Kyle Shanahan is at war with himself

FILE – In this Aug. 19, 2017, file photo, San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan watches from the sideline during the first half of a preseason NFL football game against the Denver Broncos, in Santa Clara, Calif. Kyle Shanahan was hired in San Francisco because of his success as an offensive coordinator. Two games into his tenure, the 49ers are still seeking their first touchdown. (AP Photo/D. Ross Cameron, File)

SANTA CLARA — Kyle Shanahan is having a crisis. An existential coaching crisis. How he resolves it will define the rest of his career.

Since he came to the 49ers last year, two Shanahans have emerged: Shanahan the head coach, and Shanahan the offensive coordinator. One will overtake the other eventually — they cannot exist at the same time. Which Shanahan will win out? Which one has a future? He must choose.

Look into your heart, Kyle.

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  1. 1. KS doesn’t play to lose, I can appreciate that.
    2. The only advantage of an OC it would create a more viable check and balances.
    3. Hard to do anything when the LT is out the C is hurting the RG is hurting and the RT is hurting. And the running backs are bang up.

    Considering that Shanahan is considered the Einstein of offense by some, his retort would fall along the lines of “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” Genius think that way.

    1. To Undercenter

      I agree with the realistic assessments composed by Steelematic, Mike, Juanhunglo — and yourself!

      Listen, I was all for that last 9er drive in the first half. Get close enough for the best field goal kicker in the league to do his thing. If you don’t get the first down, punt the ball and have two of the best gunners in the NFL stop the Chargers return. It didn’t happen. That’s football!

      On first down, Celek had the ball thrown to his two hands — at chest level! A sure touchdown that resulted not even in a field goal attempt!

      No coaching problems here, from where I sit in front of the TV. It’s football!

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    2. Undercenter

      I can’t tell you how ‘Right On’ I think your statement is…I completely agree that Shannahan is an Offensive genius perhaps in a league with Walsh. MikeNolan , ‘Chip’, and Harbaugh were very good coaches, but Kyle has studied the game his whole life, and he knows what he wants…if that isn’t an O-coordinater…so be it…It IS his team. We all want more ‘Lombardis’ in the case, but that takes time and with out luck a lot of work and heartache. He’s under contract for another 4 1/2 years…let him go his own way. ‘A lot of know-it-alls on this blog…some good…some laughable…Go Kyle!

  2. you left out KS the GM – almost all the players drafted or signed was because of KS scheme….

    Lynch is going along with what KS says…..

    All these injuries are related…..

    1. Lunch is giving the head coach what the head coach needs to win.. it’s what any good gm would do. Balkee drafted on what he thought was best for the HC to win. It’s why he and Harbaugh clashed. Look at all the yes men HC’s in the league. If they aren’t in step with the gm then it’s all for not. Green Bay is just lucky they have Aaron Rodgers

  3. Grant.. I don’t know, I kind of agreed with Kyle when he says, they were facing 8 and 9 man fronts all day. This team isn’t built to face those fronts, even with a full back. They had the 2nd ranked running game because other defenses respected Jimmy as a QB. They don’t respect CJ. It’s going to be the game plan the rest of the year. Every team will play 8 and 9 men up. I mean, he can’t run it 49 times and expect this defense to hold people. I think Kyle the HC and Kyle the OC is the same person. He’s doing what he can with what he has to work with. He’s not going to go into a game and run run run when the other team is daring him to throw. CJ has been in this offense for a year and a half now. He’s not throwing him to the wolves. He doesn’t have to bring him along slowly.. He’s playing to win Grant. I don’t believe he thinks he’s a genius. He just believes his team is good enough to win. Not just manage a run game. I Know it’s a big discrepancy between pass run, but why send a signal to your team that you don’t think you can win, playing for next year?. I agree with Kyle the HC.

    1. Backing up your point, the run-pass ratio had been good the previous 3 games when teams were gearing up to defend JG.

      1. Yes but Bethard showed me enough to trust him as a passer, like was mentioned, if Clerk hauls that in and scores, one less INT and likely a W. His Passer Rating goes from the 80’s to 100+ and we get the W on the arm of CJ Bethard. I won’t lie I was moving around like the season was over after JG went down, but now I am not so sure. If he looked that good his first game out there against a formidable Chargers team I think we have a decent amount of W’s ahead of us. Hell we lost to the Rams by 1 stinking Point last year with less talent and first year in the system. Really I should say one bad call. Niners have horrible luck when it comes to 50/50 Ref calls.

        Now that I see how much CJ has progressed I think he can definitely do some damage to our schedule we have in front of us. SB likely not in our cards but I still think we can eek out a WC spot and take the Rams down, we always play the Rams well. Seattle and Arizona could be 4 W’s as they are both struggling, and there are 4-5 winnable games outside the division.

        If Bethard can continue to deliver the football with the accuracy he showed the other day I think we may all be a little surprised and go into next year knowing we have a solid backup for at least 2 years. Possibly some very nice trade capital at some point.

        Hell if Harbaugh can take the 5-11 niners to the NFC Champ game(that we should of won) then I truly believe once Shannahan reacclimates to losing his starting QB andStarting RB and adjusts his overall game plan to what we have. I think we can become a great team, this year! We have the talent. What we need is for our O-Line to remain intact for one damn game, and keep all our WR’s for one game, and for the love of god stop getting these BS calls every time we get even near winning a game, then I think we are gonna be fine.

        May even be pretty damn good.

        For the wild card we need to do better than 2 out if the other three 2nd place teams. The real deal is Minnesota, Philly, NYG, Cowboys, packers, are all struggling to start the season. No one is running away with all the PO spots and we have one of the easiest schedules to close out the season. I am going to keep my faith in Lynch and KS tell I die! They are the best Duo in the league and once people see that we can still be dangerous the boxes will open up and our RG will return in full force.

        Thanks for reading,


    2. steele do you still thinking that KS can do OC and HC? last week you said “not to feed you with all that garbage that it was too much for KS” you also said that “nothing is wrong with the O” did you watch the game last sunday? Come on man be realistic!

      1. I NEVER said it was to much. That was sent. I’ve always said it’s his offense. Nobody can work it like him. No need for an oc.

    3. I agree with the realistic assessments composed by Steelematic, Mike, and Juanhunglo!

      Listen, I was all for that last 9er drive in the first half. Get close enough for the best field goal kicker in the league to do his thing. If you don’t get the first down, punt the ball and have two of the best gunners in the NFL stop the Chargers return. It didn’t happen. That’s football!

