Kyle Shanahan on Joe Williams: “His ability to run the ball is as good as anybody’s.”


This is the transcript of Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch’s post-draft press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.

John Lynch’s opening comments:

“How’s everyone doing? Last night, I told you guys that it was our goal and our focus to really come in today and finish strong. And it’s not over yet, because we’re up there calling free agents, undrafted free agents, starting that process and we’re going to be really aggressive there because we feel there’s a lot of really quality football players left. But, we’re really proud about the way we finished today. We started with [RB] Joe Williams, a guy that we really felt like had some traits that we value and we got really comfortable with the kid and a better understanding of what his story was. We moved on to [TE] George Kittle, a tight end from Iowa that we grew really fond of throughout this process and he was there where we thought it was a great value to add George. [WR] Trent Taylor is a player that, again, we told you guys that we weren’t really concerned with how and where the rest of the league valued players. Are they a fit for us? And, from the start, this was a guy that we were excited with in his ability to separate in the slot, which is such a key component in today’s football. Moving down to [DL] D.J. Jones is a guy who has, from Ole Miss, there’s two D.J. Joneses at Ole Miss. We were very clear that we wanted the defensive tackle from Ole Miss, not the other guy. We got the right guy. He’s got, no offense to the other guy. He’s a heck of a player. We just didn’t want him at that point. We got the right D.J. Jones, and he’s a stout nose, who also has three technique versatility, but yet I think really dynamic. I’m not even going to try the last name, but we’re going to call him [DL] Pita T. [Taumoepenu]. Pita T., from Utah. He’s a guy that we just really, we started watching what we call that LEO position. We felt like we’ve got so many big guys, we just want a speed rusher off the edge. He gave us a guy that, again, a guy that we grew to become very fond of throughout the process. Finally, we finished it out with a guy who we had watched through the process but probably got hot on here in the last couple of weeks, [DB] Adrian Colbert. He’s listed as a safety. We think he has corner flexibility as well. He’s a big athlete that can run and play tremendous special teams, very physical player. I was just laughing as I saw this list because I didn’t even realize it, but we started with three defensive players. I think [49ers head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] said, ‘Enough of that.’ We went four offensive players and then we finished with three defensive players. Real proud of the draft. Like I said, we’re working hard. Our scouts, who did an excellent job, are working hard on the free agents along with our coaches and going to finish there. I’ll turn it over to Kyle for some comments.”


Kyle Shanahan’s opening comments:

“John again said it all, so I don’t have much to say. But, I’m as excited as John as anyone in our organization. We helped both sides of the ball, feel we’ve added some depth to our team, most importantly, competition across. So, excited to get with these guys. Just getting them here is where it starts. Now we’ve got to go to work.”


The one guy neither one of you mentioned was RB Kapri Bibbs, who you acquired just minutes, at least we found out about it just minutes before the other running back draft pick. Why did you get those two guys at that point and how do you see them fitting to what you want to do?

KS: “Well, one, I thought our goal going into this draft was we wanted to get the best possible players and get a number of them. To have an opportunity to pick up an extra fifth-round pick and get a guy like Kapri, who has had success in this league, I studied Kapri coming out of Colorado State and he does have some qualities to him that we really do like. I think getting Kapri, adding a fifth rounder which allowed us to move a little bit to make some other selections too, and we did it at the expense of losing one next year. But, we felt it was worth it to where we need some competition on our team and we did that with Kapri and it also allowed us to get a pick that allowed us to maneuver to get some other guys too.”


Did you see Kapri in the preseason a fair amount?

JL: “I did. I liked him as a player. Denver, [Denver Broncos executive vice president of football operations/general manager] John Elway and I were talking and they had a want to get a fourth rounder next year. We wanted to load up in that fifth round, because we felt like there’d still be a lot of quality players that we coveted. That third, I forget, a lot went on in these last couple days, but one of those allowed us to move up. A lot went on. No one told me this deal was this tiring. I feel like I played a game and some.”


You mentioned the need to get comfortable with Joe’s story and understand it. How did you go about doing that?

JL: “Well, just to be perfectly honest, you start having these meetings and you start to watch the kid. The talent was undeniable, but when you hear quit the team, it was like no, not interested. We started, Kyle in fact, kind of resurrected him and said, ‘John, have you seen his talent? Let’s watch it late in the year.’ We started watching it and so then we start doing some research, because the talent was, as I said earlier, undeniable. We got more comfortable in a number of ways. [Running backs coach Robert] Bobby Turner, our running backs coach, who spends more time on the phone with these kids than anybody in the history of this league, I can promise you. I think it was daily he was talking to Joe and Bobby started to get comfortable. I talked to his [University of Utah] head coach Kyle Whittingham and Kyle said, ‘Let’s be very clear, he did not quit the team.’ He physically and mentally got tired and broke down and he asked for advice on what they should do. He stepped away. They had some injuries. Kyle went back to him and said, ‘Hey, we’d love for you to come back but I first have to ask your teammates.’ They welcomed him back with open arms and then this morning I felt like the last steps, we had a lot of guys like Bobby and [vice president of player personnel] Adam Peters had talked to him, before I drafted a young man like that, I wanted to talk to the kid and it was the first thing I did this morning. I came in and I got on the phone with Joe. He just, I think there’s some things that I think need to stay private, but just mentioned to me that throughout that process he kind of addressed some things that had been bothering him for a long time and felt he came out a different person. I think it’s a wonderful story and it turned in from one, I have no interest, because my perception was anyone who quits a team I don’t want. And then I learned about the kid and I got a great deal of respect for how far he’s come and you mix that with the talent and it became someone we actually moved up to go secure.”


He was pretty up front when he talked to us about why he stepped away. Is there, do you guys have a plan, a support system in place to help him when or if he has difficult times ahead?

JL: “No doubt. We’re going to be very proactive, not just with him, with all our players and in particular the rookies to support them in every way. It’s something that Joe and I talked about. I know you’ve addressed it, but are you comfortable with us reassessing things, where you’re at and then from there gathering a plan. He indicated that’s what he wants. That’s what we’ll do. I think he deserves the privacy as to what that is once we establish it, but I can tell you through a lot of hard work, I want to thank scouts like [regional scout] Reggie Cobb, who was very involved, and Bobby Turner and Adam Peters and then like I said, I want to thank Kyle because, like I said, he was kind of in the heaps, had kind of gone away, but you’ve got to stay open to all things and he started showing me the film and I said, ‘I can’t lie to you.’ That’s one thing, they’ve been running the system for so long, they’ve got an eye for what works. Look it, he’s got some traits that we like and like everybody else he’s going to come into a very competitive room. You talked about Kapri, there’s going to be a lot of competition in that room and we’ll see how he does.”


What do you see from Joe on tape?

KS: “His ability to run the ball is very, is as good as anybody’s. I mean, as far as speed, cutting ability, running through tackles, his overall balance. It’s exactly what John said, when you hear those things, especially as a coach too, I felt the same way. So, I didn’t put as much time into the tape for those reasons. And then just on a random boring day, just watching other guys, I threw it on and watched it a little bit more and when the tape is that talented you want to look into those things a little bit more, and we did and we felt so much better about it. When you see that overall ability, it doesn’t guarantee anything, but it means he has the ability to make all the cuts, the abilities to be a very good back in this league. Now he has to come do it and be consistent. After talking with him, his coaches, a lot of people who’ve known him, some of the things he’s gone through, we feel very good about the guy. We know there’s things we do need to help him with, but I think he can have a very bright future for us and for himself in the NFL.”


Michael Lombardi said yesterday that you were looking to trade TE Vance McDonald. You drafted a tight end. I guess, A, is that true about looking to trade Vance and if so did that inspire the move for Kittle?

JL: “I don’t think to the latter inspired the move for Kittle. Kittle was a player, as I indicated, that we grew to really like and particularly where he was, he was a guy that we wanted to get. We thought it was a tremendous value. As for Vance, I think that’s the reality of new regimes coming in, new schemes. That’s not to say that he can’t fit into our scheme. Frankly, we received some interest from some other people and then we did explore some options throughout the league with Vance and nothing ended up happening. So, Vance will come back and have an opportunity to compete. That’s where that stands.”


Did you have a conversation with him about that?

KS: “Yeah, I already have. I actually called him last night. He was at his brother’s wedding, so he didn’t answer. But, I left a long message. He sent me a text this morning. We’re all good. We’re going to talk in person tomorrow. We took over a 2-14 team and we need to get better in every aspect and we’re going to try to in every aspect. It was true with Vance, but it wasn’t just Vance. We weren’t doing Vance just specifically. We’re trying any way possible to improve our team. We did it with Vance the most because a lot of people are interested in Vance. But, we were ready to do that with anybody. We’ll listen to that always and try to improve our team in any way we can because we have a lot of work to do. If we don’t think it will improve our team, then we’re going to do what’s best for the organization and I think our players will respect that. We’ll be upfront with that, but that’s exactly what it was about, just taking over a 2-14 team and we need to get better. It started in free agency then went to the draft these last few days. We’ll always be looking to improve.”


When you guys are upfront with a player, they know that he was on the trade block. What’s it like for a guy to come back in? It kind of seems like some guys might say, ‘I’m done here,’ and not give you very much. So, why keep him on the team if you really don’t see a role for him?

KS: “I didn’t, that’s why I was trying to answer that. It’s not at all about not having a role. It’s about how can you improve your team. And when you tell other teams that have asked if they are interested in your own players, whatever that is, whether that can bring you two players, whether that can move you into the draft to get a different player that might be a bigger need, you want to explore all those avenues. If your team is just set and you feel like you’re one player away, I’m not trying to mess with you. I’m just trying to find that one player. That’s kind of what I mean by we did take over a 2-14 team. We don’t feel all the answers are here right now. We’ve got a lot of work to do and we need to improve it every way possible and we’re going to do that. You do that from an organization standpoint, how can we improve the building, how can we improve the coaching staff, how can we improve the personnel department, how can we improve the players. Just getting from Vance’s text back, I think people understand that. I think that does make sense. I don’t think that’s something personal. I would be surprised if Vance took it personally and just reading through his text and knowing what he said to me, how he’s going to see me Monday, I think he completely understand.”


JL: “And, I would add to it, it left me thinking, because I would say a quarter of the teams called us with various players that they’re kind of shopping. It got me thinking, how many times in my career I was shopped and never knew about it. I can tell you that in this day and age, things tend to get out. I think it’s something that’s been going on for years and our big deal, Kyle and I, is just that we were always going to be upfront with players, because I know from my experience in this league, so long as people are upfront and tell you what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Guys understand that this is a business. And so, that’s something we’ve committed to do and will continue to do. I think as long as you operate as such, players will understand.”


Do you feel like with the draft over, the chance to trade Vance is probably gone or will you try to still explore that?

JL: “I’ll never say never, but I think he comes back in here Monday and we’ll welcome him with open arms and go compete. That’s the message to all our players.”


KS: “We want Vance here. All the guys we have here, we want here until you can get better. I try to give an analogy. If someone called and offered to give the Niners [New England Patriots QB] Tom Brady, but I had to go, they should listen to that. I wouldn’t be offended. I would get that. You explore all avenues to improve your team and that’s nothing more than that.”


How much do you feel you have improved the team over the last three days?

JL: “I think a whole lot. I really do. I think that’s the great thing about this game is that we’ll see in a few years. All these guys have got to go prove it. We have to go prove it and support it by, you draft players and now it’s Kyle’s job and his staff’s job and our job to continue to give them competition so that we develop these players to the best of their ability. But yet, just like free agency, there’s a story. There’s a vision for each one of these players and I think when you do that and you force yourself to be very clear in terms of what you’re looking for, to think that we did all of this, we did what we did in free agency and we added a number two pick in next year’s draft and a number three pick in next year’s draft, real proud of what we’ve accomplished.”


With DB Jimmie Ward playing safety, you guys didn’t draft a safety. Does that signal that he’s the favorite to start and were there things that you saw from him leading up to the draft in mini-camp that made you say, OK, we’re comfortable with him back there?

KS: “Yeah. I was real excited with what we saw from him in camp. It was the first time I’d seen him at the safety position and thought he did a very good job. It was just two practices, it’s unpadded, but he has definitely the ability and the want-to to play there. Again, that’s not why you go into a draft and say we’re not taking that position. I don’t think we really did that with any position. But, we’re very excited about him and the possibilities of him being a very good safety.”


As far as the last pick, Adrian Colbert, is he a free safety or where do you envision him?

JL: “Well, as I said, we think he has corner versatility as well. He did a graduate transfer year at Miami and played corner and played it well and fits the profile that we’re looking for there. But, we know he can play safety. We’re going to give him a go at probably corner first. Don’t want to speak for the coaches, but this is what we were thinking when we drafted him and know that he has safety versatility and is we believe going to be one heck of a special teams player as well. We’ve seen it on film. And so, we were kind of crossing our fingers that he stayed up there and he did and we jumped.”


Seems obvious that you guys will give Jimmie the fifth-year option? You’ll extend that to him?

JL: “Yeah. It’s looking that like. Had no clue when you guys asked me that the other day. I had no idea. I had been focused on the draft. But, made me go check.”


As far as Taumoepenu–?

KS: “At least you attempted it.”


Who else are you guys looking at at that position? Is that something where you’re going to have different guys kind of go through there during the spring and figure out the best LEO pass rusher?

KS: “Yeah. We need to find out who the best pass rushers are on this team. We got there in the sixth round and we felt Pita was the best pass rusher who was there. So, that’s why we took a shot on him. We want to continue improving in pass rushing. I don’t think we’re done improving our team also. People get let go in June. You never know what happens in training camp and we are always looking to improve. So, it’s by no means are we totally set with our roster, but we are very happy with what we’ve done so far and I feel like we’ve given ourselves the best chance to improve in every avenue that we’ve hit. And I don’t think that stops. I think that’s what you continue to do day in and day out. The two big ways to improve your team are the draft and free agency. But, I still think that continues.”


JL: “We’ve talked a lot about, Kyle and I, about how many shared philosophies we have in this game and I think Kyle, from being an offensive coach and playing against great defenses, and me, from having the opportunity of being a defensive back, we both believe you win up front. You’ve got to knock quarterbacks down. You’ve got to make them feel you. You’ve got to stop the run. And so, we really wanted to get really strong up front. And so, we’ve done that. Not only with where we started, with [DL] Solomon [Thomas], but in numbers. Adding D.J. Jones and Pita, I think all of a sudden you’ve got a lot of numbers. But, I think pass rushers these days, you play so many snaps in that nickel deal, you’ve got to have a lot of them and you’ve got to be able to roll them in there and have them compete. And so, I think we’ve set up a great situation there for, hey, may the best man win.”


Going through it now for the first time, at least in your current roles, anything that surprised you throughout this process?

