My Socially Distanced 2020 Mock Draft

Who will John Lynch and the 49ers draft via video connection tonight?

This will be a draft without traditional NFL “war rooms,” without Roger Goodell bro-hugs, without live end-of-day press conferences, without team-sponsored draft parties in auditoriums, without top prospects arrayed around tables in flashy suits, nervously awaiting their NFL fate.

It will be weird. And with an unprecedented reliance on technology in an industry dominated by crusty old “football guys,” it could get REALLY weird.

But the show is going on. Here is my 2020 Remote Quarantined Socially Distanced NFL Mock Draft.

    Joe Burrow, QB, LSU: Cincinnati has its best QB since Boomer Esiason. America has live sports again.
    General manager Bruce Allen delivers the pick but his laptop is on mute. He keeps mouthing words that look, to the best of anyone’s guess, like “feathered toaster over.” Pick forfeited.
  3. LIONS
    Fifteen minutes of video feed shows an empty office with eight monitors, three phones and a Lions helmet, but no people. A cat briefly walks through the frame. Silence. Pick forfeited.
    Chase Young, DE, Ohio State: ABC cameras cut to Young’s family home. No one is smiling. Maybe they didn’t hear he was drafted by the Giants. Or maybe they did.
    Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State: A building-block defensive player for Miami.
    Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State. NFL officials are telling the Chargers that Okudah has already been selected. LA coach Anthony Lynn and GM Tom Telesco apparently can’t hear them. They are smiling and virtual high-fiving.
    Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State. Roger Goodell looks stricken.
    Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn: The Cards have been loading up on offense. Here is their defensive stud.
    Jacksonville GM David Caldwell says “Juh..” before the image freezes mid-word. No one is sure whether the Jags wanted Justin Herbert or Javon Kinlaw. Pick forfeited.
  10. BROWNS
    Lloyd Cushenberry, C, LSU: NFL team executives have a good laugh, thinking there has been another draft-night glitch when Cleveland selects a second-round talent at No. 10. But no, it’s just the Browns.
  11. JETS
    Tristan Wirfs, T, Iowa: New York gets the most athletic offensive tackle in the draft. One potential target off the 49ers’ big board.
    Jon Gruden is set to make Las Vegas’ pick, but he spends the allotted time telling one of his sons how to properly mow a lawn: “You’ve gotta start at the edges and work your way into the middle. Keep those lines straight, man!”
  13. 49ERS
    Jedrick Wills, T, Alabama: The Niners have Joe Staley’s successor. Director of video operations Mike Bracken immediately gets a promotion to executive VP and a statue outside of Levi’s Stadium.
    General manager Jason Licht announces the pick, but can’t be heard over the barking of his German shepherd. Pick forfeited.
    Goodell announces a trade out of the 15 spot, the 2020 draft’s first deal. We wait for the details. No one seems to know. John Elway has been logged out. Pick forfeited.
    As Atlanta GM Thomas Dimitroff announces his team’s pick, Elway logs back in to say that Denver’s trade partner was the Texans. Houston’s Bill O’Brien then attempts to announce his team’s selection at No. 15. He and Dimitroff are talking over each other as if the other weren’t there. No one can hear a word.
    Now Jerry Jones is talking, too, along with Dimitroff and O’Brien. It’s a cacophony. The red-faced Jones ends his 15 minutes by screaming “You’re all fired!!!” into the camera.
    Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama. “Guys, this isn’t that hard,” Miami GM Chris Grier says.
    Gruden is now talking about “Tiger King,” which he did not care for. “These cats are powerful athletes, man. You gotta give ’em some room to operate!” Pick forfeited.
    The Jacksonville screen is showing cut-ups of Oregon QB Justin Herbert throwing deep outs. This is considered close enough, and he is awarded to the Jags.
  21. EAGLES
    Philadelphia GM Howie Roseman and his wife are taking an online Zumba class. Pick forfeited, though Mrs. Roseman shows good balance and moves well in space.
    CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma: Minnesota gets Kirk Cousins a formidable weapon.
    CJ Henderson, CB, Florida: Experiencing technical difficulties, Bill Belichick takes 22 minutes to make the pick. Everybody pretends they didn’t notice.
  24. SAINTS
    Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State: They can’t. He’s already taken. It’s not allowed. For f’s sake.
    Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson: Wow, how did this fast, dependable linebacker fall so far?
    Fifteen minutes of grains of sand falling through an electronic hourglass. Pick forfeited.
    Mekhi Becton, T, Louisville: Seattle has a plan for keeping Nick Bosa and Dee Ford off of Russell Wilson.
    Spencer Torkelson, 1B/OF, Arizona State: Baltimore Ravens’ account may have been hacked. Pick is under review. Astros owner Jim Crane says he doesn’t believe it will affect competitive outcomes in any case.
  29. TITANS
    It’s just a Tik-Tok of a mom dancing to Cardi B. Pick forfeited.
    Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama: Snatched right out of the Niners’ hands.
  31. 49ERS
    Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama: Great complement to Deebo and Kittle. Mike Bracken given a 10-percent ownership interest in the franchise.
  32. CHIEFS
    Unaware it’s his turn, Andy Reid spends his allotted time trying to order barbecue through DoorDash. And also pizza. Pick forfeited.

