Ranking the five best and five worst NFL franchises

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, left, general manager John Lynch, center, and owner Jed York, right, smile as they listen to Richard Sherman, the team’s new cornerback, answer questions during an NFL football news conference in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Sherman agreed to a three-year deal with the 49ers. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

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      1. While I do not like the Steelers, and hate Ben R. I must admit they are a storied franchise, on par with the Niners. Grant mentioned they have had only 3 HCs in decades, and they are perennial playoff contenders. The Rooney’s are a class act, and well beloved in the Pittsburgh area.
        Yes, they have had issues lately, but they still are a force in the NFL.

  1. 1. Patriots
    2. Saints
    3. Steelers
    4. Seahawks
    5. Chiefs
    6. Rams
    26. Broncos
    27. Jets
    28. Raiders
    29. 49ers
    30. Cardinals
    31. Buccaneers
    32. Bengals

    1. Let’s see here…
      There have been two teams who have been in the NFL since the AFL-NFL merger to never make it to the Super Bowl. They are the Lions and the Browns.

      Yet somehow they are better franchises than the 49ers?????

      1. I like Goff. Northern California Kid who went to CAL.
        Did not think he would get to the SB after his first NFL career pass was a pick, but when he finally got a decent O line, he excelled. I am rooting hard for Goff to defeat Brady.

        1. Been touting Jared since he was a Freshman at Cal. He and the Rams should take down New England on a neutral field especially coming of the Saints in the noise deafening Super Dome..

    1. I like the kid and he’s got a fantastic arm, but Jared Goff is the quintessential “system QB”! While I’d say most NFL QB’s have the ability to read defenses and improvise when they need to, Goff is almost entirely reliant on his helmet radio, while his HC relays to him everything the defense is doing right in front of his face, pre-snap. While he’s hardly the only QB who takes advantage of this system (which, BTW, was banned prior to 1994 even though the technology has existed since the mid-1950’s, primarily because people felt it was almost like cheating), the majority of NFL QB’s are far more self sufficient when it comes to the ability to read the defense and understanding where to go with the football based on the opposing defensive vulnerabilities. Back in Joe Montana’s day, the QB helmet radio system was banned by the NFL. Without Sean McVay relaying information to Jared via the headset, Jared would likely be in over his head.

      Goff is certainly not the only QB who takes advantage of this technology, but from what I have heard, he probably uses it as a crutch more than any QB in the league, and there are a lot of ex-players and ex-coaches who believe Goff and McVay have taken this ability too far. Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms went on a national radio show Monday and declared McVay’s tactics to be not only “cheating” but also “immoral,” a rather personal level of vitriol.


      Then again, this is a guy who literally never understood that the sun rose in the east and set in the west, until he was well into his twenties, so ….

      “Rams hope Jared Goff less confused by defenses than where sun rises”

    1. Excuse me? Which way is the wind blowing today? Why does Grant have the ridiculously incompetent Oakland, LA, Carson, Oakland, SF, San Diego, Las Vegas Raiders rated anywhere above 32nd? Khalil Mack for the 27th pick in 2019 and probably similar in 2020 and Amari Cooper for Pick 25? Laughable. When the 49ers get healthy and return to competitiveness, quite probably in 2019, Grant will have them in the top 10! Even Las Vegas has the 49ers SB odds in 2019-20 14 spots above their very own Raiders!

  2. Question: Is this for all time, the last five seasons, or 10 seasons? I cannot watch the video, so I am not sure what the criteria is for the rankings.

      1. Thanks Jack. If that is the case, then my ranking system would be the following:

        1. New England Patriots
        2. New Orleans Saints
        3. Los Angeles Rams
        4. Philadelphia Eagles
        T5. Seattle Seahawks & Kansas City Chiefs
        28. Jacksonville Jaguars
        29. New York Giants
        30. Arizona Cardinals
        31. Detroit Lions
        32. Oakland Raiders

          1. Currently, I see the the 49ers as the 25th best franchise and having a better outlook for the future than the teams ranked lower than them.

            1. Disagree. The 49ers did not trade their best player from their offense and defense, sign an overrated coach to a 10 year deal, sign over the hill players, and were not trounced by a team that they quote “have a lot in common with”. The 49ers do have a better coaching staff and front office, QB situation, RB corps, offense, and leadership. The Raiders are easily a worse franchise than the 49ers.

              1. Hey Jack don’t forget the Raiders did have a starting franchise QB the last 5 years and Carr played all 16 games with Gruden , Shanahan not so much(Hoyer,Beathard,Mulluens) Garoppolo 6-2

              2. « Hey Jack don’t forget the Raiders did have a starting franchise QB the last 5 years »

                Remind me again, which of these 2 organizations has made it to the playoffs in those 5 years?

              3. Wow the Raiders went ONE TIME in the last 18 years there on there way lol

                But my point is the Niners have better coaching and Shanahan has did a better job with less talent on offense then what Gruden had

              4. Well you brought up and compared what they did the last 5 years I mean if you wanna be fair let’s go back 10 years? Don’t be like Grant and dismiss Harbaugh’s 4 years here like it never happen. I don’t agree with everything Jed York did actually I disagree mostly what he has done but at least he didn’t move the team out of the freaking state.

              1. Mullens is a good QB. Too bad Shanahan didn’t realize it until the season was sunk.

                Shanahan the GM is not very good.

              2. GM Gruden also has a history of bad decisions that’s why the Bucs fired him it’s well documented

              3. I think the Niners are better then there record shows and hands down better then the Raiders for sure especially if both teams were healthy. I don’t think Shanahan/Lynch would’ve traded Mack or Cooper especially after they tried to trade for Mack and OBJ last year. Gruden was such an idiot that he traded Mack to the Bears and now they select 27th when they could’ve been picking in the top 5 or maybe in the top 10 for sure giving that maybe Mack wins the Niners a couple of games.

            2. Fair enough Jack, but I consider more than just win totals because they do not tell the whole story.
              What other similarities do you see between the two?

            3. Grant Cohn says:
              January 25, 2019 at 5:01 pm
              They have lots in common. The Raiders have more draft picks and a nicer stadium coming their way.

              Lol yeah 600 miles away from where they should be playing.
              Lawsuit on top of that.
              1 playoff birth in a little over a decade.
              Couldn’t hold on to their best player in years,
              And so on.
              Man you’re bitterness is hilarious.
              I’m not saying the 49ers are running a great ship.
              But to put the Raiders above them is downright hilarious.

          2. Objectively speaking, the Raiders immediate future is less optimistic than the 49ers. For starters , Jon Gruden is going to have to replace Mack with pick 27, Cooper with pick 25. That’s a tall order. I think the Raiders will field a similar team in 2019-20 as they were this past season. Not a lot of hope IMO unless Gruden has a phenomenal draft. 49ers have 13 players returning from IR in 2019 and it has been suggested that they will be 2nd behind the Rams in the NFC West. Albeit a distant 2nd because the Rams are very good but much improved. I think most “experts” agree with that.

              1. That sounds about right, if they can beat the Cardinals who are leading the series the last two years.

            1. Considering that the 49ers last decent rusher was Aldon Smith I would not cast stones on the Raiders getting rid of Mack.

              Anyone who thinks the Shanahan 49ers are better than the Gum Chewing Seahawks is dreaming!

          3. How are the Raiders and 49ers in any way tied in terms of overall NFL franchise rankings? This is simply delusional. So delusional in fact, that a lot of Raiders fans would have to admit that the 49ers are currently ahead of the Raiders in most regards.

            First and foremost, a significant number of Raiders have lost trust in their HC. This is, by far, the most significant factor when ranking the strength of any team moving forward. And the Raiders are stuck with Gruden thanks to what most NFL experts believe to be the most absurd contract in the history of the league.

            Beyond that, the 49ers have a distinct advantage as a NFL franchise over the foreseeable future

            The 49ers control a much larger market, and play in a well established, state of the art venue. The Raiders are, once again, alienating a substantial percentage of their fan base.

            The 49ers finished the most recent season with the better record, and the 49ers embarrassed their one time but area rival, in prime time, absolutely dominating in every phase!

            Talent wise, a majority of experts believe the 49ers have more foundational pieces on both sides of the ball. There are more GM’s who would take the 49ers QB, stable of RB’s and WR corp, over the Raiders offensive skill positions. Likewise, the 49ers defense ranks well ahead of the Raiders in almost every catagory. The Raiders may have the better OL, but not by a large enough margin to make up for the rest of their inferior roster, when compared to the 49ers.

            The only area in which the Raiders currently rank ahead of the 49ers is upcoming draft capitol, and we appreciate know how dicey this asset can be.

    1. One decent year does not negate decades of incompetence. Corrupt owner who over rode his FO to hire Hue, forced him to draft Maziel because a fan told him to, then fired Hue because he lost the team, even though his team lost 4 over time games. They also fired Bill Belichick.

        1. Art Modell, as owner of the Browns, fired Belichick.
          Haslam avoided criminal charges by agreeing to pay 95 mil, so essentially, he stole 95 mil, exploiting Hispanic truck drivers for years, over charging them.
          Jed, while clueless, is not corrupt. JL as GM, has stopped the leaks and has done wonders, trying to change the culture, and build a champion like BW did.
          Cleveland may have done well, but they are in a division with the Ravens and Steelers, and Cincy will eventually get better coaching and players.
          I fully expect the Browns will stay in the cellar.

          1. If you want to play the way back machine, don’t forget that the reason the York family now owns the team is the previous owner was corrupt in his business dealings.

            1. Go ahead, cheer lead for the Raiders.
              As a die hard faithful Niner fan, I have a visceral dislike of the Raiders.
              To me, Eddie walks on water, because he started off as a green untested upstart, and delivered 5 rings.
              He was only guilty of not reporting getting the shake down from a corrupt politician.
              Sure, Eddie lost his franchise, but his care for Dwight Clark negates any of his shortcomings.
              I idolize Eddie, and was ecstatic when he was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame. My only regret was that it took so long.

              1. Cheerlead for the Raiders LOL.

                I loved DeBartolo too. Why? Because he got lucky with the Walsh hire and after that his teams won. That doesn’t take away the fact that in business he was corrupt and as a result was forced to give up the team.

              2. You just called him corrupt, when he has a heart of gold.
                Eddie wanted that gambling franchise to bankroll the team.
                Yes, Al Davis did lead with minority hiring, but he was also a miserable human being and has many detractors. Ask Mike Shanahan to provide an accolade for Davis.
                Ask an Oakland resident what they think of Mark Davis.

              3. I never compared DeBartolo to Davis.

                « You just called him corrupt, when he has a heart of gold. »

                DeBartolo lost the team because he was involved in a corruption scandal. And don’t forget the $200k he paid to that cocktail waitress back in 92 to get her to go away.

              4. Every heart heeds someone calling
                Someone to call home
                Every soul needs to tell a story
                Never be alone

              5. I would rather point out Eddie’s life long commitment to Jeff Fuller. He did not have to do that, but he did it anyways, and treated Jeff Fuller like family.
                Those were accusations, and it just made sense to pay her to go away, even if not true. She may have enticed him with the intent to shake him down, just like in the gambling boat fiasco. I will not condemn him for something he was never found guilty of.

              6. The two aren’t mutually exclusive Seb.

                You called out Haslam for the trouble he had in his business dealings so I reminded you of DeBartolo’s.

                Neither has a thing to do with the product that’s on the field.

            2. “the reason the York family now owns the team is the previous owner was corrupt in his business dealings.”

              Eddie was caught and sent to jail. That is correct. You are wrong however that that is the reason the York’s ended up with the team. The timing was coincidental and the franchise ended up with the Yorks when Eddie Sr.’s estate was divided up by the family. Eddie took the real estate and Denise got the team. My source is Eddie D himself. It’s not the things we don’t know that gets us into trouble. It’s the things were sure about that just ain’t so.’ – Mark Twain

  3. My criteria for best franchises includes- Ownership, Front Office, Coaching, Super Bowls, Playoff history, Winning seasons, How they treat their players, Lack of dysfunction and Team culture.
    Worst franchises have little or none of that.

  4. A critique on your interview with Mark Carpenter. Still went with a hand to your face, so if you do that, you should rub your chin. It makes you look scholarly.Other than that, I thought you tried hard to control your hands.
    On the whole, very nice. You and Mark are a good team. He seems curious, and elicits good material from you. Very informative and not confrontational at all. Mark also focuses on salient points.
    Nice tie, nice back drop, but maybe, put out some Niner stuff behind you. Maybe a Keena Turner jersey, since he is going to be inducted into the Bay Area Hall of Fame.

  5. Sebber, did you see where Mullens has been a friend of your mustached hero and has been passing along intricacies from Shanny’s offense to him at the Senior Bowl?

    1. Yup, you already mentioned you were not a fan of the Mustached Marvel.
      I, however, like his completion percentage, and have watched a couple of his games. They are trying to pull a ‘Mullens’. Show a lot of interest, and compliment him, so they can pick him up as an UDFA, if the other teams pass on him. GM will see that he can find a good home on the Niners, but that may be accomplished only if Mullens is traded. Maybe Mullens knows Scangarello is lobbying hard for him, and Mullens knows that the Niners will trade him away only if the Niners have a decent replacement selected ahead of time. Mullens is kibitzing with GM, because he wants to start. Denver, with their defense, would be a good landing spot. Already, Mullens has an advantage over every draft QB, because he has started multiple games and has won multiple games in the NFL. The draft QBs have never even taken a snap in the NFL.

