Raiders need one thing above all others to improve

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  1. Grant, why in the world do you put Raider crap on the niner site, if I want to read about the Raiders, I would go to there site, I not a Raider fan at all.

    1. Why click the link and then beyotch about it when it says don’t click the link? Probably a more apt question for you, why bother to type if you didn’t bother to read? Nice. You’re 8.

  2. Yes, Carr needs to take the proverbial next step. And yes, he pretty much lost the Broncos and Chiefs games you mentioned. Not the Steelers game, though. That one’s on the defense.

  3. Grant

    So Derek Carr is Tony Romo and Peyton Manning. Got it.

    I thought you said “they” said the Raiders are favored to be a playoff team next year. I researched it. Couldn’t find it. You were soap-boxing. And another thing: the Raiders have far more holes than the 49ers, though they have the 3 basics covered (maybe?) at QB, WR, OLB. But let’s just say the 2 basics, since the goal is to win games, and Superbowls. So, just WR and OLB.

    49ers have $55M, could be $76M if they wanted to dump Bethea, Brock, Brooks, Dorsey, and Kaepernick. Then what? They’d have more space than the Raiders, a better, younger roster, a similar QB, and more draft picks. They’d be a Noah Spence and a franchise WR away from having what the Raiders have, and more, and they’d have a far superior coaching staff to boot.

    Jack Del Rio is Jeff Fisher. David Carr is Blaine Gabbert.

    1. The Niners don’t have any players as good as Mack, Carr or Cooper, though.

      Carr makes overaggressive decisions with the game on the line. That’s not Gabbert.

      1. You’re right about Cooper and Mack, certainly, though Armstead could ascend. Carr is still a question mark, for the reason you’ve pointed out. And it’s really impossible to know who Gabbert is yet. He certainly has the draft pedigree, physical traits, smarts, and apparent leadership qualities that a franchise QB needs, but it remains to be seen whether he has that intangible “it” quality; maybe better known as composure. He showed glimpses of it last season though.0

    2. Carr is like Goff, they both take chances they shouldn’t but it’s very Coachable and comes with experience. It’s about not trying to do too much. Carr is going to be a franchise QB as will Goff imo.

      The Raiders are setup pretty well to become a playoff team with another good draft class and a few key FA signings. Elite talent at the core positions, lots of money to spend and a GM who knows what he’s doing. They are far closer to the playoffs than the Niners are at this point.

      1. Rocket

        Where, other than WR and OLB (and QB, if you think Carr is really special), do the Raiders stack up to the 49ers?

        1. A better question would be: where aren’t the Raiders better? They have a better Oline, Dline, WR core, TE, and are at worst equal in the LB and RB position.

          The Raiders are weak in the secondary and need a complete overhaul in that area, but other than that they are in pretty good shape going forward. If they sign 2 or 3 impact FA’s and have another good draft, they are going to be playoff contenders next year.

          1. Rocket

            I suppose it’s subjective then. I put the 49ers’ OL (with Bam), DL, and secondary above the Raiders’, with their RB and TE about equal.

            1. Nothing subjective about overall performance. Raiders Oline was rated higher and was clearly better in pass protection. Their Dline was better against the run and they had a better overall pass rush. The one clear edge the Niners have is in the secondary. Everything else is in the Raiders favor or comparable.

              1. The Niners have much better defensive players then the raiders. Raiders have Mack and that’s it. Niners have Lynch,Armstead,Reid,Tartt,Ward,Johnson. Plus Bowman. As far as years of rebuilding its an idiotic comment. Niners future is a lot brighter then people realize. Mark my words raiders take a step back this year. Del Rio is garbage.. They could of easily been a 4-12 team.

              2. Rebuild a winner,

                Stop thinking like a homer and look at the rosters. Most of the players you just mentioned for the Niners are not special talents. They might be eventually, but right now they are prospects we hope will be good. The Raiders have better passrushers, run stuffers in the middle and athletic LB’s who can make plays.

                What are you basing your reasoning that they will take a step back on? They won 7 games and could have won a lot more without the mistakes Grant referenced in his article. The majority of their roster is very young and they have a ton of money to spend. They aren’t going backwards; on the contrary they are going up with a bullet.

                In contrast the Niners are still looking for their core superstars. They really don’t have any on the roster right now other than Bo if he comes all the way back from his knee surgery. Question marks at QB, WR, TE, OLB, ILB, CB. This team is a long way from where you think they are.

              3. Rocket,

                I’m basing it on that I believe the Niners young defensive talent overall is better. The only gjuy worth a Sh*t on the raiders D is Mack. Lynch is a very good player and one guy who Grant happened to mention in the past that he was better then Mack. Obviously right now that’s not accurate. I consider him a potential blue chip player though. Bowman is still a blue chip player. Not the same guy but damn good still. Reid is a quality safety. Ian Williams if retained is better then anyone Oakland has on there line. On the offensive side of the ball is a different discussion. Raiders are a lot better there. Although that changes if the Niners sure up there line and Hyde can stay healthy. I believe the QB position is in good hands with either Gabbert or Kap. Both can easily thrive in that system. By the way you mention the raiders cap situation which is great. The niners have 55+ mil and 12 draft picks. There not as far away as you state. Like Hammer mentioned rebuilding in the NFL can occur within a couple years. Good coaching makes a massive difference. This can be debated all day. Cant wait for free agency.

              4. Rebuild a Winner,

                You are underestimating the Raiders Dline big time imo. Dan Williams is a more disruptive player than anybody the Niners have in the middle and he is a great run stuffer. Justin Ellis and Mario Edwards Jr. are also very good young players and have shown more than I’ve seen from the Niners Dlinemen other than Armstead who showed some promise as a pass rusher but struggled against the run.

                The Raiders don’t have a lot of depth which is their biggest issue, but their starters are better than the Niners in most instances on offense and in the front seven on defense. The biggest obstacle for the Raiders is in the secondary where they will have to sign FA’s and use some draft picks to overhaul it.

              5. Rocket

                You say Dan Williams, he of 3 career sacks? He who was called a “one dimensional run-stuffer” who is “not completely useless” against the pass? That guy?

                Mario Edwards looks like he might become good, but he is not as good as Dial or Armstead. Mack is the only great player on the Raiders defense. Cooper is the only great player on their offense.

              6. It’s not about sacks from that position Pork. It’s about pushing the pocket and stopping the run and Williams was excellent for them doing just that. Ellis is also a very good young DT and gave them a strong tandem inside. Their starting Dline last year at one point was the DT’s just mentioned along with Mack and Aldon Smith on the outside. That was better than anything the Niners have by a wide margin. Edwards was really starting to come on before he was injured and I also didn’t mention a couple of their other young players including Autry who showed flashes as well. The Raiders are better on both lines than the Niners imo, but I guess we’ll see.

            2. Bam is speculation after a concussion led to a year off. Even if he comes back strong, one more and he could be finished. As long as Pears might be a starter, the potential for a bad OL is high.

              1. Yoda

                Bam took a year off to heal his brain and body. That would make him a heck of a lot healthier than guys who just played a grueling season. At least, that’s another way of looking at it. He is definitely a vital cog in the wheel, to be sure.

              2. The question is what did he do in that year off? He was never a guy who reported to camp “in shape” as it was. With a year off a non motivated talent may never be as good as he was.

              3. I expect Anthony Davis to return fully healthy, and raring to go. He is in the prime of his life and motivated to come back strong.
                I totally understand his reasoning behind taking off a year, and hopefully, he will not suffer the same the same symptoms. Concussions are not something to take lightly, and he was well within his rights to try and prevent CTE.

    3. Silicon Chip – From reading your comments, I only can conclude you don’t know if the ball is pumped with air or stuffed with rags.

    4. Wow man, your saltiness is showing. IDK how you could consider chip an upgrade over Del Rio, who has coached a top 5 defenses every year he was a DC and even took the jags to the playoffs, but I’ll let you live in that delusion until reality kicks in next season. DEREK Carr has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a franchise signal caller so long as the team around him isn’t crumbling in injuries, something Krap has never done. The author failed to mention that Carrs rookie WR forgot to look for the pass, which is what lead to the Broncos pick 6, losing the game, along with other important facts being excluded to solidify his idea that Carr is the problem. Anyway, the 49ers are a dumpster fire, so much so that you don’t even know who your starting QB is, and half of your team decided to retire because of your meddling GM, something that only happens to dumpster fires. The Raiders have had arguably the best drafts in the league the last 2 years, which more then puts us ahead of where the 49ers roster is right now, and our respective clubs records proves that. Your teams trending downward man, that’s obvious to everyone but Niner fans for some reason, while the Raiders are sky rocketing upward. I mean, seriously, what happened the last time our 2 teams played in ’14, before your teams mass retirements and we finished with a 3-13 record? Carr tore your defense to shreds, and could have ran the score up but decided to leave you with some dignity instead. That was before Cooper, before Walford, before Seth Roberts and Crabtree (remember that “washed up, mediocre WR”? just short of a thousand yards while leading the team in TD’s, all in his first season in silver and black), and before getting our top 3 center in Hudson. Theres far more talent on the Raiders roster then you are apparently aware of, and its pretty much a lock that RM will deliver another league leading draft and smart free agency, which will be plenty to get us in the playoffs next season. We beat the broncos once last year, and were a pick 6 away from sweeping the superbowl champs and the best defense the league has seen in a long time. That in itself should tell you where the Raiders are compared to your Niners. BTW, having a lot of CAP room don’t mean squat if its not spent on quality players, and our roster just went from one of the oldest to one of the youngest with C-Wood and Tuck retiring, the oldest player now being our kicker. Good luck with chip, and the still lingering idea that your team is still better than the Raiders… Its not bud, its really not.

  4. Raiders biggest problem is not Carr. I actually think he is pretty good. I will not root for him, but he does seem to be able to pass the ball, and with Cooper and Crabtree, he will have a decent passing game.
    However, their biggest problem is being in the same division as the Chiefs and SB winner Broncos.

