Kyle Shanahan on the 49ers’ penalty problem: “We definitely got the attention of our players now.”


This is the transcript of Kyle Shanahan’s Saturday conference call, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


Do you have an injury update, especially on DL DeForest Buckner, but any of the other guys who sustained injuries last night or any of those expected to keep them out for a while?

“Yeah, DeForest is the same deal with his ankle. It’s the same ankle. It’s a low ankle sprain which won’t be a long thing, but I’d be surprised if he played this week versus Denver. He keeps doing the same thing over and over again, so we’re going to have to rest him a little bit, let him get fully healthy and I expect him to be doubtful here for Denver.”


Now that you’ve had a chance to look at some of the tape on DL Solomon Thomas, what did you see that impressed you and did you see anything that concerned you?

“No, there were no concerns. We wanted him to get out there, play some, get his feet wet, get a little bit used to the speed of the game. By no means was it all perfect, but I think you guys all saw he definitely got noticed out there, caused some pressure on the quarterback. He ran to the ball, had a big hit on the sidelines and I thought it was good to see. Just a different changeup for the guards. We’ve got some big, long guys they’re going against so we get Solomon in there who I think plays a little bit quicker and has a little bit different type of pass rush than some of the other guys we have and it’s a good change up for them.”


I was wondering, I’m sorry if this was said already, but I’m wondering if you had any updates on LB Donavin Newsom’s injury?

“Yeah, he’s still in the concussion protocol. So, we know everything was alright to where it checked out better than anticipated last week. But, now he’s just progressing in the concussion protocol. [CB] Dontae Johnson is in that also. I’m not sure where he’s at in it, but he’s in that protocol.”


Has he been released from the hospital and if not do you have an expected release date?

“Yeah, he’s been released and I expect him to be here with the team. I think he was last Thursday. I’m getting confused with my days. I was traveling, but I expect to see him here in the office next week.”


This is kind of unrelated, so I was going to ask as the season gets closer have your objectives as a head coach changed since you were first hired and if so what were your initial ones versus current?

“I mean, the closer it gets to the season, the more you focus on the people that you think are going to be on this team. Last night was our first preseason game so you’re trying to give a bunch of guys opportunities. You evaluate all practices, you evaluate all games. I think next week, the game will be pretty similar, trying to evaluate guys and get them out there. But, as you get into that third game you’re focusing more on the people you’re going to think who are going to be your starters come Week 1. When you get into that fourth game you usually want to rest those guys who you feel have solidified a spot and give some guys a chance to compete who are really trying to nail down really those last few spots on the roster.”


You said the first week of training camp that you were eying this week perhaps for DB Jimmie Ward to come back. Is that still the game plan for him?

“That is, that’s what we were eying. That’s what we were hoping for. We did not check him out today. We’re going to take him through a bunch of tests tomorrow and run him a little bit to see how his hamstring holds up and if he passes or passes with [vice president of medical services/head athletic trainer Jeff Ferguson] Ferg and everybody tomorrow when we recheck his hamstring, then we’ll feel good about him going versus Denver this week. But, if we don’t fell 100-percent great about it, we’re not going to risk Jimmie getting out there and reinjuring it, setting him back. If we don’t get a 110-percent positive report tomorrow then we’ll just push it another few days.”


I’m sorry, can you say the name of the player who has a hamstring injury again?

“Jimmie Ward.”


LB Reuben Foster was saying after the game yesterday he thought he played okay, but he wanted to make sure and check the film. How did he grade out and what were your impressions of him?

“Yeah, I think Reuben played hard. You guys saw him make that play in the end zone. It was a good job undercutting that pass, saving a touchdown. I know he really wanted to come down with a pick and so did we. So, he could definitely get better from that standpoint on that play. He played a lot at WILL, I want to say he got about 13 plays, I think, and I believe he got about 14 plays at MIKE. So, he got to play both positions. I think it was good for him to get out there for a while. He did a good job making the calls. He wasn’t perfect by any means in all of his alignments and stuff and getting in the right gaps. But, he showed definitely why we wanted him. He definitely flies to the ball. He’s a square hitter, a good tackler. Got a chance to get his hands on the ball in that pass play I talked about, but there’s definitely room for improvement. There were some things we were excited about, but I think the more he plays the better he’s going to get.”


The way he’s so enthusiastic out there, is that really, are you seeing it resonate with the other guys on the team, where it’s kind of a contagious enthusiasm?

“Yeah, I think anytime you’ve got people like that it becomes contagious. Reuben is a guy who really enjoys playing football. I think you guys can tell that anytime you talk to him about football you can see it on his face and when he gets out there you can tell by his actions too. The way he flies around, he enjoys hitting, he enjoys running. And, I think he enjoys talking. The more comfortable he gets with this defense with the X’s and O’s part and all the scheme stuff, I think he’ll become even more vocal. He’s an outgoing personality, but he’s also very smart and understands the scheme. I think the more we get him out there with [LB NaVorro Bowman] Bo and the rest of the guys the more he’ll communicate and be one of the leaders out there.”


What was DL Ronald Blair’s, I know he sustained a groin injury, is that a little bit more severe?

“Yeah, he had a groin strain. We kind of see him similar to DeForest, I know it’s a different injury, but kind of the time table. He’s doubtful this week. There’s still a chance. But, we’re not very optimistic about it for this week.”


There were some deep passes completed in the first half, but it seemed to be mostly down the sideline. How did DB Lorenzo Jerome grade out starting and playing with that first team unit?

“Lorenzo did a solid job. They did a good job looking him off on a couple of those go-routes, which will happen, they look him off and then they get the one on one on [CB] Rashard [Robinson] and I believe it was [CB Keith] Reaser down the sidelines. But, he did a solid job tackling. He moves to the ball well and he’s got a knack for getting interceptions. I know he didn’t get any yesterday, but we were happy with how Lorenzo played.”


ME: What did you see from QB C.J. Beathard and did he earn an opportunity to play earlier in the next preseason game?

“Yeah, I mean, they’re in a very stiff competition right now. We gave the first nod to [QB Matt] Barkley. We haven’t discussed it yet as a staff, but I expect to see C.J. much earlier. I’ll definitely have more of an answer for you guys later in the week on that. But, I thought he did a solid job. So did Barkley while he was in. C.J. got off to a little bit of a rough start. There was some miscommunication on a couple run plays, a couple formations between the receivers. His first couple drives didn’t go smoothly, but kept his composure, didn’t get rattled, really acts the same way he’s always been. He does a good job hanging in the pocket, getting the ball to the right spots. I think you guys can see he’s a pretty tough competitor.”


Just from a process standpoint, last night when you had a chance to look back, did everything go well in terms of communication? Is there anything that you want to tweak moving forward?

“Yeah, I mean, we look at everything from just how we travel from the airplane to the food on the planes to what time we got to the stadium. So, there’s lots of little tweaks that you look at that I think we’ll be looking at throughout this preseason. Hopefully we get it to exactly where we want by the first game. The game day process, I thought went smooth. Definitely was my first time as a head coach. I’m still going through the exact same process I’m used to as a coordinator and I can’t lie, there’s a lot more to think about. The defense is up and I’m trying to study pictures and get my calls right for the next series, but I’m also glancing at them and having to pay attention to the clock when the offense isn’t up and thinking about replays and all the situations that are going on. Another tough thing that hopefully won’t be as big of a deal in the season is when you’ve got 90 players out there it’s how are you using them? How long are they staying in? Coaches always want to keep their guys in long because they want to win and look good, but you’ve also got to be smart too. So, you’re trying to balance it out when to get guys in and out of the game. Then you have a few injuries happen and you’ve got to get guys back in the game. So, it’s pretty hectic during all NFL games, but especially in the preseason. I’m glad we’ve got three more of them. I thought our staff did a pretty good job communicating our first time together. I know we had 12 people on the field that first play in the third quarter for the defense, which is on coaches. That is always a challenge here in the preseason especially. I was pretty pleased with how we did in the first game.”


How encouraging was it to see so many rookies perform well and take what they’ve been doing on the practice field and take it into a game condition?

“It was good. I was excited for a lot of the guys. We wanted to give all three of those backs a chance to go out there and perform. Once [RB] Carlos [Hyde] got out, I think Carlos only had two carries, but once the other three got in, it gave them a lot more opportunities and I thought all three of them did a good job. Some of the young receivers stepped up, definitely the draft picks on defense. That’s really what this preseason is for and we definitely wanted to see it in the first game, you never play your starting guys very long. I thought out backups came in and did a good job. Hopefully it will help them earn a spot to make this team.”


You guys played a lot of your backup offensive linemen. How did some of those undrafted or newcomers along the offensive line hold up last night?

“They did a solid job. You know, that’s always a challenge in the second half. In all preseason games, sometimes it’s a huge worry for quarterbacks and play callers because the defensive lines usually in the second half of games are better than the offensive line. And, what I was really proud of our guys for is the way they were able to finish and run the ball there at the end during that four-minute drill. I want to say they burned about seven minutes off of that clock and really allowed us to run out the clock and keep our defense off the field, which I was very excited about, because the way we were going down a little bit I know guys were getting tired. By keeping the defense off there you prevent injuries and you also don’t give the Chiefs a chance to win the game. So, for that young group of guys to come in there and be able to control the ball for as long as they did or run the ball that was a huge credit to them and that was a huge credit to [RB] Raheem [Mostert]. Because I felt like they were giving him, when they gave him three yards, I felt like Raheem got five and when they were giving him one yard, I felt like Raheem got three. So, the combination of all of them did a real good job and I think they gave us a good chance to win that game.”


LB Aaron Lynch had an exceptional evening last night. Can you talk about what you saw from him on tape?

“Yeah, I was real happy for Aaron. I know he’s battled his weight this offseason. He came to training camp in as good of shape as I’ve seen him. And just talking to him I feel like he’s been in as good of shape as he’s been in his career. He’s been doing a good job in practice and you never know if you’re going to get rewarded and how it plays out in the game. And for him to be in the amount of plays he was and to make the number of plays he did I think he did a very good job and I was very happy for him because I know he’s worked for that.”


You mentioned this is your first year as a head coach. I just want to know, has your dad given you any coaching advice?

“Yeah, he always gives me advice. He’s given me advice my whole life. I definitely listened to it a lot more when it pertained to football. But, we talked a lot. It’s been hard in training camp. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him much going into this. Actually gave him a call just sitting in the locker room a few hours before the game. That was the first time I got to talk to him for about a week just because of how busy training camp gets. But, this is something that we’ve gone through our whole lives. It’s a little different being a head coach, but he’s done it for a while so I always lean on him for advice. I don’t have any questions until I’m struggling with something. I usually call him once I’ve already messed something up. I wish I could tell the future a little bit better and ask him before it happens, which I don’t always. But, usually I tell him, ‘Hey I messed this up. Has that ever happened to you?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, maybe you should have called me before that and I could have helped you.’ I think that’s me being his son sometimes, but he definitely helps.”


Was there any key things, memorable pieces of advice that have really stood out to you or you really abide by?

“Just my whole life and in coaching. One thing he’s always told me is to always be myself. That’s something I try to do. I think that’s something that I always felt he was. Being able to work with him for four years when I did in Washington I was able to see that. He was the best head coach that I ever worked for. I’m not just saying that because he is my dad, but he’s really good at what he did. It was nice for me to watch that growing up. I was fortunate to be able to work with him for four years. He gave me, just the advice he said going into that game, he told me when you go into these preseason games people don’t talk about winning and losing that much. But, we’re taking over a 2-14 team. We need to learn how to develop the habit of winning. I was very happy that we were able to do that in the first game no matter how it happened.