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  1. 1. Bengals – Joe Burrow QB
    2. Redskins – Chase Young DE
    3. Dolphins – Tua Tagovaiola
    4. Giants – Tristan Wirfs OT
    5. Lions – Derrick BrownDT
    6. Chargers – Justin Herbert QB (was very tempted to put an OT here, they still could surprise us tonight)
    7. Panthers – CJ Henderson CB
    8. Falcons – Javon Kinlaw DT
    9. Jaguars – Jeff Okudah CB
    10. Broncos – Jerry Jeudy WR
    11. Jets – Jedrick Wills OL
    12. Raiders – Henry Ruggs WR
    13. Vikings – CeeDee Lamb WR
    14. Buccaneers – Andrew Thomas OT
    15. Browns – Isaiah Simmons LB/S
    16. Cardinals – Mekhi Becton OT
    17. Seahawks – K’Lavon Chaisson DE
    18. Dolphins – Xavier Mckinney S
    19. Jaguars – Kenneth Murray LB (Raiders trade for Ngakoue)
    20. Saints – Tee Higgins WR
    21. Eagles – Justin Jefferson WR
    22. 49ers – Trevon Diggs CB (I’d hate this pick)
    23. Titans – Yetur Gross-Matos DE
    24. Jaguars – Josh Jones OT
    25. Vikings – Kristian Fulton CB
    26. Dolphins – D’Andre Swift RB
    27. Cowboys – Cesar Ruiz C
    28. Ravens – Patrick Queen LB
    29. Patriots – Jordan Love QB
    30. Packers – Denzel Mims WR
    31. Browns- Ezra Cleveland OT
    32. Chiefs – AJ Terrell CB

  2. Very nicely done! I haven’t seen a comical mock draft since I used to write for Bleacher Report in the days of amateur writers!

    Looks like 49ers are being aggressive all ready to move down. It also looks like Marquis Grissom might be on the move as well but, it’s draft day and you can’t believe anything until it happens!

    Happy I can post again!

    1. We are. I think we decided to pick for Seb, which according to his post was CJ Henderson?

      1. Sorry guys.
        My nuts got wrangled in an unfortunate John Deer accident and I’m now waiting for Sonoma Fire to cut me out with the Jaws of Life.
        I may have to sit this one out.

  3. Should be an entertaining evening. As always, looking forward to the post-draft Undrafted Free Agency (UDFA) frenzy.

  4. With just 4 hours to go before the draft kicks off… here are my picks for tonight. I think we trade down from 13 and pick up a 2nd rounder and grab Justin Jefferson. With the 31st pick we select Zack Baun. We come out of the first round with a future star WR and a beast edge rusher to pair with Bosa and Ford. Jefferson and Baun would be day 1 starters and would help us get over the top. A front 4 with Baun AA DJ Jones Bosa with Ford off the bench looks promising. Jefferson would explode in Shanahan’s offense next to Kittle and Deebo. Make it happen Lynch!!

    1. +1000 if that happens but Justin will be gone by 22, if not 21. Both Philly and the Vikes covet him. They better get to 20 with that trade back!

