Meet the last NFL team to make no picks in Rounds 2-4

Washington drafted LaRon Landry in the first round in 2007, then settled in for a nice long nap.
(Photo: Associated Press)

When they look at their hand right now, the 49ers find a few cards missing.

As has been thoroughly discussed this week, including by general manager John Lynch himself, the Niners currently own zero selections in Rounds 2, 3 and 4. A lot can change, and will, before the draft wraps up Saturday afternoon. I’m guessing the 49ers will not be mere bystanders in those three rounds. If they are, they will become the first NFL team in 13 years not to make a pick between the first round and the fifth.

Everyone still talks about the 1999 Saints, who traded their entire mound of draft gold to Washington for the No. 5 overall pick, which New Orleans used to select running back Ricky Williams. (Spoiler: It was a terrible deal for the Saints, and especially for their head coach, Mike Ditka.) Eight years after that, Washington did the selling rather than the buying.

The 2007 R-words remain the most recent NFL team to make no picks in Rounds 2-4.

How did they get there? They had traded their second-rounder to the Jets in 2006, along with a couple other picks, to move up in the second round that year. Mortgaging the future for the present is rarely a good plan in the NFL, and it wasn’t in this case. The Racialslurs’ 2007 third-rounder, meanwhile, departed in a three-team trade that brought running back T.J. Duckett to Washington. The fourth-rounder went to Santa Clara, part of the package that sent wide receiver Brandon Lloyd to the nation’s capital.

Thus, Washington drafted safety LaRon Landry with the sixth pick in the first round, then waited until the fifth to take a linebacker named Dallas Sartz.

My previous post here made an argument for disregarding the 49ers’ current void in the middle rounds. The R-words’ experience is sort of an opposing argument, because the 1997 draft did not go well for them. Landry was a good player. He made a Pro Bowl. But the latter rounds netted Sartz, linebacker H.B. Blades, quarterback Jordan Palmer (Carson’s younger and less accomplished brother) and tight end Tyler Ecker. After Landry, that’s a combined career AV of 9. For comparison purposes, Ahkello Witherspoon has a career AV of 10.

Monday, Lynch insisted he has no regrets about trading three draft picks for Dee Ford and Emmanuel Sanders, because they helped get the 49ers to a Super Bowl. The same could not be said of Washington’s maneuverings in 2006-07.

They had used that elevated second-round pick in 2006 to draft linebacker Rocky McIntosh. He was a solid player who started 69 games over six seasons with the Slurs. But Duckett spent one insignificant season in Washington, rushing for just 132 yards in 10 games. And Lloyd had only slightly more impact there: 25 receptions (on 68 targets!) over two seasons, for 379 yards and zero touchdowns. His best years came before and after that.

Taking a longer view, the 2007 draft didn’t exactly kill the R-words, at least right away. They actually improved to 9-7 under Joe Gibbs that season. But they went into decline after that, and didn’t have another winning season until Mike and Kyle Shanahan helped them go 10-6 in 2012.

It’s a cautionary tale about dumping your mid-round picks. Honestly, though, it probably says more about Washington and its personnel chief at the time, Vinny Cerrato, than it does about overall draft philosophy. If Duckett and Lloyd had made big contributions in Washington, the story would be a lot different.

The Slurs’ experience in 2007 bears another lesson. People often don’t remember whom you select with lesser picks. That draft is controversial in Washington, but not because of the risky tactic of sleeping through three consecutive rounds. It’s because of Landry. As I said, he was a solid defender. But the Vikings took Adrian Peterson with the next pick, and DC football fans have never forgotten it.

You can bet that if Lynch and the 49ers stand pat and go pick-less in Rounds 2-4, it’s those first-round selections that will ultimately define their draft.

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    1. I can’t help but notice that the article contribution of this blog has grown exponentially. The content is informative and well written. Thank you.

  1. Not likely one of their 6 foundational players are on the board at #13. At that point trading back 10 spots for an extra 3rd and 4th would be the right move if the opportunity presented itself.

    Likely 6:


    1. I think Miami does something drastic in trading up to #2 followed by the Falcons trying to get into the top 8, which in turn will flip this draft upside down and a lot of good players falling.
      I want Derrick Brown, followed by Henderson, then Ruggs III. (In a fantasy world)

      1. Ian Rapoport
        · 6h
        Sources: The #Dolphins have called the teams in front of them for a possible trade up from No. 5 and are gauging the price to come up to No. 3 to potentially take an offensive tackle. We could see a run on tackles in the Top 10 like never before.

    2. If Shanalynch cannot find a foundational piece in the first half of the first round they try to trade back uf they can find a partner.
      This has pretty much been my observation right from the start based on Shanalynch’s track record. They have been remarkably open about their drafting philosophy over the last couple of seasons and what Lynch has said during this interview is consistent with what they have done in the past drafts.