You guys didn’t see any of WR Kendrick Bourne during the offseason program. But, obviously to stick with him and keep him around you saw plenty of him in the draft evaluation and the lead-up to signing him. What has he shown since he’s been able to get on the field?

“He’s got a natural ability to separate and he’s got good hands. I think you guys could see both of those things last night. We were excited to get Kendrick coming out of college and then I was really excited with what I saw in the rookie minicamp. And then I didn’t see him again until training camp. That’s a tough part about the rule. Those kind of guys that I was bringing up to where guys like [Carolina Panthers RB] Christian McCaffrey and Solomon Thomas, those guys get all the attention because they’re first-round picks, but those are the guys who are going to be alright regardless of whether they miss an offseason. It’s more of the guys like Kendrick Bourne who was undrafted and other people like that who are battling to make roster spots who have only been here for a few weeks, it really puts them behind the eight ball. He is a talented guy who definitely made some plays last night. So, that gives him a chance and I was happy to see that for him. But, he missed a whole offseason, basically, not counting the rookie minicamp. So, that’s had him behind. You’ve got to be the right type of guy to really catch up on that because it’s just impossible to get the same reps as everyone else has.”


ME: How do you address and eliminate the non-aggressive penalties? Illegal shift, illegal formations, 12-men on the field, false starts, things like that?

“The most disappointing ones to me were the illegal formations. That’s nothing new. We motion all the time. We do that every single play almost in practice, and then to get to the game and not be sharp with that stuff was a little frustrating. The first third down in the game we got called for that and I know that was one that they missed because we were okay in that formation. But, unfortunately they called that and that got called back and had us go three-and-out with our guys. The other ones that happened later in the game, we definitely deserved to be called on them. And, that’s stuff that’s frustrating because we can control that. That’s just concentrating, doing what you’ve done in practice and we obviously didn’t do a good job of that last night. False starts the same thing. I kind of expected a little more holding. The personal fouls, it’s definitely not something that you’re happy with, but it’s something that you kind of expect or are ready for just with my experience going into these preseason games. We definitely got the attention of our players now and I would be surprised if you guys saw the same thing next week.”


Going back to Kendrick Bourne, when you guys were talking about signing him, was that something that was discussed, that if we do get him we’re only going to get him for the rookie minicamp, that we’re not going to see him for nine weeks? Was that something that you guys talked about?

“Not really. I think that’s stuff you talk more about with a drafted guy. But, when it comes to trying to sign a guy after the draft, you’re trying to just look at the most talented guys that didn’t get drafted and you’re doing whatever you can to get them into your building.”


What was the closest experience that you had to a head coach prior to this coming season?

“Well, I’ve been a coordinator the last nine years. Being at Washington I think it was always the fact that having the same last name as the head coach, I think sometimes I got treated like one from perception standpoint and sometimes the media. So, I think I had to deal with that a lot there. Going to Cleveland for a year and then going to Atlanta for two years where I worked for a defensive head coach, I think that’s where you get the feeling a little bit even more where you’re the head coach of the offense because the head coach is running the defense. I think in Cleveland and Atlanta both those years, I really felt the 100-percent full responsibility for what happened on the field. You really weren’t sharing that, the praise or the blame, with anybody else. In Washington, I felt like from a media standpoint, with having the same last name as the head coach, I think press conferences and things like that and the attention you got I think really got me battle-tested to be a head coach because I feel like I’ve kind of dealt with it over the last few years.”

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  1. I like Shanahan’s way of engaging…much better than a string of grunts and ‘whoosh’ idioms. Good presser.

    1. Hmm, he said- ‘battle tested.’
      Why aren’t you dissing him for using war references?

          1. Clever, come up with that one all by by yourself? You are an original Seb! Take this show on the road, perhaps a one man perspective on Broadway on the alienation of modern man and the racial inequality of modern life, war, football strategy, history, and all the other excellent things you are obviously so gifted st that you are wasting on us.

              1. Seb

                I believe that Eastcoast9er was referring to your latest ássault of grammer school playground çaps that are so juvenile as to be insulting to you…grow up…you’re more academic than this….

      1. Sebbie… You are the clear and steady voice for anti-militarism in general, and especially as it is woven throughout the game of football. Where’s your voice Sebbie? Hello…Sebbie?

      2. Seb, you do realize the term “battle” isn’t always synonymous with military, guns, and artillery, right?

        Look it up bro!

        Per Marriam-Webster, BATTLE also means: an extended contest, struggle, or controversy – a battle of wits: a struggle to succeed or survive

        1. Good distinction…point taken. Now, let’s work on that sheathed weapon and tank-in-pit thing.

          Can’t wait until we begin practicing with the Broncos!

          1. Right on Cassie. These joint practices are incredibly beneficial! Let’s hope our boys battle the Broncos this week!

        2. 49, maybe your beef is with Cassie. When I mentioned, the FA WRs were battle hardened, and battle tested, she got all squirrelly and wanted me to stop all war references.
          Since she is so squeamish and cant stand the thought of war, I just gently reminded her that she should disparage KS for war references since she does the same thing with me.

            1. Ha! I’m just toying with Seb. He wears his selective indignation well out on his sleeve. Over time he’s been quite self-righteous/pious about putting militarism in its place (militarism not a good thing), then he uses military terms–beyond battle hardened–and espouses the virtues of thump, rails against the sheathing of his favorite weapon, etc. And he gets worked up about CTE and overall game violence. Seb is so much fun–like playing with a cat using a laser pointer.

    2. Agreed, good communicator. That’s refreshing. Check that box for this newbie head coach – and I do mean newbie no matter what he said about experience to that end. But you have to like his analytics.
      Come to think of it, check the box for analytical. Something for us football nerds.

  2. Sounds like — barring a bad injury or unexpected turn — Aaron Lynch has a pretty secure spot on the DL rotation this year.

  3. Question for Grant? Why you didn’t ask what role / position will coach K Sowers play / fill on the staff . What expectations he has for the Coach , I know the team has the utmost respect for the Coach ,ie what we see on the practice field ,and hear from the players . Does he have something in mind .( Time spent in Atlanta) What his thoughts are or,what he feels are coaches strong points . More answers needed . Btw love the kick _ss attitude coach (KS) brings to the table . Looking forward to your thoughts on this,and your response .

  4. The Bourne Identity might not be the fastest receiver, but his 3 cone was the top performer at 6.73, which might explain his ability to separate….

        1. At the last moment the 9ers will replace Bourne with a UDFA WR named Treadstone hailing from Blackbriar State.

  5. Grant, with our depth at running back and DL. Do you see us making a trade for a CB? We seem to be really lacking there with mostly CB2-3’s. if something is not done that could be our downfall this season.

  6. The 49ers aren’t going to be world beaters this year, so smoothing the rough edges is typical. The team looked improved against the Chiefs.

  7. Penalties and poor red zone performance have been a problem for a good many years. So far nothing has changed under the new leadership regarding those two glaring problems. We shall see if the cures are on their way.

  8. How does this outing compare to last year’s outing under CK? And I mean Chip Kelly, not the other CK who is irrelevant despite what other bloggers constantly want to do bringing him up as if he matters. He made himself irrelevant by his own actions in my opinion. For that matter so did Chip Kelly!

  9. KS seems to be honest a forthright in all of his discussions for public consumption. A real difference from the past. You are getting more information and insight than you did even under BW. It seemed a little hectic on the sideline at times, but I don’t know what he usually looks like on the sideline so no conclusion can be made at this time. He seemed to manage the clock well, but the insertion of players seemed to be a problem at times. He is giving all of the players to show what they have to offer and he should be able to give a pretty good evaluation. It will be interesting to see how many of the newbies remain on the team. Does he keep a guy with great potential for the future and let the old vet go, even though he may be a little bit better at this point in time. So many questions, so little time.

    1. With JH, one needed a crowbar to pry any words from his mouth, and he acted like he was under an inquisition.
      Tomsula just farted around.
      Chip was a motor mouth, but refused to answer the questions.
      KS is like a breath of fresh air.

  10. Glad Grant brought up the penalties issue.
    In a previous post, the first I wrote was that the Niners need to reduce the unforced errors. They needed to play disciplined and in control.
    Obviously, they did not read my post. ;p
    Maybe others think that what I say is irrelevant, trite and unimportant, but I consider I hit the nail on the head, and got to the heart of the matter, especially after 17 penalties for 131 yards.
    One thing I hope KS does is schedule a meeting with Ferg BEFORE the press conference. That was the maddening thing about Chip. I think he avoided the question about a million times because he had to talk to ‘Fergy’, but he scheduled his meeting AFTER the PC. The league gets informed in a timely manner, I also think the fans should, too.

    1. Sebbie–

      Good point — “The Niners need to reduce the unforced errors. They needed to play disciplined and in control.” Yup.

      To claim you figured that out and conclude the 9er coaching staff can’t understand much less address that principle without your prodding is absolutely silly.

      You know Seb, every time the offense approaches the line of scrimmage I send Shanahan a prayer that 11 players show up. Since that does happen 99+ percent of the time, I claim success–it was because of me!

        1. Aw shucks… I’m blushing… But if it weren’t for me, there be chaos with every line up! Geez I’m good.

        1. Sebbie… Read what I wrote; 99+%. I didn’t claim 100%. You are a very sloppy reader/processor. Very good that you’re not an air traffic controller, or a nuke power plant tech like Homer Simpson.

          1. Cassie, it was not 99+%. it was less than that. You were wrong again.
            Keep breathing.

              1. One hundred and seventeen total plays once flagged for 12 men on the field! I’d say Cassie’s prayers are working and the math is correct!

              2. East, the offense, which Cassie mentioned, only had 83 snaps.
                Reading is fundamental.

              3. If you and Cassie want to claim to be football experts because you think they must have 11 players on the field, go ahead. That is just low hanging fruit.
                I said the needed to eliminate the unforced errors. They had 17 penalties. That is salient to the discussion on where the deficiencies are, and how to improve the Niners.
                I also said that getting 2 turnovers would help set the tone. They both led to scores.
                Before the game, I said I hoped to see at least one deep pass. Aldrick Robinson made a good play.
                I expected the run defense to step up. They held them to 33 yards.
                I thought the safety play was critical for a victory. No whiffs.
                However, I will admit I made a mistake that proves I am human. I hoped King Solomon would get a sack. He did not, even though his pressure led to an interception. I still think he will get 11 sacks. A gaudy number, but with Buckner acting like Cowboy, maybe King Solomon could have results like Aldon did. Hope they can do stunts, loops and switches.

              4. Seb swallowed hook, line, and sinker. How predictable. He takes a fun jab and gets all knotted up. Just drop a nickel in him and he’ll go for hours and hours.

                Seb, it’s about the right time of day to self-medicate. no? Oh, and keep an extra binkie in your pocket.

                We love you Seb!

              5. Cassie, thank you. In your zeal to try to make fun of me, you just led once more with your chin.
                Now I can say that claiming that there must be 11 players on the field is your acme of knowledge.

              6. Its just a blog post don’t get so worked up Seb! By the way.. .you moved the goal post when the argument didn’t fit as you often do. Typical! You are a broken record of neurological problems!

