FO has “outs” to help reduce the cap hit, what will they know in April that they don’t know now, especially if they do a wholesale coaching staff changeout. I don’t think they’ll be able to ascertain if a new coaching staff can get the most out of Colin without having a training camp. They’re going to have to rely on some sort of strategic plan (FA pickups, draft position necessities and new coaching staff). So I guess what I’m saying is that the transition plan will already have in it whether or not they are going to keep Kaep and build around him. I don’t see any opportunities to evaluate actual interactions between current players, new potential players, and new coaches in order to help with the decision making process. Of course, maybe they don’t see paying Kaep 10+ million (I don’t know what the exact number is for 2015) as a major problem (but I suspect they do).

      1. I’m glad that the 49ers constructed Kaepernick contract. It worked out very well for the 49ers management. In any case if they decided not to keep Kaepernick next season they’re not obligated to compensate Kap. Harbaugh is surely out as the 49ers HC next season, his one foot is already out the door and the writing on the wall his gone next season and Gregg Roman. Won’t be surprise that next season there will be a lot of new face in the 49ers team HC and OFC coaching staff and players as well.

  54. Colin Kaepernick has a QB rating of 0.694 on throws of 10+ yards the last 2 weeks. 4-24, 76 yards, 0 TD’s, 4 Int’s.

  55. Time article about Levi-thargy Stadium

    “When the 49ers are doing well, fans seldom check their mobile devices, preferring to keep their eyes on the action. However, if the home team is struggling, fans’ attention drifts… they used the stadium’s Wi-Fi to go online and check email, surf the web…”

  56. “Six coaches have made the Super Bowl in their first season with a team, most recently in 2009 when Jim Caldwell took the Indianapolis Colts to Super Bowl XLIV. Three of the six coaches won in their first season — Don McCafferty’s Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V, George Seifert’s San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV, and Jon Gruden’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII.

    Last year, three coaches took their teams to the playoffs in only their first year at the helm — Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs), Chip Kelly (Philadelphia Eagles) and Mike McCoy (San Diego Chargers).”

    I have stated this before and I will state it again. You better believe the Yorks want to play in next years Super Bowl which is the 50th and also at Levi. This is a huge ego thing. The Niners will pull out all the stops in order to make that happening. With 12 percent of first year coaches reaching the Super Bowl and 6 percent winning it I don’t see all this massive change everyone is talking about. I am also not disagreeing with the need for change. I just don’t see it happening. The best chance to win the Super Bowl is with the current staff and with CK. Remember this staff was been in three NFC conference games and one Super Bowl. You just don’t find those credentials that are not currently coaching. If Harbaugh has lost the locker room then he must go now. Other then that I see him next year.

    To sustain greatness is a difficult feat. Very few teams stay great for very long.

    1. undercenter

      All good points. But it almost seems to me that the F.O has been moving away from Harbaugh even before the season started. It’s almost as if they already know who they want and are confident on getting him. There’s lot of money riding on these decision.

    2. Absolutely 100% agreement, but you can’t do it with a one legged duck either. That’s what Harbaugh has been this year so Jed would have to get him signed to a “real” extension.

      Then they would have to do something like they did with Seifert and Young. That could kill the cap for years to come. Maybe it’s best to give up the all or nothing approach which was resurrected for this year.

  57. Grant its one thing to not root for a team you cover but you sound over joyed at the 49ers problems. Thats equally unprofessional to rooting.

      1. Jamiacan I’ve said the same thing over and over here since Grant took over the blog. I do’nt have a problem with the content of what Grant writes, its his tone that gets to me. He is sophomoric, sarcastic, passive aggressive and juvenile in his tone and it does’nt wear well on a man

  58. Last week I was processing the strong likelihood of getting a new HC, OC or both.

    This week I’m processing the strong likelihood of getting a new QB, HC and OC.

    This means drafting a new QB. Even if he turns out to be good, he will likely stink for a few years.