  2. Razoreater: Do you see any picks being made in our Mock Draft? I’m thinking we should have done this offline on our own sheet, and then posted the results.

  3. If they don’t trade back, 13 and 31 have to be perfect. Though they have multiple needs, including but not limited to OT and DL, their most pressing needs are WR and CB in my HO, the two most glaring positions that cost them a SB title. I think NE and MIA are possible trade partners where we can pick up 4-5 picks in those mid rounds. Draftek has Ruggs available at 13 and Justin Madubuike (DL) Texas A+M available at 31. Would something like that suffice? Hmmmm

    1. Juan, I’ve said it before. Picks 13 31 are palindromic perfection. Very good omen there, they should keep both.

      1. Ok, I get it. See, you learn something everyday. Seb is going to be jealous. That word even tops some of the stuff he throws out occasionally. I could be a bit superstitious so you could be right! Also, in general I’ve lobbied for using those low picks instead of the trade back philosophy. Quality almost always stumps quantity In my opinion. 13 or 31, or reversed, 31 and 13. Hmmmm

        1. What does the president of the palindrome fan club drive? A Toyota. 😏

          I remember seeing that in one of the late great Herb Caen’s columns a long while ago.

    2. Juan,
      I’d be ok with that scenario, especially given the fact that the team has done well with late rd picks and UDFA’s.
      Except for a couple of positions, the 49ers are still strong enough to make another SB run.
      I’m firm on keeping our two 1st rd picks, but trust Lynch to make the right moves.

  4. Seems the site is blocking most of my attempts to post as spam. It may be happening to everyone else, since I am seeing no posts with picks. So, this didn’t quite work out.

    We can change this to offline through a shareable Google spreadsheet that people can edit to put in their choices, and I can post the results. Then everyone can do a post tomorrow explaining their picks. Thoughts?

  5. This spam BS (We’re sorry, you’re not allowed to proceed. This looks suspiciously similar to blah, blah, blah) has been blocking everyone’s post’s for months. I think it’s about time Mr. Barber contacted his IT department and get the issue rectified ASAFP!

    1. I will do that. If you promise you’re really not spamming us with offers of miracle hair tonic or timeshares in Cancun.

        1. Going to Cancun would be nice though, we can all social distance swim, eat good food and talk football! I am also enjoying the blog and your topics Phil, Thank you, We just have to have the spam issue solved.

        2. Updated update: My IT expert unblocked a bunch of comments and believes the process should be smoother now. (Too late for your mock draft, I assume.) One hint she provided: Don’t included any links in your comments. The platform flags that as possible spam.

          1. I have had posts with no links in them that have been blocked on more than one occasion, so I doubt the addition of links is the only culprit.

      1. Funny that you say that Phil. I was going to suggest that all of us who are stuck home with our significant others of over 40 years should adopt a man cave, a fridge full of beer, a lazy boy chair, and a TV, as far from the main house as possible. Trust me. Best move I ever made! Bong is optional. :)

  6. I’ve been ringing the alarm bell about the very real possibility that the NFL season will get cancelled. Yesterday CDC Director Redfield reaffirmed my concerns by warning of a Second Covid Wave. But now we have a glimmer of hope . Today Dr. Trump declared it was Fake News. LOL . Is there anyone on planet Earth or beyond who takes this ignorant buffoon seriously?

  7. Well, GEEP can start this whenever he is able to log on, and then we can just keep going through tomorrow. I can do it inbetween work.

        1. I have to leave for a couple hours, Pot…Kettle. Someone will need to cover my picks if I’m not back in time. Apologies for any inconvenience….

  8. Phil Barber
    I don’t know wtf is going on, but you (or PD), has a problem! FYI: And for the record I AM NOT SPAM. please fix the problem!

    1. Ready to roll Geep?

      Perhaps we all just place r selections as a new thread w pick # and use caps, seeing as there will likely be delays and others intermittent posts between selections

  9. Juan, Philly is all yours. You can take Seattle, if j does not.
    While being able to post, I have Okuda going at 3 to the Lions. I am pretty sure he will be there, and he fills a huge need, while being the top ranked CB in this draft.
    At 9 to the Jags, There may be several options. Derrick Brown, Javon Kinlaw and CJ Henderson are who I would take in descending order if the earlier player is chosen before they can pick. I just think that they really need to rebuild their defense, but a WR may be the BPA. I certainly do not think they will draft a QB, since they like Minshew. They will draft a QB, but later. Maybe Hurts or MacDonald.
    The Broncos are the perfect trade partner for the Niners, but will just sigh, and be patient, waiting for 15.At that pick, if one of the top 4 OL are available, the Broncos should run to the virtual podium to select him. Ruggs may fall into their lap. CJ Henderson would be Fangio’s choice, since he is a defensive minded coach, and knows that 20 out of the top 100 prospects are OL, and 20 WRs can run under 4.5 seconds.
    It really depends on if either the Dolphins or Chargers defer on selecting a QB, or another team may want to trade up to get Love. Elway may want to give Lock a shiny weapon with Ruggs, but he might want to protect Lock with Josh Jones. I read the chatter from MHR, so many are enamored with Ruggs. He would be my first choice, but he also may be gone, so Josh Jones would be my second choice. CJ Henderson would be the third, if the 2 first ones are gone.
    K’Lavon Chaisson, Yetur Gros-Matos, Xavier McKinney, Kenneth Murray, Patrick Queen and Justin Jefferson would be alternatives picked in descending order.
    I relinquish my pick of the Eagles to Juan, since I offered before, and it sounds like he wants that pick. Mr j can have the Seahawks, or any other poster can claim it, if they want to participate, and j is silent.
    I hope that helps Pot. I outlined my picks, with alternatives if the first choice is taken.

