Jimmy Garoppolo will be 49ers’ QB for balance of season

SANTA CLARA — So, is Jimmy Garoppolo really, truly the 49ers starting quarterback?

Last week, before Garoppolo debuted as the 49ers starting quarterback, before he completed 70 percent of his passes and threw for 293 yards and beat the Chicago Bears on the road, head coach Kyle Shanahan said he would decide on a weekly basis if Garoppolo will start or go back to the bench.

So what about this week?

“I’ll let you know at the end of the week,” Shanahan said with a coy smile at his Monday news conference.

Then he said, “I’m just joking.”

Yes, Garoppolo is the 49ers’ starting quarterback. And no, not just for this week. Garoppolo will start the five remaining games on the 49ers schedule, Shanahan said.

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  1. I still can’t believe Godwin caught 8 passes…..I was at the point of just settling for one long catch a game….

    JimmyG is the real deal……..

    1. YOU know one thing people are not talking about enough is touch in throwing.
      Guys catch more balls when a QB has perfect touch.
      I really think Grant is off base in his C plus and assessment.
      For being here as short as he has, it was incredible.
      I am shocked he cannot see that this guy is the real deal, and that performance was fantastic with all things considered.
      He is so much better than Hoyer or Bethard and its beyond stats.
      I hope they lock him down, because he is something special. You can just see it.

  2. Jimmy G hasn’t played much football as a starting QB. There are experiences that happen only in a game that isn’t simulated in practice/training camp. Like CJ experience is needed and getting it is a good thing. I am really liking our QB situation.

  3. Hyde has been caught not knowing his role for his whole career. It’s good that JG took command and got everybody lined up right. Just another positive trait for Jimmy. It’s sad that Kap, Gabbert, and Hoyer couldn’t be true field generals.

    1. I have often seen Kaep repostioning incorrectly positioned players ( many times it was more than one player) but under the Harbaugh play calling system there was little time to make at the line adjustments and it usually ended up in a delay of game or a called time out for which Kaep was blamed.

      That is another issue with Hyde he sort of is similar but not as bad as Patton was
      Patton was not the sharpest tool in the shed. Remember when he showed up a week early for training camp. Everyone thought he was just being super committed. Well it seems he was just confused.

      1. “Kaep repostioning incorrectly positioned…”

        I remember kill, kill, kill into an audible, with not much time on the clock. I put that on Harbaugh. Kap relayed audibles to the team, that’s not necessarily lining people up. Hyde still missed assignments with Kap at QB. Kap also didn’t see an uncovered Torrey pre-snap.

        Kap just got the call or the audible and relayed the play. He, himself, struggled with learning offenses. I doubt he was lining up WRs and telling his backs who they’re supposed to block.

        1. Jimmy G has shown more promise in 4 quarters of football than Kap, Gabbert, and Hoyer have combined in their entire careers.

          1. No, Kaep got to the SB after only 10 games.
            Even you admit he took the league by storm.
            Just like everyone was anointing CJB the starter after he won the Giants game, declaring that JG is the savior because he sliced up a depleted Bear’s secondary, may be premature. Against a better defense, he may struggle.
            JG did throw well, but he failed in the red zone. However, if you graded against a curve, JG got an A+ compared to CJB and Hoyer. I expect he will do better when they tighten up discipline and reduce the unforced errors. JG will also become more familiar with the new system.

            1. Kap is no longer a NFL QB. Jimmy G is twice the QB Kap was. That’s right was, cause he isn’t even a professional football player any longer. Unemployed and not because of anything other than teams don’t want a running QB.

              1. Kaep is still an NFL QB, but he is being blackballed. He will win his grievance, because so many have conspired to persecute him for his protests.
                It is interesting the NFL allows players to tout their causes and be socially active, but when they protest injustices, they are vilified and ostracized.
                They said the same thing when racists tried to exclude blacks from playing- ‘Oh, he is just not good enough.’ They did the same thing with black QBs. – ‘Oh, he is not smart enough’. The thinly veiled hate is now being openly admitted.

              2. Colin Kaepernick is NOT a NFL QB. He is not employed by any NFL team. He is nothing other than a civilian watching the games like you and I.
                None of the NFL 32 teams send him a pay cheque nor does he wear any football equipment or practice or play from Monday to Sunday.
                He is in the same situation as Johnny Manziel, RGIII. All guys who nobody wants on their team.

                Now tell me again, how Kap could have done as well as Jimmy G last Sunday, come on Seb, make me laugh?

              3. Kaep is an NFL free agent. He is more talented than many present drek QBs.
                Elway would rather lose without Kaep than win with him, so he plays Siemian, Osweiler and Lynch, and now is in the cellar.

              4. Kaep had real good players around him that year. It’s obvious he ran fast and caught D’s off guard but everybody knows the main reason they won that year was ..”Fangio’s Defense”…No blackballing excuse. Kaep’s inaccuracy made it really hard to watch. His sideline grandstanding sitting and knee drama brought him down…oh down to being in a magazine. He wasn’t smart enough to protest like others before him and now like on social media, streets, halls, internet, ect. and not on the field.

              5. Kaep set playoff records. and made jaw dropping throws that few QBs would attempt, much less make.
                Sure, every QB would do better with better talent surrounding him.
                Denying the blackballing is denying reality.

              6. Kaep had a 90.7 QBR with a 16-4 TD to interception ratio. He helped lead the team to having the 4th best running game in the league. The defense sucked and allowed third string RBs to gallop for 200 yards.
                More undisguised hate.

              1. Your guilty of bearing false witness, Seb. You take sins of the past-sins that have been addressed and remedied, and recognized for what they were-and then use them to support your narrative of today. But that is a false narrative.
                So why do you do it? You do it so you can paint yourself as a self-righteous, way ahead of the curve do-gooder–a virtual font of tolerance…………anyone who disagrees with you on any level and you call them names, your favorite being “Hate”. But it’s just an old liberal trick for you to practice your kind of fascism–after all, who wants to be told their filled with hate? Or a racist? Thus your attempt to shut people down…………
                Your not foolin anyone, Sebs………..By the way, where were you when that S.F. jury would not convict that guy of murdering that mans daughter? You would really have anyone here believe you find that verdict just………if it were done to your daughter, your flesh and blood? No one heard anything from you, Seb.
                As said earlier, you aint foolin anybody.

              2. Bearing false witness? Others outright lie about me.
                Just like you calling me a fascist.
                About that jury trial, there was no malice intended. From what I read of the story, She was a victim of a gun going off unexpectedly and the bullet richochet’d.
                I think he should have at least been found guilty of manslaughter, but according to the jury, he did not commit first degree murder. This jury looked at the evidence and rendered a verdict. Just like the trial in which Oscar Grant’s killer was not found guilty of shooting him in the back, I think their verdict was wrong, but we have to abide by their decision. She was an innocent victim of more gun violence. Maybe they need to reduce the number of guns, so this tragedy will not be repeated.
                The real cruel travesty of justice was inflicted on her parents, who saw Trump use their daughter to justify his agenda.

              3. By the way, where were you when that S.F. jury would not convict that guy of murdering that mans daughter? You would really have anyone here believe you find that verdict just

                Sebnono, by the way were you part of the trial and heard all the evidence presented? And were you a juror that listened to the Judge’s charge? You were a witness to the happenings in the courtroom, or are you just false witnessing them here on a sports blog? So before accusing someone else of “false witness”, better take that mote out of your eye.

        2. Do not blame me, I have been calling for the Niners to make the QB the field general for years.
          Niner coaches were so controlling, they did not let the QBs change plays and forced them to run only the one they called. Kaep was so focused on the run play called, he did not change it when a DB leaked over at the last second to stuff the run play called, and left Torrey wide open. Even the DB knew where the play was going to be run.
          In Kaep’s case, the defense shifted at 5 seconds, to force Kaep to counter the shift with less than 5 seconds on the clock. That is poor coaching. They should have expressly told him not to audible with less than 5 seconds. Game time management is so important, but so deficient in the JH era. In Tomsula’s first practice, he yelled TEMPO, about a million times.
          Kaep struggled to learn offenses? Please, next you will be pontificating he never got past his first read, when watching his past games, he often went to his third option because the first 2 options were covered.
          Kaep is a good QB. Tomsula was just farting around, and Chip was handed a depleted team. Kaep, under KS’s system, would do well because he is also a mobile QB and KS would have rolled him out like they did with JG.
          Sure am glad KS is making more changes pre snap. I suspect Hyde’s unfamiliarity is because the Niner coaches are running some Patriot plays, since JG knows those backwards and forwards. In the last game, the WRs seemed wide open, and they never seemed wide open before JG took the reins.

              1. Snif, snif…….eweee-yuk! Yup, Seb’s been here dropping….uh…posts.
                Always with the excuses for Kap (in an article about the 49ers QB!), never Kap’s fault, ALWAYS an excuse. Followed, natch, by a spin on how Seb wasn’t wrong. (“The door is open…..”)
                It’s about the FORTY NINERS QUARTERBACK, Jimmy The G, it is not about Kap or anybody else or their unrequited fan clubs.
                Chatty Kathy, pull the ring for predictable balogna.

              2. I did not post that link. Maybe you should yell at 80 for doing that. He brought up Kaep.
                Still think Kaep is being blackballed, and he deserves a chance to play.
                I am happy that JG is the starter, since they did what I wanted and improved the QB position.
                Lynch was given 10 minutes to decide whether to accept a deal that sent a second round pick for JG. It should have taken 10 seconds.

              3. But many others published the same thing. It’s been the subject of many a critical article. Here are some titles you can Google:

                Coaches hope shrinking playbook helps Colin Kaepernick grow — Eric Branch (2015)
                Colin Kaepernick throws 4 INTs after San Francisco 49ers simplify playbook — Geoffrey Arnold (2015)
                Kaepernick: Simpler offense will lead to quicker play calls — Ron Kroichick (2014)
                49ers to Simplify Offensive Playbook in 2014 — Andrew Pentis (2014)
                Kaepernick takes full blame for 40-point loss — PFT (2015)

                And so it goes. Simplified in 2012 when he took over. SImplified again in 2014. Simplified again in 2015. And Kelly’s system is about as simple as it gets which is why it went TlTs up.

