Players the 49ers can and can’t take in NFL draft

FILE – In this April 23, 2018, file photo, San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch speaks to reporters at the team’s football facility in Santa Clara, Calif.
Lynch felt like he had filled a hole at middle linebacker when he drafted Reuben Foster in the first round a year ago. Now with Foster facing legal trouble and possible league punishment following three felony charges in a domestic violence case, Lynch heads into this year’s draft knowing he can’t count on Foster to play this season. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

John Lynch is lying to us.

That’s not a shot at Lynch. He’s doing his job as the 49ers’ general manager. He’s supposed to lie during this time of the offseason. He’s not supposed to tell the world how he plans to use each of his picks in the upcoming draft.

Lynch recently spoke with NBC Sports Bay Area and pretended to reveal his draft strategy, which is based on the moves he has made in free agency.

“In terms of what we did, it gave us flexibility,” Lynch said. “We had some ideas of areas where we had to get better. And what we did gave us flexibility to just focus on going out and getting the best player available, particularly with that top spot, regardless of the position.”


Lynch’s statement is the opposite of the truth. He wants the rest of the league to believe he’s free to draft any player from any position with the No. 2 pick in Round 1. But the free-agent moves he made actually shortened the list of players he can take with that pick.

I’ll explain.

Here are the players the 49ers can and can’t take in Round 1, and where the 49ers stand heading into the draft.

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  1. I believe the 49ers most glaring need is at Cornerback. If Witherspoon and/or Moore emerge, great. But until then I’m putting CB as the #1 need.

    Another pass rusher is still near the top of the need list, and the draft is deep in pass rushers. I’m still hoping for a pass-rusher with the top pick.

    1. I think you cant be wrong no matter what position you call out as a need. This team has needs all over the place and they’re likely not going to be able to address them all in one offseason. Do we need a CB? Yes. Edge? Yes. Guard? Yes. Wr? Yes. SAM? Yes. Safety? Yes. Which is the most dire, well that’s up for debate, but there’s almost no wrong answer.

      1. Left tackle, too, at least by this time next year. That person is not currently on the team, nor will they find one in free agency. And unless there’s a total sure thing HOF stud in next year’s draft, and the Niners have a top-5 pick, they — and more specifically, their quarterback — will not want a rookie starting at that spot.

    2. LSUs DBs seem to have decent track records. Greedy Williams anyone? His name alone gives us 8 takeaways for sure 😂

    3. most glaring need is elite players.
      an improved pass rush would help the corners, as would better safety and linebacker play.

      i’ve only seen Grant’s break downs, but i do think they should trade down for more picks. maybe they could get Allen at 4 if teams want Bosa & Williams (assuming Arizona takes Murray). if someone takes Allen before or if someone offers the moon for Allen trade down again b/c the draft is a gamble and more picks is one of the best ways to increase your odds.

      1. Not many teams (if any) has a weaker secondary.

        Shanahan can work around weaknesses at receiver. But if there’s only one hole at corner, it has to be filled.

        1. Nonsense. When has Shanahan had playoff success working around a bunch of ragtag receivers. Has he worked the scrubs open in the RZ? How many 3rd downs, converted by a WR?

          I’m not blaming KS but to think he can work magic with a bunch of undrafted and late round players, is insanity. How a 49er fan, the home of Jerry Rice and even T.O, doesn’t recognize the need for an elite WR is beyond me.

          NE almost lost in the playoffs because they didnt have one.

          1. How many 3rd downs, converted by a WR?

            I recall a ton converted by JG to Taylor in the final 6 games of the 2017 season. Now if we can get those two back healthy this season.

        2. The niner pass rush was so non existent that anybody in the secondary would look bad. Not saying the secondary is good by any means. I will say top tier defensive ends are much harder to draft compared to top CBs or WRs that can be found in the mid 1st round.

            1. I give you exhibit A: 5’7″ CB Mark McMillian of the 1997 KC Chiefs. With Derrick Thomas and a pass rush that generated 50 sacks, McMillian led the AFC in INT’s (8), led the NFL in INT TD’s (3), and INT yards (274). In 1999 the 49ers sign this supposed shutdown CB, generate 32 sacks, and McMillian was torched so badly that he was released after six games!