  5. IMO, Niners have no position of “need”, but can get better (in the order of decreasing importance) with a playmaking DB, a “typical Shanny receiver” with extra dose of speed, one-gap penetrating DT, and an athletic tackle who can be bit of a project and can be brought along slowly if needed.

    Of course, priorities can change if they trade Ford, Alexander or Tartt during the draft and pick their “replacements”. None of these players, of course, are likely to be effectively replaced by a rookie.

    Hopefully we’ll see Lynch execute two trade downs and stock up on the 2-4 round picks to set this team up for the next 4-5 seasons. Shanalynch can get a couple of excellent players at any of the desired positions in the range of 20-50.

    I’m looking for the Niners having an edge over tech Neanderthals like Gettleman and taking advantage of some communication screw ups. Evening would be complete with screw-ups by Cowboys, Raiders and Seahawks…throw in the Rams for good measure.

  6. Here’s where we are so far:

    1. GEEP: QB Joe Burrows for Cincinnati
    2. RAZOR: DE Chase Young for Washington
    3. SEB: CB Jeff Okudah for Detroit
    4. POT: S/LB Isaiah Simmons for NY Giants
    5. REBELSCUM: QB Justin Herbert for Miami
    6. DLP: QB Tua Tagovaila for LA Chargers
    7. GEEP (Carolina): DT Derrick Brown
    8. RAZOR (Arizona): OT Andrew Thomas
    9. SEB (Jacksonville): DT Javon Kinlaw
    10. POT (Cleveland): OT Tristan Wirfs
    11. REBELSCUM (NY Jets): WR CeeDee Lamb
    12. DLP (LV Raiders): WR Henry Ruggs III
    13. GEEP (NINERS!): WR Jerry Jeudy
    14. RAZOR (Tampa Bay): OT Mekhi Becton
    15. SEB (Denver): CB CJ Henderson
    16. POT:

    What I think Atlanta will do: Honestly, trade up in front of Jacksonville to get CB CJ Henderson in the Top 10. They want Henderson.

    What I will do for Atlanta in this Mock: Henderson is gone, so Atlanta has to change it up. But they will stay on defense, and take OLB K’Lavon Chaisson (which screws the Cowboys, who want him). Atlanta’s pass defense is extremely lacking. Unable to address Cornerback right away, they will instead take a page from the Niners and improve the pass rush; Chaisson is the top rusher in the draft. After shedding Beasley, and continuing to hope for more from Tak McKinley, Falcons find a rusher that adds speed and bend on the edge. A lot of this choice is based on potential, given his production was limited to 6.5 sacks last year. But seems to have the violence and speed to do better than either Beasley or McKinley.

  7. 1st Round Predictions of what will happen:

    1. Cincinnati Bengals: QB Joe Burrows
    2. Washington Redskins: DE Chase Young
    3. Detroit Lions: CB Jeff Okudah
    4. NY Giants: OT Tristan Wirfs
    5. Miami Dolphins: QB Justin Herbert
    6. Los Angeles Chargers: QB Tua Tagovailoa
    7. Carolina Panthers: LB Isaiah Simmons
    8. Atlanta Falcons (TRADE): CB CJ Henderson
    9. Jacksonville Jaguars: DT Derrick Brown
    10. Denver Broncos (TRADE): WR Jerry Jeudy
    11. New York Jets: OT Andrew Thomas
    12. Las Vegas Raiders: WR Henry Ruggs III
    13. Philadelphia Eagles (TRADE): WR CeeDee Lamb (though they really like Justin Jefferson)
    14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: OT Jedrick Wills
    15. Cleveland Browns (TRADE): OT Mekhi Becton
    16. Arizona Cardinals (TRADE): OT Austin Jackson
    17. Dallas Cowboys: EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson
    18. Miami Dolphins: DT Javon Kinlaw
    19. Las Vegas Raiders: CB A.J. Terrell
    20. Jacksonville Jaguars: CB Trevon Diggs
    21. San Francisco 49ers: WR Denzel Mims (wishful thinking)
    22. Minnesota Vikings: WR Justin Jefferson
    23. New England Patriots: DE AJ Epenesa
    24. New Orleans Saints: LB Patrick Queen
    25. Minnesota Vikings: CB Jaylon Johnson
    26. Miami Dolphins: OT Josh Jones
    27. Seattle Seahawks: C/G Cesar Ruiz (because Seachickens ruin everything)
    28. Baltimore Ravens: LB Kenneth Murray
    29. Tennessee Titans: DE Yetur Gross-Matos
    30. Green Bay Packers: WR Brandon Aiyuk
    31. San Francisco 49ers: DT Ross Blacklock
    32. Kansas City Chiefs: RB D’Andre Swift

