Mullens marvelous as 49ers end Seattle’s dominance, 26-23

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens speaks at a news conference after an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — On perhaps the best day of his life, Nick Mullens wandered into his postgame press conference wearing sneakers, gray jeans and a wrinkled shirt he looked like he bought secondhand.

“You look great, man,” kicker Robbie Gould said with a mischievous grin. “Way to dress up for this.”

Mullens’ face turned the color of a ripe tomato.

The 23-year-old quarterback had nothing to feel embarrassed about. He gave the most impressive performance of his brief NFL career, and the 49ers beat the Seahawks 26-23 in overtime. Beat them for the first time since 2013. Ended a 10-game losing streak against Seattle, a team that beat the 49ers by 27 points just two weeks ago. The 49ers’ record now is 4-10. They’ve won two in a row.

On Sunday, Mullens completed 20 of 29 passes (69 percent), threw for 275 yards and one touchdown and posted a quarterback rating of 110.6. His 275 passing yards ranked fifth-best among quarterbacks this week. Only Tom Brady (279 passing yards) Deshaun Watson (294 passing yards), Philip Rivers (313 passing yards) and Jared Goff (339 passing yards) threw for more yards than Mullens.

Serious company.

Mullens has started six games during his 49ers career, and his passer rating is 96. To put that in context, Jimmy Garoppolo has started eight games with the 49ers, and his quarterback rating 94.1.

“I think I can play in the league,” Mullens said. “I believe that.”

So do his teammates. Especially Richard Sherman.

“Mullens has stepped up to the moment week in and week out,” Sherman announced after the game. “He has shown he can play in this league. I just hope we can keep him, because teams need quarterbacks. This guy is not playing conservative football. He is making the right decisions and making good throws under pressure.

“He is playing like a top-half quarterback in this league. You’ve got guys out there who are not playing better football than Nick Mullens. He can be a starter for a lot of teams in this league.”

And he already is one of the 16 best quarterbacks in the NFL, according to Sherman. That’s what Sherman meant by a “top-half quarterback” — top half of the league.

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  1. Mullen has shown consistency from game-to-game, which is essential for a starter. This is where Kaep fell flat. His rating (both QB and QBR) after 3 years of starting bounced all over the place. Mullen has reminded me of Shaun Hill (who had a 15 year career mostly as a backup) but I think he may have more grit and football IQ than Hill. This game showed to me that he can learn from experience quite quickly and not repeat his mistakes.

    1. Once JG tore his ACL, Kaep, with this present squad, could have helped win 4 more games, putting the Niners into the Wild Card sweepstakes.
      Josh Johnson just showed how a QB out of the league for years, could lead a team to victory. Matt Barkley also came off the street to do well.
      Too bad the blackballing is continuing. Hope he wins his lawsuit.

      1. Like you give a flip about blackballing…

        sebnynah says:
        August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
        If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed.


          1. That’s a lousy comeback, you’re cornered on that one, no way out. Kaep couldn’t win a game now because he was awful anyway and not every qb comes back off the street after 2 years in his 30’s and does well.

            1. Josh Johnson just blew your argument out of the water.
              Kaep is a SB QB with a 4-2 road playoff record, was 5 yards from winning it all, and one pass from returning. Most NFL QBs have never sniffed the playoffs, much less the SB.
              Your definition of awful, is awfully bad.

              1. sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

                Quote of the year.

              2. Another lousy comeback. Like I said not “Every” qb that’s been out 2 years that was awful anyways in his 30’s comes back and plays well. Read Seb…I said not “Every” qb..Johnson is just one qb… I just blew your argument out of the water again.

              3. Not ‘every’ QB, but that means that Kaep could be included in the not ‘every’, too, because he is just one QB, like Johnson. Kaep could easily come back and play well, because he is like not ‘every’ QB. Sure, there are some QBs who would be awful, but Kaep, with his skillsets, could win games, since there is another QB that has done just that. Kaep is also not ‘awful’, with his resume of accomplishments.
                You just assume Kaep will not do well, and are terrified he could even be given a chance. I assume once he does win his lawsuit, he will be given another chance, and will do well, especially if he goes to a team who is on the cusp to get into the playoffs, or are in the playoffs, and needs another QB due to injury.
                Quibble with semantics? Go ahead. Try harder.

              4. He was painful to watch. Nice try with being terrified he could be given a chance to play, if he’d keep his politics show off the sidelines but on the streets/media and if he wasn’t so horrible to watch he might be playing. His heart is being an activist, all the teams know this and have a chice who they want to sign. He’s wasting his time in court big time while he burns bridges. He’s done thank goodness.

              5. AS was painful to watch. In the 2011 NFCC Game, he complete 1 pass to his WRs. He always threw 2 yards short of the sticks.
                In the end, AS would rather eat the ball than throw the ball out of bounds and hurt his completion percentage. That is why he received a concussion, which benched him and let Kaep play. The rest is history.
                Kaep was painful to watch? I saw jaw dropping throws. It sure was not painful to see him gallop for 181 yards against GB, setting a playoff rushing record. That NFCC Game against Atlanta, the Niner defense gave up 17 points. Kaep then mounted a stirring comeback to win the game. He was the first QB to lead the Niners to a SB since SY did it in 1994. Sure the SB was painful, but the defense and ST allowed too many scores, and the officiating made me grind my teeth. Subsequently, Baalke dismantled the SB team, refusing to retain veteran talent and leadership. Still, I remember Kaep putting his foot on the half yard line, then sprinting up field untouched for a TD. In the end, too bad the O line men were a bunch of turnstiles, and the defense let third string RBs gash the Niners for 200 yards rushing.
                Kaep will win his collusion case, because there is a paper trail, and hopefully will void the CBA. That will make Kaep a hero to the players, because the owners have way too much power. Heck, that may even bring down Goodell, and the league can institute some reforms.
                Kaep has been working out 6 days a week, so he is ready to play, and he is only 31, so he could still play for years.
                Yup, many teams would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep. Kaep has not played in years, and the stadiums are less than half filled, while big music acts are avoiding the halftime show.

              6. Your dreaming, he would embarrass himself now now after 2 years you know it, so inaccurate. He caught the NFL off gaurd at first, they figured him out, then way downhill, one read qb then miss bad. AS was bad then JH came along and he was good for years after that. No chance he wins in court or on the field, terrible to watch.

              7. Pigeioned holed!

                sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

              8. Maybe Kap played in a SB game, but he was not and never was a SB winning QB, and his problem was that he never learned how to scan the field to see who else might be open,
                if he would of looked and saw the other two and threw to one of them, BAM’ you win the game.

    2. I was totally thinking this mood….Mullens is a slightly more gifted Shaun Hill. Actually Shaun probably would have done well in Shanny’s system.

      I think we are doing well so far in the rebuild. I think we need to keep Mullens for now, especially since we don’t really know what we have in JG and we don’t yet know when he can take the field again. Mullens at least gives us a shot early next season if JG is out. Again we are just missing some key pieces (edge, CB, S, OG…) until we are right back in this thing. I think sky’s the limit for Pettis. It seems to be clicking for him mentally, and he will only get better. Taylor was a big disappointment this season, as was Goodwin, so there’s still a lot of room for more weapons. Good game!

  2. Ah, what a glorious Niner victory. Mullens could have stood up in sack cloth, and I would have applauded him.
    Mullens has shown he is a starter, but JG is the starter, once he comes back from injury. The Niners should consider themselves fortunate to have 2 such good QBs.
    Maybe one of them could garner a boatload of picks that could propel them into the playoffs next season. If not, this league has shown how important it is to have good backups.