              There is a reason that the second highest paid position in the NFL is DE/EDGE. Given enough time, any QB is going to find an open receiver. In the Pro Bowls where they scored 80+ points, and the defense let the QB’s throw, the best DB’s in the NFL could not stop them. Craig Morton in SB XII threw FOUR first half INT’s due to a Dallas pass rush that was unstoppable. Harvey Martin (DE) and Randy White (DT) were named co-MVP’s.

              1. Best? Worst? Alternative facts?
                Which is it? Doesn’t matter as long as you keep posting?
                You are daft. Try to keep your stuff together. smh

              2. Cassie mentioned the Bills and Titans. I was just trying to help her out. Guess she was wrong, too.
                I am not afraid of being wrong. I am wrong, but I am also right many times. I am not going to be afraid of posting so I do not make a mistake. Posters can correct me, and I will acknowledge my mistakes instead of devolving into personal attacks like some do.

              3. Chris T
                Hah! I thought you were posting my exact thoughts. Seb is ludicrous! Predictable funny; like Crazy Guggenheim.

          1. Top 5 pick, and his rookie year, did not do much. He worked out to get stronger, studied the playbook, and this last season did well.

      2. I think they will solve the receiving issue…by trading back and drafting TE TJ Hockenson somewhere around pick 10. The offense will feature 2 TE’s the majority of the time, and will rarely need 2 WR’s at once. Imagine the confusion/mismatches Shanahan will be able to create with 2 TE’s who excel at blocking and receiving, as well as Juszczyk at FB and 2 of our interchangeable RB’s in the backfield!

        1. I am Seb. People call me Pauly. I mow lawns and I do it with a chip on my shoulder. It keeps me from lashing out at people. I am emotionally compromised.

  2. Grant, I sure am glad you have embraced the trade back strategy, because it is the best way for the team to improve.
    Missing out on Bosa and Williams is fine, and even missing out on Allen is fine with me, if they can get more early round picks. My post Free Agency mock had them picking 4 players in the first 41 picks. Instead of yours in which you picked an EDGE and CB, I had them picking an EDGE, OC, WR and Safety.
    I do not think CB is a glaring need, with Verrett. They also have Witherspoon, Moore, DJ Reed, McFadden and even possibly Ward.
    If they do trade back, DK Metcalf may also be a possibility, but I hope they trade back, and get Allen, Sweat, Ferrell, Gary or Burns.

    1. I touted J. Allen as a possible draft pick for the 49ers back in November. And a few times after that.

      But the more I see his college video, I see a player who has mental lapses at the point of attack (or just confused), especially in the area of making quick reads and adjustments. I’m also concerned that he is not strong enough for the physical play of the NFL right off the bat. He will need to put on more muscle.

      I’ve never doubted Allen’ great athleticism, but I’m not sure if that alone will help him at the next level.
      Guess we’ll know in about 7 months.
      In any event. Good breakdown Grant.

  3. Niners should take Metcalf at 2. They have the coaches, QB, system, and need for him. I do think Bosa or Williams will be the pick, and that Murray is guaranteed to go 1. I hope that Arizona doesnt do what they should, and draft Q Williams.

    Your completely wrong about Bosa, the Niners could easily play him at SAM and slide him to big end on passiWilliam’s. Why would they have on the weak side with Dee Ford? That doesn’t even make sense. Seattle style defense, the SAM is about a yard and a half off the LOS, has the appearance of 5 DL

    Q Williams wouldn’t have to play 0 or 1 on the team, they can go to a more even 4-3 if he were the pick. Ppl act like theres one scheme and thats all they run.

    I think the biggest thing for me is it gets to a point where you roll with what you got, and draft a different position. Years and Years of drafting DL in the first round has not been a winning strategy. Bosa reminds me of all the hype Chris Long came in with

    1. So the 49ers wine and dine Q.W. lol

      #49ers dinner with Alabama DL Quinnen Williams was at a Tuscaloosa IHOP, which was Williams’ choice. #cheapdate

      9:05AM – Mar 22, 2019 · California, USA

    2. DK will be a beast, especially with KS drawing him plays to maximize his athletic abilities. That said we only draft him if we trade down. Plus we may never have a chance to draft a top tier DE again. Unless we really suck again.