  5. Grant I agree with you about Carr’s 4th quarter play but for a different reason. I don’t believe his problem is that he becomes “tight and nervous” but that he becomes Brett Favre. He becomes a wild gunslinger who makes terrible decisions. Like Favre he will win his share of big games but also like Favre he will on a semi regular basis make huge mistakes at the absolute worst times.

    1. Old coach I would take Carr’s heroics over Gabbert failing to look down field for recievers and going constantly to his check down almost Everytime on 3rd and long.

  6. the more I read about Kelly….””

    the more excited and happy i feel inside, we finally have an offensive mind HC

    so glad JH and his arrogant self is gone…..please trade #7 and lets move forward with Gabbert……or (manziel, rg3, bradford or a rookie)

    no way #7 has the brains to run a chip kelly offense

    1. Oneniner I agree with you that the team should move forward with out CK but not because he doesn’t have the brains. I know one of his teachers from Turlock and have a friend who knows one of his room mates at Nev and both of them say he is very bright and intellectually capable. I believe that starting in late 2014 and continuing into 2015 CK got a bad case of the yips and I don’t believe he can get over them with the 9ers if at all. imho

    2. OneNiner

      Kaep is a very smart individual, much smarter than Manziel and RGIII. That’s not his problem. Kaep, like Alex before him, seems to lack an internal confidence, such that when his biggest supporter left, his confidence evaporated. Kaep is said to be cocky, but that doesn’t mean he’s confident.

      I share your enthusiasm that Arrogant Bast*rd Harbaugh is gone, and replaced by a visionary nerd in Chip Kelly.

  7. oldcoach …..It’s really hard not to conclude differently…….

    his immature boyish personality………..
    his non existent leadership skills…..
    his actions on and off the field………
    the way he plays only half the field during the game…….
    with all that talent he still was not picked in the 1st round…..

    I am just saying if it quacks like a duck it must be a duck……..

    1. Oneniner there are 2 kinds of intelligence intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence and they don’t always go hand in hand. IE Donald Trump.

  8. to me things are starting to make sense…..

    the only time I have watched him be that “Great” QB were in only 2 scenarios

    1. When the plays were 100% scripted by JH – see the game against the bears…..(that game pretty much convinced ALL it was time to move on from A. Smith)

    2. When in the beginning his running was unknown to most D Coordinators.

    Without JH and opposing defenses anticipating his running skills… was over!!!

  9. Watched all the games, I would say Bill Musgrave takes the ball out of Derek’s hands with a lead and puts it on a running game that’s not ready for prime time when the money’s on the table, a defense that can’t stop the pass, loses the lead and then expects Derek to salvage what are poor coaching decisions.

  10. Grant……You know I am not a huge fan of your work.

    If you ever need to see what a great read should look like please read this…….


    to quote one of the readers…”When you’re reading a piece for a while, find yourself at the end, and are disappointed to be there, you know you’ve been reading good stuff. More like this, please.”

    1. OneNiner

      Let’s not keep bashing Grant. It’s become pretty clear that more than half the stuff he does is to drive clicks, and when he does something that he’s actually passionate about, he knocks it out of the park. I’m hoping he does more of the passionate stuff and less of the provocative stuff this year, as I know you are, but I don’t think it’s accurate to say he’s incapable.

      Now, about that article! What a great piece, I agree entirely. And as for the 49ers lineage of coaches, can you imagine someone describing either of the two Jims the way that the author describes Chip Kelly, as “innovative,” “inquisitive,” and “curious”? I am thrilled that Jed identified and landed Chip as the team’s next coach; I think it was an obvious choice, so I am not anointing Jed by any means. Jed is still among the worst owners in the NFL, until further notice. But it feels good to know that the 49ers are going into 2016 with a coach who actually knows Xs and Os, understands that offense must evolve and adapt, and wants more than anything to grow, to innovate, to expand. None of that was true of either of the two Jims, nor of any of the coaches prior, going all the way back to Walsh. I just hope that Jed understands that this process might take some time. It’ll be a fun ride into Tomorrowland with Chip.

  11. Note to excited Raiders fans….your team won only 2 games more than a lousy 49ers team with a clown coaching staff.

      1. Con,

        They are very close. Difference is the Raiders have a bunch of over hyped big name high draft picks.

        The 2 teams had 8 common opponents last season.

        Raiders 1-7
        49ers 3-5

          1. Thanks Wilson. Rocket was right to correct it to 2-6 for the Raiders.

            All of their common opponents were also played in the same home/visitor. For example, both played Cincy/Baltimore at home and Pitt/Detroit on the road.

        1. Raiders were 2-6 not 1-7 and common opponents means little anyways considering teams are playing differently throughout the season due to injury, circumstance etc. The Raiders were a clearly better team than the Niners were last year and the gap will likely widen this coming season..

            1. Grant

              I’ll bet you $100 the 49ers have a better record than the Raiders next season. And I’ll bet you another $100 they make the postseason before the Raiders do.

              1. Just giving your money away huh? Theres a saying that goes something like “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

          1. Not going to wait until after FA and the draft before making proclamations about how the teams will perform?

            1. Scooter,

              Just speculating based on the fact the Raiders have the key positions covered and the Niners don’t. Anything is possible, but with Carr, Mack and Cooper, the Raiders are ahead of the Niners significantly going into next season. When you can build around blue chip talent like that it makes things much easier. There is also the fact the Niners will be starting over under a new Coaching staff again while the Raiders will be building on what they did last year.

              1. Fair enough, but I do think the 49ers have some key players in place also (Hyde, Staley, Bowman, Lynch, Reid, Ward, Torrey Smith), as well as some young guys with potential. You can argue they aren’t as high end quality as Carr, Cooper and Mack, but they have some talent to work with.

                FA and the draft will be a big factor in how the 49ers (and Raiders) go this season. As of course will the coaching staff.

          2. Not necessarily. The NFL is a year to year league, and with a good offseason and improved coaching the 49ers could see a big jump.

              1. Perhaps, but still an improvement. He’s also shown he can win in the league so we’ll have to see. With Kelly last year the 49ers are likely at least a 7-8 win team.

              2. Chip was also in the weak NFC East, while the Niners had the third hardest schedule.
                Still, it just shows the importance to Chip and his system to have a mobile QB and stout O line. Murray also did not perform well without good guard play. Losing Mathis hurt the team, and helped Denver win a SB.

              3. Grant you love to throw that last season out there. Be consistent, you have said a lot this year that Harbaugh is a great coach and his last season he was 8-8 with a good roster. One bad season doesn’t make one a terrible coach or even a bad coach. I don’t expect Kelly to go 10-6 or anything. He’ll be better than last year, maybe even 8-8.

              4. Sil, he struggled in 2014. Doesn’t make him a mediocre coach. He’s killing it in Michigan this year, does that make him great?

              5. In 2014, JH was 7-4, and poised to return to the playoffs. Then the wheels fell off, and they went 8-8. JH did not shine at the end, but is still a good coach.

              6. The only thing I know is that Kelly has really won allot of games. When a new coach takes over it is good for two more wins. But sooner or later the team comes back to Earth. The Raiders were 7-9 and will be under 500 again next season.

                I see kelly going at least 8-8. Shoot J.T. won 5 games and there was 2 games that Magini shut down the other team but we could not score points.

                I look at this team and I was so confused how they could of been so bad that I actully for the first time turned the T.V. off at half time. I have watched every game from Ericoson to J.T. But this was just plane awful.

                I guarantee there will be no social media breaks. just the focus on practicing should win us a few more games.

                In Chip I look forward to next year.

              1. HT,

                Yep. Some of that was shtick though. Once Davis left and Smith was cut it was pretty clear the sledding was gonna be tough and everything would have to break just right.

          3. But why were the Raiders better? Coaching for sure, they had better talent in some places. Imagine the Raiders with our coaching staff last season. I don’t buy that it means little, it means something. It’s not definitive but it shows how they played in similar teams and environments. They’re clearly still bottom level squad that’s ascending.

            1. Wilson, the Raiders were better because they had all those high draft picks over the years and actually drafted some good players. Cooper Mack and Carr are way above average.
              It also helped that their QB stayed healthy all season and Murray ran well. Crabtree also paid big dividends.
              Of course, the Niner coaches did not get the most out of their players and did not seem to be able to make the proper adjustments.
              All in all, both teams were disappointing, but the Niners were worse off in comparison.

              1. It’s not just the draft picks Seb, it was mostly the coaching. Cooper and Mack are above average for sure, Carr has potential. My question was mostly rhetorical. We had JV coaching with Tomsula and Logan. Their O line is way better. But the team’s not that much better over all. They’re bad, we were dysfunctional.

              2. Wilson, I did mention the Niner coaches were deficient.
                I think Ken Norton did a good job, much better than Mangini. and Bill Musgrave was light years better than Chryst. Tomsula is a nice guy, but was in over his head.

          4. As I take a closer look at the scores of those similar opponents the Raiders were much closer in score in those games. They were more competitive and their offensive production was much better. They didn’t really get blown out either like our defense did in Pittsburgh. They were better last season.

              1. The Raiders were and still are a flawed team, but in comparison to the Niners they are farther ahead in the rebuild. Carr not only made a jump in year two, but he did it with a new OC and system. That is significant in that he can pick things up quickly and will only improve with another year in the offense. They have a legit #1 WR in Cooper who looks like a star and a strong #2 in Crabs.. They have a very talented TE who started to come on after battling injuries early in the year. They have a strong core in the middle of the Oline and a guy coming back in Menalik Watson who had won the RT job before getting injured and missing the season. They have so much more on offense than the Niners do right now and that is the biggest reason they are the better team.

                Defensively, the two sides are comparable, but again the Raiders have a budding superstar pass rusher which is something you can build around. The Niners have what we think are some good young players but really haven’t shown it yet. The Niners have promise no doubt, but so do the Raiders and both teams need to add FA’s and draft picks to shore up the depth and starting caliber players.

              2. I’d say Bowman, Lynch, Reid and Ward have already shown they are quality starters. Bethea and Dorsey are getting on a bit, but when on the field are still productive starters also. I’d say Brooks too, but I really don’t expect him to be around this season.

    1. Some mornings, as I sit sipping my smoked butterscotch latte, I stare out the window wondering what could have been, had Jack been the coach, and Seb the offensive coordinator….

