Mike Silver says Garoppolo is under pressure because Mullens is “a very, very viable alternative.”

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo before an NFL preseason football game against the Los Angeles Chargers in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Check out what Mike Silver said about Jimmy Garoppolo Tuesday morning on 95.7 The Game:

And check out my response:

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      1. True that, whine. Also this:

        Any NFL team without a quarterback controversy is not a real NFL team

        And if there is no controversy, we’ll damn well make one!

    1. Nick earned the job I don’t care what anyone says. I like Jimmy G but Nick has earned it and deserves the chance.

      1. Yes, Mullens has earned the backup job. He out competed CJB. He was not vying for the starting job.

      2. Based on those throws to record-setting George Kittle, Mullens is on the Hall of Fame watch list.

    2. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, as well-known for his gruff, perfunctory responses with the media as he is for his brilliant coaching acumen on the sideline, was uncharacteristically forthcoming when asked about Stidham’s performance during the preseason. Belichick isn’t known for heaping praise on his own players – particularly rookies – but he made an exception for his new backup QB – Jarrett Stidham.

      Breaking News: Belichick’s rare praise of backup QB could signal a potential quarterback controversy brewing in NE, if Tom Brady struggles this season.

      1. More Breaking News: NE Patriots’ HC Bill Belichick has a bridge for sell. Anyone interested in Bill’s bridge can contact Michael Silver @mikesilver or Grant Cohn @grantcohn, for more details.

    3. Agree with Silver and Grant: Mullens is a solid QB who knows the full playbook. Grappolo is unproven and is not in any way a success yet. I prefer Mullens with the game on the line. Jimmy G. was grossly overpaid.

      1. Mullens is not a solid quarterback. He has one of the weakest arms ever seen in the NFL, which is why he went undrafted. He may know the playbook, but it shrinks greatly when he is playing. His specialty is the 10 yard pass to George Kittle.

  1. Ha. The Mike Silver who used to work for the Press Democrat and was one of Grant’s predecessors sees what Grant has been saying for awhile. You think they’re in cahoots? Very interesting.

  2. I wonder if Grant feels any pressure from upstart (‘backup’) sports media types who could replace him at the Press Democrat…?

  3. This might be fun…

    Bryan Niners Radio ?

    Tonight live 7pm on Niners Radio

    The loved but sometimes not understood Grant Cohn @grantcohn joins us Live

    We also have one of our favorite 49ers Jamie Winborn @jwinborn55

    Deena has been quiet long enough & has a lot to say ! @NorcalNinerGirl

    1. The understood, but sometimes not loved…

      Fixed that for Bryan, as we understand Grant just fine.

  4. Lets sebbistious for a minute…..What if we are 2-6 mid season…….Mullens comes in and we go 9-7……

    Do we continue to drink the JimmyG kool aid…or give Mullens the job going forward?

    1. If Mullens goes 7-1 he gets paid 25 million a year and is the starter. Jimmy either gets traded or cut. It’s not going to happen.

  5. If Jimmy G goes down it’s the end of the season. If Jimmy G plays badly it’s the end of the season. No choice but to play it out and hope Jimmy G comes through. If the pass rush becomes elite he doesn’t need to be Superman, just put up enough points and avoid the stupid turnovers much like Russell Wilson. We need to find a qb suited to this offense with a good arm in the draft to truly compete as franchise qb instead of these practice squad qbs we have.

  6. Not able to view the links rt now so maybe this was addressed. Jimmy G has $74.1M guaranteed. Nick Mullen’s has $0 guaranteed. To suggest Jimmy G feels pressure because Mullens might take his job is a bit silly. These guys know the contracts too. No way in hell he gets benched for Mullen’s and he knows it. The pressure JG will feel will be more about living up to his contract and his desire to win games.

    1. Only 41.7 mill was guaranteed at signing, most of which will have been paid by the end of this year.

      If Garoppolo bombs and the 49ers move on after this season the cap hit is only 4.2 mil in 2020 to get him off the books.

          1. Fans believe, we don’t hope.
            Fandom is way less stressful and much more enjoyable then pessimistic watchers.
            Try it, it’s fun!

            1. Belief in this team is all about hoping these guys do something they’ve never shown they can do consistently.

              1. “Fans believe, we don’t hope”
                With the 49ers, best to remember the famous words of W.C. Fields: “I believe I’ll have another beer”. You can just keep believing if you want.

        1. Oh I don’t disagree with the fact that Garoppolo will be given every opportunity to succeed or fail this year. I said as much back after the Denver week when it was suggested he sit at the start of the year if he continued to struggle.

          Only pointing out how easy it would be for them to move on financially going forward.

  7. You know all these networks that hire former players and they talk football.
    Well it’s because the guys that played football, know football.
    All these other wannabes like Silver the other guy on here are just pretenders.

  8. He is and should feel under pressure to perform regardless of Mullens.

    But having a backup the team feels comfortable starting might add a little more fire to hit the ground running.

  9. Grant says that Mullens is the most coachable QB that KS ever had. He always responds with “Yes, sir.”

    Oh really:

    “Kittle elaborated, saying Mullens told Shanahan to stop talking in the headset when Mullens needed to deliver the play-call. Kittle said it happened on the second play and continued throughout the game. The radio correspondence between coach and quarterback lasts for 25 seconds and cuts off with 15 seconds left on the play clock.