    1. Oh Sebbie….the boatload of picks dream. Please detail the ‘boatload’ of picks we’d get for–say–Mullens this offseason. Run three scenarios for us:

      1) Mullens wins the final two games in 18.
      2) Mullens splits the final two games.
      3) Mullens loses the final two games.

      Now remember Sebbie…you’ve vilified the people behind recent 9er drafts. So, what makes you think the 9ers would do anything useful with a ‘boatload’ of picks?

      1. Cassie, I do not need to detail that for you, because it is just speculation. Maybe you should bother Houston, he also wants to gain more draft capital to get starters in positions of need.
        Niners just won a huge game against a rival, Why bring your stench to this site?

          1. Hey Seb, where’s my credit? I advocated trading back if Bosa was off the table for extra picks! In fact, most every one agreed with that strategy before you posted.

      2. Cassie

        Here’s a fourth scenario for you :
        Mullens doesn’t start the next (last) two games, and is replaced by CJB, who according to Kyle, still has enough qualities to play in the NFL. In my view, it would be laying out the ‘bait’ for a potential trade of CJB to a QB hungry team for 1 or 2 medium to high draft picks.

        I think that Kyle erased any doubt that he is interested in ‘tanking’ the remainder of the season for a better Draft choice with a balls-to-the- wall effort against Seattle….Who the hell NEEDS more than 5 Draft picks ? …merely clutter…you still can’t put more than 11 on the field at one time….We wouldn’t even need that many if Garnett would get off his fat ass and HURT someone…

        1. “Who the hell NEEDS more than 5 Draft picks?…merely clutter…you still can’t put 11 on the field at one time….”

          That’s like saying who needs more than one TV, or computer, or car…

          Plus, we would have very small teams indeed following your logic.

          1. Sour Yeast

            Now you’ve made me feel inadequate with my one TV, one computer,…but I do have three cars, and three boats…

            I believe that you mistook my meaning…Lynch/ Shannahan have quietly upgraded our roster to where our NEEDS are fewer…NOT less important. Our depth is better now than it has been since Harbaugh gave away the good pieces…No, we still need 53…..Good ones…

            1. The more picks the better chances of getting what you mean.

              Oregon, don’t feel inadequate. I was merely illustrating the point! Cars and boats fall in line there too.

              1. SourYeast

                was joking about the inadequacies…what my point is that rather than to clean out our PS and our backups with less than what we already have , by drafting 6th and 7th rounders, we’d be better off with less choices and more mature 2nd and 3rd year backups…I know that sounds confusing….

            2. What we need is impact players. Sure, 7th rounders aren’t likely to be those. However having plenty of picks gives you leverage to go after right guys and or hedge bets.

              Btw, got the joke Oregon! I was merely playing along with your extension. I knew your boat and car comments were merely a satirical addendum to my earlier statement! I guess I should’ve been more explicit with a 😉

        2. ‘Who the hell NEEDS more than 5 draft picks?’- The Niners.
          The Niners tore down the roster to bare ground, and are now rebuilding the foundation, brick by brick.
          The Niners have no guarantee that they will be able to attract elite free agents. Most free agents have a flaw, otherwise, they would be signed to long term contracts with their original team.
          Hopefully, they can trade back with a QB hungry team, and garner several picks. They should follow the Seahawk strategy.- Trade back multiple times, and lock in a bunch of players into rookie contracts.

          1. Seb

            You are right that most FAs have a flaw…at the most, we’d pick up no more than 3-5…the $$$$ is the guarantee that attracts them…By trade or waiver , we have some players that still have value to other teams…Celek, Ward, Thomas, Garnett, Malcom Smith, and several others CJB would be the cherry on top… We can beef up our draft class by trading them…Trading back is just a part of trading…Our D has improved markedly, and our RBs and QBs are good, Our receiving corp needs serious help as well as a couple Olinemen….Other than that, I think we’re flush….

            1. I agree that they should stop being so cheap and spend all of the salary cap, and sign free agents to fill every need. However, the top FAs will want a ring, and will probably take less to go to a promising playoff team. They should also spend the cap money to lock up players like Buckner, Lee and Kittle to long term deals.
              Celek is a bargain at 1.7 mil, especially if he can hang onto the ball for TDs.
              Ward is a FA.
              Thomas is a keeper, unless they can find the right team at the right price.
              Garnett, Gary Gilliam, Magnunson and Shon Coleman are trade possibilities.
              Smith may be cut to save money, and is untradable with his salary.
              Coyle and Day may be trade bait.
              Washington may take the grandson of Bobby Beathard, CJB, for a 5th or 6th.
              Bundling any of those players may facilitate a trade and increase the compensation.
              The Niners need a pass rusher, ILB, CB, WR, an Earl Thomas type FS, OT as an eventual replacement for Staley, C, G,and TE. Maybe even a replacement for Gould, who is 36, and a FA. That is 10 players. Wait, they may need a LS, too, so that is 11 players.
              Trading back multiple times and garnering a boatload of picks, is exactly what the Seahawks did to rebuild their defense. Niners should employ that same strategy.
              If the Niners are offered a first or second round pick for Mullens, or multiple later picks, they should seriously consider the options.

              1. Seb

                Look at what happened to the Niners this year… our 1st string QB and RB get injured, and if it weren’t for finding Breida and Mullens, we’d have been SOL…You do NOT give away your #1, or #2 QB if they’re both productive….#3 ? OK…

              2. If it means getting that one player needed to put them over the top, and into the playoffs, it may be worth the risk.
                Mullens right now, is as good as 16 QBs, according to Sherman. That means, some team without a QB like Washington, may want to spend a first, or a bundle of lesser picks, to get their starter.
                The Niners need way more than 5 drafted players, so getting 8 or 9 total picks, may draft 3 starters and good backups. Maybe even another QB, with good potential.

    2. The one that would bring in the best pocks, would be the one and only Jimmy G, and from what have read,
      Jimmy is injury prone, so the might be something to consider and save a lot of cap money.

  3. Having JG and Mullens as capable QBs next year is a big plus.

    On a different note, did you know Pettis now has the most receiving yards for a rookie 49ers WR since Crabtree in 2009? He passed Trent Taylor’s 430 yards today. And with two games to go he has a chance to pass Kittle’s 515 yards to have the most receiving yards of any rookie receiver since Crabtree, regardless of position. The most impressive part? 338 of his 446 yards have come in the past 4 weeks. He’s finishing the year strong since being given the opportunity to start.

        1. Actually I said that it wasn’t good with the exception of McGlinchey.

          I also said a couple of weeks ago that Pettis was really stepping up and should be playing over Goodwin.

          1. So when things are bad you crap and when things are good you turn about and head another direction?
            I love fans like you. They are called d bags!

      1. Yup, not bad for a player some felt was drafted only because of his return ability.

        The more I see Pettis the more he reminds me of a 49er WR from the late 60’s named Gene Washington from Stanford. Washington had an uncanny knack for getting open because of his quick cutting moves off the LOS. Many times he was making catches while being open by 10 yards.

        Once Pettis becomes more acclimated to the NFL level of play he will be a consistent top 10 WR.

        1. AES

          John Brodie made big ‘book’ on Gene Washington…who was also as tough as a leather knot. I seem to remember that he used that speed and toughness almost vindictively on opposing CBs…

  4. kudos to Sherman and Gould for being so complimentary of Mullens. nice to see non-offensive players recognize the job Mullens has done, especially with Gould’s comments about Mullens working with the young receivers last year so they could grasp the playbook.