    This means I’m processing the strong likelihood of having a poor passing attack until around 2017 while we wait for the new savior to develop.

    The 49ers have had an above average to great defense since around 2008. It should remain so through 2017.

    So now I’m also processing the fact that nine years of very good defense will be wasted by nine years of plodding offense.

    As much as I like and prefer a WCO-ish new head coach, I don’t see Baalke going that way. Baalke is from the Parcells “win the middle” school. He would go somewhere else rather then change his stripes.

    1. I was just going to post the same link titled “Truly a Team Effort”.

      When Ray Rato is right he blows the doors off.

      1. That’s a good one but you must remember that the culperets were bonded together in a common mission. In this case, everyone is going in different directions, and there is no Hercule Poirot.

    2. Very good read. Ratto really buried York/Harbaugh. He more or less predicts a downfall. Other quotes…

      “Because there are too many coaches with input into an offensive plan for which Roman gets inordinately blame.”

      “Roman won’t be back either, but he will be remembered wrongly as the reason the offense went to crap. He was simply the easy target for fans who know titles but not work parameters…”

  59. I am a long time Niner fan. This entire situation is concerning and has the possibility of setting the team back years.
    One season doesn’t make a career. Harbaugh has taken the team to 3 Conference championships. That says a lot. But something is wrong in the relationship between him and the front office. Neither Jed or Trent have spoken up to state Jim is coming back. That tells me they have already decided to go in another direction, but where is the question?
    The team has suffered through a lot of injuries this year which has had a big impact on the team. Harbaugh has not forgotten how to coach, he is still a top NFL coach. But he appears to burn through relationships and has not adapted to the situation, maybe because of his rigid approach.
    So who is going to come in and coach the team? Mangini? Gruden? David Shaw? Sean Payton (that would be nice.)Or is it going to be some retread that management is comfortable with?
    In my view they should not give up on Kap. He needs a different approach than he has had. He needs someone like a Gruden or Payton who will push him and demand that he work hard and improve and not someone who proclaims that he is great.
    The Offensive line needs some work, but what is mostly needed is a playmaker on offense; someone who scares the other team. The Niner’s have not had a receiver who really scares the other side since T.O. I think this missing piece has been Balke’s biggest failing in the draft. We need someone who can make the defense play honest and worry about passes that go deeper than 15 yards.
    Yesterday it looked like Harbaugh had lost the team. I just hope the fan’s don’t lose our team for the next few years as a result.

    1. ×100000000
      time for grades and Lombardi. I’m done with baalke. He’s not better or more important than Harbaugh. Where is the 2012 draft?

  60. I know there are a lot of people saying Kaep shouldn’t be the starter next year, but I doubt they’ll completely give up on him one year after signing him to a $100M deal.

    Assuming he’s still the presumptive starter heading into next season, whatever else happens this offseason, the 49ers must find either a veteran or rookie QB (or both) capable of providing strong competition, and a guy they can turn to if Kaep doesn’t improve. I realise I’m not saying anything most people don’t already know there, but that has to be the top priority after sorting out the coaching situation.

    1. Scooter:

      See your point. But Kaep’s contract and the new stadium will, I think, add complications to the efforts by the FO to create strategic plan for the future. And those complications might mean that they feel locked into keeping Kaep and maybe even Harbaugh.

      1. Who if not CK? The collegians are all projects one way or another. Sanchez? Glendon? Hoyer? Schaub? Gabbert?

        1. If we are being honest there are no QB’s that can come in and do what Kaep has. Expectations are too high. Same thing for a coach. With the way niners fans are, they have to win the big within the next 3 years. Harbaugh led the team to 3 straight NFCCG and a superbowl. Anything less with 3 years is unacceptable. Kaep was the QB in a SB and NFCCG. If a QB can’t win the big one within 3 years, he’s a failure.