      On first down, Celek had the ball thrown to his two hands — at chest level! A sure touchdown that resulted not even in a field goal attempt!

      No coaching problems here from where I sit in front of the TV. It’s football!

  4. Articles like this are ridicules, I would like this reporter to find any head coach who can win when you lose your starting QB and RB for the season and then are missing both starting safety’s , and starting cornerback., both your current RB’s are banged up, 4 out 5 offensive lineman are hurt, and one back up lineman. 2 wideouts hurt, one of them a starter and I feel like I missing some more. The fact they’re still competitive and if wasn’t for a couple bad breaks and bad calls easily could be 2 -2or 3-1 shows he’s more then capable of handling both duties.

    1. Mike is correct………..

      Lost his starting QB………
      Lost his starting RB…………..
      Very young team, learning new and complex system………..
      A DC who may not be up to it-we’ll see………………….
      Team is in no way being done with its re-build………….
      Overall, had less talent to work with than Walsh in 79…………..

      Yet, Sherman has not had a bit of trouble doing his job-nor have Kittle and some of the others. What does that tell you? That this is a herculean job Shanny has taken on and like any rebuild of anything–Car, House, whatever-its going to take some time-It is clearly moving in the right direction.

    2. Grant is not going to let facts get in hiscway to show how much disgust he has for Shanahan. He is definitely like his dad and that is not a complement. You would think Grant at sometime worked in football but we all know he has to follow in his dads footsteps. Woul be nice he would report on the 49ers and not hate on them.

  5. More silliness. The team has been plagued by injuries. They have lost 3 games to 3 teams that will probably be in the playoffs this year. 2 for sure. 3 teams that are better than they are. They were in the games until the end and had a chance to tie or win. Kyle the HC has been masterful in keeping this team focused while being undermanned. No dissension whatsoever. No locker room problems. Kyle the OC has done a damn good job. They haven’t lost a game they were supposed to win, and they’ve been competitive against superior opponents. The claim that he’s not playing to win is ludicrous at a minimum and once again reeks of resentment. What is it Grant. Did Kyle steal your girlfriend of something? Jealousy is a lousy trait son. Really a ridiculous premiss to the whole piece. Are you this negative all the time, or is this just the continuing Cohn cynical shtick that you feel you must carry on? Sad.

    PS They would have been underdogs to the three teams they lost to even if they had their entire roster. Kyle should actually be a contender for Coach of the Year at this point. Maybe OC too. :)

    1. Gary Radnich has a piece of advice he doles out on his KNBR talk shows from time to time to all sports columnists and analysts in order to stay relevant: Make sure that every third comment you make is a criticism.
      Grant has taken that advice to heart — actually he’s taken it to the next level….

      1. With the exception of this one last comment, this article sums up why I have left Grant’s blog after 4 years, and don’t plan to return.

        FYI Grant, if an opposing defense stacks the box and dares you to beat them through the air, and your offense isn’t up to the challenge, don’t blame the game plan. In this case the culprit is clear as day, injuries have decimated the 49ers offense, and they simply aren’t good enough to win games with second string offensive talent.


        If there is blame to be had, I’d point some of it towards Robert Saleh, and the bulk of it towards Lady Luck.

        1. “this article sums up why I have left Grant’s blog after 4 years, and don’t plan to return.”

          This is the second time you’ve said you’re leaving the blog in 2 weeks.

              1. First off it was a joke and secondly no I never said I was leaving never to return. After a disagreement with Grant and personal issues going on in my life at the time, I said I was stepping away for awhile and might check in from time to time. No big drama or multiple “I’m leaving because” posts. I can respect 49reasons walking away if he doesn’t enjoy coming here anymore, but it kind of loses it’s validity when he continues to come back with more posts on why he’s leaving.

              2. What is there to waffle about? It was a smart ass crack I made in reference to yet another good bye from 49reasons.

                No I’m just a straight shooter and right more than I’m wrong which tends to make people who are usually wrong – like you – uptight. At least you have your special relationship with ninermd.

              3. My comment to 49reasons was a joke, not the comment I made when I left the forum. Try to keep up.

                You have some serious issues. Racist taunts and now this? Get some help.

              4. Or you could be like Onelame and get booted THREE times for being a D-bag about a certain blue eyed QB, which leads you to start posting personal attacks on ones family.
                Yeah Onelame hates a quitter.
                He begged to come back the last time on MM time when he was running this blog.
                Never gets old Onelame. And I will never let your lame a** forget about it either.
                So take a seat son. And don’t speak on anybody leaving or staying. They have a choice. You didn’t. 🤣🤣

              5. @ninermd…see your life💩… were so eager to reply to the one your master……didnt even occur to you it was a fake you were responding to……smh…..your whole reality is a fake….

                I did tell you I OWN YOU….

            1. Sure, it’s easy to poke fun at someone who keeps claiming he’s done with this blog, only to occasionally return to refute Grant’s idiocy.

              However, the way I see it, what is even sadder is the fact that you all are still here, reading this garbage as if you’re learning something.

              Remember the classic 1980’s commercial with the egg and the frying pan, from The Partnership for a Drug-Free America?


              Substitute this blog for the frying pan, and you get the point.
              This blog will destroy your brain cells.

              FYI, the first step to recovery is recognizing you have a problem. At least I’ve recognized the problem, while Jack Hammer, rocket, and Razor to name a few, are obviously still in denial.

              Guess what you guys …. just because your carrying your gold spray paint around in a brown paper bag (hiding behind your avatars and screen names) doesn’t mean people can’t see the glittery gold spray paint dripping from your nostrils!

              I suggest you take that first step like I have, and at least recognize your problem.

              1. jack shower mate hammer lost for words….could not make it on his own blog so he caddies for a kid💄💄💄bioch material

              2. We’re like family here. Don’t you get it? We all have been going back and forth daily since at least 2011. There’s mutual respect. Lighten up.

              3. family? ….who you kidding…you wish…we are only here for the comments not your piss and vinegar writings….how’s that Shanny answering your question…he embarrasses you ever press conference…you are not respected

              4. Coaches, players smirk when you ask them questions…their facial expressions show they feel like a amateur question is coming…its embarrassing and you can’t see it

              5. Seems that the nationwide tactic of discounting all news not liked seem to bleed into the locals’ forum as well. But I see little differences, all positive:

                1) Commenters here do have differences of opinion, rather than run to sites that only support what they like. So, don’t get all hurt when somebody brings up an fact that doesn’t support the overall narrative. Sure, Niners still don’t have chance to make the playoffs; but they are further along than they were two years ago.