              4. JG played well, but only had a 82.4 QBR.
                Kaep has a 90.7 QBR.
                Yes, one can cite all sorts of screeds. I will just believe Brady, Cam and Rodgers who say Kaep deserves to play, because they respect his playing ability, and have been defeated by Kaep.
                Do not know why the haters are such cowards to not want to give him a chance to play, especially with the putrid present QBs. They should be calling for Kaep to play, because they want him to fall flat on his face. However, with the proper support, I think Kaep can lead a team to a championship, just like Pete Carroll says. I will believe Pete Carroll over the peanut gallery, every day and twice on Sunday.

              5. I pray Jim Harbaugh leaves MICH and comes back to the NFL. Kap might be his only hope but even Jim could not convince his older brother to take a chance on old wind up.

                HOU: passed on Kap
                GB:passed on Kap
                AZ:passed on Kap
                BAL:passed on Kap
                SEA:passed on Kap
                49ers:passed on Kap
                MIA:passed on Kap
                DEN:passed on Kap
                INDY:passed on Kap
                BUF:passed on Kap
                MIN:passed on Kap
                CLEV:passed on Kap
                Tampa:passed on Kap
                TEN:passed on Kap
                JETS:passed on Kap
                JKV:passed on Kap

                15 teams had an opportunity to sign a “SB QB”. 15!!!!! And none pulled the trigger. WOW!

              6. Hou has Savage, and is 4-8.
                GB has Hundley, who is not lighting up the league while subbing for Rodgers. They are 6-6 and may be out of the playoffs. while Grant predicted they might play in the SB.
                Ariz. has Gabbert, who just lost, and they are 5-7.
                Balt. has Flacco.
                Sea. has Wilson.
                Niners are 2-10, but now have JG.
                Mia. has Cutler, and are 5 -7.
                Den. is 3-9.
                Ind. is 3-9.
                Buf. has Peterman, who threw 5 picks.
                Min. is 10-2 and has 2 QBs in Keenum and Bridgewater.
                Cle. is winless.
                TB. has Winston and Fitzpatrick, and is 4-8.
                Ten. has Mariota.
                Jets have McCown who is surprising many, but is still 5-7.
                Jax. has Bortles who they want to send to the moon. they also have a defense that has allowed the least points in the league. They will never advance far in the playoffs with Bortles.
                Look at the drek QBs in the league. Kizer, Trubisky, Peterman, Siemian, Osweiler, Lynch, Moore, Gabbert, Hoyer, Smith, Fitzpatrick, Savage and Brissett. Those are 13 QBs inferior to Kaep. McCown, Dalton Winston, Cutler, Hundley, Eli and Alex are struggling.
                Kaep could be an upgrade over 20 QBs. Too bad he is being blackballed.

              7. Seb half the league passed on him in times when their starter was injured or out for the year.
                If Kap could help them win, why would they pass on him?

                15 teams passed on him, count them, 1,2, 3,, 4 buwhahahahaha!!!!!!!

              8. Prime, you hate him so much, you obsess over him.
                You are living proof he is being blackballed.

              9. Seb how is pointing out that 15 teams in need of a QB at one time or the other is hating? Don’t get all emotional over this and cry. Just deal with the fact and acknowledge that 15, count them 15 TEAMS PASSED on what you say is a “SB QB”.

                That’s proof enough that he is done in the league. For your sake, I hope he comes back and plays. I cannot wait to hear you then.

                In the mean time, please tell me again how Kap could have done as well as Jimmy G last Sunday, please, come on, make me laugh?

              10. Prime, you hate Kaep because you hate me.
                Next, you will be denying you are attacking me with your juvenile insults.

              11. Don’t get all poopy pants. Stick to the issue. You come here campaigning about Kap and this and that and boo hoo hoo this and black ball this, and people, not just me, call you out on it and now its because I hate you?
                Don’t be so such bioch! You don’t want the backlash, shut your mouth about Kap. If not, deal with it!

                15 teams passed on him, do the logic!

              12. 32 teams are blackballing him for his protests.
                That is the reality, with Twitler calling him an SOB.

              13. Seb no one is black balling him and this case against the NFL will fade away like nothing happened. The NFL owners don’t want him, NFL coaches don’t need his limited skill set.
                He is in the same category of one offs like Manziel, Jeff George, RGIII, Jim Drunkenmiller.
                Hey, he had a good run and now its over. Too bad, so sad.

              14. Tyrann Mathieu speaks about the 49ers simplified offense and how it helped the Cardinal’s prepare for, and have success against, the 49ers: “We knew going into this game that the focus for them was to run the football. Their passing game has just simplified so much, it was easy for us to anticipate routes, get some good breaks on the ball today.”

                9/27/2015 – GLENDALE, Ariz. — Tyrann Mathieu was lying in wait. So was Justin Bethel and the rest of the Arizona secondary.

                Colin Kaepernick: 9/19, 67 yards, 3.5 Avg, 0 TD – 4 INT, 2.5 QBR, 16.7 Passer Rating
                TEAM 9/19 53 3.5 0 4 2-14 — 16.7

              15. 49, yes, I read that article, and it is the one I cited for his claim that they knew where the ball was going before the snap of the ball. Blame the coaching for being so predictable.
                It is interesting. Hoyer and CJB struggled leading this team. With better leadership, the team did way better.
                My premise that they needed to improve the QB position is justified. Lynch is the luckiest guy in the world to have JG fall into his lap for a song.

            1. Yes, the DJ QB coach told him the side line pass was always open for a fall back option, and to throw at 85% speed.
              TM said that they knew what play was going to be run, so they could jump the routes.
              Devey let the pass rusher run by him like he was a turnstile, so Kaep got back to his 5 step drop with a pass rusher in his face.

              1. I know you all are trolling me, but it just gives me another chance to defend him.
                I hope Kaep’s grievance is successful, so they can void the CBA. Then maybe they can get some meaningful rules about protecting the players. The NFL has been negligent by not having any meaningful health insurance for the players. They are asking players to sacrifice their bodies and health, then throw them to the curb when done. The NFL is making billions, yet are too cheap to give players universal lifetime health insurance. Some players are shooting themselves in the chest so CTE specialists can study their brains.
                That dirty hit by Gronk was assault. He hit a player lying on the ground in the back of the head, giving him a concussion. The NFL just gave him a 1 game suspension, when they should have thrown the book at him.
                No wonder the NFL is losing fans and viewership. They treat players like chattel, and persecute players who are brave enough to assert their rights.

              2. Wrong way in traffic once again. No, Albert Einstein, YOU are trolling the blog with your quarter-Million blogpies.

              3. SMH. Keep writing screeds about Kaep. That just gives me the opportunity for rebuttal.
                If you were smart, you would not mention him at all. I would love to talk about strategy and JG, and how the Niners might defeat the Texans, but the hate on this site is thick.

              4. screed
                a long speech or piece of writing, typically one regarded as tedious.

                Come again?

              5. Sisyphus,

                You get a “B” effort! For a guy without limbs you sure do try hard! Keep on rolling though!!

              6. Seb-

                Let your guy be a man and quit making a legion of excuses for his play-like somebodys momma, for cryin out loud. If he had shown he had potential for growth, he would have been picked up. But he progressed so far and no further. What coach would want to bet their career on someone who has clearly leveled out? As Prime pointed out, NOBODY.

              7. Catfish, Kaep could have led this team to victory in those close losses, even before JG fell into their laps. Hoyer just was not good enough.
                Kaep is being blackballed, and his grievance will prove collusion. I just point out all the drek QBs playing who are losing, to prove that your claim that Kaep is not good enough to lead a team, is specious.

            2. I have a highly placed source that tells me that the only reason Geragos agreed to take the Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL is because Seb agreed to testify as an expert witness in the trial. Seb is going to present his CV to the court and he has convinced Geragos that his posts will provide more than enough evidence that most NFL teams read all of his blog posts and regularly use his ideas to gain an advantage in the competition. With Seb and his stature as a self-professed expert on board to testify that solely based on his informed opinion, the NFL must obviously be colluding to blackball Kaep, there is no way they can lose. Have any of you other guys noticed that Seb’s posts have increased by an order of magnitude since Geragos announced Kaepernick’s lawsuit? The plan is to overwhelm the arbitrator with Seb’s wisdom and logic and we are seeing it unfold right before our eyes. This is going to be the trial of the century and our own Seb is going to be the star of the show. Just one question: Does anyone think that Seb will STF up if Kaepernick loses? Nah, he’d just add the arbitrator to the blame list for Kaepernick’s woes.

              1. Makes sense. Seems legit.
                (Sshhh! ….but…..I heard Seb’s been talking to the Mueller Team too. Wait! Correction:I didn’t hear nuttin’!)

              2. Naw, Geragos told the owners to preserve all electronic communications and he did that because he knows that there is a smoking gun. Geragos does not need me, because he smells blood in the water.
                The discovery process will unfold, and the league does not have a leg to stand on. Expect some depositions to get front page news. The league refused to even let him speak, which is just more proof they are treating him unfairly.

              3. My source might have had his fingers crossed when he talked to me. But you can’t deny that there have been a record number of cow patties we’ve had to dodge.

          1. Rib AND Seb……….

            That girl was murdered, slayed right next to her father. While they were walking together. That is incontrovertible.
            If it were either of your daughters, you would be singing a different tune. I don’t think this, I know this. But it was somebody else’s……….
            Ribs, I don’t have to be a member of the jury to know right from wrong. Anyone who is NOT an idealogue would know justice was not served.

            My question to you, Seb, is ….where is your selective outrage? Walking along with your Dad one moment, dead the next? No caterwalling?? No lamentations? Only for some, but not for others?

    2. We are jumping the gun a bit praising him for this. While his “take charge” IS a trait to be praised we don’t know what was called in the huddle.
      This is the problem of changing languages where routes are words in one language and formations in another. It’s just as likey Jimmy made a mistake in the plays wording. Even if he knows the play formation and routes he could have easily made a small mistake on the wording he needed to correct. I think this is part of the reason Kyle wanted them at the LOS so quickly.
      This is not knock JG in fact he should still be praised for it in either case. I’m just stating there could be more to it than Hyde not knowing the play.

  4. Great point 80. The Hyde play wasn’t the only one. I was blasting the sound on that game and there were several instances where he was directing players outside of the normal particular play instructions, having to yell at players to hurry up as they were in motion and a few other situations. He definitely was the field general out there. Very impressive. He commanded instant respect, and backed it up with his play, though from what I’ve heard that has been the case since the second he walked in the locker room and subsequently walked out on the practice field. We haven’t experienced that in SF for years and years. Just the reaction of the NE team post game yesterday was impressive. Jimmy has that special something that Madden called the “It” factor.