JL: “I had no idea I was going to trade that much. I thought I was a fairly conservative guy and that we were just going to have a calm draft. I think the only reason that transpired like that is because of the opportunity that came our way with Chicago. We came in with a lot of picks, 10. We ended having 10, but also as I said, gained two in next year’s. So, put ourselves in great position. But, what that also did with all the picks we already had is gave us the ammunition to win C.J. Beathard and Joe Williams were guys we really wanted. We could say, ‘Let’s go up and get that guy so we know we get him,’ and still feel good about the quantity of picks we had.”


Talking about Joe Williams, one, do you guys believe he can be a feature back and two, can you talk about his patience and hitting the hole? As a young running back, some players just hit a hole and don’t have the patience to hit the cut back. Talk about cut back? Can you just talk about what you see in his cut ups?

KS: “Any back that we want on our roster, we want to believe that they have a chance to be a feature back. Unless it’s a specific gadget-type role or something, which it’s usually hard to make the team when it’s just that type of role unless you can be a returner and provide other value. So, anybody on our roster who’s a true running back, we want to believe that he has the ability to be a feature back. That’s how it happens all the time. Guys get hurt. You need competition. You never know who’s going to be your guy. When you come to the style of runner, that’s what we liked about him the most. He can press it. He can make a one-foot cut. Everyone says the cut back. I look at it more as just getting downhill because the more you can make a defense play sideways, you just get downhill and it looks like you cut back but it’s because everyone’s scared you’re running outside. And so, they go sideways and you get downhill, but it’s behind the backside tackle. When you have a guy who can run as fast as he can, he was clocked at high 4.3s at his pro day. The problem is, usually when guys run that fast, they can’t cut. So, when you’ve got a guy who can run that fast and can cut, which is what Joe Williams is, I do think you have a chance to be pretty special.”


Is the 20-yard short shuttle an indicator of that?

KS: “Usually, the 20-yard short shuttle is the quickest players and they usually aren’t that fast. I had a good 20-yard shuttle, a horrible 40. So, he’s got both. So, he’s a little better than me.”


Do you want to add another quarterback?

KS: “I don’t know. We’re looking into free agents. You always would like to bring four to camp and you usually do. Again, we’re not going to do it just to do it. I don’t want to bring a guy in that we don’t think has a chance and then hurt another position. I still think you can get by with three in camp. But, if we feel we can get one here in free agency, and there are some guys out there we’re targeting, if we could get one of those, I’d love to have a fourth.”


Where are you guys at with DL Arik Armstead in terms of trying him out at LEO? I know the practice that we saw, he was sitting out, presumably with the shoulder. Where he is in terms of how he fits in that position?

KS: “When it comes to LEO, and this is you guys learning the words like LEO and stuff, so are we. We’re just looking for our best pass rusher and that’s what we’d like to put at the LEO spot. So, I think Armstead has a chance to be one of those. I think he also can play inside too. So, I think we have a few guys like that who are capable of playing a number of spots. So, it’s tough to figure that out until we get out there on the field. And he didn’t get to go in mini-camp, but that’s something we’ll be looking at throughout OTAs and training camp. Usually the best pass rusher, when it’s all said and done, we’ll most likely put him at LEO.”


JL: “I’d just add with Arik, one of the things that we’re really excited to see once he gets healthy, and this is not to disparage the system that they were playing and systems are different, we’re going to let him cut loose. We think when this guy starts going that way, that it can be pretty special. Now, it’s up to him to go do it. But, we believe that he has that versatility Kyle talks about about being inside in pass rush situations, outside. You can move all over and I’m excited to see the product, particularly with all the different combinations we can put out there now.”


Sorry Kyle, I just wanted to circle back if there was anything that caught you off-guard or surprised you throughout this process?

KS: “It was similar to what John said. My goal going into this draft was I thought we needed to add a bunch of players and we had 10 picks. So, usually, I think the philosophy is if you trade, you usually don’t get as many players. And so, if you would have told me that we traded six times, I would have been, well, dang, we didn’t get 10 players. What did we give up to go get whatever players we wanted? What surprises me when it’s all said and done, to know we traded six times, the goal was to get 10 players and we still got 10 players and plus added a second and third from next year. If you would have told me all that, I would have been very surprised. Usually, I think of when you trade, that means you go into a draft with 10 picks and you end up only getting six players. To be able to do that that much and to get the players and that ammo for next year, that’s something I didn’t think happens very much.”


JL: “Now, I’m kind of ticked we were one away from a team record. We should have just done it.”


KS: “We definitely should have.”


Of all the congratulatory texts or messages you guys got, was there anybody or anything said that blew you away or surprised you?

JL: “There was a lot of fun stuff going on. That’s something that’s neat about this league. Just like playing, I didn’t know what to expect in the role we’re in right now, but when you play, I think people don’t understand that there’s a great respect amongst players, even though you compete against them. It’s the same way here. You see a lot of, hey, when you appreciate someone else’s pick, people reach out and that’s a neat deal. Kyle got it, I got it and we were proud of our draft and other people I think appreciated what we did.”


Just curious about Beathard. Last night, when you guys chose him, a lot of us, myself included, were like, OK, weren’t expecting him at that spot. Did you hear from teams around the league about that pick where you took him?

KS: “Usually you hear from your pears, people you’re close to. Most offensive coaches will reach out to me when we take an offensive guy. ‘Oh, he was my second favorite guy. He was my fourth. I thought that was a great pick.’ Whatever it is, you get that from whoever the quarterback coaches are that you’re friends with around the league. Everyone’s waiting to see because everyone’s ranking the same guys and we all lie to each other for two straight months who we have where and no one knows the truth until they see what you do. So, ‘I knew you liked him. You never talked about him so I had a feeling.’ It’s a bunch of mind games and everyone gets to see what the truth is when the draft comes.”


Not draft related, but in the locker room, you switched, it used to be organized by position, the lockers. Why is it switched?

KS: “More just to change it up. I want our team to be close and I don’t want just groups to be close. You’re with your group enough in your position meetings and usually, all day. Each position group’s broken up and that gets real tight and then the sides of the ball are broken up. So, I think the more you can mix up the locker room and you can have a running back next to a D-Lineman or a corner next to a center, I just think it mixes it up. It forces you to get a little bit out of your comfort zone and I think in the long run it makes your team a little closer.”


Were you trying to find a specific profile at wide receiver and what about Trent Taylor?

KS: “One thing I’ll say about receivers is they come in all shapes and sizes. The thing I look for the most in receivers are specific traits you can take advantage of. If they have elite speed, then we can use them a certain way. If they have elite quickness, you can use them a certain way. If it’s toughness or hands. What Trent did is I thought he was as good at the slot role as anyone that we were looking at in the draft, is he really owned that spot. He was very quick. His body’s always under him. He can make cuts. I thought what impressed me the most about him besides the separation ability is that when he did get the ball in his hands, he ran angry and pissed off. He got up the field. He’s not scared to get hit. He’s a very competitive, violent runner and those are the guys to me who keep you on the field and move the chains.”


He was kind of half joking that he’s always compared to former NFL WR Wes Welker and New England Patriots WR Danny Amendola and every single white slot wide receiver who’s small, but is he like Amendola and Welker and New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman?

KS: “Yeah. I’d like to come up with someone else, but just speaking facts, that’s what he looks like. He moves similar to [WR Jeremy] Kerley, yeah. He’s built that way. We’re talking slot receivers. There’s different types, but usually the quicker guys who’s feet are always under them, who can make cuts at any time, those are the guys who make it and usually those guys are smaller guys who aren’t so fast. What I just told you guys about a running back, if you run a 4.3, it’s usually hard to just cut right away. Usually, the slower guys can cut a little better. If you can get guys in between, that’s usually the best slot receivers. There’s not many slot receivers who run 4.3. There’s a reason. They can’t cut as well as they need to underneath. It’s the same with nickel backs. In order to cover those slot receivers, not many of them are real long and lanky. They’re pretty short and quick too. So, it’s all about matchups and who you want to put against other people when it’s man to man coverage. That’s usually what you get on third down and that’s a real important thing to staying on the field.”


He said he didn’t have much contact with the team. Was he just someone that really stood out on film that you didn’t need to speak with?

KS: “Yes. Contact is, some people you need to talk to more than others, you need to find stuff out. But, it all starts with the tape and all we base our opinion on is the tape and once we like the tape, then we see what we need to dig into. And you trust your scouts a lot because they’re the ones who have been at the schools. They’re the ones who have been doing the homework for a while and know the guy a lot better. And if their character completely checks out, there’s nothing you’re worried about and you love what’s on tape, I don’t want to be in contact with them a ton and have his agent tell every other team how much we like him. You don’t want people to totally know. But sometimes, you have to. You’ve got to look into it more. You’ve got to talk to them, develop a relationship so you can check up on stuff that you might have heard.”

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  1. I knew they’d love Ward in his new role. He’s been playing out of position for years….

    1. Ward’s always been an intense film study rat. In college he had great anticipation where the ball was going. The safety spot will take advantage of these traits.

      1. It’s his instincts and play making potential that have me excited for him to play FS.

      2. And what do you think of Eric Reid’s chances at strong safety? He will be lining up closer to the line of scrimmage.

    2. Yep, I have wanted them to give him a shot at this role as soon as they announced they would be playing SHS. Really think he will flourish in the role.

  2. Whoever writes these transcripts is going to be putting in over time with how much Lynch talks

    1. mc55,
      Well it looks like we got the total antithesis of Baalke.
      Baalke forgot how to draft – Lynch did more in his the first draft than TB in his last 4 years.
      Baalke would only make cameo appearances and speak sporadically – Lynch seems to be comfortable around the mic.

      But we’ll all have a better perspective of the team, Lynch, and Shanahan in about 7 months after they get some games under their belt.

  3. I don’t know when I have enjoyed a Presser transcript as much as this one. There are a ton of insights offered.
    One of my fave quotes: “We’ve been lying to each other for two months…”

    1. Me too. It’s refreshing to get some real insight from these things.

      I really liked this:

      That’s one thing, they’ve been running the system for so long, they’ve got an eye for what works.

      That’s the key right there. The Shanahan’s, Kubiak, they know the type of back that will excel in the system and are often able to find them on day 3.

  4. I recall after the new regime was hired that someone quoted Brent Jones as saying the roster would undergo an 80-90% turnover. At the time I thought that was an exaggeration, but it could happen. Game On gentlemen

    1. I was thinking that same thing this morning. But I thought the guy who said it was Justin Smith.

      I didn’t like it then and still don’t like it now, even if it is what’s needed. I admit I’m having a hard time accepting the idea that virtually the entire roster needs to be turned over. That has to add probably one to two years to the time required to become a playoff team. But these guys know what they are doing……

      1. It was Jones. I have a memory like a rusted trap or whatever.

        And Jones does go overboard on occasion, but he was saying that turnover was possible over a two year span.

  5. Kyle Whittingham of Utah is a no nonsense, what-you-see-is-what-you-get HC. He wouldn’t tolerate Joe Williams if matters were left unaddressed.

    1. Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t care how much talent a guy may have, I would never draft any player who quit on his team and that appears to be exactly what Williams did to Utah. How can you rely on a guy like that? I know it’s a totally different situation but when I hear about things like a guy taking a break from football I’m always reminded of the story of Stanley Wilson of the Cincinnati Bengals on the eve of the 1989 SuperBowl. You have to have guys you can rely on in big moments. You have to have guys who are willing to do anything for their teammates. A guy who needs a break from football is putting himself before his team. I don’t know the Williams story but there must have been a lot more to the story to get a guy like John Lynch comfortable with spending a pick on this guy. Lynch and Shanny deserve the benefit of the doubt but I certainly wouldn’t have drafted Williams.

  6. Thanks everyone for all the mocks and insight over the last few months. Its been fun.

    1. Thank you for being the in house Trader Jim. Had me well prepared with your scenarios;>)

  7. ‘And when you tell other teams that have asked if they are interested in your own players, whatever that is, whether that can bring you 2 players, whether can can move you into the draft to get a different player that might be a bigger need, you want to explore all those avenues.’ -KS.

    Just made my day.

    1. Yeah, these guys are driven to make us a Super Bowl contended and nothing is going to stand in their way.

      I currently believe that everyone they drafted is going to make the 53.

        1. They look good, but so did last year’s. I don’t mean to be negative, just realistic.

  8. Baalke used to talk about competition at every position, but these guys really mean it. Even in the way they treated McDonald they are showing if you were part of a 2-14 team you are not safe.

  9. What strikes me most about the last few days is Lynch making it clear everyone in the personal department and the coaches are listened to. He has made it clear unlike the prior GM, this is a team effort. This should help them avoid making the same mistakes over and over.

    1. What I like best is that he made his decision, but then was convinced to change his mind. That shows respect for the scouts and coaches.

      1. Yeah, and with Joe Williams, it appears to be Shanahan who liked the tape so much he thought it’d be worthwhile for the staff to do some digging. It seems to be Shanahan’s decision that led to Williams being here.

        1. I also think it was KS who precipitated the CJB pick, and while I think they could have done a better job, I respect his determination that he thought that some other team would come and swoop him up before the Niners could pick again.

      2. I did too. I was convinced they wouldn’t be interested in a player like Williams, but after understanding what precipitated some of the perceived egregiousness, I have also changed my mind….

        1. I was sure they would rule him out too. Which they did. Good on them for being willing to take another look and dig deep. Now lets hope they were right!

  10. Posters Angry at Seb’s self-adulation Responding, so I’ll chime in with my mock that Seb said doesn’t exist.

    Sorry, Sebby, You Lose. I correctly chose Solomon Thomas you pathetic 49er prognosticator ! Karnac you are not !

    Vagabond with the fortune teller gypsies this year to give us a break, perhaps you may suffer a learning experience !

    49er in the Andes
    April 30, 2017 at 9:12 am

    And what’s less substantial than a puff of smoke is you trying to play the cautious contrarian, after whiffing blindly on the draft. Lol, give us all a break.

    TomD’s 1st RD 49er Mock (Since Seb denies I posted one)


    April 26, 2017 at 4:17 pm


    Thx for the info.

    Did not know that Aaron Lynch weighed close to 300 Lbs.

    I based my first pick on the 49ers plethora of pass rushers.

    I reserve the right to change this pick based your recent info.

    Now my first pick is back to DL help: Solomon Thomas

  11. What % would everyone guess that Witherspoon is likely to start opposite Robinson? Assuming Redmond/Reaser are in the slot with Ward w Reid behind them………..

    I assume the consensus from everyone is that an Edge in the 3rd over Beathard would have been the choice? – would have been interesting had Cunningham slid to them……..

    1. 10%. I think Dontae Johnson will start, or they sign a vet at some point prior to TC. Witherspoon given some time to develop.

      1. I see that too. Most likely he sits for awhile till he learns the pro game. As Rocket pointed out he isn’t a tackler. Kind of important at this next level. If only some toughness can be rubbed off Foster and transferred to Witherspoon via a talisman or a relic…

    2. I think Witherspoon has a good chance of starting. He’s already the best cover corner they have or pretty close to it. His issue is in the run game where he’s not always a willing tackler, so we’ll see how that plays out in TC.