      1. Are mustaches bad? I thought mine looks pretty sexy in a manly kind of way. At least my wife and daughter both think so.

  6. For some reason when I first looked at that picture of York, Lynch, and Shanahan the very first thing I thought about was the movie Trainspotting. Which one of those guys is diving down the most disgusting toilet in Scotland for his drugs. I’m going with Jed. Shanny is the friend who goes home with the girl and ends up with the “accident” all over her sheets and bedroom. Lynch is the violent friend who just can’t walk away from a good thing. Has to commit assault and break a guys head open.

    1. For a threesome, I was reminded of -The Last Detail, where 2 salty Sailors take a third young guy to prison,which takes a week. Buddusky- Lynch and Mullhall- Shanahan, take Meadows -Jed, and show him the sights. Jack Nicholson plays Billy ‘Badass’ Buddusky.
      They even feel so sorry for him, they take him to a brothel, but have to pay twice due to over eagerness. Meadows tries to escape, so they beat him up. When they get to the brig, the marine questions them if Meadows had tried to escape, but they lie so he will not get into trouble.

          1. I once spotted him on that hill…

            As the wind wips over the hillside
            Twenty knots over Kill Devil Hill
            Steady wind blows over the sand
            Twenty knots over Kill Devil Hill
            As the breezed went straight as an arrow
            It begun over Kill Devil Hill
            Gasoline and the wind in the wires
            Kill Devil Hill and the way to the sky

  7. This whole conversation is all messed up. How about start with who has the most super bowl. Pittsburgh, New England, San Francisco, Dallas . Start with those 4.

    1. That’s not the Cohns style he only points out the negatives when it comes to the Niners but he threw the Raiders a bone by saying they have a nice stadium coming in the future but fails to mention how Mark Davis screwed the city of Oakland and there fan base by moving the team out of California heck even I feel bad for Raider fans and I’m a Niners fan. The Cohns drilled Jed for moving the 49ers 45 miles from San Francisco so just think it could’ve been worse it could’ve been the Las Vegas 49ers.

  8. Looking at the Senior Bowl, I hope the O line can hold off the pass rush long enough to let the QBs throw the ball.
    This will be a good test to see how quickly the players could digest the playbook, and KS can see how they would fit in his system.
    Hope this helps in their assessments, but they would be fools to pass on Keelan Doss. ;p

  9. I’m kind of torn. I don’t think the Niners are as poorly run as, say, the Jags, but aside from the Harbaugh mirage they are down there honestly.

    1. I just think there are worse franchises. Those 5 Lombardis kinda sustain me. I also think they have turned the corner, and better days are ahead. If not for the Injury to JG, the Niners may have gone 8-8 or 9-7.
      JL is a breath of fresh air compared to Baalke, and KS is smart, but just needs to learn from his mistakes so he does not repeat them. Jed is being smart by not saying anything, and letting JL and KS run the team.
      I think the Niners are better than Cleveland, Cincy, Jets, TB and the Raiders. Jags went to the AFCC Game 2 years ago, but regressed last season. Cards did well, but regressed without Arians. Detroit has Patricia, but have to get a better QB. I think the Niners are better than those 8 teams.
      I would have to admit the Niners are in the bottom 10 of the league.

      1. My problem here Sebbie is I’m tired of hearing my fellow fans talk about optimism for the future. This has been 4 years in the basement – the very bottom – of the NFL in a row. At this stage, it’s not good enough to just hope for it being better next year. We have people talking as if Year 3 should be mostly a pass too for this regime. It’s time to start winning.

        1. Renas, I totally agree.
          However, if the Niners emulate the Colts, trade back, and get multiple second round picks, they can fill some huge needs. Then, with JG back, the Niners will at least be competitive.
          After those 5 wins to end the 2017 season, I was gung ho on the team. The loss of JG was a gut punch, and doomed the season. With JG back, there is hope.
          If the Colts can go from 4-12 to winning a playoff game, I think the Niners can do it, too. Colts got back Luck, and the Niners will get back JG.
          Again, I totally agree it is time to start winning. Hopefully, KS will have learned from his mistakes.

    2. Harbaugh didn’t hire himself Jed York did where Jed messed up is he should’ve fired Baalke and kept Harbaugh and he made another mistake by letting Baalke hire Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelley.

  10. Niners should try to emulate the Colts. They went from 4-12 to winning a game in the playoffs.
    How did they do that? Well, Luck came back from injury (JG), and they traded back in the draft. They traded back with the Jets, and got 2 additional second round picks. They traded back again in the second, and got 2 more second round picks. All in all, they got 4 second round picks. Darius Leonard OLB, Braden Smith G, Kemoko Turay EDGE, and Tyquan Lewis DE. Coupled with Quenton Nelson in the first, and 11 picks overall, the Colts went from 4-12 to 10-6.
    The Niners should trade back a couple times, aiming at getting 2 additional second round picks, and 9 picks overall.

  11. I like Grant’s stuff because it’s the closest thing we’ll get to something truly objective. He may be right and may be wrong but his comments are not infused with the feelings towards “his” team. The only person who posts here with anything close to his objectivity is Sour Yeast. I’m still a tried and true 49er fan (since ’55) but honestly, when I look objectively at their state of affairs,a I just can’t see anything but wishing and hoping that they’ll find their way. There is just no evidence to support it. For God’s sake, we lost to the Cardinals twice this year. I see the quibbling about the worst franchise in the NFL but the Cardinals any higher than the bottom 3 is unbelievable. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. Must be those two wins over us that put them higher I guess. The 49ers are improving now? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I really wish our team was better but they ain’t and I have to assess them as they are not as I hope they would be.

    2. See this is the dumb $#it y’all swirl on grant all the time. Go read the Matt’s. They are just as objective, but they don’t degrade players and coaches on this team like blind fan boys. Grant isint a journalist. He’s a tabloid blogger. All the conjecture he spews, reads like a resume for a tabloid. For some strange reason, you old people eat it up. You guys are ridiculous.

        1. Well old timer, we have something in common! I’d like to take a poll of how many guys lived through 1946 through 1981. I only know one for sure and that is HTWAITS. Me, I came along in 1955 when my dad took me to my first game at Kezar, although I started watching away games and game of the week highlights on TV before that (my dad was a die hard faithful and he gave me the bug). No offense to the yutes here but that’s pretty much my limit on “wait until next year”. Bill Walsh and Eddie D. forever spoiled a lot of us.

  12. Weather should be about perfect for the Senior Bowl. Hope the turf is in good shape and major injuries are avoided.

    1. Cassie, the NY Knicks are the most valuable NBA franchise and they are, by far, the worst run team in all of professional sports. The product on the field or court is only one value stream.

  13. Nice interview by Kittle on NFL Network.Stevie Smith thinks there’s a qb controversy brewing in SF between Mullens and Garoppolo. Wonder if Jimmy can push the ball downfield with accuracy, and if the team as a whole performs better under Mullens….

    1. Naw, even Mullens discounts the notion. Mullens did so well because he learned from JG.
      I was happy the Niners found their franchise QB from the last 39 seconds of the Seahawk game. JG threw a dart into a tight window after leading a drive, and with time running out, scored a TD.
      Now, the best thing the Niners can do, is find some interior pass protection, so he is not hit 9 times per game or sacked 6 times per game. They should emulate what the Colts did.They drafted Quenton Nelson and Braden Smith to protect Luck. They traded back, and still got Nelson, and with 4 second round picks, they got a Guard, along with some pass rushers.
      For Center, They should look at Dalton Risner, Erik McCoy, Garrett Bradbury or Connor McGovern. At Guard, they should look at Martez Ivey ,Chris Lindstrom, Ross Pierschbacher, Cody Ford and Oli Udoh. Udoh could be the eventual replacement for Staley.

          1. My bad, I should have clarified on the offensive side of the ball. Thank you, Whine.

            Kittle with a shout out to the Sebber on NFL Network. 😃

      1. Best/Worst franchise depends on what factors you take into account, but there are plenty of franchises that have dwelt in the cellar the last couple of years. Our beloved franchise is no different.

        While the franchise is one of the most storied one in history, those days are long in the past and the legacy of the Yorks is not a fruitful one.

        I would rate the best franchises in the last 5 years as following based on capacity to compete:

        1) New England
        2) Steelers
        3) Philadelphia
        4) Baltimore
        5) Seahawks
        6) Kansas City

        These teams are always competitive (with the possible exception of Philadelphia but they have been very good the last couple of years) and seem to always be in the post season.
        I would say that the Rams and the Saints are moving up and could enter this company, while Carolina, Atlanta would have been but are trending down (especially Carolina). GB is right there with Carolina. San Diego/LA is also in the top 10.

        27) Jets
        28) Oakland
        29) San Francisco
        30) Tampa Bay
        31) Bengals
        32) Browns

        The Browns are trending upward, hard to say about the Bengals, TB and Jets. Our team was trending upwards towards the end of last season but if you factor this past season, I’d have to say it is even right now maybe with a nudge to the positive side. Oakland is trending downward. So are the Bills who should be right outside this list. Arizona isn’t a great team right now but they could go either way. My gut tells me they are trending down heavily though.

        Our glory is very much in the past and many fans live off it thinking it is a touchstone for the future. It is now cast in bronze and anyone thinking it is part of the lifeblood of today’s team has become as ossified as those relics to the glory years.

        Do we have what it takes to get to the top tier (FO wise I am very much skeptical, especially considering the York’s history and Lynch’s recent blunders and lack of experience)? In coaching I still wonder as Shanahan still has yet to have a breakthrough occur. Who knows that with more experience and talent he may win Coach of the Year (remember when fans said he would do it his first year – seems quaint now), but he needs to minimize his team’s mistakes if he is to join the elite company. From where I am sitting it is a long way to go still.

        1. East, if you flip the Niners and Jets, I would totally agree.
          Historically, the Jets have only Namath’s SB, and have shown much incompetence in the last 5 years. Niners at least seem to be on the right track, and have 5 rings with 3 straight NFCC Games not too long ago.

      2. No, a lot of those player can be drafted in the second, third and 4th rounds. Need to trade back to stockpile picks like the Colts did.

  14. “Lynch’s recent blunders” See this is where all of you get me. Every GM has recent blunders. Even the ones you guys have in you’re top 5 franchises. But because Lynch is new to the front office, you all act like he’s a Rash. But I guess it’s ok to have recent or even years of blunders if you have been in a front office for awhile. Like Trent. Heck even yalls man crush Scott McC. 2 years, 2 years does not make a career, especially if you are being given the equivalent of 6 years to prove you can put a team together. It’s just my opinion but if it weren’t for all the injuries, this team would have been way better than the actual outcome of the season. The what have you done for me lately league has killed numerous careers in a single year or 2. I’m glad they are giving these guys a chance to get this right. If the ship doesn’t right itself then they will move on. But only after you have seen it at it’s full potential.

    1. Always am excuse for this crew. Sure all GMs have misses. However, the missteps by Lynch have set the turnaround back quite a bit. If it weren’t for those this team would be doing better too. See how that works?

      1. One could make the argument that Lynch has put the franchise in position to set the turnaround forward with his acquisition of Jimmy Garoppolo….

        1. Steel you mentioned injuries and while agree that injuries were a factor this year, so was missing out on players or taking riders on players who didn’t fit, were in wrong position, were superfluous, players who were taken too early, players who were overpaid, or just bad choices. That is also what happened!

          Perhaps you don’t wish to see what is there for anyone to see. That is your choice but it is also what happened.

          1. And you just justified my 1st post. That happens in every organization but since lynch had no pre front office experience, you guys act like he’s the plauge. He’s living and he’s learning. And he’s actually doing an ok job. Not the best, but not stupid either. So I see it all. It’s not fan reaction, I see what’s going on. This team was nowhere near good when they tore it down, but for some reason, guys like you and grant swear this team should be in the playoffs after 2 years. Then have the nerve to mention the rams. That team was ready made when McVay got there, he didn’t have to work through a rebuild, just coach an already stellar team. But maybe you choose not to see what is there for everyone to see.

            1. With the people on this board manufacturing excuses for the team like a Chinese smart phone factory, there is no need for the 49ers to do anything more than just keep on keeping on. Sorry but Grant makes an excellent point when he says the fans here are way too complacent for what we get- and the FO knows it. Let’s start talking about Kyle’s contract extension because he’ll probably need a little more time. We can blame everything on Lynch. As far as the Rams and McVay are concerned, we beat the Rams twice the year before McVay arrived and, except when they played second stringers, haven’t come close since. So much for McVay being handed a ready made team. Also, try to remember that he was handed a QB that was labeled a bust and couldn’t find his a$$ with both hands.

              1. Stating facts are not the same as making excuses. When you criticize something there should be more to it than just pointing out who the team lost to. This team lost their starting QB who had made a huge difference for them the year before. If any other team in the division or the league for that matter, had suffered the injuries to key players the Niners did, they would have struggled too. The criticisms by Grant, yourself and a few others simply ignore that in favor of ranting about the Coaching. Bitching and complaining without acknowledging why is pointless.