    1. I think that is what made Joe Montana what he was. He exuded the same sort of confidence and take charge charisma. I have a good feeling about JG and I think they will sign him at the end of the season and not wait to franchise him. As I said before I think the franchise talk was just a smoke screen along with not playing him this season at all to hide him from other teams in order to decrease his value on the free market. They would pretend that he was still an unproven commodity when all along they know they want to sign him.

    2. I like how he made hand motions to his receivers to direct them during the play.
      I liked his poise, and it seemed like the game was not too fast for him.
      I was very impressed with his mobility, but I have been calling for a mobile QB all season, so I am glad they finally have one.
      I replayed those 67 seconds, and discovered he did a pump fake, which pumped me up.

      1. I was looking too. Perhaps if they’d gotten someone into the end zone with the ball………oh well. TV showed plenty of folks in Niners gear. And they didn’t have to brave a mean wind chill!

  5. JH or Gruden is my prediction! Giants Job is a great job! There getting a big fish not a coordinator. They just failed bad with that idea.

    1. Id love to see Jim Harbaugh come back to the NFL and first order of business that I hope he does is sign Kap to be his QB.

      1. No, JH is firmly entrenched at Michigan. His wife wants stability, and he will stay until he brings a national championship to that team.
        Then he might move on for another challenge, but first, he needs to find a decent QB.

        1. That will be Kaps only chance but even Harbaugh would be foolish to tie his wagon to Kap if he ever came back.

          1. No, with attrition, some team will have to decide if they want to make the playoffs with Kaep, or miss out on the playoffs without him.
            Still think some team will be so desperate, they will sign Kaep.

            1. Its week 14 dummy! When is this going to happen? 15 teams passed on him, suddenly with 5 more games Kap comes in and saves the day? I love it!

              1. Stay calm and present an argument instead of making wishes. Its week 14, what makes you think a team now will sign him? He had rust after his injuries, and now you want him to come in, learn a playbook in less than a couple weeks and take over a playoff ready team and lead them?
                What team, when?
                Lets see how smart you are?

              2. With attrition, some team will have their starting QB go down due to injury.
                I hope all teams stay healthy, and do not wish injury on any player, but attrition will occur, like what has happened to Rodgers, Luck and Watson.

              3. But attrition already occurred. To GB, Houston, Indy, and AZ, and 11 other teams who passed on him. 15, that’s a big number!

                Sorry your argument is wearing thin and now I’m just rag dolling you. You have nothing. You are just barely holding on to the life raft. Let it go. He wont play this year and for your sake I hope he does play next year on a team the 49ers play twice so that it can number one get us 2 easy victories, and then expose you for a Kap fan and not a 49ers fan.

  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/49ers-carlos-hyde-jimmy-garoppolo-looks-like-young-tom-brady-173434746.html

    “To me, it’s like he really learned from Tom Brady,” running back Carlos Hyde said. “That’s what he reminded me of: just a young Tom Brady out there. How Brady is late in the game, where you give him like 30 seconds to go, yo, he can still win the game for his team.”

    “We’ve got a quarterback, huh?,” veteran left tackle Joe Staley said of Garoppolo.

    “Just look at him,” said receiver Marquise Goodwin, who had a career-high eight receptions. “He’s got it all together. He came in a short time (ago) and is helping us flip this thing around. Some people are just winners, and he’s a winner.”

    1. F Kaep…. Jimmy G gonna show that boy how it’s done! He’s even got him beat in the press conferences. Kaep should be taking notes….

      1. troll (urban dictionary)
        One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

        Come again?

  7. The Bears defense is actually pretty good. The Texans defense started out pretty good but now they are playing a little below average. Clowney is an elite pass rusher and a great player. The rookie LB Zach Cunningham is turning out to be a pretty good player. Rumor is that Cushing may actually play this week. Cushing really should retire. I actually feel bad for the guy when he’s trying to run in coverage. If he plays, then 49er TE’s should have a big day. The Texans have some issues in the secondary. Jonathon Joseph is not nearly the player he used to be in his prime. IMO Jimmy G should have an even better game against the Texans than he did against the Bears. They just have to get Clowney blocked and you can make some plays.

    On offense, the Texans receivers are a horrible match up for the 49ers. DeAndre Hopkins is an extremely physical receiver that the 49ers won’t be able to cover. Will Fuller started practicing last week but wasn’t fully back from his rib injury yet. If Will Fuller is back you can expect Tom Savage to put up at least 300 yds and a few TDs on that 49er secondary. Fuller will stretch the field and Hopkins will run wild. Hopefully, the 49ers can get consistent pass rush against the Texans o-line that’s had a ton of injuries. Savage has turned the ball over more than any player in the league the last few weeks I believe. He can certainly make some plays with the weapons at his disposal but the guy fumbles a lot and has had several bad interceptions at critical times.

    49ers have a pretty good chance to have a big win that will further screw up their draft position.

    1. Yep re Bears… Jimmy should have another big day assuming our receivers can continue to get separation…

      Chicago’s defensive rankings:
      YPG: 15th
      Passing YPG: 12th
      Rushing YPG: 15th
      Sacks: 10th
      Scoring: 14th

      Texans’ defensive rankings:
      YPG: 20th
      Passing YPG: 22nd
      Rushing YPG: 10th
      Sacks: 13th
      Scoring: 28th

  8. What happened last week has nothing to do with what will happen this week. There is now tape on JG and the other teams have seen what he can do. Now it is up to the OL to give him time and the receivers time to get open. Comparisons at this time are irrelevant. Can he be another Joe Montana? I doubt it. Can he win super bowls? I believe that he has the talent to take this team to seasons similar to the glory days. This team does not have the skill players or defense that those super bowl teams had. Give Lynch and KS a draft or two and we will be there. A couple good free agents would help also. The future looks bright if they can keep JG healthy.

  9. Getting awful tired of the Kaep krap. We finally have a QB to dissect and yet the conversation continues to revolve around CK. Its not just Seb who brings him up…..one two three, one two three, one two three.

    And further news – The Niners probably are not going to get the second pick and maybe not the third or fourth pick. See what happens in the next two games which IMO are winnable.

    Oh and another thing the Niners won on the road – that’s a rarity on its own.

    1. Under, TY.
      The trolls are just trollin’ away.
      I would rather talk about how the Niners should scheme to defeat the Texans. Hopefully, they can lure Savage into a trap, and let him defeat himself.

  10. 11. What if the 49ers, who traded Jimmy Garoppolo earlier this season, get a top-two pick? Should QB still be in play?

    McShay: No. I think Garoppolo can be a starting-caliber quarterback in San Francisco. He’s only 26 years old. He needs a better supporting cast around him. Wide receiver and offensive line are two of the 49ers’ biggest needs, and because there isn’t an elite lineman or wide receiver worthy of the top pick, the first thing I would do is put the pick on the block for the highest bidder that is looking to move up to take one of the quarterbacks. The 49ers’ rebuild will take some time, and they need multiple picks to build the team.

    It’s interesting he doesn’t see a lineman or wr worthy of a top pick. I agree with the trade down and would like to get Chubb, Key or Landry BUT would take Nelson if he fell and the others were off the board. But we desperately need an edge rusher if we hope to take advantage of what Buckner gives the team.

    1. Fitzpatrick, Landry, Chubb would work for me. I think most of us are in the trade down mode seeing that JG is going to be our QB. Making certain assumptions like I think the Niners offense will come around and put lots of points on the board. That would mean the opposition will probably be passing lots to play ‘ketchup’….is why I like those three guys. I also have no problems with Nelson or Barkley.

      1. Based upon positions that slide in the draft… I would hope the niners trade back pick up Chubb, Key or Nelson in the first then either a guard or Lb dependant on who was taken first overall.
        So it would be either
        1. Edge 2. OG. 3. LB or
        1. OG 2. LB 3. CB
        In the second scenario I didn’t take an edge rusher because their bust rate is much higher after the first round and this team needs talented contributors now.

        1. I’d add Fitzpatrick (CB, Alabama) to that list. Other than than it’s hard to find fault as they’re all outstanding prospects that would address needs.

            1. East, you do not butcher the English language like that poster did.
              Hmm, sounds like I got to you. Little sensitive?

              1. Yes, please do take it easy! Our sides can only take so much laughter at your expense!

    1. A 2-10 team beating a 3-9 team is like a 9-3 team beating a 10-2 team. Not really, but maybe it’ll shut you up while you chew on that logic.

  11. John Middlekauff

    Rewatching Jimmy for an @TheAthleticSF article tomorrow – man he’s a cool customer. Teams don’t just get QBs like that for nothing mid season. Just insane
    3:33 PM – Dec 4, 2017

    1. Since they are anointing him the starter, I hope JG can lead the Niners to more victories.
      If JG can manage 2 more victories, the Niners should lock him up with a fair, long term contract, and not franchise him, because if they franchise tag him, other teams will come calling, and could possibly offer a better landing spot for him. The Niners are rebuilding, and the playoffs may be years away. Some team with SB aspirations may be more attractive to JG, because they will have good offensive weapons and a sound defense (Jags, Broncos).
      Lynch was lucky, but he may be in the running for the top GM award.

      1. “because if they franchise tag him, other teams will come calling, and could possibly offer a better landing spot for him.”

        How the f..k is that possible?

        where do you get this thoughts?…….WHO ARE YOU SEB?

        1. Look up the franchise tag regulations. If they lock him up with a long term contract, other teams cannot touch him, or speak to him.

          1. They can tag him with one of 3 different tags. One other teams can’t talk to him period. On another other teams can go after him but have to give up 2 firsts to SF if they sign him. There is also 1 more that basically just allows SF to match any offer but if they chose not to match they only get a second for him. The problem with this one is the poison pills teams can add.

            1. Yes, the most likely franchise tag will let other teams talk to him, so the Niners can get 2 first round picks for him.

              1. After last game, there are many team who would do that in a heartbeat. I even suspect they might get into a bidding war, and the Niners may garner 5 or 6 picks like Goff or Wentz.

              2. Not 2 first rounders Seb. If that was the case NE would have franchised him and then traded him. You are so wrong. Again.

              3. Prime I hope you will get schooled, and learn something. BB traded away JG because if he let the deadline pass, they would have gotten nothing for him. They are stressed with the salary cap, so they could not be able to afford to keep both Brady and JG.