                2) Grant may get smirks or quick answers from coaches and players; but they may be “discounting him” to put salve on the truth.

                3) OC: There were a couple of bonehead plays and calls. Please note, a complicated scheme gets more points, overall, and hopefully. But we can’t just slot anybody in and make it easy.

                4) HC and DC: It’s a lot easier to use a Seattle “simpler, just let’s us play” scheme when you have at least five players in the starting 11 that would be considered top 5 in league. Look at Seattle now, and see that their “scheme” doesn’t work as well. Fangio was better, regardless of personnel.

            2. rocket

              I seem to recall you leaving us a couple times in the past….
              and Jack Hammer even had st start his own blog….
              Good sailing 49reasons…

    1. I made a comment a couple of days ago that Buckner and Armstead are too tall a and play too high. Shoup commented to me basically, What, you nuts? Watch Buckner’s first move on the film – he stands straight up. My sense is that the young coaches we have believe that these great athletes are supposed to know how to play football and they just let the players rely on raw athleticism to make plays. I think this is where KS and his staff are really lacking. They are fundamentally very unsound in many areas and we are watching a staff that is content to just let the players learn during the games…coupled with a lot of hoping.

      1. The problem was you basically said they all sucked. I took issue with this becuase Buckner is one of the better DT’s in the NFL regardless of playing to high on occasion. You want to get rid of one of the better young players in the NFL?

        1. I never said they “sucked”, I said they are too tall to play inside DL where they have been most effective for our mediocre defense. The video Mood posted focused on poor tackling but that starts with poor techniques. Armstead, Buckner and Thomas are good athletes who were able to show well in college where athleticism can and usually does dominate. They are anomalies when it comes to their size. That ends at the NFL level. I will stand behind my comment until I see otherwise and the video Mood posted was very obvious that Buckner’s technique is poor and it has to do with the fact that he is too tall. BTW, that is not the only film I have seen.

          1. You said they can’t play inside. They are too slow to play the edge so where would you have Buckner play?
            Yes, he does play too high sometimes but he is still one of the best DT’s in the NFL and the best player on the team. It smacks of throwing out the Baby with the bathwater if you ask me.

        1. That’s the way is used to be when……we were winning. There was a time when too tall guys were drafted and taught to play where they belong. Ed “Too Tall” Jones says he couldn’t play in today’s game because of rule changes. But then, I’m showing my age (which is not good anymore). We have two “Too Tall” guys and one “Too Small” guy on the D Line who have not really established themselves as true Number One draft picks, but I’m wrong about this. One thing about being old is that you learn that “Time will tell”. The one thing about this blog is that there are always more than enough guys who can make excuses for losses…and that unfortunately includes our latest HC.

  6. Maybe KS should fire his OC, then promote Bobby Turner, the RB coach to OC. Then they might run the ball more.
    Yes, KS is the HC and he has lots of power, but with great power comes great responsibility.
    KS does not have a good record, and that is what he will be judged from. KS needs to acknowledge his mistakes, and rectify the situation. He needs to concentrate more on the Defense and ST. Maybe KS should not blame the players for whiffing on tackles. He should blame himself for not teaching them well enough to wrap up.
    KS should have expected the Chargers to stack the box, and dared CJB to pass. It is only logical to assume that they would test JG’s replacement. KS needs to defeat the stacked box. How could he do that? By spreading them out wide. By not employing bunched sets.
    Glad that Grant brought up the problems with game management and time management,
    Time outs should be considered to be precious, and used for LEGITIMATE challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. Who knows, it might be the difference between winning and losing.

    1. “Kyle Shannahan does not have a good record”.. Sir Please tell me one coach that would have a winning record with a complete torn down team one year and a butt load of injuries the next? Ill tell you who, nobodyyyyy. Rather that HC has a O C or not. You are getting worse and worse with these suggestions.

      1. Coaches are graded by their win-loss record. Fact of life.
        There are many different kinds of coaches.
        Bad coaches have every excuse in the book. They blame others when they should be blaming themselves. They do not have their team prepared and focused.
        Decent coaches play the hand dealt to them, They have ups and downs, but the scheme and overall strategy is sound.
        Good coaches have a talented squad, and he has a good grasp of game management, so he can defeat inferior opponents.
        Great coaches will take an inferior squad, and defeat a superior opponent.
        I wonder which one you think KS is.

      2. Bill Walsh took a team destroyed by Joe Thomas, and in 3 years went from 2-14, 6-10 to 13-3 and a SB.
        John Fox took a 1-15 team and made it to a SB.
        JH took a 6-10 team and made it to 3 straight NFCC Games.
        John McVay took a 4 win team and made it to the playoffs.

        1. So you are saying that Shanahan is essentially in the 6-10 walsh phase right now. Gee, I wonder if he was at war with himself then too?

          1. No, if that were the case, JG would be healthy and play like Joe Montana.
            Just pointing out that losing teams can become way better.

            1. Just pointing out that losing teams can become way better.

              We had no idea, at the time, those early Walsh teams would become way better. Until they did.

              1. Sure, that is why they play the games.
                However, I remember those Walsh early years, and I saw that the team was vastly improving over the incompetence of the Joe Thomas era.
                Walsh also was trying everything in his power to improve the roster. That is why he would hold 200 player tryouts between games.

    2. You can’t spread them out wide and run with back ups a special teams players. All the suggestions in the world won’t change the fact that, the team you think you are watching, isn’t the team you think you are watching. Let that settle for a moment.

      1. Actually, in the NFL, most players are just as strong and fast as their opponents. There are some superior players, but they are as rare as hen’s teeth. The biggest difference is in the coaching.
        There are other factors to consider. Yes, there is attrition, but every team is afflicted by that malady.
        Considering the average NFL career is only 3.3 years, there are high turnover rates. Only 9 players are held over from the Baalke era, and only Joe Staley is left from the SB. Change happens to every team. Competent coaching will make some teams perennial playoff teams, and some teams will have perennial high draft picks, and still fail.
        Spreading them out does not take all pro players. The Niners have plenty of options, and they are not all back ups and ST players. Garcon and Goodwin are starters. Kittle is a starter. Juice is a starter. Putting 2 of those players on the right, and 2 on the left will force the defense to cover them with 4 players. That leaves 7 players in the box. Juice could be replaced with Taylor, Bourne, (Maybe Boldin), another TE or Breida. Like I said, lots of options.
        The team I am watching have been in every game, and could have won. They are not devoid of talent and suck. Too bad the coaching is sub par, has not taught them proper technique, proper assignments, and have coached to the player’s strengths. Too bad the coaches have wasted time outs like a drunken sailor. Too bad the team is not prepared, focused and energized. Too bad they have defeated themselves. I watch, and think they can improve, but the coaching is lacking.
        KS wants to call his own plays. He wants to be the OC. There are very few successful HCs who have also been the OC. Bill Walsh did it, but he was a genius. KS is not a genius. Not after the second half of that SB.
        I do not see how hiring an OC would hurt the team. Maybe hurt KS’s feelings, but at 1-3, maybe having an OC might have helped win those games, and KS would get over it.