      1. Razor,

        The 49ers would have been hoisting their 6th Lombardi.

        One correction though, Seb would not have been a coach, instead he would have been that guy on the sidelines making sure the cables from the headsets were clear so no one would trip.

  12. By Daniel Jeremiah |

    NFL Media analyst

    Published: Feb. 16, 2016 at 07:19 p.m.

    Pick No.



    Jared Goff



    There’s a lot of buzz about the 49ers’ growing faith in Blaine Gabbert, but it would take considerable courage to bypass a talented signal-caller in your own backyard.

    1. I’m not saying the 49ers should draft Goff. Obviously QB is the most important position on the field and if you can get one in the later rounds like Walsh did with Montana, and a 4th round trade for Young, great. This gives you earlier picks to build that defense. With Chip, we have that opportunity.
      However, a talented QB who is within your grasp doesn’t happen very often. Maybe the 49ers draft defense first, I don’t know.

      1. Where is Raider fan Seb?

        I thought he might enlighten us regarding this Raider article???

        Seb, who is your team, the Raider’s, going to draft this year? Could you give us your top 7?

    1. TomD

      I think Mel has had his 15 minutes of fame…the last 5 years have been making excuses about why he was wrong…I trust Mayock more….

  13. And now for the fifth round ST pick, Niners select….
    Roberto Aguayo — kicker from Florida State who’s the third most accurate kicker in the history of college football, and has never missed from under 40 yards.

  14. The draft will tell us all. If the 49ers draft a field goal kicker then they expect another rebuilding year. They may be wrong, but that’s what they will be expecting.

    1. Not sure I agtree.

      Ravens drafted a K in 2012 and they surely were thinking they were contenders (and actually got it).

      1. You may have missed the point. The 49ers would be dropping a relatively expensive field goal kicker, with an outstanding record, for a cheep rookie. Did the Ravens do that? I don’t recall.

        1. HT

          Dropping expensive players is not necessarily a sign of rebuilding. If Tartt is better than Bethea, for instance, why not drop Bethea? If Harold is better than Brooks, why not drop Brooks? Plus, if there is a kicker in the draft who is considered to be a top-shelf guy like Tucker (though Tucker was undrafted), why not take him and drop the $4M Dawson? It’s not a sign of rebuilding.

          1. They would be dropping a player who could be assumed to make almost all the money kicks for a rookie who would be an unknown at the time the choice was made. Lee’s departure was a similar situation.

            If I were in charge, and had their cap space, I would want Dawson if I expected to be competing for the playoffs or more. If you don’t expect to need those highly significant kicks, drop Dawson like Lee, and move on in the rebuilding effort.

            There’s a reason why coaches go with proven veterans most of the time. They want to win the next game. This GM has watched a solid base come apart, and may want to spend a year or two rebuilding it. Therefore, for insight into Baalke’s current mind set, watch Dawson. ;-}

            I predict that Baalke is as unsure of Jed’s mind set as anyone else, and that he will keep Dawson.

    1. Good!

      Yesterday there was a Niners Nation article linked to a Sporting News claim that Torrey Smith was a terrible free agent signing. I wrote the NN comments

      Its hard to soar like an eagle when you play with a bunch of turkeys

      Did Torrey have a high drop rate in 2015? Did he lose a step? I actually thought his patterns were better than I expected. Torrey Smith came as advertized.

      What constitutes a “bad signing?” If Staley got hurt before the 2015 season and the 49ers signed a reincarnation of Anthony Munoz… the pass blocking would still be terrible. Would the Munoz 2.0 acquisition be a “bad signing?”

      I also wrote..

      49ers quarterbacks had a 116.9 passer rating when targeting Smith

      Per Pro Football Focus, 49ers quarterbacks had a 116.9 passer rating when targeting Smith, but he had a career-low 62 targets (previous low: 92).
      source – Eric Branch

      The 49ers need better pass pro, and a quarterback that isn’t pocket chicken.

      I hope some of the regulars at NN go after the “all those ACL redshirts are getting hurt myth” next.

    2. Thanks for the link, cubus. I’m glad someone took the time to outline the other side of the story regarding Smith’s lack of production last season. He did what he was signed to do, the 49ers just didn’t get him the ball. I expect Kelly will make much better use of him.

  15. Since this is a Raider post, I wish to propose a trade with the Raiders. The Niners should offer 3 players for the Raider second round pick. The Niners should set up a pool of players and let the Raiders select players they prefer. They should offer either Marcus Cromartie or Chris Davis, Amad Brooks or Corey Lemonier, and Ian Silberman or Erik Pears.
    Since the Raiders have only 44 players on the roster, they need bodies. They need bodies badly because they have to beat out KC and Denver to have any reasonable chance to make the playoffs.This way, the Raiders could select 3 players for only one draft pick. Maybe the Niners would want to include other players to be put in the pool, but the Raiders need players in each of those positions.
    This way, the Niners get to keep their 7th and 37th pick, but also pick up the 44th pick in the first 2 rounds.

    1. Why, Seb, why?

      Any of those players could be had for a late round pick or as a FA, after being cut. Three fifth round picks (the 49ers would be lucky to get a fifth round pick for each of the players you mentioned) don’t net a second round pick.

      Seb: “Why are all these crazy drivers going the wrong way, again?”

      1. LOL, I just realized I posted under the name “Seb”. I hope to god that wasn’t a Freudian slip. Yikes.

      2. He thinks if he keeps saying it Tomsula will read it and share it with Jed. Oh wait wasn’t he the one saying Tomsula had Baalke shaking in his boots too?

        Seb Cromartie was taken of the Raiders PS, I think you mean Mike Davis, we don’t have a Chris. Why would anyone want a back who averaged 2yds per carry? We don’t want him and we had terrible backs this year besides Hyde. The Raiders are set at RB. The Raiders already have veteran bodies with 44 players signed. They can and will fill 7 of those spots with draft picks and sign a buch of FA’s. They always do. They won’t give up a draft spot for 49er left overs. They’ll pick up guys after they’re cut, just like we will. These guys aren’t worth a draft pick. Think about it, we got Boldin for a 6th rounder. None of the players you’re mentioning are any where near as valuable as him.

        1. Wilson, if you look up the Niner Roster, they have a CB named Chris Davis who actually played pretty well in one game I watched.
          I did not include Mike Davis because they are set at RB.
          Brooks had 6.5 sacks and Pears started every game, so they do have value. They know Cromartie and really need CBs. Lemonier may fit their defensive scheme better, and Silberman looked good at guard, but terrible as a center.
          Boldin was a flat out steal, so he was way worth more than a 6th. RGIII garnered a couple firsts and a second, so if you go by his draft picks, those 3 could easily be worth a second.

          1. Nope they don’t, you can keep saying its a good deal and FA and the draft will pass and it won’t happen. Most of these guys will be cut. Why would they one a PS DB who only played because of injuries. RGIII was a second over all draft pick not some broken down vet or PS player. Pears is the worst ranked T in the NFL. Brooks was also really poorly rated this year. Lemonier got benched by Harold who wasn’t very good either. They don’t need Lemonier with Aldon coming back. Their line is fine, unless they need a second string and you don’t trade developmental players after 1 season speaking of Silberman.

            1. RGIII proved to be a bust, so his number 2 designation means nothing. They gave up all those picks for a bust, so no deal is guaranteed. 3 for one may work out even if only one player pans out.
              Both Marcus Cromartie and Chris Davis have value, especially since they have been in the league and have had time to bulk up and get stronger. Many rookies take a year before they are fully ready for NFL football, so these guys are battle tested and hardened.

              1. I never said RG3 wasn’t a bust, but at the time he was the #2 pick. He’s actually played 4 seasons in the NFL and the latest is that he could be the next QB of the Bronco’s if Osweiler wants too much money. Your own example goes against you, you brought up RG3 not me. It was a terrible trade for the Redskins, why repeat it.


                Cromartie and Davis are PS players who only played a handful of games because of injuries. They aren’t valuable, there are scores of players like them out there. There are plenty of guys like them in the draft that are better.

              2. OK, how about the Alex Smith deal, where the Niners eventually received 5 players for Alex? That sounds like a multi player deal to me.

              3. Ok Seb, let’s talk about the Alex Smith deal. Do you have any idea which players we got for him? From

                ” When it all shakes out, the bounty for trading Smith to the Chiefs is defensive end Tank Carradine (second round), linebacker Corey Lemonier (third round), running back Carlos Hyde (second round), linebacker Chris Borland (third round) and wide receiver Stevie Johnson (trade for a 2015 fourth round pick). Peter King of said it best: “It’s Trent Baalke’s drafting world, and we’re only visiting it.” Here’s a review of how the 49ers turned two picks into five players.”

                Other than Hyde, that didn’t turn out too well.

      3. Oh how cute, Taking part of my handle to diss me. I expect no less.
        Gosh, this is idle speculation during the off season, I did not know it was illegal to propose a trade. All you have to do is either ignore it, or disagree with it. Believe me, I have seen way worse proposals.
        3 for 1. That is a basic concept. Bundle players to increase the return. Of course, separately, they may not be worth a 5th, but it is really hard to get 3 players out of one pick. That is what makes it feasible. I also do not want the Niners to cut them and get no compensation, so posters who do not like the trade, are just accepting that, which to me is worse than the trade.

        1. Seb you say you want to talk football, but really what you want is people to agree with you not dialogue. No one here thinks your trade is anywhere close to reality. Your trade is based on wishful thinking and not on facts. Everyone keeps saying this. This is where you let an idea go and move on.

          Lets flip it. We’re a terrible team. You’ve already said no Brown’s players because they’re awful. We need bodies and talent at a lot of positions. So would you celebrate Baalke and Kelly going shopping in the Saint’s, Raiders, Rams, Dolphins and Raven’s rosters and PS’s? You’d be happy with washed up over priced veterans and PS players just to fill our roster with bodies? No you’d be furious. You don’t win by taking rejects like Pears and C Davis for a draft pick. You wouldn’t want any of those kinds of players from those teams for the chance to chose new talent. But some how you expect people to want those players from us like those people who sell their crap and trash on CL thinking someone will want it.

