49ers can get small victories in Philly, not a ‘W’

Normally, I’d tell you how the 49ers can win on Sunday and give technical, inside-football strategies the coaches should use.

Forget all that.

The 49ers aren’t going to win in Philadelphia. The Eagles are going to destroy them. You know it. I know it. The 49ers know it.


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  1. “Sometimes, defenses will rush five or six defenders.” Saleh did this until the regular season started.

    5. “Tackle someone.” This problem is so bad. I believe we had 17 missed tackles last week.

  2. The 49ers need to dream big in this one, and that starts with the Eagles complacency after a big win over division rivals. They need to come out guns blazing, and score with their early possessions before the Eagles get airborne. Speaking of which; let Doom give their new LT gloom, and either through stunts, CB blitz’s, or whatever limited ideas Saleh can come up with, funnel Wentz to his left. Right into Doom and gloom’s hands….

  3. Would say it couldn’t get any worse but I’d likely be wrong. Probably best we can hope for is losing the game by 3 or less points like games 2 through 6. But not likely to happen.

  4. I love my team win or lose…but I have to admit I laughed out loud reading this…in part because it is all true! Thanks for the laughs today Grant!

  5. As harsh as the article was, it’s true. A performance like last week deserves it.
    As for Sunday, I think it’s another 40 burger on our defense.
    42 Eagles
    7 49ers

    1. CJ might die in this game.
      Shanahan might want to put 7 wr out there, once he concludes 3 linemen can block just as effectively as 5 on this team. Or Maybe he could sign Kaep for 1 game… it might save the NFL and CJ. Well, at least for quarter. (Who am I kidding, 3 plays)

      1. WC,
        Shanahan may be a control freak and idea of having someone running his offense does not fly.

        This team needs a bus load of talent especially on offense before Shanahan’s plan can take flight.
        The only true talent on the
        O-line is Joe Staley who may be traded.
        This team will continue to lose if the O-line deficiency is not addressed next year.

        Had we drafted players like Russell Wilson or Zak Prescott there’s no way they could have become the player’s they are now behind our current O-line.

        1. Believe it or not, the Seattle O Line is worse than the 49ers O line. Last year their starting left tackle had only played football in the 8th grade and then again in 2015 as a tight end in college! He’s injured now, but would probably be their starting left tackle if he was healthy. Having said that their offensive line coach, Tom Cable, is getting much more out of that group than our guy is (I don’t even know who the OL coach for the niners is from memory).

        2. AES – I was just throwing something up against the wall. Walsh had OC’s and we will forever just have to wonder WTF they did. That said – At the end of the day they did help deliver a competitive team. Seriously, no one can argue that Walsh didn’t help breed a level of talent at the coaching level that endures to this day.

          1. WC,
            Many of Walsh’ OC’s were disciples of his West Coast offense. And many became successful in their own right after moving on to other teams.

            But imo the most important impact Walsh had was his ability to create a winning culture that lasted for 20 yrs. That winning culture in effect became a calling card for FA signings who jumped at the chance of putting a ring on it.
            Today, this team is bereft of talent and it’s going to take time to make this team attractive to FA’s again.

            7 games into the season we are already seeing posters naming college players who would help this team in the near future. My hope is the 49ers scouting personnel is scanning colleges to find some top rated O-lineman that can eventually become the foundation in the rebuild program.

    1. Yeah. It seems kind of obvious since this whole season has been ‘extended try-out’ + ‘system installation.’

      Anyway, it’s a smart enough move. Because, despite the immediate teen-age drama-queen reasoning by people who are reflexively critical of anything outside their narrow comfort box, there are multiple small-linebackers in the NFL that were converted from strong safety. Both the Rams and the Cardinals have had very good success with their conversions. And we even have one with Ray-Ray Armstrong even if he sucks (which has more to do with Ray-Ray’s head than his physique). Also, I know there are others outside our division so it’s not like it’s a new concept or hasn’t even been done with success.

      Anyway, it’ll work or not and Reid will be resigned or gone next year depending on the team and his willingness to remain on it . But it’s the best move for now as Ray-Ray sucks (and was never intended to start or possibly even make the team). Lest we forget, the WILL LB depth chart in training camp was:

      1. Smith (FA signee)
      2. Foster back-up and working his way onto the field more-and-more.
      3. Ray-Ray.

      At WILL, Smith got hurt, then Foster got hurt so Ray-Ray was it.
      At MIKE Bowman got cut, Coyle couldn’t handle it so Foster got moved leaving Ray-Ray in possession.

