Joe Staley not sweating trade talk

SANTA CLARA — Offensive tackle Joe Staley doesn’t feel offended that the 49ers would trade him for the right price.

“I don’t pay attention to (the trade talk),” he said at his locker Thursday afternoon. “I’m not in control of that stuff. It’s done behind the scenes.”

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  1. Block shedding is key for Reid with regards to his run D. He needs more time to improve this and he could use an off season to bulk up. Assuming we bring him back, which is doubtful.

    1. This is one of those mistakes Saleh is making if you ask me.
      I hope I’m wrong but I’m guessing if Reid is in the niners Run D will get abused by Blount :/

      This game could get uglier than the Dallas game given the matchups

      1. I wish I knew if some of these moves were his decisions. Maybe KS/JL wants to see more of Tartt, so they can decide if they want to resign Reid.

        Bow was unhappy, so the Foster situation is a little different. But I worry about his block shedding as well. He too could use an off season to bulk up. And he couldn’t work out much this year because of his shoulder. I think Reid and Foster could improve, but right now they are out of position.

        1. It’s possible but given Shanahan’s background is offense, in theory he should be listening Saleh regarding the Defense. So I will assume that this is his call given the current info.
          As to the Bow/Foster situation I thought the same but after researching a bit, it seems the Mike and Will are interchangeable with Mike being the better communicator. Foster would be a Will in a more traditional 4-3 but it seems to not matter as much in this scheme as the Sam plays up on the line and has contain, essentially making this look like a lighter 5-2 front. Foster could not play the Sam but as the Will and Sam essentially have the same roll he should be able to play either roll.
          Note* I agree with your assumption the Reid is not long for the 9ers.

            1. The problem with emulating the Seahawk defense is that the Niners do not have talented enough players to run the Seahawk style defense.
              There is no Earl Thomas or Kam Chancellor on the team.

    2. Big question is. Who’s the pick for the 49ers at number one or two. All this talk about safety. How does Derwin James sound, maybe the next earl Thomas? Then there’s Saquon Barkley. He could be Todd Gurley’s equal. It will be a interesting draft

  2. This isn’t on Saleh, I’m certain a major roster move like this isn’t done without direct approval from KS/JL…..if not under their direction. I have a bold coaching suggestion, swap tackles, Staley at this stage of his career is better suited in the strong side and let big Trent get used to LT this year so he’s fully adjusted next year with the opposite foot work and what not…..bold, yet genius. Oh, and sign Kaep.

    1. dReed209 – Cannot agree with Brown moving to LT as he does not possess the quickness nor pass protection ability to handle the open side of the formation. At the left tackle spot he would make Fluker look like a pass-protecting dream. Brown even struggles at pass pro at RT where he often is assisted by the alignment of an in-line TE. If he was on the open side of the formation the majority of the time, facing the premier edge rushers, he would suffer from wind burn!!!!!

      1. Staley whiffed and let the DE sack CJB for a fumble. He is not as stout as he once was.
        I agree, they need to be bold, and agree with Dreed’s last sentence

  3. Reid looked like he was playing a version of this position in preseason and he did well.
    I don’t see him having any problems making the transition.

  4. I think there is too much pearl clutching over some of these personnel decisions.


    Foster is a true 4-3 MLB with sideline to sideline range and physical ability to be a force at pass protection. Bowman was a 3-4 linebacker with limited range and was inept at pass-protection. Better to play Foster and have him learn his lessons and make his mistakes now than stunt his development because of romantic memories of 2013 when Bowman supplanted Willis as the best ILB in pro-football.


    Think about who Reid is being modeled after: Barron (Rams) and Bucannon (Cardinals) among others. Even on our team, Ray-Ray Armstrong is a converted safety though he’s a bad example since he’s garbage for reasons that have nothing to do with his physical abilities. But Barron and Bucannon are excellent small linebackers who were just so-so strong safeties.

    Now think of who Reid is replacing — Ray Ray Armstrong. Ray Ray is garbage. He’s one of the worst LBs in the NFL. Stupid penalties. Blown assignments. Hot-dogs. Misses tackles left and right.

    And this change happened prior to all this talking. Last week, Reid took 48 snaps at WS linebacker to Ray-Ray’s 27. What was most notable about what happened was Ezekiel Elliot did not catch a single pass against Reid when Reid was in the game (the 72 yarder was on the strong side, Reid was weak side).

    Anyway, even against the Cowboys who blew up the defense and made them look foolish, Reid showed he was better than Ray-Ray. And that’s a good thing. Because, despite the conspiracy mongering, they are trying to win.

    1. But I still say Fangio would be a much better Dco than saleh. Saleh’s learning on the job and Fangio has over 20 years of experience calling d’s. If Fangio was our Dco, we wouldn’t be 0-7.

