Replacing Staley, Sanders and Buckner might be tough. And not for the reason you think

For 13 seasons Joe Staley was team captain, morale officer and mentor. They’ll miss his play, but how about the intangibles?

Here’s a thing. Or actually, two things, only one of which is true.

One, this might be the kind of observation that not many are making about the 49ers. And it might be something we look back on later and say, “You know, I had a feeling this was going to be a problem.”

Or, it might be nothing. And we’d wonder why we spent any time on it at all.

It is . . . wait for it . . .


Which needs a little explanation. As we know, every NFL roster is fluid and changeable. There are two reasons. First, because the sport is violent and dangerous. As the players say, “The injury rate in the NFL is 100 percent.” Players get hurt, often badly enough that they have to quit.

And the second reason is money. The salary cap is basically the chaperone at the owners’ party. There wasn’t a salary cap at one time and a guy named Eddie DeBartolo put together a 49er team that was the best roster money could buy. That team was the class of the league. And the other owners were like, “I knew I was going to have to spend money, but if I have to spend Eddie-money, I’m out.”

So the league created a maximum, a cap, that each team could spend. And that meant that you could pay one or two players — a quarterback and someone else probably — big money, but then you’d have to make some tough choices with other players.

And those are all reasons why, this year, the 49ers will no longer have Joe Staley, DeForest Buckner and Emmanuel Sanders on the team. That’s just how the business works. We’ll break it down, but (spoiler alert) there’s nothing underhanded or sneaky about any of it.

But I am concerned about intangibles. Because in interviews over the last couple of weeks, players who are still on the roster have made a point to call out each of those three players for their leadership and mentorship. And I’m just wondering if that is going to be missed more than we might think.

Staley is the archetypal veteran. We’ve all seen this movie. The craggy, steady veteran was tough enough to play hurt and witty enough to joust with the media. When Jimmy Garoppolo took heat for saying winning “Feels great, baby,” Staley Tweeted “Feels great, baby!” in an I-am-Spartacus moment. He had a good run and retired when injuries took their toll.

But what was impressive was to hear other players talk about him. Nick Bosa said he talked to Staley “after every practice.” Kyle Juszczyk said “Joe is one of my favorite teammates of all time.” Juszczyk had a story of Staley riding to the airport after the Super Bowl loss, first announcing he was going to retire and then, little by little, talking himself out of it. Until, by the time they got to the plane, Staley had decided to come back. (Obviously, common sense prevailed, and he isn’t returning.)

“I really wish we’d gotten Joe a ring,” Bosa said. “But it doesn’t always work out.”

The 49ers had a good idea they were going to lose Sanders. As a free agent, he signed a two-year deal with New Orleans for $16 million. That was apparently too rich for the 49ers. And they drafted wide receivers Brandon Aiyuk and Jauan Jennings, who look like potential replacements on paper.

But I keep thinking back to second-year receiver Deebo Samuel, who jumped at a chance to take about Sanders. As players do, he saw it in terms of the room where teams hold individual position meetings.

“When we got Emmanuel, the whole room, like, changed,” he said. “Any time we wanted advice on anything, on or off the field he was there.”

That guy, the trusted veteran, who has not only been there and done that — this was Sanders’ third Super Bowl — is a real asset. He has to, of course, be able to bring it on the field and make plays. But if you find that guy, and he’s willing to mentor younger players, he’s incredibly valuable. Deebo is only in his second year, but he’s the presumptive leader of the WRs. I hope he’s ready.

Buckner is a tougher situation. Trading him to Indianapolis was strictly business. The 49ers signed Arik Armstead for five years and $85 million and traded Buckner. It is not controversial to say Buckner is the better player. The 49er coaches already said so, voting him the team MVP at the end of the season.

But they also signed Armstead for $4 million less that what Buckner got at Indy. Money was saved and the hope is that No. 1 draft choice Javon Kinlaw will fill the spot on the defensive line. And he may.

But you can’t help but remember Armstead saying it was “a shock” when Buckner was traded and how he “definitely still wishes we were playing together.”

Or Bosa, calling Buckner “definitely one of my best friends on the team.” And praising him for “sprinting to the ball on every play, making those tackles down the field.”

It is hard to know how much guys like that mean to a culture of a team, to the development of young players. Staley, Sanders and Buckner will be missed one way or another. But I wonder how much of it will be their leadership? And what that will mean to the team.

To know that we have to wait until the NFL gets its season underway. Then we can look at the 49ers on the field and see if they are back to Super Bowl form. We will have numbers, outcomes and standings as measurements.

We’ll have something  . . . tangible.

And finally, as a reward for reading all the way to the end, here’s a clever little Juszczyk workout video in the snow.

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  1. We all waited a week for new information. Maybe this is a state of the “new” union In not so many words. When we crave sensationalism, we get some filler fluff.
    Sure it can be true, but certainly not worth the wait.

    1. Hey man…. we “Inside-the-49ers/beggars-can’t-be-choosers” posters should be G-R-A-T-E-F-U-L to get a mediocre topic a week!!

      ….or would you rather we go back to the 1400+ posts-a-month scenario???

      Hey C-dubya….how’s that for havin’ your back?

    2. I doubt this blog brings any advertising dollars.If it did, they would have it more active and I would think that the current business model of the Press Democrat will change in a short time.. There are plenty of other places to go to get what you are looking for and you might have to reach in your pocket occasionally.

    3. Last article, the author asked what topics we would like to discuss. They said we could suggest them via comments or email. Have you done either, Matt? Instead of complaining about the topics we are given, why not suggest your own?

  2. Of course losing Staley, Sanders, and Buckner will hurt. They were veterans and leaders on the team last year. BUT it’s time for the younger guys to step forward. I think they have a nucleus of quality players and quality people that will provide outstanding leadership. I’m more concerned about the interior O-line and what the 49ers are going to do at Right Guard and Center. Mike Person was a journeyman but the replacement next year is likely a guy that Person beat out for a job. Center is a gigantic question mark. Who knows if Weston Richburg will come back and even if he does he may never play at a high level again. If he doesn’t come back, what is the plan at Center? Such a crucial role and such a gigantic question mark. Out of everything to be worried about for next year I’d say interior O-line is the most concerning.

  3. CW, thank you for a new posting.
    Yes, they lost leadership, but the mantra- Next Man Up- is applicable here. JL has built a solid foundation, and team leaders like JG, Kittle, Warner and Sherman will lead on.
    Next Man Up. The Niners have Javon Kinlaw, Trent Williams and Brandon Aiyuk, and some will say that they are perfectly fine replacements, so the Niners may not skip a beat.
    Ah, yes, the intangibles. Nobody knows how it will play out, so that is why they play the games. Injuries will hamstring even the deepest, most talented rosters. JL has assembled a SB contender, but the coaching must optimize their potential. Settling for field goals, instead of being bold and going for it, may have been the difference between winning and losing. Completing a Third Down Bomb could have won a SB. If the Seahawks had made one more inch, it might have changed the whole dynamics of the playoffs..
    Then there is the luck of the draw. The Niners are fortunate to play the NFC East and AFC East this season. Both of those divisions may be the weakest in their conference.
    I am hopeful. Even though the other teams have improved, JG and the Niners are poised to attain their Quest for SIX.

  4. There is always a hole left when leaders leave. I agree, the impact of three well respected leaders leaving in one off season could be a problem.

    On a positive note, the team has some other team leaders in place already. Including some young guys ready to step into those roles.

    The biggest question mark for me is at WR, from a leadership perspective. That room is now entirely young and mostly unproven guys. That mix was an issue last year.

    1. That mix was an issue last year.

      It was, but I think Samuel already showed leadership by reaching out to Aiyuk. He credited Sanders for what he was able to learn. He showed he could play through injury, and he’s working on his conditioning with Peterson. Maybe he’s the guy that takes on that leadership role….

      1. He probably will from a vocal stand point, but he is still too young and inexperienced to be the guy providing advice and guidance on being a pro and understanding the subtleties of beating pro DBs. That will be missed.

        1. You just hope it is mitigated by younger legs along with further development, and familiarity with the offense….

  5. I wish that we could have kept Buckner, Sanders and Staley, but two made business decisions and one felt it was time to retire.
    The 49ers had to find players to fill those areas, and I believe that they did.

    Kinlaw and Aiyuk will make their rookie mistakes, but eventually the game will slow down for them. Trent Williams will shake off the rust and take his normal position as the best Olinemen in the game. With Kinlaw and Aiyuk, they will need to be quick learners.

    Ok, I will begin my top 5 wish list for 2020.
    1. The Oline is better than last year.
    2. Garoppolo reads the field better, and cuts down on the Int’s.
    3. Juice gets more touches.
    4. McKinnon finally gets on the field at full speed.
    5. When the dust settles in TC, Jalen Hurd looks like a beast who is ready to make a splash in the NFL.

    A couple of months ago, I had doubts that the NFL would play in 2020, but now that the sporting world is making stringent safety guidelines for fans and players, we may have a football season after all.
    Could be a light at the end of the tunnel.

      1. NFL can work without butts in seats, because it’s so TV-centric, and there’s relatively few actual games. The other sports leagues, I have my doubts.

      2. Raz,
        Yes, you held your ground.
        Hopefully, the next few weeks will result in giving us a more positive outlook on the C-19. With many states opening up this weekend and people going out in mass its going to be interesting to see what the effects of the virus looks like by mid-June.
        Still praying for a vaccine to come much sooner than later.

        1. I read all the comments twice and I didn’t read one thing that said that the virus was over, not one, not even a hint of one.

          “…the Earth will only have capacity for the population to a point until premature death by starvation and disease balances the birth rate.”

          I was taught that so this virus comes as no surprise to me. This virus is nothing compared to what’s in store a few decades from now. In fifty years (or less) the earth will have obtained its maximum capacity for human life. Every thirteen years you can add a billion people to the planet. You figure it out Rib 1 + 1 = 2. Over population is the biggest problem facing mankind but go ahead and laugh it off Rib make fun of it Rib its what you do you and you do it well – Rib.

          1. 2 underreported Earth problems are lack of clean water and lack of bees. Running out of water and food is a very real scenario.

          2. I may be at loggerheads with Rib all the time, but in this case, he is right.
            The problem is, this Covid 19 may mutate, and start affecting young people.
            There may be a new strain evolve that has a 50% mortality rate, even against the healthy adults, not just the aged and infirm.
            Razor is blithely stating that the season will start, and there will be no problems. In a 32 team league with 16 games, that makes 512 contests. Flying over 200 times may be problematic, since players would all share the same air during the flights. German soccer has started, but who knows how it will end. If an entire team is stricken, that could change everything.
            Over population? Sounds like you want to use war and pestilence as a way to do population control, like it has been done for millennia. Maybe the best solution would be to do stringent and sane family planning, with birth control easily available and abortions not declared illegal.
            Who knows, with Global Warming, it might trigger another Ice Age. Then population control may be the least of our worries. Survival may be.

            1. I don’t know about Ribby, but it feels like vindication when you and I are diametrically opposed.😎

              1. As terrible as those cases are for the individuals affected, I think it’s dwarfed in importance by the very high death rate for not-too-elderly people.

          3. Under, your contention is that the COVID is natures way of taking care of overpopulation? Are you willing to assist that effort by cramming yourself, along with 60,000 others, into a football stadium come fall?

            1. Rib, It’s one way to get rid of deplorables, assuming that the more educated ones will pass on this eternal opportunity. I suggest Scump rallies are another sane place to start culling the fearless herd!

              1. Dee,
                Do you think that intelligence will allow people to survive a nuclear war?
                That is foolish reasoning. Our world is quickly becoming a tinderbox that could explode at any time.

                We have become a selfish society that loves to point the finger at others.
                I’ll never understand how the same people who complain about the pollution drive their cars and pollute our atmosphere. Drive drunk and kill our children and innocent people. OK, who am I, to compare this to a global crisis? Every life should matter. Yes, Dee, even the less intelligent.

              2. Every life should matter. Yes, Dee, even the less intelligent.

                AES, it should. My heart goes out to the 100,000 that we’ve already lost and their grieving families. But those, like the covidiots piling into Daytona Beach, Lake of the Ozarks, Ace Speedway in NC, etc etc over this weekend? Those mf-ers have been warned. F-em. The victims here are the unwitting they will pass the virus to and the medical and hospital staffs that will have to deal with them and their rank stupidity.

              3. Dee, community spread isn’t a phrase to indicate the average Trumpster’s physical appearance. Once they exit that petri-dish rally and go about their normal daily lives, think of all the non-Trumpsters they come into contact with? One of them may be you.

              4. AES asks

                Do you think that intelligence will allow people to survive a nuclear war?

                Dee says : YES!

                Not sure why you deflected this topic to nuclear war, but just like with C19 there are things you can do to survive, even a nuclear war. Some people are already doing it. But you are right it does require planning and anticipating, and some intellect….

              5. Dee Phiant says:
                May 26, 2020 at 12:09 pm
                AES asks
                Do you think that intelligence will allow people to survive a nuclear war?
                “Dee says : YES!
                Not sure why you deflected this topic to nuclear war, but just like with C19 there are things you can do to survive, even a nuclear war. Some people are already doing it. But you are right it does require planning and anticipating, and some intellect….”

                Careful Dee, you are walking on thin ground, my friend. I referenced the nuclear bomb comment because both the less and highly intelligent people will suffer, and many will die.

                Your “getting rid of deplorables” comment comes out of the Hillary playbook and should have no place on this board. I’m surprised that our intelligent community on this site gives you a pass for saying this.
                Btw, there was man back in the 40′ who strongly felt that his race was the most intelligent in the world. How did that work out?

              6. Before the C-19 arrived, I don’t recall anyone on this blog ever posing an argument about the negative ramifications on this subject.

                AES, we’re keeping it to sports. Drunk driving never closed every single sporting outlet. Why should we be discussing that and not be discussing the thing that is?

              7. Your “getting rid of deplorables” comment comes out of the Hillary playbook

                Show me where Hillary talked of “getting rid of” anyone.

              8. AES, you seem to have a problem understanding your own question. Maybe too much FAUX ‘news’ for you?
                I answered your Q and you want to sidestep the answer and make it about something else again that happened in the 40′ (sic)? (BTW if you’re referring to Adolf, that started in the thirties…)

                AES asks
                Do you think that intelligence will allow people to survive a nuclear war?
                “Dee says : YES!

                Read the answer slowly, I know it’s a mouthful for you!
                BTW, Deplorables does not limit itself to a race, but to people’s actions, lies, misinformation, conspiracies etc.

            2. Rib,
              You know that I respect your views even though some my be diametrically opposed to mine. We both reserve the right to agree to disagree.
              But America has many (although on a smaller scale) issues that its own citizens have created. I pointed out one, which is drunk driving. And I would bet the farm that many of the drunk drivers are considered intelligent. To Dee’s point, intelligent people are not immune to mistakes.

              Yes, every life does matter. I brought up the drunk driving fatalities because in the US we have had an average of 35,000 to 37,000 deaths per year as a result from driving drunk since 2015. Before the C-19 arrived, I don’t recall anyone on this blog ever posing an argument about the negative ramifications on this subject. A person is killed every 48 min. in the US due to irresponsible drunk drivers.

