49ers raise the bar

According to reports, the 49ers have fired Vic Fangio.

Fangio, 56, is the best defensive coordinator in the NFL. But the best isn’t good enough for the 49ers.

The 49ers have high standards.

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  1. I get it. Niners fixed that which wasn’t broken. And then didn’t fix that which was broken.
    Everything is now clear.

  2. I think they did want to keep Fangio, but Fangio did not want to stick around after being leapfrogged by Tomsula. So the 49ers are doing him a favor by letting him out of his contract. Still, I hate what the 49ers have done – but I will give Tomsula a chance.

    1. Yep Vic pushed the issue by dictating to the Niners what he would accept and what he would `nt accept ….soooooooooooo what were the Niners suppose to do?,I hated it that Vic Choose that path but,it is what it is….yeah it stings but I`m sure that someone can come in and do a comparable job with the D.

      1. James says “I`m sure that someone can come in and do a comparable job with the D”

        Right, because D coordinators of Fangio’s caliber grow on trees.

        1. James also seems to think that it’s Fangio’s fault that he is leaving. It is his choice, but he didn’t put the pieces together to make that necessary. Show me a meek DC and I’ll show you a bad defense. I don’t think there is such a thing as a meek DC. There may be some who would do anything to hold onto a job.

  3. How is this a “reload” when you’re basically dismantling the best part of our team, defense? New system, new coaches, new scheme, etc… So much for continuity.

    All of this mess is about our front office wanting to get credit for how well our defense has been, rather than player development by our staff.

    York and Baalke better hope they go deep in the playoffs, or there will be some serious backlash.

    1. Calm down. 2011 was a “rebuild” with new system, new coaches, new scheme. The Niners D pounded people that year(they did too ’12,’13 and ’14). Coaches coach…players play. We still have some beasts on this football team.

      I agree the whole thing seems to suck right now…but hopefully Baalke knows what he’s doing.

  4. Vic would have left since he got passed over.. are you forgetting that part? We let him leave while paying any difference he doesn’t get as the NFL highest paid coordinator. New head coach, new assistants, nature of the beast

    1. Well yes, captain obvious. My point was they KNEW this would happen if Tomsula was named HC. They KNEW there would be no continuity. Fangio wanting to leave if passed over was a given. Which is why FANGIO should’ve been named HC. He clearly deserved it after what he accomplished with our defense last season. Who has done “more with less” than Fangio did in 2014?

    2. technically, he was still under contract.

      new assistants are the norm for an outside hire.

      and there was no need to get rid of donatell.

      except apparently, according to jason cole, inman, and kawakami, tomsula is the mole, so yeah the rest of the assistants probably hate him.

      but being a scummy brown-noser doesn’t mean you can’t be a great head coach, still all about the QB & the personnel director/GM.

      1. I speculated that Tomsula was the mole in a post yesterday based on the report that Harbaugh wouldn’t talk to him ( big red flag). There had to be someone on the inside of the coaching staff undercutting and working against Harbaugh to explain the lack of effort by some of the players. I have met a lot of ” everybody likes them” individuals like Tomsula who turn out to be slick manipulators who will stab you in the back once the right opportunity presents itself. I also felt early during the 2013 season that something just wasn’t right between the coaching staff and the front office. Couldn’t put my finger on it and just speculated that it was just Trent Baalke. Seems now he was just part of a bigger plan to get rid of Harbaugh.

        1. He looked real uncomfortable with that line of questioning, and the body language definitely signaled deception….

  5. BOO!!!!!!!! Fire the best coaches we have on staff?? Really?? What on earth will the criteria be for new coaches? How could they possibly do better than our defensive staff did last year? I hope that Jed York has the most uncomfortable year of his life as he “takes responsibility” for being another idiotic meddlesome owner who thinks that being born into wealth qualifies him to run a football team. And I love Tomsula! Just doesn’t make tactical sense…clearly motivated by ego and money and not a desire to make this team better and provide a great product for the fans lining Jed’s pockets with their hard-earned money. I hope the press takes them to task for this…

  6. If this is the “stability” and “continuity” many say the Tomsula hiring provides… I’d hate to see what instability is.

  7. The more rash and impulsive 49ers management looks, the harder it is to attract a talented coaching staff.

    The 49ers seem to be competing (yes, I said “competing) with the Raiders and Washington for assistant coaches. Stunning.

  8. Gonna be big fun to watch the whole deal. Wait for the draft, that’ll be a laugher. Then there’s the my-dad-died-from-sunstroke story from a preseason game. The Seahawks win the Super Bowl in Santa Clara and collectively poop on the 50-yeard line. Colin goes down and what’s-his-name leads the team to a Jaguarish 3-13. Dork hides in Cuba from game five where he is getting a butt tuck and a hair makeover. Baalke confesses to a foot fetish and moves to Buffalo. The Raiders go 12-4 and deep into the playoffs.

    As Buddha once posted on the Internet, Karma can be a real bitch…

    1. That’s the second time I’ve smiled as the “new direction” for the 49ers move toward “Win the Superbowl of be fired” second addition.

  9. Grant,

    One of the best, yes, but it’s really hard to say Fangio was definitively the best DC in the NFL.

    1. why dont you all shut up and put your money where your mouth is and wait for the results instead of bitching about everything that J.Y. does and stop playing the experts game. I have been reading the bay area reporters for over 50 years now and i think they are the most negative in the country about everything and i mean EVERYTHING. and they managed to brain wash you evidently. what ever they say you take it and run with it ,so SHUT UP and wait and give the man a chance and see what he can do..being 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th IT IS NOT FIRST .when reporters use the words MAY BE,COULD BE ,I THINK OR I DONT THINK, it means they dont know any more than you or me but they are just like you or me and thats all. but they tell you they are experts or insiders or that B.S. .

      1. Alex—— I for one did not read any of those articles and writers you seem to be referring too. Sometimes different people just come up with the same conclusions because they actually make the most sense.

        Just because the writers are often wrong and write things to stir the pot does not mean that we should assume that that is always the case. Some one who actually thinks for them self will consider each story and case separately on it’s own merit. I for one don’t have a problem doing that, but it seems by your over the top response that you do.

        You come on this site and accuse everyone who doesn’t agree with you of being brainwashed along with telling them to “shut up”. It’s not like this subject has been “beaten to death”. This is all new stuff. It’s not like this is a dead horse that is being beaten.

        I would suggest that you might want to get on line on one of those “Sim”sites. That way you can create your own town with characters which you dictate what they are able to say or think. Or you might start to realize that your attempt of controlling area’s beyond your ability or authority is being motivated by other issues active in your life.

    1. More on that.

      “Two other lower-level assistants who are likely to remain are Ejiro Evero and Mick Lombardi. Evero, who played safety at UC Davis, joined Harbaugh’s staff in 2011. He’s served on both sides of the ball as an assistant. He mostly worked on defense this past season but received a mention from Gore after the team’s Week 17 win over Arizona.

      Lombardi is the son of Michael Lombardi, who was a general manager candidate with the 49ers in 2011 and who now works for the Patriots. Mick Lombardi was hired in 2013 and served as an offensive assistant last year.”

      Now we know why Baalke termed it retooling and not rebuilding. The talk about switching to a 4-3 defense also makes a strong “retooling” argument.

      1. 4-3 might not be to bad?.. Borland, Willis and bowman all on the field at the same time.. Sounds pretty good!

  10. Everybody is going to be happy!!!

    Owner: gets to have Head Coach who is his best buddy.

    GM: gets to have a Head Coach who will do as his is told.

    Fans: gets to have great arguments about the wonderful early first round picks that will be coming our way in the next few years.

    BTW: The last time an NFL team promoted a position coach to Head Coach was the Detroit Lions who promoted Rod Miranelli, that ended in year three with a 0-16 record.

    1. True, but the following year, after 1 year as a DC (following 5 years as a DB coach), Mike Tomlin was hired… that turned out OK. I think he was also one of, if not the youngest coach in NFL history when he was hired. Not saying Jimmy T will be the next Tomlin, but let’s at least present both sides of the conversation before we add any more fodder to the Chicken Little’s of the world. P.S. Grant – tremendously insightful and well researched article.I think you should aim for one where your title is actually longer than your article… this one was close, but I have faith that you can do it!