                McVay took over a better team than Shanahan did, and was handed a QB taken 1st overall who was put in a terrible situation by Jeff Fisher. Those calling him a bust after 7 games in his rookie year are the ones who can’t find their ass with both hands. He’s a franchise QB who is on the verge of becoming elite. On top of that they had a number of the players McVay is winning with now already on the roster. Shanahan had DeForest Buckner, Joe Staley and not much else.

                Very different situations and even then if the Niners hadn’t lost JG, they probably could have overcome the other injuries at least enough to win 3 or 4 more games. Let’s wait until the teams actually play with full squads on each side before declaring McVay the genius and Shanahan the guy who isn’t a HC. Pete Carroll knows that isn’t the case.

              2. Anybody that thinks the Niners have a equal or better roster then the Rams are either clueless or just don’t know football

      2. And the building he has done after completely tearing down a franchise, I’d say he has actually set the franchise up to keep improving.

        1. And what evidence is there of that? Record? Or just people saying this team is going places?

          For years people rated Browns drafts as A+s. How did that work out for them?

          We need to take off the rose colored glasses and see this team dispassionately! How different are we from the Raiders. We have a coach that everyone swears is good but hasn’t accomplished anything (see Gruden J). The previous team members were let go or shipped off for a song (at least the raiders got something for Mack), and it has yet to win a substantial number of games (Gruden). Additionally, the front office has made some poor moves (see Raiders again). We act like the franchise is so much better than the Raiders, but from where I sit they are just about on par. Still a lot unknown on both franchises and both teams fans are hanging on hope of the season to come.

          The Washington, Dolphins , Bills, Jets organizations aren’t too dissimilar either. Well maybe the Washington fan base has resigned themselves to a bad org under Snyder.

          Look around we are not trend setters. We are bottom of the pack. That’s reality.

          1. Well this post has nothing to do with what I said. This team isint trendsetters, and currently they are t better that the raiders. And this team is bottom of the pack. So that whole argument you just made was lost on me. Y’all all scream it takes 3 years to truly judge 1 player after being drafted. But in one year, wanted this team in the playoffs after completely gutting it.. They spent a lot of money on a couple players. They weren’t trying to keep up with the rams or chiefs or anyone else y’all choose week after week to say they should emulate. They are moving along. And like I said, if the ship isint right they will move on to the next. See like I said I see everything. I’m just not naive enough to believe the impossible. I had patience through all of this. From Erickson to present. And finally the York’s are doing what nfl teams that are rebuilding should be doing. If an owner truly believes that a GM is that good, give him 3-6 years to prove it. Don’t fire him after a year. Let him see his product through. I’m my opinion 3 years is plenty to start showing production. Anyhow, the Niners are the 31st best team in football. People don’t need rose colored glasses to see that mess.

  15. I’d like to hear what you’re saying but all I can see is your tie.
    It clashes with your shirt, jacket and has had a life of it’s own.
    Where did you find that thing?
    Were you trying to out tie your host ? Is that why Mark gave up and took off his?
    I can’t decide if the lines are going up or down.
    Which made me see that wire in the back of your head. Why did they make it look like a funky pony tail?
    What were you saying though?

    Nice shave though.

  16. Gardner Minshew could be a late round to possible UFA that might be a nice prospect if they decide to cash in on Mullens.

      1. He’s looked good at Mobile. I think the kid is a baller. Comes from a “gimmick” system as Grant would say so having a good week in Mobile was important to show that he can handle running a more traditional offense.

  17. Have the Cardinals decided 49ers’ No. 2 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft?

    The Arizona Cardinals changing back to a 3-4 defense there’s some question as to who would be a better player, OSU’s Bosa, or Alabama’s Williams ?

    Williams, however, has no concerns over being able to fit right in. Cardinals EDGE Chandler Jones needs someone on the opposite end of the 3-4, and Williams should be able to fit in perfectly well as a 3-4 defensive end.

    Bosa isn’t a fit as a 3-4 defensive end, in such a scheme he must move to one of the outside linebacker spots that are already penciled in.

    Nothing is set in stone, and the Cardinals may decide Bosa is just too good to pass up. But logically speaking, Arizona’s NFL Draft hand may have been tipped, and it may lie with Williams.


  18. Kris Kocurek was excused from the 2019 Senior Bowl. Joe Woods was as well. Kyle Shanahan joked with reporters on Tuesday that allowing them to opt out of the week in Mobile, Ala., was part of his recruiting pitch to land them on the San Francisco 49ers defensive coaching staff.

    But Robert Saleh shared on Wednesday that Kocurek has already been given his first task as the team’s new defensive line coach: scouting Solomon Thomas. Over the next few weeks, Kocurek will be doing a deep dive on Thomas’ film. The job is simple and was given without any preconceived notion. It will be up to Kocurek to study Thomas and provide an impartial opinion about where the former first-round pick should be used in 2019 and beyond.

    I was very excited that he became available,” Shanahan said. “He’s a guy that I’ve respected for a long time. I played against his style of coaching for a long time, back when I was a coordinator in the AFC South. Back in 2008, we used to go against that style of defense. I think Jim Schwartz was the coordinator. They had [Jim Washburn] as the D-line coach.

    hated going against them there when they had [Kyle Vanden Bosch] and [Albert Haynesworth] and [Jevon Kearse]. Then they all went to Detroit, and they trained Kris. So he was kind of the guy they brought up in that system. I hated going against it in Detroit.

    “It’s a scheme that’s very tough to go against. It’s not a scheme — a style of play the way their D-line plays. I’ve heard great things about him, and I really enjoyed talking to him when I interviewed him.”


  19. First impressions of 49ers Kentavius Street

    Thursday, the redshirt rookie put his right hand in the turf, lowered his hulking 6-foot-2 frame and slammed forward into the blocking sled

    The strategy of taking an ACL-recovering player backfired under former general manager Trent Baalke. Street, eight months into the NFL, plans to reverse that trend.

    “I’ve heard all about it,” Street said of the 49ers’ ACL history. “And I’m definitely looking forward to changing that expectation, setting things forward the way they should be.”

    He has impressed teammates and coaches with his work ethic. Buckner makes sure to include him in the defensive line meetings and off-field events, and Arik Armstead tutors him as a potential “big end.

    Fellow rookies Mike McGlinchey and Fred Warner shared tales of how strong Street is, from benching over 500 pounds to his legendary squat power at North Carolina State, which included a 700-pound lift last year; Street currently is not doing squats.

    “Honestly I think I may come back stronger,” Street said.


    1. Razor – You are definitely a glass is half full kind of guy, which I really find hard to do under the circumstances. The plays that they will be calling are like scout team plays and they probably have some experience with our scout team in practice already. I’d be absolutely astounded if he let them call any of his plays in a game. There, now I will be called a whiner and a negative person, yada, yada. BTW – I’m like a “Why is the glass twice as big as it needs to be” guy, which is to be expected of a former bean counter.

      1. Big fan of Monty Python and their song, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life. A song that has been played at the conclusion of every Iron Maiden concert that I can remember….

  20. At the Senior Bowl, the 49ers and Raiders Get a Head Start on the Draft

    MOBILE, Ala. — In the last 10 years, NFL teams whose staffs coach the Senior Bowl go on to draft athletes they coached in the game 13.8% of the time (24/173). The last time the 49ers were here coaching one of the clubs, they launched the beginnings of a Super Bowl contender, drafting both Patrick Willis and Joe Staley from their own 2007 Senior Bowl roster.

    1. I was hoping to see quite a few players during Senior Bowl practice week clearly separate themselves from the pack, but the only one that stuck out for me was Deebo Samuel.
      He is a young Garcon/Boldin type player.
      He’d look great in the red&gold.

  21. The North’s uni’s are just as I imagined the 49ers black uni’s with the red numerals outlined in gold. Just beautiful!

    1. Razor,
      I actually liked those uni’s. But it’s too bad that they represented a “dumpster fire” Org during that time.
      The 49ers still have a ways to go but at least the dumpster fire is out and the banner plane and Jeb stayed away.

  22. The last good move the 49ers made was the hiring of Jim Harbaugh.
    When that relationship went sour the entire Org fell into a tailspin.

    As much as I love the 49ers, I’m in agreement with Grant on this.
    The Org has made one mistake after another since the Harbaugh/49ers “mutual departure.”

    The current uncertainty of the team does not lend itself to a strong FO, but as Lynch and Shanahan enter their 3rd season of a ground zero rebuild program we can only hope that year 3 erases the stigma of the last 5 seasons.
    8-9 wins in 2019 is the only way the Org begins to get credibility (imo).

    1. You have one group in the, hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man camp, and the other group in the, hope springs eternal camp….

        1. Don’t you think there might be a little merit to Grant’s claim that 49ers fans are waaaay too complacent and that the message is being heard by the FO. I mean, do you really think that Steve Wilks was fired after one year with the situation he was handed…without some restlessness from the fans. And he beat us twice! (Actually I would argue that we beat us twice when it comes to the Cardinals). I’m with you AES. Objectively speaking, without going to great lengths to make excuses like the “hope springs eternal” crowd, this team still sucks and any reasonable person should be very low on patience right now. More importantly, Jed et al, should know it, instead of thinking we will always just keep making excuses for him.

          1. It’s called understanding the situation; not complacency. If the Niners had stayed relatively healthy and played horribly, I’d agree with you, but that wasn’t the case. Grant has been criticizing the Coaching for most of the two years Shanahan has been here because he misread where the team was and predicted a 9 win season for a team that turned over half it’s roster and was starting from scratch with a new Coaching staff and no QB. They got Garoppolo and all of a sudden there was no more criticism of Shanahan when they won 5 straight to close the season. They lose Garoppolo in game 3 and Shanahan is a bad HC again…until Mullens comes in and plays well and they win a few more games, but even then the credit is given almost solely to Mullens and Shanahan is criticized for not knowing the kid would be that good. You seeing a trend here? Let’s see what Shanahan can do with a full roster and his QB over a full season before drawing conclusions.

            1. Why didn’t you post this as a comment to AES post? He started the thread which agrees with Grant and I agree with him. And please address your comments about Grant’s failings to him. I don’t need your opinions to decide who I agree or disagree with. I hope the 49ers turn things around. But then I hoped they would turn it around from 1955 until 1981 and it did no good until the franchise was sold by the Morabitos to Eddie D and Walsh was hired. You want to keep sending messages to Jed and Co. that you are an understanding type who is eager to give this clown show excuses why they suck, you go for it man. Just leave me out of it.

          2. WC, I totally agree. We have witnessed how good coaching can beat poor coaching.
            In the College Championship Game, the Bama players were considered NFL quality, and 6 are listed in the first 32 draft rankings. Clemson has only 4 in the first 32, and was starting a freshman QB.
            However, Dabo out coached Saban, and took his less talented roster and beat a superior team. Actually, he crushed a superior team with superior coaching.
            In the NFL, every player has blazing speed, or Herculean strength. Then, the Coaching becomes all the more important. The players get paid millions, because they are worth millions. Good coaching of elite players result in teams like the Rams, Chiefs, Chargers, Bears and Saints. They all won 12 or more games. They all have excellent coaches. Belichick takes Brady, and surrounds him with good talent, and looks unstoppable. By out thinking, and out coaching his opponent, he makes it look easy. Belichick is one step ahead, but also tests the boundaries. I hope McVay is clever enough to outwit the master.
            KS lost 9 out 10 of his first games. Why did he win 5 of his last 6 games? JG, but more specifically, JG with Belichick’s plays. There was a reason why KS said that JG overcame the coaching. I am sure that KS and all his coaches stressed that the QB should never, ever, ever, throw into triple coverage. JG did that, and he made completions. Why? because he knew exactly where every player on the field was. JG overcame the coaching, poached from Belichick’s playbook, and won 5 straight games. That pass to Murphy not only hit a tiny window, he threaded a needle. It looked like a magic trick, because I was amazed when he held up the ball, and thought it was impossible.
            So, when some in the peanut gallery says I am too harsh on a 4-12 HC, I will point out, KS even admits he should have been 7-9. Coaching matters, no matter how much one wants to deny that fact. KS determined that CJB was the best QB in the building, but an instant switch to Mullens could have made a wild card a possibility. The Niners do have talent, but the coaching may have held them back.
            My big beef is that KS goes 4-12, then blithely states he does not need an OC. My terse retort is that an OC may help him win games, so by not having an OC, he deserves to lose, because he does not accept help to win. Still have not heard any logical reason why an OC would hurt the team, especially when it is a 4-12 team.
            Coaching matters, and KS better learn how to coach better, because Mariucci won 10 games, and was still fired. Another 4-12 season, no matter the reasons, and KS will be gone. This is a results driven league, and there needs to be tangible improvements or the least of his worries will be about what is written in a blog.

          3. I directed it at you based on the comment you made about there being merit in Grant’s opinion that fans are complacent. You also are on here constantly complaining about the team but never offer up a real reason as to why or how things have happened the way they have. The easiest thing in the world is to rant and complain with no context given which is what Grant has turned the blog into for the last few weeks. How about acknowledging why things have happened the way they have and offering up some points you actually have researched to prove your theories instead of just whining about how much they suck.

