Meet Jim unHarbaugh

Jed York hardly took his eyes off of Jim Tomsula during his introductory press conference Thursday afternoon. York was captivated, in awe, bursting with pride.

There is something almost mystical about Tomsula. He is a father figure. He is personal. He speaks from the heart. He talks about the need for good human relationships. He talks about himself, about his 401(k). He knows Joan in payroll – she’s his financial advisor. And he knows Vilma who works at the front desk. Harbaugh may not have known who worked at the front desk.

Tomsula is a man of the people. Tomsula is the unHarbaugh.

Tomsula knows which questions not to answer but is polite about it. He hardly answered when asked about his football philosophy. Trent Baalke had to step in and talk about running the ball.

We learned about Tomsula as a man – nice man. As a coach, that’s what the season is for.

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    1. A lot we do not know and it is pure speculation to question his integrity, I have no idea how he will do as a coach. No reason to question is honor or integrity at this point!

  1. Grant:

    I listened to the press conference on It kept freezing and I missed some of the questions and answers. I think I heard your name called, but my internet froze. What did you ask and what was the response.

  2. Fellow bloggers,

    I will stop posting here and will stop being a fan of a Jed York/Trent Baalke led organization. I’m torn, but find it difficult to root for such incompetent fools. They have completed the destruction of what Harbaugh built and are on target for destroying this once great organization.

    Farewell to all and I wish everyone the best.

    1. Please reconsider Nick. You don’t have to like Baalrk or the coaching staff, but keep on rooting for the 49ers. Plus you’re family.

    2. Nick, you’re a good contributor to this blog so I hope we’ll see you again. But if not, I wish you the best too!

    3. Nick – I understand the frustration bro. May I offer a suggestion. Try taking a 1-2 week blog vacation. It’s worked for me.
      We don’t want to lose you bro. Take a break and ease back in.
      Lets see what happens in free agency and in the draft (we have extra picks).
      I didn’t like the JT hire but you can’t blame him for wanting the job. Lets wait and see if Yuppy York and Billy Bob Baalke made the right choice. If Niners don’t make playoffs next year that would be a more reasonable time to jump ship on Yuppy York and Billy Bob Baalke…IMO.
      Thanks for letting us know if you do leave us….Hope you change your mind though.

    4. Then u don’t understand what being a true fan is. I’m 50 years old and have followed MY 49ers from the bottom to the top and back again. When DeBartolo first took over, people thought he was a joke, then a genius, then a fool. You don’t hear all those Cowboys fans complaining about Jerry Jones anymore do you? My point, following a team is a lifetime investment, you don’t follow players, or coaches, or owners, or GM’s, you the colors, you follow the team. Following a team is a marathon not a sprint, something that is clearly lost on the younger generation. No one hear has any clue what will happen next year. Could be great, could suck, but let’s be clear, Harbaugh was no saint, or innocent victim here. Tough guy to love, maybe even like. Maybe that has nothing to do with keeping a coach, but he equally guilty of the disfunction.

    5. Nick,
      I wasn’t happy with the entire Harbaugh/FO/Tomsula process, but as a 49er Faithful I’m willing to see how it plays out.

      Obviously you have to do what you fell you need to do, but I hope you come back because you are part of the family here bud.

    6. “They have completed the destruction of what Harbaugh built”:

      I’m pretty sure Baalke put together almost the whole roster.

  3. Just read that all assistants are being released except Rathman. So how does this hire provide any continuity? Also, do you think keeping Rathman was just to get Gore to re-sign, so that the fans would have one less thing to bash them for?

    1. Rathman is great at what he does, but he is also part of the teams golden times when a strong minded coach made his owner want to fire him on a regular basis. He was a hold over with Harbaugh too. That also means he wasn’t a Harbaugh hire. That seems to be an issue with most all of Harbaugh’s hires. We’ve recently learned that Harbaugh wasn’t as good as we thought. In fact, Jed our leader came to the conclusion that Tomsula would have won more games that Harbaugh during the first three years of that wasted administration.

      If that’s true, why didn’t I win the lottery? Sorry, I’m babbling. Where are the reporters?

  4. I think what you meant was Jed couldn’t take his eyes off of Tomsula or hide the sheer embarrassment that this man was causing him and the organization with every mumble he muttered.
    They better get a brilliant OC.