    2. BS….the last time was when the 49ers promoted Mike Singletary. Dont you hate a smart ass?

  11. If the 49ers didn’t respect and appreciate Coach Fangio, he wouldn’t have been the highest paid coordinator in the NFL. It was Coach Fangio who decided he would not stay if passed over for the HC job. And, as has been mentioned, most head coaches hire their own staff. So, losing assistants is to be expected.

    1. When you are rebuilding is does make sense.

      But when you go out of your way to declare how important it is to keep defensive continuity(top five defense for all four years) and then hire a head coach that was a subordinate to your DC, the predictable result is that the DC takes the hint and leaves.

      1. They have fired all of Harbaugh’s assistant coaches. That’s hardly some are expected to leave country.

  12. “Class and integrity?”

    Classless and ill-timed Thanksgiving Day Tweets, undermining an unwanted but uber successful head coach with constant “leaks” about locker room discontent and having your hall of fame players do your dirty work, chants of “Due Process, Due Process, Due Process” until a guy gets caught again and again – then once out of the playoffs – then no more “Due Process”, never disciplining a guy who has personal drinking/drunk driving/gun shooting at house parties/phony airport bomb threat issues – definitely inspire much confidence in establishing a program of “Class and integrity.”

    With every passing day, fired coach Jim Harbaugh – seems more and more classy…

    And Jed York? Trent Baalke? Jim Tomsula? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I get the continuity part, Jim T is well liked with players and front office. He is a good coach and teaches players well. He will not be abrasive, as Jim H or Fangio are. He did HC the Rhein Fire (granted not the NFL) I am not liking the hire of Jim T. However I will stand behind him. As far as Jed and Baalke this is them wanting a person that won’t rock their ship, will be compliant, and get along. If the 9ers can get the right OC and DC as well as a bonafide QB coach that understands a mobile QB mentality. I do not think there will not be much drop off in defense. As far as Offense we are really low so hopefully upward will be the case. This hinges on the OC, draft, and FA’s. We still needs a speedy stretch the field receiver badly. To many possession receivers. As well as other areas on both sides of the ball.

    1. Paul H, wake man! Stopped for a second and rewind your thoughts and asked yourself do you honeslty think the 49ers are going to be the same team next season? You are already assuming that everything is still going to be okay and the 49ers are stll the team after Harbaugh and Fangio departed:-)

    2. You should be glad you are not in Italy, mrYork…..expecially if you will fail in 2015. Ultras in Italy, are owners guardian… Beata Gioventù

    3. You should be glad you are not in Italy, mrYork…..expecially if you will fail in 2015. Ultras in Italy, are owners guardian… Beata Gioventù …

      1. I’m with you, Italian niner. I am proud of my Italian heritage, but I have to admit that the Morabito brothers were a little on the cheap side. Eddie D changed all that and used the family business to provide the needed funds to make the 9ers 5 time champions. What I see is regression to the Morabito era. I posted about my choice for HC on another thread, (half) joking about Vic Fangio being my favorite choice because, like the 49ers, he is of Italian heritage. I stand behind my choice because I think he has done a tremendous job and deserves more credit for our success than Harbaugh. That is no joke. Harbaugh the genius rarely got enough production from the offense without Vic pulling a rabbit out of a hat to get the victory IMHO. When I posted my position re Fangio, Bro-Tuna joked about Leo Nomelllini (unfortunately I didn’t understand his joke). I remember the legendary story about Leo holding out for a raise. Leo wasn’t protecting his brand, he was trying to keep the wolf from the door because he could not do so without working at “Big Time Wrassling” in the offseason. Well, the Morabitos would have none of that and, at the end of the day, they left poor Leo, a future hall of famer, beaten by the side of the road with an overall loss and something like a $750 a year increase in his salary. Those were the days. And now, I’m afraid Jed (DeBartolo) York has brought back the “good old days”. Two points: I’m very sorry to see Vic Fangio leave and am not happy about how he was treated; and I hope I’m wrong about Jed being the second coming of the Morabito brothers.

  14. Most of us Niner fans have been quick to judge the hiring.. but if they had Tomsula on their minds the whole time then the fact that they interviewed so many candidates shows they did their due diligence and Tomsula beat them all.. Fangio was a good DC but I know how frustrating it was for us as fans to see very little blitz packages when the situation called for it .. i think we need to have more faith and patience and see what Tomsula can offer. With an OC fit for Kaps needs and a DC who can utilize the speed of Lynch and Smith maybe this might be the push that this team has needed to get us over the hump.. we still have the same team in tact and they can all still ball.. so lets be patient and trust this movement a little more

    1. Spoken like a true Faithful. +1 This blog will be insufferable for a long time coming but it’s all just hot air until the rubber hits the road in Sept. “Then time will tell just who fell. And who’s been left behind.”

    2. It’s not the push in the hump that the 49ers did in the off season. Tomsula hiring is the end of a great four years run by a good 49ers team. I won’t be surprise the 49ers will be a mediocre team next season and for years to come.

      Jed York these is not acceptable:-)

      1. Nick, isn’t the definition of “sheep” when someone just follows the crowd, given that the crowd most definitely does not share 80sNinerFan’s view, how is he a sheep? and doesn’t that make you the sheep?

        1. DClark—Not really! Following the crowd is usually attributed to lemmings. Sheep are herded and led the sheep themselves do not decide were they go. The term shepherd someone who leads is a combination of the words sheep and herd. 80’sNinerfan would be a sheep because he is following the line put out by the 49er front office that justifies their decision. The front office in this case is the shepherd and the team is going in the direction that they have decided. Those that do not buy the line they are selling are going against the grain. That is irrelevant to whether they are in the majority or not.

          Oh! I did not read any of the articles by the SF writers. I came to my own conclusions and I am not going to change them just to disagree with those writers.

  15. A team that guts a coaching staff is a team that might also trade its QB for picks.

    We know about CK’s flaws, but the six years remaining on his “team friendly” contract would be pretty attractive to a salary cap minded GM.

    1. Doubt theyd trade him.. i think they will focus on his abilities and keep him as a dual threat next year which is what helped them go deep into post season

      1. 80NinersFan, stopped living in the past, you have no idea how bad and disgruntle is Kaep. He’ll be the next one to leave and his contract language is a year by year deal and if he can’t performed to the expectation next season Kap is also gone:-)

    2. Brodie:

      I said it last night. The Harbaugh purge might include purging Harbaugh’s hand-picked quarterback.

      1. The most bummed out player when Harbaugh was left was Kaepernick.

        As of now he’s been strangely silent about Tomsula’s hiring.

          1. But hes always posting how hes not tired and all this other stuff.. wonder why hes do quiet?

              1. Wasn’t Tarver the DC when the Rams beat the Raiders 52-0? Maybe Tarver should be our OC.

          1. Aside from his abilities or whether he is or is not the QB of the future, If I were him I would be bummed. He signed a team friendly contract because he wanted to play for his hometown team and also figured it would be with Harbaugh as coach ( even if his system might not have been in his own best interests). Now he is subject to be traded to a horrible team not of his choosing for whom he is obligated to play for on a home town team friendly contract which is not his hometown. He was really stupid that he didn’t include certain trade clauses in his contract. Team holds all the cards and he has no leverage what so ever. He is a very valuable trade commodity due to that contract.

    3. Many people keep talking about getting rid of him but can not for the life of them say who will replace him. With all of his flaws, he is still better than majority of the QB’s in the NFL. No QB coming out of college is going to lead the team to a Super Bowl within the next 4 years. They can replace him, but that ensures they are setting Tomsula up for failure.

      1. Yep. Get rid of him and then what? Waste the remaining prime years of the core of this team looking for somebody else? They should bring in competition, but getting rid of Kap pretty much insures a rebuild.

        1. I am all for competition but anyone suggesting getting rid of is not very football or business savvy.

          I believe Kaep in his first few years believed he was playing at a good level and did not have to do much more to get better. Many people have that belief after experiencing the height of success he had as fast as he did. I think this year was a reality check. I believe we will see a much different Kaep.

          1. All Baalke’s offense, and that’s what we will get, is a bulldozing line with a constant five yard push, and a warm body to had off the ball.

  16. Grant,

    Have you seen where Vic’s defenses ranked in the NFL before he came to the niners? Maybe the 49ers just have some good players on that side of the ball. I remember Greg Manusky doing a pretty good job before the Mighty Vic came to town.