        1. Actually, in the NFL, most players are just as strong and fast as their opponents. There are some superior players, but they are as rare as hen’s teeth. The biggest difference is in the coaching.

          False. There would be no need for things like the NFL combine if it were true. And players at a position group would basically get paid the same if that were true there is a reason players like Zeke make more than Double what players like Hyde makes.

          They are not devoid of talent and suck.
          Yes, they are. They have not lost a single game where they were the more talented team. And talent wise their opponents were vastly more talented than them in each of the 3 losses.

          Too bad the team is not prepared, focused and energized.
          I didn’t see this at all. When an inferior group of players meets a superior group of players and they are not focused or energized they get blown out. They are not in close games until then end.

          The reality is you can say KS has done a good job with the offense for the most part but has struggled as a head coach. I think this is partially due to the fact that he has no older wiser voice in the room. Someone else advocated for a DC like John Fox or someone with some HC experience to be a sounding board or provide advise. That is not a bad idea.
          The other area where I think KS can be said to have failed is GM, Thomas and Pettis were both questionable picks considering the teams needs. A cb could have provided much needed talent and depth in a defensive backfield that is riddled with question marks.
          Kyle the OC is the least of my worries.

          1. ‘They are not devoid of talent and suck. Yes, they are. They have not lost a single game where they were the more talented team. And talent wise their opponents were vastly more talented than them in each of the 3 losses.’
            Wrong. Vastly more talented? Minnesota lost 6-27 to the Bills. Chargers were losing in the 4th quarter. Granted, KC is superior, but the other 2 games were competitive, and the Niners had a chance to win or tie.
            The combine has a pool of players that all the teams picked from. It is pretty random, and starters are picked from the first to the 7th round. How those players perform is the job of the coaches. They need to maximize the player’s potential, but it is easier said than done.

            1. Seb,
              The games were close yes but the tallent was not comparable.
              Minnesota could have been argued to be better at every single position group.
              SD was better at QB, WR,DB,DL, RB and OL (after Staley’s injury) SF was better at LB at TE those sound like evenly matched teams.

        2. Seb-Do ya think people on this blog haven’t noticed your hatred towards Shanny-and more importantly, why?

          YOU need to show us some of that love and tolerance you like to associate yourself with…………or someone, somewhere is going to start figuring out your real antipathy–THAT SHANALYNCH WOULD NOT GIVE KAP A 15 YR. CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. Seb

          Sometimes you absolutely baffle me….I have enjoyed reading a lot of your post (on occasion), and then, even as I compliment you, …the other shoe drops. You have more theories than pellets from a shotgun blast…you’re all over the map, and then end up where you started…You’re Genghis Khan in one sentence, and Mother Theresa in the next….toooo many opinions and conflicting hypothesis. I DO read all of your posts for awhile until you lose me….I don’t dislike you…

          1. Let’s call a spade a spade. Paul is a old crusty man who thinks babbling about the simplicities of the game of football is going to somehow enlighten the fans and educate coaches within the 49er organization. Because his words and ideas, in his mind, are all new to all of us.

          2. Ore, even though you have a strong affinity towards Oregon players and coaches, I still like you, even with your blahs.
            Just remember, it is all just my opinion, and I will not try to shout you down if you disagree with me. I like to write, and I appreciate good writing. So much so, I will endure the snark of the peanut gallery, because i like this site, and most of the posters on it.
            Glad you read my posts, and I enjoy yours, especially when they are football related.

  7. BRILLIANT ANALYSIS. I HOPE KS has the sense and humility to recognize he has a choice to make. Alas, I rather suspect we’re looking at Norv Turner Redux.
    “They” are the opposing team. ONLY. EVER. Hanging a player like C.J. out to dry is particularly ergegious, even had the critique been completely fair and accurate.
    I cannot imagine John Lynch is real happy with that aspect of KS’ character either (unless he’s done a 180° from player to executive).

    On the glass is half full side, at least KS is not Chip Kelley, or the guy before him (too lazy to Google it), or Mike Singletary, or Mike Nolan, or Dennis Erickson (shudder)…

  8. There’s a lot of little things with this team that cause this team to have won only 7 of its last 20, and it’s the same stuff.

    Four games into 2018 and the phrase, “the more things change the more they seem to stay the same” describes them perfectly.

    1. When you decode a lot of what Kyle says, you hear a lot of: If they just played better….. That stuff is supposed to stay in the locker room where it might motivate some to clean up their act. As it is, it sounds like excuses for the coaching staff. “WE” just have to execute better doesn’t seem like they are referring to coaches. I agree that Jack’s phrase provides a good description. Right away the name Celek comes to mind.

  9. Shanny on tackling. “I did think we improved in the tackling, I’ll say that first. I think we made a big emphasis of it.” We, we.

    On the punt. “No, we weren’t trying to punt it out of bounds. We were just trying to hang it up there and punt it to the left.” ” But, we had guys there that could have made the tackle.” We, we, we. Nice agenda though.

      1. I got the point just fine. KS was asked about play calling, so whoever asked the question got KS the OC. But if you actually read the entire transcript, you’ll see that KS the HC said “we” several times in reference to the D and STs. Grant clearly has an agenda and an axe to grind, and you clearly have an agenda and an ass to kiss. Every frickin time, you defend Grant.

        1. If you got the point 80 you wouldn’t get hung up on the “I” “we” “they” stuff.

          And yeah I agree with Grant on this one because he’s right.

              1. Didn’t know I was required to comment on everything in the article. I don’t have a problem with KS being agressive late in the first half. Special teams gifted the Chargers 3 points.

              2. Yeah, and the special teams may not have been on the field had he chose to simply run the clock out. I didn’t like the choice when it was happening even before the punt because at that time the defense was reeling.