  5. 1. Eric Reid is not a LB. Moving him to that position is a desperation move based on the fact the 49ers don’t have enough LB’s. Releasing Bowman had major consequences for the team and was a bad move. This is not a good move for Reid so I am fairly certain his days with the 49ers will be over after this season.

    2. Kinda Ironic the 49ers would partner with police unions to disarm citizens after the guy who started kneeling during the national anthem was actually protesting “Police brutality. There’s people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable. People are being given paid leave for killing people.” Seems like Kaepernick would want people to be able to protect themselves from their “oppressors.” I wander if the public service announcement the 49ers are funding will feature any NFLers wearing pig socks.

    1. “I asked them explicitly, ‘Can you at least tell me if I’m going to be here next year to play this position?’ They told me no,” Reid said Thursday.“Right now I just trust the film I have at safety is good enough to enter free agency with, and now I’ll get some film at linebacker, as well.”
      This tells me all I need to know about Reid at LB. Reading between the lines, he believes his future is at SS and I would guess he is only going to be trying to get through the season healthy and get ready for FA.

      1. That is the problem. They want a safety to play LB. He is not big enough to take on those big blockers. Physics will dictate there is more chance of injury if a 290 lb guard or even a 260 lb TE takes on a 213 pound LB.

    2. @houston: why do you only see or bring up the negatives?…

      ..”49ers would partner with police unions” actually made me proud to be 49er fan……

      1. @oneniner,

        I see the $500k donation to the police unions as a PR move to repair NFL/49er image. The 49ers allowed one of their employees to disparage the police in an outrageous manner. Even after that employee wore pig socks and compared police to slave patrols I believe Jed York donated $1M to his cause. Sorry but I just don’t see this donation as a positive move in any way shape or form. You want to repair your image? Require your employees to stand for the National Anthem while they are wearing your uniform. Or actually use your teams foundation in ways that support police unions using that foundations Time, Talent, and Treasure. That will go a long way to repairing an image rather than taking 30 seconds to cut a check that amounts to a tax writeoff anyway.

        1. but bottomline the 500k could help and maybe prevent a citizen from getting shot by a racist or ignorant police or prevent a police from getting killed by those with illegally modified guns……..

          At least both sides are talking……

          “Among the measures discussed, and one which will get the most attention, is a ban on “bump stocks,” the device which can modify guns to fire rounds more rapidly. Those were used during the recent Las Vegas massacre.”

          sure the pig socks displayed is not smart…….but nobody ever claimed kap was smart – it’s up to us to focus on the message instead of the messenger…..

          I mean you can’t deny the message is more important than the messenger

          I see the PR angle you just gave has an excuse to not wanting to provide solutions to a serious problem……last time I checked the 49ers ownership is not going broke because of their NFL/49er image

          NFL problem is not the flag issue…….NFL problem is the younger generations are not into the NFL has we the older generation.

          ““The NFL still has great TV ratings relative to other shows,” Cuban said. “That said, I think the problem I outlined continues and is accelerating for the NFL.”

          Cuban said he doesn’t believe young people like football the way they did in generations past.

          “[The accelerating problem is] confirmed by the dramatic decline in participation by kids in tackle football and from a TV perspective the significant drop in viewing by millennials and younger,” he wrote. “The age of NFL viewers keeps on going up.””

          1. Ok I guess. CK’s message is born out of total ignorance though. Police violence is not a problem in the US. Systemic oppression is not an issue. It’s a totally manufactured crisis. Police shootings are down by 90% over the past 40 years. There are over 500k assaults on police officers every year. The entire thing is utter and complete BS. The money the team donates may go to a good cause but Jed York gets zero credit from me since he gave double the amount to CK’s BS cause than he is to police unions. It’s a totally empty gesture by the 49ers imo.

            1. ha…bro…..cmon

              I am not one of those yelling “Police is bad”


              1. if I am attacked or wronged the first person I am calling is the police
              2. The Police job is not an easy job, I understand the psychological effects it could have on a human brain to deal with criminals everyday.
              3. I am all for giving the police the benefit of doubt especially since their life’s are on the line every second

              But it takes alot of ignorance and arrogance to just say Police brutality is LIE…..after seeing all the videos…….and it is not fair to the good police not to point out the bad police.

              1. You misunderstand. Individual crimes committed by police officers should be prosecuted. The police officer who shot Philando Castille should be in jail. The police officer who shot Walter Scott should be in jail. Those individual cases do not amount to systemic oppression. There will always be individual cases of abuse that should be prosecuted.

              2. let me tell you my take on systematic oppression…..

