Jim Harbaugh: “Understand that the opponent played extremely well.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

C Daniel Kilgore, will he require surgery on that leg?

Tomorrow, he’s going to get surgery.”


Will he go on IR?



We all remember how bad the NT Ian Williams fracture was. Are we talking about the same type of injury to Daniel?

“It’s similar.”


How’s he doing, just talking to him?

“He was disappointed. He played well in the game. So it’s an obstacle to overcome and he’s made of the right stuff. No doubt that he’ll overcome it.”


How will you go about finding his replacement? Will it be a tryout of sorts between C Marcus Martin and G/C Dillon Farrell?

“I wouldn’t call it that. We’ll be moving forward and making that determination as we go.”


You said he was playing well yesterday. How well has he played throughout the season and how big of an impact could this have on the offensive line? Obviously, the center has a lot of responsibility?

“He’s been playing really well. Better and better each week. Like I said, I thought he played really well in this game. We’ll say a prayer and hope the surgery goes real well tomorrow, which I’m confident it will, and then he’ll start healing.”


There was a report yesterday that LB Aldon Smith’s suspension could be reduced by one or two games. Have you ever heard that throughout this process, that it could be less than nine games?

“I saw that report and I don’t know anything about it.”


How’s Aldon doing?

“Good, very well.”


He still working out daily, attending meetings? What have you seen from him during this time? I know you had talked about some of the promises he made the organization. How’s he following through on everything that he said he would do?

“Very well. Excelling at his community service and when he’s around the facility, very well.”


You’ve been obviously around the game a long time. You’ve gone ups and downs as a player and everything. Something like last night, can you just shake it off and say, ‘OK we’ll go on’ and it’s just ‘a game’ and we go on?”

“Well, to your point, it happens to everybody. Not what you want to have happen. Understand that the opponent played extremely well. And then, where can we learn? Where can we learn and what can we learn from? Take that approach.”


How did with the players, did they watch the film today? What’s your plan as far as their bye week?

“I want them to enjoy their families, enjoy their children if they have them, play with their kids and come back mentally stronger, physically stronger. We resume next Monday.”


With the exception of Kilgore, are all the injured players, LB Patrick Willis, DB Jimmie Ward etcetera, do you hope to have them back for the week of practice for the Rams game?

“Yes, we would hope to.”


How did CB Tramaine Brock come out of that game yesterday physically?

“Well, as far as I know.”


Do you have a big group of guys sticking around? Some guys sticking around here? I know some of them do live here, but that you’ve heard of so far?

“I know some are and haven’t talked to every single guy.”


What about the coaching staff? Will they be continuing to work through or are they are on the same schedule as the players?

“No, we’ll continue to work. We have work to get done this week.”


What specifically or what can you say about what kind of work you guys need to get done this week?

“Preparation for upcoming opponents and self-scout and there will be players that will come in and we’ll be available to those players.”


Can you be available to them after Thursday?

“No. Coaches, as far as going out on the field and working out with them, no. Not my understanding and we wouldn’t. We won’t be. The way I understand the rule, it’s four days off and consecutive and two of them Saturday and Sunday.”


So, can you even talk football with them in film room?

“No, we won’t do it, no. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.”


Why were you unable to get the running game going last night?

“There’s definitely, as we said last night, with the exception of special teams, I thought special teams was a wash, I can’t say that we won it or they won it, but the other two, offense, defense, the Broncos did better things. They outplayed us. Not going to go over every single specific phase of each of those two phases. There’s going to be some obvious, ‘Why didn’t this? Why didn’t that?’ Right, didn’t.”


After the game got out of hand, you stayed with QB Colin Kaepernick for a while. Why was that? Did you just want him to finish on a high note? Why not take him out when there were some injuries on the line and there were some issues in that game?

“Well, the drive started with about 10 minutes and I was still thinking with three timeouts and a quick score, an onside kick, three timeouts to stop a drive, another score and an onside kick, I was still thinking of the possibilities. That drive extended quite a bit of time, longer than I was hoping for, and I did think about, in the middle of the drive about the six-minute mark, of taking Colin out, but didn’t.”


Is TE Vernon Davis a little rusty right now as you look at him or do you see him as 100 percent?

“I see him as 100 percent.”


How did LB Chris Borland play?