    For Future Reference: It would be nice with your access to the 49ers – if you still have access – to read columns and blogs with objective analysis rather than smug conspiracy theories.

      1. You think that post by SG is polite?

        “For Future Reference: It would be nice with your access to the 49ers – if you still have access – to read columns and blogs with objective analysis rather than smug conspiracy theories.”

    1. Great point.. i think we had a successful defense before Vic and we’ll continue with that due to the great depth Baalke and Harbaugh assembled

  17. If you had to choose only one, would you rather have…

    name, draft position
    – Derek Carr, 36
    – Carlos Hyde, 57
    – Jimmy Ward, 30
    – Colin Kaepernick, 36 (2011)

    1. Kap.. everyone seems to forget how he dismantled the league before this year.. he had an off year because they asked him to be a different qb.. Tomsula will bring back power running and Kap will capitalize

  18. It’s funny how people continue to give credit to the organization for Harbaugh’s staff, Fangio specifically, being the highest paid. Harbaugh made it a point to get his people paid. Yes the organization signed the checks, but I am sure that was part of Harbaugh’s stubbornness. He took care of his people, Fangio included.

    I hope I am stunned and have my socks blown off next year BUT I doubt it. Someone should ask York again, “what can be done to make sure he is held accountable for what is about to happen.”

  19. Top 5 defenses:

    1. Seattle: 4 Pro Bowlers this season
    2. Detriot: 2 Pro Bowlers this season
    3. Denver: 5 Pro Bowlers this season
    4. Buffalo: 3 Pro Bowlers this season
    5. San Francisco: 0 Pro Bowlers this season

    1. Yes, Fangio was the best DC this year. Masterful. The defensive staff did a historically good job. Only three starters by seasons end, and it was still a solid defense.

      People rightly praise Seattle’s DC. He’s very good… but with a corner that doesn’t need safety help, its like having an extra man on defense. The possibility to be creative with the freed up strong safety are endless. (blitz, fill run gaps, lurk role, cover MLBs gaps when linebacker blitzes are called)

      Its easy to look like a defensive genius if you have a shutdown corner.

      Fang is #1 in my book.

        1. Mary:

          Brodie is talking about how well Fangio was able to work with what he had. If I remember correctly, the Seahawks defense was pretty poor without Wagner and Chancellor. We had many more key players injured and we were still in the top 5. The Seahawks defense would never have survived the number of injuries that we did.

          1. Cubus: Disagree. Whine Whine. Seahawks have had a ton injuries all year long for weeks at a time, with many out all year. But you never heard me complain b/c it’s next man up. We were on our 3 center our NT has been out most of the year. Our best TE gone. Go to the injury report and start at week 1. I won’t do your leg work for you.

            Blame ASmith he was out 8 or 9 weeks due to suspensions. Your injuries are no worse than anyone elses. Do you hear the Cards complaining. When we played you in Santa Clara you didn’t even show up.

  20. I’ve been part of a Home Theater based forum for the past twelve years. On nice thing about that site is that each post also contains a history of participation by the poster.

    In that regard, is it possible that there might be a few gorilla marketers working this blog on behave of a local team under some heat? While all traces of Harbaugh contamination are being obliterated it’s something to ponder. No! I won’t be paranoid.

      1. Not at this time. But thanks for the offer. Our home theater (living room) is very modest but good enough that it’s been calibrated by a nationally known calibrator. As long as nothing blows up, we are set.

        Now about the Yorks …

  21. The 9ers next OC……. Adam Gase. They interviewed him twice, they are willing to pay their coordinators top dollar and it looks like he won’t get a HC job. Tomsula and Gase would that make a few of you happier?

      1. Like Fangio, Gase is hoping to get a headcoach position. If those come up short, Gase may be willing to listen to a 49er offer.

  22. Been toying with the idea of 4-3 (not just “4-3 Under”) after Bowman’s injury. I loved Fang/Manusky’s 3-4, but alot of 49er linemen seem to be 4-3 types.

    – Aldon might be better in a sack machine stats in a purely “sick-em” role with no coverage responsibilities.
    – Tank, Lynch and are well suited to 4-3 DE. (Handy if we lose Aldon Smith)
    – I think Dorsey is ideal for a 4-3 DT (3-4 NT shaded to weak side too)
    – TJE, Dial (and Okoye?) are a tall for 3-4 NT, but seem better proportioned for 4-3 DT.
    – I liked Brooks at 4-3 MLB (but he’s good as gone)

    1. The D nonetheless is stacked and Tomsula has worked with them for a while now and knows what hes doing in that regard at least

    2. Aldon and Lynch are well suited as weakside DEs in an under front. Could possibly play strong side in an over front.

      Williams and Dorsey would be good 1 tech DTs.

      Justin Smith and Tank would be good 3-tech DTs, or could possibly plat strong side DE in an over front. Maybe even in an under front if needed.

      Dial would be ideally suited as a strong side DE in an under front. Could also play as a 1-tech in a pinch, as he did this year. Not sure about him as a 3-tech though, or as a DE in an over front.

      Not sure where TJE fits. In an under front probably a rotational DT or strong side DE.

      1. You’ve been tricked!!!

        This whole 4-3 rumor is aimed at getting guys like you to think about Xs and Os and not think about the sky falling.

      1. Should also be pointed out that he only failed to live up to fan expectations. He was expected to be a playmaking and disruptive DL. But the coaching staff had him playing as a 2-gapping DE in a 3-4. Ridiculous to expect him to be disruptive as a 2-gap DE.

        When they signed him I was really happy. He was a very good run stopper for the Chiefs as a DE, and the OLB outside him was consistently their sack leader. Exactly what you want from a 2-gapping DE.

        1. Good way to put it. Essentially, Dorsey kicks butt in single gap but is just OK at two gap. (regardless of position)

          When he’s NT with the 49ers, he seems to shade to one gap, but in a controlled way so he still fulfills some NT responsibilities.

          1. Yeah, the 49ers system has had the NT playing 1-tech. He’s very good as a 1-tech NT. He’d be very good in the same role in a 4-3.

        2. Should also be pointed out that he only failed to live up to fan expectations.

          It was more that his production didn’t meet his draft position which tends to bother a fan base when it happens.

            1. What kind of stats was Alex Smith supposed to put up as QB with coaches that didn’t think the QB position mattered Scooter? I’m not saying it’s right, but fans unfortunately tend to gauge a player based on where he was drafted, no matter what problems caused by outside sources they face.

              1. So you agree he failed to live up to fan expectations, then? Which in this case were woefully ignorant. His production was absolutely fine as a 2-gap 3-4 DE, even for a high draft pick. He was graded very highly as a run stopper, and he took up blockers to free up his OLB to rush the passer.

              2. So you agree he failed to live up to fan expectations, then?

                That’s not what I said Scooter. His draft position and stats based on that determined whether fans believed he lived up to expectations. The same thing applied to A.J. Jenkins. He was a late first round pick, but because of what round he was drafted in, Jenkins was expected to immediately contribute to the offense and play like a elite player.
                Is it fan expectation? Somewhat, but a player is more gauged on where he was drafted and the return from being picked there by not just the fans but the media, analysts, and statisticians as well.

              3. So I ask again, what stats was he supposed to put up as a 2-gap 3-4 DE, in order to not be a bust?

              4. You’re asking the wrong guy and you know it Scooter. All I’m saying is that what people thought he should do was based on where he was drafted.

              5. Fair enough, but your original point was his production didn’t match his draft status. I disagree. His production was fine. The expectations of what his production should be were simply unrealistic and didn’t reflect the role he was asked to play.

                The problem was he was hyped as the next Warren Sapp, and so people expected him to be a disruptive force like Sapp was. But he was asked to play a completely different role. And in that role he was actually quite good.

              6. His production was fine.

                But it wasn’t exceptional, which unfortunately is almost always expected out of top 10 picks. I don’t usually agree with that way of thinking, but then again no one has asked me for my opinion.

              7. Depends on how you define exceptional for a 2-gapping 3-4 DE. I’d say having one of the highest run stopping grades in the NFL according to PFF and having one of the sack leaders in the NFL playing outside you is exceptional work.

                Also, when he barely played in the 2012 season the Chiefs D went downhill big time.