      At no point can anyone honestly say Ray-Ray was supposed to be the solution. Or even be assured of making the roster…

        1. He lost that early on to Kittle and dropped to third before he was traded. But that brings up something else. FWIW, I’ve been checking up on some of the more recent ex-Niners. I’m kind of curious to see how they have been doing away from the toxic coaching BS of the past few years.

          McDonald has been starting for the Steelers for the past four weeks. He’s got 3 receptions for 63 yards but has an abysmal 33% catch rate with two drops in the 9 targets. I don’t think he’ll ever learn to catch.

          Kittle, has a 67% catch rate (which is very solid despite the 4 drops). To put that in perspective — Walker 65%, Gronkowski 62%, Kelce 79%, Ertz 67%, Graham 60%, Henry 70%, Davis 83% (did he buy new hands?)… Not the best, not the worst.

          You can see all the drop leaders here:


          Torrey Smith is being used properly in Philadelphia — his average target depth is 18.9yards and Wentz is connecting with him at a 53+% rate (which is very solid at that depth). Goodwin, his replacement, is at 45% completion rate at an average target depth of 15 yards.

          Goodwin has better numbers (because he’s gotten twice the targets), but it’s nice to see Smith be utilized properly. Something that never really happened here.

          1. I’ve kept up with a few former players and McDonald still struggles mightily. Smith was always improperly used.

  6. I found this amusing:

    On Dec. 24, 2006, the Carolina Panthers beat the Atlanta Falcons 10-3 despite the fact quarterback Chris Weinke completed just four of seven passes for 32 yards and a touchdown. Carolina’s head coach? John Fox.

    On Nov. 13, 2011, the Denver Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs 17-10 despite the fact quarterback Tim Tebow completed just two of eight passes for 69 yards and a touchdown. Denver’s head coach? Fox.

    On Sunday, the Chicago Bears beat the Carolina Panthers 17-3 despite the fact quarterback Mitchell Trubisky completed just four of seven passes for 107 yards.

    Chicago’s head coach? You guessed it.

    Anyway, it’s from a QB ranking article that goes on to say:

    Against the Dallas Cowboys in his first NFL start, Beathard took enough lumps for multiple games. He completed 22 of 38 passes for 235 yards, was sacked five times and added a rushing touchdown. Beathard did connect with Marquise Goodwin for 48 yards on a nice slant/post concept in the first quarter, and you could see how Beathard’s arm could mesh well with Shanahan’s evolved route concepts.

    Outside of that, however, there wasn’t much to talk about. Beathard was under pressure far too often—on 19 of his 45 dropbacks—and he completed just two of six passes when hit or hurried. At least three of the sacks were Beathard’s fault, as he held the ball too long or failed to keep his eyes downfield when running.

    Beathard has some potential as a pocket passer—he moves decently around the pocket, and though he can be a bit wonky and mechanical when rolling out to throw, he does have a good sense of what it takes to throw deep. He needs to get on the same page with his receivers regarding anticipation and route timing, though that’s to be expected for a first-year quarterback who wasn’t supposed to start at this point.

    That part in bold is something that fans, and much of the press, never consider when they crap on offensive linemen for sacks surrendered vis their unreasonable expectations about pass-protection. So before one points fingers at just the line, sacks are often the fault of the QB.

  7. Now, Grant, this article is one reason why I think you could end up becoming a great sports writer. You can do comedic-sarcasm which is gets the message across while not being over-bearing. Also, you work hard at understanding the theory and practice of football. You do your own research instead of just being a stenographer who is regurgitating cliche’s and BS as truths.

    But too often you just get into the pissy-mellinial ripper-mode and wreck it. Don’t do that. Do the other things.

      1. Chances are very good that the 49ers will lose in Philly. Anyone who says there is no way the 49ers can win, is not an NFL expert. The term “any given Sunday” was penned for a reason. Any NFL team can beat any other NFL team if they get some lucky breaks, the benefit of enough calls, and if the ball bounces their way.

        Sure, the Eagles are the superior team, and at this point it’s fair to say they would probably beat the 49ers 18 or 19 times out of 20. But that still leaves room for an upset. Those kinds of upsets can and do happen in the NFL. That;s why they play the games.