“Same as we talked about last night. It was some valuable experience gained by some of our young players. Borland, [WR] Bruce Ellington, both did some real good things in the ball game, things to build off of. [LB] Aaron Lynch, Farrell, [G Joe] Looney, [DB] Dontae Johnson. There was some good experience had by some of our younger players. “


Was there anything that Johnson could do on that first touchdown? As far as avoiding the umpire?

“It’s one of those things that happens.”


Looney played some center at the end of the game. Is he someone who could potentially fill in for Kilgore?

“He’s a versatile player as you saw in our center plans.”


Will you look at him as the potential starter going forward at that spot?

“We’ll evaluate that as we go. But, I think right now the first shot at that is going to be [C] Marcus Martin.”


Before he got hurt, how was he looking and how do you feel about his ability to step in above the shoulders and handle all the mental aspects of that position?

“He’s exceled at the mental aspects – before and after he was injured. I’ve been real impressed with that. Even when he knew he was hurt, knew he was going to be out multiple weeks, he did not ease off in terms of the classroom and the study. I think that bodes well. Bright youngster and he’s champed at the bit to get back on the field and didn’t take the opportunity to let the injury linger. So, good signs. Excited about his progress and I look forward to good things.”


Are you going to watch the World Series at all?



Do you have any predictions?

“No. Both great teams, both resilient teams. Be very exciting to watch, I’m sure. I will try to catch as much of it as I can.”

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the play where Johnson tripped over the umpire: I thought that until the last 2 minutes of each half the Ump was to line up next to the referee. Since this was still the 1st qtr.. why was the ump there to begin with????

    1. I believe it’s two minutes in the first half, five minutes in the second and any time the ball is inside the five… could be wrong, but am pretty sure that is the modified rule.

  2. So with Kilgore on IR, I guess Ventrone,Johnson and Osgood don’t have to worry about the realease one day and sign the next day carousel.

  3. I can see the remainder of the season going in one of 3 directions.

    Scenario 1: Collapse. Niners are continually plagued by nagging injuries, inopportune penalties and sloppy/inconsistent play. THey end the season 8-8. Their draft position is 12. Baalke drafts an obscure DT who was projected in round 3-4 and the wheel goes round once again.

    Scenario 2: Niners get healthy and disciplined. Their only loss in the second half is at seattle. Cards barely edge them for the division title and the niners lose yet another NFC championship game – to the Packers this time.

    Scenario 3: Niners open up a can of whoop ass. The end the regular season 13-3 and win the west. They get some revenge in the superbowl and beat the broncos 31-17.

    1. The addition of Aldon should get the 49ers into the playoffs. How far could hinge on Bowman. I’m not counting on him coming back this year. If he does, will he be at full speed?

    2. #1 — 49ers collapse and the Giants win the World Series with a talented, likeable manager and team

    3. Rollo,
      The remaining schedule looks quite easy. I can see the 49ers going 7-2 or 6-3 the rest of the way.

  4. It will be a challenge for Marcus, a 20 year old in a position that requires a high understanding of the game. I’ll be rooting for him.

  5. The thing that’s stood out the most in that interview was he gave them an entire week off. After all the reports of Harbaugh being hard nose. Now my anxiety kicks in about the guys who don’t have a wife and kids. Too much free time can be detrimental.

    1. The NFLPA collective bargaining agreement mandates that players get so many days off regardless of a coach’s wishes; therefore, Niner players will get at least 4 consecutive days off. JH may choose to toss a few more crumbs their way, too, at his own disgression. Makes no sense to bring in the players for just one day before sending them on their ways for 4 days.

    2. KY,
      I hear you. Maybe the Org can have a mass wedding for all 49er bachelor’s sometime this week and than annul the marriages on Nov. 1, Jk :>)

      Actually, I see the team having a great 2nd half of the season given the fact that we will be healthier and get Aldon Smith for the stretch run.

      Even if Bowman is slow in his return, the combo of Aldon and Lynch could wreck havoc on opposing QB’ when Aldon returns.
      Also, we have CHyde ready to help down the stretch run if Gore begins to wind sputter after 8 games.

      Better play from VD and maybe a cameo appearance from VMac in the 2nd half of the season will add more fire power to the offense.
      Crabtree is not playing like he is completely healthy so hopefully the two week break could iron out any issues.
      If BEllington begins to get his wits on the playbook and starts to get a better feel for the speed of the game, he could be instrumental going into the playoffs.

      So many positives gives me a lot of confidence going forward.
      All good!