    1. Bay – It was pretty embarrassing but I think Tomsula was just overwhelmed in his big moment.
      Dude probably didn’t sleep at all last night (too amped up).

    2. “They better get a brilliant OC.”

      What happens if you get a brilliant OC is that you either replace him in a year or two or make him your new head coach. I wonder if Tomsula would want to stay on the staff if his new and brilliant OC took his job?

    3. Bay…..Jed-Trent, Tre-Jed, Je-nt, Yorkke, et-al are going to ‘help’ in the search and hiring of a new staff…..’we aren’t re-building, we’re just re-loading’….yeah, loading the fan base with a load of bull$h!t

  5. What did Yall expect from a conference introducing the new coach? Like he was going to tell you what the plan going forward is? LoL Tomsula just needed to say Hi and Bye….”talk to me in August.” It looks like his ready to get to work and I’m excited for the start of the season.

  6. I loved when they asked him about the offensive side of the ball. His answer, “I’ve been involved in the offense”. I worked with running backs and taught them how to carry the ball”. Buahahahahahha. Oh man.

    1. You are back? It was so nice not have another dim wit to contend with. Go back and bury your head again please!

      1. Prime you’re back? That doll of yours has you in the smash and spread and you quick released….Ha!

        1. Are you Shadow Man II that appears to save Bayarea?
          You guys have a little group thing going on?

          1. It’s still hilarious this idiot calls someone else shadow man when you can find him behind my post or Bays. Funny ain’t it? Lol

              1. This from a guy who is racist and made fun of someone’s wife with cancer. You’re a peach monkey.

              2. Shadow man you keep clinging to the past. You are like CK,a one trick pony. Surprised you didn’t bring up DS, Alex,or having someone’s back or cred? That’s your bread & butter.

              3. Hey Prime, maybe they don’t allow you to have DirectTv in Canada, but the 49ers lost. Hosted a Thanksgiving Day feast on their logo at midfield for Dick Charmin and Rainbow Brite Smurf. Keep up minute man!

    1. There is no reason to think that. There is a lot of reason to think Jed was into it up to his eyebrows.

    1. Jimmy t is on knbr right now. Seems more relaxed. Sounds like the former gm of the dodgers, Ned colleti. Sounds smarter then people are giving him credit for.

    2. I just read a few of the tweets they posted and the complementary tweets were all dripping with sarcasm, the others were just critical.

  7. “Jed York hardly took his eyes off of Jim Tomsula during his introductory press conference Thursday afternoon. York was captivated, in awe, bursting with pride.”

    No, I think York was thinking “I need to get Tomsula some time with a media coach”.

  8. I missed this from the presser. From Barrows:

    “Tomsula made it cl;ear that the 49ers would have just one locker room in 2015. Players used both the one in Levi’s Stadium and the older one at their practice facility this past season, which some felt caused a divide on the team. The former locker room is being converted into coaches’ offices.

    Glad to hear that!

    1. I would really like to know the origin of that split locker room in 2014. Grant what do you know about it?

  9. “Running the ball” … nothing excites me as much as hearing those three little words about the next season. JUST ONCE I’d like to hear the new coach say “We’re gonna fling that old pigskin up and down the field all game … I dare anyone to stop us.” Just once.

    1. Ok…..”we’re gonna flip that pigskin up and down the field….getting somebody to where our QB throws the ball could be an issue though…”

    2. Kezar Mike Just remember every Bill Walsh winning team but one ran the ball more than they passed, so running the ball is kind of a 49er tradition.

  10. OK … so Tomsula is one HECK of a great guy. NOW … does he have NFL head coaching chops? There lies the question. Rarely (ever?) have I heard of an NFL HC win on his personality or even ultimately his leadership. It almost ALWAYS comes down to football smarts.(and of course personnel) It’s all on Baalke now. If the team loses and Jed is made to look bad or foolish, then it will be housecleaning time again and we’ll see a new GM.

    1. Kezar – What’s going through Billy Bob Baalke’s head when it’s 3rd & 10? “Were gonna run the ball.”

      1. Hey Crab,
        About your earlier post in the previous thread. I was laughing. But my heart was aching.

      2. You don’t get it. We would never be third and ten if Harbaugh isn’t the head coach. With enough “power” you guarantee at least five yards a carry and taunt the defense by telling them where you’re running before each and every play.