  8. Hehe, nice article Grant.

    This is going to be a very tough game for the 49ers, and I really don’t give them much chance. The Eagles would need to come into the game overlooking the 49ers and play flat for the 49ers to really have a chance.

    However, I do think we will see an improved performance from the 49ers than last week. I’m thinking a scoreline of around 31-16.

    1. 49ers might have a chance only because it’s suppose to rain in Philadelphia.

      Yeah okkkk!!!!

          1. Agreed. Sadly they moved to Santa Clara because the City wouldn’t pitch in.

            Out of curiosity I wonder what would happen if a new team was willing to build a stadium in SF. I know their are potential rules to prohibit this, but if an owner wanted to foot the bill…

            1. I can’t see the NFL allowing another team in California. Especially with the Raiders leaving.

    2. Gonna be a challenge for the Eagles to come out fired up against the 49ers after their big win over the Redskins. Having said that, it’ll take a broken Wentz to ground them….

      1. The problem is the lines. SF is starting multiple backups against one if the fiercest pass rushes in the NFL. And while they lost a pro bowl LT, the niners have lost Armstead and Tank so it’s harder to take advantage of them.

    1. I thought it was entertaining. ‘Make a tackle. do not drop balls.’
      Pretty basic, but the Niners have been defeating themselves.
      A little gallows humor is needed. The Niners are 0-7 and look forward to a winless first half, so a little levity is greatly appreciated.

  9. Interesting. Bob Mcnair made a Freudian slip when he said ‘they cannot have the inmates run the prison.’ Glad he at least tells the truth sometimes. Even if he meant, ‘they cannot have the inmates run the asylum’, it still dehumanizes and demeans the players. This is one more insidious attack against brave players who face ostracism, persecution and insults for exercising their First Amendment right to peacefully protest.
    I guess when the Texans draft a player, it means they consider the rookie contract to be the prison sentence of 4 years.
    Bob Mcnair is right. The inmates are running the asylum. The owners are the inmates.

    1. You can dehumanize, and demean me all you want for a cool million. Besides, you have know idea what’s in the mans heart, Sebber….

      1. I am hoping now that the league will be found guilty of collusion, which will void the CBA. That will open up a big can of whoop arse on the owners, and they richly deserve it. They will rue the day they conspired to blackball a player unjustly, because they stand to lose millions, and Goodell lots of power.
        The league is in the wrong, and Mcnair’s statement just confirms that. They cannot keep treating the players like they are chattel or pieces of meat. No wonder the players feel like they are in fetters, being told what to do. Apologize if I am offended? No, I am glad they finally let slip their true feelings. Calling players prisoners is true on so many levels.
        Forcing players to stand smacks of fascism. Good thing that a minority of owners did not prevail, or Twitler cannot fire an SOB.

            1. I’d like to see them all put their $ where there mouths are. Quit! Bring on the replacements if you’re so butt hurt by words. When I grew up we had a saying, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me. Bunch of snowflakes nowadays.

              Geragos says the comment by McNair is his smoking gun. Ha! That’s some pretty good smoke he’s inhaling!

              1. sorry to chime in here…just wanted to remind you who you’re arguing with….”butt hurt” only scratches the surface with him….see below– “KS merely has to think like Walsh”

    2. It’s an expression that is traced at least as far back to the 1920 cult film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and refers to mental institution patients, not prisoners. And it’s an expression I’ve heard it all my life. Just like ‘Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians.’ Or “FUBAR’ and ‘SNAFU.’ Or ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ And tons of other pithy little aphorisms people use on a daily basis.

      In my book, it take a huge a-hole to move this boring little aphorism from folk-expression having nothing to do with race to a racist comment.

      1. Yea, but they played the race card, and McNair folded. It’s a crazy world we’re living in, friends.

    3. “Brave players”

      That’s funny Seb. These poor brave millionaire athletes. Such a sacrifice they’re making doing the trendy thing. What bravery.

  10. Grant, the niners were leading the league in drops with hoyer at the helm.

    Remind me how many drops they had last week when beathard was the starter.

    Much easier to catch when the balls not being thrown at your ankles the whole while ?