  6. Wilson is a much better quarterback than Kaepernick. Anyone football fan outside a 49er fan would pick Wilson as their a quarterback if it was a game that meant their money was at stake.

    1. I wouldn’t. Wilson is what he is a solid game manager and Kaepernick is approving. I see QB who throws the ball away instead of running out of bounds creating negative yards like last year. I also see a receiver that may not be seeing the whole field but is definitely seeing alot better. I also see a QB that’s hanging in the pocket better. The problem I saw on Sunday was they got behind early and Denver took away the run which forced us to be one dimensional.

    2. @Mike

      The Midget over Kaep?


      With out the Hags dominating Defense last season the Midget doesn’t get the Short Field to score Cheap Points to get Home Field & win the Super Bowl. That Hags D is not what it was this year thus you have them at 3-3.

    3. Mike—Other than a sight mention of keeping him in the game longer there was no mention of Kaep in this write up. Where does this mention of your preference of Wilson over Kaep even come in to play on this particular thread? It’s totally irrelevant to this thread even in comparisons since nothing about Kaeps playing was even mentioned. I prefer chicken over shrimp but so what. That has no relevance either. You have to have a real man crush on Wilson to out of the blue just bring him up. Do you even have a clue to how ridiculous your out of context statement was? Not even an attempt to try to disguise your agenda. What a joke.

  7. I understand that this Bronco team is about the same that got drubbed the the S’Hawks in the SB. I think they outplayed us at every position last night. That’s what I understand.

    1. Its absolutely not the same team. They are a lot better on D. Von Miller is healthy which he wasn’t last year,better CBs (Talib and Roby)and they also added Ware. Not to mention Sanders at WR is better thank Decke .

      1. Michael: Don’t try to throw to many variables at some of these posters. The seem to believe that a team stays the same year after year. They still believe that the present 49er team is the same as the 2011 that Alex took to the Playoffs. Details, details if the name of the team is the same it must be the same.

  8. For the first time I think Harbaugh got out coached. He knew his defense has been weakened and he didn’t protect it. Needless to say, player performance also was not up to snuff. To protect the defense the offense needed to stay on the field and get first downs. Right from the get go 3 and out. Pass run pass punt. Needed touchdowns not field goals. Defense needed to blitz constantly keeping that pressure on Manning. I am not sure that the Niners would of won with a great effort, but I guess that was the problem effort.

    Don’t get me wrong I think Harbaugh is a doggone good coach, I just think he got out coached. Maybe he outcoached himself.

    1. @undercenter

      I can’t tell if you’re saying that with tongue-in-cheek or not. When he first arrived, I was a believer…I am no longer. I think that he has become a predictable ‘answer man’ with no plan except to get himself a big new contract. Where the hell is the brilliance in an ‘offensive genius’ that we were promised at his hire? It would be hard to follow Singletary and look bad, but I see it happening. ‘Gaming the system with “redshirt” players, and ping-ponging players on and off the roster shows me arrogance, not brilliance. He pointed out a couple of flaws in Alex Smith’s delivery, which ALEX corrected…NOT JH. He was handed a team that was very talented, I don’t think he has improved it very much. The image is quickly fading, and I agree with you, he does outcoach himself.

      1. He was handed a team that was very talented, I don’t think he has improved it very much.

        Think about what you’ve just said here Oregon. This team was at the bottom of the league for nearly a decade, and was coming off of a 6 win season when Harbaugh was hired. He has taken that 6 win team and led it to 3 straight NFCCG’s and a SB appearance. I understand frustration after losses but I don’t understand how anyone can make comments like this or the criticizing of Baalke who has stocked this team as well or better than any GM in the league.

        We all want them to win another SB, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t accomplished a lot already from where they were. This idea permeating the board right now that Harbaugh isn’t the guy anymore and can be easily replaced is crazy.

              1. Good man. I’m a child of TheElderClarkMeyerMcPeteyFredO’Culler years. So Singletary’s still got a little clearance over that “worst ever” bar…

        1. Rocket,

          OregonNiner’s comment made so little sense, I’m amazed that you could respond in such a cogent manner. Well done.

      2. Oregon,

        “redshirt” players, and ping-ponging players on and off the roster shows me arrogance, not brilliance.”

        What does that have to do with Harbaugh? Those calls are made by Baalke.

        For the rest, Rocket said it best.