      1. From what I’ve seen, Witherspoon’s issues as a tackler looks like more of a technique issue than anything else.

        By the way, Witherspoon didn’t completely shut WR JOHN ROSS down, but he came close. Ross struggled to separate and when he did, Ahkello was always quick to recover. When you’re 6’3″ (with 33″ arms, 4.45 speed, and an unreal 40.5 vert) and can mirror a receiver like Ross, you’ve got extremely quick feet, loose hips, and both recovery excellent speed as well as long speed.

        He’ll clean up his tackling issues and when he does he’s got star potential in this system.

        PFF: “Witherspoon is an outside press corner with impressive measurables, explosive athleticism and high football IQ. Witherspoon is a starting cornerback in the NFL.”

        1. I cannot wait to watch Joe Williams make linebackers & safeties look silly.

          Todd Gurley was successful as a rookie in large part because LB’s and Safeties were miscalculating their pursuit angles. Well, the same will happen with Williams except where Gurley has straight line speed, and isn’t particularly shifty, Williams will continue to cut and juke, and bounce off defenders without losing his balance, all the way to the end zone.

        2. Yes. On Saturday, I posted some paraphrased quotes from an interview that Lynch had with ESPN. One thing Lynch said was that the 49ers are well aware of the tackling issues that Witherspoon has. Lynch even said that some had questioned why a hard hitting former DB like Lynch would draft a guy like Witherspoon. Lynch said that there would be a strong expectation/requirement that Witherspoon fix the tackling issue.

  12. HOOK-EM.Com :

    Former Texas DB Adrian Colbert drafted by 49ers

    Posted April 29th, 2017

    D’Onta Foreman may have technically been the only Texas player selected in the 2017 NFL Draft, but devout Longhorns fans know where Adrian Colbert started his college career.

    Colbert — who played three seasons at Texas before transferring to Miami — was drafted Saturday by the San Francisco 49ers. He was the 229th overall selection in the seventh round.

    RELATED: Colbert raised eyebrows last month when he reportedly ran a 4.25-second 40-yard dash at Miami’s pro day. For reference, former Washington wide receiver John Ross — selected ninth overall by Cincinnati — broke the NFL combine record this year when he ran a 4.22.

    Still, Colbert had to wait around until the late stages of the draft to hear his name called.

    1. For a 7th rounder, I think this was a great pick. Besides his speed and hitting ability, he’s 6’2, 205, and comes from major college programs. Apparently they’re trying him at CB before they do at S. Imagine if he can cover-corner. We’ll just have to see.

      1. George,

        Agreed…Glad the days of the 7th Rd. ACLers are over.

        We actually drafted someone who doesn’t need crutches–can help on day 1.

  13. I really liked how they seemed to focus on recognizing individual talent and how it would fit into their system and needs and not just throwing numbers at the wall and hope some stick.

    The only thing that gave me pause was when KS was seen yanking those two white sealed envelopes out of Lynch’s hands as they walked to the presser podium.

    1. Yes,WillTalk,

      Baalke was the Al Davis of ‘measureables’.

      When that didn’t work he could divert Jed’s attention by coaching up the Db’s.

      Jed was smart, and actually hired a GM that can actually do this !

  14. I really like the out from Michigan . Can some one tell me why he went undrafted? Maybe his arms are too short? I am just guessing.

  15. San Francisco 49ers

    First-year general manager John Lynch killed it in his first draft, trading down one spot with the Bears in the first round and picking up a bounty of picks. That was a fleecing. Then they took Solomon Thomas with the third overall pick, and he is a future star. They next traded back into the first to get linebacker Reuben Foster with the 31st pick, and he will be a steal. I thought taking quarterback C.J. Beathard in the third was too high, but it was good first draft for the 49ers. Watch out for sixth-round defensive tackle D.J. Jones from Mississippi. He could be a steal.

    Grade: A
    CBS Sportsline–NFL Draft

  16. Man, 49ers have signed 15 UDFAS. I believe that means 9 guys need to be cut to make room. The purge continues.

    1. Purcell is a goner for sure. Both running backs are gone too, Harris/Davis. That’s 3 off the top of my head.

    2. That is a lot of UDFA’s and they got some of the best available options as well. There could be a player or two from this group that winds up making the roster.

        1. Yep. Him and Hikutini were two of the best players available. Cannon Magnuson and Williams are intriguing as well.

        2. Jerome is one of these players who’s a better football player than athlete.

          Every season we see freak athletes get beat out by lesser athletes who are better football players. Lorenzo really stood out at the senior bowl among some of the best athletes in college football.

          I’ll be watching this kid.

    3. Do you think the team wanted to cut Brock anyway and found a good reason that would buy them good PR. The cynic in me.

  17. Someone will be clearing out there locker for this Harb’s baller:

    San Francisco signed Michigan Wolverines offensive lineman Erik Magnuson to an undrafted free agent deal as well. As a fifth-year senior last season, Magnuson was named First-team All-Big Ten, having been named Third-team All-Big Ten the year prior.

    1. I guess it is a good thing to be a 2-14 team at times. All those players must think there is a better chance making the team, and JL and KS promised an open competition.

        1. Prime, were you smart enough to predict the Niners would pick up 2018 second and third round picks?

          Thought so.

            1. Prime, please continue, because after what I wrote about this draft, and how it unfolded almost exactly how I predicted, your screeds just make you look even more ridiculous.

              Lack of intelligence, lack of awareness and lack of self control just make you a pathetic figure to be pitied.

              1. Seb you need a friend. Go out and be social.
                Attention seeking on a blog is not the solution.

        2. Prime, Seb is not dumb, unless that’s your way of saying he posts — and mock drafts — a little too much. Remember Rodney King, man.

          1. George, Seb has zero football intellect and zero social awareness.

            Since coming on here how many people have told him to stop his narcissistic attitude only to fuel it further with his stubbornness?

            For you to defend him makes me wonder how much you care about the voice of the room?

            1. Oh, come on. Do you remember those few weeks/months when I vociferously argued with him against his style of posting? I might have even advocated for him being banned. (Not sure about that though.) I am sure there are others who remember. I finally concluded that he wasn’t going to be banned so it was either continue excoriating him or dropping it entirely. (I’m an either/or guy.)

              As for caring for the voice of the room, I do care, very much.

              1. Ok, Prime, in fairness to you, I’ll stop getting involved regarding the interaction you might have with Seb.

              2. George it’s not just me. Seb is in conflict with half the board for petes sake!

              3. I’m looking forward to week 12 when King Solomon buries your beloved Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit into the turf you welsher!

              4. Oh now Trubisky is my beloved son and you’ve determined a competition of whom I rather see succeed in Thomas and the Bears QB?
                That’s exactly the stupid type of scenario Seb would conjure up.
                I best suggest you keep quiet like you did a month ago when you blew your cover RazorSebnnoying!

              5. Razor you clearly forgot the terms of the bet. You know the ones you made up? Moron!

              6. Prime, being a impartial observer, I recall you were adamant that the Niners were going to draft Trubisky. I also remember Razor stating that he wanted to bet a grand, but you shriveled up and only bet 200.

                Maybe you added stipulations afterwards, but he accepted that bet. I will flatly state that you will welsh on the bet if you do not pay up.

                Guess your honor is pretty worthless. 200 bucks, to me is pretty cheap.

              7. What kind of moron thinks Lynchmob is going to draft a 13 game starter to be their leader of men? LOSER!!

              8. Don’t recall that small stipulation you added about if the 49ers traded down? Forgot

              9. Razor Seb you are so weak. You are so easy to hit so nerve. Your losing your mind.
                Dumb banger!

              10. The only stipulation is yourself for being foolish enough to actually bet $200 on Lynchmob drafting Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit. “Oh, (In Prime’s cute little girly voice)draft Trubiscuit, he’ll be our franchise quarterback for the next 10 years”. Ha! You lost, pay up or shut up! Is Canada just a bunch of welshers or what? Quit whining like a little girl, and pay your bet, biotch!

              11. A losing welsher. Way to represent your family and country, Prime. You are a disgrace to Italians everywhere!

              12. No, Prime welsher, you added that after he accepted the bet. I distinctly remember.

                I also thought you would claim you won the bet if they drafted Trubisky and traded him away, but the Chicago Bears decided to draft Trubisky, so you are a loser, in so many ways.

              13. That’s why no one respects you, Prime. You write checks with your mouth that your @ss can’t cash. You call people dumb, and bet Lynchmob is gonna trust a 13 game starter to lead men on the field of battle. You’re like the Rodney Dangerfield of losers….

              14. Are you sure thats what was agreed upon SebRazor?
                Get a cold cloth, I feel your blood boiling.

              15. I’m sure you’re a loser, and that no one on this blog will place a bet with you.

              16. Now im looking for respect?
                SebRazor, save yourself the time. Nothing you say will rattle me.
                I know you are churning inside bringing the kitchen sink of insults out. It wont ,ake me flinch.
                Go smoke up, ease the pain tight jeams.

              17. That’s the part that’s most worrisome, Prime. You’re at peace with being a welsher, and a loser.

              18. Sebrazor, pretty sure you have that bet saved in your archives. Bring it, dont sing it metal head!

              19. Be a man. Grow some testicolo and pay your debt like papa taught you. You don’t have to be a welsher AND a loser.

              20. Thats your comeback? Your brain is so murky from dropping all that acid you cannot even recall the terms of the bet.
                Instead you just sound like a drunken fool which i guarantee you are right about now.
                Find the thread and see what we agreed to. Then find the same thread where I say the bets off. Dummy!

              21. Prime welsher, you are blustering with bombast and bloviation.

                Razor and I are worlds apart, he likes heavy metal, I like the Grateful Dead.

                He even lives halfway across the country.

                A good sportsman pays his bets. That is why I like George so much. Even though he was given the opportunity to end his clown avatar, he said a bet is a bet, and fulfilled the terms to the letter and every second.

              22. You lost. Get over it and pay up like a good little boy. Trubiscuit is gone and you owe me $200….

              23. Seb I didn’t ask, and besides I prefer to speak to the MAN of yours and Razors alter ego!

              24. LOL, dont you know a thing about the rules of engagement? One does not make a bet unless he is willing to pay. Otherwise, one can unilaterally call off the bet if it appears he is about to lose.

                It sure did not sound like you had called off the bet when some pundits mocked Trubisky to the Niners. You were crowing about how right you were.

              25. Nothing to talk about, Prime. You lost and Trubiscuit has until week 12 before he becomes a distant memory at the hands of King Solomon!

              26. Go back and find the thread desperado!
                If not and money is tight, come up to Canada, we have lots of trees to be trimmed, ditches to dig, and grass to fertilize!

              27. A little advice Prime. Don’t make any more bets with your mouth that your ass can’t cash, because sooner or later, it will be with the wrong Italian.

              28. OOOOOOOOO! And there it is, a threat ala Tony Soprano.
                Razor, please, you are chicken di$k in every which way.
                Find the thread big mouth!

              29. You’ve got a big mouth for such a small man. Trubiscuit this, and Trubiscuit that. $200 says Shanny will draft Trubiscuit. You are not only a loser, you have amnesia brought on by your own guilt and shame for being a welsher.

              30. Its not my fault you are too stupid to remember the terms of the deal and what transpired after we figured out you and Seb are the same person.

                Tell me you seriously don’t remember and Ill buy that. Otherwise you truly are stupid.

              31. Prime, you lost the bet. Be a man and step up to the plate. $200 Paypal. Already gave you my info.

              32. Sebrazor, i know tree trimming is not the most lucrative career, but come on, im not stupid like you.
                We had terms to our deal like any business transaction.
                Dont be desperate, work will turn up, you just gotta go get it.

              33. I think the fact that you’re willing to sell your word so cheaply speaks volumes as to who is really desperate, you stupid daikini.

              34. Sebrazor did you seriously
                not book mark the thread? Or was it because I called it off?
                Either way you look stupid and desperate.

              35. Prime, you sold your soul for $200. Are you that desperate for us to buy your lumber? Loser, welsher, desperado. When will you come to your senses. You’ve been out riding Trubiscuit, for oh so long….

              36. Lets get this straight. You made a bet, conveniently forgot the terms and didnt save the thread to prove otherwise.
                Man are you stupid!

              37. I don’t understand this Prime. You bet Trubisky would be the niners qbotf… against the field… for even odds.
                That has to be one of the stupidest bets ive ever seen.
                Considering that you never intended to pay up, now we all know why you made it.

            2. Are you seriously calling ME stupid? The loser who had the temerity to think Shanny would draft a 13 game starter to lead men on the field of battle? The welsher who bet $200 on a guy who couldn’t beat out an UDFA? You have no self respect. I feel sorry for you….

              1. The guy who said Trubiscuit will be the next 49ers franchise quarterback is calling me stupid. You are a pathetic little man, Prime as well as a loser and a welsher.

            3. Prime, you need therapy man. Let it go. You’re the only one that cannot let Seb be who he is. So what if he bugs you with his blogs. F’n let it go dude.

              1. I’m willing to contribute 10% of the $200 he owes me to go towards his therapy, just to show I’m a stand up guy.

          2. George, thank you for your kind words, and you behavior regarding your avatar makes me salute your good sportsmanship.

            I just want to say that I will refrain from any more mocks, since the draft is over. I also plan on posting less because my business interests are starting to ramp up.

            Hope we can continue a civil dialogue, and I really respect your football acumen.

            1. Thanks, Seb. My football acumen is subpar, but I appreciate your comment anyway. Good luck to you in your business. And, yes, please no more mocks till next year. : )

              1. No, no, you are blessed with good old common sense. That puts you ahead of a lot of the other posters…..;p

              1. No, just Sonoma County, where my phone is ringing off the hook because they officially ended the drought restrictions. Lotta dead grass….

                Although, I have been rumored to be headed through Poughkeepsie. ;p

              2. Poughkeepsie is overrated. I say we hold our annual blog conference at Lake Winnipesaukee this year;>)

              3. Seb I knew you were lonely but now talking to your other blog name.
                One too many LSD trips at the heavy metal concerts?

              4. Talk about a total lack of social awareness. I have derived from his many posts that Razor lives in the Midwest. (Eldena?)

                I live in Sonoma county, have built a business and raised 3 kids.

                I was blessed enough to have personally witnessed those Glory years, so I do not get how you claim to be a better Niner fan than me, especially since you do not even live in this country.

              5. We have a river running through Elkhart named the St. Joseph. Used to be Indian country here in Northern Indiana. Ever been this way?

              6. I was at a 4-H conference in Chicago, but had only been as far east as Boulder Colorado before flying to Washington DC to visit a sister.

                Just googled Elkhart. Sure looks like Americana, with that small town feel.

              7. Yea, it’s pretty boring but the cool part is everything is cheap, and it’s strategically located. Chicago is 2 hours west, Detroit 3 north, Cedar Point, Ohio 3 hours east. I’d much rather be y’all’s neighbor though. Love California….