              The sad thing is, that even after we find a vaccine for the C-19, drunk drivers will continue to kill innocent people.
              And yes, these lives matter, just like those dying from the covid-19.
              If we’re going make a case about “life.” let’s, at the very least make an argument for ALL unnecessary deaths in America.

              1. AES, you don’t read much do you?

                If we’re going make a case about “life.” let’s, at the very least make an argument for ALL unnecessary deaths in America.

                There are numerous organizations that address these issues, including obesity, drug use and domestic violence.
                Scump eliminated the pandemic response.
                BTW do you donate to MADD?

              2. With all due respect AES, that’s an asinine retort. First of all, if drunk driving appeared out of nowhere, going from 0 to 100,000 deaths in 3 months, going from nowhere to the leading cause of death, you bet your bottom dollar it would be treated as a major crisis, just as COVID is now.

                Second of all, steps are being taken to prevent “ALL unnecessary deaths in America”. Polio vaccines. Smallpox vaccines. Banning smoking in public places. Educating people on the hazards of sh*t diets (remember when we had a First Lady who made that her mission?). Educating people on the hazards of unprotected sex when with regards to AIDS/HIV. Laws regulating the safe storage of firearms. Even – to Razors never ending chagrin – certain municipalities banning sales of massive portions of sugar water. All of these efforts involve individual behavior modification not only for their own safety but for the betterment of society as a whole.

                Why is there resistance when it comes to COVID measures? Somehow a sizeable portion of the population feels it goes against their partisan grain. No gubmint can tell me what to do. What they overlook, or don’t give a sh*t about is what they don’t do not only effects themselves but those around them. We have a word for that – selfish.

                If you want to make that drunk driving analogy to COVID, it would be the guy who gets blind at the tavern, then hops into his car because he couldn’t care less about the family he plows head on into. He lived his life without fear, didn’t he? We have a word for that – sociopath.

            1. Live in fear while I live in common sense. I can walk and chew gum at the same, and so can most Americans.

              1. Don’t ever allow yourself to be paralyzed by fear. Push through your fears, and I’ll see you on the other side….

              2. Razor

                Do you REALLY believe that…? Even after the TV coverage of the beaches this weekend…?

              3. Not living your life beholden to fear is one thing. Using that creed to commit and justify acts of willful stupidity another.

              4. Big Scootie, I agree it’s stupidity behind the belief that only essential businesses know how to operate within CDC guidelines….

              5. Do you believe the reason essential services are operating is because authorities are under the impression they know how to operate under CDC guidelines while non-essential businesses do not?

              6. Here in America we shut down to flatten the curve, and we accomplished that. Now it’s time for all American businesses to open up and get back to winning!

              7. So what, because the curve was flattened if you now open everything back up it will stay flat? Is that how you see it working?

              8. What I see is a problem that can be managed while still living life, and America is up for the challenge.

              9. Big Scootie, I’ve answered all your questions in earnest. Please indulge me this one question. When you mount your stud champion horse, is it in fear or is it with a healthy respect for the risk involved?

              10. The spirit of America is no longer behind this lock down. The goal posts have been moved. Division is rampant. Mixed messages. Models that were so far off. Masks were not needed, and now they’re mandatory. Critical mass is where we’re at, and the people want their freedom back. On a day to Remember The Heroes who gave their lives for our freedom, people considered it a slight to them if they did not celebrate and take back their freedom. The peripheral casualties from this lock down cannot be ignored because of this virus. Here in America, we’re not going back. We’re going to take back our lives in the safest way possible, and reclaim what was once a spectacular economy that enriched every Americans pursuit of happiness….

              11. I’d answer your question if I understood it.

                The main issue as far as I can tell in America is the initial response was piece meal and not well executed. The curve has not been flattened, but infection rates are still high. Which makes reopening the economy a real risk of generating a large second wave. I’m all for keeping as much business activity going as possible in a manner that can continue suppressing infection rates. But prioritising that over suppressing the spread is an issue and I can only see it leading to a much larger issue down the line.

                As for the talk of freedom, and constitutional rights being suppressed, blah blah blah, I honestly think people are being selfish. It is one thing to be upset about the impact on jobs and the economy. Another about b$%$#ing about not being able to go out and have fun like people are used to. Seeing people swarming beaches etc is a flagrant f you to anyone in a high risk health group.

              12. “The curve has not been flattened” is meant to read “The curve has been flattened”.

              13. What about when you ride your Triumph Rocket III, do you wear a helmet and leather chaps?
                How about when you get behind that Landcruiser, do you wear your seatbelt?

                Is it selfish to only let essential workers risk their lives? Is it selfish to let your family starve?

                In other words, Scooter you mitigate the risks as best you can and get back to life. If you lived here you would realize any attempt to keep this country shutdown is yet another ploy by the democratic party to take down this president. They know they can’t win with Biden….

              14. “Is it selfish to only let essential workers risk their lives?”

                No, it is not selfish to do so. It is the smart way to minimise the spread and risk for those workers in fact.

                “Is it selfish to let your family starve?”

                No. See my previous post. I think I was clear my comment on being selfish wasn’t aimed at people concerned about their job and earning money to support themselves and their families.

                “If you lived here you would realize any attempt to keep this country shutdown is yet another ploy by the democratic party to take down this president.”

                Maybe. Tbh I don’t care about US politics. But if I lived in America I would realise that recording between 15k to 20k new cases each day even with heavy restrictions is still a lot and that it won’t take much to see another large spike if restrictions are removed. I would also realise a large second wave could lead to restrictions needing to be extended for longer resulting in much worse economic outcomes.

              15. “Division is rampant. Mixed messages. Models that were so far off. Masks were not needed, and now they’re mandatory.”

                And that’s just the White House.

                “The main issue as far as I can tell in America is the initial response was piece meal”

                That’s putting it nicely. It was a cluster duck. Still is.

              16. Do you realize the death rate is 128.52 per million people in America? Half of those are from nursing homes. Sure it sucks if you or a loved one is one of those 129 people, but you don’t keep a country shutdown over it. You protect the nursing homes and you get back to life in the safest way forward….

              17. Do you realize the death rate is 128.52 per million people in America?

                Sure it sucks if you or a loved one is one of those 129 people

                One of those 129 people, eh? Your logic would be awesome if America only had a million people.

                You protect the nursing homes and you get back to life in the safest way forward….

                What about the people who work at nursing homes? How do we protect those people or the people they come into contact with once they leave their jobs? The safest way forward is what we have been doing. Social distancing. Contact tracing. PPE mandates. You know, the thing you claim is some sort of global conspiracy to take down an American presidency.

              18. Ha! The democratic party has America’s best interest at heart. 🙄 The past 3 years have been an exercise in futility of convincing me, but then again I’m nobody’s fool….

              19. « Do you realize the death rate is 128.52 per million people in America? »

                It’s actually 304 per million

              20. Ha! The democratic party has America’s best interest at heart.

                I’ve not mentioned parties during this discussion. Please try to refrain from turning this into a political catfight. But since that seems impossible for you….

                If you lived here you would realize any attempt to keep this country shutdown is yet another ploy by the democratic party to take down this president. They know they can’t win with Biden….

                Tell me. Is Scooters country, indeed all other countries in the world taking measures to combat the covid spread, including shutdowns…are they in on this “ploy” as well?

              21. Everything is political when it involves today’s democratic party, and this idea that they care more is about as political as they come.

              22. 304 per million after basically 4 months since being declared a pandemic, climbing every day, and those numbers that high despite having heavy restrictions in place. Imagine what that number would be over 12 months if the next 8 months are without restrictions.

                I’m curious to know what number of deaths per million would be considered the point at which razor believes maybe you do keep a country shut down over it?

              23. I wouldn’t worry too much about what I think because the United States won’t be closing again.

              24. The Countries who put in restrictions and shut downs have had the lowest infection and mortality rates. The few who haven’t have the highest infection and mortality rates. It’s black and white and the only argument against it is that you don’t care about people dying as long as it stays under a number based on doing nothing.

              25. Everything is political when it involves today’s democratic party

                OK, so you are saying every other country in the world’s shutdowns were engineered by the democratic party? Damn. And here I had been told they could do nothing right.

          1. Razor, if there’s “nothing to fear”, why exactly did you sign up for the Armed Services? He’ll, why have any military at all if there’s nothing to fear?

            1. Ribby, I don’t mind you trying to be cute but FDR wouldn’t want you to allow your fear to make things worse.

              1. As I recall, FDR’s “nothing to fear” didn’t extend to his thoughts on the Axis powers. FDR knew what they were up to and tried his best to rouse America’s collective head out of the sand.

              2. FDR’s quote is timeless. Don’t you ever try to minimize it’s significance in this Brave New World.

          2. Raz,
            I’m not afraid of death. I made my peace with God (no apologies to anyone who is offended by this) 50 years ago. What I am concerned about are my children and grandchildren, and of course the hundreds of thousands of people world-wide that are going through it. A relative of mine recently passed away from the covid, and from all indications, her death resulted in awful suffering as she also had a massive stroke while ventilated.
            I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone, especially my love ones.
            That also includes everyone on this blog – even the deplorables (sheesh, Dee).

            1. The lock down’s goal was achieved. Financial insecurity and domestic violence are force multipliers for the impact of mental-health problems, turning manageable problems into crises. We cannot let this challenge define us….

            2. AES, I did not call for the death of deplorables, only to let the ignorant and fearless gather together to cull the herd.
              Some of these FAUX heroes even called for old people to sacrifice themselves….
              Maybe Razor is up for that?

              1. Why don’t you ask Governor Cuomo about the old people and how they feel about sacrifice?

                As an aside, I gave 4 years of my life in service to this great country. Maybe Dee Phiant is up for that?

        2. Rib,
          It’s still out there. No one is saying that it’s not. Governor Newsome of California put it this way, “Covid-19 did not go on vacation” in reference to the numbers showing a slight decline in the past two weeks.

          The re-opening of our states may be the result of many reasons. But it certainly isn’t because the virus has gone away. Hence my comment to Razor that the next few weeks could be an indicator of what results of the virus looks like after re-opening for the Memorial Day Weekend.

          1. “Why is there resistance when it comes to COVID measures? Somehow a sizeable portion of the population feels it goes against their partisan grain.”

            Two reasons, people just need to get out. And people need to save their families and businesses (OK, that’s three).
            America runs on commerce and if the American worker is not allowed to work thereby causing a total collapse of our economy, we will live at the behest of the government and eventually rely on the government for our daily necessities.

            Impossible? Well, look at North Korea.

            There are those working in Washington DC, who can’t wait for this to happen. They would love to change the traditional values of America. Especially, our constitution.

            The adage “government works for the public” will be reversed.
            In ten to twenty years, we may be eating government cheese.

            1. AES, those people jammed together on the beaches, no precautions in sight, were not doing it for the sake of work or “providing for their families “. If anything, they are contributing to their own demise, even if COVID does not strike them directly. Even responsible republican lawmakers were dumbfounded. Anyone with two functional brain cells knows that another severe outbreak flare up is going to shut this thing down completely again.

              1. Rib,
                I never said that I agreed with thousands of people going to the beach. I had my qualms regarding this when our state re-opened for the Memorial day weekend.
                What’s worse is that thousands on the beach did not use PPE.

                There may be some negative ramifications regarding this in a few weeks. And that is certainly something I am not looking forward to. But with many doctors saying that it may take anywhere between a year to two years for vaccine, having the public wait that long to completely remove all restrictions could doom our economy and make us a third world with millions of Americans standing in food lines.
                Yes, C-19 is still out there, but if America doesn’t brave through this, we may never recover as a country.

            2. we will live at the behest of the government and eventually rely on the government for our daily necessities. Impossible? Well, look at North Korea. There are those working in Washington DC, who can’t wait for this to happen. They would love to change the traditional values of America. Especially, our constitution.

              Razor can you pass some of that “only thing to fear is fear itself” to AES?

              1. Rib,
                Fearful? Nah.
                Looks like you bypassed my –
                AES says:
                May 26, 2020 at 1:01 pm.

                Also, I had no idea that my comments on –
                AES says:
                May 25, 2020 at 4:14 pm – would lead to a shower of the “back and forth.”
                *Out of respect for the majority of posters who desire that this site remain a sports (49ers) blog, I will not post anything related to Covid-19.

          2. CW Neiius

            Please give us some ‘fresh meat’…as you can see, we’ve got lines being drawn..chests being puffed, flags being waved, and allegiances being sworn to follow our heroic POTUS…liar in charge…and basic ‘war stories’ being regurgitated that this blog was not designed for. It happens every time we get a lull in the niner information . So Please CW…Please….

        3. Unless Cuomo forces the NFL to play games at nursing homes, I think we’ll be alright Ribs. Protect the most vulnerable, take common sense precautions, and there is absolutely no reason NFL can’t start on time with open stadiums for fans.

          1. Hous, evidence from this last weekend highly suggests “common sense precautions” is a completely unknown concept to a large swath of the American populace.

            I’d say, come fall, if the death rate is still approaching 1000 per day that is absolutely the reason the NFL won’t start on time with open stadiums. I doubt responsible public officials, those who still give science its due, will be taking Undercenter’s thinning the global overpopulation theory to heart.

              1. 100,000 and counting.
                350,000 worldwide.
                1, 733, 961 cases. 101, 141 deaths is not .3 %.
                It is a 5.83% death rate, or 94.17% survival rate.

              2. This is wrong, again.

                The death rate is currently 5.8% fir those known to be positive, meaning the survival rate is 94.2% for known cases.

                We’ve been learning about this virus for months and have a pretty good idea of how to mitigate its spread. Unfortunately we also have someone who is on the television daily that has chosen to ignore the scientists to the point that a large number of folks are choosing not to follow even the most basic protocols. This has played a large role in the country being slow to bend the curve and left is in a plateued state.

              3. Alex Shabad
                May 26, 2020
                New CDC data estimates the #COVID19 mortality rate is 0.4 %, which is significantly lower than what’s been widely reported. The virus has had a catastrophic impact on the country with 100,000 Americans who have died. But the evolving data shows there’s a lot we don’t know. @wcnc

              4. There’s really no point in arguing with someone like Razoreater. He’s bought the Trump act hook line and sinker to the point he sounds like an ad for the administration. Everyday Trump embarrasses himself and this country while people like Razoreater just shrug and spout some nonsensical baseless point about freedom and greatness. Thankfully a higher percentage of the country sees Trump for the childish moron that he is and it’s looking likely that we will not have to endure another term of this clown.

              5. There’s only one argument to be made, and Biden will be tasked with making it during the debates.🧧

              6. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. -MT
                I just used the most recent totals, and they might be conservative. People may die of other causes brought on by Covid-19, and they may not be counted as a Covid-19 death.
                101, 141 deaths are the CONFIRMED cases. 1,733,961 are the REPORTED cases.

              7. Biden has sat in his house for two months and gained a double digit lead in the national polls. He really doesn’t have to do much more than continue to shine a light on Trumps terrible handling of the pandemic and continued lack of focus on anything but posting conspiracy theories on Twitter. Trump is hanging himself. Not much help is needed from anyone else.