              7. Math is fundamental too….83 plays, one 12 man “unforced error” penalty, 0.83 pct error rate, therefore 99.17% success rate of avoidance of 12 man penalty.

      1. KS himself admitted that they committed way too many penalties, and they need to clean that up.
        insisting they have 11 men on the field is like me commanding you to breathe.
        Now, dont hold your breath.

        1. Seb……..

          For cryin-out-loud………….you KNEW this was the first pre-season game…………………with a load of rookies and huge team turnover. you KNEW this was going to happen.

          This is why I know you say these things purposely. Nobody would brag about predicting the sky will be blue in August-unless their trying to razz people.

      2. We’ve said that about his favorite team, the Raiders, for decades… So, yes, he’s probably got that down by now…

    1. I saw that quote too. Looking forward to seeing him work with the two’s.

      Color me intrigued . . .

    2. “Usually guys scramble because no one’s open or they’re not comfortable in the pocket, and I’d rather play football,” coach Kyle Shanahan told this newspaper recently at training camp.

      Oooh, snap. Yeah, KS is obviously reading Seb’s commentary and that was his STFU response.

      1. Sure, that proves he reads these posts.
        My retort would be to mention that I like QBs who can run for 181 yards in a road playoff game. You know, running in the 4th quarter? Maybe it would help him win a game, and maybe even a Super Bowl. Bada bing.

            1. Shanahan said no to Kap because his play book is too big for Kaps peanut brain.

              Right CS?

        1. You know, running in the 4th quarter? Maybe it would help him win a game, and maybe even a Super Bowl.

          Probably not even a Super Bowl, as it didn’t before. If fact, Kaep’s deficiency as a passer, at the goal line, is what lost them a Super Bowl. I’m sure KS is well aware of that that too.

          1. Sounds like you are happy they lost that SB. I am sure KS is unhappy he lost his SB.
            Yes, in that SB, they should not have passed. They should have handed the ball to Frank Gore and told him to win the SB. JH even blew it by calling a Time Out before Kaep strolled into the end zone.

        2. To bad the last time he ran for any significance was in that super bowl.
          If he could run like that at will, he’d still have a job.
          League figured him out, now he’s a protestor with piggy socks and an Afro.

    3. I know this is not the popular sentiment but I was a little disappointed with what I saw from Beathard. He was not as accurate as I expected. Yeah, he hit a wide open receiver when the CB fell down but even that pass wasn’t all that great. Many of his passes were behind receivers or just a bit off. I thought one of his main attributes was his accuracy. Honestly, I didn’t see it. Obviously, first NFL game and all so he gets a pass but I would have liked to have seen more from him.

    1. I always thought Driskel had decent attributes…and needed some time. Hope he has a good career.

    2. Driskel has all the physical tools you could ask for in an NFL QB. Size, speed, arm strength. If he ever puts the mental part of he game together he could be a starter.

  11. To finish the headline quote:

    “…and I would be surprised if you guys saw the same thing next week.”

    Sets the stage pretty nicely, no? If they don’t clean this stuff up then who knows, maybe they do practice like losers. But if they do clean it up then maybe we can add disciplinarian to Shanny’s resume after all.

  12. Grant,
    Can you tell me of the 17 penalties how many of them were called against the special teams?

        1. That seems so pee wee league to not realize you have 2 guys with the same number on the field.

          I guess with 93 players it gets complicated.

  13. Grant, if you’re inclined to respond:

    How do you think Shanny will go about ensuring we don’t “see the same thing next week?” Do you think he will be successful?

  14. I wouldn’t worry about the penalties too much just yet. Special teams will take care of themselves after the cut down days and some of the other penalties were due to a new system. If in the first half of the 3rd exhibition game they haven’t cut their penalties considerably then it may be a concern. Grant do you believe that the Raiders lead the league in penalties because DelRio runs”undisciplined practices”?

    1. The Niners’ issue is the non-aggressive penalties. Those stem from a lack of discipline and focus.

      1. Least they weren’t delay of game penalties. You can coach players out of stupid penalties, but you can’t coach coaches out of them.

      2. Could it also have a lot to do with the complexities of Kyle’s system? This offensive scheme features more pre-snap motion, and complex formations. These things take time, and repetition to master. And this is one reason they play preseason games.

        If we don’t see a marked improvement by the 3rd preseason game, it’s at that point when we should be concerned, and start considering a lack of focus and attention to detail, IMO. I think we are jumping the gun to assume that these players won’t eliminate a lot of the penalties as the preseason moves along.

    2. The plethora of penalties is directly attributable to a lack of preparation.
      Hope the coaches do not blame the players, but blame themselves. Yes, they needed the players to be energized, but hey needed to be better prepared so they can anticipate problems to avoid them.
      I agree. First game, new team, new coaches, new scheme. They are not hard fixes, they are easy fixes, but that may take time with more practice time focusing on eliminating the mistakes.
      Line up penalties are all on the coaching. They need better organization. Same numbers? That is on the FO. If there are duplicate numbers, there should be one on offense, and one on defense, with proper planning for STs.

  15. Well at least the Kaepernick feed has fizzled out once again. It’s pitiful to see Seb bludgeoned and destroyed repeatedly every time this sad subject is brought up. Seb reminds me of the boxer we’ve all watched that gets beat up all 10 rounds, ends with two black, swollen eyes, a bloody nose, and a puffed up lip but raises his hands at the end as if he was victorious. Even after the judges have rendered their obvious decision of another loss, he’ll claim he won the fight, but in reality everyone who watched knows different. I do give him credit for getting in the ring, even if he is inferior in mind and talent to his opponents. ;>)

    1. Juan, you have not laid a finger on me. There still is the rest of the preseason, and there will be attrition during the season.
      Kaep is playing it smart by keeping quiet and being patient. You risk the chance of looking foolish is Kaep goes to another team and takes the league by storm.
      You on the other hand, have shown a shocking lack of football knowledge by ignoring people like Pete Carroll who declares that Kaep is a starter, has fantastic skills, and can lead a team to a championship. You may not be afraid of Kaep, but Arians flat out said that Kaep was scary. John Lynch thinks Kaep has done amazing things in the league, and has left the door open for his return. Even KS has admitted Kaep was very productive.
      Selective amnesia must be nice. No worries, be happy.

      1. Hi Sebbie! There’s selective amnesia, and there’s denial. You’ve got the denial market sewn up. Go Sebbie!

        1. Seb, proves Juan’s point once again! Raise those hands high Sebby! You are victorious even in defeat!!! Forget all the other facts!! Forget the evidence! Don’t look at what Carroll or Ariens or Baltimore or Miami actually do. Live in your fantasy world where we are still in the playoff run and Harbaugh is still coach and we are about to play the Green Bay Packers! This way he’s everything you want him to be and you’re right every time!!

          Oh and he’s a great social justice warrior with a heart of gold too who inadvertently made a few errors of judgment without his knowledge…oops!! He didn’t mean to! It’s every one else’s fault! He’s not at fault for his mistakes! It’s his agents, his gf, his team, but never him!

          1. I will take the assessment of a SB winning coach over this peanut gallery, every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
            I will say it again. Blackballing a player for exercising his First Amendment rights will give the league another black eye.
            East, I see you going all emo, which clouds your judgement, which basically proves my point.

            1. Hey Sebbie… A tune for you (courtesy of The Carpenters)…

              Lookin’ back on how it was
              In years gone by
              And the good times that I had
              Makes today seem rather sad
              So much has changed.

              It was visions of Kaep that
              I would cheer back then
              And I’d memorize each stat
              Those old memories
              Are so real to me
              As they melt the years away.

            2. You may have the right to say it…provided by the same people he derides…but that doesnt mean their won’t be ramifications. It says that no where, Seb.

            3. Seb, I’d I’ve to have some emotional investment to go “emo” in this issue. I laugh at you like I laugh at a fool who tries to act like a president while being a NY buffoon. Doesn’t mean I’m emo. Far from it. Try harder!

              1. East, I am disappointed in you, I just cannot respect some one who parrots, and thinks he is clever.

            4. Hey Seb… go excercise your first admendment rights at your job, see where it gets you.
              Example. While you’re mowing a customers lawn and see a Dallas cowboys flag hanging on their house.
              Mow a SF logo on it. Claim it’s your first admendment right and wait for that 30 dollar check in the mail.
              Come back and let us know how it went.

          2. Like the wounded knight in Monty Python…..
            ‘It’s just a scratch!’ LOL!
            Piñata Drama Queen gets his axe handed to him 24/7/365.

              1. The prosecution rests upon your predictable response.
                Just like Colin, you bring all this upon yourself. If you go to a tavern every day and everybody there is rude to you, anyone with any self respect would ‘wise up’ and find another hangout.
                Colin is gone and not coming back. 49er fans no longer care. The only reason anybody here bashes him is to counter your cringe-worthy obsession and to play you. Chatty Kathy, pull the string.

              2. I thought you come to come to this site to talk football, not troll fans.
                Sure, I would prefer to talk about the O line, but I have all the time in the world, so I kinda like talking about one of my favorite subjects, because I feel like he may be forced to return here, even though he does not want to. He opted out. Why? because he was sick of being stabbed in the back.
                However, with the blackballing, he cannot sign with another team. Yes, the Niners have 3 QBs. But they are all immobile and slow QBs. I expect the pass rushers will tee off onto a spot, and attrition will take its toll. There is a reason why Hoyer keeps getting injured. He is immobile and cannot avoid the pass rush.
                The problem is, the first 4 teams the Niners face, all have elite pass rushers. If the O line is beaten in the practices, it will be demolished in those first 4 games. KS better plan ahead and think of who he could get to replace them, QBs included.
                So what happens if a QB gets injured? What happens if Barkley starts throwing picks? Will Lynch throw CJB to the wolves?Attrition throughout the league will make Kaep’s comeback even more probable, because they will run out of retired players and one legged QBs.
                I am optimistic, because I think Lynch is a smart guy. He will want to win too much to let emotions cloud his judgement. He should be the adult in the room, and convince everyone that this would give them the best chance to win.
                Thanks again for the opportunity to talk about my favorite subject. How to help the Niners win. You may think you are trolling me, but then you start whining that you are sick of reading the same old things. Maybe you are trolling yourself.
                I refuse to be beat down by bullies, and I can take on the whole blog site and not break a sweat. Your desperate screeds say a lot more about you than it does about me.
                Maybe you should try to stick to football. Hurling invective may make you feel good, but it just exposes your character flaws.
                There needs to be a change of culture, and maybe that should start by being more calm and civil. Like James and Newsom, these blog kerfluffles are just another self inflicted wound.
                Remember, I am THAT guy.

              3. Sebbie…

                Woulda, coulda, shoulda, what if… Lynch and Shanahan are moving out on a vision for the 9ers that does not include Kaep’s style of limited play. How many times must we endure reading Shanahan’s explanation of why Kaep doesn’t fit? And you call out posters for being emo and ignorant.

                It’s okay to relive that Super Bowl season–just keep playing it back in your head, time and time again. Oh God, Kaep was unstoppable! That was then. Today we’re on the cusp of the 2017 season. The GM and HC are a long ways out of the barn with a new vision. Embrace it, or just go along for the ride. Or find another blog.

                You’re like the 5 year old who won’t put a seat belt on. Defiant, proud, cock-sure, master of his universe, perfect understanding of his world. What if? What if? What if? Okay already.

              4. 1st it’s “welshers”— now it’s misquoting Julius Caesar….geez, get these things right, will ya?
                it should be: Et tu, BT?