  11. Hmm, Reid needs to tryout? If they can hold a tryout in the middle of the season, they should hold a tryout for QBs,especially if CJB continues to get bludgeoned. Hoyer as backup is not the answer. He will continue to be Hoyerrific.
    KS needs to think of all contingencies.
    Lynch says he really wants to win, maybe he should really try to win.

  12. How can the Niners win?
    Many times, the superior team wins. Eagles have more talent than the Niners.
    However, there have been many instances when an inferior force would defeat a stronger force. Alexander the Great did it many times. Napoleon was a master tactician and strategist. Washington defeated the British. Lee, despite the lack of men and materials, almost always preserved his main force and accomplished some stunning victories.In the end, through attrition, they wore him down and defeated him.
    What does it take to defeat a superior opponent? A leader like Walsh, who defeated Dallas in the ’81 season.
    So KS merely has to think like Walsh, and he can galvanize that winless team into a formidable force. Easier said than done, but if KS can get his team focused and energized, playing cohesively and efficiently, they can pull off an upset.
    If not, they will be bludgeoned.

    1. Walsh Walsh Walsh…..if only we had old Billy Walsh…..

      And Kap of course……

      Go Nibers

  13. We predicted a seismic talent shift toward the younger gen. would occur, year 1, under Shanny/Lynch.

    This board was filled with commentary about the ‘culture change’ to come and all can take pride in the fact at least we were 100% right on one thing in our debates throughout the years.

    What I see happening now is that Niner fans didn’t expect the Shanny/Lynch full court press on this aspect of the rebuild–only 16 Baalke players are left (via Jed York at Owner’s protest meeting).

    Some probably thought many Baalke players would be left so all that was needed was a solid draft to fill a few wholes.

    Those fans would be wrong…It turns out that most of Baalke’s players were fool’s gold so were purged from the roster.

    This is a 4 year project…..Think of it this way. When a new coach is hired by a university the standard contract is what–5 years ?….Why ? Because it takes 4 years to cycle out the previous regime’s players at a 4 year institution. Year 5 is the 1st year fans get to see players the new coach recruited.

    So give it time, fans, the 49ers cycled out most of Baalke players this year, 3 years faster than a university…Lets start our judgements of this staff in 2018 as they fill the roster with more recruits (draft picks).

    Don’t forget, it took Baalke 8 seasons to slam a wrecking ball into the SuperBowl team McClouhan is widely viewed as the builder of.

    Taking have that long to repair 8 years of Baalke’s destruction is a bargain.

    1. * ‘half’ that long.

      Also fans, remember, Shannahan wasn’t hired until after the Super Bowl so had less time to install his system than other coaches.
      This will be the 1st F-U-L-L season Shanny/Lynch and their front office will have to build their own draft board and make strategic decisons as a group.

      1. *Side Note:

        What do Mike Nolan, Mike Singletary, Jim Harbaugh and Chip Kelly have in common ?

        They all had a full year to start their rebuilds in their 1st season…Shanahan didn’t have that luxury.

  14. Urban Meyer: “Saquon Barkley is the best all-purpose guy I have faced in my career (30 years).”

  15. Saquon Barkley is UNQUESTIONABLY the most talented player in the 2018 draft, and the most dynamic offensive weapon I have seen in all of my years. He’s a game changer, as in Barry Sanders + 30 lbs.

    1. Every time I watch this kid Barkley I get goosebumps! Every time! And he’s built for the pro’s. He’s the “x-factor” in the 2018 draft! If the 49ers can find a QB, and land Barkley, their fortunes will change overnight! Just saying!

    2. I saw Barry Sanders play in the Holiday bowl. The Wyoming Cowboys, bless their under-talented hearts, kept him in check the first quarter. Then he took over. Which then opened up the whole Oklahoma State offense and that was all she wrote…

      This guy reminds me of Sanders.

  16. Crazy formation by UCLA. 3 down offensive lineman, shotgun, Rosen the Chosen one delivers a striker, TD!

  17. First, he’s far more than a RB. Barkley is an all-purpose offensive weapon. And if Christian McCaffrey was a top 10 talent, Barkley is top 3, especially considering there are no clear cut QB’s worth the #1 pick, IMO.

    Like I said, the 49ers need to figure out the QB position first and foremost. But that doesn’t mean they need, or should, use their first pick on a QB. Clayton Thorson, or Baker Mayfield are worth consideration in round 2. I say use the first pick on a player who will have the biggest impact on turning your franchise around. And that’s Saquon Barkley, HANDS DOWN, unless someone offers an RG3 bounty of picks for your first round pick.