        1. He was handed a team with all the personel in place to win a Superbowl. The only thing it was missing was a competent coach. Singletary was a joke. Pathetic. Where is he now? Half the higg school coaches in the bay area coukd have done more with that team. I find it so amusing that these POS’s in the media never called him out remotely close to the way they call out harbaugh…..wonder why that was…

          1. @Sanfranbob

            Different memories…As I remember, the POS’s you refer to DID called Singletary out almost daily if not hourly

        2. @Nick

          those calls are made by Paraag, Balke, AND Harbaugh…who’s going to make those calls without a push from the head coach?

  9. I think it is often forgotten that there is another team on the field and that how well a team does is also dependent on how well the opposition plays. You can play well but if the opposition plays better it doesn’t matter. Catch a team when they are playing lights out and you better have your A game just to have a chance. Catch a team playing lights out when you have all those injuries and what do you expect will happen.

    1. Wow what a great explanation of sports! I never there was another team out there. i was wondering who those guys were wearing the other color jersey. My GF said they were refs, I knew she was wrong.

        1. No it does not talk back. But your mom does! Duh!!!!!! Don’t ban me grant! Those is just jokes!!!!

      1. sanfanbob: Thank you! I am glad both you and 77 appreciated my post.lol.

        Yes it’s simple but something often forgotten by posters on this site who focus on the things the teams players short comings without considering certain great plays by the other teams that caused them.

        Fansince77and sanfranbob— I know I p!ss you guys off. But is this the best you can do to get me. Pitiful. At least disguise it some by going after some substance instead of just resorting to pure sarcasm.

        1. Jill, to the contrary, you crack me up. I haven’t laughed so hard since grants insightful posts about ginn pants.

        2. You don’t piss me off.

          I’m still trying to figure out why you decided to post something as enlightening. I’m still amazed by how deep that is. Did you go up to Mendocino and sniff around to come up with something like that?
          “It’s like, totally, you know, there’s another team, like, playing and stuff. And like wow man, sometimes they’re pretty good you know. And, like, what’s a Bronco? Why not just call them horses? Is it really a Mile High? And like, they played pretty well and stuff, and like the Niners maybe don’t suck so much as they, like caught the Broncos when the moon was full. Yeah. And Kaepernick, is like, dope. He does’ t read defenses, man. He walks on water.”

  10. My take away is that we played the Broncos with our second string for the most part and even third string after a few injuries. Of course we are going to lose. But as I said before, it is worthless to point fingers or pile on. It is what it is and football is entertainment. I wish the Niners nothing but success.

    On another note, a very cool thing happened at the end of the Hawks/Rams game: Players from both sides including Wilson got together, knelt down on the edge of the field and prayed, no doubt thankful for a good game and no serious injuries. Very low key and spontanious. I was highly impressed by that. Probably 20 or so guys in that scrum, a far cry from the usual gang banging we read about.

    1. Ghost ..

      odds are .. Sherm was probably too busy
      running around the field complaining …

      ” .. I recovered that fumble ! ..” …to partake

    2. Ghost,
      Many players do that after every game. It’s just rarely shown on TV. Lord knows many people would freak out if they saw it. It’s sad to say, but praying isn’t entertaining so it will never be discussed.

      1. Thanks KY. Always nice to know folks have their priorities straight. Not the praying so much as the fellowship in a violent game. Prayers are pretty great as well…

        1. They will ban that next. They’ve already fined a player for wearing a “religious” type of shirt. Matter of time.

      2. KY,

        They show the prayer circle at least half of the time if they’re not cutting to another game.

    1. That’s great..still think Winston should have been kept..Im tired of other teams stopping Gore..so the whole running game has to be scrapped and goes to hell.we need a hardnosed back..fight for those yards..

  11. Just saw a Percy Harvin replica Seahawks helmet signed for $99, anybody want it? I asked the guy and he said the price tag last week was $299. This is in Gainesville gator country.

      1. MW you just have to try and start something don’t you. I handle adverse situations in stride. How well are you handling your beat down? Haha.

        1. Mary ..

          fyi …
          Sure.. I’m depressed by the loss ..but
          everytime I’m feelin’ down about it … I just
          think about the SeaChickens losing to … u-hhh ..

          (dare I say it .. ?)

          THE LAMBS !!

          (rotflmao !!)

          (I bet you polished off a whole bottle of aspirin .. huh ?)

