Patrick Willis (wrist) does not practice Wednesday afternoon

Here is Wednesday’s practice participation report for the 49ers and Eagles, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Did not participate in practice: CB Tramaine Brock (Toe), C Marcus Martin (knee), TE Vance McDonald (knee), DE Justin Smith (not injury related), LB Patrick Willis (wrist)
Limited participation in practice: T Anthony Davis (hamstring), TE Vernon Davis (ankle, knee)
Full participation in practice: RB Frank Gore (back)

Out (definitely will not play):  C Jason Kelce (hernia)
Did not participate in practice: LB Mychal Kendricks (calf)
Limited participation in practice: DE Fletcher Cox (back)
Full participation in practice: DE Brandon Bair (foot), CB Brandon Boykin (hip), TE James Casey (knee), WR Josh Huff (shoulder), WR Jordan Matthews (oblique), WR Brad Smith (groin), T Matt Tobin (ankle), CB Jaylen Watkins (hamstring), S Earl Wolff (knee)

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  1. Hopefully Anthony Davis starts this week, Martin hasn’t been as bad as people have said but we could still really use Davis’ push in the run game.

  2. I agree to an extent.
    Martin has been bad. But not horrible unless you take out the Chicago game. Wait…. This comment reminds me of something a certain youngster writer once said.. Hmmmmm

    Anyhow. He’s done OK but the shoes he’s filled in for are needed back on that field strapped up and ready to block. Martin is not the same run blocker, not even on the same planet as Davis. He alone can help a struggling line and running game.

    1. I don’t think it’s all that bad. I hate to say it but, it’s just a wrist. Slap some tape on it and roll.

  3. the biggest injured player that we need back is Brock. Brock and Cox starting and move Culliver over to Nickleback.

  4. Will Brock play this year?

    Is Brock’s injury the classic “turf toe?” Turf toe can end seasons.

  5. I hope Davis gets back as well. However as many have noted Martin hasnt been the worst lineman on the team this season. That honor goes to Iupati so far, as he has been an absolute liability in pass protection. Other teams have also noticed this, as Arizona showcased by repeated blitzing straight up the middle.

    1. I wonder why was Martin expected to be a bad player by some fans. Because he was bullied at Miami? I believe he graded out as the best Niners’ O lineman in one of the 3 games by PFF. The fact is that the O line needs to practice as a unit so that all players lining up next to each other have a decent understanding of each other’s role, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. Martin had never practiced with Boone till the first week of the season. Overall, I think he did a pretty good job as a RT.

        1. Yep, not much push, but competent in pass protect.
          Jack, switching gears here, but I was just at Whole Foods and saw a new wine on the shelf:
          Jack Hammer Pinot Noir 2012
          Jackhammer Wine Co., San Luis Obispo
          Their credo from the back label:
          “The Three Laws of American Engineering-
          1. Always use the right tool for the job.
          2. A hammer is the right tool for any job.
          3. Anything can be used as a hammer.
          4. A hammer is the perfect tool for any occasion-as is the wine.”

      1. Mood,

        Martin has held up ok in pass pro, but as was mentioned he struggles to get movement in the running game which Davis is adept at.

        Martin is a good backup but we need Davis back in there knocking people off the ball.

  6. Try not to feel pressured, Coach Harbaugh;
    can you even imagine the fans reaction
    to another loss in the new stadium….?
    Time for a therious brainstorm: you must
    avoid digging an even bigger hole (1-3)….

    This is your season/your career/your sanity….

  7. OH Anthony Davis would be big in the lineup. Hey why is it that Brock hasn’t practice yet? Why do we baby our players for?…Why is it that Jim can’t seem to coach a second half? and now he has Willis on a sideline today?

    What a mess

    1. Because Brock has a sprained big toe or a turf toe which can be very painful and impact his ability to cut and cover.

  8. I think the 49ers come out pounding the football in this game, with the idea of shortening the offensive touches of the Eagles. Davis and Davis provide the impetus….

    1. Well, Razor ..
      I think it will bode well for the run game if
      Anthony Davis plays .. but the guy I’m
      concerned about is Jordan Mathews ..

      Back around this past draft .. he was the guy
      I wanted Har-Baalke to snag .. but it didn’t happen ..

      He’s got some of that “Jerry Rice” blood
      running through his veins .. and it kinda scares
      me if Ward ends up covering him much this week

    1. Whatever the overall 2012 talent, the 49ers had relatively little draft capital that year. Below are (standard) chart values of 49ers draft picks used 2008-2013.

      Year – Chart Value
      2014 – 1,718
      2013 – 2,041
      2012 – 1,031
      2011 – 2,363
      2010 – 2,800
      2009 – 1,600
      2008 – 1,463

      Makes me feel a little better about the (still) horrible 2012 draft. Makes the 2010, 2011, 2013 drafts seem a little more pedestrian.

  9. I think the people that are down on Tank, need to realize he played with his Left hand in the dirt at FSU. Fangio wants his Right hand in the dirt, and that’s what’s keeping him from getting more snaps. He probably will not be assignment proof and fully transitioned until next year….

    1. I agree. He was an edge 4-3 DE. Since then he’s gained 20-30 lbs. He’s moving to inside to a 3-4 DE (or “4-3 Under Tackle”) spot. A totally different ballgame. I get why the 49ers can just plug him in.

      The concern is he should still be a threat on obvious passing downs off the edge. Lining Tank up outside the OT a handful of snaps shouldn’t be that big a deal. Good pass rushers are like gold. Teams find a way to get them on the field. They did it with Aldon in 2011, while Haralson played the more assignment savvy snaps.

      It could be the physical changes. Now that his body is re-shaped he might not have the same ability to turn the corner like he did in college. He’s stuck with the inside role, and that’s that.

    2. If the guys ahead of him aren’t getting the job done in the pass rush, at some point they just have to bite the bullet and see what they have in him, regardless of if they feel he is 100% ready mentally.

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