              8. I’m not arguing that Scooter, but as I said, no one asked for my opinion. Not the Chief fans, the media, or the analysts.

      2. My mistake. I thought Dorsey was 4-3 in college and thrived, then put in a 3-4 in KC and was just so-so, then put in the 49ers 3-4 (4-3 Under) but was shaded to cover only one gap… with spot roles at all three interior positions.

        I thought it was a classic single gap star that was just OK in a 2 gap system that thrived again in a single gap role (but with some 2-gap NT responsibilities)

        1. You are exactly right Brodie. No need to apologise.

          The only year Dorsey played as a 4-3 DT in the NFL was his rookie year in 2008.

  23. The 49ers sent Harbaugh to a college team because they wanted to become a high-school team.

      1. and good job on that rookie Laurence Taylor in the 81 playoffs BTW. I was at the game.

        1. Brodie I was there too. Slept all night in the Candlestick parking lot to get those seats.

          1. We talked about that. I slept for three freezing nights outside the stick in a VW bug. It was a tribe of 49er fanatics! Electric guitars appeared. A defensive perimeter was established in case there were line crashers.

  24. I hope the Tomsula decision has a positive influence on the Cowboy and Gore coming back even though gore was an offensive player Boldin , Davis and other linemen have said nothing but positive things about him

  25. No word on the fate of Eric Mangini on Black Thursday???? Come on Grant, tell us what’s happening with this valuable staff member. If I were him, I’d be royally pissed having been passed over for HC consideration.


  26. I’m trying to understand why some think a 4-3 scheme is a good idea. This would take away the sideline-to-sideline aspect that makes Bowman and Willis exceptional while also potentially even marking the end of one if not two of the tenures from this trio.

    1. Some of the best 4-3 Will LBs in the NFL today are guys like Lavonte David and Thomas Davis. These guys have the speed to be great pursuit LBs, and good in coverage. Bowman or Willis would be suited to the Will role.

        1. They are different words, but both infer the same thing – speed. The Will needs to be fast. To excel in pursuit you need to be fast, to have sideline to sideline speed. The Will is the playmaker LB. He needs to be able to chase from the backside to get across and make a play, be fast (and agile) enough to cover, and still be strong enough to take on a backside running play head on.

          Derrick Brooks is the prototype for a Will backer. He’s one of the fastest LBs ever. Lavonte David and Thomas Davis are the current prototypes.

          1. Speed is the only thing in common. Sideline-to-sideline means they can cover the entire field. They can’t do that as OLBs.

              1. Sorry but I’m not buying it. The role of an OLB is different from a ILB and it would take away what makes Bowman and Willis great on the inside.

              2. Sure thing Mid.

                The fact that in the 49ers 3-4 under defense the Mike and Jack play similar (albeit not exactly the same) roles as the Mike and Will in a 4-3 under means nothing I take it?

              3. Sorry, but they were and go along with my statement that you’re taking away from what makes Bowman and Willis exceptional at their position.

              4. Uh oh, I see another 3-4 vs. 4-3 under discussion coming. Spoiler alert: Niners have played both.

              5. No Mid, they were simply the words you clung to. Those words were my acknowledgement that player responsibilities are never exactly the same between systems, just like the Mike and Will have slightly different roles in a 4-3 under vs 4-3 cover 2.

                The key words were that Willis and Bowman have been playing similar roles to what they’d play in a 4-3 under.

              6. Well, what can I say, I’ve provided what I consider to be logical arguments as to why I believe you are wrong, you disagree, so I guess that is the end of that.

              7. http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4724826/scouts-notebook-4-3-olbs

                “Additionally, a 4-3 outside linebacker must have the range and lateral agility to move sideline to sideline.”

                “Weakside linebackers in particular need to be fast, as their duties will often involve working from the far side of the field right into the thick of the action. An inability to be a factor on a slow-developing play away from his alignment will render a weakside outside backer ineffective.”

                Being a sideline to sideline player is essential for the weakside LB, as they often are the furthest away from the action on run plays.

              8. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000243191/article/luke-kuechly-tops-inside-linebacker-rankings

                Willis has been the player against whom all other inside linebackers have been measured since he entered the league as the No. 11 overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. It will be interesting to see if he and San Francisco 49ers teammate NaVorro Bowman are someday regarded as the best inside linebacker duo in NFL history.

                Why change what works? I get what you are trying to say Scooter (though I strongly disagree) and why it makes sense, but these two are the best at the position and we have a diamond in the rough waiting behind them.

              9. Oh don’t get me wrong. I see no reason to change from the 3-4. I just think there wouldn’t be any issues with Willis and Bowman playing Mike and Will.

              10. No big deal Scooter. You and I just disagree on that which is fine. It makes for interesting threads after all. ;-)

    2. The guy it would affect most is Borland Mid. They’d need a thumper for the Sam role. Ironically Brooks would probably fit that role pretty well.

    1. It looks like its “blast from the past” for coaching hires. This better not include the OC position, but now I’m getting nervous.

    2. Man…they’re taking us all the way back to ’08.
      Looks like the Harbaugh era will be completely stricken from the record.
      1 step forward and 2,3,4,5,6, 7 steps back.

          1. Cubus,

            Tell me who you think is better:

            Adam Snyder or Anthony Davis

            Chilo Rachal or Alex Boone

            Eric Heitmann or Daniel Kilgore

            David Baas or Mike Iupati

            1. The latter in each line that you listed, except I’m not sure about Heitmann (hardly remember him so that’s probably not a good thing).

              OTOH, Washington allowed the second most sacks in the league last year. But I admit I know little about Foerster. Sounds like you’re confident about him.

              Again, my biggest concern is that I don’t want a SF recycled OC.

              1. The Redskins offensive line had the 12th best pass blocking efficiency rating in the league last season.

        1. And this time next year, 8-8 will look like a gift.
          You think they’d have been 8-8 this year with Harbaugh et al out and Tomsula in???

            1. I love to see you explain that.
              Why does the team improve after firing such a top-notch coaching staff?
              I mean, maybe getting rid of Harbaugh will ease tensions…but do you really think Tomsula (Baalke) can assemble a staff comparable to the outgoing one?

              1. This is still an extremely talented team, and I think they will be getting back to their strengths.

              2. All things being equal they should be better considering all the injured players that affected their record in 2014. Add all the hold outs and drama they should make the playoffs even with a drop in the quality of the coaching staff. Any problems might not show itself next season but begin to manifest themselves more later.

  27. Matt Maiocco (@MaioccoCSN):

    “Those who are citing stats from Raiders with Jason Tarver as DC, rest assured. He would not be bringing those players with him.”

    1. That’s supposed to make the fan base feel better? Fangio could plug in no-names, retreads, and rookies whilst keeping our defense in beast mode.

          1. Fangio is a great DC Mid, but he’s not irreplaceable. Having said that I’m not sure Tarver is a guy I’d choose as a replacement.

            1. Tell me about it. Not happy with the choice. But hey, he’ll have significantly more talent to work with than he did at the Raiders.

            2. I’m not saying so much that Fangio isn’t replaceable Rocket, but he was a god among men. I mean his nickname was Godfather. ;-)

            3. I know Fangio was good, not sure if he is great. Two games come to mind, the first 1/2 of the Super Bowl, losing 28-0 to zip. and the Raider’s game.

          2. Would you be thrilled about hiring a guy as your DC that in 11 seasons as a DC had cracked the top 10 in yards and points allowed just twice, had ranked lower than 20th in both categories six and five times, respectively, and had ranked 29th or lower in yards allowed four times?

            1. Scooter:

              Do you have a staff there in Australia that gets this information to you so quickly for posting. :) I can’t even keep up with the sheer number of posts and you’ve got all the needed stats at hand.

  28. They think youth and exuberance is what this team needs.
    Nevermind that knowledge, wisdom, and expertise all come with age.
    At this point, the team’s success is riding on whomever gets the OC job.
    They better get it right.

    1. It all fits in the Jed York’s vision of the 49ers operating as a “Silicon Valley Startup” company.

        1. Exactly.
          Notice how Roman didn’t take him along to Buffalo.
          Must be because he already has a rapport of sorts with Kap.

          1. Could also be because Chryst has a son playing at Stanford and he chose to stay in the Bay Area instead of going off to Buffalo.