    1. “…unless someone offers an RG3 bounty of picks for your first round pick.”

      That could very well happen this year.

      1. One can only hope #80. That would be ideal.

        Who’s your favorite QB in this class #80? And is he worth the #1 pick, in a VERY deep QB class?

        1. Rosen, not worth #1 though. Of course I would defer to KS’s judgement. Ideally I would like to get Cousins, trade down, address the OL, and get a true edge rusher in the first two or three rounds.

          1. I think he is. He’s an actual QB. There aren’t that many of them coming out of college. At this point, I only think two of all the QBs bandied around — Rudolph and Rosen — are Round 1 guys though QB desperation will liely put others in Round 1. I think the rest are just not that good.

            Take Allen, for all they hype because he looks good in a swimsuit, his already mediocre stats are padded against bad teams. Against Power-5 teams, 1 TD, 8 INTs & 50% completion with 400 yards (in total) passing. And that’s a huge red-flag.

            1. Maybe you are right but like Wentz, he was not even worth a conversation in October. Then around January he was the next best thing.
              Same thing will happen with Mayfield and Allen and both guys will go in the 1st.
              So many teams next year need a QB and I could see at least 5 being drafted in the 1st round.
              My order:
              1. Josh Allen
              2. Baker Mayfield
              3. Sam Darnold
              4.Josh Rosen
              5.Lamar Jackson

  18. Barkley’s top five for a team that has a QB, and offensive line. Let a team like the Redskins trade the house for him.

    1. Darnold is an INT machine right now and he should not come out. I haven’t checked up on the college scores today. But he’s thrown picks in something like 12 of his last 14 or 13 of his last 15 (I’ve lost track a bit). And he’s thrown more picks than games he’s played since Week 7 of his Freshman year.

      He really needs to work on his game. And the NFL is the wrong place for it.

      1. Razor is talking about the RB from Penn State. It sounds like you’re talking about Darnold.

            1. He’s dinged, but I think he’s the next best back after Barkley. I think his yards after initial contact are greater than Barkley’s, but don’t quote me on that….

  19. Barry Sanders was an offensive weapon. How many Super Bowls did he win? Exactly. Priorities. QB and Offensive line. That is all.

        1. Look I agree that the team should focus on OL and DE to start but Barry Sanders was a transformative player. He gave his team plenty of chances to win. They never did anything to get additional pieces around him. Kind of like the Dolphins did to Marino.

          1. Hate to tell you this, but running back isn’t even close to the most important position in all of sports. Barry Sanders isn’t going to give you a chance at a Super Bowl run, year after year for the next 10+.

  20. If Rosen is the Chosen one, it doesn’t mean diddly poo where he’s taken. Neither Goff, nor Wentz was as polished in the pocket.

  21. Rosen is the best pure passer to come out in years. Makes the Trubiscuit trade up to #2 look mighty flaky.

    1. The problem with Rosen is that apparently his teammates don’t like him and he has a lot of outside interests to football. Those are some scary traits.

      1. According to Jim Mora, he’s well respected by his team mates. His mother is the great, great granddaughter of Joseph Wharton, founder of the elite Wharton School of Business at Penn, and his father, according to Sports Illustrated, is a top spine surgeon. Not sure if Rosen is a captain on the team.

        I can’t find whether or not he’s a team captain, but found this interesting article on him. He’s a different egg, to be sure, and obviously we won’t be privy to his interview process with Shanny, but I think he’s about as close to a sure thing as a college quarterback can get, when you’re talking about accuracy, spinning the ball, release, mechanics, and reading defenses. https://www.si.com/college-football/2016/08/08/ucla-qb-josh-rosen-bonafide-star-how-will-he-handle-fame

    1. Hand injury that happened early in the game. He played most of the game with it, and he came out in dress clothes without a cast or splint. Something to keep an eye on….

    1. The guys on ESPN 2 are questioning Rosen’s toughness. Rosen was seen holding his non-throwing hand. Have to wait and see the extent of the injury.

      Now they’re saying he was sulking when they fell behind and before his injury. I also read that he is a know it all that thinks he knows better than his coaches.

      Some things to consider when using a high pick.