                Start hitting wikipedia harder for better accuracy on obscure semi intellectual witticisms you hurl around.

              5. Tjf, You recognized the quote, so it was not grammatically incorrect for my purposes, and focusing on a word that is grammatically correct, but offensive to some welsh sensitive posters, just means you are being too desperate to try and find any fault.

              6. I get it! Seb is is our Cliff!!! He makes up facts to fit his reality. From now on that’s his name lovable Cliffy!

              7. “Tjf, You recognized the quote, so it was not grammatically incorrect for my purposes, and focusing on a word that is grammatically correct, but offensive to some welsh sensitive posters, just means you are being too desperate to try and find any fault.”

                wow, ok…. you used a cultural reference (Julius Caesar) that you think will show you as an elite 9ers fan (BW’s volvo ads, white sweater, glass of wine, etc.) but you misquote it so that one guy– me– calls you on it– therefore I’m “desperate” and you’ve proven it, as the misquote was therefore “correct” for your purposes of snaring one of the “approx.” 20-25 different posters (or identities) on this blog into your intricately woven intellectual trap?
                Have I got that right?

      2. Of course coaches and most players aren’t going to publicly bash Colin… Fact is, Colin chose to use the NFL as his personal megaphone and no team wants an average backup, one dimensional QB with that much attention on its roster. Pretty simple to understand but then again common sense evades many…..

          1. Seb, you are bright enough to know this, but I will include it anyways as a reminder.
            A team would have to change it’s entire offense to compensate for the skill set of Kaep or RG III for that matter. Manziel and Tebow can also be placed in the same comparison. None of the 4 are employed because that offense is not in place in the NFL.
            In a league where wife beaters, dog abusers, rapist, and several other criminals are employed due to their talent, it makes little sense to argue that a stance has caused any continued unemployment.
            You can argue the skill sets of any of those players. The truth is that the offense they would need to run is not operating in 2017 and takes a year to implement at the minimum. It was not successful after Defensive coordinators adjusted to it.

            1. Matt, in any team, if the QB goes down, the backup starts. it is very rare to get all the QBs who all have the exact skillsets, and there will be differences. Hoyer is as slow as a snail with a 5.03 forty. The others are faster.
              The funny thing is- KS can take any QB and make him better. To have him declare that it is too hard and does not want to even try is defeatist. I hope he is flexible enough to take any player, and utilize his skillsets properly.
              The fact that the NFL signs DV offenders is not something to crow about, and it is the height of hypocrisy to blackball a player striving for justice while playing a player who beat his gf in the stomach.
              KS should take on Bum Phillip’s philosophy. He said- ‘Bryant can take his’n, and beat your’n, and then he can turn around and take your’n, and beat his’n’. That is a sign of a good coach.

              1. He can’t quit his Sisyphean quest. It’s his destiny to keep rolling that stone up that hill.

                It’s sad and comical. Though it is a pathetic display too.

              2. East, no, what is sad and pathetic is your yapping at my heels, trying to diss me as if it will make you smarter.
                It only shows you up as a clueless know nothing who cannot conjure up an original thought. Glad to see you parroting my Sisyphean reference.
                Please try harder, I am kinda feeling sorry for you.

              3. What is sad is that you consistently miss context. You missed it about Sisyphus. You missed about Lynch and Carroll and Ariens. It’s amazing how consistent you are missing subtlety. But you are consistent and obtuse. It’s no wonder you have such poor social skills and get punched at parties because you’re a total block head.

                For this if us who live in the real world, we just laugh and wonder how you survived this long! Are you sure you haven’t been in the Darwin Awards yet?

              4. East, over the years, I have attended many many parties, and that was the only one where some one hit me. I take that back. I also was hit trying to break up a fight.
                I just wanted Prime to know that I am not intimidated in the least by his blustering, and he can spew invective, but I am not impressed.
                You, on the other hand, seem to be content to yap at my heels and bring little to this site. I am not impressed by your vacuous intellect. Try saying something, anything, I promise not to laugh.

          2. which “super bowl QB” do you mean Seb?

            — Rex Grossman?
            — Matt Hasselbeck?
            — Steve Logan?
            — Mark Bulger?
            — Stan Humphries?
            — Jim Kelly
            — ???

            1. sorry, left off:

              — Chris Miller
              — Carson Palmer
              — Craig Morton
              — Fran Tarkenton
              — Ron Jaworski
              — Donovan McNabb

              1. And more SB QB’s Seb could consider:

                — Vince Ferragamo
                — Dan Marino
                — Boomer Esiason
                — Ken Anderson
                — Rich Gannon

              2. As you can see, having lost one or more SB’s, yet never winning one, doesn’t make for great company, even tho’ I suspect some of the QB listed here would be, in their prime of course, preferable to Kap.

            2. Since Seb’s gold standard qualification for deification of Kap is as one amongst many who’ve played the ultimate NFL game and never won..
              In fact, amongst this ” losing” SB QB list, I would take the following guys over Kap : (following scenarios involve having each candidate playing for BW in their respective “prime’s”)
              1) Tarkenton
              2) Gannon (duh)
              3) Hasselbeck
              4) Anderson

          3. Seb…You are the BULLY that you accuse everyone else of being…I am not fooled and neither are you…. One of the oldest and most effective tricks in the politicians bag, is when you run out of replies, accuse the opponent of YOUR sins. I think that Bro Tuna’s most recent posting is about as accurate as one can ask for….

            1. Ore, maybe you have not noticed, but they admit they are rude. they admit they haunt my posts, and they admit they try to make fun of me just to troll. If you cannot see that I am systematically being attacked by at least 10 posters, I feel sorry for you. Grant does not mind, it is just more clicks for him, but the ad hominem attacks are getting tiresome, and wastes everyone’s time.
              This is not my first rodeo, and they can get their Knickers in a twist, but in the end, I will still be posting about a team I love, and they will have wasted lots of time with no results. They are the Baalke/Paraag shills whose job it is to try and counter me every step of the way.
              I would be happy to just discuss the Niners. If you had not noticed, they just won their first game. No, they want to use me as a verbal punching bag, but I hit back.
              Me run out of replies? No, I am verbose. If they want to engage me, game on. Some day, they will learn their lesson.
              Yes, BT admits he is intentionally rude, just like this last post of yours. I thought Niner fans had more class, but the stench of Baalke lingers.

              1. You are a classic troll Seb. You attack people. Use all kinds of ad hominem and then when the tables are turned cry victimhood and act as if you are the one who was attacked. You throw insults at anyone who criticizes Grant or Kap and have the temerity to be the grammar police of the blog though you do it selectively. Please understand that you are a classic little man with little to add to conversation though you think yourself mighty as you preen in front of the computer coming up with mighty turn of phrases for hours on end while you trim the hedges. You live in a smoke filled haze of confusion where you are king and the world bows down to you. And your intellect is a vastly superior specimen that is awed by everyone.

                Unfortunately, it’s just a fantasy because you’re a fool and in the real world we make fun of you for the idiot you really are.

                Keep em coming though… Every village needs its idiot.

          4. sebnynah says:
            August 13, 2017 at 11:30 am
            Yup. They would rather lose than take a SB QB.

            Yup. They would rather lose than take a losing SB QB.

            There fixed it for you.

            1. That loss eats at me every time I think about it. Speaking for myself, it was worse than when Craig fumbled in the NFC Championship game against the Giants, because we had already won two Super Bowls back to back. As badly as I wanted to be the only team in NFL history to own a 3 Peat, and as painful as that loss was, losing that 6th Super Bowl was devastating….

              1. I was furious. Then I was sad. Still haven’t hit the acceptance phase. We were cheated throughout that SB. We didn’t lose. I don’t care what the record books say.

      3. Harbaugh said AJ Jenkins was a future starter with a bright future. Even called a special press conference to let all the critics of AJ Jenkins that they were complete incompetents and lauded Jenkin’s future…

        Stanford FB/LB Owen Marecic was described by Harbaugh as “the perfect football player.” When Baalke drafted Hunter instead of Marecic it pissed Harbaugh off and ignited the feud between them. When the Browns cut Marecic, Baalke picked him up for Harbaugh. Marecic was, basically, here for a cup of coffee while Hunter was an outstanding back-up until his knee got wrecked.

        You have to be an idiot to believe coach-speak.

          1. lol. As if you ever add anything to any conversation, ever. You can’t even do cliche’s right.

          1. No,No….you brought it up first–to LEAD the moths to the flame. Its a game for you, a sport………..I understand.

          2. Just a mouth piece who finds relevance behind a computer screen.
            No stones to meet. Keep talking Seb!

      4. Posting a pic of Ray Lewis as a slave holding his master is not playing it quiet. I know that Nessa did it but she had to run that by him first if not… and I were Kaep I would be beyond irate.
        Especially when Ray, and a few others were going to try and get a group together to help Kaep get a spot on a roster (note that was stated by Skip Bayless so make of it what you will)

        1. Ray Lewis showed class with his response, and did not take offense. In fact, he wished Kaep well.

  16. Decent start to the Shanahan Jr era minus the penalties of course. Very refreshing to see QBs who can read a field. Hopefully Hoyer and the 1s get to play a bit longer vs the Broncos… Always want to avoid preseason injuries obviously but the additional practice time wouldn’t hurt.

  17. We got one Baalke out of our lives.. Yet there is still one around that brings back bad memories. Plz baby Jesus deem Cassie’s “post comment” button un usable, for the sake of the 49er faithful. Amen

    1. I certainly know that Cassie is a Baalke shill who crows about baiting me. Her task is to be disruptive troll and create dissension among the fanbase.
      The stench of Baalke lingers.

  18. Oh look, yet another roster projection:

    Running back (4)

    Carlos Hyde
    Tim Hightower
    Joe Williams
    Matt Breida

    Cut: Kapri Bibbs, Raheem Mostert

    –Hyde was given two carries for two whopping yards. It wasn’t a great showing for the starters, as we mentioned. But giving Hyde just seven snaps is a strong indication he’s going to be the featured. Williams and Breida both made strong first impressions in game action. Bibbs’ missed block on special teams led to a blocked punt and a Chiefs touchdown, which doesn’t bode well for his chances. Mostert did well to seal the game with bruising runs late but is on the wrong side of the numbers game.

    Yeah, Bibbs was a ****ing ST disaster. Mostert, I think, would make a good addition to the practice squad if he still has eligibility.

    Pierre Garçon
    Marquise Goodwin
    Aldrick Robinson
    Jeremy Kerley
    Trent Taylor
    Aaron Burbridge

    Cut: DeAndre Carter, Victor Bolden, Kendrick Bourne, DeAndre Smelter, Tim Patrick, Louis Murphy

    –The group is unchanged from the first week of camp. Garçon played just four snaps and was targeted once on a slant route early that fell incomplete. Goodwin, surprisingly, wasn’t targeted on a deep pass like he’s been throughout practice. Taylor flashed by making catches in traffic with the reserves and should get time against first- and second-string defenses as the preseason progresses. Burbridge was named a special teams captain before the game, which bodes well for his chances. Aldrick Robinson had the play of the night with a 63-yard catch and run.

    I guess I’m going to have to buy-off on Burbridge thanks to his promotion.

    Vance McDonald
    Logan Paulsen
    George Kittle
    Cole Hikutini

    Cut: Garrett Celek, Blake Bell

    –Kittle’s injury has opened the door for McDonald to hold on to a spot. McDonald’s clearly one of the team’s most talented at the position, but he’s still an inconsistent pass catcher. Hikutini only played 11 snaps and should get more snaps against Denver next week.