                I’m all for being aggressive, but that was a case of being over aggressive.

              3. And that’s how he coaches and that’s how he game plans, and he explained every detail as to why he did it.
                So no one cares what you think and the fact you have an opinion on it means FA. He’s the coach he makes the decisions and if you or your shower mate don’t like it, cry all you want.
                If he keeps making decisions that lose games that’s for the organization to decide not some peanut galley want to be’s playing important.

              4. Thanks for the input Primemate.

                It’s also part of why he’s 7-13 as a head coach and part of the biggest collapse in Super Bowl history.

              5. So run three times, LA uses their timeouts, we punt at about the same time, LA gets a 56 yard return, LA can take a few shots at the end zone against our troubled secondary or they can throw it away and settle for a FG.

              6. Keep crying about Shanny all you want. You look bitter and foolish. No matter what criticism you have no one cares. We are here for the team not for some try hard playing reporter posting stats and career low lights about Shanny. You know nothing about the NFL

              7. So instead you just piss on everything Shanny does. Admirable.
                You don’t know nothing. You don’t know the team, the strategy behind the decision making, the personnel issues they are dealing with from a depth or injury perspective so just do us a favour and zip it.

              8. Playing arm chair QB makes you feel so smart doesn’t it? I’m responding to you to let you know no one cares how much you hate Shannahan. No one cares what you think the team should do. I’m responding because I’m a fan defending his team and listening to some wanna be trash my teams head coach deserves a little STFU son.
                Get use to it big mouth

              9. “We don’t know how LA would have reacted because they weren’t forced to.”

                Exactly, “We don’t know”. The whole premise of running out the clock is based on being able to get a 1st down, you can’t guarantee a 1st down with three straight runs. How would LA react? The whole world would know we we’re trying to run out the clock, LA would have focused on stopping the run on 2nd and 3rd down.

              10. 80,

                The way it works is you run the ball on 1st down, the 49ers have been one of the most successful running teams in the league on 1st down, and if they call timeout you then know their strategy and adjust accordingly.

                By throwing it on 1st down you don’t force them to make the decision.

              11. The plan was to play it out, you know play football, and worse case scenario punt which they did, and not give up a 56 yard return. One small detail you missed. But hey keep playing the hindsight card, it’s so lazy and predictable

              12. Yeah it wasn’t hindsight. I thought that when they threw it on 1st down it was the wrong way to go given the struggles of the D the previous 4 possessions.

                It’s called having a feel for the game. At that point all of the momentum was with LA.

              13. “I thought that when they threw it on 1st down it was the wrong way to go given the struggles of the D the previous 4 possessions”

                Yeah again who cares what you think and what you feel? No one is asking for your opinion and the fact that you think your opinion is superior to Kyle Shanahan is laughable OK!
                The game played out how it did and they lost and the fact that you sit here and say what should’ve happened from your couch eating Doritos is again laughable and no one cares.
                If you were a fan fine, but you are not so STFU!

              14. “the 49ers have been one of the most successful running teams in the league on 1st down”

                OK, so you can assume running the ball would have worked based on previous plays, but KS can’t assume that STs wouldn’t give up a 56 Yd return based on previous plays.

    1. I seem to remember a block in the back that was not called during the Chargers punt return. Must have been the same ref that blew the one against the Ravens in the SB….

          1. CJB was blatantly getting blocked in the back during that interception return, and the player stepped on the line at the 31 yard line, I think.
            Just shows how the refs can influence the outcome of the game very easily.

  10. Spread them out wide? With at least 3 banged up OL?

    The fact is this 49ers team could not afford injuries…Playoff aspirations relied on JG. McKinnon was gonna really be a threat in this offense…A healthy OL…the development of WRs.

    Anything else is secondary. And no I didn’t read Grants trash

      1. No, it would relieve pressure from a stacked box. A stacked box puts more pressure on those 3 banged up line men.
        Have I mentioned Kaep? I am rooting for CJB to succeed. I want CJB to take less hits. That stacked box allowed the defense to bludgeon CJB 11 times.
        However, the poor QB play in the league is just making the collusion and blackballing even more blatant. Kaep should be able to play in the league, but some teams would rather lose without him, than trying to win with Kaep. Buffalo, Cards, Jets, Broncos all could use a SB QB, with a 4-2 road playoff record.

        1. However, the poor QB play in the league is just making the collusion and blackballing even more blatant.

          No, the overall spectacular QB play this season is making Kaep’s collusion argument harder.

          Buffalo, Cards, Jets, Broncos all could use a SB QB

          Near all of those teams have invested in very high draft pick QB choices. They will want to see what they have before even thinking about some short term band aid.

          Also, Buffalo is the district of that Republican congressman who was arrested for insider trading, yet he’s still favored to to win his reelection bid. How well do you think that region would take to their team signing Kaep? Can you, for once, think before posting your 50 daily posts?

          1. I would think that Buffalo would get sick of losing. Heard that Timothy McVeigh was driven mad by all the losing. Instead of being content to lose, maybe they should strive to win.
            He will not be able to perform his duties from a prison cell.

        2. Seb-

          For those who know “Seb-speak”, you have mentioned Kap repeatedly, in an indirect way-your constant harping on Shanylynch from Day 1.

          Picture yourself having the responsibility of fixing up “Reds Recovery Room”…………….thats what their trying to do. Ever tried doing that to a car? A building? All the grousing in the world wont speed things up with a project of this size…………….the only really valid bellyache you have is the one BillyJack alluded to-we keep seeing some of the same mistakes repeatedly. That can also be attributed to youth. To an extent.

          1. Saw, one sign of mental instability, is for one to keep doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.
            However, my missives have born fruit. At least now, posters are talking about KS hiring an OC. Grant even wrote a whole article about it. I bet KS will stop wasting time outs like a drunken sailor, because he did not like the feeling during those last minute kneel downs, with no time outs to stop the clock. Now, many are talking about the stacked box, so KS better have a counter to that strategy. They actually benched Ward and Witherspoon, something I have been advocating for these past 2 games. I was encouraged to see CJB roll out of the pocket, and I even saw a double reverse. Finally, they addressed reducing all the unforced errors.
            Sure, you know my opinion of Kaep, but since JG was the 49er QB, I have never wanted Kaep to supplant him. You are the one obsessed about Kaep, and constantly bring him into the conversation with me. KS was the one who has made Kaep relevant, by thinking Hoyer was superior. Now, he is going all in with CJB, and will not even give Kaep a tryout. That just means to me that KS is content to lose without Kaep, than trying to win with him.
            KS all but admitted he is not competent enough to take a SB QB, and cannot coach him well enough to win.

