Jimmy Garoppolo to train with QB guru Tom House this summer

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, right, hands off to running back Austin Walter, left, during a drill at the team’s NFL football training facility in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, June 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — The final practice of 49ers minicamp ended Wednesday afternoon. The players will have roughly the next 40 days to hang out, relax and take a vacation if they choose.

Except for Jimmy Garoppolo.

The 49ers starting quarterback, who hasn’t played 11-on-11 football since he tore his left ACL on Sept. 23, 2018, will spend the next few weeks preparing for training camp with quarterback guru Tom House.

“He knows the offense pretty well,” Garoppolo told reporters Wednesday in the 49ers’ media work room. “He will really help us going forward. These next 40 days will be big.”

House, 72, is a former Major League pitcher who currently runs a quarterback academy in Huntington Beach called 3DQB. He is famous for refining quarterbacks’ passing mechanics, and has worked with some of the best quarterbacks in the world, including Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, Alex Smith and Tom Brady.

“My agent knew (House) pretty well, so that’s where the connection started,” Garoppolo explained. Garoppolo’s agent, Don Yee, also represents Brady, one of House’s most loyal clients.

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  1. If he’s good enough for Brady, he’s good enough for Jimmy. Deep ball connections are the last to develop.

    1. I have the same trouble with men as you, razor. Those deep ball connections are sometimes rough on the vocal chords.

  2. “Some of the best quarterbacks in the world, including… Alex Smith..”

    You lost me at Alex Smith, bud.

      1. oneniner says:
        June 13, 2019 at 6:57 am
        hater alert!!!

        Jock rider alert!
        Learn the difference between good and great.

  3. Good move by JG. Mechanics will likely be feeling different for him following the knee injury. House is one of the most respected QB mechanics coaches out there.

  4. I can’t recall the name of the QB guru/trainer Kaepernick spent time with back in 2014 or 2015. Somewhere in the greater Denver area? Don’t think it was House–unsure. Almost certain it wasn’t Sebbie.

  5. Thinking about the market for football position gurus. A trendy kind of thing. Many $$ being made.

    Here’s an idea. How about pulling together a cadre of this blog’s football geniuses and offer NFL GMs, player personnel execs, and head coaches the opportunity to attend performance improvement camps. Camps would run four days, and be tailored for each participant. Imagine the dramatic improvement in John Lynch’s performance if he attended the camp–schooled by the experts on this blog. The going rate would be $300K per participant. Camp would be held on the Monterey Peninsula–perhaps Pebble Beach. Fees would cover lodging, two meals daily, facilities rental, and compensation for the expert cadre. Each 10hr day would be packed with quality content.

    Anyone interested in forming a small team to: 1) research the market, and 2) develop the business and marketing plan? Think of it…expert fans schooling GMs and HCs, and being paid for it. Simply brilliant. Let’s cash in!

    1. Since you claim to be a genius, too bad this is a horrible idea.
      You should pay them to attend, but who would ever listen to a Baalke?

      1. Haha!

        I’m NOT one of the football geniuses on this blog. That’s a fact.

        With the rarefied expertise which does appear on this blog, NFL teams would gladly pay big $$ to tap in, no? To use one of your signature phrases — “If they want to win [insert condition here].”

        1. You certainly act like you are a genius. Glad you acknowledge your limitations.
          You, by implying I am such an expert, just exposes your trolling.
          Maybe you should not cast aspersions, but your character flaws will not restrain you.
          Typical Baalke stench.

            1. Naw, it would be -wax on, wax off. Get something accomplished while training.
              I would also challenge every WR to run Roger’s/Jerry’s Hill. Wish they could have traded back, and drafted AJ Brown. He ran the Hill.

      1. Maybe you could be brought in as a motivational speaker, to set the tone for camp. Would a free night at Pebble Beach and a $40K speaker’s fee (for 30 minutes time) be attractive? If not, we could punt and have Sebbie read Kipling’s IF _ for 10 grand. Your call.

        Could be cool. Eight camp participants would net $2.4 million. After ~$100K in expenses, the cadre (let’s say eight) would split $2.3 million, or $287,500 each. If two camps were run annually, think of the dough!

        I’m confident forward thinking NFL owners would find great value in having genius fans school their GMs, HCs, and other senior team execs.

        We need a name for the camp. Any suggestions? Anyone?

        1. Oh, and if any of the teams participating in The Camp advance to the Super Bowl the season immediately following The Camp experience, they pay The Camp a $500,000 premium.