          1. Wilson, actually, I have proposed trades with cellar dwellers. My 4 player deal targeted the Titans and Jags. This year, they should look hard at Cleveland and the Chargers.
            I will not propose a trade with NE or the Broncos, because they have good personnel, and are not desperate for bodies. Also, their second round pick is like a third round pick, since they are drafting 29th and 32nd in the draft order.
            Maybe I am counting on the fact that those cellar dwellers are sick of losing and want to improve their team. The Niners, being a cellar dweller, should be doing everything possible to scratch and claw their way to the top. Sounds like you are just giving up, thinking no trade is ever possible.
            If you flip it around, maybe the Niners could discover a gem on another team who is relegated to the bench because another player has seniority. If they could obtain him and a couple other good prospects, it may be worth a second round pick to get them.

            1. Typical Seb crap “Sounds like you are just giving up, thinking no trade is ever possible.”

              No you’re questioning my loyalty when you can’t form a good rebuttal. I am not giving up, I am just pointing out how illogical your trade is and that has nothing to do with my hope in the team getting better. The team will get better but not by your plan. They’ll sign FA’s, cut losers and poor performers and draft a bunch of prospects. They may make a trade or two for one of our lower draft picks for a high value veteran like Boldin.

              Why don’t you let it sit for a while till after free agency and the draft is over and compare it to what I said above. Even Baalke know’s no one wants PS players for draft picks. We’ll do a trade or two, but not for PS players. If anyone could get traded it’d be Brooks.

              1. Wilson , the vehemence of your opposition to any multi player deal just makes it seem like you have a closed mind.
                I am proposing these deals as idle speculation during the off season, not declaring that the Niners or any other team has to do it. Attacking me for even proposing them is exactly what you accuse me of.

              2. Reading comprehension Seb. I am not opposed to multiplayer deals or trades. I and most other people think that you keep insisting that we bundle terrible players and PS players for a draft pick isn’t reality. Again instead of formulating a sound argument you question my mind. Stop it. There’s a difference between out of the box thinking and out of reality thinking. Your’s is the latter.

                I don’t agree and many others don’t either but you keep insisting its a viable option. Again this is where you let is go and see how things play out in the offseason or maybe you don’t insist that its viable. Or you learn from other people and adjust your proposals.

                Its not attack to question the validity of your proposal. You say you want dialogue and what you really want is agreement. I don’t agree, Ex doesn’t agree, Sil doesn’t agree, George doesn’t agree. See the trend. Propose some real trades like below with Carradine. He should go to a 4/3 defense. Brooks might have value, Boldin might have value, Miller might have value. Not Pears Silberman, Davis, Cromartie, Lemonier. Nobody is going to bundle those players, but might make single player deals.

              3. Wilson, I did not include Miller because the Raiders already have a good FB. I included players that fill holes in their roster. I also did not include Boldin because he is a FA.
                Since you think they are so bad, I would even consider trading those 3 for a third round pick.

              4. My thoughts were about realistic trades and players who have trade value not your Raiders proposal. The Raiders have lots of $$$ so they have no need to sign PS players and awful players like Pears. Their OL is good they don’t need him or Silberman. You don’t trade for back ups for draft picks. Again reality.

          2. Wilson, above all, I want a fair deal for both sides. I do not want a lopsided deal because those are not grounded in reality, and very rarely happen. However, some deals can be a win-win for both sides, and are perfectly legitimate.
            Maybe the Niners could trade Tank to a 4-3 team in exchange for a 3-4 LB. Maybe both players would flourish on a new team.

            1. That’s a reasonable deal. Silly Baalke put us in a bad spot thinking he’d transition at a DE. Most 4-3 teams don’t try and convert OLB’s to DE’s. Its a reasonable option, it just has a limited market. What 4-3 team has an OLB they don’t want?

    2. Seb

      I would like to propose that you STOP with this inane garbage!!! Why do you need to sully every single one of Grant’s pages with this same stupid idea?!


      Cromartie: PS DB
      Davis: PS DB

      Brooks: over-the-hill vet with a high salary
      Lemonier: bust

      Silberman: PS OL
      Pears: terrible vet

      Seb, please, for the love of all that is right in this world, STOP posting this idiotic idea. It’s not going to happen, NEVER EVER EVER EVER. GOT IT?

      1. Sil, aren’t you the guy who proposed a 2 QB offense?
        Posters get to postulate all sorts of scenarios. I do not call you an ignoramus for throwing out improbable ideas. Oh, wait……
        Multi player deals do happen. They do it all the time in baseball and basketball. They have done it in the NFL, too, just not as frequently.
        I only would propose that deal because I think the other team sees value in the players. I suppose I could advocate single player deals, but I want as high a draft pick in return. I am advocating players who I do not want anymore, like Brooks and Pears to a team with a ton of cap space. I would not offer them to Miami, which has little cap room. Since the Raiders desperately need CBs, I thought that dangling one of them might entice the Raiders to accept the deal. My strategy is to get another second round pick because I think there will still be quality players up until the third round.
        The sole purpose for advocating these types of deals is not to infuriate the other posters, but to think outside the box so the Niners can start winning again. Maybe you think it is a stupid idea, but maybe it would be so successful, you would have to admit that sometimes I come up with decent ideas.

        1. I didn’t propose a 2 QB offense, Chip Kelly did. If you would do any real research, you would know that.

          You want a trade with the Raiders? Offer them Marcus Cromartie for a 7th round pick. Maybe offer Jimmie Ward for a 2nd round pick, though that probably wouldn’t work. They’d probably do Aaron Lynch for a 2nd. They might even do Arik Armstead for a 1st.

          Just stop posting the same ignorant cr*p on every page! It’s not that you posted it once or even twice; it’s that you keep “proposing a trade” as though you’re going to say something new, and then you just drone with the exact same stupid plan that you’ve “proposed” before. You want a high draft pick, you’re going to have to part with something you like.

          How about these two? Send Kaepernick to the Cleveland Browns for their 2nd Round pick. Send Hayne to the Raiders for a ham sandwich.

          1. Sil, that is why we need a sarcasm font. I could have sworn that it was you who proposed the 2 QB scheme.
            Guess what? sometimes I do not like your ideas but I do not get upset over them. I am going to say my forward thinking ideas because I am sick and tired of the same old pablum and simplistic thinking. Maybe you did not notice, but after I proposed the 4 player deal, I did not do another until AFTER the season. This is the time to speculate. Not every idea and scenario will be set in stone. In fact, many of your 53 squad predictions will be wrong because you have not taken into consideration the FA market and who the Niners will draft. So get off your high horse, you are not the judge of who has all the great ideas. And quit repeating your own mantra. There are many posters who do research all the time. The internet database is at their fingertips. Maybe they do not do enough attribution, but this is an internet blog and posters can say many plausible things without being required to cite sources.
            I do not question your character, intelligence or football acumen because you put out an unrealistic list.
            Once again, this is idle speculation during the off season.
            Of course, I am not going to give the Raiders great choices. I do not like them that much.
            You are right, it will be hard to move bubbble players and expensive veterans. However you are wrong to think that cutting them with little compensation is a wise move. Bundling them may be the best strategy to get the most out of the situation.

            1. Seb

              I did mention the 2 QB system. Did I pull it out my rear end? No. It is an idea that Chip Kelly, who is currently the 49ers head coach, and therefore able to implement it, has been considering for years. IF YOU WERE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH, YOU WOULD KNOW SUCH THINGS.

              Your posts, when they are well-reasoned, are fun to read. On the other hand, when you resort to this kind of “pablum,” which you do all too often, your posts are nothing more than pollution, and you are making the world a whole lot “stupider” for having read them.

              So, just stop with the stupidity, and continue with the well-reasoned stuff. It’s not hard.

            2. Seb

              Cutting players is what teams do all the time. The cost is the “dead money.” The savings most often far outweigh the costs. There are exceptions, with poorly run teams like the Saints, who will take dead money hits of $10M for Junior Galette and $5M+ for Jahri Evans.

              You are way out of your depth, Seb, which is why I suppose you like to play in your own little fantasyland. Continue, poor boy, we’ll just ignore you.

              1. Well that would be preferable to enduring long screeds.
                BTW hope your rehab is going smoothly.

          1. No. My buddies and I were ready but never called upon. That’s why our plane was called the Convair B-36 Peacemaker.


            Of course there were one or two guys in B-47 Stratojets helping with deterrence. They never went all the way either.

            Shouting, ‘Praise the Lord, we’re on a mighty mission
            All aboard, we ain’t a-goin’ fishin’
            Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
            And we’ll all stay free’
            … NOT

            In the current situation, I recommend that ignoring that which troubles so many as the best path to deterrence.

  16. To all those who are giving the Raiders love: they’re not that good. They’re not terrible, but they’re not good, either.

    They have, at best, a middle of the road HC in Del Rio (a poor man’s Jeff Fisher). They have two stars in Mack and Cooper, a middle of the pack QB (who looks like he has upside), and a smattering of talent through the rest of the roster. Underwhelming.

    Of course, this could change if McKenzie hits it out of the park this year, but other than drafting Mack, Cooper, Cooper and Murray, has he really cloaked himself in glory? He’s been there four years and the Raiders aren’t that far along. I realize he had to clean house, but while he was doing that, it seems he missed badly on a bunch of picks, and player acquisitions.

    I don’t give two sh!ts about the raiders, and I don’t follow them closely, but four years is a long time to hold a GM job and get accolades for a 7-9 record.

    BTW, don’t sleep on Wooddn’s retirement. From the little I watched the Raiders, their secondary really struggled whenever he wasn’t on the field.

      1. ExG

        Actually FWIW, Aldon Smith is an unrestricted free agent, free to sign with whatever team he likes, so he’s not even a Raider. Baalke should re-sign him this offseason, if the 49ers part ways with Kaepernick, Duke of Sloppy Seconds.

        1. Really? If people think Kap is pissed at management you gotta believe Aldon is pissed at them. I can’t see him coming back. He felt slighted being cut. He blew his chances here.

          How’ the knee?