            1. The question really isn’t ‘why did he stay?’
              The question is ‘why did they keep him?’.
              Kap is not developing and our offense is near last in the league but our defense is top 5.
              So what do we do?
              Get rid of most of the defensive coaching staff and keep the QB coach.
              Makes sense.

      1. Keeping a guy who Kaepernick has a good working relationship should help the transition to the new coordinator.

        1. That’s definitely the plus side. The negative side is the lack of Kap’s development.

          1. I keep reading that Kaepernick was having the best season of his career prior to Thanksgiving.

            1. He was in some stat categories. That has nothing to do with development though. You are one of his biggest critics, and I agree he hasn’t developed as a pocket passer. so why keep Chryst?

  29. Question: How would u guys feel if the 9ers got Marc Trestman as OC? And also do we have the personel for a 4-3 scheme on def?

    1. I can’t exactly remember where I read it but Fangio stated once that his scheme was not solely a 3-4. he said his base scheme may have been but he adjusts to the competition and may be in a 4-3. So I guess we have the basic personnel.

  30. More twitter talk…..re Adam Gase

    John Middlekauff @JohnMiddlekauff · 15m 15 minutes ago
    Damn Greg Papa said he heard from NFL sources that the #49ers had a verbal agreement to make Adam Gase the HC & backed out last minute

    1. Read that in an ESPN link that I posted earlier. It just reeks of class, doesn’t it?

    2. If true that lends even more credence to Jed being the one who made the final decision on Tomsula.

  31. I think with the Defensive cast we have and the Head coach being defensive minded the major concern is the offensive side… we need an OC who can be creative and use Kaps abilities as a runner and deep passer.. they need to go look at the successful QBs in recent years and look a their QBs coach and give them a loaded offense who can run and draft a top tier WR

  32. Dude. Wtf is up with the typewriter? Can’t hear anything he’s saying clearly. I thought it was a 70’s flashback with our porn star lookalike Ron Jeremy as coach, but the typewriter is cementing the flashback.

    1. Its cameras clicking. all three guys on stage are wearing Lav mics so there’s absolutely no reason to not be able to hear them over camera shutters. Terrible audio.

        1. A)It’s not consistently matching the speech enough to be a typewriter.

          1. I thought the cheap owner and 70’s porn star coach. Lol
            I was thinking the same. I have a question… Who uses cameras that damn loud still?

              1. now that the cameras are quiet I can hear someone tapping away at a laptop. typewriters…:)

              2. Grimey – That was incredibly annoying. I truly believe that’s why NFL Network broke away from the presser before Tomsula even was introduced. I switched CSN Bay Area to watch the remainer of it. I felt sorry for Tomsula, he was very uncomfortable. The whole presser was uncomfortable, nothing inspiring from Baalke, York or Tomsula…..NOTHING.

  33. Check that. I’d rather hear the typewriting over a Mexican fiesta and Martha who makes sure he has his 401k plan in order. Wtf was that? Were doomed!

  34. MM… Trent what makes this move better for the team?
    Baalke… “Its a process” that line goes hand in hand with “I have to look at the film” as the most overused crap I’ve heard over and over again.

    Real answer…. He’s cheap. And will do what we tell him to do.
    Not surprising coming from an owner who is obviously to cheap to go to walgreens and pick up a bottle of rogaine! Go figure

    1. That’s exactly it Shadow Man. The owner can tell the coach and anyone else in the organization what to do. It’s called hierarchy. Coaches coach the players, owners do whatever they want. That’s why their called billionaires.

      1. And that’s why “billionaires” who have their personal vendettas and are all in the business with coaches who have no say. Don’t win Super Bowls anymore. So enjoy it. You’ve been rooting against this team since they shipped blue eyes out. They will stink next year. Congrats.

        1. I’ve been rooting against the Niners? No moron that’s you who always has something negative to say every week. Classic PMS.
          All I’ve said is rock stars like you needed to check yourselves after annointing CK the next one. Only to serve you up a mug of ice cold crow Shadow Man!

  35. I’m getting clear audio, and what’s clear is that Tomsula isn’t articulate. He doesn’t answer some questions “out of respect to everything”.

    1. He a talkin doormat. This is embarrassing. If he can’t put together some clear easy answers without picking up a folder and straightening it like a nervous hs student. What in the world makes me think he can adjust in an nfl game.
      Prime you are an idiot. Please elaborate idiot talk for us all. What is this coach saying?

  36. This press conference is hilarious. Tomsula is a nice guy. But he gives the impression he is way over his head.

    1. The press conference is typical Jed York. I don’t live in the Bay Area anymore, but I have a very capable computer on which I stream movies and television shows that look identical to those shown on TV. The 49ers production of the press conference is the internet equivalent to two tin cans connected by a string. Whatever Tomsula has to say, I’ll have to wait for Grant and his peers to write about it to know. The focus should not be on who coaches the 9ers in the future, but who is the real boss of this circus!

  37. Now the audio is cutting out, but I don’t think he was able to describe his defensive scheme.

    Now he is answering a question about what he learned from his odd jobs when he was a volunteer coach. “Earn it!” is the new motto.

    It’s going to be an interesting two and a fraction years.

    1. He can do a lot of things with his toes, he can do a lot of things with his hair, he can do a lot of things with his mouth,

      He can run walk skip jump

      Shrimp on the bar-b, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich….

  38. OMG. Tomsula is nonsense. Bill Walsh must be turning over in
    his grave. But Jed. Why he’s “excited about it.” Gawd.

  39. Man, I can’t wait for a transcript. The feed on 49ers.com is absolutely horrendous.

  40. I can visually see the embarrassment on Yorks face. This is aweful. So far this is singletary 2.0. I hope he can coach and gameplan better than he did. Wow!

      1. This is high drama and it’s been going on for a year. This is a team that has been slowly self-destructing. You can’t take your eyes away from it.

      1. Tutomate, who knows he might be a fine HC, but he’s going to be speaking on television and answering tough questions so he”d better get some PR work and help like politicians do so he’s comfortable and doesn’t make a fool of himself. He’s the face of this team for god’s sake.

        1. This guy is going to have to go to Kaep to get lessons on how to respond to pressers! lol.

  41. Absolutely embarrassing. Bad answers and trying to charm his way through the presser. BTW the CSN Bay Area feed has been good.

    1. Yes, but everyone was told about his effervescent personality. Must be past the freshness date.

  42. Only a genius OC and DC is going to sce this team. This guy (and I hate to bag on him because he seems like a good man) is in WAAAAY over his head. I don’t see a speck of genius HC ability in him at all. Singletary was better than this.

    1. Was about to say the same thing.

      What does this say about Baalke?

      If he thinks this was the best candidate what does that say about Baalke’s abilities.

      Makes me think Harbaugh did want to leave. Who would want to stay?

      1. Today said nothing about Baalke, just as it said nothing about Tomsula’s coaching ability.

        All of that will be figured out starting in September.

        1. At least thee is one non-menstreul fan on here who understands that a press conference does not win or lose games.

          1. A press conference is a tool, one that the fat little guy is going to have to learn how to use. Someone familiar with backstabbing should have no trouble, so thee can continue smashing and spreading your doll….

        2. That’s the problem Jack. It said nothing except what most of us already know: that Tomsula is Baalrk’s puppet, Baalrk still loves to smear Harbaugh, and the future is very uncertain.

          1. Whatever Mid. You appear to be a part of the doom and gloom crowd so I won’t try to change your opinion.

            Next fall is going to be fun.

    2. Could have sworn I saw some strings coming from Tomsula’ backside being pulled by Trent and Jed.

      They certainly got their guy.

  43. Crap now the CSN feed is acting up…. right after Lowell Jr. asked his question. Must be a conspiracy

    1. Why? This is the messiah. Jed has stated SB or bust so Tomsula is on the hot seat now. Man up

      1. I’m referring specifically to the press conference. Tomsula’s not media savvy. So what?

  44. York: It’s to have familiarity…

    Then why jettison almost the entire coaching staff? SMH.

  45. Jim Tomsula is no suit – he isn’t good at articulating to the media, and looks uncomfortable. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t think it means anything at all.

    1. Jed said they were not looking to win press conferences. But some fairwweather fans on here want glitter and glamour. What a joke. People making predictions that they Niners will be bad next year. Talk about ignorant.