    1. Uh oh! Somebody is going to get the mythical “intel” on the Shanny offense. We’re doomed. :(

  8. Here’s my second and final 2020 mock draft for the 49ers.


    49ers trade the 13th pick to the Patriots for the 23rd, 87th, and 98th picks, along with a 2021 third round pick

    49ers trade the 23rd pick to the Packers for the 30th, 94th, and 136th picks

    PICK 30
    CB Damon Arnette

    49ers trade the 31st pick to the Falcons for the 47th and 78th picks


    PICK 47
    OT Ezra Cleveland


    PICK 78
    WR/TE Chase Claypool

    PICK 87
    DT/DE Marlon Davidson

    PICK 94
    CB Michael Ojemudia


    PICK 136
    OG/OT Saahdiq Charles


    PICK 156
    WR Lynn Bowden

    PICK 176
    SS Julian Blackmon


    49ers trade RB Tevin Coleman and the 210th pick to the Buccaneers for TE O.J. Howard


    49ers trade WR Marquise Goodwin to the Cowboys for a 2021 seventh round pick

    PICK 217
    OLB Anfernee Jennings

    PICK 245
    RB Darius Anderson

        1. Not a fan of Charles but other than that it looks good. Would have went with Peart instead.

          1. I believe he would have been off the board before the 136th pick, so I thought the 49ers would go with Charles. If Charles has truly learned his lesson, then the team would be acquiring a good swing tackle who could also compete for the starting RG vacancy.

    1. This looks like a Seb mock. You traded down from 13 to 30, which took the team from a possible blue chip player to a player far down the rankings at his position. You added more picks than will be able to make the team as well. To each his own, but I would be trying to add quality over quantity at this point.

      1. Not really sure how you reached that conclusion. Arnette is a Day One starter, Cleveland is the heir apparent to Staley at worst and a starter in his rookie season at best, and Claypool is an additional weapon for Garoppolo in the receiving corps. Ojemudia can push Witherspoon and Moseley as the potential starter in 2021 if the team moves on from Sherman, Charles adds some strong competition to the swing tackle and starting RG battles, Davidson adds depth to the DL and a potential starter (especially at DT), and Bowden could take Taylor’s roster spot. Finally, Blackmon is a 1st-2nd round talent whose stock has fallen due to his injury history but could easily replace Harris as the backup SS, while Jennings and Anderson could be potential diamonds in the rough.

  9. Pot…Kettle
    Seb’s last post:
    * “It really depends on if either the Dolphins or Chargers defer on selecting a QB, or another team may want to trade up to get Love. Elway may want to give Lock a shiny weapon with Ruggs, but he might want to protect Lock with Josh Jones. I read the chatter from MHR, so many are enamored with Ruggs. He would be my first choice, but he also may be gone, SO JOSH JONES WOULD BE MY SECOND CHOICE. CJ Henderson would be the third, if the 2 first ones are gone.”
    “I hope that helps Pot. I outlined my picks, with alternatives if the first choice is taken.”

    POT…KETTLE….Seb’s 1st choice for Den was Ruggs. His 2nd choice is Josh Jone. Since Ruggs is already taken, I believe Josh Jones was his draft pick for Den @ pick # 15?

    1. Thanks for the clarification. I will change the Denver pick to Josh Jones, and CJ Henderson is still available.

      If that is the case, then I am changing my Falcons’ pick to Henderson, who get their wish without having to trade up. SO, Chaisson is still available.

      1. Pot…Kettle
        I may have missed one, but I have both OT Jedrick Willis and EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson still available to be drafted? Who does your board show hasn’t been drafted in the top 18?