        2. Because you’re a TROLL!!!
          You are a Seahak fan on a 49er page. What part of that don’t you get?

    1. Eddie …

      No matter how unstoppable Peyton Manning was ..
      I’ve been sayin’ all along …

      This will be Super Bowl 49 …

      I still … believe in fate !

  12. I like it! I’ll go one step further. A repeat of Super Bowl XXIX (Chargers), with the same outcome.

    1. Execution? I highly doubt it. Last Sunday was about a 1st team offense playing against a defense missing way too many starters. It was basically a practice for the Broncos going up against guys returning from injury, first time starting, and three all pro players sidelined. No matter how many miscues there was, no one was stopping Manning and that offense that night. It was not about execution. SF offense could have executed all day long but the defense and lack of it was a reason the 49ers lost Sunday.

      1. “…but the defense and lack of it
        was a reason the 49ers lost Sunday…. “

        FDM ..

        The very definition of {defensive} … execution

        1. MW, for the Niners defense to stop the Broncos that night, that would have meant that every player on the defensive side would have had to play the game of their lives. A near perfect outing. Translation: the talent level was just not there to compete against a red hot, fired up, determined offense.
          Like Harbaugh said, all credit to the opponent.

          1. Exactly- Unless the Bronco’s fall apart there was very little wiggle room for errors on the Niner’s side.

          2. Oh…
            I’m not arguing with you FDM .. in fact .. I’m
            agreeing with you … it’s just that ..
            both you and Jack are right …

            We have a banged up D .. and the bench warmers were
            playin’ …
            And they woulda had to play the game of their lives…

            but.. since they didn’t execute ..

            we lost

            See ?

      2. It’s all about execution. If Brock doesn’t blow his coverage on the pump fake Manning is sacked.

        If Davis doesn’t drop a ball that hits him right between the numbers the drive is extended and the worst that happens is the defense gets a longer break.

        If Dawson and Boldin don’t give up 7 points the 49ers come out at halftime down by only 4, the same position they were the week before in St Louis.

        If Kaepernick makes the correct read they get at least the first down and likely a much bigger play. For sure they aren’t giving the Broncos the ball on the 40.

        These are all execution problems made by the 49ers that played a big part in the way the game played out, and for the most part these were made by veteran guys who should be better.

        1. So now we are playing the what if game?

          If Davis doesn’t drop……..

          If Dawson and Boldin don’t…….

          If Kaepernick makes the correct…..

          Come on Hammer, you know football is all about talent.

          1. “you know football is all about talent”

            No. Talent is important, but football games are almost always won by the team that executes the best.

            1. If that was the case Hammer, then college teams would be able to beat pro teams because as you say “but football games are almost always won by the team that executes the best”.
              So regardless of talent, if you run the plays to perfection, you win?

              1. Talent can overcome lack of execution, execution will struggle against top end talent. Its a different game with all our starters in the lineup. Sunday night, the 49ers defense had no chance. Brock should not have played. Borland and Wilhoite looked lost and Manning made Reid and Bethea look foolish.
                You add Aldon, Bowman and Patrick and Manning has a different night. By your assessment, you are asking the defense Sunday to execute all their assignments to perfection. How many times does that happen in sports? That’s why you have talent because if the execution breaks down, your top end players can make enough plays to give you a fighting chance. Borlands, Wilhiotes best game of their life had no chance against Thomas, Welker, and Manning.

            2. Jack: You are correct that there were problems with execution, that some of those problems came from the starters, and that the outcome likely would have been different had the 49ers executed better. That said, I don’t think you can completely dismiss the depletion of talent on defense as a significant factor in the loss.

              Brock’s rust showed. Yes, I know he has struggled even when fully healthy, but, in my opinion, not playing for six weeks and then being rushed back in before he was likely ready, was a contributing factor to his poor play Sunday night. Borland and Wilhoite are not Willis and Bowman, and Manning took advantage of the drop in talent. The pass rush has not been the same without Aldon Smith. All those talent drops contributed significantly to the loss.

              And while I have no problem with the assertion that games are almost always won by the team that executes better, I also believe that more talented teams tend to execute better than less talented teams.

              FDM: There can be more than one reason for the loss. It could be a combination of depleted talent and failure to execute by those who played, including the starters.

              1. “There can be more than one reason for the loss. It could be a combination of depleted talent and failure to execute by those who played, including the starters”

                The margin of execution goes up exponentially when you have pro bowl players on the field as opposed to first time start, players returning from injury, and guys asked to do things they have not done all year.