              8. Being a welsher is sick Prime, but as you said, you can live with yourself. All mirror’s facing the wall, eh Prime?

      1. Yes. And, perhaps KS is seen in a more positive light than you’d care to admit. I do like this collection of UDFAs.

  18. …”when it’s all said and done, to know we traded six times, the goal was to get 10 players and we still got 10 players and plus added a second and third from next year. ”

    that is an A+ draft……

    1. Most trades in history of draft. I thin 37 in total. Those comp. picks being tradable were important in the volume of transactions apparently.

  19. Just something to remember; both our 2013 and 2014 drafts were given A grades by most draft pundits. So, yea.

    1. Yeah, until we see these guys on the field we will have no idea if they were really good, bad or indifferent picks. But at face value for now it seems they did pretty well.

    2. I think that was only because they trusted what balkee did the previous years. That man fooled everyone. I think he’s a hell of a scout, but sucks at making decisions

      1. Baalke not only traded for Devey, he doubled down and re-signed him. An unmitigated disaster on par with the AJ jenkins pick.

  20. Player turnover this year is going to resemble a meat grinder. It was a common theme last year Kelly’s players were lacking an intra-team competitive component aside from the rousing games of ping pong in the locker room. Apparently game film may shown this lack effort as a result management is going with a significant turnover of personnel. Lesson learned.

    1. Holding people’s feet to the fire is the right idea, but please don’t blame the ping pong. That’s a red herring. The Falcons had a couple of ping pong tables and made it to the big dance.

  21. Reading these comments about John Lynch is halfway​ Hilarious. I say halfway because a big portion of you hated this choice with a passion. Even had a couple of guys saying, “I’m done with this team”.. But now….. Now I’m not saying we are Superbowl bound, but by God I’ve been on these 2 since the beginning. Never questioned it, I think my biggest negative was saying, “nobody saw that coming”. Even when guys were writing dumb peices about owners not letting Kyle come here, or bloggers saying nobody wanted this dumpster fire. Bottomline speaking in absolutes, you just might turn out to be an azzzz. Now, let’s go Niners. We need our place back at the top of the league

    1. Steele, not me. I was ecstatic about Baalke being fired, and was dismayed at the incompetence and humiliation Jed was going through trying to interview candidates.

      However, John Lynch appeared like a cavalry charge to save the day.

      While I tried to temper some posters enthusiasm by pointing out both JL and KS are rookies, and are not guaranteed success, I am extremely pleased. KS has assembled the best coaching staff in 3 years. No more DJs and Browns coaches. Lynch has jumped in with both feet and signed a plethora of decent FAs that filled all the glaring holes.

      His conduct during this draft was breathtaking. I think Bill Walsh would have been proud of Lynch, because John Lynch put on his Trader Bill hat and showed mastery beyond his years.

    2. Well said Steele mastic, question for you and the other bloggers, when the 49 era get back to the playoffs, bethard will be the starting qb, true or false? Have a good evening!

      1. False, Cousins, or a 2018 QB will be the future.

        There was a reason why they rated him 215, and please, do not bring up the fact that Tom Brady was rated in the 6th round, too.

        1. Seb, now I completely disagree with that. It’s just me, but my belief is the Kirk Cousins thing is dead. We weren’t about to pony up what Washington wanted. We aren’t going to throw a season to get a top 2018 pick. Or break the bank o a guy that wasn’t grown here. Just my opinion

            1. ANd he’s from Iowa. Oh goody, we got a Kurt Warner and no WRS for him to throw to. Way to go 49ers! Reaching back into the Rams era and THINKING you’re going to the Superbowl with these picks!

            2. Sure, lets concentrate on this season.

              Heck, the 4th string QB may win the QB competition. Hoyer and Barkley are decent, but pedestrian.

              CJB may have a good chance because he ran a pro set.

              1. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but maybe CJ can make Shanny forget about Captain Kirk….

          1. Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder HATE the Shanahans, but after this year, Cousins will be free from their clutches because they will have to pay him 33 mil, and they right now have 8 mil in cap space, and still have to sign their draftees.

            Cousins and KS have a great relationship because KS stood on a table to shout for Washington to draft Cousins.

            Niners have 68 mil in cap space, so they will be flush with cash.

            Of course, this is predicated on Cousins having a good season and staying healthy.

        2. But web nobody real believed in cousins either and shanny and his dad had an influence on him and others, I do drink the cool aid fast at times and I am all in on”shanny-aid”!

      2. Hi Rebel… That’s a hard question. I don’t know anything about the man. I’ve literally never heard of him. But I do know this, every QB that Kyle has touched, he’s helped improve. Now if this kid can learn for a couple of years, I’d say he’s the starter, unless we completely suck next year and we draft one number one. Lol

        1. I never heard of him either but when Iowa had more talent 2015, bethard looked a lot better. Coach ShAnny appears to have had an eye on him for awhile, if he believes he can be more than a back u is good enough for me! His arm appears to be terrible than people think!

  22. And as you are well aware, Prime, my initial proposal was for $1000, but that was too salty for big mouth from Canada. You were the one who only wanted to bet $200, so for you to infer I’m desperate just validates your total lack of awareness. You’re indifferent to welshing on a bet, prattle on for weeks about Trubiscuit and then look like a fool when Shanny said no thanks. Just be a loser. Don’t be the one to bring shame to your mother. Pay your debt like a man. Be a man. This is your chance, Prime. Step up and show everyone your word means something!

          1. You wanna bet, welsher?


            0-4 Pressure mounting for Trubiscuit. The guy Pace lost his lunch money for.


            1-7 Fans are screaming for Primes franchise quarterback, Trubiscuit!


            1-10 Trubiscuit is named starter at home against the San Francisco 49ers

              1. News flash for you, Prime. I got it right, and you got it wrong. This is your brain on rigor mortis.

            1. Are you kidding me? I got the 49ers pegged 4 and 12 on their schedule. NFC East will walk all over us along with Chicago and Tribusky, Carolina will have an easy win on a non Monday Night game (thank you NFL for no prime games), Seattle and Arizona will cake walk us, lucky to win 2 AFC games.

        1. SO what, Razor? He could’ve been a 49er and you know it. The draft board needs to keep their mouth shut on who teams should draft. Tribusky was our QB and Chi stole him.

          1. There was no way in hell Shanny was going to draft a 13 game starter without an alpha gene. You and Prime can go get a room now. I hear they have the Trubiscuit Suite reserved for y’all!

            1. Ha ha Prime’s all time stupid bet. Trubisky vs the field… I hope he didn’t lay money on that.

    1. Razor… you realize your asking someone that talks to himself on message boards to pay up on a bet. I’ll bet you that he never pays you :)

  23. I do not remember all the details of the bet or want to get in the middle of anything but I was raised you make a bet you honor it, nothing else should or needs to be said.

    1. Rebel …

      That’s because … up in Canada …
      “scruples” .. is something you
      snack on ..while drinking your .. 12th
      Moosejaw beer !

          1. Hey buddy, ready for another losing season for the 49ers? Disappointed draft once again, but they did improve their F to a C minus so even an Oscar the Grouch can give 2 Phooeys on the draft. What did the 49ers do wrong: Drafted the hurt player, no name QB, no WR, not much improvement all around for our no QB. Getting Kirk Cousins is a big pipe dream, you know Snyder will stick it to the 49ers and open his wallet.

            1. Hey Skippy, quit talking out of your rear end. I happen to like this draft, and many have given the Niners high marks.

              The fact that they got who they wanted, and also got 2018 second and third round picks, make this a great coup for Lynch and his first draft.

              Rome was not built in a day, and they concentrated on the defense, because that was the part that needed the most fixing. They are building a solid foundation for the future, and whining about it will not help, except to make posters avoid you like the plague.

            2. D,
              Go follow your Sin City Raiders. Or are you still confused about which team you will cheer for in 2017?

    1. Yeah, that’s the one I linked B2W to a couple days before the draft. Seems to be much closer to what teams are using these days. As you would expect given it is based on actual evidence!

      1. I missed that post, Scooter. 1000 points for the first pick and 1.12 points for Mr. Irrelevant!

    2. I am satisfied with the old one, but if everyone else is using a different chart, maybe those should be used. Some say the Harvard chart is better, but I think it is arbitrary, too. If the newer ones are more accurate, maybe they should publish the Niner one, too.

      1. I’m only going to say this to you once – if you don’t get it or you continue to argue about why you prefer the traditional draft pick value chart that’s up to you, but I genuinely have zero interest in debating this beyond this post, as I have already tried telling you this a few times before.

        The author of this new ‘chart’ put the values together based on observed trade values over the past few years. This isn’t arbitrary. It is assigned values based on how teams have actually been valuing picks. That isn’t to say every team (or any team) actually uses this exact chart, but observed trades show that teams have been valuing picks close to how this chart values them.

        The Harvard chart is not based on observation about how teams value picks, but is designed to show what value teams actually get from those picks. Very different. My understanding is not many teams actually use that chart in trades, if any (though I have heard the Browns favour something along its lines). But it does provide evidence to suggest high picks are overvalued and teams are generally mathematically better off accumulating picks through trade backs.

        The traditional value chart on the other hand is very much arbitrary, and has been shown by many studies (including the Harvard one) to place waaay too much value on higher picks. And it is pretty well reported that not many (if any) teams actually use that chart any more.

        1. OK, Now I prefer the Bill Walsh chart, but I do not have access to it.

          Frankly, I will use any chart, but the Draftek chart was user friendly. Click on a team and they all are highlighted. That is the main reason why I said I preferred the old chart, Just as long as it is available and user friendly, I would welcome the newer chart.

          The chart you posted was hard to read, so I did not like it. It may be less arbitrary, but the draft itself is an inexact science.

          And I still think that the top players values may be skewed, but getting the top players carry a premium to me. We will probably never agree on that subject, so I will acknowledge your viewpoint, and concede they may have merit.

          1. I said I wasn’t going to debate this further, but there is one thing you missed I thought you might find interesting – the ‘new’ chart actually places a higher premium on approximately the top 10 picks in the first round than the traditional trade chart, on a relative scale (eg, pick 1 is worth almost double pick 3 in new chart, while in old chart it is only worth double pick 7). As stated this is based on observed trades, and most of the trades that have happened for the top few picks have been for QBs and have resulted in significant draft capital being traded.

            Of note, the new chart actually suggests the 49ers lost in terms of trade value while the old chart suggests the 49ers won in terms of value.

            1. Thats fine. Hope Draftek can assume those new numbers but keep the format.

              I like to look at different teams and where they are picking. Also, how many picks each team has.

              That Draftek chart makes it a lot easier, your chart did not match teams to the numbers.

              One thing I am sure of, is that the Niners may have lost a little value, but it was worth it to make 6 trades, and still get 10 players. To get those 2018 second and third round picks made me think Lynch had been doing these drafts for years.

            2. Interesting Scooter,
              This leads me to believe the new chart is actually variable. Similar to a stock and the value will fluctuate in accordance what people were willing to buy/sell the pick for.
              I find that quite appealing, as it theoretically should not be out dated Ala the Jimmy Johnson chart.

              1. Yeah, I think in the article he even says the top picks are highly variable, heavily influenced by whether there are guys considered franchise calibre QBs available. Basically each draft the value teams place on picks is likely to vary slightly based on players available and team needs. However, over time, assuming this keeps getting updated each year, the values ascribed to each pick should be pretty close to the average value teams place on them, which makes for a nice guide.

            3. Scooter, thank you for that explanation. I never knew how some aspects of football could be so complex. It almost makes my head hurt like geometry and physics! I know it serves a purpose and guides for teams but in most aspects of life I like the k.i.s.s. method better! Keep It Simple Stupid. Military men will note stupid stands for something else but we try to keep somethings clean on this sight.

              1. “I never knew how some aspects of football could be so complex. It almost makes my head hurt like geometry and physics!”

                Or national health care. ;-}

    3. Its really not definitive as to which teams use. I posted a look at several trades from the 2016 draft as well as this past weekends and some were close to the new chart but most were still closer to the old in terms of value given up.

      Answer is some use one, some use the other and sone just go by there own sense of draft value.

      1. Yep at the end of the day the value is essentially what a team is willing to pay to move up or how badly a team wants to move down.

        1. Basic economics. What is something worth? What someone is willing to pay for it.

  24. Overall draft was a C minus. Taking the injured player was a continued bad habit along with the no name Qb, and the 7th round picks were as always garbage. They should’ve been like the raiders and gotten out of the 7th al together, or the Seahawks that didn’t even pick in the 1st round. That showed how much balls Seattle has to have another fantastic year of kicking the 49ers and their no QB. Going to be incredible if the 49ers did pull 6 wins with NO QB and NO WR. Don’t tell me about garcon, he’s too old. We get a WR that can’t catch, costs too much, gets hurt, or is too old.

      1. You coulda done better Razor. That is verbal masterbation which is more accurately described as palm-posity A+++.

  25. I hope the Seahawks will RUE the day they made a trade with Lynch.

    Maybe they thought the Niners were going elsewhere, but the thought of Foster helicoptering the smurf like he did to Watson, is making me smile.

    1. It’s definitely a head scratcher. Maybe Grant can give us some insight as to what the Seahawks were thinking by allowing us to get Foster….

      1. Lynch said a few times that when they traded away a spot, they didn’t know who the other team was going to take, so, for example, they didn’t know Cleveland wasn’t going to take Thomas. I didn’t realize such information would not be required before you traded away your pick, but I now assume it’s SOP.

        1. * Chicago.

          That may be true, but I remember a trade back years ago when the other team asked who they would pick, just in case they both wanted the same player. That would have killed the deal. But when the other team pointed out a different player, they consummated the deal.

        2. George
          According to Bill Pollian teams in trade discussions almost never reveal who they are targeting to pick.

          1. Thanks for commenting, BT. It’s interesting that the team moving down would never require that info. Not doubting it. I guess that’s the convention.

            1. George,

              Nobody wants to reveal what they are going to do before they do it. If the team moving down was able to get that info, they could then turn around and use it to drive up the value of the pick with another team that could be interested in the same player.

              Also, the team moving down won’t do so if it’s fixated on one particular player. The only reason a team will ever trade down is because they have multiple players with a similar grade, or in this case the Niners had 1 other player (Foster) they valued as highly as Thomas.

              1. With all due respect Rocket, your post appears that you are trying to describe an algorithm for drafting players.

      2. The Foster deal with Seattle could become the first step in finally breaking the ownership title they have on us.

  26. Grant..that was a straight punk move when you asked Foster about the vape company…
    This kid has been through hell and back..nothing you know about and you try to ruin the best day of his life by being a punk..Sheltered north bay rich kid..I lost all respect for you after that..
    You remind me of a friend of mine …his dad is an old biker dude hes very blunt and calls people out..but hes hillarious..everyone loves him…
    His son on the other hand is very blunt and obnoxious..but its not funny..he just comes off as an a**hole..
    Do youre own thing your not your dad and for you to try to ruin the best day in this kids life is punk shxt..

    1. It’s a legit question that was going to get asked.
      Part of being a professional is handling these type of questions… when did we become so sensitive that getting asked a question on a questionable decision is considered bad form.
      The kid handled it well… so it’s no big deal.