  5. Is this where your next narrative is heading Grant….?

    Mullens: hard-working class hero, salt of the earth type, struggling to overcome barriers, etc, etc


    Garapollo: playboy lifestyle, multi-million dollar contract, fast car and faster women, etc, etc

    Its like a modern-era Bronte novel waiting to happen.

    Ever thought of screen writing Grant?

    1. BritishNiner

      Being productive without opportunity is sheer madness IMHO…Showing up at Spring training with two matching QBs and choosing one over the other doesn’t make much sense…Put them on even ground, and let them compete…Montana and Young did it with pretty good success…Also a team with out a third option (QB) is just plain stupid….

      1. To be fair, KS has shown prowess in play design, which many here thought made him a great coach. However, his game management as well as team preparation have been suspect. Today, that was not the case.

        Today, the team put together a full game and while there where mistakes throughout the game, it did not sink the team. They held tough against a very physical opponent and limited the key mistakes. The field and the refs were also their friend today.

        1. However, his game management as well as team preparation have been suspect. Today, that was not the case.

          Maybe to you and a few others but not to me. The only difference between the past two games and the ones before it are the big mistakes that put the defense in poor field position. They played well at times in Seattle but turned the ball over and gave up returns on ST’s. Yesterday they didn’t.

          This is why I’ve rejected the narrative about the teams problems being Coaching related from the start. The problems are and have always been due to inexperience from having to rely on so many young players and others who aren’t good enough to be starting but have to because there is nobody else.

          1. « The only difference between the past two games and the ones before it are the big mistakes that put the defense in poor field position. »

            Pretty much have been saying this all season, but usually it was directed towards those calling for Saleh’s head.

          2. Rocket,

            You are right, I have been critical of Shanahan. I believe I have been fair in my criticism. Shanahan is a young coach and for a long time, has not shown the capacity to finish (nor have his players or coaches).

            To me, the change was during the last Seattle game when he was called for a foul. I thought his fire and desire was finally coming through. He may have had it all along, but it wasn’t evident. His team responded both last week, but especially this week. This is the one game where they put it all together (even as they got some help from officials and the turf). Even so, they did not let mistakes or setbacks overwhelm them. Credit to him, his players and coaches.

            Jed said that champions walk like champions before they are champions. Kyle reemphasized this idea this week. I believe they are right and certainly hope that the FO and coaches understand the investment needed to get to that level.

            Kyle increased practice time. That certainly has helped the team get tougher and more disciplined. Good on the coaches , but I think it does validate some of the earlier concerns. These are in no particular order but valid (in my opinion): 2nd half flatness, personnel choices and positioning, conditioning, 3rd down conversions, red zone efficiency, overall concentration and discipline, play calls and team toughness.

            I think they addressed some of these concerns in the last game especially. There has been a trend that this team is better late in the year than earlier and the concern regarding their home vs road record is still there. These are fixable but I had not seen much from Shanahan that indicated he was up to the task. I have seen differently from him lately and hope this trend continues.

            I understand that you see execution as outside the coach’s purview. I am not like Grant but think they are partially responsible for it and under certain circumstances. It’s ok to disagree here because it is an arguable point. I don’t see how the coach isn’t responsible for setting the overall backdrop of how the team operates. But I do concede that it is arguable.

            I do agree that mistakes weren’t as insurmountable as previous games. But I think it is all part of the big puzzle. Good teams find ways to win and bad ones find ways to lose. Coaches can and do make a difference, because the little things (as Kyle likes to say) make a big difference in the outcome of the game. The key is to take advantage of the little things and minimizing the little things that impede victory.

            On a side note, this team won despite the TO ratio, time of possession and ground game difference. That certainly should be a clear indication that something changed in a big way internally. Kudos.

            1. EC,

              I’ve said all season that some criticism is warranted toward the Coaches. The 3rd down problems are a big issue and KS’s history shows he’s had it for most of his career. The pass happy play calling shows up now and then too which puts too much stress on the Oline and takes away from what is a pretty good running game. In other words, he is not above criticism. My point has always been that many of the things being blamed on Coaching – turning the ball over, poor tackling, bone headed penalties etc. are a result of the players either not being ready for the responsibility being put on them or simply not good enough. The offense is running the same plays they have all season. The defense is playing the same coverages. The only major difference we’ve seen over the past two games is how many times they turn the ball over or how many big plays they give up on ST’s and defense. That is based on players improving and learning how to adjust to the speed of what is happening around them. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that it’s taken a good portion of the season to reach a comfort level. Football is all about repetition and getting to a point where you play without being paralyzed by thinking. We are starting to see that in some areas now and as long as the revolving door of players has finally come to a stop, we will hopefully see them reach a level that can make them playoff contenders next year.

              1. I’m with you regarding all of the above. All sports, music, militarily training are about developing that ”muscle memory”. And you are also right that working as a cohesive group takes practice and consistency in personnel. That is why the fact their practices have been short does point to organizational shortcomings.

                And I also share your aspirations for the team. I still wonder if the talent is enough to slog through a full season.

                My confidence in Shanahan has gone up over the last 3 weeks, yesterday especially!

  6. One more time; Mullens has”it”!
    Every team in the NFL looks for that guy that has the intangible aspect to their personality…. Winner.
    The team now has two QBs that are winners…

  7. Does Mullens not remind you a bit of a young potential Drew Brees?

    If the 49ers trade him, they’re out of their freakin’ minds.

    What would the Jags, Giants, Skins, maybe Pats if TB retires, Bucs, and some others give up for Jimmy G? I say at least check that out.

    1. I agree with you 100%, I would be checking this out , they need more picks anyway, and they would getting rid of that big fat pay check. Mullens to me might be the better one of the two.

  8. Whoa there Grant slow your roll. I don’t remember who it was you were quoting earlier this year regarding Jimmy G and how you really can’t tell about a QB until he has played 30 games (i’m not sure on that number) Now you seem to be crowning Mullens after 6. I may be wrong (I hope that I am) but I don’t believe that Mullens has the arm strength to make all of the throws that an NFL QB needs to make. If he can’t make all of the throws D coordinators around the league, after a full off season ,will come up with game plans to shut him down. He has proven that he is a very capable backup but his questionable arm strength leads me to believe that might be his ceiling. imho

    1. OldCoach. I’d agree with you completely except the bit about arm strength. I keep hearing Mullens doesn’t have a cannon arm….REMEMER Montana was said to lack a cannon as well but his smarts and touch made the point moot. Glad to have Nick on our team. Fun to watch and think he could go far.

    2. Nick Mullen’s value to NFL teams will never be higher than it is right now. Trade him in the offseason. I like the kid and I’m personally rooting for him to break some other team’s bank but IMO Mullens recent performances have “flash in the pan” written all over them. Maximize his value and trade him in the offseason. Keep Beathard or trade him too. Don’t care. Sign a veteran backup like Foles, RG3, Fitzpatrick, or Tyrod Taylor. Take the picks you get from Mullens and find a legit #1 WR or a #1 RB. Breida is a decent backup and Wilson is a 3rd stringer/special teamer. Can you just imagine what this offense would be like if Joe Williams didn’t succumb to his personal demons or if the 49ers had a back like Gurley or even Kareem Hunt.