        2. most likely, “Seb” is the name of one of Grant’s relatives, family friends, etc….Grant uses “Seb” or as he calls his “Seb” character– “the Legend” — to get clicks… think I’m bonkers? Check the Le Carre spy stories (George Smiley, etc.) — “Legend” is a backstory for a fake identity that a spy uses in operations… in enemy territory….
          I can see Grant and his pop getting tons ‘o guffaws seeing how “Seb’s” goofy ideas create controversy+clicks supporting this site, getting Grant a piece of the AD $ that we see on this site….

          once in a while, Grant slips and both he and “Seb” use similar verbiage– shooting foot, unforced errors, and their fav: “self inflicted wounds”

          “Seb” is Grant’s # 1 defender and apologist– take a shot at Grant– see who pops up to defend/deflect, etc…
          why Mr. Legend, of course…

          1. No, I am unique and verbose. I like this site, and I like Grant’s writing.
            I purposefully have posted while Grant is on his periscope, to prove Grant is not me.
            Yes, I am controversial because I like to think outside the box.
            I like the quote from a hero of mine. “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask ‘Why?’ I dream of things that never were, and ask-‘Why not?’.”- BK
            Since Grant called me a LEGEND, I will continue to post here, since that is what legends do.

              1. No, he cannot take it back. I saw it, and will cherish that moniker forever.
                Legends never die…….

          2. I’m not going to lie. I’ve thought the same thing a few times… I dont believe it but in reality it would be pretty smart…
            Grant or his dad could could create an avatar and have that person antagonize people to drum up clicks.

              1. see what I mean…
                Grant– tell me I’m wrong….no, not you Mr. Legend…let Grant speak for himself…

      2. Why was Lynch lucky? 9ers ownership has good relations with Kraft. They (9ers) knocked on Pats door several times and it finally opened. Thats called persistence, not luck.

        Was Walsh lucky for picking up Dwayne Board from the Steelers? Or was it because McVay was sitting on the waiver wire more than anybody else?
        Lynch has already done several good things, Seb. Your hatin on him cuz he passed on your guy.

    2. > Teams don’t just get QBs like that for nothing mid season. Just insane
      It only happens to FoBs (Friends of Bill)! It should be appreciated by us fans that this trade is a direct result of the long-standing relationship between Lynch and Bellichick, starting with the training camp and preseason when Lynch played his last days in the league as a player with the Pats. Lynch openly admires Bill and the things he learned from the latter. Relationships matter!

  12. My take is Kaep has traded in his football for a pen. A perfect transition point was his shoulder surgery year and subsequent rehab. I hope he picks a ghostwriter able to untangled his mangled English and philosophical positions. Good luck Kaep in your new career.

    1. No, Kaep had his surgeries, and played last season. Even with a dumpster fire team, Kaep played well enough to have a 90.7 QBR. He wants to play, and lead a team to a championship.
      Glad he is socially active and is fighting for justice, but with his grievance, he is also fighting to be allowed to play.

      1. It’s only becaue he didn’t challenge defenses and had a super-low INT rate. That’s part of the Kelly system. Lots and lots and lots of short passes to move the chains.

        But in the Kelly offense, Kaepernick isn’t even special:

        Let’s go back to 2014 — Mark ‘Butt Fumble’ Sanchez — 88.4. That’s out of a terrible QB with a lifetime QBR of 73.9. And Sanchez was so bad that he was out of football in 2013! Seriously, a bust QB that was out of football for a year put up very similar numbers.

        Or we can go back another year — Nick Foles — 119.2 QB rating under Kelly’s system. The guy is a complete scrub and smoked Kaepernick.

        The system produces results far in excess of the QBing talent. And that’s because it’s high-completion, low-risk. Although as we saw, while Sanchez and Foles could maintain a high completion rate, Kaepernick couldn’t…

        1. No. I am a die hard faithful Niner fan. I just wanted the Niners to improve the QB position. Now that they have, I am content that JG could be the franchise QB.
          Kaep was stabbed in the back too much here. He will go to a team that has good offensive weapons, and a stout defense, but only lacks a good QB.

  13. woop…woop…….we climbed to #27

    27. 49ers (2-10; No. 31): Yep, it made plenty of sense to keep Jimmy Garoppolo on the sidelines for a month.

  14. https://www.ninersnation.com/2017/12/4/16731628/49ers-bears-recap-jimmy-garoppolo-play-action-stats-kyle-shanahan
    Adding to evidence for the anointment of JG as starter :)
    Exhibit #22: JG’s perceived weakness is his inexperience in executing play action. On Sunday, he was 9 for 9 for 108 yards when running play action, compared to 55% earlier this season by the Hoyers and CJ.
    Things will improve further on this front if the Niners can get an inside run game going more consistently.

  15. Niners should devise plays that will allow JG to roll away from Clowney. Now that Watt is down, Clowney is their biggest defensive threat.

  16. why do I feel the Pats made a huge mistake trading the JimmyG?……..they should have waited and traded Brady end of the year and kept JimmyG……

    “Patriots players, coaches were excited to hear Jimmy Garoppolo won his first start for 49ers”

    1. Brady & BB will prob retire after the next SB they win…
      BB hands over the keys to Patricia, etc., they then find their next qb in draft for Mc Daniels to work with, since the BB structure & system will be in place, Pats fans will give ’em a couple of seasons grace period…

    2. Since posters seem to like to deride other posters on this site, that is the stupidest thing I have heard all morning.
      Tom Brady is a God in NE. They will never trade him away.
      They traded away JG because now they have…..HOYER! (Sarcasm intended).

  17. Having seen Garoppolo in person against the Bears, I was inspired to write an ode in his honor:

    Down in Santa Clara south of San Francisco
    3 hours north of San Louis Obispo
    Stood a stadium made of steel and wood
    Where played an Italian named Jimmy B. Goode
    Who learned to read a defense from Tom Brady
    And play quarterback just like John Brodie
    Go go
    Go Jimmy go!
    Go Jimmy go!
    Go Jimmy go!
    Go Jimmy go!
    Jimmy B. Goode!

    He was over on the sidelines in case of a pinch
    Sitting down behind Tom on a pinewood bench
    Oh, girls were smitten with his million dollar smile
    Throwin’ with a rhythm that drove them wild
    The fans passing by, they would stop and say
    “Oh my, but that Italian boy could play”

    Go go
    Go Jimmy go!
    Go Jimmy go!
    Go Jimmy go!
    Go Jimmy go!
    Jimmy B. Goode!

    Bill Belichick told him, “Someday you will be a man,
    And you will be the leader in 49ers land
    Many fans are comin’ from miles around
    To see you throw the ball for another first down
    Maybe someday your name’ll be in lights
    Sayin’ ‘Jimmy B. Goode tonight!'”

  18. Jimmy Garoppolo looked good, he had smooth effortless mechanics and body motion while throwing a decent ball, but we have to remember a few things 1) it was the Bears! 2) no tds 3)still a long ways to go…

    Defensive coordinators will be paying extra attention to the newly minted starter and will challenge them Im with different looks and coverages. Let’s wait and see how he does before we give him the keys to the city.

      1. Garoppolo cut the typical 5 year rebuild by 50%. Add OL, WR, TE, RB to the offense, and LEO, CB, ILB to the defense….

        1. I always have stated that Shanahan has 3 years to get the team to a decent level before he has his head in a vice grip. Stand by that. No one gets 5 years anymore with the new CBA and rookie contracts.

        2. Getting JG is HUGE, because now the Niners can concentrate on fixing other positions and do not need to spend their first pick on a QB.
          Niners are set to trade back and get either- Nelson, McGlinchey, Price or Orlando Brown.

      2. We have won 2 games. We still have no good WRs , no pass rush, shaky OL (and that is being kind), 1 Good linebacker, shaky TE corps, a leaky secondary. In my book that is still a long way from respectable.

        1. we have the best slot WR in the league + a speedy WR……solid RB & FB……..ok o-line with the good RT……good special teams….

          we can win 8 games with this roster next year…..

              1. Define far away.
                Can a bad team get to 8-8 with a good QB? Yes… is a bad team a super bowl contender with a good QB? No.
                Getting to 8-8 is not terribly hard but this team is LONG way away from being a contender in the playoffs with Super bowl aspirations.

        2. Marquise Goodwin and Trent Taylor are good WR. Garcon will be good once he comes back next year. The 49ers most definitely need to add a #1 WR but the rest of those guys are solid NFL starters. Add a #1 to that group and you have the makings of the best WR group in the NFL. IMO, the interior O-line needs to be totally overhauled. Need 2 guards and a Center. Curious if Garnett will come back and be a good player. Frankly, Kittle hasn’t shown me much so I wouldn’t mind a big add at TE.

          Definitely need upgrades to pass rush, LB, and secondary on defense. 49ers could end up with 6 new starters on defense next year. Witherspoon probably comes back as a starter but the other 3 starters in the secondary may not be around next year. 49ers could have as many roster moves next year as they had this past year.

          1. So now the roster is good all of the sudden?! Lol. My head spins with how often people are arguing different positions!

            It was two weeks ago people were saying this was a weak roster which is why the team didn’t win. I believe 3rd stringers was a term used to describe. Now they are starters.

            1. OI was arguing the roster sucks and I maintain that. We have a bad O line, below average wide receivers, below average linebackers (as a group) and below average corners.

              The team still has a long way to go to be competitive. However, if Jimmy plays great (still an if at this point) it lets them see what they really need to fix first.

            2. I did not say the roster was good. I specifically said, the 49ers need a #1 WR, “interior O-line needs to be totally overhauled”, another TE, and 6 new starters on defense. Just because I say Goodwin, Taylor, and Garcon are good NFL WR’s it doesn’t mean the roster is “good.” I only complimented the WR group who can be really good with 1 addition but you go ahead and keep spewing that drivel.

              1. Ok, you didn’t say the whole roster is good but these guys are all of the sudden “solid”? A few games ago these very same players were not worth an NFL roster!

                They played the Bears who have had considerable turn over in their secondary. Let’s wait on the accolades.

      1. Yes, you are correct, but more games and time are needed before we know just how good he is. I think a few here already want to give him a Lombardi and yellow vest!

    1. After seeing JG play:
      – Do you now feel better, worse or the same about the trade for him?
      – Do you now feel better, worse or the same about starting him this year?
      – Do you now feel better, worse or the same about the QB position moving forward?