    2. Diesel,
      For the record Grant is not from the north bay nor does he live here. He is a pure east bay boy.

    3. Diesel, get over it, If he cannot handle a question at a presser, how can he handle the pressure on the field?

      Grant was being professional and was just doing his job. He also elicited a well thought out response with no emo or snark.

      Calling others names just defines you.

    1. I think we all regress when we are getting our buts handed to us when no one is open and the o line play is poor. Give this kid time and some weapons and he may be the second coming of cousins which could be good and bad. Great to have a top 16 quarterback but we may need a top 5 to get to the promise land and to win it.

      1. I believe that we are over thinking the Beathard pick. I don’t see him as a starter and believe that Shanahan also made reference to that.
        What we may have in CJB is a steady backup QB for the next few (or whatever) years that can be counted on the carry the mantle if our starting QB is out for some reason.

        A good backup QB has to be familiar with the offensive system and have the skills to keep the machine running in the event he is asked to take the wheel.

        1. Agree. He’s a bigger guy, but I think he could be at least like Ty Detmer, a highly competent and reliable short reliever. If we look to the 2016 RayDuhs or the year Painter took over in Indy for PM, and the disasters that followed, then a 3rd might not be too extravagant.

          1. He was taken after the third round and before the fourth round. That’s not as expensive as “the third round” that people keep referring to.

            1. The more I look at Bethards film the more I think this kid could develop into more than a career backup under the tutelage he will receive here . My initial response was surprise ,now I confess a true interest in how this gamble works out.

    1. Excellent read. Thanks for posting the link, East. Lynch on KNBR this morning described how this Peter King embedding came to be.

    2. EastCoast9er – Thanks. Gotta run OTD this morning, but from the little I’ve read, it gives real insight into the 49ers war room. Answers all speculation about how the Bears trade when down.

      1. EastCoast9er,

        Thanks for sharing that article.

        Peter King did an excellent job explaining how and why we made the draft picks that we did. Great article.

    3. of particular interest and need for elaboration; “–One spot after Watt was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers at No. 30, Marathe worked out a trade — and some tense moments — with Seattle GM John Schneider, who took an ill-timed restroom break. The 49ers moved up three spots for Foster.”

      I wonder if Schneider didn’t sign off on the trade?! – I was curious why Seattle would move down there to assist w the 49ers w Foster still on the board…………

    4. Awesome article EastCoast9er any 49er fan or football fan for that matter should read it, Lots of valuable information and fascinating what goes on behind the scenes also like others have commented how much better Parrag looks under this administration. Also Jed York is not being overbearing but a piece of the solution not the problem, I also really enjoyed John Lynch’s interview on KNBR with Brian Murphy this morning , I suggest you and others check it out on KNBR .com, he is back in Sandiego going on a field trip with his wife and daughter and two other girls but was very candid in the interview and the glue that keeps everybody on the same page and feeling good about their Roles. I am rebelscum because of Star Wars love and now with Lynch I feel it is a reboot as such for the golden era of the niners or at least a start.
      I am getting way ahead of myself but their are Parallel’s. This is shocking for me to say this but Parag Marathe- John McVay , GM- Bill Walsh- John Lynch Coach Bill Walsh- Kyle S. Defensive Terror- Ronnie Lott – Reuben Foster Rb Roger Craig/Frank Gore- Joe Williams, Gutsy Reciever Dwight Clark- George T. Qb Montana- Bethard , Hey I am stretching but one can dream and Hope but they will have their own stories of success and failure and it is very early but as I have been like a golden retriever yapping at one unsuccessful fire truck after fire truck passing by getting my hopes up, This may be an actual beginning of something! Go Niners and Big Dreams!

    1. Hmm, sounds like Marathe is an integral part of the team. I will stop being so harsh on him, and just hope he is a good loyal soldier that can aid Lynch in every way possible, except coaching and game management during games. Let the football people handle that, but Paraag has his expertise, and it sounds like he is a valuable resource.

      1. Oh look Seb, changes his tune when it does not involve Kap.

        Welcome to the fan base Seb where we cheer for the team amd organization, not the player.

        Hopefully you found that thread with the terms of our bet. If not, shame on you!

        1. Shame on me?

          No, shame on you. Your hatred for the starting QB of the SF 49ers knew no bounds. Now that he is gone, you still cannot let go, and I have been a loyal fan of the team all along.

          Also, SHAME ON YOU Prime welsher.

          1. Welch my arse! Its not my fault you made the stipulation now begging me for money!
            Get a real job maybe instead of cutting grass!

            1. Prime welsher, we all know you made the bet, but if you can prove you did not make one, that is your burden to find it and prove all of us wrong.

              My recollection is that you made the bet, then added on afterwards your stipulation, but Razor must have been satisfied with the original post accepting the bet, and never comment on your attempt to put conditions on the bet.

              However, you were adamant that the Niners would draft Trubisky. I suppose it was to counter and replace a QB who is no longer on the team.

              You crowed when it looked like he was being mocked to the Niners, and if the Niners had drafted Trubisky, you would have been running to your computer to demand payment.

              Now you are continuing the malarkey that I am Razor. I live in Sebastopol, he lives in Elkhart. We have different tastes in music. He likes GG, I like MH.

              Quit doubling down and looking even more pitiful. Pay your debts like a man.

              1. It wasn’t my stipulation it was yours (Sebrazor)!

                You smoke so many drugs you don’t even remember what you say anymore dummy!.

              2. I will not bother to research the archives, but it was you trying to put conditions on it afterwards, and some one will take the time, and prove you wrong.

                I think it was about at the time just after Free Agency.

              3. Sebrazor says “I will not bother to research the archives”

                Cause you are a lazy hippy or cause you are a liar or suffer from being a hypocrite? Which one?

              4. No, because that is your job if you want to prove there were stipulations. I remember you trying to add them on after the bet was made, not before.

              5. Oh you remember or was it your husband Razor? For someone who claims they are not the same person, you seem pretty invested?

                Whoever it was, they claimed that if the 49ers dealt out of the #2 pick the bet was null and void. That was the stipulation you or Razor or who ever you guys want to be procliamed.

                Don’t believe me or remember,go back, find the thread, otherwise, STFU!

              6. Sebrazor, did you seriously not find the thread? What an idiot! Or should I say how convenient of you to not have any proof.

                You were the one who said the bet was contingent on the 49ers staying at #2. If they traded down or up it was a dead deal.

              7. Losers are full of excuses, and welshers are cheaters who refuse to pay their debt.

              8. Its ok Sebrazor, you are old, too many puffs on the pipe,memory loss, low on cash flow. I get it.
                When you have time, go back to the archives, look it up. I mean, what do
                old folks like you do anyways besides spend countless hours on a football blog. The only place you feel you have a voice.

              9. Prime, you lost the bet. Your boyfriend Trubiscuit was sent to Chicago for Pace’s lunch money. Shanny wanted nothing to do with your boy, and now you’re not only a loser, but a cheat whose word is worthless.

              10. Old and disoriented enough to know Shanny wouldn’t be interested in Trubiscuit. What’s that say about you, Prime? I tell you what is says. This old and disoriented man beat the little boy from Canada that talks a big game, but comes to the plate with a little league bat.

  27. Excerpt from LaCanfora: Regardless, it was far less known that both teams were jockeying for potential backup quarterbacks as well. The Redskins really liked C.J. Beathard out of Iowa. He’s the grandson of former Washington GM Bobby Beathard and Allen had him identified as a fourth-round target. Shanahan, who with his father drafted Cousins in Washington, saw a lot of Cousins in Beathard and decided to grab him in the late third round, above some projections but in keeping with the mounting buzz on the passer I was picking up pre-draft. Funny how these things work out sometimes.

    1. Ah, now it makes sense. Being just a fan, I do not have access to the internal buzz, and now it makes more sense.

      KS just ninja’d CJB, and stuck it to Allen.

    2. Hmm, I wonder how we knew that Allen liked Beathard. Could it be a disgruntled former employee? Someone with access to (created) their big board? Thanks Mr. McCloughlan.

  28. What will happen now?

    Well, first of all, I hope JL and KS had good long rests. They looked dazed and spent at the presser. JL played the game, and came up aces.

    Instead of Trader Bill, we now have Trader John.

    When I say dazed, I do not mean that in a derogatory sense. It just looked like they spent every ounce of mental energy and strength during that draft.

    I also think they were dazed at the fact that they hit not just a home run, but multiple grand slams, and were shocked that they actually had the good fortune to pull it off. Maybe they could not believe they were able to make so many trades, and were amazed and giddy with delight. I certainly was.

    John Lynch is amazing. He does so well because he not only works hard, he prepares hard. He is the leader the Niners have needed for years, and he has assembled a strong FO, competent coaching staff, and finally, enough talent to make the cuts to 53 painful.

    Paraag Marathe also needs praise. He was the brain trust, and served Lynch well. Those trades were shrewd and wildly successful. Some are dissing Chicago for their draft, but they got the QB they coveted, who has a ton of potential. They also pulled off that deal without giving up any additional first or second round picks. It was a win/win for both sides. Lynch showed how good a leader he was by praising his staff, Paraag included.

    Jed actually deserves praise, too. He stood up, said things, mostly platitudes, and did not insert his foot in his mouth. My only suggestions to him is to lose a few pounds and never turn his back to the cameras.

    In other words, Jed did not make any bad errors by saying something ridiculous or unintelligent. So I have to give him kudos, along with some kindly advice. He is learning, too, and Lynch must have laid the wrath of God on him to stop leaking.

    I was jubilant because the Niners played their cards close to their vest, and made some really good moves. Maybe the fact that the compensatory picks are now tradable, made this draft so exciting with all the deals flying around.

    Lynch has filled all the holes in the roster, and drafted the BPA for strong depth all around, that were also big needs.

    Now comes the hard part. Assessing and assembling a cohesive unit, and devising schemes to maximize their potential. I have full faith in John Lynch accomplishing that goal, and by watching KS interact with JL in the presser, I am glad that they are finally on the same page, unlike Baalke and his relationships with his HCs.

      1. TX, I heartily invite you to ignore my posts, like most others have done.

        Commenting on it just meant that you read it, so do yourself a favor and stop wasting your time and energy trying to diss everything I write.

        All the snark and screeds say a lot more about you than it does about me.

        1. Well, could have been the odor that chased him off. Bears have a heightened sense of smell…

      2. How can you sleep through the comedy?
        The guy spent the last 4 months whining about Baalke (who is old news), Jed, Paraag, Lynch, and Shanahan. Now, when it turns out he didn’t know what the heck he was talking about, NOW he’s passing out kudos. Smh

        1. Until he did something, we all did not know, but i praised him during Free agency because he signed all those FAs.

          Now you are saying that I cannot express the teensiest bit of criticism, while you all just dump on me constantly.

          However, talk is cheap, and until they play a game, we will not know if this is a 2-14 team, or a 9-7 team.

          Do not worry, I plan on handing out a lot of criticism to the peanut gallery. Sounds like a whole bunch of you whiffed entirely, and especially you because you were afraid to even post one mock.

        2. I did not know what I was talking about?

          Just refer to my 10 suggestions to Lynch. I do admit I got one wrong, but 9 out of 10 aint bad.

          1. Kindergarten b.s. that every 7th grader knows. Impressive.
            What about 4 months of bashing those guys? Misconceptions and wild conspiracy theories. Now you’re giving us your Sean Spicer spin, and by next week you’ll be claiming that you were right all along. Yeah, you were and will continue to be consistently wrong, and remain a piñata.

            1. BT, this team is 2-14. If they were 14-2, I would not be so harsh, but even you have to admit that the interview process was not going well.

              Guess you want this to become a rainbows and unicorns site. Grant has been pretty harsh, too, but you, being such a toady, have not said a peep about his harsh grades, while I have been giving the draft a solid A, and now you are ripping me for not being positive all along.

            2. Ranks right up there with his football suggestions like looking one way and throwing the other. He is a simple minded individual with a word of the day calendar who believes he is a genius.

    1. Not bad. He has started every game for the Vikings over the past 4 seasons. At least we are adding some depth and competition for spots.

  29. Very interesting and insightful article by King with an inside view of the niners draft room:

    Apologies if this has been posted before.

    What caught my eye was King’s puffing up of Paarag Maratha as a major player in the draft decision making process. It is very clear that Maratha is one of King’s inside sources. Lynch and Shanahan need to watch their backs when tough times come, and tough times will come during this rebuilding period.

    1. Absolutely, we know exactly the kind of scumbag Marathe is really. All this positive talking up of Paraag by Lynch, Jed, King and everyone else is all a smoke screen. With a weird name that, I’ll bet he has cast an evil spell on the Niners franchise. Rasputin indeed!

      1. Maratha is very smart and undoubtedly has been helpful to the new administration. But you can’t be at the top of multiple dysfunctional front offices for 17 years and not bear some responsibility. I hope Lynch and Shanahan use him wisely and continue to watch their backs. He will be talking to King and other national reporters.

        1. As you point out Leo, the truth almost always lies somewhere in the middle. If nothing else, Paraag will be a very busy man with the large number of contracts that will be needed for this new crew.

        2. Leo,
          That’s a useful way to have a fallback scapegoat. Marathe’s “helping” other “wise” people do good things when things are apparently going well. And when things are not going so well, he is the automatic scapegoat — completely based on B_S hearsay like Kawakami innuendos.
          OTOH, Marathe could be an evil wizard casting a spell of competence on his bosses and then pulling the rug out at vital moments to make sure Niners languish in the dungeon. He’s probably in Schneider’s payroll!
          I’ll just trust your judgement and take the second of these two choices.

          1. Whatever the case, it appears Marathe is valued by Lynch and played a large role in what transpired over the course of the draft and preparation leading up to it. He had a pretty good grasp of how things would unfold too. He speculated the Bears wanted Trubisky and suggested Foster might slide.

          2. Mood – is there any chance that you over reacted to Leo’s post? Maybe I am wrong, but my suggestion that the answer was somewhere in the middle is more consistent with the first of your choices and thought that Leo might just be providing some food for thought.

            1. Maybe I did over-react. I reckon that my expectation is that we should make opinions based on all available data, especially negative opinions. The fact that some fans firmly believe that Marathe is responsible for actions well outside his pay scale or his job description (ranging from in-game strategy and personnel decisions to leaking F.O. info) based on zero evidence is troubling. What is the proof that leads one to believe Marathe is responsible for Jed’s and Baalke’s failings or causing rift within the organization? Every source points to the fact that Marathe has been involved in only two HC search processes: Nolan and Shanahan. In each case the coach essentially chose the GM. Jed promoted Baalke to the GM position higher or at the same level as Marathe, not the latter. The logic here seems to be: just because we don’t know that Marathe was responsible for poor decisions does not mean that he did not make poor decisions. Somewhat Rumsfeldian thinking in an age of “alternative facts”.

    2. “Earlier, the Niners said their doctors passed Foster and thought his shoulder was okay.”

