Jaquiski Tartt signs 2-year extension through 2020 with 49ers

San Francisco 49ers strong safety Jaquiski Tartt (29) intercepts a pass intended for Carolina Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they signed safety Jaquiski Tartt to a two-year extension through the 2020 season.

Here’s a statement about Tartt from GM John Lynch: “Since we arrived last year, Jaquiski has impressed us with his play, his work ethic and the kind of teammate he is. We believe he’s a natural fit in our defensive system, and his abilities will allow him to flourish. It is always exciting when we are able to extend our own young players like Jaquiski who are dedicated to their craft, this team and our community.”

Tartt, 26, recorded one interception and three pass breakups in nine games last season. He missed seven games with a broken arm.

The timing of this extension is interesting. Maybe if Mike McGlinchey wasn’t available in Round 1, the 49ers would have drafted a safety such as Minkah Fitzpatrick or Derwin James, and Tartt wouldn’t haven’t gotten this extension.

What do you think?

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  1. I imagine that Paraag and Tartt’s agent have been working on this contract for days if not weeks so I believe this signing is more about the 9ers really liking what they saw out of Tartt late in the season.

  2. Tartt was good enough to displace Reid, who struggled in coverage with not much recovery speed. I think it was more about Brown and their lack of confidence moving forward, coupled with McGlinchey’s high pedigree at the position.

    In your hypothesis, my guess is they would have done what Gruden did. Trade down and taken Miller, then hope you can rectify that false step in his pass pro….

  3. According to Tartt this has been in the works since Feb. I think it was happening regardless.

    Good extension. He played well last year. One less guy they need to worry about replacing next offseason.

  4. I think you are right. Lynch was likely holding off Tartt’s extension until after round one.

    Wonder if skipping James and Fitzpatrick opens the possibility of signing Reid?

  5. Grant Cohn @grantcohn

    The @49ers should trade up in Round 2 and take CB Isaiah Oliver.

    In my mind they are definitely trading up, Oliver is a good guess, I think Landry could be another possibility.

      1. I’m torn. I like both Oliver and Landry… but I’m guessing the target is Oliver. Landry is coveted and will cost too much I’m guessing.

        1. I don’t know…if he was so coveted he should have gone in the 1st…though Browns, Giants, and Indy would all be happy with high quality edge rusher…. so you may be right.

      1. Yes I like Davis as well, although you can always count on that infamous run on CBs in the second…so 59 may be a stretch.

    1. If they are looking to trade up to the top of the 2nd their primary target should be Landry. He’s the best player available, and plays a position of need.

      Maybe his medicals scared people off, or maybe teams just didn’t like him as much as I do. Probably both. I don’t really care. He is going to be a good pass rusher and getting to the QB is a big need for the 49ers.

      1. Scooter? According to whom? I understand that 90 percent of this blog believes that he’s the best available, but maybe John and Kyle don’t believe so..

      1. aka Mr. Clean. If the niners had an award for the cleanest uniform after a game, Harold would win it every time.

    1. #80 – before you start popping off, better check out the Rams FA additions – they got several proven first rounders who are not projections or hopefulls……free agency was their early rounds in the draft and they ACED it with legitimate players

        1. like aldon smith, reuben foster and a host of others with the Niners did not have baggage???????…….at least the Rams have some talent and you even said legitimate players…….that’s the key and the difference

          1. That’s not a huge difference considering they all have red flags. They all have been suspended. Suh is out of position. There’s no guarantee these three will produce.

      1. Suh, Peters, and Talib could be a toxic locker room for a young HC. Suh will be playing out of position at NT. I’m not crowning LA.

      2. He wasn’t popping off so much as pointing out that the 49ers put a premium on draft picks, and clearly trust their staff to develop talent as opposed to the Rams approach. We’ll find out what their team is made of if they hit a losing streak. They got a young coach that is buoyed by Phillips. Will they point fingers or rally the troops?

        1. As we’ve seen many times before, premium talent through free agency doesn’t always equate to success. It’s all about how fast they can gel together, and trust each other. As I said, a patch of adversity will tell us all we need to know about this group….

            1. Used to could, Grant. He’s a bit longer in the tooth now. Does he still have what it takes to keep his Alpha’s from fighting amongst one another if the manure hits the fan?

        2. They didn’t add any bigger piece than the 49ers did with Jimmy G.
          Names are names. Chemistry and the right pieces are everything.
          We will see at the end of the season Grant.
          Always remember the All star team in Philly!

  6. Grant… Why do you assume there is always some jacked up reasoning for them doing things? Couldn’t this signing literally mean they like tartt and wanted to keep him around. Plain and simple. Maybe it’s just me, but I for one believe these guys know how to build a team the way they see fit. And I’m sticking to it.

  7. A decenting view:

    I want Conner Williams, if he is healthy of course. With Williams playing left guard we will have a line that will have no holes, for a change. Jimmy will be protected and we will not fear having to play the Rams with Donald and Suh. Also, we would have a line that we would not have to worry about for 10 years, outside of the left tackle. In my opinion, this is the way to build a team.

      1. RJ2 or Chubb would be nice too, but maybe a luxury. I can’t help but think what the next 5 years would look like with Jimmy to Anthony Miller also….

    1. I would be ok with that Leo. Williams will likely be moved to G in the pros and we still have a need so if he’s there he might be an option.

  8. Put to a vote the team really wanted a tart on their travel squad.
    Then they became somewhat depressed when they found out it was Tartt not a tart.

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