      1. Better yet, forget the draft pick and spend the money you save by having Mullens instead of one of the vets you mentioned and sign Hunt since he’s a free agent.

        If this season has shown anything it’s that high picks and big «break the bank » money shouldn’t be spent by the 49ers on running backs.

      2. I disagree Houston. I don’t know how good Mullens can ultimately be, but he’s shown he can keep this offense rolling and his value as a backup is much higher to this team than a draft pick imo.

        1. Well it’s ok to disagree. You are seeing Mullens current production and extrapolating that over time to say Mullens can be a top end NFL QB. That would certainly be valuable to the 49ers and to give that up would require significant compensation. I expect other NFL teams to agree with you and see Mullens as a starting caliber NFL QB. What I’m saying is I think Mullens is playing well for a first time starter but he’s playing over his head and will settle back to earth as a backup QB. I look at Mullens foot speed, arm strength, and overall athleticism and I see backup QB. My belief is Mullens long term value to a team is as a quality backup. Other NFL teams will agree with you and see Mullens as a starter so they will overpay for Mullens.

          1. I didn`t say anything about how I view him long term and I don`t disagree with your assessment as much as I favor waiting to see what he can be with more time on the roster. My point is simply that he has shown he can play in this system and keep things going if he has to play which is exactly what I would want in a backup QB. I don`t think his value on the trade market is as high as you think it is anyway.

            1. If you wait then you lose some compensation. I prefer a buy low, sell high strategy. You prefer a buy low, let the value skyrocket and then collapse, then sell low approach. Not really the way I’d like to see the 9ers go with this one.

              1. I’ve to disagree respectfully. Trader John is in the middle of building a roster and has many pieces in place, and has to set it up for winning many games over the next two seasons — not just collecting mid-range picks. I

                If Mullen is as good as he promises to be, they can sign him to a low-cost contract after next season and he can provide valuable depth at that position.

                The idea that any competent vet can just step into Kyle’s QB role is incorrect, IMO. A young QB learning the craft in Kyle’s complex system after thrown into the fire is worth way more than a third-round pick, which is the most optimistic trade value of Mullens I can imagine.

              2. Agreed Mood. Having a QB that can step in and be competent if JG gets injured or struggles is worth much more than the draft pick comoensation they could realisitically get for trading him.

              3. 49ers traded a 2nd for Jimmy Garoppolo and Jimmy G had fewer attempts than Mullens.
                Texans traded two 2nds and swapped 1st round picks with Atlanta for Matt Schaub.
                Green Bay gave up the 17th pick for Brett Favre and he had 4 passing attempts with 2 interceptions before that trade.
                Patriots traded Jacoby Brissett to Indy for Phillip Dorsett ( a former 1st round pick.)

                If the 49ers can only land a 5th rounder for Mullens then I agree. Keep him. If someone is willing to overpay with a 2nd or something higher then I’d say go for it.

              4. Houston,

                You are making a number of assumptions today. That is not my approach at all. I favor keeping the asset not selling it, and if I do decide to sell then it will be later on when I have another asset to replace it. As I said earlier, I don`t think Mullen`s trade value is as high as you think. I agree with Mood that it would be a mid round pick at this point which is not worth giving up a good backup QB for.

              5. The one thing all of those guys you mentioned have in common is they were drafted in the first 3 rounds. They had recognised talent beforehand.

              6. Seb made almost the same argument over the weekend regarding Mullens’ trade value. The response he got was « how high are you? »

              7. Sometimes Assets dont work that way. Sometimes you have to get value from current assets to afford future assets.

                Agree that the players I cited had trade value prior to NFL experience. Kinda like CJ Beathard.

              8. I don’t really care what Seb says or does. I’ve been making the argument to trade Mullens for a week or 2 now. He has value. Maximize it for picks. He’s not as good as people think. He’s WAY overvalued.

              9. Relax? Really? See, Jack, that’s the difference. between us. You think we’re fighting, I think we’re finally talking!

                Many people on here think the 49ers may have the next Jeff Garcia who just needs a little seasoning. I’m saying we have the next Rob Johnson when his value was at it’s peak.

              10. Fighting? You’re funny.

                When you have a starting qb that hasn’t proven he can stay healthy I think the depth is a better way to go

              11. One thing that I hope is crystal clear, is the type of QB that should be drafted. Not just one with physical gifts but a learner and teacher. A player who could one day coach. Plus look at those intangibles (grittiness, ability to improvise [off schedule throws in Shany], composure under pressure, ability to inspire, capacity for understanding the game, etc.)

              12. Lol, Houston calls Mullens a career backup, way overvalued, and CJB is better than Mullens.
                Wonder what compensation they would get for a QB praised in such glowing terms.
                Then Houston wants Tyrod Taylor, RYAN FITZPATRICK or RGIII.
                Wow, I wonder if he is high……..

            2. Seb, Houston’s status on here doesn’t even compare to yours.
              You are not even in the minor leagues when it comes to this blog. In fact you have never even been drafted. And the reality is you will never crack the lineup. Ever!

              1. Prime, Houston is perfectly comfortable here without worrying about his status like you do with yours, and obsessing about mine.
                He does not get twisted over a comment. He can take, just as good as he gives.
                The fact that Grant called me a legend, must be burning you up inside.
                People who are called legends, do not worry about their status.
                Prime, your status is that of an obnoxious foul mouthed bully, so cracking any lineup is beyond your comprehension.

              2. Who is obsessing about their status and who is worried about their status. Oh wait, let me remind you:

                sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

              3. You are worried about it because you some how think it’s getting elevated.

                I’m just curious, who is the individual deciding it indeed gets elevated?

                sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

              4. Still obsessing. I made that comment in response to your screed about status.
                You are the one worrying about status. You wish you had a tiny bit of status.
                Maybe you think that legends have no status. I wish to disabuse you of that notion.

              5. Is there a AGM to decide bloggers status? Hoping that yours gets elevated? To what? Newbie jack a$$ to clown?

              6. Prime, that is your status. Some day, you might elevate it to ‘poor’ jack a$$ clown.
                Grant deemed my status to be legendary.

              7. I’m not insecure looking to “elevate” anything from status to the response from other bloggers.

                The fact you said elevate your status tells me you don’t think of yourself in too high esteem.
                Now, look at the responses you get from others and that sums up your status.

                sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

                This quote is never going away!

              8. “Still obsessing. I made that comment in response to your screed about status“

                Pure lie. You said it to give your ego a boost but fact is you will always be the guy that came on this blog with the wrong bravado.
                Now it’s caught up to you and you pigeoned holed yourself.

          2. Will wonders never cease. I totally agree with you.
            Considering the drek QBs currently playing, Mullens trade value is sky high.

            1. Please enumerate Sebbie. What could we get for Mullens–be specific.

              Run three scenarios for us:

              1) Mullens wins the final two games in 18.
              2) Mullens splits the final two games.
              3) Mullens loses the final two games.

              1. Nope! Try again. Didn’t go over my head. Still unoriginal.

                Every blue moon you might be funny (and most times unintentionally). This is not one of those occasions!

              2. Least, I will speak slowly so you can understand.
                When some one tries to troll me , I just use their own words against them.
                You will probably deny this went over your head.
                Please get a clue.

              3. “When some one tries to troll me , I just use their own words against them“

                Classic bioch maneuver!

              4. Oh, Juicy Gravitas, you do try hard! One day you may be able to move beyond that eighth grade reader!

                Least, I will speak slowly so you can understand.