              8. I take it you’ve gotten in on the action then, because Trump is a -118 favorite to defeat Biden in November.

              9. It was -135 a little over a week ago. He’s trending in the wrong direction and the polls overwhelmingly favor Biden. Polls can be wrong of course but when you are talking about a double digit lead in most national polls- including ones that normally favor Republicans- well let’s just say Donnie is doing himself more harm than good.

            1. Ribs, in some states the populace believes in a thing called freedom. Whether they decide to take precautions against the virus or not, it’s up to them. It’s only in those states with petty tyrants that they believe Americans should be protected against that freedom.

              1. Houston, my freedom to punch you in the nose ends right at your nose. You are free to contemplate on that truism.

                You can be a fing idiot, not wear a mask contract the virus, overwhelm medical services, whatever the f you want to do. My freedom is to not have hospitals overwhelmed with freedom loving idiots if I or my family members need their services.

              2. Yeah Ribs, thanks for proving my point. I know you don’t see it but you did. You committing an act of violence against me is not in the same ball park as me deciding whether i want to attend a football game or not. To even suggest such a dumb comparison is evidence of a serious lack of critical thinking skills.

                You don’t get to decide what actions others take because you’re worried about overwhelming medical services. You don’t have freedom to control what risks others decide to take. Where does it stop? Today I’m forcing you to wear a mask because you may end up the hospital. Tomorrow I’m banning all alcohol because those people can end up in the hospital. The next day I’m banning cars because those people can end up in the hospital? Where does your control over the actions of others end? Punching someone is an act of violence that the victim does not get to choose. Wearing a mask is a decision that people can choose to make. What happened to My Body, My Choice?

                The problem with tyrants like you is eventually people get tired of you making decisions for them and they revolt. My revolt will be to attend a sporting event with 60k other people without giving a flying F about what you think about it.

                Lastly, your entire premise is just plain false. 1.4M medical workers were laid off in April alone because medical services are not overwhelmed. There are perhaps a few hotspots where medical services are stressed but throughout the vast majority of the country medical services are actually under-utilized right now. The rules that may apply to New York City because psychotic tyrants like Cuomo and DeBlasio royally screwed up should not be forced on the rest of the country.

              3. You committing an act of violence against me is not in the same ball park as me deciding whether i want to attend a football game or not. To even suggest such a dumb comparison is evidence of a serious lack of critical thinking skills.

                I didn’t know you were this unlearned and ignorant, Houston. But we learn something new every day. Is the concept of metaphor unknown to you? Read and learn:

                The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.

                The right to swing my arms in any direction ends where your nose begins.

                My right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins.

                Strangely, these three similar statements were credited to three very different people. The first quote was attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. The second saying was credited to John Stuart Mill, and the third was ascribed to Abraham Lincoln. But I do not trust any of these attributions because no citations were provided.


                Do I have to hit you over your empty head with the point? (yes, feel “free” to chew on the violence contained in that metaphor). In a society you share with others, your “freedom” and “rights” are not absolute. Got it now?

                You don’t get to decide what actions others take because you’re worried about overwhelming medical services. You don’t have freedom to control what risks others decide to take.

                No, I don’t. The leaders I elect do though.

              4. Rib the second amendment ensures that my freedom is absolute and that is why it is in the constitution.

              5. Rib the second amendment ensures that my freedom is absolute

                So you are going to exercise that 2nd amendment how? Storming the offices of governors in shutdown states and do what exactly? Society is rules and laws, without rules no society, not even the one we are in, can exist.

                Paging Constitutional scholars in the concept of “absolute freedom”.

              6. You don’t get to decide what actions others take because you’re worried about overwhelming medical services. You don’t have freedom to control what risks others decide to take. Where does it stop? Today I’m forcing you to wear a mask because you may end up the hospital. Tomorrow I’m banning all alcohol because those people can end up in the hospital. The next day I’m banning cars because those people can end up in the hospital? Where does your control over the actions of others end? Punching someone is an act of violence that the victim does not get to choose. Wearing a mask is a decision that people can choose to make. What happened to My Body, My Choice?

                Equating a mechanism designed to help mitigate the spread of a pandemic to banning alcohol is ridiculous and the usual attempt to blur the lines of decency and humanity with personal freedoms. You wear a mask to protect your fellow citizens, not to protect yourself. It’s what people in civilized countries do as we’ve seen from most of the countries around the world. We should be focused on eradicating this virus and doing whatever we can to stop the spread. Most are willing to do that but as usual the right wing zealots have to make it about their personal freedoms being infringed upon. Do also have a number of deaths you are ok with as long as you can go and get a haircut or grab a beer, like Razoreater and undercenter?

              7. @Truth, Change your screen name to DumFuk because that’s what you are. I didn’t compare wearing a mask to banning alcohol. I compared the act of controlling various behaviors in an environment where individuals lack the freedom of choice. Anyone with an IQ above 5 can clearly see that point. Ribs saw it in his reply. Obviously you did not. I’m surprised you can actually figure out how to use a keyboard much less get someone to read English to you. Forcing someone to wear something is an infringement on personal freedom whether someone with your limited mental capacities sees it or not. I challenge you to walk into a barber shop in Texas and start yelling at the patrons that they need to wear masks to protect you. Let me know where because I want to film what happens to you. It would be a nice bit of fun for all of us sane people. Anywho, gofy and the horse you rode in on you ignorant buffoon.

              8. Thanks for demonstrating the exact kind of selfish a$$hole I was talking about. You were clearly using a stupid slippery slope possibility to give a reason why someone shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask. I appreciate you making the point for me quite clearly.

  6. Come on Ribby, don’t fear the virus
    Ribby take my mask, don’t fear the virus
    You’ve got to wash your hands, don’t fear the virus
    Ribby lift that ban!

  7. CW,
    Slightly off the subject but you did mention the salary cap, I was wondering if there has been any discussion of the 2021 salary cap if the upcoming season is played with social distancing in the crowds? What I mean is if only half or one third of the fans are let into the stadium teams will only collect half or one third of ticket revenues. That seems to me would affect the salary cap by driving it down. There has never been a lowering of the cap from one year to the next and i’m guessing would create a situation where teams would have to release as many as 10 players or more just to get under the cap. If you have a line to Parrag could posit that scenario to him?

    1. don’t ask a football question when political views are being posted people might think this is a football site

    2. Huh. That’s a good question. Off the top of my head I would say that the TV contract is so lucrative that although ticket revenue will be lost the NFL is one sport that can make do with video revenue alone. I will try to look into it.

  8. I have left many blogs because they have become tainted with too much politics and off-topic comments. Please don’t make this one of those blogs. Please stick to football, more specifically 49er football. Thank you

    1. I agree with you Runman. All the SRPD has to do is shadow ban four or five people, and we’re good to go.

    2. Tell me how discussing whether there will be a sports season, on a sports blog, is off topic? Whether to discuss, on a sports blog, if it’s wise to have said sports season in the overall scheme of things is off topic? Yes, there will be disagreement. Yes, unfortunately probably based on something other than your team allegiance. But in this time and circumstances, I find nothing more relevant in the sporting world.

    3. “I have left many blogs.. tainted ”

      Really , name 2 blogs you left which were tainted -LOL. We are in unprecedented times. Professional Sports are contingent on the health and safety of players, their families , coaches , support staff , media and stadium /facilities crews. Politics and medicine play a direct role in whether we have football and also will football be played for 17 weeks and playoffs. The conversation above directly relates to that. The season will most likely start as scheduled with empty stadiums or half empty. The question is what happens in NOV when the virus and the flu return. Anyone who thinks it will not should check out what is happening in Brazil .

      1. I like good information. I shut down information when it’s laced with angst and hatred.

        I’ll comment on Ribs posts because he keeps it respectful even when I disagree. But I try to stay away from politics especially given the fact that most of us already know what side of the isle we stand on, and arguing or debating those positions won’t change anyone’s base.

        1. In this particular discussion regarding the current condition society finds itself vis a vis opening up regarding sports, I’ve tried to keep specific political names,and parties, out of it. Others haven’t been as judicious. It only furthers cements my observation that those who claim sports, or sporting discussion, shouldn’t contain politics are fine with it as long as those politics are in agreement with one’s own.

          1. Exactly. For generations, sports and politics have collided. Look at Germany, during the time of Hitler. He wanted to use sports to show the dominance of the white race and pump up the Nazi party by having spectacular impressive displays. Too bad for him, Jesse Owens came along and shattered the myth about white superiority. One Black man threw a wrench in the Nazi Propaganda Machine.
            Sports has been used to effectuate change. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. Fritz Pollard broke the football color barrier, and in modern times, Kenny Washington was the first to sign an NFL contract.
            Sports has also been used to perpetuate discrimination. Blacks were thought to be mentally inferior, so they could not play quarterback. It took until 1968 before Marlon Briscoe broke the black QB color barrier. Doug Williams was the first black QB to win a SB. It took until 2010 before Troy Smith became the first black 49er QB.
            Even nowadays, sports and politics have collided. The unreasoned hate and blackballing because some Black player who shall not be named, had the courage to protest against rogue cops killing unarmed civilians, is indicative to how far we need to go. Thankfully, due to his actions, cops are now being held accountable, and one even was convicted. Body cameras are now standard issue, and there are now de-escalation protocols in place. Ahmaud Arbery shows we need to do more, but he was killed by racist vigilantes, not cops. Too bad it took months before those responsible, were finally charged. However, Arbery was engaged in a sport; jogging, before being murdered.
            Some one has made the Covid 19 Pandemic political, when politics should never have intruded in the decision making process and response. Guess who?
            Sports is intrinsically linked to this pandemic. People have taken this pandemic seriously, because they have cancelled many sports because of it. Now, they are pushing to re-open some sports seasons, mainly for political reasons, not medical reasons.

            1. I spoke too soon.
              RIP, George Floyd. At least the officers were fired instead of put on administrative leave with a full salary and benefits.

          2. And you would be completely incorrect… I shouldn’t have to spell it out stop… If you guys want to trash each other go ahead…

        1. Combative, argumentative, absolutely self-righteous………. sports fans

          Fixed that for you ccman. You could even replace “sports fan” with “human”

    4. Instead of complaining, maybe you should just talk about the Niners.
      I have not seen you post much, if at all, so get the ball rolling. Give us an opinion on where the Niners are strongest, and where they may need to improve, or talk about the players.
      Fortunately, several 49er players have given insightful interviews.
      Some may think that KS will want to open the floodgates on the passing game. I think they will be more run focused, so the wide receivers will not be getting as many targets. Additionally, I think KS will want to incorporate the RBs more into the passing game. Jet McKinnon may emerge as a dual threat, and I hope they allow Jeff Wilson to get more opportunities, especially in the red zone.

      1. I’ve been following this blog for years Seb… I read it Faithfully, just because I’m not a regular contributor doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention. In fact, truth be told, I used to write for Bleacher Report as a featured 49er writer when Bleacher Report was completely amateur. And I don’t necessarily disagree with those that say sports is tied to politics. However, some of the crap, not all of it, I just waded through is a mess, and to say it’s related to the 49ers and sports, is a stretch at best. It is amazing though, how you can drop a comment like that and people automatically make assumptions about you. But hey, it is not my blog, carry on faithful.

        1. Runman, I will still invite you to write about the Niners. The more the merrier.
          Sure, some of the comments are superfluous, but this is the dead time during the off season, and we do not even know if there will be a season.
          With the George Floyd murder, Kaep is back in the news, and he has been proven right.
          Yes, some of this posting is not pleasant, but these are trying times, and things are happening that will affect not only football, the Niners, but also the world.

  9. Yes, Staley is an icon. But just wanted to give one guy a shout out, a guy who left it all on the field for his team…Mike Person. A good player, great neighbor…in the “Not For Long” NFL where players are just raw meat chess pieces, we have real people too. For every domestic abuser felon, there are many more great people like Staley and former players like Mike.

  10. The Covid 19 pandemic and the NFL are linked together. If there is another spike, and a team becomes infected, the season may be in serious jeopardy.
    All the flying that may need to be done, may infect entire teams. Maybe the best option would be to have 4 regions, with 8 teams in each. Teams would be situated close enough in an isolated setting, so they would not have to fly. Then do a round robin with 8 teams, with the winner moving on to another safe site, to compete with the other region’s winners.
    Considering starting and playing like there is nothing to fear, may just backfire spectacularly. I hope they have contingency plans. Look at the German soccer league. 10 players have tested positive. They were all asymptomatic.

  11. Norway admits lock down was unnecessary. Glad they finally came around to my way of thinking. I think more will follow.

    1. Yes, countries with good social safety nets and public health systems, and a national leadership that can be trusted by its people, and a suitably small and low-density and homogenous population, probably can get away with a Swedish approach. FWIW, I agree that the US can’t and shouldn’t have a true public health plan, although it does work for many other countries.

      So please don’t pick and choose aspects of their response and say that’s what we should do here. And even what may work in some rural locations here won’t work across the country…

        1. Florida just marked its second highest daily death count of the month.

          I am reminded of Harry S. Truman’s definition of recession and depression: “It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.”
          Fokls who have lost friends or family members to COVID prefer the NY model and many of those who haven’t prefer Florida or Georgia’s model.

          Personally, I’d be happy if my county of Santa Clara followed California statewide guidance and goes into Stage 3 of opening up in a week or two. The only thing that’s keeping me sane are my long weekend hikes.

              1. That would only be one in eight deaths (30K dead in NY). The vast majority appear to have died because of the passing of the infection from person to person before SIP was imposed.

        2. What works in Florida works for me.

          What’s that? Purposely hiding the true case/mortality counts? Firing the official in charge of the dashboard because she wouldn’t cook the numbers? That works for you?

            1. Ok, when your local hospital becomes inundated with new cases and beds are needed, where would you put those, showing marked symptomatic improvement, currently occupying those desperately needed beds? On the street? There’s your “freedom” you’ve been braying about. Back to the general population was obviously the wrong thing to do. But premature “opening up” is essentially the same damn thing.

              1. Also, will you get with your buddy undercenter and get the story straight on deaths being a good thing or not.

    2. Brasil also thinks the lockdown is unnecessary. They have decided not to count the bodies, to bolster their claim.

      1. Oh, for cryin out loud, Sebstrom–get off your high horse, talk 9er football………..OR I WILL SICK CASSIE AND PRIME ON YOU…………….THEY WILL NEVER “LEARN THEIR LESSON”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Worst case scenario.
          Thankfully, we have lowered the curve, and I personally am not in a hurry to be a guinea pig to see if a spike happens or not.
          The German Soccer league is trying hard. They even have crowd noise piped in with the team chants.

        2. The models were based on the amount of people who could die if the states did nothing to stop the virus from spreading. Thankfully a number of Governors stepped up and put restrictions in place to stem the tide so that those numbers wouldn’t be met. There was a report that came out just last week that more than 30 000 lives could have been saved if Trump had done something, anything, to mitigate the spread of the virus even a week or two before he finally accepted what everybody had been telling him for over a month. Bad leadership equals lives lost and that is clear as day when it comes to Trump. He’s now making sure another spike will happen in a few months to take away any doubt he’s the most incompetent and ignorant US President in history.