    “He was like, ‘Can you just shutup?’” Kittle said about Mullens. “It was so funny because you don’t really see that from Nick. He is literally like the most professional person. Go talk to him, the stereotypical quarterback, I am going to say A,B,C, and seeing that in the huddle was really funny.”


    1. Not that this is a big deal, but never heard a story like that about Garapollo. Grant continually making stuff up to promote a Cohnspiracy.

    2. You know the difference between being coachable and needing your coach to shut up so the play can get called don’t you? Maybe not.

      1. Sure, Jack, which is why I stated this isn’t really a big deal. But I don’t think Grant does.

  10. Yawn, a tempest in a teapot.
    Putting undue stress on JG is unwise. They should be patting him on the back instead of stabbing him in the back.
    To put it mildly, I like JG so well, I do not think they should bring back Kaep.
    I am glad that Mullens is a good backup, and if JG has his knee swell up, Mullens can lead the team to victory.
    However, JG can go on 5 game winning streaks. I like QBs that do that. JG can complete passes thrown into triple coverage. I like QBs that do that. JG knows how a QB can lead teams to win SBs, since he has 2 rings.
    I will not disparage Mullens, because he is one play away from starting. It will be a lot harder for him to lead the Niners to the playoffs, but he could do it.
    It sure is nice to know that the Niners have 2 legit QBs, but it is counter productive to create a false controversy.

              1. Because he did not tear his ACL. Still think JG is the franchise QB, and still should be the starter.
                JG needs to demonstrate he can play without injury, before he is declared the best QB.
                That is why they play the games.

              2. This should wake you up.
                Grant is pulling a Lowell. He is challenging JG to prove him wrong. Grant is making a salient point. JG has a tendency to throw picks. He needs to be less reckless. He needs to stop staring down the receiver. Ball security is an important factor when it comes to winning.
                Mullens is more careful with the ball. JG needs to throw more TDs, to justify all of his picks.
                Yes, Mullens is also accurate, has better ball security, can find the open receiver, has mastery of the playbook, is coachable and makes the proper reads of the defense.
                JG is also accurate, can complete passes in triple coverage, engineered a 5 game winning streak, and has strong leadership skills. He is a 2 time SB champion, is the franchise QB, and is deserving of being the starter. JG’s main problem is that rebuilt ACL.

              3. sebnynah says:
                September 3, 2019 at 9:13 pm
                This should wake you up.
                Grant is pulling a Lowell. He is challenging JG to prove him wrong

                Lol like any player gives two craps about a Grant challenge. Boy not only do you believe your outlook counts, you bibe Grants does too.

              4. If it is effective, and JG has better ball security, throwing less picks, I will be content.
                If he continues to be reckless, and throws too many picks, he obviously did not watch what Grant said.
                I believe Eddie.

              5. Lol like any player gives two craps about a Grant challenge.

                You got that right MD. And if they did, that’s reason for demotion right there.

              6. I can envision 9er game planning the rest of this week… Coaches, supporting staff, and team captains are huddled in a corner, breaking down Grant’s challenge–working hard to make adjustments so that they can demonstrate they’re up to the task. I’m confident they’re relieved because the game plan they had going into this weekend was horribly flawed. Thanks Grant for shaking them up. Maybe the 9ers will place a huge portrait photo of Grant next to the locker room exit so players and coaches can tap Grant’s likeness as they leave to take the field.

              7. Earlier, KS did not want any negative things written about his players, because it might negatively affect them. He just admitted they read those things. KS admitted he did not coach them to expect negative things being written about them, because they are coming off a 4-12 season. KS should coach his players to turn those negative articles into motivation to prove them wrong. I sure hope he told them to never let them see them sweat.
                KS should tell his team that the journalists are just doing their job. They should be sick of the Rainbows and Unicorn crowd, because the Niners are facing a daunting challenge. Imagine the meltdown if they do not start out winning, That is when the true fans stand tall, and the bandwagon fans go hide.
                I hope the Niner players are cool, calm, collected. I hope they are indifferent, unaffected and unconcerned about the static. I hope they spend all their time, preparing thoroughly, so they will not be surprised by anything the opponents do. I hope they realize that they should concentrate on things they can affect, and do not worry about things they cannot control. The Niner players should play smart, quick, crisp, efficient deceptive effective NINER FOOTBALL.
                Bill Walsh was a master at motivation. He would put up any slight, and act like their honor was a stake, and they must work hard to prove them wrong. This is just more bulletin board material, that remind me of the Glory Years era.

              8. Earlier, KS did not want any negative things written about his players, because it might negatively affect them

                Quote and source please

      1. If Mullens is the best, the Niners are doomed. Mullens has a weak arm–the weakest in memory. He’s not a threat to throw long, so the dbs can ignore the speedy receivers flying past them, and focus on picking off the short passes in Mulllens’ range.

  11. I’m a big Mullens fan, but he can’t make every throw.

    He has limitations. As a backup, I’m perfectly fine with those limitations in exchange for the things he does well.

    Mullens understanding of the offense and quick decision making resulted in more than twice the big plays as the big armed CJB. That’s what you get in exchange for the lack of arm strength.