    1. I just want to get in my selections, in case I am blocked again, then Pot can determine my pick, and alternatives if the earlier ones are selected.
      Looks like Razor bowed out for a couple hours. Maybe we can all safely say he would have picked the best player in the draft, Chase Young, to keep things going.

      1. Seb
        THE RULES: I know it’s difficult for you, but please follow them. Wait until it’s your turn. (BY THE RULES), If you pick a player he’s supposed to be off the board. If you’re incapable of following the rules, maybe you should go smoke a J and let some one play that can?

        1. GEEP, this spam notification is ruining this mock. I have been notified many times. I shall wait, but Pot mentioned getting selections and posting the results. I will select at 3, 9 and 15. I do not want to select Burrow or whoever Razor chooses.

  10. I start w #6 and will periodically check in…..

    Makes it more interesting for me going into tomorrow as I don’t really know the players well, so this forces me to do the reaearch….

  11. Kyle Posey with some CB analysis. He doesn’t really seem to think that there is a need to take a CB in the first round. He sees only one CB (Okudah) worthy of a first round pick.

    “To me, there was only one cornerback worthy of a first-round pick last year. That’s the case this year, too. Last year, there were some unknown names and small school players that were more talented than the same three or four names the media were talking about. ”

      1. I haven’t posted a pick, but if he is there at #13, I think I would take Jeudy. To me it is the weakest position on offense, which surprises me somewhat since it was KS’ position in college. But his view might be that he knows the position well and knows how to scheme it open so why invest the capital in a WR. I counter with we need a WR that Jimmy can really count on when the game is on the line and it’s 3rd and long and everyone in the stadium knows it’s going to be a pass. We need a guy who can make the catch even when everyone knows the ball is coming his way. But if one of the top OTs is there as well, I wouldn’t mind that selection.

  12. Hello everyone,
    I have not posted here since the Super Bowl loss and I’m still not over it! It still stings! I’ll never be over it until we win #6.

    Glad to see Phil is back, I’ll miss Grant though. Welcome back Phil!!
    By the way, I still have Phil’s first post when he replaced Maiocco back in 2010…here it is:

    April 26, 2010

    Replacing a legend

    Hi, Niners fans, I’m Mike Bordick. No, wait, I’m Phil Barber. Mike Bordick is the man who replaced Cal Ripken at shortstop with the Baltimore Orioles, and that’s pretty close to how I feel stepping in for Matt Maiocco, who redefined the role of the sports beat writer during his 11 years with the Press Democrat.

    Matt will resurface shortly, and I know that you will continue to follow his reporting. It would be folly to think I could replace him in the hearts of 49ers fans. Rather, I hope to become just one of the sources you regularly use to stay up-to-date on your favorite team.

    I have spent the past seven years covering the Raiders for the Press Democrat. I know, the migration usually works in the other direction (Ronnie Lott… Roger Craig… Jerry Rice…). But I’m not just a Raiders guy. I have done a ton of writing for NFL Publishing and for the Sporting News and others, covering the whole league rather than a single team. I wrote the book “We Were Champions: The 49ers’ Dynasty in Their Own Words” (Triumph Books, 2002) and ghostwrote the foreword with Bill Walsh.

    In short, I have a grasp of 49ers history and I know the NFL. I just have a LOT of catching up to do when it comes to the current team. It will be fun to get there. I hope you come along.

    1. I still haven’t been able to go watch the 4th qtr again….. maybe after the draft as it will be a new season.

            1. Glad you are back Crab! I will be pained for the rest of my life for the last 7 minutes of that game. I do not think I will ever watch that super bowl again . Part of me is happy for Andy Reed but for the most part I just want to throw up!

    2. Crab15,
      Welcome back bud. I remember when Phil came in on the heels of the great Matt Maiocco. He was quickly welcomed by this blog family because he was humble and never made this site about himself. Barber didn’t stay long because (if memory serves me correctly) Bob Pedacky took the reins for little while until Eric Branch took over.
      Maiocco, Barber and Branch were all good. I’m also happy that Phil is back. I still see a couple of political entries now and again, but the blog has been pretty cool and clean in the short time he’s been back.