    After QB, TE is the most difficult position on offense as you have to know all the line-calls, blocks, etc. , and all the passing game routes, etc. Kittle’s missing time is throwing a big wrench into the TE process. I would not be, at this point in time, surprised to see McDonald stat in early part of the season.

    Inside linebacker (4)

    NaVorro Bowman
    Reuben Foster
    Ray-Ray Armstrong
    Brock Coyle

    Malcolm Smith’s likely season-ending injury has all but assured Foster a starting job, although Armstrong will likely continue to get reps. Foster tied for third on the team with 27 snaps played Friday working at both linebacker spots. Coyle (ribs) didn’t play, but has experience in the system and should be a core special teamer.

    Nothing surprising here.

    1. Bibbs is gone because he is in the Turner doghouse. Breida will make the 53 since he got in the game ahead of Williams.
      I do not think Burbridge will make the team. I identify Bourne, because of his kick returner skills. If not him, maybe Smelter. Patrick, while being the tallest WR, may be stashed on the PS.
      I think Hikutini will only make the 53 if they can manage to trade away Celek. Celek is a solid blocker, and does have pass catching skills.

    2. Hope our place kicker settles in–we’ll need steady kicking this year. We may want to reduce the number of FG tries, but I suspect we’ll be attempting a good number of them.

      1. Hope that Pinion has done extra conditioning this offseason. He might break the record for most punts in a season.

  19. Yep and the owners are exercising their right of freedom of choice by overwhelmingly deciding not to sign a mediocre, decisive, activist/quarterback who’s average talent at best doesn’t outweigh the negative backlash he would impose on their franchises. Good decision on their part. The longer he goes unsigned, the more likely he never will. What owner wants to cross that threshold and risk those negative consequences for what would be a crappy return on their investment? Raise those hands Seb!

    1. Juan, be patient. Attrition in this league is inevitable and to be expected. Losing will make teams do desperate things.
      Glad you admit he is being blackballed.

  20. Prime Time and Seb are arch enemies around here. So guys, here’s some common ground – the team rejected both the QBs you are jonesing after.

    1. Rib, where Seb and I differ is I said he would not be a 49er after Kelly got fired. He vows to this day that he will return. Sorry, forced to return according to him. And that a storm will come.

      I believe the facts show, I was right and he was wrong.

          1. No, Prime, I am not going to walk up to some foreign terrorist who threatens bodily harm.
            Actually I am saving you from embarrassment. I once moved a rock 3 other men could not. They were cussing and swearing. They went to lunch, and I sneaked back and moved it by myself. They were amazed, and thought I used a crane.

            1. God, here we go again….

              — moving rocks 3 (or fewer) men cannot
              — remaining unfazed while obscenities are uttered
              — when the 3 other barbarians have gone to lunch, no doubt hoping they’ll move the rock after their nourishment, you,
              — dash their hopes of rock transport redemption by quickly hiring day workers to move rock,
              — thereby teaching the valuable lesson of using obscene language to have your labors magically done for you after a lunch break

              1. He’s punched and unfazed!
                He moves rocks that three grown men can’t budge!
                He does ten point plans for Front Office that they follow to a tee!!!
                He predicts what’s going to happen in preseason games perfectly!!!!!!
                Yet, he acknowledges he make mistakes, because he’s only human ?!
                I think he may be a demigod!!!! (At least in his own mind…)

              2. Tjf, I pointed out the rock moving to counter the bloviating by Prime. He thinks he can frighten me by threatening to attack me if we ever meet. I pointed out the rock reference to demonstrate my strength and ability, so his blustering is just a lot of hot air. These blog bullies seem to think that if they shout loud enough, they can intimidate, but like the rock, it is just another obstacle for me to overcome.
                What is hilarious is that he threatens me, then turtles when some one else takes him up on his offer to ‘talk’.
                BTW, moving the rock was easy, and I did it all by myself. Bet no antagonist on this site has the mental powers to ascertain how I moved a 3 ton boulder 12 feet.

              3. I mean with a mind like that it has to be able to move mountains. You’ve already admitted you’re made of granite. Lol you remind me of the guys who talked incessantly in high school of all the girls they had been with. The more they elaborated, the more they dug their hole. We all knew they were “inexperienced.” Keep talking Clifford of your prowess!!

              4. The tales get taller and taller over time.
                (where: Height = Unlikelihood)
                That Seb, he’s a real tough guy, a keyboard cowboy.
                Piñata Boy doesn’t just spin, he offers at least one lie each day.

              5. Day laborers. Not telepathically.
                Although I can envision him training for the telekinesis Olympics…he’s an optimist, no doubt. Among other things….

            2. Well then Id love to see your super human strength Seb.

              I know your kind, Ive worked and played against guys like you who think they can say whatever they want and not back it up. Mouth pieces who beak from a distance but when its time to man up, they run, tell stories and have zero integrity to face the music.

              Calling me a foreign a terrorist? You are a weak man.

      1. Fair enough, PT. But for yourself at least give the Niner QBs who are on the roster more than one exhibition before continually grousing about who they should have drafted and didn’t. If by mid-season they are stinking up the joint and Trubisky is tearing up the league you’ll have a point.

    2. Rib, when Kaep opted out, I stood up and said I was wrong, and wished him well, expecting him to find another team.
      However, with this blackballing, he may be forced to return, so I will present the option, even though it is slight.
      I just want the Niners to win, and if some one could present a better QB, I will root for him. I admitted Cousins could be a better QB. So it is not Kaep or bust.
      Still, in my humble opinion, Kaep has better skillsets and is way more accomplished than the present QBs. I wonder why they are so afraid of competition? They are so afraid of Kaep, they broke protocol, and named Hoyer as the starter.

      1. You have stated that Kap wants starter money and a fair chance to compete. Maybe he should offer to take backup money with incentives? He could show his skill sets in mop up time and possibly earn back a starters job.

        Maybe Kap should take a look at a local guy, Brandon Morrow, who made as much as 8 million a year as a starting pitcher. He is now making 1.25 million as a reliever and playing for a possible ring.

        You constantly state that he is being black balled but the others who sat are still in the league, how does that work?

        You constantly refer to his girl friend as giving him bad advice. The QB should be the leader of the team and not a follower of bad advice from anyone.

        1. I think Kaep should sign a -prove it contract, with a promise to renegotiate if he starts winning games.

          1. Being serious here, Seb:

            Really, who would negotiate with Kap—A bidding war between Winnepeg and the Eskimos ?

            1. Maybe you should read the story. There are bad people, both male and female in history.
              It would be sexist to forgive her sins because she was a woman.

              1. Sebbie…. A few weeks ago you articulated a nutty argument concluding that Nessa (and Nessa alone) was ruining Kaep. You were on the fine line of begging Nessa to let Kaep go so he could become that great QB (again?). Free Kaep, oh please free him! Throwing the woman under the bus, and implying that Kaep cant think for himself–double whammy.

                You’re behaving like a troglodyte Sebbie.

              2. Troglodyte? Hmmm, who was the first to use that term on this blog?
                Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
                Delilah wrapped Sampson around her finger, and sapped his strength by cutting off his hair. Maybe you want to rewrite the story.
                ‘If I had my way,
                If I had my way,
                If I had my way,
                I would tear this old building down.’

              3. Personally, I don’t care who came up with it… Let’s check Wikipedia. Hm, seems it has Greek origins. Goes back a ways.

                If your ego demands that you claim it, it’s yours!

            2. Cassie,

              Seb’s civil rights stance on the oppressed doesn’t include women.

              He’s still blaming one for that punch in the face he absorbed at the party for being a know it all.

              1. Seb still thinks that women’s suffrage means delivering a baby.

                The fact that women in Finland, Iceland, Sweeden and the Austrailian colonies received their right to vote before US women means nothing to Seb or that the suffrage movement started in 1881 and their right to vote finally ratified by congress in 1920 is a non starter for Seb.

              2. TrollD, since you engage in character assassination, I guess I will have to set the record straight.
                I am a die hard, faithful Niner fan, and attended those games during the glory years. I am not some rook bandwagon wannabee. I have witnessed history.
                I also am a died in the wool Democrat and have voted Democratic from Jimmy Carter to Hillary Clinton. I am pro choice, and support Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club and Habitat for Humanity.
                Since my Representative Huffman, is a Democrat, My senators, Feinstein and Harris, are Democrats, and my Governor Brown is a Democrat, I feel like I am well represented.
                Some may call me a liberal, and I proudly wear that distinction because I believe in liberty and justice for all. I believe in the Bill of Rights, Women’s Rights, Human Rights, Civil Rights and yearn for the day when we will have a well regulated Second Amendment. I believe in Global Warming, and think bowing out of the Paris Accords is madness.
                TrollD is perpetrating a classic troll trick to cast their own worst traits upon an opponent. If he can treat me in such a malignant manner, imagine what he does to women.
                Just because I advocated that the Niners stop shooting themselves in the foot, he went hysterical and fantasized about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. He accuses me of setting off military ordnance when I never laid a finger on them. Now he twists my stance on women’s rights.
                TrollD is one sick puppy.

              1. Sampson was my favorite biblical character. He was why I initially had hair down to my waist when I was a teenager. Bruce Dickinson was why I grew it back after getting out of the Marines at 23, and why I kept it long until I turned 42, when it started to thin at the crown. Stupid Italian genes….

          1. Yes, Delilah has cut off his hair. (Metaphorically).

            So what is it now? First Amendment warrior? Or pu$$y-whipped victim?

            I think Kaep should sign a -prove it contract, with a promise to renegotiate if he starts winning games.

            Not going to happen, he’s done here. I’m probably one of the few here that respects Kaep’s stance and message. That said, he did it in a league that’s conservative (military fly-overs to begin nearly every game?) with conservative owners, and overwhelmingly, conservative fans. Yes, he’s arguably better than a lot of FA QBs that have signed as backups and even starters. Yes, he’s being blackballed, but what did he expect? Welcome to the America he was protesting. Where you can call Police Officer pigs and be blackballed and call Intelligence Officers Nazis and become President.

            1. Rib, it is interesting to note that Kaep was solely focused on football, and did not even register to vote, then becomes a civil rights warrior after he hooks up with Delilah. You may call it an amazing coincidence, I think it is cause and effect.

              1. Prime, did I tell you of the time I was working repairing drilling rigs? They had this 6 inch nut on a draw works, and could not get it loose. So they had me hold this bar, while some burly Nam Vet who was a former college lineman, swung a 12 pound sledge to try and loosen it. I had to hold it and not flinch while he swung with all his might. He must have swung it 50 times, and if he had missed, he probably would have crushed one of my hands. After about an hour, they gave up. The owner was there, and was in a frenzy to get it repaired, so they could keep drilling.
                I certainly did not want to repeat that performance, so I took a scrap 4 inch diameter shaft from a pump, and with short strokes, started pounding on a tine of the nut. After 5 minutes, I loosened it. The foreman came to me and the Nam Vet and mocked him for letting a guy half his weight do what he could not do. The owner was tickled pink. Of course, they thought that some green college kid could not do half the work they could, but after that, they respected me more.
                So Prime, you may think you could beat me up, but you would be in for a rude awakening.