          1. Wilson

            I wouldn’t say Aldon has any reason to be pissed at anyone except Kaep, unless I’m missing something. Aldon was released because he screwed up for the umpteenth time; I believe Baalke was truly distraught at having to cut him.

            Kaep might be pissed at management because: (1) they lied to him by saying they’d use cap room he saved them to re-sign players, then let Iupati walk; (2) they released his coach and replaced him with a clown coach; (3) they let Pears and Devey play, and almost got him killed; (4) they used leaks to blame him for the team’s woes; and (5) they never approached him to mend what was broken, as far as we know.

            I still walk with a T-scope (exoskeletal) brace, but the swelling in the knee is going down. I do 4 sets of 30 minute physiotherapy every day: there is range of motion work to get the leg to straighten and bend properly, and then there is strengthening work to get the quad and calf to fire. It’s scary how quickly and completely the inner quad muscle atrophies; and it’s strange to use all of my focus to try to fire that muscle, and to see such little response. I am meeting with the surgeon again on 2/24, by which time I will need to show that my leg is entirely straight. If that is the case, I will be able to move forward in my PT appointments with more strength exercises. They say the autograft from my hamstring tendon will start to “ligamentize” over time, and will resemble a real ACL in time, and I should expect to be back to 100% by 9-12 months from surgery (2/3). It’s very interesting to be going through something that I have read so much about. I’d be happy to share more over time as things develop, just ask.

            1. Our youngest had four ACL operations on the same knee over a fairly short period of time. He started at 18 and had his third before he was 22 trying to regain normality. His fourth, which was a freak accident, came about three years later. After that, he has concentrated on extended bike riding. Between the third and fourth ACL he and a friend rode bikes back to the Bay Area from Minneapolis without problems.

              When the time comes, define normal with care.

              1. HTW

                Thanks, will do. Was your son pushing the envelope, or just returning to normal activities? And what were those?

                I had a 15 year career playing soccer all the way up to my sophomore year at UCLA, when I quit to pursue other interests, and all without incident, never a major injury of any kind. It was in late December that I suffered this injury while skiing at Squaw, probably being a little too aggressive for my now aged (late-thirties) body. Redefining “normal” is something I was refusing to do, but now I see an active future life that includes more running and less league soccer, more groomed runs and less extreme stuff. I’d like to maintain an active lifestyle well into my 80s, if I can be so presumptuous, and this is certainly a wake up call.

                I’m just glad I didn’t do more permanent damage.

              2. Our son played soccer one year past high school and had the first ACL in the playoffs when his team was down three goals and minutes from elimination. He want over an attempted tackle and landed normally. My eyes were on his legs as his knee went sideways.

                The second ACL happened as he was coaching a young girls high school age team. His right foot got caught in a small hole and he twisted the knee.

                He went from community college to Berkley for his junior year. The third
                ACL happened playing in pickup Ultimate Frisbee, and, according to him, he was running in a straight line at the time. I’m not sure what he would say now.

                After he got his masters he took a job with a Japanese company in Tokyo. During that time he was involved with a scuba diving club. On a diving trip off the Japanese coast, he used the club’s method for entering the water off of rocks for the first time. His right flipper caught in the rocks as he rolled into the water. ACL number four.

                I would say that he was mildly pushing through the third ACL then he gave up running. His surgeon is well known in the Bay Area and had high profile athletes like Roger Craig as his patients.

                He has avoided anything requiring sudden changes of direction since the third operation. He did the cross county ride a year or so after the third surgery and has continued to be heavily into bikes ever since. He will be 46 next month and unfortunately his right knee is basically bone on bone. When he bought his condo a few years ago, one of his top priorities was that it be located near good biking areas.

                Your knee is probably in much better shape than his. Here’s wishing you good running, and the ability to avoid all pot holes and or crevices. ;-}

            2. I wasn’t saying he had an actual reason to be angry, he should only be mad at himself, but like many addicts they blame those around them for their self inflicted misfortune. I should have included that. He’s mad and shouldn’t be. There were several articles and postings that discussed his feelings of disappointment with the 49ers for firing him. He feels like he’s victim, at least he did. He expressed feeling burned, which he wasn’t. Unless he’s gotten some real help and a reality check I don’t seem him coming back here because of his perceptions.

        2. Smith has already said he will resign with the Raiders and they said he’s in their long term plans.

              1. Thank you for your injections, Rocket. It’s nice to have a rational and intelligent counterbalance, actually.

        3. Silicon,

          The point is, at a minimum, the Raiders will be without A Smith for the length of his suspension and this will decrease the talent level of their team, whether or not he re-signs.

    1. ex,

      I actually hope the Niners follow the road map the Raiders are using. If you want to see how to orchestrate a rebuild, the Raiders are a good example. They are a borderline playoff team, with players to build around and have a ton of money to spend. McKenzie has made some poor decisions and choices, but every GM does. What he’s done right is putting his team in a position where the young talent is coming into it’s own around the same time that they are in position to add pieces through FA with plenty of cap room and no bad long term deals. I know as Niner fans we don’t want to accept that the Raiders are doing things right, but they are.

      1. Rocket,

        The Raiders are just another one of the 31 other teams, no more, no less important or repugnant.

        The 49ers have a better core at DL and Safety, with better cornerbacks. If they get Myles Jack, Noah Spence, or Jaylon Smith in Round 1, they are better at LB immediately. If they get Bam back next season, they are better at OL, with perennial Probowler Staley and Davis, who has been a top RT in his career already, as bookends.

        The Raiders have 16 picks over the next two drafts, while the 49ers have 21. The Raiders have $72M under the salary cap, while the 49ers have $56M, which could easily jump to $76M with a few no-pain veteran cuts.

        Neither team has an owner anybody really believes is any good, though Jed did get a stadium built. One team has a former executive of the year, while the other team has an executive who has never overseen a winning record.

        One team has “Jeff Fisher” as its head coach, while the other team has one of the winningest college coaches in history who, despite a terrible roster and team in Philly, still had an overall winning record.

        I don’t see eye to eye on you with this. The difference last year was that the 49ers fielded the worst OL in the history of the NFL because they were coached by the worst coaching staff in the history of the NFL. Playing Tiller and Brown the entire season would have been a better move, and letting the Hamburglar coach the team would have been an improvement too.

        1. The Raiders nearly won 10 games and nearly beat the Broncos twice last season. They’re on the cusp.

          1. “Nearly”

            It appears that you have skin in the game because you feel validated by the JDR hire. I think Jack’s evidence of the 49ers having a better record against the same opponents, despite being coached by a special needs all-star, holds a lot of weight.

            1. The Raiders would have had a six-game improvement over 2014 if not for Carr’s fourth-quarter picks. Del Rio did a good job.

              1. If not for what? The 49ers would be 7 time SB champions if not for Kyle Williams and a stupid Jim Harbaugh timeout on 2nd and goal.

            2. “Nearly” is what Walsh’s second year was to a large extent. Then the three Walsh seasons where they went one an out in the playoffs was “nearly” historic.

        2. Sil,
          If you want to see the real worst O line in the history of the NFL look at film of the 2005 49ers or the Houston Texans line in 2002. As bad as last years O line was they weren’t nearly the worst of all time.

        3. I don’t disagree the Niners would have been better with another Coaching staff Pork, but the overall talent is not there and they don’t have the key pieces in place as the Raiders already do.

          I wasn’t all that high on Del Rio but the guy went in there and did a hell of a job in year one. Keep in mind it wasn’t just about a change in players and systems, but a change in mindset and culture. To get that team playing the way he did in one year is impressive. Grant and Lowell were right on this one.

          1. Rocket

            Yeah, the culture that JDR brought in was great. Just like Singletary with the 49ers. But I wouldn’t say he brought top-shelf coordinators, and neither would you. So, we’ll see how much of a sustainable boost JDR can manage.

            As for the roster, the Raiders are clearly better at WR and OLB, if you think Mack is better than Lynch, as most do, and maybe better at QB, if you think Carr is better than Gabbert, as most do. But look at the rosters honestly, and tell me that the Raiders have any more than half as many good players as the 49ers, and I’ll likely disagree with you.

            I listed them somewhere on this tired page. If you’re interested, do a Control-F for “Menelik” and you’ll find your first post, and my list, since I agreed with you on that guy.

        1. Grant,

          You may be right, though I don’t see it that way, obviously.

          Here are the Raiders players I like:

          Amerson, David
          Carr, Derek
          Cooper, Amari
          Mack, Khalil
          Murray, Latavius
          Rivera, Mychal
          Walford, Clive
          Edwards, Mario Jr.
          Watson, Menelik

        2. 49ers Players

          Armstead, Arik
          Bell, Blake
          Bethea, Antoine
          Bowman, NaVorro
          Brock, Tramaine
          Brooks, Ahmad
          Brown, Trent
          Celek, Garrett
          Dial, Quinton
          Dorsey, Glenn
          Gabbert, Blaine
          Hyde, Carlos
          Johnson, Dontae
          Lynch, Aaron
          Miller, Bruce
          Reid, Eric
          Smith, Torrey
          Staley, Joe
          Tartt, Jaquiski
          Tiller, Andrew
          Ward, Jimmie

        3. The Raiders have 9 quality players. They are FAR, FAR behind the 49ers, who have a solid, young core of guys who have already played a year together. I didn’t realize how bad the Raiders roster really was. Putrid, really, aside from Mack, Cooper, and Carr.

          1. Do I even need to say how biased these last two posts were? The Raiders have a lot more good players than that. Rodney Hudson is arguably the best C in the game. Gabe Jackson is one of the best LG’s in the game. Crabtree is their second WR. I’ve already talked about how good of a tandem Williams and Ellis are in the middle for them. Austin Howard was going to be a back up for them before Watson was injured and he’s a good starting caliber player in this league. Malcolm Smith, and Ben Heeney were strong last year as was Neiron Ball before getting injured. TJ Carrie played well at CB and S.

            They have a lot of good young players you are overlooking.

            1. Rocket,

              Oh, you did it already. Got it. I overlooked Gabe Jackson and Rodney Hudson.