  12. This Sunday afternoon we will find out if Jimmy G is a player of just a flash in the pan. If he plays well against TB and no rust appears that should shut up Grant for a couple of hours until he posts his Grades.
    Niners win the game, IT will be not so good even though he had no int. 4 TDs went 27 completions for 28 attempts and had one dropped pass. Grant will want JG benched because he wasn’t perfect.
    The backup an is always better than the starter until he becomes the starter.
    Mullens isn’t the starter Grant thinks he is otherwise Indy or Denver would have traded for him.
    Put a fork in it and go out and find a better story. Oh how about who the best OL man available on the waver wire!

  13. 5 bad things for this offseason.
    1. Getting Bosa, when they should have traded back in order to get additional picks for an interior O lineman and Safety. Now that they have Bosa, Grant wants him to get 16 sacks, to justify the pick. They could have traded back with NY and drafted Josh Allen, who is looking better than Bosa.
    2. Reaching. It was a sign of desperation, and they possibly could have been patient, and still selected the player next round. They missed out on some good IOL and Safeties.
    3. Failing to trade away players, so they could have gotten something for them, instead of cutting them, and getting nothing. Many other teams managed to make trades. JL should not wait for deals that are too good to be true, and make fair deals that both sides benefit from.
    4, Insisting on the injured player analytics. Kwon, Dee Ford, Verrett, Bosa, Al Shaair, Street and Ward, are all injured players the Niners acquired. Maybe they should start concentrating on fully healthy players. McKinnon has been frustrating.
    5. Personnel decisions. They waived the grizzled veterans, and kept the young players. They may not be in a win now mode, but are building for the future. They had offers for CJB, but turned them down. Maybe they should have bundled players to facilitate the trade. Keeping 4 TEs was a head scratcher. Going with only 3 Safeties was alleviated by bringing back Exum. The backup O line could use an infusion of talent and experience.
    5 Good things about this offseason.
    1. Getting Kocurek. He is firing up the D line, and looks like he is putting players into positions to succeed. The D line has been dominant, many times.
    2. Getting Joe Woods. Firing Hafley was a good start, and hopefully Woods will make the DBs play cohesively, fighting for the ball. His DC experience will help Saleh.
    3. Finding Greenlaw. High character guy who made Smith expendable.
    4, Overall improvement. The Niners have good depth, because of an active free agency, and solid draft. The coaching has improved.
    5. Avoiding major injuries. The Niners have most of the players healthy, and ready to play. JG looks recovered from his ACL. The lack of major injuries is huge, and bodes well for success this season.

      1. I did not include him in the group of injured players the Niners acquired. I just mentioned that the Mckinnon situation is frustrating, because of his ACL.

  14. 9ers more than willing to trade mullins for the right price..2nd round maybe even 3rd rounder
    Mullins no JG.. however..he could take the team to a good place with good defence and an offence that stays generally healthy.

  15. There have been some head scratching signings, but there has also been some great signings that offset the the so-called bad ones.

    The FO has done well with players like Mullens, Breida, Warner, McGlinchy, Kittle, Pettis and Sherman.
    We’ll soon know what we have in DF, Kwon, Coleman, R. James along with rookies Deebo, Greenlaw, Wishnowski and Hurd.

    If JG can avoid injury and become the player the FO envisioned, this team should make some positive noise. If we become this year’s surprise team maybe the Shanahan/Lynch digs will stop, but then again?

  16. It’s hands down Derek Carr that’s why Gruden was thinking about drafting Kyler Murray. Carr may not making to Vegas if he has another bad year

  17. Grant is doing his Skip Bayless take thing again.

    Clowney is a better Edge Rusher than Dee Ford?
    Based on what? Can you find a single stat where he was notably better in terms of pass rushing ?

    In the past 3 seasons Clowney
    Played in 44 games, totaled 24.5 sacks, 59 qb hits,

    In the past 3 seasons Dee Ford
    Played in 37 games, totaled 25 sacks, 53 qb hits

    I don’t have the pressure numbers for the past 3 years but last year Ford had a league leading 78 Pressures to Clowney’s (18th ranked) 58… if someone has them feel free to add them.

    The point is, in spite of playing in 7 less gaes in the past 3 years Ford has nearly identical or better numbers in every pass rushing category and if it is stats are measured out in a per game average, those numbers are not even close.

    1. Thanks, Shoup for injecting some reality into Mullens mania. Grant deludes himself into believing that he is objective, but once he latches onto a player (Mullens, Dwelley, etc.) he’ll literally go down with the ship. The reverse is true as well. Once your on Grant’s hitlist, you only get off of it by being the best at your position.

      Mullens has done an admirable job as a backup. If JG falters and Mullens steps in and steps up his game, then so be it, because, in the end, winning is what matters. But despite all of the adoration from Grant, Mullens W/L is 3 and 5 and he has still thrown more interceptions than JG in the same amount of games, despite Mullen’s being a “safe” QB and JG a gunslinger.

      1. « he has still thrown more interceptions than JG in the same amount of games »

        He’s also thrown more touchdowns.

        1. It comes down to winning games regardless of the stats.
          Mullens threw 3 TD’s against the Raiders and won.
          Then he threw 3 TD’s against the Rams scrubs and lost.