              2. Sure, but that doesn’t explain Davis’s and Boldin’s drops or Kaepernick’s poor decision.

              3. There is something to the lack of execution theory, but when you come into a game missing so many starters, on a short week, against one of the best QB’s in the game…well let’s just say the odds aren’t in your favor.

                The Niners made some mistakes, but they’ve made mistakes in every game, and some they’ve won and others they’ve lost. It depends on the severity of the mistake (turnover in own territory) and if you are good enough to overcome it. With the lack of starters and short week on the road, the Niners had to play a flawless game to have a shot and didn’t. Now if you add the starters the Niners were missing and play this game on a neutral field with a full week of preparation for both, I think the Niners would stand a much better chance execution or not.

                As for the Niners execution on Sunday night, to quote the late John McKay: “My team’s execution? I’m in favor of it.”

              4. Jack, how much of those execution errors do you put on the starters not trusting the replacements, and trying to do too much to compensate/ help out where they thought they might be needed rather than stick to their own assignments. The same issues of lack of trust were evident earlier in the season.

              5. Scooter,

                The only one that may be from that would be Reid on the Brock pass interference, but as you noted earlier that isn’t the first time Reid has made that type of mistake this season.

              6. Every game a WR drops a pass and every game CK makes a bad decision. You hope that your talent can over come your lack of execution because it’s never going to be 100%.

              7. You’re right. It’s never going to be 100%. The Broncos weren’t 100% on Sunday night. It’s about who does it better on any given night, and in this game the Broncos out executed the 49ers. As Jim Harbaugh said, “the opponent played extremely well.”

              8. But Jack your missing a very substantial concept. When you have superior talent to the opponent its a lot easier to execute. Why? Because those players have experience and chemistry with one another. They have complete confidence in the system and doing their assignments. Brock looked rusty, Borland lost in space. How could anyone expect the 49ers to win that game with that talent level and expect them to execute at the same level as the Broncos offense?

              9. Prime, I think the simplest way of stating your argument is that understanding and executing the mental side of the game quickly and effectively is part of what makes a player talented. Having bucket loads of physical talent means nothing if you can’t (or don’t) execute the plays as you are supposed to.

                So in that regard yes, part of the 49ers issues against the Broncos was the talent level of the players.

            3. In that case is the broncos executed more of their plays they win 90-0…..
              I understand execution Jack but you’re basically assuming the team should execute every play. Not a team in history has executed every play. It’s easy to go back and say what if… But it’s football and every team leaves plays on the field. Or we would have 0-0 games. This particular game was all about injuries and difference in talent

              1. No team is going to execute on every play md, but on Monday the Broncos simply executed on more than the 49ers.

              2. Jack,

                The Broncos out executed the 49ers on Monday, too? Crap, two days in a row. Thank god for the bye week…

            4. Execution might have kept the game *closer*, but the Broncos onfield talent that night would still have won the game.

        2. Nice read, Jack. The question is, execute what? There are different levels of executions, levels of difficulty. Are we trying to execute an overly complex offense? Are we lacking the execution of overly simply pass/route combination?
          If something isn’t working, doest it matter what you’re executing?
          Is it too much to ask to have the D-Line execute a pass rush when they haven’t done it all year? Does it matter if the players aren’t capable of executing, which then puts the responsibility for the coaching staff to devise game plans and strategies to compensate for the weakness spots of its players?
          Also, the team has yet to execute for 60 minutes in all phases of the game.
          To execute for a full 60, the team hasn’t shown the focus to do that.

    2. Good read Jack. I agree. If you’re walking into a loaded opponent’s home field on a historic night, against a top notch regular season QB, and your defense is starting backups, you cannot blow assignments and drop big passes.

      I do wonder if the 49ers could have chosen to run the ball more, but I also know the Broncos are a tough run defense. The pass-first plan looked like a good idea in the first half, but due to the aforementioned lack of execution and the Colin INT, the game got out of hand to the point that running was out.

      1. Gore ran the ball only 9 times, 5 of those in the first quarter, and 3 of those came during their best drive of the quarter when Dawson missed the FG.

        Gore only got the ball twice in the 2nd quarter, both coming on the drive that ended with Boldin’s drop.

        I went back and did an unscientific charting of the carries by both Gore and Hyde.

        The Broncos had 7 in the box on 8 of Gore’s 9 carries. The one time they put 6 in the box Gore picked up 7 yards.