                I am currently working in a small town in middle america…..its now normal for me to go through the day or week without seeing one police officer…….

                After this week we ALL agree there is an opiod crisis in these small towns in middle america

                if this was a community consisting mostly of “brown” people I bet you would have police on every corner searching citizens (stop and frisk) but for some reason which I blame on the system, there is less of a police presence in this “white” communities and no one is advocating we use the same policing tactics in these white communities……..who as far as I am concerned also have a high crime rate when it comes to drug and violent cases.

                maybe not a great example……but I do see how the system encourages more aggressive policing in brown communities compared to white communities.

                we need to understand that the color of your skin does not determine how much evil a person can be…..

                if there is no system oppression then all police policies should be applied to all communities the same way……..

              3. So your anecdote is that you’re in a place where you rarely see police and you attribute that to the fact that the location is mostly white. In your imagination you conjure up the idea that if your location were populated by more “brown” people then there would be a greater police presence? Your entire anecdote is literally made up in your imagination. That’s brilliant. When you actually have a real life experience, let me know.

              4. but it is true……it is a fact isn’t it.

                That less police are in these areas but the same crimes are being committed……..and the only difference in the areas are those that populates them……

          2. An illegally modified gun? Do you have any idea what a bump stock is? It it’s a novelty item and didn’t result in any added deaths to a single officer in the history of guns…
            A bump stock gives you no accuracy and the only reason it is being touted in the media and supported by gun manufacturers is because it has no real purpose or affect on revenues.
            More people would have died had the gun man in Vegas not had a bump stocking was actually able to take aim.
            Try not to be a lemming and repeat there talking points of the media. No amount to of legislation on guns has stopped the killings in Chicago or Baltimore- two places with the strictest gun control policies in the country. Criminals simply do not stop buying guns because they are illegal..

            1. You are correct to assume I don’t know much about guns……I am not a gun person.

              But if the Police are advocating the ban on illegal modified guns or bump stocks…….I am for whatever the police is advocating because I know they are advocating this because of the risk to their lives……

              its really that simple…..

            2. “Criminals simply do not stop buying guns because they are illegal.”

              Sad but true. Prohibition of any kind helps the black market, as long as there is a demand for the product.

              1. what if the gun manufacturers change the gun design…..

                replace your guns with smart guns (thumb print ……blah.. blah) with new type of bullets.

                ban all existing guns and stop manufacturing bullets for them…..

                just thinking out loud……..

              2. That would help a little, but when we’re talking about gangs in places like Chicago, the change would be minimal. Most of the people who want to use their gun in an illegal way, will get their gun from somebody that knows somebody (a throw away gun).

            3. If you have a 3D printer, you can make your own gun, and it doesn’t have to be plastic. A couple years ago, the Ghost Gunner, a CNC milling machine that costs $1200, and is capable of spitting out an aluminum lower receiver for an AR-15 rifle, was available for the consumer. This device allows people with no gunsmith training to assemble a working assault rifle at home with no licensing or serial number, and it’s completely legal….

              1. Yes, they’ve recently made ones that won’t break, and are commonly referred to as “mashable”. Dude by the name of, Crumling developed his home made ammo, which he called .314 Atlas, to shoot 19 rounds on a PLA-based 3D printed gun. The bullet is still a round lead ball, hand-made, for roughly around 27 cents apiece….

              2. thanks for the info…….now I know.

                ….so its not like a regular bullet……a round lead ball sounds like less damage to the human body compared to a .22……(please correct me if I am wrong)

                sucks that bunch of people have to die before they come up with sensible legislation on these 3D guns

              3. a round lead ball sounds like less damage to the human body compared to a .22……(please correct me if I am wrong)

                Think of the lead ball as the tip… almost any round .22 to .50 cal can and often does have a lead tip. And they are just as deadly as they expand upon striking the target, causing more tissue damage.

  6. The question the 49ers have of their fans is how important is winning to your game day experience. That should tell you droves in regard to what the Yorks think should be important in regards to the organization. Boneheaded moves like trading Staley (without a replacement) and moving Reid to linebacker (after letting a pretty good one walk) will be par for the course.

  7. It seems obvious that they are using this season to experiment. If winning was really that important to them they would just make a trade or sign a free agent. The real experiment was probably Armstrong and it failed.

    1. They lost their intended WS starter (Smith) in pre-season. Foster then got the job and got hurt week 1. Armstrong was just a 3rd string back-up.

      Meanwhile Tartt has broken out and the 49ers pass defense, with him playing SS, is ranked #1 in TE coverage pass-defense.

      So Reid is being converted to the small WS linebacker role. Something other teams have done with success.