          On the flip side, he threw 1 TD against the Seahawks and won.
          If our QB’s can beat Seattle (or any team) with throwing only 1 TD, I’ll take it every time.
          Winning alway supercedes stats.

          1. Here’s a stat for you AES that may help explain some of the record difference… with Jimmy as the Qb the offense averaged roughly 6 points more per game.
            Now to be fair these stats are all based on a rather small sample size.

            1. “Here’s a stat for you AES that may help explain some of the record difference… with Jimmy as the Qb the offense averaged roughly 6 points more per game.”

              Another stat that helps explain that is that in Garoppolo’s 8 starts the defense has 9 takeaways compared to 2 takeaways in 8 starts for Mullens.

              That stat also helps explain the higher points per game.

          2. Mullens played against the Rams starters in the final game last year. That wasn’t the case at the end of the 2017 season.

            Garoppolo and Mullens actual performance on the field is almost identical. Garoppolo is thought to have the bigger upside, but it hasn’t really translated to better play.

            Yes, Mullens has a higher number of interceptions but even that is close. Both guys would rank around 26-30 in interception rate among starting QB’s.

            1. Garoppolo is thought to have the bigger upside, but it hasn’t really translated to better play.

              That might have to do with experience, because that’s how potential is maximized.

              Mullens potential<Garoppolo's potential by a country mile.

              1. It might. And with the same amount of experience the two have almost identical results.

                Garoppolo has the intangibles, arm strength, size, speed, etc, but those advantages haven’t shown up in better play. Yet.

          3. I think it’s been said before, but mentioning only the QB as winning or losing against another team is most of the time not fair. It’s a team sport. It’s true that the QB is the most important position, but, imo, it’s hard to just ignore the other 23 positions (including kickers in this number). If a team has a great defense, then it makes sense for the offense to play conservatively. But if the defense sucks, then they probably need to be aggressive (increasing the likelihood of fumbles, interceptions,etc.)

        1. “Garoppolo doesn’t make often make risky plays”

          Yet he finished 2017 with an interception rate of 2.8, which would have ranked him 27th.

          1. Jack,

            That statement was based on his TWP (turnover worthy plays).
            In the 2017 NFL regular season, there were 288 dropped interceptions thrown by quarterbacks.

            Basically, the idea is that plays, where a qb throws the ball into a defenders chest or into a crowd of defenders, will be held against him. While on the flip side, not all int’s are counted as turnover worthy throws, ie the ball hits the receiver in the hands, bounces up in the air and the defender comes down with it. Or in Jimmy’s case, the receiver catches the ball but the defender rips it away from him… Wiping this one int out would have made his int rate go to a 2.2, which would have ranked him 13th

            Every year, some qb’s are luckier than others in terms of actual interceptions but this stat seeks to balance that out.

            1. Shoup,

              I’m pretty comfortable with the actual numbers. For every interception Garoppolo threw in 2017 that could be “blamed” on the receiver there was one that he was “bailed out” on by the WR or defender making a misplay.

              The guy does it on a regular basis. The throw to Pettis in KC is a perfect example.

              PFF is great for the raw data stats that it provides. When they start getting into judgement calls like this they aren’t any more credible than the average Joe.

              “Every year, some qb’s are luckier than others in terms of actual interceptions”

              This is actually something I pointed out prior to last season in a piece I wrote for Niners Radio.

              Garoppolo was bailed out a few times in 2017, and we saw the “market correction” a bit for that last year as his interception rate jumped from 2.8 to 3.4.

              1. Jack, I’d like to see that “market correction” for all NFL QBs. Do you have a link to the stat? Is it a PFF subscription thing?

              2. To your point on the Pettis throw, that would count against him but since that data is subjective.

                How much was he bailed out in 2017? 1 of his pics was when a receiver had the ball ripped away and one was on a tipped ball. Yes, I know, now we are both inserting our opinion just like PFF.

                Considering the circumstances of him learning the playbook though the weekly game plan installs… I don’t really know how much we can use 2017 against him. I was really hoping to get a better idea of what he was this last year.

                I don’t know what they really have in him… I only know if he falls on his face, SF better be looking for a qb in the draft.

              3. “1 of his pics was when a receiver had the ball ripped away and one was on a tipped ball.”

                Right. And one of his throws against Tennessee would have been picked if not for Goodwin bailing him out, and he had a couple potential pics dropped.

    2. Shoup – other QB gurus and computer analytics people also can structure programs that they deem appropriate for evaluations of QBs, or any other position for that matter. It’s all subjective, and with subjective opinions rather than objectivity, you can establish your own parameters. A computer driven analytics system is predicated solely on the narratives and agendas of the person writing the program – you quantify and weigh categories which you deem to be most important.

      1. Mike,
        While data is subjective at least it provides some context for their grading/reasoning.
        Making argumentative statements without comparable data provides no and is just essentially a belief system.

    3. I’m going to throw this out there, no proof just a feeling. When Shanahan says Mullens is more coachable what he really means is Mullens is smarter than Jimmy G. I’m not sure how bright Jimmy G is in comparison to Mullens.

          1. No kidding, but it is the only tangible metric for measuring it we have other than gpa. As for football intelligence, there is no metric other than heresay or speculation unless you hear it directly from the coaches mouth, not the 3 amigos….

            1. It was just an observation that Mullens seems more comfortable with the O than Jimmy G. Just my opinion but by no means am I calling for Mullens to start.