      I’ve said for months that we should let the professionals do their jobs. All of the armchair doctors made their prognosis without seeing the shoulder in question.

    3. Exactly how is it clear that Marathe is one of Peter King’s “inside sources”

      King: “The one thing I learned through this (draft) process, through my 11th time INSIDE a team’s draft room: There isn’t one way to do this.”

      According to multiple sources, including J. Lynch and K. Shanahan, P. Marathe played a very central role in the new regimes first draft. In fact, Paraag is more than a numbers guy. He understands the draft process just as well as the contract process. He’s an extremely smart guy and fast on his feet. He’s savvy when it comes to saying the right things on the phone, and comes across as knowledgeable and genuine when dealing with NFL executives. Lynch and Shanahan have forged a very strong relationship, and genuine confidence in Paraag Marathe in a very short amount of time, which ought to tell you something.

      The fact that, when it came to the hiring of John Lynch, the 49ers FO was tighter than Fort Knox when it came to leaks, and the lead up to the draft was every bit as secure with it’s pre-draft messaging and selective leaking, which was calculated and on point, it leads one to believe that Trent Baalke has been the ring leader when it comes to leaks all along, and that Paraag has been a victim of Trent Baalke’s scapegoating.

      IMO, Paraag Marathe deserves praise, not the kind of negativity and condemnation he’s been getting over the last few years. Marathe is an asset to this organization and I’m glad he’s still an integral part of the front office!

      In fact, there’s buzz around NFL circles that Paraag Marathe just might now have moved himself into future GM consideration around the league. No joke!

      Now it’s time for him to get back to work doing something else he’s very, very good at …… signing players. The 49ers have made an enormous push to sign most of the top UFDA’s before the dust from the draft had even settled, once again showing a commitment to spend money, and I expect Paraag to work some more magic when it comes to finishing all of these new contracts, just as soon as Jimmie Ward signs his 5th year option!

  30. From Matt Maiocco’s post:

    “Pro Football Hall of Famer Bill Parcells sent 49ers CEO Jed York a text and asked him to pass along some words of advice for the first-time general manager.
    “He talked about making sure if you’re going to draft someone that everybody from personnel to coaching staff has a clear vision for what this player’s going to be for us,” Lynch said of the text from Parcells. “And we’ve tried to, with each player, challenge coaches to say, ‘How are you going to play this guy?’
    “And if there’s any (vagueness) or it’s not crystal clear how they anticipate playing him, then we’ve either challenged them, ‘You better get there or I can’t feel comfortable taking him,’ and move on.” ”

    Methinks Parcells is working hard to remove the impression that Baalke learned the art of avoiding communication (with coaches and other colleagues in F.O.) from him. After all, Baalke is one of the (dead?) branches from the Parcells tree.

  31. Seb ..

    have you ever had that one relative ..
    who comes for Thanksgiving … and then ..
    stays for Easter ??

    1. Also talks a lot about the Niners desire for CJ Breathard and Joe Williams.

    2. I read that this morning. An excellent breakdown of what was going on in the war room and some insight into their thinking regarding players.

  32. Grant

    What do you think about the lack of a tackle to eventaully replace Joe Staley?

    Feels like he could retire any year now….

    Would have been nice to see us take someone late to potentially groom

    1. McNiner
      Not Grant, but fwiw
      They’re trying the FA acquisition from Seattle, and this wasn’t a great vintage for OT talent in the draft.

      1. Oh yeah I read about that. Lineman in general did not get a lot of attention in this draft.

        But our right tackle was a 7th rounder and played very well for a rookie last year.

        So I think sometimes its worth gambling on a premium position like that. Rather than getting a flimsy CB in the 7th round I would rather see a 300 lb OT.

  33. Seb… What ratings does your landscaping outfit receive….5 stars, 3.5, 1?

  34. Prime – Razor bet- I think you guys need to cite the details of the bet for the forum to take a position…… ie, was there a stipulation of dropping down a slot or was it “49ers w 2nd pick” . My $.02

    I think the one “weakness” we have now is at Corner ……. I like Johnson, just not sure he should start. Perhaps they will put Ward out there opposite Robinson w Redmond in the slot and Reid and Tartt in the rear…..

    – could also use competition at the big receiver spot.

    1. Colin Cowherd mentioned on his show this morning that he thinks Joe Williams is the steal of the draft.

      1. Joe Williams’s rushing yards in successive games after sitting out a month.

        179, 332, 172, 181, 149, 97 and 222 yards in his last seven games?

  35. Someone ought to develop and launch a personal wagering website (with an app) to capture all the details of personal wagers. That way, everything would be transparent and readily available. Winners and losers would be known. Probably done already. Where legal, paypal could be used to transfer $$.

  36. When do the 9ers bring the draft class and UDFAs (and others) in for workouts?

      1. Yep, brick by brick, by intelligent design, on purpose and with their plan in mind. Other than Staley and possibly their high draftee last year, there is no roster spot secure on that O line. Every position will be earned.

  37. That’s rich, Seb. Don’t step in it !

    Are you such a mornon or has the alzheimers kicked you in the teeth.

    You have contantly referred to Shanahan as incompetent for firing Kap and N-O-T hiring an OC. Now, after the 49ers universally accepted ‘A’ grade in the draft by CBS, SI, and others, suddenly you/’re a Shanny butt sniffer.

    Also, you conveniently left out Prime’s and my mock which successfully predicted players the 49ers drafted because ‘the 49ers trolled Prime’s and my mock draft’.

    I’ve posted one of my players below and dated it so you can not refute the evidence’.

    However, unlike you, who can not show class by tipping your (Kap) to the superior teams (Prime’s and TomD’s) you resort to your go to strategy of omission, addition, or lieing—in this case omission, saying that Prime or myself never posted a mock.

    Well, loser-Sebnnoying, here’s my dated mock for 49er 1st Rd pick, Solomon Thomas via help from Grant’s 49er last second camp analysis:


    April 26, 2017 at 4:17 pm


    Thx for the info.

    Did not know that Aaron Lynch weighed close to 300 Lbs.

    I based my first pick on the 49ers plethora of pass rushers.

    I reserve the right to change this pick based your recent info.

    Now my first pick is back to DL help: Solomon Thomas


    I would expect no less of you to demonstrate good sportsmanship by declaring Team, Prime and TomD, the victors, by a tip of the (Kap) or handshake, but, alas, I know how low you can set the bar…..You don’t fool me, Poor sport/loser–Sebbnoying

  38. *Seb,

    I forgot to document your morphing from Shanahan detractor (for not hiring an OC), to Shanny butt sniffer. Here it is, Benedict Arnold-Raider/traitor, Sebnnoying:


    April 30, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    While I tried to temper some posters enthusiasm by pointing out both JL and KS are rookies, and are not guaranteed success, I am extremely pleased. KS has assembled the best coaching staff in 3 years

  39. Beatherd is the first QB Niners have drafted in 6 years (unless you consider 7th round WR prospect like B. J. Daniels to be a NFL QB). Thanks Baalke!

  40. Report: 49ers to sign former Rams center for more depth

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    By: Chris Biderman | 16 minutes ago

    1. I have to say after reading how Beathard was the only QB Shanahan wanted, I’m intrigued to see how he develops in this system. He didn’t have a very good 2016, but had a very impressive 2015. Maybe there is some Cousins potential in this kid. Who knows?

  41. *
    It was reported earlier Monday by NFL media San Francisco was bringing in former Vikings guard Brandon Fusco. Barnes and Fusco would join Jeremy Zuttah and Garry Gilliam as reinforcements along the offensive line after San Francisco entered the offseason light on depth.

    1. At this stage I wonder if either of them will make the team. A lot can happen before the season starts.

  42. The 49ers drafted 10 players and traded for running back Kapri Bibbs over the weekend. They’re also expected to add as many as 14 undrafted free agents.

    With the addition of Barnes, last season’s starting center Daniel Kilgore’s status appears shaky. Kilgore has missed significant time in recent seasons with an ankle fracture that required multiple surgeries and a hamstring tear.

    1. Here’s what Rotoworld has to say about Barnes today:
      49ers signed C Tim Barnes, formerly of the Rams. Barnes started all 32 games for the Rams the previous two seasons but was among the first cuts under new coach Sean McVay. He’s a fringe NFL player who shouldn’t be anywhere near any team’s starting lineup.

      1. Thx, George.

        Undrafted FA’s and depth is a professional past time after the draft. That’s all the Niners are doing.

      2. Yes indeed. Rotoworld was more positive about Fusco, on the other hand. They said,

        49ers agreed to terms with OG Brandon Fusco, formerly of the Vikings. Now that the draft is over, veterans like Fusco should start finding homes. Fusco visited the Patriots ahead of the draft after being released by the Vikings. A 64-game starter in Minnesota the previous five seasons, Fusco will provide experienced depth and should compete for a starting job in the Bay.

    1. To me this pick makes a lot of sense if you need to develop a QB for a WC offense, which the Niners did. Of the two pro-style QBs, he was the more adversely affected by factors outside his control. Also, there appeared to be an inhouse concensus of Beathard over Peterman.

      Common sense, relying primarily on tape, and trusting your own judgments seem to have characterized our draft.

  43. Can’t agree more Tommy. I too was left out of the hat tipping by Seb. I put forth 6 mocks. My first mock had them trading their first pick #2 for Kirk Cousins and their number 18 first round pick. My last 5 mocks, and they are there for anyone to look up, I had them picking Solomon Thomas with the #2. All my mocks had no trade back for the simple reason that I spent about an hour between all 6 mocks picking players. I have a life. An hour was too much to be honest. Spending hour upon hour dissecting every iota of a trade back and naming hundreds of players they could draft like Seb did was not on retirement daily list of adventures. Having said that, I still tied Seb with one pick right, and really, I think I won because I picked the number one pick right, where he only got the number 5 or 6, or whatever. Big deal. So after a cazillion mocks put forth by Seb, that’s the best he could do in his final mock, the ONLY one that counts? It’s laughable. So having failed at picking ANY significant players, his claim to fame is that he predicted a trade back! Come on man! That is so weak, it’s pathetic. Here’s the thing about Seb. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. A tad self absorbed. Your never going to convince him that he is not great. Your never going to convince him that he wasn’t very astute at his prognostications. Your never going to convince him that he’s wrong about anything, really. But he has to be saying to himself, damn, after all that studying, analyzing, prognosticating, debating, scolding, and bragging all I got right was DJ Jones? Oh that’s right, he predicted they would trade back. Wow, that is prolific. I’ll toast that one for you Seb, you nailed it! Only I nailed it a tad better! Such is life. You can’t win them all. I’ll be thinking about you guys the next few weeks while I’m sitting on the beach in Cancun, sipping on a fancy drink with an umbrella in it, or playing golf at PokTaPok. I’m sure Seb will keep you guys in line! ;-} Later!

    1. JuanHunglo + 1000

      Enjoy the tropical breeze, beach, babes and Mai Tai’s.

      Hope to hear your witty posts as we progress toward summer camp !

    2. Juanhunglo,

      I posted that the 49ers had a 75% chance of trading back over a month ago do to Baalke taking everything and the doorknobs on his way out the door.

      Everyone on this site knew the 49ers needed players so a trade back had the highest probability–almost like predicting the sun will rise. So Seb gets no credit for predicting this.

      I do not give Seb any credit for that

      1. Many posters remarked that the 49ers would trade back at least once and probably twice if they could, it required no crystal ball to make that intelligent call. To loudly pat oneself on the back for it smacks of narcissistic desperation. Please, let”s move on from this trivial pursuit.

    3. Juan, I will acknowledge that you did do mocks, and that most had the Niners trading for Cousins.

      I also do not consider myself great, just a die hard faithful fan, talking sports about a team I passionately want to return to relevance.

      Yes, I do tend to use my free time here, but I have really enjoyed all the Free Agency and the whole draft process. Now that it is over, I plan to post less and no more mocks.

      Buen Viaje

    1. Yeah, contrary to Grant’s comment about them picking him for PR, he’s a lot more than that. Who will replace Kerley if he incurs an injury? Taylor’s our Kerley 2.

  44. Does anybody know if Thomas is hung up from practicing by Stanford’s late graduation?

    1. BT,

      Not sure.

      He’ll have his playbook in hand via another teammate or fan not connected with the team if this is the case….Thank your lucky stars he’s not the QB, so the study material will be easy.

      By the way, saw video of John Lynch and Solomon Thomas taking a decision making (business course) at Stanford University via NFL Network, so study shouldn’t be a problem.

      Yahoo 49er Grade…..A-

        1. I’ve got a hunch King Solomon is wiser than Garnett, and will learn quicker.

          1. Looks like #80 found the thread and it was agreed.
            I’ll accept your apology after you write a formal one.
            Thank you Sebrazor!

            Prime Time February 11, 2017 at 12:28 pm
            Ha! Do we have a deal at $200?
            Niners take Trubisky at #2 unless he is taken at #1 or if the Niners trade out of #2?

            Razoreater February 11, 2017 at 12:32 pm
            You draw up the paper work and email me at with it. I’ll take your bet, but I’d prefer it was for a grand. $200 hardly seems worth the effort, but….

            1. Yep, you lost. Didn’t have the balls to go a grand, and then threw in that last little out for yourself. Hope you learned your lesson. Only a moron drafts a 13 game starter with the 2nd overall pick. The only one dumber than you is Pace, because he actually paid to be that stupid.

              1. He couldn’t pay up if he wanted to. I think it’s fairly obvious the boy hasn’t left his mom’s basement yet.
                I doubt he even has 200 cad to his name.

              2. Should we draw up the paper work? Hahahah!
                You agreed and I’ll accept that welsher apology.
                Thanks again to #80 for the post find.
                The Canadian outwits the RazorSebnnoying once again!

              3. The canuck thought Shanny wanted Trubiscuit, and the Bears saved him $200. You should send Pace half of your money, and use the other half for therapy. Don’t expect them to help you with your stupidity though.

              4. Be a man Sebrazor, make your parents proud. Apologize for calling me a welsher? Man up?
                Let’s end this now? What do you say?

              5. I will apologize for calling you a welsher, but not for your stupidity.

    1. First Day of Offseason Workouts: April 10

      Phase 1: April 10-13, April 18-21

      Phase 2: May 1-4, May 8-11, May 16-18

      OTAs: May 22-23, May 25, May 30-31, June 2, June 5-6, June 8-9


      Voluntary Minicamp:

      April 25-27

      Rookie Minicamp: May 5-7

      Mandatory Minicamp: June 13-15

  45. Solomon Thomas, Academic All American Profile:

    13 games–earning the Morris Trophy (Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year), All-Pac 12 1st-Team, Pac 12 All-Academic Second Team, and AP All-American Third Team honors among other accolades.

    Via NCAA Academic All Americans

  46. About the bet. If anyone remembers the name of the thread or the date it should be easy to find.

    1. The bet occurred. I read it.

      Lies, ommissions, additions, subtractions—Seb’s go to moves.

      He stated neither Prime nor myself mocked a draft, so expect a gutter fight when you debate with the wiley, Seb.