  4. How certain are you there will be chart (or better) trade offers for pick 2?

    A ) Very. Lynch has at least two teams bidding for pick 2. The only reason Lynch doesn’t trade is if he refused a chart or better offer.
    B ) He’ll probably get one or more calls when he’s on the clock offering chart or better trade.
    C) 50/50 Chance of chart or better offer
    D) Lynch will get offers but they’re all below chart.
    F) Lynch will get an insulting offer way below chart, or no offers at all.

    I’m thinking C-D-F. If Lynch refuses to press the red “Force A Team To Trade Up” button if he doesn’t get any good offers he should be fired on the spot.

  5. Metcalf is a reach at #2.
    Trade downs take 2 parties and there is no guarantee a good opportunity will be available.
    Taking wide receivers in the top 10 can be pretty risky, with some exceptions.
    I think the more pass rushers a team has the better. The Niners take aways were pathetic, pressure will change that.
    Go for CB, WR and O line in the next rounds.

  6. Bosa-Leo & 5T, Ford-Sam & Leo, Buckner/Armstead/Thomas-1T/5T/3T

    There’s 2 Leo’s on obvious passing downs ding dong. Bosa is not redundant, and I contend that when paired with Ford, da sacks will become abundant. Ford will play Sam in base. Saleh alluded to it when he said, “We’re looking for more of an edge rusher as opposed to what it was in years past with a brut Sam linebacker, a Bill Romanowski type. We’re trying to move forward from that.” Nick Bosa if available, and barring a trade will be the pick….

    1. Exactly. So tired of his Jodh Allen pick. Hes quick to say Ford is bad at stopping the run…..yeah so is Josh Allen

  7. Grant, you were making great sense til the end. The Niners need a top receiver but they obtained a nice possession receiver in Jordan Matthews, Jerry Rice’s cousin, who has great hands, good size and can play tight end over the middle or any receiver spot, including being a big target in the red zone. He will make Kendrick Bourne obsolete but Bourne hasn’t produced enough anyway. Matthews has delivered playing for the Eagles. He will be one more dangerous receiver to watch this year along with Tevin Coleman maybe split wide along with his other rb duties, tight end Kittle, Goodwin who may wake up, and if he doesn’t my receiver pick, Parris Campbell, will do it with his 4.31 speed. Shanahan will have fun finding ways to get him open like he did at Ohio State. I can’t wait.
    If the Niners trade with a team multiple first rounders like the Raiders then we can do business trading down. Otherwise, Nyet.

  8. I’m a little nervous about you Grant.
    I’m starting to think maybe you’re a government official working in the NSA department.
    You literally just posted the same thing I was talking to a buddy with this morning.
    Like you heard the whole phone conversation.
    So it’s needless to say I agree 100 percent with this post.
    Nail head meet hammer.

    Now which do they do?
    Our two guesses are the same so I can only ask which reciever they take or if they pick at 2.
    And I’ll add the one thing you didn’t I believe will happen.
    They trade back up in the first after picking at 2 to get a reciever.

  9. As for Allen, his arms are too short, and his hands are tiny.😉

    Cardinals are drafting Murray. Keim has no choice but to give the new coach the player he covets, otherwise he’ll be the scapegoat if things go south. He’s on a one year rental, and he’s got no choice but to push in all his chips.

    WR in the 1st round? Shanny’s never drafted one that high before, and he’s able to get more out of the position, similar to the rb position. I thought you said it would be a mistake to take a wr before round 3 anyways?

    Bosa/Thornhill are still my first two locked in picks barring any trades, and my one, two punch to the gut of the opponents passing attack….

  10. If Arizona takes Murray I can’t see anyone trading up for SF’s pick.. But who knows.. I would trade down if possible. If they could get two of the first 36 picks they should be able to get a great O lineman and WR.. Then DB, TE and LB..

    1. It’s quite possible, perhaps likely, that the Cards will draft Williams, who would for a long time fill a huge need, or even do the unthinkable and trade out of that spot for more picks. After all, they have about as many gaps as the Niners and are perhaps 10 players away from contending for a playoff spot. In any event, seems very unlikely they’ll draft Allen. Now if they take Williams, it’s really unclear whether there are any QB-needy teams so enamored of Murray that they’ll make a go-for-Goff type deal for him.