        2. Okay, okay… We’ll up the camp’s fee to $400K per attendee. Remember, the draw for the camp is genius fans schooling NFL GMs, HCs, etc. Let’s establish some credibility first. Once the camp’s immense value is understood (and lusted after…), we can go deeper into six figures.

          By the way, who from our blog should make up the camp’s cadre? Remember, they need to be irrefutable football geniuses… Grant could be one, but there may be a conflict of interest since he’s a Press Democrat employee. Do we want to exclude compensated media illuminati?

    2. According to the consensus here, all the 49er rookies and many of the returning players are already pro bowl caliber, so they don’t need additional help.

      Plus we have a punter which will alleviate any football ills.

  6. Hmm, they had the pass rushers raise a hand while rushing the passer? Smart.
    Glad JG is going to the House.

  7. Obviously House has the good reputation, but does anyone else find it strange that a baseball pitcher would be a guru of QB mechanics? Wasn’t Kap’s loopy throwing style attributed to the fact that he was a baseball pitcher as well?

    Is House the actual guru or is it the staff that he has assembled? Just curious.

    1. Cubus,
      Good point. But there are similar motions between a baseball pitcher and NFL QB.

      I could argue that Brady should be the last person that needs a QB guru, but it could be that House also teaches QB’s how to maintain a good throwing motion that results in putting less stress on their arm thereby allowing for fluidity and of course, playing longevity.

      The above names are enough to help me believe that whatever House’ system is – it works.

      If this system can help JG (TBD) it’s worth the effort.

      1. Just the fact that JG is going to get instruction from a QB/throwing expert, is fine by me.
        Sounds like JG wants to improve his craft.

      2. Brady also has a weird life guru, so there’s that too!

        Though being a baseball player does not preclude him that House May understand technique and economy of motion better than X and O guys. I do agree, Cubus that it may be the staff and the overall experience (the soft emotional reaction) people have throwing with House. Call it the chiropractor effect!

  8. I don’t understand the Hate for C.J.

    Should he be the starter no, but honestly an argument can be made he was the best player drafted in the first 4 rounds by SF… that’s not an inditement on him.

      1. Beathard is physically superior to Mullens. All he has to do is improve his pocket presence and mental processing. If early reports are any indication, he’s addressed those deficiencies and has in fact improved. I’ll double down on my offseason prediction that CJ will beat out Mullens for the #2 job….

        1. Physically superior doesn’t mean much to me if he takes forever to go through his reads, lacks pocket awareness, and isn’t accurate.
          He’s basically A smarter, slightly more accurate CK with less mobility, arm strength and pocket awareness.

              1. Researching who Kaep studied and practices with to get better, I found out Kaep has been training hard, and is still ready to play in the NFL.
                Interesting, while watching JG struggle with the deep balls, Grant threw out that Hoyer would have made those throws. Too bad Hoyer was a practice warrior. He practiced well, but turned into a Gabbert during games.

              1. In the end, Kaep was on a team that Baalke dismantled. If given a chance, Kaep could have done a lot better than CJB with the 2017-2018 teams.
                Of course, KS may have tried to force Kaep to be only a pocket passer….

            1. Kaep was/is a better QB than Beathard… but that’s not saying much. However, there is too much water under that bridge for SF.

              1. Shoup, you are a good sport, and I appreciate your honesty.
                I also agree that Kaep is not coming back to the Niners.

        2. Razor…. his windup throw makes CK blush.
          If you think he looks slow on TV, check him out in person. My garlic fries reached my seat before he released a pass.
          God awful mechanics.

          1. Shanny said Beathard reminded him of Cousins and was his preferred choice over Trubiscuit, et al. Interestingly enough, Cousins also came out of college a polished, pro style passer from MSU. He ran a quick hitting, efficient passing attack and used his athleticism to run bootleg play action fakes. Both feature similar size and skill set. In no way does he resemble Kap, plus he’s much tougher and smarter….

            1. By almost every measurable statistic, Kaep is way superior, and he is more accomplished. CJB has never even sniffed the playoffs, while Kaep has a 4-2 road playoff record. It will be impossible for CJB to set a playoff rushing record, if he does not even start.
              Being so tough that he can get bludgeoned, does not sound like he is smarter. Being tough led to his concussion. Kaep was smart enough to be elusive, so he would not take as much of a beating. However, CJB also did not have Devey, Beadles and Pears, who acted like turnstiles, and let Kaep get sacked 65 times, which led to his injury.
              I would bet you that Mullens beats out CJB, but KS has shown way too much favoritism towards CJB. It is not a level playing field.

              1. Just remember I was the first to say he should retire if he got beat out by Gabbert, and that he’d never play another down in the NFL after that season. Neither one of those 2 quarterbacks are smart or capable enough of running this offense, let alone beating out Mullens….