              2. Sebbie… How sad bro, Nessa stole your Kaep. Do you feel spurned; used, only to be tossed aside?

                Queue up Bonnie Tyler, self medicate, and wallow in your sorrow (bring back that Super Bowl run, with visions of Kaep running free and wild)…

                It’s a heartache
                Nothing but a heartache
                Love Kaep till your arms break
                Then he lets you down

                It ain’t right with love to share
                When you find he doesn’t care for you
                It ain’t wise to need someone
                As much as Seb depended on….you

                It’s a heartache
                Nothing but a heartache
                Hits you when it’s too late
                Hits you when you’re down

                Kleenex for all.

              3. Seb as crusty oil rig roustabout. I love it! Such a manly story. And you are oh so humble! Bravo sir!

                Someday I’ll share my story of how I lost two fingers preventing the accidental launch of a Poseidon missile…was aboard a SSBN on station in the Barents Sea back in the day. We had completed missile checks and were running attack drills when….

              4. Cassie, you’re going to confuse poor old Cliffy (my new name for Seb) he still thinks you’re a girl named Cassie (subtly and nuance are not his thing). I know better! You are a ferocious reptile come to avenge our voracious appetite for nuclear weapons! Hence the nuclear weapon story!

      2. Again, I was right and Seb was wrong.
        He didn’t return to the 49ers and that means no storm!

  21. The San Francisco 49ers have announced that they have waived offensive lineman Richard Levy.

    Levy was originally signed with the 49ers as an undrafted free agent on May 8. He played college football at the University of Connecticut from 2012 through 2016 where he appeared in 38 games while starting 37.

    So it goes.

  22. Sorry ribco I agree! Beating the dead horse but wanted to reply to Seb’s First Amendnent comment. This story ended a long time ago. I’m always amazed that such an insignificant, mediocre player has garnered so much notoriety, mostly if not all by his own self destructive, idiotic actions. I would be happy to never hear or see his name again. I doubt that will be the case. I must admit it’s fun to watch our resident walking thesaurus get shot down time after time only to raise his hands in self absorbing victory! It’s quite amusing! Prime is correct by the way, just for the record!

  23. Keeping track of Seb’s Mike Shanahan adjectives– the root cause is that Shanny won’t re-hire Kap

    1. pudding head 2. half-wit 3. dullard……………………….and his latest name calling : Shanahan’s L-A-Z-Y

    sebnynah says:
    August 12, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    KS will disregard the 468 yards that helped convert probably 15 first downs?
    A dual threat QB gave a team 507 yards in the playoffs that helped win games. He does not want that?
    Since he is unfamiliar with a dual threat mobile QB, maybe he does not know how to utilize him properly. Sounds like he is too lazy to try.

    Raider Fan, Thy Name is S–E–B,

    Begone loser !

  24. Brotha Tuna says:
    August 13, 2017 at 11:42 am

    The prosecution rests upon your predictable response.
    Just like Colin, you bring all this upon yourself. If you go to a tavern every day and everybody there is rude to you, anyone with any self respect would ‘wise up’ and find another hangout.
    Colin is gone and not coming back

    1. Glad BT admits he is being deliberately rude. Exposing his own character flaws is not something to be proud of.

      1. Getting punched to the point of flying into a wall is not an admirable characterist, Seb.
        Are we playing the pot calling the kettle black game again, and you left out the part about being kicked out of that party for being rude, yourself ???

        Maybe it’s time to fire up your chainsaw, explode your phosphorus grenade arsenal or break into your neighbor’s gunsafes to relieve some stress.

        1. And I noticed it took you an hour or so to correct that party punch you absorbed so no one would see through your story…..I did though Seb.

          I know you were playing the ‘I know more than you’, fool, and someone took exception…..You tried to cover hours later, because you knew your story had a flaw, so 5 hours later, inserted the typical, ‘jealous boyfriend’ scenario.

          1. TrollD, to set the record straight, my exact words were-‘Wow, she is hot, I would like to get know her better.’ That set him off, and after they found out their mistake, she insisted that her boyfriend apologize, and they both left. My friends were amazed that I was unfazed, but razzed me for spilling beer.
            It was a typical dorm party, so we partied til the keg went dry.
            I must admit my jaw was sore the next day.

            1. There there Seb… So happy all was rosy afterward. Speaking for most of us here, we admire your pluck.

        2. TrollD, you are the guy who fantasizes about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares, and now you are delusional about grenades.
          Please seek help. You are one sick puppy.

      2. Yours are on display in variegated form multiple times in various posts who are you kidding. You’re a psychological case study on display.

  25. What are WR Kendrick Bourne’s chances to make the 49ers’ 53-man roster?
    August 13, 2017 at 10:37 AM • 16 comment

    Bourne’s latest efforts — a four-catch, 88-yard and one-touchdown performance versus the Kansas City Chiefs — certainly help the undrafted free agent’s chances to land on the 53-man roster this season. His biggest splash came on a 46-yard touchdown reception from rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard:

  26. Kyle Shanahan said yesterday that you’re starting to feel it, YOUR STARTING TO OWN THIS
    OFFENS………. What does he mean by that?

    Own an offense ? Haven’t seen that since Alex Smith helped take the 49ers to the SuperBowl.

    Kyle Shanahan said yesterday that you’re starting to feel it, you’re starting to own this offense. What does he mean by that?

  27. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS · 1h1 hour ago

     More

    The #49ers waived OL Richard Levy. No corresponding roster move announced.

    1. Sounds mature and well thought out. After what happened in Virginia, protesting something in a silent and non violent way is commendable.

      1. Seb, man lives under the shroud of darkness, and the influence of Satan. The Evil That Men Do lives on and on.

    1. Though personally I think they should hold onto him at this point. The time to trade him was before the draft, if that was their intent. Right now, unless they can offload him in return for a starting calibre CB, I would just go into the season with very good depth along the DL.

  28. All of the teams had penalties. I think it’s to be expected during the first preseason game. Everybody’s rusty lots of new people. I don’t think it’s a big deal. If it was the third preseason game I would be worried. I was just glad to see everybody out there competing.

  29. No wonder the Seahawks weren’t interested in Kaepernick. Boykin looks legit. Cason Williams would be a good WR to grab up if he’s cut due to the numbers game there….

    1. Maybe Kaep has started a movement, and the NFL will look bad blackballing the leader, making him into a martyr. Looks like protesting is here to stay, unless they want to blackball team leaders.

      1. What will happen is the fans will tune out even more. Politics and sports are a bad combination.

        1. CTE is doing that even more, and the low participation rate of High School players is a direct sign.
          NFL is cutting its own throat by having arcane drug policies and allowing DV and sexual assault players playing. They finally are starting to reform the officiating by getting full time employees, but many feel the games can be affected by blind refs.
          It is rank hypocrisy to ban a player for peacefully protesting, yet allow some guy to beat his preg gf in the stomach. 6 games is not enough after seeing all those bruises, yet blackballing a player calling for social justice shows how warped their priorities are.
          Politics? like some guy who threatens to send a mean tweet?

          1. Only a fool or someone of sheer ignorance believes Kaepernick is being banned because of his stance.

            1. So why did Bisciotti poll the fans? He wanted a convenient excuse to not sign him.
              Only a fool would look at the drek that has signed instead of Kaep and declare that they are superior talents.
              Blackballing, banning, it is essentially the same thing. None dare call it a conspiracy, but it is blatantly obvious.

              1. Sebbie… So do something about it. Stand up and be heard–beyond this blog. You’re a guy (I’m assuming, don’t know for sure) who can take a Ken Norton-like punch and not spill his beer, you can move a rock that vexed three strapping men, and you proved to be a scrappy oil rig roustabout. With all this you have cred and moxie. Stand up! Or just keep whimpering…

              2. So why did Bisciotti poll the fans? He wanted a convenient excuse to not sign him.

                Any smart owner would ask the fans what they think about in regards to signing a controversial player. That is not black-balling or banning; that is doing your homework, something some owners have failed to do in the past.

              3. Will someone tell me the psychological term for someone who has an all-consuming pre-occupation with an issue like Kap? Is it hero worship? I know there’s a name for it, just cant remember what its called…………………..

      2. Seb, stop it. Either you think Kaep is a courageous man of conviction or a dupe under the spell of a woman out for no good. You’ve argued against yourself repeatedly on this blog. Kaep knew he was putting his job and career in jeopardy, and I have to commend him for that. He doesn’t see himself as a victim, he doesn’t need you to do it for him.

        1. Rib, both can be true, they are not mutually exclusive.
          Kaep has been getting bad advice. First, from his gf, who is a radio show host with an activist agenda, and also his agent, both of whose advice ended up having him blackballed and ostracized.
          Yes, he is a victim of persecution, but yes, it was his choice to tweet and wear those things. I am sure in retrospect, he would have done things differently, but he could have done so much more by being less confrontational and working within the system.
          He is guilty of his own hypocrisy by advocating for social change, yet declaring he does not even vote. That fact destroyed his credibility. He should realize that the best way to peacefully effect social progress is by voting. He needs to learn more history. MLK and many others died advocating for voting rights. I hope he registers to vote, because if he does not, more people will tune out his message.
          No, I do not think the gf is out to do no good. She is advocating for social justice. However, she is shaping his way of thinking, with commendable goals in mind, but terrible strategies. Angering a large segment of the population is counter productive, and so far, has shown little progress in achieving his goals, since his best platform is on the field, not on his couch.
          Kaep needs to sit down for an interview. Grant would be a good choice to do that. Grant would get to the heart of the matter, and would pull no punches.
          In that interview, I would like Kaep to explain more fully his stand on the issues. I would like for him to apologize for offending people, even if it was not his intention to do so. He should be contrite, and declare that he wants to work within the system, and not tear it down. He should show his voter registration card and encourage people to vote.
          America will forgive him if he is honest and sincere. He can accomplish so much more if he is relevant, and that means getting back on the field.

          1. “I would like for him to apologize for offending people, EVEN IF IT WAS NOT HIS INTENTION TO DO SO”.
            Kap should not be offended at all what others are saying about him, since he couldn’t have cared less by how offensive he was. More la-la land from you, Seb-implying that Kap is pure and has a heart of Gold…better than Gold! He is not served well by following his gf advice. Can you say the word C-R-E-D-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y?????????? As in, he has none????? Never voted before? Never said nothing about these issues before? Until he met his gf? Talks about the greatness and wonders of foreign nations he knows nothing about? And now we all MUST listen to him, cuz he says so?
            Clearly, you write all this drivel about your false god because you need one.

          2. seb,

            I think Kap believes in everything he has done and it was his choices. Nessa may have turned him on to activism, but she isn’t Kap’s handler. This isn’t a MK Ultra situation. Or should I say CK Ultra?

            Case in point. He said he would quit kneeling this year, while police brutality and racism still exists. After still not getting a job he said f*** it and went back to being true to himself.

  30. Once again the Kaep situation gets big blog play….does he suck (yes)…is he un-signed (yes)…is he being black-balled ( much conjecture, hard to say conclusively)…

    But another drama is brewing. Marshawn sat out the anthem. Jack Del Rio was VERY uncomfortable in post-game remarks on this topic. Marshawn’s sit-out goes directly against Del Rio’s principles, amd you can see Del Rio is struggling because he can’t tell Marshawn what to do, and at the same time it emasculates him as a coach. If Marshawn doesn’t run wild, this one will have a collision course upcoming.

    Marshawn gets the talent-tolerance pass. Kaep does not have the talent (anymore) to get the pass.

    It’s just that simple.