  11. Have to give you an F on that article. Allen will be the least impactful pro of the three. Quinnen will make pro-bowl first year and All-pro second. Bosa will make pro-bowl in second year. Allen will take three years minimum before he sniffs a pro bowl…as an alternate. He is nothing. He’s a better, albeit stiffer, Anthony Barr.

    Thankfully, there is a zero percent chance they will take Allen over two better players. The only regret Niner fans would have, is if we did draft him.

  12. This is a predictable article from Grant. The best two players in this draft is clear. Allen is not one of them. They will not draft Allen. You can bank on one thing., whoever Grant thinks there going to pick its never that player. That doesn’t mean Grants choices are not the right ones, but it does mean they wont be drafted by the Niners. I lean towards Quinnen Williams to be the pick. Armstead is on a one year deal. Pairing Williams with Buckner is too much to pass up IMO. If its not Williams at 2 its Bosa. There is no other choice at 2….

    1. I agree it will not be Allen, but I’m confident that Bosa will Trump Williams when the final decision comes down.

            1. I am not crying at all. No matter what, there have been numerous indictments, and many guilty verdicts. This is the most corrupt administration since Nixon, and the House has just begun to investigate. Get ready for a flood of subpoenas, and new material will be exposed daily. Mueller has farmed out the most damning allegations, and those cannot be covered up by the AG.
              I am hoping Barr loves America, the Constitution and the rule of law, more than any single individual.
              Trump may crow now, but soon he will be eating crow.

              1. President Obama and President Bush know all about deficits, Sebber. Tell me, how is it that you support a socialist agenda if you’re so concerned about the deficit?

              2. Cus Sebbs a freakin Commie/Pinko!!!!! He’s down with what the Commie’s do–as long as HE gets to keep his 2.5. Others will not be allowed. In fact, as the things they worked for are taken “by the people” i.e. govt officials-its because their meeeaaannnnnn.

              3. First you call me a fascist, now a commie pinko.
                Very interesting, and very informative.

        1. I’m hearing there are several teams concerned that QW’s personality may be susceptible to ‘new money’ syndrome. I’m assuming the physiological testing and interview interactions have contributed to this concern. It’s also lying season, so who really knows for sure. Unless Lynch gets a trade offer he cannot refuse, Nick Bosa is the pick. That’s my final answer….

  13. Interesting read, but here’s why I vehemently disagree. Dee Ford is 6’2″ 243, and is too WAY too small to be a true defensive end in the NFL. The average DE is currently 6’3″ 279. Bosa is 6’4″ 266 and could easily pack on 13 pounds of muscle in his rookie season. Think Neil Smith and Derrick Thomas. The 49ers need a hulking stud who can fight off a 325 pound OT and harass the QB. That’s not Ford. Josh Allen is undersized as well at 6’5″ 237. He fits a 3-4 OLB. He could help the 49ers, but not like Bosa.

    As for WR, Brady has won six rings without a superstar WR. Virtually all the Patriots receivers are either trades or FA’s. The last thing the 49ers need is to trade down and reach for a WR in round one.

    Extra picks are nice, but not at the price of passing on a rare talent like Bosa. If Lynch wants to keep his job, 6 year contract be damned, he better succeed in this draft. It starts with Bosa.

    1. Bosa is maxxed out, and looked muscle bound in the Combine.
      If you want a bigger EDGE, Rashan Gary is 6′ 4″, 277 lbs.

      1. Muscle bound? His Combine Numbers tell a different story: bench 29 reps (2nd best), 3 cone 7.11 (9), 20 yard shuttle (measures short area quickness, lateral movement, flexibility and the speed at which a player can change directions) 4.14 (3, best was 4.11). He placed top 15 in both the vertical and the broad jump, and the guys that beat him all weigh about 20-30 pounds less. Watch him in a game. This guy can move!

          1. Seb-

            how often does a D-lineman run a 40? 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle are more important for that position. He’s not expected to go running down the field to chase receivers and running backs……Yes/No?

            1. Bosa is going to look silly, chasing after Wilson and Murray.
              Grant amply showed on film that he does not have the speed to turn the corner.
              Bosa worked hard to do the combine drills, but missed a touch, so he was not flawless.
              Since Sweat exceeded Bosa on the 40, vert, broad jump and 3 cone drill, you should be touting him instead of Bosa. Sweat’s long arms gives him a distinct advantage over Bosa.
              The Combine has players run the 40, because it helps gauge their overall speed. A player who can run a 4.41 forty at 260 lbs, has elite speed. A player who runs a 4.79 forty at 266 lbs, has pedestrian speed.
              Many plays can take up to 10 seconds to run. Many players run 40 yards if they are playing from side line to side line. That is why the Combine has them run the 40 yard dash, not the 100 yard dash.