        It’s simple, cheap, and doesn’t need any of that crappy creative stuff.

        1. htwaits … with ENOUGH power I could … dare I say it? … rule the world. But back to football. NEVER be third and ten? A bold statement. I mean …NEVER?

          1. NEVER! Of course that’s in Baalke’s world where who coaches doesn’t count. The only factor that counts is the athletes found my Baalke.

  11. York and Baalke knew no matter who they selected there was going to be serous flake about the successor. I must say I have been on the bandwagon of the young Yorkie from the get go. I just don’t like any of this, like the leaks all year long. I feel Y & B deceived us from the day they parted ways with Harbaugh, they knew who they wanted and went on this masquerade to ensure that the perception of doing their their due diligence was displayed. I am and always will be a Niner fan been with them longer then most of you been alive and have seen horrible times and great times. This hiring doesn’t bother me – yet.

    1. This season is my 70th. What a great way to get it started. Given your advanced years, I won’t disagree with your post. If they wanted Tomsula, I would have taken your view if they had done it last February. Now I’m a tad irritated.

      1. … tad irritated by the year long underhanded way they went about it. What is probably clear to everyone but me is that they probably put it off to insure that they sold all their seat licenses, and used the time to undermine Jim Harbaugh’s credibility.

        Tad doesn’t cover it even if I was being sarcastic. Cheers.

      1. Joe Thomas didn’t get work in the NFL after Eddie D fired him and brought in Walsh as GM. I think Baalke is well aware of that and that is why I think that this “bold” move to JT is all Jed and Baalke is going along to get along. Smart employees don’t stick their necks out like this because they’re too often chopped off. Owners do not have to worry. If this scheme fails, look for Baalke to take a paternity test to prove that Jed is the father.

  12. There was one thing that occurred during the presser that irks me. Tomsula was talking about scheme and Baalke interrupted saying “somewhere in there he said we’re gonna run the ball.” That more than anything I’ve read so far, indicates to me that Baalke feels that he has the vision and Tomsula’s job is to fulfill that vision. It also, no doubt, indicates that Baalke feels that he is in control of this team and its direction. Minions like Tomsula and others are there simply to carry out the vision.

    To myself I can logically come up with reasons to defend what he did and at the same time be irritated with what he did.

    1. I agree. Time will tell if Tomsula will have any type of authority or if he’s just a puppet for Baalrk’s pleasure.

      1. One consolation is that Madden was the Al Davis voice on the field. The only problem is that Al Davis was a genius at the time, and Madden was very smart too.

        1. Madden was not that smart. Perhaps in an xx and 00’s way, and compared to the media people he works with. But if you really look past the pr. rep he isn’t really the sharpest tool in the shedd. Guy had the team of the decade and only went to and won one superbowl. Flore’s took the team to two in far less time with lesser talent. He was just someone the players liked who served as Al’s front man. When the chips were down in the playoffs he got too conservative because he was afraid to make a mistake because he was too expendable to Al.

          1. While I disagree, there is some support for your opinion on John Madden. There’s you and there’s Grant Cohn. I hate to put words in anyone’s mouth but Lowell may agree; I don’t know.
            Most of the rest of the world acknowledges Madden’s expert perspective and his earned Hall Of Fame Jacket.
            Remember that while on air the guys are tasked with not letting the convo lapse, so they’re always blabbing and Yes, John let a head-shaker fly now and then. That’s how you judge his intelligence? Do you think Gore is dumb because he’s not well spoken?
            Mark Davis didn’t seek advice from you, me, Jack or Mary. Bet hay he didn’t call Grant or Lowell either even though they live near by.

    2. Yes this was very apparent.
      Not sure what to think of it.

      I don’t mind a GM that has a vision and wants a staff that can execute that vision. But I would like a coach that happens to have that same vision not just one that will agree with anything.

      Not saying that Tomsula does not have the same vision, just concerned that he may not.

      1. Maybe when he’s been doing this talking to reports a while, he will be more articulate. It’s clear that Baalke and Jed will leave him out there when something like this year’s social problems come up.

    3. I could give a crap who has the vision, it’s the right vision. Everyone who watched this team knows if we’d gone back to the basics on offense, we’d be playing right. The only games we won this year, were when we did that. Can’t wait to see what Hyde can do next year with a commitment to the run and year under his belt.