      What’s you’re take on the 49ers possible draft picks?

      1. AES –

        What’s up bro!
        I prefer CeeDee Lamb with the 13th pick…Jeudy is my 2nd choice, Ruggs 3rd. I’d be ok with DT Javon Kinlaw too at 13.
        I’d love to get the stud CB from TCU (Jeff Gladney) with the 31st pick (if he’s still on the board). We’ll probably tradedown with that pick though.

    3. Crab15 bringing the archival material! That’s crazy. Glad I didn’t write “Good riddance to that loser Maiocco!” because I still have to see the guy regularly in the press room.

  13. hey guys:) we still doing the mock? if so, am i picking for anyone?

    Phil, welcome back! Thanks for not being a troll or too lazy to post more than 1-2 times a week!
    Can you do me a favor and unblock my other email address? Thin skin con man blocked me for begging him to ” stop with the idiocy” when he was beating the drum for a qb with one of our first rounders.
    Con man would let a blogger get ” verbally stabbed with a knife” by other bloggers here……but ban you for the equivalent of raising your eyebrow at him!

      1. * rolls eyes* way to ruin it for me! lol

        easy peasy lemon squeezey…….im trading back 8-10 spots then taking a third or fourth round linemen! O or D…dosent matter

    1. J
      You can have one (or two), of my Draft picks: # 19 LV, #25 MIN, or #32 KC! That should give you enough time to
      figure out the player(s) you want to pick.

  14. Getting blocked as spam again.

    So far, we have:

    1. GEEP: QB Joe Burrows for CIncinnati
    2. RAZOR: Waiting, but we can probably assume DE Chase Young for Washington
    3. SEB: Waiting for Razor, but will go CB Jeff Okudah for Detroit.

    4. POT:
    What the Giants want to do: Trade back, but doubt they will get a decent trade offer since both the Chargers and Dolphins can see they will have the QBs they want available for them.
    What I would do if I were the Giants: LB/S Isaiah Simmons. The Giants need help on the offensive line, but they are set at both Guards and Left Tackle with Hernandez, Zeitler, and Nate Solder. So, I think they can wait for that RT in the 2nd round (possibly Josh Jones, Austin Jackson if he can last that long). But Simmons is generational; the Giants D was awful last year, and it needs all the help it can get. Simmons can plug in and be the sparkplug. Plus, Gettleman remembers having someone as influential as Luke Kuechly on his defense when he was with the Panthers; he wants that again.

  15. Calling the Redskins the “racial slurs” is childish and just plain dumb.

    I proudly carry my Creek nation id card in my wallet and I’ve talked with a large portion of our council and not a single member gives a crap about the Redskins name.

    Stop giving a small minority of people the power to believe they speak for the majority. The anti-Redskins movement died for a reason, nobody except a small few actually care and you’d be surprised to learn how few of them are in fact Native Americans.

    1. CfC- i agree with you %1000 ! i didnt wanna get off on the wrong foot with PB, hes doing much better than Con man ever did……so i was gonna let it slide. My 2 main issues are-
      1. as you pointed out….its always a small group making the most noise…..and they usually dont even have a horse in the race!! The motto i was raised on…..if you dont like it- TOUGH $H!T, get over it. now days instead of ignoring what one does not like…..ppl wanna insert themselves right in the middle of it.I dont get it, where is the logic of wasting time and energy on something you despise??!!!
      2. i’ve always viewed native american names/references in sports as a way of “paying homage” . if it wasn’t for these team nick names……native Americans might be all but forgotten to history more or less. I say keep their memory alive. Never forget the atrocity’s they suffered …..and make sure that type of thing never happens again

      1. CfC and j: Not trying to start beef here, because you are entitled to your opinions, but I wanted to quickly explain myself. I absolutely agree that many (perhaps most) Native Americans are unbothered by the nickname of the Washington team, and props to you if you are an American Indian with thick skin who doesn’t get hung up on names. But the sentiment is not unanimous. There are many Native Americans who DO take offense at Dan Snyder’s team, who feel the name degrades and dehumanizes their people. I get regular emails from some of them. Also, while I think it’s weird to use any sort of indigenous name as a mascot, I choose to use, for example, Indians and Seminoles in my writing. The R-word is another category altogether. It is not just an identifier, but an out-an-out slur. I feel gross using it, so I don’t. You can if you want.
        Have a great Draft Day!

    2. +1
      If I recall correctly, a poll was done a couple of years back that showed very few Native Americans were bothered by the Redskins being called as such; the only ones I have seen who have been mainly bent out of shape over the name has been the media and those who have no Native American ancestry.

      1. the only ones I have seen who have been mainly bent out of shape over the name has been the media and those who have no Native American ancestry.

        Genociders guilt at work, perhaps?

    3. I proudly carry my Creek nation id card in my wallet and I’ve talked with a large portion of our council and not a single member gives a crap about the Redskins name.