  14. Mock draft 10 post Free Agency, 2 trade backs with the Raiders and Broncos.
    Niners end up with pick numbers 10, 35, 36, 41, 67, 104, 106, 148, 176, and 212.
    New rankings, using the CBS big board, and mainly done because Keelan Doss is ranked 212, which is exactly where the Niners will pick. Trying to stay within 5 of each ranking, the Niners could pick-
    10. Clelin Ferrell EDGE.
    35. AJ Brown WR.
    36. Garrett Bradbury OC.
    41. Chris Lindstrom. OG.
    67. Trayvon Mullen CB.
    104. Josh Oliver TE.
    106. Renell Wren DT
    148. Trayveon Williams RB.
    176. Bobby Okereke ILB.
    212. Keelan Doss WR.

        1. Nope, this is number 10, with 2 trade backs. I outlined the process in Grant’s mock draft posting March 18th.

    1. This shows the Niners missing out on Bosa, Williams, Allen or Sweat, but they gain AJ Brown, Chris Lindstrom, Renell Wren and Trayveon Williams, a WR, OG, NT and RB.
      AJ Brown is 6′ 226 lbs, ran a 4.49 forty, and would become the instant starting WR.
      Chris Lindstrom was very good in the Senior Bowl practices against future NFL defenders.He might be the starting Guard right away.
      Renell Wren is 6′ 5″, 318 lbs, and ran a 5.1 forty, so he would be a good backup for DJ Jones at NT.
      Trayveon Williams ran for 1769 yards last season, and averaged over 1200 yards in his 3 year career. He also can catch the ball, and gained 2038 total yards for a 6.3 average and 19 TDs, in 2018.
      Missing out on those 4, but gaining those other 4, would be well worth it, and help with the rebuild.

  15. PLEASE explain why Josh Allen can play Strong DE on passing down, opposite Dee Ford,, but Nick Bosa cannot. Also explain why Ford cannot play SAM on 1st down, then switch to 9-wide end on passing downs.

    Better yet, tell me who is the best three down DE, ie., which of the three plays the strongest against the run in addition to pass rushing: Bosa, Ford or Allen?

    Hint: Bosa is the best run-pass rush end, and bonus is he is strong enough to rush inside too.

    Also, who has the most expensive contract which is structured as a year to year deal?

    1. He also has…
      quitting on your team syndrome
      Which leads to character issues, which leads to selfishness issues.
      He also has injury issues
      And by the size of those legs and arms I’d be a little worried when PED testing day comes around.
      We haven’t seen him actually play in a year.
      When the contract comes up, would you trust him to not holdout? Let’s remind ourselves he stayed home playing video games when his team was playing. (True story)

      He’s going to be a good player. But he does have some concerns also. And again NOBODY is a sure fire HOF player coming into the league. IMO he’s hyped like some players that come out every year.

      1. I can’t shake the feeling that if the 49ers take Bosa he’ll be a bust but if just about any other team does he will be a star. Maybe I need to change my diet.

        1. Maybe you should factor in the fact that Zgonina is gone, and Kocurek may be putting the players in the correct positions to succeed.
          Also, with Hafley gone, the DBs under Woods will actually give the pass rushers time to get to the QB, instead of leaving receivers wide open.
          Like AFFP says, coaching matters.

    2. SAM is a linebacker not a DE.
      On Passing downs it doesn’t matter because they will be in a Nickle or Dime package and the SAM/ LEO concepts are no longer valid in that defense.

  16. If we want to play more 4-3 under and Bear Front variation it’s logical we would take Allen instead of Bosa and Williams.
    If it’s more a 4-3 over and 4-2-5 than Bosa would be the more logical fit.

    1. If we didn’t had Buck than Williams would be a logical pick cuz he has the potential to be a very very good 3t, but Buck is also very very good.