            1. Rocket – You’d make a good fake news journalist. The 49ers suck to the naked eye. There is no requirement for context or theories or excuses. Other teams are rebuilding and some don’t even have to be rebuilt to keep on being successful. As to why the team is not successful, the answer is and always has been the York family. It is the elephant in the room and you keep ignoring it so you can have you fun arguing with Grant. Yes, even a blind squirrel can find a nut. Maybe some day the FO will put together the exact right group and success will follow. When that happens, I’ll be happy and optimistic. Until then, leave me alone. I come hear to read Grant because I like his work and mostly agree with him. You come here (when your not boycotting him) to show off and bad mouth him. BTW if you’re confused, if you say I post articles that point out that the 49ers suck, that’s news. If you say I’m whining about it that is just your opinion and it’s called fake news.

              1. I don’t deal in fake news. I post links and/or factual info to back up my points. I know you like Grant’s writing because you enjoy being miserable and complaining about the team with no context just like he does at times, but that leaves you open to being questioned on it which is what I’m doing. We all know the team sucks and the Yorks have a terrible history as owners; that is not a revelation. What I want to know is what reasonably could have been expected based on the events that unfolded over the course of this season? Name me one team that was successful in year two of a rebuild losing the players to injury the Niners did?

                Here’s what we know based on the facts:

                The Niners went 5-0 in year one down the stretch with Garoppolo who was given a crash course in the offense. That showed the team could be successful with the right QB.

                Injuries to Garoppolo and others throughout the season killed any chance of developing cohesion needed to compete at the level they had showed they were capable of the previous year.

                What I see from you, Grant and a few others is indifference given to those facts, preferring instead to focus on any angle possible to place blame on the Coaching staff. It’s tough to win in the NFL with a good roster and relative health; it’s pretty damn near impossible to win with a young rebuilding roster and key injuries. The other stuff you guys are fixated on is forgotten when they win, as it was during that 5 game winning streak. If they stay healthy next year and win 4 games I’ll be right there with you wondering if we have the right people in place, but based on what has transpired the first two seasons, there is no way to know for sure.

              2. Pretty much and the reason is they literally lost a season with some of these injuries. Garoppolo is still sitting at 10 career starts which is a major setback.

    2. York is completely inept but teams can win with bad owners. Teams can’t however survive having a bad GM and/or head coach. That’s where the owner part comes back in. With York there’s no reason to assume he’ll ever find a legitimate GM candidate after getting it so completely wrong with Lynch. Then to tie the GM and coach together was another huge mis-step. Yes those two need to be on the same page philosophy wise but the GM should be the coaches boss. There should be a clear and marked delineation between those two positions in the organization. The GM should take input from the head coach on the draft but it should be the GM’s team. The GM buys the ingredients and the coach cooks. If Shanahan was a decent scout then it wouldn’t be an issue, but he isn’t. The result is a 4-12 team.

      The 2008 Patriots won 11 games without Tom Brady and that team had only two players selected to the pro bowl and one of them was Gostowski the kicker. They also finished the season with 8 players on IR and one suspended. When you build it right, you can still put a winning team on the field despite who you might lose throughout the season.

      1. CFC,

        I agree with your view of the Yorks but I think you are drawing conclusions on the current FO far too quickly. There are examples of teams being successful when the HC makes the decisions and when the GM makes the decisions. The key to success is all sides working together to achieve the same goal and so far there is nothing to suggest that is a problem here. As it is, Lynch does have the last word on the draft but takes input from those around him. Shanahan has final say on the final roster but that is based on 90 players Lynch has final say on. There has been numerous mistakes made in the draft, but there have been some hits too which is pretty much the way it works with every team in the league. The biggest and really only reason they were 4-12 this year imo was injuries.

        Your comparison to the Patriots is night and day from where this Niner team is right now. That team had already won 3 SB’s by then and was full of veterans. The Niners were in year two of a rebuild. I agree with your argument about being able to field a winning team when you build it right, but it takes longer to build than two offseasons and has no chance when injuries happen to key players.

  23. Hiring a new D-Line coach & Woods as the assistant (Pass Rush Coaching Specialist) speaks to the Cred you want, AES.

    In addition to Releasing NT, Mitchell, and 49ers staff coaching the Senior Bowl, I’ve posted the above articles for fans to ascertain the direction of the franchise as we move forward to the draft….I like where this is headed, yr 3.

    In Yr 1 of the rebuild, Shanny coached the SuperBowl, so got a late start in coaching staff hires.

    He’s taking advantage of his 6 yr contract in building the D first.
    Next year his # 1 pick will be on the offensive side.

  24. If I had to guess Sweat won’t be nearly as impressive in the game as in the workouts. As he should be facing a bit better comp and he won’t be able to dominate with his one move.

      1. Did he do anything in the game? I know he did well in practice but my guess was it wouldn’t translate on game day when matched up vs the north’s starters.

    1. The Bungling Cascading effect of Dr. York and Jed has finally overtaken 2 decades of Bill Walsh’s work in building the Dynasty.

      The Jed York, “We only compete for Championships” comment, was remincient of GW’s, “Mission Accomplished” coment

      1. The 49ers painted themselves into a corner and had to hire a coach with a reputation.

        Three moments in recent 49er’s history forced the York’s hand into hiring decent coaches:

        1. 49ers vs. Bears when Kap completed only 1-5 passes for 4 yards.

        2. Hiring Jimmy Raye and Jim Hosler, nearly back to back as OC’s
        Ranking the 49ers offensive coordinators: Where does Jimmy Raye fit?


        24.0 – Greg Knapp (2003)
        21.2 – Mike Martz (2008)
        20.1 – Jimmy Raye (2009)
        18.6 – Norv Turner (2006)
        16.2 – Ted Tollner (2004)
        14.9 – Mike McCarthy (2005)
        13.7 – Jim Hostler (2007)

        213.0 – Greg Knapp (2003)
        211.2 – Mike Martz (2008)
        196.0 – Ted Tollner (2004)
        187.3 – Jimmy Raye (2009)
        168.0 – Norv Turner (2006)
        145.0 – Jim Hostler (2007)
        118.6 – Mike McCarthy (2005)


        142.4 – Greg Knapp (2003)
        135.8 – Norv Turner (2006)
        105.6 – Mike McCarthy (2005)
        99.9 – Mike Martz (2008)
        99.4 – Jimmy Raye (2009)
        92.3 – Jim Hostler (2007)
        90.6 – Ted Tollner (2004)


        40 – Greg Knapp (2003)
        38 – Mike Martz (2008)
        34 – Norv Turner (2006)
        32 – Ted Tollner (2004)
        31 – Jim Hostler (2007)
        30 — Jimmy Raye (2009)
        24 – Mike McCarthy (2005)

        3. All of which led to 49er fans walk-outs for the final 5 games of the 2016 season, embarassing television networks so badly they actually stopped showing the empty stands at Levis.

        When the NFL stepped in and told the York’s to hire a quality coach or sell the team, the York’s had no choice.

  25. They are in our division but….GO RAMS. Maybe Lynch can learn a little from Les…you don’t need 1000 picks to turn around a franchise (right Trent?) All you need is to do take some chances and make some trades (AB84) and spend some $$$ in free agency (Dlaw, Jadeveon, Honey badger, Earl, etc.)

  26. I like Jadeveon, but I don’t believe he has lived up to his draft day hype.
    The guy I like is Frank Clark.
    I can envision Buckner, Armstead, Q. Williams and Frank Clark on the front line.
    This type of lineup will cure many ills in other areas of the defense.

  27. I finally got around to watching this and all I can say is an echo chamber isn’t overly interesting or enlightening. Two guys agreeing on everything with little regard for the facts that run contrary to their opinion. Awesome.

    Goff is Schaub 2.0. Smh. #1 pick in the draft, top 5 QB this season, went into NO and played as well or better than Brees. Whoops.

    More Shanahan criticism and undeserved praise for McVay in comparison because if McVay had lost Goff for the season, they would’ve been as bad or worse than the 9ers. Same thing with Seattle who would be done if they lost Wilson.

    No regard for the obstacles faced by the Niner Coaching staff, no context, just criticism. Same old same old.

    1. Isabella would be an immediate upgrade for us.
      Pettis, Isabella and Goodwin (or a FA WR) could make a nice WR corps.
      Isabella may go in the late 1st to 2nd Rd depending on a team’s need.

      Also, if we make a serious run at Antonio Brown, drafting WR that high would be redundant.

    2. But apparently, according to some, teams lose players everyday . And they still win. Shanahan should have e had this team at 11-5 at least🤫🤔

    3. Obstacles, context = excuses to some of us. Yeah Rocket same old same old. You got your own echo chamber but I forgot, you’re never wrong. When McVay took over, Goff was a consensus bust who made Alex Smith’s rookie year look like Mahomes. But you and your echo chamber say he’s a victim of Jeff Fisher and just waiting to blossom. So that’s gotta be true. Come on man.

      1. I have no idea how you can make a comment like this and feel as though it supports your point. Alex Smith had arguably the worst rookie season of any QB in history. 1 TD pass and 11 Ints. Goff struggled but not nearly that bad with 5TD’s and 7 Ints. Smith did win a couple of games somehow at least there is that.

        Again, anybody who viewed Goff as a bust after his rookie season has no clue or understanding about the game of football. I did say he was a victim of Jeff Fisher which became blatantly obvious when he moved into the top ten the following year. This year he was top 5. So yes that’s gotta be true.

  28. I wanted to like Gardner Minshew, but he did not impress. However, the Niners should pass on an early WR, and select Keelan Doss later on. Maybe it is a diabolical plot to have him struggle, so they can get him as an UDFA. ;p
    Both the Mikes are calling a good game, and they have the offense running smoothly, unlike Gruden’s squad.
    Generally speaking, the O lines are pretty stout, but the QBs seem off. Run defense has stymied the run game.

  29. Isabella just showed you why he’s so dangerous. The block by Udoh was great, but Isabella has that explosion and lower body power that is a volatile combination….

    1. I’ve been wanting a tall received for quite some time, but I’ll be very happy if we can get Isabella in the 4th round or later. Besides his speed, shiftiness, route running, I think his body type will make him more immune to “run of the mill” injuries. Don’t know in which round he is projected to be selected.

      1. Keelan Doss from UC Davis is 6′-3″ and could be had on day 3 for that Cooper Kupp type receiver, but I’d imagine Isabella might last until round 4, but as you alluded to, his lower body looks built to withstand more punishment than the normal guy his size. That should increase his value, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see a team take him round 3 but who knows?

        1. Keelan Doss may go day 2. Sticky fingers, precise route runner and has blocking skills.
          He is hands down, my favorite WR in the draft. ;p

    2. Isabella would be an immediate upgrade for us.
      Pettis, Isabella and Goodwin (or a FA WR) could make a nice WR corps.
      Isabella may go in the late 1st to 2nd Rd depending on a team’s need.

      Also, if we make a serious run at Antonio Brown, drafting WR that high would be redundant.

  30. c,mon grant! you sure know how to kick ’em while there down…….
    first of all, I want to point out the fact that some of these “bad” franchises have a lot going for them that wont show up in the standings!!!! raiders are about to have the newest shiniest stadium in a top city…….and be the only franchise in the state in the big 3 ( north American sports leagues)

    and the 49ers have a new stadium in a top market in a great state……

    also ,it was just a couple years ago KS was the up and coming, brightest young mind in the game…..offensive genius!!! the guy everyone was gooing ad gaing about!

    he mad RG3 look like a stud!
    he made KK look like a stud!
    he almost won a SB w MR!
    he had CJB looking better as a rookie than most 1st round qbs
    JG won 5 straight on a team that won 4 games combined the 2 previous years
    this year he had an UDFAR playing as good as any first year qb in the league…

    O, and by the way…SM is a branch in KS young coaching tree!!!!!! SM got his start on KS’s staff in D.C……

    so pls stop with the 49er bashing!!!

    and by the way…..you look creepier and creepier every time we see you!

    1. Do not criticize a 4-12 HC! That is unfair! Praise him just like he won the SB!
      Everything is rainbows and unicorns. Everyone’s cups are not half full, they are overflowing with sunshine and pots o’ gold.
      Any negative thoughts are Verboten! We do not win banners, we win SBs !!!!!!!

      1. You know what, everytime someone says something good about Kyle, you say the same crap. Everyone knows he was 4-12. Nobodyyyyy is praising him like he won the super bowl. Get over it dogg. Some people like what they see in him and believe he will improve as a head coach, and some people believe he’s garbage and in over his head. In this room, there is no in between. Let it go…

          1. Steele, I decided to peruse your comments, and find you think the Niners are the second worst team in the league. I think they are only the 9th worst.
            So who is a bigger fan of the team, you or I?

            1. Not about being a fan. They draft 2nd for a reason. But I also see a couple of reasons that they are drafting 2nd. No need to discuss them because apparently everytime I mention one of them some guy thinks it’s an excuse. An excuse is saying man we should have went for it on 4th and 1 instead of kicking a fg. Then we would have won. That’s an excuse. Mentioning that this team would have been better if 17 players hadn’t ended up on IR or the numerous other injuries they faced at multiple starting positions is not an excuse. It’s what happened. And you can’t mask it when one of those is you’re starting QB. So you are a bigger critical fan, since when someone says something as small as, I think Kyle did a good job, you bring up “go ahead and praise a 4-12 coach”. I believe I’m just a fan. Not with rose colored glasses or any other phrase you guys use. Just a fan, plain and simple

              1. When I mentioned negative thoughts as Verboten!, I hoped you might have seen my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.;p

  31. I think that was Sills who made that catch on the deep throw. Great catch, but I would like to see more effort from him.