              2. I beg to differ, and the league is evolving. Mobile QBs like Wilson, Cam, Watson, Jackson, Mariota, Trubisky, Murray and others will be the wave of the future. There is no reason why a QB cannot accurately throw, and also provide a threat to run. They are not mutually exclusive.
                Having 2 weapons is better that having only one weapon.
                Kaep has mastered both those weapons. He has thrown for over 400 yards, and run for 181 yards in a playoff game. With better support, he will shine.
                His biggest obstacle is his Blackballing. That was proven when no team in the league would even give him a tryout.
                I wonder if the league is violating the settlement terms, by not allowing him to fairly compete for a position. Right now, he is better than a third of the starters, and almost all of the backups.
                I am sure he never would have settled if he knew they would continue to Blackball him.
                Guess he keeps getting bad advice.

              3. Hey Sebbie… Hoyer has a SB ring, so does Dilfer. How many does Kaep have?

              4. sebnynah says:
                August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm

                If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed.

                sebnynah says:
                March 22, 2019 at 3:56 pm

                I do not care if Kaep is being blackballed, as long as the Niners have a good enough QB like JG.

              5. Yup, becoming irate over something beyond your control was a flaw of Baalke’s.
                I will state my opinion about the unfairness, but Kaep realizes that social advocates must live with the consequences to their actions. He bravely accepted the fact that standing up for his principles may cost him his career. Still like and admire him. Still want him to play, but the Niners have JG, and I think he is a good QB who could lead the Niners to victory. Hoyer I certainly did not, but he got a ring for standing on the side lines. He did not lift a finger to help them win, and earn it. At least Dilfer played.
                Getting a ring, and earning a ring, are 2 separate issues. JG has 2 rings, but I bet he does not flash them, because he did not play in either SB.
                I will not whimper and cry for a binky like you do, with your snide snark.

        3. Physically superior to Mullens….wtf? LOL Ok put down the coolaid….Not too many QB’s are worst than CJ Beat Hard the human tackling dummie…….he is only there because of KShanny on any other team he would be toast

    1. *Indictment.
      I would rather they trade him away to a QB needy team, and get a 4th, 5th or 6th round pick for him.

  9. …Accepting the work product of a foreign government or the effort of a foreign government to try and influence an election of one candidate or another? It simply strikes at the heart of our democracy….

    someone needs to educate the moronic traitor at the white house…..He pretty much confessed to collusion…

    1. 3 Star General Mark Hertling : I’m no lawyer but: “It shall be unlawful for a foreign national directly or through any other person to make any contribution of money or OTHER THING OF VALUE or to promise expressly or impliedly to make such contribution in connection with an election to political office….” Color me silly, but the law also says it’s illegal “for any person to solicit, accept, or receive any such contribution from a foreign national.”

      1. “Did you know that Donald Trump Jr. was named a director to Ukraine’s largest private gas producer following a Ukrainian visit by President Trump? Trump later threatened to withhold $1 BILLION in U.S. aid to Ukraine if they didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into Don Jr.’s company. Just kidding! That was Joe Biden when he was VP, and his son Hunter Biden.”

        This Is Real Collusion My Friend.

        1. Copy pasting RW viral propaganda is not impressive.

          Key takeaways

          • Hunter Biden did hold a directorship for a Ukrainian gas company while his father was vice president. Experts agree that Hunter Biden’s acceptance of the position created a conflict of interest for his father.

          • Vice President Joe Biden did urge Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor, with the threat of withholding U.S. aid. But that was the position of the wider U.S. government, as well as other international institutions.

          • We found no evidence to support the idea that Joe Biden advocated with his son’s interests in mind, as the message suggests. It’s not even clear that the company was actively under investigation or that a change in prosecutors benefited it.


    2. Same with your boy Obama. He’s on television forgot his mic was on and told Putin that after the election he will be able to help. That’s true collusion my friend.

      1. Show us evidence of the quid in the pro quo. Like taking meetings with foreign nationals promising campaign dirt? Like Obama campaign officials lying to investigators and foreign contacts. Where are all these Obama campaign officials doing jail time? Man up or shut up.

      2. Larry and the rest of the minions will shut up…….they will also want us not to talk about this…..

        The full-page advertisement Donald Trump took out calling for the execution of the Central Park Five……They were later exonerated by DNA evidence, although dumbo Trump maintains that they are guilty…..

        If this was Al Sharpton, ingrates like ninermd would be screaming injustice….

      1. How many suckers can I buy

        Says the Trump University graduate. Oh, shut down before commencement? Too bad, suckers.