    4. It certainly disrespected Tomsula’s communication skills. It also showed impatience with his new head coach in front of the press. What do you think Baalke is like in private? Now add to that image how you think Harbaugh would react in private.

      1. Yeah, you probably hit it on the head. But after thinking about it some more, it’s possible that the outburst from Baalke stemmed primarily from his frustration that he drafted to build a strong running team and that vision wasn’t carried out last year.

  13. I still think that this team is good enough to win for anyone for one more year with the current veterans we have, before the window slams completely shut. I’m afraid that we will be good enough to make a deep run but not win it all this year, just enough that York and baalke look good for this complete coaching disaster, then it will be right back to the dark days for many years. I hope I’m wrong and that Jim Tom is just what we need, but I’m afraid not. Win or lose I will reserve judgment until 2016

    1. I think you are as optimistic as Jerry Jones when he fired Jimmy. I fear that subtracting Harbaugh and all the coaches he hired, may require something stronger to meet your goals.

      1. Jerry’s team was in the Championship game the year after he fired Jimmy, and won a Super Bowl the next.

          1. Ironic?

            Like the 49ers, those Cowboys teams were talented. The difference is that Johnson was the guy putting the pieces together and when he left it took a long time to restock.

            With the 49ers the primary guy putting the pieces together is still around.

            1. I agree with you on this Jack. So long as Tomsula and his coordinators don’t suck, the 49ers should be alright this season. A lot of talent still on this team.

              1. Think about it and then get back with me Jack.

                It becomes an issue if Baalrk want the offense and defense run in a certain way which proves unsuccessful and Tomsula isn’t willing to challenge them on it. I’m not saying that he wouldn’t, but it can’t be ruled out either.

              2. I don’t think there is any question Baalke wants the offense and defense to reflect a certain philosophy. But give Baalke some credit, he doesn’t pretend to be the X’s and O’s guy.

                I think his involvement in terms of influencing how the offense and defense is run has already been mostly done – he hired the HC that shares his view on how the team should play. Tough and physical. From here, the rest of his involvement will be in terms of finding the players.

              3. We’ll see Scooter. Right now I’m not too confident in that given the way this all came about.

              4. So you think Baalke will also be trying to influence/ direct the play book and game planning?

              5. Baalke and York both will. Nothing good has happened so far to sway me from thinking that.

            2. Like the 49ers, those Cowboys teams were talented. The difference is that Johnson was the guy putting the pieces together and when he left it took a long time to restock.

              That’s why I said it was ironic. They won on what Jimmy left behind.

              1. No, simply because he was using what Johnson had left behind. After he tried to implement his own ways and personnel, it all fell apart.

              2. It’s both Jack. You need a coach to tell the players what they need to do and how to go about doing it, but the players need a coach that understands how to correctly utilize the players.

              3. So for two years he kept running Jimmy Johnson’s system, but then after winning the SB he decided he was going to change the system to his own?

                Jack, I agree the players play the biggest part in it. Coaching is obviously important too, if the coach doesn’t put players in a position to succeed then you’re up against it. But it doesn’t take an exceptional coach to succeed with a talented roster, just a good one.

              4. That’s probably how long it took him to implement his system. Following a winning and proven coach is no easy task I believe.

              5. Why on earth would he change the system he’s been using after winning a SB? Are you basing this on any knowledge/ research or just supposition?

              6. Nah. What happened was age caught up to the star players and they didn’t have depth behind them to fill in the gaps.

                In ’96 Irvin missed a bunch of games as did Haley, and Novacek missed the season due to injury. Along with the injuries Switzer’s free wheeling style started catching up with the team.

              7. More from what I have seen Scooter. Yes, it is my opinion but I haven’t anything to really invalidate it.

              8. Along with the injuries Switzer’s free wheeling style started catching up with the team.

                In other words his system faltered.

              9. His system faltered and they no longer had the talent on the roster that was there in ’94 and ’95.

                Mediocre coaches can be successful with a talented roster, but I don’t believe the opposite is true.

                Coaches can take a team so far, but talent takes it over the top.

              10. Based on your logic, does that mean the 49ers first two years of success under Jim Harbaugh were really due to Mike Singletary’s coaching? Or was Harbaugh the rare coach that was able to implement his system straight away?