  17. Haskins not Murray is the key to the Niners draft. I watched Haskins pro day and he was very impressive. Made all the throws with accuracy and ease. He said all the right things after. Haskins is a pure, drop back passer who could be the face of any franchise for the next ten years. Washington with Doug Williams in the house provides the PC narrative that the Skins could use, but Haskins is no charity case—he can play. If the Giants are also in play for him, then there can be an intra-divisional bidding war for Haskins that could result in a trade up. That’s where the Niners come into play. Miami could also give Haskins a look as well. There is an interesting scenario in play that isn’t getting a lot of buzz that could move the draft needle though and that’s a possible trade between the Giants and the Seahawks. Wilson wants to go to NYC because his wildly talented wife wants the bright lights and big city. Trading for Wilson is about the only way Giant fans could let go of their beloved Eli. If something like that occurs, look for the Seahawks to be in play for Haskins, where they’ll get the all important rookie contract and more picks + cap space. If something like that occurs, all bets for a trade up for Haskins get harder to cash.

    1. The Cardinals remain the key and they definitely aren’t taking Haskins. Haskins might matter at 2, but so will Bosa or Williams. Teams are just as likely to want to trade down for one if them at that point.

      Also, the Wilson trade is a total rumor. There is nothing behind it right now. It’s all over the internet, of course.

  18. From where I sit, we need another pass rusher, CB, G, WR, S, OT, and further depth everywhere except a few spots.

    Is it Allen or Bosa? Does it really matter given the holes on this team? Williams is a tremendous player but I don’t see how the team can go there (again!). Trade down is the best option given the necessity for bodies but but they have to be good bodies, and it has to be the right trade too.

  19. I think the Wilson rumors gave legs. A few seasons back the Seahawks were purported to be interested in trading for Jacoby Brissett. Indy wanted a first, Seatle was offering a second. I don’t think they were looking to trade Brissett for a back up role. That role is played by a relative nobody, because Wilson’s rate of injury is incredibly low. So they can roll with the likes of Treyone Boykin and Austin Davis. Brissett was targeted as Wilson’s replacement.

    Wilson is playing on a one-year-contract and is planning on breaking the bank for his next contract. I’m not sure the Hawks are going to bite. He may be the Seattle version of Eli, and his departure might cause even more people to flee that drug infested den of collateral damage that the city refuses to deal with.

    Wilson as a Giant, with Saquon Barkley is something they can market with the departures of Eli and OBJ. I know the Giants would do this in a heartbeat–but will the Hawks?

      1. They would draft Haskins. I’ll refrain from the double troll, sticky monkey reversal and pin, since some of your scenarios are even wilder.

        1. Your premise is flawed, because Haskins will not last until pick number 6.
          Yes, this is the off season, and time for wild speculation.
          Imagine, they actually thought AB would be traded to the Niners, and JL would give up the number 2 pick for oft injured OBJ.

    1. The Wilson scenario was discussed last night on NFL Network. The panel unanimously agreed that the Seahawks would keep Wilson and pay him the big bucks. Why? Because he has proven to be an elite QB and because the Seahawks let the “strong personalities” in the locker room go (Sherman, Bennett, etc.) so that Wilson could be the sole voice of the locker room. Of course, anything can happen.

  20. Grant how can an offensive line double team both Williams and Buckner? This sounds like a dream scenario, I know you’re saying Williams is not big nor strong enough for Nose in the NFL, but I and many experts disagree with that notion. However, if there’s any team that he’s likely to have success with it should be the Niners because he’ll be playing next to Buckner. If they double QW Bucks getting the sack/TFL, if they double Buck, QW is back there on every play with that speed and those moves. Not to mention Ford getting in there when the lines preoccupied with both of those guys. If they single everyone, I still think either Buck, QW or Ford will get back there and wreak havoc.

    I do like your trade back scenario and if there’s a partner that gives us draft capital this year that allows us to fill more holes quicker I think Lynch takes it. However, if we stay put I think QW is the guy. I won’t be mad at any of the big 3, QW, Bosa, Allen but the more I think about it, the more I think QW makes sense.

  21. Dear god the stupidity…

    Bosa easily has the strength to play the big end and teams in today’s era are in nickel 70% of the time anyways where you dont have such a pronounced difference between the “Leo” and big end.

    Love how Grant cant figure out the flip side of the argument if you are in nickel one of Allen, Warner and Kwon now comes off the field unless you move Allen to the end. But then, if you move Allen to end, Bosa >>> Allen..