    1. Yea, as I said the other day, he’s got a unique blend of power and speed(4.5) for a guy 215 lbs. Good vision and presses the hole….

  32. Easy pick for Adderly. Wouldn’t be upset if we drafted him to learn under Earl Thomas, but he looks like another high 2nd or low 1st.

    1. Several of the small school players showed they can play with the big boys.
      This was a good Senior Bowl. Lots of good players that KS and his staff had time to coach and evaluate.

  33. Grant should hand out Press Democrat helmet-style stickers…

    Does the Press Democrat have a mascot, or some other form of visual identity?

      1. “I feel like I don’t need to watch film,” he said. “I play my game and use the techniques my coaches teach me and be able to work on daily. And people have to come play Trent Brown.

  34. Did anyone else here about the lack of playing time for Solomon Thomas was due to the fact that Jeff Z wasn’t a fan of his. Which kind of lead to his firing?

    1. I think his firing was more due to a lack of pass rush production, utilization of the players on the DL as a whole, and a noticeable decline by the DL against the run this past season.

      1. Oh I see. Well apparently the new philosophy for the DLine is going to be rush the passer at all cost and tackle the runner if happens to get the ball. They will apparently stop playing the run and go directly for sacks. Heard it on the niners nation podcast with Matt barrows. It’s the way the 2002 bucs played when they had Warren, Booger, and Simeon Rice.

  35. Harbaugh never should have been let go.
    That was the beginning of the end for the Niners.
    Should go down as the worse decision in franchise history.

    1. It’s a big reason Kyle and John are here. I give credit to York for 1 thing, realizing that the HC and GM should be on the same page. Trent Balkee was the Mater dictator. He believed every pick he made was legit and the coach had to make it work. He didn’t want anybody helping him. It drove harbaugh out and this team into a master rebuild. John Elway is kind of in the same boat. He doesn’t want input from his head coach. He wants the coach to be able to coach up whoever he brings in. And if it fails it’s the coaches fault not his. It could have been anyone, but as long as the coach and GM are on the same side,the organization has a chance to re in success.

    2. Alice

      Harbaugh should have had to PAY admission to attend Niner games…hand him a team, and he trades away the good players and keeps Kyle Williams to return punts…trades Alex Smith, and keeps Kaep…what a dunce…! Worst decision MY FANNY…!

      1. Harbaugh took the team to 3 straight conference championship games and a SB with a team that sucked before he got there and sucked again after he left. Trading Alex Smith was not a terrible decision – and wasn’t made by Harbaugh as you continue to erroneously claim – and Andy Reid did the same thing this year. You have a major blind spot for Alex and Oregon football players which kills your ability to see things objectively.

      2. Ore, the worst decision was when they traded away Charles Haley to the Cowboys, because it gave them 3 SBs the Niners could have had, if they had kept Haley.
        They traded away AS and he still never got to a SB. Kaep got them to a SB, they traded away AS, and Kaep was one pass from returning the next season. Then Baalke dismantled a SB team, refusing to retain veteran leadership.
        The other worst decision in the history of the 49ers, was the hiring of Joe Thomas, The third worst decision was favoring a suit over a coach. Baalke over JH.

        1. Seb

          You can shout to the mountain tops that trading Charles Haley was the worst trade in 49er history, but if you recall, he was an extremely talented player, who other than Larry Roberts didn’t have a friend on the team…he was as popular as a rattlesnake in the clubhouse, and was greatly appreciated for pissing on players and coaches cars as well as several other well noted ‘pranks’… If you want to find a non-team-oriented player who just didn’t get along with his teammates, CH was it ….or else look up Joe Don Looney….

      3. OR,
        Baalke handed Harbaugh a huge zero in the 2012 draft one year after the SB.
        So much for the FO giving Harbaugh some player continuity to develop for the future.
        That relationship had doom written on it after the 2012 draft whiff.
        Any headcoach would have developed trust issues with the FO.

        Also, we don’t know if Alex Smith could have taken us to the SB. And in KC, Andy Reid surrounded Alex with a great team and he didn’t reach the SB.

        Harbaugh felt that CK had a better chance to get the team to the SB (and he did) and Reid felt the same way when he opted for Mahomes.
        Chiefs didn’t reach the SB this year but there’s no denying that they will sooner than later.
        Alex Smith’ game manager style will not win a SB in the new era of high octane offense.

      4. Oregon,
        The roster was the GM’s responsibility ie Baalke not Harbaugh’s. Harbaugh had say over who started but not who was in the roster.

        1. Shoup

          I know what the job designation is for the HC/ GM….I also remember that Kyle Shannahan hired John Lynch instead of the reverse…If a HC ( Harbaugh) plays his second-stringer(Kaep) ahead of his first stringer (Smith), he is usurping his GM, and Baalke has to trade Smith if for nothing other than self-defense….call it what you want…Baalke takes the hit….

  36. Well I can’t lie..As a Niner fan I have to admit the York’s are right there with the Davis’ and Browns owners..Love my Niners but I have no faith in the York family..It’s been 18 years and most of there tenure has been horrible….not just bad but horrible football..The Raiders have a ton of picks and ive always really liked Mayock as an evaluator..Plus anyone who builds anything new will be better than that monstocity stadium in Santa Clara..Grant is right on this one

    1. Believe it or not, once upon a time Davis was the sharpest owner in the NFL. But he got old and stopped growing with the game……or, he stopped growing with the game and thereby got old.

  37. How come no one is blaming shanny for playing CJB instead of Mullens earlier…..

    It’s very possible we have a better record if Mullens had played earlier……

    Please what is the excuse?

    1. I mentioned that. KS declared CJB was the best QB in the building. Too bad Mullens must have been stuck in the equipment shed.

    2. Actually there is no excuse. You, and a big percentage of this board has said multiple times that Kyle is at fault for not recognizing the difference in the 2 qb’s

    3. Oneniner,

      Think about it for a minute. If Mullens was playing lights out in practice do you honestly believe Shanahan would have ignored it and continued to watch Beathard struggle and the team lose games? No HC is going to accept losing just so they can play a lesser player. The reason he didn’t play Mullens earlier is because the backup QB gets very few snaps in practice. There is no real opportunity for the backup unless the starter gets hurt which is why Mullens finally got his chance to begin with. The time for a backup or in this case 3rd string QB to show what he’s got happens in preseason, and Mullens didn’t do anything to suggest he was capable of playing as well as he did this season

      1. I see your point….. 

        backup QB gets very few snaps in practice


        But he had spent pretty much the same time with both QBs since they entered the league……and reports of Mullens work ethic shouldn’t be glossed over……

        It’s also possible as stated below the look test was against Mullens….

        No excuse still…..he already saw what CJB could do…..Mullens had reps in practice as a rookie….thats two seasons of practice reps Kshan was preview to…

        It’s possible CJB is much better at practice……i just find it hard to believe Mullens isn’t better in the classroom…..where discussions about the offense with Kshan would be more obvious….

        1. Mullens was a PS player until being activated after JG went down. His practice snaps would have been limited for most of the time he was on the roster and as I said, he didn’t do enough in preseason to suggest he was capable of what he showed once he got the chance. Shanahan went with CJB because he thought he was the best option. He thought he was the best option because he had no reason to think otherwise. You finding it hard to believe something doesn’t make it so. It’s the reality of the NFL where there isn’t enough practice time for end of the roster players to make much of a statement unless injuries give them that chance.

          1. But c’mon Rocket .

            We are talking about a QB whose only job is to show an understanding of the scheme and playbook….
            not a RB or other positions which rely more on the physical….

            How much reps does he really need to show he could play better……the fact that he was on the team as undrafted is enough to assume they knew he could play.

            So the issue is not about if he can play…..or limited reps….

            He thought he was the best option because he had no reason to think otherwise

            I agree……and he was wrong to think CJB was the best option
            ……i disagree he had no reason to think otherwise…….he had enough time too see that CJB was not going to cut it….that alone should have hasten the decision to play Mullens…

            1. Oneniner,

              There is no expectation from a PS QB. They have him as a emergency guy and nothing more. The QB they were trying to develop was CJB and would have continued with him if he hadn’t gotten injured. That’s how it works in this league. You don’t have time to see what the guy at the bottom of the roster can do unless it’s out of necessity. The best example I can think of is Tony Romo in Dallas. Sat on the PS for most of two seasons and then didn’t throw a pass for another year and half after that. You think they would have kept him under wraps that long if they knew what he was ultimately capable of? Of course not. They didn’t really know because there is not enough snaps for the 3rd QB.

              1. Am sure there is an expectation as long as you are getting paid.

                Lots of young men out there that would kill for a spot on the PS

                I am not buying the lack of reps for Mullens had that much effect…..it could just be kshan was wrong

                Mullens was in the system for one yr and was part of whole training camp as the number 3 QB…..

                Lots of backup QBs who end up starting in the league went through the same or limited 1 -2yr process…..

                Bottom line let’s look at the numbers…..the numbers don’t lie

                We were 1-2….JimmyG goes down

                CJB first game he threw for 298 against the chargers…ended up a close game…

                Second game against Arizona he was 34-54, 349 YRD, 2 TD, 2 INT

                This should have been the red flag game…..Arizona sucked and he couldn’t beat them with all the reps and experience he had in Kshan system

                From the moment JimmyG went down to this time, you can’t tell me Mullens hasn’t received enough reps to start.

                Third game against Green Bay …..he was 16 – 23, 245 YRD, 2 TD, 1 INT….on the other side A Rogers put up 425 yards on the same field.

                It was clear CJB was not going to win you any games against an average QB talk less of Rodgers…

                Let’s say we give kshan a pass to start CJB against GB

                How do you explain the next 2 games?

                The next 2 games CJB passing yards were 170 against Rams and 190 against the cardinals who he previously faced.

                It is obvious the decision to stay with CJB did or could have cost us games ……

                I don’t know Y he stood with CJB that long and I don’t think Mullens reps had that much impact on the decision.

                If anything it emphasis the Arrongance in the Genius….and can be related to Kshan history…

                Maybe he was just wrong….

              2. The thing that is lost in your discussion about CJ or Mullens is why do we even have CJ in the first place. First you have accept that Shanahan is a genius which he is quite far from proving to my mind. Then you have to claim that only a genius like Shanahan could see the potential. (The same genius that missed on Mahomes BTW). If you think about rational decision making, which doesn’t include betting on long shots, signing Hoyer as a stop gap, praying that Cousins would fall into our hands and over-drafting a back up QB was a WAG for a strategy. If it hadn’t been for the generosity of Bill Bellichick, we’d probably have two backups competing for #1. Instead we have an injury recovering JG, who so far is a flash in the pan and now has a break the bank contract. (How much does any one of the good rookie QB’s make now?) Those are all facts, not opinions. I want to see Lynch and/or Shanahan do something that approaches intelligent before I am willing to make excuses for plain stupid moves and a team that plays like it. Beathard was projected to be a sixth to seventh round pick but the genius knew better according to some. Now we’re arguing whether a UDFA is better or not. But, what do I know.

              3. Oneniner,

                We are going around and around and just rehashing the same points. Whether you want to believe it or not, the 3rd QB/PS QB is not given many snaps at all never mind once the season begins. Mullens did not light things up in preseason or do anything to draw attention to the fact he might be more than a 3rd string QB. Once the season starts, most of the snaps during the week go to the starter with the backup getting a few here and there. There was no way Mullens was able to show anything in practice once the season began and thus there was really no reason Shanahan would have been thinking of him as realistic option. If you want to believe differently then be my guest but that is how it works in the NFL and I gave you a clear example in Romo. Be thankful we found out about Mullens at all because there is a very good chance we never would have if CJB hadn’t gotten injured.

              4. Mullens was the No. 2 QB after JG went down. So your position is that he was still No. 3 and not taking any snaps until CJ went down. OK what’s the excuse for this? I also disagree that Mullens didn’t outplay CJ in preseason. Sure you can use the “he was playing against scrubs excuse” but it’s still an excuse. The fact that Mullens is better than CJ and Shanahan only begrudgingly conceded that this MAY be true is also a fact. Time will tell whether Mullens is better than CJ and that is also a fact. Personally, I think it is a fact right now. Now tell me how this is whining.

              5. Mullens was the No. 2 QB after JG went down. So your position is that he was still No. 3 and not taking any snaps until CJ went down.

                No my position is that even when he became the backup he wasn’t getting many snaps because the starter gets the majority during the week. The team had also been playing a sign and release game with Tom Savage until Nov. which means whatever was left of the snaps were then likely being spread out further between Mullens and Savage.

                OK what’s the excuse for this? I also disagree that Mullens didn’t outplay CJ in preseason. Sure you can use the “he was playing against scrubs excuse” but it’s still an excuse. The fact that Mullens is better than CJ and Shanahan only begrudgingly conceded that this MAY be true is also a fact.