              11. Singletary wasn’t a winning and proven coach so that doesn’t fit my belief. The latter part of your statement could be true though Scooter.

              12. Mediocre coaches can be successful with a talented roster, but I don’t believe the opposite is true.

                I disagree Jack. The Patriots from 2001-2004 weren’t the most talented bunch, but they had a HC and his coaching staff that knew how to utilize them just right.

              13. Or it also could have been that Harbaugh didn’t overload them due to the lockout and used basic but effective forms of his system. Either way it worked.

              14. Scooter,

                You can’t compare the team that Singletary coached in 2010 to the one that Harbaugh took over in 2011. Baalke turned over 1/3 of the starters prior to 2011 and close to 40% of the total roster.

                2011 was a much different team talent wise.

              15. I didn’t say that it wasn’t, but they still weren’t classified as the cream of the crop and there have been other Patriot teams that were more talented.

              16. Barry Switzer was a parallel to Jim Harbaugh; VERY successful college coach that got handed a fully stocked NFL roster and told to go win. He did…Jim didn’t bring back a sixth Lombardi. Aside from his penchant for jumping in front of the cameras and sticking his finger in the eye of anyone within range, and super-complimenting incompetent QB’s to the heavens, it doesn’t surprise me that the people who signed his checks finally let him go. Undermined…? naw, he just refused to see that the hand holding the gun that kept shooting him in the foot was his own.

            3. “The Patriots from 2001-2004 weren’t the most talented bunch, but they had a HC and his coaching staff that knew how to utilize them just right.”

              Those Patriots teams had a future Hall of Fame QB running the offense and a defense that was no worse than 6th in scoring 3 of those 4 years with some very talented players.

              1. But they weren’t ever classified the cream of the crop Jack. As for Brady, he was still fairly young at the time and not considered as truly elite until his second go at the Lombardi. Plus the team has had more talented members on it since but haven’t won another Super Bowl since their third one.

              2. This should have gone here:

                I didn’t say that it wasn’t, but they still weren’t classified as the cream of the crop and there have been other Patriot teams that were more talented.

              3. Belichick was 5-11 in 2000. In 2001 they added Antowain Smith, Marc Edwards, David Patton and Brady in week 3 to name a few on offense, and on defense they added Richard Seymour and Bryan Cox among others.

                From that point on their worst record was in 2002 when they went 9-7.

                Amazing what talent can do for a coach.

              4. Some of those guys never reached the pinnacle that they did than with the Patriots though. Amazing what good coaching can do.

              5. “Amazing what talent does for a coach”
                Hail to the Redskins!!!!
                Remember how their talent they bought worked out for the coach?
                Works both ways Jack. A little example of how a coach can be the difference in a championship…
                Phil Jackson pre Chicago and Pre Lakers. Those teams were very talented. Didn’t do squat until Philly got there.
                What big names did SF get when harbaugh came in? Their core pieces didn’t do a thing before he got here. ONE year of good coaching for them from below average to NFC title game. It’s not always about the talent. It’s the superstars of coaching and playing that take teams over the top.

              6. “What big names did SF get when harbaugh came in?”

                It’s not about big names. Guys like Donte Whitner and Carlos Rogers came in without great fanfare but solidified the secondary. They drafted Aldon Smith who was tremendous in his role as a nickle pass rusher, Kendall Hunter who was a good complement to Gore, and Bruce Miller quickly made the transition to fullback.

                There was also some addition by subtraction. Fans were up in arms when the team cut ties with Takeo Spikes in favor of some 3rd round draft pick. They let Abrayo Franklin walk and replaced him with Isaac Sopoaga who was replaced in the starting lineup by Ray McDonald. The release of Shawntae Spencer opened the door for Tarell Brown to take over.

                No big name moves, but a lot of small moves that changed the talent level of the team in a positive direction.

        1. And he did it with one of any 500 coaches.

          But he actually had the horses. Slowly, under his careful care, the horses disappeared for a long time.

  14. I agree Tomsula is the “anti-Harbaugh”

    Harbaugh has a great sense of humor, controls the room, is passionate, infinitely quoteable, had some of the most memorable pressers in the history of the 49ers.

    Tomsula seemed like that blabbering dumb uncle you were just waiting to stop talking. I’ll give the guy one more presser, after that – the less I hear of any of the three stooges, the better.