          Makes me take a good look at myself and the teams I cheer for. Niners fans are exactly like the University of Kentucky basketball fans. We perfection, if it can’t be delivered at the snap of the finger, let’s give the next guy a try.

          1. That’s not the issue. Kaep’s flaws are well known. He played above himself. Last year he wasn’t that consistent either.
            He had a couple of nice playoff runs but imploded.
            This year he’s supposed to get better. The more your start, the more experience you have. With that big contract comes higher expectations.

        2. Brotha, if they go the rookie QB route, and Kaep doesn’t pan out next year, then we’ll have to accept there will be a steep learning curve for the rookie.

          So long as the defense remains strong they can win games with a rookie QB, so long as the rookie isn’t terrible.

        3. @BroT

          Well, one of them is already on the team and has been practicing with them for a year….Why don’t we give him a try?

      2. Cubus, I can’t believe Harbaugh will be kept next year. A few weeks back I thought there may be a chance, but not now.

        Any new HC they bring in will likely be tasked with trying to fix Kaep, but not many HC candidates would feel comfortable coming in being tied to the previous regime’s QB. He’d want the leeway to bring in his own backup plan, if he can’t get Kaep on track.

        1. Yeah, but that backup plan means we’re out Kaep’s salary for the year. Cost of doing business I guess.

          I assume there was a reason why the decision month in Kaep’s contract is April vice say July. Do you know why?

          1. Yeah, I think the 49ers will be footing the bill for Kaep for one more year at least.

            I believe the fully guaranteed salary for the year if he’s on the roster past April 1 would be to the benefit of all parties – it forces the 49ers to make a decision in time to find a replacement and also gives Kaep time to find another team while FA is still in swing.

    2. The $100 million is nothing that Kap signed it’s just numbers, the 49ers FYI, if you still don’t know constructed Kaepernick contract, every year at the end of each season if the 49ers choose to release Kaepernick they can without compensating Kap. Harbaugh is the one that went after Kaepernick, Baalke and Jed dislike the idea of starting Kapernick even though Alex Smith was already healthy to start after his injury. Now that the 49ers defense are having sort of problems and injuries and cannot compensate for the lack of productivity by kaepernick and the offense. The rest of the NFL teams caught up to kaepernick they know where to exploit his weakness as you can see his the most sack QB in the league and he’s terrible as a pocket passer. You can’t say the 49ers don’t have a reliable offensive line.

  61. Based on the reviews, I have decided (a) it was a good thing I couldn’t watch the game yesterday and (b) not to waste my time finding and watching the game online. The season has now officially come apart at the seams, and this place is going to be a nightmare for months.

    Grant, how long are you going to ban my IP address? Since I didn’t do anything worthy of banishment and I can keep using proxy servers, my continued banishment is both inappropriate and ineffective.

    Someone please put bay out of his misery. Hypocrisy is bad enough by itself, but his self-pitying hypocrisy is insufferable. Plus, he’s resurrected the “real fan” nonsense.

    1. Write Grant a personal email. Let Bay suffer the humiliation, he deserves no mercy!
      Just kidding. We have a big tent here on this blog. all are welcome. Even douche bags!

  62. No easy answer. I think if the FO decides to move on from Kaep, they will go for a “game manager” veteran and select a QB in the early rounds. My memory’s not as good as it used to be, but I don’t think we’ve really seen enough of those plays, that only Kaep can make, that come close to making up for the negative plays.

    A very strong defense and so-so offense with a game manager is a proven formula. Not exciting but can work.

    I don’t have a final opinion on this, just kind of throwing ideas and thoughts out in search of interesting feedback and other opinions.

    One thing I really would like to know is if, as a passer, Kaep requires (in order for success) the OLine to pass block longer than other good QBs. Carr got the ball out so fast yesterday making it hard for the niners to get to him. Kaep not so much. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to get those kind of stats.

