NBA Finals live blog: Game 6

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, top, shoots against the Toronto Raptors during the first half of Game 6 of basketball’s NBA Finals in Oakland, Calif., Thursday, June 13, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

OAKLAND — This is the live blog for Game 6 of the NBA Finals. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from Oracle Arena.

5:20 Key for the Warriors: DeMarcus Cousins has to score 20 points. The Warriors need a third scorer to help Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, and Cousins was a prolific scorer before tearing his Achilles. Cousins needs to be aggressive looking for his shot.

5:25 Key for the Raptors: Change the defensive matchups. Put Kawhi Leonard on Klay Thompson instead of Andre Iguodala. Through the first five games, little Kyle Lowry has guarded Thompson, and Thompson has made 20 of 35 3s. Leonard can make like much more difficult for Thompson.

5:36 Kevon Looney is starting at center for the Warriors. I guess the Warriors liked having Cousins come off the bench in Game 5.

6:11 Leonard is guarding Thompson to start the game.

6:11 Kyle Lowry makes his first three shots, including two 3s, and the Raptors lead 8-0.

6:13 Lowry makes his fourth shot in a row — another 3 — and the Raptors lead 11-2.

6:17 Pascal Siakam hits back-to-back 3s, and the Raptors lead 17-8.

6:19 At the first timeout, the Warriors trail 17-12. Andre Iguodala and Kevon Looney each have four points. Curry and Thompson each have two. Lowry and Siakam have scored all of Toronto’s points.

6:20 The Raptors have made five 3s in five minutes after making just eight 3s in Game 5.

6:23 Bogut enters the game for Looney.

6:23 Thompson hits his first 3, and the Warriors trail 19-15.

6:24 The Raptors are playing at an extremely fast pace. They want to run the injured Warriors out of the gym.

6:26 Thompson hits a step-back 3 in Siakam’s face, and the Warriors trail 22-20.

6:27 Fred VanVleet responds with the Raptors 6th 3 of the first quarter, and the Raptors lead 25-20.

6:27 Draymond Green just committed his third turnover of the quarter. He’s too excited.

6:29 Cousins is in the game.

6:30 Thompson has taken five shots. He has 10 points. Curry has taken zero shots. He has two points. The Warriors trail 26-22.

6:33 Cousins makes a layup, draws a foul and makes the free throw. The Warriors trail 26-25.

6:35 Draymond Green makes a corner 3, and the Warriors lead 27-26.

6:37 Leonard hits a foul-line jumper in transition, and the Raptors lead 33-30.

6:39 The Raptors lead 33-32 after the first quarter. Leonard has four points on four shots. The Warriors are using a zone defense which has bothered Leonard.

6:41 Cousins scored five points in three minutes. He’s on pace to score 20.

6:45 Thompson just committed the Warriors’ eighth turnover. They trail 35-34.

6:46 Thompson draws a foul and makes both free throws. The Warriors lead 36-35.

6:48 Serge Ibaka hits a jump hook over Looney, and the Raptors retake the lead.

6:48 Cousins responds with a bucket inside.

6:49 Siakam responds with a corner 3. The Raptors lead 40-38.

6:49 VanVleet hits a 3 and the Warriors take a timeout trailing 43-38.

6:50 I’m sitting right in front of Stephen A. Smith, and have to listen to him bloviate about this game. Save me.

6:50 The Warriors zone defense hasn’t slowed down the Raptors, but it has allowed Cousins to play. He can’t guard pick and rolls man to man.

6:52 The Raptors have hit 9 of 16 3s, while the Warriors have hit just 3 of 8 3s.

6:53 The Raptors don’t seem afraid of the moment, but it’s early. Let’s see if they pucker like they did during the final five minutes of Game 5.

6:54 Looney makes a wide-open dunk, and the Warriors trail 43-40.

6:47 Draymond Green flips an alley oop to Andre Iguodala, and the Warriors lead 44-43. The Raptors take time.

7:01 Green flips another alley oop to Iguodala, and the Warriors leadd 46-43. Green has eight assists and eight rebounds already.

7:01 Leonard makes a step-back 2-pointer. The Raptors trail 45-46.

7:02 Siakam makes a layup in transition. The Raptors lead 47-46.

7:03 Thompson draws a foul shooting a 3. He makes all 3 free throws, and the Warriors lead 49-47.