    1. And the point in this article was…?

      It’s tough to find topics to right about is my guess.

      Unfortunately the numbers don’t support Grant’s assertions. The play calling was very balanced through the first 3 games:

      Passes – 89
      Called Runs (QB runs not included) – 74

      Shanahan called the game against the Chargers based on what they were giving him and it came real close to resulting in a win.

      In regards to being aggressive at the end of the first half, Belichick does the exact same thing and especially when the Patriots are getting the second half Kickoff. Scoring at the end of the first half and then to start the second is a major advantage. I agree with going for more points in that situation every time.

      And for the love of God can we stop with the “he needs to hire an OC” nonsense? He’s one of the best play callers in the game and got the job because of it. He doesn’t need an OC. He’s got position Coaches that are all part of formulating the game plan and he’s explained this numerous times.

  11. You are right on the money with this , he doesn’t run the ball no where near enough , all these loses by 3 or less are a product if that . When you run your doing the hitting . When your throwing your getting hit , that’s why all the injuries are piling up

  12. The Niners will be facing the second team of the season this week that they’re supposed to beat. I think they will. If they do, the knit picking piece from Grant will be along the lines of “big deal, Arizona stinks”! If they lose, it will be Kyle ran the ball too much, or is it pass too much? I can’t keep it straight from week to week. It’s a no win situation.

    1. I am looking for more balance, and less shaping.
      Maybe the coaches can get the players to wrap up, instead of pinballing off the RB SIX times on one play.
      Niners should blitz like crazy to rattle the rookie.

  13. Doom and gloom Grant Cohn everyone!

    KS inherits a team with zero talent and makes them competitive in a year. Loses half his roster to injuries and he’s “at war with himself”.
    You’ll be at war with yourself when SF gets it together and starts piling up wins.
    That said, they could go 19-0 and you’d probably write an article about how they’re overrated and they mortgaged their future.

    Sometimes I like that you don’t just write fluff pieces to appease fans, but your act is getting tired. It’s lazy writing.

    1. Actually, I was very impressed with this last article. Not many other writers could use the word -Existential, properly in any sports article. Most of the other writers would not even know the meaning of the word.
      Just more angst for a 1-3 team.

      1. Free-kin Seb!!!!!!!!!!

        Telling us your and your family of graduating from this, that and some other place…………..
        Being overly impressed with large words………..the way you like to do………….

        And yet, President Kennedy said “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

        Who do you think you are…..Shakespeare???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. I agree with Grant’s sentiment. It’s hard to be an OC and effective HC. Sean McVay can do it because he has Wade Phillips. I think the lack of rushing was because Morris and Breida were playing banged up and they had a patch work OL. With that said, I would have run the ball to end the first half. This team is so snake bitten by injury, you cannot be overly critical of the coaches. This team was so deprived of talent because of Baalke, that we lack a lot of depth. I cannot believe what all those back up DB’s did against the Chargers. ( The linebackers were to blame for the touchdowns.) We could have won that game with a bunch of back ups. I do think KS shoulders the blame for bad clock management and play calling, but to even be competitive was a big feat. I like the fact that he is inventive, it makes it a more exciting game to watch, and I think if he can get more depth and a healthy roster, we wont be complaining in the future of losing close game loses. Also, I don’t think he threw away those time outs with the challenges. I would have challenged that fumble recovery at the 1 too, so close! I would not have challenged the one where the Chargers recovered an inbounds fumble. Lets be clear though, that lost time out had no affect on the game.

  15. hey Cohn head. how would u feel if u found out ur players can’t run down the field without blowing out a knee. that’s right, can’t run without injuring themselves. So does one blame themselves or these losers players who injure themselves. never seen so many players at this level who don’t know how to play football. might as well get Baalke back so we can skip the 1st step of getting injured.

  16. Blah, blah…. All this focus on Shanahan when it’s Saleh’s defense giving up the 6th most points in the league. 30, 27 and 27 the team has put up on the board in the last 3 games…. Most teams with an average defense win those games. Heck, the D even tried to give it away against Detroit but got lucky Detroit had two crucial drops at the end of that game’s final drive. If we want to blame Shanahan for anything it would be the hiring of his 2nd choice DC in Saleh… But him at war with himself? Simply clickbait.

    1. On Sunday the defense was able to hold LA to FG’s on 2 drives started deep in 49ers territory due to a punt return and int return. They also scored 7 points.

      That punt return shouldn’t have happened. That’s a situation in which Shanny the HC needs to overrule Shanny the OC.

      1. Disagree. HCs put the game in the hands of their defenses, offenses or special teams all the time. How many times do you see a team that is ahead by 7 or less points send out the offense to simply run some time off the clock and then “trust” their defense to stop the opposing team from winning the game. And how many times does that defense wind up losing the game for that team. IMO, KS should have had an expectation that his special teams unit would not allow a huge return (frankly, it shouldn’t even be something you worry about because the risk should be small). HCs have to be able to trust the various units and a huge return is generally a low risk event especially for a team that was tops in special teams last year (I admit to not knowing what their ranking was before the Chargers game).

        1. At that point the defense was reeling. They had given up 3 straight scoring drives and it would have been 4 if not for a missed FG. Their best defense at that point would have been to hold onto the ball and try to go in up 3.

          1. It’s certainly an option that a HC needs to consider as well as the option of trying to get some additional points. Hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it.

  17. The same folks claiming “bad play calling” and such would be calling him a genius if the plays called were executed properly. Laughable. Plays are only “good calls” when they work. Meh

  18. Pretty silly premise for an article but at least you didn’t say “War on Women.” That would have been nauseating.

    1. Pretty silly premise for an article but at least you didn’t say “War on Women.” That would have been nauseating.

      What would he say that? You know what is nauseating? Your not so oblique attempt to inject the politics of our time into a completely unrelated topic. Listen to your conservative brethren as they say, keep your politics out of it.

        1. Ha! I remember Rocket had a cup of it on hand at all times. For some reason I have yet to ascertain, he now sports a clown….

  19. Shanny, you’re the head coach so imperious
    Shanny, you need to be more anonymous
    Shanny, you call too many passing plays
    Grant Cohn never understood your genius

  20. To be a genius, Shanahan has to pass the ball. No one becomes a genius by running.

    Genius has nothing to do with pass/run. What with the rule changes, It’s turned into a pass crazy league.