    That was just downright sad.

  15. Greg Gabriel @greggabe · 1h 1 hour ago
    I have talked to a number of NFL people about the SF hire. To a person the comment was the same …. “are they serious”

    Still think we’re f’d. Singletary 2.0, here we go.

      1. … or twelve. What difference does it make. Power kills. Intelligent offensive concepts are for sissies like Walsh and his finesse ass offense. Run the damn ball.

        1. I really, really wanted to be able to shake the Singletary comparison from my mind, but how could you watch that press conference and not imagine a guy saying “I have to look at the film” when pressed after a loss? I’m terrified, Baalke better have a plan at OC.

          1. I haven’t seen every Harbaugh presser, but did he usually say something after a loss that provided insight as to why they lost? Or did he just exude a confidence that he would know how to fix it.

            I agree with you about the OC. On the offensive side, they’re bring back coaches (besides Chryst) who were pre-Harbaugh and it makes me nervous that we’ll get a Jimmy Raye 2.0.

  16. Fucillo over at NN just published an article where he has one of his followers who is a public speaking coach provide his opinions. The two I like the most:

    “My frustration with some of the reaction to poor public speaking on Tomsula’s part is that it’s somehow a reflection on the man, his ability to coach or how to run a football team. It’s not. We can infer nothing from Tomsula’s inability to speak well thrown into the chaos that has been this team for the last couple of months. Given time, and experience he’ll get used to it.”

    And the following one, which couldn’t be more true:

    “Now if we want to look at great public speakers who are horrible at what they do, turn on C-SPAN some day. Congress has fantastic public speaking, and an absolutely hideous track record at getting anything done. ”

    1. True. Mike Nolan “gave good press conference.” He was also great on the radio with Barbieri, good answers, sense of humor, looked good in a suit … uhm … so what?

      On the other hand … after the first loss of the season and you hear at the presser …”We’ve got to get better” … “I need to look at the film” … “We’ve got to eliminate mistakes” … and the always useful “We need to execute better” … at that point you’ll know exatly where the season is headed … hint: Roto Rooter does the bulk of its work there.

    2. I agree with this and will add that Tomsula was operating on zero sleep from the night before. But also, he didn’t have much to say. I see him as, if you will, a “beard” for Baalke. Not that this means to me that they cannot be back in the hunt next year. I think it mostly depends on the coordinators, position coaches, and Kaepernick. I give Tomsula maybe a 10% contribution. And he’s going to give some weird post-game press conferences, especially after the losses.

    1. Do you think Colin is suicidal? What else could he do? For Colin, Tomsula has never been a coach.

  17. I missed the news, but it seems that Solari’s morning meeting with Baalke was a “mutual” goodbye.

  18. The Niners will be better with Tomsula then Fangio or Harbaugh. Not sure if he can take the team to the SB and win it but I do think the team will play looser and will play for him. He’s not an X’s and O’s guy but neither Harbaugh. In fact, Harbaugh is stubborn and expects everyone to be like him. That worked for 2-3 years, but now he hasn’t adjusted.

    He couldn’t get Kaep to the next level, even though he drafted him.

    Tomsula will get the most out of Kaep, and even though I’ve ripped him to shreds, I think Tomsula will get him to be a 2nd tier QB consistently. We’re going to see a huge difference in his game, and that’s a plus. He will still have issues with his game but I suspect a lot less bone-headed ness because I do think Tomsula is a teacher.

    Maybe he can be like Mike Tomlin, an unknown coach who took the Steelers to the SB and won it all.

    The Niners have talent on Defense. A competent DC who isn’t an ego manic will do.

    That’s my take.

    1. While I agree Tomsula could be a good coach, there are numerous things I’m scratching my head at in this post.

      – Harbaugh wasn’t an X’s and O’s guy? Huh?
      – Tomlin was an unknown? He was young, but he was well regarded as an up and comer.
      – Tomsula will get the most out of Kaep? Tomsula will no doubt build a relationship with Kaep, but I doubt he’ll have a lot of input on the offense other than an over-arching philosophy, and he’ll be letting the OC and offensive coaches develop Kaep, or at least sure should be.