        The Broncos had 7 in the box on 1 of Hyde’s 3 carries. When they put 6 in the box against Hyde he picked up 10 yards and 9 yards. When they had 7 in the box he lost 4 yards.

    3. Good read Jack. I don’t think anyone was stopping Manning that night though. It was just one of those magical sports nights where the football Gods said, Peyton its your night!

      1. So it was the football gods who forced Brock to blow his coverage on the Welker touchdown or be 5 yards deep in the endzone on the Thomas touchdown? OK

        1. That comment is you being bitter about how I blasted your QB rating stat analogy. It’s okay man, move on now! Just like the Niners Sunday night. You win some and you lose some.

          1. Prime:

            You realize, don’t you, that you are the only one who thinks you blasted anyone’s “QB rating stat analogy”?

            1. Lol!

              Not wanting to heap on Prime, but yeah, that did have a ring of “legend in my own mind” to it.

        2. Jack I agree that those blown assignments need to improve. I just disagree with the particular game you choose to talk about them. Again mistakes happen every game. But let’s keep it real no matter if they executed half of them they weren’t winning that game. We know the injuries an the sluggish players coming off of injury facts… But are you saying these things because of past games and same mistakes or do you really think they change the outcome of the game?

          1. We have no way of knowing if they win or not, but I’d take my chances with this team being down only 21-17 with the ball early in the 3rd quarter having just gone 3 and out and picking up a first down.

            The game was over the minute Manning hit the touchdown in the sudden change situation to go up 28-10, which is why I stopped documenting execution errors at that point.

    4. Jack,
      Good write-up. Though, you are swimming against the tide with your take.
      The more popular ones are:
      1. Harbaugh got outcoached
      2. It was the back-ups
      The 49ers knew they were going in short handed but none of the veterans on either side of the ball stepped up, including Kaepernick.

      1. I think Kaep stepped up. He just couldn’t keep up. He has yet to play 60 minute of consistent football in the same game.
        Sure he will dazzle, but he will also make the worst mistake at the worst time. That INT was a good example. Start of the 2nd half. Defense holds and makes Denver punt. 3rd and 2, throws to the guy in the wrong colored jersey. He’s not even close to completing the pass even if Talib wasn’t there. Ball. Game.

        1. I completely agree. I believe I heard someone say it best….we just need to execute more better…

    1. Need to host at least one playoff game. As we seen last year, having to travel the 3 road playoff games takes a huge toll.

    2. I may be the minority here but I think the real threat is still the hawks rather than the Cards. Cards have played solid but they will be brought back down to reality the following weeks with games against Philly, Cowboys, Hawks, and Lions.

      If the Hawks can get some of their Mojo back against the Panthers, they follow that up with a game against Raiders and the Giants. The set-up of their schedule seems to really favor them considering their recent slump.

      On the other hand if Panthers pull this one out it may be a different story.

      Go Panthers!

      1. “….If the Hawks can get some of their Mojo back against the Panthers, they follow that up with a game against Raiders and the Giants….”

        Well… beating those three teams .. doesn’t take a whole lot
        of “mojo”.. Leo ..

        They just need to execute !

        (sorry, guys… couldn’t resist)

    1. Now, if Cheatin’ Pete would start
      checkin’ himself outta games … maybe
      big mouth Sherm would follow suit …

      (… and then the front office would really
      lose the locker room, huh ? )


  13. Jack,

    These guys, the 9ers, are showing the effects of three years of intense effort to win the big game. It is not execution or the lack of that is the problem, it is lack of concentration caused by the unrelenting stress to win number 6. This is argumently the most talented team in the NFL and IMHO has been the most talented team for the last 4 to 5 years. These guys are all driven to succeed at the highest level and when that success does not materialize year after year they press and thats when mistakes and injuries happen.
    From my seat, the window to win the SB is not just talent driven but driven by the team thats able to balance talent , drive ,execution and looseness ( Montana pointing out John Candy in the stands) get to tight and the plane crashes.

    1. “This is argumently the most talented team in the NFL and IMHO has been the most talented team for the last 4 to 5 years.”

      Poppy What Not

    1. So … I’m guessin’ that since the Niners are ranked #1
      and the SeaChickens are at #3 ..

      This is a good thing ?

  14. Word of warning: Aldon Smith coming back, he will not be in game shape. He’ll be lucky to be 100% effective by maybe 2 or 3 games.

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