    1. Brian Dawkins just opined that the play calling isn’t playing to CK’s strengths, that he can be a good QB. Jaws meanwhile pointed to CK missing open guys. It’s like he’s looking through a rifle scope instead of binoculars. We can only guess at why; Colin has to figure that out.

      1. His footwork and mechanics are all over the shop. He’s not playing like a confident player.

        1. Scooter,
          Not long ago we had a QB that had lost his confidence as well. Alex Smith found a renewed confidence under Jim Harbaugh and has become a good QB.

          I only bring up AS because prior to his injured shoulder, I saw enough of Alex to give me hope for the future even with a small sample size. After his return from injury Alex’ biggest foe seemed to be confidence.

          I’ve seen enough of Kap to believe that he still has the ability to be a very good QB. Like AS of 4 years ago, he needs to find his confidence again.
          I’m not ready to throw the baby out with the dirty bath water (get rid of CK), I need to see if CK can recapture his confidence and swag again.
          Like Alex, it will likely come under a new regime that can use Kap to play o his strengths rather than limit them.

          1. Agreed AES. I’m not willing to write Kaep off completely just yet either. A new system and new coach may be just what he needs. But I’d sure want to have a back up plan in case it goes sideways again next year.

            1. Scooter,
              Agreed. Maybe drafting CK was part of the impetus Alex needed to get him over the top.
              Kap needs to have a backup QB that could push him as well. I don’t believe that there are any coming out in next years draft and Gabbert like McCoy before him is only an antacid and not a cure.

              I want to see Kap play at his strengths before making a final decision imo of him.

      2. Kaep is thinking too much. Way too much. Everyone knows football is a game of instincts. His instincts are to run. Probably has been his entire life.

        Now as a professional QB and he knows he has to learn how to play from the pocket. That in itself is difficult when you know you can outrun people. Then he has learn coverages and routes. While all of this has probably been taught to him at least a little bit, he just outran people. To sum it up, IMO, he’s fighting his instincts. He’s thinking, when football players think, they lose crucial seconds.

        1. Fix the line and half the problem is fixed. Next year the Superbowl is played at Levi. No way in hell they make a Qb change in such a critical year.
          No one could have predicted the Oline regression. What was predictable was our lack of Wr speed and the impact it would have.
          Jack posted Kaeps passer rating on deep passes. Would love to know what the separation that the Wr’s looked like.
          telling you guys yesterday being at the game our team looked very slow.

  63. Kaepernick was 9-13, 78 yds, 1 TD 1 Int 1 sack, 78.37 rating on screens/PA throws.

    On straight drop back throws he was 9-20, 76 yards, 0 TD, 1 Int, 4 sacks, 34.58 rating

    1. Jack:

      Are there statistics that one could use to get a sense of how fast a QB is able to get rid of the ball on a pass? I can imagine there are a number of factors, but the contrast between Kaep and Carr in this area was stark yesterday.

      If there are, would you please post. Thanks.

      1. Only for the season.

        Kaepernick has an average time to attempt of 2.63.

        Carr has an average time to attempt of 2.53.

        For reference, Peyton Manning has the shortest time to attempt at 2.21.

  64. Jack:

    Clearly, the problem lies with the offensive line, the coaches for playing away from our strengths and for loading our offensive up with three WR’s that all did the same thing.

      1. I repeated what you wrote in order to mock you. Kaepernick’s problems are all his own.

        1. I think there are multiple issues for sure. But lover boy Bay Area seems to ignore the main problem and insults everyone who tries to say other wise.

          Winning QBs find a way to win. They lead by example. They don’t regress.

          1. If they have an offensive line! That is the biggest disappointment for sure.. This line is bar none the worst in football.. Anybody who pays attention to football sees that.. Now kaep has looked awful lately I agree but confidence is built when you have a good line.. Look at the cowboys who were a laughing stock last year.. Give kaep another year with a healthy roster and some speed on O and make a determination.. He is only 27 keep that in mind.. Young turned 29 when he became a good pocket QB..