              1. Mullens has been a student of this offense longer, and so that comes as no surprise to me if it’s true that he’s a little more comfortable in it right now….

        1. Qb’s minimum acceptance between 24-26 per what I found on the web. Interestingly 28 seems to be a good number… Brees, Wilson, Manning, all scored that… Rothesburger only scored a 25 and Elway scored a 29 interestingly too high of a score is almost as bad as to low from what I saw.

  18. What a good problem to have although I doubt Jimmy is sweating it.. If he is then his focus is in the wrong direction. We’ll find out soon enough whether he’s the guy or not. Jimmy’s under pressure alright but it has more to do with staying healthy and performing at a high level than Nick Mullens…..

  19. Grant’s argument falls apart because it relies on us accepting the assertion that Jimmy needs coddling and “positive reinforcement”. Where is the evidence for this? The Patriots humble players, we hear all the time about that time the Pats lost the super bowl, the first meeting back with all the new guys Belichick ripped into him. I strongly doubt Jimmy, who learnt from Brady, went from being a backup who had the right mentality for the Pats to want him long term, to Aaron Rodgers-esque with his demands once he left. Now Jimmy isn’t Brady. But he is a former Patriot, and understands the importance of buying into the system. He also knows that Kyle’s offence is very highly regarded in the league. Grant, you have invented friction between the two here where none exists. I expect Jimmy to go out and put his best foot forward.

    He is under pressure, because he’s a highly paid QB who has yet to show enough long term that he’s worth that investment. He knows the numbers. He knows how quick the league moves on, because he saw the Pats get ready to move Brady the year after he won the Super Bowl, and the league MVP. He also plays for the 49ers, a team whose best years are defined by steller, all-time great QBs in Montana and Young. Jimmy knows the weight of expectation he’s under, and he as a competitor wants to be compared to those two. He wants to win a super bowl as the starter. Every single starter in the NFL is under pressure. Especially at the QB position.

    Jimmy made a bet on himself when he agreed terms with the Niners. You don’t do that if you don’t like the idea of a coach known for being tough, coaching you. This whole thing is ridiculous, and I can’t wait to root through this article again in 4 months time to find all the horrible takes from clueless “fans” who want to see the team fail to prove themselves right. If Jimmy throws 4000+ yards, 30 TDs and <=12 picks, yeah he's had a good year.

    EDIT – broke the wall into paragraphs.

  20. Mullens is the man……JimmyP may not be the starter next year, especially if Frisco tanks this year…the schedule looks tough and JimmyP has not looked so great in practice or preseason. Cut JimmyP and with the money savings bolster the Oline and WR corps…its a no brainer

  21. Tomorrow is the first game of the NFL season, and still no Yahoo Pick ‘Em League? I’ve played the last 4 or 5 years or more, and hope to continue. I have friends with other leagues I could pop into, but kind of like playing with the folks in this group. Have you all lost interest and it’s run its course?

    1. Sorry to see the good times come to end, but I joined another pick ‘me league group. Not sure if I can be in two separate Yahoo groups, but if one pops up here, and I can be in two, I’ll join. Cheers, and go Niners!

  22. The 49ers are a very lucky team to have Mullens as their backup. I believe he is an excellent backup and could be a solid starter like an Andy Dalton, good enough to get you to the playoffs but……. His lack of arm strength and inability to throw all routes will always keep him out of the top 10 to 12 QB’s. That being said I would not trade him regardless of what kind of draft pick the team is offered. Quality backup QB’s are just that valuable. Maybe in a couple of seasons, right before he becomes a unrestricted FA they pull the trigger on a trade. GO NINERS

    1. Agreed Coach,

      While Mullens was a pleasant surprise… he would be starter you would constantly look to replace.

    1. Cassie, the stench. Sorry your league folded.
      Guess what? The XFL is starting up. New league for the type of players you like.

  23. PT says:
    September 3, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    sebnynah says:
    August 20, 2019 at 8:20 am
    Mullens is the best QB on the team.

    sebnynah says:
    September 3, 2019 at 7:10 pm
    Because he is fully healthy.
    Still think JG is the franchise QB, and should be the starter.

    PT says:
    September 3, 2019 at 7:12 pm
    Whatever you say waffle boy!

    REPLY: PT vs. Seb (starring as (The Darth Vader of this Site)


  24. Make’s sense that Mullens is the 2nd QB the way he performed last year.
    He doesn’t have the full package like JG but his football IQ and demeanor are great together with his quick release.

  25. Hey fan boys – get off the Kool Aid. Jimmy G will lead this team to 10-6 and a playoff birth, right? It’s nice to have dreams.

  26. Agreed that JG is under pressure, but it’s a financial pressure. The Niners didn’t franchise him and gambled by making the highest paid QB at the time. However, in 2020 and 2021, there’s an out:

    “This year, he’ll own a $19.35 million cap hit, according to Over the Cap.

    Where things get advantageous for the 49ers is beyond the 2019 season, because at that point, San Francisco won’t owe the quarterback any more guaranteed money. His cap hit over the final three years of his deal is right around $27 million each year, with his $26.6 million cap number in 2020 ranked eighth in the NFL.

    So there are two situations that can play out over the next season or two, and neither of them put the 49ers at a ton of risk.