  10. 17 on the clock… I am bouncing around, but most mocks have Mia going S w McKinney at 18…. so, I will go w the consensus seeing as nobody has fallen that much- other option being QB Love if they’re smitten w him.

    18, Mia, S McKinney (Alabama)

  11. 1. GEEP: QB Joe Burrows for Cincinnati
    2. RAZOR: DE Chase Young for Washington
    3. SEB: CB Jeff Okudah for Detroit
    4. POT: S/LB Isaiah Simmons for NY Giants
    5. REBELSCUM: QB Justin Herbert for Miami
    6. DLP: QB Tua Tagovaila for LA Chargers
    7. GEEP (Carolina): DT Derrick Brown
    8. RAZOR (Arizona): OT Andrew Thomas
    9. SEB (Jacksonville): DT Javon Kinlaw
    10. POT (Cleveland): OT Tristan Wirfs
    11. REBELSCUM (NY Jets): WR CeeDee Lamb
    12. DLP (LV Raiders): WR Henry Ruggs III
    13. GEEP (NINERS!): WR Jerry Jeudy
    14. RAZOR (Tampa Bay): OT Mekhi Becton
    15. SEB (Denver): OT Josh Jones
    16. POT (Atlanta): CB CJ Henderson
    17. DLP (Dallas): S Xavier McKinney

    1. Pot…Kettle
      You just answered my question: OT Jedrick Willis and EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson are still available to be drafted.

    2. Sorry; just saw DLP was picking for #18 Miami; which means we are still waiting for Rebelscum to pick #17 for Dallas. I know he/she is at work, so that may be a wait.

  12. NFL Network is listing the the 49ers as one of the three teams who could potentially draft TE Cole Kmet in the bottom half of the first round.

    1. Based purely on the known 49ers interest in adding a TE I suspect. I highly doubt Kmet is the TE the 49ers want. He’s a completely different type of TE to the ones they have been looking at – more a traditional in line TE than a flex/ move TE.

      I think Claypool who you have in your mock is a more likely target for the 49ers than his teammate Kmet.

  13. Merry Draftmas everyone! Love the mock Phil, very funny. This should really be a very strange and hopefully entertaining draft.

    My guess for the 49ers today is that they will look to trade back from both 13 and 31. I know Ruggs has gotten a lot of play as the 49ers pick this past week, and I would be fine with him at 13 (though not ecstatic), but I still think the more likely option would be to trade back. Jalen Reagor I believe will be the 49ers first pick in the draft, after a trade back.

    1. I won’t be mad if it’s HR3, but I think they flip both pics and target Reagor as well.

    2. I hope they don’t pass on Jeudy if he’s there. If he’s gone I’m good with a trade down, but not too far.

  14. Pot…Kettle
    * Dallas lost Robert Quinn, their leading pass rusher, so EDGE is likely JJ’s #1 need? K’Lavon Chaisson (BPA). would be my guess that Rebelscum would draft for Dallas, at draft pick #17?
    The cowgirls also needs a CB to replace Byron Jones, who left for Miami. Both CB Kristian Fulton and AJ Tererell are available, but I think JJ would would wait for 2nd Rd. draft pick #51, then draft either CB Jaylon Johnson from Utah, or Bryce Hall, Virginia.
    * I know the rules say we should wait for DLP, but if he’s working the draft may begin before he gets a chance to post?

    1. Rebelscum picks Chaisson for the Cowboys. DLP takes his McKinney pick for the Dolphins. J is up for the Raiders.

  15. I get the feeling most teams don’t want to trade up in this draft climate…..this is why the 49erOrg is out there making noise they would be open to trading both 1st rd picks…..

    Nobody is calling lynch and he his desperate to gather more mid rd picks.

    The fun part of this is few team draft well, some draft ok and most draft names for payroll services….

    Gluck 49ers….I have faith in Kshany and Jlynch……

    1. Couldn’t agree more. How I think the draft will go…

      Because of the good receiver depth Lynch wants
      1a – A “foundational player” (OT, CB, Brown, Simmons) first
      1b – Lucrative Trade Back

      But most top 12 teams are thinking along those very same lines. Good chance Lynch’s 6 foundational players will be gone at 13.

      The draft’s receiver depth could also suppress demand to move up to 13.