            1. CK=Elite,

              You know what Kaep really needs? Not an O-Line, not faster WRs, or an RB, he needs to GET IT. All those things don’t matter if the QB is not mature enough to handle the adversity, to make the right adjustments, to understand the game management.
              I never made excuses for Alex and I sure as heck am not going to let this guy off the hook. He was handed the keys to the kingdom and didn’t get it done. 2012 and the SB was storybook, that was his moment, when you fail, it’s hard to recapture that magic.
              In 2013 he was inconsistent, the team had to go back to the drawing board before it went on its run. Kaep through a pick six right into the hands of a GB DB. He redeemed himself against Carolina and imploded in Seattle.
              How many times do you need to see him struggle in the moment?

        2. Coach:

          I’ve read that you really believe that games are won or lost in the trenches. Do you still feel that is the main problem with the niners or do you also see the regression of Kaep as a QB as a significant factor. After yesterday, I’m leaning towards Kaep’s regression as perhaps being more significant, but as you can probably tell, I’m tentative.

  65. Cubus I’m not sure whether it CK’s regression or the O lines regression that is more significant, unlike some here i do’nt know everything. One thing I do know is the O line comes first, if you get a new QB and put him behind this line he will fail. So i ca’nt answer the question of which is more significant in the 9ers collapse but i can tell you that rebuilding the O line has to come before we put a new QB back there.

    1. OC, you make a great point. Who do you keep? It takes a real insider to know which ones on the roster fell off due to injury or age. But I think that’s Baalke’s number one project after the coaches are decided.

    1. I would say big time; if they’re not competitive, he’s going to be humiliated again. But whatever he does, prepare for a shut out. Our defense aside, we are now one of the worst teams in the NFL.

      1. And the defense hasn’t been great for the past two games getting off the field without a score.

  66. So Everyone has written Harbaugh off, Roman off, Kaep too. If Fangio leaves with him, can another Defensive Coodinator duplicate what he’s done with this defense? I don’t expect him to stay either.

  67. So satisfied with the result last weekend. Now finally we can put the Harbaugh stays talk to rest. Get rid of the a-hole and the attitude that seems to permeate with everyone around him. Maybe he’ll take a lesson from his brother John on how to be a head coach in the NFL. He has a complete lack of respect for the NFL and anyone that helps put the big money into his pocket.

    He lost this team last offseason and hopefully he’ll learn not to be a total prick, because when $hit hits the fan, no one listens to a ‘chump’ anymore.

    1. Please Elaborate on “he has a complete lack of respect for the NFL”. How does he disrespect the NFL?

        1. Maybe you’re just too much of a simpleton to understand what branding and PR means to the NFL. You can’t be a complete dikhead in this business and not talk, or show complete disdain for the press who is your medium for your organization and yourself to make the big money he makes.

          This might be too complicated for you to understand. To put it simply, go play a game of ping pong in your own garage and see if you can make big money doing it if no one cares.

            1. Again, if you win you get a pass. If Belichick loses his team, the hawks will be circling. Winning gives you a pass with the press, as long as you keep doing it. We’re seeing the house of cards fall now that Harbaugh isn’t winning.

          1. Fourth & Alex,
            So let me see if ‘m missing something here with regards to Branding and PR in the NFL.

            So if branding and PR are an important element can you tell me why Jed York and Trent Baalke virtually left Harbaugh out to dry during the McDonald incident.
            Since the media is such a vital tool of communication between the Org and the fans don’t you think it odd that Jed and Trent (for the most part) stayed on the sidelines rather than shield their headcoach by the subsequent fallout that could have easily been a distraction?

            I think that Harbaugh has been short with the media, but not rude or disrespectful.
            Being disrespectful is what young Jedi did with his tweet last Thanksgiving? Or the tweet by Baalke’ daughter.
            Harbaugh could have used the media to voice his disagreement and frustration over those two incidents but he has never said anything disparaging.