              But, yeah, we don’t agree. I don’t think Dan Williams is worthy of a mention, nor any of the others you’ve mentioned. But even if I granted you all of those, the Raiders still have less good players, and if the 49ers re-sign Boone and Williams, that margin only increases in the 49ers favor.

              1. I’m ok with disagreement Pork. I just think you are overlooking some pretty good players on the Raiders side and over rating some on the Niner side.

                Out of the ones you listed I’d give the Raiders a significant edge. You’ve included players well past their prime like Brooks, Dorsey and Bethea. They may not even be on the team next season.

                Bell, Tiller, Brown and Johnson haven’t shown they are sure fire starters for the future. We can hope but there isn’t much there to hang our hats on.

                Out of all the players you listed the only ones you can say are good young players, or foundation type players are: Bowman, Hyde, Lynch, Reid and Staley. Armstead, Ward and Tartt looked good at times and could join that group but have to be consistent producers before they can be thought of that way. The rest you’ve listed are contributors and not much more. The Niners really have a lot of holes to fill and many are key core positions.

              2. Rocket

                I can go with all that, and I’d say the same is true of most of the Raiders players. I’d put Lynch and Armstead on par with Mack, and I’d say the 49ers have nobody even close to Cooper.

                Thanks for the analysis.

              3. I think Ward’s level of play last season earns him a position on the list of good starter quality players on the 49ers D. He was quietly one of the best players on the 49ers last season.

          2. Silicon Chip

            Nicely done….I was a fan of Brooks and Dorsey, but have cooled to them…I would add Jordan Devey and Ian Williams

            1. Oregon

              You wouldn’t add Jordan Devey. You’re thinking of someone else. Devey is the worst football player in the history of the world.

              1. Silicon Chip

                No, I DID mean Jordan Devey. I was looking up his bio and found him to be very interesting. In middle school he was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease which is an inflamation of the knees, so he was unable to play football…he played tuba in the band. Being of the LDS faith, (Mormon) after High school he went on a two-year mission to Costa Rico. Upon returning , discovered that his disease was gone., so he walked on at Snow JC for two years…in 2010 he was voted the Offensive POTY. He transferred to Memphis, and was voted the team MVP in 2012…..These honors to an OFFENSIVE LINEMAN.who had no experience at football until he walked on…no training camps, UDFA with the Ravens, PS with Cleveland and the Pats before being traded to the Niners this past season. I’m not carryintg a torch for him, but if he can go through Niners TC and learn what he obviously knows, I want to see this guy play for US…talk about character!!!maybe he can spread some of it among his teammates….

      2. Rocket,

        If what you say is true, then the 49ers are in worse shape than I imagined.

        I don’t really have much antipathy for the Raiders, these days. I may prove to be wrong about the Raiders, but it won’t be because I don’t like them.

        McKenzie has been at it for four years and the Raiders just completed a 7-9 season that wasn’t that far from being 6-10 or 5-11 (they were 4-2 in games decided by 4 points or less). If the 49ers are 7-9 in even two years, then Baalke better be fired.

        I’m not saying McKenzie is terrible, or the Raiders are terrible, but I just don’t get them being held up as a model of what the 49ers should aspire to.

  17. Sorry to post this off topic but I was too late to the party and missed the RB backup thread.
    And I’d like to hear the thoughts of some here on my choice.

    The RB I’d like to have as Hyde’s backup is Alfred Morris.

    He’s durable and he is used to the zone-read.

    In the 37 games he shared the field with RGIII his 16-game pace was:
    293 rushes
    1386 yards (4,73 yds/carry)
    10 touchdowns

    Those are great number for a season’s work.
    And it’s not like it is a small sample size. On the contrary.

    The perception he is not that good is because he did not do nearly as well when he shared the field with Cousins or Colt McCoy.

    His 16-game pace with those two:
    238 rushes
    883 yards (3,71 yds/carry)
    4 touchdowns

    That’s not inspiring. And the sample size is big too. 27 games.

    So Morris is a RB that can be highly efficient in the right scheme. He needs zone blocking and a mobile QB.

    I think he would do great next to Kap or Gabbert and would provide great depth behind Hyde.

    1. Morris would be a good choice. I don’t think Baalke makes those kind of moves. He might even be better than Hyde since he doesn’t get hurt as much. Baalke has generally brought in used up RB’s like Jacobs or Bush and drafted others that haven’t panned out well. I think unfortunately he’ll stick with Davis and Hayne and draft someone else. Maybe he could find somebody like Morris in the draft? We really need somebody who can carry the load if Hyde goes down. We don’t have a QB who can carry the team without a real running game. Look at Cam without a running game, same deal.

      1. sebnynah

        February 18, 2016 at 10:29 pm

        Since this is a Raider post, I wish to propose a trade with the Raiders.
        The Niners should offer 3 players for the Raider second round pick. The Niners
        The Niners should set up a pool of players and let the Raiders select players they prefer.
        The Niners should throw in Chip and his staff also in the bargain, then we could get Ken Norton Jr. back where he belongs, and Musgrave our OC
        The Raiders could then attain the 49ers #1 pick in exchange for Armstead and Kap
        The 49ers then trade those for CFL greats, and a free trip to Disneyworld before the season starts—include the whole team in this to build comradery before the season starts.

  18. Its early for predictions since we don’t have the full view of FA’s and draft picks. But as you look at our schedule what’s your early guess at our record?

    Arizona Cardinals (home/away): 13-3 Lx2
    Los Angeles Rams (home/away): 7-9 W L
    Seattle Seahawks (home/away): 10-6 Lx2
    New Orleans Saints (home): 7-9 W
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (home): 6-10 W
    New England Patriots (home): 12-4 L
    New York Jets (home): 10-6 L
    Dallas Cowboys (home): 4-12 W
    Atlanta Falcons (away): 8-8 W
    Carolina Panthers (away): 15-1 L
    Buffalo Bills (away): 8-8 L
    Miami Dolphins (away): 6-10 W
    Chicago Bears (away): 6-10 W

    So I would guess 7-9 at the bottom and top end they beat the Bills, Cowboys and Rams both times making us 9-7. If so we miss the play offs again.

    1. Seb,

      Now your trades are really going over the top:


      February 19, 2016 at 8:20 am


      February 18, 2016 at 10:29 pm

      Since this is a Raider post, I wish to propose a trade with the Raiders.
      The Niners should offer 3 players for the Raider second round pick. The Niners
      The Niners should set up a pool of players and let the Raiders select players they prefer.
      The Niners should throw in Chip and his staff also in the bargain, then we could get Ken Norton Jr. back where he belongs, and Musgrave our OC
      The Raiders could then attain the 49ers #1 pick in exchange for Armstead and Kap
      The 49ers then trade those for CFL greats, and a free trip to Disneyworld before the season starts—include the whole team in this to build comradery before the season starts.

      1. Tom do you ever look which thread you’re posting in. Seb’s crazy Raiders trade is above this.

  19. Sorry Wilson,

    Somethings need more wider viewership, and I could not let Seb’s trade go under the radar for the other posters to see what crazy is.

  20. If the Raiders moved into Levi-thargy stadium, it would be hilarious if they called themselves the “Santa Clara Raiders” or “San Jose Raiders.”

  21. Seriously though, the Raiders should hop on board the Warriors locomotive, get a piece of land, push it through, and rebrand as the Golden State Raiders, playing in San Francisco. I would love to see little Jed’s reaction to that.

    1. The kicker… only the NFL can make a new east bay stadium feasible. Davis doesn’t have nearly the kind of money the owner of the Rams has.

      Oakland doesn’t have the money. Davis doesn’t seem* to have the money either.

      The $100M seed money offered to the Raiders might look impressive, but its really a kick in the crotch.

      I’m not shedding tears for Davis. I am for east bay, north bay and San Franciscan pro football fans who deserve to be able to watch a game a reasonable travel time away.

      A cheap, small footprint, acoustically loud, intentionally low tech stadium somewhere close to a BART exit would be wildly popular. It would rake in big bucks too.

      Think of all the x-pats from other parts of the country hopping on BART in SF, and getting dropped off at a Raider game in only minutes to watch their home team (Jets, Pats, Steelers, Ravens, etc.). They’d be dropping big bux.

      Hate em or love em, “Oakland” is an integral part of football lore. A cornerstone of the narrative of the NFL.

      I think the east bay is well positioned to a better location than Santa Clara as a football venue. Unfortunately the NFL isn’t run by “football guys” anymore.

      * We never know for sure because NFL and team books are not open. We learned this during the 2011 lockout.

    1. Of the three, Jared Cook is the most interesting to me. Cook would be a nice addition at TE, and I believe the 49ers tried to sign him when he was a FA a couple of years ago.

      Laurainitis may be a good stop gap at ILB too. Looks like the quality at LB in this draft has convinced a few teams to move on from their current players, so 49ers could sign a decent ILB fairly cheaply this off season. Would allow them to focus on other positions in the draft.

      1. I’m seeing Long’s name come up as well…. do you think they would try to transition him to a OLB or just use him on nickel downs?

        1. I don’t think he’s a good fit. They could use him in nickel, but he’s a declining player so I’d rather they went a different direction.

          1. All 3 are expensive declining players, so the Niners should pass on them. There are better FA options.
            I could see the Raiders sign Long due to the familial connection.

            1. Cook is 28 and still can be productive. I also don’t think he’ll be as expensive as you think.

              Laurainitis could also be a good stop gap option. As I said above, it looks like there will be quite a few decent ILB options available after roster cuts, so should be able to get one at a reasonable price to upgrade the position.

              1. I agree, it depends on how much of a pay cut he will accept. I do concede Cook has talent.
                Laurainitis is also intriguing, but I felt he never stood out when they played the Niners.

        2. Before considering Long you might want to know that profootballfocus had Eli Harold ranked higher then him. Lemonier was only 4 spots behind Long to give you further perspective as to what company Long holds these days.

          In regards to Laurainitis, they(PFF) had Hodges ranked higher.

          I doubt the team will show much interest in signing guys to positions that they already have better options at.

          I wouldn’t give Cook much consideration. Neither of St. Louis’s TE’s were any good and both are/were overpaid with Cook making the most which is likely why it was him instead of Kendricks being cut. Neither would be worth signing.