    1. I guess Baalke turns out to be one of the greatest control freaks ever. Those outbursts of his at games that were sometimes reported, were give-aways, I guess. After the shock many of us have gone through since Harbaugh’s release, let’s hope this means Baalke is more determined than ever to win Super Bowls and not building the team for mediocrity.

        1. George—All those traits are negative manifestations of OCD. Decisions become goal displaced and are made not based on reason but primarily to bolster personal security. What ever threatens their own security must either be controlled or eliminated ( Harbaugh).

  19. Good article Grant. I had a poor feed so read the transcript on Ninernation. He’s a good man, really good hearted. I wish him every success.

    1. I feel like I’ve entered the twilight zone – the Seahawks fan is more optimistic about the 49ers future under Tomsula than 99% of 49ers fans…

      Thanks for the link Mary.

      1. That’s because Mary is a farce. It’s the same old DS that hated harbaugh because he got rid of Alex smith. Quit fooling yourselves. DS leaves hated, and now a Seahak fan named Mary comes along. With the same kind of crap being said. 2 and 2 people.
        And quit feeding this troll.

          1. Lame!!! Wasn’t a conspiracy when I told you your qb from Oregon would choke.
            Let DS be your troll.

            1. @MD

              You’ve got a lot of hate for a lot of people to wade through, the help that you need won’t be found on a football blog…try looking at Mariota’s stats, and see if that equates to ‘choking’ ….otherwise , your post is nonsensical….(what a surprise…)

    1. Said pretty much the same things he said in the presser, but came across far better in that 1-on-1.

        1. He rambled less in the 1-on-1. I think he was just very nervous in the presser. He’ll get better as he gets more used to it.

    1. OK Jack so JT is a nice guy, a good teacher and a great mentor.
      Does that mean he’s HC that brings in the SB?
      He has a heck of an act to follow, I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes. As long as he’s with the nines, there is only one thing and I mean one thing that can shut up everybody.

      1. “He has a heck of an act to follow”

        If they can win the first two games of the season they will be ahead of their pace from the previoius two seasons

        1. So if all he does is just win the first 2 games for the next two seasons, we’ll have a winner Jack???

          1. No, he just needs to win 9 games for it to be an improvement over the 2014 team and be a winner.

            I have a feeling they’ll win a few more than that though.

            1. The 2014 season can not be used as the standard for Harbaugh’s success. There were entirely too many negative mitigating factors involved working against him. Injuries, lame duck undercutting, off season drama, hold outs, players quitting and phoning it in, and a GM that was working at cross purposes in respect to the roster. etc. It’s a wonder they finished 8 and 8 under the circumstances. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Harbaugh had his flaws and contributed to a lot of the problems himself, but he was really working with a shot deck last season.

              1. Nah. They lost to a lot of bad teams and did it with an offense that got away from what they were built for.

        2. That’s a first class non sequitur. It’s winning the last playoff game that gets it done for Tomsula.

  20. Thanks for the video, Jack. When I listened to that choppy feed JT sounded slow, like he was grasping for words. Not true — he’s articulate and he knows and loves football. He will inspire the team. I thought York and Baalke settled. They didn’t — he’s absolutely the best choice and what’s even better he provides continuity. And he’s not a yes man.

    1. One of the things that caught my attention in this video from 2011 was that he talked about many of the same things that he did today during his press conference: love of family, love of players, the crazy road he took to get to where he is.

      He may not have sounded very good up there today, but I think it’s fair to say that nothing he said was fake.

      1. I really don’t think that’s debatable really. Most should know that he isn’t a fake from the past articles on him and his journey.

      2. I’m glad to hear that he loves his family, I think that will get us in the playoffs
        I’m glad to hear that he loves his players, that will get us in the SB
        But since he knows the receptionist by name! now THAT will get us #6 !!!

        1. I also do not believe that a persons ability to articulate in front of crowds is necessarily a measure of their competency. But that aside the qualities that they are promoting as his qualifying ones are good to have but not ones that equate to a good head coach. This whole scenario equates with the FO justifying their decision to cut ties with Harbaugh. When things don’t work out going in the exact opposite direction never works out. As to good old fashioned values- Talk is cheap. You don’t know what someone will do until they are put in a position of power and responsibility. Seems like the FO is trying to emphasis that as a means of implying that Character and values we the underlying reason for cutting ties with Harbaugh. Kind of a cheap shot since it was they who were more than likely responsible for any personal decisions in that respect. Deflect criticism and come up with a bs excuse at the same time. Of course superficial individuals who make character judgements based on how someone wears their hat would totally buy into something like that.