      Lynch takes a receiver at 13, insisting he was one of the “foundational 6” even if he wasn’t.

      The player will turn out to be pretty good.

      1. According to reports, there are more than a few teams interested in the 49ers 1st round picks.

        1. Just heard that. I hope you’re right! I want one of the F6 or lucrative trade back.

    2. Actually the indication is that a good number of teams are wanting to trade up. The Dolphins, Broncos, Packers, Saints, Falcons, Eagles, and Jets are the ones who are showing up the most in discussions of teams trading up.

      1. Good, good, good. I’m happy my speculation is wrong when the Niners are the better for it.

  16. 17 Xaiver McKinney is fine for the cow girls I am fine with that so whoever is on for 18 can pick now.

        1. Pot…Kettle says:
          April 23, 2020 at 3:27 pm
          Rebelscum picks Chaisson for the Cowboys. DLP takes his McKinney pick for the Dolphins. J is up for the Raiders

          Pot…Kettle: Looks like we need some clarification?

          1. Rebelscum took McKinney at 17, which voids DLP’s early pick of McKinney at 18.

            We are at 18 again, since DLP’s pick got preempted. J would have 19, but I don’t think he’s been on the Board today.

  17. This was hilarious Mr. Barber. Excellent work and we can only hope things don’t go all that smooth for the entertainment value it would create.

  18. Roger Goodell: NFL plans to play full schedule

    I don’t hate to tell ya I told ya so.

    1. Dr Trump: “This thing will disappear in April ” LOL

      I see that self identified “Billionaire” Trump has requested a bailout from Scotland for his golf course their. Remember when he was diverting US Air Force planes their for sleep overs to increase his revenue. Fraudster.

    1. That would definitely be a great first day, but I have seen reports that the Broncos and Jets are very high on Ruggs and that the Broncos are expected to trade up to get him.

  19. This seems to have ended suddenly. There was a mix up with 17 and 18; DLP went and picked McKinney, but I remembered he had the Dolphins (not Cowboys). Rebelscum came in and corrected the missing 17 pick; he stole McKinney (as 17), pre-empting DLP’s pick for McKinney at 18.

    So, we are at 18 (because DLP’s pick was pre-empted), but I think he picked already. J has not shown up for #19 regardless, and the real draft is about to start in 15 minutes.

    1. Pot…Kettle
      I had #19 (LV) and gave it to J. He hasn’t posted on the blog today, so not sure what happened to him?
      * I had LV drafting either CB Kriston Fulton, or AJ Terrell.
      @ draft pick #19: LV draft CB AJ Terrell

      If J shows up, he can change it to the player he wants…
      * I believe Razor is up next?

  20. Well thanks Pot for all your effort. You put in a lot of time to make it happen. Thanks to everyone else who paticipated and helped move it along. For what it’s worth, if available at #21, I was going to take Justin Jefferson WR LSU for the Eagles. No shocker. I hope Shanny picks him at 13, though I must stick with my HR111 prediction! Have fun all! It’s beer o’clock!!

    1. Not a problem; it was fun when it worked. Definitely some kinks to work out; would hope to get a few more involved.

      Will probably want to do it over 2-3 days, to allow for spam blocking and work schedules. Also, hope there is more commentary on the thinking behind some picks, since I think we have some very knowledgeable posters here.

  21. sorry guys:( i work graveyard… i sleep in late! but i was trying to make the pick hours ago but was deemed as spam! coincidentally…….i got on at pick 18, perfect timing!!!!! but wasn’t allowed to post till now ( after 10 trys….i gave up and did some chores ……then tried again now)

    1. I haven’t been hit w spam glitch since yesterday……….. curious that it appears to be a random fix.

      Hope someone falls to 13, or they move back a few slots.

    2. j
      Spam monster has been a problem with PD… It blocks me, then lets me post, then blocks me again…..FUBAR!

      I also want to thank Pot…Kettle for your mock draft efforts….A good shake down trial this year and expect next year will be better, if we (PD), can eliminate the spam problem?

      Thanks to Phil Barber also, for letting us use the Blog for the mock draft.
      I hope everyone enjoy the draft and all the new 9er toys….