      I think a lot of people are probably feeling better about all three right now. For me, I feel the pretty much the same across all three categories, but I am happier now he is starting as that is what I wanted KS to do. I already believed in JG so I don’t feel that much different about the trade or our prospects at the QB position moving forward – I already felt good about it. I guess maybe just a little more vindicated in that belief, but as you say, its just one game. Unless he plays lights out the rest of the season there should still be question marks moving forward, even though I feel confident he is the right guy for the job.

      1. I’m with you on points two and three Scooter, but unsure of one still.

        For me, I liked Garoppolo but he was yet unproven. He played a good game and that gives me more confidence in continuing to play him.

        Does it mean that the position is solid? That will depend on a number of factors that will develop this year and possibly next.

        I am far more comfortable with the possibility of giving him a franchise tag now that he has played.

        I thought they would hold him back to negotiate. Glad things seem to be working out though.

      2. I’ve liked Garoppolo since his incredible Sr. season at EI, but wasn’t a big fan of the trade as I would rather they had waited until the end of the season to address what they were going to do based on who was available. Having said that, the key to the rebuild was finding a long term answer at QB. If Garoppolo is our franchise QB moving forward then the trade will be a great one and I will be happy to admit what an idiot I was for not being completely on board to begin with.

        1. Rocket Man ?☺

          The trade for GQ Jimmy was brilliant but you’re no idiot…You have real ? knowledge. You know your stuff

        2. Yeah, if we operate under the belief that KS would have wanted to get JG anyway, and based on what has been said there seems to be reasonable evidence he at worst would have been right up their on the KS wishlist, then getting him mid season was actually the smarter move. Couldn’t guarantee they could get him in the open market, and would have needed to guarantee a lot of money to get him while still only having 1.5 games of starting experience under his belt (barring injury to Brady). And that’s assuming nobody else made the trade with NE.

          The only real alternative with experience that would be more than a stop gap and may be available (you would imagine) is Cousins. I know you like Cousins, so I assume much of your wanting to wait is because you would have liked to see if Cousins was available. But as I have said all along, I prefer JG to Cousins, so I am more than fine with the move.

          As for drafting a QB, obviously could have been a fine option, but I just don’t see any QB in the draft I like better than I liked getting JG. Same with last years draft, which is why I would have been happy to trade for him then as well.

      3. 1. Strategically, I thought it was a good trade when it happened. Doesn’t mean the player will be successful. But then drafting someone at the top of Round 2, or at the top of Round 1 for that matter, doesn’t guarantee success either. My opinion hasn’t changed. Even if he fails, my opinion won’t change. All we did was trade some future potential (through a draft choice) to get an early jump on determining if Garoppolo has what it takes (future potential).

        2. I’m not sure I understand the question. I figured he’d start sometime after the bye-week, I thought the last four games, possibly a bit sooner, unless Beathard put on the greatest QBing show since Achilles slew Hector. As it was, he started Game 12 so, unless he gets hurt, he’ll be starting five games.

        3. Is this a trick question? Of course I’m feeling better. He may not be as tall as Gabbert, but he’s tall enough. He may not run as fast as Gabbert (4.62 to 4.93) but he’s fast enough to buy time scrambling or pick up some cheesey yards. His arm isn’t as strong as Gabberts (probably the strongest that year, but it’s strong enough.

        But what I like, albiet it’s a very small sample size, are the skills and intangibles that these Top Combine QBs don’t have. He’s pretty quick with his decisions, fits the ball in tight windows, and has very good mechanics and pocket-skills. He was also quite commanding on the field as a leader should be.

        So, yeah. Now we just have to see if he can carry it forward or not. And while there is not any certainty in these things, I don’t see any reason to believe that he can’t develop into at least a solid QB.

        1. These were primarily questions to EC9er, though obviously I was and am happy for others to respond.

          Re: Q2, he was against the idea of starting him this season, as were many others. So was wondering if he feels any better about the idea of starting him now.

          Re: Q3, sort of a trick question, but one you appear to have fallen for :-P It was only one game, and all JG did was show the same attributes that made the 49ers trade for him the first place. So people that are now feeling better about the prospects at QB are probably getting a bit ahead of themselves imo, or just hadn’t seen much of JG previously.

          1. I will add it was only one game, and forget all Jimmy G’s skills set he put on display, the most encouraging thing is that this guy can make people around him better.
            He made Trent Taylor look like a little Wes Welker. He made Goodwin look like a player with big play capability.
            He kept the defense fresh by extending drives and he provided this team hope.

            This could turn out to be the best trade in 49ers history!

            1. Prime,
              I think this trade has way to go.
              #1 Steve Young trade
              #2 trading to move up in front of Dallas to draft Jerry Rice
              #3 the trade to get YA Tittle conversely the worst trade would be the one where they traded YA to the Giants.

              1. Not sure on the rankings but add also:
                Joe Montana to KC because heartbreaking

              2. Charles Haley going to the Cowboys was a heart beat behind breaking my heart after losing Joe Montana to the Chiefs….

          2. Scooter, just a quick correction, and a minor one at that, I wasn’t against starting him, just didn’t see how they could, given the circumstances (getting hurt, status of contract etc.). Clearly I was mistaken in that impression, but it isn’t the first, nor it won’t be the last!

            Glad he played as well as he did. It was a nice surprise. I know lots of people expected he would do well, but for me proof is in the pudding!

            I am always hopeful we will improve, though not always optimistic of the chances.

            Hope that clarifies my position a bit. As I’m not like Rocket and strictly a Cousins man or a draft guy, I believe every move carries risk and can be positive, but none are given.

            1. East you are right in your view point on Jimmy G.
              The only reason I was so confident in him was because I followed him a lot prior to his draft year.
              My buddy is also a Pats fan and I’ve seen him in preseason games.

              It’s more than reasonable to still be skeptical about him. He’s played 3 NFL games.
              But when you look at his intangibles, the most telling making others around him better, that’s the most promising.

              1. To be honest, I look at how QBs use their feet. He looked really good, smooth and confident with his plants, stance and throws. This helps in all dimensions of play. I tend to be skeptical by nature and I’ve been described as a half full type of guy so…

                In either case, I am happy he had a good first outing and hope it continues. I will continue to monitor his passes as there is a wobble in some of his throws which is a little concerning but Manning did that his whole career.

                Part of his success was TT and Goodwin holding on to those passes. Some of it is accuracy on his part, but they also made him look good.

              2. Well said East. This season has been a tough year and there is plenty of pieces we still need.
                All in all, Jimmy G can be a great piece in which to build around.
                If you don’t have a QB, nothing else matters. It’s nice to finally have one that resembles a promising one.

              3. For me it starts in the trenches. Need a good Offensive Line and Defensive Line. You build around them.

      4. – “Do you now feel better, worse or the same about the trade for him?”

        A little bit better. Leading a game winning drive with this roster was impressive.

        – “Do you now feel better, worse or the same about starting him this year?”

        Well, you know I’ve always been against bubble wrapping. No flip flopping after the fact from us. I expected JG to garner more support from his teammates, and that could only come from actually playing. But, from reading some of his teammates’ euphoric quotes about him, I now feel even better about him starting.

        – “Do you now feel better, worse or the same about the QB position moving forward?”

        A thousand times better.

  19. I remember when Shanny was getting criticism for pre-snap movement.


    “Shanahan did an excellent job of using pre-snap motion to clear things up for his young quarterback, and Garoppolo took it from there.”

    “On the first play, Shanahan motions the running back out to the perimeter. When a linebacker follows, Garoppolo knows Chicago is in man coverage. (A cornerback widening out with the back would have signaled zone coverage.),

    “From there, Garoppolo just has to pick out the best matchup. That was Trent Taylor running a quick slant from the slot vs. soft coverage.”

    “On the ensuing play, we see more pre-snap motion, but this time it’s the tight end motioning out wide. Same concept as before”

    “The corners stays out wide this time, so Garoppolo knows it’s zone coverage and to target the high-low concept over the middle.”

    1. That’s because some people don’t understand it frequently forces the defense to tip it’s hand. It can also confuse them to assignments and blow a defenses coverage prior to the snap.

    2. Wow. Steve Ruiz slammed JG for that throw to Murphy with triple coverage.
      That was a phenomenal play that required split second decisions, placing the ball low so the defenders could not get get to the ball. He also had pressure up the middle, and there was no guarantee a blocker would have been able to be effective even if he slid left in the pocket.
      That play was amazing, and he did not only throw into a tight window, JG threaded the needle. Good zip on the ball and pinpoint accurate while getting pressure. Ruiz may not like it, but I think it was one of the best throws of the year for the Niners.
      Putting a man in motion is music to my ears, because it allows the QB to read the defense’s reaction. I wish he would get comfortable with allowing the WR to go in motion so he would be at full speed at the snap of the ball, and it would make it harder to get the DB to get a chuck at the line of scrimmage.

      1. Ahhh, what does it matter,
        QB’s are a dime a dozen!

        sebnynah says:
        December 3, 2017 at 2:29 pm
        Kaep with a healthy Hyde, and these better receivers, and with a better rated O line, could do just as well.

  20. sebnynah says:
    December 5, 2017 at 8:06 am

    They said the same thing when racists tried to exclude blacks from playing- ‘Oh, he is just not good enough.’ They did the same thing with black QBs. – ‘Oh, he is not smart enough’. The thinly veiled hate is now being openly admitted.

    TomD’s Take: This coming from a poster who openly suggested Cassie Baalke not take a seat at the table when ‘men are talking football’ and should be doing the grocery shopping or scouting the latest black friday deal at the local shopping mall….Mrs. Baalke quickly pounced on that mistake, not letting Seb post his hate openly without challenge.

    Seb, a champion of civil rights you are not. And it’s the same thing when you talk about human rights then quickly change the subject to your arsenal of weaponry adjectives then talk about the white phosphorus grenade you exploded for a group of children at the playground after setting fire to your neighborhood when your chainsaw exploded.

    In both cases others such as Brotuna and Cassie Baalke questioned your sanity in using military grade ordinance…..Cassie also chided Seb for his overuse of weaponry phrases.

    This does not sound like the champion of anything other than hate, posing as a human/civil rights activist.

    In an interesting sidenote, Seb’s Sebastopol home is what, 13 miles from San Santa Rosa where California’s worst fire in history happened……Hmmmm ?

    1. “Seb, a champion of civil rights you are not.”

      Don’t forget about seb’s love for Castro. Castro, who “solved” racism against Afro-Cubans by making it illegal to talk about racial inequality.

        1. Much more dangerous than an idiot–if he gets his way, he will shut down free speech by labeling it “hate-think” or “hate-speak”.