      A lot of older African Americans, having survived Jim Crow, are highly critical of the younger ones taking the n-word, appropriating it as their own. The point? Even if you are part of the group, not everyone holds the same opinion as you might.

    4. Here here.

      This is not like the N-word or K-Word, etc, that is 100% proven to be based in hate and bigotry.

      And, as you so well put it, the percentage of Native Americans who feel persecuted by the name is such a small number that if we put this reasoning to everything no one would ever be able to use a noun or adjective. Just because some people are offended does not mean they are right!

      They are and will always be the Redskins.

      Or should we also censor the Fighting Irish?

  16. This could be the most interesting draft ever, and not only because of the way it has to be held this year but because of the limitations teams had in scouting players. This draft could come out looking nothing like what the experts are predicting… and I know they seldom do however I think there will be many more surprises

  17. Over the past 10 years the first round of the draft has averaged 7.3 trades. I put 8 in my last all-32 and I think I’ll end up being a couple shy of the actual tally tomorrow night.

    This is going to be a really exciting draft!!


    This is my NFL Draft site. It has small college stars and their stories. Its about small college players, It is not about top players. And it has NFL draft contest links.

    Check it out.

    My 2020 MOCK NFL DRAFT

    1. Cin. Joe Burrow, qb, LSU
    2. Mia. from Washington Chase Young, de, OSU
    3. Det. Jeffrey Okudah, cb, OSU
    4. NYG Andrew Thomas, ot, Georgia
    5. Wash. from Dolphins Isiah Simmons, lb, Clemson
    6. LAC Tua Tagolovia, qb, Alabama
    7. Den. from Panthers Justin Herbert, qb, Oregon
    8. Ariz. Tristain Wirfs, ot, Iowa
    9. Jax. Derrick Brown, dt, Auburn
    10. Cleve. Jedrick Wills, ot, Alabama
    11. S.F. from Colts from NYJ Jerry Judy, wr, Alabama
    12. Oak Cedee Lamb, wr, Oklahoma
    13. NYJ from S.F. from Colts A.J. Espansa, de, Iowa
    14. Tampa Bay Mekhi Becton, ot, Louisville
    15. Car. from Broncos Javon Kinlaw, dt, S. Carolina
    16. Atl. K’Lavon Chaisson, de-olb, LSU
    17. Dall. Henry Ruggs III, wr, Alabama
    18. Mia. Josh Jones, ot, Houston U.
    19. Oak. C.J. Henderson, cb, Florida
    20. Jax. Jordan Love, qb, Utah
    21. Phi.- Justin Jefferson, wr, LSU
    22. Minn. Trevon Diggs, cb, Alabama
    23. NE Yetur-Gross Metos, de, Penn St.
    24. N.O. Kenneth Maurry, lb, Oklahoma
    25. KC from Vikings Jaylon Johnson, cb, Utah
    26. Mia. Ceaser Ruiz, c, Michigan
    27. Sea. Grant Delpit, s, LSU
    28. Balt. Patrick Queen, lb, LSU
    29. Tenn. Ross Blacklock, dt, TCU
    30. GB Tee Higgins, wr, Clemson
    31. NYJ from 49ers Austin Jackson, ot, USC
    32. Minn from KC Marlon Da

    1. sorry dude, but i gotta give it an F ….based simply on our choices! If we trade up for a wr….it better be Ruggs ( id wait at 13…and hope Ruggs/Lamb/ one of the top 4 Olinemen…..or even Kinlaw or cj Henderson there)if we took Juedy with the booty at 13….i wouldnt cry….id trust shanny…..but i just feel like if it aint Ruggs…..we mine as well wait on a wr and trade back unless we can get one of the top 4 tackles….2 of witch i think could start at G until JS retires.

      AJ at 31 is horrible! there is a big drop off with the OT……experts are saying he needs a year to develop…..and i dont see him being able to play OG…….so you literally wasted the pick!!!! Better off taking Kmet or a cb who wouldnt start either

      1. to be clear about wr at 13- i feel like Ruggs offers us the best trait- elite speed- to open things up for Kittle, Deebo, run game etc.
        I feel like Lamb could resemble a #1 wr and play on the outside…..even though he might not have the speed desired.
        I feel like JJ is a poor fit! he plays slot, not a good value for the 13 pick. Hes finesse/route guy…..and that reminds me of Pettis and scares me off! Not to mention…..everyone on our roster right now is more of a slot/underneath/ middle of the field guy .