      49ers plan to ‘cut loose’ Arik Armstead as featured pass rusher

      “We’re just looking for our best pass rusher and that’s what we’d like to put at the LEO spot,” Shanahan said. “I think Armstead has a chance to be one of those. I think he also can play inside too. I think we have a few guys like that who are capable of playing a number of spots.

      1. Thought you were referring to Kap being starter again–the bet Seb welched Prime on.

        Leave it between those 2, it’s a payback bet.

  47. My last post is awaiting moderation. I will omit the e-mail address from this one.

    Prime Time February 11, 2017 at 12:28 pm
    Ha! Do we have a deal at $200?
    Niners take Trubisky at #2 unless he is taken at #1 or if the Niners trade out of #2?

    Razoreater February 11, 2017 at 12:32 pm
    You draw up the paper work and email me at ___ with it. I’ll take your bet, but I’d prefer it was for a grand. $200 hardly seems worth the effort, but….

    1. Sorry, meant to post here, my previous comment. I stand corrected. Guess Prime has a proper out.

        1. No, you bet that the Niners would draft Trubisky. Then you included that out clause. The Niners did not draft Trubisky.

          You were wrong, but the bet had the trade back- out clause.

          I knew you included that but thought you mentioned it after you accepted the bet. My bad, forgot something that happened over 2 and a half months ago by 4 minutes.

          1. He was yellow about the bet from the beginning. $1000 was too rich for him. Wasn’t confident enough to make a $200 wager without throwing in a last minute clause. Oh, Trubiscuit is just the quarterback Shanny will be interested in and 10 years franchise leader. Ha! Give me break!

      1. Notice how he threw that in at the last minute. He ever calls you dumb again, all you need do is remind him that you weren’t dumb enough to bet on Trubiscuit;>)

        1. Nope, you lost Prime. 49ers took the Bears lunch money and let them foolishly select Trubiscuit. Then they took their real target, King Solomon.

          1. Dumbass thought Shanny was going for Trubiscuit. Nope, KING SOLOMON!

        1. Prime, I was wrong, but you are still yourself.

          I knew you wrote that caveat, but was wrong by 4 minutes. When wrong, I will admit it and have done it many times before.

          Your problem is trying to get me to admit you might have some redeeming quality.

          1. Cook, Trubiscuit. That’s 0-2 for delusionary Prime Time from Canada

            Armstead/Buckner/Thomas. That’s 3 for 3 for the old pot head from Indiana.

            Ha, ha hardy har har!

    2. #80 bless your heart. If ever in Western Canada, let me know, I got your back!

      1. Ha! Bless your heart? Too bad he did your dirty work for you. You really should be a Bears fan now, Prime. They’re the dummies that saved your dumb ass.

        1. Oh man losing looks awful on you.
          Razor us Canadians are smart. You got outwitted. Deal with it!

          1. Take your $200 and get yourself cleaned up, Prime. Delusion is a mental illness. Can’t fix your stupid though….

            1. I’ll accept that apology now?
              You lost.

              Prime Time February 11, 2017 at 12:28 pm
              Ha! Do we have a deal at $200?
              Niners take Trubisky at #2 unless he is taken at #1 or if the Niners trade out of #2?

              Razoreater February 11, 2017 at 12:32 pm
              You draw up the paper work and email me at with it. I’ll take your bet, but I’d prefer it was for a grand. $200 hardly seems worth the effort, but….

              1. From my perspective as an outside observer, the bet as laid out above was neither won nor lost. The bet, as indicated in the quoted posts above, was whether the 49ers would take Trubisky at #2. However, the trade served as an intervening factor that nullified the possibility of the bet being won (as Prime recognized in the expressed condition). Perhaps that was not the original intended terms, but Razor’s expressly agreed to those terms in his response at 12:32 on 2/11, to wit, “I’ll take your bet… .”

              2. Yep. He gave himself an out, but it sure was fun watching him squirm. Not to mention the light shed on the lack of confidence in his conviction, plus the redemption knowing Thomas was Shanny’s target all along and not Trubiscuit.

      2. You’re welcome Prime. I’ll look you up if I’m ever in Canada. But for the record, I wasn’t taking sides. I really didn’t remember what was said way back then. I figured both sides would want closure.

  48. TomD’s First Analysis of Iowa’s, CJ Betharde

    Long weekend. Finally sittling down to analyze the QB position and what caused the Betharde uproar by media for the trade up.

    1. Media do not like trade ups for QB’s they do not understand–ie, easy one’s to analyze such as a top 32 (1st rounder).

    CJ Bethard looks like Joe Montana—even wears # 16.

    Smooth in his drop backs and release, extremely accurate, executes his reads, and has a deadly long ball.

    WCO’s rely on the short-quick release pattern. A steady diet of these irritates opposing DC’s who eventually stack the box. At this point, a reliable deep thrower is paramount–CJ Bethard. His deep throws on the video are Montanaesque, especially the last one–a 60 yard throw and catch.

    Bethard will be a starter for the 49ers after sitting a year behind Hoyer or Barkley.

    Since this is the 1st time viewing Bethard highlights, as an NFL insider, I’ll have to give the media a grade: Grade F for calling Bethard a backup. He will be an NFL ProBowler,

    My final 49er draft Grade after viewing Bethard and Joe Williams: A+


    1. Great Points Tom D, Did you read the article poste by East Coast 49er and then others have also provided the Link from the USA today written by Peter King? Very Informative and loved how Shanny describes bethard as one tough sob, some of us are putting the proverbial Cart before the Horse but nice to have hope and is going to be a fun ride to see what shakes out!

  49. Way too early mock.

    The Niners use one of their extra picks to trade up and select WR Christian Kirk, WR Calvin Ridley, or WR James Washington.

  50. The 49ers didn’t use any of their 10 draft picks to address a primary area of weakness, the offensive line.

    But former Michigan right tackle Erik Magnuson, picked up as an undrafted free agent, might wind up being one of the better steals from San Francisco’s UDFA crop.

    Magnuson, a three-year starter for the Wolverines, was a staple in Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh’s offensive line. The 6-foot-6, 305-pound Magnuson also has the flexibility to bump inside to guard, giving San Francisco added options along the O-line.

    1. Thanks for the link, Tom. These guys believe that Magnuson will be starting for us at RT. Anything’s possible, but I wouldn’t stick my neck out. Let’s just hope he’s good enough to make the team.

      1. Very good question. Sometimes good players fall through the cracks. Let’s hope this is one of them.

        1. Lack of prototypical length/size and strength for the position. His best shot at a roster is on this team where they’ll ask him to operate in space….

  51. I think my interest is growing to see how this offensive line shakes out. Staley penciled in at LT, but after that it’s open warfare. Can’t wait to see if there are any surprises in the last men standing….

    1. I forgot to congratulate you on standing so firm on Thomas and actually putting up $200 in cash. Takes cahones or a loose screw.

      Anyway, you’re right again, the way the oline shakes out will be fascinating. I like your phrase “open warfare.”

      1. Thank you, George. I believed in my conviction that Thomas was their target all along, before he started showing up on 90% of the mocks. Wasn’t easy amid all the naysayers in here, but I was confident. I initially tried to get him for a grand, but that was too rich for the Canuck….

          1. I can’t wait until week 12, George. I smell Trubiscuit blood at Soldier Field;>)

  52. Excerpt from

    9) The Bears … well, there are no words
    In every possible way, the Chicago Bears failed the 2017 NFL draft.

    When the team traded up one spot to draft Mitch Trubisky second overall, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather.


    I like Trubisky, but he started just 13 games in college and wasn’t the consensus best quarterback in the draft — not by a long shot. Many executives and analysts whose opinions I value have Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson ahead of him.

    Chicago had a golden opportunity to nab a defensive stud third overall, with safety Jamal Adams (who went sixth to the Jets) being a dreamy option as a player and leader. Instead, GM Ryan Pace was fleeced by Lynch, who extracted valued picks (67th and 111th overall in 2017 and a 2018 third-rounder) from the Bears in exchange for the chance to draft a QB I firmly believe would have been there at No. 3.

    Like the Niners and Jets, the Bears should not have been in the quarterback business this year, at least not with a top-10 pick. San Francisco and New York opted to smartly wait and not overreact, trying to fill holes on the rest of their roster and aim for the bumper crop of QBs projected to be available in 2018. Picking a QB in Round 2 or 3 would’ve made some sense for Chicago, but giving up the farm for a project at No. 2 overall? Come on.

    I like veteran QB Mike Glennon — to whom the Bears handed a good chunk of change in March — more than most. And now Glennon has no chance to be successful in Chicago, with Trubisky plucked at No. 2. If Trubisky was really going to be their guy in Round 1, why didn’t they bring back Brian Hoyer and spend the real money to retain receiver Alshon Jeffery, add another veteran receiver or address the defense?

    The Bears don’t seem to understand the player-acquisition process. Chicago had a desperate need for talent, and after an offseason in which there appeared to be no correlation in draft and free-agency strategy, the cupboard remains barren. This is arguably the least-talented team in the NFL, possessing what is without question one of the three worst rosters in the league.

    It’s easy to see the Bears on the clock to kick off the 2018 NFL Draft with the first overall pick — without the freedom to pick a quarterback prospect and, potentially, with a new coach at the helm.

    1. The Bears not bringing back Hoyer (and Barkley) was something else they did inadvertently to help us.

  53. So 15 UDFAs and now 2 vet FAs added to the OL. To go with all the FAs already added plus 10 draft picks and a RB acquired through trade. This is going to be a very different looking roster.

  54. How many players do the Niners have under contract at this point in time? They have signed so many players it feels like 150, but I assume its more like 80 or so.
    How much under the salary cap are they and what will the rookies cost?

    Grading a draft right after it occurs is difficult and inaccurate, but Lynch and Company really seemed to nail this one. Their moves were smart, logical, realistic and with a vision to the future. It may not work out as, lets face it most sports drafts have a fair amount of luck tied to them. If the future was clear Montana, Rice, Brady, Farve, LT, Unitas and a whole lot of others would have been taken #1. I hope it is the Niners turn to be lucky.
    I have not felt this good as a Niner fan since the Harbaugh years.

    1. I counted 86, but it may not include the UDFAs.

      Last saw they were 68 mil under.

      1. Seb I’ll need that apology on my desk by morning. Thanks.
        Losing blows don’t it?

        Prime Time February 11, 2017 at 12:28 pm
        Ha! Do we have a deal at $200?
        Niners take Trubisky at #2 unless he is taken at #1 or if the Niners trade out of #2?

        Razoreater February 11, 2017 at 12:32 pm
        You draw up the paper work and email me at with it. I’ll take your bet, but I’d prefer it was for a grand. $200 hardly seems worth the effort, but….

        1. Yes Prime. We all know you didn’t have the balls to bet a grand, or the confidence in your stupidity. That’s why you threw in that last little out. Trubiscuit was shunned by Shanny, and the Bears saved your little canuck bottom.

          1. Then why did you agree? You got outsmarted. It stings. Deal with it.
            Apology and I’ll let it go?

            1. The only thing that stings is the Trubiscuit tattoo you got before the draft. Ha! #SonOfAMitch

      2. I actually believe it is over 90 now. At least that is what Maiocco was saying yesterday. So some people will need to be released imminently.

  55. 7 RBs
    12 WRs
    7 TEs

    Probably 13 will not make the 53. Niner have good competition.

  56. PFF’s draft review. No grade. Just commentary.

    Day 1: The 49ers maneuvered around the first round and came away with two cornerstone pieces for their defense in Thomas and Foster. Thomas was the best run defender in college football last year despite playing on the interior at around 270 pounds. He’s grown as a pass-rusher, picking up 10 sacks, 12 QB hits and 22 hurries on 417 rushes last season. He will likely play on the edge on early downs before rushing the passer from the interior in subpackages. Foster is a potential top-five player in the draft who fell due to off-field concerns, but he brings three-down ability at linebacker. He was the nation’s top-graded linebacker at 93.9 overall, including the top grade against the run at 93.4 and an 86.5 coverage grade.

    Day 2: Witherspoon brings great size and length at cornerback, coming in at over 6-foot-2 while boasting one of the better workouts at the NFL Combine. Witherspoon tied for the national lead with 13 pass breakups in 2016 while allowing only 31.8 percent of passes to be completed into his coverage. Beathard has a strong arm that led to above-average grades at the intermediate and deep level, though he forced too many passes into coverage last season.

    Day 3: Williams has game-breaking speed and he’s a threat to take it to the house if given a clean path to the second level. 48.2 percent of his yards came on breakaway (15-plus yard) runs, 12th-highest in the draft class. Kittle is one of the best all-around tight ends in the draft as his 79.6 run-blocking grade ranked fourth in the class in 2016 and he has the shiftiness as a route-runner to get open at the short and intermediate level. Taylor has a great feel as a slot receiver, and his 3.27 yards per route ranked 12th in the draft class. He led the way with 131 receptions and 1,734 yards from the slot while averaging 7.7 yards after the catch per reception last season. Jones is stout at the point of attack in the run game, grading at 84.1 in 2015 and 80.4 in 2016. Taumoepenu is a pass-rush specialist who has picked up 23 sacks, 17 QB hits, and 56 hurries on only 645 rushes over the last three years.

  57. Seb and Razor:
    Thanks for the responses.
    We should start a pool; how many 2016 Niner players will be on the team in 2018?

  58. I wanted to get an idea of how many spots are truly up for grabs so I went through the roster and came up with a list of players I think are probably locks to make it:

    QB – Hoyer, Barkely, Beathard (3)
    RB – Hyde, Williams, Juszczyk (3)
    TE – McDonald, Kittle (2)
    WR – Garcon, Goodwin, Kerley (3)
    OL – Staley, Zuttah, Gilliam, Brown, Garnett, Beadles (6)
    DL – Armstead, Buckner, Thomas, Mitchell, Blair, Jones (6)
    LB – Bowman, Foster, Lynch, Smith, Brooks, Armstrong (6)
    CB – Robinson, Witherspoon, Redmond, Johnson (4)
    S – Reid, Ward, Tartt (3)
    LS – Nelson (1)
    K – Gould (1)
    P – Pinion (1)

    So 39 players in all that I think are assured of making the final 53. Of these 39, 17 are new to the team and 1 (Redmond) didn’t play last year. TC is going to be something to behold this year with all the jobs up for grabs.

    1. I think you are overstating how many locks there are. I don’t think any of the following players are locks:
      – TE: McDonald (they were trying to trade him after all)
      – OL: Brown (he is highly probable, but not a lock), Gilliam (though his guaranteed salary makes him highly likely as well)
      – DL: Blair and Jones. Low cost guys with a good chance at the roster, but not locks. Same goes with Dial who you omitted.
      – LB: Lynch and Armstrong. Lynch should be a lock based on talent, but this front office and coaching staff are unlikely to tolerate a loafer. And Armstrong will once again have to prove himself.
      – CB: Redmond will need to prove himself. I would say Williams is more likely to stick than Redmond.