          1. Willtalk, I think your beliefs on the traits that make a good HC are actually those that are best suited to a coordinator.

  21. Jack, I haven’t heard anybody call him phony or fake, but I have everybody talk about his NON-football skills.
    Is that how we hire a HC? So we can lose with class?
    We’re not in HS anymore, it’s all about winning………

        1. The bigger question is how many Super Bowls will they win. York has made it abundantly clear that if the 49ers don’t win the Super Bowl in the next couple of years the coach will be reassessed to determine whether he’s the right guy or not.

  22. I’m not crazy about the hire of Tomsula, but I can’t be too critical without having seen him and his team on the field either.

  23. I’m going to try to make a difficult sales pitch to my blogmates here: Relax a little bit; please.
    Change is difficult; its even more inevitable. This has been coming; here it is; let’s try to deal with it.
    We survived coaches like McCulley and O’Connor and Erickson. We survived GMs like Donahue and Joe Thomas. The personnel moves that helped sustain the Dynasty Years also lead us later into Cap Hell.
    DaNiners in a comment above reminds us that Faithful are in it for the long haul, the marathon, not just a one year sprint. I think he makes a good point.
    Nick says he’s bailing; unnecessary imo. I agree with holding ownership accountable, management, coaches and players too, but I’m not giving up football or the Niners. I can’t take any credit when the team is winning, I can’t effect anything they do, good or bad.
    Harbaugh was good, but I don’t think I’d enjoy working for him that much.
    Fangio was good, but he teaches a familiar defensive scheme that others can also run. The next guy will be measured against Vic, but oh well.
    2015 will be a road trip; sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride as best you can.

    1. Brotha I’m with you all the way. People can say what ever they want regarding Baalke and York they are known commodities but lets give Tomsula a chance. I was’nt happy with the Harbaugh firing. I was’nt real happy with the Tomsula hire but i’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. When it comes to football i’m not sure how much i know but i’m positive about what i do’nt know. Two things i have no idea about is how to draft a QB and who to hire as a HC.
      Those who know far more than me are wrong about 50% of the time in those two areas and I do’nt believe there is anyone here Grant included who has a clue in these areas. We are all just pulling it out of our butts. imho

  24. A few observations:
    1. Harbaugh is a very good coach/leader of men, but it wears on people. he does not stay in one place very long.
    2. His offense was adequate at best. I don’t think it finished in the top 15 in any year. The red zone scoring never improved nor did the delay of game problem.
    3. The defense, which he had little to do with finished each year in the top 10.
    4. Tomsula is a very bad public speaker and this offseason should work with a public speaking coach.
    5. All reports are he is a very good football coach and players love to play for him. Will he be a good head coach? I don’t know, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt f now. Some people on this board thing Harbaugh was great from the first game. I remember him making a challenge and being penalized for delay of game because the couldn’t be challenged. He learned and hopefully so will Tomsula.
    6. The Coordinators they hire will be one of the major keys to success.
    7. The biggest keys are if Bowman and Willis can play up to the pre injury levels, if Gore and Smith come back, if the O-line can improve, if they can get a playmaker wide receiver and most importantly if Kap can improve as a QB.
    8 Ballke is running the team. He s drafting the players and it sounds like hiring the coaches. It also appears he is deciding the type of team the Niners will be; see Bill Parcell.
    9. I have been a Niner’s fan since the mid 60’s and will remain one until I die. It is the team I love, not the owners, coaches or even the players. I hope this change goes well, but if it doesn’t I will still remain a fan and wait for better times.

    1. Great post, 42. Accurate observations.
      I agree with those who are preaching a wait-and-see attitude. There are so many moving parts to a pro football team, so many variables. A million things are going to happen before the first real snap this September.
      Let’s stop nit-picking the little stuff- like Tomsula’s public speaking skills- that don’t mean squat. Who cares?
      One thing’s for sure: we’re in for a big, maybe total, re-boot. What we had didn’t work. I’m looking forward to the journey.

  25. Was he accepting a head coaching job or a Tony Award???
    ‘I’d like to thank…’ (everybody apparently)

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