    1. NFL will look bad persecuting and blackballing a leader. Kaep, on a team hungry to advance in the playoffs, will take the league by storm.
      I think Bennett and Lynch are protesting the blackballing of Kaep.

      1. You really need to lay off the drugs. Last time Kaepernick had the opportunity to lead a team to the playoffs he went 1-4 and the offense averaged under 11 PPG in those losses.

        Even worse, Gabbert, in his two half-seasons of starting (2015, 2016), lead the 49ers to more PPG than Kaepernick. If he wasn’t such a turn-over machine, Kaepernick would have never gotten job back with this misleading QB rating.

      2. Sebbie… Please explain the phrase “take the league by storm.” C’mon Sebbie, you can do it. Please explain.

      3. How, seb? Whats he done in the last few years, specifically, to make you say that?

        THATS why your ridiculed all the time-you only remember the good things he’s done on the field and have no memory-none-zero-nada-of the many screw-ups he’s done. When cornered, its always someone else’s fault. A typical modern tennet of the modern liberal—-absolve people of their responsibility.
        The old liberals………JFK, MLK, Adlai Stevenson, FDR….do not share your “every one is a victim” mentality.

    2. I really don’t think it’s quite that simple. Sure, if Kaepernick had more talent, he likely would have been signed. That said, Colin has become the ultimate pariah. He’s the face of this protest, and that matters. When you become a public icon, for better or for worse, it makes a difference. He’s certainly being singled out by a number of owners and GMs. You can call it blackballing, or you can say he’s being made an example of. However you want to word it, his protest is a factor in his unemployment. It’s CERTAINLY not the entire story, but it is a part of the story, nonetheless.

      That said, Colin brought this on himself. He understood the risk. And if he didn’t understand the risk, he didn’t think it through to the the endgame, and that is nobody’e fault but his own. Would he do things differently if he could turn back time? Who knows? I get the sense that Colin’s heart was in the right place, but I also get the sense that he has an inflated sense of self worth as an NFL QB. In the end, perhaps becoming a martyr for the cause was his plan all along. Or perhaps it’s only now that he realizes that, if he wants to make social justice his calling, he can use the perception that he’s being blackballed as an opportunity to continue his fight for social justice.

      Personally, I do feel like our society is clearly grappling with the issue of civil rights, as we witnessed in Virginia over the weekend. And police brutality is absolutely an issue worth fighting for. Unfortunately for Colin, he stepped on his own message in a number of ways, and a strong argument can be made that taking a PERSONAL stand in protest, while being part of a TEAM, might not have been the best way to serve the cause. But what is done is done, and if I were advising Colin, I’d tell him to move on from the NFL, and take up social activism as a full time gig. I would also advise him to study the issue of civil rights as it relates to this country, and understand why so many Americans were offended by the way he went about his protest. I’m not talking about the people who don’t believe racism continues to exist is this country, or that police brutality isn’t a problem that disproportionately effects people of color, as those people are part of the problem. I’m talking about the good people who simply cherish the American flag, and the national anthem,, and who may have empathy for the cause, but were turned off by what the perceived as an attack on patriotism, and the many different things that these represent.

      1. 49–

        Those relatively few cops who act in a criminal behavior, do not represent the vast majority of people. They SHOULD be hung, figuratively speaking,–but I also feel many people like to think they are critically important.

        But I do believe you said that……………….

  31. Seb is like one of thos Alien From Space Will Take Us Away To Utopia guys. I just haven’t figured out his Amegeddon Day is:
    Roster Day-when Kaep isn’t on one?
    Opening Weekend…when Kaep isn’t on a roster..?
    Final Trade Day Deadline when teams finalize their Playoff rosters..?
    Free Agency 2018?

        1. Exactly we are obsessed! The mental calisthenics Cliff goes to get to his conclusions have to be preserved to study one day!! They will be a case study for sure.

      1. “Quit obsessing about him”.

        Seb, are you ok? Im not being a smart-a$$, I mean it. Are you well?

      1. Just for grins, what do you make of the Kelly Baalke relationship. I mean Kelly was Baalke’s pick, right? But it seemed like Kelly felt betrayed at the end.

        1. I’m not sure what to think of Kelly ‘feeling betrayed’ might mean. It’s not like Kelly did as much with the team as Tomsula did…

          Under Tomsula, in 2015, the Pythagorean win prediction for the 49ers (PF:PA) was 3.8 games. Tomsula, farts-and-all, managed to get 5 wins out of them.

          In 2016 the Pythagorean win prediction for the 49ers (PF:PA) was 3.9 games. We won 2 under Kelly. So when Coach Sir Farts-a-Lot out performs the ‘genius’ coach, you have to think that the Genius was benefitting from a junk offense in his early career and, by 2016, his junk offense/team concept was completely played-out.

          1. Think you’re right. Kelly was thrust on the organization. Trent always struck me as a quintessential company man.

            1. I would have thought Baalke would have wanted a Parcell’s style OC/HC
              A grinder, so to speak…

          2. Kelly was the only choice. After Tomsula, what competent coach would want to destroy his career going to the Niners? Chip was fired, and desperate. Too bad he was knee capped by Baalke, who dismantled the team and sat on his hands.

            1. “After Tomsula, what competent coach would want to destroy his career going to the Niners?”

              Big Shanny and Holmgren.

      2. I beg to differ. Chip brought the Ducks to national prominence. In the NFL, Kelly, with some talent, had two 10-6 seasons, even with QBs like Vick and Sanchez. Baalke stabbed Chip in the back by being totally in control of the roster, but sat on his hands and did nothing. Baalke insisted on playing his favorites, and playing them out of position. Chip had to coach with one arm tied behind his back. It was amazing that the team held together well, even with the losing. Chip played the hand dealt to him, and he came up with a pair of deuces.
        O’Neil, on the other hand, was not only a buffoon, he was a clueless buffoon, who thought gap was where you bought pants.

        1. Nah. Kelly under-performed. Too many games the 49ers did pretty much nothing in the second half (besides blow it defensively when we had a slim chance):

          Panthers — 10 points first half. 15 unanswered points in the 4th ended the comeback.
          Seattle 1 — Down 37 to 3, we got 15 junk points at the end of the 4th quarter.
          Cowboys — Tied at the half, only a FG in the second half of this loss.
          Cardinals 1 — We were actually in that one. Except for the 2 INTs and Fumble and Safety.
          Bills — 17 to 13 at the half, we lost 45 to 16 scoring just 3 points in the second half.
          Tampa — Hot start. 14-0. Lost 34 to 17 as the offense was stymied until a late game meaningless FG.
          Saints — 20 points in the first half, 3 in the second.
          Cardinals 2 — Were in this game to the bitter end.
          Patriots — 10 points first half. 7 points in Garbage Time down 30 to 10,
          Dolphins — Up 31-14 in the 4th quarter, the Dolphins went soft and we almost came back. Almost.
          Bears — 6 points in the 2nd Quarter. That was it.
          Jets — 17-3 lead in the first half. Lost 23-17.
          Falcons — Never in that game, 13 points in the second quarter was it.
          Seahawks 2 — A hard-fought game by our inferior team. They came close, but could’t seal the deal.

          So I’m not seeing a lot of genius. I’m seeing a team that, frequently started reasonably (but exceptionally) well, sometimes with early and half-time leads that, basically, routinely fell apart in the second half as their opponents got used to the hurry-up offense.

        2. Sebbie… Didn’t you rip Chip mercilessly for not making adjustments in the second half? C’mon now, fess up, you did.

          1. Sure, but that was only part of the problem. Lack of talent on the O line and slow WRs did not help. Simpleton DC hurt even worse. The Niners were the 4th ranked rushing team in the league, but the incompetence elsewhere doomed the team.

            1. Sebbie… Happy you acknowledged the full extent of your Chip hate. Plus 1 for you!

        3. No, Chip had to coach with a bullet hole in each foot.
          –Eagles experiment showed early limits of Chip’s O…
          –but someone sold Chip to Jed…
          –whom do you think Jed’s Rasputin is here, hypothesizing Baalke didn’t lobby for Chip?
          — Baalke agrees to Chip as quid pro quo for Baalke’s authority over all player selections and roster?
          –and was it Chip’s call entirely wanting O’ninny as DC?
          — just who was O’Neill’s backer to be DC?

  32. This years QB class was considered weak by myself and many others. One week into the preseason is way too early to judge these guys, but it was mentioned that with the exception of Dobbs, everybody looked decent or pretty good. Next years class looks good now, but it could end up being a poor class at the pro level.

    The draft will always be a gamble. Hopefully, we have good talent evaluators, turning those gambles into calculated risks. That appears to be the case so far as many of our rookies have looked good.

    But I brought up the rookie QBs as an excuse to talk about one of my Canes. Add Kaaya to the list of rookie QBs that looked good.

    Kaaya – 8/11, 71 YDs, 1 TD, 0 INTs, 119.9 rating.

    Good job Brad, I’m proud of U.

    1. It was a good start for the young QB’s, but as we know it’s preseason and in watching some of the games over the weekend, it’s clear that DC’s were playing mostly vanilla zone coverages which tends to make things a little easier to handle. Never the less, it was an impressive week for the young guys.

  33. When do the Broncos come into the Bay Area for joint practices–is it Tuesday or Wednesday?

  34. I hope Lynch knows he’s not allowed to wear his Broncos jersey. That would be awkward.

  35. Watching the highlights of the other preseason games was interesting. The Rams will not be pushovers. Yes, the QBs did well, but they were going against the second and third string players.
    Seahawks showed how a mobile QB can avoid the pass rush, and his legs posed a dual threat, so they were essentially unstoppable. Boykin ran past the defensive linemen like they were standing still. Wilson has a capable backup, so it is understandable why they did not sign Kaep. Hope KS can study that game, and see how a coach can maximize the talents of his players. Having a mobile QB gives the team an added dimension, and it was telling to see a mobile QB also have accuracy. Those traits are not mutually exclusive.
    Glad to see that the blackballing of Kaep has failed, because other players are taking up his cause. Wonder if the teams will sit Bennett and Lynch and not let them play.
    Looks like the NFL cannot cow the players into subservience. After what happened in Virginia, it is nice to see peaceful silent protest for social justice.

    1. Sebbie… Power to the people! Now, get in touch with your feminine side and support women too! Drop your Nessa BS and support all people–sisters too.

      1. I love woman. They’re pretty and smell nice. I didn’t mind sparing a rib to assist in their creation.

        1. Can’t deal with women who ‘don’t know their place’ as you define that place? So much for the enlightened Seb of NorCal, forward looking graduate (I assume) of the University of California system, a voice for peace and justice (for some). All because Kaep prefers Nessa over you. Wow…

          1. Cassie, Delilah does not have his best interests in mind when she encouraged his social activism. She must know that he loves playing football, but her advice has led to his unemployment.
            When she tweets the slave owner image, she is not helping. Actually, she is hurting his chances to ever play again. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

        2. Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness.” St. Teresa of Calcutta

          “If you judge people you have no time to love them.”

          “If abortion is not wrong, nothing is wrong.”St. Teresa of Calcutta

          You are such a two faced hypocrite Seb!

    2. Still bitter……………..

      Somebody somewhere owns something thats materially better than what I have……………thats unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. sebnynah says:
    August 14, 2017 at 1:17 am
    East, I am disappointed in you, I just cannot respect some one who parrots, and thinks he is clever.