    To wit:

    Quarterbacks have passed for 400 yards in a game 12 times already. At this point last season it had happened only once. And by the end of the season it happened only eight times.

    The league is averaging 256 yards passing per game. Last season it was 224, more than 30 yards fewer. Ten years ago it was 211. Twenty years ago it was 205.

    In a typical game this season, teams threw 36 times and ran 25 times, a 59 percent passing rate. Last season it was 56 percent. Ten years ago it was 54 percent. Twenty years ago it was 53 percent.

    Eleven quarterbacks are averaging 300 yards a game. Last season none did.

    By concentrating on the run Shanahan would be the anomaly. Anomalies don’t last long in this league.

    1. “It’s turned into a pass crazy league.”

      Average number of passes per game by team:

      2017: 34.15
      2018: 34.84

      The increase in yards is not due to the increase in pass attempts.

      1. Average number of passes per game by team

        Way to miss whole point of this whole particular blog, hammer. Care to look up the stats for change in run/pass ratio and report back to the board?

        1. The increase in yards per game has nothing to do with run/pass ratio and you stated “By concentrating on the run Shanahan would be the anomaly.”

          No one is saying that he needs to focus on the fun. He needs to use it as a way to manage the game/clock.

          My take from this blog was that Shanny the OC needs to do a better job of managing the entire game as a HC should.

          If I’m wrong please correct me.

          1. My take from the blog is that Grant asserts that KS is trying to assert his “genius “ by designing lopsided pass/run game plans. If that’s the case, there are 24 more genius HCs/OCs than KS. That would be those 24 other teams with a higher percentage pass than run so far this season. Grants whole premise is BS.

            So yeah, you are wrong.

            1. Yeah I didn’t read it that way Ribico. It was more about Shanahan being able to reign it in a bit and balance it out. We’ve seen this from Shanahan quite a few times, mostly when Beathard has been in at QB.

              Teams don’t win very often when throwing the ball over 70% of the time.

              1. Says who? You? You win anyway you can wether that’s run or pass. Games dictate that not your little stat happy theories shower boy.
                If they felt they needed to pass more than run, then pretty sure it was based on what the head coach and his staff decided that it was best.

              2. In Beathard’s first 3 starts last year they called passes 68.5% of the time. They were 0-3. In start 4 they dialed that back and won. Same with the 5 starts by The Golden G.

                The numbers in SF back it up lover boy.

              3. Take those numbers and wipe your roody poo candy arse. Different team different year different personel, different play calling, different everything.
                Just be quiet you have no idea what you’re talking about. Lazy lazy lazy analogies

              4. “Different team different year different personel, different play calling, different everything.”

                Same results. The more things change the more they stay the same, cupcake.

                Kinda similar to how once a double poster always a double poster. Or as in your case, once a welched always a welched.

              5. “Same results. The more things change the more they stay the same, cupcake”

                It’s week 5. They’ve lost their Starting QB starting running back,injuries across the board. Do you even watch the games or you just sit there and find ways to slam coach Shanahan? You know nothing.
                Maybe you need to go take a shower with your mate and freshen up

      1. Sure, KS does not deserve the genius label because of his second half implosion during the SB.
        However, I have acknowledged that it is becoming more of a passing league.
        Still, having a decent running game is not a liability. In fact, having a balanced offense will make their defense have to game plan to stop both. Right now, teams will be stacking the box and daring the Niners to pass. Niners need to counter that, so the play action passes become more effective.

  21. Guess “the genius” is beyond reproach given that he’s had a hall of fame career and developed so many pro bowlers! With so much hardware on his shelf it’s no wonder not many find a way to criticize his approach.

  22. Shanahan SUCKS without having enough star power to run his offensive scheme of play.The reality is simple works much better than complicated offensive plots! Walsh was a Jedi Master unfortunately Kyle Ren Shanahan just isn’t Darth Vader quite yet!

  23. Listened to parts of the Dan Patrick Show this morning. One topic swirled around hot new QBs and–of course–hot takes and nutty hyperbole. He noted that hot take mania was increasingly prevalent in sports media….and of course, I thought of Grant’s gun-slinging style. Way funny.

    1. It’s really bad on the national sports networks. The Skip Bayless’ and Stephen A. Smith’s of the world have made a mockery of sports journalism. Now it’s about how loud you can shout and how big of a gasbag you can be.

      1. But rocket, someone is listening to Bayless,etc, otherwise Fox wouldn’t have made him one of the highest paid voices in sports or any other media.

        But really, are the national networks any worse than anywhere else? Every call in show, every blog, every forum, is filled with JR. GMs, every poster who knows much better than those idiot owners, front offices and coaches, just look at this forum. Those national blowhards just have a bigger megaphone.

        We have met the Bayless, and he is us.

        1. What you say is true in some respects rib, but there should be a higher standard for those being paid to work in the industry. I liken what we do here to a bunch of people sitting in a bar throwing ideas around. I don’t take myself seriously and I doubt most on here do either. There is an audience for the gasbags on TV and other sources, I didn’t deny that. I’m just pointing out that it’s brought Sports Journalism down to a level you’d equate with self indulgent posturing.

          As Scooter points out, it’s not limited to Sports either. Just the way the world is now I guess.

  24. Typical Grant.

    Shanahan should have eaten up the clock at the end of the first half because he should’ve known his punt team would give up a 56 yard return and put the chargers in FG range. That’s lunacy.

    Everyone knows that if Shanahan had done that and the Niners still lost by 2 Grant’s article would all be about how Shanahan should’ve tried to get a FG and he had plenty of time to try to get into range. But he didn’t trust his players enough to do so.

    Stop trying to have it both ways.

      1. If he plays smarter and avoids contact every time he runs the ball, either by sliding or going out of bounds, then yes I’d expect his chances of reinjury to be greatly reduced….

  25. Another case of the ego against the id. I hate that. Just makes me want to kick my dog, and I don’t have one anymore, so it makes it even worse

  26. The best solution out of all this is Jed York, sell the 49ers to somebody that will hire the right coach to get us the right QB to get us the right game plan to get us the right way to passing the football as the old 49ers have done to get us credible WRs, not past like a Pierre Garcon reminds me of old Issac can’t get open Bruce or a Godwin that keeps getting hurt, and will it hurt to get the right conditioning coach to stop these massive inexcusable injuries? The 49ers should relocate to either Las Vegas or San Diego. This is not and never will be the SF 49ers until Jed York sells this team. I hope the Cardinals win big, but they got no coach, no Qb. What a lousy way to win a game. Can’t wait for the real game in 2 weeks where 49ers get spanked.