      1. Lol someone made a New Years resolution to be positive…..
        To bad this idiot will fold and become the blog monkey he’s always been. Bashing players and ownership and coaches like he’s always done. Here’s a hint Canadian bacon!!!!
        You’re not changing your spot because it’s a new year. I’ll be back to remind you of your zen like crap you’re trying to sell. Get real. You loooooved ck this while season. And also predicted smith would retire here. What a joke!

        1. Find a post where I bashed coaching and ownership Shadow Man?

          Your problem man is you argue with everyone on here and think they all say the same thing. You look like an idiot because of it!

          1. Find a post where I bashed coaching and ownership Shadow Man?

            Your problem man is you argue with everyone on here and think they all say the same thing. You look like an idiot because of it!

            Lol you’ve got three people slapping your comments around. What world do you live in? You are now claiming you’ve never bashed harbaugh and the qb. And I argue with everybody on here???
            Lol naaaa monkey… Just my two favorite shadows. You and oneflop. You two can’t get enough of this hand. And I don’t mind using it on you madden players.
            Don’t think nobody hasn’t noticed your New Years resolution of becoming this positive person all of a sudden. Trying your hardest to make friends. Just because it doesn’t say 2014 on your calendar anymore. It was only one month ago you were trashing players on this team. Nice try. You need work on positivity.
            And try paying this owner thousands a year for this…. Once you and 10 of your Taco Bell co workers go in together on some season tickets, maybe then you’ll be a little upset at the man you’re givin your money to when he screws the fans and the name.
            Ya dig? Now find my twitter handle and follow meeeee!

      2. But some fairwweather fans on here want glitter and glamour.

        We FANS want a coach who exudes confidence and is sure of himself. What we’re getting is a nervous nelly having his puppet strings pulled on by Baalrk.

          1. I suspect JT puts pressure on himself to do the talking on the field not in the pressroom. He’ll grow into improving his press conferences (he probably doesn’t have much experience at it.).

          2. I’m reluctantly beginning to agree Scooter. Heck, I’m even kicking myself for thinking less of Gase.

        1. What does it matter Mid? None of this matters till they step on the field week 1.
          Who cares if Tomsula is nervous or stutters? What matters is wins. Take the emotion out of it and wait to see who they hire and who they draft. Then you can start crying like the rest of these fairwweather fans! Its a freaking press conference people. Get a grip!

              1. Positive prime still making friends. How’s that resolution working out for ya. Monkey???
                I have a serious question for your monkey…
                I don’t play madden anymore. I was wondering if you can trade coaches on the game. I know you’ve made it perfectly clear that fans should play madden to learn about football, so I was wondering how much knowledge you’ve learned about coaches on madden via trade or hiring.

      3. Prime- Glitter and Glamour?????. You are being hypocritical. You ragged on Kaep for not being more “presser” able, but give the head coach a pass.

        1. Will are you dreaming? My only concern is wins. Yours is trying to be Dr. Melfi and acting like you know something about football.
          Both are a fantasy for you!

    2. Disagree Scooter. Fans want a coach that will be able tell us what he thinks went wrong after a bad game. If he can’t articulate that, then the fans AND the media will eat him alive. And if he’s uncomfortable in a press conference, then how is he going to be when being the main man on the sideline?

        1. I’ve never seen Belichick nervous Scooter. He’s not that articulate, but why does he need to be when he can get his message across by just staring?

          1. Bill Belichick’s way of handling nervousness in front of camera is to be surly with the media. Jim Tomsula’s appears to be to babble.

            1. Long time admirer of your comments on this blog, Scooter. Glad I took a break from our AFC Championship game prep to drop by Grant’s blog. Need to correct you on one point though: my surliness in pressers comes from my deep-seated resentment of having to take questions from clowns. But you’re right, that new guy is a babbler.

    3. Scooter: They should have had professionals prepare him and throw every question in the book at him. He’s going to be speaking to the press twice a week. This is the shorthand route to becoming a HC.

      1. Yeah, you are right, they should have spent the last 24 hours focusing on getting Tomsula media ready. That is the most important part of his job.

    1. or Col. Klink. Jed is Major Hochstetter and Jed is General Burchalter. Where the hell is Hogan? We need him.

  46. One man can’t do the job?
    That’s a clue as to why they hired him.
    Cheap, easy to get along with, but to stupid to be the actual face of the franchise. They are telling us he’s not good enough to put his own stamp on this team. They’re bringing in help for him. Sorry. HC’ GOOD HC’s teach their coaches a system and make them better for them to move on and become one, one day. This is a team process with coaching? Get real.

      1. Never been on a winning team without a true leader.
        I know madden doesn’t teach you those things. You have to actually play sports to respect and know that fact.

      2. And btw. I’ve been on this site since it started. I’m the sun not a shadow on here.
        In fact remember you being a noob on here.
        And speaking of shadows. Looks like I have one everytime I post. And it has a banana in it’s hand.

        1. Just keep following Bay around Shadow Man!
          Still waiting for you to produce the Madden quote. Then again you run your mouth so much about different people that I understand you are a little confused. Keep making stuff up though.

          1. Lol easy to say now that you know we can’t go back to the archives. I know what you said. And I made fun of you then for saying it. Never gonna let that classic go. Again. Speaking of shadows. Here you are again. MY shadow. Ha ha haaaa. I kind of like having such a big fan. Follow me on twitter too.

  47. Oh boy. This is hard to watch. Did we hire Al Bundy? He’s football smart right?
    Jed looks so embarrassed at times.

  48. Here’s your bottom line from this owner. As I type this he throws his arrogance around and tells Baalke it starts with me. What a spoiled little punk….. He hired a band aid… He’s not worried about losing money from fans like me he ripped off with the exchange of season ticket holders.
    He’s got the Super Bowl next season. That’s big money. So he has some room for another bad year.

    I always had his and balkees back. In fact I won’t bash Baalke because Jed just showed who’s boss and pulling strings with that comment he made and corrected his gm on live tv.
    Who misspoke on accident.

    But after the robbery of tickets for corporate America instead of the working man who pays a lot for seats, and firing a coach the best coach his moronic family has ever had for “personal” reasons and putting winning on the back burner for ego purposes and not winning. I will not stop bashing him from here on out. He’s another garbage bag owner after all of this and I will never become positive for this snake. F*** Him!

    1. Sell your tickets then and STFU! The Yorks don’t need you. In fact the fan base doesn’t need whiny fans like you.

      1. Like whining about the qb for 4 months… Get your Taco Bell co workers together and buy them. Then you can meet York yourself and ask for a blowup doll to go with your Alex smith one.

          1. That’s Shadow Man. It’s either Alex Smith, DS or some ridiculous reference to having someone’s back/gang brotherhood. Dude is stuck in reverse.

              1. On an American blog about an American sport as a fan of an American team. Back to your doll so you can smash and spread! Ha!

  49. Best post-hire press conference I’ve ever seen….Mike Singletary

    I wanted to put a helmet and some pads on every time that guy stood at the podium.

  50. Tomsula hasn’t had a lot of practice at this. You can tell he’s a personable guy who is much better in a one on one setting as opposed to sitting and taking questions from the media. He uses a lot of words to say little, no doubt about that.

    If he wins I don’t care how he comes across in a press conference, but if he doesn’t win, this will be one of many things people will rip him for. I hope he’s ready because it’s going to be a meat grinder.

    1. Rocket…. Him not being able to handle a useless press conference doesn’t worry you a bit when he’s feeling real pressure at game time?
      Since Baalke said it’s a coaching team an not a true leader they want. I can’t help but think the real important coaching hire will be the OC and DC. They will probably be most of the leadership on this team. I just don’t see this guys confidence. I hope I’m wrong, and you’re right.

      1. MD,

        I won’t lie, his lack of saavy worries me a little, but I attribute it to him being outside his comfort zone. His comfort zone is on the field most likely.

        I think his leadership will be ok in the locker room, but no question the OC and DC hires are huge because Jim is not going to be involved in scheme very much imo. He is really going to rely on his coordinators to put it all together.