7:04 Ibaka hits a flip shot in the lane and ties the game at 49.

7:05 Siakam drives and dishes to Ibaka, who dunks the ball. The Raptors lead 51-49.

7:05 Draymond Green dunks and ties the game at 51.

7:05 Ibaka hits his third basket in a row — another dunk — and the Raptors lead 53-51.

7:07 Iguodala hits an open corner 3, and the Warriors lead 54-53.

7:07 Lowry responds with a floater. The Raptors lead 55-54. Lowry has 19 points.

7:08 Leonard makes a fast-break layup, draws a foul and makes the free throw. Toronto leads 58-54.

7:09 Leonard fouls Thompson on the elbow as Thompson attempts a 3. Thompson makes all three free throws. The Warriors trail 58-57. Leonard has three fouls.

7:10 Lowry drives to the basket, makes a layup and gives the Raptors a 60-57 lead. He has 21 points in the first half.

7:11 Curry commits the Warriors’ 10th turnover with an errant bounce pass in the lane.

7:11 The Raptors lead 60-57. They won the second quarter 27-25.

7:12 Thompson scored 18 in the first half. He is the most underrated player in the NBA. He outplayed Leonard in the first half.

7:24 Curry shot 2 for 7 in the first half. The Raptors are double-teaming him even when he doesn’t have the ball.

7:28 VanVleet hits a pullup jumper and the Raptors lead 62-57. Curry is limping but he stays in the game. He bumped his right knee into Marc Gasol.

7:29 Lowry commits his third foul.

7:29 Thompson hits a pullup jumper. The Warriors trail 62-59.

7:30 Siakam responds with a floater in the lane.

7:30 Curry hits a 3 from the top of the arc. The Warriors trail 64-62.

7:30 Thompson makes a fastbreak layup and ties the game at 64.

7:31 Leonard hits a 3. The Raptors lead 67-64.

7:32 Curry commits his third foul. He hacked VanVleet during a layup attempt. VanVleet makes both free throws, and Toronto leads 69-64.

7:33 Draymond tips in Looney’s miss. The Warriors trail 69-66.

7:33 Leonard makes a layup and draws a hard foul from Looney. Leonard makes the free throw, and Toronto leads 72-66.

7:34 Iguodala draws a foul attempting a layup. He makes one free throw, and the Warriors trail 72-67.

7:35 Curry hits a step-back 3, and the Warriors trail 72-70.

7:36 Lowry fouls Iguodala to prevent a fastbreak dunk. Lowry has four fouls.

7:39 Thompson always bails out the Warriors when they’re down. That’s his legacy. He’s the best player on the court tonight.

7:40 Iguodala misses both free throws. The Raptors still lead 72-70.

7:40 Siakam banks in a floater, and the Raptors lead 74-70.

7:41 Iguodala hits a corner 3. He has 15 points. The Warriors trail 74-73.

7:41 Siakam makes a spinning push shot in the lane. The Raptors lead 76-73.

7:42 Thompson hits a deep pullup fastbreak 3 and ties the game at 76.

7:42 Iguodala hits a floater and the Warriors lead 78-76. The Raptors call timeout.

7:43 Iguodala has 17 points. He’s the third scorer the Warriors needed. Forget Cousins.

7:47 Curry hits a step-back 2 over Siakam. The Warriors lead 80-76.

7:47 Leonard makes a layup and draws a foul from Thompson. Leonard makes the free throw, and the Raptors trail 80-79.

7:48 Thompson hits his fourth 3, and the Warriors lead 83-79. He has 28 points.

7:48 Cousins fouls Ibaka to prevent a dunk. Ibaka makes one of two free throws, and Toronto trails 83-80.

7:50 Leonard just committed his fourth foul off the ball. The Warriors are now in the bonus. Draymond misses both free throws.

7:52 Thompson nearly just blew out his left knee after Danny Green blocked his dunk attempt. The Warriors had to carry Thompson off the floor.

7:53 He’s back! Gotta be kidding.

7:54 Thompson makes both free throws. The Warriors lead 85-80.

7:55 The Warriors take out Thompson again. He’s running to the locker room.

7:56 Siakam makes two free throws. Toronto trails 85-82.

7:57 Leonard makes one free throw, and the Raptors trail 85-83.

7:59 Iguodala hits a 3, and the Warriors lead 88-83. Iguodala has 20 points. Unreal.