    2. I think they have settled on schemes and are not doing any experiments in that regard. They are evaluating the current players with regard to these schemes in preparation for off-season personnel changes. Of course, they are trying to win every game, but not at the cost of altering the scheme just for this season to accommodate players who may not even be in their mid-term future (next two seasons). That sort of changes are done by franchises with very little maneuvering room where the team is under pressure to win immediately. Shanalynch’s approach (as I interpret it) makes sense for a franchise who have made a 6-year joint commitment to coaching and front office.

      1. They are rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. Another desperate move, doomed for failure. Do not know why they do not insert a LB to play the LB position.

      2. Makes sense, Mood, and explains a fair amount of what we are seeing. So here is a team (because of the 6 year contracts for both HC and GM) that is not subject to “what have you done for me lately” and “instant gratification” mentalities, which most other teams are subject to. Do you think Saleh is on the hot seat or does he get a bye because he is attempting to install the system and it is the players that are not measuring up?

    3. Willtalk

      I think that you’ve got it ! If winning WAS indeed that important, they’d be stupid to think that with the existing roster in their FIRST YEAR, ….that they could pull it off…I agree, this year IS an experiment…separating out who to keep and who to let go of….Walsh did the same thing cutting a lot of ‘dead wood’. Loyalty has no place in this….

  8. Should have kept Bowman, and have Foster replace Ray Ray.
    Should try Tartt at LB, instead of Reid. Reid is 213, and light for a LB. Ray Ray is 220, Tartt is 221 lbs. More playing players out of position. Should move Ward to CB, let Reid be FS, and Tartt SS. Then maybe Mark Nzeocha or Dekoda Watson at LB, who weigh 240 and can take on the blockers.
    This just smacks of more anti Kaep purging, and Paraag with his anal lytics is behind it.
    I have been advocating for a while to trade Staley. They should reward him for his stellar service by trading him to a playoff team with another chance at a ring. Maybe the Eagles after this game, by offering Staley and a second round pick for the Eagles first round pick. Looking forward, the Niner second round pick may be 34.
    They should trade Staley because he does not fit into their long term plans, so they should try to get something for him, instead of cutting him later and getting nothing. Right now, Staley has trade value. If they wait, teams will just wait until the Niners cut him next season, and get him for free.
    Staley probably hates all this losing, so he would jump at the chance to go to a team that wants to win.

    1. Maybe the Eagles after this game, by offering Staley and a second round pick for the Eagles first round pick. Looking forward, the Niner second round pick may be 34.

      This gets scary if the eagles in the super bowl. Because then the niners gave upbStaley to move up 1 pick… you could probably do that for a 6th rounder.

  9. Nice, they are advocating for sane regulations. Good that they are talking about de escalation tactics and mutually respectful protocols. In a civil society, there is no need for silencers, armor piecing bullets and bump stocks.

  10. I’ll tell you what I am sweating, this upcoming fantasy weekend. My team, Crazy Diamond, is playing a team starting Wentz and Alshon . Then , to increase my anxiety level, this MFer picked up Nelson Agholor off waivers and is starting him also.

    I think the Diamond is in deep Do Do this weekend.

  11. To trade or not to trade. That is the question. Maybe the 49ers can expose the Eagles replacement LT, and beat Wentz up a little bit. That might encourage them to make Shanny an offer he can’t refuse….

    1. wonder how their guy Vaitai will do….Saleh could get a reprieve if Wentz gets hurried/hit a lot…

      1. I don’t know that you give a guy reprieve whose game planning, and in game adjustments have been as uninspiring as Saleh’s have been. Especially when a defensive mastermind will become available in 2018. Fangio would balance the defensive power that the Rams took advantage of with the hiring of Phillips….

  12. But I still say Fangio would be a much better Dco than saleh. Saleh’s learning on the job and Fangio has over 20 years of experience calling d’s. If Fangio was our Dco, we wouldn’t be 0-7.

      1. Raz

        NO….You keep bringing up Fangio as though he walks on water…He doesn’t…and it’s beginning to show in Chicago. He fell into a rebuilt defense in San Francisco and then when he failed to extort a HC position, he moved on to Chicago which also had a pretty good D. Give Saleh a decent D, and I’m sure he’ll be everyone’s hero…..WE NEED PLAYERS…GOOD ones…

        1. Because Fangio had history in this league long before coaching with harbaugh. And you forget that KS wanted to interview Fangio for DC but Chicago blocked it. I believe If Fangio was not under contract, he would have been hired over saleh.

      2. I’m not saying we would undefeated or anything, but I do believe a Fangio coached defense would have won us some of those close games, like the 2 games that ended in overtime. I believe with Fangio instead of saleh our record would be more like 3-4 or 2-5

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