  22. my thoughts / hopes-
    Simmons might be the top 5 guy that falls…..OLB and SS are the positions he translates to….and they are not valuable! id love to have him.
    Ruggs is my choice for 13……if its not him…and none of the top 4 Olinemen are there……and no one like Simmons or Okudah falls……i would trade back and go after Jefferson.
    we have no idea what the FO thinks/knows……and so what we do tonight will tell a lot!
    if we go OT- Staley’s future is uncertain!
    If we go wr not named Ruggs- TT and Hurd ‘s careers could be cut short ( injury worse than we think)
    if they go Kinlaw- FO not sold on plethora of bodies at DT to fill in for Defo
    if we go CB-little to no confidence in AW, EM ……or Sherm playing much longer!

    we shall see….

  23. Well, we’re good through#21, Pot on the clock for MINN at #22! :) No pressure! JK! Have a great night all!

    1. I don’t know if #20 went, though we have #21 in now.

      #22 Minnesota would be either Denzel Mims or CB Travon Diggs.

  24. 1. Let’s get ready to rumble. Finally something resembling sports.
    2. Watching Ruggs highschool Bball highlights on Rob Lowders’s twitter. That kid is an athlete.
    3. Akash Anavarathan @akashanav
    Adam Schefter says there’s been inquiries for the #49ers’ 13th Pick, some trades I could see:
    – SF gets 15 and 95, DEN gets 13
    – SF gets 18 and 70, MIA gets 13
    – SF gets 20, 73 and 116, JAX gets 13

  25. My Dolphin fan friends r SWEATING! – personally, if I was Detroit or NY, I would have tried to get a deal done w SD to move up to leapfrog Miami…..

    At 24, NO will h taking best WR available

  26. Sorry Pot, I thought I read Razor take Fulton at # 20 before I said my #21 pick. If not , my bad.

    1. Yes, boring….. amazing the bad teams, and the coming Jags n Carolina, don’t trade down a few spots… requires a partner tho, and it is expensive to move up.

      1. I think the lack of more information on players during this corona climate might be the cause.

        Everyone sticking with the consensus top players……

  27. So with the first 7 picks, only 1 OT taken. Things could start to get interesting now – would have to think a few teams would be interested in moving up into the top 10 for one of the top 4 OTs.

  28. If Wirfs makes it to 13, he’d might be worth jumping on (start him at Guard, then move to LT when Staley retires).

  29. Would b fun to see the 49ers board relative
    To how Wirfs ranks w all of the wr’s….

  30. Even better opportunity to trade down and get a very good pick. Niners’ phones are busy….

    Trader John will be continue to be busy after the first trade.

  31. Damn, the Raaaaaadahs snatched my pick! Come on Jerry? Thought he’d be gone! Beautiful!! Or will it be someone else? CB??

  32. 9ers move back with TB for #14 and #117
    WR CeeDee lamb and Jeudy. Also DT Javon kinlaw still on the board

    TB drafts OT Wirfs

  33. 49ers give up No. 13 and No. 245 in the seventh round and get No. 14 and No. 117 (fourth round) in return.

    Niners probably talking to DEN and/or ATL now.

  34. Schefter reporting Niners got 14th and pick 117 for 13 and our last 7th round pick.

  35. Thank you for making my picks. However, I did not realize that Wills would have been available. If I had been able to pick in person, I would have selected Kendrick Wills instead of Josh Jones.
    The Niners have many good options.

  36. Kinlaw was my 4th choice at 14: (1) Jeudy; (2) Lamb; (3) trade back again; and then maybe Kinlaw.

  37. That’s an “ooof” pick for me. Just using the pick they got for Buck to find a guy that probably isn’t as good. At least they got a 4th out of it.

    1. -Labrum injury
      -Back injury
      -Knees that were flagged by multiple teams as being at risk of arthritis.

      Bad pick.

      1. Several teams — including a few picking high — say they have no issue with Kinlaw’s medical, making it unlikely a top-20 talent falls out of the first round.