    49ers would be insane to not draft one of Bosa or Williams and I lean heavily towards Bosa of the two. Bosa’s power, hand skill and fluidity are in a different class than Allen’s. Allen certainly could be a great pro but he has a much higher chance to bust as an edge rusher.

    1. Much higher chance of being a bust based on what your opinion that’s all of that paragraph you just typed was a straight opinion there is no fact that says Bosa is better than Alan just an opinion. Or that bosa will be able to get to the qb better than allen. OrIs it the hand skill that will karate chop his way to the QB better? So what’s really more stupid, your opinion that your hoping to be fact, or claiming to know more than 32 gm’s and 100’s of scout hours. They might not all think bosa is the best player in the draft. All I’m saying is your opinion is yours, not stated facts.

    2. Agree on all points. The fat that GC places Allen in the same category as either Bosa or Williams is surprising. First, it took Allen four years to become dominant (only had 7 sacks as a Soph and Jr). Generally, dominant players show it early and often (like Bosa and Williams) and leave school early. When was the last Sr non-QB drafted in top 3 picks? Very, very few. That concerns me.

      If you can’t dominate at the college level prior to your Sr. year, you are not worthy of a top 3 pick in my book. Especially, when you put on the tape next to similar players (Garrett, Von Miller, Mack) and you don’t compare. We know what Bosa is, his brother. An pro-bowler. Identical skills. We haven’t seen a player like Williams in a long time. Dominant.

      If Bosa is there, we will take him. Why? All things equal (Bosa vs Williams), you cover the need first. If Bosa is gone, and they don’t trade down (very real possibility), they won’t take 5 seconds to choose Williams. With he and Buckner, you arguably have the best young DT tandem in NFL. Plus, most coaches will tell you that pressure up the middle is better than pressure from outside.

      1. Allen finally got good coaching his senior year, and responded with 17 sacks, so he was very productive. However, he withdrew from the Senior Bowl practices because he did not want to go up against future NFL- O linemen, so that is not a profile in courage.
        Williams also benefited from playing on an Alabama squad, so they had elite talent that drew double teams, next to him. He may have been the best D- lineman in the National Championship, but his team was destroyed by Clemson.
        Bosa, in Grant’s video analysis, was pushed to the ground, because long armed OTs manhandled him. Joey disappeared in the playoff game against the Pats, so comparing Nick with Joey is not a huge compliment. Bosa withdrew from his senior year, so that is another factor to consider.
        Personally, I think Sweat, with his elite speed and long arms, is superior to all 3.

  22. I’ll say this again when the Seahawks were at their best, they had 2 dominant defensive ends. Michael Bennett and Cliff Averill they were routinely able to pressure the QB so I’ve also looked at the 2002 Tampa Bay team who had Simeon Rice, Warren Sapp, booger McFarland and whoever the other defensive end was that year. Routinely able to pressure the QB now we have Dee Ford we have and deforest Buckner but the rest of the guys are average what if we add Q Williams or what if we add Bosa? Will that make our D line top of the line maybe Bosa works great and is the big end or maybe Williams works great next to deforest Buckner what’s going to make our D line better? The way Arik Armstead finished off last year I don’t think you can double Buckner and or D Ford and or Bosa or Williams. So I think the question now is do you feel more comfortable with Arik Armstead playing big end and having Williams on the inside with Buckner or do you feel more comfortable with bosa playing big end and having Arik next to Buckner on the inside.

    1. Whatever the case we have a chance to have our best defensive line since we had bryant young and Dana Stubblefield

      1. That JH/Fangio D line was pretty good, too. They almost did not allow a 100 yard rusher or a rushing TD all season. Seahawks, on the last game of the season, with Marshawn Lynch, broke their streak.

        1. Seb great points. But I looked at the linebackers as being the heart of their teams. But the line was ok as well

        2. Seattle got a rushing TD from Lynch ONLY after the 49ers got a punt blocked and Seattle took over on the SF 4 yard line. That’s not on the defense.

  23. Don’t support this Niner opinionist. He’s a fraud. Writing opinions only to trash the team and create click baits.

    Where are all the long time posters? Banned because they challenge his takes.

    Don’t give him a platform to continue trashing the team you love!

    Move on to better.