        1. Yeah so why hire him? What is he going to bring to the table? That’s what makes me upset.
          Is he a raa raa guy only?
          Is he going to challenge the game plan set for a game? Or will he simply be soaking up knowledge?
          I wasn’t a fan of the harbaugh hiring in the beginning. He won me over quickly and it started with his introduction conference. He was sure, he was quick, he had a plan. I can’t blame JT. I like the guy, but I think he’s way over his head. And today just confirmed it for me. I’d gladly eat crow, but then again I’m not doubting the OC and DC. Ha ha

          1. I think the biggest thing he brings is peace to the FO. That is essentially why they hired him. As far as the players, they love him, he will motivate them and they will play hard for him. The key is whether the coordinators can match the quality of the counterparts in our division. That is my main concern right now.

        2. The audio was cutting in and out when he tried to avoid explaining his defensive scheme. I’m looking forward to the transcript in case I just missed it.

        3. I’m afraid it sounds like we need to send our “Teacher” back to school. Today was supposed to be a celebration for Tomsula. He looked like he got ambushed. Being himself wasn’t enough today. Maybe Jed will do Tomsulas post game pressers!

  51. When Jim Tomsula looks at himself in the mirror, he can say “Jim Tomsula, football coach.”

    He certainly can’t say “Jim Tomsula, media savvy”.

    1. When Jim Tomsula looks at himself in the mirror, he can say “Jim Tomsula, football coach.”

      Only if he gets Baalrk’s approval to do so.

      1. I’d love it if he was both. But if he can be only one, I sure as heck would prefer it be football coach.

  52. One thing I find surprising. I would have thought they would want to keep some of the defensive position coaches not the offensive position coaches. Yet, it seems to be the other way around. Maybe JT never thought much of the defensive position coaches.

    1. I just heard that Elway interviewed Gase for hours. Good thing. But see since Baalke and York didn’t play like Elway they wouldn’t have a clue what to ask.

  53. Was anyone else made to feel uncomfortable, when on several occasions he would look down and begin picking what seemed like imaginary pieces of lint off the table cloth?

      1. I’ll bet you crapped your Club Monaco trousers when he described your quarterback, Colin Kaepernick you dumb Gasehole!

          1. Again your wit is only rivaled by the desire that beats beneath your bosom for Alex Smith….

  54. Not sure I understand the sky is falling atiitude with losing Fangio. I the Seahawks, Ravens and Giants seemed to make it to and win the SuperBowl without him. How many SuperBowls did we win with him?

    Since other teams managed to have success without Vic Fangio on their team, I think we’ll be OK. Unless you all were planning on cloning the man, he was eventually going to leave you know.

  55. So the guy was a little nervous in an unfamiliar situation that didn’t include a football field. That doesn’t bother me in the least (he’ll improve as he gets more familiar with pressers). What matters is how he “talks” on the field and winning.

    1. I also think he may be a little hard of hearing. There were a few times he asked for questions to be repeated, and a few times it sounded like he was answering to something he misheard.

  56. Those of you saying that it matters little how articulate he is in a PC as long as he wins game are right.

    But as of right now with no results yet on the field. The only indicator we are privy to that can gives us an idea of wether or not he is the right man is how articulate he is when the pressure is on (like in this press conference).

    Being articulate can be a sign of intelligence and personally I would want my HC to be an intelligent man. Now, he may in fact be quite intelligent, bit it did not show in that PC. He may just have been overwhelmed by moment. But this is the least amount of pressure he will feel all year. So….

    1. I’m giving him a pass because this is an unfamiliar situation for which he probably has little to no training. I will be much less forgiving when it comes to performance on the football field, which to me, is as it should be.

      1. I understand and agree. I too will reserve judgement.

        But what I can say is that if Trent and Jed wanted to come out of the PC exuding confidence and sending a clear message to the fan base that they know what they are doing and that we should feel optimistic about the project, then they failed miserably.

        1. Tuto – That was the most miserable and uninspiring presser I’ve ever seen. Tomsula was struggling to answer the most simple questions. I really felt sorry for him.

        2. Today’s event was even worse than the last one where they tried to explain their “mutual parting” disposal of Jim Harbaugh.

          If they thought Tomsula would have won more games that Harbaugh in 2011, 2012, and 2013 then why didn’t they just fire Harbaugh last year and started the Tomsula era in early February. Instead they went with a season of anonymous leaks and one very special tweet.

      2. He’s in the same position as a HC too. Maybe some are still nervous because of the singletary debacle. Neither were never more than position coaches. Without a thunderous manner to ease the old thoughts up Mr Fhysical it’s not an easy pill to swallow after that horrible introduction. Not once did he restore my faith in his boss.

      3. NO, he gets no pass.
        Ask Jack about his illustrious career…..
        He’s been HC before in the EURO-NFL!!!

    2. Harbaugh was the master of talking and saying nothing at all. He would basically flash his big smile, drop a few Harbaughisms and be done with it. Personally, I’d prefer a genuine person (however inarticulate) to a bullshtter like JH. Regardless, it’s all about the games.

    1. Razor:

      I gotta believe you’re gonna be changing that avatar soon. You seem to really be down on the guy. Or is you’re displeasure directed more at Jed and Trent? After all, Jim was given a big opportunity and he took it; you can’t fault him for that.

      1. No Cubus fans like Razor wanted the sparkling hire. The popular hire like Harbaugh was 4 years ago.
        Instead of vilifying Tomsula after a press conference, why not wait to see who he hires, see how OTA’s go, and then the draft. Instead, let’s just panic and declare the season over.

        1. Everything’s unicorns and rainbows as long as Prime has his doll he can smash and spread….

        2. Prime – Although the presser was awful, it’s all about winning. I was against the hire but I’ll be pulling for Tomsula/Niners to be successful.
          I’ve been very soft on Yuppy York for years, that’s all about to change if we don’t make the playoffs. If Yuppy York keeps his distance from any player/personnel decisions, Baalke and the future OC will add the right pieces on offense.

          This is still a damn good roster. One or two players away from going the distance. Injured studs returning and Warner helping #7 gives plenty of hope.
          ….God help us score some points.

      2. I didn’t like Brutus, or Robert the Bruce. I loved Tomsula like Michael loved Fredo. I’m Italian. I don’t like how this went down one bit. I’m a firm believer in what comes around, goes around. I don’t see anything that’s good coming around from this. That said, I will not change the avatar. My enthusiasm for the success of this franchise is unknown to mankind at this juncture….

  57. Press conferences mean zip right now.
    Let see him pick a quality staff.

      1. “They” is the right word because Tomsula isn’t picking anyone on the offensive side of the ball, and it remains to be seen who he gets to pick for defense. Baalke is going to be involved in every choice, and in total control of some of them. If you don’t believe me, ask Baalke.

  58. Whoever they hire as OC and DC they will know far more about their job than their boss. A majority of nfl HC’ should know more, or ATLEAST the same about the dutys of one of the coordinator’. Offense or defensive. And if they hire someone who doesn’t know more than their boss. We are in deep Doo Doo. So what is JT’ job? A glorified cheerleader?

      1. We’re about to find out exactly just how much he knows shortly after the Seahawks win their second Lombardi Trophy….

        1. Once the Seahawks finish their season they might have an opening at DC. If Fangio hasn’t already taken another job, we might as well right off catching them for the next few years. It’s the kind of poetic justice I would rather avoid.

        2. Packers aren’t going to let us walk away with a win. Earl Thomas doesn’t believe his leg is even injured so they’re playing it like that. All this trickery and deception . . .

          1. I see why a football player needs to psych himself up, but going public can make them look foolish. Some of Earl’s teammates tried to cover for him.

            It was a little like Ray’s latest outburst about Tom Brady.

      2. He may know more, but the bigger question is does he know enough to coach in the NFL. I’m willing to give him a chance, but he really isn’t giving me the confidence that he can answer that question with a resounding yes.

        1. If you’re willing to give someone a chance you don’t keep ripping him with just about every comment.

          1. Nope, you just throw a freaking party for five days celebrating a mutilated coaching staff and Baalrk getting their people person. Get real.

            1. Saying a team is doomed isn’t giving them a chance. That’s what one says when they’ve already made up their mind on something.

              1. Ah yes, saying “Tomsula is Baalrk’s puppet” sure sounds like you’re giving him a chance before drawing conclusions.

        2. As Jack said, if you were willing to give him a chance you wouldn’t keep ripping on him.

          I said this in another thread, but valid here.