      1. 80. I do not think Castro was such a monster as many claim. Recent documents show the United States had tried to assassinate Castro almost 100 times. To me, that is state sponsored terrorism, because Castro did not deserve the hate for being victorious at the Bay of Pigs, freeing his country from hegemony and the Mob. Castro did do a lot for his people. He made sure every Cuban could read, and provided health care for all. Cuban doctors have gone around the world to help fight diseases. In return, they had a national period of mourning that lasted 9 days, because the people of Cuba loved him for fighting tyranny and oppression. Nelson Mandela feted Castro for helping end Apartheid.
        Castro was not perfect, but he also was not the devil. He was human, and will leave a lasting impact. The Cuban Embargo actually propped up the Castro regime. If the United States had just let McDonalds and free trade into Cuba, the system would have changed long ago. Instead, by making them fight Yankee imperialism, they empowered Castro, and kept him in power for decades.
        You say I love Castro. Conversely, I will say you love Bautista , Somoza and the Chilean junta.

        1. I don’t love any of them. I also don’t make excuses for tyrants, like you just did in your lengthy response.

          Benito Mussolini made the trains run on time. Do you support him?
          Mao improved health care. Do you support him?

          1. American imperialism shaped the history of Latin America. Just like slavery shaped the South. I am a student of history, and there were things done that no one should be proud of, from both sides.
            No, I do not like Mussolini because he was a fascist, and Mao was responsible for millions of deaths. I am for uplifting the downtrodden and oppressed, with liberty and justice for all. I think this country has come a long way, but after this last election, it is sliding back. There is always room for improvement. Castro was no saint, but considering he stood up to the most powerful nation in the world who attacked him militarily, economically and politically, I am amazed he died of natural causes.
            Cuba had a revolution that threw off the yoke of oppression. America had a revolution, too. It is hard to diss one without dissing both. Cuba is a peaceful country with an educated populace. America is trending towards willful ignorance, and the divisiveness may create another Civil War. Hopefully, the silent majority will wake up and restore some sanity.
            Now that Castro is gone, I hope Cuba becomes more democratic, and the Cuban Americans can go back home and help build a new society. I hope the United States lifts the economic embargo so free trade can uplift Cuba’s economy and improve the whole region. I realize that many Cuban Americans will want to stay in America, but they should export some American ideas and ideals back to their native land. Peaceful transformation may be a goal, but it may take time and energy to accomplish that.
            No, I do not love Castro, but I also do not hate him.

            1. American imperialism shaped the history of Latin America. Just like slavery shaped the South. I am a student of history, and there were things done that no one should be proud of, from both sides.

              A more jingoistic remark could not be written! Who is the imperialist?

              You aren’t so much a student of history as a stooge.

              1. Monroe Doctrine. Hegemony. United Fruit. Banana Republic. Contras. Iran- Contra Scandal.
                History is written by the victors, but justice is inexorable.

              2. Yeah we are all the same Seb us Latin Americans!

                How much of what you wrote has anything to do with Cuba and her history? Don’t answer I already know. But for you it is all the same.

                All those Spanish speaking people are the same! You are a Jingoist and a fool!

              3. “History is written by the victors”

                You mean like Cuban history has been written by Castro. Like how the state (Raul Castro) ordered the national period of mourning. People were jailed for not mourning their dictator.

            2. “I am for uplifting the downtrodden and oppressed, with liberty and justice for all.”

              Unless the downtrodden and oppressed live in Cuba.

              “Cuba had a revolution that threw off the yoke of oppression.”

              The so called student of history just failed with that false statement.

              1. Bautista was an oppressive dictator, and Havana was run by the Mob.
                American revolutionaries were called terrorists by the British. We called them patriots.It just depends on your point of view, and who won.

              2. Yeah, and George Washington didn’t jail his enemies nor declare himself dictator. Nice try professor! Learn the history of Cuba first. For that matter, learn your own too!

              3. “Cuba had a revolution that threw off the yoke of oppression.”

                At the time anything would have looked better than the vile kleptocracy under the criminal Batista. Has there ever been a revolution that was to the long term benefit of those “liberated”? Outside of ours I mean, and even that is looking pretty shaky as of late, what with Presidential counsel declaring him to be above the law.

              4. Revolutions are messy, and there was tons of persecution of the Loyalists. That is why they moved to Canada. .
                The American revolution even had the Bostonians dressing up as Native Americans to vilify them and made them take the blame for the Tea party.

        2. Why do so many Cubans in Florida say the opposite, Seb? Millions of them, literally? WILL YA ANSWER THAT QUESTION? No, you cant, because it wont support your narrative………you atheist commie pinko meathead!!!!!!!!!!!! All your rants and reasoning come out of Sol Linsky’s book…………………All of your ant-American rants, while living quite nicely under its constitution and economic system. And your tiny pea-brain cant figure how come everything isn’t a “workers paradise” in a free melting pot of over 300 million people. Yet, more foreigners come to live here every year, probably for the last 100 years, than any other nation.

          1. Yes, seb’s comment looked like a communist manifesto.

            His story about a Vietnam soldier setting off White Phosphorous for kids was his way of denigrating American troops. He told this lie on Memorial Day. Of all the days to pull some crap like that, he picks Memorial Day.

            1. 80, it was no lie. I told the truth. It was not a phosphorous grenade, it was an illumination grenade, I was incorrect on that, but if you went back to hear how I described the device, I only claimed it gave off a bright light, not exploded.
              It happened over 50 years ago, so my recollection is not crystal clear. I also will not divulge his name, because some might besmirch his service for just trying to entertain the neighborhood kids who idolized him.

          2. Wow! Just wow! Every time he posts, he shows his stupidity!

            Seb, learn before you post regarding Cuban history! And by the way, watch out for state propaganda too! Cuban doctors, lol! That’s a big laugh!

            Next, he will post how great Venezuelans have it in comparison to the rest of Latin America! The great Bolivarian revolution!

            And you have the temerity to call others trolls! Wow! What chutzpah!

            There is not a subject he doesn’t see himself as an expert either! Lol! The Narcissism in this guy is so bad it’s comical!

            You really are a treasure trove of imbecility!

            I think you all know this tune:
            ‘Tis the season for Sebfluenza!
            Fa la la la, la la la la!
            30000 posts of banal intelligencia!
            Fa la la la, la la la la!
            Unlimited trade down scenarios!
            Fa la la la, la la la la!
            None which work, but hey it’s revolucionario!
            Fa la la la, la la la la!
            Claiming things for himself he didn’t create!
            Fa la la la, la la la la!
            Kap’s apologist, his play he inflates!
            Fa la la la, la la la lah!
            Watch what you say or he’ll cry“hate!”
            Fa la la la, la la la la!
            Changing positions fast it’s not too late!
            Fa la la la, la la la lah!!

            1. Seb suffers from denialism.


              “For denialists, the facts are unacceptable. They engage in radical controversion, for ideological purposes, of facts that, by and large, are accepted by almost all experts and lay persons as having been established on the basis of overwhelming evidence”.[12] To do this they employ “distortions, half-truths, misrepresentation of their opponents’ positions and expedient shifts of premises and logic.”

            2. East Coast..

              I just read your 12 days of X-mas thing on Sebs. Had me laughing for 5 mts because you hit the nail right on the head! Funny as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Possibly the worst aspect of Seb’s posturing as civil/human rights champion is the way he drags his poor uncle into the conversation as the person who gave him the deadly white phosphorus grenade to explode in the 1st place…Let me just give folks an exact description of what it’s used for by wikipedia:

      “WP”, which is dated from its use in World War II and Vietnam War and is still sometimes used in military jargon.[2] As an incendiary weapon, white phosphorus is pyrophoric (self-igniting), burns fiercely and can ignite cloth, fuel, ammunition, and other combustibles.
      Incandescent particles of WP cast off by a WP weapon’s initial explosion can produce extensive, deep second and third degree burns. One reason why this occurs is the tendency of the element to stick to the skin. Phosphorus burns carry a greater risk of mortality than other forms of burns due to the absorption of phosphorus into the body through the burned area, resulting in liver, heart and kidney damage, and in some cases multiple organ failure.[90] These weapons are particularly dangerous to exposed people because white phosphorus continues to burn unless deprived of oxygen or until it is completely consumed.”

      Covering your tracks by dragging a veteran into this is beneath contempt, but I know how low you set the bar, Seb, and expect no less from you.

      1. TrollD, I have been trying hard to ignore you, but I must defend myself against scurrilous accusations.
        I did not see my neighborhood hero set off a white Phosphorous grenade. He set off a magnesium illumination grenade that did not explode, but just burned brightly. He also set off a smoke grenade, At no time did he let us handle them, and we went to a large creek area with wide gravel bars, and he set them off with all of us safely standing back. Still for young kids, it was way cool, but our enthusiasm soured when he returned home in a casket from Vietnam, 2 weeks from the end of his tour of duty.
        If I did mention phosphorous, I misspoke because of my unfamiliarity with the ordnance.
        TrollD, you, on the other hand, went hysterical when I mentioned that the Niners should stop shooting themselves in the foot. You talked about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. After Las Vegas and Sutherland, you just turn my stomach. We need meaningful well regulated gun laws, and the first thing would be to eliminate bump stocks, large capacity magazines and re implement the assault weapons ban.

      1. If it’s true, Baalke may have kept his job longer. His drafts eventually would have been his demise anyways.

        Robbie Gould’s Heroics in Chicago Highlight His Case for the Pro Bowl
        Posted 2 hours ago

        Joe Fann
        Senior Reporter

    1. Great breakdown, thanks for the link. Definitely shows JG had a couple of instances where the clock in his head told him he needed to get out of there but he wasn’t feeling the pocket around him. Missed a sure TD to Goodwin as a result on that play he ended up throwing to Bourne when Bourne had gone out of bounds. Things he needs to work on – I am sure KS will be highlighting those plays to him.

      1. Agree, but I also wonder if JG doesn’t quite trust the OL and will err to the side of caution (when he can). If that’s the case, it would be hard to blame him. I’m sure he’s seen how Hoyer and especially CJB have been beaten up (although CJB must bear a fair percent of the responsibility).

    2. Cannot fault JG for not feeling the pocket. He had never had game time action with this group, and never played or practiced with them until 5 weeks ago.
      Considering the short time he has been with the team, JG was astounding me with his total command and calm poise. I never saw the Niner QBs make those throws, so I think they poached some plays from the Pats playbook because JG could do those in his sleep. Smart move to fit the system to the player rather than fitting the player to the system.
      The play calling was crisp, efficient and effective. It was innovative and unpredictable. Those quick slants over the middle carved them up. JG stitched the seams in the zone.
      Coupled with that, the defense played Niner Football. Very impressive, but maybe the best defense is a good offense.