        3. How much less severe could it be when the models predicted over 2 million dead?

          Those models were based on the razor response to the pandemic. That is, no response. Which was the federal response for the first few critical weeks. If you don’t count “nothing to see here” as a response.

    3. Razor,
      Please provide the link that states that Norway now thinks that the “lock down was unnecessary” (preferably the Norwegian government statement to this effect.) Thanks.

      1. Camilla Stoltenberg, Director General of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health,

        “Norway could have brought the coronavirus pandemic under control without a lockdown, and called for the country to avoid such far-reaching measures if hit by a second wave”.

              1. Just the facts my ass. Tell us again how Obama had no scandals in his administration. 🤦‍♂️

              2. “Obama had no scandals in his administration”

                Well there was that one time he drank a latte while wearing a tan suit. Zero indictments. Zero guilty pleas. Facts are a stubborn thing.

              3. We all forgot about that Netflix bomb she was affiliated with. Tell Joe to put her on the ticket!

              4. So you advocate putting failures on national tickets? I see where you are coming from. Trump University. Trump Steaks. Trump Vodka. Trump Plaza Casino Atlantic City. Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City (how tf does someone bankrupt not only one casino, but several?? Casinos ffs! ). Trump Shuttle. Trump Tower Tampa. The Plaza Hotel NYC. Trump Soho Condos and Hotel…. I can go on.

                Yes! Put this guy on the ticket. See how he does without Comey, Putin or Wikileaks in his corner.

              5. I’ll take $2.4 Billion dollars worth of failure and president of the United States for the win, Ribby.

              6. $2.4 Billion dollars worth of failure

                I imagine this is some sort of figure that’s been fed to you regarding his wealth? Care for another wager? When his taxes are finally revealed (and they will be), his net worth doesn’t come close to that. Assets vs liabilities, he may not even be a thousandaire. Deal?

              7. I’ll take $870,000 worth of failure and the presidency for the win. Feel better now, Ribby?

                Maybe you wanna double down on dumb like your Governor.

              8. Razor, knowing how you worship at the altar of DJT, I know you’d take $1 of failure and the 2016 election as some sort of win. Remember, your “worst president of all time” won two elections. We’ll see how your guy stacks up to the “worst president of all time”. It’s looking worse and worse, he just can’t get out of the way of his pathologies. Beyond the death toll and the cratered economy, more and more aren’t taking kindly to his unsubstantiated murder accusations or his threats against private social media companies.

                Bringing it back to sports. How will we get our up to date sporting info if DJT goes ahead with his threat to shut down twitter? (I know the courts would slap him in the face with the 1st amendment in a nanosecond, but consider even the idea of the threat)

              9. I can’t live on a dollar, and I wouldn’t take a dime in service to this great country as its POTUS.

            1. Rib, let’s not forget that Michelle Obama attempted to make healthy school lunches a priority. What a monster. Let the record show Razor could not come up with an actual factual Obama scandal although plenty of hearsay

              1. I have neither the proclivity nor the patience to tell you which you yourself already know. Go back to worshiping at the house of Obama….

              2. Bruce, I do remember the “scandal” over the administrations defense of the Benghazi state department outpost. Supposedly the administrations “inaction” led to those 4 deaths. Endless Congressional hearings, remember those? Unfortunate as those 4 deaths were, we are up to 25,000 Benghazis now. When will the hearings commence over how many deaths the inaction of this administration has led to?

              3. I have neither the proclivity nor the patience to tell you which you yourself already know. Go back to worshiping at the house of Obama….

                Translation: I have nothing but empty rhetoric. Same thing your hero does when making unsubstantiated accusations with zero evidence to back them up.

        1. That’s the opinion of one Norwegian institute head — who doesn’t seem to be an policy-making official. She may be right, though. Those hindsight glasses tend to be the very best. However, Sweden does have data for the no-lockdown case.

          Most nations seem to be taking an intermediate path since the citizens are not as responsible as one hopes they would be. The important things is that the Scandinavian countries have several factors going for them such as some of the highest percentage of people living alone, with jobs where working from home is not a problem, and public health systems that are far more robust than most countries, including the U.S.

        1. .”What is needed is a commitment from the entire population to follow the infection prevention advice.”

          This is a big part of why we are still in the situation in which we find ourselves. A great deal of Americans are too damn selfish to follow the advice.

          1. A great deal of Americans are too damn selfish to follow the advice.

            They think eating razors is a healthy thing to do….

              1. Profund insight in the mind of a razoreater….
                Razoreater says:
                May 27, 2020 at 4:23 pm

                My infatuation with eating razors isn’t healthy.

              2. Sorry to hear that you got a razor stuck again.
                Did you put it in your bottom or the top?

              3. If you can’t figure out your bottom from your top, I wonder where your head is at….

              4. Pervert eh?
                I think you’d like to use a different word but are too chicken to write it….

                you have really gone bonkers there now with Seb and all the while Seb looks like a nice, sane and civilized person.

              5. Your emptiness does not consume me at all, but you seem to be in an all time race to outdo Seb, who used to insist on having the last word.
                It’s amusing to see how you’re struggling to keep your phobia contained!

              6. I can’t help your infatuation took you down a rabbit hole for some bunny that looked like me.

              7. I guess when you were in the army you had a lot buddies to teach you about rabbit holes…
                Are you still angry about that?

          2. A segment of the population is selfish and willfully ignorant. Recently the pres mocked Biden for wearing a mask which his own Covid response team deemed essential in public. Leadership starts top down and fishes also rot top down.

            1. The incompetence of the President and those who enable him is why we have seen over 100k die in the last 2 months from this virus.

  12. The reason the Niners don’t have the above-mentioned players? It is a NO Brainer. Lynch missed on Thomas and Foster. Both 1rst round picks. Then to make up for his lack of judgment, he had to spend a $100 mill on Ford and Alexander.
    Foster and Thomas who play the same positions, would’ve still been on their rookie contracts

    1. He didn’t deserve $hit. He refused to work on his mechanics and believed his own hype. That’s why he was a flash in the pan.

      1. Don’t we all believe our own hype. Read option only works if the option is viable. Colin was a 1 read tuck and runner. On a side note, I am having issues with PD on one of my devices so I have to use a different email. Bruce Lee colors are Green and Blue like the Seahawks who I despise.

          1. Any body can post stupid hindsight remarks about a player.
            Did you not watch the SB when Kaep was playing?
            Did you predict that nines were going to lose that SB because of Kaep too?
            I think YOU are the flash in the pan, actually more of a rash…
            You should be ashamed of yourself to try to associate yourself with Bill Walsh!

      2. He did work on his mechanics for a bit but then seemed to receive some really bad advice from someone (Geep Chryst, I suspect) and appeared to decide not to bother anymore. I recall that Chris Ault, his old coach at Nevada, pointed out several things he was doing wrong, but at that point Kap certainly wasn’t going to listen to Coach Ault anymore.

        1. Should’ve moved in with Steve Young, and found his own girlfriend. Could have learned how to be a real quarterback, plus got hooked up with a nice Mormon girl….

    2. That’s true about Kaepernick. LB spy made it tough, but teams also began to prioritize turning him back inside, to the middle of the field, instead of letting him get to the sideline. And accuracy was perceived as a problem. And once football people question your accuracy, it is a lose-lose. You bear down to make the throw, which only tightens you up. And then if you make a poor throw everyone nods and says, “See, told you.”

      1. CWN, that Thanksgiving 2014 debacle is still stuck in my craw. I think Kaep completed more to Sherman and the ballboy on the sideline than to his own WRs. If he were a starting major league pitcher they would have lifted him after the 2nd inning. After witnessing that in person… that’s when I exited the Kaepernick bandwagon for good.

      2. IMO, like all real life stuff, Kaep’s failure is likely due to more than one or two factors. He couldn’t adapt to pocket passing and neither could Harbaugh’s offense. Roman seems to have learned the lesson and has worked with Harbaugh the Elder to completely change the offense giving Jackson multiple seasons to improve his pocket passing skills and mindset. As Steve Young says, eventually the running QBs have to suppress their instincts and play in the pocket.

        1. Dee, one thing you need to know. Those claiming “America’s psyche needs football” were the first to exit the sport back in the Kaepernick social protest days. RWers were absolutely giddy over the dip in attendance and viewership. Razor himself flounced out of here for an extended period. I guess they and he didn’t need football all that much after all. So much for keeping politics out of sports.

  13. I have a theory regarding CK that many don’t like because it takes away understandable blame which many sports fans need. CK sometime during the 2013 season got himself a case of the yips. Like Steve Sax or Mackey Sasser he climbed inside his own head and never could crawl out. It wasn’t a matter of work ethic or attitude it was purely psychological. No one to blame it just happens. Now you take a player with the yips who then takes a unpopular political stance and that pretty much spells the end of his career. Were there QB’s who had less talent (even with the yips) playing in the NFL after CK? Sure, but he wasn’t good enough for most owners to take the chance. I wish him only the best in his future non football endeavors.

    1. I agree, Old Coach. Add to that the perceived need to modify an offense to suit his strengths and you have the perfect storm. Any one of the issue could be overlooked by a team that needed a QB, but not all of them together.

    2. Old Coach, I will respectfully disagree. One poster thought Kaep took the league by storm, I think he could do it again. He typifies the mobile QB, and with the proper support, he could be a threat to score, every time he touches the ball, through the air or with his legs.
      Remember, in 2013, he was one pass from returning to the SB in the Clink, but his pass went towards Crabtree, who will never remind me of past great Niner receivers. In 2014, he became injured. In 2015, his O linemen acted like turnstiles. In 2016, the Niner defense gave up historic amounts of rushing yardage. Still, even though he was struggling, in the last game of the season, he willed his team to victory, and went for it for 2 points, to win at the last second.
      imho, Kaep has the skillsets, and since he has not been touched for 3 years, he is totally fresh and ready to go.
      The only thing holding him back is the blackballing. My proof is that they are so fearful, they will not even give him a tryout. Last season, he would have been a superior QB compared to – Jarrett Stidham, Daniel Jones, Blake Bortles, Josh Rosen, Tyrod Taylor, Case Keenum, Dwayne Haskins, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Derek Carr, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andy Dalton, Nick Foles, Marcus Mariota, Sam Darnold, Jameis Winston, Cam Newton and Phillip Rivers. He might be equal or better than Jacoby Brissett, Mitch Trubisky, Josh Allen, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Tannehill, Ben Rothlisberger, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford. That is 27 QBs.
      In his workout, Kaep was accurate. he delivered from the pocket, rolled out, and threw the ball while on the run. Maybe you did not see it, but I thought he looked impressive.
      In my nightmare scenario, Stidham flames out spectacularly, so Belichick is desperate and signs Kaep, who goes on to beat Brady in the SB.
      Sorry, I tried to stick to politics, but Kaep keeps popping up in the news. Lebron James gave him good pub.

      1. Silly Sebbie, it’s nice that you keep sticking up for Kaep, but you can’t compare QB’s who played to a guy who threw at a practice field….
        It makes you and Kaep look bad.

        1. That is just to counter the screeds that he cannot throw with accuracy.
          Of all the QBs listed, only Cousins, Tannehill and Wentz made it to the playoffs. Many of those other QBs amply showed their limitations, not their optimum potential. Their losing records also could be proof that some teams would rather lose, than win with Kaep.
          I still am content to have JG be the 49er franchise QB, but the drek QBs just lowers the quality of the game.

      2. Old Coach, I will respectfully disagree.

        With what are you disagreeing with? All of the reasons you posted for his support basically prior to his getting the yips. BTW you might not want to praise him to much for being 1 pass away from returning to the superbowl considering he committed 3 turnovers in the 4th quarter which directly lead to the 49ers losing the lead and ultimately the game. The reality was he was amazing for 1 year, and like the wildcat took the league by storm before burning out like a falling star.

        In 2015, the year you said the oline were like turnstills they actually ranked 14th in terms of pass blocking. They were terrible at run blocking but that shouldn’t kill a qb. So he had better protection than more than half the qb’s in the NFL.

        Coach, I completely agree. CK was a good but flawed qb. He struggled to make reads and make certain throws, particularly anything where he had to drop a ball over a defender. Once teams learned this they forced him to stay in the pocket by running DE’s upfield and forced him to make throws where he had to drop the ball over defenders. He didn’t adapt and it culminated in the gopher killing game in AZ.

        1. There is certainly a lot to disagree with. I respectfully disagreed that he had the yips.
          It is hard to win playing with a bum shoulder. Some may have criticized his accuracy, but if he needed surgery, he had a valid excuse.
          Too bad Baalke dismantled a SB team. Kaep could not get to his 5th step before a pass rusher was in his face. Thankfully, he is a mobile QB, so he eluded many sacks. If not, the O line grade would have been a lot worse. Look at the replays, Devey and Pears were turnstiles.
          In that AZ game, it looked like they knew what the Niners were going to run. Oh, wait, the Cards defenders said that right after the game. I blame the poor unimaginative coaching that was way too predictable.
          In his first NFCC Game, Joe Montana had 3 picks. Fortunately, his last pass was The Catch.
          Yeah, they say he did not adapt. Every QB needs to adapt, and Kaep has the skillsets to do that. Sometimes, it is also the case of a lack of talent surrounding him. Those WRs were mediocre, at best. Even Randy Moss was a shell of his former self, and in the SB, gave up, and did not even try for the ball.
          They say the pistol was a gimmick. So why do so many teams still run that play? GB used it a lot. Even the Chiefs used it against the Niners, I believe.
          They tried to force him to be only a pocket passer. That is like sticking an Abrams tank in a pit. They should have played to his strengths. Greg Roman learned his lesson, has utilized Lamar Jackson correctly, and they had one of the best offenses in the league. Roman let Jackson be mobile and elusive, and they had the top ranked running attack in the league. In Kaep’s last season, even with all the losing, His running ability allowed the Niners to have the 6th ranked running game.
          I still think that Kaep, with the proper supporting cast, could do well. However, if his defense lets third string RBs gallop for 200 yards, even Joe Montana would find it hard to win any games. I listed 18 QBs who I think Kaep is currently superior to. Try to make a case for any one of them, and all I need to say is- 181 yards. None of those players will run for 181 yards in this season’s playoff games. Kaep could.
          I still do not see why they are so afraid of him. If they truly think he has no skills, some team should invite him to camp to prove he cannot play. They will not even ask him for a try out, which basically proves the blackballing.

          1. Kaeperdink hit the league running on wounded knee with a steel rod in his leg and no intention of ever perfecting his craft. How long did you think that was going to last?

            What did I tell you in 2016? Let me remind you, “If Kaeperdink gets beat out by Gabbert he should retire, because he’ll never play another down in the NFL”.

            1. Gabbert then pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself.
              Baalke sat Kaep and would not let him compete, so Gabbert won by default, not merit.
              I am expecting Kaep to play again, once the guy who called him an SOB is defeated in November.
              He SHOULD retire? The NFL had him retired on their bio, but had to change it to UFA.

              1. Did I or did I not tell you that back in 2016? Yes or No is all I want to hear. I could care less about the rest of the noise. And let me remind you before your answer that you’re under oath and I have the document to prove that I did….