          Its one thing to not like the hire and voice your opinion about your concerns. Another to say we are doomed or going down the toilet.

          Its also one thing to give something a chance even if you have reservations, another to form an opinion before giving something a chance, and then being proven right or wrong.

          You say you are willing to give him a chance, but you have already decided on how you think this will go.

          1. We already went over this in another thread Scooter and I’d rather not repeat myself.

            1. Yeah, you didn’t respond to that comment in the previous thread. You are right we have gone over this. But your idea of what giving something a chance means is clearly divergent to mine. To me forming an opinion and being happy to be proven wrong is not giving something a chance.

              1. Did I say that I wouldn’t give Tomsula a chance though? I hate the hire and don’t see any good for the team in the near future thanks to Baalrk, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t give Tomsula a chance. I didn’t think much of FS Reid and RB James, but I gave both a chance. One proved me right while the other proved me wrong. I’m more than willing to let Tomsula prove me and others dead wrong here, but it’s not going to stop me from voicing my concerns or feelings about him being hired Scooter.


              2. I didn’t say you should stop voicing your opinion mate. You are entitled to it, and I think it makes for great banter having divergent opinions.

                But like I said, forming an opinion and being willing to be proven wrong is not the same thing as giving something a chance. That is simply being willing to accept that sometimes your opinions are mistaken after the fact.

              3. You should already know that even if I hate on someone I’m always backing them on game day Scooter. I mean I hate on Kaepernick, but he’s on my team as the QB thus he’s got my back. The same thing applies to Tomsula. And if he proves my opinion of him wrong, then all the better because it’ll keep me from being called a Tomsular (reference to being called a Smither). The only thing I won’t support is the incompetent front office of the 49ers from Baalrk on down.

              4. Tomsula was planning his coup of the Harbaugh regime with York and Baalke all year right under his nose. That’s a problem….

              5. Tomsula was planning his coup of the Harbaugh regime with York and Baalke all year right under his nose. That’s a problem….

              6. Don’t worry, I’ve never questioned whether you’d support him on game day. I know you will be supporting this team no matter what.

              7. Deion speculated. All the speculation all year long has come home to roost. Perception is a funny thing. A Canadian with an Alex Smith doll is not….

      3. perhaps, rocket …but ..
        I get the feeling he won’t have the final say
        on the OC or the DC …

        Dumb-Baalke will …

        (I still wonder if Larry Ellison is still interested
        in buying the team …)

        Jed couldn’t go into a Wal-Mart
        with a fully loaded credit card … and
        buy himself a clue !

          1. MidWest …

            Thank you …
            You haven’t made me spit my coffee through
            my nose .. in quite awhile, now !

      4. Scooter: But remember you were even unsure of hiring Quinn and thought he s/b a college head coach b/f making the leap. I agree. I actually think Rex Ryan would have been a good choice for the 49ers.

        1. I never said I think Quinn should be a college HC. I just suggested I don’t know how much you can attribute the Seahawks defensive success to him.

          I’ve also never said I think Tomsula will be a good HC. He might be, or he might be dreadful. I don’t know. He has some characteristics I think will suit the position. And I think he’s more knowledgeable regarding football than some fans are giving him credit for.

          And yes, I do think Rex Ryan would have been a decent choice. I wouldn’t have been over the moon with him, but I think he’s a decent HC.

      5. The coordinators will have to know more than him. That’s not good. What’s he know about calling an nfl game? Coordinating an nfl game?

    1. Exactly.
      And when Baalke reiterates that he’s not a scheme guy or an x’s and o’s guy…doesn’t that mean he doesn’t really understand those aspects and therefore isn’t necessarily the best person to judge which players best fit those schemes?
      That always bothered me.
      Being a great scout is one thing…being a great enough scout to get the right players to fit the scheme is something else altogether.
      Am I wrong here???

      1. Baalke has a philosophy. In 2011 he hired a guy who had the same philosophy and it worked pretty good in 2011, but around the middle of 2012 the coach began to stray away from it. This gets them closer to 2011.

  59. If any of you that are jumping ship want to sell your tickets for face value let me know.

        1. I was curious as to the quantity you would be able to handle. If you’re not prepared to share that information, I completely understand….

      1. Razor …

        I’ll bet there will be more than a few
        ticket holders thinkin’ the same thing …

        (This could get ugly)

  60. I heard him say that there is a lot of dynamic between the guys and how cool that is!
    I think Jed got the guy with the Hot Hand…

    1. Dee ..

      I wonder just how long that dynamic
      will last … if ..
      Baalke hires Jimmy Raye 2.0 ?

  61. The good thing about JT is that we will have a lot to gripe about and tell everybody how we would have done it better.
    I’m already looking fwd to the season!

    1. Hey there sweet Mary. :-) Long time no talk.

      I think the non-Niner crowd is trying to discover who Tomsula is. This world has gone Twitter….I wonder what the next big thing will be??

      1. Mary was my grandma’s name…She passed 10 years ago. She was one tough Pollock and was a Niner fan too…..I miss her :(

  62. At the moment we need Kurt Warners help more than Tomsula’s.
    Let us hope that #7 has his thinking cap on rather than his Miami Dolphin hat.

  63. While Baalke is gearing up to smash the other 31 weaklings in the NFL with straight ahead fear inspiring power, Colin it trying to learn to read defenses and make all the easy plays from the pocket.

    I’ve spent a very long time following this team and not complaining about any of the top down crap. Which direction does crap flow other than top down? This year I’m complaining without giving anyone a chance to prove anything. I guess I’m finally mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. Shouting or peeing into a hurricane in other words.

    I’m not sure what it would take in 2015 to keep me from complaining in 2016. Maybe 16-0 and a win in the last playoff game would do it, but I’m not promising anything.

    It’s not Tomsula’s fault, but he’s walked right out to ground zero like nothing else is going on.

      1. HT ..
        agree …

        My fear with Jimmy the T is not whether he can
        coach or not … just look at some of the guys
        on Defense tweeting their support for him, and that’ll
        tell you something … No ..

        My fear is that Dumb and Dumber won’t be able to resist
        the temptation to stay outta the coach’s office !! …

        I was under the impression that’s what doomed the
        Al Davis – Raiders !

        (If we end up having a revolving door at HC ..
        like they do/ did
        my worst fear will be realized !)

        1. Paranoia and dementia did that to Al Davis. When he still had “it” his meddling was a plus for the Raiders.

  64. How could Jed and Baalke let Jim T. do a presser like this and not prepare him. Jim looked bad to some, but not me. Jed and Trent look bad to me.

  65. So what’s the best and worst case scenarios with Tomsula? Would Grant agree that the floor is Singletary and ceiling is Jack Del Rio?!

    1. He could do better than Del Rio. If he gets on a roll, he probably won’t mess it up by wanting to influence the offense like Seifert tended to do. By Del Rio I assume you mean between 7-9 and 9-7.

      1. I was being facetious. I’m not as down on Tomsula unlike the press and most of the fans. I am very concerned, but my concern is entirely on the turnover of the position coaches. Niners will sink or swim based on their position coaches and coordinators.

  66. Press conference summary: 49ers announce the introduction of Singletary v2.0. If at first you don’t succeed…..

  67. It’s obvious why Fangio didn’t stick around, but I hope Donatell didn’t leave on his own accord. If he did, it would seem to indicate the environment that exists in the FO is as unattractive to coaches as it seems.

    If Donatell was fired, and didn’t quit, that’s not great either, since he’s proven to be a valuable coach. Having said that, it’s coming out that the FO thinks the defense can be even better than it’s been if it becomes more aggressive. Hard to imagine, but at least there would be some rationale for letting all of the defensive assistants go.

    I’m trying to cut Jed some slack, but if he repeats the phrase, “win with class” one more time, my head might explode. Come on, man.

    First off just saying something over and over again, doesn’t make it true.

    Secondly, the process used to get Harbaugh out, skip over Fangio and sack all of the assistant coaches was anything but classy, so knock of the “win with class” BS.

  68. Okay,

    Well you get rid of the best defensive coordinator in the NFL. The Defense was the best part of the team. These are the kind of things that go on in the company I work for. I haven’t come up with anything humorous to say yet. It’s going to take a while for it to sink in.

  69. This is just another dumbass move by Jed York and company, who is better than Vic Fangio out there?

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