  21. http://www.sfgate.com/49ers/article/Jimmy-Cool-49ers-Garoppolo-clutch-in-moment-12408077.php

    The failures with the game in the balance were a theme in Hoyer’s winless six-start tenure, which included an NFL-record five straight losses by three points or less.

    In Week 3, in a 41-39 loss to the Rams, the 49ers had a first down at midfield with 2:10 left. The result: Hoyer completed 1 of 3 passes for no yards before he was dropped for a game-sealing sack.

    In Week 4, in an 18-15 overtime loss to the Cardinals, the 49ers had first down at their 43-yard line in a tie game with 50 seconds left in regulation. The result: Hoyer completed 1 of 3 passes for 3 yards and the 49ers punted.

    In Week 5, in a 26-23 loss to the Colts, the 49ers had first down at midfield and were tied in overtime. The result: Hoyer completed 1 of 3 passes for 5 yards and the 49ers punted.

    1. Had BB not insisted on extending his Brady Insurance into the second half of the season and traded with the Niners after training camp, Niners would have probably won 3 out of those 5 if not more, and ………. Niners would drafting at far lower positions (and probably would had to part with the first round pick for Prince Aladdin). So if one is willing to write off this season as personnel evaluation / extended training camp, Niners are better off for the future.

    1. How can anyone find fault with a 49er QB making his 1st start, hostile enviroment, suspect O-Line, no go-to WR, and calmly marching the team on a game winning
      86 yard drive ?

      On the other hand some people think Cindy Crawford’s mole is a problem.

  22. Watching the Reese-Tom Coughlin-Hairdoo McAdoo saga at NY reminds me of the Baalke-Harbaugh-Tomsula fiasco. The difference is that John Mara was smarter than Jed to clean house with the McAdoo firing and not prolong the agony by another season like Jed did with Chip. For NY, the challenge is to get a team like Jed got Shanalynch.

      1. And when neither are ego-driven and are open to collaboration. That’s the #1 reason I am optimistic about the Niners’ future.

    1. When you include the Coughlin sacking, this is one sorry mess. As owners, Mara survives this, but seriously, there are no excuses. Start Over is not an option..
      While Jed had an otb option, I expect Mara to stay itb at GM.

      1. With the NY media always nipping at their heels, Giants could always use a face of the the franchise who’s not a rookie QB. A Lynch-type GM would also work for them. I was watching Mara fess up to his error in mismanaging the situation and he handled the issue at the presser directly and with class.

  23. Poached plays from NE? Fit the system to the player? You really don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about. This is another example, with all due respect, why you are at the most “Book smart, not street (game) smart”, and this uneducated, silly suggestion is yet another thinly veiled attempt at lobbying for your man crush to return to the NFL. At least you prefaced that idiotic statement with “I think”. Hardly. No matter how much you want it Seb, Kaep isn’t coming back. No NFL team is going to change one play, let alone their entire offense, to fit a highly limited, divisive, mediocre unemployed former QB who has done nothing but lose the last three years. Never going to happen no matter how much you kneel by your bed in your PJ’s before you go nighty night and pray. They figured him out Seb. Nobody wants him. He’s never going to play again in the NFL. He’s lousy. He’s a cancer. Please get over him and move on. Poached plays! What an insult to JG and the entire Niner team and coaching staff. Unbelievable. Comical. Sad actually.

    1. Juan, did you watch the game? JG sure looked like Brady. I am complimenting the Niner coaches for taking things out of the Patriots playbook, Certainly, the Niners never would let their QBs throw into double coverage. JG threw into triple coverage. It is smart to scheme towards a player’s strengths, not his weaknesses. Those slants up the middle were open all day, and I never saw the Niners use that play before. Instead of forcing JG to deliver from the pocket, they let JG use his natural mobility to scramble, avoid sacks, and allow time for his receivers to get open. Instead of checkdown passes that gained 6 yards on third and 8, JG threw past the sticks. Those poached plays were wildly successful, so it was not an insult to be smart enough to use them.
      Still dwelling on Kaep? Stop obsessing about him and talk about something else. Quit trolling. If you have not noticed, I do not bring up Kaep, but just respond to yours and other’s posts and you cannot help yourself. Like a moth to a flame, you keep on spewing the same old garbage. When I said I never saw the other Niner QBs make those throws, I was including Kaep. It was not a compliment.
      Claiming they figured him out so he is useless, is specious, They try to figure out EVERY QB, not just Kaep. It is the coaches job to add another wrinkle, to stay ahead. That happens all across the league, and is nothing new. Denying he is being blackballed is like Trump denying collusion. It does not pass the smell test. A cancer does not win the Len Eshmont award. Kaep is an inspiration and a leader. And he will play again, once he wins his grievance. Better get used to it. They are running out of drek QBs.
      Before the game, I suggested that the Niners should line up Hyde deep in the I, Hand off to the left, let him take 2 steps, then pivot and run right. Guess what? Hyde did exactly that and he gained 18 yards on that last drive.
      You may have missed the exact score by a few points, I called a play ahead of time.

    2. The “poached plays” nonsense is revealing of a total lack of understanding of the game. That’s hilarious in itself for someone who obsesses about it all day and night; you’d think some inkling would catch hold through osmosis or ‘second hand smoke syndrome’; but,…nope.
      Here’s a freebee Seb:
      Most teams run similar plays; it’s the language that’s different. Shanny didn’t have to steal ideas for seam routes for goodness sake! That’s why Jimmy The G had value, because they didn’t have to change the scheme for the other guys on Offense to fit the one player. And Shanny’s scheme, his system, is what got him the HC opportunity. Kinda like Bill Walsh believed in the system he devised.
      It’s not too important for you to one day get a grip on reality since you seem so disinterested in it, but in the meantime your posts reaffirm your legendary Sebmentia.

      1. JG just mentioned how he cited Belichick about game management. Maybe you should diss JG for poaching plays and strategies from the Patriots.
        What is absurd is for you to blithely state that the offense was pure KS’s and they did not think they needed to utilize anything from the Patriots.
        Teams steal ideas from other teams ALL THE TIME.
        Glad the Niner coaches were smart enough to use JG, and all that he was taught by the master.
        Do not know which game you were watching, but I recognized many elements from the Patriots in that game. Just makes sense. JG has studied for years, an offense that just won a SB, and 2 in the past 3 years.
        KS is not incompetent. He did what any good HC would do. He fit the system to the player, not fit the player to the system. Sure, they all run similar plays, and the main difference is in the terminology, but this last game was a breath of fresh air. Imagine, a Niner QB throwing past the sticks. When have we seen that before?

        1. Changing the subject doesn’t change the fact of your looniness. Remembering game management SOPs is not stealing or mimicking plays. Pretty much everybody but you knows that. You might even know it too but were just hoping to continue the arguement by arguing a different point. That’s one of your go-to’s.

              1. A mental patient hardly ever recognizes their condition. An idiot doesn’t either! You score on both counts.

                BTW way to be original and copy someone else’s vocabulary!!

  24. “I am complimenting the Niner coaches for taking things out of the Patriots playbook, Certainly, the Niners never would let their QBs throw into double coverage. JG threw into triple coverage. It is smart to scheme towards a player’s strengths, not his weaknesses.”

    I’m not sure you have seen a playbook before? I’m just imagining the play call now.
    Jimmy : “All rights guys, FB West Right Slot 372 Y Stick Throw into double coverage on 2”
    Taylor: “ummm… I think you got the play call wrong.”
    Jimmy: ” Why?”
    Taylor: ” Well… what if I am wide open?”
    Jimmy:” We throw into double coverage.”
    Kittle: “What if the guy who is supposed to be double covered is “triple covered” and everyone else is single covered?
    Jimmy: “Well.. I guess I throw it at the guy who is triple covered.”
    Goodwin: “What if no one is covering me and everyone else is double covered?”
    Jimmy: ” I throw it to one of the double covered guys.”
    Staley: “Alright Kaep, how did you get Jimmy’s jersey?”

    1. Yup, the difference is, throwing into coverage does not matter as long as he completes the pass.
      That pass to Murphy into triple coverage was incredible. The defenders could not believe he caught the ball. Those defenders probably thought they had him covered like a blanket. I think Murphy was surprised, too.

      1. you are wrong once again….

        from JimmyG
        “The linebacker had no vision on me so I knew he wasn’t going to make a play on the ball, and I just had to keep it away from the safety and the other linebacker coming over.”

        looks incredible on tv…..but it was obvious JimmyG knew what he was doing……he just didn’t throw into coverage like your buddy Kap does…..JimmyG knew the defenders couldn’t make a play on the ball – that was why he threw it…….

        1. There were 3 defenders closely surrounding him. To me, that is triple coverage.
          I never said that Kaep could have made that throw. He did make some jaw dropping throws on the run, but that pass to Murphy was threading the needle.
          Nice to see another strong armed QB with zip on the ball.

  25. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/12/06/jimmy-garoppolo-san-francisco-49ers-first-start-mmqb-mailbag-peter-king

    “We knew we needed first downs,” Garoppolo said, “and we knew we needed to work the clock. That’s what I learned playing for Coach Belichick. It’s funny you mention that, because I was thinking about that [clock management] on the field. Coach would run through situations like this all the time.”

    “Coach [Belichick] would run through situations during film situations, things you can’t practice. You’ve just got to know.”

    Garoppolo told his backs to stay inbounds, and on five straight plays they did.

      1. That’s not from anyones playbook. That’s from everyones playbook. Everyone who is successful in this league. It just so happens it’s the advice he had from the first 99/100th of his NFL career.

        1. Too bad the Niners failed to implement that strategy several times before last game.
          Niners were not successful in those close losses. Now that JG is leading the team, he was successful.

          1. Niners were not successful in those close loses b/c the QB at the time failed to complete crunch time passes. We might have seen that strategy if someone had the ball to stay inbounds with. This is football 101 Seb, not some Belichickian playbook mystery.

              1. Why wouldn’t he? Or he has experience being coached up by so many others in the league, doesn’t he?

              2. Relaying what he was taught by his only previous NFL coach is not, by your words, “taking a page out of the Patriots playbook”. Even if he had come the Browns, he would have been taught the same thing.