              2. I just found out that Clorox has one with a hint of lemon.
                And here I was just drinking it straight!

              3. Once my eggs have been laid they are extremely difficult to remove from what’s left in your mind.

              4. I’m going to see if I can press out some more eggs.
                White eggs. Clorox is good for that.

              5. You did not ask me a yes or no question, but since I want to be civil and polite, I will answer.
                How long did I think it would last? After he got to the SB after only 10 games starting, I was hoping he would be the Niner QB for years and help win a couple rings.
                What did you tell me? You answered your own question, so I do not need to repeat what you wrote. You may say you care less about what I wrote, but you found time to reply, so you cared enough.
                I do not need to lie 18,000 times like your hero. And, no, I am not under oath, but I have enough character to try to be truthful at all times, unlike your hero. How Presidential- calling others SOBs.
                Now he intends to shut down Twitter. That would be like him cutting off his nose to spite his face. This ‘stable’ genius is getting stabler all the time. ;p
                Sorry about my catfish. It seems (s)he has resurfaced.

              6. I am he. The born-less one. The fallen angel watching you. Babylon. The scarlet whore. I’ll infiltrate your gratitude.

              7. Does anyone have a good source for hydroxychloroquine. I’m starting to run low. Can trade for Ketamine from my vet.

              8. Hear, Hear, !
                Razor has become the new Seb or maybe he always was the Unseb with his nonsensical drivel, hard to tell.
                Seb is behaving and making sense and Razor going off the deep end. What a crazy world we live in.

            2. “Some may have criticized his accuracy, but if he needed surgery, he had a valid excuse.”

              He wasn’t accurate prior to the injury and wasn’t accurate for 2 years post injury… but yeah, I’m sure he’s accurate now.

              Kaep has the ability to adapt”… see every failed qb high draft pick ever. George, Russell, Smith, Geno, blah, blah, blah,

              “Why is the wildcat still used?”
              It is used fir a few plays, not as the offense. If Kaep was willing to play in a package and get 4 or 5 plays a game he might be useful.”

              Why didn’t the 49ers roll him out

              The couldn’t, the 49ers had more designed rollouts than every team other than the Seahawks… the difference was Russell could make throws in the pocket and Kaep couldn’t make you pay when you kept in the pocket.

              Keep trying, every argument you have tried is cute but half assed.

              1. How droll.
                Kaep has thrown for 400 yards in a game. An inaccurate QB should be incapable of that. He is the first QB to pass for 10,000 yards, and run for 4,000 yards. An inaccurate QB would be incapable of that, and should not be called a one trick pony.
                He took a team to a SB after only his first 10 games. Which QB has done that before?
                He has a 4-2 road playoff record. Joe or Steve cannot boast of that.
                He ran for 181 yards in a playoff game. No other QB has surpassed that mark.
                He has thrown for over 300 yards and ran for over 50 yards in a SB. Only Joe can match that record. An inaccurate, non-mobile QB would be incapable of doing that.
                Keep claiming he is inaccurate. If you say it enough times, you may start believing it.
                Greg Roman learned from the Kaepernick experience, and utilized Lamar Jackson properly. That is why Jackson gained over 500 yards in his playoff game. Too bad his defense was like Kaep’s and gave up over 200 yards rushing.
                You may claim it is a gimmick, and everyone has figured it out, but that does not explain why teams are still using it. Kaep does not need to run it all the time. If he uses it judiciously, it could be more effective. I may want Kaep to roll out more, but He should be content to get the ball into the hands of his playmakers. Being unpredictable, and threatening to pass or run, just puts more pressure on the defense. Kaep, by using his mobility to elude the pass rush, can buy time to let his receivers to get open. BTW, how many Pro Bowl WRs did he have to throw to?
                Personally, during the regular season, I would be happy if they mainly kept a mobile QB in the pocket, to protect him, but leaving him every time in the pocket will allow pass rushers to tee off and rush to a spot. I hope they roll out JG more often to be less predictable, so they cannot rush into the passing lanes, and bat down the ball. Then during the playoffs, turn him loose. Hopefully, JG will be fully recovered from his ACL injury, so he can use his mobility more. I do not expect JG to run like Lamar Jackson or Kaep, but he is talented enough to use his legs to convert third downs, if needed to.
                What a fallacious statement.
                ‘They could not roll out Kaep’ They deliberately kept Kaep in the pocket, and refused to let him roll out. Coaches intoned that Kaep had to learn to deliver from the pocket. The Niners may have had more designed roll outs than every other team, but if they refused to call one, they were useless, leading to more wasted opportunities.
                Kaep is more accomplished and talented than over half of the present starters. You have no rejoinder to the fact that Kaep has set playoff records.
                I notice you chose 2 Black QBs to say they could not adapt. Are you inferring that black QBs do not have the mental capacity to adapt?
                I wonder if you are aware that Derek Chauvin is in the news, because he is the type of rogue cop that Kaep is protesting against. Kaep should not be deprived of a job because he was fighting for social justice. This blackballing is a stain on the NFL.
                Keep trying? Where have I heard that before? You know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ;p

              2. “Kaep has thrown for 400 yards in a game. An inaccurate QB should be incapable of that.”

                Yes, Billy Volek, Jon Kitna, Kyle Orton, Vince Faragammo etc., so yes, many inaccurate qbs have had such big games… consistancy is what makes a good qb.

                “He took a team to a SB after only his first 10 games. Which QB has done that before?”
                Kurt Warner and Roger Staubach, but they both won the superbowl and maintained their success.

                He has a 4-2 road playoff record. Joe or Steve cannot boast of that.
                You take Kaep, I’ll take Joe or Steve over him.

                He has thrown for over 300 yards and ran for over 50 yards in a SB. Only Joe can match that record. An inaccurate, non-mobile QB would be incapable of doing that.
                Soooo, I guess you think Tim Tebeow was an accurate mobile qb? He did upset the Steelers in the playoffs while throwing for more than 300 yards and rushing for more than 50 yards.

                Keep claiming he is inaccurate. If you say it enough times, you may start believing it.
                He’s inaccurate, his career completion percentage of 59.92 would have ranked him behind 29 of the 32 starting qb’s last year. If you want to claim he’s accurate that’s fine but he isn’t when compared to his peers by any statistical measure.

                You may claim it is a gimmick, and everyone has figured it out, but that does not explain why teams are still using it. Kaep does not need to run it all the time.

                The wildcat is a gimmick and teams can use it successfully, occasionally like they do all trick plays… but show me one team that is running that package as its entire offense?

                You have no rejoinder to the fact that Kaep has set playoff records.
                You mean like Eric Moulds?

                I notice you chose 2 Black QBs to say they could not adapt. Are you inferring that black QBs do not have the mental capacity to adapt?

                I just named 3 physically gifted qb’s, the fact that you started wondering if it had something to do with the mental capacity of black athletes says more about you than it does me.

                “‘They could not roll out Kaep’ They deliberately kept Kaep in the pocket, and refused to let him roll out. Coaches intoned that Kaep had to learn to deliver from the pocket. The Niners may have had more designed roll outs than every other team, but if they refused to call one, they were useless, leading to more wasted opportunities.”

                Once again, the stats don’t bear this out. SF was top 3 in designed qb rollouts nearly every year Kaep was the qb. You know these things can be googled right? So who is spreading the lies? How about you start telling me about all those OC’s Bill Walsh had again. :D.


              3. Kaepernicks teams had a 4-2 overall playoff record. You know who also had a 4-2 playoff record, even better completion avg and rating than Kaep? Led his team to the playoffs including the conference championship in his rookie season? Put the incongruous word pairing together. Butt. Fumble.

                Yup. Niners missed their chance in not signing Mr. Sanchez when they could have.

              4. I watched Kap play a lot of football at Nevada (I lived in Reno at that time) and then for the 49ers. Kap was never as bad as his detractors and revisionist historians claim, but he was also never as good as his highlights. He was consistently inconsistent. Inconsistent QBs do not make it in the NFL except as backups, and then only if they can step in and play the existing offense. Baltimore may be the only place Kap would make sense as a backup, but that bridge burned and collapsed into a charred ruin long ago.

              5. I just listed 18 QBs who I think Kaep would be superior to. It is all relative. Some teams would not make the playoffs even with a good QB, but decidedly fail with the present drek QB.
                If Kaep had been the QB instead of Bortles, the Jags may have won a SB that year.
                Teams who might benefit from having a veteran QB? The Colts may find that Rivers has declined too much to be effective. The Pats have Stidham, an untested QB, and Hoyer. We will see if Belichick is genius enough to make Stidham into a SB QB. Daniel Jones, Dwayne Haskins, Sam Darnold, if tasked to compete against Kaep, may fail. The Dolphins are expecting Tua to be their franchise QB, but he could disappear like a puff of smoke due to his gruesome injury. The Chargers are counting on Herbert to replace Taylor. Kaep may be a better option than either. Carr, Mariota or Kaep? I would take Kaep in a heartbeat, but hope the Raiders are too stupid to do that. Dak may not be the QB at Dallas, with high sky high demands, so Kaep may be an affordable alternative. Carolina is rebuilding, so Bridgewater may struggle. Minshew may also struggle, so there could be an opportunity there.
                Maybe the most logical landing spot for Kaep would be the Bengals. Winston is not the answer. That makes at least 12 teams who Kaep could possibly play for.
                Then there may be an injury to any of the other QBs, which would create an opportunity for Kaep, if that team is desperate, and may not make the playoffs with their backup.
                Kaep with the proper supporting cast, could return to the SB. Teams with a defense that gives up 200 yards on the ground, would find it hard to win any games.
                Kaep’s detractors are so afraid of Kaep, they do not even want him to get a tryout. If he is as bad as they say, they should be begging for a team to give him a tryout, to prove he cannot play.

              6. Shoup, I want to apologize. I should not have said what I did, and to your credit, you did mention George. However, ability to adapt is a mental process, and the history of screeds against Black QBs just makes that a touchy subject. You would have been better off if you had mentioned QBs like Tebow. He is a poster child for the subject of an accomplished college QB, not being able to adapt to the NFL.
                Please do not claim that they used Kaep properly. I watched every snap, and ground my teeth because they forced Kaep to be a sitting duck in the pocket, which was exacerbated with a turnstile O line. My proof? Roman finally wised up, and utilized Lamar Jackson correctly. If Roman had used Kaep like he has done with Jackson I would not have been screaming at the TV. They may have had many designed rollouts, but they did not call them enough. They should have called twice or three times as many as they did. Google does not give the whole picture.
                JPN, thank you for being a voice of reason, and I accept your opinion, but will still disagree. I think that Kaep could still be a starter in this league. Yes, Kaep is inconsistent. If you assessed Kaep on his first 2 seasons, you would call him a SB QB. if you assessed Kaep only on his last 3 years, you would be a detractor. Too bad Baalke set him up for failure, by dismantling a SB team, and by making horrendous draft picks.

              7. consistently inconsistent.

                Having witnessed in person one of Kaepernick 49ers highlights (Sunday night dec 17 2012 in New England) and one of his lowlights (thanksgiving 2014 in Santa Clara), I have to wholeheartedly agree. Both big games for the team. He looked like two different players, lending credence to coach’s yips theory.

              8. JPN,
                I’m not really a huge Kaep detractor though I seem like it when arguing with Seb. I don’t believe SF makes the Super Bowl with Alex Smith the way their D was playing at years end. And Kaep could make accurate throws… but his mechanics sucked and so he was very inconsistent as a thrower (hence his accuracy issues).
                All that said, I think he’s worthy of being a lower tier starting QB who can flash brilliance in the right circumstances.

                Seb, perhaps Tebow could have been mentioned but from my memory he had serious flaws according to most pundits and was widely thought to have been over drafted. Tebow is very comparable as a backup/low end starter as he too brings a lot of unwanted distractions.

              9. Shoup, I do not consider you biased, but am just upset about the most recent news. I am glad we can have a spirited debate, and acknowledge you can present your arguments in a cogent manner.
                To be fair and show I am not a total Kaep lover, I will criticize Kaep for his recent comments. He should not be stoking the chaos with inflammatory statements, that may lead to more violence. I want justice, but it should be done in a peaceful manner. Violence begets more violence. Kaep should not be calling for revolt, because that may be playing into the far right’s hands.
                Thankfully the offending officer has been arrested.
                People need to peacefully protest, but looting is counter productive. I can understand the anger, but they should not let the mob mentality rule. It just perpetuates the circle of violence.
                Peaceful protest and the ballot box are the best ways to effect change and progress.

              10. Kaeperdink should get a taste of his own medicine and have some cops kneel on him tout de suite!

      3. “imho, Kaep has the skillsets, and since he has not been touched for 3 years, he is totally fresh and ready to go.”. – Seb

        I agree with some of your points. Also, Kap should get a chance.
        But he may have blown his chances when the league put a halt on a weekend with many head coaches coming out to watch his workout. Mind you, this workout was set for a Saturday during the season a day before a game. For whatever reason, Kap moved the scheduled location to a different venue at the last minute.
        This type of action does not endear him to the NFL that he said he wants to play in.

        But, even if Kaepernick is given an opportunity to play with a team, I don’t see him making an impression unless he’s learned the vital nuances of a NFL pocket QB. His effects as a running QB came to an abrupt end when Terrell Suggs abused him in the Superbowl.
        Kap was never the same after that game. Yet, his career stats are strong enough to warrant a second chance (imo).

        1. Kaep was blindsided by the NFL. At the last minute, they insisted that Kaep sign away his rights for a chance at a tryout. Classic bait and switch.
          Then, they would not even let him videotape it. It should have been scheduled on a Tuesday (?), when most tryouts are performed, so more GMs could have attended.
          Endear him to the NFL? After blackballing him for years? The NFL did not cover themselves in glory, and history will not be kind to them. If the NFL wants to behave honorably, they should drop all preconditions, and just allow him to try out with a team.
          Suggs abused him during the SB? Then why was he 5 yards from winning it? Personally, I blame the one sided officiating. I kinda knew the fix was on, when they threw a flag on the first offensive play of the game, which negated a 20 yard pass play, over a ticky tacky lining up penalty. On the KO TD, they bear hugged Bruce Miller, and the returner ran through that hole which was created by the blatant holding. That NFCC Game in the Clink the next season was pretty hard to watch, too. That 12 man was one of the refs, and the calls were bizarre. Still, even in that game, Kaep was one pass from going back to the SB.
          I am glad you are open minded about Kaep. If he did try out, and flamed out spectacularly, I would concede he may not win a starting job. Then his best option may be to become a backup.
          However, I watched that private tryout, and Kaep was asked to throw a variety of passes, some while on the run. He made all the throws, and showed touch and accuracy. Sure, it was a tryout, and not game conditions, but they hold tryouts for a reason, and they have film so they can make an informed assessment.
          Kaep took the league by storm, I think he could do it again. Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are proof that the mobile, dual threat QB, is here to stay.