                Mullens threw 1 TD and 3 picks in preseason and in the final preseason game in which he took the majority of the snaps, the team scored more points with Jack Heneghen in the game. There was nothing to suggest Mullens was a viable backup never mind a better option than CJB. This is hindsight 101 from you and others on the board. The Coaching staff has to make decisions based on what they know and see at the time. CJB was the best option due to his experience the year before and the fact Mullens was practicing more as a scout team Safety than a QB.

                Time will tell whether Mullens is better than CJ and that is also a fact. Personally, I think it is a fact right now. Now tell me how this is whining.

                You may be right and there is no doubt Mullens won some games whereas CJB did not, but as usual the objectivity gets slanted due to the wins. Mullens had some really poor games and threw a lot of picks just like CJB. The difference was they were able to pull off some wins and that makes us forget the fact that a couple of bounces the other way could have resulted in CJB winning a couple of games and Mullens winning a couple less. I think Mullens is the better QB between the two, but who knows for sure? Maybe Beathard comes back next season with a new found respect for protecting the ball and it results in a much better performance. Maybe Mullens gets exposed due to DC’s now having a lot of film to watch. We don’t know and that is why you have to allow the facts to decide the outcome instead of frustration and hindsight.

    4. Oneniner

      Only my opinion, mind you, but I would suspect that the reason that CJB played ahead of Mullens was that physically, CJB was bigger, had a stronger arm, and could take a beating…They didn’t measure the size of Mullens heart, his quicker release, and the speed that he got hiss passes off accurately. They should have made CJB a WR…

  38. I was reading an article at FanSided of what 3 things the Niners must improve next year. The author listed the following:

    3) Fix Turnover Issues
    2) Fix RedZone issues
    1) Win close games

    Do you think that these issues are valid and need fixing? And secondly, do you think that injuries were the reason for these issues? If so how?

    1. The turnover issue is valid, and I see the hiring of Kris Kocureck as the DL coach and Joe Woods as the DB coach/passing game coordinator as good steps towards fixing the issue, given the track record of each guy. Adding a couple of capable pass rushers (especially a LEO) will also assist in fixing the turnover issue.
      While the red zone issues are problematic, they are not as big of a problem as perceived. Finding a red zone efficient is really all that needs to be done here.
      Finishing was easily the biggest issue with the 49ers in 2018. Blown assignments in the secondary and the lack of a pass rush were two major components of this problem, so the way the turnover issues are addressed will also aid the 49ers in finishing.

    2. Yes and No.

      Once Jimmy was gone we had to expect the turnovers committed to go up. CJ and Nick would be expected to struggle more just due to their relative inexperience and lack of offseason reps. Couple that with the revolving door at wr, and you can expect quite a few miscommunications. Which might explain some of the turnovers ( certainly not all).

      The niners should improve in the redzone a little bit with Jimmy back as well, but I expect that will be an ongoing issue given the roster and more importantly Shanahan’s known issues there. I hope we see some adaptations there from him otherwise I wouldn’t expect a big jump there.

      On the defensive side of the ball I think they would be better off not running single high inside the 30. I think that alone would might get the from giving up a TD 65% to just under 60% which may not sound like much but would be a nice improvement.

      As to the win close games angle… I don’t believe that’s something you fix. That is the result of fixing other issues. I would suggest the 3rd thing they should try and eliminate this offseason is to limit the number of blown coverages.

    3. Sour,

      All valid criticisms but they are tied to injuries in some way. The TO problem was two fold imo. First the defense didn’t have a consistent pass rush which is needed to force errant passes which can lead to picks. On the other side of the ball the QB’s threw too many picks, especially Beathard which put the defense in bad situations and widened the gap in TO differential. Obviously improvement is needed across both sides of the ball, but injuries and lack of personnel in some cases, do play a large role in this area.

      The Redzone issues are a major problem and my biggest criticism of Shanahan would be in this area. Too many seasons where this has been a problem. The only thing that bodes well for improvement in this area is that his history shows the Red zone offense has improved the longer he’s had to work with a QB the majority of the time. That again leads us back to needing to stay healthy because you can’t improve if you’re not on the field.

      Winning close games is more likely to happen when you have a team that is used to playing together and doesn’t make mistakes at crucial times. When you have a revolving door of players each week it’s impossible to achieve that. I want to see what this team can do with a healthy lineup which has yet too happen and is why I’m not on the Shanahan sucks train. I don’t see how anyone can form a true opinion of how good of a Coach he can be based on what has happened here the past two years.

      1. Rocket,

        I think the TO issues have some bearing on Garoppolo’s injury but the RZ issues, as you noted and Shoup both noted, are a major shortcoming of Shanahan’s offense and while tied to personnel, it has more bearing on the types of personnel used and scheme.

        Winning close games is a product of all you mentioned but it is curious that this team takes a leap in the month of December. It tends to come out of the gate slow. It didn’t just happen once either, so that bears some watching, as the next season has to be a telltale of Shanahan’s capabilities.

        I do think that TO differential and winning close games would be vastly improved with a semi competent pass rush. They have to seriously address this and the secondary if the team is going to have any prayer next year.

    1. Good article UC. Thanks for sharing. Those Shanahan teams were also pretty good defensively, with the 49ers ranked 6th and the Broncos 8th.

      I continue to ask for defensive players while some remind me it’s an offensive driven league. Not if you want to win the big dance. You need a top 10 defense too.

      1. That used to be the case but not anymore. None of the final four teams finished top ten in yards defensively and only one (Patriots) finished top ten in points given up. It’s nice to have a good defense, but having a strong offense is more important now.

        Having said all that I agree with you on the need for defensive players added in both FA and the draft. Improvements need to be made offensively, but they have an offense that could be top half of the league right now if they can stay healthy. What is really needed most are impact players on defense, Edge and FS especially imo.

        1. I disagree Rocket. Defense is still what teams rely on in the post season (kind of like pitching in bb). I think last weekend’s games illustrated this.

          It really doesn’t matter as we both want a strong defense. I tend to think that the defense dictates the pace of the other team while your offense has to be good enough to dictate pace when you have the ball. To overcome the defensive adjustments.

          1. I disagree Rocket. Defense is still what teams rely on in the post season (kind of like pitching in bb). I think last weekend’s games illustrated this.

            Really? Defense seemed optional in the second half of the NE-KC game, and while there were some instances of good defense in the Rams-Saints game, the offense was still the key, along with a missed call.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying defense doesn’t matter, but the rules have given a huge advantage to the offense and the final four this year featured teams with great offenses and middle of the pack or lower defenses for the most part. You still need a defense to win the tough games, but having an offense that can control the game is more important in todays game imo.

  39. Saw a mock by Steve Shoup on NN that had Senior Bowl players.
    Montez Sweat OLB
    Deebo Samuel WR
    Chris Lindstrom G
    Germaine Pratt LB
    Tytus Howard OT
    Jimmie Moreland CB.
    I do not think Lindstrom will last until the 3rd round, so here is my Senior Mock.
    Montez Sweat OLB
    Chris Lindstrom G
    Germaine Pratt LB
    Keelan Doss WR
    Daylon Mack DT, He will probably be taken earlier, with his Shrine and Senior Bowl performances.
    Isaiah Johnson CB. He is listed at 269, but expect him to zoom up the draft boards.

      1. Mack is now ranked 98, with a +70 change. Draftek just updated.
        Dwayne Haskins is now 6, right at where the Giants pick. Kyler Murray is now 11, so he is zooming up the draft board. Lock is 44 and Jones is 49, so they may make it into the first round. Another rapidly rising QB is Brett Rypien at 73 with a +68 change.

  40. Before going out and pruning, I wish to speculate about a trade. Since this is a QB driven league, the few QBs available will be extremely coveted.
    I think Kyler Murray will become a top 5 pick, because he may be a game changer. Gruden was intrigued by his possibilities, and he is not totally sold on Carr. The other 3 QBs who may go in the top 15 are Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock and Daniel Jones.
    The Giants, Jags, Broncos, Bengals, Dolphins and Skins all need QBs. Even the Cards, Jets, Raiders,Bucs, Lions and Bills may want to upgrade from their present QBs. There will be 4 decent FA QBs, and those 4 top ranked draft QBs, so there may be 4 teams scrambling to improve their QB situation.
    The big clue in sorting out the draft chatter, was Gruden praising Kyler Murray. Therefor, I speculate that Gruden will trade his first and second, numbers 4 and 35, for the Niners number 2, so he can select Kyler Murray. Then he will trade away Carr to the Dolphins or Skins for a second and third round pick.
    The Niners will then trade the number 4 pick to the Jags, so they can get the QB they covet, and prevent the Giants from taking him. Jags give up pick numbers 7 and 38, along with a 2020 third round pick.
    Ultimately, the Niners move back 5 spots, and end up with pick numbers 7, 35, 36, 38, and possibly move back from 36 to garner an additional third round pick.
    The Niners could still get Josh Allen. If not, Clelin Ferrell, Jonah Williams, Greedy Williams, Devin White, Jachai Polite or Montez Sweat may all be available at 7.

    1. You know, at the time I wondered if the ball may have been tipped. I did see the holding but not the hands to the face. That’s why I didn’t think it was that big a deal. Stuff like that happens all the time. Sometimes it is called, sometimes it isn’t.

      Even helmet to helmet hits are missed.

  41. From a revenue standpoint the 49ers are near the tip of the NFL. I could care less, but when it comes to job security for Jed that’s what it’s all about.

    I was hoping for an acoustically engineered noise box like the one in Seattle. But the “open air” multi-use Levis is raking in major cash for the Yorks.

  42. Pro Bowl was pathetic. Played 2 hand touch, and Ju Ju Smith Schuster got injured, anyways.
    How to fix the Pro Bowl? Pay every player a million bucks, winners and losers. Every MVP of each position group gets a million bucks, and the offensive and defensive players of the game get an additional million bucks. Reward the players handsomely, and make it a real game, not some exhibition. The NFL should showcase and idolize there players, because they are elite. It is a 14 billion dollar industry, and the NFL goes cheap on its best players, with putrid so called games.
    Play the game 2 weeks after the SB, so the SB team pro’s can play. Set up accommodations for the families, and play the game in Hawaii. Wive will insist their husbands play, because they will want a month long vacation in Hawaii.
    Right now, the game is unwatchable, and it is a farce to play RBs as DBs. It is a travesty, and demeans the integrity of the game to see players run at half speed with 2 hand touch. No wonder many players do not even bother to go.

  43. How Sean McVay can beat Belichick.
    He should look at what Belichick did to the Chargers. Belichick was so prepared, it looked like they knew what the Chargers were going to run before the snap of the ball. Sean McVay needs to be way less predictable. He should even call in some plays, but run something totally different. That way, he can gauge to see if they are stealing signals.
    Belichick put the worst DB on Hill, but then double covered him. Expect Belichick will do something totally different. McVay should do some targeted plays with Josh Reynolds, because he will be one on one. McVay should put Cooks in motion so he can avoid the jam at the line of scrimmage, and Goff can read how the defense reacts to Cooks
    If behind, go into the no huddle with quick snaps so there is no wasted time. If ahead, ignore the score and just concentrate on scoring TDs. McVay should have been bold on the goal line against the Saints, because if he had made it, it would have put them up by 4. Even if they did not make it, the Saints would have been on the 1 yard line, and a safety was a possibility.
    McVay should expect Belichick to come out in the second half and do an entirely different scheme, so all the Ram’s adjustments become useless.
    McVay should run plays with several options, so the Pats have to defend several different threats. He should make the Patriot line men to run side line to side line, to tire them out.
    Above all, McVay should not let Belichick shape him.

  44. Agree.
    Poor play, poor attendance and frankly, unwatchable.
    I peaked in to watch between the Godfather movie commercials and finally just stopped switching channels and stayed with the movie.

    IMO, the game has lost it’s luster and has become tired.
    Many years ago they had teammates that were picked by celebrity head coaches playing against each during the game.
    That was an interesting new twist, but some teammates were killing each other.
    The owners quickly shut it down fearing one of their players could get seriously injured which was understandable.
    In another Pro Bowl game, I remember Washington’s Sean Taylor blowing up a player (kicker?) along the sidelines.
    Now, the game looks like two-hand touch game.

    Why even play the game?
    It’s time for the NFL to do something different for the players and the fans.

    1. I taped it while cooking dinner and other chores, then fast forwarded most of it. Then deleted it.
      NFL are incompetent imbeciles to put up such a loser product. I put this on par with scheduling TNF with only 3 days rest.

  45. I’ve got an idea for the Pro Bowl. Each Pro Bowl winner picks a back up on their team to represent them, and the game is then played as it should be….

      1. Preseason on steroids. The players pick instead of coaches, and the backups are better after a season of experience. I’d also have each Pro Bowl player coach his representative. Just an idea….

        1. fans want to see the best of the best. Kittle sure would play hard to earn an additional million bucks.
          Maybe appease the owners about injuries by awarding an additional draft pick if their player becomes injured in the pro Bowl.

        2. Razor,
          Not a bad idea, but the fan attendence is dwindling even with big stars playing.
          Not sure they’ll come out to see subs play.

          If the league now wants to protect its major stars in non-meaning games by virtually playing touch football at least take the game back to Hawaii where the players and their families can enjoy themselves.
          Allow the fans one day in which they can come on the field and meet with the players.