        You are more right than you know about Trump derangement. Did you enjoy his meeting with the Prince of Whales? lol

        Yes, we can now get back to football.

        1. If we weren’t on this platform I’d destroy you and the other cnn bot on this issue. I just watched some cuts from your “trusted” news sources.
          And like the minions they are for the 4th unelected branch of this government they fed you the fuel to CONTINUE to sound thirsty, desperate, irate and uneducated in the world of corruption and politics.

          And your boy onelame has the guts to bring up Sharpton. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
          I just can’t anymore. I’m starting to sink into People magazine talk.

          Believe what you want. Fact is. No evidence, it was farce made up by a bunch of crooked DOJ,FBI and cia officials.
          And you thought the truth was coming out months ago.
          Wait for the real investigation going on as we speak.
          And I’ll bet my bottom dollar you two will call it fake.
          And to think you voted for Hillary fing Clinton. Pffft

          Nothing wrong with trump saying he’d listen to dirt on his opponent.
          It’s not illegal. But since this Russian farce has taken hold of you mindless government slaves…. it’s a problem now.
          But a fake dossier that started all this garbage is “nothing to see here”
          Get real guys.
          Again you are speaking solely on emotion. You can’t handle the facts!
          Deuces TRUMP 2020

          Now can we get back to football?

  10. Even more OTA/minicamp injuries… There are additional. For fun, I’m just cherry-picking ’em…

    “Rookie safety Juan Thornhill is still missing from practice with a calf injury. Coach Reid didn’t seem too concerned with this injury, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they shut Thornhill down until training camp.

    Additionally, Arrowhead Pride’s Pete Sweeney reports that second-year OL Jimmy Murray went down with a leg injury during practice. No coaches spoke following practice, so we’ll have to wait until the final practice to get an official update if the injury is severe.”

  11. Regarding the deep passes, Rob Lowder at NN reports the following:

    “There were three drops today. The first one came down the sideline on a perfectly placed pass from Garoppolo to Dante Pettis. Pettis couldn’t hold on as he extended to make a play. It’s a ball he should have caught, but the referee said he would have called holding.

    The ones that hurt were two by Richie James. He beat Ahkello Witherspoon on a play, and Jimmy G put the ball where it needed to be, but James couldn’t adjust over his shoulder and dropped the pass. Towards the end of practice, C.J. Beathard threw a fade to James that should have been a touchdown, but again, James couldn’t squeeze it. It was a rough day for James.”


    1. Imagine if we had the depth of media coverage–all forms–back in the 9ers’ glory days. Imagine the merciless scrutiny of practices leading up to preseason. Imagine the flack Montana, Rice, Taylor, Craig–you name ’em–would have caught for a dropped pass or errant throw. Imagine.

    1. It’s imperative that the 49ers win at least 2 SB’s under Shanny, and Jimmy before either the Patriots or Steelers win another.🏆

  12. Hey Grant, just wondering if you have thought about supplying your recaps via an audio only platform? I am finding it hard to get the time to watch the periscopes. They don’t keep playing unless you stay on the page – I do most of my podcast/ audio listening while working out or on the train, so watching a video and keeping the page open can impractical.

    Anyway, just a thought.

    1. Or both, port it over to an Audio ripping program such as HandBrake? Not sure what the video format is, but it’s a thought?

      1. Yeah, that’s what I meant – not to stop doing the periscopes but have the audio transferred over to an audio only platform like soundcloud, spotify, whatever. Not sure of the ins and outs of it, but basically podcasts such as better rivals keeps playing even when I open a new tab or app, or lock my phone screen while doing a workout, but I can’t do the same for the periscopes so I usually don’t get a chance to listen to them.

          1. Mostly cardio – running. Also some light weights work for the upper body 2-3 times a week and pilates 2-3 times a week for the core muscles. I’m not much a gym junkie, but try and keep fit.

            What about yourself?

            1. Like you, I’m no gym junkie or weight lifting enthusiast. I started at 25 doing 600 pullups a week and 1000 incline pushups a week, and have kept that up for the past 32 years. I do some abdominal work, and run 3 miles 4 times a week spring, summer and fall. I hate running, but at my age, it’s the only thing that takes that winter weight off….

              1. “I hate running”

                Yeah, me too. But as you said, its the best for keeping the weight off. That’s why I love listening to podcasts while I run – takes my mind off the fact I’m running! I do similar to you – 5-8km, 3-4 times a week, all year round (much easier to do that here where its never really that cold).

  13. Only 1 question on Jimmy G spending time between now and training camp: Will he be knocking boots with Kiara Mia again this summer?

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