  14. I am going to go off topic from this political… er… football blog for a moment.

    CFC, if you are out there, I believe we discussed Corvettes once (I think that was when I bought my C4) and you mentioned you were partial to 1978 Pace Cars. Well, I’m not getting a Pace Car, but I just agreed to buy a 1978 Silver Anniversary special edition Corvette (the two-tone silver one). I will have to ditch the C4 because of lack of parking space, and because I cannot justify three play vehicles (1994 Corvette, 1978 Corvette, and 1974 Blazer) and my regular truck. My wife does not understand why I would trade an old car for an even older one, but I could not pass up a nice Silver Anniversary edition for a good price. ;-)

    1. Nice ride. I’m more into classic Caddies mid 50’s through early 60’s but I wouldn’t want to put the gas in them.

      1. OldCoach,

        Got to love old Caddies! But I understand about the gas issue. That’s why I don’t drive my old Blazer much. It gets 8-10 MPG on a good day.

      1. I would opt for a ’66 C2 with a 427, but unfortunately C2s are out of my price range unless they need a whole lot of work. The ’78 I’m getting is a driver and almost all original.

        1. You could consolidate down to one play vehicle 😁 Priorities, priorities… 😏 nah all good, that ‘78 silver looks like a sweet ride. There’s a guy that tools around my neighborhood in something similar.

  15. “On offense, the 49ers ranked fourth in total offense (6,097), 13th in passing yards (3,792), second in rushing yards (2,305) and second in points per game (29.9). They also tied for the seventh-most passing touchdowns (28) and led all of football with 23 rushing TDs.

    On defense, the 49ers allowed the second-fewest yards per game (281.8), the least amount of passing yards per game (169.2) and ranked 17th in rushing yards allowed per game (112.6). And they ranked eighth in points allowed per game at only 19.4.”


            1. At tackle…. not so much inside. Only one playoff qb faced more pressure than Jimmy did last year. The oline is still not good and Jimmy and Kyle make them look a lot better than they really are.

              The defense should still be elite maybe slightly worse. The Offense as a whole should in theory also be slightly worse for most of the season. However the team still could be better overall. This however, largely depends on the improvement/growth of Jimmy along with the potential return of Taylor (and Hurd to some degree).

              1. Blindside protection is far better for Jimmy’s long term health. Although pressure up the middle is the shortest route to the qb, at least you can see it coming and protect yourself.

                I’m excited to see how much autonomy Oden has and how he uses it.

                I’m hearing some encouraging reports about Hurd.

              2. The OLine was elite in the run game, mediocre in the pass game. If they can get some improvement out of the RG spot the offense shouldn’t miss a beat.

              3. The OLine was elite in the run game, mediocre in the pass game. If they can get some improvement out of the RG spot the offense shouldn’t miss a beat.

                That’s true. If the interior of the Oline improves at all in pass pro, they actually could get a lot better. I also think you are being generous when you say they were Mediocre in pass pro.:D

  16. The unit that may surprise the fans are the DBs. They just have to stay healthy. Contract year for multiple players. I wonder if Sherman will take Tartt’s place in 2021.

      1. We don’t want to go through this AGAIN…Moseley was the better corner down the stretch and played well enough to be the full time starter at right corner this year. We’ve seen Spoon enough these past 2 seasons to know that he’s never going to be a consistent starting corner in this league. It’s time to see what some of the other young guys can bring like Tim Harris or even Demarcus Acy. I’ve seen enough of Witherspoon to know he is what he is at this point in his career. A corner that can’t tackle, has terrible ball skills, and was constantly picked on by the better Qbs in the league. Yeah he looked better playing against some bad Qbs the first few weeks but when we played some of the real ones like Brees and Wilson they targeted him as much as they could because they knew he was the weak link. Sky’s the limit for Moseley in 2020 and he should only get better with a full training camp with the first team defense.

        1. Brian, you are probably right and I don’t disagree. I still think the team gives him at least one more opportunity to justify the third round pick they used on him before cutting him loose entirely.

          1. I think you’re both right.
            Mosley should run with the ones and Ahkelo the twos… but he should be given a small number of reps with the ones as well.
            In this way he it would be a completion but one where Moseley has a sizable preference. This should keep Witherspoon interested and involved and could bear fruit should he be called upon due to injury or other.
            IMO he hasn’t earned the right for it to be a true competition but he’s too good and shown enough to not give up on outright.

        2. Pretty confident that Spoon will get a fair shot at reclaiming his starting role. He has more upside than Moseley. The decision, of course, will be based more on how he does in TC and in preseason games.

          1. Witherspoon’s problems seem to be injuries and reduced confidence because of them. He looked great before the injury last year and then couldn’t cover a bed when he returned. He has everything to compete with if he can stay healthy.

  17. The unit that may surprise me the most is the D line. Many are wondering if the loss of Buckner will cause them to struggle. They may not miss a beat, and even improve their run defense.

      1. It’s also good to know that our defense should be stronger this season by having Dee Ford and Alexander back for hopefully a full year.

        We were not able to see the full effect of having both Ford and Bosa Nostra together on some packages. I don’t see Kinlaw playing at Buckner’ level in his rookie season, but if he can be above average against the run our overall defense could be Superbowl material.

        1. I agree. I also am hoping Solomon Thomas may emerge from under the shadow of Buckner, like Shaquil Barrett did when he went to TB and stopped being the backup to Von Miller.
          Getting back Ronald Blair and Julian Taylor would provide good rotational depth, but I hope they are conservative, and work them back slowly, so their ACL knees are fully recovered.

  18. I think Lynch should be up for Executive Of The Year again this year with the way he handled the team this offseason. He was able to resign AA and Ward two of our biggest free agents and replaced Sanders with a future star in this league in Brandon Aiyuk. Moving on and getting trade value for Breida and Goodwin freed up cap space. Both of those guys were not getting into the rotation in Kyles offense so they were expendable. He traded Buckner and replaced him with Kinlaw. Kinlaw has the potential to be a wrecking force up the middle for a long time. I don’t know how teams are going to run on us this year with Kinlaw and Jones inside. Then last but certainly not least, Lynch replaces Staley with a 7 time pro bowler in Trent Williams for only a 3rd and 5th round pick. It couldn’t of played out any better. Lynch is a genius and we should be lucky to have him and Shanahan running this team. We bring back mainly our entire starting lineup and coaching staff along with some key guys coming off IR (Really exciting to see Hurd this year) and added some great rookie prospects in the process.

    1. Brian B,
      I’m happy to hear about Hurd’ progress as well. In his one preseason game he was able to score two TD’s. He definitely has the ability to become a force in the league. CB’s will need to prepare to get physically abused by the likes of Deebo, Kittle, Aiyuk and now Hurd. And maybe add Juan Jennings to the group. Wow, talk about a brutal stampede.

      1. AES

        Once again my friend you have stolen my line….I’m also intrigued by Juan Jennings, and I do believe that he will become a regular/rotational player this season….Yes, I also believe that Aiyuk is going to WOW all of us with that breakaway speed…Having played Safety in the past, I can remember hating to go up against ‘Hard-to-bring-down’ receivers rather than speedy elusive receivers….and right now, with Aiyuk, Deebo, Jennings, Hurd, and Kittles, we potentially have FIVE “PROVE-IT ” receivers. Used properly,(and I know they will)…we can virtually wear a defensive backfield out…..I’ll bet that Kyle is just licking his chops to get started….’should be fun….

        1. OR,
          Your posts have been too few and far in between. Good to have you back.

          I’m excited about our WR and TE corps this season. Of all the WR’s I’m looking forward to, Hurd is at the top of my list.
          I believe that Hurd can be a multi-directional player or as Shanahan put it, a player without a position. We may see him line up as a WR, Slot, TE and even RB. If Hurd can play healthy he is going to be a load!

  19. What unit concerns me the most? The interior O line. if they continue to allow interior pressure, the passing game will suffer. Then the defense will stack the box and dare them to pass.
    It is interesting to note that ESPN has Daniel Brunskill at RG and Our Lads has Tom Compton penciled in at RG. Ross Reynolds may be a dark horse candidate.
    If the Niners can fix the interior O line, they may make the playoffs, for another SB run.

    1. Seb,
      I believe very strongly that Brunskill has the ability to become an out standing G, not good but very good. My concern is at C can Richburg play and if not i’m not high on Garland

      1. The last time I read an article about Richburg was back in Feb. and at that point he believed he’d be back in time for TC. I haven’t seen anything more recent than that though.

      2. I sure hope you are right. Brunskill showed competency and versatility when asked to fill in for an injured player.
        However, I thought Garland filled in admirably, when tasked to replace Richberg. During the playoffs, that O line was a juggernaut against the Packers. Still, I hope Richberg can play. I have not heard of any complications, and I think they are expecting him to be ready by TC, if they have a TC.

  20. Dee Ford is the key to the D. If he stays healthy, along with his other line mates this D could be a generational D. If Ford goes down they will still be a good D but maybe not good enough to win it all. imho

    1. 100% OC. Last year, when Ford was mostly healthy through the first half of the season, the DL was unstoppable. There was a stretch there where teams were struggling to get past 100 net passing yards a game.

      Once he got hurt the DL wasn’t quite as dominant and teams started being able to pass on them a bit more.

    2. I agree. Ford’s health will be critical to their success. I hope they utilize him as a third down specialist, to save the wear and tear on his knee, but he still gets 10 sacks.

  21. Matt LaFleur basically acknowledged that the 49ers were correct that GB were targeting Aiyuk. Said it was a situation that a couple of guys they wanted just got taken and Love was the best guy left on their board.

    1. Interesting, I hadn’t heard that and tbh I’m
      Not sure it makes sense in terms of Aiyuk. It would justify the trade up by SF though which I still disagree with considering the wide receivers that were likely to be available.

  22. “Samuel had more yards from scrimmage than any first-year receiver in 49ers history with 961. Second on that list: Jerry Rice with 953 in 1985.”


    He is the main reason why I don’t consider the WR’s as the weakest unit on the team. There are question marks surrounding the position, such as Taylor and Hurd but overall with Shanny’s designed plays and JG delivering the ball I don’t see a problem. You add the potential of the new rookie I see this unit as very good.

    1. UC, Deebo was used sparing in the first half of the season and really came on in the second. 2019 Deebo stats:

      Games 1-9 Receiving 18/187/1 , Rush 5/37/1
      Games 10-17 Receiving 35/575/2, Rush 9/108/2

      He could easily produce 1,400 yards 8 TD in 2020.

        1. Yep. Samuel benefitted both from having teams focus on Kittle and Sanders as well as having a savvy vet showing him the ropes.

          I really like Samuel. But I am curious – what are people’s expectations for him moving forward? And once you think through those expectations, ask yourself what the expectations are for Kittle and Aiyuk, and the rest of the receiving group?

          I get the feeling a lot of people are thinking Deebo could explode into a top 10 type producer moving forward, but there are only so many passes to go around. Once Aiyuk develops, chances are Deebo becomes the 49ers 3rd option.

          1. Scooter , don’t you think the second half of the season is more representative of what we can expect from Deebo in both target share and performance. Shoup is correct that it coincides with the arrival of Sanders but it also coincides with Deebo moving ahead of Pettis and Goodwin as a clear starter.

            1. I expect Kittle to continue to be a 1,000 yard TE, and I expect Aiyuk, the 1st round pick the 49ers felt they needed to move up to get at the risk of losing out on Trent Williams, to develop into their #1 WR – if not by the end of 2020 then by 2021. And you then have the stable of other guys that will be expected to chime in as well.

              How many 1,000 yard receivers do you expect the team to realistically be able to accommodate in any one season?

              Basically, if Deebo continues to be fed as he was in the back half of last year then sure, he will likely put up big numbers. But the idea surely would be that the team doesn’t need to do that with the weapons they have added and are getting back. So while I expect Deebo to be a better player than he was as a rookie I don’t necessarily think it will translate to a huge jump in production.

              Something else to keep in mind with Deebo, during the back end of the year the team was using him on a lot of designed short catch and runs making use of his run after catch skills, as well as run plays. But with Aiyuk now on board and hopefully Hurd back, both of those guys have very similar skill sets. Again, this will likely dilute how many opportunities Deebo gets.

              1. Those are good observations Scooter. From what I have seen/heard I expect Deebo’s numbers to drop. From what’s been said Hurd was being used early on in the manner that SF used Deebo later. Given that, and the addition of Aiyuk I don’t see his numbers raising much if at all. And if his numbers stay the same or raise at all I expect it will be because the entire offense does significantly better as a whole.

              2. Yeah, I have heard the same things regarding Hurd last year – a lot of the plays we saw Deebomgetting at the end of the year were being designed for Hurd in TC.

                I think the 49ers offense is being put together in a way where they don’t need to rely on any one receiver. Week to week there could be different guys that have big games, or a real spread of touches across the group, depending on matchups and who gets hot. Should make for a fun offense, but likely makes it hard for any one guy to put up elite numbers.

                The only thing I think would put a spanner in the works and potentially result in the team needing to really rely on Deebo is if Kittle were to be hurt for a large chunk of the year. Or, gulp, they don’t work out a long term deal for him.

              3. “How many 1,000 yard receivers ”

                I expect Jimmy to pass for 4,800 + yards. His second half numbers extrapolate to 4,978 for a full season. So is it conceivable that there will be 3 1,000 yard receivers. Yes, definitely.

              4. I agree. They now have so many weapons, KS will need to spread the ball around, so 1,000 yards may not be attainable. They will all be happy with 700 yard seasons, especially if they can manage to get back to the SB.
                KS has McKinnon hopefully coming back, so he will add the RBs into the passing game. Mostert will line up as receiver to help create mismatches, too.
                I am encouraged to hear Hurd and Taylor catching passes from JG this off season, so they may factor in the pass totals.
                Additionally, I hope they continue running the ball like they did in the NFCC Game. If the offense becomes run dominant, there will be less passing, but more surety of a win.
                I hate to throw cold water on Jennings, but maybe his best scenario would be to survive the 53 cuts and make it to the PS. Travis Benjamin may out compete him, as the wily veteran who is finally healthy. His 4.36 speed will stretch the field like Marquise Goodwin was supposed to.
                I agree, I think they will feed Kittle, so he may be the only 1,000 yard receiver on the team. Deebo may get 1,000 yards, but it will be from receiving and running combined.

              5. Once again I agree with you Rollo, I am thinking that JG coupled with Shanny with a solid year under their belt should approach 5000 passing yards. Last year the Niners were averaging almost 30 points a game, I expect that number to be closer to 35 points this year.

                I know it sounds like a lot but look at what they did last year without the experience that the team has now.

              6. Well guys, if they do that it will be just the 6th time in history a team had a trio of players over 1,000 yards in one season. And you are expecting this on a team that believes in running to set up the pass and has an excellent D that should mean the team is up early and often in games.

              7. For me its more that there is room for Samuel to possible get those 1400 yards. I can see a lot of yards next year both running and passing.

              8. Sure, there is room for it to be possible, but in order to happen it likely means other guys aren’t producing as expected/ hoped.

                Personally I think the offense could be more potent sharing it around, with say Deebo getting 800+ yards receiving in combination with Kittle over 1,000, Aiyuk over 800 and other guys (e.g. Hurd, Bourne, Taylor, the RBs) chiming in with a couple of guys around 400-500 yards and few hundred here and there from others. Plus guys like Deebo, Aiyuk and Hurd chiming in with some rushing yards as a group.