                Two things wrong with this statement. One more obvious than the second! Do you have any idea what they are Sisyphus?

                When someone tries to troll me, I just use their words against them.

                Wow, was that what you were doing with that hackneyed reference to that Sonny and Cher song? Wow, maybe I didn’t get it, and yet you missed the flatterer comment, the unoriginal comment, and the try again comment. But yeah, stick to your hypothesis that I somehow missed your brilliance. I saw that dull witless troll miles away, kind of like your pigeon headed brain of yours sees a speck of bread.

                Are you sure you didn’t play the Black Knight in “The Holy Grail”, because you sure do emulate him a lot here!

                But hey, your nickname was at least moderately amusing so you do get a cookie!

              5. Like you give a flip about blackballing…

                sebnynah says:
                August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
                If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed.

                Shame….HYPORCRITE !!!!!

    3. Grant,
      So Shanahan gave Mullens “tepid” praise?
      What did you expect him to say?
      He’s a head coach not a fan boy.

      I’m glad that Shanahan’ comments re players are neither low-ball or hyperbolic.
      Petey Carroll is hyperbolic. His iffusive praise of RW caused a riff in the locker room according to some players.
      Jon Gruden rarely praises his players because he wants to be the face of the team.

      I’m good with Shanahan’ even-keeled level of praise.
      He gets paid to coach not to be a cheerleader.

    4. Well Jimmy G doesn’t do the long throws much and when he does, he’s not very good at it, he does
      the short throws most of the time, I think that Mullens throws a better deep ball, my opinion.

  9. Great victory yesterday… Anytime we can beat Seattle and send the gum chewer and their fans off crying is a marvelous thing. Mullens is a welcomed development as are many of these young players like Reed, Harris, James, Warner, Moore, Pettis, Wilson, Jones, etc…. At the least the experience they’re gaining should serve as valuable depth or better next year.

    1. And let’s not forget how Grant felt about this recent draft class, post draft.

      It’s always fun, even hilarious at times, to go back in time and read Grant’s stuff.

      Among the highlights: Drafting McGlinchey was a big mistake (even though Trent Brown was a major liability in the running game, and McGlinchey has been fantastic in both pass protection and run blocking, and has done wonders for Kyle’s rushing attack). DJ Reed isn’t big enough to cover taller slot receivers (even though he’s extremely physical for his size, and has fire hoses for arms). Marcell Harris, who has shown phenomenal potential at SS, now that he is healthy, was a bad pick because he was coming off an achilles (so what if he was projected as a potential round one pick by some scouts prior to his injury?). Tarvarius Moore was a bad pick because he was a safety, not a real corner (even though his game film clearly showed an intriguing Safety to CB conversion prospect). Jullian Taylor and Kentavius Street were both wasted picks (Taylor has shown promise and Street has big-time interior DL potential, IMO, because he’s both strong as an ox, and athletic, and will likely have no problem beating out Ronald Blair next season, and perhaps replace Armstead perhaps as soon as 2019). Richie James was a bad pick because Grant felt the 49ers already had enough small WR’s (Even though James has already proven valuable on ST, and real potential in the slot).

      Of course the 49ers worst pick of the 2018 draft, according to Cohn, was Dante Pettis, because according to Grant, he was simply a gimmicky slot WR/PR who could never surpass Goodwin or Garcon, especially this season (Umm, how many times did we have to remind Grant that Pettis could play multiple WR positions?)


      1. In fact, I think it’s time to re-evaluate the 49ers 2nd pick in the 2018 draft.

        IMO, for what it’s worth, Dante Pettis appears to have #1 WR potential. At times, the kid dazzled during training camp with his precise route running, burst, speed, lateral agility, and dependable hands. We knew the kid had great YAC potential, but the knock on Dante coming out of college was his lack of physicality. Yet, he’s shown some impressive physical prowess over the last few weeks, burring Seattle defenders with impressive stiff arms in back to back games (one stiff arm helped him get into the endzone). Pettis’ 18.6 YPR (ranks 1st among rookies, and would rank 2nd in the NFL among qualified WR’s, behind only DeSean Jackson’s 18.8 YPR) tops even some of the most explosive WR’s in the league, including the Chiefs Tyreek Hill (16.3 YPR), the Colts T.Y. Hilton (16.0 YPC) and the Rams dynamic duo Cooks (15.4 YPR) and Woods (14.2 YPR), and Dante has more receiving TD’s than Cooks, despite playing with a backup QB for most of his rookie season, and getting far fewer snaps. While Dante didn’t run a 40-yard dash at either the Combine or his college Pro Day, he clearly has the kind of burst and long speed to match most of the league’s best CB’s.

        All of this would suggest Grant couldn’t have been more wrong about Pettis (though Grant certainly did his best to focus on the things Dante did wrong in training camp, as opposed to the things he was doing right), and I don’t see any reason why Dante won’t be even better once he gets a couple years worth of NFL strength and conditioning under his belt!

        Whether Pettis ever develops into a true #1 remains to be seen, but it was obvious during the offseason, and even more so now, that Dante Pettis is anything but the ‘Gimmicky slot receiver” Grant Cohn thought he was coming out of Washington. :)

        1. When the receiver drops 2-3 medium distant passes a game the yards per reception will be inflated. He dropped a 13(?) yard reception and an 8(?) yarder. Both of which drive the ypr down. In his case and your stats – missing is winning.

        2. Pettis became injured right away, then the Niners lost. Pettis did not shine.
          Now, Pettis is starting because of injuries to Garcon and Goodwin, and has Mullens throwing him the ball. Looks like KS is using Pettis properly, and he has been productive.
          Still, Pettis has dropped easily catchable balls, and ran out of bounds while the Niners were trying to run out the clock. He still has lots of room for improvement, and these last 4 games do not totally negate the criticism he garnered earlier.

          1. Come on Seb, I never said Pettis doesn’t have room to grow. He’s a rookie for crying out loud.

            What I am saying is that he looks to be much more than the “Gimmicky slot receiver / punt returner” that Grant claimed he was, and that Pettis seems to have moved ahead of Goodwin, a notion Grant seemed to think was preposterous shortly after the draft.

            Grant’s post draft evaluation was hyperbolic, and seems wildly off-base this early in the process. The notion that the 2018 draft was so bad for the 49ers it would stunt the team’s growth, was really quite silly, as usual, and I wanted to point that out.

            If Grant would stop being so juvenile, he’d be a better man for it. That’s all I’m saying Sebnynah.

        3. “All of this would suggest Grant couldn’t have been more wrong about Pettis”

          I tried to tell Grant.
          I had Pettis in one of my mocks.
          Said Kyle would like him.
          Said you can’t keep a good route runner down in this system.
          Said he’ll see the field because our WRs had injury concerns.

  10. Okay Mick Jagger!

    Grant, who knew? Did your folks play the Stones when you were young(er)? Nice reference, seems to fit.

    Coach Shanahan can’t praise him like everyone else does, and not just because of CJB, remember he’s got JG as well, and that is where they buttered their bread.

    All in all, as JL said, a really good problem to have.

  11. “Getting to double digits, I knew I was capable of it,” Buckner said. “I’d like to thank most of my teammates.”