          I remember a preseason game at Candlestick (Levi’s?) when the players were on the field for warm-ups. Suddenly there was a big crowd noise that got my attention. It was Randy Moss playing catch with a few kids in the stands.
          Nothing says fan interaction better than having football stars give their time to the fans.

          The Pro Bowl can learn from this.

  46. I kind of think that the best franchises have an above average QB and a coaching staff who are capable in thier roles, who can game plan and make adjustments mid game and who play to win.

    I believe the Niners are headed for a top 5 designation.

  47. Mark Glowinski would be a good free agent acquisition. Person is a UFA, Garnett is a bust and Tomlinson is recovering from an MCL injury. There are a couple G’s I really like in the draft but that pick could also be used to address other needs if we take care of this one in March.

    1. In 601 snaps, Glowinski was the 10th-highest graded guard during the regular season.

      What do you think about Lindstrom from BC?

      1. He’s a good one.

        Even if they signed Glowinski they need to draft another G but likely in a much later round. I like Ben Powers who played opposite Ford. Wasn’t anything special during the year but apparently had a good week in Mobile. Would throw a late round pick at him if they secured the starting position in FA.

        If they don’t sign a G in March then I’d be happy with them using their second rounder on either Ford Or Lindstrom. Although both will almost certainly be gone by then. McCoy or Jordan would be ok in the 3rd.

        1. Yea, Powers is an interesting prospect that was flying under the radar until recently. There’s no way Ford lasts until round 2 due to his ability to move outside to RT. Lindstrom has a chance to be there, but I wonder how likely Shanny is to use a high 2nd on a guard if he can’t play center….

  48. The ProBowl became obsolete once national coverage became available through providers like DirectTV and the Internet. The PB used to be the only way that you could watch the stars from other teams play. I know a lot of you aren’t old enough to either be aware or remember but there was a time where the only football game on TV was the one covering your home team and then Monday Night football.

    Add in the fact that they aren’t even really playing anymore and yet injuries still seem to occur and it simply makes sense to stop the game all together.

    1. The problem with the game is they don’t play football. In the old days you refer to, the players showed up and played the game complete with tackling. In the current climate it is not acceptable to put anyone in harms way unless it’s a game that means something. The Pro Bowl has been a joke for years now but the league won’t end it until viewership erodes to the point they have no choice.

    2. Sports events come and go depending on money, competition and fan interest.
      I’m old enough to remember the Collegiate All-Stars vs that year’s NFL champions game.
      For the younger demographic crowd who have possibly never heard of such a game, that game was played every year for 42 years.
      1976 was the last year it was played.

      The game had lost its attractiveness because the competition level was no longer close as the NFL champs were killin’ the college players.
      Because of that, the fan interest waned and the cost of the game along with the risk for injuries shut the game down.

      I believe we’re seeing the same thing starting to take place 60 years later with the current Pro Bowl game.
      I agree with CFC, the game is obsolete.

      1. Roll,
        They wouldn’t even be allowed to compete in tug-of-war contest 😉

        Teams have invested too much money to take the risk of having their players get injured in non-meaning games.

  49. From Bill Barnwell at ESPN on the likely Vegas W/L odds for 2019:

    San Francisco 49ers (4-12)
    Projected over/under: 7.5 wins
    The 49ers will be an easy pick to improve in 2019. Obviously, they’re getting back Jimmy Garoppolo, and while there’s no guarantee he will play 16 games, chances are that the 49ers will get more than three starts out of their top quarterback in 2019. Injuries to many of the 49ers’ other skill-position weapons aren’t likely to all simultaneously recur.

    The 49ers forced just seven takeaways on defense and posted a minus-25 turnover differential, which often regresses toward the mean, as it did for the Browns, who went from minus-28 in 2017 to plus-7 in 2018. Kyle Shanahan’s team went 3-5 in one-score games and played more like a six-win team than its 4-12 record. The NFC West remains difficult, but if any team is likely to leap from the bottom quarter of the league into the postseason in 2019, it’s the Niners.

  50. Rocket,
    For me, the 2019 49ers credibility begins with 8 wins.

    6-7 wins only puts them back to the 2017 season.
    That won’t be enough to quell the masses (including me).
    I gave the new regime 3 years to right the ship.

    1. I look at it in a similar fashion. First year’s draft was about developmental players. Second year’s draft was about intelligent, locker room players. This year should be about high impact players at positions of need….

      1. I agree that 7 wins preserves jobs for the new regime, but 8 wins gives more credibility and promise for a playoff run in 2020.

          1. Hard to say because it all depends on whether they can stay healthy and play at the level they have previously when Garoppolo was on the field. If they have another 4 win season with a relatively healthy team then the heat will be turned up and justifiably so, but if they win 6-7 games and play competitively for most of the year I don’t think there would be many changes to the staff. Each season is about improving and being better than the previous one, so as long as they show they are heading upward I would imagine they’ll get at least the 4th year to put up or shut up.

            1. Yup, I agree that 4 wins with an intact team will mean the heat gets turned up considerably. A 2 win season for me means that Shanahan and/or Lynch loses their jobs. I think a 7 win season transfers heat unto next year with a 9-10 win season as a comfortable margin.

              Despite the injuries there will be some pressure for on the field production.

              1. This is the season where there has to be signs of progress. A 2 win season would be a disaster, especially if it came with a healthy team. Not sure if they’d fire Shanahan at that point but it would be on the table no doubt.

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  52. Gravitas Mcvay – come on.

    1 Disagree: Mcvay has more gravitas than KS? Really? He has had more success but has a healthy talented roster. He inherited a number 1 overall qb , the best RB in NFL and the best receiving corps in the NFL. Also he has a front office who is willing to be aggressive with Free Agents. What if GOff and Gurley both tore ACL ? That said, he is definitely a good coach but no reason to throw our guy under the bus.

    2. Agree that a teams fortunes can turn around pretty quick with a good HC, QB and front office willing to be wheel and deal. I specifically cited Bears and Rams as examples in a comment about a month ago. Glad Grant is reading me.

    3. In the last 5 Super Bowls and AFC/NFC championship the winning team is averaging about 35 points /game. Something to consider going into the draft. Good offense is needed to be elite.

    1. At #25 is out much-missed ex-right tackle:
      “Brown had a fantastic season switching from right tackle in San Francisco to left tackle in New England, but he’s not without worry. Offensive linemen don’t have the greatest track record leaving line coach Dante Scarnecchia and Tom Brady’s quick release. Brown still struggled against some quicker rushers as well, most notably Jerry Hughes and Yannick Ngakoue.”
      Since this is GM Central, here’s my prediction: Patriots will let him walk in March, and some other sorry team will sign him to a monster-size contract. When the clock strikes midnight on the night before the first OTA with his new team, Brown will turn into a 400 lb pumpkin…albeit one with a SuperBowl ring..

      1. While we’re throwing out scenarios, how about this: Brown stays here. McGlinchey plays right guard. KS looks inside the building right after JG goes down and sees – ta da – Nick Mullens is there too. A real competition for the new starting QB ensues. And, the 49ers go 8-8 which is actually improving instead of hypothetically improving like some here claim. Brown is let go to FA at the end of he year but so what? The lesson with Brown is never underestimate how a well a NFL player will play coming off his rookie contract and going into his first year of FA.

      2. @mood….still hating on Brown

        He was a 7th rd pick and already played in 2 SB…..and if he wins this one he would have one more ring than our beloved Staley.

        We lost on Brown…..its simple as that……all this fake news about his weight or how bad a run blocker he his is just to put him down….

        If he gets a huge contract he deserves it ….

    2. How about the 49ers pick up Paradis and let Richburg fight for the guard spot vacated by Person? I don’t follow this stuff as closely as some of you but it seems Paradis would be an upgrade over Richburg at Center.

  53. I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to the Peter Magowan family, for their loss.
    Peter Magowan saved the SF Giants, and helped build Pac Bell/Oracle Park. His legacy will live forever.

  54. Well after the AFC Championship game was over, Brady walked over to the Chiefs locker room and asked to talk to Mahomes. They spoke alone for a couple of minutes. Perhaps Brady made an appointment in the distant future with Mahomes when he’d hand the latter the baton….

  55. Here are some of the lesser talked about guys I want the niners to kick the tires on.
    Shaq Barrett – edge
    Anthony Barr LB
    Roger Saffold – guard
    KJ Wright – LB

    1. Barrett is someone I have mentioned before about signing, as is Wright.
      Saffold could be a free agent Lynch and Shanahan are interested in, but I think they are more likely to resign Person and allow him to compete with Garnett for a starting position.
      Barr could be an option for the edge, but I have to wonder why the Vikings are not trying harder to keep him.

          1. The idea behind Looking into Barr is based on the thought that Minnesota doesn’t use him properly.
            They seldom used him as a pass rusher which is where his strength lies… and often used him in coverage which is where he is weakest.
            In any case, our linebackers are below average so it won’t take much to improve them and we desperately need a pass rush. Of course all of this depends on what he costs but if he turns out to be a good pass rusher he’ll be well worth it.

            1. I disagree with this. Barr is not a good pass rusher. Never has been. All he has as a pass rusher is athleticism. No moves. His sacks in college were mostly as a free rusher and same in the NFL. The Vikings were smart and played him as a true SAM backer in a 4-3. Got some good years out of him.

              1. pff graded him very highly as a pass rusher. In his case though I’ll defer to you as I haven’t seen much film of him in recent years.

              2. I agree with Scooter. He was used to rush the passer more at UCLA but was not a blue chip prospect as a pass rusher. His best fit going into the NFL was at the SAM and even then the Vikings discovered he is really a small area player. Good tackler and can be effective in blitz packages, but not a natural cover guy down field or pass rusher. I don’t think his market is going to be that hot.

    1. Funny article to read considering the Raiders had to turn people away while selling out every seat in the yet to be completed stadium that has been released so far. His points about their popularity in merchandise sales and social media are valid until you realized they are in the middle of the pack in these areas with a team that has stunk for the past 15 years. Any and I do mean any, bit of success this team achieves will move them up in those areas quickly. The Las Vegas Raiders will thrive and make more money in a couple of years than they did in Oakland the past 5 or more.

      1. I wanted Grant to read it maybe it will change his mind about putting the Las Vegas Raiders in front of the 49ers for better franchises. Obviously he’s wrong but he’ll live and die with his opinions even when he’s wrong just like his father.

  56. Niners cannot determine who will draft a QB until the Nick Foles sweepstakes is finalized. The Eagles may not let him be an UFA, because he may go to the Giants or Skins, a division rival. Most likely, they tag and trade him, so he goes to a team out of the conference.
    Both the Jets and Bills have a ton of cap space, and they may not be sold on their rookie QBs. Foles would allow their young QBs to sit and study more. Bengals may also be a possible landing spot. Both the Jags and Miami have little cap room, so they may not be good targets.
    Once Foles is locked up, the Niners can then talk trade back with another QB hungry team. To rebuild, the Niners best strategy will be to trade back, even if it means missing out on Bosa and Allen, so they can get as many second round picks as possible. Thankfully, there are good pass rush candidates even into the third round.
    Oshane Ximines and LJ Collier may be sleeper picks, who will help solve the Niner pass rush problems. The Niners should also address the need for a pass rusher in free agency. Then, maybe drafting O line help or one of the tall fast WRs, could also be an option.
    Standing pat and getting Bosa or Allen is a decent outcome, but I wold rather they trade back with QB hungry teams and possibly obtain Nasir Adderly, Deebo Samuel, Chris Lindstrom and LJ Collier.

      1. Joey is bigger than Nick, and kinda disappeared in that playoff game. Bosa is not a slam dunk Pro bowler with his injury history.
        However, you may be right.

      2. I’d be very disappointed if they traded down with Bosa on the board. I guess I could understand it if they get a ridiculous offer, but he is the best player at the biggest need. If they find themselves in that position, I hope they don’t overthink it. They can trade down on day two and three if they want extra picks.

      3. Razor

        I don’t mean to step on your toes, but I see this draft as a crapshoot for edge rushers (Niners) To have Bosa, Ferrell , Ximines, Allen, Q Williams, Polite, and at least a half a dozen more comparable DE’s to choose from, I really can’t see a way that we CAN screw up the draft… ‘could be the time to test Seb’s ‘chops’ and see what we can get by trading back…Can we pick up that big TE from San Jose, or Hakheem Butler,the big 6′ 6″ WR from Iowa State…?…And then just walk away with some mid-draft Olinemen and laugh all the way to the bank ? You tell me…..

        1. Bosa is an elite level edge rusher, and barring a Herschel Walker type trade, I don’t see anyway the 49ers would take a pass on him, nor should they.

          This draft is sooo deep at TE, and you don’t have to look any further than Iowa for proof. They’ve got two TE’s that should go in the first 3 rounds.

          I think the best place to trade down would be in round 2, where there should be a group of very good wide receivers. Players like Samuel, Lodge, A.J. Brown. I’m not that big on Butler….

          1. Raz

            Herschel was a rare exception…”..a man among boys, ” I believe is the expression. Besides Jim Brown, Jim Taylor, and “Bo”…I don’t think that there was another RB to match Herschel…My own preference would be OJ Simpson….O.K. start screaming….