    If Garoppolo plays well, San Francisco would be happy to have their quarterback for a cap number within the top 10 in the NFL

    Then there’s the more pessimistic scenario where Garoppolo never finds his groove in Shanahan’s offense and the 49ers decide after another season or two that they need to go another direction…”


  27. Two ESPN writers predict a big game from 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Buccaneers
    By David Bonilla
    1 hr ago • —

    “Slow preseason notwithstanding, the Week 1 matchup against the Buccaneers is a nice, soft landing for his return from injury,” wrote Graziano in a prediction feature for ESPN. “It’s a big year for coach Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy G in San Francisco, and I say it gets off to a quick start.”

    REPLY: JG will light Tampa Bay Up!

  28. So, we are on the cusp of a new season. The hand wringing and personnel inflation will start to ebb as the real games begin.

    Is this the year the Niners finally get the donkey off their back, or is it the year Shanalynch are undone?
    We’ve had potential stars breaking through the roster (Buckner, Kittle), but are there more to take the team to new heights?

    Many fans have been patiently waiting for the posible break through moment, assures that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are just the men to shepherd the 49ers back to respectability.

    Forgotten and in the shadows lurks the upstart Jed York who has inherited control of the team from his parents hands. He has stumbled on success and also made a mess of things. Will he have the patience and wherewithal to stay on a steady course, or will he succumb to the desire to be admired and perhaps fall back on rashness?

    All we can do is watch and comment.

    1. Sour Yeast,

      Do you think Jed and Marathe have matured to the realization that the game includes the fans and it’s not ‘All About the Suits?”

      I believe that realization hit home the day after Jim Harbaugh’s heartbreaking playoff loss, when Dr. York and his Silicon Valley Executive billionaires walked through the 49er locker room sipping champagne, eliciting this response from Jim Harbaugh:

      “This locker room is for men, What are you doing in here?”

      Harbaugh was smart enough to already have lined up that Michigan job before those words were ever uttered, but he wasn’t going down as a whimp in front of his players. JH saw what way the wind blew—all about the suits in the early days.

      1. My take is that he has been humbled but I doubt his personality and sense self importance has changed.

        He hired Tomsula and Kelly after that moment. Also made that vain speech on holding himself accountable.

        I do not count on him staying in the background much longer. At some point he will want to stroke his ego.

    2. Yes SY…..its a make or break for JimmyP and Lynchahan….these three people are on the hot seat…..

      However Jed made decisions to put the team exactly where they are….a 4 win team….Prob is you cannot hold Jed accountable= he has made it abundantly clear its his team no matter what happens..He is not going away…. and it has not been good thusfar..his results suck.

      I feel sorry for myself and you guys = fans cause this mess is what we deal with.

    3. Will he have the patience and wherewithal to stay on a steady course, or will he succumb to the desire to be admired and perhaps fall back on rashness?

      Steady course as in keeping the current FO/HC intact even if the next results are not met with favor with the noisy segment of the media/fan base?

      What would say would be the steady vs rash courses?

      1. Somebody at Wikipedia invested heavily in season tickets during the Baalke era.

        We all remember that PSL fiasco in the transition from the ‘Stick’ to Levi’s.
        Most fans couldn’t afford it; the one’s that did were sold a bill of goods from Nolan through the Baalke era.

  29. Garoppolo is indeed under pressure because he played below expectations during his brief 2018 season, has a backup QB that has shown he can lead a Shanahan-style offense and not suffer an injury, and could be replaced by a rookie QB (from what is shaping up to be a fairly good 2020 QB draft class), if he plays poorly.

      1. Thanks Cubus. They’re not the greatest for me right now, but there are others that are in a worse position than I am, so I cannot complain.

    1. He’s pretty much saying the same things that I’ve been saying throughout this offseason and even in comments to the most recent post here.

      While many want to crown the guy, his body of work doesn’t warrant it yet, and he’ll be given every opportunity to succeed or fail based on the investment made by the organization.

      Wagoner even points out, as I did yesterday, that the guaranteed money is paid. If things go bad and he bombs it’s easy for the team to let him go financially.

            1. Ha! Pot meet Kettle

              The best part is you yap and scream on here at everyone who says pretty much everything that Wagoner wrote, yet you call it a good read.

              I love you man. Never change.

      1. Yes Jack. You you you. You are a football savant, clearly. I don’t know why NFL teams aren’t scrambling over each other to acquire you and your… talents.

    1. Oline has been a prob for a long long time minus Staley and TBrown who was traded away…why hasn’t the team fixed this?? Invest 100MILLION+ on a QB then get him no Oline help…yikes

    2. The bluster on Clowney is borderline ridiculous. Clowney has been good, but he has yet to even come close to great.
      Does he help the Seahawks defense? Yes.
      Does he cause a Mack effect similar to what happened to the Bears last season? Not even close.

      1. Can McGlinch block him?…prob not….Staley? maybe….what else ya got? Its an upgrade for them and we have to block him= in reality it sucks..what if he does breakout?….Seattle is never a slouch

        1. Can McGlinch block him?…prob not

          Dumb question, dumber answer. McGlinchey will bury Clowney, and will first take his heart, his mind, and then his soul….