    Cmon Grant. I’m sure a guy like you can find a way to drive a wedge between teammates by focusing on the word “most”. I’m fully expecting you to twist Buckner’s quote into a “tepid” compliment or maybe even a criticism of his teammates. I can see the headline now, “Buckner blasts an unnamed teammate who isn’t pulling his weight.” Then in the article you can say how you noticed many teammates distance themselves from Buckner in the locker room and practice field. I can’t believe you haven’t already written 3 articles on the toxic conditions in the defensive meetings or how Buckner refuses to engage with his teammates. Is your penchant for manufacturing non-existent drama reserved only for the head coach/QB relationship or does it extend to the defensive side of the ball?

  12. Has Mullen’s won on the road?
    Before people start annointing Mullen’s and asking for a boat load of picks, he will need to go into a hostile environment and win.
    Too many Niner fans getting a little too emotional right now.

    1. Winning on the road is hard, especially in December against teams fighting for playoff advantage or even a berth. Even the play-off teams are not winning on the road except for Chargers and Saints. Mullen has exceeded all expectations and has fired up his teammates in a way Jimmy G did last season. He’s now pulled ahead of the back up race. He would seal that role with one more win, IMO.

      What amuses me that the same bunch on this blog that played down Jimmy G’s accomplishments last season are using the opposite arguments in extolling the virtues of Mullen the Magnificent!

      1. Yes, and have you noticed how that “bunch” does not blame Mullens for holding onto the ball too long on the sacks he has taken, yet crucified Jimmy at the beginning of the season when he was sacked.

        Don’t get me wrong. Mullens has exceeded all expectations and I strongly want him to be retained as the backup. But the bunch that chided many of us for extolling the virtues of Jimmy G at the end of last season are now doing the exact same thing, but with Mullens instead. Do what I say, not what I do.

        1. « does not blame Mullens for holding onto the ball too long on the sacks he has taken, yet crucified Jimmy at the beginning of the season when he was sacked. »

          Probably because he’s not.

  13. If the 49ers end up with the 4th pick here’s who I think I think would be available and who I would want in this order:

    1. Josh Allen
    2. Greedy Williams
    3. Greg Little
    4. Devin White
    5. Clelin Ferrell

    I’d be happy with any of these guys. If Grant Delpit comes out – not sure he’s eligible – He’d be in my top 5 as well. Delpit will be the next Sean Taylor/Earl Thomas type player.

      1. You could possibly be right but Allen seems better than Burns to me.
        You are the only person I’ve seen project Murphy or Hall over Greedy. Everyone else has it as Greedy or Baker. I’m a huge Greedy fan so if those guys are better then – Wow. That would be great to get a quality shut down CB.
        I saw Metcalf play against LSU and wasn’t impressed. That night had a pretty constant drizzle and Metcalf may have been playing with an injury but LSU throroughly dominated him and the entire Ole Miss passing game. Many people project Metcalf as the best WR in the draft. I just hope he’s not the Sammy Watkins with DeAndre Hopkins still sitting there waiting to be taken.

    1. DeAndre Baker is a much stronger prospect then Greedy.

      A lot of the people that keep telling you Bosa is better then so and so are the people that thought Solomon Thomas would be a sack leader on the team. Just saying.

      1. I was not a Thomas fan, but I think Bosa is the best player in the upcoming draft. Not sure why you are so down on him, but he would have been a great addition to the 9ers at the biggest need position.

        1. rocket

          Well, we don’t have to worry about Bosa now that we’re picking no earlier than #4…I like it…”there’s lots more fish…” I like Josh Allen first…then an ass-kicking Guard…NOT FROM STANFORD ! #3 is a glue-fingered 6’6″+ TE with speed and attitude…then a Center who can do what his resume says he can…

    1. That is why the team has lost so many games vs. the Seahawks. Gotta score.

      Niners went over their average of 20 points per game on Sunday.

  14. Maiocco – Seahawks entered NFL as expansion franchise in 1976. These QBs have most single-season passing yards against Seattle:
    689: Nick Mullens, #49ers 2018
    685: Ken Stabler, Raiders, 1979
    673: John Elway, Broncos, 1987
    669: Dan Fouts, Chargers, 1983
    658 – Kurt Warner, Cardinals, 2008

        1. Thomas will need a breakout season in his 3rd season just like the Seahawks Jerran Reed is enjoying after his first two seasons ended with only 3 sacks….

        1. Well, considering Whitner said Thomas was a 3-4 player, maybe the best solution will be to trade him to a 3-4 team. Bears come to mind, with Fangio.
          However, while I like Blair, he could also be trade bait, since they have good depth on the D line.

          1. Seb

            Ronnie Blair lll IS the good depth on the Dline, Sheldon Day is also better than Thomas…next season it will be Jullian Taylor and Street….


      On Solomon.

      “I thought he had two of his biggest plays that he’s had here. It doesn’t show up in the stat sheet, but he had a crucial, they rolled out to the right, I believe it was a third down. I think it was the third-and-four. He beat their right guard, got some penetration, made Russell roll back the other way and got [DL DeForest Buckner] Buck a sack on that. Then, he generated the holding call on the final one that got the big one to [Seattle Seahawks RB J.D.] McKissic. He did it by beating the guy. If he wouldn’t have, he wouldn’t have been able to get that sack. So, it was two huge plays by him.”

      1. It’s pretty sad when the ONLY two plays attributed to Thomas is drawing fouls on two opponents….really sad…ARE YOU CONVINCED YET ? He’s out of his league….The best thing that the niners could do for Solomon, is send him to the CFL…He could be a monster up there against smaller OLinemen….

  15. Niners had a great win, and deserve a victory Monday off, but now, the Bears are looming on the horizon.
    Hope the Niners can build off this win streak, and gain confidence like they did late last season.
    Winning this last game is showing how hard work is paying off, but the Niners still need to improve.
    It was nice to see the Seahawks be the undisciplined team with their penalties and unforced errors, but the Niners could clean some things up, too. Too many false starts, and the delay of game was frustrating. Hope they sternly tell Mullens to not try to call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock. I was heartened to see them hurry things up. Seattle seemed to be caught off guard.
    Sure am glad the losing streak is broken, and hope they continue their winning streak.
    Hope they neutralize Mack by running away from him, and contain Cohen, like they did in the first half with Carson.

  16. I know most of you are probably too young to remember this skit but just as well since you’re probably of the same group that this is aimed at.

    Everybody is forgetting what this team and offense looked like at the end of last season and subsequently what it looked liked at the beginning of this one.

    At this point in the season these matchups are nothing more then Pro Bowl style games. Aside from the game yesterday that was won because of a single play who have we played that had anything left to play for at this point. This is the time of year where players start to shut it down and play soft to avoid getting hurt.

    We won yesterday because of the kick off return for a TD. Take that one play away and it would have been the same outcome it has been the previous 10 times we’ve faced them. Just goes to support the age old axiom of any given Sunday. Sometimes the bad team gets that one lucky play that ends up being just enough to secure them a win.

    Mullens is facing defenses and defenders that are calling it in. Starters are on the sidelines or on IR and we’re back to playing preseason games.

    1. Weren’t the Seahawks looking to close out a playoff berth?

      I do get where you’re coming from though. Yesterday set up perfectly for the 49ers with Seattle coming off the short week and having KC next week.

      Could see something similar this week with Chicago having the division wrapped up now, but I’d think they see the importance of getting LA at home in the division round instead of having to play a wildcard game and then come out here.

    2. CFC,

      None of what you said here applies to yesterday’s game. Seattle had everything to play for and it was a division game. The penalties certainly helped, but the Niners were full value for the win.