            2. I see Deebo in the 1k yrds range, but a big chunk will come by way of YAC. Aiyuk may not be a day one starter (similar to Deebo last year) but could take that position by the 4-6 game of the season.
              Let’s add Bourne to the WR corps because he has become instrumental in the red zone.

              The return of Taylor and Hurd could shake up the WR group as well.
              Shanahan is to creative to run the offense through one or two Receivers. He is a chess master that uses every piece to his benefit. He will use RB’s, WR’s, TE’s and who knows to attack opposing defenses.
              Big stats for individual players is not what this offense is about which makes it so dangerous.

    1. “There’s no real time line,” Ford admitted. “Any time you’re dealing with a chronic issue, you’re always on the clock. If I’m able to play, I’m going to play. Right now, I’m just getting as healthy as I can. With everything that’s going on right now, it’s hard to measure the percentage, but I feel great. I know exactly what I felt like last year. Doing the things I’m doing now, it’s like night and day. We’ll play it by ear when everything gets back going. We haven’t really had an offseason. It’s hard to measure exactly where you’re at. We’re going to keep taking this one day at a time and keep getting this thing as strong as I can possibly get it so we can sack some quarterbacks.”

      Good news, thanks Cubus!

  23. So it looks like we’ve reached the part of the Kittle contract negotiation where the agent starts talking to media about how the sides are far apart. Question for the board: would you pay Kittle more like a WR even though you would be massively overpaying him based on the Franchise tag number? It’s a hard question and personally I don’t think you can because it kills the cap space unnecessarily and costs you at other positions. They could franchise Kittle for 3 years and not approach any where near top WR money. Tough call because he’s so important to the team.

    1. Positionless offense = positionless contracts? See what they started back with Juszczyk? This may signal a league-wide trend.

      Is there a figure the team can assign $ per production? If they end up paying Kittle more (and a lot more) than anyone on the WR corps, I’m fine with that.

      1. Depends also on the value of the position to a scheme, IMO.
        FB position is far less valuable to most other teams than the TE position. I think that the Niners and the Ravens are the only two teams whose offense can use Juice’s skills to the maximum extent (maybe Packers and Saints, too but I am not sure). Others like Seattle or Jets would could just use a more traditional one-dimensional blocking FB who is less athletic. I mean, who other than Kyle would have a FB run a go route?!
        In contrast, I’d think that Kittle would be very productive in over half the offenses in the league. His talents were badly misjudged in the draft.

    2. Not hard at all. It would be bad business to give Kittle top wr money. You offer to make him the highest paid TE in the league. If he balks you could tag his ass twice and still be well under what you’d have to pay him as a wr. The 49ers have all the leverage, and they could even give him the Buckner treatment if a team came calling with the right offer….

      1. Razor,
        If this were a normal year I would disagree with you regarding resigning Kittle. I believe an unhappy Kittle would be a less productive Kittle and trading him could destroy the offense along with destroying a great locker room but with the chance that the salary cap could for the first time ever go down in 2021, i’m not sure if going out and paying anyone big money is the right move at this time. imho

      2. OC, in fact we should give all the players the Kaperdink treatment and kick them to the curb and squeeze some money out of them. Let’s start fresh and pick up some some UFA’s and see how the team thrives with motivated new players!

      3. If he wants to be paid like a WR I say let him, but do it based on a comparison of production basis. Last year there were around 20 WRs that out produced him. The 20th highest WR salary is around $11M. In 2018 there were 7 WRs that out produced him. The 8th highest WR contract is about $16M. Land somewhere in the middle. He’d be the highest paid TE and getting paid like a WR.

        1. That would mean $13.5 million. At that point you’d be paying about $2.5 million more than you’d have to under the TE tag. I wouldn’t go a penny more than that. I bet he wants more like $15 million, and I’d trade him before doing that….

          1. Would he play under the franchise tag? Hold out?

            They can easily structure the contract so his cap hit falls in line with the tag, which should only increase over time.

            But yeah, like every player, he has a dollar value and if he wants a lot more than that then time to start looking at options.

        2. I think SF could and should pay him 13-15 million. He’s more important than any offensive player not named Jimmy G. Additionally, If I am him I certainly hold out if tagged… getting less than 10 million on a 1 year deal with no future guarantees could cost him way to much money.

          On the other hand SF doesn’t need to “reset” the market but they definitely need to offer to make him the highest paid TE by a large margin. In doing this they are forcing Kittle to choose to either play on a risky 1 year contract or hold out and forgo a huge contract increase and; in both cases risk a career altering injury ruining all future earnings.

          1. Why in the Euck would they pay him that kind of money when they can tag him 3 times and still only be at $15.3 million? Makes no business sense, and it would actually set a bad precedent. If he wants to holdout for 3 years let him because they’ve protected themselves against that move by drafting Woener….

            1. PAY DA MAN.
              George Kittle is worth every penny. The Niners should lock him up to a long contract, with a salary commensurate to his worth.
              A long term contract is preferable, because it will help with the salary cap, by extending the bonus money over a longer period of time.
              If they can sign Jerick McKinnon to a 30 mil contract, Kittle is worth at least 52 mil, considering how he has helped them get to the SB, and McKinnon has yet to play a snap.

              1. I’m paying him but not a dime more than $13.5 million a year. Here’s the offer that’s on the table right now: 5 years @ $67.5 million with $35 million in guarantees. If he balks at that deal you could tell him and his agent to go Euck themselves. That’s when you start taking offers for the highest 1st round draft pick you can get and trade his ass….

            2. Because its not worth it for him to risk playing that first season if tagged.

              Because the team wants to win a superbowl this season.

              In this scenario you lose that money reserved for him, and without him playing and you can kiss the superbowl goodbye in 2020. The following season your team could be out nearly its entire secondary and Dee Ford along with George Kittle… so the likelihood of a superbowl that season is already dicey.

              You don’t let all pro’s that are potential all time greats go in their prime. See Reggie White, Deon Sanders, and Charles Haley.

    3. It’s all negotiating posturing. Both sides will settle for something that looks WR contract on paper with a healthy amount of guaranteed money and lots of incentives.

      For example, consider a 5-year, $80M with $35M guaranteed. Realistically, e.g., Kittle would make $65 of that total of $80M. Aside from Kittle Paraag, Jed and Lynch will be happy… and Kelce will hold out for bigger money :)

    4. Kittle asking for WR money helps to explain why the team attempted to go after Hooper. It will not surprise me if Kittle is tagged and shopped in 2021.

      1. Yeah, reading between the lines it appears the team is seeing another Buckner scenario unfolding. Unfortunately there is only so much money to go around. And in the 49ers system while the #1 TE needs to be a solid two way player, it is his WRs that Shanahan values and wants to have making the explosive plays.

        1. “And in the 49ers system while the #1 TE needs to be a solid two way player, it is his WRs that Shanahan values and wants to have making the explosive plays.”

          This is one of the rare occasions where we disagree… Kittle has led the team in targets, receptions, and receiving yards for 2 consecutive years.

      2. I wouldn’t be upset trading George for a 1st round pick, and using it on an edge rusher to replace Ford in 2021.

        1. They are going to need that extra pick to potentially help replenish a gutted secondary or get a new protector for Garoppolo’s blindside.

        2. Naw, George Kittle is a keeper. He is too important to this offense.
          Next season, they may be able to get Joey Bosa as a FA.
          Then, there would be 2 Bosa Constrictors. ;p

          1. Not at the price of a top WR. And the 49ers cannot afford to go after Bosa what with expected holes the roster will have after this upcoming season.

            1. With this pandemic, everything has changed. They were going to raise the salary cap by 40 mil, but now, that may be on hold. Everyone may be taking a pay cut, but no matter what, Kittle is worth way more than his paltry 2.2 mil, considering he is an All Pro.

              1. I am not arguing with any of that Seb, but the reality is Kittle is a TE and should be paid as such.

            2. I don’t think he needs to be paid as a top receiver per say but they could and should pay him a fair amount more than the highest paid TE. Something along the lines of what the 12 -16 highest paid wr makes it should be fine. And yes the niners have the money to do so even at that rate given that they were willing to overpay Juice and Tevin Coleman by so much. They could cut Tevin and come up with the entire price difference needed.

  24. I am glad they tabled the new kickoff/alternative proposal. If anything, they should limit it to a team down by 2 scores, and experiment with the concept during preseason, with much study and evaluations.
    Instead of concentrating on novel gimmicky concepts, they should work on officiating reform. Putting a ref in the skybox may be a good first step. Challenges and replays should be streamlined, so it does not slow down the game. All of the biased and incompetent officiating is calling into question the integrity of the game.

    1. All of the biased and incompetent officiating is calling into question the integrity of the game.

      Really??? Is this one of your more immature and mindless expressions?

      Let’s say JG throws an incomplete long pass in the SB, is that calling into question the integrity of the game? Will that play automatically be reversed because it didn’t reach the intended receiver?
      It always makes me laugh when people go after referees who make a mistake, but players, well we only look at their stats, or “He’ll do better next year’.

      1. It is all on tape.
        The problem is- it is so easy for refs to determine the outcome of the game. Bogus calls, non calls, Calls that favor the home team, flat out wrong calls.
        That OPI on Kittle before the half in the SB should have been DPI, because the defender grabbed his arm 20 yards down the field. After that, it did not matter what Kittle did.
        Replay the SB and watch how many times the Chief O linemen held. Then realize that they called ZERO holding calls. If Bosa was not being held, he would have gotten to Mahomes, so he could not complete that third and 15 play. That may have affected the outcome of the game.
        I want the players to determine the outcome of the game, not the officials. Yes, JG did overthrow Sanders, but that is OK, because the officials could not influence what happened. When a player succeeds or fails, that is part of the game. When refs call zero holding calls, that influences what happened, that should not be part of the game.
        With modern technology, they can spin 360 degrees around the ball so it can be seen from any angle.They could put a play on loop, so the booth official could see the same play 10 times in 10 seconds, with a bank of screens.
        I think the Niners were robbed of 2 rings. Guess you do not care if they do it a third time.

        1. There you go again. Blaming a loss on an outside force even though we were up by 10 points in the 4th Quarter.
          Without the refs there would be NO GAME!
          Refs are part of the game but are held to higher standard than the players, eg, they have to be infallible according to you and many others. They are not. It’s a game and they are human.

          Yes, JG did overthrow Sanders, but that is OK, because the officials could not influence what happened.

          That’s OK???
          You’re OK with a QB throwing away the game???

          When refs call zero holding calls

          well wouldn’t that benefit everybody???

          With modern technology, they can spin 360 degrees around the ball so it can be seen from any angle.

          It also exposes the glaring mistakes, fails, slips etc that players make. Should we get rid of all players that make a mistake right then and there?
          The reason the games have so much delay is because people like you want the refs to be the only ones accountable for their mistakes.
          It’s a game, not a science.

          I think the Niners were robbed of 2 rings. Guess you do not care if they do it a third time.

          Not sure where you get that from or did you just wanted to end on a nasty note?

          1. Lighten up, Francis.
            Blaming the officiating has been going on since games began.
            The thing is, now they have it archived.
            If you are happy with the officiating, you probably see no need to have a sky booth ref.
            I just want a fair game called, no matter who wins.
            In some sports, like ultimate frisbee, they have an honor system, so they do not need refs. In golf, there is a code of conduct that stresses playing above reproach, and any cheating is frowned upon. In many other sports, there is no criticism of the officiating. However, in football, they have games where there is a blatant foul, but the refs swallowed their whistles, like the Saints/ Rams NFCC Game. It was so egregious, they changed the rules.
            I wonder why they have challenge flags. Is the officiating always perfect?
            End on a nasty note? Like you began with an immature, mindless expression?

            1. You are right that “Blaming the officiating has been going on since games began” is mindless and then to conclude that ” incompetent officiating is calling into question the integrity of the game.” is immature and not very original.
              To “think the Niners were robbed of 2 rings” is mindless and to follow that up with “Guess you do not care if they do it a third time” is immature.
              Without the refs there would be no games.
              You dropped the ball there.

              1. Do not worry, I am used to mindless drivel thrown at me.
                I have never said that they need to play without refs. I want the refs to let the players determine the outcome of the game. I want competent reffing that is fair to both sides. Is that too much to ask for?
                It is not immature to want reforms so games do not look like they are rigged. People spend millions betting on the game, so they should be entitled to at least have a level playing field.
                It sounds like, by your defending the horrendous officiating, that there is no problem, so there does not have to be a solution. Too bad for you, there is a steady drumbeat for officiating reform, and they are making changes like challenges, replay and a sky booth ref, to reflect the sentiment.
                Cheating is also part of the game, but it should not be tolerated.
                ‘To think the Niners were robbed of 2 rings is mindless’? No it is just my opinion. Conversely, to accuse me of being immature, sure sounds like you liked the outcome of those games. I do not. To have no holding fouls called is OK by you, but I can re-watch that SB game, and it proves my point.
                Your ball’s deflated, like your arguments.

              2. Poor Sebbie, back to his old bag of tricks and assigning thoughts to me that I haven’t even dreamed off.
                Lighten up, Francis.

              3. So YOU don’t like cheating???
                Should we give back some SB then to atone for our sins???

                Former San Francisco wide receiver Jerry Rice admitted in an ESPN video history on the evolution of wide receiver gloves that he illegally used stickum on his own gloves to make his job easier.

                Said Rice: “I know this might be a little illegal, guys, but you put a little spray, a little stickum on them, to make sure that texture is a little sticky.”

                At a time when many were expecting Rice to claim that his words were taken out of context or that he was joking, Rice took to Twitter to admit that he did it, and that it was more than “a little illegal.” He tweeted: “I apologize ppl after doing my research about stickum!,” Rice said.

              4. LOL Your insistence on being inconsistent is laudable and laughable!
                Nice to know that you don’t like Jerry Rice when he tells the truth!

              5. Razor, your ‘insults’ are getting stale and look what you did to Seb.
                He’s all confused and can’t even defend his maxims anymore.
                Are you slipping him some hydroxies?

  25. I predict that hydroxychloroquine will take the league by storm.
    Just looking at how vibrant our President looks, it will definitely make a big impact and keep the NFL going.
    If our President did it, we can all do it too to keep the game going!

    1. That vibrancy is enhanced by washing down the hydroxychloroquine with 7% sodium hypochlorite, and the effects are even more astounding with the use of a levomethamphetamine inhaler with added benzalkonium chloride and 5% p-Chloro-o-benzylphenol.

      There are side effects though: including addiction to deranged ranting on social media, intensified sociopathic behavior, and rare, remarkable combination of both persecutory delusion and grandiose delusions that should be included in APA’s upcoming 6th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

    2. Our president is a leader and innovator. He’s kept the country safe from that China-virus. Only people that died were old people, who would have died anyway. There’s no way that 100,000 people died from that China-virus. Fake news.

    3. Even I can recognize that someone has taken over Razors account and posting some crazy sht. Sorry this happened to you Razor.

      PD, if you are listening… if you plan on keeping this blog open please, please, upgrade the platform with modern software, one that provides for account verification.