8:00 Lowry makes one free throw, and Toronto trails 88-84.

8:01 Lowry makes a fastbreak layup, and the Raptors trail 88-86.

8:01 The Raptors are using a box-and-1 defense because Thompson is out.

8:02 The Warriors lead 88-86. They won the third quarter 31-28. Can they pull off another miracle?

8:06 Cousins draws a foul from Ibaka and makes one of two free throws. The Warriors lead 89-86.

8:07 Ibaka makes a floater, and the Raptors trail 89-88.

8:08 Cousins has eight points and eight shots.

8:09 Quinn Cook makes a driving layup, and the Warriors lead 91-88.

8:09 Thompson will not return.

8:10 VanVleet makes a pullup 3 and ties the game at 91. Van-freaking-Vleet.

8:14 Shaun Livingston makes a pullup midrange jumper, and the Warriors lead 93-91.

8:15 Thompson limped out of the arena on crutches.

8:16 Van-Freaking-Vleet makes anaother 3, and the Raptors lead 94-93.

8:17 Green tips the ball in and the Warriors lead 95-94.

8:17 Livingston makes a fastbreak dunk and the Warriors lead 97-94.

8:19 Draymond Green has 18 rebounds and 12 assists. Big game player, but we already knew that.

8:21 Siakam makes a layup. Toronto trails 97-96.

8:21 Curry makes a floater. The Warriors lead 99-96.

8:22 Livingston fouls Van-Freaking-Vleet while he shoots a 3. Van-Freaking-Vleet makes all three free throws, and ties the game at 99 with 5:39 left.

8:23 Iguodala hits a pullup 2 in Leonard’s face. The Warriors lead 101-99.

8:24 Draymond commits his seventh turnover, and Gasol gets fouled in transition. Gasol makes both free throws and ties the game at 101.

8:25 Curry misses a 3. He is 3 for 9 from behind the arc.

8:26 Van-Freaking-Vleet hits a step-back 3. The Raptors lead 104-101. Van-Freaking-Vleet has made 5 of 10 3, and has 22 shots. Curry has 19.

8:28 Draymond throws the ball out of bounds. His eighth turnover.

8:29 Ibaka grabs an offensive rebound and hits a hook shot. The Raptors lead 106-101.

8:29 Cousins draws a free throw trying to grab an offensive rebound. He makes one of two free throws, and the Warriors trail 106-102.

8:30 Lowry hits a fadeaway jumper, and the Raptors lead 108-102.

8:30 Draymond hits a 3, and the Warriors trail 108-105 with 1:50 left.

8:31 Cousins fouls Siakam in the lane. Siakam makes one of two free throws. Toronto leads 109-105.

8:32 Lowry fouls Cousins under the basket. Looked like a charge. Bad call. Cousins makes one of two free throws. The Warriors trail 109-106.

8:33 Cousins hits a driving layup, and the Warriors trail 109-108. The Raptors call timeout with 37.7 seconds left.

8:36 Siakam hits a floater over Draymond. The Raptors lead 111-108.

8:36 Curry draws a foul while driving. Looked like he tripped himself. Bad call. He makes two free throws. The Warriors trail 111-110 with 18.5 seconds left.

8:37 Curry has scored just two points in the fourth quarter.

8:39 Danny Green throws the ball away with 9.8 seconds left. Holy freaking moly.

8:40 Curry misses a 3, Draymond grabs the offensive rebound with .9 seconds left and calls a timeout the Warriors don’t have. That’s a technical foul.

8:44 Leonard makes the free throw. The Raptors lead 112-110.

8:47 Leonard draws a foul with 0.9 seconds left. He makes both free throws. The Warriors lose. What a way for the dynasty to end.

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  1. This Warriors lineup has scored 93 points the last two games. It’s going to take a miracle for them to pull this off tonight.

    1. Sheesh can’t catch a break. It’s either too much splash brothers and not enough balance or this incredible shrinking act nonsense. :/

      1. If Steph shows up in the 4th I’ll change my tune… right now he’s just like James Harden. A super star that’s allergic to that really struggles in the big moments.

        Right now he really has to work on just staying on the court.

        1. With Klay out it’s going to be really really hard for Curry up take it over considering the doubles he’ll be facing. He’ll have to be the facilitator and the rest of the guys need to step up.

          1. They might break out the box and 1 again.
            If Steph is to get his shots off though it will need to come from a ton of motion or from deeper range than normal.