    1. It will be a toss-up between Kinlaw and Ford as to who will be the first to miss time due to injury.

    1. Not really for or against it myself, but something tells me you already decided you loved it before the pick was even in…

  38. They offcially threw in the towel on Solly. Wonder if they will move a D lineman now.

      1. I want to see how that trade works without leaving us all very disappointed with the terms.

        1. I’m more disappointed in the pick. Taking a pick with a good number of medical red flags usually ends up coming back to bite a team.

          1. He did not need surgery. It depends on the severity, but knee tendinitis is curable. No one said that it was a chronic condition.
            Bosa had surgery, and had injury issues, and he did very well.

            1. Not even comparable. Had Bosa not sustained a core injury during his final season with the Buckeyes, no one would have cared that he had an injury in high school. There is also the fact that Kinlaw’s knee tendinitis knocked him out the Senior Bowl and is likely to be a chronic injury going forward.

              1. We are not sports medical doctors, so I will rely on their expertise. They obviously foresee no long term problems, So I hope the tendinitis heals fully.

  39. Probably not a long career guy with his injury history, but the window for a championship is now. Immediate replacement for Buckner. Keeps the DL dominate. Smart pick.

  40. I am so happy. I never thought Kinlaw would fall to the Niners, but when the Jags took CJ Henderson, i had a glimmer of hope.
    Obviously, Kinlaw was one of those foundational players. He is the perfect replacement for Buckner. It was a huge need. He can occupy those double teams.
    I am jumping for joy that the Niners managed to do a trade back, and still got the player they coveted.

  41. If Kinlaw is such a monster, then why out of the top 25 rated defensive lineman in this years draft, he is ranked 24th in run stoppage? We’ll know in 1-2 years if this is another Solomon Thomas pick.

  42. The kid is already 310 lbs. He can run, bull rush and play inside and outside.
    You guys are gonna love him.

    1. I’m sure he will be a fine player, especially on this D. But lots of DTs could be good on this D. Heck, the overall talent on the DL would have still been good even if they added nobody. Realistically with Kinlaw the team is still taking a hit to the DL from last year. Is the marginal decrease in that hit from adding Kinlaw over a guy in the 2nd or 3rd round worth taking over another position whare there are greater question marks? I’m not convinced.

  43. Philosophically it’s not really a surprise. This kid will bring plenty of humility to the locker room, and violence to the field.

  44. Fact is, WRs in general are a huge gamble and all pretty much ALL divas…did you see Ruggs in a fricken bath robe?!? Please.

    I like the Kinlaw pick. He’s hungry and has a very high ceiling with the coaching and players he will be surrounded with. Buckner was awesome and I hated losing him, but there was no way to keep him at that price. This is an excellent way to fill the void at a fraction of the cost. Smart long term move.

    Now I hope we trade out of pick 31 and grab a bunch more picks in 2 and 3.

    Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

  45. The NINERS could of just keep Buckner. Not good pick for me but it is what it is.

  46. Yup, the Niners determined they could pass on a WR, because they will have good candidates later on.
    Kinlaw fills a huge, Buckner sized need, and the quality drops after Kinlaw.

  47. Hi guys. I have not posted anything since the Super Bowl,
    Just couldn’t face it.

    My question is, is this choice closer to Thomas or closer to Bosa?
    Bosa had injury issues which turned off a lot of people on this blog, but did just fine. (Gross understatement.) If he is healthy he looks like a beast and of course is actually affordable.
    He doesn’ Appear to have the same problem as Thomas, as he clearly can play DT.

    Stay safe everyone.

        1. Hopefully there will be games in September. Otherwise, he may have another year to fully heal.
          Players pull out of the Senior Bowl all the time. At least it was not an ACL tear that requires surgery.

  48. Looking forward to the small conga line formed by Alexander, Ford, and Kinlaw on the IR list.

  49. 49ers got their man! It speaks volumes that they went with Kinlaw with Juedy and CeeDee still on the board. Kinlaw is definitely a day one starter.
    Question now becomes do they go with WR, OL or trade #31.

  50. If it wasn’t Ruggs for me, the Kinlaw was the guy I wanted.
    Screw the raiders! He will waste away in Vegas.
    But it is what it is, my second crush was Kinlaw. I love the pick.
    Saved a little money and picked up another pick too. Homerun for this fan IMO

    1. I am not too excited about that trade up. I was perusing the draft big board for players around 117……

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