          1. It’s time to get rid of those imposters!
            Only a fool can’t tell the difference between me and you.

        1. I don’t know what’s going on but it looks like our razor eating oracle is piffing against the wind. . If it isn’t him, why does he say “I’m flattered “? That doesn’t seem like he’s disassociating himself with anything that is posted. In fact he proudly says “to be like me” and wears it as a badge. It sounds like he agrees with everything that is posted.
          I think he ate one too many of his razors and is now suffering the consequences.

          1. I could tell there is a catfish attacking Razor, because I had to endure one of my own.
            Like my catfish, it is easy to tell which is which. The catfish would always get in a snide remark, and in Razor’s case, go hyperbolic.
            I accused Cassie of trolling me, because she would explore the archives, and seemingly could write kinda like me, but would fail in the end because I am unique. Sure, she could write verbatim, and parrot well, but the dig at the end would be a dead giveaway.
            Razor sure has laid an egg in this catfish trolls mind. Obsessing and wasting time, only to have another blog post, and what is written a week ago, becomes ancient history.

          2. . If it isn’t him, why does he say “I’m flattered “?

            Probably because that’s the catfish writing also.

            1. I don’t know who wrote that, maybe a catfish, maybe a Razoreater.
              All I know is what he didn’t write. I don’t see any post denouncing or distancing the “real” Razoreater himself from any of the posts.
              I did read some posts where he supports some outrageous conspiracies in the last few months.
              So Rib when do you think this catfishy business started?

              1. So Rib when do you think this catfishy business started?

                Regarding Razor, at the top of this thread: “I predict that hydroxychloroquine will take the league by storm…..”

                As AES notes, after digesting 1000s of their posts over the years it’s easy to tell when someones writing style is off.

              2. So this is the realRazor then?

                Razoreater says:
                April 28, 2020 at 12:05 pm

                Ribico, the extent to which you’re willing to lower yourself to Trump’s level to defend your guy has long since ceased to amaze me.

                The dripping iron that came from your empty suit Kavanaugh hearings meets your undying support of Joseph Robinette Biden Junior….😂

              3. Or is this the real thing?

                Razoreater says:
                April 28, 2020 at 4:31 pm

                Ribico, if you really want to get down in the weeds, you can’t do it without bringing Slick Willie along! A BJ in the oval office and you’re bitching about patheticism? Boy, oh boy, you really are redefining the word hypocrite aren’t you?

                I don’t see any difference.

                Razoreater says:
                April 28, 2020 at 5:48 pm

                What kills me is, Princess Pelosi preaching to me about sacrificing my rights from her $20,000 refrigerator filled with $94 a gallon gourmet ice cream!

                Just made up nonsense

              4. All of those posts he’s looking for irritants to poke and provoke.

                Maybe the catfish started earlier?

              5. It’s all made up nonsense, that defines the trump cultist and makes it easy to mimic. But the posting differences are subtle. If you think it’s all Razor, that’s fine too.

      1. Rib,
        I agree. I know Razor’ writing style (having read his comments for years) and this COWARD is not Razor.

        1. AES, thanks for your support in these difficult times, but you know what they say ; It’s better to have a COWARD in the blog than a Frump supporter at home!

        2. AES, not so much coward, as someone with a little dweebs mentality. I wouldn’t call a 7 year old prankster a coward, just an annoying gnat.

          1. Also annoying is that, by a quick IP log examination, PD could put a stop to these incidents immediately.

            1. Rib,
              Yes, I agree. If the PD is slow or not interested in cleaning this up some of the debris left here by the last moderator could spill over on CWN’ watch.
              That would be disappointing.

            2. Technically, if they’re smart an IP check wouldn’t do much. It’s quite easy to create a dynamic IP address, as opposed to a static one. Granted, based on the quality of their posting, I imagine whomever it is has a hard time even navigating to this page…

              1. It’s quite easy to create a dynamic IP address, as opposed to a static one.

                Harder to create an address that matches or is within the range of the poster you are catfishing.

              2. Rib, you don’t need to spoof the same IP address. That should actually be impossible. For starters, if one uses a PC, and then their phone, that’s two differen IP addresses already. That’s only backend stuff. In order to impersonate a poster, one simply needs their email address. Failing that, they can just copy the avatar, the name, and then swap out as and when.

                The value of logging IP addresses to stop this is being able to ban certain IP’s (the IPs from the so-called catfish) from accessing the site. But with a non-static IP, this only goes so far.

              3. If a long time poster has a historical range of addresses, corresponding to their geographical location (and not utilizing a VPN themselves), it wouldn’t be all that hard to identify the imposter, even if they somehow have determined their target’s email address (most likely they’ve found their targets gravatar image and applied to a throwaway mail addie). True, banning them by IP would be difficult if they are sophisticated enough to mask their own address.

                Just about any other blog forum platform than the one PD uses would eliminate this problem.

      1. Razor,
        Actually I agreed with you in my original post. I said with the possibilty of the cap going down next year I would question any large contracts right now.

  26. Either you care about the rights and well-being of others, or you don’t. If you don’t, own it. Live it. Be it. And make sure you wear it on your sleeve so it will be easier for those of us who care about the rights and well-being of others to spot you.

    But if you choose to keep the fact that you have no empathy or sympathy for anyone else private, don’t attack those who do. That’s the play here, and it’s both obvious and tiresome. Faced with a message promoting justice, fairness, and equity for all, those who object to that concept attack not the message (which is unassailable) but the messenger, changing the topic or throwing out “whatabouts” or shouting, “Stick to sports!”

    It will take an avalanche of voices seeking justice, fairness, and equity for all to overcome this knee-jerk playbook that is hard-wired into the brains and souls of those who refuse to confront the issues and solve them. By all appearances, that avalanche is starting.

  27. What a game…..I can’t believe Covid blew a 28-3 lead over Racism…

    Guess its cuz Racism is the home team and Covid the visiting team…

  28. On Phil Barber’s Twitter : Only difference between “thugs” and “fine people” are their skin tones.
    It is interesting that when Razor or others make pro-trumpy comments there isn’t an chorus of “stick to football” .

  29. Interesting article on McKivitiz in The Athletic by Barrows:

    Has a lot of versatility and will get an opportunity to develop while adding depth. Maybe he’ll turn out to be a new Derrick Deese capable of playing all 5 position eventually. Seems to have the character and commitment to developing his game. Meanwhile, if his Dad can sew up custom raccoon hats for all the Niners players, it would be make for one heck of a team photo.

  30. List of key 49ers free agents in 2021:

    TE George Kittle
    LT Trent Williams
    CB Richard Sherman
    CB Ahkello Witherspoon
    CB K’Waun Williams
    FB Kyle Juszczyk
    SS Jaquiski Tartt
    WR Kendrick Bourne
    WR Trent Taylor
    DT D.J. Jones
    DT Solomon Thomas
    DE Ronald Blair

    1. Kittle will be soon off the list. Won’t be surprised if they Jimmy G’s contract during the season and create space to re-sign one or two off the list (Jones, Williams as candidates?). Sherman may be re-signed to take Tartt’s position. I think either Taylor or Bourne will be back, but not both. IMO, a number of them will be encouraged to check out the market. If they can’t keep Blair, they might keep Hyder based on how he performs this season.

      1. Kittle – If he overplays his cards he’ll be dealt.
        T. Willy – I think he could be a candidate to turn down a more lucrative offer to stay like Ward did. If not, the organization has options. Coleman, Skule, Brunskill and McKivitz.
        Juice – Until they find his replacement he’ll remain the top paid FB.
        D.J. Jones – If he has a big year it could price him right out of the 49ers market. I think they’d like to keep him but you can only have so much money devoted to one position group. Even if it is the backbone of their philosophical approach to team building….

  31. C.W.,
    I just finished your article in todays P.D. about John Fisher the A’s owner. What a great piece of writing. I recommended it to any of the posters here who advocate running the 49ers on the cheap and sending these greedy FA’s on their way. All of us who are fans of the 9ers, Giants and or the Warriors need to be grateful that the ownership of those teams put winning first (i’m hoping thats what the new Giants leadership is doing) and profits 2nd. As a lifelong Giants fan I don’t spend too much time thinking about the A’s but I do think it is more fun when both teams are winning. I am very happy that Jed York seems to have learned his lesson from his Dad because if John was still running the team we would have no salary cap problems and no wins.

  32. 😂😂 There is no ANTIFA…these are just a bunch of regular American kids saying no to police misconduct….

    There is no ANTIFA leader, no organization, no office. no website……..😂😂

    You are your own Enemy…😂😂

    Social media is driving the whole movement……these are just regular young people getting LIT.

    And Trump is a weak President who can’t control a bunch brown kids…..😂😂😂

    Repubs This is your worst nightmare😂😂😂

    1. We finally got a President who doesn’t give a hoot about the rights of some thugs.
      When it’s all over we’ll be celebrating and you’ll be handing out body bags.

      1. 😂😂

        We finally got a President who doesn’t give a hoot about the rights of some thugs.

        Fox news reporting Donald Trump has been moved to the white house bunker..😂😂

  33. On a football note, technically: how about the reports that some are pushing the Vikings to hire Kaepernick as a b.u. QB, partially for PR reasons, but maybe as a not-stupid football move?

    1. Kaep should have better options. He could start for the Patriots, Colts, Jags, Panthers, Broncos, Chargers, Skins, Giants, Dolphins, Raiders, Bears and Jets, if given an opportunity to compete for the starting position.
      The NFL has not covered itself in glory. Their behavior is kinda shameful. Blackballing Kaep for being right. It would be a master stroke of PR, that would help redress a past wrong, if a team at least gave him a fair tryout.

  34. I heard that Maiocco says the deal is off because The Vikings balked at the clause that Kaperdink wanted to make Seb his PR man.

  35. 49er 2020- 53 man roster. Offseason edition.
    QB- JG, Nick Mullens.
    WR- Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Richie James, Travis Benjamin, Jalen Hurd, Trent Taylor.
    TE- George Kittle, Ross Dwelley, Charlie Woerner.
    RB- Raheem Mostert, Tevin Coleman, Jeff Wilson Jr, JaMycal Hasty.
    FB- Kyle Juszczyk.
    OT- Trent Williams, Mike McGlinchey, Justin Skule.
    OG-Laken Tomlinson, Tom Compton, Daniel Brunskill, Ross Reynolds.
    OC- Westin Richberg, Ben Garland.
    DE- Dee Ford, Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead, Kevin Givens, Kerry Hyder.
    DT- DJ Jones, Javon Kinlaw, Solomon Thomas, Kentavius Street.
    Sam- Dre Greenlaw, Jonas Griffiths.
    Mike- Fred Warner, Joe Walker.
    Will- Kwon Alexander, Azeez Al-Shair.
    CB- Richard Sherman, Emmanuel Moseley, Tim Harris, DeMarkus Acy.
    NB- K’waun Williams, DJ Reed.
    SS- Jaquiski Tartt, Marcell Harris.
    FS- Jimmie Ward, Tarvarius Moore.
    ST- Kyle Nelson, Mitch Wishnowski, Robbie Gould.
    PS- Colton McKivitz, Chase Harrell, Chris Finke, Jauan Jennings, Shawn Poindexter, Broc Rutter, Salvon Ahmed, Jaryd Jones-Smith, Jonathan Kongbo, Darrion Daniels, Jared Mayden, Joey Alfieri.
    Notable losses. CJB, Kendrick Bourne, Dante Pettis, Jerrick McKinnon, Shon Coleman, Ahkello Witherspoon, Mark Nzeocha, Jason Verrett, Teez Tabor. Hopefully the Niners can trade away a few of these players, so they can get something for them, instead of cutting them, and getting nothing.
    Jonathan Taylor, and Ronald Blair both stay on the IR, with a mid season designation to return.

    1. Not that bad of a week 1 depth chart prediction. Although I would pencil in Brunskill over Compton at RG. Everyone seems to think Bourne is a lock, but since he’s the highest paid receiver on the team and his product numbers can easily be replaced at #3 receiver role, I wonder if Lynch will be asking him to take a pay cut in a few months. No way is he worth being paid that much money for a player who averaged 25 receiving yards a game throughout his 3 year career and had been mainly a backup. I also hope to see Jennings as one of the top 6 receivers on the list instead of Benjamin or Taylor. Even though he’s a 7th round pick his highlights at Tennessee show a lot of promise as he lead the nation in broken tackles. I’d like to see a WR rotation of Deebo Aiyuk Hurd James Jennings this season. Taylor seem to be fan favorite by a lot of people, but last time we saw him in 2018 he wasn’t the same. I know some of you will question why James is on the list, but he showed us last season when he got his named called he produced big time catching 6 for 165 only on 10 targets. When someone is averaging 27.5 yards a catch it scratches your head and makes you wonder why Kyle didn’t get him more involved in the offense last season. I also have high hopes for Jalen Hurd this season and pray that he stays healthy, because if so, the sky’s the limit for this offense in 2020 when he’s on the field next to Deebo Aiyuk and Kittle.

  36. Statism needs war; a free country does not. Statism survives by looting; a free country survives by producing.

    1. Just imagine what the country would look like if Shillary was president.
      We would have looting, race riots, cronyism, sycophants, probably some out of control diseases and a major trade war with China. We would be the laughing stock and punching bag of the world.
      At least I voted for the God chosen one to right this ship!

  37. In the HOLY COW! dept, I present:

    As Ethan Sherwood Strauss reports in THE VICTORY MACHINE: The Making and Unmaking of the Warriors Dynasty (PublicAffairs, 224 pp., $28), Bob Myers, the G.M. of the Golden State Warriors and the architect of the most dominant team in recent N.B.A. history, did not immediately appreciate the talent at his disposal. In 2011, Myers approached the New Orleans Hornets about a deal for Chris Paul, offering Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in exchange. The Hornets were ready to make the deal, but Paul balked. He didn’t want to play for the rebuilding Warriors. “With that,” Strauss writes, “the Hornets lost out on the greatest backcourt of all time.”

    That certainly would have taken the heat off Baalke for the doofus GM award.

    1. Rib,
      The sporting world is chock full of what could have been’s.
      Here’s just a few, both positive and negative as they effected BayArea sports.
      What if the raiders didn’t recognize any value in Jim Plunkett.
      What if Bill Walsh didn’t think he could revive Steve Young’ career.
      What if Lynch and Shanahan went after Patrick Mahomes instead of Thomas Solomon.
      Sometimes when these deals are being made you don’t know how the future unfolds until years down the road.

      1. AES, I have to say all of that pales in the possibility of trading away the nucleus of a 5 time finalist, 3 time championship team.

        1. Agreed. But in 2011, Steph and Klay weren’t the players they are today.

          Curry did show promise in 2011 by averaging 16 pts for the season. Klay finished the 2011 season with a 12.5.
          Chris Paul averaged 16 points in 2011, but his leadership and point guard efficiency was beyond those of Steph and Klay.

          Maybe that is what the Warriors were looking for at the time.
          In any case, I’m certainly glad that deal fell through. No doubt that the Warriors feel the same way.

          1. True, it took a few years for those two to come into their own. There might be hope for Solomon, Witherspoon and Pettis yet!

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