      1. Ah, yes, the microscope. This is where, lacking any sort of real information, the ‘pundits’ decide everything about a person’s character from a TV screen half-way across the country.

    2. Why not? He’s more polished as a quarterback than Goff/Wentz/Trubiscuit. Not on me though. I’m just a hack. Shanny likes polished, accurate, strong arm quarterbacks with years of experience in pro offensive management. He is likely at the top of his board based on those factors alone….

  22. ESPN is questioning Rosen’s toughness? Maybe they should have asked, Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin. He said: “He was extremely impressive. We knew he was smart…. But the thing I was really impressed with was his toughness. We hit him and hit him a lot, and he got better. It’s not supposed to work that way … especially in the fourth quarter. When you have a quarterback like that, you have your hands full.”

    Why anyone would quote ESPN or tune into their garbage is beyond me. That’s no longer a real sports channel, it’s a soap opera channel….

    1. Dismiss it if you want. If he left the game with a minor non-throwing hand injury and it wasn’t a coaches decision, then it’s a fair question.

      You are ignoring potential weaknesses like you did with Thomas. Guess what? Thomas has been getting swallowed up by larger tackles. He has been invisible at times, like he was in college. How bout some objectivity.

      1. Guess what? They made the decision to select Thomas. You know, the experts? Check your ego at the door, pal. I’m telling you what Coach Sumlin said about him, not some ESPN snowflake….

        1. You telling someone to check their ego at the door is the funniest thing I’ve read on this site.

          ESPN snowflake? So you’re assuming a guy that questions Rosen’s toughness must be a butt hurt, virtue signalling liberal? That makes no sense.

          1. Your incessant delusion that you know better than the people making the decisions has had me laughing so hard, my wife has had to check on me more than a few times. So in that respect, I’d say we’re making good medicine. As for ESPN…everyone but you and primenocchio understands what a joke they’ve become around the water cooler. Peace, bro!

            1. “Your incessant delusion that you know better than the people making the decisions”

              Guess you missed this.

              “Rosen, not worth #1 though. Of course I would defer to KS’s judgement.”

      2. And Thomas has been nominated for Rookie of the Week THREE ****ING TIMES. He’s playing very well no matter how pissed off you are he was selected.

        So just move on and accept it.

        1. Moses,

          Yes he has played well at times. Nobody is disputing that. But it doesn’t mean that this sentence was wrong.

          “Thomas has been getting swallowed up by larger tackles.”

    2. ESPN has the best draft experts in Mel Kizer Jr. and McShay.

      Adam Schefter and Mort always break the top stories.

      The rest of their panels like Trey, Sal Pal, Riddick, Lewis, Woodson, Ryan bring years of experience and in-depth knowledge.

      I’d say they do a pretty good job.

      1. I think they’re laughable. But I used to keep track of them and their failures. And I realized, they’re not very good. Sometimes they’re down right awful.

  23. Hey, anybody seen the next great Barry Sanders…I mean, Saquon Barkley? Only had 9 yards in the second half I think.

      1. Pretty sure he only got 9 yards in the second half. You can double check it like Rodgers, but facts does not an ego make.

        1. “Hey, anybody seen the next great Barry Sanders…I mean, Saquon Barkley?”

          So that wasn’t a shot at 49reasons?

          I’ll check my ego at the door and admit that rocket was much better at calling out your BS than I am.

          1. It’s called needling. You know all about that. Why do you try to play like a paragon of virtue? Rotflmao, because I think you’re serious….

    1. I’ll tell you where to find Barkley during the Heisman Ceremony. He’ll be the guy holding the trophy, and admiring his name at the top of everyone’s draft boards. Unless you collect a handful of valuable draft picks, passing on Barkley in the 2018 draft is a good way for any GM to find themselves in the unemployment line.

  24. Btw, I did say they’d take Thomas, and they did! He was at the tippy top of their board, after Garrett, who by the way also cannot stay on the field….

    1. “Btw, I did say they’d take Thomas, and they did!”

      Hahaha. We’re talking about ego and you brag about predicting the Thomas pick. Priceless.

      All of us have hit and missed on roster moves. I nailed the Witherspoon pick, you lied and claimed you had Witherspoon.

  25. #80 worries about my ego. Bless his little heart.

    Razoreater says on October 28, 2017 at 3:30 pm , I’m just a hack.