      2. j, reading Cap’s draft picks #31 is a NYJ pick for Austin Jackson. He has the Niners trading that pick but he doesn’t say what the Niners got in return. (NYJ from 49ers it says)

        1. Ahhh….i see. your right Juan! that makes it much better! I’ll give it a C+ . I still dont like JJ….but worse is trading up for him:(

    2. Way too many issues with that mock draft. One issue is that the top four OTs are expected to go in the top 10, along with CBs Okudah and Henderson. Another issue is that the Dolphins are expected to draft an OT if they do trade up, not Chase Young. The third issue is that the Broncos already have a QB that they plan to move forward with and have a much bigger need at WR. Finally, why on earth would the 49ers trade up for Jeudy in that mock when they could trade down, gain more picks, and still potentially acquire a complimentary WR to Samuel?
      These are just four problems with the mock draft, but there are plenty more in it. Overall, that is just a bad mock.

    1. I was a season ticket holder w them
      For the last 6 yrs…. had some gd times! – if AB wasn’t a loser, they prob win 10 last yr…tough schedule this season.

      Still at pick #2?

      Watching Get Shorty…. been good so far- up there w Bosch, Ozarks, Better Call Saul….

  19. J
    OK, you got #19. Not sure, but I believe you also have Seattle (per Juanhunglo’s pos).
    last post from Pot…Kettle, said to put it on this page.
    I took QB Joe Burrows, LSU with draft pick #1
    Razor had to run an errand, so Seb decided to help him out by taking EDGE Chase Young @ #2
    Seb then took CB Jeff Okudah @ #3
    Pot…Kettle took LB Isaiah Simmons, Clemson @ #4

    1. Seems nobody has the Giants moving back, but Gettleman has so many holes to fill….. he would b crazy not to, my $.02

      Who has #5?

    1. That would be nice. All the possibilities could be limitless in Shanahan’ hands.
      But we’ll see what Santa Lynch brings us for Draftmas tomorrow.

    1. ** and I don’t believe they should move up.. even if their ownership may be desperate for JH or Tua (they apparently heavily scouted JH)

      1. Good pick by the way, hip concerns is the only reason I took Herbert over tua , about a month ago I was listening to a Pod cast on fantasy pros and they had on Terrel Owens as a guest. He is friends with the Alabama receivers and he to,d a story when tua threw to him and how amazing he was. He is convinced that tua will be a star. It was actually pretty interesting , just go to tags and Bobby Sylvester pod casts and look for the episode with T.O.

        1. 👍🏻
          That is some good info Rebel….. I think a large part of the appeal of the draft is watching teams maneuver for players like Tua and seeing how injuries affect their selection

  20. So, I’ve been dealing all night with the site blocking me as spam. So, it’s been pretty intermittent with my ability to post.

    Here’s where we are so far:

    1. GEEP: QB Joe Burrows for Cincinnati
    2. RAZOR: DE Chase Young for Washington
    3. SEB: CB Jeff Okudah for Detroit
    4. POT: S/LB Isaiah Simmons for NY Giants
    5. REBELSCUM: QB Justin Herbert for Miami
    6. DLP: QB Tua Tagovaila for LA Chargers
    7. GEEP (Carolina)
    8. RAZOR (Arizona)
    9. SEB (Jacksonville)
    10. POT (Cleveland)
    11. REBELSCUM (NY Jets)
    12. DLP (LV Raiders)
    13. GEEP (NINERS!)
    14. RAZOR (Tampa Bay)
    15. SEB (Denver)
    16. POT (Atlanta)
    17. REBELSCUM (Dallas)
    18. DLP (Miami)
    19. J (LV Raiders)
    20. RAZOR (Jacksonville)
    21. JUANHUNGLO (Philadelphia)
    22. POT (Minnesota)
    23. REBELSCUM (New England)
    24. DLP (New Orleans)
    25. GEEP (Minnesota)
    26. RAZOR (Miami)
    27. J (Seattle)
    28. POT (Baltimore)
    29. REBELSCUM (Tennessee)
    30. DLP (Green Bay)
    31. RAZOR (NINERS!)
    32. GEEP (Kansas City)

  21. The more I look at this, the more I think SF will try to trade down from 13.

    While I love Jeudy and would love to add him to our roster at 13 if there, I keep looking at the possibility of trading back and getting a combo of Ruiz and Aiyuk or Pittman. I can’t help but think the combination would improve the team more both immediately and going forward.

  22. “Lynch needs to find two difference-makers in the first round this year, not to please a fickle fan base, but to prepare for losing talent after the 2020 season.”

    – Brumbeck

    1. To Brumbeck,
      I say this. Does he not realize that a first time head coach and first time GM have built a SB type team in only three years?
      No worries Mr. Brumbeck, we got this!

  23. Pot…Kettle
    Good morning everyone…..Today is a good day, Santa-Lynch will bring us some new 9er toys….
    Draft pick #7: Carolina takes DT Derrick Brown, Auburn.
    New HC Matt Rhule and the Panthers are in a full rebuild mode. I had considered taking S/LB Isaiah Simmons, but Pot…Kettle already drafted him at #4

      1. Rebelscum
        My thought process was LOT first, but after thinking about it, I don’t see Staley walking away from his last best chance to get a ring. Also, the 9ers have backups OT Shon Coleman, Justin Skule and Justin Daniel Brunskill will compete with Tom Compton for ROG, but proved he can play LOT if needed.
        * I never seriously considered DT Derrick Brown, not because I wouldn’t love to see the 9er draft him, but I never thought he’d still be available at #13.
        Last but not least: Check out the top draft picks for 2021. LOT’s and CB’s especially.