      1. I did this based on who is owed guaranteed money, the options at the position and how much depth there appears to be.

        McDonald will be a Niner unless he’s traded. To me that’s a lock.

        Brown and Gilliam are locks due to the numbers at the position and the guaranteed money as you pointed out.

        The Dline will likely have at least 7 due to the change to the 4-3, and Blair and Jones fit depth spots in the rotation. Dial may make it as well, but I’d guess Jones has the inside track at the 1T, and Blair can play multiple spots which makes him a valuable backup and rotation player.

        Lynch is a lock. I hear what you’re saying, but there is not enough pass rushers on this team for them to cut him. Armstrong with his extension and versatility is pretty much a lock imo. especially since they don’t have a lot of depth here with Brooks and Lynch not being able to play anything but SLB and no other options that are as good as Armstrong as a backup/ST’s player.

        I’ll concede the last one as not being a lock. My thought was that Redmond will be given a good chance to win the SCB role and is a better talent than Williams along with being less expensive, but they could turn out differently.

        The point of the exercise was to get an idea of how many spots would be up for grabs, and there will be quite a few.

        1. “McDonald will be a Niner unless he’s traded. To me that’s a lock.”

          Normally, I would agree with this because VMac’s salary cap hit would be $7.7 million if they cut him this year ($3.5 million more than his 2017 salary). But given the massive amount of salary cap space the 49ers still have, they could absorb the extra amount easily if they felt the team was better off without him.

          1. True, but VMac is likely their best combination of blocker/receiver, and while he was talked about in trade, nothing happened, so I think he’s going to be on the roster. I can’t see them cutting him personally.

        2. I’m a numpty – I thought you meant Chris Jones, not DJ Jones. Though I don’t think DJ is a lock either.

          I think we are basically disagreeing on definition. To me a lock is pretty much 100% guaranteed to make the roster. I think you are including guys that are highly likely to make the roster as locks.

          1. I think Jones makes it. He showed a great motor last year and if he can play special teams, he’s a lock.

            1. Chris Jones may make it, but like many positions it is pretty congested. No way is he a lock. Nor DJ. For mine the only locks are Armstead, Buckner, Thomas and Mitchell. Basically, the starters. After that it should be a great battle between Dial, Blair, DJ and Chris Jones, Purcell, etc.

          2. Yeah I agree Scooter. We are probably splitting hairs here.

            Who do you think winds up as the backup 1T if it’s not Jones?

            1. If its not DJ Jones, I think it will be Dial. Chris Jones is also a possibility. I just hope its not Purcell!

        3. Pretty amazing that almost a 3rd of the roster could be decided during TC. The preseason games will be big for these guys.

          1. That’s probably going to be a result of 5 wins if that.
            High turnover, young roster, new scheme. Kind of the complete opposite of when Harbaugh took over.
            It’s going to be a painful 2 years.
            Hopefully these guys can develop this talent, if indeed it is quality NFL talent.

            1. Prime, I don’t think it will be painful. What was painful was the 2014-2016 49ers. That was painful. I think it will be fun watching this team grow. Especially with an offense that should be better than the last 2 years combined. Rather 5 wins or 10, it should be real fun.

              1. Yes losing 13 in a row was bad as was the QB play and the play calling the past couple years.
                I can’t help but think we still don’t have a QB. We have a great play caller but we still are going into battle with Hoyer. That’s painful!

          2. It will be D.J., he’s got something the others don’t quite have . . .I’m not sure whether it was Brent Jones or Cowboy who said we should expect an 80 to 90% percent roster turnover in short order. It’s already starting to play out before our eyes.

            1. Both said stated that. Looking forward to Grant’s camp reports. I bet he’s excited more this year than ever before….

        4. Regarding Lynch, I disagree. Lets put it this way, if John Lynch and Shanahan were in charge in 2014, Aaron Lynch wouldn’t be a 49er. I don’t think this will be a case of anybody being “too good not to cut” if they don’t show the desired attitude. As Shanahan himself said when discussing trading away pick 67 (which would have been used on Basham and definitely would have put Lynch on the hot seat), this is a long term project not a short term fix. I think they are would be more than willing to cut Lynch and go with other guys if they don’t think his attitude fits. As it is he already found himself behind Tank for minicamp.

    2. I see several caveats with that list.

      -Beathard: I think there is a good chance he ends up being placed on the practice squad.

      -Hyde: Lynch and Shanahan gave Hyde tepid support and have traded for, signed, and drafted several RBs since then.

      -McDonald: As Scooter pointed out, Lynch and Shanahan tried to trade him. There was also a report shortly before news of McDonald being on the trade block that Paulsen was the starter at the first workout.

      :WR Robinson: Shanahan knows how to utilize his strengths.

      Brown: The jury is still out on whether he is a fit for Shanahan’s system.

      Dial: His versatility will probably help him find a spot on the roster.

      1. I disagree Mid. No way Beathard gets put on waivers after they traded up in the 3rd to get him. He will be on the 53 man roster.

        Hyde is still the best RB on the team, at least until Williams gets a shot in TC. They aren’t going to dump Hyde so they can keep a lesser player.

        McDonald, see my response to JPN above.

        Robinson is a fringe player at best imo. Low money, short term, average player. Not a lock, especially if one of the young players added shows anything in TC.

        Brown is a lock because they don’t have many options. If you say he’s not a lock you have to look at what they have to replace them and they don’t have much if anything.

        Dial has a chance, but he’s no lock imo for the original reasons stated.

    3. Beathard was hand picked. He will get a fair shot at becoming the starter. His competition is Hoyer and Barkley, not hard to beat.

    4. rocket,
      If Trader John (believe Razor new moniker for Lynch) still wants to deal here are some players that could garner interest from other teams.
      1. Barkely
      2. McDonald
      3. Reid
      4. Hyde
      5. Kerley
      6. Brooks
      7. Lynch
      Hyde, McDonald and Kerley may bring a good harvest the others could possibly garner 5-7 rd. future picks.
      Sadly, the only player I would qualms with trading is Barkely.

      1. AES

        Remember, these players who are being cut or traded are going to be playing against us from some other teams roster next season…

    1. Lynch would likely need to pull a Mike Ditka type move when he gave up his entire draft picks to get Ricky Williams.
      Certainly hope that is not the case unless we can shore up on a few 4th, 5th, and 6-7 rd. picks that can be use for collateral.

      1. No prob. My favorite part was when York said they planned on working together for decades. Jed has been loyal to people he likes, so it could happen.

  59. Rotoworld Football‏Verified account @Rotoworld_FB 7m7 minutes ago
    More buzz Reuben Foster needs more surgery

  60. Don’t know if anyone posted this, but did you guys read the mmqb article on the day 1 of the 49ers draft. It was incredible. Inside the minds of GM’s. It’s way different than anyone here can really imagine. And for all the fan and media mock drafts, it really goes to show that GM’s are out for themselves. They build things to them. But these 2 guys are out for each other. For everyone that hated the cj pick, he was the only QB that Kyle wanted. Rather Tom Dick or Harry didn’t like it, it was his guy. Getting Foster at 31 was a hell of a steal. Even if that man needs another Shoulder Surgery. It’s not career ending. Great 3 days for this organization in my opinion. Rather these players are studs or not, going inside this draft room showed me that Kyle and John are here to build a winner together.

    1. Lets just hope Jed lets them build and he shows up to write the checks only, and for the love of God, Jed shut up about championships! Better yet, just shut up….

    2. Steel I hope they can. They forgot to address the most important position since arriving.
      That’s concerning to me.

    1. I really don’t think beyond health concerns anyone is worried about what he’s going to do on the field. It’s what he’s going to do off of it that worries some of us.

      1. I think he’ll be fine if he ditches his entourage and lives in Cali full time. Most of the stuff he has done isn’t that bad although I don’t want him to get suspended for drugs.

        I don’t know what to make of the lastest shoulder story. I assume it was referring to the medical recheck. There were rumors that teams were floating injury rumors about John Ross hoping he would fall to them.

        We were going to take Foster at #3 if the Bears took Thomas. I don’t think Lynch would have took such a big gamble if our medical staff wasn’t OK with Foster’s recovery.

        1. 80,
          Yup, its hard know if he entourage consists of real friends or pilot-fish hoping for leftovers.

  61. No matter how good things feel I always get a little nervous when I see John York in the draft room or locker room. Jed ,however flawed, at least would love to be Eddie. John doesn’t and deeds to be more distant. I wish he’d just go back to Youngstown and work on someone’s foot or something.

    1. Brett Treadway is the one I’m most interested in. If they can put some weight/muscle on this kid, he could be our C of the future.

  62. ROSTER by position
    67 Kilgore,
    Daniel C 6-3 308 29 7
    30 Iworah,
    Prince Charles CB 5-11 193 24 1
    36 Johnson,
    Dontae CB 6-2 200 25 4
    27 Reaser,
    Keith CB 6-0 190 25 3
    23 Redmond,
    Will CB 6-0 186 23 2
    33 Robinson,
    Rashard CB 6-1 177 21 2
    38 Shepherd,
    JaCorey CB 5-11 199 24 3
    24 Williams,
    K’Waun CB 5-9 183 25 3
    20 Jones,
    Don DB 5-11 195 26 5
    25 Ward,
    Jimmie DB 5-11 193 25 4
    Ahkello DB 6-3 195 22 R
    91 Armstead,
    Arik DL 6-7 292 23 3
    98 Blair,
    Ronald DL 6-4 270 24 2
    99 Buckner,
    DeForest DL 6-7 300 23 2
    95 Carradine,
    Tank DL 6-4 270 27 5
    93 Jones,
    Chris DL 6-1 293 26 4
    D.J. DL 6-0 321 22 R
    96 Moore,
    Zach DL 6-6 290 26 3
    Pita DL 6-1 245 23 R
    Solomon DL 6-3 256 21 R
    44 Juszczyk,
    Kyle FB 6-1 240 26 5
    68 Beadles,
    Zane G 6-4 305 30 8
    65 Garnett,
    Joshua G 6-5 321 23 2
    9 Gould,
    Robbie K 6-0 190 35 13
    6 Rose,
    Nick K 6-2 190 22 1
    54 Armstrong,
    Ray-Ray LB 6-3 220 26 5
    53 Bowman,
    NaVorro LB 6-0 242 28 8
    45 Bradford,
    Carl LB 6-1 248 24 3
    55 Brooks,
    Ahmad LB 6-3 259 33 12
    50 Coyle,
    Brock LB 6-1 245 26 4
    49 DiManche,
    Jayson LB 6-1 235 26 4
    Reuben LB 6-1 228 23 R
    57 Harold,
    Eli LB 6-3 265 23 3
    59 Lynch,
    Aaron LB 6-6 270 24 4
    48 McManis,
    Wynton LB 6-1 225 22 1
    56 Skov,
    Shayne LB 6-3 247 26 3
    51 Smith,
    Malcolm LB 6-0 225 27 7
    94 Watson,
    Dekoda LB 6-2 245 29 8
    92 Dial,
    Quinton NT 6-5 318 26 5
    90 Mitchell,
    Earl NT 6-3 310 29 8
    64 Purcell,
    Mike NT 6-3 303 26 4
    75 Balducci,
    Alex OL 6-4 310 23 2
    77 Brown,
    Trent OL 6-8 355 24 3
    76 Gilliam,
    Garry OL 6-5 315 26 4
    78 Price,
    Norman OL 6-4 311 22 1
    71 Theus,
    John OL 6-6 303 23 2
    58 Zuttah,
    Jeremy OL 6-4 300 30 10
    1 Miller,
    Brock P 5-11 190 26 1
    5 Pinion,
    Bradley P 6-5 229 22 3
    7 Barkley,
    Matt QB 6-2 227 26 5
    C.J. QB 6-2 215 23 R
    2 Hoyer,
    Brian QB 6-2 215 31 9
    Kapri RB 5-11 203 24 4
    22 Davis,
    Mike RB 5-9 217 24 3
    32 Harris,
    DuJuan RB 5-7 206 28 4
    26 Hightower,
    Tim RB 6-0 220 30 7
    28 Hyde,
    Carlos RB 6-0 235 25 4
    31 Mostert,
    Raheem RB 5-10 197 25 3
    Joe RB 5-11 205 23 R
    46 Ball,
    Marcus S 6-1 215 29 3
    Adrian S 6-2 205 23 R
    35 Reid,
    Eric S 6-1 213 25 5
    40 Sunseri,
    Vinnie S 6-0 210 25 4
    29 Tartt,
    Jaquiski S 6-1 221 25 3
    74 Staley,
    Joe T 6-5 315 32 11
    84 Bell,
    Blake TE 6-6 252 25 3
    88 Celek,
    Garrett TE 6-5 252 28 6
    85 Hamm,
    Je’Ron TE 6-3 236 24 3
    George TE 6-4 250 23 R
    89 McDonald,
    Vance TE 6-4 267 26 5
    82 Paulsen,
    Logan TE 6-5 268 30 8
    86 Nelson,
    Kyle TE/LS 6-2 240 30 6
    13 Burbridge,
    Aaron WR 6-1 208 23 2
    4 Carter,
    DeAndre WR 5-8 190 24 1
    10 Ellington,
    Bruce WR 5-9 197 25 4
    15 Garçon,
    Pierre WR 6-0 211 30 10
    11 Goodwin,
    Marquise WR 5-9 179 26 5
    14 Harper,
    Chris WR 5-11 185 23 2
    17 Kerley,
    Jeremy WR 5-9 188 28 7
    19 Robinson,
    Aldrick WR 5-10 187 28 5
    3 Rogers,
    Eric WR 6-3 210 26 2
    81 Ross,
    Rashad WR 6-0 180 27 4
    18 Smelter,
    DeAndre WR 6-2 227 25 1
    Trent WR 5-8 178 23 R
    © 2017 San Francisco 49ers

  63. Niners on the bubble-

    Matt Barkley, Mike Davis, Raheem Mostert, DuJuan Harris, Eric Rogers, Rashad Ross, De Andre Smelter, Bruce Ellington, De Ande Carter, Eric Burbridge, Chris Harper, Aaron Burbridge, Norman Price, Alex Balducci, Je’ron Hamm, Blake Bell, Mike Purcell, Chris Jones, Zach Moore, Dekota Watson, Carl Bradford, Wynton Mcmanis, Shane Skov, Jacorey Shepherd, Prince Charles Iworah, Marcus ball, Vinnie Sunseri, Nick Rose, Brock Miller.

    29 players.

      “Being a small guy most of my life, you have to learn to be technical because you don’t have a physical presence,” Witherspoon said with a smile. “Combining that with the physical presence that I have now, that technical savvy is something that I understood and it’s something that I have focused on in my training.”

      An NFL diet-and-conditioning program should help him put on some extra weight over the next year or so.

      1. When I speak with college students nowadays, I’m struck by how poorly most eat. It’s not that there aren’t healthy choices available (which there almost always are), it’s just that no one is really watching over them anymore and their schedules are very variable (all nighters, etc.). Then, I remember that I was no different when I was in college.

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