    #80 says, help me, Rocket!

  26. class……….class……….class…….CLASS!! …..SHUUUUUUTTTTT UUUUPPP!!!!!!!!!……..thank you…..

    — Sister Mary Elephant

    1. I bought that album, along with Big Bamboo. Came with a giant rolling paper, that we rolled up a 1/4 lb. of weed in one great white joint!

      1. now it would be a podcast with an E-coupon for a Vape pen that you can take to your med cannabis shop to get the “loco cartridges” to vape! Then hear the podcast thru your ‘buds and phone….

    1. let us hope Saleh’s learned enough, things-wise that is, from Carroll & Bradley…
      btw…the post where I said Saleh gets a reprieve if Wentz gets pressured/hit often….the reprieve would’ve just been till next game anyway–

    1. Yes, absolutely, but there’s no chance for two seconds. Maybe two firsts, but I’m not sure I would make that trade.

      1. I wouldn’t do that trade either for two #1’s. No chance? They said the same thing about Alex Smith, only it was that we’d never get a 2nd, let alone two. Probably right though.

  27. NFL player’s coalition has invited Bob McNair, Roger Goodell and Colin Kaepernick to a meeting. Wonder if the league has the guts to attend, or will they turtle.
    Bet they use the grievance to avoid meeting him.
    Bob McNair’s Freudian slip just proved the blackballing and collusion. Goodell stands to lose power. Meetings and discussion are the mature way to resolve differences, but the flag issue makes some emo.

    1. Another major moment is this protest discussion, and Gramt is silent. Still only touched on it once when he retweeted his dad’s proclamation that kaep was unemployed due to lack of talent. Cmon Grant, you wanna be great…..step to the mic and say something of substance. This team is garbage, tanking for a top pick. Gonna over reach for a qb, when they realize Cousins isnt coming cuz we don’t spend that kind money on talent.

      The story of this team won’t be the on field product thankfully, it will be how they got for credit for pioneering protest….all while being the guiltiest party in this collusion. Soft journalism, maybe you should have majored in history instead of English, maybe you would have a clue then. But I’m guessing what they are protesting isn’t much of a prob in Santa Rosa……

      Oh, and Go Big Blue! What a series so far….

      1. Sorry about the poor spelling, always have issues posting on here….fingers can’t keep up with my thoughts……

    2. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/bob-mcnair-comments-roger-goodell-colin-kaepernick-meeting-malcolm-jenkins-anquan-boldin/ls4nd4lt1k0h1387htv6lx3h4

      “Many players have been deeply troubled by the disturbing comments made by Texans’ owner Bob McNair,” the letter of invitation said. “It is ironic that such a quote would emerge in the midst of an ongoing struggle to highlight injustices suffered by people of color, including our nation’s deeply flawed approach to criminal justice and inhumane treatment of imprisoned people. The events that have unfolded the past several days have upset and angered many players and continues to demonstrate the lack of seriousness that some league officials are approaching our discussions. It is this lack of earnest words and actions that provoke and reinforce the continuation of our protest.”

      1. The usually liberal media hasn’t given this story much play surprisingly but if 1 of those 3 decide to go that all will change….I’m hoping Kaep shows finally.

        Hou 1st baseman was caught on camera making racially charged gestures and referring to Darvish as chinito, knowing he’s from Japan because they faced each other in Japanese league. He said they call all Asian players Chinese where he’s from, wonder what folks in Cuba and Asia think about that. Sorry to hi jack ur blog with relevant news Grant, but if your not gonna use ur platform for something productive, your loyal readers might as well. I realize writing a baseball story probably wouldn’t fly in your line of work, but you could tie that stuff in together as I sort of did above because it’s all relevant to the same issues.

        1. And the fans are cheering. Some are making excuses for him.


          “Gurriel drew cheers when he batted in the second inning of Game 4 on Saturday night.”

          “Yuli has apologized for his gesture. He had no intention of offending anyone, but now recognizes the perceived offensiveness of his actions.”

          He knew exactly what he was doing. The fact that he got cheers is disturbing.

  28. God damn it Grant,

    Ever since you started doing those videos I cant help but read your articles in your accent/style of speaking.

    It took me 5 hours to get through this article between the laughing and the crying.

    Good stuff man

    Quality articles like this are what keep me coming back for over 6+ years

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