  24. At #8 Keim goes to the kennel in Georgia and gets his quarterback a bulldog to guard against The Bosa Constrictor that’s loose in his division:

    Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia

  25. I’m going to get my aluminum pole out of the crawl space! Oh wait a minute, that’s Festivus! Happy Draftmas!

  26. Ok Seb what is your fancy for number 9? Talk about a franchise nobody wants a piece of or play for! They seem to be the new Browns!

      1. It may be found in on page 2, 3rd paragraph of his 11th post yesterday…… sadly, I believe he did detail what his pick would be in one of his lengthy diatribes ……

  27. Meanwhile, while we are waiting for his worshipness.

    Well, I’ve had a good run of 3 years in a row of getting the first pick right. This year however is much more difficult. So many scenarios could happen. Though I haven’t read it being away, I would assume that Seb and probably many others are predicting a trade back or two. I agree. They need the picks though a great player at 13 is in the cards. I think they can get more for their money in my scenario along with a great receiver and some high quality players.
    at needed positions, including CB, OT, DL, OC, EDGE

    Juan’s one and only Mock 1.0

    RD 1. #13 Henry Ruggs 111
    RD 1. Niners trade #31 to Miami for picks 39, 70
    RD 2. #39 AJ Terrell CB Clemson
    RD 3. #70 Davon Hamilton DL1T Ohio State
    RD 4. From PHL for Kwon Alexander/Breida #145 Jack Driscoll OT Auburn (PHL has 145 and 146)
    RD 6. #210 Carter Coughlin Edge Minnesota
    RD 7. #245 Trystan Colon-Castillo OC Missouri

    1. Unfortunately, I think it will be Ruggs at 13 (much to my dismay). My hope is that Shanahan will have fun using his speed and scheme him open so he avoids strong press or aggressive coverage, which absolutely ruins his ability to produce.

      My current list of receivers:
      1. Jerry Jeudy
      1a. CeeDee Lamb
      3. Justin Jefferson
      4. Denzel Mims (who I really want the Niners to take by trading out of 13 back to the 20s; I think Mims actually is going to go in the 20s).
      5. Ruggs

      1. Agree with your first 3 Pot. In fact, I think Justin is the best of the group. He will be the Patrick Mahomes of this draft. I hope Shanny sees that and I’m wrong with HR111. The other two will be gone before 13 and I don’t see a trade down. Don’t know much about Mims but I’ll check it out.

  28. Pot…Kettle / diptown
    Seb’s draft pick yesterday: page 2, 3rd paragraph of his 11th post: “At 9 to the Jags, There may be several options. Derrick Brown, Javon Kinlaw and CJ Henderson are who I would take in descending order”
    * DT Brown was draft by Carolina @ #6. Seb’s next pick was DL Javon Kinlaw.
    Pot…Kettle: It’s been >2 Hrs….Can we assume Seb’s pick for JAX is DL Kinlaw and move on?
    If so, you’re up @ draft pick #10 for Cleveland.

  29. Sounds good to me.

    With the 10th pick for the Browns:

    WHAT THE BROWNS WILL DO: The Browns are looking to trade back, believing they will have tackles available to them later in the draft. I don’t know if they will get any legitimate offers; the most likely candidates to trade up are the Falcons (but they need to get in front of the Jaguars I believe to get CJ Henderson, as I believe the Jaguars are looking to add Henderson; though, in our Mock, he is still available), and the Broncos (for Jeudy). If it works out, I would predict Broncos trade to 10 to get in front of the Jets, Raiders, and Niners, and will select Jeudy. The Browns at 16 will take whichever tackle is still available (Bechton I would suspect.

    MY PICK FOR BROWNS: Since we don’t allow trades in our Mock, I will pick Tristan Wirfs, OT for the Browns. I would have preferred Andrew Thomas, but Razor took him for the Cardinals. Wirfs can start today at Right Tackle or Guard, but I believe he has the athleticism and skill to become a Left Tackle. I considered Jedrick Wills as well, but think the Browns will want the bigger lineman to open the holes for Chubb.

    1. Yes sorry Jeep I have been working thanks for the shout out. Did not think the draft would go this long! I appreciate all of you . Good distraction ! Tough last two years.

  30. In March, John McDaniel called Ohio’s shutdown order of non-essential businesses “madness.” A few days ago he died.

    Now, we don’t know the circumstances of how Mr. McDaniel contracted the virus, nor do we know if he took foolish and unnecessary risks. But we do know what he thought of the measures put in place to keep him and the rest of the public as safe as possible. And we all know people who have similar opinions to those that McDaniel expressed on social media. If there’s any good to come from his death, let it be that people take those measures more seriously. They’re there for a reason.