    1. Hi, Prime. Looks like he did not ban you, and BT, rocket and JPN all are welcome anytime.
      They are not being banned, they are refraining from posting.
      Still, with 338, 233, 206, 353, 229 and 229 comments on his posts, there are plenty of posters who disagree with you. This blog is doing just fine, so take your binky and go sulk in a corner. I am immensely enjoying this off season, so with all the FA acquisitions, their strong draft position, along with all the returning injured players, the Niners may be poised to return to relevance.

      1. Hey Sebbie! I find it flattering that you’ve adopted my binky reference–the one I applied to you a year++ ago. It’s in the public domain, so no royalties are due.

        1. Back at ya. I find your binky reference so fitting for yourself, too. Your obsession about binkys must be due to self reflection.

            1. Yawn, aaf? Surprised you did not mention Johnny Football.
              You really are an NFL shill to keep touting Pee Wee football.
              Somehow, your aaf fandom does not impress me, concerning your football acumen.

  24. Grant, your best case scenario doesn’t even make sense: “The 49ers should pray the Cardinals take Allen with the top pick so they can offer the second pick to a team desperate for a quarterback“…. they should pray the Cardinals take Bosa or Williams, trade down with the Raiders or Giants and STILL get Allen with their first pick.

  25. I have been on the “no on Bosa, no on Williams, yes on Allen” since the end of the season so I am in agreement on all of those points. We were in on trying to acquire K. Mack from the Raiders for multiple draft picks, and now we have Mack 2.0?? sitting here for us on a silver spoon. As far as trading down, always a gamble, but we can have it all under the right scenario. IF the Raiders want Haskins, I might make that trade with the thought that Murry goes #1 and Haskins goes#2 and the Jets will probably take Bosa or Williams. We still get Allen with the 4th pick plus draft picks. Dropping down any farther gives Allen to Tampa Bay. Wide receivers?? There is no Julio Jones or OBJ and wr has one of the biggest 1st round wash out rates of all position, so a 2nd round or later pick at this position would be just as good, especially in the Shannahan scheme. As far as getting more draft picks, we could commit to trading down from the top of the 2nd round and maybe even from the top of the 3rd for more picks. And there are probably a few players on the team that can be identified as tradable (a whole other post) that can be traded or part of a trade package. I do love this time of year!!

  26. Niners are sitting in a position of strength. This is a QB driven league, and the lack of decent QBs have really hurt teams. This draft may be deemed weak, but some of those QBs will still get drafted.
    Kyler Murray went from not being on the Draft Big Boards, to being the possible first pick of the draft.
    Dwayne Haskins may be slow, but he fits the criteria for the classic NFL pure pocket passer, with his accuracy, and big arm.
    Drew Lock had a good Senior Bowl.
    Daniel Jones may also be a QB that some team covets.
    Ryan Finley, Will Grierson, Tyree Jackson, Jarrett Stidham, Clay Thorson and Brett Rypien may all be drafted.
    The Cards, Raiders, Giants, Bills, Lions, Broncos, Bengals Dolphins and Skins may all want to upgrade their QB situation. Even the Pats may want to upgrade from Hoyer. I would not be surprised to see 4 QBs go in the first 15 picks.

  27. T. J. Ward:

    “Yeah, I’m going [No. 2 pick] Bosa. Definitely I’m definitely going Bosa. You need somebody who is going to get to the quarterback and opposite Dee Ford. I can see them being trouble for a long time. That’s what we had in Denver. We had linebackers that’s gonna run sideline to sideline. And I think that’s what Mr. lynch is trying to do right now. He’s going to bring two guys off that edge, that’s going to make the quarterback—and then you got playmakers on the back end. I don’t know if they have that yet, right now. They may need to get it in free agency. *coughs and laughs* but we’ll see what happens.”


  28. Bosa is pretty stout against the run so why couldn’t he play the other “Big End” spot? Everything else I agreed with Williams is overkill. Allen is a sam/nickel DE.

  29. Yet I always dream of a big, heavy duty end, a tank, a monster who puts scare into the entire left or right side of an offensive line, not only creating mismatches but also anxiety and overthinking. In short, a updated version of Reggie White ( not Fred Dean). QW is close enough, no? Someone described blocking him is like blocking a an express train covered in grease. Wow.

    “But we already have… etc”:
    A (possible) redundancy is only bad for those who think redundantly.

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