    2. I have to wonder if the releasing of those guys is an attempt to free up cap space to go after Cousins. I had read recently that he and the Redskins are far apart in terms of a new contract.

    1. From what I’ve been hearing, Spence has shown remorse and accountability, expressing the desire to show how much he’s changed and grown. He started over Bosa when at Ohio State. If he convinces in the interviews, Baalke will have an easy pick if he’s sitting there when the 49ers go on the clock….

      1. I saw a tweet today suggesting he only has 31″ arms. Well below the length Baalke seems to prefer. I still think Ogbah or Lawson would be Baalke’s preferred options over Spence.

        1. If Baalke decides not to take the best pure pass rusher in this draft because of arm length, he should be sacked….

          1. I would sit down with Balkee and ask him what does arm lenght have to do with anything? Why does he value that so much

        2. 32″ arms

          Jared Allen
          Terrell Suggs
          Cameron Wake
          Joey Porter
          Trent Cole
          Elvis Dumervil

          Tamba Hali, 30 3/8″ arms. A great hand fighter, he’s able to get his arms up quicker than most OT’s to block and counter. Add to that his quick first step and non stop motor, the result is a very effective pass rusher.

          Noah Spence’s short arms didn’t seem to help the opposition at the Senior Bowl. I think he showed off his elite speed and athleticism off the edge in spite of them….

          1. Razor, you don’t need to sell Spence to me. I’m just saying I think Baalke will prefer others.

          2. Btw razor, you may want to give some credit to “Chiefer” over on the Football’s Future blog. Nice copy and paste job :-P

            1. Only place I could find it. I don’t mind giving Mr. Chiefer ALL the credit. Just stating the facts Scooter. If Baalke wants take a pass because of his arm length, he’s stupid….

              1. If it was just because of arm length, then sure. But that is hardly the only mark against Spence. Off field issues and only one season of production against a higher level of competition are also legitimate concerns.

                I realy like the look of Spence, and without the off field issues he would most likely be the 2nd edge player taken (after Bosa). He might still be anyway, but there are a couple of other good looking edge players and with Spence’s off field issues I can easily see Baalke liking others better.

                Also, where are you getting your info about Spence starting ahead of Bosa? Bosa started 10 games as a true freshman.

              2. Baalke will regret passing on Spence for another inferior edge rusher. He’s a better pass rusher than Bosa, while Bosa is a better run stopper. From what I’ve heard, he’s already alleviated many of the off field issues, and of course the limited production you so astutely point out were a direct result of those mistakes. The fact that he made graduating a goal in order to get into the Senior Bowl speaks to his maturity. You can come up with as many reasons for not taking him all you want, but it won’t change the fact that he’s the best pass rusher in this class. As for starting over Bosa while at Ohio State, I remember reading it about a month ago, but I honestly couldn’t tell you where it was, sorry….

              3. Well, way I see it is that if they take him I’ll be happy (though a little concerned about potential off field issues in the future) because I agree with you that he is the most naturally talented edge rusher in the draft. But if they bypassed him for another edge rusher I would also understand why, and not be either surprised or upset with such a move.

                While I think Spence is the best edge rusher in the draft I don’t think he is a transcendent talent. I think Vic Beasley was a better prospect in last year’s draft.

              4. Spence is the kind of player that I would be willing to sign as a free agent once he’s proven he isn’t a screw up.

                Sure that means paying more cash for him but if he’s a proven player then it’s worth it. For a team that is desperate for talent and depth at key positions you can’t risk such valuable draft picks on such questionable character. At this point these draft picks are worth more then the cash it will cost the team to sign someone later as a FA.

      2. Spence looks like the rare legit pass edge rusher so many covet.

        Except for the thoroughly vetted Aaron Lynch, Baalke’s drafted nothing but boy scouts since 2013. I’m guessing marching orders from Denise York well before the whole Aldon Smith / Ray McDonald public embarrassments.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if there were up to 8 players off his draft board in the first two rounds last year due to “off field” issues.

        I’d love to see Spence in a Niner uniform, but I’m guessing he won’t be on the 49ers draft board.

              1. Leonte Carroo drop rate last two seasons: 2.1%. And he averaged 20.2 yards per reception. Crazy.

              2. While I agree about Spence, I will say that Caroo has too many red flags. The Niners should re-sign Anquan Boldin for his leadership, and be content with their present WRs

  22. I personally think James Laurinitaus would be great next to bow. He’s a tackiling machine, and he doesn’t miss tackles. He would be an automatic upgrade, and would help improve our run D

    1. Maybe I have a problem with Laurainitis because he was the one who recovered the fumble after Kaep scored but they ruled he fumbled before he scored, and the Niners lost the game in 2014.

        1. True, but his tackle totals have trended downward over the past few years. Think there may be better alternatives in FA and the draft.

  23. Jim Harbaugh “my way is the only way” has started again …….the guy is a cancer

    SEC commissioner Greg Sankey is upset with the coach’s plan to conduct Michigan spring practice from Florida. Harbaugh’s response: “I guess he’s stating a case, but it doesn’t hold water to me. It’s not an addition of time, it’s the same amount of time. … We’ll be on the same rules and guidelines that every other team will be under during spring practice. I think it’s comical that he’s taking exception to it.”

    1. Colin Kaepernick’s fate won’t be officially decided next week at the NFL’s combine in Indianapolis.

      But the annual gathering of owners, scouts and every general manager and agent in the business is an unofficial convention, full of wheeling and dealing, winks and handshake agreements. So don’t be surprised if you hear trade rumors involving Kaepernick.

      The 49ers trade Alex Smith to Kansas City. That trade left Kaepernick the undisputed franchise quarterback. The 49ers were set at the position for years.
      Until they weren’t.

    2. Oneniner, your take on this is skewed by your dislike of JH. Imagine if Arizona, Florida and California MLS teams complained because other states teams were doing spring training in their state. Kinda stupid isn’t it. Sankey should get over that JH is on his turf and stop whining. Where would you rather do spring training? Michigan or Florida?

      1. Wilson

        Just because JH might not be in the wrong with Sankey doesn’t mean that JH is not an epic douche. It’s nice that the 49ers had a lot of wins with JH, but JH failed to win the SB because of his Schembechlerism. It’s a well-known disease, where the HC gives the ball repeatedly to the RB, eschewing entirely the concept of throwing the oblong down the field.

        Anybody remember when JH said he was going to embrace Bill Walsh concepts? Sure, schmucko, just say what everyone wants to hear, but sure enough, go back and embrace that terrible affliction. JH won’t change. So glad he’s gone, drill sergeant.

        1. Sil, geez you guys are still way too bent out of shape over this. I think people get real irrational quick about JH. He does a lot of it to himself.

          1. Wilson

            I’m not bent, nor do I think it’s irrational. There are guys out there who seek to bring adulation upon themselves, who don’t really deserve it, but who would never do anything to dispel it, knowing full well it’s somewhat fraudulent. I put Peyton Manning and Jim Harbaugh in that category.

            Manning has never been in the same league as QBs who thrive under pressure, has therefore never been deserving of being considered among the best in history; not Tom Brady, nor Joe Montana. He never downplayed his legend; and I suppose, why would he, but he certainly hammed it up for as much money and fame as he could. Now, it comes out that he is not only a choker, but also a disgusting sexual deviant, and a misogynistic bully whose trail of lies destroyed the career of an extremely accomplished woman.

            I’m not saying Harbaugh is a deviant, but I do liken the high regard people hold for him to that heaped on Manning. Jim Harbaugh has two talents, to be sure: first, he is an all-time great cheerleader/drill sergeant; and second, he knows how to pick good players and great coordinators. But he gets credit for being some sort of teacher or innovator or QB whisperer or offensive guru, and he is none of those things. The praise is excessive and, until he wins at least one, but really multiple, championship(s), undeserved.

            Anyway, I know most here don’t agree, and that’s okay. I also think Steve Young was a disgrace to the QB legacy that Montana forged, and that, too, is a wildly unpopular position around these parts. So be it.

            1. Not sure JH has skeletons like that one in Manning’s closet. I don’t know that I buy your categorization of either of those guys. He’s certainly larger than life. He didn’t but me worked up the way many get all riled up about him. He attracts a lot of attention for sure. He’s gone. Its sort of like bringing up Alex Smith, lets just move on already.

              I agree, Jim is a fantastic motivator. I also think you missed one thing he does really well. He plays to his teams strengths. He knew he was limited by QB and WR play so over played to the run game. He leaned on his defense.

              Who isn’t a disgrace to Montana’s legacy?

              1. Wilson

                Agreed on all but one. He had Andrew Luck at Stanford, yet still he ran the ball into the ground. That’s who he is: Bo Schembechler. I think the reason I don’t like him is that he said he would implement the WCO, invoking Walsh, then did nothing of the sort. Fraud. A winner, no doubt, so better than the fraud who preceded him, but still, not the right coach for the 49ers.

  24. Draft Prediction #1

    There has been a lot of chatter about the Eagles taking a QB in the first round. However, the perception among many is that after Goff and Wentz, the talent drops off quite a bit with Lynch not being capable of starting as a rookie. The niners have a lot of holes to fill. I think there is a decent chance we trade back with Philly, getting their #13 pick and their second round pick. Together, they are about the same number of draft points as our #1.

    We need more sacks, but I think Baalke wants to see how Eli Harold develops. If Ronnie Staley or Treadwell are there, I think we go that route as both are clear needs. 13 is still to high for Jaylon (even for Baalke who likes wrecked knees). CB is also an option here if we don’t make a splash in free agency.

    1. San Francisco 49ers: Which Quarterback Should Start for Chip Kelly in 2016?

      Would you put a 40 percent chance on Kaepernick recovering his past form with Chip Kelly? A 40 percent chance that Sam Bradford will stay healthy for the next five years? A 40 percent chance that Blaine Gabbert will stop being the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Blaine Gabbert? That instinctually feels wrong in all cases.