  2. This series was over when Klay went down… Curry apparently decided to leave with him, as he no showed the 4th.

  3. You need 1 point to tie and 2 points to win and your best free throw shooter has the ball with almost 10 seconds left…and he forces a 3 point shot. Hmmm. What do I know???

  4. I wish to congratulate the Warriors for a hard fought season. They had to deal with a lot of adversity.
    Interesting. 5 out of the 6 games were road victories. Wonder if that had been done before.

  5. Tough end of season but they competed with the JV team. Hats off. They would have won the series easily with a healthy KD. No doubt about it.

  6. Grant made the perfect prediction: Key for the Warriors: DeMarcus Cousins has to score 20 points.
    Yip, it’s not his fault they lost, but for a big guy, he should have powered himself to the basket when he was standing right underneath it with the ball a few times, like LBJ….
    Too many STUPID passes that went nowhere, too many missed FT and no big man threat, that’s why they lost.
    It’s a miracle they went as far as they did considering the many gimps.
    Like the niners?…..

    1. Cousins has never had an inside game. He’s a shooter with a centers body.
      Soft ass a soft serve and whines about every call.
      So glad he never made it over to the lakers.
      Bad enough Lebrick James is there.

  7. Warriors = greatest team

    Warriors minus KD = great team

    Warriors minus KD and Klay = still a pretty damn good team.

    1. Next year is gonna be a tough one for this team. KD was already expected to be gone by many. Thompson being out for most of the season is a rough blow.

      If they can somehow keep themselves in playoff position early on they’ll have a chance to make it back into the tournament.

      My guess is we will see something similar to the 94 or 95 Chicago Bulls.

  8. Proud of my Warriors. Playing longer seasons for the last 5 years caught up to them. They went down fighting like a true champion.
    I’m not believing the talk that the Raptors would have won even with KD and Klay in the lineup. That’s highly subjective imo.

    Happy for Canada this morning, they earned it. The Warriors will be back in the playoffs next season because of their champion pedigree, but won’t win a ring because they will not be at full strength. They will need to strengthen their bench and make a big splash in the FA market if they want to make a deep playoff run.

  9. Guess attrition occurs in many sports.
    While I am disappointed in the Warriors loss, I must say that the Raptors played better defense, were healthier, and made clutch shots. They had the best record in the regular season, were well coached, and had a solid lineup.
    Still think Kerr did a masterful job, but he just ran out of bodies.
    One silver lining is that I do not expect a White House invitation to be forthcoming.
    While I am also sad about the Sharks defeat, at least the Bruins lost, too. Saint Louis deserved to win their first championship, like the Raptors.
    The Warriors are still a great team, but I expect many changes next season.

  10. Even though the Raptors played well, had great D, made their shots when they had to, They still did not blow away our Warriors. They beat a severely handicapped Team by a small margin.
    If KD had stayed in game 5, the Warriors might have blown past them instead of 1 point
    If Klay had stayed in game 6, they might have won. Klay was on a roll and was open often caus of the double team on Steph.
    Next year will be tough.

    1. Meh…The Warriors benefited from injuries during their previous champions runs as well.

      This season was eerily similar to the 1990 49ers season. Didn’t play well or as crisp as seasons past, found a way to make make it to the championship round, but in the end the injuries and mistakes could not be overcome. I’d liken Thompson’s injury last night to Montana’s from Marshall.

      They both completely altered the following season.

      1. Jack, I don’t think any team had as many injuries to major players as GSW and still was competitive
        KD-played one Quarter
        Klay- injured himself twice, left early in crucial time
        Cousins- still not back to former level
        Looney- played injured after vicious smack
        Bogut- barely able to play
        Steph- unclear if he had something going but he definitely wasn’t playing like we’re used to
        But you’re right, it does have some resemblance to the 90 downfall of the nines, even though the nines didn’t get to the finals….

  11. Hell of a series. But then again I had no stake in it besides wanting to keep the title in the US.
    Question is does Leonard stay? Or head to the paper clips.

  12. Even after Klay went out we might have won if our free- throw shooting was better.
    The Raptors bench players were superior to ours.
    Ibaka and especially VanVleet hurt us.
    We missed not having David West, who would have muscled up against Ibaka as well as giving the team some points from the key.
    Great run, now it’s time to do it at Chase Arena.

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