      1. Agree. However I am told that facts (such as Seattle fighting for a playoff berth) are overrated compared to opinions and biases !! :-)

      2. I think that yesterday’s game was deeply important: playoff implications for Seahawks (and a big one with a loss for them), this team needed to win against the Seahawks to prove their mettle, they played strong on all units for 4 quarters, there were opportunities after the kickoff run back where things could have derailed but didn’t, also true regarding fumble, play calling adapted to situation.

        Now they got plenty of help in calls and the turf, especially early on (Celek TD) and I would use that TD as the freak event that changed things, if anything did. However, they hung on several times and didn’t commit those critical untimely errors that have cost them so much in the past.

    3. We beat two playoff contenders fighting for their playoff lives in back to back weeks with a bunch of backups ourselves…. Big swing and a miss with this comment.

      1. Not sure I’d say the Seahawks were fighting for their playoff lives yesterday. They’re destined to be no better than the 5 seed and only needed to win one of their last 3 going in to the game.

  17. Nick Mullen’s reminds of when Shawn Hill was called the next great Niner QB by fans. Thank God we have a smart HC who never would of played Hill over Smith. Mullen’s is a nice back up QB but he is no where near the caliber QB that JG is. As far as S Thomas goes I was there live and he played an outstanding game. His 2 total tackles does not do him justice on how disruptive he was. Thomas is going to have a nice third year.

    1. Yep, Bubba Paris agrees. It’s setting up nicely for Thomas next year. I hope some of his detractors have a big appetite, because the crow buffet will be serving all they can eat!

    2. Oh yes… Shawn Hill! Shawn Hill! Those were the days…

      I agree with the Solomon thought. He’ll be a solid 3rd year player, barring significant injury…

    3. CK=Elite

      I get no confidence that you think Solomon Thomas is going to have a nice year next year….You also thought that Kaepernick would set the world on fire…his best position is on the bench of some other team after we trade him….I keep thinking that Garnett would look good in a Arizona Cardinal uniform next year Celek had his good game…let’s trade him before the memory fades…Bring in Dwelley !

    4. Thomas has gotten multiple pressures two weeks in a row, so that’s positive. But he has failed to finish those plays continually throughout his career, which is an ongoing concern he needs to fix. At least yesterday he was able to convert some of those into holding penalties.

      1. Scooter McG

        No matter how much Razor brays about him ,(double teams ) and how many times he gets multiple pressures, he’s still 6’2″and around 275…his best position would be OLB as an edge rusher…I don’t dis him for lack of effort, he gives it all, but he’s going against bigger Olinemen…He lacks size and length for DEnd…unless he has a growth spurt, none of that will change….he lacks length

        1. After two straight games where he has recorded multiple pressures, playing a mix of DT and DE like was originally envisaged, probably not the best time to be taking another jab about how bad he is. He’s starting to play better.

          He definitely needs to improve his ability to finish plays, though I question whether he ever will be great at it as he struggles to break down and his short arms are an issue in terms of reach for making tackles when the player is trying to escape.

          1. If we are critiquing Thomas on the year on his stats it’s an epic fail.
            But as a unit, the dline the past couple weeks has been the best part of the defense.
            Thomas is playing more angry and he is in on every tackle and pressure.
            As a skeptic, let’s give him another year playing on the inside with some legit help on the outside.

            1. Razor, while he had a favourable measurement at the combine, if he really has that kind of length then he doesn’t use it well at all. He regularly allows OL into his pads, and he struggles to tackle anyone that puts a move on him. Do you disagree? I know you want to try as hard as heck to make the naysayers eat crow, but take the rose coloured glasses off for a second and give an honest answer to that question.

              1. No argument there. I often wonder why he lets himself get chest to chest. My only question was the arm length. 33″ is not short in my book, and as for the crow; it’d be the same for any player that is in his 2nd year not named, Jenkins that people write off too quickly. Reed is one example of a DL finally breaking out in year 3. If Thomas can continue to stack these type of performances going into next year, he’ll be setting himself up for a breakout in his 3rd year too. My rose colored glasses are broken, but Thomas doesn’t deserve to be a pinata either, irregardless of the tragedy of his sister….

              2. Yes, I completely agree that people that write off players if they don’t produce right away are pretty ignorant. There are, as you say, plenty of players that take a few years to hit their straps. Same goes for people that anoint players after a handful of games. This forum has a lot of people that do both, all the time. Its why guys like Thomas, Witherspoon, Colbert and Pettis have been labelled as busts by many at various points this year (and last year), and JG has been written off by some due to not lighting it up the opening weeks this year. It is also why guys like JG, Witherspoon and Colbert were labelled as future stars at the end of last year, and why guys like Mullens, Pettis, Reed and Harris will probably get the same treatment this offseason.

              3. I was one of those guys saying that Thomas was a bust and I think it was fair considering where he was selected in the draft.
                But now seeing how well he works with Buck, AA and Blair we could have something brewing into one of the best run stopping dlines.
                All 4 guys deserve another year to develop but they need the organization to get a sack machine but also a scheme that lets them use their size and speed and get to the QB.
                I think Saleh has turned them lose the last couple weeks but a couple big tests coming up with 2 pretty good olines in the Bears and Rams the last 2 games.

            2. Razor

              In the NFL defenses…YES…Don’t worry, he’s from Stanford…they won’t cut him….they’re still trying to justify John Lynch’s first blown draftee…

            1. Great defenses carry QBs to the Super Bowl. Just ask Dilfer. Kap to a degree. Even Denver carried Manning.

              Sure they could Razor, b/c they are hosting a game on the way. But unless they host the championship game, it’s quite a bit tougher for a defense to win that game.

  18. I think it’s important to note that the 49ers are Top 12 or Top 13 in terms of total offense AND total defense across the entire NFL. Those are pretty impressive stats by themselves.

    We have several glaring holes in skill positions, but if we are able to plug a few of those via the draft and free agency, this could shape up to be a very solid team and playoff contender. I don’t know about being a Super Bowl contender just yet, but if the stars align right we could be looking at multiple playoff appearances to start.

    1. Niners actually have only two glaring holes (an edge rusher and a second proven corner back). The rest are all OK when healthy, although some positions like Sam and Will LBs could use an upgrade, and some areas definitely need depth. But none of those are “glaring”. Injuries has been the problem by far.

  19. While it was a win in a lost season and we are now out of the Bosa sweepstakes, it was a fun game to watch and there is nothing better than a win over a hated division rival. Mullens is a gutty QB who has energized this team but he missed some throws yesterday that would have been TD’s so he still has a lot to work on. I’m pulling for the kid and I’m encouraged about the QB depth chart moving forward.

    What encourages me even more is seeing these young players getting experience and making some plays. All the complaints about the draft classes ignored the simple fact that you have to give players time and patience. Now we are seeing the foundation of what could be for years to come.

    Not too bad for a team that had apparently quit on their Coaches a few weeks ago.

    1. Nicky “the bulldog” Mullens has made a name for himself. At the very least he comes into next TC as the leading candidate for the backup QB behind Jimmy G.

      Unlike the effusive praise Grant wants Shanahan to heap on Mullens, the best I can say is that I feel much better having Mullens behind JG than Beathard.