      Make no mistake—whoever the 49ers have starting at quarterback in 2016 will be a gamble. Their best gamble, however, is going for a top quarterback prospect in the draft and going with it.
      The top two quarterbacks in the draft—Jared Goff and Carson Wentz—look to be worth a gamble in the top ten. They have traits you’re looking for in a long-term starter.

    2. Eddie, You may sound logical, but I have a feeling that Lurie will not do the Niners and Kelly any favors.

      1. Maybe not. Forecasting trades tends to be a fools errand. But, the Eagles have a new coach, who almost certainly wants a new QB. If Goff is there and they want him, I’m not sure they’d look at it as if they were doing the 9ers a favor.

        1. Well, maybe I should have said it is a 2 way street and the Niners would also not want to do any favors to Lurie after what he said about Kelly.

    3. Philadelphia doesn’t have a 2nd round pick. A trade from 13 to 7 will be painful for them. It would cost them 13+78+80 or 13+78+2017 3rd.

      And I think Wentz and Goff will be taken at that point. I can see the Ravens trading down if Jalen Ramsey is already taken. The Rams (with two 2nd rounders) have lots of ammo to move from 15 to 6. They have less roster holes to fill too. I’m expecting the Rams to at least make offers.

      If there’s a trade-up offer for pick 7, I can see it happening if Jack, Treadwell, Buckner or Stanley is still on the board. The nice thing about a quarterback frenzy in the first few picks… it bumps one of Jack/Buckner/Ramsey/Stanley down a notch.

      1. I assumed incorrectly the Eagles had a 2nd rounder. They could always trade next year’s but you make a good point. Yeah, I’ve also read the speculation that the Rams/Ravens could work out a deal for a QB spot. It certainly makes sense, but you never know if the Ravens see a CB they can’t pass on.

  25. A name I’m putting some time looking into recently is ;

    Matthew Judon from Grand Valley State. He’s the right size to play OLB. He’ll likely be profiled as a 4-3 DE and I won’t talk anyone out of that idea but I also will suggest that he might be one heck of a weak side outside line backer. I’d like it even more if he was an inch or two taller but they can’t all be perfect. How he runs next week will help illuminate where this kid belongs.

    Anyway, for the time being he’s a name to watch.

  26. I have been avoiding this tabloid news about #7, Aldon and nessa..

    Just read the whole story including Crabtree’s interview …….It is really time #7 gets the boot……….

    Also tired of hearing #7 has no confidence in management………..the truth is the locker room and Org has no confidence in #7……please trade him ASAP

    1. Chip Kelly to me is a straight forward guy…..his personality is the opposite of JH.

      JH goes to south america and the whole world hears about it….Chip Kelly goes to Iraq and nobody hears about it….

      If Chip kelly wants #7 he would have said it since……

    2. Hmm, Chip said he was a BIG fan of Foles, then ends up trading him. Maybe he learned his lesson and is being more circumspect with Kaep and his situation.
      I think the Niners are going all in with Kaep because they hired Chip instead of Shanahan.
      Kaep may want out, however, so his fate is up in the air.

      1. I doubt it….

        He actually did play with Foles……

        Chip was quietly in iraq and was asked what players he was excited to work with from an athletic standpoint, and he said NaVorro Bowman and Joe Staley.

        Kelly didn’t fully commit to quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the starter. Instead, he said that “it’s an ongoing process.” .

  27. Anyone notice the different between #7 and Cam behavior/reaction after their SB loss….

    One seem content/not bothered to have lost while the other seem angry/sad to have lost

  28. Trumaine Johnson is the guy:

    “PFF charted #Rams UFA CB Trumaine Johnson with a 55.0 passer rating on throws into his coverage, 2nd best in NFL behind Josh Norman in 2015.

    “Johnson turned 26 in January. Had 7 INTs in ’15. Stands 6’2/204 with long arms (33 1/4″). 2 TDs allowed over his last 25 games.”

    – Evan Silva

      1. Cubus

        Just saw that too. Too bad. I’d love to get him. Maybe they’re trying to sign both Jenkins and Johnson.

        1. Sil:

          I’m slowly becoming less optimistic about free agency. The big names that we want will most likely be franchised. Teams are intelligently clearing cap space to be able to attempt to keep their top FAs that they can’t franchise. Although it is likely that many FAs will want to at least test the market, Baalke has never shown a propensity to get into a bidding war. I’m starting to think we’ll be lucky to get one “big” name. They’ll go after and get others, but I think in the end we fans will feel cheated.

          I suppose there’s hope that Baalke will be ready to target one or two real needs and pay for them, but there’s no history of him doing that. The one ray of optimism I have is Chip Kelly. In their press conference, I sensed a real respect from Baalke towards Kelly which is in stark contrast to what I read between Baalke and Tomsula. Kelly might be able to get him to loosen the purse strings. Jed is a wild card as well, because during his interviews he has suggested that the 49ers are prepared to spend in FA. Still, Baalke is the evaluator so…..

          1. Cubus

            On a recent page here, I listed all of the 2012 draft class available FAs, and then revised the list to a smaller list. I don’t think FA is a good place to over invest resources, but I do believe that Baalke needs to “buy” 3-4 guys from that 2012 draft class to make up for his own failed draft class. Johnson and Jenkins are both on that list, but there are other guys worth looking at as well. I still contend that the team’s 2 biggest needs are ILB and DL.

          2. Cubes

            Here is that revised list:

            Bruce Irvin
            Andre Branch
            Malik Jackson

            Kendall Reyes
            Akiem Hicks
            Jaye Howard

            Nick Perry
            Courtney Upshaw
            Keenan Robinson
            Danny Trevathan

            Janoris Jenkins
            Casey Heyward
            Trumaine Johnson
            Josh Norman

            Ben Jones

            Amini Silatolu
            Kelechi Osemele

            Mitchell Schwartz
            Cordy Glenn

            Ronnie Hillman
            Bryce Brown

            Ladarius Green

            Reuben Randle
            Mohamed Sanu
            Marvin Jones

          3. In previous seasons Baalke was saving salary cap space to retain key players like Aldon Smith, Anthony Davis… and maintain the salaries of players like Patrick Willis.

            I’d add he was saving cap space to retain Iupati too, but (probably) decided not to extend him because of his knee. (also, Baalke has this limit he will spend on certain positions. I disagree with having a hard line. I would have preferred to retain Iupati and Walker)

            I think Baalke will spend alot of the cap space once key players are extended, but I think most of the FA spending will be in 2017. Let the other teams have a bidding frenzy after the cap increase. Baalke will clean up next season.

            Barrows has a run down on interior defensive players in this draft. He also notes interior defenders might not get as much as they hoped in free agency because of the glut. in the draft. If that happens I’m all for scooping up on Malik Jackson.


            1. Brodie

              What you say is true, but no team can survive a 0% hit rate in a given draft, and this offseason is Baalke’s chance to recoup his losses from 2012. I think he’ll spend moderately on sleepers from the above list.

              The only reason to think otherwise would be if Baalke’s excess draft picks in 2013-15 had yielded a surplus of good players over and above the 7 allotted picks, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

              I am most intrigued to see what the team does at WR, because they seem stocked with big, fast, and strong, yet entirely unproven, guys who’ve had little to no chance to get on the field; talking about Campbell, Anderson, White, Smelter, and Rogers, in addition to Smith, Patton, and Ellington.

              1. I’m not sure what you mean by ” 0% hit rate in a given draft.” My comment was directed at Cubus thoughts on free agency.

                In general, roster holes need to be filled no matter what the cause (retirement, bad drafts, injuries).

                Baalke usually tries to trade up those 4-7 round picks. He’s said after the last three drafts there weren’t any takers.

                The NFL initially made comp picks trade-able in 2016, but at the last minute delayed the change until 2017. (the document even had 2016 crossed out). This really screws the 49ers, who will have four comp picks this year. Few if any in 2017.

                No matter what, the 49ers will be stuck with day three picks. Its unlikely 12 rookies + free agents will make the roster. As much as people will moan, I’m fine with grabbing one to stash on NFI for a season.

                Receiver will be fascinating. Lots athletic ability… but not proven NFL ability. I’m really looking forward to White, Smelter, and Rogers.

          4. Malik Jackson will be their priority in FA. No guarantee they will get him, but he’ll be the one they really want. The idea they will sign a lot of big name FAs is a pipe dream. Too many other teams with plenty of cap space too. Realistically the best they can expect would be 1-2 front line FAs max, plus a couple of mid tier guys.

              1. Yeah as much as I would love to have Jackson in SF, that is too much to spend. What he wants and what the market dictates are two different things though.

              2. If and when the Jets tag Wilkerson, Jackson will be the top interior DL on the market. He’s going to get a ton of money.

      1. which country are you currently?

        From DT…….He took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pig’s blood,” he said. “And he had his men load his rifles and he lined up the fifty people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said, ‘You go back to your people and you tell them what happened.’ And for 25 years there wasn’t a problem.”

        From TC……It’s about mandatory celebration. It’s about forcing people to bake cakes and photograph gay weddings. Forcing clergy to officiate. It’s about transgender bathrooms in your child’s school. It’s about tearing down our Judeo-Christian values. It’s about tearing down our America,” the voice on the robo call says

        this shyte is crazy out there…….

        1. OneNiner

          I’m in Cali. I was just wondering if you were watching something on TV or following a live feed somewhere.

          There’s no doubt about it. The Republican Party has been taken over by racists and Christian zealots who offend the ideals of all faiths. I used to think the Tea Party was a radical fringe element of the GOP, but it seems otherwise nowadays.

          As bad as these candidates appear, none of them is even close to as toxic as Mitch McConnell.

  29. Free Agency will dictate the Niner fortunes. If Baalke can attract and sign quality free agents, the Niners will do well. If he fails and has another 13 million in cap space, but refuses to spend it just because he wants to save money. Well then, the Niners are doomed to repeat another 5-11 season.
    Jed says the Niners will not spend just to spend money. I counter by saying the Niners should spend to try and WIN, instead of saving, and being content to lose because they get a better draft position.
    There will be lots of good FA players out there. Baalke needs to be aggressive, and be competitive. He should start by working on signing the FAs on the team. Williams, Boone and Boldin should all be signed for cohesiveness and leadership.

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