        2. Clowney could not break out with Watt playing on the same defensive line, so what makes you believe that he will on the Seahawks? At most, the Seahawks have helped their run defense a little, but Clowney is a downgrade from what the Seahawks had in Clark.

      2. Sure but have you read what people think of our team? ROY, Pro Bowlers etc!

        Clowney is unknown, and what the effect will be is largely theoretical at this point, but Seattle is a very formidable team.

        And the attempts to elevate this team at the expense of the Rams or Seattle, is frankly laughable. Both are very good teams. We will have our hands full all year.

        1. Yeah, I am not one that thinks that. I believe the team will be improved in 2019 and have some players named to the Pro Bowl, but overall I am predicting that the 49ers will go 7-9 or 8-8 this season.

            1. Agreed. The secondary still looks suspect, Garoppolo still makes some miscues that could come back to haunt him, the interior of the OL is thin in terms of depth, and there still does not appear to be a viable No. 1 WR.

          1. Mid,
            I think that’s where almost everyone is on this team. They will likely be between 7-9 to 9-7.
            They have made some improvements but still have holes.

        2. SY,
          You’re killing me Smalls!You keep finding reasons as to why we should lose. Do you have anything positive for this season?
          Come over to the optimistic side, there’s plenty of room for you ?

          1. Exactly AES. We are about to embark on a season where the organization has done some really good things this offseason and the roster is pretty close to being fully healthy, and now these alleged “49ers fans” have nothing but negative comments around the team.
            You know what, “F” them all and when the winning happens, they eat their words!

            Go Niners!

              1. Rib, when I played football and basketball and guys would beak, I’d just seek them out after the game and just point to the score board.
                Nothing like winning and here’s to the Niners winning this year!

              2. Ha! My son-in-law was a 49er fan for around 20 years. Then when the Rams came back to LA, he showed up wearing a Rams cap. Needless to say, myself, my wife and yes, even my daughter banned him from the 49ers for life! No bandwagon mercy for this guy ?

            1. I played too (soccer not football – national sport for us). And loved when someone was mouthing off of how good they were. I would generally point to the score too. Doesn’t matter how pretty one looks out there. What matters is the score

              People ought to remember that when they have given this team style points for close losses.

              1. Prime, I’m used to trash talking fans of opponents teams. Win or lose, doesn’t matter. Having to do it with “fans” of my own team is f-ed up man.

          2. EAS, this team has shown ample reason why being cautious about their ability to be competitive is the smart choice. I love the Niners and wish they could muster more than year-in-year our futility!

            The first time I threw up my hands in frustration was what is now many years. This is when the escorted Mooch out the door only to get…Dennis Erikson!

            If you underestimate the Rams and Seahawks they will bury you.

            1. “If you underestimate the Rams and Seahawks they will bury you.”

              First and foremost, I understand the pain of losing having gone through the years Erikson, Jack Christiansen, Pete McCulley and O’Conner.

              But then came Bill Walsh, George Seifert, Mariuci and Harbaugh.

              We survived the Butcher and the Chipper.
              Now, we have a young head coach and a young GM who have a strong affiliation with the 49ers and BayArea.
              They both have my support even if I don’t agree with some of their moves.
              I’m a faithful and optimist forever!
              Hope the team earns your trust this year.

        3. Sure but have you read what people think of our team? ROY, Pro Bowlers etc!

          Dude, reach for the stars! But if you want to root around in the gutter, then whatevs, go for it ?

          1. I haven’t been the one inflating players! People also talked about the punter being an offensive weapon! Please!

  30. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us week by week unless, by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for Frisco as in the golden times.

    We have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I can say: It is to wage war, by land and by air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against monstrous tyrannies, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of NFL archives. This is our policy. You ask, what is our aim?

    I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all the naysayer’s, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory, there is no survival!

    1. And if we had to fight on landing grounds, fields, hills, streets , beaches instead of stadiums, we’d fight them there too. Never surrender!

    2. So, that means it’s another 5 years before we can actually vanquish our enemies. Depressing!

    3. Not to be outdone by Seb’s often quoting Sun Tsu, now we have Razor quoting Winston Churchill. All while out of town 49er fans refer to the team’s home as Frisco, a term that would have maybe got you shot before they became the Santa Clara 49ers. The problem with this new blogging concept is that anyone from anywhere can write anonymously anything and the rest of us never get to see the egg on their faces when that “reckoning” Churchill referred to comes to pass. Don’t seem, right.

      1. Nah fans =real fans called it “Frisco” before most of you were born….back when the team actually played in San Fran……just sayin’…..the “reckoning” may be a season away

      2. I have not heard anyone call the home of the 49ers Frisco for at least two decades now.

        1. One of the very first things JG learned, was not to call San Francisco- Frisco.
          Personally I consider it a way non fans of the team can troll die hard faithful fans. To me, it is a pejorative.
          Herb Caen never referred to San Francisco as – Frisco. He called it- The City.