          1. Fangio was turned down for the Niner HC position. He may not have warm feelings towards Jed.
            Fox may be fired, and it is logical to assume Fangio would be a candidate.

              1. Prime, Trubisky is not another Joe Montana. Your draft crush is getting crushed.
                Last game, he looked mediocre, and did not have the ‘It’ factor like JG.
                Chicago should look at this new crop of QBs, who may be way superior to Trubisky, to find their franchise QB.

              2. HA! Yeah I highly doubt the Bears are going to give up on Trubisky after selling the farm and after only 1 year.
                You are not very bright are you?

              3. Bears did not give up much for Trubisky. They still have their first and second round picks.
                This new crop of college QBs is way more talented than last year’s, according to the draft pundits.

              4. 2, 3rd round picks and a 4th to move up one spot Id say is a lot on teams that need help in many areas. After the trade you were clamouring how the 49ers fleeced the Bears and now its not that much?
                “This new crop of college QBs is way more talented than last year’s, according to the draft pundits”
                Like who?

              5. Once again, your lack of knowledge shines and you turtle away to hide your incompetence. Be proud!

              6. I am not going to defend Chicago for all their football moves. Signing Glennon to a 17 mil deal was a whopper. Drafting Trubisky was desperate, although they did not give up too much. Certainly not like the Rams giving up 6 picks for Goff, including 2 firsts.
                Still, the Bears defeated both the Steelers and Cam, so the team has potential. They just need to upgrade the QB position. And no, Trubisky did not defeat them, the Bear’s defense did that job. With Trubisky, they pulled a Dilfer, and did not let him throw the ball.

              7. Yet now that we have a seemingly viable franchise QB, some here are advancing the “trade him for two 1st round picks” scenario. Presumably for using those picks churning through draft after draft trying to land that illusive QB of the future. That would get us the playoffs sometime around, oh whenever who the 3rd or 4th coach after Shanahan contract comes up.

              8. Rib, JG is taking it a week at a time. He is the one who may wish to go to a SB contender. He knows the Niners are in a rebuild mode, and will struggle to have a winning season.
                Lynch would be smart to lock him up with a fair long term deal, but Paraag may try to lowball him.
                Lynch is the one who said that he is keeping all options open. Maybe with Cousins not winning, he may be available for a reasonable price, and other teams will get into a bidding war for JG, so the Niners could garner 6 picks for him.

              9. “JG is taking it a week at a time. He is the one who may wish to go to a SB contender.”

                The 49ers control his rights for at least the next few seasons so it doesn’t matter where he might want to go.

              10. I hope Lynch can lock him up to a long term contract, but he is keeping all options open.
                JG was reticent in the PC, so we do not know where he may land. Forcing him to play under the franchise tag, and it would be another Cousins situation. Who knows? If another team is willing to give up 6 picks for JG, it may aid in the rebuilding process. I like JG, but it may be the best outcome for all to let him go to a team of his choice, for up to 6 picks, including 2 firsts, because the Niners need to upgrade many positions.
                Jags may be a team that is poised for a SB run, but lacks that SB QB.

              11. he is keeping all options open

                Like he was in bringing back Kaep?

                best outcome for all to let him go to a team of his choice, for up to 6 picks, including 2 firsts

                Absolutely not. When you know you have your franchise QB, when you see the difference that QB can do for your team, you do not go back to square one at that position. Not when you’ve already gone through 5 QBs in 2 years, that’s what you would do if you were in charge of the Brown.

              12. And what reason would they not? And don’t try to answer that with Paraag. Not when they signed the biggest fullback contract in the history of the league. If JG is the one balking, like Jack said, he can’t go anywhere for 3 years. It behooves both sides to get a deal done if the Niners think they have their guy. And from Shanny’s gushing, it sure looks like they do think that.

              13. Rib, I had been advocating that they improve the QB position. Now that they have JG, I hope they lock him up to a long term contract, and he leads the Niners to several more rings.
                I am NOT saying that I still want Kaep. I hope he does get signed and gets to play again in the league, and I wish him well. However, now that they have JG, I am looking forward to seeing a return to relevance, and that winning culture.

  26. Texans will be a big challenge, but the Niners are fortunate that they will go against Savage, not Watson.
    Niners will win if they can get pressure on Savage,so they should dial up some blitzes to get to him early. If they can rattle him, he will throw picks. If they get to him, they should try to strip the ball. Savage does not protect the ball very well.
    JG, with one game under his belt, should do better. The Niners were extremely fortunate to eke out a one point victory. They should concentrate on scoring TDs, and not settle for FGs. Glad to see they are using JG’s Patriot experience to improve the offense.
    I hope the Niner coaches continue to use their time outs wisely. It helped them win that game.

      1. Prime, you keep citing Football for Dummies. You must sleep with it under your pillow, so maybe some of that wisdom could leak into your brain through osmosis.
        I derived my suggestions from – The Score Takes Care of Itself.

        1. Seb, the book was written specifically for you. Too bad you have not made it past the introduction.

          Now tell me again how Kap could have done as well as Jimmy G last Sunday, make me laugh again, come on!

          1. The Niners under Hoyer and CJB did not do well. The Niners with JG leading them, did very well, but they could improve in the red zone.
            I will confidently assert that Kaep could have helped win those close games, because I think Kaep is way better than Journeyman Hoyer and raw green rookie CJB.
            Luckily, the Niners have JG, and he made the players around him better. Now that the Niners have JG, they do not need Kaep, unless the O line allows more free shots on JG.

            1. Here is what you said. It’s so like you to bring up Hoyer and CJB to deflect your stupidity.

              sebnynah says:
              December 3, 2017 at 2:29 pm
              Kaep with a healthy Hyde, and these better receivers, and with a better rated O line, could do just as well.

  27. Grant– pls find a new narrative for your “Seb” character — the Kap thing is, as the Brit’s say, “what is past it”…
    to paraphrase your “Legend”: we’re all getting bored….
    Grant, please try harder…

    1. tjf, maybe you should realize that your opposition to me is futile.
      I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan who yearns for more rings. My detractors do not seem to be mature and in control. They go all emo and spew drivel.
      Some day, they may learn their lesson, but until then, I will fight back. I do not suffer fools gladly, and Grant is laughing at you for being so thin skinned, and trying so hard to push back against my posts. He likes the clicks.
      I can take on a whole blog, and not work up a sweat. Get a clue. Your best course of action is just to stop engaging me. Now you are whining and crying. True Niner fans would look at what I say and agree with many of my ideas. The peanut gallery thinks they can shout me down, but that is another lesson in futility.
      I was one of the first to say that the Niners should stop shooting themselves in the foot. I was the one who said that they needed to upgrade the QB position. I wanted Kaep, but now that JG fell into their laps, Kaep is not needed. I was the one who constantly advocated that they consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. None of you all had the intellect or football acumen to think of those ideas. I sure am glad they finally took my advice. Last game, they used their time outs wisely, and it helped them win the game. When the Niners do that, I will praise them, but when this team is 2-10, they are not above reproach. They need all the help they can get. Now I am saying that they need to go bold, and not settle for field goals.
      Now, when I mentioned that the Niners used intel from the Patriots, they claim it is either absurd, or so evident, it does not need to be mentioned. Even with JG citing BB, they say I am dead wrong.

      1. Blah, blah, blah, blah. If we were all sitting around a bar, what would be your fate? Ill tell you, you would be holding a mouthful of chiclets!

              1. Why am I picturing the Ricky-Bobby and Jean Girard fight scene when reading these comments???

                but who’s who???

            1. Prime, you swore you were leaving, and never coming back.
              Maybe you should not welch on bets and keep your word.

              1. Generally, I am a peaceful man. I did teach my son about boxing, and he broke a jaw with one punch, even with boxing gloves on.

      2. The only one I know that gets their donkey kicked repeatedly and soundly, yet still thinks they come out on top! Lol!

      3. That does not speak well for you, Seb, that you live for your little pissing contests you like to provoke. The rest of us have to work for a living.

        1. Saw, I do not know why you waste your time, trying to oppose me so much. It does no good, getting into pissing contests, when all I want to do is talk about the team I love.
          Provoke? Is that what you are doing? I am an expert at countering trolls.
          However, I find that if I do not respond, it just encourages them more, so have at it, I have all day.

          1. I oppose you on two things, and two things only: Your constant, and I mean CONSTANT worship of a flesh and blood human being who, in your eyes, has no faults! None! A real live deity!

            And your well documented penchant for not holding everybody to the same standard. And why?Because you must-the operative word here being “must”-have your very selective list of victims. Your ideology precludes everyone from being held accountable for their thoughts, their behavior__its always somebody else’s fault …………if its one of your chosen ones.

      4. “I am just a die-hard faithful Niner fan…………..”

        Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Now your back on your game, Sebs! Your killin Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. As usual when this forum goes to pot, it is because people can’t help but respond to Seb’s gibberish and Seb can’t help but reply ad nauseum to everyone’s responses to him.

    Guys, just leave him alone. And I don’t say that out of any desire to look after Seb, I say it simply because everyone will be better off if Seb’s posts are ignored so he doesn’t feel the need to then make 100s of replies to the incredulous comments on his posts.

        1. Already got a new one.
          Maybe some posters should yell at Prime for engaging me. I promise to leave him alone if he stops insulting me.

          1. And what about every body else that calls you out?
            It’s not just me, there is a lot of posters on here who feel the same as me. I won’t name names but go look at the replies, there are many people who think you are a A clown!
            Maybe you should find another blog dummy!

            1. I see lots of posters who do not constantly haunt my posts, deriding and insulting. They are mature and intelligent, and do not personally attack, but stick to football.
              Sure, there are the usual suspects, but I do not mind, because they do not bring much to the table, and I consider them lightweights, just like I do with you.
              I swear I saw you write that you were leaving, and never coming back. What happened? Get lonely?

  29. We’ve seen it a lot of times in the past few years. The new guy comes in has a good or decent game his first start and then game 2..
    Boom. Wets the bed.

    Personally I will hold my judgment on whether he’s the franchise qb sf has needed since Young. Until after this game Sunday.
    I’ve seen this way to many times.
    But I will say he’s looked the most comfortable by far over any of the other “qb”s” that’s started for us since harbaugh left.
    If he can at least copy what he did last week, I’m all in. Heck I’ll even buy a jersey sporting the #10 on it.
    I will be eagerly watching Sunday morning. Heck even the wife is excited.
    His looks? Or his play? I think it’s both. Tee hee!

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