      1. AES

        I like your post…I think that Jimmy G will reach TC as the starting QB, with Mullens only a step behind…what I would like to see, is Jack Hennighan in third position…the last time I mentioned that, rocket guffawed me that Hennighan was no more than a ‘camp arm’. I seem to remember that he had some pretty good (comparable) passing stats, and he also ran for a TD and yardage in his very limited opportunities. ….He’s big (6’4″-220), can run, and is the second ranked passer in Dartmouth history….Sort of reminds you of Mullens, doesn’t he….also has 49er pedigree….hmmmm…I’d like to see him at least get a shot at PS…Am I alone in that ?…

  20. Going to be a a huge off season for coaching changes:

    For Sure:

    Good chance:

    Probably wont but should:

    Definitely should but definitely wont:

    I think we could see a few surprises from the ‘probably wont’ list. I predict 10 coaching vacancies to be filled total including the ones already open.

  21. Hard to tell on some of them as they are still competing for a playoff spot. The ones I would say are most likely are:


    The rest are either to be determined or no chance.

  22. My favorite play from yesterday was a short completion to Kittle. The Seahawks blitzed two guys from the right side of the 49ers offense, Mullens saw it coming and changed his drop to get away from the line and hit Kittle.

    It doesn’t look as spectacular as some of Garoppolo’s off schedule plays last season but it was very impressive.

    1. My favorite play was seeing Buckner chase down Wilson to the side line, and seeing Saleh tumble about. He was fired up as much as the players.

        1. Pete Carroll always reminds me of Popeye the Sailor. Visualize the hat and pipe when you watch him. Kee, hee, hee, hee. I aint’ no doctor but I’m losing me patience. Kee, hee, hee hee. Shiver me timbers, did you see dat guy holding on dat last play. Kee, hee, hee, hee. Look closely next time you see him.

    2. Mine was one where Mullens was going down and he flicked the ball forward and took positive yardage rather than the sack. Keeps his eyes up and wants to win! Great to see in such a youngster.

    1. Moore and another FA/draft pick will be breathing down his neck all of off-season. The kids will need to get really, really serious about learning his craft…

      1. We’re fortunate to have set ourselves up for some fiery competition at many positions. QB, RB, Slot receiver, DL, CB, FS/SS!

          1. Pinion was one of the best in college football at punting inside the 20, however it has yet to translate to the NFL. Been a head scratcher for mine….

    1. I had predicted a blow-up following the first streak of two losses. However, I am impressed that it took this long for the streak to happen. Not a good time, though.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. Quickly-assembled ‘dream teams’ can become brittle. Not always, but often enough.

      2. Same here Mood. Grant said Wade Phillips would keep the players in line. I asked him how did that work out for Phillips in Dallas, never got an answer.

        1. Phillips is a very good coach, but the defensive roster is a little too heavy with the triumvirate of outsize egos — although one the three has been on the sidelines of late :)

      3. The Rams defense has given up a lot of yards and points all season. The difference the past couple of games has been the offense not being able to overcome it. The boy wonder McVay has to figure out how to adjust to what defenses are doing to his offense and so far he hasn`t been able or willing to do it.

        1. Rams offense builds off Gurley’s running — teams are focusing on stopping Gurley. Is Talib back? they need him badly…

  23. There is one area where I think Nick Mullens can improve.
    His public speaking seems breathless and too emotional.
    Mullens should practice his public speaking by cold calling up Gary Radnich and having a conversation. Do not call it an interview, and do not make it too long. Gary will keep is short and sweet, light yet evocative. Nick could pretend to be a fan, and ask a few questions while stating some uncontroversial opinions.
    Gary would get him to relax, and Nick would benefit from picking up tips from the master.
    Grant may want to interview Mullens, but he might not be the best choice to help Mullens work on his public speaking. Mullens needs to work off the rough edges, not get thrown into the crucible.

    1. Gee Sebbie…. Rather critical (catty?), no? Recall how you used to give Grant a little credit, then criticism him? Remember that?

      Is this how you were raised? A little praise then a dose of criticism? No matter how good you were as a little boy, you always received some criticism.

      Surprised you’re not ripping Nick for his shirt choice (blog topic photo)…….kinda Raider-like.

      So, so Sebbie…

      1. Seb’s criticism ends the moment his idol, Grant, enters the room. Seb’s still stinging from that last dangling participle he was corrected on .

        1. Better shore up that spelling, Seb and his buddy Thesaurus are lurking…(Although I find his confusing a sports blog with spelling bee’s amusing).

      2. Cassie, I want Mullens to improve. I would like to see him cool calm collected, answering in a succinct, insightful, interesting and entertaining manner. I hope he would be polite, forthcoming and honest, and give an interview that would make me proud that he is the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.
        Instead, he looks like he is a raw rookie, breathless, clearly emotional, who has never done an interview before. Maybe it because he just got done with playing the game, and his emotions fuel his competitiveness, but he could give a better interview. I am not saying he has character flaws, I just want his public speaking to improve. Practice makes perfect, and good teachers will provide good results. Notice that I did not include Kreuger in the phone call, because he tends to be pugnacious with a sharp irreverent tongue at times. He also tends to gush about the Niners, because that is what he is paid to do, but that is not the purpose of Mullens talking to the public. Gary Radnich is an icon, and his quick, folksy, funny manner will bring out the best in him. Gary has done so many interviews, he has probably forgotten more than any of us could have ever learned. He is a pro’s, pro, and Mullens could greatly benefit from Gary’s wisdom and style.
        Notice how I did not include Grant, either. Mullens should practice and learn to speak in public like he has given a thousand interviews, then Grant can conduct an interview, so the topic material would be the main focus, not seeing a raw rookie stumble through tough questions.
        Criticize Grant? Do you read this blog? I am one of his strongest defenders. I think Grant is talented, and smart. I like his writing style. Grant is a big boy, he can stand a wee bit of criticism, although I really did not viciously attack him, when I said Grant may not be the BEST choice. It is just a difference in opinion whether Grant would be too hard hitting, instead of having a light touch. Also, I want Mullens to feel comfortable, so he can gain confidence in his public speaking. Certain people are better at it than others. Nothing against Grant, but I honestly feel that Gary would help Mullens more than Grant, pertaining to public speaking.
        Did you read my previous comments thoroughly? You usually dote on every post I make. I stated that Mullens could have worn a sack cloth, and I would not have cared, especially after such a big win.

        1. Dote? Maybe it’s a typo and you meant “poke”! Or perhaps “cite” as your Gardner’s thumb has trouble with the keyboard. Dote? Please, for humor to have any chance of being successful it has to have some verisimilitude.

    2. The man is a qb, he’s not running for office. They ask the question, he responds! Jesus you sound like u want him to impress you! “Work on his public speaking “ wow, get over yourself.

  24. December to Remember — Kyle’s 7-1 in December with the Niners…

    OTOH, Niners are the first NFL team since 1940 to go six straight games without a takeaway. Amazingly, they are 3-3 during this period.

  25. Ahkello Witherspoon headed to IR…….Rookie Tarvarius Moore is expected to continue in his role the final two games…..

    Good news for the team overall….

  26. While we’re comparing QB stats, how about game winning drives: Jimmy G -1; CJ -0; Nick M -1. Before that what… maybe Alex Smith? Another point in the ‘it” column I would say. I just want to see Mullens get nothing less than a fair shake. I don’t care who you are – talk is cheap.

  27. Grant Cohn, king of the knee jerk reaction. Two games of Mullens playing average and we’ll be reading articles about how they need to draft a QB #1.

  28. Mullens is the 180 of Kaepernick:

    1) Mullen’s arm strength and running speed don’t draw attention from opposing coaches, and he’s not going to kiss his biceps in the end zone.
    2) Kaepernick wont be accused of relentless studying of opponents, the playbook; and opposing coaches don’t think much about his pocket presence.

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