        1. Very good…thanks for that Cassie I mean Freakin’ RM LOL…back in my time it was always “hey lets go check out the Frisco game” like it was nothing…it was normal….now the yuppies consider it an insult I guess….how I miss the good old days….plus I lived next door to Oakland the brothers always called it “Frisco” LOL…

          1. The truth is that the 49ers are now neither the San Francisco or Frisco 49ers anymore
            AFIK. But having rooted for the “Whatever” 49ers, I can’t root for anyone else. All I know with absolute certainty is that the Santa Clara 49ers have never even reached the playoffs since the move:


            Kinda sums up my view of how things have transpired. If you look closely to the summary that Mr. Moron posted you should be able to see the obvious which is that the term Frisco grew legs principally from people who are later transplants who like to “break things” as the techies say. Call the City what you want but my opinion is that they are the Santa Clara 49ers who have a record of total failure. That said, I am torn because I can’t stop rooting for them while I detest the York’s ownership of the team. The Morabito family was just as inept at fielding a championship team but they were San Franciscans and likeable, just as the team was. Not true of the York’s tenure.

            1. WC couldn’t agree more..the team at this point is well bad…Jimmy or not…I still and will always remember my momz taking me to Candlestick and watching John Brodie…fond memories…now its yuppie idiots running the show…..its really sad…well Frisco and the term “Frisco” will be buried. Santa Clara is Jeds show..its the Jed show and it frankly sucks…at least the Giants had enough class to build a stadium in “Frisco” and keep the honor alive…and it worked they won World Series plural they honored tradition…at Santa Clara what you gonna win?? never liked the move or Jed sorry for the rant fans

            2. Sorry, WC, you are so wrong. They will forever be the San Francisco 49ers.
              They do not call them the Arlington Cowboys, or the East Rutherford Giants.
              People who say Frisco just define themselves.

              1. But the Boston Patriots did. Also Dallas and New York are not San Francisco. The City has always been unique in my life. Santa Clara and Levi’s Stadium are as San Francisco as Maine Lobster. And Jed and his Momma….well, don’t get me started.

              2. Plus Arlington/Dallas and E. Rutherford/NYC are right adjacent and largely homologous communities.

                I couldn’t believe they actually moved them from San Francisco!

  31. From nfl.com…

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers S Justin Evans (foot) did not practice Wednesday, and coach Bruce Arians said if he cannot play Sunday, MJ Stewart or Deone Buchanon will fill in as a rotational safety.

  32. “Wonder how much quality info Arians extracted from Pinion…”

    Arians already knows how to beat the 49ers. But this is not the same team he’s beaten in the past Nor, does he coach the same team who’s won in the past.

    It’s a new season and our team is going to make some positive strides.
    Am I hoping and believing?
    Heck yeah!

      1. Agreed.
        And the next 3 after that.
        This ain’t last years team anymore.
        The turn around begins very soon.

        1. Yes true…and the backups look good….lets hope we toast Pits…..if we can roast them it would be a confidence booster at 3-0…..

  33. Sounds like we all heard grant fall on his knees in front of nick Mullen’s again… we all did just watch the awful 2018 season right? Where nick Mullen’s did go 3-5??? I like the guy and glad he is the back up.. but his poise was awful if the game was close and played from behind most of the season and got garbage stats… JG put up his stats in tight games or put up points first and won, drove the ball when it mattered. Blew out the jags when they were on their best defensive season.. Mullen’s has one great game against the raiders and his best poise with major credit against the Seahawks, bravo…. started hot against the giants and blew it.. had a decent game against the broncos but they sucked too.. blown out by teams and couldn’t drive against some of the worst defenses.. I’m not sold on Mullen’s but we have seen JG do it against playoff teams. I’d rather give JG the start the whole season. It’s his job to lose. And the Niners get out of it cheaply, JG goes back to NE and becomes a hall of Famer, and we get nick Mullen’s and go 3-13 next year and we are back at square one looking for a qb..

    1. Nah…Jimmy has his limitations as does Mullens…at least after this year it will shake out…Jed is rich he needs to get a proven qb or draft one and get an Oline……either way its football…I still think Mullens can win games..this is a good thing

  34. George Mira, Steve Spurrier, Steve Deberg. Plug in Mullens name with those greats. He’ll make a great QB coach, that’s it.

      1. I don’t think either of these guys are the answer, is my main point. But JG has looked better and has a winning record in the similar span of games as nick Mullen’s. Maybe these guys aren’t coach able in Shanahan offense, maybe he needs a better fit. Nick Mullen’s only beat one playoff team in Seattle last year who is clearly on the decline since their super bowl days. Where as JG torched the jags when they were on their afc conference run. Due to the sample size being the same but looking at game situations and how they played, JG is clearly the better option THIS YEAR maybe not next year.. I still see the Niners about 6 or seven games won with JG and 3-5 with out JG

  35. You dumb azzzzzzeeessss!!! Nick Mullen’s as this teams staring qb would go 4-12. Jimmy comes in goes 6-2 then gets hurt, he didn’t underperform, he didn’t poop himself, he didn’t crawl under a rock and wet himself, he got hurt, hurt. I’ll say it again, HURT! After 2 1/2 games. And y’all trying to put a practice squader turned backup, turned starter because of injury as the dang franchise qb? This man is Colt Mcoy, and y’all trying to make him Aaron Rodgers. I am so glad goofies like Grant, Allie, and others are just fans and blog posters instead of team owners and GMs. Matter of fact I wish they would be a GM so I would see the jacked up sorry team they produce. Mullen’s is a backup and as long as jimmy is healthy he will perform. If not, get rid of all of em because lord knows Nick Freakin Mulles isn’t the answer ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

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