  31. Wirfs at 10 would b nice for Cle…

    Raiders at 12 go either Lamb, Ruggs, Jeudy, in that order….. wtg on 11, but so as to move on as I am working and don’t want to delay things.

  32. Well it’s National Guess Day on the Draft, and I hope JL gets some calls because I know the Niner’s would like to trade down though it takes two to tango. That is one record I hope does not befall the 49er’s, having an open Friday.

    Here’s mine and of course it will be miles off, like most everybody else’s.

    I got plenty of WR’s, CB’s, DL, OL, but they’re just backup’s for a final choice. All that other stuff, like QB’s, RB’s, and Safety’s will just have to be those end picks.

    First I had to trade back, just so we keep building so I traded #13 to Miami because they have a million picks and might go for it. So, to Miami Coleman and Goodwin to even out the points, and the 49er’s get picks #26, and #39.

    For #31 we send that off to CLE for picks #41 and#97, so that gives a lot of potential for some diversity and still some good players of need, and I have a whole list of other’s that would fill in if one doesn’t get exactly there. That list will just remain with me. as that would take forever to list and I am including the list of player’s touted for the draft and the value point system assigned to each team and their position in the Draft for anyone to follow along with.

    So for #26, I went with Austin Jackson, OT, USC. Well liked, and in a good spot, since I don’t think the top 15 will be dropping this far.

    For # 39 I am going CB, and Cameron Dantzler out of Mississippi State because the usual one’s on the first round should be taken.

    For #41 I went with Raekwon Davis, NT out of Alabama, and with these two picks it would give a lot of options for varying position’s which JL could take advantage of he were doing some spontaneous drafting depending on what other team’s were doing.

    #97 am going with Jonah Jackson from Ohio State a fast riser that has good analysis and would be good for guard play or snapping in case Weston Richburg doesn’t come around.

    #156 the Niner pick, am going WR here, even though I have them all from Round 1-4, and am going with Bryan Edwards from South Carolina because even though I have went with taller Big’s they seem to all have some issues, and thought this would just be a good sleeper.

    So, that’s it. Have fun all in looking at the Draft unfold, and hopefully there will be some diamonds in the rough for the Forty Niner Prospectors.

  33. Lots of thought and debate but the smoke about jeudy’s knee and since the jets lost Robbie Anderson, I feel lam fits what the head coach wants to do, either receiver is amazing and I am also more of a Ruggs fan then you are so I briefly considered him. Going to be interesting what the Raidahas do at 12.

    1. If all the OT’s are off the board, Douglas will pick up the phone because he’ll have John Elway on line one, and Howie Roseman on line two….

    1. I took Ruggs due to speed for Al Davis tribute but also I believe Mayock n Gruden have been on record saying they want smart players as well, and Jeudy’s Wonderlick may have an impact if he doesn’t interview well (pure speculation…)

  34. Pot…Kettle
    I’m an adrenaline Junkie with a need for speed.
    9ers pick #13: I had intended to draft WR Henry Ruggs III, but if Diptown takes him I’ll go with Jerry Jeudy.

    1. I’m glad DLP took Ruggs then….hahahahaha.

      My preference at this point: trade 13 to Philadelphia for 21 and a 2nd rounder. Philadelphia gets Jeudy, we can take Denzel Mims.

  35. Phil Barber
    The PD spam problem is back again. It’s blocked my last two attempts to post (the last 15 minutes), and may also be blocking others trying to post….Possibly Seb, Rebelscum and others?

  36. Here’s where we are so far:

    1. GEEP: QB Joe Burrows for Cincinnati
    2. RAZOR: DE Chase Young for Washington
    3. SEB: CB Jeff Okudah for Detroit
    4. POT: S/LB Isaiah Simmons for NY Giants
    5. REBELSCUM: QB Justin Herbert for Miami
    6. DLP: QB Tua Tagovaila for LA Chargers
    7. GEEP (Carolina): DT Derrick Brown
    8. RAZOR (Arizona): OT Andrew Thomas
    9. SEB (Jacksonville): DT Javon Kinlaw
    10. POT (Cleveland): OT Tristan Wirfs
    11. REBELSCUM (NY Jets): WR CeeDee Lamb
    12. DLP (LV Raiders): WR Henry Ruggs III
    13. GEEP (NINERS!): WR Jerry Jeudy
    14. RAZOR (Tampa Bay): OT Mekhi Becton

      1. Franklin
        I suspect Seb is being blocked by the PD Spam monster, since he lives for this blog?
        It will block me, then 10 minutes later it lets me post again. then 15 minutes later it blocks me again?

  37. Reading Sebs last post he would take josh jones then Henderson cb. New tthread open so we should move this draft to next thread , 16 is open with me then picking for the cow girls I want to screw them up.

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