    That’s what you do everytime you parrot my phrase invented for you after this blog grew tired of your overuse/braggadocio eccentricities regarding your personal weapons cache.
    So it’s actually you whom you disrespect eveytime you look in the mirror, Seb.
    But this we know is yet, another symptom of your narcissm.

    My Phrase: “Seb would like to be invited to an Aldon Smith party so he could break into his gun safe, steal his assault rifle and create nightmares.”

    1. Also, Seb, you didn’t vacation in Charllotesville, VA over the weekend did you ?

      There seems to be a fervent amount of race-baiting in your viewpoints, no ?

      1. Those neo nazis do not want gun control, either.
        To me, they are domestic terrorists, and they took a page out of an ISIS manual to inflict their terror.

        1. A bunch of doofuses uniformed in Trump golfing regalia, hoisting Home Depot citronella patio torches don’t strike me as particularly ISIS inspired. That disturbed individual with the car, his actions can be found in any terrorist playbook.

        2. yeah, Seb, but they are like all the loud ones………………they represent less than one percent of the population. Just put them in jail……….

    2. TrollD, that was just your most recent diatribe. When I advocated that the Niners stop shooting themselves in the foot, You deliriously started talking about breaking into a parent’s gun safe and creating nightmares.
      BTW I have never purchased a gun in my life, and do not possess any guns. I do not want the carnage to continue.
      You can run, but you cannot hide.

      1. Unfortunately, Seb,

        Jeffrey Sessions agrees with you. His omnipresence in this morning’s news cycle calling it a terrorist act is a two edged sword. It allows implementation of the Patriot Act, and with our conservative GOP Supreme Court members as backup, ensures that when citizens really need to defend against enemies, both abroad and ‘D-O-M-S-T-I-C’; the fact that for the 1st time in US history Congress is more than 50% millionairs; This plutocracy isn’t turning back anytime soon….They will vote with their own gang (no difference between them and a steet gang–they all acti in their best self-interest).

        Now, when they vote to end medicare, or fix it for you, Seb, better check your back pocket for your wallet……And when they move on to tax reform—just another way to get those dollars back onshore from their outsourced corporations abroad w/o being taxed; something Obama never allowed.

        Finally, at last count, every citizen in the US owes at least $ 30, 000 ea. for the last Gulf and Afganistan wars, to be paid for by rising taxes, with who knows how many Trump will entertain before he’s out of office…..Have a good day, Seb……Your friend, TomD.

  37. I can’t even get through this page with all the infantile crap going on. We are past the first preseason game and 80% of the content on this thread is complete horse sh*t.

    1. That’s why I really want a camp report. I know I contribute to this smoldering dumpster–it’s like playing with cat using a laser pointer.

      I believe we’ll take the Broncos by 4 points…low scoring overall.

      1. George its probably the rest of the blogs fault, me included for engaging Seb when he talks about that stuff, but we just need to ignore his ignorance.

        1. Prime, I apologize to you and the others for my language. I don’t contribute much, so I shouldn’t complain. The blog is what it is.

          1. No need to apologize George. I will complain because the blog use to be about football, players, and new ideas. When the thread is littered with rhetorical things, it makes it difficult to get through so of course many of us are frustrated and lash out.
            Shame on me I guess but here is hoping Seb wises up and so do the rest of us, me included.

  38. Why people make predictions on preseason games is beyond me.
    It’s like betting the guys that won’t make our team are better than the guys that won’t make the other team, without knowing who any of the guys who wont make the opponents roster are.
    On top of that the coaches are not even coaching to win, but rather to get game like work on certain situations and scenarios.

    1. I get it, just sharing a thought on the outcome…not like I’m putting money on it.

    2. Oh, I thought the Niners were coaching to win. That is why they had Foster play so much, and King Solomon played into the 4th quarter.
      Getting that first win was important to JL and KS. It set the tone, and was very encouraging to the team. They wanted to change the culture, so that first win, even in a preseason game, was huge.

      1. Coaches are not coaching to win or they would they would leave the starters in, and blitz like they do in the regular season.
        They ARE evaluating players, and preparing them for actual games. The end result they want is not a victory but a better prepared team. The only coach I know that was gung ho on the preseason was Steve Spurrier and that didnt translate at all.
        Additionally these are pros… they know this is merely a public scrimmage and these wins mean nothing. Trying to sell them on that won’t work.

        1. They left the number 3 overall draft pick in deep into the 4th quarter. They did not play Nick Mullens, so how could they assess his play?
          Discounting the importance of a win for a 2-14 team is obtuse.

          1. They let a rookie get more practice reps when the other player at his position got injured? Shocking!

  39. Niners need to create space on the roster, so they will be able to poach a player from a playoff team. They should target teams that have had some injuries. They should also trade players to teams that they will not play that year, so the other team will not derive intel from the former Niner player.
    The Niners should poach a player from the Patriots, just on general principle, just to weaken that team. They should look to obtain an O line player from the Cowboys. Maybe a LB from the Steelers. They should poach another player from the Seahawks, and maybe a DB from the Cards.
    Niners should trade away 4 players. Tank, Dial, Bell and Celek. Tank is expendable because of Aaron Lynch. Dial is expendable because of DJ Jones. Celek and Bell are expendable because of Kittle and Hikutini. They actually might have some trade value. Maybe even bundle them to get a higher draft pick. Maybe swap one of those players for a DB, like the Rams, Bills and Eagles did.

  40. Super Seb will find this eventually, so I decided to get it out prior to the next camp report. Hopefully that keep all the horse poop on this one:

    McCloughan also weighed in on perhaps the league’s most controversial topic at the moment: Is Colin Kaepernick good enough to be a starting quarterback in the league this year? “Yes”, answered McCloughan.

    1. Is RGIII? Because, both statistically and on the field where it counts, he’s every bit the QB Colin Kaepernick was. And he did on a far, far worse team.

      He’s also unemployed. It’s as if gimmick, one-trick-pony QBs for an offense nobody uses are just not in vogue….

    1. Maybe Shanny should scale back his physical camp calling for 4 padded practices this week, including 2 scrimmages with Den.

    1. Fingers crossed that Chanceller James goes unclaimed and reverts back to the team’s Injured Reserve List!

      1. Apparently SS Chanceller James suffered an ACL tear during Chiefs game. His season is over, but he’s had a strong camp, let’s hope he clears waivers!

  41. That’s sports Shoup. So what if it’s a preseason game. It’s not “like” betting on the guys that won’t make our team vs the guys that won’t make other teams. It “is” exactly that. Big deal. Most knowledgeable fans are aware that its a preseason game and who’s playing. It’s still fun to predict, watch the rookies and all those that will be working elsewhere post final cut, even place a bet. I know I’ll be watching this week, predicting (Niners 24 Denver 20), and most likely placing a bet. My bookie doesn’t care. You mean these games don’t count??? Are you kidding me? All this time I was thinking…………..Keep sharing your thoughts Cass, they are always worth the read!!

  42. Nice to see Steve Young and Jerry Rice on the field again!
    Great nod to the past — wish it had happened in 2007 instead of 2017 but better late than never……

  43. Oh Geeze, Aaron Lynch walking slowly off field with trainer after sustaining apparent right ankle injury.

    Let’s hope it’s not serious!

  44. Joe Fann‏Verified account


     More

    Chris Biderman‏Verified account
    Jerry Rice warming up with players at #49ers practice.

    10:36 AM – 14 Aug 2017

  45. 5 potential roster-cut players the 49ers should target this preseason

    No. 5: Center Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
    No 4: OL–Orlando Franklin, Saints (Garnett’s banged up)
    No 3: No. 3: Offensive Guard Laken Tomlinson, Detroit Lions—Yes, another offensive lineman. Notice a trend here?

    No 2: OT Breno Giacomini, TX, (Gilliam isn’t an ideal backup)
    No 1: CB Kyle Fuller, PA, : If it weren’t for Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller, this list could solely be about offensive lineman the 49ers could target if those players were cut.

    1. * San Francisco 49ers‏Verified account @49ers · 12m12 minutes ago

      Look who stopped by today

      A couple of legends spending the day at #49ersCamp.

  46. TomD:

    “Maybe Shanny should scale back his physical camp calling for 4 padded practices this week, including 2 scrimmages with Den.”

    He’s too “lazy” to do that Tom. Come on! Next you’ll be expecting him to sign another QB, completely revamp his offense to fit said QB, spend the rest of camp coaching up said QB, and then of course “take the league by storm” because of course said QB would “give them the best chance to win”. Much too lazy for that. He’d rather just lose. ;>)

    1. Juanhunglo,

      LOL. Just that QB part you describe would set us back another 5 years.

      Can’t imagine what ‘Sir Lose Alot’ has instore for us next ? Think he’s a Ram fan ?

  47. Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account @BEASTwriter_ · 1h1 hour ago

     More

    49ers DC Robert Saleh on DL Tank Carradine: “Very dominant edge-setter in the run game.” -#BEASTwriter #SpotTheBEAST #49ers #49ersCamp

  48. Ha !

    Rice just taught the young players why you should pay attention to the grandmaster.

    Lined up, as the left split-end and displayed a new move on his stop route (some would call it a curl pattern), but when the best in history it’s a stop route —-and he even used an inside release, ensuring he gets to the ball even quicker. First time I’ve ever seen that move up close–it’s always been on TV–so now I really no the man’s a powerful opponent–that pattern is like the back shoulder throw–impossible to stop, esp. if you get an accurate QB…..No wonder the Niners won all those SB’s .

      1. # 80,

        I know the players in the background (during the catch) were going thru drills of their own at the time, but I couldn’t help putting it on pause just after the catch to watch most of them sneaking a peak at ‘the goat’, and risking disciplinary procedures by their position coach.

      2. It carries a little more weight when you remember that, in his case, it applies to every player that has ever played, not just his position.

        Rice is not just the greatest receiver of all-time – he is the greatest player of all-time.

        Cool avatar, BTW. ?

        1. “Rice is not just the greatest receiver of all-time – he is the greatest player of all-time.”


          1. Oh, my heart.

            The argument I put forth regarding the Niners of the 80s being the best teams to ever play in the history of the game is this: at one point, they had arguably the greatest head coach of all time, the greatest quarterback of all time, the greatest wide receiver of all time, and the greatest safety of all time, all on the same team.

            Steelers, Packers, Cowboys, Patriots, they can’t touch that.

  49. Hopefully Grant will yell us who’s backing up Reid today. Is it Tartt, with Colbert backing up Jerome at FS? Per practice reports, Colbert had 2 INT’s today, and is showing great range at FS. He has good size at 6’2″ 205, and is a heck of an athlete, as he was a track star in Texas. Might be worth keeping on the roster with his versatility to play both CB and Safety.

    1. That’s Colbert’s natural position. They’ve been trying to make a corner out of him. Glad to hear he’s where he belongs.


    “The 49ers worked on their “turbo” offense. Hoyer led a no-huddle drive that culminated in a short touchdown pass to Logan Paulsen. Sizeable gains to Garçon and Marquise Goodwin helped the first-team offense get down the field.”

    “The offense’s final highlight came on a deep pass down the left sideline from Beathard to Joe Williams.”

    Williams has been getting more involved in the passing game lately. A good sign and it will get him more playing time in the regular season.

  51. I just realized how much more valuable our future late round draft picks have become when you have competent people making the selections.

  52. Grant – who asked this questions?

    “I’m sorry, can you say the name of the player who has a hamstring injury again?”

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