Michael Crabtree: “You’re looking at the same game I’m looking at, right? I can’t do nothing about it.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Michael Crabtree’s Thursday interview.

Q: The way the offense is going right now, how would you sum it up? Is it a disappointment or do you think you guys are where you need to be at this point?

CRABTREE: I don’t like that choice of words. We’re just not playing how we need to be playing right now. Obviously you guys see that. Got to play better.

Q: How do you get there?

CRABTREE: On game day you’ve just got to make it count. Every snap counts. Every rep counts. Take that into consideration and beat the man in front of you and play football. Good football. Winning football.

Q: Do you think you guys are close?

CRABTREE: I mean, we done been here before. It’s not our first time going through difficult times or losing. But it’s something you can overcome. It’s something you’ve just got to go out there and prove. It’s a new Sunday. Just got to prove to guys that we can play and we can win.

Q: You had that catch at the goal line and it was reviewed. What was your perspective of what happened?

CRABTREE: I mean the call was the call. You know I don’t argue with no calls. It is what it is. Like I said, we’ve got another chance to come back this week and do what we’re capable of doing. I just can’t wait to go out there and show what we’ve been practicing.

Q: Do you feel there is more on, not just you, but all of the wide receivers this season?

CRABTREE: No. Why would you say that?

Q: Because there are more wide-receiver sets than there have been in the past.

CRABTREE: No. We’ve had the same type of sets. Like I said, we’ve just got to get the job done. It ain’t about the receivers, it ain’t about the tight ends, it ain’t about nobody. It’s about the team. We’ve got to get the job done. We’ve got to communicate. We’ve got to make it happen. That’s it.

Q: Talking to Frank Gore the other day, he said it’s simply a matter of one guy missing his assignment and setting off a domino effect with the offense.

CRABTREE: That’s any offense. That’s football. It’s 11 guys, right? It’s going to take all 11 of us to do our job on that play to make it happen.

ME: How do you feel you individually have performed this season?


ME: Yeah, you.

CRABTREE: I always have high expectations for myself. But it ain’t where I want it to be. That’s why I work hard every day. That’s why I try to catch every pass thrown my way. Whatever they give me, I just try my hardest to work with it. I’ve been here before. You guys see what you’re seeing. I can’t wait to go back out there this Sunday and do my job.

Q: I saw you sit out a few plays, I forget what week it was, with a foot issue. Are you back? Is that foot OK?

CRABTREE: What you talking about, about a foot? I’ve played eight games since then and you’re talking about my foot. We good. That ain’t even a question to even ask me.

Q: What are your thoughts on going down to New Orleans and facing the Saints this weekend?

CRABTREE: I feel like we’ve been to New Orleans so many times. It’s so close to home for me, which is Texas, but I can’t wait to go down there and play. The last time the guys went down there, I wasn’t part of that. I was sitting out. Like I said, I’m excited to go down there and play against those Black and Golds and try to come out with the “W.” That’s the main goal.

P.R.: Are we good? Good.

CRABTREE: You had a better question than that. I know you had a better question than that.

Q: I had one before that.

CRABTREE: It’s not a question. By me saying something it makes news out of it when it shouldn’t even be said.

Q: Foot issues have been an issue with you.

CRABTREE: How many days? How many weeks?

Q: It has been. If you were still dealing with a foot problem…

CRABTREE: You would know.

Q: Well, maybe we would know, maybe we wouldn’t.

CRABTREE: It’s not a problem. On the field you see me running 100 percent. I’m good. I’m blessed and I’m happy to be here. Don’t bring it up. That’s negative.

Q: I’m not trying to be negative.

CRABTREE: I know you’re not, but the outcome is going to be negative. It’s not a good question to ask.

Q: You’ve had issues with your foot, so when you leave a game…

CRABTREE: I know exactly what you’re saying. I cleared that up that day. That was six, eight weeks ago. I cleared that up on that day and told you eye to eye. Don’t come eight weeks (later) and talk about it. We’ve got more things to talk about. Ask me about a route or something.

ME: Your numbers are down this year and people would like to know why, and that’s one theory.

CRABTREE: You’re looking at the same game I’m looking at, right? I can’t do nothing about it. I play receiver. Like I said, I’m going to do the best I can to do my job, whatever balls are thrown my way, try to catch them. I don’t care where they’re at. That’s all I can do.

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  1. I love it the reporters are afraid to ask specific questions because they’ve been told so many times that those won’t be answered and yet the player gets annoyed by the vague roundabout questions that reporters are forced to ask

  2. Right on, Crabtree! Very refreshing to hear, since he shows passion, commitment, and a positive mind. He’s never ot any reporter’s toy for self-deprecating sound bytes. He sounded a whole lot more intelligent than the surly, monolyllabic Harbaugh and Kaepernick.

    1. Looks like “Me” chooses his own titles with great care create the impression that he wishes the full text would reveal.

  3. I’m pretty sure I’d come across poorly in the media glare if I came under that kind of scrutiny. I’d be perceived somewhere between Marshawn Lynch and Sean Penn and Buddy Ryan, LOL!

  4. By far the most telling part is the last part.
    ‘Like I said, I’m going to do the best I can to do my job, whatever balls are thrown my way, try to catch them. I don’t care where they’re at. That’s all I can do.’
    He said ‘I don’t care where they’re at.’
    Notice that nobody asked him about the throws coming his way–just why his numbers are down.
    It’s obvious that he’s explaining away his drops by inferring that Kap’s not accurate with his throws.
    Of course, he won’t come right out and say that…but that’s what he’s saying.
    Whose really to blame???
    We know what Crabtree thinks…

    1. As I had mentioned before, Kaep is now dealing with the Bad Crabtree. You know the one that our previous QB had to deal with.

  5. Hey MidWest ..

    Winning cures all ills ..

    of course .. it’d be nice
    if G-Ro and the O-Line figured that out, too

  6. Sounds pretty defensive about his foot too. If i was injury prone (especially my left foot) and my contract year was being derailed by a possible left foot injury id be surly as well. With 7 drops in 8 games i wonder if his hands are injured as well?

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