            What did you think of the reporter who asked Harbaugh which team he would be coaching on Sunday days before the game?
            imo, Harbaugh has been more then accommodating to the media.

      1. His press conferences should be enough for you to understand. Actually speaking to the media is part of his job. He represents the shield and the brand that is the NFL. Listening to this moron talk is ridiculous.

        The press wasn’t always so bad to him like they are now. He just simply had complete disdain for them and refused to say anything worth a dime. When he first joined the organization the media was in love with the guy. Like his reputation preceding him, he tends to rub everyone the wrong way after a while and this is no different.

        1. I was mulling over how the 49ers and Seahawks have alot in common. Front offices, how they run drafts, power running offenses, good defenses, QBs, HCs that get their players motivated with tough but always positive reinforcement…

          Last but not least, both teams cultivate an us-vs-them siege mentality as a tool for motivation. The glaring difference?

          – The Seahawks view their fans and local “insider” reporters as if they were inside the besieged castle.

          – The 49ers view their fans and local “insider” reporters as enemies, across the moat, outside the besieged castle.

          When Harbaugh and Kaepernick view routine questions as attacks on their encampment, they put themselves at a big psychological disadvantage.

          US vs THEM works great, as long as the organization knows fans and (mildly) critical insiders are in the US camp.

          1. Mostly agree, but it’s not the organization, it’s Harbaugh and now Kaepernick. Fangio has been excellent with the media. Even Roman has been pretty good in his pressers, albeit he absolutely blows as a coordinator. Harbaugh can’t be the face of the franchise and give the same disdain looks he does week after week and not expect everyone to trounce on him when he stumbles.

            1. Harbaugh and Kaepernick are the most hostile to fans. Fangio is a great interview. But the 49ers consistently hire HCs hostile to media.

              A Singletary interview comes to mind with a KPIX reporter from years back. He was an “insider” reporter that asked only complimentary questions. The role Mindi Bach has now.

              He threw out a compliment, and Singletary went nuts. Gave him a big lecture. Got in his face. Singletary was so paranoid, he mistook the complimentary question as hostile and really laid into the guy.

              Nothing was done. No apologies.

              1. Yes, but I don’t think Jed and Trent are so averse to the media like Harbaugh is. Harbaugh constantly flat out lies through his teeth in disdain, just as if he is sarcastically mocking the media.

                (I’m paraphrasing)
                Q. How do you evaluate Colin’s play recently?
                A. He’s one of the greatest.

                If it was Fangio he would straight out tell you yes Colin has had some tough weeks.

                It’s only after being totally humbled by this latest loss has Harbaugh sort of admitted Colin is not Joe Montana and he’s had a rough time lately.

              2. I actually liked that Jed tweeted that this latest loss was unacceptable. It shows he cares about the fans. Unlike Hairball who pretends there isn’t a problem until, umm, there is one and he can’t hide anymore.

  68. It’s just sad next season a lot of changes with the 49ers, no Harbaugh, Roman, Crabtree, Gore and many more players that will not be back with for 49ers next year. Vernon Davis lack of productivity, and maybe Boldin is going to loose a step. And we’ll never know if the upper management has already decided at the end of the season to part ways also with Kapernick who’s 28 years age. And 49ers should pick a younger QB in draft who is an accurate pocket passer and that can read the defense and a game manager. We don’t need a QB that can throw 50, 60 yards down the field, who’s very inconsistent and having problems finding receivers to throw too from the pocket.. The 49ers need a consistent QB in the center that’s mobile and can throw with accuracy and consistency.

    1. yeah, like alex smith

      ironic isn’t it?

      i will always remember how ck screwed greenbay, kinda puts me at peace with the late 90s, but i sure miss alex.

      like others said, karma’s a bitch.

      1. And he lost to raiders too..have the same record as the niners..Now that’s really ironic..hmmm.lol…I guess karma ain’t workin out for him either eh? Hahaha..

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