      1. HI Cassie, lookie, lookie, the 49ers MIGHT NOT Be on TV on October 14 in the prime time game vs. Rams:

        Awww, wouldn’t that be too bad, Cassie, to not see Beathard get taken out in prime time as I got a bet by week 8, Beathard gets the knee injury or concussion. It’s so good to talk to you and bring you such good news about the upcoming week 7 game that may not feature the SF 49ers against the Rams, awwwww.

        Remember Cassie, you asked me to SOCK IT TO YOU from the old Laugh In.

          1. Talking with you Cassie is like I’m Senfeld and you’re Neuman. Doesn’t matter, there’s better quality TV anyway then the boring Sunday Night games. But I’m sure for you, Cassie, you look forward to Sunday Night Foolsball, right? Now Cassie, you got to hit me harder with your comebacks because right now you look like the foolish liberal going after Kavanaugh and FAILING. Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed and the 49ers will go 4 or 5 wins, guaranteed as the Men’s Warehouse would say.

  27. You know year after year, I have sat back and ‘shutted up’ about the status of the 49ers and given an honest thorough opinion, but despite the truths I have about this team from the newspaper, from ESPN, from the NFL site, from other sources, it really is tiresome to get treated a lot worse then Donald J Trump. So what is your solution then? Move on, walk away, need this player, we can still win out? Rather then engage in the same old Republican vs. Democrat battle on this format over and over, what is your solution? Mine are:

    sell the team
    Draft a Qb, have Jimmy G still start for 3 years, move on to the new QB. Green Bay did it with Favre, we can do it with Jimmy G the backup. Unless Jimmy G throws big numbers, he’s a backup.
    Kyle has 3 years, no progress, no playoff, no superbowl, he’s out. From what I read of the article of Kyle as HC, OC, if he’s made for just being an OC, then he’s not going to have a good coaching experience. That’s why I say to Jed sell the team, get somebody that will find the right coach and he gets the right players.
    Get better WRs, cut Pierre Garcon, he’s not the no. 1 WR you are making him out to be.
    Get better defense and secondary. Get a pass rush.

    Can’t contribute, then we’re going to go through the same thing as last year and years before. you know I’m right on this. Maybe I don’t watch the game like you would every week and scream like a cheerleader and down a Stone Cold 12 pack, but I have seen this over and over: lack of Qb, lack of WR, lack of defense, lack of coaching, lack of play calling.

      1. I hope I’m not sounding like Trump, but this is the wrong stadium, wrong structure, who thinks of leaving a section of seats facing the sun, I would’ve maybe domed the stadium. the transportation to the stadium is real zoo, bad parking, bad train service, hear the transportation fares are very pricey. The field wasn’t done correctly during the first year. Should’ve kept the team in SF. Should’ve fixed the stadium. NFL should’ve removed York as the owner and inserted a real owner. I hear it takes people 4 hours to get from my area to the stadium.

  28. Jimmy has gone under the knife:

    Shanahan said it was too early to know if there was other damage to Garoppolo’s knee and when the quarterback would cleared to join the 49ers in their offseason program. Shanahan said he didn’t know where the surgery was performed or the identity of the operating surgeon.

      1. Awwww. Poor President. Poor poor pitiful President. Blamed for everything . Sucks to be him.

        Look at the Trump fan proving he’s a Trump fan by rooting for players injuries. Real class there, Trump fan.

  29. Something I very much appreciate about Grant’s journalism is that he does his job very thoroughly.

    His job, as I see it, is to gather data and present it through the particular filter of his own perspective
    and then present that in a fashion that is clear, concise and ideally entertaining and informative.

    We read The News as humans and enjoy it for a wide spectrum of reasons. Some of us wish to
    gather data from those who have access to gathering it for us (like when reporters go to practices or press conferences) and some of us just wish to pass the time. In this internet age , there is now the added joyous element of being able to take the data and discuss/debate it with others in this comment section.

    The idea that there is some universal “Truth” or correct perspective that a journalist should hew to and that other humans can measure an article against to judge it’s veracity is patently absurd. Yes there are many indelible elements to the reality of a football game such as the score, however there are also far more examples of nuances and opinion about which there is no objective provable truth.

    So where Grant scores for me as a journalist is that he consistently offers a clear and concise reporting of the data he has gathered along with well written observations, postulations and conclusions and does so in a style that is highly entertaining.

    To me, far more than all the other niners beat writers, Grant is a true journalist in the sense that he is hyper aware that he is offering up HIS OPINION on the topic he covers in this case the 49ers. That this comes with strong opinions about the topic at hand only adds to the value he offers vs so many other articles by beat writers that could have the names interchanged with no impact on the content.

    In conclusion, aside from whether or not one agrees with the perspective Grant offers, let no one take umbrage with him as a Journalist, without properly considering the true nature of the art-form of Journalism itself, of which, in my opinion he is a hard-working, impassioned and dedicated practitioner.

    If one comes to a news article seeking to find some objective truth about a football game that they can agree with 100% AND somehow represents a reporting of exactly what happened in said game then one should write their own articles and read them to oneself.

    Authors note: I have not, nor will I ever, take a shower with Mr. Grant Cohn.

    1. Very insightful post.
      I swear I did not write it, since it had such flowery praise for Grant, and other posters will just accuse you of being a burner account of mine.
      Hope to see more of your posts.

  30. “……His job, as I see it, is to gather data and present it through the particular filter of his own perspective…..”

    That’s a concise definition of an opinion … and opinions have
    absolutely nothing to do with “journalism” …. they are just
    “opinions” ….
    Grant is .. (for the most part) …an opinion – piece writer …
    (there’s nothing wrong with that) … a journalist knows (and follows)
    the “journalism’s golden rule” … =>

    “…A real journalistic story contains .. the who .. the why ..
    the where .. the how .. and the when .. of a story .. when an
    opinion is inserted into a story … it’s no longer ..”journalism” …
    it becomes .. just an opinion … nothing more .. nothing less …

    Point being … let’s call a spade .. a spade …
    not a frickin’ shovel ..

    1. Sorry to disagree. Grant is a journalist. He writes for the PD. A journalist can be a columnist.
      Maybe you are trying to differentiate between a columnist and a reporter. A reporter will tell the who, why when where and how, reporting facts. A columnist writes opinions that can also contain facts.
      Both are journalists.

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