        1. You really don’t want to know what I think. I’m one of the guy’s that brought up the “scripted” game topic a couple of weeks ago 😉

        2. I will go out on a limb, and state that the Rams have a good chance to win.
          Yes, Belichick is a master strategist, but McVay is also impressive. If he can manage to out think, Belichick, McVay will heralded as a genius.
          Other than the QBs, talent wise, the Rams are slightly superior. Aaron Donald will be a force to be reckoned with.
          Phillips, has beaten Bellichick before, and has Suh and Donald to get pressure up the middle. Sure, Belichick will try to run the ball, but the Rams run defense will be stouter than the Chiefs. The Pats took away Hill, but the Rams have 2 good WRs, and Josh Reynolds may be the difference maker. Goff is too accurate to have 2 receivers in single coverage.
          Rams, 24-23.

            1. Single covering Woods and Reynolds will allow Goff to slice and dice them.
              Gurley sounds healthy, so he may be a big factor.
              Rams should emulate the Eagles, and how they game planned against the Pats.
              Expect some trick plays.

            2. Razor,

              Interesting. That would be going against the Pats history as they have been in close games every time they’ve played in the SB. I can see the Patriots winning but I doubt it will be a blowout.

  57. NFL BY JASON FRAY JAN 15, 2019
    New Arena’s First Edition of the 2019 NFL Mock Draft

    2. San Francisco 49ers: DL Quinnen Williams (Alabama)

    San Francisco is sitting pretty with the No. 2 selection. The 49ers already have a quarterback, and there are several quarterback-starved teams behind them. This sets up perfectly for SF to be the pivot point in the first round. IF they hold onto the pick, it’ll be Quinnen Williams. While defensive line isn’t a must-need spot, Williams is the best player remaining. Ultimately, we do see San Francisco flipping this pick in order to pick up additional picks.

    1. If Bosa is off the board, then the 49ers should do their absolute best to trade down. The more I read about Josh Allen, the more I think he is going to be a bust. Meanwhile, Q. Williams is better suited to play in a 3-4 defense.

      1. If Bosa is gone, I take Allen and don’t look back unless I get a very good offer.

        He doesn’t have the pedigree of Bosa, but he was more productive with a less stellar supporting cast and still has some improvement to do… especially considering he didn’t have outside linebacker coach until this past season.

        He is more of a pure pass rusher, has a higher motor, has elite burst and bend and good hands. Given that and his frame, in my mind his floor is an 8 to 9 sacks even if he doesn’t add an inside counter. However, if he adds an inside counter, or bull rush (which is a possibility based on watching him crash on run plays) he is a 12 -15 sack per year guy.

        Don’t get me wrong I prefer Bosa, but Allen is definitely a better pass rusher than the next group of guys. Ferrell, Sweat, Ferguson, are all a notch below him and I believe, and that there is high possibility he the best pass rusher in this class after 4 or 5 years.

        1. Anyone of the big three (Bosa, Allen, Q.Williams) would provide an immediate upgrade.
          Best yet, if we can trade down a few steps for more picks and still get our Edge in the top ten I’d be happy.

          Ferrell, Polite, Sweat, Ximinez, Ferguson and Burns can definitely give us more than what we have now.
          Also, gaining more picks gives us the opportunity to possibly fill some other needs such as Safety, DB, #1 WR, among a few.

        2. Good points Shoup and there is also the fact Allen is a good coverage guy as well. He’s a lot like Edmunds who a lot of people liked last year. He’s an elite SAM backer prospect imo but he could also play the WILL due to his versatility and rush the passer in obvious passing situations. I like him better than Edmunds and would be fine if he’s the guy, but I’d lean toward a trade down in Mid’s scenario too. The one guy I take without a trade down consideration is Bosa. Everybody else I consider a trade down.

      2. If Bosa is off the board, I don’t mind Allen as a SAM, kicking down to LEO in nickel packages. I would do so in conjunction with signing Frank Clark in free agency (if Seattle lets him leave), thereby allowing Clark to play LEO in base packages when Allen is at SAM. With both Clark and Allen on the field, it would make for vast improvement with our defense.

          1. Maybe, but Allen does more as a SAM, including a good ability to play the run as well. More complete player.

            Burns is very much a tweener at 235 lbs. I don’t know if he has a body type to add 20-30 pounds (haven’t looked), and I fear he is going to be a 3rd down pass rushing specialist. At the second pick, I want someone who is going to play more than 33% of the defensive snaps.

            1. I don’t like either at #2, and Allen was abused in the run game against Georgia. I think we have enough run stoppers and versatility. The missing link for mine is a pure pass rusher. Bosa is in a tier all his own. Next tier is Allen/Burns/Polite, and the combine probably determines how they’re separated. Bottom line is any of those three help us, but Bosa is the only pass rusher in this draft that has a legitimate shot of being a HOF player….

  58. Listened to KNBR, and they think Denver may be the desperate QB hungry team that has fallen in love with Drew Lock.
    Thankfully, they have additional picks, so the Niners may get a boatload of picks, for moving back. Hopefully, additional 2020 second and third round choices, too.

        1. Do not believe me, but on The Mile High Report, the Broncos themselves reportedly have fallen in love with Drew Lock. 3 different articles have mentioned Lock, and the need to trade up to get him, because he may not get past Jax.
          All are past Keenum, and want to upgrade the QB position.

          1. We aren’t saying that we don’t believe you Seb, but if the Broncos do trade up, it will probably be with the Raiders or Buccaneers, two teams that are not looking for a QB but are ahead of the Giants who are needing an eventual replacement for Manning.

            1. I think Gase is going to look at Darnold, and look to upgrade. Murray will wow pundits with his speed and accuracy in the Combine. Gruden says that he is evolving his criteria about QBs, and Murray may be a game changer. Gruden will not take a chance and let Murray go to the Jets, who pick ahead of him. Jags might move up with the Jets to grab Murray. Once Gruden gets Murray, then he can trade Carr to Miami or Washington, and get back that second round pick, and more.
              I think Murray, Haskins, Lock and Jones go in the top 15 picks. That will push back several defenders, so the Niners can trade back, and still get the player they targeted.

              1. I think Gase is going to look at Darnold, and look to upgrade

                This has a zero percent chance of happening.

              2. That may be true Seb, but what team has invested a first round pick in a QB in one draft and then followed up during the next draft by drafting another QB in the first round?

              3. There have been many instances when a team bails on a QB, especially one that throws 15 interceptions. With better ball security, the Jets could have won more games.
                I also do not think the Bills are totally sold on Josh Allen. However, the Browns are happy with Mayfield, and Josh Rosen struggled because the whole team struggled.
                One Niner example of consecutive first round QB picks was Earl Morrall and John Brodie.

              4. Not a first round QB in favor of another first round QB after one season with the prior Seb. The only instance that comes close to that is when Tebow was traded to the Jets after his rookie year, but his replacement was a certain free agent QB named Peyton Manning.

  59. Mock 3. QB focused draft scenario.
    Lance Zuerlein mocks Murray to the Raiders. Jets may even be interested in Murray because Darnold is still throwing picks, so he may need to sit and study, to learn to be more disciplined.
    Gruden wants Bosa, but the Cards select him. Gruden then trades his first and second round picks (4 and 35) to the Niners , for the second pick, and selects Kyler Murray, before the Niners possibly trades back with the Jags.
    At 4, the Niners could trade back with the Jags who want to leap frog over TB and the Giants, to select the next coveted QB after Murray. However, the Niners trade back with Denver, who covets Drew Lock. Denver gives up their first, second, 4th and 5th round picks ( 10, 41, 118, 145), yet still has a pick in every round except the second round.
    The Niners end up with pick numbers 10, 35, 36, 41, 67, 97, 118, 145, 162 and 219. Ten picks, with 3 second rounders. Using the Draftek Big Board, and trying to pick within 5 of each ranking, the Niners could select-
    10- Clelin Ferrell EDGE.
    35- Te’von Coney OLB.
    36- Elgton Jenkins C.
    41- Chris Lindstrom OG.
    67- Germaine Pratt ILB.
    97- Rock Ya- Sin CB.
    118- TJ Hockenson TE.
    145- Jalen Jelks EDGE.
    162- Keelan Doss WR.
    219- Evan Worthington S.

    1. Hockenson is a first round pick. Draftek is smoking something if they think he can last until Pick 118.

      Instead of Pratt, keep an eye on Jahlani Tavai from Hawaii. Has a shoulder injury right now, but nothing serious. Definite dark horse.

      Rock Ya-Sin, whom I had high hopes for, disappointed at the Senior Bowl, which may cause him to fall to 97. Need to re-evaluate the tape given his poor performance.

      If the Niners sign a speed rusher in free agency (Dee Ford, Dante Fowler Jr.), then I prefer Ferrell to Allen. If Niners go with a solid DE, like Frank Clark or Brandon Graham, then Allen should be the pick (though 10 is too late for him).

      1. I must admit I did not think Hockenson would last, but that is where he was ranked (128).
        Renell Wren was ranked 131, and I think he will be a second rounder.
        I also think Keelan Doss will be taken before the 4th round, and he is ranked 188.
        I like Rock Ya-Sin for his name alone, and he has some good highlights.
        I just think they will retain all of those pass rushers. The one who may be available due to his injury history is Ziggy Ansah. The Niners could take a gamble on him. Low risk -High reward.
        Allen is good, but he is also opportunistic. Those 2 fumbles he recovered against Georgia, bounced right to him, and he did not dominate. Allen was stymied against the Georgia O line men, and he racked up sacks against lesser competition. Allen really should have participated in the Senior Bowl to showcase his talents. By not participating, he opened himself up to questions about why he did not participate. Maybe he thought he would not do well, so he was afraid of looking bad.

      1. Rib,
        I was (back then, not now) a little upset when Alex Smith, Delanie Walker left because they were ingrained and vetted as 49ers.
        Trent Brown, not so much.

  60. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001014266/article/lance-zierlein-2019-nfl-mock-draft-10-kyler-murray-to-raiders

    I really like Lance Zierlein but he’s out of his mind with this mock.
    Allen and Gary over Nick Bosa? Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind the 49ers passing on Bosa but no way on God’s green earth the 49ers pass on Bosa if he’s sitting there when they pick.
    Also Murray and Jones over Haskins? wth

    Definitely not Zierlein’s best work. Wow

    1. Agreed. He’s trying too hard to be the contrarian. Rashaun Gary has never lived up to his ranking coming out of HS and will likely be a DT or 5T in the NFL. Murray’s hype is already out of control and the Raiders would be morons if they took him at #4.

        1. Gruden may want a blank slate when he moves to Vegas. If you listened to his comments about Murray, you would think he wants to move up to number one to select him.
          Murray may be short, but he has Russell Wilson to be compared with. Both are former baseball players, so they have accuracy. Murray’s speed and escapability, will make his Draft stock skyrocket in the Combine.
          Gary sure was a head scratcher. Maybe he was trolling Jed with a Michigan man (JH).

          1. Personally, I do not see those as valid reasons. If his injury was the latest in a string of injuries, then the concern about his injury would make sense. And contrary to the popular belief, Bosa did not quit on his team; the injury Bosa sustained was going to keep him out for most of the season, and aside fromthe possibility of helping the Buckeyes compete for a spot in the CFB playoffs, he had nothing left to prove. Considering the fact that an injury in a bowl game knocked someone like Jaylon Smith from top five consideration clear down to the second round of his draft year, I believe Bosa made the right decision.

  61. For those gamblers out there, I’ve got a guaranteed winner for you. Take the under on the National Anthem, 1 minute 47 seconds. Gladys Knight will finish with an old school performance of 1:44.

  62. I want to commend KS for allowing TC McCarthy, an offensive assistant, the opportunity to be hired by the Broncos as their QB coach. He will follow Scangarello, and got a big promotion, which will help advance his career.

    1. This really isn’t worth commending Shanahan on Seb, and I say this because he is making sure that members of his coaching staff are being considered as serious contenders for an open position on another team and actually being promoted.

      1. Well, he blocked other coaches, but this is a big promotion for McCartney, so he did not block this one.
        Yes, this is a good sign that KS’s coaches are in demand, so this is a feather in his cap.
        We can go back and forth on the Scangarello situation. He was initially blocked, but KS then allowed him to interview. The Broncos reciprocated by allowing Joe Woods to become the DB coach for the Niners.
        I will praise KS when he does something good, just like when I will criticize him, so he learns from his mistakes and does not repeat them.

  63. Yeah, it’s pretty clear that you either read what you wanted from my response or already had a rebuttal regardless of my response. Wanting to make sure members of your coaching staff are serious contenders for a position and that the position is an actual promotion is something any coach worth their grain of salt would do.

    1. Usually, when another team asks permission to interview a coach, it just makes sense for them to designate the position that they are interviewing for. KS knew that his coaches would be going to a new coaching staff, and that it would not be just a lateral move. Scangarello was interviewing for the OC position from the QB coach position, yet he blocked him, just like he did with Mike McDaniels and Mike LaFleur. It is KS’s prerogative to retain coaches if it is not a HC job, but finally relented, and let Scangarello go. I am sure Elway would not have let Joe Woods go to the Niners if KS did not let Scangarello go to the Broncos. Joe Woods actually took a demotion, so it would have been easy for Elway to block it.
      Yes, you seem to want to argue against me to score points, but I like to have the last word.

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